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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 2, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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in order to prove that he needs to get in-person answers from the president, they challenged mule the other prove that there are questions remaining that have not been answered by documents already provided by the white house, witnesses and trump transition team. this letter provides inside of the thinking of the president's legal team. some say the letter is not surprising. >> i thought it would unlikely he would want to sit down but even if he does, it makes a lot of sents that he will try to narrow the scope. when push comes to court, he's looking at court battle, one that could extend past miss terms, will he take the same stance, i don't know. but the idea that he would try to negotiate a sweeter
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arrangement, i think should not surprise anyone. >> in a tweet this morning the president called the russia investigation a witch hunt hoax. democrats have repeatedly accused the president an republicans of spreading falsehoods and trying to discredit special counsel robert mueller and the russia investigation in general. the big news here at the white house is still north korea and now back on june 12th summit for days there's been a lot of talk about the summit, the u.s. delegations that were in singapore, also u.s. threggation that headed to the north-south border. secretary of state mike pompeo spent two days in new york city meeting with top korean official but the summit was not officially back on. the white house plans to be prepared whether or not the meeting took place, now seems the preparations were not in vein, president trump will meet with kim jong un in singapore on june 129. kim jung hand-delivered a letter from the north korean dictator
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on friday. kim and the president met for more than an hour, the president said they talked about a number of things including sanctions and denuclearization, mike. mike: ellison barber from the white house. laura. >> let's bring in political panel, kim, republican strategists and talk america contributor, liberal commentator anushe hussein, thank you both for being with us today. >> thank you. >> kim, i want to start with you, in this letter challenges mueller that there are questions remaining that haven't been answered in the large amount of documents that they have handed over to mueller's team. how well do you think the argument will work? >> i think it's going to work because if you keep in mind the president has a constitutional right to actually say i'm not going to sit down for these questions, i think they've tried something like this in the past in 1998 like with bill clinton and didn't go further either.
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seems to be a hoax, they aren't finding any collusion with russia, with president trump whatsoever. the fact that he's entertaining this, i think, is great on his part to but he does care about the investigation. he wants people to know there is no russian collusion. he does not have to entertain this. >> and this letter was written in january. they say the action of the president can either constitutionally or legally count as obstruction because it would amount to him obstructing himself. what do you make of that argument? >> it is the most coherent from the legal strategy. we have been able to access. that he wouldn't mind sitting down with robert mueller.
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they're working behind the scenes. we think is important to remember is that is not the message, the president is above the law, this is a nation of laws and i think they should allow the process to continue. calling it a witch hunt. let's not forget, this alleged witchhunt has produced a lot of witches. we have eight indictments so far. i think the process should be allowed to continue. >> i want to get your take on some of the other arguments. why the president could not have obstructed justice. in this case they say the flynn investigation was unimpeded and resulted in a guilty plea. the president was not under investigation by the fbi. also the attorney general agreed that james comey -- about russian interference. what are some of the bullet points that we have and what
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you make of them? >> obvious reasons why we would keep doing this. i have to say, i didn't catch your name, but i have to say that putting the strategy together, they are finally have coherent strategies in your hearing it, back in march, they said there was obvious indications that there was -- >> the public is getting information. and i also think it's important to point out, there is nothing to hide. this went on for 72 months with hillary clinton. and there was not a single indictment. this entire process, why we undermining it? >> it is not undermining. no one is above the law.
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the white house cannot say that. this basically is that he's going to plead the fifth anything it's really important -- [multiple speakers] >> all right, -- okay, hold on. there is a comment on what we just listed there. what do you think about the two points? >> i think it is really easy for this to be diverted. i think the president is really good at doing that. we have to stay on track. we have to remember the president himself had mentioned, there's a lot of controversy around the interview that he gave with lester holt. the president himself also goes back and forth. personally, i understand why his lawyers wouldn't want him to sit down with robert mueller. we cannot have a message that the president is above the law. let the process continue.
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>> okay the presence attorneys also remind robert mueller in the letter that the white house did not claim executive privilege over the documents. there was an avalanche of documents, they say. the present desire for transparency, it won out over the privilege. i will ask both of you to respond to that part of the letter. because that is where now, digesting was in the letter, there's a lot of it and reasons why they don't feel he should sit down with robert mueller. what you make of that? >> he is given 70 documents. he has never objected to anyone sitting down with robert mueller or anyone else. they have all sat down and answered questions. at this point it is a witchhunt and it needs to be wrapped up at some point in time. i am surprised the democrats are still doing this knowing midterms around the corner and the economy looks so darn good. >> let the process continue.
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>> okay! that is the line. kim and -- thank you so much for being here. obviously very big news with development spirit we appreciate you weighing-in. >> as ellison barber reported most of the president declared his june 12 summit in singapore with kim jong-un is officially back on. the announcement follows a historic visit of north korean official and former spymaster kim yong-chol. the defense secretary is making it clear the u.s. will demand nothing less than a nuclear free north korea. he added that the status of u.s. troops in south korea is not on the table for the @jeronfnc summit. he says the issue can be discussed later if certain conditions were met. >> if diplomats can do their work, if we can reduce the threat, if we can restore confidence building measures with something verifiable, then of course, these kinds of issues can come up subsequently
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between two sovereign democracies. >> garrett tenney is in washington with more. >> those remarks by the secretary are significant because it addresses one of north korea's biggest concerns going into negotiations. which is a 20,000 u.s. soldiers that are currently stationed in south korea. james mattis has previously said removing the troops would not be part of the negotiations with north korea but president trump seemed to open the door to possibilities last month when he ordered the pentagon to come up with options for reducing u.s. forces in the country. based on what james mattis said today though, those options would only be considered down the road the threat from north korea was reduced. >> on the korean peninsula, we hold a line with our allies. supporting our diplomats believe the effort. our objective remains the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> china is expected to play key role in negotiations with
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north korea. today beijing foreign minister responded to the president committing to the summit saying another important step has been taken along the right path of politically resolving the korean peninsula issue. we are pleased to see that. ahead of the summit, there is growing tension between the u.s. and china. not only the two countries in the midst of tough trade negotiations, the u.s. is also threatening to take action against china military and the disputed south china sea. both of the issues could complicate u.s. efforts to get beijing's help in reaching any kind of a deal. with north korea. >> garrett tenney, thanks very much. for this we bring in the chairman of american defense international. in a former army deputy assistant secretary. nice to see you, sir. the president had a 70 minute meeting with a senior north korean envoy and then declared the singapore summit is back on. what is your read on that. >> well, i think a lot had to do what happened the night or two before with secretary pompeo.
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the meeting with kim yong-chol in new york. there is no question a lot has happened in the last few days. i think president trump, we could go any cancel this comedy set lights on the letter and basically told the north koreans that he had opened the promise for the future if they got their act together. they got their act together. i think a lot of credit goes to the secretary of state. it is important to realize that when he became cia director he did something that had never been done before. he created a back channel to north korea. the truth is, a lot of give and take a lot of this dialogue has been going on since pompeo became the cia director. i think those are his the secretary of state and one individual, enter kim is an expert in all three. pompeo poured out of retirement to stand up. he was with the white house chief of staff, kelly, to welcome kim yong-chol.
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a lot of credit goes to pompeo. >> also seemed to lower expectations of the meeting singapore suggesting we start along the diplomatic process. does that make sense in your view? it does. we are embarking on the pathway we relation. and people want to say, why can't we have one meeting and get this stuff? let me tell you, look at reagan and gorbachev. the first time in geneva. one year later they met and everyone thought it was a failure. one year later they signed the treaty. and it was the end of the cold is very important thing to go back and look at history. look at reagan and gorbachev. also, let's look at what happened in 2005. we cut a deal with north korea then. suppose it denuclearization. they were supposed to shut down. that is where a lot of their, the production takes place. the rich uranium and the united states lived up to our bargain. he took them off the
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state-sponsored terrorism list. surprise, surprise. we need to go back through history and look at events like that to prepare us for the summit. >> could context there. can the president announced an agreement to keep meeting and call this a successful meeting? what is the bar for success on june 12? >> i think the bar for success is the fact that we are meeting for the american leadership has enabled us to. this president has got, i think the best national security team the country has had in a long time. and for the first time in a long time we have a foreign policy. we have a vision. we are actually dealing with real threats to america as opposed to being at a defensive, reactive mode.
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that got a quantum encryption device. , computing and is millions tough times faster than we have right now. it is to equalize on the battlefield. these are the things i call the enablers of nuclear station. we have to address present this framework in place so that we have a phased approach embarked on this pathway station. >> is a firm commitment from the koreans to denuclearize? does that need to be before or during this upcoming summit? i think they have gotten some indication of a phased approach or this would not be taking place. the president has surrounded himself with right people. -- putting together the
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logistics for the summit. here is someone that was a foreign policy advisor, bob dole, also with the pentagon, under secretary of state with the trade issue, it is very complex. he is surrounding himself with the right team and secretary mattis at the beginning, he also sent a message yesterday about the south china sea. all of this plays into it. >> to the president, and his team to the need to look over some of the brutality of the north korean regime because of the nuclear threat is by far the most important thing? >> for example the philippines, a great ally of the niceties. until obama wanted a human rights lecture to the president. and we know that he has got some mental health issues. but the job of the president of the united states is to actually keep the american people safe. it is to be the commander-in-chief.
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that is the first and foremost responsibility.that is why think the president is looking at.what does he have to do to really ensure that north korea goes down this path of denuclearization? and how can we verify it and make sure it is irreversible? >> to cover the bush white house and the obama white house, north korea certainly an issue that makes presidents gray. is there a cause for optimism at this stage? >> well, i do not see any great in the presidents hairline! [laughter] >> thank you for your expertise and analysis. we appreciate it. have a wonderful day, sir. >> okay, strong wind fueling a growing wildfire in new mexico. forcing residents to evacuate the area. how mother nature could lend a helping hand. plus, thousands are rallying across the country and wearing orange in a show of solidarity to and gun violence. one lawmaker calling on congress to act. >> we know what to do and believe me, if guns make a
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overnight. is zero percent contained. thunderstorms are expected to the area this weekend and fire crews hope the precipitation will help. meanwhile, the place like arizona and colorado are also dealing with buyers. so the colorado welfare has caused the evacuation of more than 800 homes. it is also zero percent contained. >> june is gun violence awareness month and thousands across the country are rallying to bring attention to the issue. msf turned out today in chicago and san francisco. with supportive holding signs and wearing orange to send a powerful message that more can be done. to end this crisis. >> the theme of where orange 2018 is use your brain. that is what we intend to do. this is the moment to use our voices to make clear that we can create a future free of violence. >> for congress to act to make the country safe. after sandy hook, after gabby
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giffords was shot, after the slaughter in las vegas. one right after the other. we know what to do. and believe me, if guns made us safer, america would be the safest country on earth. let's try -- >> there trying to keep the momentum going with national gun violence awareness day. activists are wearing orange and working against gun violence and more stricter gun control laws. in new york city hundreds marched from brooklyn over the brooklyn bridge to downtown manhattan to bring attention. not just to school shootings but every day gun violence that plagues communities of color in cities across the country. rallies organized by youth over guns and an anti-gun organization that formed after the apartment shading and february. a shooting survivor spoke a
1:24 pm
little while ago. listen. >> no student has to hide under their murdered classmates body but i was a student. -- no student should have to suffer from ptsd, but i am the student. note child should have to go to school fearing for their life but we are all the students. meantime chicago thousands were orange they planting a pastry. where orange movement began in 2013 after 15-year-old, pendleton was shot while standing with friends at a park. she had performed at the president barack obama said second inaugural parade could have been 189 murders in chicago so far this year. it is down 20 percent from last year but chicago has more homicides in 2016 and 17 than any other u.s. city. >> we cannot stop until we accomplish the goal of our children being safe whether they go to school, in parks,
1:25 pm
playing around our homes, ladies and gentlemen, we will make it happen. >> meantime a bittersweet moment last night as santa fe has compared with the seniors graduated to his every 17-year-old student open fire killing to substitute teachers and eight students. students and teachers hold a moment of silence and playing a video montage honoring their lives. after this intervention, texas governor recommended strategies this week to make schools safer. including more mental health screenings. for students. >> thank you so much, brian. >> severe weather across the southeast. leading to several folks being killed. while officials are warning people to still remain on alert. plus, the european union when he president trump steel and aluminum tariffs for the actions that got to take if the u.s. does not back down.
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>> section 232 that they are using. is not relevant. it is pure protectionism.
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don't start humira if you have an infection. woman 6: need more proof? woman 7: ask your rheumatologist about humira. man 1: what's your body of proof? >> the european union now
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challenging president trump on tires. and talking about doing this to american brands. the trade commissioner reacting yesterday. >> is our commitment because this is weakening relations. it also increases the risk the market locally. >> kitty logan live look more on this. >> certainly, the issue of the tires have a meeting of g7 finance ministers in canada. several countries, the uk calling on the us to reconsider tariffs. six of the countries attending the meeting have voiced unanimous concern and disappointment over the new tariffs to u.s.. steve mnuchin says he will pass comments onto the president trump but he insists that the u.s. is complying with international trade rules. this goes of course back to thursday when the u.s. said they would go ahead of tariffs
1:32 pm
of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum. the eu is concerned the tariffs to be damaging to the europe industry. and they warned they could retaliate with tariffs of its own on u.s. steel and food. >> this is very unfortunate. it will cause a lot of damage to the steel and aluminum industry. it is unfortunate because the motivation behind it the section 232 that the americans are using, internal security. is not relevant. it is pure protectionism. europeans express to the nicest cannot be seen as a threat to their internal security. >> and meanwhile, the u.s. secretary is in beijing with talks with chinese counterparts.
1:33 pm
this further complicates by this war of words with allies over trade. next week, they are set to be in canada and president trump is expected to address the issue of trade concerns. >> very interesting, thank you so much. kitty logan. >> more on this let's go to a global economics editor for the wall street -- >> what do you make of the president going forward with steel and aluminum tariffs? >> well, the worry here is that this is the first step in what could be a broad trade war. they already cunnane the economists say when the prison first announced this in march that if it was contained to steel and aluminum, then the u.s. economy and the global economy could handle it. but what we are seeing now is the europeans, the canadians and mexicans seeing saying they
1:34 pm
will retaliate against harley-davidson motorcycles, bluejeans, agricultural products. it is another step. they are also talking about potentially hundred $50 billion in tariffs against the chinese. which they say they will retaliate against and if the president is also talking about doing tariffs on auto imports. this does look like an escalation that people are saying back in march could be problematic. >> you heard the eu official called a dangerous game. how worried are you and should american consumers be about the european union union response? >> i think we certainly should be concerned the ironic thing here is that the u.s. economy is on a roll. the labor department just reported yesterday that the unemployment rate is 3.8 percent. 223,000 jobs created last month. the economy is growing at a pretty fast pace in the current quarter. it is growing some estimates as much as four percent.we are
1:35 pm
on a roll and we are seeing the markets focus on instead of the good economics, they focus on these concerns about trade and that is where we had a very turbulent week in the stock market last week. >> john, is there a meeting out of this? might the threat alone force action in a hurry?>> well, i mean this really comes down to negotiating positions. president trump and our allies in europe, mexico and canada but also adversaries in china. how are they going to find their way through it? it is very hard to read the situation. just a couple weeks ago the secretary steve mnuchin was really taken to task by the european allies. just today and yesterday was talking about a truce with china. and now we are talking about wrapping things up. the position of the united states needs to change on a weekly basis. and it is hard to figure out where this is going. ultimately it comes down to the
1:36 pm
president and whether he sees eye to eye with national leaders in these other countries. >> how people might be in terms of response for american businesses that export to the eu, canada and mexico? >> well, it really depends on your industry. there are certain industries that could be hit hard. we talked about mexico, canada and europe, you have to worry about agriculture. a lot of our counterparts in these negotiations have figured out that the agriculture in this industry is very powerful politically. the chinese threatened to slap tariffs on agriculture and it did look for a little while that the u.s. was backing down. i think we can expect the same from our allies. as i mentioned a month ago, they going after politically sensitive places. harley-davidson in the midwest, bourbon, they are talking about tariffs on bourbon. of course, that is where made
1:37 pm
in kentucky, senator mcconnell was based. >> sure. >> he really depends on what industry you are in if you want to evaluate how serious the threat is to you. >> there worried about this in nebraska and some of the trading partners. should anyone be surprised, john, that president trump is pursuing the america first policies? >> certainly, no one should be surprised. this is absolutely what he campaigned on. as much as he campaigned on a wall with mexico, he campaigned on being tough with our trading partners. what's surprising is that our position hasn't been very consistent. we moved around. francis on the steel and aluminum. we announced tariffs in march and then we give exemptions for several months to the europeans, canadians, mexicans. it looked, in particular like it might reach something with the canadians and mexicans with
1:38 pm
nafta but talks have stalled and so, we put tariffs in place and again with the europeans, ironically, these tariffs are being put in place on the idea that trade competition is a threat to our national security. with the canadians they will tell you that the europeans will tell you also that we are your allies, we are your allies why you calling us a threat to national security? and then again to come back to whether this should be a surprise to everyone. it is a surprise from day to day and week to week. to turn the attention back to china, it look like we are reaching somewhere and then we turn around quickly and said, no, we are proceeding with these tariffs. it is hard to read where the negotiation stand. and it is potentially just negotiating tactic on the
1:39 pm
presidents part. he likes to keep his negotiating partners off balance. he is certainly ing that in the trade realm. >> john, wall street journal. thank you for your time and expertise. >> thank you. >> a new report from the pentagon revealing details about the war overseas at the hands of the u.s. military. in the white house with another summit with a controversial world leader. what we know about a potential donald trump and vladimir putin meeting. reportedly in the works. in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. where we're changing withs? contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today. book now at
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1:43 pm
time releasing the number of civilian casualties caused by u.s. military ground and air operations around the world last year. according to the new report nearly 500 civilians died in afghanistan, iraq, syria and yemen. the pentagon says it had not received any credible reports of civilian casualties in libya and somalia. the report was created in response to a new requirement
1:44 pm
by congress for 2018. >> the white house is reportedly in the early stages of planning a summit between president trump and the russian president, vladimir putin. this is according to the wall street journal. they are reporting that a senior administration official said the u.s. ambassador to russia, john huntsman, is in washington to help broken the meeting. a date and location have yet to be determined. joining me not to talk about this, a news desk reporter for axios. thank you for being here today. >> thank you for having me. >> while the planning has been going on for a while, we know that relationships can shift a bit. in just a few months, right? there are significant things that developed between the u.s. and russia. like the u.s. is battling russian diplomats when the tops of these talks first started. there's a lot going on. what to make of that? >> i think exactly what he said
1:45 pm
is important to note. we did learn there were conversations going on between putin and trump in march on a phone call about having a potential meeting. at the time they told me it could happen at the white house. but since then we did expel the 60 diplomats over the poisoning of a spy in the uk. and you see potentially a warming between donald trump environment put in. and as they reporting their talking about having a potential summit. remains to be seen is what comes after the north korean summit and if trump is going to go back and forth with putin as he has with kim jong-un. >> i think we are all catching our breath with the announcement of the planned summit on june 12 with kim jong-un. as you mentioned, being back on. this will be quite a historic double feature if this summit with putin does happen. what are some things the u.s. could get out of it besides approving our relationship with russia? >> that's a good question because there's a lot at stake. a lot of people questioning
1:46 pm
whether donald trump is giving a reward to putin by having a meeting with him. it is kind of the question that critics were raising us in his trump said he would meet with kim jong-un. there's a lot on the table. you can about syria, recent violence and interruptions in the ukraine and russia has been saying that ukraine is the reason that cease-fire is not working. that is something that come up. portly, talks with putin would be specifics this time as far trend -- >> and the robert mueller investigation is still going on. looking at possible russia meddling in the 2016 elections. if the meeting happens, how can this not overshadow how everyone sees this? >> critics are going to say if you have a meeting with vladimir putin, while we know russian interfered in elections and they reported publicly that russia could potentially interfere in our elections this
1:47 pm
year again, there is a possibility that trump may look like he is bringing the fox to the henhouse in some regards. but if trump will have a meeting with putin it is something he is in his right to do as president of the united states. you have to seek the place out and if he does go back and forth as he did with kim jong-un. >> our source of stress this is in the very early stages. if the meeting does happen, you are there, what are you hearing on when and where this could happen? do you think it could happen here or overseas? >> it could happen here. no date or location has been set yet but that remains to be seen. it is also possible that we will be hearing about that in the coming months. for now it looks like a lot of the focus in the white house is going to be on this summit with kim jong-un. in june. >> absolutely! can you imagine if two of the summits happen, back to back, it would be quite something. shannon, thank you so much for being here today.
1:48 pm
and bringing all the latest. >> thank you. >> deadly storms turning in the southwest during the official start of severe weather and hurricane season. welive from the fox news weather center with a forecast of what to expect . >> is always a balance between what is scientifically correct and whether it is profitable or not the impact of heavy rain, flooding, dangers are still there. alright, i brought in new max protein give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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some people have died in storms across the southeast after a devastating hurricane season last year. forecasters are predicting another busy season in 2018. we are doing now live from the weather center. adam? >> last year was a really busy season. we are not necessarily looking that high this year but still a very active your nonetheless. the average year right there in the middle, typically we get 12 main storms. six hurricanes.up to three major hurricanes. this is what we saw last year for 17 storms. we went way above. 10 hurricanes.
1:53 pm
this year we looking around average of maybe a bit above average. a set of here where we could see another active season. getting up to the average that we typically see at 12 named storms. we've seen one so far, alberto. these are the named storms for the year pete is always set up in advance. a real big storm typically would be retired at the end of the season. but these are the names we will deal with in 2018. these are coming up in the next little bit. we typically get there about 12 of them. we are early in the year. the official start of hurricane season is june 1. activity the first couple of months generally pretty low. we see huge ramp up, water is able to get warm and we see a big increase in this beginning in august. we peaked in september 11 or 12. that is a time of the year were historically have seen the most tropical activity. then you slowly begin to decline running back into the middle of november. the middle of october. it is not unheard of to see hurricane into november or certainly tropical activity.
1:54 pm
otherwise, across the country it is clear now.nothing in the tropics.the big story across the middle of the country temperatures are in the middle 90s. anytime warm air up against cold air like you are seeing here, you have the possibility of severe weather and that will be the case in the middle of the country. we are looking at this afternoon running into the evening. maybe overnight hours. an area through portions of arkansas stretching up to the north, tennessee, spots where we could see big severe thunderstorms in isolated tornado is out of the question. wind at 50 miles an hour with hail could be a busy afternoon for folks in the mississippi valley as we going to the afternoon and evening hours. across the country also, we mentioned the storm activity in the southeast, it continues even today. this is not a tropical system by any stretch of the imagination but we are looking to get running into virginia and philadelphia and d.c. area,
1:55 pm
the ground has been saturated because of some of the storms we've seen so far this year. a little bit more rain, it does not take a lot and we're back to look at floodwaters and flood advisories. even flash flood warnings. we see individual counties in red through the rest of today into again, the overnight hours. temperatures here the rest of the weekend staying hot on the eastern side of the country. temperatures back up to the 80s and 90s. these are the highs for saturday. running into sunday, maybe a little bit more mild, still plenty of spots feeling that summer. temperatures again back in the 80s and 90s? range. her kind of get to the point where this will be typical. there is monday, back into the middle 80s or so middle of the country. fairly calm the next couple of days. a heat wave as we go into the middle of the week. take a look at this stretching towards close to 90 degrees. it is the official start of hurricane season, mike. the official start of summer, feeling like anyway with temperatures in the 90s close to triple digits.
1:56 pm
>> absolutely! >> adam, let the record reflect i am totally cool if hurricane michael does not happen this year. it is on the list! >> it is on the list. we could get up there when we start talking at the number of storms we will see. maybe but i am 100 percent with you that, hopefully we do not run too far down that list this year. >> adam, thanks a lot! >> a good reminder, we have a little bit of time before it really gets heated with hurricane season. now is a good time to get your supplies. >> my wife and kids are already building an ark in dc. it hasn't stopped raining in a while! >> that does it for us. the news continues at the top of the hour with eric shawn and arthel neville. >> i will see on "fox report" at 7:00 eastern. my main focus was to find a team of doctors that work together. when a patient comes to ctca, they're meeting a team of physicians that specialize in the management of cancer. breast cancer treatment is continuing to evolve. and i would say that ctca
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alert. president trump legal team outlining why mr. trump should not sit down for an interview with robert mueller. the presence attorney said a 20 page letter to the special counsel in january, giving their views on executive authority. on why the special counsel cannot subpoena the president. hello everyone and welcome to a brand-new hour inside "americas news headquarters". i am arthel neville. >> how are you everybody? our latest development comes as the president will spend the weekend in camp david following historic visit to the white house on friday from the top korean official and former spymaster. the present declaring


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