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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 2, 2018 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> we begin with a fox news alert. president trump legal team outlining why mr. trump should not sit down for an interview with robert mueller. the presence attorney said a 20 page letter to the special counsel in january, giving their views on executive authority. on why the special counsel cannot subpoena the president. hello everyone and welcome to a brand-new hour inside "americas news headquarters". i am arthel neville. >> how are you everybody? our latest development comes as the president will spend the weekend in camp david following historic visit to the white house on friday from the top korean official and former spymaster. the present declaring aging 12 summit in singapore with kim
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jong-un is officially back on. what can we expect? ellison barber is live on the north one of the white house with the very latest. we've heard a lot about the letter that kim jong-un gave to the president through his adversary. we do we know what is in it? >> in terms of the letter that kim jong-un said to be delivered to president trump, we do now know that the president did read that letter. initially when he spoke to report as he said he asked kim yong-chol if he should read it. he told me to wait but we were told he read the letter just prior to leaving for camp david. the official chairman, kim yong-chol is a senior north korean official to visit the white house. the last time a senior north korean official was 20 years ago. it was back in 2000 when the top north korean leader delivered a letter to the president, bill clinton from kim jong-un 's father.
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>> meanwhile the issue of the new letter from the present as lawyers. dealing with the russian investigation for page memo that lays out the view that the president basically cannot be prosecuted. what did they say? >> the letter lays out the legal argument that is from the present legal team why he should not sit down with special counsel, robert is dated january 29, 2018. the presidents attorneys suggest an in person interview between robert mueller and president trump is not necessary because the special counsel in their view already has answers to the questions they plan on asking. lettuces quote - after reviewing the list of topics you presented it is abundantly clear to the undersigned that all of the answers to your inquiries are contained in the exhibits and testimony that have already been voluntarily provided to you. by the white house and witnesses. it goes on to say quote - in light of these voluntary offerings your office clearly
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lacks the requisite need to personally interview the president. the information you seek is practically available from another source and your office. in fact it has already been given the other source. they argue that the case law supports that this high level privileges are going to be waived. quite the -- must be undeniable. the only sources of the testimony are those persons participating in the conversation. recently, one of the presidents attorneys, the newest attorney, rudy giuliani, has left the door open for a potential sitdown interview between special counsel robert mueller and president trump. he has said repeatedly that if he is going to allow president trump to sit down withspecial counsel , robert mueller he has to have all documents the fbi and doj have in regards to an fbi informant who had contact with president trump presidential campaign. >> we will be discussing that
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letter and the contents thereof throughout the next two hours. thank you. >> meanwhile, defense secretary james mattis, reiterating the white house stance that the u.s. will not accept anything less than a nuclear free north korea. the pentagon chief speaking in singapore where he also slammed china for placing weapons on disputed islands in the south china sea. garrett tenney live in washington with the latest on the story. >> china is north korea's closest ally and their largest trading partner by four.the u.s. needs beijing's help in pushing kim jong-un to making a deal over the nuclear program. there are several big issues that can come look at the effort. u.s. and china are in the middle of tens trade negotiations but at the same time, the u.s. is going to punish china for the aggressive military in the south china sea. today secretary mattis warned there will be consequences for china's actions. particularly given his present recently promised he would not do the very thing that he is
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been caught doing. >> despite china's claims to the contrary the placement of these weapon systems is tied directly to military use for the purposes of intimidation and coercion. china's militarization of this is also in direct contradiction to the presidents 2015 public assurances and the white house rose garden. >> regarding the upcoming summit, james mattis says u.s. demands a nuclear free north korea. he reiterated that moving u.s. troops stationed in south korea would not be on the table as part of a negotiation. that is something that the north is previously pushed for. president trump seemed to open the door to that last month as well when he ordered the pentagon to come up with options for reducing u.s. forces in south korea. that is just one of the many issues the two sides are trying to work out over the next 10 days before the summit. in both countries they
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delegations meeting in singapore and in the delimiter is zoned this week in hopes of doing just that. >> thank you. >> for this were joined by a former cia station chief who served as chief for the station in moscow. also a contributor. thank you good to see you. a big surprise this week when the russian prime minister, the right-hand man of putin of foreign affairs made a surprise visit to pyongyang. really they were monumental sites and meetings. what to make of hymn suddenly going off to kim jong-un own? >> we been accustomed to talking about russia meddling in our elections. now we are seeing the russian meddling in our efforts to bring peace to the korean peninsula.he had not been there since at least a decade. he apparently did not have any private meetings. this is for the public to consume and it was definitely a message to north korea leadership. he had public meetings with kim jong-un as well as a message to
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the united states. the focus was on sanctions and he talked about rationing down sanctions before north korea takes the action that we deem necessary to eliminate the nuclear weapons arsenal. >> what is in russia's interest. what do you think he said? >> versus rick remember that north korea is an old soviet satellite state. in fact the firstly of north korea, was a major in the soviet army and fought against the japanese during world war ii. the soviets installed him as the leader of the first leader of north korea. it is not taught in north korean history books for their students. but it is a true fact. the russians absolutely want to play a role in the diplomacy in the region. first and foremost, they want to counter united states strategically. they are very concerned about the united states influence in the region both militarily and politically. they like to reduce our
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military presence. and our influence. so i think that is part of the reason why they support kim jong-un own but is just a legacy from the soviet days. they also support kim jong-un because they frankly, they don't like sanctions to which they have been subjected. and they were interfering in elections and in europe and the united states possesses the political and potential economic benefit from resisting the sanctions. they believe if our relationship with kim jong-un own and north korea doesn't pan out, they want to be there and to take advantage of increased trade. they're already violating sanctions with the export of oil in loan north korean workers to reside and work in russia. but they would like to do a lot more economically with north korea. >> they want a piece of the pie. and they have been saying the russians have been crossing sanctions with oil tankers, transporting oil which is against pyongyang. and evading sanctions that they
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basically voted for in the security council. >> that's right. i think it is a balancing act for them. and of the need to do a little bit and i think frankly, president trump shows strength. they were nervous about the potential for hostility between the united states and our allies and north korea. so they did take some action with sanctions but they have been busting them a little bit. of course they have the site of some exports of russian goods to north korea. and this is 60 miles from the north korean border that is the strategic port of russia. >> and lavrov popped up.this is what the president had to say. >> i did not like the russian meeting yesterday. i say what is the purpose of that? but it could be a positive meeting. if it is a positive meeting i love it. if it's a negative meeting i'm not happy. and it could very well be positive. >> they are discussing a
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possible summit between donald trump and putin pay what you think they should do? >> i think the present would keep in mind, the failures of the previous administration. the obama ministration believed russia was on our side. in syria. and when the russians said, was secretary lavrov told secretary kerry there was no military solution in syria, lavrov was lying about that. we know that russia does not have our best interest at heart. on the korean peninsula. i think the president knows that and i think secretary pompeo will be great as well the new director of cia, gina haspel which is a subject matter expert on russia. the key ran over the intelligence community furnishing the president with the intelligence he needs to he will be in the know about what russia and vladimir putin 's real intentions are. the best leverage we have
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against north korea is by pushing this bilateral relationship that we enjoy right now with the north koreans. i think the presidents meeting yesterday with kim yong-chol, that was extra nearly important. those are the relationships i think that negotiations really depend upon. we saw secretary pompeo who visited north korea twice. met with kim yong-chol two times there. essentially deliver a warm turnover to the president. i think that is how we handle russia, by focusing on the bilateral engagement with north korea. try the six party talks and two of those parties, russia and china are not really up to help us too much. >> finally i guess you would say that the president upstaged putin. maybe that is why lavrov made the trip? that putin sees himself on the outs were not part of this ongoing process with the president on the june 12 summit with kim jong-un.>> i think that is insightful. i would agree 100 percent. i think the russians are a little nervous at the united
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states seized the initiative. there's no question that president trump seized the initiative on the korean peninsula. it does cause vladimir putin some concern. the on the outside produce a very public statement. i think we're doing a good job of countering russia. >> it feels great job and insightful assessment on this. thank you. >> thank you! >> of course. >> and of the big story. the european union, france and mexico threatening to retaliate on tyrus. they said they will have several american brands with tariffs. kitty logan has more peer. >> anger amongst allies in europe. many calling on the u.s. to rethink the decision for the issue has overshadowed a meeting of g7 finance ministers in canada.
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the six other countries attending the meeting or alongside the u.s. voiced their quote - concern and disappointment ts treasury secretary steve mnuchin. mr. minasian said he will be passing the comments under president trump but his sts needs to comply with international trade laws. on thursday the trump administration imposed tariffs of 25percent on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminum . the eu says these tariffs could be damaging to his industries. it is warning of possible retaliation with tariffs of its own on u.s. goods. >> is protectionism. these exports to deny states cannot be seen as a threat to their internal security. it is unfortunate because this is further weakening of the transatlantic relations.and it also increases the risk of severe trouble in the market globally. >> meanwhile u.s. commerce secretary is in beijing on saturday for talks with chinese
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counterparts on trade. those talks could be possibly further complicated by the traditional u.s. allies and trade. of course next week g7 leaders are set to meet at a summit in canada. many of those are counseling on the us to reverse this by then. >> kitty logan, thank you reporting from london. we want to let you know that later, we will look at how the eu proposed tariffs on the u.s. will affect american businesses. and you, the consumer. >> looking forward to that. new bartenders and restaurant workers in las vegas are taking a big gamble on negotiations with higher pay. we will have details on that story straight ahead. plus as just said employment numbers show the job market is red-hot. oh, new fears about a possible trade war with u.s. and allies. what this all means for your bottom line. straight ahead on the fox news channel.
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the las vegas strip are preparing a strike. after 50,000 workers contract expired. unions have already mapped out picket lines. now they're waiting for mgm resorts and other companies to negotiate for better job security over fears that robots could take over job to caesars entertainment is the only one that we have been told agreed to construct negotiations. other properties have not yet reached agreement. do you want to deal with a robot dealing cards? or getting a drink? >> may was a great month for the u.s. economy. the deployment rate dropped to 3.8 percent. the lowest in 18 years. the economy added 223,000 jobs which exceeded expectations. this coming on the day that tariffs on imported steel and
2:20 pm
aluminum are kicking in. canada, mexico and the european union all threatening to respond with tariffs on many u.s. goods. the market shrugging off the stand up you have a financial advisor and financial consultant. dominic, good to see you. i want to get to the upside and the downside. how is it good for the economy and who takes a hit? >> short-term, companies like the steel companies, because no u.s. companies have steel from overseas, canada and europe you have to focus on trying to buy locally. steel companies prices will impact the price of the stocks that went up. harley-davidson -- >> the stock prices went up what does that mean for people who need to go by steel and the people who sell it? >> adding tariffs to the other producers, foreign producers makes it more expensive.
2:21 pm
you are a u.s. producer, manufacturer, we need steel in your building or your airplane, you will go to the cheapest source. that may not be in the united states. it will add earnings and jobs the u.s. companies. it will take away earnings and jobs from overseas companies. >> okay. i want to put up some stats. we will take a look at the product that the eu, mexico and canada would impose travis on if the u.s. keeps this in place. here we go. the eu, you're looking at orange juice, motorcycles, bourbon, whiskey, bluejeans and rice. canada looking at aluminum, products including yogurt, pizza, table cloths, mexico is suggesting or planning to place tariffs on imports to the u.s. like steel, lamps, pork legs and shoulders, sausages, apples, grapes, cranberries and various cheeses.
2:22 pm
we are talking, how will the farmers, distillers with cheesemakers and consumers and how and when will all of the above feel this in their wallets? >> you have these threats. it may look like a hodgepodge of products. but reality is it is very specifically targeted products. to go after our political heads. the head of the republican parties, wisconsin, south carolina. these were very specific products. meant to put pressure on the congress who then in turn, would put pressure on the trump administration. in terms of if these companies cannot sell products overseas, if it is a job loss. they cannot produce, they cannot sell products or as many jobs go down and profits go down. >> again, we clear that, has it happened just yet? >> this is a proposal. >> he did point out the political implications there.
2:23 pm
perhaps that is what the idea is. itay not go there if it does this is what will happen. meanwhile will there be a significant shift in trade between the u.s., canada, mexico and the eu? >> this is the great unknown. prior to this announcement was made. we are really fantastic news for the jobs and unemployment, earnings, corporate earnings, gdp growth. the market went up. the bomb of course, the bombshell was news on tariffs. you think the market would have reacted really negatively. because the potential is really different negative outcome. i think the market is interpreting that in the end this will be negotiated. and it will not come out as horrible as it looks. >> is a possibility that those that have stocks in certain companies will stand to gain from this? >> i do not believe this is the case but if we really have an
2:24 pm
all-out trade where everyone loses but this is the cold war, push the button and everybody loses. companies and u.s. workers, companies and workers overseas, everybody loses. the best case scenario is that they work it out and negotiate it. we do have a president we've never seen this style of negotiation he has carried a big stick and negotiates. he has proven the past that the strategy works.we have to see going forward. >> do think it will work this time? >> i hope so. everyone agrees, a trade war is bad for everybody. including the u.s. workers. >> exactly. and lastly, dominic, who would be the unintended beneficiary of this? >> well, the unintended beneficiary could be the companies that pick up the slack. u.s. companies that pick up the slack, producing was originally purchased overseas. the losers are the u.s. consumers who no longer are getting low cost, cheap products from overseas. it's a balancing act.
2:25 pm
clearly we want jobs in the united states but we want their trade, not what's going on -- >> of the present get it right by saying guess what? this is what will happen if you don't play right. >> it is a negotiated style. where there is a month from now or three months we see the outcome. it is easy to say we got it right. if we go to full blown trade war he clearly would have gotten it wrong. we are pretty drunk adversaries and certainly, we united our adversaries. china, canada, mexico, the eu. all of them, trying to fight our trade policies. >> we will keep an eye on that and will have you back here, dominic, nice to have you in the studio again. i will let everyone know that tomorrow, white house national economic advisor, larry kudlow will be on fox news sunday with chris wallace. that is happening right here on fox news channel at two and 7 pm eastern tomorrow. check the local listings for the airtime on your local fox stations as well. >> it is the day of celebration
2:26 pm
amid grief. seniors of texas high school are graduating with memories and pain of a deadly shooting on their campus still fresh on their minds. how they honored the victims during the special ceremony. thus, lawyers for president trump detailing in the y they claim robert mueller cannot subpoena him. the impact it can have on the rush investigation, next as the fox news channel covers the world on saturday afternoon. being detected was not an option.
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a bombshell letter for the presidents legal team. special counsel robert mueller, apparently now sent in january. outlining the reasons why the
2:31 pm
president should not sit down for an interview with mr. mueller and the lawyers claim the present cannot be charged and obstruction of justice. because this to the constitution gives him the authority to carry out personal decisions as he sees fit. his lawyers are writing about the actions of the commander-in-chief saying quote - the remainder position the presence actions by virtue of his position as chief law enforcement officer could neither constitutionally or legally constitute obstruction because it would amount to him obstructing himself. and that, he could if you wish, terminate or exercise his power to pardon if he so desired. joining is not for more on this, we have a senior political reporter. what is the impact of this letter with claims that basically the present cannot be charged with legal obstruction? >> two things. i think this proves a lot of what we already knew. that is just how this interprets executive branch power. second, how much the
2:32 pm
ministration and republican party really want to avoid any kind of subpoena heading into the november midterm elections. >> the president clinton for example, he was charged with obstruction in one of his impeachment articles in the house. and richard nixon with one count of obstruction of justice. wouldn't others come back to the lawyers and say this is not true at all? and it gives the democrats a terrific talking point. >> we don't know where this will go in terms of the legal fight. it is not really clear if the letter is referring to the investigation of michael flynn or of trump himself and i think there's a lot of ambiguity still within the text that really needs to be looked at. >> what does it mean in terms of a grand jury subpoena? as you know, the president does not sit down for it to be to have been some consideration within the team maybe can subpoena the president, his lawyers have pushed back on that saying that special counsel does not have the authority under the article and to issue a subpoena to a
2:33 pm
sitting president. certainly will be a big fight. >> it will be a big fight, it already has been a big fight. we have seen republicans on capitol hill doing everything they possibly can to discredit the investigation. they want to avoid a subpoena fight just as much as the white house dust into the 2018 midterms. press a political fight the certainly different than a legal fight. if it does in fact go to the supreme court. >> it is different but remember it is an election year. so the politics rightnow , is the forefront in the minds of a lot of people in the white house and on the hill. >> we don't know -- you can click on the new york times and he says here's the confidential letter, right? you can click on it. i mean clearly it was leaked for a purpose. is it to get the presidents message out? he has been critical of the fact that this has been made public. >> that's a good question. we do not know who leaked it. seen a lot of leaks already in the white house.
2:34 pm
there are clearly people in the white house would like to get a message out to president trump who probably feel they cannot speak to him candidly as much as they would like to. >> in other words you think they're using the media to reach the president? is that what you're saying? >> it could be a possibility. >> decides just reaching the president also of course it reaches mr. mueller in his team. no matter what meetings have behind closed doors you have that on the front page of the new york times, it is, talk about a message! >> right. a much more blatant way of communicating, for sure.>> meanwhile, democrats had to be facing an internal conflict over the way to address the rush investigation on the campaign trail with midterms coming up. let me play a soundbite of the committee chair pieces the democrats need to run on something other than the trump/rush investigation. >> the notion for those who may be partisan, if democratic
2:35 pm
control they will be able to wrap these up and i think the american public will be tired of it if this is not coming down the calendar year. >> you think has a point? simply want to try to get the president out almost no matter what the cost? >> i think democrats are the most that agree they need to articulate strong economic message into november. this is something that plagued them in 2060. they underestimated the efficacy of donald trump in his message. i thought running against him would be sufficient and clearly it was not. >> he really does break down on party lines. let me say something. this showed 47 percent, almost half of americans say they would not vote for a congressional candidate that supports impeaching the president. but 42 percent said they would and even breaks down further with 84 percent of republicans saying they would vote against
2:36 pm
a candidate who would support impeachment. 70 percent of the democrats would. what does it mean that we begin to see this breakdown? especially on party lines? >> i think the main take away is still that democrats in washington are very cautious about talking about impeachment. you have seen that from leadership in the house and senate. there really advising candidates, especially in some of the states that the democrats need to win in-house needs to win to be cautious about talking about russia and talking about impeaching the president. it is just not a winning message. i think we talked about the parties base of course, there will be an element that breaks down along partisan lines that different things happen to this president. as far as feasibility, the actual possibility that he could be impeached, it is is still up in the air. >> really you have maxine waters out there leading and impeach chant. i think some support as the president have actually used
2:37 pm
that. as a talking point. >> they could. maxine waters is not up in a competitive election. i don't think you see many vulnerable democrats in the senate were democratic candidates for house taking cues from her. >> bottom line, as bill clinton and -- said, even as the rush investigation and the government is taking steps against russian interference in the midterm campaign, through various bills of the senate and other actions by the department of homeland security. do you think it will get down to the basics dealing with the economy? perhaps, foreign affairsif kim jong-un, if the summit achieves something ? and that could be the deciding factor in november. >> i think the economy will be huge but remember the battlefield here with the house and senate are, on the senate side have democrats trying to feel pretty close to the present. vulnerable senate democrats representing states it donald trump won by several digits.
2:38 pm
they have democratic candidates at the house level trying to flip district to hillary clinton one back in 2016. these are suburban, more affluent communities. the message there will be quite different from what you might hear in indiana or west virginia and north dakota, for example. >> we are looking forward to this.thank you so much. >> thank you. >> as we go to texas now it has been an emotional day for survivors of the santa fe high school shooting. as the senior class for 2018 is graduating. this comes just two weeks after the deadly shooting that killed 10 people. all of this as rallies against gun violence are taking place in several cities. bryan llenas is live in the new york city newsroom with more. >> it's hard to believe it's a ready been to beast a 17-year-old student walked into santa fe high school in texas and opened fire killing to substitute teachers and eight other students while wounding
2:39 pm
10 others. the 17-year-old is now facing capital murder charges. governor greg abbott of texas has since put together a 43 page report on how to make texas schools safer. including more law enforcement on school campuses and more mental screenings for students. nonetheless, yesterday though, a bittersweet moment for the seniors of santa fe high school as they graduated with heavy hearts. there was a moment of silence for those lost. as well as video montage laid honoring their lives. students talked about how they are still grieving but how the tragedy brought them closer together. >> tonight, all of our graduates and staff members are wearing white stoles. in memory of our fallen students. >> even after enduring all of these trials this year, we were faced with a far greater trial. the events which transpired on may 18 of this year.
2:40 pm
it has deeply affected many of us in a small community. >> the president spent more than one hour speaking with grief stricken families of those killed. >> meanwhile there are antiviolence protests underway. tell us about this. >> is national gun violence awareness month. this weekend activists where orange and honor of those killed in gun violence pates thousands rallied in san francisco and chicago and in san francisco people marched across the golden gate bridge. in chicago markers were orange and marched to stop gun violence there. which is overly led to 189 homicides in that city this year. and in new york city today, hundreds marched over the brooklyn bridge into downtime i had to bring attention, not just to school shootings but everyday gun violence that plays in communities across the country. parkland shooting survivor spoke a little while ago. listen. >> no student should have to hide under their classmates
2:41 pm
body to survive but i was a student. no student should have body matter picking out of their hair after surviving but i was a student. no student should have to suffer from ptsd but i am the student. no student should have to go fearing for their lives to school. but we are the students. >> actavis began wearing orange in 2013 in honor of pendleton, a b,15 chicago girl that was shot while just standing in a park with friends. orange is the color that hundreds were to protect themselves. that is why organizers wear the color. >> bryan llenas, thank you. >> of course. >> meanwhile information on how police cracked the case of the golden state killer. court dockets real detectives reached a turning point in april. when they found the dna of this man. the suspected dinner. they got it while he shopped at easter. this after they got a dna profile online. it matched distant relatives of
2:42 pm
the man who they say he is responsible for a string of murders and rapes and terrorized communities across california in the 1970s.and the 1980s. >> there is new technology being developed in israel that scientists say will make the u.s. military and civilian rescues this airborne vehicle is transforming flight. we will tell you. plus, hurricane season officially underway. eight months after hurricane maria caused widespread disruption. how this small island is preparing to face a similar storm this year. but it may lead to unexpected shutdowns. battery throttling. or you could just upgrade it. ♪ woow, i'm moving on. yes, i'm moving on. ♪ ♪ mmmm, i'm moving on.
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2:45 pm
2:46 pm
school shooting in parkland florida. the new york times and miami herald reporting paramedics tried to enter the building during the chaos. but were repeatedly denied
2:47 pm
access. by the broward county sheriff's office. the newspaper obtaining a letter from a deputy fire chief who wrote he requested permission to send in a team of officers and medics, six different times. the shooting left 17 people dead. >> they're counting it is a revolution over the military vehicle. it is being tested right now. and this is an is repeated flying vehicle that not only can save american lives the battlefield but also in case of accidents at home. jonathan hunt has more on this from los angeles. >> it is real, it is flying. and we are going to have it here in the united states in the next few years. >> this is it! the flying vehicle that could not only save american lives on battlefields a world away but also on highways, right here at home! >> their golden hour. you maximize survivability and and in an accident, you need to get to that victim and get them
2:48 pm
evacuated and medical attention within one hour. >> the idea for a vehicle was born of the 2006 israel hezbollah war. it took on average five and half hours to evacuate wounded israeli soldiers. >> the ground to air fighter, the other is the limitations of the helicopters. the rotor. it cannot land an obstacle rich areas. >> this is been designed and tested in israel with interest and support from israeli military. but the long-term plan is for production to move to the united states. and for both pilotless and piloted models to be available. the military and civilian both. >> the response, nuclear, biological, decontamination, a bomb in the city, rescuing people.
2:49 pm
because it does not have overhead rotors. >> they said they hope to be producing by 2020 2p the company calls it a win-win for everyone. israeli technology, u.s. production and potentially countless lives saved. in los angeles, jonathan hunt, fox news. >> hurricane season has arrived. eight months after hurricane maria, made landfall, puerto rico is still dealing with the devastation left behind. plus, parts of the mississippi valley bracing for severe weather tonight. our meteorologist is tracking the storm. >> saved an average of $412. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call. by staying in rhythm. and to keep up this pace, i drink boost optimum. boost optimum
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2:53 pm
>> people in puerto rico are taking part in drills is hurricane season officially gets underway. forecasters predicting the season will be similar to last year when the island was devastated by two back-to-back storms. officials making every effort to be ready. >> the best way is to go through a situation but my hope is that this will provide skills when there is no electricity. we have to find a way to do our
2:54 pm
jobs to save lives. that is our primary objective. to save lives. >> right now, 11,000 people are still without power from hurricane maria. which hit eight months ago. puerto rico institute of statistics is suing the island health department over the death toll. many believe the official death toll of 64 is a drastic undercount. a harvard university study out this week found as many as 4600 people died in the storm. >> southern missouri, arkansas and surrounding areas are bracing for severe weather later today. as the same storm system that hammered parts of ohio. it sets its site on the south this evening. we joined now from the foxnews extreme weather center with adam. what can folks expect? >> it will be fueled by some very warm air that settled in the region and it could produce severe weather. maybe isolated tornadoes as well.
2:55 pm
these are the temperatures that we driving up. this is arkansas, temperatures running in 90, 95 degrees, a little further to the south. incredibly warm giving the instability we need with those exact areas to produce severe weather. we really look at the bull's-eye across portions of arkansas stretching into mississippi and towards memphis. tennessee and all areas where we could see severe weather. this initial line is beginning to move in that direction. these are small isolated storms. any of them could have went up to 60 miles an hour. also hail and isolated tornadoes were talking about. it is something to watch for now although into the evening and overnight hours. we noticed rain along the east coast. but first, the severe weather that can be firing up in portions of the south. we are getting to see some of the areas with very slow cells coming together. with all of the heat they will explode and get bigger. there will get stronger in the next couple of hours. this is the future radar from
2:56 pm
right now into the evening hours. again, this will not be a massive system where a lot of folks get it. but each one of these individual cells are severe warned. because he-- on the east coast this is something to pay attention to peer flood advisories, watches and warnings. even flash flood warnings along the east coast. a lot of folks out there need to be paying attention. >> hopefully they will be careful thank you, adam . >> a confidential letter from president trump 's legal team outlining why he should not be interviewed by the special counsel. fall out next. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques.
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3:00 pm
eric: president trump's legal team outlining why they claim the president should not sit down for an interview with robert mueller's team. in fact, they say the president of the united states cannot be legally charged with obstruction of justice anyway. the lawyers sent a 12 page letter to the special counsel back in january giving their views on executive authority and saying basically the president cannot be prosecuted. hello everyone. welcome to a brand new hour of america's news headquarters. i'm eric shawn. arthel: i'm arthel neville. the latest development coming as the president spends the weekend at camp david following historic visit to the white house from a top pyongyang official who delivered a letter to the president from north korean leader kim jong-un.
3:01 pm
ellison barber is live at the white house with more and let's start with this letter from the president's legal team to robert mueller. tell us more about what's in it. >> in this letter the president's legal team argues that essentially robert mueller -- they say they are against mueller sitting down. they cite case law as well as a few other examples as to why they believe that he doesn't need to do that. it's dated january 29, 2018. in it the president's attorneys suggest that an in person interview between mr. mueller and president trump isn't necessary because the special counsel in their viewlready has all of the answers to questions they plan on asking. the letter says this, quote, after reviewing the list of topics you presented, it is abundantly clear to the undersigned that all of the answers to your inquiries are contained in the exhibits and testimony that have already been voluntarily provided to you by the white house and witnesses. it goes on to say, quote, in light of these voluntary offerings, your office clearly
3:02 pm
lacks the requisite need to personally interview the president. the information you seek is practically available from another source and your office in fact has already been given that other source. they argue that case law supports them. if presidential privileges will be waived quote the need for the exact content of a conversation involving high level white house advisors must be undeniable, and the only sources of that testimony are those persons participating in the conversations. recently one of the president's lawyers, rudy giuliani suggested that he wouldn't close the door necessarily on a sit-down interview, but he said if he was going to consider it or tell the president he should talk to robert mueller in person, that he would first need to see all of the documents related to that fbi informant who had contact with president trump's presidential campaign. arthel? arthel: let's go back to north korea. the president received a letter from kim jong-un. the president has read that letter; correct? >> yes, he has.
3:03 pm
initially he said that he hadn't when he first left that meeting and spoke to the press. he said that he had the vice chairman -- he had asked the vice chairman if he wanted him to read the letter he said he could wait but an official tells fox news that president trump did read the letter prior to departing for camp david yesterday. president trump met with that man who delivered the letter the vice chairman. they met for more than an hour yesterday. he says they talked about sanctions and denuclearization. >> he would like it to see it happen. he wants to be careful. he wants to be, you know, he's not going to run and do things, but i told him to be honest with you, look, we have sanctions, very powerful sanctions. we would not take sanctions off unless they did that. we have sanctions on. and at a certain point, i will tell you what, i look forward to the day when i can take the sanctions off of north korea. >> he is the most senior north korean official to visit the
3:04 pm
white house in about 18 years. president trump said the summit on june 12th will be the start of a process. he suggested that it may not be just one meeting, but they could meet multiple times afterwards. arthel: ellison barber, thank you. eric: meanwhile, defense secretary mattis is restating the president's position that north korea must get rid of all of its nuclear weapons. mr. mattis speaking at a security conference in singapore which happens to be the site of the up coming summit. also took aim at china. garrett tenney has more on what he said. hi, garrett. >> the u.s. is walking a bit of a diplomatic tight rope with china. on one hand we need their help with north korea but on the other hand, they have taken aggressive steps to build up their military presence in the disputed south china sea, something china's president recently said he would not be doing. today secretary mattis said beijing has deployed anti-ship and anti-air missiles to islands in that region as well as electronic jammers and nuclear capable bombers.
3:05 pm
mattis promised there would be consequences despite china's claims to the contrary. >> despite china's claims to the contrary, the placement of these weapon systems is tied directly to military use for the purposes of intimidation and coercion. when it comes down to introducing what they have done in the south china sea, there are consequences. >> mattis also touched on the up coming summit with north korea and reiterated that removing the u.s. troops stationed in south korea would not be on the table as part of these negotiations. that is something the north has pushed for in the past, and president trump seemed open to the idea last month when he ordered the pentagon to come up with options for reducing u.s. forces in south korea. now, the south china sea, and north korea, if that weren't enough, further complicating those issues are the ongoing trade talks between the u.s. and china. so far u.s. officials have said the administration will address each of those issues separately and that it won't make any
3:06 pm
concessions to china on trade or in the south china sea in order to get a deal with north korea, though china is expected to use its weight in those negotiations to influence policy elsewhere. eric? eric: garrett, thank you. arthel: president trump hinting yesterday that the june 12th summit in singapore could be the start of something big. >> we talked about ending the war, and, you know, this war has been going on -- it's got to be the longest war, almost 70 years; right? and there's a possibility something like that -- that's more of a signing of a document that is very important in one way. historically it is very important. we will see. we did discuss that, the ending of the korean war. can you believe we're talking about the ending of the korean war? we're talking about 70 years. arthel: let's bring in a former cia analyst and i want to start here if i may, i want to get
3:07 pm
your perception of kim yong-chol at the white house and if inviting him is a negotiation tactitic -- tactic, how do you assess the move? >> i think of how nervous he must have been to first meet with the secretary of state pompeo in new york and then to be invited to the white house. it must have been an exhale rating feeling for -- exhilarating feeling for him. it means he's reinforced his position as kim jong-un's top lieutenants in pyongyang. this was a big win for kim yong-chol to be able to meet with the u.s. president at the white house. i think my assessment was that kim yong-chol was going to come to the u.s. to make sure that the summit was going to be on track for june 12th or soon thereafter. and that all the bad feelings or the ruffled feathers were assuaged by the time he left. arthel: you just heard president
3:08 pm
trump saying that north korea won't immediately give up their nukes. so is it still a good move to proceed with the summit? >> i think that it's good that the president is taming expectations about this and reiterating that this is the beginning of a process. arthel: uh-huh. >> but i think it is important to remember that kim jong-un has yet to make any irreversible concessions on his nuclear weapons program. in fact, the north koreans have been pretty consistent that they are not going to give up their nuclear weapons absent the abolishment of u.s. hostile policy which only they get to choose what defines that. arthel: and we're showing the photos earlier of kim yong-chol at the white house. some were saying he is a former north korea spy chief. that's pointing that out. there he is in the white house. and then you're going to have the president of the united states meeting face-to-face with the north korean dictator. is this already enough of a win
3:09 pm
for kim jong-un, you know, after the summit, he will say i will take my marbles and i will go home, or can he not afford to do that? >> i think kim jong-un really wants the summit to go through. i think that's why he was so -- that the recent statements and the fast activity after the may 24th letter suggested to me that kim really does want this to move forward. but that said, i don't think that means that he's going to give away the store. the nuclear weapons program is part of north korea's national identity. kim has finished or completed or has said he has completed something that his grand father has started to do in the 1950s and the 1960s, and that's to develop this program, the ultimate guarantee of the regime's existence. arthel: back to the summit, it's part one of many. talk about, if you will, the diplomatic groundwork leading up to it, and also, the work ahead following the summit. >> you know, we had three sets
3:10 pm
of u.s. officials meeting with north korean officials at, you know, various locations to work out these logistics. and it takes a lot of time and lots of details and minutia that have to be worked out before the leaders meet. i think what is going to be the most difficult is what is going to happen after the summit between president trump and kim jong-un. is there going to be some sort of conclusive agreement that we can sink our teeth into and that the -- whether we have inspectors going to north korea, whether north korea gives us a list of their facilities, their suspect facilities and gives us access to them? those are the big questions that will be up in the air after the summit. arthel: yeah, it is like a war game of chess being played between president trump and kim jong-un. and if that's kind of a decent assessment, who is winning at this point? >> i think that for kim jong-un, he has yet to give up anything.
3:11 pm
we've seen recent reports that a lot of korea experts were -- and the nuclear experts were pointing out is that, you know, north koreans supposedly blew up their nuclear test site, but it turns out it was mostly for show. what the north koreans have been doing so far is mostly theatrical and for optics sake to make it look as if they are doing more than they are. but this doesn't mean that they are not continuing on with their research and development of their weapons program or that they are continuing proliferation activities or continuing with their cyberattack capabilities. arthel: so what's the president's play would you say at this point? i mean, you know, you have these two leaders who are both definitely unconventional. i don't really want to compare president trump to kim jong-un because kim jong-un has done some things that president trump has not, but still in terms of personality, they are similar. what's the president's next move
3:12 pm
here? how does he make this really work and be more than just a photo op? >> one of the things that i thought was striking was the president's message about ending the korean war. so the korean never -- it's technically -- the two koreas are technically still at war. arthel: right. >> we only have an armistice. arthel: right. >> what i thought was striking about the president's mentioning of the korean war and ending the war, it seems to me that we have to remember that we can't have peace on the korean peninsula with a north korea that has nuclear weapons. i think the sequencing is important to make sure we have north korea's nuclear weapons before we even start thinking about a peace treaty. arthel: uh-huh, and already kim jong-un and south korea moon jae-in, they have already started talking about this peace treaty as well. we will see how this plays out. it would be historical. thank you very much for your analysis. >> thank you. eric: as summit preparations
3:13 pm
continue for that, u.s. commerce secretary is in china today, trying to make progress on the trade demands between washington and beijing. meanwhile the white house is still applying pressure to china in the form of even more tariffs. rich edson has more. >> commerce secretary ross is in beijing trying to substantially change the trade relationship between the united states and china. the commerce secretary is reportedly scheduled to have dinner with china's lead negotiator, vice premier tonight and then another meeting tomorrow. the trump administration says it wants china to dramatically reduce its 375 billion dollars trade surplus with the u.s. the president wants to cut that gap 200 billion dollars by 2020. the administration also wants china to allow american businesses greater access to its economy. earlier this week, the white house said it is moving forward implementing tariffs later this month on up to 50 billion dollars in chinese imports and restricting certain chinese investments in the united states. china responded saying it does not want a trade war, though it
3:14 pm
is prepared to fight one. the u.s. this week also imposed tariffs on steel and aluminium from canada, mexico, and the european union. beyond economic and trade differences, the u.s. and china are also at odds over china's military construction on a disputed area of the south china sea. speaking in singapore, defense secretary mattis urged china to change its behavior. >> there are consequences that will continue to come home to roost, so to speak with china if they don't find a way to work more collaboratively with all of the nations who have interests. >> last week the pentagon rescinded an invitation to china to participate in a multi-national naval exercise. eric? eric: rich, thank you very much. from the state department. arthel? arthel: eric, the white house admitting there is another summit in the works. this one with president trump and vladimir putin. how a meeting with the american adversary could play out on the world stage. plus, some of america's
3:15 pm
allies hitting back after the white house lifted exemptions on steel and aluminium tariffs. >> we still hope the united states will think again about this, but it would be a great pity if we ended up in a trade dispute with our closest allies. e with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well enough. xeljanz xr can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests and cholesterol levels have happened. your doctor should perform blood tests before you start and while taking xeljanz xr, and monitor certain liver tests. tell you doctor if you were in a region where
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arthel: a manhunt underway in arizona for the person who shot and killed steven pit, a high-profile forensic psychiatrist. pit helped prosecutors investigate the 1996 murder of jonbenet ramsey. he was gunned down outside of his office in phoenix, arizona yesterday. that incident is now being connected to a double-murder in scottsdale, also happening yesterday. police say they do not know the identity of the shooter and only have a sketch. eric: looking past the singapore summit with kim jong-un, the white house officials now confirming to fox news that they are in the early stages of planning a potential face-to-face sit-down between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. this of course comes amid special counsel mueller's ongoing investigation into the russian influence and interference in the 2016 presidential election. a topic that would certainly come up if both of these world
3:20 pm
leaders sit down together. what can we expect if this does come off -- this summit does occur? dr. grant is a national security and military analyst and also president of an independent research. dr. grant, you have a twitter photo which is fascinating it shows gorbachev and reagan meeting for the first time in 85. you write in it -- can you tell us about that and it is enticing to think of president trump. he's a new yorker. he's blunt, direct, very frank. he's going to take no guff, you know, from putin. i think he would sit right directly and tell him what he thinks. >> and he can be very smooth. so what happens with reagan and gorbachev in geneva was, you know, gorbachev wanted to talk about star wars, reagan wanted to talk about human rights. it went on over two days, and there were shouting matches that occurred, and one would say oh, rant and rave and get up, but in tend, the two leaders -- but in
3:21 pm
the end, the two leaders set the path towards another three summits and an arms control treaty. summit is a good thing. eric: i would worry if they are shouting but i guess it turned out okay. in this day and age , you have syria, invasion of ukraine, election interference, all these actions as well as russian meddling throughout the world, sergey lavrov going to pyongyang to meet can kim jong-un to gum up the works of this potential summit, what does change if anything in terms of russian behavior? >> let's roll it back. trump mentioned in march that he was open to a summit with putin. putin is in a tough spot. his economy is very weak. it's smaller gdp than california's. he's been very militarily aggressive, so there are a number of things that putin and trump should talk about. syria is top of the list, also the situation in ukraine. and let's not forget, eric, that
3:22 pm
russia has some very very nasty cyber capabilities. the fbi warned us just this week to turn off our routers because of a russian-linked hacking group. so there are a number of things that russia is doing to destabilize everything from the cyberspace to nuclear weapons development. they have a lot to talk about. that's why i would be in favor of seeing them sit down and talk at some point in the future. eric: would talking, would that deter putin's objectives and the actions that the russians are taking at our expense? >> i wouldn't expect one discussion to fix anything, but i can understand why trump would want to meet personally with putin in a one-on-one format. they've had a couple of smaller meetings and really see where the potential is. listen, at some point, they are going to have to talk about the outcome in syria. there's no getting around that. and we've seen some hints from the russian side that they may want to talk a little bit about arms control at some point in the future, amazing as that
3:23 pm
sounds. so the agenda is so big that i think it would be very appropriate. i wouldn't expect this to change russian behavior immediately. but, you know, we have to keep up that strong military deterrent and then see what possibly -- what outcome we could look for. eric: what would you see in terms of syria? assad isn't going anywhere. >> right, exactly, but the fact is we can't withdraw coalition forces from syria really until we see some diminishing of russian and iranian activity in that sphere. you know, we have to talk with russia on a frequent basis about deconflicting our forces. don't forget that our air forces face the russians almost every day. we he see russian jets trying to maneuver around our air forces and our air force usually lock them up. okay? that's something we have to look at. there has to be some discussion there. there are plenty of issues with syria to discuss. ultimately we need to see russia contained.
3:24 pm
they are going to behave badly. we need to contain them. eric: we apparently struck out and killed a bunch of russian contractors a few weeks ago when there was an alleged attack on one of our bases. you mentioned fancy bear, intelligence services that actually hacked into our election system. they hacked into the illinois election system during the 2016 presidential election. here's what the "wall street journal" says about that and the russian interference. quote, a meeting that would bring to the international stage one of the world's most enigmatic political relationships, meeting mr. putin last year on the side lines of the g 20 summit meeting in germany, mr. trump voiced concerns about russian int interference in the election. then secretary of state tillerson said at the time a two hour meeting lasted twice as long as planned denied any involvement. what do you do when putin is sitting right next to you and says we didn't do anything.
3:25 pm
that's not us. it's all propaganda. how does it stop? >> that's typical kgb behavior. but we know russia is making a strong play to dominate and attack in cyberspace just as they are with military electronic warfare that we see in syria, ukraine and other places. this is one of the big issues. it is like the arms control of the 80s. now cyberspace and behavior in cyberspace has to be part of that very contentious discussion. eric: the arms control of the 1980s,er perfectly said dr. gr, thank you. >> thank you. arthel: the president's legal team reaching out to mueller to explain why he might not sit down with the special counsel. a former federal prosecutor will break this down. and mandatory evacuations are underway in hawaii. how more volcanic explosions are impacting the big island in more ways than one. get your groove on with one a day 50+.
3:26 pm
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3:30 pm
arthel: the word of a four month old letter surfacing today. president trump's legal team sending a 20 page letter to special counsel mueller back in january. his attorneys pointing out why the president cannot be in obstruction of justice when it comes to the russian investigation because the constitution gives him full authority over all federal investigations. doug burns is here. a former federal prosecutor. doug, is this argument accurate? >> this is an argument that we have heard kicked around a lot, professor dershowitz and others are saying. moreover, they argue, and i'm
3:31 pm
putting it in those terms -- they take the flynn situation. i hope you can see your way clear, to clearing him. well, he can pardon general flynn. so it can't be obstruction of justice, the argument. the counterargument real quick is well, wait a minute. that's true. if there's a bank robbery case against somebody that nobody has any affiliation with out in nebraska, the president can say drop it. but if that case hypothetically could double back on the president somehow, and involve him, other scholars say wait a minute, that creates a little different landscape and therefore he can. the letter which i read arthel is, you know, essentially a legal brief obviously. they make a number of points which i heard you guys covering earlier which is wait a minute. we gave you so many documents, tens of thousand of documents that all of the answers to all of the questions that were put out and everybody is familiar have already been answered. then comes the argument -- he can pardon them. he can direct them to drop the
3:32 pm
investigation. then comes a case which was interesting involving former agriculture secretary. the case was back in 1997. and in that case, and this goes to something everybody's been debating, they said that in order to subpoena the president, you have to show a really specific particularized need, number one, and number two, you have to show that you can't get the information from another source, which tracks back -- we gave you all this information. arthel: there's a lot in there doug. >> yeah. arthel: what about the idea that because he is the president of the united states, he's still a citizen of the united states as well, and that no person is above the law. >> yeah, that's a great point. so let me break it down a little bit. first of all, you're right, nobody is above the law, but then comes in another point which is why you had the two memoranda saying that a sitting u.s. president can't be indicted. okay? you had the one from the 70s. you had the refresher memo in the 90s, and it's a different principle. it says that the duties of the
3:33 pm
office are so all consuming that we can't interfere with that by bringing a criminal case against the sitting president, but hold on, the corollary is it can wait until he or she leaves office. so the point is, it is fairly clear -- it's not clear in the courts, but it is doj policy they've come out and said the president can't be indicted because of the duties of office. arthel: i want to read a quote from a harvard law professor, popping up on the screen for me right now. it says, we don't know what the law is on the intersection between the obstruction statutes and the president exercising his constitutional power to supervise an investigation in the justice department. it's an open question. that is from jack goldsmith, a harvard law school professor who oversaw the justice department office of legal counsel during the bush administration. so i mean, where does this go next? >> i read that earlier. seriously, and he's right, i
3:34 pm
mean the point is is that law is always balancing tests so on the one hand, you have the question of the issue and how does it intersect with the other, and it is unclear. to crystallize it to the most basic thing, it will have to go to court if it gets to that point. arthel: what is it the president's lawyers are trying to protect him from? >> well, i'm not so sure -- to answer your question, you have heard everybody say this, they feel that the investigation is unfair on many levels. we have been over that many many times. they feel -- and i don't sign on to this 100%, but they say all they are doing is laying a perjury trap. i'm not so sure about that. arthel: why do you say you are not so sure about that? >> well, because i think the counterargument real quick on that is that this is similar to the interview they did with secretary hilary clinton which was towards the end wrapping it up and closing it down. it is very possible that that's also a possibility that everybody is getting all up in -- but the reality is hey
3:35 pm
this is the end of the line. as a former federal prosecutor myself, you generally don't seek to interview the target of an investigation. if i have a rock solid bank robbery case against mr. x, i have a video of him robbing the bank, i'm not calling his lawyer to say bring him so we can to speak to him. the counterargument to your question is they don't need it and want to wrap it up. the last point real quick is everybody is correct when they say if you look at those questions, they came out through one publication or another, we had all the different questions they want to ask, and all of them were like what was your frame of mind when you fired jim comey? the point is those aren't factual questions. arthel: i don't want to get into that because we don't knowhat mr. mueller would ask the president should he sit down with him. we don't know that. that's speculation. let's end it there. thank you for coming in. please say hello to your mother. >> i will, and appreciate that. she's just recuperating from something. so thank you. eric: thank you. people in one neighborhood on hawaii's big island are being ordered to leave immediately as
3:36 pm
mount kilauea continues to erupt. the volcano has been erupting for about a month now, and that's hurting the island's tourism industry. jeff paul is in hawaii. jeff, what's become so much more concerning in the last 24 hours? >> well, eric, the lava flows have slowed down, but the volcano's reach continues to expand. in fact these streams of lava are getting closer to homes and on the verge of covering up the very few escape routes that remain. in about a period of a day, ten more homes were destroyed bringing the number of houses levelled to at least 87. emergency responders say lava is only about 175 yards away from covering a major intersection, where two highways meet. if that were to happen, it would isolate entire neighborhoods trapping anyone who would need to get out. as a result, a mandatory evacuation order has been put in place, and what that means is those folks who don't belong inside could face arrests or fines. as for the people who live
3:37 pm
inside, the county says they are not going to kick people out or force them out of their houses, but they are not going to put any of their first responders lives at risk if they decide to stay. eric? eric: jeff, meanwhile, you know, the island is no stranger to volcanic activity. but what is really making this one, you know, so much more alarming and different? >> well, the geologists who have spoken to us say that what makes this volcano so much different is how unpredictable it is and the size of it. these streams of lava, these fissures keep erupting in the area at places that people didn't expect. in fact, what we have seen out here is that as a result of all of these eruptions that there's been some of the highest and hottest lava ever recorded. some streams are shooting in the air by about 220 feet. at least two dozen vents have erupted and authorities say they don't know when or if another fissure will open up. we just spoke with one family who was evacuated and is preparing for the worst. >> the thing we want to see
3:38 pm
mostly is our memories. like i say, we want our family pictures and movies from family stuff and the rest of the stuff, like they say, you can replace. it's going to be hard. but you can replace it. but you want your memories. >> now, while we're not seeing ash emitting from the summit of the volcano, down below in the lower rift zone, toxic gas emissions remain elevated. county tells us that so far roughly 2500 people have evacuated. eric: awesome power of nature, astounding and also so frightening and chilling. arthel: u.s. allies reacting to the u.s. putting new tariffs in place on steel and aluminium imports. european union leaders warning of retaliation. if president trump does not lift the measures. meanwhile, the u.s. is trying to make headway on its trade deficit with china. kitty logan has it all from london.
3:39 pm
>> the new tariffs have sparked anger amongst u.s. allies in europe, many are calling on the u.s. to rethink the decision. the issue has overshadowed a meeting of g-7 finance ministers in canada. the six other countries attending the meeting alongside the u.s. have voiced their, quote, concern and disappointment to u.s. treasury secretary steve mnuchin. mr. mnuchin says he will be passing those comments on to president trump. but he insists the u.s. is complying with international trade rules. on thursday, the trump administration imposed tariffs of 25% on steel imports and 10% on aluminium. the eu says these tariffs could be damaging to its industries. it's warning of possible retaliation with tariffs of its on u.s. goods >> it is pure protectionism. europeans aluminium exports to the united states cannot be seen as a threat to their internal security. it is unfortunate because this
3:40 pm
is further weakening the transatlantic relations. and it also increases the risk of severe turbulence in the markets globally. >> meanwhile u.s. commerce secretary ross is in beijing on saturday for talks with chinese counterparts on trade. those talks could be possibly further complicated by the war of words with traditional u.s. allies over trade. of course next week g-7 leaders are set to meet at a summit in canada and many of those leaders are calling on the u.s. to reverse its decision by then. arthel: kitty logan, thank you. eric: did you know that one gas station company only sells stuff from north american crude? no mideast gas. no way. another step for our country to become an oil independent nation. up next, the boom american oil and gas industries are experiencing.
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you might take something for your heart... or joints. but do you take something for your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish,
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prevagen is the number one selling brain-health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. eric: another sign of the booming economy. we're told the u.s. could soon
3:45 pm
become the world's largest producer of oil. that means that it will crush opec's dominance in the energy market and finally achieve a goal of energy independence for our nation. alicia acuna has more from denver. >> with the price at the pump at a seven-year high, some may question the president when he says -- >> we're very strong on energy. we're essentially now energy independent. >> analysts say the president is correct. good news is on the horizon. >> i think it is fair to say that the overall policies on deregulation by this administration have been constructive. >> for decades the organization of petroleum exporting countries or opec -- opec, control the prices of oil, with an embargo back in 73. a few years back opec leader saudi arabia saturated the market dragging down the price per barrel. some u.s. companies went bankrupt, but the industry adjusted becoming leaner and
3:46 pm
improving fracking technology. >> we lowered our break even price much faster than opec could lower its. so the bottom line was they blinked before we did. >> renewed sanctions on iran and unrest in oil producing countries like venn as well as la are hoping to -- venezuela are hope -- venezuela are helping to push up gas prices. >> we're still on a path to be in the biggest oil producer in the world, the biggest oil exporter, and one of the biggest consumers. >> detractors say the president's pro fossil fuel policies will hurt the environment. >> well, it seems like we're going back in time almost 100 years now to where oil and gas are king. >> the trump administration believes the strategic petroleum reserve created after the 73 oil embargo is not as necessary now and is considering cutting the amount stored there for a rainy
3:47 pm
day by half. in denver, alicia acuna, fox news. eric: thank you. arthel: so voters in one kansas congressional district might do a double take when they go to the polls through their primary election this august. here's why, because a challenger for this seat held by republican ron estes is ron estes. yep. a different ron estes. the incumbent ron estes is seeking his first full term in congress after winning the seat vacated by now secretary of state mike pompeo. the challenger is billing himself as the real ron estes and labelling his opponent as part of the swamp. eric: how do you go in and know which one you are voting for? all right. well, we've already seen our first named storm of the season. hurricane preparations, well, they are in full swing along the gulf coast. the sunshine state is bracing
3:48 pm
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eric: it is now officially
3:52 pm
hurricane season. you know there's lots of anxiety. especially after last year's extraordinary devastation from several vicious storms. now preparations are underway for some communities in florida to get ready for the next ones. a reporter from the orlando station has more >> it is the first day of hurricane season and snow bird john glance is headed north with his rv. >> we are snow birds and make sure there's nothing loose that can blow away. >> while he lives on a nearly 50 square mile body of water, he says he's not worried. >> the lake actually has a dam that they can drain it so it is not -- it is not a body of water that you have to be concerned about flooding or anything. >> he's talking about this dam on the lake, managed by the st. john's river water management district. they've been preparing for hurricane season all year. >> irma is unique that it brought a lot of rain in a very short amount of time. so we have been very proactive
3:53 pm
to ensure that we're ready for the season. >> that preparation involves inspecting more than 200 miles of levees and making repairs where necessary. they are also constantly monitoring water levels. >> we look at surface water, ground water. we collect a lot of data. and what we are doing is trying to be proactive in ensuring there's capacity to receive any rain. >> at flood control structures, like the dam here, you can see right now the floodgates are closed which means water levels are normal. but water management officials have been opening them up periodically when they anticipate heavy rains. >> if you think about a bathtub and when you let the water out, so that's effectively what we are doing to an extent to ensure that we're ready for major storm events. eric: getting ready. arthel: meanwhile southern missouri, arkansas and surrounding areas bracing for severe weather as the same storm system that hammered parts of the ohio and mississippi valleys
3:54 pm
set its sights on the region this evening. meteorologist adam clock is tracking the storm. adam? >> yeah, some of this is underway already as we're dealing with a lot of heat, fuelling some of these storms now moving into the middle of the country, the southern portions of the country. here's where the heat is. you can see 94 degrees in memphis. running up into the mid to upper 90s a little farther south into arkansas. those are some of the spots we're seeing some of the nastiest weather here or will see that weather right now running into the evening and eventually the overnight hours. the bull's-eye is moving across portions of arkansas, little rock, stretching over towards portions of northern mississippi, getting towards the memphis area, all spots where we will see severe thunderstorms firing up. these could bring winds up to 60 miles-an-hour. they could bring hail. it is not impossible that we could see an isolated tornado with the system as it continues to move across the region over the next few hours. here's your radar in the past 24 hours. it's mostly clear across the country besides this one band of showers that is turning into severe weather or will turn into
3:55 pm
severe weather in the next little bit. they don't look like a huge system. but each one of these individual cells is packing a punch and they could bring some of the severe weather. some of those winds i was talking about possibly even some hail. future radar, you will notice we have got really the next several hours. once you lose the daytime heating, they lose some steam and begin to fall a part a little bit. pay attention your time stamp. running across portions of arkansas over towards memphis. this is the big system. this is the one we will be watching. but also pay attention to what's happening on the east coast. portions of virginia, stretching up into maryland, all spots that have seen a bunch of rain here in the last week or two. more rain tonight which means flooding might be an issue for those folks. arthel: yeah, flooding is bad as well. adam, thank you. >> uh-huh. eric: arthel, president trump's legal team writing a lengthy letter to robert mueller. details on what they had to say about the president's potential interview with the special counsel. managing blood sugar is not a marathon.
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eric: that does it for us for tonight. we're back tomorrow at noon and 4:00 eastern on sunday, if you can join us, that would be great. arthel: we hope you can. right now though mike emmanuel is up next with the fox report. keep it right here on fox news channel. we know you have choice and eric and i appreciate you watching us. eric: that's nice. and it's true.
4:00 pm
mike: we are getting a new look inside president trump's legal strategy in the russia investigation, a letter written by the president's attorney to robert mueller pushing back on the special counsel's request for a one-on-one interview. i'm mike emmanuel. this is the fox report. the letter dated january 29, shows the president's attorneys questioning whether mueller truly needs to sit down with the president. especially in light of the vast number of documents handed over by the transition team and the white house. the letter also argues the president did not obstruct justice in the cases of michael flynn and james comey. the president's attorneys write, quote, it remains our position that the president's actions here by virtue of his position as the chief law enforcement officer


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