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tv   Watters World  FOX News  June 2, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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thanks for watching. "watters world" starts right now. jesse: welcome to "watters world." i'm jesse watters. the mainstream media had the worst week it has had all year. first daughter ivanka tweeted this photo of her and her 2-year-old son. the backlash called the photo insensitive in leave it her father's immigration policy. >> they are saying the post is tone deaf in light of families being separated at the southern
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border. >> ivanka trump who works at the white house chose to post the second most of oblivious tweet we have seen this week. ivanka, that's a beautiful photo of you and your child. but do something about your father's immigration policy. you are a feckless [bleep]. jesse: we called ivanka the c word. the president tweeted, why aren't they firing samantha bee for the horrible language used on her low ratings show? first lady melania trump
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writing, i see the media is working overtime speculating where i am and what i'm doing. rest assured, i'm here at the white house with my family, feeling great, and working hard on behalf of children and the american people. joining us is charlie kirk and joe concha. >> it's a pleasure to be here, your world. jesse: let's get to the samantha bee thing. her ratings have deteriorated. she lost half her audience in about a year. this is a hail mary to see if she can get back on track and it looks like it backfired. >> the left has killed late night comedy. these are angry rants from
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comedians. she is shamelessly going after ivanka. the double standard is so abhorrent and so apparent almost i think this shows far more entertainment than any of those crazy late-night shows. jesse: joe, the president is calling for her to be fired. do you think she should be fired? do you think tbs caused out a little spot for her to get nasty. >> you said tbs caused that out. that's right. that was scripted. that was teleprompter. what happens if they make that comment about any obama whether michelle or her daughters or hillary clinton or chelsea
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clinton. she keeps her job. is there not even a suspension. jesse: we did suspend a talking head on fox news for using a derogatory slur against president obama. i think he got a week or two on. to quote the great tommy laren if it wasn't for the double standards, the left would have no standards at all. here is a tweet from former obama speech writer. he says this is happening right now. and on the debate that matters is how we force our government to get these kids back to their families as fast as humanly possible. turns out this picture is from the obama years. >> from his administration. up in the left-hand corner, 2014. none of these liberals said
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anything when it happened under the obama years. it goes to the idea that the liberals have selective outrage about the issues. they have such a pathological hatred of the president. when a conservative dares does something wrong, they get fired and their life is ruined. when a liberal steps out of line they just have to make an apology. jesse: the left protects their gunslingers. they will make sure they stay and keep hurling insults at the right. and they believe their actions are righteous. this destroys what little credibility the media has left. >> we always talk about trust in the media is at an all-time low.
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i would say hatred of the media is at an-time high. after the fact there will be was no apology. and this is the whole problem. very little fact checking. jesse: if you look at the polling, people trust the president more than the mainstream media. there is another character, jim acosta, he's the cnn white house correspondent you see yelling things and trying to get his face on camera. you are a budding superstar. kim kardashian paid a visit to the white house and talked about prison reform. >> forget about the fact that kim kardashian is here at the white house and what planet that is resembling anything normal. it's not. she shouldn't be here talking about prison reform. that's not a serious thing to have happened at the white
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house. jesse: a celebrity in 2018 talking about prison reform is not legitimate. but here is what he said a few years before. >> i'm going to push the president to get more involved in prison reform. >> if you change your mind about running for office. give cnn the scoop. >> jim acosta, he's my favorite fake journalist. i think the president loves having him around for the double standard. the president did the right thing to take the meeting with one of the world's most of powerful celebrities. she is fighting for the par dan of lisa johnson. they try everything they can to delegitimize it. he's not the opinion host.
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he's the cnn chief correspondent. he had audacity to go on jimmy kimmel a claim he was "just as tough on preside obama as he is on trump. when you look at ratings from may of 2017 to may of 2018. cnn has lost 25% of its viewers. 35% in what's called the demo. more than a third gone. where did they go? they don't like being told reporters are reporters when they are opinion hosts and advocates like jim acosta. jesse: just on it, jim, you are with her and we get it. roseanne was canceled because of some despicable things roseanne said about valerie jarett.
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she compared her to an ape. but look how the media tried to smear president trump with roseanne barr. >> we know what donald trump thinks, we know what roseanne barr thinks. they are exhibiting racist behavior. >> it was a great move yesterday. the background of all this is the president can be racist and nothing happens to him. >> roseanne's show canceled because she tweeted out racist stuff. >> tens of millions of people voted for him after he showed his cards for years. >> are you suggesting they are racist? >> yes. >> all the people who voted for donald trump are racist? >> yes. jesse: that's like blaming bernie sanders when the bernie bro shot up steve scalise. you cannot make that connection
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with any responsible integrity as a media reporter. >> the left tries everything they can to loop bad behavior on the center right with the president. yells * they never give the president credit for the good things he does. >> black unemployment at an all-time low, you see wages going up, you see urban revitalization plan. he's going to get prison reform passed. he'sr's pardoning -- he's pardoning people who were put in prison for racial bias like this famous boxer. the left wants to continue the narrative of racism. jesse: they don't have a slogan or healthcare plan other than free healthcare. i didn't like the woman at the end there who said all trump
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voters in america are racist. >> 65 million people who voted for president trump in 016 did so because they think he's a racist. donald trump had a message that resonated. hillary clinton said vote for me because that guy is bad. roseanne made comments about susan rice in 2016 similar ting what she said about valerie jarrett in 2018. donald trump wasn't even a candidate at the time. jesse: roseanne botched "the national anthem." she did the hitler mustache. cnn is blaming donald trump for ruining the white house sports and fitness day because they say he's not fit. listen to this. >> the president is having this event at the white house
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highlighting health and fitness while questions are being raised about the president's own health and fitness. the chef in the white house kitchen has been told to limit the fat in the food he eats. now his cheeseburgers only come with bun, not -- the bottom bun, not the top bun. jesse: cnn fat shaming president trump. >> no one is raising these questions. they do this all the time. we have inside sources. no you don't. you are the on person who cares about this. you and your four editorial producers who want to destroy this president. reporting live from the white
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house, his caloric intake is being watched. >> or that he only drinks 9 things of diet coke. jesse: remember when the last president got caught work out in the gym. curling 10-pound weights. or he went 2-20 playing basketball. i didn't hear a lot about his fitness. >> or bill clinton at last check looked like he was in his second trimester. this president had a lot of energy. had and has. who cares if he's overweight. he's 71 years old and high energy. >> let's not forget the stamina. he's keeping an unbelievable
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schedule. and the media has this ridiculous questions are being raised. jesse: didn't his doctor say he's the most of fit president of all time. >> genetics. >> it was the doctor under three presidents. he was attacked for his report as if he was lying for him. jesse: the boys, i'll check in with you later. up next spy gait outrage.
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>> the effort to begin targeting and reach out to trump campaign officials to gain intelligence on russia began weeks or months before the fbi had a formal predicate. there were contacts going on by people identified as informers and informants much earlier than july 31. the second part is as the investigation was starting to ramp up. there are internal fbi documents showing fbi agents talking about trying to -- talking about the white house trying to take over the fbi investigation.
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jesse: how the white house became involved with the mueller probe. the president is slamming that investigation and its soaring costs. he tweeted, the a.p. has just reported that the russian hoax investigation has now cost our government over $17 million. joe, i now question this entire investigation because what they said was the beginning of the investigation, this papadopoulos comment to this australian diplomat who said he had dirt doesn't add up because we note fbi was running spies at the campaign months beforehand. what does that mean to you? >> i don't think there is any doubt that to a reasonable youths attorney, what you have is an out of control cia and fbi
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doing counter-intelligence investigations against american citizens in the united states and abroad without a proper predicate and without authority in an effort to start another investigation so they can do damage to the presidential candidate of the other party. i don't think there is any doubt based on the available public evidence that john brennan, james clapper, james comey and others worked together to try to start a counter-intelligence investigation against the trump campaign, and in the end to get that done they fabricated information, fed it to people overseas who were american citizens who mouth information about that which was picked up by the fbi and used in fisa warrants. what we have here is let's have a nice federal grand jury run by
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a competent person, and let's get brennan, clapper, comey, and all these folks in front after grand jury so they can explain themselves. i am not calling for anybody to be indicted. i just want truthful testimony under oath. jesse: the president's campaign has been very forthcoming with the special counsel's office. millions of documents turned over. a lot of people testifying. and it's been pretty long since this thing has been going on. now we know from some of these fbi texts between page and strzok that quote the white house is running this. meaning the white house is running the investigation. we can even put the text up on the screen.
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the white house is running this. what does that mean to you, philippe? that goes all the way to the top. >> i want to respectfully disagree with joe about what he said. no reasonable u.s. attorney would do this. rod rosenstein's previous jof job was u.s. attorney for i believe maryland. this starts with russia trying to screw around with us. what happened from there is american intelligence, counter-intelligence and law enforcement trying to stop them. the so-called spygate is flipped on its head. the spying was done by russia on america. but what the fbi tried doing is preventing it. i'm not sure why the president and the white house have internalized it. jesse: that let's just say that's true. they were trying to prevent the
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russians from messing with the election. did they do a good job? have any russians been indicted for collusion? they were indicted for calling hillary clinton names on facebook and dressing up with a little hillary for prison costume and running around florida at a rally. these are not high-level russian spies colluding with the trump campaign, joe. after two years wouldn't there be evidence of russians colluding if that was the object? >> of course it would have leaked by now if there were evidence of it. but the point is, the fbi and the cia to the extent it was working overseas were not trying to stop the russians from doing anything. many of the obama administration officials bemoaned the fact that president obama didn't do enough
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to stop the russians from meddling in the campaign. when you see the fbi and what they were trying to do, that's not what you do. you don't start a counter-intelligence investigation against pane american presidential candidate. you go to that candidate's campaign and the fbi and you say, mr. candidate, we think the russians are trying to influence your campaign. we are giving you a defensive briefing. we would like to you take defensive measures. but the bureau didn't do that. that's not what they were doing. jesse: why didn't the fbi go to the trump campaign in may or april and say listen, we are getting some word that the russians may be trying to pull dirty tricks with your guys or your teams, heads up. >> why wouldn't the trump campaign say hey, fbi? i served in government --
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jesse: what was coming their way? >> people emailing you saying i have dirt on hillary clinton. jesse: who emailed who. >> a russian emailed don, jr., we have dirt on hillary clinton and he said i love it. jesse: you know how suspicious that is. if you are don, jr., you are a businessman and you are looking for anything you can get on hillary. and the woman who comes in gets a special visa approved by loretta lynch before the meeting and after the meeting meets with fusion gps? doesn't that look like a setup? >> the activities are questionable. they are inexplicable. they do not comfort with
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traditional law enforcement and trade cast of spy. they comport with an effort to subvert the campaign of the opposing candidate. when you go back to july 5, 2016, and james comey's famous news conference where he accused hillary clinton of a series of crimes, then exonerates her, whatever the russians were trying to do, they couldn't have done anything worse than james comey did on that day. he gave a blow to the hillary clinton campaign. the bottom line is this. while all that is going on, james comey, john brennan and james clapper are trying to figure out how to subvert the candidacy of the opposing candidate. there is irrefutable evidence now that that's exactly what they were doing. i'm perfectly happy to have a grand jury look at it and make
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the decisions about whether any of that was illegal. watching the fight between mccabe and comey about who lied about what during all of this tells you what kind of leadership we had at the fbi and the department of justice in the obama administration. >> i always will say that hillary would have fired comey probably quicker than donald j. trump. >> you and i would be sitting here talking about obstruction and something else. jesse: the only thing trump obstructed with hillary is getting into the white house. up next. a judge ordered him out of his parents' home. we'll check with him on his house hunt. union
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with steep tariffs. jesse: michael rotondo is on the move. you might have heard about the 30-year-old from upstate new york who was evicted under court order from his parents home after living there rent free for 8 years. he spent the week packing up his things and finally moving out. he joins me now with the latest on his house hunt. >> where are you right now? >> my cousin's sister's house. jesse: you are technically living with the family. >> we are here because we are set up with the camera and microphone. jesse: what is the flag in the background? >> i don't know what this flag is.
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do you know what that flag is? >> this is a 9-year-old's bedroom. jesse: i want to go back a little while. you went to college, right? >> briefly, yeah. jesse: did you graduate. >> briefly means i didn't graduate. >> i thought maybe you matriculated quickly because of your advanced intelligence. what was your major? >> i dropped -- i started evening nearing and i went to business when that didn't work out. jesse: you dropped out of college? >> yes. >> why did you drop out of college? >> my academic habits were very poor so i can't integrate into the classes very well. jesse: you like engineering and business. when you dropped out of college, what happened next?
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>> i started in sales. i had a lot of different sales jobs. jesse: what were you selling? >> cleaners coupons, i sold retail. weird things where you kind of pitch people on the street sort of in front of businesses. i did that for a while. jesse: did you dress up in one of those crazy outfits that flap around in the wind? >> no. jesse: you have had a few jobs, mostly in sales. but did that account for all 8 years? you must have been unemployed for a lot of that time, right? >> no, i drove delivery which wasn't really a sales job. i did customer service. that was a year and a half.
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mostly sales. jesse: were you making any money at these jobs and saving it or just spending it on what? >> i wasn't saving have much. but i -- i wasn't saving very much, but i spent on things i needed like food and conventional things. entertainment, food, gasoline, things like that. jesse: what kind of entertainment? >> well, i would go to a bar. it's entertainment. or just leisure time. sometimes movies. jesse: were you fired from a lot of these jobs or did you quit? >> i am not going to give my work history at this time. jesse: what about voting. do you vote?
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>> i do vote. jesse: did you vote for president in 2016? >> i did. jesse: would you like to share who you voted for? >> i voted for gary johnson. jesse: somehow that doesn't surprise me. i don't know why. i thought it was going to be bernie or gary. i think i was right. gary johnson. >> you have got to vote for your favorite. you have got to vote for the candidate you support. you shouldn't vote for a candidate because you think -- you shouldn't strategically vote. vote for who you want to vote for. jesse: what about gary johnson did you like? >> i like that he was -- i would say that he was -- i'm a libertarian. basically that's why i voted for him in a nutshell. but i like how practical he is
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with a lot of things. fiscal responsibility is important for the libertarian party. so, you know, i would say personally -- jesse: if fiscal responsibility is important to you, don't you think you might have saved some money and been fiscally responsible in your personal life. >> i didn't think of that. that's a good point. i probably should have bought to bonds or something. jesse: any girls right now in your life? do you have a girlfriend? >> no, do you know anyone? jesse: do you have a boyfriend? >> no. jesse: i hear job offers are coming in. maybing you get some girlfriends pass you get more expose sure. good luck with the house hunt and i appreciate you coming on
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jesse: diamond and silk taking a big bite out of the big am. they are hitting the streets in harlem to find out what new yorkers think about president trump and all this winning. >> do you feel like you are winning? >> winning for what. >> do you feel like a winner. like you are winning. >> wing. totally winning. >> do you feel like you are winning? >> yes, ma'am. i'm not a millionaire but i'm winning. >> do you feel like a winner?
11:44 pm
>> it ain't that you are wing or losing it, that you are still here, you are living. >> we love the hair. >> how do you feel about president donald trump because he's responsible for this booming economy? >> i don't like him. >> you don't like the economy booming under this president? >> i don't like the president. >> i think he's a bigot. >> give me the definition of a bigot. >> a racist. there is chaos when there is no need to be chaos. >> what did he say? >> he says a lot of things. >> name and you would he talks about people he shouldn't talk about. >> like who? >> i am speechless.
11:45 pm
i am without speech. >> only the strong will survive. >> like a thumbs up for your president. >> not so much really. >> what about a thumbs up for the economy. >> all right. >> what can president trump do to make it better so you can feel better about the economy? >> if i need a better job. >> he created 6 million jobs. >> i think he could do more for black people. but black people have to learn to do more for themselves. >> get more classy people. >> you say classy, san diego. >> i think he said some dumb [bleep] tweets on twitter. >> i am diamond and i'm silk and it's with thit's -- it's "watte"
11:46 pm
jesse: what did he say? he had nothing. >> he had nothing to say. we have to call people out whenever they wanted to use that racist word. tell me what. they can't give you have. you can't say because somebody is a billionaire or rich they are racist. so it's an interesting conversation. jesse: they will give trump for the economy and you got a lot of that out of them. they just don't like the guys style too much. >> you know what, jeffe? -- jess he. we have a lot of people who said i don't want to be on camera but we love him. this is harlem. we had a lot of people saying that to us. >> a lot of people were scared
11:47 pm
to say it on tv. they were afraid they might lose their job. >> or be os extra sized and criticize -- could be ostracized or criticized. jesse: the party continues with the best of the party bros next. man: i got scar tissue there. same thing with any dent or dings on this truck. they all got a story about what happened to 'em. man 2: it was raining, there was only one way out. i could feel the barb wire was just digging into the paint. man: two bulls were fighting, (thud) bam hit the truck. try explaining that to your insurance company. woman: another ding, another scratch. it'll just be another chapter in the story. every scar tells a story, and you can tell a lot more stories when your truck is a chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting, full-size pickups on the road.
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jesse: experts? probably not. but that doesn't stop the party bros from wading into hot issues on "watters world." look at some of their deepest thoughts and most of unforgettable moments. our unofficial california correspondents, chad crow gar and jt far. >> what's up, dude? your state tonight cross-hairs of little rocket man. he's threatening nuclear armageddon. he's firing missiles all over the place. >> that's a bummer, dude.
11:52 pm
in times like these i turn to the original fast and furious where paul walker like in the first one vince is flexing on it really hard. but paul sort of remains chill and stoke and he says like, you know, i love the tuna here. that put vince at ease. i think if we held that stance, we are chill, dude. we like the tuna. >> they act agro, but nobody wants to leave the party. if you start hurling nukes at each other there won't be a lot of parties. jesse: what do you think about the russians interfering in the russian election. >> keep it local and keep tonight your spot. >> i think they are underestimating how much i love my dogs. the love we share for one another. while it be be tried, it can't
11:53 pm
be defeated. jesse: california is a sanctuary state, do you think it's a good idea? >> i am glad you asked that. in terms of immigration we like to go to our party regulation kind of method. >> it's a simple platform for who gets to come in and who has to leave. if you are chill you can kick it. if you are a d bag you have got to leave. jesse: was there anybody in particular that you liked? >> you are anti-wall? you want a halfpipe instead of the wall. people be just drop in and come over to the other side? >> that sounds like one of the fastest ideas i ever heard. jesse: the parade the president
11:54 pm
wants to throw, are you pro military parade or anti-military parade. >> to support the troops answer for to us give adulation, i'm really down. but fit, just to flex, you don't have to rip off your leaves it's like wearing a tight tee. weaved is legal in california. do you think that's a good idea? >> i think it's dank. jesse: donald trump is talking about launching a space force. would you volunteer for that to fight the aliens? >> i'm normally a pacifist. but when it comes to intergalactic warfare i'm ready to do it. jesse: chad and j.t. next week are back on the show.
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jesse: i have been getting a lot of commentary from viewers about my dance move during the bump-ins and bump-outs during the breaks. i hair. i found someone who can dance even better than i can dance. [♪] jesse: we are going to try to get that kid on "watters world" so we can give you guys more of
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what you want. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. remember i'm watters and this is my orld. orld -- world. judge jeanine: welcome to "justice." i'm jeanine pirro. thanks for about with us and thanks for making "justice" number one all last weekend. what a show on tap tonight. kellyanne conway, anthony scaramucci. patty blagojevich, wife of rod blagojevich. as you know, if you are a regular justice viewer. i do an opening statement at this time every saturday. more often than not it's whatever has gone the me fired up this week.


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