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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 4, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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we'll be back here next sunday, 11 eastern. hope to see you then with the latest heather: monday june 4th and thiss "fox & friends first". happening at 4:00 a.m. on the east coast. fox news alert for you, grand canyon state gripped with fear as manhunt for possible seria killer ramps up, four victims including a doctor tied to the jonbenet case. haunting images as rivers of red-hot lava spew from guatemala fuego volcano. race to escape those who could not escape in time. [cheers and applause]
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heather: high school graduate who got much more than diploma. "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ heather: good morning, hopefully you will wake up feeling on top of the world wherever in the world you're waking up this morning. live shot of new york city, little rain falling across the area here. thank you so much for joining us at the beginning of a brand-new week. i'm heather childers. secretary of defense james mattis back in down after talking north korea denuclearization with world
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leaders. mattis making trip to singapore. garrett tenney from washington, d.c. good morning, garrett. >> secretary mattis has been always who calls it like he sees it. negotiations with north korea would be a bumpy road. at meeting with officials mattis said that u.s. and allies need to keep the pressure on north korea throughout the negotiations in order for them to be successful. >> we must remain vigilant and we will continue to implement all un security council resolutions on north korea. north korea will receive relief only when it demonstrates irreversible steps of denuclearization. >> the white house continues to tamp down expectations ahead of
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it as well suggesting this summit won't be a one-time deal but instead beginning of much longer negotiation between u.s. and north korea. >> these negotiations take time. everything is on the table during the negotiations but you can't expect that you're not gog cnge rome in a day and i think that's a very realistic attitude, we can't do it, we can't do it, the president says hang on a second, we may be able to do it. >> president trump isn't the only to meet for the first time. bashar al-assad plans to meet, visit north korea to meet leader. no date has been said, with the u.s. summit the meeting is notable, syria and north korea have been accused of cooperating on chemical weapons together. heather: yes, they have, very notable to say the least. thank you so much for joining us, garrett, appreciate it. number one-state sponsor of terror is accusing president trump of bullying, iran's
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foreign minister begging u.s. allies to stand up to the white house and save the obama-when area nuclear deal. u.s. decision to pull out of the deal is illegal and challenges international law. president trump has since reimposed harsh economic sanctions against iran. at least 25 people are dead, hundreds more injured after volcano erupts in guatemala. volcano of fire spewing laugh -- lava and black smoke, troops as far as colombia coming to help with survivors. second eruption this year. here at home, nearly a dozen people trapped on their homes on hawaii's big island. three people cut off from water, electricity air-lift today safety. lava covering 3500 acres of land there. top news alert for you, police desperate to find possible serial killer after four murders
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in arizona neighborhood. todd piro with the very latest. >> police work around to stop a possible serial killer. let's take a look at the timeline of killings. witnesses saying they heard an argument followed by gunshots. had worked on high-profile investigations including killing of 6-year-old jonbenet ramsey. then on friday, two paralegals shot and skilled in scottsdale, law firm. then on saturday, psychologist and counselor marsha levine shot
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in scottsdale office. police have not confirmed link oh to this killing. >> sad this happened to him. he was very sweet and easy going and reliable. he seemed like a very caring person. >> we are asking the pub throik remain vigilant and any tips or other information that might be out of the ordinary to please call 9-1-1 so we can get working on those steps. >> multiple rewards being offered as authorities try to catch the killer. even the fourth one which hasn't been officially linked yet, there's something that's suspiciously linking those. basically it's the psych element of it, both psychiatrist, psychologist. heather: let's hope there's not a fifth. >> hope they get the person asap. heather: appreciate it. manhunt expanding for these four inmates who broke out of jail, they are supposed to be locked up in louisiana, police are
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urging people in the area to lock their doors while several departments look for them. it's still unclear how they escaped. and a woman who drove onto used baseball field expected in court today, terrifying moments killed cheryl, speeding across a main little little league field. 68-year-old douglas tied a hero pushing children out of the way before he was eventually hit. sherrow who has two prior drunk driving convictions is charged with manslaughter. thousands of runners rerouted as officers chase the suspect of hit and run to the top of nearby parking garage. that's where witnesses say they heard gunshots, officers say she pointed a gun at them before throwing into the street. the gun was air soft gun, one officer was hurt when he is gun
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accidentally discharged, he's expected to be okay, though. and fbi agents in the clinton e-mail probe, they have some more time to prepare on hearing on theill. watchdog report will not be released until at least next week which pushes back the hearing with justice department neral herowitz. that report was originally expected out in may. and president trump's attorney rudy giuliani is leaving the door open for sit-down between president and special counsel robert mueller. but says it will only happen if it brings the horrible investigation to an end. >> we are not going to know that till it concludes. i have a feeling that collusion has come up completely -- that's why i want to see the reports on spy day. that doesn't mean completely, there has to be a high tar in
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terms of convincing us that they are fair. i want to see the spy account gate report. we want to keep an open mind, leaning toward not, butook, if they can convince, brief, cost point, 5 or 6 points they have to clarify and with that we can get this over with, long nightmare for the american public over. second, i do think that it's still an open question but it's beginning to get resolved in favor of not doing it unless they are starting to come across with things that they are asking for. heather: mueller investigation has cost so far $17 million. and a record-setting performance, golden state commanding lead in nba finals. did you see this? >> curry back in the corner, nice little fake, got it again. steph curry back to back 3's. heather: again and again. steph curry connecting, nine
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3-pointers, 122 to 103 win over cleveland cavaliers, the warriors lead the best of 7 series 2-0. so davidson grad there, doing a good job. antifa is back with vengeance. bloody attacks on a prayer rally. >> the fact that the president has moved forward with the tariffs is not just going hurt canadian jobs, it's going to hurt u.s. jobs as well. heather: fighting for fair trade, president administration fighting back for tariff retaliation. why our next guest says quite the opposite. former president obama's message to america, you just weren't ready for me, really?
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heather: the trump administration is ramping up the fight for fair trade following the latest round of steel and aluminum tariffs placed on canada, méxico and eu but as allies threat on the retaliate the administration isn't backing down. >> we have the right to do that in the interest of national security and they need to look in the mirror at their own unfair trade practices. at the end of the day, this is a trade dispute and the president is going to defend this country, he stands for american workers and he's standing up for them now. heather: joining me now to react peter maricy. >> nice to be with you. heather: where do you stand on trade policies, our allies they are not happy about it, they are threatening to retaliate against us, president trump spent time defending the trade moves that he wants to make, what do you think? >> well, i think our allies have been disingenuous, germany's
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market is close not only to exports but also italian exports and using the crisis to consolidate power and basically continue policies. the europeans have said over and over again, let's sit down and talk about this. now this is a crude instrument, the tariffs against allies, there might have been gentler ways to do them and i suggested them. they are justified if this is what the president determines to take. heather: some of his tweet that is went out on this and we can show people, it makes sense, the first tweet, one of them that we have for you, when you're almost $800 billion a year down on trade, you can't lose a trade war. the u.s. has been ripped off by other countries for years on trade, time to get smart and then the second one says, the united states must at long last be treated fairly on trade. if we charge a country zero to sell goods and they charge us
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25, 50 or even 100% to sell ours it is unfair and can no longer be tolerated. thats not free trade or fair trade, it is stupid trade. so you read that, makes sense, is it true? >> i have been arguing that for years and peter navarro and i have worked together. my feeling that china, germany, korea and japan, that's where the real problem is and that's where our focus should be. unfortunately with regard to germany, we can't deal with the germans unless we deal with the eu and they always fall back on excuses, decision-making process has prohibited from doing anything about it. we've had talks and talks and talks with them about steel over two or three decades and nothing ever happens because the big there really is china. china is producing record amounts of steel that are subsidize and go into european markets, depress markets and their steel comes here and they never want to do anything about
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it. the europeans love diplomacy and the answer to failed diplomacy always seems to be mor diplomacy. what this thing does is shake things up. heather: there's a saying about that. >> insanity. heather: yeah, something like that. well, something that is very good, the u.s. job growth, it has surged as unemployment plummets in may, why are the numbers so important to the average american but bad news for democrats. take a look at the numbers that we are talking about specifically. 223,000 u.s. jobs added in may, much more than expected, 3.9% national unemployment rate, 18-year low and black unemployment 5.9%, all-time low. so why are these bad numbers for democrats, the given that it doesn't do good for midterms coming up. >> the risk of mentions another media outlet, high priest of democratic economicses, paul,
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proclaimed when an irresponsible man is appointed, the apocalypse is before us. asked questions whether the tariffs is the instrument. i would like to point out something from the job's report which is critical. e tariffs have been in focus for two months and we've heard over and over again, people like the chamber saying it's going to be the the apocalypse when they come to jobs, their job's growth is up. if this is bad for america and bad for those industries, why does the data say otherwise? with this job report reveals is how lying the obama administration was and lying all of these folks are that are
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critical of the basic focus of donald trump's policies which are to free up free enterprise by lowering taxes and deregulating and getting americans a fair deal on trade. the pillars are sound. heather: vacuous, that's the word of the day. use at least once. thank you so much. we appreciate it,eter. >> take care. heather: great job. the time now is about 25 minutes after the top of the hour and tit for tat, the oklahoma governor firing back at landing on california's state travel blacklist, her epic response that you have to hear. gop governor candidate triggering liberals by riding a patriotic jeep loaded with a fake machine gun, refuses to apologize for supporting our second amendment, carley shimkus up next with the reactions flooding social media. good morning.
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heather: candidate for governor sparking outage at parade over the weekend. chris arriving in american-colored jeep with large replica gun mounted on top. carley shimkus with fox news headlines 24/7 siriusxm 115 is here with how the kansas secretary of state is fighting back. this looked fun. carley: looks fun but a lot of people were scared. sparked significant amount of outrage for riding down in painted jeep with replica gun mounted on the back. after the parade he tweeted about it, had a blast in parade in jeep with replica gun, those who want to redistrict the right to bear arms are deeply misguided.
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the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, like we said, parade goers criticized him on social media, displayed scared children so much so that the children apologized. even after all of that happened, he followed up with the tweet, the outrage over replica g is the left trying to attack guns and your second amendment rights, i will not back down. the whole situation sparking mixed reaction on social media. ben says, it would have been one thing if that was old military jeep that came with that gun but riding in this jeep was inappropriate and poor taste, keith tweets, what's the problem with the figure, neither does steve. celebrating second amendment and american freedoms should never require an apology. heather: he want standing behind the gun mimicking using?
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>> i guess if you see the pictures, he wasn't. i think people were squared -- scared about gun. heather: president trump apparently americans were not ready for him. carley: according to adviser ben rhodes, the former president reacted like this saying this exact quote on election day when president trump was elected saying, maybe we pushed too far, maybe people just want to fall back into their tribe, sometimes i wonder whether i was 10 or 20 years too early. that quote coming from ben roads saying the former president said that. matt on twitter says, we need not worry, he will continue to lecture us via netflix productions, levels of massive and orders to teach us. king obama should have realized that we do not do monarchs in america, that are you sure his real disappointment. of course, critics.
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i can feel the audible sigh when they read the quote. heather: ben rhodes has a book coming up? no wonder i see him all over the place. carley: absolutely. massachusetts graduation made extra special when a military dad surprised son during his year-long deployment. take a look at this. [inaudible] [cheers and applause] carley: that just gives me chills. dad says that his son's look on his face made all the planning and all the secret-keeping worth it. peission to be there.m special
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carley: appreciate it. heather: 26 minutes after the top of the hour and s set for subpoena showdown, president trump's legal team vowing robert mueer forces him to if testify. our next guest and attorney calling the counsel's bluff, why she says it's just a threat get president trump t cave. >> i address you not as chairman of british monarch society and foundation but a brend, -- friend, a fellow defendant of the crown. royal accent fakeer, this guy fooling people for years with british accent, turned out to be bogus.
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heather: back with fox news alertou, bloody violence braking out after antifa
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breakthrough rally. protestors throwing bottles and fireworks at police officers while some were caught with fives and some other weapons as well. at least four people were arrested, patriot prayer builds itself as a peaceful first amendment advocacy group. terrorists from planning deadly christmas attack will face judge today, expected to plea guilty for attempting to aid terrorist organization. prosecutors say they wanted to bomb open fire in popular tourist attraction in san francisco in the name of isis. he told under cover fbi agent that he had been there before and he knew it was a crowded area. today the fate of illegal al line will take place on whether gustavo sandoval will face life in prison or death row, found
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guilty for the murder of javier vega, jr. who was gunned down in front of family while fishing, alleged accomplice is awaiting trial for same charges. candidates in 8 states making final push to voters, 8 states holding primary tomorrow but all eyes will be on california. democrats hope to flip some of those house seats there. the gubernatorial race heating up. newsome to succeed brown. john cox hopes endorsement on president trump puts him on top. the state promotes the two top vote-getters regardless of party. oklahoma firing back at california's attorney general banned state-sponsored travel to the states this after oklahoma so-called lgbt adoption law
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denies service to same-sex could you please based on religious views. we won't miss a few californians traveling on state business, the ban likely will not affect a big college match-up betweena and oklahoma sooners this coming season. we will see if it does. well, today first lady melania trump will make first public appearance since undergoing surgery. the white house also confirming the first lady will not join the president at high-stakes meeting with kim jong un or g-7 summit, the last public appearance was last month when she welcomed back three american hoss from north korea. well, president trump's legal team firing back vow to go take it to court if special counsel robert mueller subpoenas the president as part of the russia probe, listen. >> if you try to subpoena the president, giuliani legal team is going to take that to court
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to say the president cannot be subpoenaed in this particular issue. heather: well, the president and his team still willing to sit down with questions with mueller's team but they want to first determine the scope of such a meeting. so why are we talking about subpoenas at all? joining me washington times legal reporter and attorney alex, thank you so much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. heather: let's start with that question, why are we talking about subpoenas? >> the idea would be to get into the mind of the president specifically we've heard the allegations of obstruction of justice in terms of the firing of james comey as well as trying to talk to attorney general jeff sessions about his recusal in the russia investigation. it could be that special counsel robert mueller is trying to find out was there specific intent to obstruct the russia investigation and that would establish his ability to bring charges against the president of the united states.
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heather: so the president's lawyers sent 20-page letter to robert mueller, his office and it was leaked go, figure, but let's take a look at some of the points made in the legal team memo thatotus cannot be compel todayestify, cannot obstruct justice and has authority over federal investigations, are all those things true? >> to be honest it depends who you ask, it depends what legal expert you talk to especially during this time you talk that some are one way or the other in the political heat of 2018, but i think the honest ones that don't have any sort of bias would tell us it depends. we don't really have any supreme precedent specifically laying out in regards to a subpoena and whether a president can be forced to testify and so that's kind of what would be tested. now, we do have supreme court precedent that does kind of shape the powers of executive privilege, what we saw with president nixon, that was in regards to having to abide by an
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order to hand over the watergate tapes. so, you know, i think it depends specifically who you ask, what lawyer would make a certain argument but definitely something that if it was to come to test in the courts it would time and what would happen is then postpone the conclusion of the mueller investigation which is not something the president wants this to happen. heather: we don't want it postponed. it's been going on for so long, $17 million to cost of taxpayers at this point so far. here is what president trump had to say about this leaked attorney letter. he says that there was no collusion with russia except by the democrats. when will this expensive hitch hunt hoax ever end, so bad for our country. is the special counsel justice department leaking my lawyers' letters to fake media. should be looking at dems corruption instead. it really is a shame,
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information getting leaked, hampering the ability in terms of the economy, north korea, iran, we are talking about syria meeting with north korea. there's a lot of things on the plate but yet this continues to take that focus away and these leaks, what do you think about this letter being leaked? >> you're right, it does put the presidents attorney-client privilege in jeopardy aspecially with the summit with north koreament a valid argument to be made that any sort of questions being answered in the special counsel's investigation happened to come second as duty as president of the united states right now. heather: it's not just americans watching but people overseas watching, people that we need to negotiate with and get business moving with. alex, thank you so much for
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joining us. >> thank you. heather: 20 minutes until the top of the hour. starbucks still feeling the heat for altercation. we are sharing your comments on this one online. and a breast cancer breakthrough, new research that says patients can skip chemo and forget merits, mayor bill de blasio has new standards for high schools that would make your blood boil. you won't see these folks at the post office
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they have businesses to run they have passions to pursue how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters ship packages all the amazing services of the post office right on your computer get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first", emotional high school graduations in the wake of two deadly school shootings, survivors in parkland, florida and santa fe, texas remembering classmates who never got a
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chance to collect diplomas. >> a moment of silence in memory and in honor of those who lost their lives. >> emotional graduations at two high schools where gunfire rang out this year, santa fe high school in texas lost 8 students and two teachers in last month's shooting, the victims honored with slide shows and acknowledgments. >> moving on will be tough. nothing will ever be the same for any other us. we will make it through the other side just like as we have time and time again. >> in parkland, florida cast heavy shadow over marjorie stoneman douglas high school. >> family members accepted the diplomas, surprise address from jimmy fallon did lighten the mood. advocates held nationwide rally this is week.
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>> no town should be murdered by guns. >> unit is national gun violence awareness month, many people wore toirnlg demonras, thecolors to protect themselves. >> we all are those students. >> large demonstrations were held in san francisco, chicago, philadelphia and new york among other cities. president met onhursday with some of the santa fe shooting victims, in new york lauren green, fox news. heather: thank you, lauren. tens of thousands of breast cancer patients may be able to skip equipment theory, the new study sponsored by the national cancer institute, most people can safely avoid the harsh treatment without hurting chance of beating the disease.
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this would be great news. experts do genetic testing to determine whether they needed the chemo, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer to woman all around the world. stay tune for that. in the meantime dna could be up for sale. according to a new investigation companies like ancestry and 23 and me, letting customers decide if they want their dna results saved which could be sold to research labs, experts say opting in could put personal information at risk of being stolen and exploited. the feature gives companies rights to sale or legally release to law enforcement investigations. law enforcement time now is about 15 minutes until the top the hour and the economy is surging but not enough for democrats like nancy pelosi, 500 days in office, what is it going to take to get the left on
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board, political panel on deck to debate it up next. >> offering to help cure cell phone addiction.
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heather: welcome back to "fox & friends first", apple hope to go fix the problem they created cell phone addiction. >> please pay attention. heather: good luck. tech companies expect to announce a new digital health feature, it could let users
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track their screen time basically and would set time limits on certain apps and remind urs when it is time to take a break. you just have to listen to what it tells to do though, who will do that? democrat bill de blasio wants to reserve 20% of the seats to low-income students with scores below the cutoff. he calls the current test, quote, a road block to justice, progress and academic excellence, de blasio want to elite schools to better reflect new york city public schools which are 70% black and latino. let us know what you think about that idea? and if you can believe it, today marks president trump's 500th day in office and as the president bushes forward on agenda, democrats continue to oppose him pretty much around every corner. so after a year of success in the white house why won't democrats get on board, here now to debate that radio talk show
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host gina and democratic strategists chuck rocha, thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning. heather: love it when you can join us. let's right off the bat look at successes, president trump's establishments so far in the first 500 days, the economy, we just got the new numbers, 3.8% unemployment, it is what, an 18-year low, historic tax cuts, ramped up fight against isis, release of prisoners and the summit with kim jong un is coming up and then moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem a promise that he made during campaign, he kept that, appointment of supreme court justice neil gorsuch, i can add to list, doctor, i will begin with you, great things that are happening, 223,000 jobs added in may. >> i am so proud of this president. it leaves pundits like me that want to be able to criticize and
1:51 am
to complement our president in a real position because i literally have a difficult time thinking of anything this president hasn't done well and exemptionly and in fact, i wake up every day and i'm surprised yet again as something he's done. i just returned from israel, literally everyone comes up and says, can you please thank your american president for everything he has done for world peace, for israel and frankly for america because they see america as deacon of hope in the world. heather: chuck, i want to bring this up because this is what nancy pelosi -- statement, may's job reports show strong employment numbers mean little with families hit with soaring costs under the republican's watch. 223,000 jobs added in may, we mentioned we have this unemployment rate lowest in 18 years and the black unemployment rate as well, all time low, why
1:52 am
does she have to spin it? you know what, this is pretty good? >> because she's trying to be honest and what you think from the democrats and republicans, there's a lot of great jobs being created and both are minimum wage jobs. only announcement of how do we get with donald trump and how do we support him more, i would remind you that when barack obama he was hammering a million dollars, mitch mcconnell when sworn in was that he was a one-term president. i think the democrats are returning favor. heather: anything that would get democrats to say, he's doing a good job, what would that take? >> i do think there's a possibility. look at the senate. in the senate 30 senators. they're going to be looking for compromise positions because they are up for reelection this
1:53 am
year and the majority of their people in their state supported donald trump. heather: doctor, you have the last word here. >> well, trump derange syndrome runs deep sadly and the democrats would be smart on what you said if they want to winny elecons coming up in the midterms. heather: very interesting to see how the midterms play out in terms of support of president trump or not supporting president trump. that will say a lot as to where americans are. thank you very much for joining us. >> good morning. heather: time now ten minutes or so a little less to the top of the hour and it's a song that's got people talking. british accent, the american man who fooled millions for years, how he was finally royally called out.
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the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but won' there without you. visit to join the fight.
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heather: top boss at starbucks sparking outrage by blaming president trump for helping spread racial rhetoric. >> i would say on a personal level it probably has given license to people to feel as they can emulate and copy the kind of behavior and language that comes out of this administration. heather: well, this despite the coffee chain forced to close
1:58 am
doors after bias training of controversial arrest of two black men in philadelphia. your comments pouring in. jeff ok facebook writes, starbucks coffee must be strong, go back ten years if you want to see divisiveness, start there. what racial divide, it's a fake made-up lie made by liberals. ron writes executive chairman of starbucks, needs to get a chill-out latte, president trump is the most president ever. coming up, the ugly and the good, the little boy dancing fever catching on with one tsa agent in the background. 7-year-old busting a move, orlando international airport when the agent gets in on the fun. good answer. up next the bad, if you recently bought a concert ticket, ticket fly admitting huge data breach, 26 million customers, the hack leaking personal information
1:59 am
including names, addresses and phone numbers. be aware of that. finally the ugly, this royal na to match is a fraud.ent and >> i address you not as chairman of british monarch society and foundation but a friend, a fullo defender of the crown. heather: fellow defendant of the crown, yeah, that's his name is actually tommy from up state new york. he says that he's no fraud and he never claimed to be british but he sure sounded like it, kind of like madonna. "fox & friends first" continues right now. bye. rob: it is monday june 4th, fox news alert, four murders in three days happening right now the search for a possible serial killer in arizona. the clues police are piecing
2:00 am
together. >> how many times does they carry on negotiations, yeah, it's going to be bpy. jillian: just one week ahead of historic summit. brand-new report that is bashar al-assad wants face to face with kim jong un too, what that means for the upcoming sit-down. rob: and criminals released from custody, brand-new report showing hundreds of illegal immigrants were let go and then committed more crimes. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪


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