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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 4, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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diploma, and saw his father. very emotional reunion. most-watched, most trusted him are most grateful you spend your evening with us. good night from washington. i'm shannon g ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonit." on friday we told you an amazing story and an upsetting one about how the obama administration made a series of terrifying changes to the way the faa hires air traffic collers. ideologues in the obama administration sought out the least impressive, least qualified applicants possible for one of this country's most vital jobs. extra points for being given for being unemployed and failing in school. it was lunacy and a direct threat to public safety. it happened in secret and remarkably we have discovered it is still going on. you need to know about this. we have new exclusive information for you in just a minute. at first, a remarkable interview
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with former president bill clinton. for decades as you watched, both clinton's had license to do essentially whatever they wanted to do and they did. fellow democrats wouldn't criticize them and neither would their obedient toadies in the media. the clintons ran the democratic party, so they were too important to be held accountable. that has changed. bill clinton is now politically irrelevant so there is no longer any reason to protect him. the media smell blood. here, for example, is whatel happened when bill clinton visited "the today show" this morning to sell a new book. the conversation went directly to monica lewinsky. watch. >> but you didn't apologize to her. >> i have not talked to her. >> do you feel like you owe her an apology? >> i have ver talked to her, but i did say publicly on more than one occasion that i was sorry. >> tucker: ouch. he almost lost it and then sort of recovered and then he went on to explain that even though monica lewinsky's life was completely destroyed by that experience, while he himself went on to become the single richest former president in
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history, he somehow is the real victim here. watch this. >> do you think differently or feel more responsibility? >> no, i felt terrible then. nobody believethat i got out of that for free. i left the white house $16 million in debt. i have had nothing but women leaders since then. you are giving one side. >> mr. president, i'm not trying to take a side. >> do you think president kennedy should resign? do believe president johnson should have resigned? someone should ask these questions to you because of the wayy you formulate these questions. >> tucker: it went on like that, it's pathetic. that's pretty much it for bill clinton's life as a public figure. it is over, but what do the rest of us learned from watching allt of this? if you are a progressive leader, the lesson probably is not don't
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abuse women or treat people around her like you would like to be treated, relatively few elected democrats could live up to those standards. the question is this, don't lose power. as long as you are useful to the left, nothing you do will bes, held against you. you could literally, i don't know, drive off a bridge and kill a woman in a drunk driving accident and still remain the most admired democratic senator, but grow old and irrelevant? next thing you know they will be asking you nasty questions about your impeachment. best-selling author mark steyn has never been impeached and at this point it seems frankly unlikely that he will be but he joins us anyway tonight. great to see you. >> good to see you, tucker. >> tucker: so all of a sudden bill clinton for many yearsli protected by the press is up for grabs. what is this? >> i think there's a sense, as you said, that he is now disposable, but also at his i certain level i do think there is a great shame at what the rationale for clintonism in the
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'90s loosed in the following 20 years. the most interesting moment to me, the most horrifying moment actually and the most pathetic and self-serving moment in this "today show" interview comes when he pleads in mitigation and it's interesting to look atis facial expression as he says this thai had a sexual harassment policy as governor in the 1980s. in other words, that's the lesson the democrats took from this, that as long as you struca the right attitudes in public, you could do -- try this in any other aspect of your life. hey, bud, you are double parked. it's okay, officer. i voted for the municipal parking lot expansion bill in 1973. that's basically the argument that clinton is making here because he passed the sexual harassment bill in the 1980s, because he signed one as governor, he is allowed to actually assault women or enter
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into degrading relationships, supposedly consensual relationships, but ruined in the case of monica lewinsky, a young woman's life. and that's the rationale that harvey weinstein and schneiderman, the new york attorney general, and all these others and john conyers, the big democrat bigshot who was hostint trouserless meetings in his congressional office. they are all actually following that clinton rationale that because i have the right attitudes in public i can do what i like in private.ri >> tucker: harvey c weinstein's defens i love abortion, so back off, leave me alone. so clinton, i confess i feel a little sorry for bill clinton because in my view, this is really about the democratic party changing and rejecting its past. but i also wonder as long as we are going to have a reckoning with clinton over his behavior, when do we get the reckoning with all of his defenders in the media?
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"the washington post" reporter who said that she would get on her knees for him for keeping abortion legal. the feminist leaders who attacked monica lewinsky in effect and dismissed the rape when do they get their time under the spotlight for what they did? >> and i think there's alsoun other ones, too. there were ones who didn't attack monica, but i remember for example, being attacked in canada by a feminist columnist who says you are wrong about -- monica isn't the victim here.wh she's going to make millions of dollars. she has had a miserable 20 years. she was essentially ruined and tossed aside by bill clinton and as we saw in this interview, he thinks that he is the victim here and he's out, by the way. he's on a book tour peddling
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this novel he supposedly he's "cowritten" with james patterson and supposedly is most ambitioui work of fiction since his deposition in the paula jones case. clinton is getting a bazillion dollars to put his name to this ludicrous novel and monica lewinsky is someone who has never had a fulfilled career, never had a fulfilled family life, and that doesn't matter because the clintons just discard people and move on to the next bit of human debris. >> tucker: and the media goes along with that, of course. mark steyn, thank you for that. it was great to see you. >> thanks a lot, tucker. >> tucker: joining us now, richard goodstein, served as an advisor to president clinton. he joins us in the studio. before i ask you the sexual harassment stuff, i want to play a clip from the former president on cbs "this morning," also on this book tour, which i hope goes on forever, in which he addresses the great press coverage that barack obama got. here's how he explains that.
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>> they did treat him differently than other democrats and republicans.n they liked him. and they liked having the first african-american president and he was a good president. >> tucker: oh, so obama got special treatment because he was black. do you agree with that? >> i think is talking about two different things there. one, it's stuck in his craw that obama got better treatment than his wife did when they ran against each other in 2008 and i think it's not unique for the press that americans, not just democrats and people who voted for barack obama, felt actually a sense ofisfaction the country had accomplished something by electing an african-american president. that something to celebrate >> tucker: i'm not making fun of but i'm noticing here with the president bill clinton who said it a number times, that barack obama was an affirmativel action case and benefiting from lower standards from white liberals. >> he never said that. >> tucker: he said that >> absolutely did not. >> tucker: yes, he did.t
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>> south carolina. he didn't say anything about affirmative action. donald trump went to fordham. bill clinton went to yale law school. barack obama went to harvard law school. i love this notion that somehow --ma >> tucker: i'm trying to assess what the former president said. i'm not weighing in on this. i'm merely saying here's this liberal icon saying he was a black guy, that he was giveny ial treatment, that's all i'm asking. that's what bill clinton said. >> what he said, the press, it was true for others, they took a certain sense of pride in the united states having elected an african-american, given the history of slavery. and he said he's a good president. and as you saw in the interview, he also thought that donald trump's escapades, if you want to magic user versus accuser, that won't be a fair fight. >> tucker: i'm saying he derides president obama because it's cool because he's a liberal. what do we know about sexual harassment that we didn't owe 20 years ago? we were defending bill clinton up and down, now we are deriding him. what's changed? we know sexual harassment is
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wrong now and we didn't know that in 1998? >> i will speak at somebody who was on the air talking aboutut bill clinton back in 1998 and my position from day one is i assume monica lewinsky wasn't somebody who was unable to think straight and what the story was was true. and yet under the constitution, this wasn't treason, bribery, high crimes are misdemeanor which incidentally, the first word treason might apply to our currentt president. >> tucker: congress agreed with you. he was not convicted. but there's a much deeper question about what constitutes mistreatment of another human being and at the time all of us knew because we were hearing it from them, the white houseat was deriding her as a stalker. yes, they were. >> sidney blumenthal was kind of off on his own --y >> tucker: he worked at the white house.. >> i understand,th but he had hs own thing. >> tucker: they were saying they were dismissher and the other accusers as trailer park trash and that was cool, but now it's not. so what have we learned? that not all accusers are trailer park trash when they are
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accupoliticians? what didn't we know then that we know now? >> i think what sidney blumenthal that was kind of despicable. i think most people, myself includsaid what i said, under the constitution, whatever he did, he shouldn't lose his job for it. >> tucker: we are not talking about impeachment. i agree with that. i don't think that impeachment was the right remedy for that. i'm not arguing impeachment, that debate is over. what i'm arguing are the current standards for sexual harassment. what constitutes behavior that d is acceptable and what's unacceptable? liberals have changed their view. conservatives haven't. they've been pretty consistent. >> they defend donald trump. >> tucker: absolutely theyat defend trump but i would never defend the behavior. they defend the behavior and they stood by clinton as he attacked this intern and now they're like i can't believe it, it's so wrong. what did they know now that they didn't know then? >> the trump standard's who stayed with him after "access hollywood" and after he talked about grabbing women by their private parts. that's the trump loyalists,
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that's who is held on a pedestal in the trump orbit. >> tucker: did you not know that it was wrong to attack interns and then deny after you had sex with them? >> i think what he said is -- supposedly consensual. there is no dispute whether it was consensual. whether it was an imbalance of power there,er it was wrong for a bill clinton -- >> tucker: why doesn't he call her and apologize? i wonder. >> you would have to ask him. he has said over and over -- >> tucker: he is an awful person, let's be honest. i'm serious. >> he has said he has apologizes. donald trump hasn't apologizeddo to a single person. he calls them liars. >> tucker: you are against trump, i get it.he it's a sincere question. he was asked four times by that nbc -- four times and he lied about it at first, "i've apologized" and then the reporter pressed and said in person and he finally conceded i haven't talked to her. why doesn't he just call her? >> i don't think there's any news there. >> tucker: but why doesn't he? >> again, you would have to ask him. trust me, he will call monica lewinsky the day after
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donald trump because all 17 of his accusers. what year do you think that's going to happen? >> tucker: that's his standard. >> how's that? we've kind of gotten a long way by 2018. >> tucker: it's actually unbelievable. as long as i'm not taking any moral lectures from the left ever again. >> none for me. >> tucker: we have exclusive information on terrifying newonn air traffic control standards at the faa, which they are defending. e those standards put you andde millions of americans at risk. we've got the details. plus one of the architects of the san francisco sanctuary city law, we are talking to her next. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: san francisco may be the most welcoming city in america if you happen to be an illegal immigrant with the record of violent felonies, and if you are, get there right away. g we are not exaggerating incidentally. how crazy is the san francisco sanctuaryy policy? so extreme that one of its original supporters, one of its architects, wants to change that policy having seen it in action. tomorrow, voters have the chance to nominate her for mayor. it will be an interesting test not just for her, but for san francisco and this country frankly. thanks a lot for coming on. i should stipulate for viewers you are a liberal democrat. i don't think we agree on anything which i think gives you credibility on the subject. you are against the sanctuary policy as it is now working, why? >> i'm against it because it when i wrote it in the early
9:18 pm
'90s, we did not include violent felonies and theytnc amended it in 2013 and 2016 to include covering violent felonies. as ar ac there is a three-pronged test that of violent felon would have to go through in order for them to call i.c.e. so i said to the supervisor who did it, i'm not going to agree to that because they did come to me as the original author and asked me, do i agree with adding violent felons, i said of course i don't agree with adding violent felons. that's ridiculous. the concept is to protect families, never to protect violent felons. so when i did this ordinance a month ago, there was quite a bit of hysteria. all of the supervisors and the mayor of the city and the city attorney and the d.a. got on the iconic steps of san francisco city hall and called me all sorts of names and said this was outrageous that i would be attacking the sanctuary law. i'm not attacking the sanctuary
9:19 pm
law. i'm attacking violent felons. they should not be protected under the sanctuary law or any other law in san francisco because as you said, we become -- let's go to san francisco, we will be safe. the other night on the news, it was very interesting, tucker. the other night on the news one of the people mentioned that there hadn't been anybody in thw county jails in over a year and a half and that's because the standard is too high. >> tucker: that'sst nuts. just tell us, for those of us that don't live in san francisco, what'ss the thinking behind wanting more violent felons who are illegal aliens in your city? how does that improve the life of the city of san francisco? >> tucker, i have asked every single elected official who came out against me in the middle of this administration, by the way, which was pretty dramatic. i've asked them, why do you want to protect violent felons, and the answer to that, if they answer at all, most of them
9:20 pm
don't answer, but the answer that some of them gave me was that i'm chipping away at the sanctuary i said, i'm not chipping away at the sanctuary law. i wrote the law originally. it was to protect families. i would know if i was chipping away at the law. and i have to ll you something, i'm running for mayor and i meet hundreds of people every day. one of the first things the citizens of san francisco say to me is, thank god you are doing something about dangerous felons. t it's the first thing they say. >> tucker: i don't think i'm in danger of swaying a single vote in the democratic primary in san francisco when i say a, god bless you for doing this and b, i really hope you prevail. this is a test for your city. i really do. it's the most beautiful city in america. >> i'm very excited. we've got title and summary from the city attorney. interesting thing about getting title in summary from the city attorney is that he was standing on the steps condemning me. a little bit of a conflict of interest. >> tucker: it's unbelievable. if you get this, i hope you'll come back
9:21 pm
at least this part of your agenda i agree with you. angela alioto, thank you very much. >> absolutely, thanks. >> tucker: free speechch is obviously our birthright as americans, but it was born in the u.k. and free speech seems to be dying there as well. mass immigration and the cult of multiculturalism that made it possible in the end proved more powerful than that country's centuries-old heritage of unrestricted public expression. the latest casualty is journalist and activist tommy robinson, he's sitting in prison tonight. his crime? daring to talk about sexual abuse rings run by muslim immigrants to the u.k. robinson pointed out that britain's policies are destroying the country so the people who made these policies jailed him. we talked to katie hopkins from rebel media about this tonight. here's part of the conversation. >> we have to ask ourselves what happened to the freedom of speech in the u.k., because i firmly believe and it's my opinion, we know longer have freedom of speech in the u.k. and i believe tommy robinson will be killed inside the prison
9:22 pm
and it will be the establishment that have blood on their hands. >> tucker: douglas murray is the author of the fantastic book "the strange death of europe." he has followed robinson's case from the beginning and joins usa mr. murray, thank you for coming on. i'm not surprised that this was happening because people in power always try to tamp down on dissent, that alys been the case i'm surprised by the reaction to it. how much press has this gotten in the u.k., how much outrageth has it evoked? what's the response? >> it's been remarkable. there was actually a reporting restriction on the fact that robinson had been arrested and sent to prison within hours. there was actually reporting restriction on that in the u.k. thatade it impossible for anybody, journalists like anybody, journalists like myself to write about it for some days. which means that the international media picked it up. but here in britain we weren't allowed to talk about it. there's an ongoing trial.
9:23 pm
>> tucker: may i just stop you right there? groups of people in a similar profession go on strike all the time, why wouldn't journalists in the u.k. say we are covering this, tough if you don't like it, comrest u why would th obey an order like that?e >> we do have pretty strict orders here in the u.k. and basically anyone who would hav repoedd have risked a going to prison themselves. it's aery tricky one. there is one very quick justification, there is an ongoing trial which he was reporting outside of, and reporting on that trial, i'm sitting in london, so i have to be rather careful about mentioning that trial. >> tucker: unbelievable. i know his politics -- i don't even fully understand and i don't even care what they are -- but i sense they are very different from most reporters in great britain. has there been support forer him from journalists in the u.k.? >> no, not really. this is something i write quite a bit about in my book, which is basically we have in britain,ch this primary and secondary
9:24 pm
problem issue, where you have a primary problem, in this case thousands and thousands of young british girls have been raped by gangs of men we euphemistically described as asian, although they don't include any chinese or koreans, and thousands ofge people who have been raped by these gangs. that's the primary problem.. and then there are secondary people who are saying, look at what's happening. as i have said on this case as in many others, the law and everything else comes down incredibly hard on the secondary thing. indeed, sometimes harder than on the primary issue. i wrote about this the other da day, you can see the piece, let us compare the treatment of tommy robinson, whether you agree with him or not, trying to draw attention to the rape gang stuff and the one official from the co cncil who was in charge of county services when 100s of girls in her areas were raped and abused and it turned out the council knew about it and they just ignore the families.
9:25 pm
tommy robinson is now in jail. that woman is a county council in oxfordshire. but quarter of a million pound payoff several years later to leave the council and now, wait for it, is running the tourist agency, visit oxfordshire. >> tucker: your society really hates itself, when did that start? >> my view is this is all an expression of an incredibly wide societal cowardice and it starts off in a country like britain with kind of good manner we want everyone to get along, we want to be nice to each other, want to be nice to people. and then you discover terrible things that are going on, minorities within minorities,oi t nevertheless you discover things that are going on and then you get to this really weird position that we are in in thee moment. it's the position i described the one that says in multiculturalism, we've got a bit more gang rape then we use to but there's a wider range of cuisine. who's to say? >> tucker: i recognize that! i wish we had more time.
9:26 pm
mr. murray, thank you, great to see you.o >> thank you. >> tucker: trump campaign advisor george papadopoulos is the center of the muellerke investigation and the year-long media onslaught, but does the case against him tell us anything about russian collusion?ca his wife joins us next. ♪ it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it. (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it.
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9:30 pm
the predent says he is now suing former obama administration officials including former president barack obama himself as well as former fbi director mey. he servea year in prison for takiictures of classified areas on a sub he workeds on. he says the officials responsible for prosecuting him went easy on hillary clinton, who also mishandled classified information, but of course never served time or was charged for that. his lawyer says they plan to highlight the differences clton's treatment andd his.s. after more than a year of wasted time on the fantasy of russian collusion in the 2016 election, the is still no evidence that any of it actually happened. that doesn't mean that lives haven't been destroyed. many have been, beginning with george papadopoulos, who at the time was a 28-year-old unpaid advisor to the campaign. he later pled to a charge of making false statements to federal investigators looking into russia. l he has not yet been sentenced. his wife joins us tonight. thanks for coming on. w >> thank you for hosting me.
9:31 pm
>> tucker: so you married your husband after this investigation, when he had become famous for his purported collusion with russia. you are confident he did not collude in any way with then russian government. >> i know he did not and actually one of the reasons why i'm height thank you for hosting me, is to set the record straight about george. in particular, in response to jim comey's statement which says that george tried actively to obtain emails of hillary clinton, this statement is completely false. he never had any direction with the russians. he has never been to russia either. he doesn't speak russian, did not talk to russian officials. yet apparently the reason for this russia investigation. this is quite paradoxical for me. >> tucker: my understanding is that all of this begins in march of 2016 when he was approached in london by a maltese professor, who has since
9:32 pm
disappeared, with the offer of information from the russians. what has happened to that professor, do you know? >> i know this professor because i used to work with him. the fact that he disappeared is very suspicious. that's what i know about this meeting between george and the professor, talking casually about information that was already in the public domain at the time they met. we have to understand he was talking about, not about the dnc emails. it's a completely different topic. it was a very casual conversation that george voluntarily reported to the fbia it became apparently the reason why people -- the things called collusion but actually never colluded.
9:33 pm
he didn't do anything in russia. his job, particularly in israel. >> tucker: he worked at the hudson suit here and was a big proponent of professoe he was working for? what was that about and where do you think he has gone? what was his agenda? hhave no idea. my personal opinion, which i shared in different interviews,> that hs a very shady character. recently i heard he doesn't want to appear publicly because of the situation he's involved in to george. my understanding is that was gossiping about the emails. again, i remember this information was already highly speculated by all media all over the world at the time. there was nothing secret about that. as i said, it's very fascinating and actually frustrating to see my husband in the center of this
9:34 pm
investigation for talking in a bar. even the meeting in london, which apparently originated the russian investigation, is contested. he never confirmed that george explicitly talked about the emails. >> tucker: it doesn't make a lot of sense. where is her husband now? is under a gag order is my understanding awaiting sentencing, is that right? >> he is awaiting sentencing and that's why i think it's very important to set the record straight right now. because there are a lot of misunderstandings about the situation, about his role. i used to say that his role is very important. i used to compare him -- i never meant to make this comparison in the sense that would lead to the presidenct's impeachment. i think he's been approached by many different characters, let's say, spies, he has been the victim.
9:35 pm
i'm sure he will be happy to share this information when the time is right. >> tucker: do you think your husband is going to prison? >> i know how much he was k committed to the trump campaign. i know he did an excellent job. because of this incident, freedom is challenged. i trust and hope and ask president trump to pardon him. i hope he will. >> tucker: thank you very much for coming on, i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: a couple years ago, while nobody was watching the obama administration changed the hiring standards for air traffic controllers. suddenly being unemployed and bad at science got you more points on the test than being a licensed pilot. the new system is dangerous and insane. why won't anyone from the faa come on the show to defend it? we've got new information on that next. ♪ sh o information on that find the remote yet?
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♪ >> tucker: the faa has for des of the mo trusted institutions a in government and for good reason. commercial air travel has been the safest in the world in part because of the faa's high standards. but under the obama administration, that began to chanichout anybody paying attention.n the obama administration pressured the faa to meet abstract diversity goals. nobody bothered to explain whyio diversity is a relevant criterion for air trafficty controllers. no one will explain it now. we called the faa today and we got silence when wasked that question, ich is the most basic question. but it didn't matter. starting in 2014, they added a biographical questionnaire to the application process. applicants with a lower aptitud1 in science got preference over applicants who had scored excellent in science. applicants who had been unemployed for the previous
9:41 pm
three years got more points than licensed pilots got. in other words, the faa activelr searched for unqualified air traffic controllers. that is insane and they knew it was insane when they did it but they did it anyway. today we obtained new information, an internal email written by an executive at the firm that devised then biographical questionnaire. hat email, the executive admits that the test he devised has nothing to do with finding the best air traffic controllers. if you want good air trafficng controllers, find people with experience, that was his advice. the faa ignored this and used the biographical screen anyway. they didn't care about finding the best air traffic controllers. compared to diversity, your safety meant nothing to we reached out to greg martin, the faa's top spokesman. we wanted to know why the faa would ever use totally irrelevant criteria such as whao people look like in order to hire for a job as vital as air traffic control. we couldn't get an answer. we also asked the acting faa
9:42 pm
administrator daniel ewell to come on this show and explain exactly what was going on and why, he was too cowardly to appear. the previous administrator michael huerta, the one who originally signed off on the policy, he's also a coward. but we are going to keep pushing until we get an answer. in the meantime we are joined by former air traffic controllerra michael pearson, who is also a lawyer and is suing the faa over all of this. welcome back to the show. >> thanks for having me on. >> tucker: i want to be certain i didn't misstate that. the biographical screen, devised unthobama administration for the reasons i explained, was created by a company that admitted that it was not the right way to find the most talented air traffic controllers but the faa kept it in anyway, is that correct? >> that's correct. you didn't misstate it. you understated what occurred. to put this story in a nutshell, in late 2011, early 2012, members of the national black controllers association had a
9:43 pm
meeting with the rainbow push coalition, jesse jackson and some high-level officials, par of those meetings, by the way. right after that meeting they put an immediate hold on hiring. ey stopped hiring. they have used it excuses like sequestering, but that's not really what basically, they shut down the process, even though the nationt needed air traffic controllers. lots were retiring. the system was needing new trainees to go through the system because it takes time to get through, but they did that consciously. then, the purge of the 2600 or more qualified cti students in graduate programs across the country, includings traditionally black and disadvantaged colleges were wiped off a list and by the way, that list, the 2600 folks included a large percentage of female aity apican who would have been fantastic air traffic controllers. >> tucker: people who were
9:44 pm
going to school for it basically. >> had prior military experience in the area, pilots, some of these individuals were more qualified certainly than i w i staed. then after that, they designed a test you're speaking about, biographical assessment, biographicalra questionnaire. this one is called a biographical assessment that waq made for a different purpose as you stated. it wasn't supposed to be used the way it was, actually the creator actually notified them of that. in effect, that test punished people with aviation knowledge, any air traffic control experience, any aviation experience, any science experience, and then they came out and they actually had one individual, public relations of the southwest region publish that it was for diversity. that was pulled back immediately and they stated it was for the best andth brightest candidates. >> tucker: this is so rotten and corrupt. i don't think anybody wants to live in a country where you can't trust air traffic control
9:45 pm
because they are so dogmatically ideol ty are intentionally seeking the worst candidates. it's insane. very quickly, what about all the unions and all the pilots groups, private commercial pilots groups? what about all the people in aviation world who knew thisy s going on, why did nobody say anything about it? >> i think certain groups to try to say something but quite frankly there wasn't enough press coverage on it and because of other political reasons it didn't come to the forefront. the bigger question is after the students were purged, the faa. literally knew that there were indiduals engaged in cheating to pass the new biographical assessment, so they wiped the students off the list, they allowed a group to then engage in intentional cheating, gave basically the subgroup, the black coalition of aviation employees, the answers to the test. that's as big a story as anything else. >> tucker: unfortunately wee are out of time, but this will not be the last time we address this. is is a threato the country, it's totally wrong and it can
9:46 pm
only happen in secrecy and we plan to pierce that. thank you for all your help with this. i know we will talk to again. >> thank you, it goes deep and broad, thank you very much.ll >> tucker: with all the doctrines and dogmas of the left, the most pervasive is that the rules do not apply to the people who make the rules and we have an amazing example of that up next. ♪ nex you wouldn't accept an incomplete job from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. red lobster's lobster & shrimp hesummerfest is back!h. get all the lobster and shrimp you crave,
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: it's fun being a professional environmentalist. pretty easy gig, not a lot of heavy lifting. the best part is you don't have to apply any of the rigorous standards you set to yourself. you can berate the little people for their suvs will being chauffeured in your suburban. al gore literally does that, no exaggeration. he also lives in the single
9:51 pm
biggest house you've ever seen and he is still deeply upset about your carbon footprint. the latest fear in the environmental community is that poor people in hot countries in the third world might start using air conditioning. can you imagine? next thing they will be demanding canopes at davos and crowding the beach is on saint barth's. the insanity! it must stop. josh fox is a noted environmental filmmaker and joins us tonig you imagine if people in bangladesh had the gall to use air conditioning, how upsetting that might be the people in the bay area? >> i think you are misstating the premise of the study that you are quoting. >> tucker: i don't think so. >> before we get into that, let me ask you a question. why would air-conditioners cause climate change? that's what you are saying. >> tucker: i'm not actually saying tha my mind pen. >> that's what your producer said to me when they invited me in on this segment so i was assuming that's what you were going to talk about. >> tucker: i'm capable of speaking for myself and let me say that i'm totally open to any
9:52 pm it turns out ufos are real. m i never thought that before m either. i'm happy to believe in climate change, you just have to answer my questions, slowly so i canpy understand. >> what's the question again? why would people in the bay area be outraged by people in bangladesh having air-conditioners? the bay area are not at all b outraged by that. no one no one is outraged by that. in fact, the study that you are quoting said that we should look for more efficient air-conditioners. that's pretty much all it said. it said if we want to look at l climate change emissions, we should look for more efficient s air-conditioners. >> tucker: you have a more efficient air conditioner in your car? >> i have the air conditioner that comes with the car. >> tucker: but not a more efficient one. >> let's just go back and backtrack for a second here because this is what happens every single time. you mistate the promise and i have to go ahead and correct sot's really the issue here is climate change. the studies talk about climate change and how air-conditioners could make climate change worse but the premise of the study is
9:53 pm
also, in my view, incorrect, because if you use sometng that actually cools the planet for your electricity like wind, like solar, instead of using fossil fuels, you can actually cool the planet at the same time as you can call somebody's house. >> tucker: hilarious. wind and solar cool the planet. that's not true. >> it would diminish the level of fossil fuels. >> tucker: let's get back to the science you and i can agree on. >> what can we agree on? >> tucker: you are concerned that poor people in hot countries might get air conditioning that is not the most efficient possiblend air conditioning and i asked you a really simple question, haveou you made those same steps in your own life? >> yes, of course. of course. >> tucker: you said, no, i haven't, but you want the bangladeshis to do it. >> i drive a used car and i drive a used hybrid. in fact it just got totaled on the streets of new orleans by a drunk driver so i don't actually have a >> tucker: you o haven't actually done what you want the bangladeshis to do.
9:54 pm
>> absolutely i have. y you are cutting me off right now.u because i use a service where i can buy renewable energy instead of having to buy power fromce fracking or call. >> tucker: you pay indulgences. oh, i geter it. the poor people in e third world cat have -- paying for indulgences. >> you are misstating the facts. it's cheaper to use solar energy than any other form of energy right now for electricity generation except for wind. it's cheaper to use solar o than it is to use gas. >> tucker: i'm talking about your personal behavior. you want to change it to the macro question. you don't want to talk about what you do. >> this is not about indulgences. it's absolutely not aboutbo people's behavior. it is about the systems that are at work here. this is a political question.. this is not a question ofe. consumer habits. >> tucker: you're a rich guy, you go to lecture the poor people but you don't have to change the way you le. >> i'm definitely not a richma guy. if you know what documentary filmmakers make you probably
9:55 pm
know that. >> tucker: relative to the people living in bangladesh, you are. >> what we are talking about -- what we are talking about is using fossil fuels for air conditioning and what we should be talking about is how to use the most efficient air conditioning and the best power. the best power is renewable ener that's in fth the study says. >> tucker: but you are not doing that yourself, you are paying for offsets. >> i just said that i was. tucker, you are not listening to me. >> tucker: you said that your car doesn't have -- >> the rules of physics apply to everyone, including you which is presumably why you don't float up out of that chair, because gravity applies to you. you have so much hot air and bombast coming out of you it's possible you might inflate and fly off the set. >> tucker: you win! hot air, bombast! >> when you burn fossil fuels -- >> tucker: you beat me in the cliche contest. we are out of time. i appreciate it, though. we will be right back. ♪ to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing...
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you about how the faa has changed and dramatically lowered its standards for air traffic controllers. that's a ongoing tory that's a threat to our country and we will stayuntil it changes. that's it tonight for us. sean hannity in a brand-new studio. >> sean: can believe it? it's amazing. good to see you, my friend. welcome to "hannity." we have a ton of breaking news in this edition of "hannity." it's amazing, actually. kind of like shep's spaceship newsroom. new digs tonight. welcome to "hannity." out of mueller's anti-trump witch hunsending your antitrust media into a frenzy which is a pitiful state for them to be into the leak consisting of a confidential-month-old letter detailing the long-standing belief that the president of


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