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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  June 4, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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happening in the world. 500th day look at the economy and the world changed. we'll be fair, balanced and enough destroy trump media. why is 80 are comment will you make. >> >> laura: hannity it is a great time to be an american. >> this is -- awesome. anyone complaining about the ec. >> how great the new york times we run out of description about how great it is. it's gotta be killing them the mull crap needs to go away. >> imagine if he did not have the mull are investigation hanging over his head we would be five % gdp. >> look at the atlanta fed. a contribution they are projecting 4.8% second quarter gdp groerth. if if gets near that.
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>> laura: game over. hannity. great show. >> have a great show. >> laura: good evening from washington, this is the "the ingraham angle." you do not want to miss a moment of the show. so much to show your brand-new story breaking, things happen right before the show. th bill coming unglued,ching up during the interview with monica lewinsky. juanita broaddrick and catherine wiley here to discuss the question that nbc failed to ask with. also brian york has new piece, new information that could upe the government's case against michael flynn. plus the supreme court rules on the religious rights of a baker who was sued by a same-sex couple. but mike huckabee says it settles nothing. but why is the border patrol union she is now saying deploying the national guard to the border was a waste? you will want to stick around for his explanation. but first, bill clinton and a
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party in denial. that is the focus of tonight's angle. 20 years later, bill clinton and the deatic party refused to learn the lessons of the past. even when confronted with reality, they have a problem processing the truth. during an interview to push his new thriller that he cowrote with james patterson, former president bill clinton was asked this by nbc anchor craig nelkin. >> in 2018, with everything that's going on with the #metoo movement, how would you have approached the accusations differently? >> i don't think it would be an issue because people would have the facts instead of the imagined effects. if the facts where the same today, i wouldn't. a lot of the facts have been conveniently omitted to make the story work. >> laura: which facts are those?
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maybe this fact? >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. he did he perjured himself in a deposition. >> laura: this came to light in a sexual harassment case brought to light by paula jones. no sex of any kind in any manner, shaper form to president clinton. >> that's an utterly false statement. is that correct? >> it depends on the meaning of the word "is" is. >> laura: "is it still ridiculous that he said it? yes, it is. every time i hear that, i still can't believe he said that. the president eventually admitted to the relationship with lewinsky and called it wrong in a recent "vanity fair" article -- constituted a gross
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abuse of power for the most powerful man on the planet. 27 years my senior with enough life experience to know better. he was, at the time, in the pinnacle of his career, while i was in my first job out of college. onfronted with all of this, he got ve defensive. >> asked if you ever apologize, said he had. >> i applies to everybody in the world. >> you did not apologize to her. >> i did not talk to her. i -- i do not -- i never talked to her. i do say publicly on more than one occasion, we always see it. that's very different. pressed the president >> laura: continued to press the president about a private apology causing his coauthor james patterson to rush in like alex cross. >> this thing, it's 20 years ago. come on.
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talk about jfk. let's talk about lbj. stop already. >> laura: stop already? is that the name of one of his new books? is some of harvey weinstein's crimes take place ears ago, did they not? forgive and forget all those egregious assaults against women as well? bill clinton red-faced and indignant refused to give an inch. >> do you think president kennedy -- do you e president should've resigned? i promised to do a good job since then with my life and my work. that's all i have to say. >> laura: i like how he tried to turn the tables on the reporter. bill, he's the reporter. he doesn't have to answer the question to reconcile with his public path. you do. even clinton's own party at this point, they just wants him to go away.
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this is the ruined path of the party confronting its pathetic dent. because, like clinton, the democrats refused to learn the lessons of the past. despite the previous embrace of sexual creditors from weinstein to spacey, the democrats have arrested a #metoo movement and created a political infrastructure they hope will deliver fe voters to the polls in november. but bill clinton remains a bothersome obstacle, if they are assuming the moral high ground on sexual harassment. pole of registered voters in may found 80% of democrat voters consider sexual harassment a top issue for them. but only 38% of republicans feel the same way. the democrats believe that this is their new wedge issue. obama and hillary clinton, come on, let's remember, they were all about dividing americans using race, gender, to drive people to the polls.
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amazingly, democrats have embraced that approach today. and while obama disparage working-class americans as bitter people cling to their guns and religion, hillary clinton suggested insanity for daring to vote for trump. the kehres thing beyond the impeachment and shameful behavior, bill clinton could actually teach the democrats a lot. of course, he was a d globalist on issues like china getting into the wto and nafta, he was also a southern democrat, and he did understand that blue-collar sensibility. the working people. and remember when clinton declared this in his reelection year state of the union? >> we know and we have work to give the american people a smaller, less bureaucratic government in washington. and we have to give the american people ones that live within its means. the era of big government is over. >> laura: clinton oversaw
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welfare reform, collaborated with republicans to pass a balanced budget, and he signed that the defense of marriage act -- a lot of people forget that. this was after the '94 shellacking the democrats had in that midterm election cycle. clinton is like, well, i have to work with the republicans now. that made sense. even during his wife's campaign, he reportedly confronted her staff about their seeming disinterest in working-class americans, and he reportedly urged them to reach out to those voters who were feeling ignored. his advice was dismissed. led by robbie mook, hillary's campaign decided to double down on targeting young, latino, and black voters in their effort to win the presidency. that worked out well. like bill clinton's failure to read the signs of the times, and appreciate the lessons of the past, democrats refused to acknowledge and respect the voters that trump has brought into the fold.
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should this continue, clinton and james patterson may want to reconsider, like, a new title, maybe, for their book when it premieres in paperback? the democratic pre is missing. and so are his voters. and that is the angle. if clinton got that upset discussing lewinsky, imagine "the today show" had asked about the women who told him no. joining us now are kathleen willey and juanita broaddrick, author of the new book "you better put some ice on that: how i survived being raped by bill clinton." great to see both of you. i've been thinking about you all day, and also, paula. juanita, i want to start with you. bill clinton did approach you, did he not, in 1992, to apologize? >> yeah. yes. he did.
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it was in 1991. i was in little rock at a nursing home seminar and someone comes to the door and says, i'm wanted in the hallway. i go out and the man points down around the corner by the elevator. and so i go down there. as i round the corner, there stands bill clinton with two of his arkansas state police guards. and he rhes ov and he starts this profuse apology and saying, i'm so sorry for what i did, i am a changed man. i'm just not the man i used to be. even said, i'm a family man now. and i just looked at him, laura, and i -- i was just flabbergasted. i said, you go to hell. i walked off. i could not believe it. and the nurses who were with me followed me out. and they came over to me and they said, what did he want? and i told them.
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and then i began to feel a little bad that i had said that, i kept thinking, well, maybe he really meant that, maybe he really was apologizing. >> laura: then what happened? then you realized... fast-forward, he was running for president and you were perhaps going to be an obstacle for that? >> right. that's exactly it -- a week later after he apologized, he responded he was running for president. >> laura: a week later? that's really subtle. kathleen willey, you watch that interview. i've got to say, i'm always done he has not learned anything about this experience. that. why am i stunned? he has not learned anything about this experience. he's actually a smart guy. i'm almost speechless. your reaction? >> i'm speechless too. i was outraged. i could not believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. he was so arrogant and pompous about the whole thing. i think he actually does believe
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that he didn't do anything wrong. and just a blanket apology. he has apologize to people that he worked with. and the people he destroyed, the women he destroyed, he has apologized to me, he has not apologized to paula, he apologized to juanita, but there was a purpose for that. and he hasn't apologized to leslie or numerous other women who have come forward and say they told stories about him. he never will. he doesn't get it. just the way it is. >> laura: he seems to think -- he handled it well. to watch that interview, he didn't say he would've done anything differently. everybody makes mistakes in their life. could have, should have, would have. we all do. lord knows we al but 20 years later to say, you know, i wish i could turn back the clock and, you know, show
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better judgment. but, i mean -- i do that 50 times a day. "why did i do that" -- it's a little strange. alice on cnn, offered somewhat tepid critiqueerformance. let's watch. >> there could have been a more practice answer, or one, i would think, alluded to the notion that there was a change in the past 20 years. obviously, the rules were different and he would've done something differently today or he would say something differently about it today. >> laura: he could have had a more practice answer. juanita. >> my god... >> laura: he could've also not portrayed himself as a victim. how does he become the victim in all of this? >> i know! i know. i saw this decrepit, angry old man who was trying to play the victim card. the same man who 40 years ago raped me. it was disgusting.
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>> laura: kathleen, it would've been really amazing -- i am shocked that melvin asked these questions. >> i am too. >> laura: it would've been really amazing if he asked about juanita, you, the others, but he focused on monica lewinsky because that was the impeachment. even joe lockhart -- let's play this quickly. joe lockhart, former white house press secretary said that yesterday. let's watch. >> highlights the vast difference between what was it like 20 years ago or today. in the interview, he succumbed to being the victim and feeling victimized. >> laura: victimized, kathleen. >> he left the white house $16 million in debt? let me tell you what being in debt is light and not being able to get a meaningful job after being through all of that. he hired all these women who worked in his office and has a
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sexual harassment policy. he had a lot of women around so he could, you know, assaultthem. there is no sexual harassment policy in arkansas. there never was one. there never was one. >> laura: kathleen, if he had called you today and said, look, i know it came up bad in the interview, but i'm really sorry for causing you pain, sorry for what i did, would you accept his apology? >> no. i tell them the same thing that juanita told him. >> laura: which would be... >> i would tell him to go to hell. >> laura: juanita, same question. everybody can be redeemed, right? we are supposed to believe in redemption, all of us. most of us do. >> i don't believe -- i don't believe there's any redemption in regard to bill and hillary clinton. i do not believe that. i would probably tell him the same thing again today. >> laura: all right. thank you, both --
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>> i suffered. >> laura: thank you both for being here tonight. >> you are welcome. glad to be here. >> laura: i'm still speechless. guys, as i described the angle, the democratic party is facing problems far better than clintons, this is substantive problems, especially the refusal to recognize they lost a huge chunk of the white working class in america. let's get insight from democratic pollster doug schoen who helped clinton rebrand his message after the shellacking in the '94 dterm. it's so great to see you tonight. i was waill clinton's press conference that he did in the white house. i know you remember it well -- >> i do. on november 9, 1994 >> laura: we were all young back then. we were all kids. >> we were. >> laura: he said, look, i take responsibility. i take respoility,artial resplity for what happened, the voters want to change. i'm going to work with republicans.
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i'm not going to turn my back on the goals, but i'm going to work with republicans. basically said because that is what the people want. that is what the people want today too, i believe. >> it absolutely is. that's why i am so upset with the current direction of the democratic party where the progressive left is pushing the party further and further, redistribute, resist, guaranteed jobs, guaranteed health care, but no individual initiative, no job creation, no helping business. no inclusive policies, we wroo what we did with bill clinto clinton brought the contract on the country together, balanced budget, welfare reform. i'm proud of that, he's proud of that. frankly require apologies, no pride, we heard that today. he does have, i think, a record that represents a better
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direction for the democratic party than the current one. >> laura: that november election in '94 was historically the house, after 50 years, being shut out, went republican, gingrich rising. they were real ideas. there was a real debate about ideas. i say this to my democrat friends all the time, doug. what is your idea -- how are you going to get the 4.7% gdp if the atlanta fed prediction is right? how are you going to get the record low unemployment for african-americans? how are you going to get business confidence? well, mueller. every time -- robert mueller. paul manafort. okay, i get it. that's important. but how will you make the lives of average americans better, doug? they do not want to have that conversation. >> let me say it bluntly. the democratic party is in a civil war between the moderates, a shrinking group that i speak for and represent in my own way, and the surging progressives
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represent basically socialism and a series of policies that guarantees outcomes rather than opportunities and i think it's bad for america, bad for the democratic party, and i ink you are right. sadly, all of that was good what has disappeared.e '90s i, as a democrat, i disagree with the president on a lot of things, but it's hard to reject the extraordinary job numbers of last week and i hope donald trump will work to bring this country together in a way that it really needs. >> laura: you think about cory booker and kamala harris voting against prison reform? which is historically been an issue the democrats have embraced because donald trump was for it? even the right to prior legislation? some demrats, , we don't want to do special care and lack of life, they did not want to do that. they do not want to do this and amnesties for the 2 million legal immigrants last february that donald trump said we have
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to do something about chain migration. that is insane! that is not governing or that saying no to everything. >> look, i agree. i was one of those who said to bill clinton, you've got to work with newt gingrich, you've got to work with the republicans, we've got to compromise on a balanced budget, welfare reform, debt reduction, you are absolutely right about immigration, you are absolutely es to benefi the economy. i -- i -- i don't understand why the democrats are doing what they are doing, they sure are lping them in the polls. if they go on this course, it will lead to them losing the senate as most observers predict, and even falling short of winning the house, which is something that still remains within reach for them. >> laura: wild. >> it is! makes no sense. >> laura: so great to talk with you tonight be a very important. speaking of 500 days, trump now has the backing of his own party like few presidents have had
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before him. we are going to debate that. antrump's message to the philadelphia eagles today, that is next.
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>> laura: welcome back to "tngraham angle." this morning, the president tweeted, this is my 500th day in office and we've accomplished t.
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more than any president. very competitive. in fact, most republicans do agree, based on gallup numbers, trump has the second-highest ratings ever by a president's own party after the 500 day mark at 87%. that second only to george w. bush and that, of course, was after 9/11. does this spell trouble for democrats afr ey lost their big lead in the midterm generic election goal -- ? let's dive in with match lap, chairman of the conservative union an-- we are going to do our report cards as well. 500 days in, matt, i thought trump would do well. i didn't think he would do this well. i did not predict. i predicted he would win the presidency. am i did not project four % gd
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p. the historic lows, the list goes on. jerusalem, all of the stuff -- i am speechless about that. >> i am amazed that the flooding of decisions, promise made, promise kept on issue after issue, presidents like the space it out, take a breath. this president -- i had to write it all down. couldn't keep track of it. there's so much getting done. i agree with you. it's amazing. >> laura: your report card for the president, do we have separate rosters for them? i think we do. domestic policy report card, you give a president a... >> an a. >> laura: the reason? >> how do you do better than a growing economy, neil gorsuch on the supreme court -- >> sean: you have your own report card. i love it. why you in red? that usually for a f. >> the republicans in congress
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might not want to defund it or take the steps tdo it, but the president is willing to do it. on issue after issue after issue, the final thing rolling back regulations, that's the biggest impact on the economy and that's why we are growing. >> laura: the tax bill in there. >> good, very good. but i think that regulations are bigger but i think the obama regulations haa bigger dampening on the economy. >> i'm the 54% of america not happy on the side of the table for you guys are at 46% that is happy. i'm the 54that is not happy. >> laura: tell us why. why you gave them a f. >> you are giving me a hard time during the break and i said, i'm sorry, that's what it is. listen, this president has been an abject failure and he will you measure people entered this presidency able to afford their gas, they cannot now. also, the social security, medicare has been put in rest by the president. he has been a complete and total washout as a failure as a domestic policy president. i'm surprised establishment
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republicans haven't stood up more to this president to fight for some of the values they claim to care about. >> laura: here is an establishment republican, ryan costello from pennsylvania. trump won sylvania first time since gw won in '88. >> instances where you see republican pushback in the house and senate, i found myself very, very frustrated because we have the right, we have the left, but we do have a center. i think a lot of folks in the center do not know what to believe. you get your head chopped off if you're in the middle of trying to use common sense. >> laura: he picked up his marbles and went home. he's retiring. >> a little young to be retiring. >> a lot of these republicans in the house who aren't running for reelection, they thought trump was so atrocious that they ran out of town. >> laura: that is funny! we have to go to foreign policy. joel, you are a little more
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genuine. more generous. you have to give them more than that. >> we'll have another segment lra: let's leave that behind. you gave them a d+. why? >> i put the plus. i put a minus, i think the grade is incomplete. we got to see with north korea. i'm not a fan of this president. i'll give in the first person to give them credit if he can actually bring peace. if he stabilizes the korean peninsula, and will give them credit. he's embarrassed us on the world stage. destabilize the middle east -- >> laura: how did he destabilize us in the middle east? obama of apologizing. >> let me finish, i will explain. destabilize the middle east -- >> laura: he killed isis is gone. also it was impossible for the death of a lot of innocent women and children a couple of years ago. >> laura: obama never -- drones -- the left trash obama for drones. foreign policy?
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>> b+. i would say -- i didn't give him an a because he's upsetting the apple cart. i'm happy about nafta, i love north korea. but we've got to see the next step is. i think he has a step to be transformational on foreign policy. it's about execution with bolton and pompeo. >> i will move them up to a c for north korea. >> laura: i want to get your thoughts on something that develops amid reports that many players refusing to show up to the white house tomorrow, president trp dinvited the philadelphia eagles ahead of their visit to celebrate the team super bowl win. the president in the statements go to the team over the refusal to proudly stand for the national anthem handover heart. >> is it smart to just invite people who were coming? i feel bad for the fans made the trip to be here. i don't think there's anybody in america who feel sorry for nfl players.
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>> laura: the nba is much better about this. >> i was at the cavs game -- everybody stood. >> laura: how does the nba manage to do this right? >> even though all the eagles with the entire year, no one se, no one sat down to check "the washington times." february first, 2018. none of them knelt. none of them want to be there because they do not want to be associated with them. president obama -- by the way, president obama, many people did not come to the white house over the eight years of president obama did. did he ever disinvite one? not one. this guy is a snowflake. he can handle criticism. he can handle a tough crowd. if he can't handle carson wentzonce, hopefully he -- >> laura: i wouldn't have disinvited them. first of all, joel, he beat the clintons, the obam >> yes, he beat them by minus 3 million votes.
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did a great job. >> laura: okay, mr. get rid of the electoral college. you can do that next show. he beat hollywood, the g.o.p. establishment, hear clear cut the whole field -- >> a race to 43%. >> laura: he's afraid of competition? rubio, kasich, a of themon unfair criticism. he took care of them and clear cut the field. by the way, should new information cause mike flynn to retract his plea deal? is that even possible? information that can change everything next.
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>> laura: stunning new info has come to light in the case of former national security advisor mike flynn. it could lead him to retract his guilty plea and undercut the argument that president trump tried to obstruct justice. the "washington examiner"'s york is here along with army dylan. i was up the middle of the night
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last night in bed on my phone, which you are not supposed to do and i was reading your piece, which is really sad. but it was good because i learned a lot. but mike flynn, we are led to believe he lied he lied about his contacts with russia, now we find out with the use account making a memo to the file in february, that might not have been true. >> you and i have talked about how james comey, fbi director at the time, told congress that the agents who interviewed flynn did not think he lied. what we learned now is everybody in the white house knew that in real time that basically flynn had to people that the fbi agency told him that not only did they think he had not lied but they thought they were winding this down. you can say maybe we should entrust flynn on this, but it's consistent with what comey told the house and senate.
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it also means on february 14th last year when james comey wrote that memo about meeting with the president and the president said, i hope you can see your way to lting this go, letting this flynn thingo, it apars the president, one, near the fbi didn't think he had lied, and, two, thought the investigation was all but over. >> laura: so you cannot obstruct a investigation that is all but over, so why do we say let it go, what was he lting go of the investigation was over? >> if it's all but over -- come on, wrap this thing up, please. >> laura: the white house counsel toward the president and shared what happened with the president, correct? >> absolutely. talked about meeting with the president. >> laura: mike flynn pleads guilty to false statements because he wants to avoid -- this happens all the time. jail for his son? going bankrupt, family
11:37 pm
difficulties? is that what we think happened? >> we should say we are speculating about this. flynn has not said a word about this that i'm aware of. dependence will have pleaded guilty or waiting sentences usually do not talk. >> laura: i have to ask you this. can michael flynn withdraw from a plea deal, if inde twe down as we think it went down, comey confirms it, mcgann confirms it in this memo to the file. what gives here? >> absolutely, it's unusual. but prior to sentencing in the interest of justice, the lawyers for flynn can convince the judge that the predicates for a guilty plea, which the judge's obligation to find out, whether the person is pleading guilty voluntarily without duress, that's one factor here that you just mentioned that's potentially a factor. number two, the predicate fact
11:38 pm
for the guilty plea, it's not for the judge to accept someone's guilty plea if the facts are not there. at the facts are not there, this is a judge who has recently after the plea order the government to disclose the brady evidence, the exculpatory evidence to the flynn team. claur >> laura: right. that indicates to me that the judge has a question as to the predicate facts. now it's up to flynn's lawyers to tell the judge that the plea is not judged on full information. >> i have a question. can the judge decide to reopen this? that? >> it has happened as well. for example, or a judge has a concern about adequacy of counsel or may be the mental fitness of a defendant typically where that happens. but i think that was a hint. a lot of us raise the eyebrows, make sure you give over the evidence. maybe there is a -- >> laura: it's getting very interesting.
11:39 pm
i want to talk about the pardon issue, because that has taken everybody's attention now. since yesterday when rudy giuliani, he gives an appearance. he does manage to monopolize the narrative. chris christie heard what rudy said about, yes, the president can pardon, but he's not going to do that. the absoluterity, th is what happened on abc. let's watch. >> we will have to open up the possibility of the president pardoning himself even though he does not expect to do it, he does have the right to do it. >> there's no way that will happen. it then becomes a political problem, george. if the president were to pardon himself, he would get impeach. >> laura: why are we even talking about this, why am i talking about it? this is how the media -- they follow it down this rabbit hole there may there is a method to the madness of giuliani getting people on this? i don't know. >> back in the campaign, republicans were saying if
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hillary clinton were elected, she would have to pardonrself. marco rubio actually said that at one of the debates as a matter of fact. let's show that on the screens. "if hillary is indicted, president clinton could pardon herself and congress might be lpless." that's the headline. there it is! that's the headline. a great thing about the internet. you can look up these headlines. i have to play for you, speaking of rudy, he was on cnn tonight with this back and forth. let's watch. >> why do you think they chose to lie about his role in drafting this statement about trump issuing his meeting with the russians? >> that's the danger. of going under oath. you can make a mistake -- please, let me finish. if you want you can say it is a lie. it was a make. >> go ahead. >> you can make a mistake and then if you don't -- if you want to, you can say -- it was a mistake!
11:41 pm
i swear to god, it was a mistake. he made a mistake. i stand corrected. >> laura: they hammered sarah huckabee sanders today on this question at the briefing. what of this? i mean, initially the president was involved in the response of his son, now apparently he dictated his response. >> there is an inconsistency that rudy was pointing out there that doesn't mean there is a lie. it simply means there is an nsistey. exbia for a whilu do not even opening up this iue isap of general flynn that we just spoke about. there could be a question posed a while without the significance being down, then all of a sudden it turns into a major federal crime because there was a witch hunt going on. i think that's what it is issue here. it's not a great thing, but it is iortant to clean it up, hopefully his current counsel is giving him the correct advice on how to do that. >> laura: byron, we don't have enough time, but this is why laura is fired up. smiling off on all the pardons. >> the position was it was not a lie. but if it was a lie, it's only to "the new york times," and that'sot >> laura: they lie to us all the time and that does not really matter.
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in moments, mike huckabee on why today's supreme court decision on same-sex wedding cakes fell flat. stay here.
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>> laura: the supreme cour ruled today in favor of a colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. but the high court didn't address the larger issue of religious liberties versus individual rights. let's discuss today's 7-2 decision with former arkansas governor mike huckabee and law professor mark ramsey, president
11:45 pm
of the second fund for religious liberty. great to see both of you. you are not wild about this decision. and i know it's because justice kennedy, we call him amk at the court because of his middle initial, kennedy wrote the opinion. why are you not thrilled? >> it's not unhappy. i think it was a great decision for the baker. it was a good first step. the court didn't really get into the religious liberty, but it is very significant that it recognized that the government essentne whohed and had is a creator, an artist, the government cannot tell an artist what kind of art to produce. it would've been different, laura, how they said, you know, the baker wouldn't sell anything in his bakery to people wh were. but that wasn't the issue.
11:46 pm
he was open for business, but he wasn't going to create something that violated his conscience. by the way, he didn't create certain things at halloween either because it violated his conscience. this was a good decision. it could have been better. it certainly was an important epo stay tcannotery vital first have a government just telling people what they will believe and how they will practice their craft. the government doesn't have that kind of power. >> laura: this is what justice thomas, my clerk in full disclosure, he wrote a concurrence in the judgment. he wrote the following. the majority -- we cannot stigmatize gay americans. who want service and goods. when the court affirmed whites are premise to burn a cross or conduct a rally on martin luther king's birthday or circulate a film banishing weapons.
11:47 pm
i want you to respond to this, mr. ramsey. the justice is right. they weren't concerned about stigma then. justice kennedy -- he was playing pretty soft on this. i think this is a very clear-cut case. >> i think is a clear cut case and i agree with governor hkabee th this is a really good first step. here's what happened in the decision. justice kennedy said for seven ers of the court, pretty broad agreement, that when the government says that your religious beliefs are illegitimate or like racism, or you are wrong and need to be extinguished, then the government is violating the free exercise clause. i think what you are going to see is in a lot of these cases, that's precisely what the argument is. people pounding on the race card. this is just like racism. this is like supporting the holocaust. things like that. that kind of argument is gone and it's going to make government policy illegal. aura: there is very little guidance to the lowet. there's not a lot of guidance how you determine this
11:48 pm
expressive conduct. i think a lot of gay americans are like, make me a cake. but this guy, he said he'll make cakes for showers who have, birthdays, other celebrations. he actually said that. a lot of people who just read the headlines didn't know that. things for this couple. he was willing to do that. but just not the wedding cake. which i think tipped it over the edge for -- >> i think that ppedt over the edge. it makes it clear it's not about a cake. it's about some people trying to drive out religious believes that they think are illegitimate and wrong. it wasn't that people need a cake, they need a bouquet of flowers, they really is they wantheent to drive up believes they do not like. >> laura: governor huckabee, when you think about religion in the united states today and how it is portrayed in the popular culture, how it seems to be
11:49 pm
demeaned, we look up at billboards at easter time or christmas, is it a affront to christians -- i think they feel regulated, tolerated. it's like, the christians are not going to kick up a fuss. in this case, this figure decided, you know something? i'm not a bad person. i'm not going to be driven out of business, i'm going to fight for my right. a lot of other religious americans of faith have to be willing to fight for their own rights, just like gay people want to fight for their rights. doesn't make them bad people. >> god bless jack phillips to have the courage and the tenacity to go through this. if this had failed, what are you going to do? are you going to tell an orthodox jew that runs a delicatessen that if somebody comes in and says i want bacon wrapped shrimp for my perction that he has do it? nobody thinks that is legitimate. why should a christian -- for that matter, a muslim, have to create something -- again, not something that is on a shelf that he regularly makes, but
11:50 pm
something that is a part of his artistry, something that is above and beyond and is a unique creation for a specific occasion and a person in business should have a right to say that's not really within my creative capacity or it violates my convictions and conscious, and i simply cannot do it. i wielp you find somebody else. >> laura: he was vilified. he rd death reats. this guy is just a baker. not like there are other bakeries to go to. anyway, great conversation, guys. it was good, by the way, it was good that president trump sent national guard troops to the border? one of the nation's top experts in border security tells us why next.
11:51 pm
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11:53 pm
>> laura: the head of the border patrol agents union was glad when president trump sent an additional 1600 national guard troops to the border. but now he calls it a colossal waste. he's here to tell us why, brendan judd. i saw your comments. i've got to get him in the studio appeared what's going on? i was like, okay, this is good. reading in arizona, 1200 arrest because of border patrol getting help from the national guard. good stuff there. what gives? >> you've got to understand. i do not get to control the headlines.
11:54 pm
nor i get to control the context of putting in my quotes. i will say that my quotes were accurate except for maybe one. but that was a 17 minute conversation. >> laura: wasn't a colossal waste are not? >> no, it's not a colossal waste. the context of the competition was if we do not know that we are deploying our agents properly right now, we don't know if the national guard w needed. i have testified before congress, "the washington times" wrote a great article about how we are not deploying our troops properly, agents properly. if we don't know that, we don't know if the national guard was needed. that was the problem with the contact. >> laura: what about now? jerry brown does not want the national guard -- >> the national guard is needed. the national guard is absolutely needed. what we have to know is the scope of the deployment, we have to use them properly, and if we are not using them properly -- be one who determines that? >> laura: who determines that? the head of the border control? >> the departmof defense and department of homeland security. >> laura: are they not
11:55 pm
coordinating enough? >> they are coordinating, but i have complete -- she is a great secretary. i do not have confce iobama hoyg promoted within our agency, giving us all the failed policies, they catch and release policy, the unsecured border, those individuals who are giving her the adave issues with >> laura: you are going to be at the white house tomorrow, the philadelphia eagles are not coming. but you will still be able to get the president's ear on this. he watches the show occasionally. the homeland security said that while the national guard deployment has not reached full capacity, it clearly and in questionable been a success with thousands of additional apprehensions and drugs kept that of our country. i want to move to the jeff merkley's not that happened today, the democratic senator from oregon tries to enter a immigration center. let's watch. >> yes, can i go in with you?
11:56 pm
>> no, sir. >> my team contacted this facility and ask for permission for me to come and see what is going on inside with these children. >> we do not have any permission for that. >> laura: the homeland security responded and they said at 2:00 p.m. friday, the senator asked to visit where children are present and we work with him to provide him access. this presented obvious and serious privacy concerns for the kids in there, not to mention disrupting operations. he was able to visit the facility on sunday. stunt, not stunt? >> it was a complete stunt. he knew he was going to be turned away. just because you're a congressman or because you are an elected official does not give you the right you can do anything you want to do. >> laura: these people are okay with california not letting our officials, dhs officials, go into -- the tables are turned! >> of course. you expect that from the democrats.
11:57 pm
we always expect that. >> laura: have fun at the white house tomorrow. there is, like, a touch football game. >> my son can get out there. >> laura: going to get a haircut later on. we will be right back. stay with us.
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11:59 pm
>> are going to win 6:00 to 2:00 and i mustn't take sides.
12:00 am
we are a show for the whole country, going to win and secondary, golden state warrior. unbelievable game last night. politics and culture, sports is part of the culture. shannon bream is a huge sports fan. >> reporter: i'm all about college football and counting down the days. shannon: fox news alert, breaking news on the inspector general's probe into the clinton email controversy plus rudy giuliani speaking out again on the pres.'s pardon power and sen. lindsey graham revealed the latest on his inquiry into whether deputy attorney general rod rosenstein should recuse himself from the special counsel probe, we have news on that. some calling the supreme c when for religious freedom but it is point


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