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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 5, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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we are a show for the whole country, going to win and secondary, golden state warrior. unbelievable game last night. politics and culture, sports is part of the culture. shannon bream is a huge sports fan. >> reporter: i'm all about college football and counting down the days. shannon: fox news alert, breaking news on the inspector general's probe into the clinton email controversy plus rudy giuliani speaking out again on the pres.'s pardon power and sen. lindsey graham revealed the latest on his inquiry into whether deputy attorney general rod rosenstein should recuse himself from the special counsel probe, we have news on that. some calling the supreme c when for religious freedom but it is point out cakes not
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totally baked yet. tony perkins tells us where the fight gorom here on religious freedom. after the justices side with the baker who refused to create a custom wedding cake for a gay couple. bill clinton's book tour is off to a rocky start as the former president gets visibly flustered and defensive after being asked questions about the me too moment. the pres.'s top outside counsel, rudy giuliani standing by his comments on the pres.'s ability to pardon himself if he so desires and shedding new light on the memo about the donald trump junior meeting with a russian attorney. chief national correspondent that henry is all over the details breaking it down for us tonight. >> donald trump's lead attorney trying to shut the door on the idea he may try to pardon himself even though he has that power he says. george papadopoulos's wife is selling fox the opposite. she says it is time her husband get some help from the president. he is raising the stakes in this
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investigation by declaring the special counsel probe unconstitutional and has the power to pardon himself if he wants suggesting there may be major clashes at budgets with robert mueller but congress and the supreme court, the pres. on himself because he expect to doesn't believe he did anything wrong. trumrs report part of this is what rudy giuliani was doing when he discussed this on the talkshow circuit with the pres.'s blessing, signaling there's a chance of a 1-on-1 interview but will only of the questions are severely limited and the warning shot bit of special counsel wants to issue a subpoena to compel the testimony of the president get ready for battle in court. the pres. offered a combative tone, telephone call with the minnesota republican party celebrating what he called the accomplishments of his first 500 days in office and so the russia probe is a witchhunt and mueller at investigation is not even constitutional. giuliani said the president is not going to pardon himself but papadopoulos's wife told tucker carlson her husband should be
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pardon. >> i knowxcellent job. the practical limitation would be suicide rates and there is no limitation on it. with somebody impose a practical limitation? absolutely. the practical limitation is it would be suicide. >> that is a politicalau tpolie limitation. if you don't pardon in case of an impeachment, that is what he is doing. >> it is not going to happen. pardon doesn't get you off of impeachment. >> this battle is in the context of a 20 page memo sent to the special counsel in january by two of the pres.'s personal nu attorneys, john dowd who is out, asserting the president cannot the
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president dictated a misleading statement the power to shut down any of these investigations whenever he wants and the president himself dictated what turned out to be a misleading statement about donald from junior's 2016 meeting in t trump tower with russians. last year on some sunday talk shows he minimized the pres.'s giuliani is dismissing that as a small miscue. democrats pushing hard on that. >> thank you very much. new tonight special counsel accusing for a trump campaign chairman paul mana40 of trying to with witnesses. meanwhile the president says the us become a senior firth libera. welcome, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> shannon: let's talk about done nothing wrong.alk about let's bring in former white house special counsel under president clinton, senior
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counsel for first liberty institute. welcome to you both, gentlemen. let's talk about the pardon power idea. a professor who is familiar to our fox audience was on quite a bit s o a says the language of e pres. a pardon power over federal offenses with the only exception related to impeachment.hi donald trump can make a good-faith textual case for the right to self pardon. doesn't mean it is a great idea politically or the optics of it but at least prof. turley think there's an argument that it would be legal. >> it could be legal. it is a constitutional rabbit mueller world pursuing, even years. i don't think robert mueller will decide to go down that constitutional rabbit hole. the only reason worry about the pres. pardoning himself in a criminal sense is if robert mueller tries to indict him. not many legal scholars think an likely but if he recommends
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impeachment the constitution is absolutely clear the pres.'s power to pardon is except in cases of impeachment. so if trump can pardon himself in a criminal case, i don't in a criminal case, i don't think that will be relevant because mueller is not likely to and ultimately. impeachment he can't. >> impeachment is a totally different now for lawmakers. if it rises to that level i have another option for addressing fat. another legal scholar says there is a right answer and self pardon should not be regarded as valid. valid. it would violate the basic rule ofawlet law principle that no p should be allowed to adjudicate his own case. what do you say? >> i agree it is a rabbit hole. there are two limits on pardon power, what is you can't do it
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for impeachment, the other is political. rudy is right, the pres. would never pardon himself the joke, the underlying point is the pres. doesn't need to pardon himself because the president hasn't done anything wrong. of mueller wants to probe questions conversations between the president and the atty. gen. that is covered by executive privilege. beyond that the president is the unitary executive economy can talk with any subordinates on our exercise his power, the pres.'s power anytime he wants and there's nothing about that and third, as the office of legal counsel, the legal team for the us government in the justiceiceen department as they upheld under richard nixon and democratic pres.s, bill clinton the uniform consensus is a sitting president cannot be indicted for obstruction of justicel or any other federal crime this is an just going to happen or should it happen
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because the presiden is not done anything illegal. >> he and his legal team are adamant on that point. there are a number of legal scholars out there who say there's no way the framers could have intended someone could become the most powerful man in america and be able to commit crimes and excuse himself. ecific case with the idea that he could makes no sense. >> it would be an extraordinary situation. we have not had to face that in our country yet. whether pres. could be indicted after his presidency for things that occurred during his presidency the supreme court has not ruled that out. it could be possible. >> i agree that post it is possible but it is back to political reality, like the constitution says you can't cut
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judges pay, what if congress were to refuse any salary? it is a constitutional imponderable we never had toto face because the political reality would nevt happen. >> somehow they end up on law school exams. >> it is how law school professors -- >> insane. nelson and ken, thank you very much. in calling for a tough deal a democratgesting north korea talks are more perilous than with iran? p general's days before the summit is scheduled.ay >> two ways to look at kim jong un firing military official days before the summit. this could be good for the us because he replaced them with
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accept the massive changes that would have to come if he strikes a deal with donald trump but the other way to look at it is this may be a sign of how much the north korean military opposes a al with the us and this could limit howin far kim jong un is willing to go in terms ofpo givg up nuclear weapons. kim jong un is cleaning house, elevating ahead of next week's summit. the white house is donald trump and singapore. >> the advanced team in with national security teams while negotiations continue in the dnc and f singapore. >> finalizing logistical preparations and remain in place until the summit lsbegins. the first meeting will be on june 12th at 9:00 singapore time and take pl. june 11th 9:00 pm n time.ast >> 3 days sincean the number to deliver hand letter to his boss,
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the contents are aet mystery. >> i won't get into the specific interesting and we feel things are continuing to move forward. its to singapore, send him a letter. they want the white house to in before the negotiations begin and make clear any deal does not require the complete denuclearization of north korea is a bad deal. >> the president needs to a good deal and if he the president must be willing to walk away from the table. >> senate democrats say in order o earn their support north korea must agree to dismantle all the nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and end production and enrichment of uranium and plutonium for all their ballistic missile tests and eliminate the
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ballistic missile program and commit to compliance inspections and the deal must be permanent. >> the deal doesn't live up to the standards the president should expect democratic support if henc tries to sanctions to implement. >> remember when donald trump fired rex till herson, so many couldn't believe he would doe that with north korean negotiations on the line and he fired the top0 military officers was just days to go but ifg one thing is certain it is nothing is certainh with leader this unpredictable. >> thank you very much. from northea korea to russia ou next guest is in the centerf of it all, rod rosenstein on whether he should recuse himself counsel probe. nancy graham sits on the d judiciary committee. welcome. let's talk about this letter you
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attorney general. do you consider yourself a witness in the mueller investigation regarding the firing of director comey by donald trump? if so why not? should you recuse yourself from interactions with oversight of the mueller investigation and heard back from them. >> the new york times reported i"tme mccabe, foumber 2 the fbi turned over a memo he wrote about the dismissal of mr. comey regding rosenstein's involvement, if you doing comey's firing you have to talk ent used to justify firing, can't oversee the investigation where you're going to be a witness in that investigation. shannon: should he not be part of the investigation?
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>> explain to me why he should allowed to continue. plt by the book, let mueller do his thing, in the confines his charter but wheni email investigation, i don't think rosenstein can make a good decision because he signed a warrant application to get the kim jong un toward based on the dossier by a foreign agent. 9áu) "« investigation without then trying to be the rule of law guy. believing mueller should do the investigation, that interference, which i do, how can you leave rosenstein in charge of that investigation, and running this investigation because of this part of the campaign. ii don't think anybody in ameria investigation of the campaign he was involved in. how can you oversee the investigation when you are a key witness?
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non: your expectation? we are getting an answer. >> sooner rather than later. i know about the case i can't at believe he won't be a witness in any obstruction of justice investigation regarding fire comey. the question is a simple one. if you areçxdcqha=dçyí you manan investig how can you manageatio the investigation? i don't think you can but i'm not challenging his character or good intentions but whether or not he can legally oversee the mueller investigation. >> you said the present fired and got rid of him it would be the beginning of the end. you aree not saying the investigation needs to stop and maybe rosenstein is not in the proper role. let us know what you hear from him. >> he legally cannot oversee an investigation. shannon: a lot of speculation
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about the inspector general report within days. dodo you think it will answer questions, give clarity on certain issues and key players another round of speculation? >> i don't think the inspector general's report is an adequate department of justice improperly obtained a fisa board by using a paid informant by the democratic party, foreign agent to collect information against candidate trump. i don't believe the fbi inspector general can tell us fbi agents in charge of the email investigation because he doesn't have access. i'm sure he will do a good job but how does rosenstein decide whether there should be special counsel looking at corruption and fbi misdeeds if in fact he was one of the people asking for the warrant. ÷n to issue the warrant. >> shannon: who should be >> you should be worried about
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this report? of the fbi. mccabe needs to be rried, tbi agents in t for clinton and hated trump need to be worried and at the end of the day, quote, what we have found is the two fbi agents involved in looking l investigation had the thumb on the lili scale, and award to being issued based on the dossier, to obtain a warrant against carter page as part of the trump campaign and rosenstein was in tha events. let mueller do his job but is investigation person they were worried about the fisa abuse, the two fbi agents in charge of the investigation were in the for thetion person they were investigating? heather: we will look at that report soon and we will see who does have something to worry
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form of an indictment or something else. great to have you with us, thanks for coming in. the supreme court rules in favor the supreme court rules in favor of the baker who declined to create a custom wedding cake for ouple, some say it is a big deal, others say the dispute is far from settled. the american unity fund and tony perkins with family research council. ♪s ker you've ever met. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making our thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. it's about delivering a more comfortable shave, every time. invented in boston. made and sold around the world. order now at gillette, the best a same thing with any dent or dings on this truck. they all got a story
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>> shannon: in one of the remaining blockbuster cases facing shannon: in one of the remaining lot better cases facing the supreme court justices handed a christian bakery win by 7-2 margin after he declined to make a custom cake for a gay couple but today's decision left some unanswered questions. >> justice kennedy held it is a 2-way streak, >> the legal team for colorado bakeri6u%9/% celebrating today after 7-2 supreme court opinion holding he never got a fair shake when he was sued by a gay couple after declined to create a custom cake installation of the same-sex wedding. justice kennedy noted that one
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of the colorado commissioners who heard the original complaint likened to accept explanation and religious believes to those who supported slavery and the holocaust, quote, this sentiment nappropriate for cosion charged with a solemn responsibility of fair and neutral enforcement of colorado at antidiscrimination law. kennedy pointed out a number of the commissioners statement im nd persons are less than fully welcoming colorado's business community but kennedy himself noted that the broader court in no way undermines their nation's of all rights laws. >> the couple at the center of
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the case, charlie craig and dave mueller say, quote, the decision means our fight against discrimination and unfair treatment will continue. we will continue fighting until no one does. justice ginsburg's defense joined by justice sonja said mayor found it irrelevant he sold cakes togetherpin customers despite the fact he would not create custom wedding 2 commissioners should be taken to overcome philip's mueller. >> two big decisions dealing with two hot button issues, religious freedom and abortions for underage teens in the us illegally. and the senior advisor of the american unity fund and tony council, welcome to you both. obviously justice kennedy pointed back to those comments by commissioner the lowest level, the first to look at this case likening the baker's religious conviction to people who supported slavery or nazis.
12:25 am
that was enough to say we won't get to the merits of this case but on that basis he should never have been subjected to >> that is out of bounds and the commissioner is no longer even on the colorado civil rights commission. those were hurtful statements about people of faith. there are a lot of lgbt americans who are hearing and all this is pointing to the need to come together and find a middle ground where people of faith and lgbt folk will come be respected by the laws and cannot just be out in the free market place doing their business and no air free to pursue their american dream regardless of their values or who they are married to. >> the justice acknowledged they need to determine the meat of
12:26 am
commerce and business, it will be a delicate question to answer. we know that on thursday in a private conference table consider the case of a washington -- basically has been put in ruin by what she faced, a and said i want you to do the flowers to a same-sex wedding him, 3 others, the fact they are going to consider that case says they know the court issue is not yet decided. >> without question. we should not be surprised by this because 3 years ago, they warned that this is going to vilification of those who refuse to resent the new orthodoxy and we are seeing exactly this, what the colorado civil rights commission did and same in the obama era when it was open season on christians, it would be great if people
12:27 am
would get along but that won't decision but because people decide people of different views on this but what we are seeing with wedding vendors like jack phillips is these activists are targeting them to make examples, as long as that is occurring these things won't be challenged, people of faith pushing back, it will be in the courts and you are right, under the roberts court they had very narrow decith limited application of their decision so this is not surprising but this thursday they will be looking at the florist case. >> if they vote yes on that justice kennedy's and going anywhere. he would like to stick around and be part of consideration of thate if they move forward which i want to ask about something that has been under the radar.
12:28 am
women come across the border that are here in the states and seeking an abortion in the aclu and other groups of relative them to say doesn't matter where they are they should get help whether they are here illegally or not. the supreme court vacated lower court ruling that essentia said yes t administration has to help them, that has to be allowed but it is moot because court decision to set aside a lower court decision that allowed an unaccompanied minor to receive an abortion in federal custody repeatedly made clear the federal government is abortion, a group that says every woman deserves the right to make decisions about her life, body and future regardless of her immigration status. i want reaction from both of you. >> this is an interesting thing to talk about.
12:29 am
my organization does advocate lgbt issues and a lot of people wonder if we are working on other social issues and how we feel about other things in this is not something i'm an expert it is important to take a fool and consistent pro-life position. last year the government began to detain pregnant undocumented women is at the core of this is we are detaining pregnant undocumented policy. the most pro-life thing we could do right now in this is been advocated by the catholi bishops, southern baptist convention, we should not be detaining pregnant women and we wouldn't have this problem to begin with. shannon: part of the problem is these are minors and in many cases that leaves officials with no other choice. yo reaction? >> i commend the department of justice because we have been working with them on this. they were working very
12:30 am
diligently to find sponsorseyñ? ongoing and other courts are concerned they will be forced to facilitate these abortions in other cases. the supreme court decision is a good one and i look for the justice department to make the administration that is very committed to upholding the sanctity of human life, all human life regardless of what side of the border is conceived this is a good decision and loo forward to the department of justice making the most of it. >> we thank you for a very respectful, thorough conversation on these two cases. on the eve of the california primary golden state residents are worried just about who is to the governor but new water restrictions. laundry? and oregon sen. jeff berkley
12:31 am
trying to prove how bad it is for children detained by ice, what did he find out, the white house calling it a publicity stunt and he is firing back, we will let you decide next.
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>>w tonight the president announcing the philadelphia eagles will not be visiting the white house tomorrow to celebrate their super bowl victory due to the national anthem controversy. the eagles who led super bowl lii wanted to send a smaller group of players, and full did not plano attend but the president said no thanks. he is hosting different events for 1000 fans but one that will argue honoring our great country, pay tribute to the heroes who fight to protect it and loudly and proudly play the national anthem. it is the biggest midterm primary so far this cycle, voters in eight states head to the polls, california,
12:36 am
jersey, new mexico and south dakota. the race includes four senate to for gubernatorial races and 9 of the most competitive house districts in the country and a lot of attention is focused on the jungle primary, the crowded field of democrats trying to flip gop seats but always in the backdrop california's far left policies. we weren surehese were tell us. >> for 41 years unions have collected dues from public employees without their permission even if they are not union members. it is called fair share of fees to make sure employees who benefit union representation don't get a free ride but a few years back and illinoistate employee didn't want to pay dues political activities so he sued claiming his first amendment rights were being violated. the supreme court is set to rule on that case in california
12:37 am
public unions orbiting the court will come down against fair share fees which would be a serious financial below so unions are backing a series of their membeills that would givto contact workers and change the minds of those who don't want to pay union dues and other bills that would prohibit government agencies from publicly disclosing information about employee orientation which critics say is a way to prevent antiunion activists from contacting new employees before they pay their union dues. use starting with indoor maximum of 55 gallons per day per person. and 20/25 that goes down to 52.5 gallons and 50 gallons by 2030 and here's what one mom has to
12:38 am
say. gallons a day and having to wash clothes, in my opinion not feasible. >> before he leaves office jerry brown once a sizable tax on drinking water, the first in state history, he says it will be used to clean up water systems and run each person $12 a year and business is a lot more than that which california has the highest sales tax, gas water. finally in san diego parents have been holding their sixth-graders out of school because they are not happy with the sex ed curriculum which covers gender identity, gender response and mail reproducti d puzzle. the school district is, quote, it is absolutely appropriate for our students but parents are welcome to have their kids out
12:39 am
out if they choose. >> i like a good crossword puzzle to be a good learning tool. okay. thank you very much. the trump administration has warned illegal migrant children to prove, he says, they are being treated inhumanely. he was given permission to visit two specific facilities, he went to one and showed up at a third with cameras rolling. of cages that look like dog kennels in which people had recently arrived and put input into them, they were very crowded. >> the white house says he was, quote, irresponsibly spreading
12:40 am
blatant lies about routine immigration enforcement. bill clinton on the books tour but his novel about a progressive 70 getting impeached by the conservative pal is not what is grabbing headlines which he battles the media over questions about the monica lewinsky scandal in light of the me too movement. 8ue9!+z]thñ!ozñ$x>-[/04r and the american people. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. and the american people. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> former pres. bill clinton thinks the me too movement is
12:44 am
long overdue and is claiming credit for empowering women in his orbit but became noticeably defensive when asked if he should've resigned over how handled hisffair with monica lewinsky. >> i dealt with it 20 years ago plus and the american people -- i tried to do a good job since then with my life and my work. that is all i have to say. >> jenny green is a fox news contributor and established fellow at the center for leadership along with derek hunter, contributing editor at the daily caller and author of this book outrage inc.. welcome tooth. i want to play a little more of what bill clinton had to say during an interview with nbc news. >> i felt terrible then and came
12:45 am
to grips with it. >> didve >> yes. nobody believes i got out of that for free. >> you know monica lewinsky has spoken about this, my life was destroyed by this, bill clinton has rebounded etty well. >> definitely i think he was very floundering and even surprised that these questions, which, that was surprising to me but what was more surprising was his lack of empathy, this from someone who's ability to connect with people and be empathetic was the stuff of legend, political legend. there is no doubt he should make an attempt to privately apologize to monica lewinsky. he had an opportunity in this
12:46 am
interview to live up to what this me too movement is about, to have some reflection and some regrets and he did not live up to that moment. that was surprising. >> i want towhat joe lockhart, former white house press secretary said about his impression of this interview. >> in that moment you are seeing donald trump a little bit. i'm not comparing them on any level beyond the terrible strategy it is to make himself, you, the issue here and be victimized. he was not the victim then, donald trump is not the victim now. >> very interesting to hear people i remember telling me this was no big deal after eight month of telling me it did happen now come out and change their tune, a testament to the fact the clintons lost their political cash aside from private fundraisers, nobody wants to hit the campaign trail
12:47 am
with them. the idea of bill clinton apologizing 20 years sign of the times. it is clear he wouldn't mean it. she said in the clip that he did apologize and when pressed if he apologized to monica lewinsky he said he didn't but made it about himself that he left the white house $16 million in debt because he lied about his affair during a sexl harassment case and tried to obstruct justice. it is a self-inflicted wound. he has several hundred billion dollars so it worked out in the end for him andonky'sbullying activist wasn't her dream job. he didn't just victimize monica lewinsky, the power difference between the pres. and an intern but changed the trajectory of her life significantly. >> i like the me too movement,
12:48 am
it is way overdue. is there a missed opportunity to try to be a voice for what happenor now, he thinks it is overdue. >> absolutely. he can use his communication skills we have come to know to try to turn it around in a positive way for all people involved. rebecca tracer has an amazing piece that talks about the lewinsky scandal with president clinton that slowed down the national conversation around sexual harassment and that is a reckoning. >> that presupposes that it was just monica lewinsky. if bill clinton wants to embrace the me too movement he has a closet full of skeletons to address, not just monica lewinsky. monica within general flowers are the ones he admitted to publicly and were willing participants.
12:49 am
the others, kathleen willy, 18 of broderick and paula jones. >> two were onra ingram and were very upset about the way he portrayed the conversation about me too and his guilt or innocence in the hall matter. those are big cases that didn't get a lot of attention at the time but even in retrospect the number of people involved in interviewing those women trying to stifle them from interviews have said we may have gotten that wrong. >> that is one of the great things we are seeing come out of the me too movement. it is also important to recognize that while the scandal almost ended president clinton's presidency, in this age of this reckoning where president clinton needs to face it and it is not a partisan issue, many people were complicit in this, in the midst of this there has been little to no accountability
12:50 am
or consequence for our current president, donald trump. >> is not about donald trump. for eight years anytime someone criticized barack obama it was george w. bush that came screaming out of your mouth, now if you criticize bill clinton it is donald trump. you can deal with donald trump all you want separately but bill clinton has gotten away with this for 20 years and to see terry mcauliffe and kiersten jill brand say he should have resigned and acted differently and should have apologized 20 years too late, a testament to the fact the clintons are no longer politically healthy. >> much bigger -- >> we will have you come back becausthis issue is not going away, thank you for your time. new ambassador to germany under fire for saying in an interview he wants to empower europeans antiestablishment politicians, reaction from european socialists, much more in where
12:51 am
in the world next. ♪ libu. i forgot. chevy also won a j.d. power dependability award for its light-duty truck the chevy silverado. oh, and since the chevy equinox and traverse also won chevy is the only brand to earn the j.d. power dependability award across cars, trucks and suvs-three years in a row. phew. third time's the charm...
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>> time for where in the world. us ambassador to journey facing backlash after saying he wants to empower antiestablishment
12:55 am
conservatives to rise up against elites. that rounded up the germans who want him to clarify his comments ahead official meetings on thursday. you disagree the official death toll from maria in puerto rico is too low the washington post is urging extreme cautioen it comes to reporting from harvard which puts the death toll as high as 4645 people. the post points of the media is jumping on the headline number and ignoring numerous warnings within the study itself that the actual number is probably far lower in the survey itself has potentially a huge margin of error. saudi arabia, drivers licenses to 10 women as the removal of the ban on female drivers at the end of this month, the women are those licenses previously held licenses to other countries. it might hero is up next, you don't want to miss it. we will be right back. as a company committed to veterans,
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diploma and spotted his father, thought he was still deployed, showed up in graduation, nobody in the family knew he was coming. very emotional was most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent your evening with us, i am shannon prima. >> tuesday, june 5th, this is "fox and friends first," having right now at 4:00 am on the east coast the summit is set, the white house just announced when donald trump will come face-to-face with kim jong un but instead of eating their words democrats issue a list demands. we are live in washington with that. >> we need to figure out as a culture how we can protect people's right on both legals of this. >> the blockbuster supreme court ruling in favor of the christian baker sparking national debate. does two way tolerance exist? >> didn't apologize to


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