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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 5, 2018 3:00am-5:59am PDT

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because he was eating too much. 5-year-old te teagan got himself in a rough spot. had to use vegetable toil get her out. that's the good news. she is okay. >> mark your calendar, one week from today. june 12th. 9:00 a.m. singapore time. >> ultimately he wants to see denuclearization of the pennsylvania. that's the top goal here. that's what he is focused on doing. that's what the talks next week will center on. >> one the blockbuster cases facing the supreme court this term, the justices handed a christian baker a win by 7 to 2 margin after he declined to make cause tom cake for a gay couple. >> former president bill clinton does not think that he owes monica lewenski an apology. >> i apologize to everybody in the world. >> didn't apologize to her. >> i have not talked to her. did i say publicly on more than one occasion that i was sorry. >> if you can't stand for
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the flag, you can't stand next to the commander-in-chief. rob: president trump calling off the white house visit by the super bowln philadelphia eagles as the national anthem dispute heats up again. ♪ worked hard and played on it. ♪ we had it made on it ♪ we were born and raised on it. steve: hi, everybody, it's june 5th, 2018. abby: our living room. steve: three hours of cable casting starting right now. brian: i was just tweeting something about philadelphia and how do the fans feel about their team not going to the white house. the president they are only going to send about nine players. only going to send nine. forget it it's off. the fans are still welcome. abby: be throwing a big birthday bash for america instead. steve: celebration for america. 3:00. we will talk about that in a little bit. plus, there was that ruling yesterday by the u.s. supreme court, 7-2.
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finding for that man. that's jack phillips, the owner of masterpiece cake shop in colorado. he won his case because the commission in colorado did not take into consideration his feelings only the feelings of the people who had brought the lawsuit. so we are going to find out where it all goes for him from here. abby: first cable news interview is he giving. we will talk to him 8:20. brian: larry kudlow breaking news on the president and trade. steve: 8:00 i believe he is coming up. brian: 8:00. abby: there is a lot going on this morning as it relates to north korea. steve: it's a date. the white house revealing more information on the high-stakes summit between president trump and kim jong un now just one week away. abby: but the anticipated talks are being met with a list of demands now from the democrats. brian: where were those demands when the iranian deal was up for grabs.
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griff jenkins is live from washington with the latest. griff, you are always smiling. >> it's always good to join you. good morning, guys. i will tell you who is not smiling the democrats. feeling a left out. june 12th. monday evening 9:00 p.m. even in the u.s. the historic summit begin according to white house press secretary saunders who deys after receiving a letter. sanders wouldn't go into calling it interesting progress had been made. notes sanctions remain in place. our policy hasn't changed. very powerful. we would not take those sanctions off unless north korea denuclearize. >> chuck schumer issuing a list of demands in a letter to the president. detailing what would be acceptable to democrats. north korea must agree, to among other things, dismantle all nuclear, chemical and biological
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programs. suspend missile tests commit to anywhere, any time inspections. schumer also had this to say. >> president trump meets with kim jong un and receives a deal that truly lives up to these principles. he will have made the world a much safer place. if he tries to reach a deal with kim jong un just for the sake of reaching a deal, then he will have invested at the negotiating table again. >> the secretary meet dmz conti. abby: if this were a democratic president doing what president trump is doing do you think they would have had that reaction? brian: we already saw with iran. already met five times. the two sides appear to agree that north korea will denuclearize 2020. transferring them out of the
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country within months. we will take them. we took them before. china wants them. they got them ready. steve: ionderf that's some of the stuff that was in the great big envelope that was delivered a couple of days ago. it looked as if the hotel where this could all happen could probably be the channing shangrala.>> it part ol paying for kim jong un to stay there. brian: evidently they are insulted by the fact that we might pay. we have to get them the money, slip it under the mattress? i'm not sure. do they offer a king bed or double bed? abby: good question, brian. speaking of being insulted that's how the president is feeling this morning with the eagles. only nine of them at this point agreeing to go to the white house. of course, they won the super bowl. the president said fine then, this whole thing is off. no one from the eagles team is coming to the white house. instead we will throw a
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birthday bash for america. this is a statement from the president themself. they disagree with their president because he insist they proudly stand for the national anthem. hand on heart and honor the great men and women of our military and the people of our country. the eagles wanted to send a smaller delegates but the 1,000 fans planning to attend the event, they deserve better. these fans are still invited to the white house to be part of a different type of a ceremony. one that will honor our great country, pay tribute to the heroes who fight to protect it and loudly and proudly play the national anthem. brian: no problem when the astros wanted to come or the co champs want to come. again, like the golden state warriors who said i don't think we are showing up. the eagles stay home. this would have been a perfect opportunity, mr. president, i disagree with you whether it's the anthem or your politics. have a conversation. if you ever met the president he is open. he has conversations with all sides all the time. come in and let's talk about what's happening with the league. you could start bridging things instead of just staying home. now they have got to go to the facility on tuesday
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instead of the white house today. steve: in fact, there were a number of democrats who invited the team to show up up on capitol hill and they will give them the tour. apparently one of the worries was that they would have the event at the white house. then, when they played the national anthem, somebody might kneel. that was one of the worries. obviously the message from the president is if you don't want to stand for the national anthem, you're not invited. the merriman of the great city of philadelphia, jim kinney put out a statement and said this, these are players who stand up for the causes they believe in and contribute in miningful ways to their community. disinviting them from the white house only proves that our president is not a true patriot but a fragile ego maniac obsessed with crowd size and afraid of the embarrassment of throwing a party to which no one wants to attend. brian: what's his point that he wants to raise his pr if you invite 70 players, d champions to the white house and nine show up. why bother going through the
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invitations. clearly eagles saying i would rather do anything else. the president says i'm a busy guy. i'll do something else. what choice do you have? not like he told 70 people to stay home. they chose to stay home. abby: to your point, what do these players not get what's going on in the country right now. if you took a poll about whether or not you should stand with the national anthem i want to be where the american people are. they say stand for that american flag. brian: to the eagles' credit, abby, they do stand. they are upset that the president weighed in a coupleks ago with us. he said listen, i'm not happy that you are even staying in the locker room. i'm not happy that you have a locker room and not stand. you should stand for the national anthem. that should be the role. the players were offended by that they happen to have an owner that called this president called his presidency disastrous. jeff lori said he was going to show up. that's how he felt? at least he was going to show up. steve: usually these kind of events where a winning team comes are nonpolitical. today it's very political.
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nonetheless, the show will go on. the fans are still invited. everybody -- apparently the white house is trying to contact everybody come on back, 3:00. the i think the marine corps band is going to be performing and you can imagine they will be standing for the national anthem. abby: i think the nine players should have been invited. what an honor to be at the white house. i know you disagree with me, brian. be the bigger person. keep those nine players have them come and remind the other players what they're missing. brian: i know what you are saying. the optics matter to seat president walk into the room and see nine players behind him. abby: you are saying numbers matter? brian: it's not the basketball team where have you got 10 or 12. you know, you are going to have basically the trainer, the owner, and a handful of guys. so, now philadelphia gets to go home to their facility and have practice. abby: i think of my brothers in the navy. they don't ask what president they are serving. if they got the opportunity to go to the white house. they would be so honored and so proud to be there.
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steve: abby, your brothers would stand for the anthem. abby: absolutely. that's not a question. steve: that's the predicament we are presented with given the situation that the nfl has placed the theyave come up with a new policy where if you don't want to stand, just stay in the locker room. brian: told college players. everyone is going. i don't care what your political view is everyone is going. you are national champs. you got invited to the white house. why can't the owner say everybody go. i know where you stand. use this opportunities to sit down in the east room. you could do this below the . kellyanne conway big eagles fan could have facilitated the whole thing. abby: tell the president what you think. use that as an opportunity. tell us what you think did president do the rig thing here? there are other headlines we are following. a hunch from a retired detective helped lead police right to a suspected serial killer. dwight jones found shot dead in the arizona hotel room after allegedly murdering six people in a matter of six days. he then killed himself as officers closed in. at least four victims are
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now linked to his 2009 divorce. his ex-wife claims her current husband, a retired detective realized that connection and then called the police. yikes. also today, millions of voters will head to the polls in 8 different states. lifornia where democratse of hope to fli at least 10 congressional seats needed to take control of the u.s. house. gubernatorial race also heating up. democratic lieutenant governor gavin newsom looking to succeed his boss jerry brown. cox hopes an endorsement from president trump is enough to secure second place. two candidates from either party will advance to november election it could be an interesting one for democrats. we will see how that plays out. former navy seal by president trump set to sue the obama administration. christian sauce yea spent a year in prison after photos were found on cell phone. hillary clinton faced similar accusations but got to walk free. he joined us on "fox & friends" right after receiving that pardon.
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listen. it was a clear attempt by the department of justice, me as a scapegoat to takeuse the heat off hillary clinton. >> his suit will name former -- more tha 40 gold star families attending a special reception at the white house yesterday. the first lady tweeting these photos saying she and the president were honored to pay tribute to those heroes. it walls her first public appearance since undergoing kidney surgery last month. all that speculation, there she is. steve: there she is. all right. coming up. republicans working together to plan their message for the mid terms. our next guest shared her ideas and the stats with the republican calculation. she will be joinin -- caucus. she will be joining us live. steve: this woman's appearance on a tv show saved her life all thanks to a doctor watching the show
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polling their colleagues about which initiatives to tackle ahead the mid terms that resonate with the voters. they are a loud. house g.o.p. officials brainstorm thousand save majority. cook report on down. including one from our next guest. really resonate cording to almost all reports. that person is joining us now kristin solace anderson joins us. washington examiner analyst. her plan resonated. talk about head winds and tail winds. what are the head winds with the republican party. >> the problem republicans are going to face is that democrats are really fired up right now. not even looking at polls. looking at just who has shown up to vote in special elections, primary elections. democrats who never vote are turning out much more much more frequently. republican also have to match that enthusiasm on their side of the aisle. brian: the way to do that might be with impeachment
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and pelosi. did you find that? >> there is poll after poll that shows nancy pelosi is one of the least popular figures in american politics. she has said if democrats take back the house, she i going to be running for speaker. she wants to continue leading. so, that is certainly one piece of the puzzle. impeachment is another there are even voters who don't love president trump. maybe they don't love the tweets, but they don't want to see him impeached there is a large polarization of the democratic base that wants to see impeachment. as soon as democrats take congress, they want to see impeachment begin. voters in the middle, that's just more obstruction. that's more gridlock. that's not what they are looking for out of washington. president's poll numbers are improving. allows americans to focus on healthcare. that does not seem good for either party, does it healthcare is the issue that fires up the democratic base. they are worried about wanting to protect obamacare. they think the longer republicans have control. the more chances they have
3:19 am
to take it apart. meanwhile for republican voters, it doesn't energize them as much. republicans have been in charge for two years and did not fully repeal and replace. with folks feeling good about the economy. what ase things spend money on at home and healthcare is a huge expense. brian: watched the generic poll shrink, by all accounts shrinking, play with the numbers. if you have six months left, what's what should republicans focus on to make the most ground and make the most possible ground up? >> republicans need to keep talking about the economy and keep selling the tax reform plan that they passed back in december. if you look at the generic ballot. if you look at the president's job approval. it's right when that bill passed that all of those numbers started to get a lot better. because it gives republicans the opportunity to say, look, this great economic growth. it's because of our policies. because of our economic world view. don't you guys want more of that? that's the message they can sell to voters if they talk more about the tax reform
3:20 am
bill. brian: does it look like the senate is secure and the shows a toss-up? was that your message? >> i think the senate is in much better shape than the house, in part because the republicans have the democrats on such defense. there are so many vulnerable democratic senators in states that president trump won. we're going to to explain why they voted against the president's agenda time and time again to an electorate that likes the president. >> yeah, both sides, six months ago, whoever has the better game plan will win. this is not -- the cake is not baked yet. kristen solstice anderson thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. brian: the head of starbucks brewing um political rumors after stepping down. is he going to run for president? would you vote for him? plus, call it a free-for-all. one mayor in california wants to give everyone $500. is that a good idea? we'll debate that next ♪ i want it all ♪ i want it all ♪ and i want it now ♪ i want it all
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steve: quick tuesday morning headlines for you. hamas is calling for more blood shed today on the israel-gaza border. thousands of palestinians expected to riot to mark the 51st anniversary of the six-day war which expanded israel's borders. at least 120 palestinians have been killed in protests since the month of april. and nearly 70 people now confirmed dead in the devastating volcano eruption in guatemala. first responders digging through ash and debris for survivors. it is so hot in some places it's burning their shoes. and a miracle among the devastation when a rescuer was able to paul baby from the rubble and the baby is
3:25 am
alive. that is a miracle. all right. abby? abby: unbelievable. what a beautiful baby. stock don mayor michael tubz planning to give universal income of $500 a month to residents. 18-month experiment scheduled to take effect in 2019 is the latest effort to combat poverty and would be privately funded by the economic security project. the question is, is this a good idea? is this going to work? here debate urban renewal and education mark little and co-founder of the universal income project jim pew. good morning, gentlemen. thank you for being with us so early. >> good morning. abby: mark, start with you, i think what everyone wants here is to give people opportunity to succeed. look at this latest experiment going on in california. at the end of 18 months, where do you think we are going to be? >> well, i tell you, if it's about a handout, you are not going to be any place different than where you are out. i mean, let's put this in context. we are talking about a guaranteed income in the
3:26 am
middle of a booming economy where jobs are being created at a record pace. i mean, we care about folks who are hurting and folks who need assistance. i was one of those people. when i was shot and gunned down at usc and left permanently disabled, it wasn't a handout that i needed it was opportunity i needed. the road to success is not a handout. the road to success is personal responsibility and self-reliance.m? >> yeah, i think it's important to recognize that basic income is not handout. it's a handup. it sets up people to achieve their own long-term economic success. our country is founded on the idea that if you work hard, you should be able to get ahead, but if you travel around the country now, it's obvious to see that that's true for fewer and fewer people. folks are working harder than ever, but many are being left behind. if you give people a base amount of cash every month,
3:27 am
not only does it help them get up on to their own two feet. it will also drive their local economies wheny spend tha money at the local grocery store or shopping mall or restaurants, which in turn, creates local job opportunities. abby: that didn't work in finland. other nations have tried this out. finland is one of those recent example for universal guaranteed income. paid $685 a month for people below a certain income level. they are now canceling that program. they have st's not done what they hoped it would. how do we not learn from those other examples. >> we don't know what finland's program does yet. they haven't cancelled the program. they are continuing with the original program. they have just decided with the new government not to do an extension that had been asked for. we have yet to see what happens in finland, but we have seen other places that this program can have a really transformational effect on people's lives. abby: mark, you say have you had your own life experiences that have taught you how to think now about all of this. tell us about that. >> well, i will just tell
3:28 am
you that in 1987, i was shot by a gang member in an attempted armed robbery. and when i came out of rehab. i checked myself out of reha and i worked two jobs. i had the opportunity to be on financial assistance. and i said that is not the life that i want to live. i think that assistance is important. but, when it becomes a lifestyle, you have a problem. we look at what happened en mad tt mistake in 19 that led to fathers leaving the homes and now we have 73% of black homes led by single mothers. and we know that when there are two parents in the home who are working, certainly statistics show that 2% of those people are in poverty. as opposed to african-american mothers, single. 85% are in poverty. that is not the direction that we need to go. we need to, like the mayor of stock don himself, who is
3:29 am
the youngest mayor in stockton, first sphrern, he didn't get there by not working hard. this program and programs like this have been studied since 1968 through 1980 in this country under reagan, under carter, and under nixon and they failed because they produced lesser work hours that ultimately led to lesser income for the recipients. this program hurts resip yengts. it doesn't help them. abby: we will see where this program ends in 18 months. good to have you on this morning. thank you both. >> thank you. abby. abby: left launching a culture war on conservatives to cheering the end of roseanne to liberal americans attacking the white house. next guest says it's time for conservatives to start fighting back. he has a plan for that they say beans are good for your heart. also good for taking down armed criminals more on that coming up. ♪ a blaze of glory ♪ take me down.
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brian: is it me or is it every day there seems to be a new culture war brewing? many of it is targeting conservatives. steve: a lot of the people have noticed that, brian, plotting the end of roseanne, hateful comedians. big tech companies trying to silence conservatives or challenging patriotism by
3:34 am
kneeling during nfl games. our next guest says it's time for conservatives goild their own cultural institutions. but how do you do that? abby: town hall columnist kurt schlichtinger joins us new op-ed. great to see you this morning. what is your plan? wh do conservatives need to do? >> well, conservatives need to do a number of things, abby. but the first things we need to do is realize we're in a fight. you are right. there is a culture war going on. and the liberal elite are the aggressors. they are coming at us left and right. you know, they got really angry when we got all uppity and elected donald trump. when we refuse to elect the person they told us we were supposed. to say now they are kind of sulking. getting a lot of aggressive aggressors. we need to realize we are in a fight. steve: you say cultural elites are trying to marginalize average americans and conservatives in particular. >> absolutely they can't get
3:35 am
us out of government because we voted in a republican congress. we voted in a republican president. but, they do control the institutions. they got hollywood. and they got academia. and they even have big business. you know, this myth about giant corporations being run by a bunch of conservatives that's just crazy talk. it'sust not true. look at starbucks for instance. this is a giant corporation. and it's woker than woke. we need to understanding as normal conservative americans that, you know, everybody who controls hights of power in the culture. outside of the government, is against us. and once we realize that then we can take action. brian: what do you say to democrats watching right now, say really? we feel like we are at war, undoing the regulations those regulations especially on the environment. they feel as though president trump is going to war on everything president obama has done. they feel like they are under attack.
3:36 am
it's called a counter attack. i learned about those at fort binning. see, when they start a fight, we fight back and what we are doing is exercising our power really the only way we can which is at the ballot box. and the ballot box has allowed us to control the legislature and acontrol the executive. and we're undoing religion regf regulation and rules instituted with a pen and a phone. abby: do you think roseanne barr should have been fired? >> i think abc can do whatever it wants with its brand. i think abc was looking for an excuse to get rid of what it saw as a cultural hot potato. and, the cultural hot potato was a show that was perceived as being sympathetic to the kind of people who elected donald trump. whether that's all true or not doesn't matter. whareally matters is what the executives in hollywood have to do at cocktail parties
3:37 am
when their friends gather around them and say how can you do that? steve: sure. >> it's abc's right to get rid of somebody who doesn't share the values. that's fine. but we have got to understand. abby: it wasn't about the values, though, kurt. she tweeted something racist. it wasn't whether she agreed with their values or not. >> what she tweeted was tacky. i don't know anybody who agrees with it. steve: that's why abc did what they did. if you would like to read his town hall op-ed, check it out online. kurt, we thank you very much for joining us today from l.a. >> hey, thanks for having me. abby: good to he so you this morning. other headlines we are following. a win for religious freedom. the supreme court siding with a christian bake his or her refused to make a cake for a same sex wedding due to his religious views. the seven to two ruling determining the colorado civil rights showed antireligious bias when ruling against jack phillips.
3:38 am
that baker jack phillips is joining us live this morning. the first cable news interview you will see with him. starbucks executive is brew up presidential rumors. howard schultz announcing he will step down as executive chairman later this month. 64-year-old vocal critic of the trump administration, telling the "new york times" he is considering pli service. saying, this quote: for some time now, i have been deeply concerned about our country, the growing division at home and our standing in the world. stay tuned for that and a man swinging a hammer gets bush whacked a sheriff's deputy using two cans of baked beatens to take down a man threatening people with a hammer at a florida grocery store. it gave other officers just enough time to tackle and arrest him. the deputy says that the cans of bush's extra brown sugar baked beans were alternative to using deadly force. i'm going to use that in the future. buying a beach house may have just saved this woman's life. nicole mcginnis recently appeared on the abc show beachfront bargain hunt to
3:39 am
celebrate the end of her brain cancer treatments. a doctor at home noticed a lump on her neck and contacted her on facebook. she then got checked out and undergoing treatment for thyroid cancer back in 2015 another viewer spotted a lump on an hgtv star which turned out to be cancer as well. unbelievable. >> unbelievable indeed. saved a lifetime achievement. >> a reminder reach out to people if you have a concern i guess. especially if they're on television. steve: we're on television, so is janice dean. janice: i do look okay? steve: we're not doctors though. brian: do you have an email address in case something? -- janice: oh my goodness. look at the temperatures. 58 in new york city. oler than average across the great lakes and northeast. 53 in cincinnati. kansas city we have 57 for you. there is our past 24 hours though. we have the potential for some stronger to severe storms later on this afternoon. as we get the daytime heating and then continuing in to perhaps the overnight.
3:40 am
the highest risk for severe storms will be across the northern plains we can't rule out maybe some hail, damaging winds across the central u.s. and gulf coast states. there are your highs today radio. landfill warm across the u.s. 91 kansas city. even minneapolis at 80. we are at 76 in new york city. and just a quick look. active in the pacific as well. this wile our first named storm in the next five days we think the good news is the storm will be moving away from land. that's the way we like it. we can have lots of hurricanes as long as they move away from us. back to you. brian: not good for the fish. janice: the fish can handle it. we can ask them. steve: thank you. coming up, congresswoman mia love, national economic council director larry kudlow and kris kobach from my home state of kansas. brian: like we are bragging. abby: president trump says he has the absolute right to pardon himself but won't have to because he has done nothing wrong.
3:41 am
what does judge napolitano think? he is on the case and he joins us next. steve: all rise. here comes the judge ♪ noble's got to worry about nothing ♪ don't go hitting that panic button ♪ everything's gonna be
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and try new tropical citrus flavor with collagen. nature's bounty. ♪ for service and devotion ♪ you would think i would deserve a promotion. brian: all right. quick headlines now. dolly parton may be working 9 to 5 latest project with net flings. the country singer is planning 8 episode sers each chapter based on one of her songs. it's set to debut next year. we will look at all the lyrics. new apple feature will shame you for using your phone too much. the monitoring app. called screen time helps you track how much time you spend on
3:45 am
your iphone. users can view detailed activity reports. even set up time restrictions for specific apps. websites or categories. for ust' kind of weird because we kind of have a job that wants us to stay on top of things. steve: it's when we're not at the job that's what they are trying to do. my head?sha the voice in steve: meanwhile, president trump weighing in as the self-pardon scenario takes center stage quote. as has been stated by numerous legal scholars, i have the absolute right to pardon myself. why would i do that when i have done nothing wrong? in the meantime the never ending witch-hunt led why 13 very angry and conflicted democrats continues into the mid terms. abby: here to break it all down fox judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. have you been a busy man lately. all trying to keep up with the latest developments. on the pardoning, we had kellyanne on yesterday. she was frustrated we are ivan using that word and talking about it? >> i share her frustration. it's not rudy giuliani's fault. he didn't raise it chuck
3:46 am
todd did. in retrospect. had it been me i would have said i'm not going there. abby: thought president is eeting about it? >> we are talking about it so it's part of the 24/48 hour news cycle. the argument in favor of the president can pardon himself is the pardoning power, according to the supreme court, is plenary. meaningful, final, complete. there's no check on it. the argument against that is the constitution elm bodies the rule of law. one of the basic principles of the rule of law is the person can't be the prosecutor or the judge in his own case. i think the stronger argument is most respectfully the president cannot pardon himself. there are partisan and there are partisan. president trump have pardoned people who have already committed crimes. when president ford pardoned then recently former president nixon. nixon hadn't been charged with anything. he just basically said i'm wiping out. i'm preventing anybody from,
3:47 am
thats you with anything from the moment of your birth to the day of the my pardon. there is a variety of ways the pardon power can be utilized. brian: he's not going to get indicted. >> i disagree with rudy giuliani. i profoundl dagree with the image he created. why he would create this image is beyond me. now, i'm quoting him. the president could have james comey shot in the oval office and couldn't be prosecuted for it the image is horrific and demeaning for everybody involved in it it's wrong on the law. if something like that were to happen. the president would be charged, would be indicted but would not be tried until after he left office. it is the trial that would take him away from being the president of the united states. but what the odds -- i see you laughing. what are the odds of something like that happening? brian: getting back in the white house for anything? >> right. steve: rude irudy is colorful fr using colorfu colorful languaged
3:48 am
that is part of it. what is wrong with the inspector general's report on crooked hillary and slippery james comey. numerous delays. hope report is not being changed and made weaker. so many hor t heublic hasight to know. transparency. >> he has a legitimate right there. we all expected that report to be out by now. we thought the inspector general was going to testify about it tomorrow on capitol hill. if he is, it would have to come out today. now, there are reports and there are reports. just like there are partisan and there are partisan. this particular type of report, if you are going to be quoting it, they go to you and present the quote and make sure it's what you said, that's a little time-consuming. i think the president's fears that it's being watered down are legitimate fears. if it appears to be watered down. i want to see the version before it was watered down. brian: word is doj is doing it they are the ones who are not letting it go. the doj. judge: people supposed to work for the president. steve: his administration? >> yes. only in america.
3:49 am
abby: i don't know how you sleep at night. brian: like having a law class. >> yep, all the time 12 minutes before the top of the hour. one law launching new law aimed at gun owners. handover weapons or pay the price. groups aren't going down without a fight. leader of one of those grops groups coming up next. steve: people are fleeing california at record levels. many are going to arizona. what's behind the mass exodus? we're going to tell you coming up. ♪ i nee you ♪ and your love, too. ♪ come on and rescue me ♪ come on, baby, and rescue me ♪ come on, baby ♪ and rescue me ♪
3:50 am
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steve: listen to, this the village of deerfield, illinois is only a week away from implementing an ordinance direc residents to hand in assault weapons or face hefty fines. gunroups let this happen without a fight. one of the groups is the illinois state rifle association. and its director the executive director richard pearson joins us from chicago. richard, good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. >> what do they consider an assault weapon? >> they made up their own definition certainly ar 15 or 30 round magazine,those kinde considered assault weapons by the village of deerfield. steve: have you until next week to bring them down to the city hall or what's going to happen? >> well, they can confiscate them by force, apparently or they can fine you $1,000 a day or probably both. steve: what's your problem with this? >> well, for one thing, when we passed the conceal carry act in 2013, we preempted
3:54 am
local ordinances from doing this sort of thing. it's a direct violation of state law. not to mention the second amendment. steve: wel say deerfield, they say state and federal authorities have failed to regulate the possession, manufacture and sale of assault weapons. so essentially they are taking matters into their own hands because the feds aren't doing anything. >> that's true. but they have to answer the federal government and the state government, which they decideside not to do. steve: kind of a slippery slope they are going down. isn't it? >> i would say it's very slippery, yes. steve: where does this wind up going? >> well, right now we are looking for a temporary restraining order to prevent this from happening. it goes into effect june 8th. and if we get the temporary order. then it will stay all this activity until we have a full court hearing. steve: richard, the people behind this in deerfield say
3:55 am
they are doing things like this to try to deter some sort of a mass shooting. is it a good idea in that regard? >> well, it doesn't help with mass shooting. if people want to do a mass shooting, they are going to do a mass shooting. illinois is a little bit erent than any other state because every gun owner in the state that has foid card goes through a background check every night of the year. so if you have looked at the history of illinois. we don't have any of those or very few of those in our history. and so, which we are much more tightly regular divlaghtth greated than the other states anyway. steve: we did reach out to the village of deerfield's mayor and the board and have not yet received a reply. you see this going to court, right? >> oh, absolutely, yes. steve: because what's at stake? >> well, we think it's a slippery slope. everything is at stake for us. so we will fight this all the way to the supreme court without question. steve: all right, richard person executive director of
3:56 am
the illinois state rifle association joins us today from chicago. richard, thank you. >> thank you very much. have a great day. steve: all right. you as well. what do you think about that? email no-fly zone at the white house. president trump uninviting the philadelphia eagles over the national anthem protest. your email pouring in plus the president just tweeted about it plus, congresswoman mia love is going to be with us. larry kudlow, the prent'sconomic counsel director and kris kobach, the secretary of state for the great state of kansas. straight ahead on "fox & friends" live from new york city. does this map show the peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there.
3:57 am
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downy and it's done. steve: it's a date. the white house revealing more information on the high stakes summit between president trump and kim jong un now just one week away. abby: anticipated talks are
4:00 am
being met with a list of demands frohe democrats. >> if he tries to reach a deal with kim jong un just for the sake of reaching a deal, then he will have invested at the negotiating table yet again. >> in one of the remaining blockbuster cases facing the supreme court this term, the justices hand a christian baker a win 7-2 margin after he declined to make a custom cake for a gay couple. >> bill clinton says he doesn't owe monica lewenski an apology. >> i apologized to everybody in the world. >> you didn't apologize to her. >> did i not talk tore h i did say on more than one occasion i was sorry. steve: the message from the president is if youon't want to stand for the national anthem, you are not invited. ♪ r-o-c-k in the u.s.a. ♪ r-o-c-k in the u.s.a. ♪ r-o-c-k in the u.s.a. steve: rocking at the white house at the white house.
4:01 am
tons of emails in the moment. the president says if you are not going to stand don't bother coming. brian: the ig report the president tweeted a short time ago. where is it? i'm wondering if, i hope it's not like this. are they going to wait for everybody to be talking about the summit and when that ig report drops, the world's eyes are going to be iningapore? could they be worried about the amount of attention it will get? steve: you would hope the department of justice wouldn't be calibrating according to what's going on in the media world. they just have it out when it's time. abby: we have been told every week for months now that it's out next week. steve: the president is a little impatient. he would like to make sure it's full force and they don't water it down. abby: his main focus is north korea which is a week away from today. >> i will take it from here, be a new york stand back. between president trump and kim jong un. steve, you step up. steve: anticipated talks
4:02 am
being met with a list of demands from democrats very interested in the process. abby: kevin corke at the white house with the very latest. >> good morning, guys. there are critics out there asking where were the democrats list of before the iran nuclear deal or the last time say president clinton engaged with pyongyang. nevertheless there is a list of demands they want the trump administration to achieve in the talks with north korea and very interesting list. let me just share some of the big bullet points. they want to make sure that north korea dismantles its nuclear, chemical and biological weapons program. they have want make sure the talks result in the end of production of enriched uranium, plutonium. and make sure they suspend ballistic missile testing. commit to robust inspections to verify compliance of any deal that is struck. whatever the trump administration demands, that those demands be made permanent. so, what does the white house think of this list? just a week before the scheduled summit in singapore?
4:03 am
i'm not going to get into the specifics of the letter. as the president said they were interesting and we feel like things are continuing to move forward and good progress has been made. >> progress being made in a very interesting letter from the north. you might be wondering what does president trump have to say about what the list democrats laid out. >> we haven't heard yet. we have been watching twitter all morning. we will let you know as soon as we hear what his take is on all of that. i do want to pass this along. a very interesting day coming up on the south lawn. celebration of america. we have the marine corps. we have the army chorus. the band will be playing as we celebrate the flag and all it stands for. as you pointed out, this is because the eagles have been disinvited the super bowl champs will not be here today, guys. steve steve that is the transition of the week. kevin corke thank you very headline from the "new york post." trump flips the bird because the eagles have been uninvited. there was a worry there was
4:04 am
a worry given what has gone on in the nfl. there could be a number of nfl players who actually kneel during the player of the national anthem. less than 10 of the eagles were actually going to show up. pulled the plug.rday abby players are on the eagles team? brian: 70. abby: nine said they were going to go. brian: everybody goes. they put on best outfits and smell great. they go into the white house house. they celebrate their incredible super bowl win. the first in their franchise history and they won't have that moment. steve: no picture with the president. abby: president has this to say in response. they disagree with president bse they insist that they proudly stand for the national anthem. hand on heart and honor the great men and women of our military. and the people of our country. the eagles wanted to send a smaller delegates. the 1,000 fans planning to attend the event. they deserve better. these fans are still invited to the white house to be part of a different type of a ceremony that will honor our great country, pay tribute to the heroes who
4:05 am
fight to protect it and loudly and proudly play the national anthem. the president is very simple on this. he says there are certain things that y do. when you are invited to the white house, did you go and you go proudly. when the national anthem plays, you stand and you put yoand over your heart. brian: tori smith came out and wide receiver on the eels he said so many lies. not many are going -- not many people are going to go. that's true by the way. no one refused to go simply because trump insist stand for the anthem. the president continues to spread that false narrative. a lot of people on the team that have plenty of different views. the men and women that wanted to go should have been able to go. not really, not if you have nine instead of 70. that is outright disrespect to the president. the president is like no, i'm not going to do it. you don't want to be here. the invitation is rescinded. same thing with the warriors. i don't feel like i want to go. i don't like this president. spent the whole season criticizing the president. if you don't want to come, don't come. abby: i wonder if the members of the gold star family at that event would
4:06 am
have said we don't want to come to the white house. brian: a lot of them voted for president obama. abby: exactly. steve: disconnect between people in the nfl and the american public. one of the things that has been said of donald trump is that he is really good at taking the pulse of america. and you look and you were talking about the polls earlier of the majority of americans who would like to see players stand for the theament. so ultimately the president realizes the people are probably on his side regarding this. abby: what do they do? have a party, celebrate america. steve: players could actually wind up going to capitol hill for a capitol tour. a number of democrats have invited the team there meanwhile the democratic mayor of philadelphia jim kenny put thought statement. he said these are players who stand up for the cause these belief. in disinviting them from the white house only proves that our president is not a true patriot but a fragile ego maniac obsessed with the crowd size and afraid of the embarrassment of throwing a
4:07 am
party in which no one wants to attend. brian: listen to this mayor "fragile eg ego ego maniac." the president the players showed would have been coming to the white house. this is an opportunity. if you are one of these players, obviously intelligent, think about the country, have this issue. barbecue every weekend. have you an opportunity to go to the white house. all you have to do is a say kellyanne conway, i know you are a big eagles fan could you facilitate a dozen of us going to the east room have a conversation we can exp one-on-one what is he thinking and can you hear what we are thinking as players becausewe ad it? bottom line, i don't care where you stand. it's hurting the nfl. the ratings are down. even though they are behemoth o an organization, number one. they are vulnerable between the head injuries and kneeling on the theme. they have opened themselves up to loses money.
4:08 am
steve: historically nonpolitical event. you just come and present a trophy or rather a trophy jerseyo the president and give him a ball and everybody smiles for a picture. but, instead, it's become a big political headache for football. we asked you what you tht. we g tweet from a viewer who says i don't plan to ever pull for thes anymore. just showed their true color and it is not red, white, anand blue. bad decision on the behalf of the eagles and a huge disappointment to their fan. abby: theym, they lose as a team. they show up as a team or go home as a team. brian: robby says this in an email. i think the nine players and coaches should have been invited. giving them the opportunity to visit the president and white house showing the rest of the team their attitude won't stop the plans of this country. but the team already has other plans. they will go phase 2. dale of organized activities. meetings, weight training and individual on field
4:09 am
drills tuesday. abby: that sounds like a lot more fun than going to the white house? brian: good luck guys. you started practice early. abby: make such aat point. use this tave a real conversation. if you want to make change in this country talk to the man in charge of the condition tri right now. president trump. have a one-on-one conversation. brian: somebody who is probably a big critic of the president. van jones. i don't know if you ever watch the channels. when it comes to prison form he was invited to the white house. he went. he said iiked a lot of what he presented. it's not how i would have presented it but i will get behind it these men beat the patriots in the super bowl and rallied quarterback to do so havereat storyo tell. why not make progress. abby: i bet the president learned a little bit from van jones as well. he says i invite anybody. come on in. let's have those conversations. steve: i think the president is absolute when it comes to this one thing. regardless of what's going on in your lives, have you got to stand for the national anthem, period, end of story for him. abby: he is where much of this country is as well on
4:10 am
their. ending in comments on that other headlines we want to bring you this morning. a hunch from a retired detective helped lead police right to a suspected serial killer in arizona. dwight jones, you can see him right there. killed himself as officers osed in on him in his hotel room. they suspected he murdered six different people in a matt ds. at least four of them linked to 2009 divorce. incredibly ex-wife says current husband, a retired detective realized that connection and then he called the police. also breaking right now. hamas is calling for more blood shed on the israeli gaza border. thousands of palestinianso riotk mag the 51st anniversary of the six-day war which expanded israel's borders. since april, at least 120 palestinians have been killed in protests. the most recent attack coming as israeli struck hamas military site in response to hamas launching a wave of rockets at israel. and instead of a big drop, all of these athletica
4:11 am
thrill seekers got was a big. sky screamer ride six flags in new jersey suddenly stalling more than 100 feet in the air. steve: that's not good. abby: passengers stuck there 15 minutes ahe ride's safety sensors detected an error. it will be thoroughly inspected before reopening. yikes. also 49ers legend the catch has now died after a battle with als. >> looking to throw, and he throws into the end zone, touchdown. abby: dwight clark who caught the game-winning pass in the 1981 nfc championship game was 61 years old. his san francisco 49ers beat dallas cowboys in that game before ultimately going on to win the super bowl. brian: that was tough. steve: 61. brian: meanwhile, 11 minutes after the top of the hour. bill clinton feeling the heat after being questioned about monica lewenski.
4:12 am
first time in 20 years. ize t ey in the world. >> you didn't apologize to her. >> i have not talked to her. but i did say publicly on more than one owe cation that i was sorry. brian: i don't know what it's doing for book sales but it'sten everyone talking. clinton says he got quote hot under the collar. is that an aropriate response? we'll debat it. steve: apparently trouble in liberal paradise. people are fleeing california record levels. a lot of them are going to arizona. what's behind the mass exodus? a discussion with a business owner coming up next from phoenix. ♪ i wish they all could be california girls ♪ u finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well-being. but meningitis b progrses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die.
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steve: some people in california moving out trading beaches for the deserts fleeing t leral high tax state of california in droves. many of them are moving to arizona. our next guest an arizona business owner is already seeing it happen. ris stein, the owner of maximum title loans joins us right now from phoenix. good morning to you, christine. >> good morning to you, steve. steve: why is it that people are fleeing california?
4:17 am
is it the high taxes in the cost of living? in some cases the sanction area city policies? >> steve, it's all the things that you mentioned and more. it's financially related. by comparison. arizona's income tax is half, yes, half of what it is in california. it's real estate. people are being squeezed, including my own family that are also business owners in the l.a. area out of the harm market. real estate is 60% higher in california than it is here in arizona. safety is a huge one. my in-laws recently just made a home purchase here in the grand canyon state as did their very best friend who sold their home in palm springs. steve: right. people are sick and tired of being, you know held to such
4:18 am
standards that they have to literally pack up their bags or i should say lack of standards that they have to pack up their bags and move to get away from it all. steve: listen, i live in the new york area. i know a lot of people that have moved to texas and have moved, in particular, florida because the lower taxes. no state income tax down in florida as well o texas but ation side from that. if you are a lawmaker in sacramento, california, christine, what is the message from thisdus? >> well, i believe the message should be and i recently read that about 46%, i think it was, of people in the bay area polled said they are planning on leaving the bay area within the next couple years. i think the message for much of the liberal parts of california and i stand corrected that not all of california is liberal. my family and people i know,
4:19 am
people are leaving. they are leaving for, you know, cities like phoenix, arizona where i live. and they are wanting, you know, security, they are wanting safety. they are not wanting to be in a nanny state. steve: okay. >> sanctuary state. steve: one other thing. aside from the lower cost of living where you are at and ower taxes as well, i understand that christine when the trump tax cuts went into effect, you called all your employees at your business together and what did you tell them? >> well, what i told them was, steve, is that the future is so bright we need shade. okay, that's not what i said. but we are here in sunny arizona where i think it's going to be well over 100 degrees. again today. but, you know, i remember that day really well because it was a couple days before christmas. so, my husband and and our
4:20 am
labrador retriever, ringo is his name but htage name is super max aft maximum title loans. we actually hand delivered bonuses and pay raises to all of our employees. steve: and they were delighted to get those as well. all right. christine, thank you very much. i'm the phoenix chamber of commerce would be deleted with your appearance today. talking about the virtues of living in arizona instead of california. thank you, ma'am. >> thank you. steve: all right. what do you think about that? email us at if you moved out of a high tax state some place else, let us know why. democrats are slamming the trump administration claiming they are cruelly separating immigrant children from their families. the head of customs border patrol is hereo respond coming up. plus, bill clint gets heated in an interview when asked about monica lewenski and he is not apologizing to her. should he? a debate coming up next. ♪ it's too late ♪
4:21 am
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4:24 am
brian: time now for news by the numbers. let's begin first. more than 8,000, that's how many unlawful entry cases accepted april according to a new study that study jumped 30% from march after the attorney general authorized a zero tolerance policy on the southern border. next, 2,003,000 that's how many background checks the fbi processed for people buying guns last month and launched the third straight record setting month for the system. finally $1 million. that's how much a woman just won from a scratchoff lottery ticket. she bought it on her way to church in south carolina and
4:25 am
calls it a miracle. hey, abby. abby: all right. bill clinton getting heated in new book tour interview when questioned about the lewenski scandal. watch this. >> through the lens of me too now, do you think differently or feel more responsibility? >> no. i felt terrible then and i came to grips with it. >> did you ever apologize? >> yes. andobody believes that i got out of that for free. i lei left the white house $16 million in debt. abby: the world feels sorry for him. bill now apologizing but not to monica lewenski. >> the truth is the hubbub was i got hot under the collar because of the way the questions were asked. the suggestion was that i never apologized. i did. i meant it then. i meant i now. i apologize to my family.
4:26 am
abby: a lot to unpack here. here to debate rnc spokesperson kailee mny. founder and ceo of the 1954 project. ladies, i'm looking forward to this discussion. katie, start with you. we all watched that out first he talks about not needing to apologize to monica. and basically says we should all feel sorry for him for all he has been through all these years. and goes on to say that president trump is partly to blame for the collateral damage. i guess to quote hillary clinton's book title, what happened in this interview? >> this is ridiculous. you see bill clinton there who is the poster boy of the me too movement. he represents a group of elite men who prey on unsuspecting women like 22-year-old monica lewenski. she was an intern. this ruined her life. she called herself the most humiliated woman in the world. she lost job opportunities. it stalled her life for decades. she contemplated suicide. jumping off a balcony it destroyed her. and for bill clinton to sit
4:27 am
there, an egotistically claimehelost $16 million when st part of her life. it's ridiculous. to claim he is are the pa of the meement it's an insult to women. abby: bill clinton used to be the most popular politician in the world. he was known for ability to connect with people. his empathy. he goes on last night to say he was thrown off by that question. if anyone knows how to handle an interview and handle a simple question like that. it would be bill clinton. how does anyone defend it? >> i agree there you know, you can't defend the indefensible. he went ahead and he said that he got hot under t collar answered basically what he says. he knows what he said on the left or right side of the aisle his comments are something that really got people in an uproar. what we have to understand here is when it comes to sexual assault and issues of this nature, it's not political issue. and i love the fact that cailee and other members of the g.o.p. are again hot under the collar around clinton's comments. let's keep in mind that we currently have someone
4:28 am
sitting in the white house 1600 pennsylvania avenue who has accusers who say the same thing. so i think that's important. abby: you are doing exactly what bill clinton did in that interview. >> no i'm not. don't do that abby. i'm not -- that's rude. abby: every time we have you on the show you turn it back to donald trump. in this conversation and that interview that happened yesterday on "the today show" with bill clinton himself, that had nothing to do with donald trump. that had to do with bill clinton's past and whether or not he felt he needed to personally apologize to monica lewenski. this has nothing to do with donald trump here. when you go that direction that is what turns a lot of people off. kayleigh, why does it always go back to donald trump. >> ridiculous to try to draw an analysis between bill clinton who oval office and president trump's words is astonishing. so-called accusers by the way john solomon at the hill reported were paid off by gloria all red. one had her mortgage paid off. another one offered payments from a tabloid. to say draw an analogy between what was a publicity stunt and the serious
4:29 am
allegations by juanita broderick and paula jones and monica lewenski who almost jumped off of a balcony because of what bill clinton did to her in the oval office, not an analogy there we should all sit here and condemn bill clinton for those actions. abby: wenty, the reason i'm fired up by the way is because we are all women in this conversation. the interview that happened yesterday didn't have to do with donald trump, it had to do with bill clinton that's why we are talking about this. can't we as women take politics out of this and say he could have come up with a much better, much more heart felt response to that question? >> abby, that's what i said. so for you again to sit here and say that sounded like bill clinton is offensive. no matter what side of the aisle you sit on what clinton said was incorrect. however, in the same token, we have a president who was accused by women of doing the same thing, so this is not a political issue. clinton is wrong. that is indefensible. no one is saying that he is not. but for us to sit here and say we are going to piece and pars meal what is going on in the past versus what's
4:30 am
currently going on completely as women not doing justice to the me too movement. anyone who says that should be ashamed. abby: i don't think that's what this conversation is about at all. i think we can all agree that that response yesterday was appalling and embarrassing for bill clinton and we will see how the fallout continues to play out. ladies, good to have you with us here this morning. >> thank you. abby: coming up, she was cleared of killing her baby daughter. but could america's most hated mom casey anthony be headed back to trial? congress is make or break moment on immigration this week. what do they need to do to help our border agents on the ground. acting deputy commissioner of customs and border protection here to weigh in. you don't want to miss that. ♪ ♪
4:31 am
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♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ icmotorcycle, great rates for great rides. >> the reason the administration says they are tearing these children away from their parents is not to treat them graciously but, instead, to assault and inflict hurt. >> this is a cruel and unusual policy and this is a policy that hearkens back to what america did during the times of slavery. >> the fact that those families are being separated at the border, the fact that children are being torn out of the arms of their mothers is on donald trump's head. steve: oh my goodness, that sounds terrible. there you have got a number of democrats blasting the administration for removing children from their families.
4:35 am
is that really happening? ron vitiello is the acting deputy commissioner of u.s. customs and border protecti joins us lye today. chief, what is the truth? what is going on on our southern border regarding families. >> what happens is when people cross the border illegally, that's a federal crime. and working with secretary nielsen, the department of justice, the attorney general, he has offered to prosecute anybody that crosses the border illegally. that's what's happening. so, all of these cases are being referred. and if it happens to be a , then they will be separated during the time adjudication. steve: has it always been like that. >> it happens in other contexts. sure. what's happened now is that the attorney general, secretary nielsen has said hey, you will refer all people who cross the border illegally. we will not exempt any class illegal alien that crosses the border illegally. it's a federal crime. we are referring those cases for prosecution. brian: what would happen in 2014 and 2012 if a family came across to breech our border? >> still was a federal crime then. we just didn't have the resources or the initiative
4:36 am
to refer those cases for prosecution. we now have a president who believes in border security. what we know in the border patrol is if you provide a consequence to illegal activity you will get less of it. abby: there seems to be so muchinformation, when yo different articles today about what's going on on the border. i'm so it's so frustrating from your perspective to read what's going on. give our viewers a sense of what you see and what you are dealing with every single day. help us all better understand the situation. >> so, cdp and specifically the border patrol. there are a number of men and women out there each and every day trying to protect that border. what we know about what's going on in these cases now is that consequences matter. if you address illegal activity. if you address federal crimes with consequences. you will get less of those crimes. so far?have you noticed that >> we haven't seen that yet. it usually take as couple weeks for these cycles to. abby: do you think the wall would help in the president keeps pushing for that wall. saying we need to build this wall. what difference do you think
4:37 am
it will make. >> it will make enduring difference. give us more access to the border and technology. not just asking for that barrier but asking for access to that barrier. lighting while we are there and more efficient arrest it will make a bignce. brian: where are you building the barrier now. >> construction underway now in calexico, california. 20-mile stretch in new mexico and then we just brokround on sunday in san diego for new border wall. steve: one of t thiat i knowplee administration have said in the past is that, you know, you might not like what we border, about but what it is happening is we are simply enforcing the laws as they are written by congress. you want to change t law, it's up to congress. it looks like congress is going to face a make or break moment in the next week or two. do you have any faithhat they might be able to get hind something to make your job a little easier? >>'m not sure. the president asked us for
4:38 am
plans to obtain operational control. we have done all the physical things that we want to do on the border. we are hiring border patrol agents and cpd officers. personnel technology and infrastructure at the border so that means new people as well. and we also need these loopholes closed. what's happenisystem if you coma family or if you come as uncompanied minor, they are being released into the society. we want to end that as quickly as possible. brian: you need more judges so people can get their hearing so you are not doing the catch and release? >> we need some system that allows us for to have people custody until they have due process h however you get that combination of judges, detention space. consequences for illegal. >> republicans look at immigration w make orak for them. any advice? >> we have given them lots of assistance. we would like to see them address these loopholes. brian: daca? will bring morerder security unaccompanied minors, right. >> i know over 30 years of
4:39 am
work if you appl aconsequences o illega activity you get less of it that's what we're looking for. steve: when you talk about congress would like to close loopholes what are the number one and two loopholes. >> people come as families they can only be held for arnl amount of time. we have to address that the law designeo prevent people from being trafficked, to prevent human trafficking. it's being exploited by smugglers and individuals cross the border illegally as family. brian: national guard help or hurt. >> it's helping. we have 1200 guardsmen out there working doing things for us, allowing us to put more agents in the field. added capability and hair support. brian: how do you explain that the border crossings are they same level than president obama. i hear there is a surge right now. >> we saw it go down and now it's coming back because they are exploiting the leak in the system if you will, right? these people coming as families or children. abby: great to have you on this morning. really important perspective. thanks for all you do. good luck. all right, turning now to
4:40 am
other headlines we are following this morning. veterans have long been battling brutal wait times at the v.a. patientsng a programt to avoid those long wait times are still facing delays before seeing a doctor. the government accobiliice says that vets in the private care choice program are facing waits up to 70 days before they receive care. the findings come as president trump prepares to sign a 52 billion-dollar bill to overhaul the v.a. and casey anthony could go to trial again, 10 years after being acquitted in the murder ever her daughter. the man who found 2-year-old kayleigh's body wants jurors to decide defamation case against anthony. roy crump claims anthony told her lawyers to wrongfully implicate him in the toddler's death. he sued back in 2011. but the case stalled out. kayleigh disappeared from her grandparent's home in 2008 and found dead six months later. her mom found not guilty despite a massive public outcry.
4:41 am
and a man is busted for stealing american flags all because he says he wanted to use them as his curtain. >> this disgusts me. just didn't think that, you know,omebody shoul like have some respect. abby: police used surveillance video to find the thief outside of pittsburgh, pennsylvania. he admits to taking patriotic flags from a recently renovated war memorial near pittsburgh and two other spots, including an ice cream shop. he told cops he needed them to cover his windows after his curtain rod broke. unreal. how far back can you remember? scientists now claim our earliest childhood memories begin from the age of 2. >> get down here? >> we just walked. >> technically, i was pushed. abby: researchers at u.k. davis find hippo campus. can be triggered before toddlers even learn how to speak. that is about a year and a
4:42 am
half earlier than first thought. the discovery could now lead to earlier diagnosis of developmental brain disorders. steve: let that be a lesson, watchi age 2 ands are remembering. abby: that's dangerous, actually. brian: janice dean's core audience leadership, anyway, 2-year-old. right, janice? janice: you mean fredy the frog caster? brian: yes. janice: any age group is great to read fredy the frog caster. hi, you guys. >> hi. janice: are you ready to be on tv name and town. >> pennsylvania. janice: your name. >> louise. >> ohio. >> jim from atlanta. >> cailee graham from tallassee, alabama. >> shana bryant from jacksonville, alabama. >> karen hill pensacola. >> pensacola. janice: everybody in. happy birthday, right? did you get into trouble yet? >> not yet. janice: not yet? what's your favorite part of
4:43 am
the birthday trip? >> probably our big monster milk shake last night. janice: monster milk shake. take a look at the weather across the maps. beautiful day in new york city if you are here to enjoy the weather it is happening. 60 right now. 58 in cleveland. there is your radar. the map.ole lot happening on could see the potential for severe storms across the central u.s. and hot across the central part of the country. okay, wave, everybody. you guys were amazing. [cheers] janice: are you amazing? yes, you are. steve: thank you very much. abby: i want to come back to life and have janice dean as a mom. i have the most amazing mom but janice makes everyone so happy. brian: head of starbucks brewing up political rumors after stepping down as the head of starbucks. what's he up. to say. abby: melania trump first public appearance since going through kidney surgery. still not good enough for many in the media. mia love from my home state of utah is here to react.
4:44 am
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what bum knee? advil is relief that's fast strength that lasts you'll ask... what pain? with advil steve: time for quick monday mornin -- quicktuesday morning s for you. program to promote social justice. it will help create a inclusive campus community through workshops, training, presentations it pays 9 bucks an hour at ku. meanwhile, the university of michigan is shelling out more than $8 million on its diversity staff. according to economics professor mark perry, the taxpayer funded school employs near there 100 people who promote diversity, equity and inclusion on campuses. $8.4 million is how much it cost. meanwhile, the president of the united states, he has been very busy this morning.
4:48 am
he has been tweeting up a storm. but, yesterday, he made a lot of headlines in talking a little bit -- or through his attorney rudy giuliani who said if he wanted to. >> the president is frustrated because last friday we had about the best jobs report we have seen in a very long time. unemployment at 3.8%. is he frustrated because like why does no one talk about this? this is what the american people care about. they wake up happy that they can provide more for their family. and, yet, you turn on the media and there is this obsession still with the mueller probe. so much so he the so thon't talk about what's going on. brian: it is to the president's fault because he keeps talking about it if he didn't come out and said i can pardon myself. they wouldn't be talking about it. abby: not just him but giuliani. brian: when someone comes one a hypothetical county president pardon himself? brian: say what does that have to do with anything? move on. then focused on the best
4:49 am
economy in 50 years, maybe 100 years. abby: you can't pardon yourself that would be political suicide. show something guilty of. no way that would actually happen. going back to being frustrated with the media. here a little clip to show s have been covered r >> the president openly declaring is he above the law. >> think about what we are talking about the president all morning is basically saying again the president of the united states is above the law and not required to comply with the constitution. >> the president of the united states is talking about pardoning himself about not being indicted look at what the political ebb environment -- what political environment would be created by that we're really talking about the end of this presidency. if you are talking about the president of the united states saying i'm going to pardon myself. even if republicans try to protect him, you are talking about the collapse in many ways of the institutions of this republic. >> try to picture an ordinary criminal who committed a crime saying that i can do whatever i want. and by the way. i will pardon myself. you sound like you are
4:50 am
guilty when you say that. brian: of course you do. i don't even know where the question came from. bottom line is they are more aggressive they want mueller to wrap it up. don't want to sit down unless the criteria is right for him to sit down as president. he stunt understand what else mueller needs. he also doesn't think that he is even looking at an indictment. so it's all hypothetical. so much more to talk about. abby: certainly learning a lot more about the law. things i never knew. can you pardon yourself as president or you cannot? steve: that's a good question. nonetheless, there is plenty to talk about. the president feels talk about the economy it's great. instead of the witch-hunt. all right. meanwhile. 10 minutes before the top of the hour. brian: kris kobach firing back at what he is calling a snowflake meltdown after the left slams him for his jeep that had a flag painted on it. steve: and a fake gun. brian: yeah, i should say that he will join us next hour. steve: so much for unbiased reporting. andrea mitchell cheering for the eagles after the
4:51 am
president calls off the visit to the white house. carley shimkus reporting for duty. take a look at twitter coming up next. abby: hey, carley. i become a model? yes. no. start the challenge today. and try new tropical citrus flavor with collagen. nature's bounty. but he has plans today.ain. hey dad.
4:52 am
so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong.
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4:54 am
steve: here's what trending. so much for unbiased reporting, the mainstream media making it clear how they feel about president trump canceling the eagles' invitation to the white house later on today. abby: ntsb andrea mitchell tweeting for the team fly eagles fly. brian: what the heck is that? >> here with reaction lighting up social media is carley shimkus, full-time here and find her on the 15th floor. > carley: my badge is still working. good sign every morning when i walk. in woo, still working. this is such a polarizing
4:55 am
topic especially wit the philadelphia mayor calling the president what a fragile ego maniac. but going back to andrea mitchell and that fly eagle fly tweet. if you read the comment section. she is really getting a lot of backlash and criticism for saying that joe on twitter says unbiased journalism at its finest. and ozzy also tweets it's truly unfortunate for football fans the game has become too political. it used to be about the game it brought people together. now it's politically divisive. that is so true, brian. i'm sure you agree with that. brian: they are feeling it in the stands and feeling in the ratings. they thought they put this behind them but obviously it's front and center. abby: a loser there. >> ceo of starbucks stepping down from that role. >> speculation over whether or not he wants to run for president. that news adding fuel to the fire. one of the things i want to do in my next chapter is to figure out if there is a role i can play in giving back. i'm not exactly sure what
4:56 am
that means yet. you know, so funny is that the responses to this were actually, owe they're really funny too. howard schultz is stepping down from starbucks as a tradition his resignation will be written on a cup of coffee with his nam totally every time. this year's holiday cup as he running for 2020. brian: the whole theory of being successful in life and giving back, that's the theory of public service. not about your ego. it's about giving back to the country. steve: you also have to be really rich these days and he is. abby: he wasn't originally rich. he has quite a story to tell. steve: he wasn't running for presidt then. abby: he has name i.d. and money. he has strong opinions about president trump. >> i think we will following this one state to when he resigns i think it's june 22nd is when he steps down as chairman. steve: all right. carley shimkus thank you so much. >> thank you.
4:57 am
appreciate it. steve: larry kudlow joins us in a couple minutes. abby: the supreme court siding with this couple. that baker joining us live. . .
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ steve: it's a date. thehite house revealing more information on the high-stakes summit between president trump and kim jong-un, now just one week away. >> president just in the last couple minutes tweeted this out. what is taking so long with the insp general's report on "crooked hillary" and slippery james comey? numerous delays. hope report is not being changed. >> i think president fears it is being watered down are legitimate fears. if it appears to be watered down i want to see the version before it was watered down. abby: one of the remaining blockbuster cases the justices hand ad christian bake ear win by 7-2 margin after declined to make a custom cake for a gay couple. >> bill clinton says he doesn't
5:01 am
apologize to monica lewinsky. >> i apologized to everyone in the world. >> you you have not apologized to her. brian: who is not coming to the white house? the eagles. >> if you don't want to stand for the national anthem you're not invited. ♪ outside the world headquarters. coming up this hour we'll hit the streets and talk to the folks here in new york city who are passers by whether they feel it was right for president of the united states to pull the plug on the reception later today for the philadelphia eagles at the white house. abby: the dooc is on the loose. brian: let's go to larry kudlow. director of white house national economic counsel. comes to us exclusively this
5:02 am
morning. larry, great to see you new york stock exchange brian, appreciate it. brian: we're trying to follow the latest developments. to the exactly your wheelhouse. the whole world is watching to see what happens with north korea. we understand, we got a time on the 12th, 9:00 it all begins. we also understand that korea and us in five rounds of talks are talking about a way in which we can begin to getome of these nuclear weapons out of the country. is there anything you can add to that? >> probably not. i think the big news here it is going to happen or seems almost certain to happen. i think that is a huge plus. i frankly think, speaking of myself, north korea coming to the negotiating table has a lot to do with president trump's very firm stand with respect to their nuclear weapons, with respect to all options on the table. with respect to the sanctions being imposed. i think china is probably helped us some on that. this is breathtakingly important
5:03 am
of course in asia and korean peninsula. it could have a terrific ending. we will see. my hunch is these things will go on for a while. you will not get a total finished deal in theo round. we'll see on all that, how it goes. abby: larry the president is not backing down on trade, says we continue to get the short end of the stick. you met with him recently. talking about nafta and changes that mead to be made. what is the latest? >> we met with the president a couple times. he is seriously contemplating a shift in the nafta negotiations of the his preference now, he asked me to convey this. actually negotiate with mexico and canada separately. he prefers bilateral negotiations and he is looking at two much different country. canada is a different country than mexico, they have different problems and you know, he believed bilateral is always better. he hates large treaties. i know this is just three
5:04 am
countries but still, you know, often times when you have to compromise with a whole bunch of countries you get the worst of the deals. why not try to get the best of the deals for the amerin people, american workforce, american economy, presumably for their econoes as well? canada is a whole lot different than mexico. it has different problems. steve: sure. >> the important thought he may be moving quickly towards these bilateral discussions instead of as a whole. steve: larry, that is the way donald trump always negotiated. that is his squeeze play. hey, listen canada, i'm getting a better deal from mexico. you better get on board. next thing you know has a brand new nafta? >> i'm trying to process squeeze play in this case. i have to think about that, brian. let me say countries that are different probably deserve different deals and they have different problems. these things might be able to happen more rapidly. i think that is the key point. nafta has kind of dragged on.
5:05 am
th president is not going to leave nafta. he will not withdraw from nafta. he will try a different approach. i can't offer timing here, but judging from what he told us yesterday i think he would like to start that approach rather quickly actually. brian: i know you approached the canadian delegation with that thought. i don't know how you can have a bilateral with canada and nafta, but did you bring that up to canada? what was their reaction? >> i'm waiting to hear what their reaction is going t be frankly. i spoke yesterday to one of their top people, right next to the prime minister. he will probably get back to me sometime today. just so happened he called in. i let him know what the president's new thinking will be. we'll wait and see. hopefully get a response from them as soon as possible and move thele process forward. we have the g7 north of quebec. i hope it's a g7 meeting. i hope not a g 1 plus six
5:06 am
meeting. america has a growth story. americas that a very strong growth story. we're moving towards 3%. all right? unemployment rates are we he probably the lowest unemployment claims as share of workforce in history. business confidence is booming. we'll take that story to the g7 meeting. i hope that the other countries listen carefully because right now according to the oecd we are the fastest growing economy in the world and tax cuts and roll back of regulation has worked. abby: what do you say to critics who argue that the tariffs will be put on will be a negative impact on how well the economy is doing, how do you respond to them? >> well, look, i don't think that is at all the case right now. that is something you keep an eye on but reality is this. president trump is the biggest trade reformer in decades and decades. the world trading sms
5:07 am
broken, okay? there is no reciprocity. people have been raising trade tariffs. they have been raising non-tariff barriers. it doesn't help us. poor trade deals actually damaged the american economy down through the years. he regards himself as a free trader and i certainly am but you can't free tra unless you,r trading practices, stealing technology, stealing intellectual property taxes, china is it probably worst offender this but all countries are guilty. america is most competitive if you lower barriers we will export a ton, that will drive our economy up and help the other economies as well. steve: sure, larry. right now our economy is doing great. the president within the last hour or so tweeted this out, the u.s. has increased economic value of more than $7 trillion since the election. maybe the best economy in the history of our country. record jobs numbers. nice ♪
5:08 am
drives the president crazy he has great economic numbers and it is about russia, and collusion and rudy, and everything but the good news of the economy? >> such is life i suppose. i don't want to go up against all the media issues. i only watch certain channels myself. i think, here, if you take a look at the confidence surveys, smalusess have the highest confidence survey in the record of that survey. okay? consumers in general and large businesses in general. so the confidence surveys are like polls. and he is doing very well. the program is doing very well. the growth is very clear. we're getting it from the business investment side. we're getting fromhe consumer side. we're getting it from the jobs side. brian: right. >> minority, unemployment is reaching record lows. everybody attacks me and everybody attacks the president
5:09 am
and art laffer, we'll never get 3% growth. guess what? we are at 3% growth through the second quarter. i grrantyou we' 3% growth. that is tremendous achievement. goes to you if you lower tax rates and allow people to succeed and reward their success, and you open up small businesses by getting all the regulatory red tape out of the way, people will respond. america is a very entrepreneurial economy. i hope the rest of the world thinks about that at this g7 conference. brian: so, larry, the word is from china they said that the trade delegation that the u.s. team has sent over are so, you guys are arguingmongst yourselves, and you're not able to speak in one voice and they say wilbur ross in particular, commerceretary, does not have the power to make decisions and he spent the weekend in beijing. are you guys coming together at all? do the china niece have a point
5:10 am
here. >> no, ion't think they really do. ey shudder would about their own dation helping uso make deals on technology as well as intellectual property. look, i spoke to wilbur ross yesterday. he gave a report to a meeting we had with potus. he actually believes he has increased openings n traenings m commodities, energy commodities, really across the board, industrial projects. wilbur told me although they didn't sign a deal, deal, talking about export openings and tariff reductions in china might generate as much as 500,000 u.s. jobs. i think that is awfully good start. we are making great progress what we had done earlier. can't be overly optimistic but you can be cautiously optimistic. i think the chinese want to play. but again, we have to protect american assets. we have to protect american gy. what callhe crown jewels. we are the process of doing that. china, you know, forced
5:11 am
transfers of technology, they have to let their own companies in china own those companies. they won't let us do that. so these are bilge issue that still have to be resolved. abby: speaking about protecting america, the president wants to protect the american flag and back and forth with the eagles. he disinvited them from the white house. he is throwing a birthday party for america 3:00 p.m. on the south law of the white house. do you think this is the right move? >> yeah, look. i'm a new york g fan. lifelong giants fan. if the eagles want toisbehave, i'm not all that surprised. brian: those are t eagles you know. >> sorry. just thought i would say that. abby: we'll leave it there, larry. good to have you on. appreciate it. abby: he is a character, he? on serious note we have headline wantring you. a hunch from reted detective led to a serial killer in
5:12 am
arizona. dwight jones killed himself they closed in on his hotel room. they suspect he murdered six people in six days. four of them linked to his 2009 divorce. the ex-wife, the retired connection, realized kirks and called police on it. unbelievable. millions of voters head to the polls in eight different states. all eyes on the state of california where democrats hope to flip 10 seats to help them take control of the house. the gubernatorial race also heating up. lieutenant governor gavin newsom looking to succeed his boss jerry brown. republican john cox hopes an endorsement from president trump is enough to secure second place. the top two primary candidates overall advance to the november election. >> buying a beach house may have saved this woman's life. nicole mcguiness, was on the hgtv show bargain hunt.
5:13 am
celebrating treatments. a doctor noted she had a lump on her neck. contacted her on facebook. she got it checked she underwent treatment for thyroid cancer. in 2008, another viewer spot ad lump on a person and saved her life. brian: watch more reality tv. steve: supreme court citing with this baker who refused to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple but is this really a win for religious freedom. that baker jack phillips joins us live coming up. brian: plus, melania trump honoring our heroes since her first public appearance since undergoing kidney surgery. it is still not enough for some. media. congresswoman mia love, up here to see abby but also to talk to us. ♪
5:14 am
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bp is taking safety to new heights. using drones and robots offshore so engineers can stop potential proble before they start. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better. ♪ brian: in her first public appearance since undergoing kidney surgery last month, melania trump, honoring our heroes and gold star families. that is not good enough for the
5:18 am
media. they're pushing headlines where she has been and why is she not going over to singapore? why so intent tearing down conservativeomen i many cases? let's ask one of them. congresswoman mia love is getting ready to play for the men's team in the congressional softball game ad the stadium. are you surprised at some. intrigue about the first lady? >> i'm not surprised. she is not an elected official. she has surgery. you should give her a little bit of slack. this is what the left does. they say they want diversity, but if you think differently that is not thef diversity they want of the they will attack you. do whatever they possibly can to make sure they discredit you. brian: right. she is somebody that seems on her game. she just had surgery. what person underwent surgery wants to get on a flight 21 hours to singapore. i don't understand what the mystery is? >> it is absolutely ridiculous. i see the same thing happen with members of congress, with everybody.
5:19 am
it happens to me. oh, this is great. only black female republican in congress yet nancy pelosi goes out and recruits, wait for it, a white male that doesn't live in the district to run against me. so it is, instead of helping to recruit more women, help support women in politics, it is if you don't think the same way, that is the not the the diversity they like. brian: diversity in a different way. you're playing in the men's republican baseball game. a year ago during practice a gunman almost wiped out the entire republican dellgation. for to you pitch, you're an athlete, that doesn't surprise me. what about the emotion? >> well it is going to be, i think it is going to be a celebration of survival, a celebration of, they didn't take, they didn't take my friend scalise out. and i'm just honored that i was asked to go and play. i won't be pitching. i'm playing second place, and going to be doing a lot of the
5:20 am
running because those guys need someone a little faster to run around the bases. brian: is steve a second baseman? >> he is. he is. brian: i'm sure he will be back. al quick, you're part of a delegation team with democrats will hurd to get something done on daca. will there be a vote this week? >> i want to be very clear why i did this, because it is really important to know, that to me it was all about getting a bill to the floor, any of the bills, one of the bills. it didn't matter, but i was so frustrated that we weren't actually doing our job. our job is to create a uniform rule of naturalization, not leaving it to the white house, not doing executive orders, but for to us do something. when we were talking to leadership about getting a bill, working the bill, we weren't getting anywhere. brian: right. >> to make sure we're debating bills on the floor, so people that send me to represent them to have a voice. brian: you should be in leadership, that is my opinion. best of luck on the 14th. >> thank you. brian: the supreme court siding
5:21 am
with a baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. the baker and his attorney join us for their first interview. the lincoln mkx, more horsepower than the lexus rx350. and a quiet interior from which to admire them. for a limited time, get 0% apr on the lincoln mkx plus get $1,000 bonus cash get 0% apr on the lincoln mkx the first survivor of ais out there.sease and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen.
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♪ brian: quick headlines right now. nearly 70 people now confirmed dead in the devastating volcano that erupted in guatemala. first-responders digging through the ash and debris with survivors, it is so hot in some places it is burning their shoes off. miracle among the devastation when rescuers pull a baby from the rubble alive. >> france going hard after fake news, proposing a new law banning reporting of false information. president emannuel macron who is targeted by online rumors during the 2017 campaign, thanks, russia, spearheaded the effort. it would allow the government to stop what it calls manipulation
5:25 am
of information leading up to the elections. maybe president trump is watching. steve? steve:an. for religious freedom in one of the remaining blockbuster cases facing u.s. supreme court this term. the justices handing a christian baker from colorado a win by 7-2 margin after the baker declined to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple stew to religious objections. >> joining us for his first interview, jack phillips, and alliance for defending freedom, kristin wagner. thanks for having both of you on. most importantly, your response, jack. a big day yesterday. a win for you. how do you respond? >> it was a big win. it was a big win for us. now we're just looking forward to hopefully getting back into the wedding business. we'll see how the court ruling affects that. steve: wait a minute. you're going to get back into the wedding business? >> i got into the bakery business, one of the main reasons because i love doing
5:26 am
wedding cakes. colorado civil rights commission took that away from me. hopefully we can get back and do the baking that i love. steve: kristin, he says they took it away from him because he would not make the cake for the same-sex couple. he felt it flew in the face of his religious holdings. so the colorado, state of colorado said, if you're going to be a baker you can't make cakes anymore? >> it said a whole lot more than that. justice kennedy reflected that in the majority decision. jack loves and serves anyone who walks in his store, all walks of life, he never promoted all messages through his cakes. declined a number of different cakes, halloween messages, cakes that would celebrate divorce. this is one of many different cakes he will not bake because his cakes, he sketches, sculpts hand designs artistic expression. abby: what do you say to folks say that is bad decision you? ultimately will have a disagreements with people you
5:27 am
don't like. >> ultimately i have serve everybody who comes in the store. i don't create cakes with every message. abby: who are people you say no to? >> kristin says i don't do cakes for halloween. i wouldn't make cakes that would be anti-american or disparage people in any way. including people who identify as lgbt. somebody asked me to do a cake like that i would tell them no. steve: i read you do sell birthday cakes to gay folks? you sell cookies and everything else. >> yeah. i told the two gentlemen that came in that day i will sell you birthday cakes, cookies brown anies, custom cakes. i can't do this cake because of message. abby: they ruled specifically on your case yesterday. there is this hunger in the country for the supreme court to make a broader decision about religious freedom, what that means for every baker out there, every business owner, for if they have people they want to serve or don't want to serve, there is understanding across the board? >> the court didn't address the free speech issues in jack's
5:28 am
case but issued a broad ruling on religious freedom. it said the government can not express religious hostility. there is no place for that hostility in a p societwith a very strong rulinge of good faith are on both sides of the debate, both sides deserve the same protections under constitution. steve: kristin, explain how the colorado commission was hostile towards jack. >> let me count the way. as justice kennedy said they compared jack's religious beliefs, to slave owners, person traitors of holocaust. he said he was engaging in despicable rhetoric. that he believes, jewish, muslim, protestant, catholics hold throughout the country. millions of americans hold these beliefs. they applied the law in uneven handed manner. those cake designers who were asked in other situations to design cakes criticizing same-sex marriage they got off scott-free. the commission said they had first amendment rights. not jack. steve: that is what the supreme
5:29 am
court ruled. that is why they referred to it narrowly. essentially what they're saying is, forget about the cake. the commission treated you unfairly? right? abby: this is almost six-year journey, jack. almost six years. what has the response been in your town, where you're from in colorado? >> the response of the community has been overwhelmingly supporti my community realized how important this case is and how important it is to protect the freedom of, creative professionals myself. abby: people still coming into your bakery and buying stuff. >> yeah. we just don't create every cake, every message. steve: sure you want to get back into the wedding business. you know there is going to be another challenge. first day, that is it going to happen. >> we have to remember the commission order below, he lost 40% of his family business, of his family income. he lost six of his 10 employees has been a crushing blow to him financially. imagine the fact for last six
5:30 am
years he had death threats. his wife is afraid to go to work on daily basis as a result of this. he lives by his convictions. we all want that freedom. steve: those arehe reasons why you wouldn't go back into the wedding cake business but for you, that is it why you are going to? >> hopefully we'll look at what the court's ruling is, make sure we're in compliance with that. we want to be good at that i'm looking forward to getting back into the wedding business. that is one of the main things i opened the shop for. abby: yesterday was a win for you. what you've been fighting for six years. great to have you on the couch. good luck. >> thank you. steve: straight ahead on the tuesday, anti-sanctuary movement is spreading across california. it picked up very unlikely supporter. the woman who helped start it all. abby: harris faulkner is father of a dedicated army officer. she is sharing lessons that she learned growing up in a military family. harris is joining us. there she is. come on over. steve: hello.
5:31 am
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♪ steve: listen to this. fox news host harris faulkner is daughter of a decorated army
5:35 am
officer who drew on his experience in the military to teach many of life's valuable lessons. abby: she shares the lessons in her new book. nine rules of engagement. it is outtoday. brian: "outnumbered," overtime host, harris faulkner. how does that sound, harris. >> i'm exciting. is it too early for camo in the morning? steve: that is the rules. >> wear camo in life, wear things help you successful. part of your gear. that is what the military is. they're always in there. the best for the mission, right? abby: i love the song we led in, the all american girl by carrie underwood. that is what you are for your dad, a returd lieutenant colonel. on instagram he opens up your book for very first time. if we can play this.
5:36 am
>> oh, nice. oh. she is on the front, harris. oh, and there is the baby. there is harris as a baby on the back. and my wife. shirley. those two girls were with me every day i flew in airplane in vietnam. that is the bed when she was a little girl. that was taken in germany. and this is today. steve: perfect product placement at the end. >> i don't know why i'm tearing up. steve: i do. your father. he is so proud. abby: you talk so much about your dad when i do "outnumbered" with you and special relationship with your mom who you lost recently. what is like you see your dad
5:37 am
opening book. >> heold me i passed some of the rules. he says i need to w on rule number four. i had never heard a lot of the war stories that he shared with me for the book. and interviewing your dad is awkward sometimes because he is telling me things that, when we were in places where we were worried about him, i could only imagine all the sleepless nights that military spouses all over the country like my mom would have, but also that strong faith that they had as couple, in themselves and god, that it would be okay. lessons from the cockpit are the rules we lived out, things like recruiting your special forces. being on a team that has your six, has your back. being picky about that. you might have to fire a few people. some of those people are relatives. you have to tell them you have to be with me. my uncle ronnie, took video, directing him, my dad.
5:38 am
nobody in my family does tv. that was one-take stuff. my dad revised his mission, one of the rules where you have contingency plans. you had extra book on hand? no, we would retape it and reglue it. you cut it with scissors. how would that work. brian: i find hit religious, not religious, military families, don't take a lot for granted. they don't, you will be here tomorrow, you will be here the next day. there is a sense if it doesn't happen to you, it happened to other families. they seem to appreciate each other more? >> brian, that is so right. ok, shine a light on those of us serving. 300 million in the u.s. and about a million plus who are serving. but it is entire family who serves. it is a much broader picture than that. it is extended family. it is that sense of everybody pulling together and not taking that time for granted as you just pointed out. none of us knows when our time will come to do something great or move on to wherever we're
5:39 am
going or on to heaven. we can live each moment with purpose. the rules where to apply in life for success personallynd professionally. i was so excited to wear this book, to write this book. wear camo, read every chapter, some you have to hit twice. tough be prepared. you have to show up. you have to stay ready, so you don't have to get ready in life. abby: harris, do we need this s so needed. now. >> always do. as moms, you're a new mom, you know that moment, my mom was always ready with her perception of what is right and wrong, and whenever i would mess up, i write about some young girls i had gotten together with, she was worried they wereore active in a certain category than i was, might make mistakes, look i'm not going to tell you no, but i will make you so busy i'm going to make you so busy you won't have time to mess up.
5:40 am
she had me ironing pillowcases. i think she went out and bought pillowcases for me to iron. abby:o time to be petty. >> that is about integrity. unleash power of integrity. 9 rules of engagement. abby: do you leak fierce on this cover. you look fabulous. 9 rules of engagement. brian: when can we watch you again? 1:00? 12:00 first. >> doing facebook live from 9:00 a.m. reading from the book, some of my favorite parts on facebook and finish my breakfast. and then, yeah, then i'm, i'm up next at noon on "outnumbered" andout numbered overtime which you get to join me on the couch. abby: see you tomorrow, harris. >> bless you g steve: congratulationses. >> a lot going on this morning. i do want to bring you other headlines. growing anti-sanctuary movement in california has a new unlikely supporter, one. liberals who wrote the original sanctuary law now calls it too
5:41 am
extreme. >> i'm against it because when i wrote it, in the early '90s we did not include violent felonies and they amended it in 2013 and 2016 to include covering violent felonies. that is ridiculous. abby: that is democrat angela alioto, running for francisco mayor critics accuse her using one of president trump's talking point to get ahead politically. also this, starbucks executive brewing up presidential rumors. howard schultz announcing he will step down as the company's executive chairman later this month. the 64-year-old vocal critic of the trump administration telling "new york times" he is considering public service, saying quote, for some time now i've been deeply concerned about our country, growing division at home and our standing in the world. stay tuned for that. this is the cutest thing you are going to see all day. the newest gerber baby, meets the original gerber baby. lucas is sitting on 91-year-old ann turner cook's lap.
5:42 am
cook's grandson, tweeting precious moment. lucas is the brand's first spokes baby with down syndrome. ann's baby picture has been used on packaging since 1931. what an amazing photo. steve: legacy. abby: i love that. the down syndrome baby is t first gerber. what a great idea. steve: beautiful day in new york city despite the thunder and lightning, jd. >> beautiful day in new york city. first of all what is your name? >> i'm john. >> and? >> william. >> and you're from texas. what the weather in new york? >> sunny and 66 degrees. >> amazing. quickly, birthday, who is the birthday? >> my brother chase. my mom sophia. >> liesly done. who is from texas here? [cheering] who is from florida? and georgia? the map looks great today. back inside. wave, everybody. yea. steve: thanks, jd. >> firing back on what he call
5:43 am
as snowflake meltdown after the left slams him for his jeep mounted with a fake gun. he will join us live coming up. brian: what do people really think about president trump canceling the eagles visit after winning the super bowl? hitting the streets to find out what new york has in, with the "new york state of mind." they're not usually big eagles fans to begin with. ♪ (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even "close claws." (driver) so, we took your shortcut, which was a bad idea. [cougar growling] (passenger) what are you doing? (driver) i can't believe that worked. i dropped the keys.
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5:47 am
were going to show up. you know what? that is embarassment. excuse me, sir, can i ask you a question? >> yeah. steve: did you hear the president disinvited philadelphia team to the white house? >> he probably should have still had the guys who wanted to come over, come over. steve: what about the others? >> that is their right. if they don't want to stand, it is their right. i don't believe in it. one question, do you watch less football because of this. >> doesn't matter. i'm indifferent. i'm indifferent. steve: he is indifferent. we have people. how are you doing? >> i'm good, sir. steve: what do you think about the president uninviting philadelphia eagles? >> i'm fine with it. i love football, you don't respect the flag, appreciate living in this country, living to to play one of the greatest sports in this country with all the fans in this country, that they have been disrespectful towards the national anthem and all of our heroes who served and to protect our freedoms in this country. doesn't bother me at all.
5:48 am
steve: do you watch less football? >> certainly. probably saw two games all last season. steve: this guy, what is your name, bob? steve: bob, where are you from? >> coral springs, florida? >> what do you think the president uninviting the eagles. >> commissioner gave them a chance to school down. haters keep on hating. steve: football players who feel they have a they have got an opportunity to take a stand -- >> i think they can do it in their communities. they can help out all over, the communities where they play but i don't think they need to disrespect the fans and people all over the country. steve: you think it was a good call? >> yes. >> steve: what is your name? >> joe. steve: joe, where are you from? >> florida. steve: which part? >> jacksonville. we've. steve: we've been there. president uninvited eagles. good call? >> good call.
5:49 am
missed opportunity bit eagles. steve: the president is pretty good knowing what the public feels regarding these things. this is one of those things he feels the people are with him? >> yes. i'm not only a jaguar fan but i'm also a retired navy veteran. and it's a shame that they don't respect the flag like i think they should. again it's a missed opportunity. i think a lot of them might regret it some day. steve: they will still have the party. apparently 1000 fans will show up. there won't be a professional football team there. abby, brian, very latest. as the president flips the bird, headline in the post. brian: good job, steve. as you know, if you ask a giants fan about eagles you get reaction any way for the most part. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. kris kobach firing back what he calls a snowflake metdown after he gets attacked after being on a jeep mounted with a fake gun
5:50 am
at a parade. abby: we're handing you keys, bill, ten minutes. >> great show. we'll pick up on the conversation. what will the white house look like today, absent eagles? that is coming up in a moment. what is expected from the singapore summit. we're only days away. numerous primaries. where are we five months out for the midterms. marco rubio, mike lee, rand paul, karl rove, come join sandra and me. we'll see you then. ten minutes away. top of the hour. ally talk to your neighbor. are you watching the game tonight? or... could just trust duracell. ♪
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cliberal gavin newsom from knows becoming governor.ll. they also know chicago lawyer john cox has
5:53 am
thirteen losing campaigns under his belt... and cox supports bad ideas like a 23 percent sales tax! california polficers and police chiefs stand with antonio villaraigosa. as mayor, he worked with law enforcement, and cut violent crime in half. antonio for governor. ♪ brian: kansas secretary of state kris kobach firing back at a quote, snowflake meltdown after the, many on the left cry foul er his american flag jeep mounted with a fake gun. now the city is considering changing its parade rules to ban it i guess.
5:54 am
kris kobach wants to be next governor of kansas joins us to respond. tell me about this parade why you road in the jeep with the gun on the side? >> so the, brian, the jeep symbolizes three things, right? it symbolizes the u.s. military. jeep is iconic image of the military. browning m-2 machine gun replica, is most famous machine gun for the military. it symbolizes the second amendment and symbolizes strength. most people, it perfect parade vehicle. the audience reaction was overwhelmingly positive. you get a couple snowflakes on the left start he tweeting how offended they are, causes the city to jump to their attention. brian: it is interesting, you have pastor johnny lewis, shawnee christian community church. he says the gun was pretty shocking. my child didn't need to see that today. why was that necessary? put that on facebook. >> lt time i checked just
5:55 am
about every parade in america features men with guns, color ar carrying guns, replica military vehicles, that is kind of what parades are all b i think his tweet represents fringe left which is now trying to make guns socially unacceptable. they don't want to see any guns parades anymore, hopefully the rest of america will push back, say, hey that is not the country we are. brian: how do you feel about the parade changing its rules to stop that? >> you know, i think it's a sad state of affairs when the overwhelminglyajority of americans like patriotic images like that. have no problem with firearms. when a city in a politically-correct, knee-jerk reaction says, oh a few people are tweeting on the far left, we better make them happy. look, life is not about making everybody happy with every image that you portray. this particular freedom, the second amendment, is one of the most important parts of our constitution. so i think the city should have said look, there is nothing
5:56 am
wrong with a firearm. he had every right to bring it. frankly, brian, i will be taking it to other parades as well. brian: so you're not going to stop here? >> yeah, we're not backing brian: kris kobach, best of luck in the gubernatorial run. thanks for joining us couple days after the parade that raised eyebrows. coming up straight ahead, we'll wrap things up. more "fox & friends" in just a moment. that is a wide side shot i wasn't expecting so i will gradually walk up the stairs. ♪ family members, including your grandchildren babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. but you can help prevent this. talk to your doctor today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. because dangers don't just exist in fairytales.
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i'm about to start the hair, skin and nails challenge. so my future self will thank me. thank you. i become a model? yes. no. start the challenge today. and try new tropical citrus flavor with collagen. nature's bounty. >> what about the president uninviting the eagles. you play as aea if you can't honor your country as a team, stay home. >> pot us needs to ditch sports figures and invite veterans. >> the president tweeted out all
6:00 am
teams that came in the past and eagles are no show and so many decided to boy cot. >> run to the tv. run to the radio, have a great show. >> bill: president trump fired up on what is the biggest story of the white house today. the president cancelling t ceremony honoring the ceremony for the philadelphia eagles. it will happen in a way, but not the team. and how it happens, we'll find out later today. i am bill hemmer. >> sandra: good morning, everyone, i am sanda smith. the controversy stems from the nfl kneeling. unfortunately only a small number of


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