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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 5, 2018 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> sandra: beautiful afternoon with the marine band paying. thank you for joining us, everyone. "happening now" starts right now. ♪ >> jon: we begin with president trump taking new action in the national anthem controversy. he has called off a white house event honoring the philadelphia eagles. this year's super bowl champions. good morning to you. i'm jon scott. >> melissa: i'm melissa francis. the president disinviting the eagles to the white house after a small number of players said they would show up. the president turning that event into a, "celebration of america" where military bands will play the national anthem and other patriotic music. this is as he also criticized the new nfl policy allowing players who want to protest in the national anthem to stay in the locker room. >> jon: chief white house correspondent john roberts is live with more. john? >> john: jon, it might sound like we are plowing familiar
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territory. something similar happened last year with the golden state warriors. that team was about to announce they were not going to come to the white house when they visited washington but the president sensed that would happen so got out ahead of them and said you are disinvited anyways. i can't remember a time we were this close to an appearance by team members when the president said i'm taking away the invitation for you to come to the white house. it happened after a third of the philadelphia eagles said they would attend a celebration at the white house. the president said in a senatement they disagree with the president because he insists they stand for the national anthem hand on heart in ron nowhere of the great men and women of the military and people of the country. the former eagles wide receiver torrey smith now with the panthers said it's not true that some equalals players didn't stand for the anthem. he tweeted, "if you are going to tweet, tweet fact. no one on the eagles took a knee last season." though some raised a fist in protest in playing of the national anthem.
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the president is still holding an event for the 1,000 fans invitedo the white house south lawn going on a twitter tear about it this morning. "we wil proudly be playing the national anthem and other wonderful music to celebrate the country today at 3:00 p.m. the white house with the united states marine band and the united states army chorus honoring america. nfl, no escaping the locker rooms." joe lockhart, the press secretary for clinton and department comm director for the nfl put a hard tackle on the president this morning. listen here. >> this is the latest example of the imperial presidency. how trump sees himself as a president. last time i checked it wasn't his house. he doesn't get to decide. this is the people's house. it shouldn't matter where ten players are coming or 30 players are coming. >> john: reaction from the nfl players association saying they are disappointed by the president's decision to cancel the invitation.
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adding, "this decision by the white house has led to the cancellation of several player-led community service events for young people in the washington, d.c., area." no word on why the players couldn't have gone ahead with those local community events. the golden state warriors went ahead and did some events for kids while they were here. we should add they were going to be in town anyway to play the washington wizards the next day. a big development in the special counsel investigation. robert mueller is seeking to put paul manafort, the president's former campaign manager, in jail. alleging he has been trying to influence witnesses while on conditional release. in a cou filing yesterday, mueller arguing there is probable cause to believe that manafort violated the law, attempting to tamper with potential witnesses while on the pretrial release and accordingly violated the conditions of his release. mueller tells the court that manafort has been seeking to contact former business associate from a public relations firm he worked with. mueller alleging that manafort
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tried to contact two individuals on the cell phones and by encrypting text message. even sending them news articles according to mueller, "in an effort to secure materially false testimony." according to the court documents the two individuals tried to avoid manafort's counications believing he was attempting to suborn perjury. mueller wants to put manafort in jail and take away his means of communication. this could all be another attempt to put pressure on manafort to see if he could turn evidence against the president. no response from manafort's camp just yet. thesident, though, weighing in today again on the russia investigation. and his favorite pinata, the attorney general jeff sessions. the president tweeting this morning "the russia witch hunt continues. the russia witch hunt hoax continues. all because jeff sessions didn't tell me he was going to recuse himself. i would have picked someone else. so much money wasted and so many lives ruined. sessions knew better than most
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that there was no collusion." i talked to rudy giuliani last week and he was not happy that the president is taking it to jeff sessions again thinking that it takes the president away from some areas where he is making points on. th psident famous for not listening to legal advice. it would seem he is not listening again this morning. jon? >> jon: just another interesting tuesday at the white house. huh, john? >> john: just tuesday. tuesday morning. >> jon: john roberts the chief white house correspondent. thank you. >> melissa: a lot to break down. let's start with hugo, the editorial director for the "washito examiner." i want to start with the allegations against paul manafort using what's app to get in contact with different people and s teon about what they were dealing with. >> right. >> melissa: all of this pertains to stuff that happened long before he was involved with president trump. but it's not good no matter what. >> no, it's not good. as you say, it has nothing to
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do with the russia investigation except tangentially and as john robesas saying to put more pressure on mueller. it's about lobbying, relating to ukraine. the what's app messages appear to indicate or clearly do indicate an effort to make sure that the witnesses in the case were singing from the same hymn sheet. what paul manafort and his lawyers will say and the actual text themselves say is that what we are saying is true. but nevertheless, trying to tamper with witnesses and as one of them suggests to suborn perjury is very serious. it would put paul manafort in a breach of his bail terms. of course bail, you know, you pay a certain amount of money and you put money down and you avoid going directly to jail while you await trial. if they can put paul manafort in jail as robert mueller suggests it puts more pressure on him perhaps to turn evidence against the esent.
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>> melissa: yeah. meanwhile, the president tweeting away at his anger at jeff sessions still. we were just talking about that beforehand. what does that achve? >> ion it achies anything very good. it's extraordinary the way -- i mean it was even for the president this was an extraordinary twitter blitz today. the pressure he is putting on jeffesons appears to be to make him decide to resign. because the president doesn't want to fire him. but that is very perplexing because if jeff sessions resigned it would perhaps be very difficult for the president to get a new attorney general confirmed by the senate. therefore, the person running the department of justice would be rod rosenstein who is also not a favorite of the president. so, i actually see this tweet as primarily an expression of frustration, rage that the investigation continues to go on. and i think that the other tweet that he also calling for
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the --ot the attorney general. sorry. the inspector general of the d.o.j. to bring out his report on hillary clinton's e-mails and that investigation, to get on with that. again, primarily an expression of frustration and wanting to get it over and done with. >> melissa: it's hard to figure out exactly how dangerous paul manafort is at this point. he worked for the campaign for such a short time. but the track record and the actions, you know, really make him sound like he is in hot water. >> yes. :t would depen you could look at it either way. he might have something on the president or he might in desperation, you know, say anything to get out of trouble. >> you aht have no ide you don't know wt someone is going to say when the special prosecutor is turning the screws on them. so far, and the president,nd the whi house say paul manafort has nothing to spill, no beans to spill.
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so they suggest they are entirely untroubled by that. we don't know if that is true. certainly nothing in the prosecution or the charges against paul manafort have anything to do with alleged collusion between the campaign and russia. so, i mean all of this is unknown. i may be that robert mueller is going to come down with something relating to collusion against mafort. the investigation has been going on, even mueller's investigation has been going on for a year. and the whole a lot longer than that. so far no evidence of collusion. >> heather: hugo gurdon, thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> jon: now this fox news alert. harvey weinstein is back in a g.nhattan courtroom this the disgraced movie producer pleading not guilty to two counts of rape and one count of criminal sexual act. laura ingle is following that case from new york city.
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laura? >> harvey weinstein had no special treatment when he arrived here today. he walked in and out of court just like when he came to face charges initially in front of a waiting bank of reporters and cameras and we all offered him to make a comment. he did have comment to give us as we went in and out of the courtroom. weinstein entered his not guilty plea himself in court today. a formality in this case, which he i charged with two counts of rape and a criminal sex act with two women. he will back in court september 20. that is the next time we are expected to see him here for his next appearance. his attorney will have until july 20 to file the first round of motions and he said there would be many. he spoke outside of court today after getting weinstein in a waiting car telling us all he will be worng very hard to clear his client's name, clear him of the charges and he hopes that there will not be a trial in this case. we'll have to see what happens with all the motions that will be filed over the summer.
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he also brought up the other case in court, the civil lawsuit claimed by three other women who claimed that weinstein used the power as a movie producer to coax them in hotel room under the guise of having a meeting and then sexually assaulting them. basically bngt up. there wasn't a lot of discussion about the case but it was addressed. he told the judge was concerned that information throughout any of the cases could be leaked. and just really expressing that concern. bail remained unchanged. a lot of people making note that harvey weinstein today was moving slow. he looked a little pale. maybe like he lost some weight. we were looking closely to see if we could see the g.p.s. tracking device on the ankle but he was wearing loose, baggy jeans. he did remn alert in court and he seemed to pay more attention to the proceedings. talking with his lawyer and he left again without comment. one more time, harvey weinstein will be back in court september 20. a lot ofegal action
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happening in between with the motions and then the d.a. response to the motions. jon? >> jon: laura ingle keeping an eye on the case for u thank you. >> melissa: new details on next week' big summit. president trump and kim jong un. while some top democrats are raising the stake what they are doing ahead of the singapore summit. plus, iran planning to ramp up uranium enrichment after president trump pulled out of the nuclear deal. member of the armed servi committee will join us next. >> this is all pyrotechnics. this is just them moving around trying to pose and flex to look tough but in the end, the deal will hurt them. mitzi: psoriatic arthritis watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ ) joni: think i'd give up showing these guys
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>> melissa: right now, guatemala's volcano of fire is still spewing rocks and ash two days after its most violent eruption in more than a century, which killed at least 69 people.
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anen known number of residents are -- an unknown number of residents are still missing and could be in thesh la. sunday's eption lef people moments to escape. now thousands are in shelters waiting for word of the missing loved ones. >> sarah: we feel like things are continuing to move forward and good progress has been made and we are continuing to prepare for the president's summit. the schedule tentatively for the first meeting will be on june 12 at 9:00 a.m. singapore time. take place june 11. >> jon: breaking, sarah sanders with new details about next week's summit about president trump and north korean leader kim jong un. the senate democrats are laying out demands they say they want met before any deal with north korea is done, including completely dismantling the country's nuclear and the ballistic
8:17 am
missile programs permanently. joining us with his thoughts, oklahoma republican senator jim inhofe. he is a member of the armed services committee. what would you like to see the president come back from singapore with, senator? >> i think two things. first of all, a verifiable denuclearization. you know, for the whole peninsula there. that is what the president wants and what was repeated by the secretary of defense over the weekend. i believe that is a reality. the other thing i think is important is for them to understand in north korea that we will still maintain troops in that area. because since the first deal was made -- i remember it because i was over there at the time. now china has become much more of a threat than they were before of course, we have other reasons to keep troops there. i think the expectations by some people by north korean is we wouldn't do that. but we would. those are the main things i want to see them come back
8:18 am
with. i believe they will. >> jon: so if the north korean regime were to say we'd give up the nuclear weapons but you have pull troops out of south korea, that would be a nonstarter for you? >> that would be a nonstarter for me. we have other reasons -- and i know kim jong un understands that. he may make a play for that. looking at it now, we are only ing aeek from right now that will take place. we don't want the american people to expect too much at one time. because the fact that they are together a week from now is enough right there to get something started. none of that has happened before. as i stated back when the president first made the statement -- i don't remember the exact words but told un yeah try to doing to an american city we'll blow you off the face of the earth. keep in mind that all started on november 28, jon. that is when we discovered they do have the capability of
8:19 am
hitting an american city. so i think the fact that w have bullies like kim jong un, they only understand people who are strong peoe, strong-willed people and not the mushy types we have had in the foreign relations in the last ten years. >> jon: he has shown some good will in recent months. i mean the horrific death of otto warmbier aside. there have been some signs signs from the north korean regime they are malleable. >> sure, jon. we have the three hostages that came back. they have destroyed apparently the nuclear test site. at least they say they have. we don't know that for sure. they have suspended their nuclear test. i don't know how we could have asked for more. some of the democrats who get to the point they don't want this thing to be successful. a lot of them are saying they
8:20 am
haven't done enough. they have. kim jong un has done more to show the sincerity of what he wants to do than any time before to any of the rest of them. whether his father or anybody else who was in at that time. good things are happening there. they understand we have a president right now who knows what he is saying, he means what he is saying and he is frankly -- and i just got back from over there, over the weekend. he is to the point right now where he is re-establishing america as the leader of the free world. we lost that during the obama administration. so good things are happening over there. >> jon: quickly, we mentioned there are five primary democrat demands that the democrat senators sent a letter to the white house saying they want five things from the white house. dismantling and removing nuclear and biological weapons, dismantling the north korea weapon infrastructure. we'll continue the list as we
8:21 am
talk. do you feel that the senators are getting too involved in negotiating, trying to negotiate details of this? >> look. they failed in the past. and now we have a president that will make this happen. we are getting close to the time. it's almost on us now. i'm not about to -- i don't think the president will be listening to the republicans or democrats. he knows how to negotiate. he will be negotiate. let's let someone who knows what he is doing, do it for a change. >> jon: senator jim inhofe, republican from oklahoma. thank you, jim. >> melissa: the supreme court handing a big win to colorado baker who retuesdayed to make a cake -- refused to make a cake for a same-sex couple. we are live with reaction from the controversial ruling. plus new disturbing details on arizona killing spree and how investigators think the victims are all connected next. hi i'm joan lunden.
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>> melissa: just in, arizona police now linking two more victims to suspected serial killer dwight jonesjones killedf at a scottsdale motel while police were closing in on him yesterday. investigators believe he was behind the murders of six people including a high-profile forensic psychologist who worked on the jonbenet ramsey case. jonathan hunt is in the newsroom with the new details. this one gets more complicated by the minute. >> yeah. and disturbing as well. as the investigation continues, the motive for the six murders is becoming clear. thanks to court records of a bitter divorce between the shooter dwight jones and his ex-wife connie. and some deeply disturbing videos posting on youtube.
8:26 am
the account under the name exposing low lives has now been taken down but fox news obtained some of the videos before it was suspended. much of it simply cannot be broadcast. but it paints a picture of a man railing against his ex-wife and all of those who helped her in the divorce. >> i would assume her attorney came one this strategy because connie's too dumb to come up with such a plan. >> jones also wrote in one post, "open letter to my son. i have not seen since 2011 because his mom took him away from me. she got a lawyer before me, set me up for death and the rest is history." the investigators confirmed that jones killed four people and believe he is connected to two more murders discovered yesterday. he seems to have targeted people he believed were connected to his divorce proceedings or who worked for
8:27 am
law firms connected to it. in a statement yesterday, jones' ex-wife connie said, "he was a very emotionally disturbed person as the court records will confirm. personally, i have feared for my safety for the past nine ars. i cannot express the emotions i feel for the innocent families touched by this senseless violence." interestingly, it's connie jones new husband a retired detective who first realized the potential connection between dwight jones and the killings and alerted police, lisa, to bring an end toe murder spree. melissa? >> melissa: scary. thank you. >> jon: several states are holding primary elections today. how the contests in a key state could leave a party off the party come november. plus, the new showdown over immigration on capitol hill. a live report on the latest
8:28 am
petition from a bipartisan group of lawmakers.
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just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. >> melissa: both tarties watching closely as million of voters head to the polls in eight state primary today. california is the place to watch for sure because of state's jungle primary system. it puts the top two finishers on the november ballot even if they're both in the same party. peter doocy is live from san diego with more. you have the fun one, peter.
8:32 am
tell us about it. >> it is fun. this is interesting. this is the first primary day that the republicans are a third party. there are now more registered democrats and people registered as no party preference regisd republicans. if you look at the 20-year trend line it shows that the republicans lost 10% of their membership. democrats lost a fifth of those voters and those without a party preference steadily grown and that is a gap that experts say may soon be even wider. >> california allows 16 and 17-year-olds to register. among the 16-year-old and 17-year-olds less than0% identify with republicans. 40% identify as democrats. if we look to the future the republicans don't have a natural, sort of breeding ground for the next generation. >> the registration numbers may be the reason that appears o easily come in first place of
8:33 am
the gubernatorial jungle primary today. >> i have seen this movie before where the front-runners take things for granted and they just read the polls. folks that allegedly were supportive don't turn out they think tn has got it. those folks are looking for work. i have no interest in looking for a new job. i look forward to auditioning for a new job come november. that means we have to win in june. >> but strategists are telling us that the republicans have a unique ability to appeal to the no party preference voters so a republican john cox could win the second spot on the ballot today. >> in the sense that candidates don't have to be doctrine tick the box republicans and that gives them flexibility on the issue that the electoral may be more moderate than the red state strategy or the southern strategy would dictate. >> despite dwindling of number of the republicans where the
8:34 am
top two candidates advance regardless of the party affiliation, there district -- there are districts where they may not have any democrats on the ballot in november. >> melissa: thank you for that. >> jon: let's talk more about the last thought with jim brulte, chairman of the california republican party. this is generally thought to be a year where republicans will have trouble. but the way the system is set up in california with so many democrats on the ballot, you might wind up with the races where the top two vote-getters are republicans, right? >> yes. we don't normally have it in the competitive congressional seats but we hav had it in the state assembly seats. conventional wisdom five weeks ago there were so many democrat candidates for congress and the targeted seats and they were so well funded that we may end up with
8:35 am
two republicans in two or three of the districts. but the democrat congressional campaign committee spend $6-8 million to influence republican candidates. i'd be pleasant surprised if we have two republicans in any of the top congressional targets. >> jon: all right. democrats think they can take back the majority on the house. how many of the seats do you suspect could come from california? there are at least ten races that the democrats think they can win there. >> yeah, i don't think any of those seats are going to come from california. we have 14 republican congressional seats in california. by the way, most states in america do not have4 congressional seats total. out of the 14 congressional seats, seven of them were carried by hillary clinton in 2016. the democrats are targeting
8:36 am
about teneats. the democrat candidates have been racing to the left. in a number of cases they are to the left of bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. if we get a republican democrat runoff in all of the ten seats, most of the republican candidates are main stream most of the democrat candidates are far left of where the average california voters are. so i don't think irrespective of the democrats' desire, i don't think they will pick up seats in california in november. >> jon: what about the tax bill that was passed by the republican controlled congress signed into law by president trump? is that a problem for republicans? or an asset as they run in california? >> well, in most of the districts it's an asset. most californians file their income taxes and pay the standard deductions. so when you raise the standard
8:37 am
deduction, most californians benefit. there are a couple of districts that are fairly affluent along the coast where some of the wealthier voters do not benefit. but the vast majority of the voters in california benefit so the democrat talking points that this is a big negative for california isn't. it may be a negative for california government but it's not a negative for the rank and file california voters. >> jon: what about immigration? california declared itself a sanctuary state. there is a republican in the white house that wants to build aall between the u.s. and mexico. does that issue help or hurt republicans running for congress? >> by and large, this helps most of them. one size doesn't fit all. the democrats have made california sanction ware state. that is one -- sanctuary state. that is one reason that the violent crime rate is rising as fast as it is.
8:38 am
another reason they have left 40,000 felons out of the state prison. there are 10 or 12 cies that have already voted to sue the federal government. there are over 42 cities that have voted to sue the california government because they don't agree with it. in most congressional districts, sanctuary state is a positive for democrats. those are up in the bay area. but in most of the competitive seats, sanctuary state policies are a negative because voters just don't like it. >> jon: we will be watching these races very closely. jim brulte, the head of the california g.o.p. thank you, sir, for spending some time today. >> thanks, jon. >> melissa: the house getting back to work today and they are facing a big showdown over immigration. the president tweeting this -- "separating families at the border is the fault of bad legislation passed by democrats. border security laws should be changed but the democrats can't get their act together.
8:39 am
started the wall." mike emanuel is live on capitol hill. mike, what do you make of all of this? >> hi. june is setting up t be immigration month in the house of reprentatives as many mens of both parties wants to address the issue. nancy pelosi, house democratic leader, says her democrats are ready to go. >> i don't think that will be a problem for us. we just want to see the republican come one. but it is an opportunity for members to then vote. there are four bills that will be available. we think that the one, the bipartisan proposal to help our dreamers is the one that would prevail. it's just a question if the republican leadership will allow it to prevail. that's where the focus should be. >> the problem for speaker paul ryan and the house republican leadership team is moderate republicans willing to work with pelosi and the democrats so force action on the so-called "dreamers." the young people brought to the country illegally by the
8:40 am
parents. texas republi say lawmakers must address the problem. >> working on this issue with the friends like jeff denham from california, carlos cabello from florida, to force the vote. this is a discharge petition that is saying hey, we will bring multiple bills to the floor on immigration and have that vote. >> melissa: some conservative -- >> some conservatives are unhappy about giving young people path to citizenship. mark meadows says that is a critical part of the debate. he told cbs the debate becomes over should there will be a special pathway, should they go to the back of the line or the front of the line? those things are the things that the lawmakers have to negotiate on. bottom line, the house republicans will have a special conference on thursday. to see if they can come one a compromise on immigration. >> melissa: they have had a lot of time. mike, thank you. >> jon: a scare in the air. the pilot forced to make an emergency landing.
8:41 am
check out the plane. you won't believe what caused all that damage. plus, bill clinton under fire for comments on the monica lewinsky scandal. what he has to say now has he tries to explain. but will the clarification help? >> i asked if you apologized. >> i have. >> you have? >> i apologized to everybody in thed two. >> you didn't apologize to her. >> i have not talked to her. so, what's new? we just switched to geico and got more. more? they've been saving folks money for over 75 years. a company you can trust. geico even helped us with homeowners insurance. more sounds great. gotta love more... right, honey? yeah! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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>> jon: this just in. american airlines flight forced to make an emergency landing in texas after it was hit by a hailstorm over the weekend. the hail shattering the pilot's windshield and crushing the nose cone of the jet. look at that. the flight from san antonio to phoenix started to have trouble an hour after take-off. the pilot reporting he had virtually no visibility. he safely landed the plane in el paso. thankfully no one was injured.
8:45 am
>> mel: breaking now. a new controversy for bill clinton as the former president tries to clarify recent comment he is made on the monica lewinsky scandal. listen. >> the truth is the hubbub was i got hot under the collar because of the way the questions were asked. the suggestion was that i neverzed for what caused all the trouble for me 20 years ago. i did. i meant it then and i meant it now. i apologize to my family. to monica lewinsky and her family and to the american people. i meant it there. and i mean it today. >> melissa: we are joined by brad blakeman, former assistant to george w. bush and dave brown former senior adviser and the committee counsel to patty murray and democratic strategist. to refresh the audience memory, here is a bit of the interview that caused the controversy in the first place. >> do you feel like you owe
8:46 am
her an apology? >> no, i do -- i do not -- i never talked to her. but i did say publicly on mor than one occasion sorry. that is very different. the apology was public. >> melissa: he said he didn't get out of it scot-free and came out of the presidency $16 million in debt. brad, maybe one of the problem is he is in the interview he got angry. and he sort of made it sounds like he felt he was the victim of the whole situation. what do you think? >> the hubbub is he a serial fredor and he can't bring himself to make a personal apology to the victim who he victimized in the white house. this was the intern's first job to be hit on by the president of the united states. it's unconscionable. anybody else would be fired on the spot and run out of town. this is brought on by himself, his personal behavior that
8:47 am
reflected his professional behavior. the clintons are more akin to political crime family than political dynasty. >> melissa: this is one of his allies quoted in the newspaper, obviously this is something that happened a long time ago. but the way he responds to it today in the context of everything that has happened with the #metoo movement said i think to say i was stunned. certainly not what i expected him to say, particularly at the time with everything going on in the backdrop. this is in "the hill" in response to the way he talked about it today. your thoughts? >> first, his conduct unacceptable then and it's similarly unacceptable today. but this is an important teaching moment. the #metoo movement brought in relief the issues to the forefront. we are beginning to have a national conversation about appropriate conduct in the work place. whether you are the president of the united states or sitting member of congress or a member of the judiciary or c.e.o. or holds a position of
8:48 am
power over someonelse in corporate life. this is an important conversation and it's critical if we are going to have the conversation we focus on the person who matters today. when it comes to being held accountable in office, president trump. he has had multiple women forward to make credible allegation of harassment against him and we are not focused on that. for the republicans to opportunistically hone in on president clinton -- >> melissa: it's not opportunistically. he is out on a book tour. i would be different if he was off not saying anything but president clinton put himself out there on a book tour at this moment. any person with half a brain would know this question was coming. and would have prepared for it. the impression he gave is he doesn't feel like he victimized anyone. he felt like everybody got hurt in this. part of the #metoo movement is about a young girl in her
8:49 am
first job and someone with the highest job in country and is the most powerful person in the country. and in that oval office to take advantage of a young girl. is she anything but a victim in the situation? brad, that is a question they wonder as they hear president clinton not own that. >> no. he feels he is the victim. he has been punished enough. he was impeached. he was disbarred. he wants people to be sympathetic to him. he is not the victim. he caused this. he is the predator. donald trump comported himself honorably in the white house. not to be said about bill clinton. that is the big difference. >> melissa: dave, no one i safe right now. everybody has to watch their back and watch what they are doing and do the right thing. isn't that what you say? when you bring president trump into this? >> sure. people need to be held accountable for the conduct and their actions. but for brad to say donald
8:50 am
trump has been a perfect citizen in the white house, he lies repeatedly to the american people. yesterday he said hi was above the law. >> no he didn't. he didn't say he was above the law. >> he did. >> melissa: we are veering off topic. i hear what you are theying. we have to -- what you are saying. thank you. >> jon still ahead, a colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for same-sex couple speaking out about his supreme court victory. next. >> ultimately, i serve everybody who comes in the store. i just don't create cakesh every message that people ask me to create for them. when did you see the sign? when i needed to create a better visitor experience. improve our workflow.
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>> melissa: nfl legend drake clark, a wide receiver who made one of the most memorable plays in pro football history died monday at his home in
8:54 am
montana. he lost his battle with a.l.s. clark made the winning catch in the 1981 n.f.c. championship game which jump-started the san francisco 49ers dynasty. he was diagnosed in march of 2017. his wife saying that dwight clark died surrounded by his loved ones. he was 61 years old. >> jon: the supreme court ruling in favor of a colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple. jack phillips won in a 7-2 decision after the couple filed charges against him in 2012. alicia acuna joins us live from the denver bureau. >> reporter, hi, jon. supporters of baker jack phillips headed to his jobs after the decision was released to congratulate him in the victory in the six-year-long fight.
8:55 am
on "fox & friends" the owner said he stopped making the wedding cakes after all of this began. >> it was a big win. it was a big win for us. now we are just looking forward to hopefully getting back to the wedding business and see how the court ruling affects that. >> charlie craig and david mullens, the couple who filed the complaint with the colorado civil rights commission after phillips refused to make a cake to celebrate their wedding say they are disappointed but because the decision was so narrowly focused believe the issue is not over. >> our understanding if another same-sex couple comes in the shop he still has to serve them like he would serve anybody else. >> writing for majority, justice kennedy targeted the behavior of the colorado civil rights commission for showing antireligious bias against phillips' sincerely held christian beliefs. it did not turn on the colorado antidiscrimination law. >> i am sure that those that
8:56 am
are unhappy with the outcome and won't to push thee will feel emboldened. i'm also sure those looking for a license to discriminate will feel emboldened. >> jon, listen to this. the judge also explained let's say the baker starts making wedding ces tomrow. if a same-sex couple goes in his bakery, is turned away, they can start the same process all over again. and if the civil rights commission behaves itself, essentially, and shows deference to the opinion, that couple could take it all the way to the supreme court and win. jon? >> jon: alicia acuna in denver. thank you. program note. jack phillips joins harris faulkner today on "outnumbered overtime." you can catch that interview an hour and 15 minutes from w. >> melissa: newallout from the trump tower meeting between donald trump jr. and a russian lawyer. what the president's lawyer is
8:57 am
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for whaant toome back hitomorrow? sphink you for joining us. >> "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: we would begin with a fox news alert ainst former tram campaign chairman paul man. now special counsel robert mueller's team is accusing him by attempting to get witnesses to live for him incorporated they say they want him in behind bars as he awaits trial. this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. today, town hall had editor and a fox news contributor katie pavlich. republican strategist and senior fellow for women's voice, lisa boothe. former democratic spokesperson, marie harf is here. and in the center seat, haven't seen him


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