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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 5, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> katie: thanks to governor mike huckabee for being on the show today. >> mike: think you all. >> katie: we are back here tomorrow at noon eastern and up to harris now. congratulations again on your new book. >> harris: thank you guys. fox news alert, we will begin here. another delight in the inspector general's report on a clinton email investigation is not sitting well with president trump. we go "outnumbered" over time now. i'm harris faulkner. the president and slamming what he calls the numerous delays in doj's watchdog on t fbi's t handling of hillary clinton's email probe. he tweeted this. "what is taking so long with the inspector general's report on cricket hillary and slippery james comey? numerous delays. hope report is not being changed and made weaker. there are so many horrible things to tell the public has the right to know. transparency!" it was originally expected in may. the justice department's inspector general was supposed to testify today, but that has been pushed to next week.
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the report expected to hit comey and other fbi leaders from moving too slowly to review a batch of clinton emails discovered toward the end of the 2016 campaign. here's the president's attorney, rudy giuliani. >> i think comey's credibility is shot and i think the last nail in the coffin is going to be that report. >> harris: meanwhile, this is happening. a sum hillary clinton supporters also welcoming the reviews since she has a suggested comey lost the election for her. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has more from washington. >> thank you. up on capitol hill, we have been getting in touch with our contacts and at this point, they are really all in a holding pattern. but they are telling us is if theeport doesn't drop by thursday or friday latest that they expect that next week's hearing will be pushed off
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again. we are at a point in the ig report where the parties who cooperated or allowed to review the findings that are relevant to them and then they are able to give their response and make the argument as to why they agree or disagree with the findings that impact them directly. the reason the ig investigation matters is because the central cast of characters at the fbi who are on the ground floor of the clinton email case were also on the ground for the russian investigation. >> i know there are some interviews with fbi officials on this this week. these are also officials that we are very interested in because a lot of the clinton email investigation team are the same people that a involved with the scandals that we are interviewing and we are investigating. it's become one of those players as the fbi's espionage chief and he is on capitol hill today for
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the first time testifying behind closed doors in front of the house government oversight as well as the judiciary committee. he is important because he was the the boston fbi agent peter strzok who was removed from the russia case because of anti-trumped bias that was shown in his text messages with another fbi official,isa page. he arrived here on capitol hill about three hours ago and he has been testifying behind closed doors. lawmakers say a central line of questioning is about the alleged confidential human source that was used to contact members of the trump campaign, who was running or directing that source, and when exactly did that process begin? here is congressman mark meadow meadows. >> i think we hopefully will find out what was done, why it was done in under his direction. because i know there's a lot to keep track of but i would suggest that everybody kind of
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pay attention to this critical. back in may of 2016. the prestaff was notomeone who traveled outside the u.s. very often on fbi business. it was in london that first week of may 2016 and lawmakers as well as congressional investigators want to know if that trip was in any way related to the russia case that was officially opened two months later. >> harris: catherine herridge, thank you very much. let's bring spring and former trump campaign manager cory lewandowski, currently the chief strategist for the great america committee, the clinical action committee for vice president mike pence. if you are also the coauthor of that book with david bossi so good to see you today. let's talk about where we are with the president's response to all of this. >> what this is is the president's questioning and rightfully so when are we going to see the ig report on the
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individuals like jim comey and peter strzok and lisa page and all the other individuals who not only were heading up the clinton email scandal investigation, but then transferred over to start this fake russia collusion investigation? what we know is there are some bad applf the top of the fbi, specifically if you look at director comey, the deputy director who has now been accused of lying under oath on three separate occasions including the very day that he assumed the position as acting director of the fbi, we are the criminal referrals for the people who are breaking the law? is a validuen. this president has been in office now for 15 or 16 months. jim comey has not been the director of the fbi for over the year and anybody else who had charges brought againsthe in a far quicker. of time and i think the apparent poll american people need some action. if it were the president has backed christopher wray who has been in that job all those months that you were talking about.
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what is the complication and all of this? can you speak to that? >> i can't speak to it directly but ian tellou this. this is a president who demands results and demands swift and definitive action the wheels of the government in this particular instance for moving so slowly and starts to call into question if there are sets of rules for the elites in different sets of rules for the average americans because we have seen now many people who have been accused of lying to e fbi, they are convicted felons and we have seen that. but in the case of former fbi officials, when you look at the number two person at the fbi who has been accused of lying to the fbi under oath on three separate occasions, there is still no chges pendg against him. i don't understand it. we know that jim comey has lied under oath in front of congress. we call that perjury. we know he disclose classified information, he is admitted to that, and there's been no criminal referral for it and is very disturbing to the average american who knows if they did that, they would be under arrest and be prosecuted by now.
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>> harris: i hear you and all of that. the critics will say is they were risk when you publicly go after agencies like the doj for the fbi? we will move on because i want to get to paul manafort. in accusations against him of witness tampering ahead of his trial. you and i have talked before that much of what is being looked at with paul manafort happened long before the trump campaign, but i figured you might have some thoughts about what happened with paul manafor manafort. >> from what we've seen from the mall investigation is that they went after paul manafort for crimes that he allegedly committed back ten years prior to him ever joining the trump campaign. in the crime that he has been accused of is either money-laundering or falsifying tax returns or sheltering money. all things that have absolutely nothing to do with any rush effect collusion. so the issue is this, if he didn't follow the rules while he was lopping overseas and didn't disclose that, he is responsible for that. he's been trying to get
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people -- at the end of the day, it has nothing to do with donald trump for the success of hi campaign. >> harris: you have such a unique position that you have held. if you are actually with a campaign so you might know the answer to this question. could president trump have won a nomination without paul manafort? was manafort that necessary that if some vetting had said he's not our guide, you could have moved without him? >> president trump could've won that nomination without anybody else. i say it all the time. he was 99.9% of that campaign and everybody else had a .01%. let b clear because i there the day that we interviewed paul for the first time. never did the fbi or any other government agency ever contact me and say we have some concerns about paul manafort, his previous business dealings, we had a five application warrant up and running. him coming to the campaign or after the campaign. never did a government agency say that paul manafort has potentially been doing things
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overseas that he has been responsible for and we are looking at him. in a presidential campaign with two candidates left, hillary clinton, you would think if they were concerned about russia collusion, they would've notified me as a campaign manager for the candidate or by that extension, would notify the clinton campaign and say we illion of campaign money and went to best buy. we went at an interesting element and i wanted to take that to you. thank you for taking that. the president is again going after his attorney over the russian investigation. he tweeted this. "the russian witch hunt continues just because jeff sessions didn't tell me he was going to recuse himself. i would've quickly picked someone else. so much time and money wasted, so many lives ruined, and sessions knew better than most but there was no collusion." the president's 14th critical tweet of sessions. what is the end game between the president and jeff sessions? >> but the president wants to do
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is get the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein to release all the information t they're asking for, the classified memorandums so that the members of congress, they can see exactly what this mueller investigation is about to be focused on and jeff has recused himself from this which prohibits him from being involved and the president disappointed that he didn't know the attorney general was going to do that before he was nominated and i think the president is frustrated that the deputy attorney general, mr. rosenstein is not provided the information to congress that they are duly authorized to have so we could find out just for a fact what his investigation is supposed to be about and find out whether the investigation is going to begin because we are certain of one thing down. there was no collusion, no coordination between the trump campaign and anybody from russi russia. this investigation has to come to a conclusion here. >> harris: come back anytime. >> i will, congratulations on the new book. >> harris: thank you very much. i'm super excited. let's get the other political
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take on all of us. a man i know very well, former president bill clinton taking down -- doubling down after he came under fire for his response to questions in an nbc interview where he defended his handling of the scandal, the bill clinton scandal. with monica lewinsky. he says his public apology was enough and that he has no plans to directly ask his former white house intern for rgeness. here what he had to say last night. watch. >> the hubbub was i got hot under the collar. because of the way the questions were asked. the suggestion was that i never apologized. i apologize to my family, to monica lewinsky and her family into the american people. i support the me too movement and i think it's long overdue. and i have always tried to support it in the decisions and policies that i've advanced. >> harris: those remarks ce after the former president first said this. because you didn't apologize to
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her? >> i have not talked to her. i do. i never talked to her. but i did say publicly on more than one occasion that i was sorry. hris: doug schoen is the person i was saying that i know so well. former advisor to bill clinton and a fox news contributor and you know them well. the clintons. what is happening with bill clinton? why would he double down like this? >> harris, honestly, i don't know. he had a perfect opportunity on the today show to say i owe her an apology, it's long overdue, and i'm offering one now and i need to go back to her and make that clear. if i think people would have been at least somewhat sympathetic to him rather than the outrage that he has generated with this doubling down on an untenable and unpalatable position.
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>> harris: i said on hannity last night, a rare appearance, that it really seems to me like he is grasping for relevance which people will do when they have been in the public eye for a long time. he's written a book with someone and he's coming back on the tour. he had to have anticipated with seven or eight women according to "the washington post" who could make accusations and allegations against him daily and publicly, he had to have anticipated something in the middle of a me too mt that might come up. >> it didn't look to me that he did anticipated. "the washington post" has come out today with a fact-check on his statement on the today show raising questions about it. if i am proud of the work i have done with him on policy, balanced budgets, welfare reform, bring in the country together. we talked about that many times. but on this stuff, i really
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think the president really needs to rethink his position, and take a different approach. >> harris: one of things i love talkiut is that you see things at a 37,000-foot level. what do you do with bill clinton and the democratic party right now? you have midterm elections coming up, 2020 years around the cornwhere you tak man rig now who n isow defending himself against a woman who was 22 years old when they knew each other? she now has who served his power with her voice during this movement. >> that's true. while i believe it, i have written passionately, you and i have discussed the need for the democratic party to do what bill clinton did. personally, my best advice to him would be to get off the stage. i think in fairness what you said last night on hannity when sean indicated that you have two shows and he only has one, and i was pleased that that was
10:15 am
acknowledged and have the book but i really would say to president clinton who has always been very candid with, mr. presidenou've done a lot, you can do a lot with your foundation, you are doing a lot with your foundation, concentrate on that, stay away from the democratic party, stay away from domestic politics. >> harris: thank you for the compliments. one last question on bill clinton. what complicates this is is not just the politics and the fund-raising it isn't just the fact that he was married or is married to the last democrat presidential candidate. going forth, you have guys like joe biden might jump in. what are those relationships going to be? 's is a guy you take with you on the trail? last thought. >> no, you don't. i think bilinton's useful life on the political trail for the foreseeable future is over. it is a lot he can do overseas. he's made a great contribution, but he really should apologize and get off the stage. >> harris: i tell you, you
10:16 am
made it was a year and a half or so ago when you said you did not vote for your long-term friend, longtime friend hillary clinton and now you're saying that bill clinton should step off the stage. it'splicated. >> as it is with a heavy heart it right.ieve it and i think >> harris: we appreciate you being here. thank you again. a short time ago, the white house released a statement amid escalating tensions now over president trump's decision to just invite the super bowl champions philadelphia eagles from visiting the white house today. what the administration is saying and what they're planning instead of hosting the team. and what amplications of the supreme court decision siding with the colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple? the baker at the center of the case at the center of it all, jack phillips is here. he will join me next. stay close. come here, babe.
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>> harris: the supreme court ruling in favor of a man who refused to bake a custom wedding cake for a same-sex couple due to a religious objection. the court held that t colorado civil rights commission showed hostility toward the baker based on his religious beliefs. the couple at the center of the controversy reacted to the >> i don't feel like our casey
10:21 am
about a cake. it's about getting access to public accommodation. >> freedom of religion is at protected by theuntry constitution but you cannot practice your faith in a way that harms others or excludes them from publice. >> harris: jack phillips is the owner of masterpiece cake shop. we been talking about it for months with this case in the news. kirsten wagner's senior vice president with alliance defending freedom who argued on mr. philip's behalf in this case. thank you both for joining me. mr. phillips, when you first heard this verdict come down for this decision come down, what was first response? >> i was thrilled with it. this is a big win for us. >> harris: when you say us, who do you mean? >> for all creative professionals. my family and myself but for all creative professionals and now gives us a ruling that says that we can go about creating our
10:22 am
works, our art without fear of punishment from the government. >> harris: what is it exactly that you w to s happen be on a wider scope? this is a veryarrow case with regard to this. >> i think it's a complete win. they covered everything that we asked the court to lookt, they didn't deny anything that we asked for. and when can i ask about the hostility? that is why the supreme court came down on this. they didn't feel that you were respected. 7-2 is a big ruling. you scooped up liberal justices andt on that seven. so it speaks to the issue of how people who are pushing for religious freedom and other items being talked to. what was it like? i know you can't repeat everything. >> the commissioner of the civil rights commission, the caus freedom
10:23 am
despicable piece of rhetoric. she compared my not making a cake for a same-sex wedding, she holocaust. in the slave owners. we entered death threats, vile emails, phone calls, threatening, life-threatening things. someone threatened to come kill me with a machete. stay when you're shaken by this, i can see that. if i want to ask your attorney a question. when you look at this, i read on the air lambda legal tha represents the lgbtq community in saying that this really is harmful to the community, what do you say to that? there are critics were looking out for the community in saying this hurts. >> jack serves everyone who walks in his store, all walks of life, he employs people from all walks of life, but he doesn't express all messages and no
10:24 am
american should have to. this ruling protects those who are lesbian graphic designers, democratic speechwriters. the court said the same role has to apply to both sides that is sue of same-sex marriageegard to that people on both sides deserve tolerance and respect. and the colorado government hasn't given that to jack. >> harris: what kind of relationship, and i'm just curious to know because you're a man who says you are strong in your faith, you want to lock in love, what kind of relations didou say to that couple that may be give them another place to go? did you recommend another baker? what was your conversation like? to become a conversation was a very names, one of them said we are here to look at wedding cakes. the other ones that it's for our wedding. at that point, i knew that it was a wedding cake that i couldn't create. i try to apologize to them. i'm sorry. i'll sell you anything else in
10:25 am
birthday cakes come out make custom work for you, this is just a cake that i cannot create because it creates a special message that goes against the core of my faith. >> harris: you said you employ people from all walks of life. was there someone else on your staff could have made that wedding cake forame-sex couple? >> the point is that the state is still targeting me in the united states supreme court has now exonerated that. >> jack is someone who designs those cakes so it's important for that conversation ended, with them cussing him out, picketing the store, giving him the finger, then suing him. he he said enduring death threas and all kinds of threats and hostility as a result. >> harris: as a u.s. supreme court ruled, disrespect and the language of the commissioner for the commission i should say. it quickly before let you go, if there were a movement to put this beyond because this is only about this one case. i know you said that help everybody but doesn't really. do you have take this movement
10:26 am
further? >> they made another affirmative statement as they did in the same-sex marriage decision that people on both sides of the debate deserve respect and have protection. it also says this kind of religious hostility has no place in a pluralistic society and it needs to stop. we are seeing other people do thn other cases to other creative professionals. >> harris: mr. phillips, ms. wagner, thank you, thank you for coming in and being interviewed. right now, voters are heading to the polls in primaries in eight states for supersday short of a presidential election. but most eyes will be in california where a crowded field could risk shedding some democrats out of the general election. if might even see two republicans running against each other. they call it a wild or jungle anybody can about for anybody. could the risk of big setbacks happen in the party's push to win back control of congress? that blue wave they've been talking about. to close.
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>> harris: a fox news alert, voters are heading to the polls today for primaries in eight states and what some are calling a mini super tuesday. the california is taking much of that focus. the state's so-called jungle imary will have the top two finishers in their contest advancing regardless of political. raising particular concern among democrats that their candidates could be shut out of the general election. peter doocy is live for us from san diego, california, with the story. how does it work? >> here in california, the number of voters who say they don't identify with any polil party are balloon look at these numbers over the last 20 years. you can say this is the first ever primary were registered republicans are in third place behind people were registered to have no preference. but democrats aren't exactly beefing up their numbers either. because the democrats have to be cautious because their numbers haven't grown over the 20 years.
10:32 am
stickley also talked a republican strategist who helped the party raise millions of dollars here and explain the part of the reason for the stagnation the republican ranks is the last big election didn't have much of a california connection. >> in that particular year, there was no statewide republican candidate. it was a contest between two strident progressive liberal women and hillary clinton on a winner take take all basis. if your state senator was in jeopardy and most of the positions are safe, there was little incentive to turn out. >> just because registered democrats are dominating doesn't mean they don't have to work for votes. at the top republican running right now, john cox for governor has bent over just $5 million in a very high-profile campaign while a top democrat, lieutenant government governor has been three times
10:33 am
that much, $15 million. >> i have seen this movie before when frontrunners take things for granted and they just read the polls and then folks that allegedly were supportive don't turn out because they think that person has got it. those folks are looking for wor work. >> democratic groups from d.c. and elsewhere are also pouring millions of dollars into house races in some districts where they're just trying to get a to finish in the top two because if your first or second, you move on, but that is not a guarantee in some districts where the highest democrat may finish his third place and if that's the case, that is going to be the last election for that candidate this year. >> harris: thank you very much, bringing in my next guest, california congresswoman mimi walters, deputy chair of the national republican congressional commite. he could to see you today. i want to start with where you are in california and whether democrats have a right to be worried? >> democrats to have a right to be worried.
10:34 am
our tax cuts and our conservative economic policy are playing very well even in this deep blue state. and if i was a democrat, i would be worried. i'm in orange coun right now. our returns and my race almost 50% of the absentees that are being returned are republicans. we are feeling very good about the race. >> harris: orange count is typically a little bit more conservative, so i would imagine that you would expect to do somewhat better there than you would do and more liberal areas. but are there areas where democrats might be surprised? >> i think they will be surprised. is there going after seven o in california were hillary won are districts and i think they think they have a chance to win these braces. and they are going to be mistaken because we are seeing the republicans turning out so far on the early voting and there was a lot of enthusiasm on the republican side. >> harris: what do you think this tells us about november? we have been having this
10:35 am
conversation about a jungle primary and how people can come out from any party and vote for somebody else of any other party. it's kind of unique. what is at tell us about what could happen in november? >> i believe that nancy pelosi has overplayed her hand because she has said that in order to flip the house, they must do it through california and i think she's going to find out that that's not going to happen. the democrats have very big problem of possibly not getting in the top two and a couple of our open seats here in orange county. and if they get shut out of the general election, there is no way they're going to be able to take the house. >> harris: what do you do? you have the same problem for republicans that you do for democrats. they're bifurcated. you get to democrats on a ticket and look what happened in pennsylvania. connor lam went slightly to the right, and it got complicated. you have that same problem if there are two republicans on the ticket in november? >> we do have two republicans on
10:36 am
the ticket in california's 48th which is in orange county, but we also have a lot of democrats. what we are seeing right now is we have in some of these braces the republicans will come out first and then it's a race for second place. so iwe have two republicans come out on top, we will be happy because then we know the democrats will be phased out. >> harris: i want to get us in breaking news now. a senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has just said due to the historic obstruction by senate democrats of this president's nominees, i am quoting him from a statement and the goal of passing appropriations bills prior to the end of the fiscal year, the august reset has been canceled. your reaction? >> first of all, the taxpayers of this country send all of us to washington, d.c., to do the people's work. in the house, we passed almost 700 pieces of legislation and the senate has only passed out close to 200. the senate is sitting on a 500
10:37 am
bills right now that need to be taken up in the senate. and if mitch mcconnell the leader believes that they need to cancel august recess, then i am in full support of it because we need to get the people's work done. >> harris: this is also some strategy if you well because this is calling democrats out. saying you have obstructed this way forward. we have heard the president say this as well. how was this in terms of strategy do you think? >> we've had a difficult time having the democrats come to the table and move legislation forwaru can see that that's happened in the senate. f legislation,e sitting on o obstthe nomination process for the president, and the leader said enough is enoug enough. >> harris: that's part of it. there are north of 100 positions that they need congress to move on. congresswoman mimi walters, first time on the program, so happy to have you, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me.
10:38 am
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high blood sugar, which can lead to coma or death; decreased white blood cells, which can be fatal; dizziness upon standing; falls; seizures; impaired judgment; heat sensitivity; and trouble swallowing may occur. you're more than just your bipolar i. ask your doctor about vraylar. >> harris: a fox news alert, a short time ago, the white house press secretary announced the venue for next week summit between president trump and north korea's kim jong un. sarah sanders tweeted this. "the venue for the singapore summit between potus and leader kim jong un will be the capella hotel. we think are great singaporean hosts forheir hospitality. meanwhile, congress wants to say in any potential deal enough bipartisan hearings have been also wrapped up a short time ago and just yesterday, he senate democrats laid out their demands for any nuclear deal with north korea. member, they sent that letter to the president. the democrats demands includes
10:43 am
the north dismantling and removing every nuclear, chemical, and biological weapon and agreeing to suspend ballistic missile testing. our next guest presided over that bipartisan hearing on the issue that just wrapped up. republican senator cory gardner sits on the foreign relations committee and joins me now. great to see you tell me the newsmaking headline that came out of the hearing you hosted. >> the organization has to be the goal. i think we had a lot of discussion about what that means, it's laid out in section 402 of the north korea sanctions policy enhancement act but bottom line is, we have to wait and see what comes out of the summit to understand whether or not kim jong un is truly committed to that denuclearization. >> harris: i don't need to go backwards in time but sometimes it can help us go forward. what happened on friday with the meetings with the president and north korea that got us to this point where we are picking hotels and doing that sort of thing at the top of the
10:44 am
white house? >> i commend the president for the letter he sent to kim jong un canceling the summit because he didn't think kim jong un was serious about denuclearization. they have since gotten back with the north korean envoy, they've had discussions with the military leadership as well as kim jong un and it was clear now at least in their minds that this summit is building towards an agreement on denuclearization. to the summit is back on again as you mention, they have a location in singapore. i was just in singapore. and that with the prime minister, the foreign minister where i talked about the summit. i thank them for their incredible support of this summit but there's a lot of interest in this singapore summit. a lot of eyes are on the world on what could happen to bring peace on the peninsula. >> harris: i know by the invitations it was bipartisan. but was a spirit of the meeting bipartisan, this hearing that you just held? >> it was bipartisan committee hearing. but i hope that this is bipartisan. you just laid out with several democrats said needed to be in
10:45 am
the agreement with north korea. i only wish that had been the contents of the iran nuclear deal. complete dismantlement of a nuclear program, that it would be forced to get rid of all elements of the nuclear program, they would give up all of their ballistic missile programs, y not tran nuclear deal was about. we know they have a robust ballistic missile program right now. i hope they can get beyond the politics and they can focus on what ought to be peace on the peninsula. that's the real interest in the real opportunity we have here. >> harris: was interesting and kind of the news flow today is that we just had a senate majority mcconnell say that he is canceling the august recess so you guys can get throughe huu have. congress as a whole, both chambers not known for moving forward very quickly on things, particularly in the senate. if this were you concerned at all that congress needs to get involved in this process to put a deal together that it might not go as quickly as it needs to? >> i've seen congress do things
10:46 am
as quickly as a day. congress can act fast when it needs to. it ought to be acting fast right now in a number of issues including nominations for the president needs to fill out his government needs to be acting quickly on matters of national issues these are things wecit should be moving quickly on. congress hasn't been because of historic obstruction. so congress can move quickly and this is an area that there is an interest for both democrats ands i believe president trump has made that clear, they will engage congress on this and it has to turn around the very. >> harris: great to see you, thank you very much. coming up this afternoon, maybe just an hour or so from now, president trump sent to hold a celebration of america event after canceling a visit by super bowl champions philadelphia eagles and a renewed debate over national anthem protesting. power penne away and, stay clos.
10:47 am
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>> i'm dana perino. mitch mcconnell announcing moments ago that the august recess is canceled. what's behind that decision? we will explain. plus, the fate of the house majority could be determined tonight when the primary election results come in and if that's not enough, we are just moments away from a white house briefing with sarah sanders. we are keeping an eye on it and you can watch it all on the daily briefing.
10:51 am
but when the white house has released new details now and president trump decision to cancel the philadelphia eagles visit amid a renewed debatever national anthem protesting. basically saying the eagles tried to reschedule and agreed on dates. press secretary sarah sanders said this. "the white house sensing a lack of good faith nonetheless attempted to work with the eagles over the weekend to change the event format. unfortunately, the eagles only offered to send a tiny handful of representatives. in other words, the vast majority of the eagles decided to abandon their fans." on wall street editorial editor. a pulitzer pri winning investigator also as we look at the folk back facts of this, how does this kif come together in your mind? now we have more information via sarah sanders. >> we have more information. if the problem is the president and his staff are so prone to
10:52 am
making misleading statements and claims that we don't know whether or not this version is the correct version. all i know up to this point is that the president was winning. his battle with the nfl. they change the rules on taking a knee during the games. he could have just declared victory and welcome to those who wanted to come, but as governor huckabee just said on your show, he didn't do that. he didn't embrace the people who chose to come. he had the kind of kicked the dead horse. he had to snatch a potential loss out of the victory and i don't get it. >> i think it's defeat for the players. they just will not let this go away. a lot of the players were not going to show up. so they made another issue of it and hurt the nfl the first time and i think it's going to hurt them again this time. i think mainly because so many people are out there sick and
10:53 am
tired of that much stuff being politicized like the national anthem. "the wall street journal" just reported that the tim allen show, last man standing probably because of his private life, he is a conservative and this became a subject on social media. yet another thing politicized. if people are and tired of that. >> but there is no right to go to the white house and there is no right -- donald trump didn't have to invite people. i think if he doesn't want to invite them, fine. >> harris: but he did. that may be the part that speaks to -- let me get this in because players are talking about this around not just the nfl but other like the nba. there's a sports writer who says he spoke with lebron james. he is a sports writer for the golden state warriors who you know are right now in the playoffs against cleveland. he said this. "i know regardless of who wins, this is lebron telling a sports writer this, regardless
10:54 am
of who wins a series, no one wants an invite anyway. it won't be golden state or cleveland going. >> i think that if you look at what senator bob casey said, sa thing. i'm delighted to host those who want to come to the congress and come up and celebrate. i feel sorry for the 1,000 fans enter the white house hoping to see. they're not going to get an event with their team. >> harris: you know what they will get? and this is interesting by governor huckabee you mentioned. last hour. they're going to get access to the president of the united states at the white house. and some of these players according to governor huckabee could have had that preyo the president could've showed up and said look what you guys missed, and if you got this. your thoughts? >> yes, , and it's always trumps instincts to up the ante so what are the fans going to get? they're going to get a patriotic concert by the marine band and armies men's chorus and that is
10:55 am
what trump will do. democrats are beginning to complain they can't get their message o because trump is blotting out the sun. he is everywhere and as long as the opposition like the nfl keeps doing that, donald trump will be front and center with events like this. >> harris: interesting. real quickly, last five. >> heave declared victory over the nfl and invited those who wanted to come. that would've been a second victory. now he's inflamed the debate again. >> harris: we will see. it will be covering it all first as we always are. thank you very much. no doubt, this will be a topic that sarah sanders, press secretary is asked about and we are in fact awaiting the white house press briefing set to begin at any moment now. when it begins, we will always bring it to you live. stay close. hi.i just wanted to tell you that chevy won a j.d.power
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>> i'm having an exciting day. my new book dropped. my combat pilot dad and officer's wife mom brought vale lessons of patriotism and love of country and winning into our household as i was growing up. these "nine rules of engagement" can apply to anybody's life. it'sot just families that served with that parent or spouse but civilians, everybody can benefit from things like unleashing the power of your integrity as you compete with
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others. a whole lot of ways this can help you, and i want to give you what i had growing up from my heart to yours, to help you win at life. pick up the nine rules. if you send it here to fox, i'll sign it for you. a pleasure to serve you every day. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: the white house briefing set to begin moments from now, and sarah sanders will i'm sure answer questions about the cancelling of the philadelphia eagles today. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." also, senator mitch mcconnell just announcing plans to cancel most of the august recess, which could impact the mid-terms as incumbents would get less time on the campaign trail. we have live fox team coverage. peter doocy has a tough assignment of being in


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