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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  June 5, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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others. a whole lot of ways this can help you, and i want to give you what i had growing up from my heart to yours, to help you win at life. pick up the nine rules. if you send it here to fox, i'll sign it for you. a pleasure to serve you every day. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: the white house briefing set to begin moments from now, and sarah sanders will i'm sure answer questions about the cancelling of the philadelphia eagles today. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." also, senator mitch mcconnell just announcing plans to cancel most of the august recess, which could impact the mid-terms as incumbents would get less time on the campaign trail. we have live fox team coverage. peter doocy has a tough assignment of being in san diego. first, to mike emanuel on capitol hill.
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mike? >> dana, given afternoon. mitch mcconnell issued a short statement cancelling the august recess, blaming democrats for obstruction. in that statement, mcconnell session "senators should expect to remain in session in august to pass legislation and to make additional progress on the president's nominees." leader mcconnell is expected to speak with reporters after wrapping up lunch with senate colleagues. mcconnell has beenrustrated for burning time on nominees and there's pressure from president trump to stay in session to work on appropriations bills and nominations. a freshman gop senator said he's willing to work and blame the other side for obstruction. >> the democrats in the senate have white hot hatred for president trump. they don't want to see him have any successes. i regret that.
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he understands need this to work harder. we're going to do it and i'm glad. >> today the senate democratic leader disspended reviewing some of the president's picks. >> this week the senate is number of judges. some of these judges are noncontroversial. as i've said in the past, democrats are committed to working with the majority to process these noncontroversial nominees. but there's several highly controversial nominees after this slate at their attention. >> announcing the cancellation of august recess at this stage could have the effect of changing behavior up here on capitol hill in a hurry. it certainly gets the attention of a third of the senate up for re-election in november. da dana? >> dana: thanks. if you live in one of these states, you can vote today. the biggest day of the primary
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2018 season with control of the house in the balance. results in california should reshaphe november elections. peter doocy is live in san diego. peter? >> and dana, this is california where people spent hours a day in their car because there's really no way to get around. so they have hin san diego essentially drive-thru voting. people have been pulling up in their cars. this is the first time in the last hour or so that we've been here there's not a car, a motorcycle or an uber with somebody dropping a off a ballot. the county sends you your ballot and then you can come here and drop it off just so that you can watch somebody take it into custody. so we've got a winner here in a blue mitsubishi shrike you're in the in and out burger down the street and you still get the sticker that says youoted
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today. calnia thing on this primary day. that is not the only way that people are voting by mail. we're told about over a million people are expected to vote by mail inut of 1.6 million. but with this primary, they think a 40 to 45% turnout, which is much higher than the 27% turnout that they got last time. i'm hoping that somebody he tell me if i'm going to walk into something. >> dana: yeah. i don't want were you to walk over that dog. >> but we have seen a steady trickle here today. we haven't seen a need yet for them to have the stanchions. there's not been a long line of people that showed up. people are really just doing the drive-thru voting thing. they have something here in california now where you can register to vote today and then cast a ballot.
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so that is what is happening over here. these people are at the registration desk. they with sign up to register and cast a ballot and it counts. you have other folks here dropping off -- roversial, allowing people ewhat to register and vote on the same day? >> it is. but it's something that you can see a lot of people are taking advantage of. this is where there are as many people as anywhere at this, the county location. so we're told that they have a steady trickle here during the day because people choose to go to their precincts. but anybody that lives in san diego can come here to vote and we're told after the polls close, all those precincts close, all of those ballots come here. a lot of activity here in this jungle primary where the top two candidates in every race advance, whether they're democrats or republicans. so there could be in some races two republicans advancing or two
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democrats. it's -- that's very controversial. >> dana: we'll talk about that in just a moment. but you said california is expecting a lot of mail-in ballots. so tonight -- today's primary is so important for determining the control of the house in this year's mid-terms. is it possible that because of all of these mail-in ballots, we won't have the the results because they'll have to count them? >> it is. a political openerive was joking or complaining that they had two late nights. last night because of the stanley cup game went late and tonight not only because everything is three hours behind and everybody spent the money on the race and watching in washington and because it takes a long time for t thingso come and for them to be counted if you have to start opening a couple hundred
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thousand pieces of mail. >> dana: peter doocy, you got the best assignment. appreciate you for being here. the los angeles times is talking about the ection. they say ten democrats have targeted three seats. if they're shutout of more than a couple districts, democrats will have to scramble to find opportunities elsewhere in the country to flip the 23 seats they need to retake the house. josh holmes is a founding partn partner cavalry llp. ty, let me start with you. you're a regular here and about a month or so ago, six weeks ago, you raised california as an issue that we should be looking at. it's fascinating to me how worried the democrats have been leading up to this. how do you feel now going into today's primary? >> nobody really know what's will happen. it's scary when you have eight
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to ten candidates, all of them in 10 to 15% polling range. maybe if you're a viking's fan at lambeau field, but in california, we have too much enthusiasm and the primary can cause headaches. >> dana: you think there's some peril for republicans in tonight's primary. what is that? >> the big peril for republicans, they could get locked out of the statewide races. you could have two democrats running for senate and two democrats for governor. as josh knows, top of the ticket drives turnout. if you have only democrats atop spending millions to get democratic votes out, that's good. >> dana: i see what you mean. we've seen reports in axios telling us people in california are distraught. it's too expensive, regulations are too much. they're not governed well.
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gas is $5 a gallon. republicans should try to be competitive there. >> they should be. there's seven districts held by republicans that is lynchpin of the democratic efforts to retake the e. statewide, they haven't won in over a decade. ty is right. if there's two democrats in ney you're statewide turnout operations, that's bad new for republicans. conversely, democrats have bad news in three districts in southern california right now where there's a pretty good chance two republicans -- >> dana: we have that. the 48th, 49th and 39th district. two of them have republican incumbents that are retiring. that is darrell issa and ed royce. one is dana roybacker who is a republican incumbent that is vulnerable but might pull it out.
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the democrats have tried to figure out a way t consolidate support. the dccc put out a flyer saying the comee is asking people to vote for oneandidate cause td her. so is this the type of thing that you had to do to try to get democrats to consolidate behind one possible winner? >> absolutely. the one of the challenges about all odistrictre in one area -- >> dana: let me interrupt you. mitch mcconnell started speaking. let's listen in. >> he's more importan >> only 24 cloture votes on nominations. the president made it clear he doesn't intend to sign another omnibus.
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to prevent that, w ourwork, which is to pass individual appropriation bills. chairman shelby and senator leahy have ative relationship moving forward with that. we think we have a good chance of passing a number of appropriation bills. in order to do that and deal with this nominations backlog, it's necessary for us to be here in august and do our work. in a short term, no, we're going to turn to defense authorization bill and farm bill before the one week around judge 4. in addition to that, we're trying to get time agreements on the faa bill, on the water infrastructure bill, all of we need to process between now and the july recess.
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that's the schedule the next few months. >> congress hasdhe defense authorization bill. one of the most important provisions in this legislation herain and the g the resources equipment that our military needs in order to p b we've asked them tdo, to prevent china from stealing or otherwise cir our laws to acquire cutting edge technology that gives the united states a decided advantage when it comes to defending our country and keeping the peace. cornyn.: that's senator john he was speaking after mitch mcconnell that made the announcement that the republicans will cancel recess and that that is in their power to do, to work through the different things. so strategically probably smart politically. one of the things that the republicans want to show is momentum, that they can get things done.
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the house will send a bunch of work their way and they will try to get it done. also keeps the red state democrats from being in their es campaigning. your thoughts? >> i'm ecstatic. you hea senatorcconnell go through a litany of agenda items that they would like to accomplish. all of those things getting done is great for those that are right of center in a conservative ref mentality. i think this is great news for republicans. it can only help them in the fall. >> dana: if you can stick around. we'll be right back after the break. (vo) at pro plan,
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thanks for sticking around. list, let me ask you this. if the democrats don't do action they hope they would in california and the chances of getting to 218 are slimmer, do you still think there's a path for the democrats to take back the majority given that the republicans have been doing much better in the polls and the congressional generic ballot has been narrowing for democrats? >> absolutely. look, we are still 154 days away from the election. one thing we've seen in the virginia gubernatorial race, some special elections, there's been sustained democratic turnout. the generic ballot will tighten. good economic news over the weekend. getting to is hard. you have to net 23 seats. no easy affect. even if they get locked out two or three, there's still a path open particularly with the that came down.n pennsylvani >> dana: josh, the last word. you think the republicans
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cut the democrats off? >> yeah, i don't disagree with ty on that. one of the big challenges for republicans is the number of retirements. 39 retirements in the house of presentatives.charlie cook is a statistician. 59% of the folks in the wave districts hold on. when you retire, 6% hold on. right now the environment is improving for republicans. we'll see. >> dana: we will see. see what happens. president trump's favorite line. josh and ty, thank yo>> thank u. >> dana: fox's alert. we're waiting for the white house briefing to begin any minute now. president trump lays the grouped work with north korea's leader. the white house announced a summit with k jong-un will take place at the capella hotel one week from today. i'm joined now by ari fleischer, former wise house press secretary and a fox news
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contributor. fun to sit here and wait for the press briefing with you and we have no pressure except for our viewers. we have to deliver for our viewers. we're less than a week away. at this point next week, because of the time change, the summit, if it happens and it looks like it will, will be over. what are your thoughts leading into it and how much work behind the scenes you explain the viewers is happening in the preparation for this? >> the staff is preparing like mad. they have logistics and security especially with a nation that has never performed in one of these before. i remember the first time president bush went to peru. the motorcade got cut off cause government never knew how to block traffic. they never did it before. there's logistical things like that. but at the presidential level, we'll see what president trump does. he will do it by gut and not
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textbook. >> dana: and i'm curious about the press wrangling. they do- as you know, as we wait for sarah sanders, we wait 45 seconds. your thoughts about how they're planning to help the president and kim jong-un deal with what will be amazing incredible press attention. >> normally it's all prenegotiated. there will be a translator. who knows if that will happen on this trip or not. kim jong-un has never taken press questions before as far as we know. >> dana: i don't know if i would want to put the president next to him answering questions, actually. that's my gut instinct. that's not a good idea. >> anything you have seen before, throw it out the window. two people that have done things diff i o reasonthink tt they will do things the way they have always been done. live tv. we'll see what happens.
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>> dana: we'll wait for sarah for our daily briefing here. are you still feeling cautious about this summit? >> i've been a cynic about this from the start and that's because of my experience with north korea. north korea has entered into agreements with previous presidents only to lie and to continue to pursue nuclear weapons. i hope that doesn't happen here. even assuming a good successful summit, meaning the scenery is right, the meeting feels good, they got along, the real issue will be in the months and the years after the summit. does north korea give their word and keep it or give their word and violate it. you don't know until months and years later. mark me down as a cynic from the start. i'll be a cynic in the middle and after it's over. not because of the president but because of the history of north korea. >> dana: and the senate democrats sent a letter to white house saying you have to keep us looped in. these are the things we think
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should happen like removing all chemical and biological weaponses and testing and research, verifiable inspections. seems to me that is something that everybo should agree on, right? >> well, every american, i hope. the question is will north korea agree to them. how long a list does the president want. how many other issues does he want to get into. what about reparations to japan. a whole host of things to put on the list. if i was president trump is denuclearization and have that specified. what does that mean? it means north korea gives up the 40 to 60 estimated nuclear weapons. what is the timetable. that has to be considered. that alone is a huge accomplishment if north korea keeps their word. that is why i point out what happens after the summit is more important. if you reach a break through, kn that north korea is doing we what they promised? >> dana: and sarah sanders just
11:23 am
came to the podium. to her next. thank you. >> the unemployment rate has fallen to 3.8% matching the lowest level in nearly 50 years. the bureau of labor statistics reported today that job openings hit a record high of 6.7 million in april. meaning job openings outnumbered those that are unemployed. americanorkers looking for new opportunities are finding them because of this president's policies of lower taxes, deregulation and fair and reciprocal trade. america's economic potential has been unleashed. i've invited the chairman of the president's council of economic advisers, kevin hassert to take your questions on this topic. after that, i'll be happy to take questions on news of the day. >> thank you. and you know, i watch these things a lot. i was noticing that not everybody is always in the best mood, so i told sarah what you guys need are some charts. right? so we have some charts for you
11:24 am
today. a lot of nodding people. so i think sarah it best. we're in, as the president tweeted, one of the best economies's seen in my career. a number of facts that confirm what we talked about last fall whenked about the tax bill and the economic impact that it might have on the economy. in addition, the president has pursued a trade agenda and deregulation and we're seeing this in the data. in the first slide, if we can get it, look at a summary of the commit. look at gdp growth the past year. when president trump ran for office and when he came in and i first started a year ago, we locked ahead to 3% growth. everybody said no, no, no, we have a now normal. the blue lines that you see during the obama years where we
11:25 am
have growths in the 1s, up to 2 if we're lucky but never get 3% growth again. in the latest data we have, we have growth year over yeast just a little less than 3%. the atlanta fed gdp now number isuarter gdp will be able to make 3.1 or 3.2. if you look at this chart, there's been a clear trend break. the 3% growth that americans used to expe if i could have the next slide, please. in this chart, i want to show something that we again talked about in the fall, which is that one of the reasons why we had such low growth in the previous administration is that it was so anti-business. it was basically discouraging capital formation in the u.s. with inappropriate tax policy and high regulation. you can see that in the data. for example, the blue dot from q12014 to 2015, business capital spending barely increased at
11:26 am
all. even in preelection 2016, it stayed at about the same level. subsequently after the election, we saw an increase in business ent and capital spending went up. now we passed the tax bill, capital spending skyrocketed as we it woul higher capital spending is one of the key factors driving growth at this time. i can remember way, way back in the fall saying that if we passed the tax bill, we would expect to see capital spending by 10% higher. if you look at the last bar in the first quarter of gdp, capital spending was up 9.2%. next slide. a number of other things to look at. this is one of the ones that find most striking. big impact on our outlook for small busi right now small b as optimistic as we've ever seen.
11:27 am
you can say, well, and sometimes people, the obama administration will say we just set this economy up for the president. you can see a clear break in this chart at the election. so president trump promised he would cut taxes, that he reduced taxes on small business and reduced the heavy regulatory costs imposed by the previous administration. even before he began to act, sentiment turned around. that helped lead to something that is really one of the more remarkable labor markets that we've seen. the job market right now is about as strong as i've ever seen. there's a lot of different ways to put it in perspective. for me, the easiest fact is it's only seven times back to 1970 that we had an uployme rate before 4%. we expect it to continue. as remarkable as that chart is, the next one is one of the ones that i think moves me even more. the next chart shows the gap between the unemployment rate of
11:28 am
white workers and black workers. you can see that the gap between the unemployment rate for black workers and white workers has gone to an all-time low and a third on average during the obama administration. we want the gap to get down to zero but we made a tremendous amount of progress. the next chart for a person that loves economic data is my favorite. you rarely see anything that is the best since the second w war. this shows the initial claims -- >> dana: that's kev hassett. he has good news on the white house press corps there. we'll monitor that for any news and go back to sarah sanders as she takes questions from the press. a new legal deadline for paul main ford. a judge giving his lawyers three days to respond to a mueller team motion to revoke his relief.
11:29 am
prosecutors want manafort behind bars until his trial because they say he tried to tamper with witnesses in his keas. joining now is judge andrew napolitano. i'm glad you're here, this isn interesting it seems very brazen for a defendant awaiting trial to reach outsonally to possible witnesses and try to change their testimony? >> ununheard of. when something is indicted, they give a list of what the witness will say. defense counsel has a right and a duty to try to interview those people. but it's an interview and done by defense counsel or investigators hired by defense counsel. the best hire t best. most of the best are ex-fbi agents. they say what are you going to tell the government? if they try to get the person to change their testimony, that's interfering with the government's process and
11:30 am
obstruction of justice. in this case, the government alleges that manafort himself -- this unheard of in a white collar case. sometimes in a nonwhite collar case a defendant will try to change the testimony of a witness. but if the government's allegations are true, his bail will be revoked like that and incarcerated until his first trial in july. after that, until his second trial in september. >> dana: why risk it? that's what i don't understand. is he that worried or does he have that much confidence in himself that he could fix this for himself or -- >> defense counsel says there was no effort to get the witnesses to change their mind. it was a simple interview of the witnesses and we will demonstrate that to the court at the time that there's a hearing. here's what the government really wants. they want paul manafort to say here's what i did and what i said. then they can cross examine him.
11:31 am
>> will the government make this charge if they didn't have the ? >> the governor's evidence consists of affidavits from the witnesses who said this is not just an investigator. this is the defendant themselves. he spoke to me in code, told me not to tell anybody that he was talking to me and this is what he wanted me to say. >> dana: your day, next friday, will be busy. do you know why? no. >> dana: not only does manafort have his hearing but michael cohen has a hearing on the same day as well. get ready. >> i'm ready. my day tomorrow will be busy. >> dana: why? >> because i'm testifying before the senated security committee on whether or not the president's world power can be expanded. you can guess which side i'm on. >> dana: which side do you think i'm on? >> you want to come with me? >> dana: they know my point of view. judge, thanks for explaining that. >> thank you. >> dana: kevin hassett is giving good news. we'll take you there when sarah
11:32 am
sanders steps up to the podium. and senator lindsey graham is asking rod rosenstein if she should recuse himself. we'll ask the senator if he's gotten a response next.
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new ensure max prote it's just a burst pipe, i could fix (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totallve... (wife) nope! >> dana: calls to grant clemency are growing louder as a lawyer takes the cardinals to the white house. charles was sentenced to prison for selling cocaine and released in the obama administration. since then, he found a job and
11:36 am
reunited with his family. in may, he was ordered back to prison to serve out his sentence. we now hav the attorney asking president trump to grant him clemency. tell me why you decided to pick this up and the difference between asking for clemency versus asking for a pardon? >> well, i decided to take this case because a great injustice has been done. matthew charles has done everything that we would want from someone coming out of prison, completely reformed his life and no longer a danger to the public. it's just a shame that we would send him back to prison for ten more years despite recognizing he made profound change in his life. we're not asking for a full pardon. we're asking that the president to time served so that te a mr. charles can get back to his family and his church community
11:37 am
back in nashville who desperately want him home. >> you've been working with them on the first set backs and other reforms. when you bought up this case, did indication that they were amenable to the idea? >> they already heard about the case and the media coverage and they recognize that this is a man that changed his life around. one of the things that is unusual about matthew's case is that he served 21 years in federal prison and not one time did he ever get an incident report or get any minor trouble e serving 21 years in a federal prison. >> dana: remarkable. >> when he got out, despite he's trying to get his life back on his feet, he took every saturday sand volunteered his time at as. >> dana: thanks, sean, for joining us today. now back to the white house briefing. we'll keep talking to you about
11:38 am
this possibility. thank you. >> cancel a majority of the august recess and remain in session. there's been obstruction by senate democrats and there's a long to-do list including important nominations and appropriations bills that we hope they can get taken care of. with that i'll take your questions. >> on the president's decision to disinvite the eagles, he's suggesting this is about the national anthem is. the president aware that not a single player on the eagles for the entire season knelt for the national anthem? >> the president's position on not just the anthem has been clear. let's not forget this isn't -- there were 80 members of the eagles organization that rvp'd and attended to commit as over 1,000 fans of the eagles organization. the eagles are the ones that tried to change their commitment at the 11th hour. the president frankly thinks that the fans deserve better
11:39 am
than that and therefore we changed the ceremony to be a focus on celebrating our great country. >> why was this about the national anthem. you heard from steph curry and lebron james. whoever wins the nba championship, they're not likely to be here. is this about other than the national anthem? >> if this wasn't a political stunt by the eagles, they wouldn't have planned to attend the event and backed out at the last minute. if it wasn't political, they wouldn'te attempted to reschedule the visit when they knew the president would be overseas and this wasn't a political stunt, they wouldn't have waited till monday, well after 1,000 of their fans traveled and took time out of their schedules to offer a tiny representatives to attend the event. pamela? >> on that point, this isn't about the national anthem. it's about so few players. >> really, the president has
11:40 am
been clear his position regards to the national anthem. we never wavered on that. the president thinks they should stand, particularly when it comes to the nfl. it's not about a particular time. it's about having pride in our country and about being respectful to the men and women that have fought and died to preserve our country. in terms of this, the eagles are ones that changed their commitment the last minute. the president felt it was appropriate to change the event to celebrate our country. >> you referred us to the outside counsel on these statements that the president was involved with. the counsel did weigh-in, saying yes, the president did dictate the statement. rudy guliani was on cnn saying it was a mistake saying the president didn't dictate it. do you want to cct your statement? >> once again, i'm not going to
11:41 am
detail and back and forth. you guys would love to engage matters of conversations between the special counsel and the outside counsel. but we've purposely walled off and i'm not going to comment on outside counsel. >> you still talked about it. why can't correct the record now? >> i'm not going to answer questions that deal specificall outside counsel and the special counsel. >> you not want to answe question? >> i'm not going to get with a back andford with you. i refer you to outside counsel. >> the president won pennsylvania by a narrow margin. does he risk alienating key voters and also by the statement that the team abandoned the fans? >> certainly we would hopet all of the people of pennsylvania would share the president's commitment to the national anthem and the pride that we have in our country. certainly not meant to be a slight to any one but frankly a reaffirmation of what a great
11:42 am
country we live in and to snd for the national anthem is something the president is clear on. sarah? >> on thursday [indiscernible]. and the president said china and south korea can provide assistance to north korea and does the president plan to raise this issue with prime minister abe. >> i'm not going to get ahead of the meeting with the prime minister but we anticipate the summit with north korea next week to come up as well as trade issues and other matters and we'll be happy to provide a read out and the president will speak to that tomorrow. josh? >> there's been a report that [inaudible]. >> i haven't spoke to the
11:43 am
president. >> we've been asking about special counsel. the only question is, do you think your statement was accurate? your statement, not his. was it accurate or inaccurate. >> i know you want to get me in a back and forth -- >> no. you said something. we want to know if it's accurate. >> i know your goal is tongag me in a conversation w outside counse i'm not going to do that today. >> you said something from the podium. was it accurate or not? that's all we want. >> i work day in and day out with a majority of you people here. i know you think i'm an honest person. i'm going to continue to do that but i'm not going to engage on matters with the outside counsel. justin? >> just to follow up on this. you were asked earlier. the reason you're unwilling to engage on this or you have already or you have not taken to the special counsel -- >> because the appropriate venue for these questions to be
11:44 am
addressed is through the outside counsel. that's why i would refer you to answer them. >> so if it's true, the proposed cuts on the hurricane sandy funds, ebola fund, can we see them retrieved. [inaudible] why that wouldn't be true for other areas of the budget the administration has targeted. >> i would refer you to omb to get into the details of that. we'll be happy for additional information also over the next few days on specifics. >> the president again took a stick to his favorite piƱata, jeff sessions today. what is the -- >> that's interesting. >> what is the president's goal here? to remind the attorney general that he's really peoed at him or
11:45 am
trying to emasculate him? >> the president made his position clear. just because you laughed the hardest at john's joke. >> the president tweeted today that he was concerned that the fbi was weakening or slowing the doj's investigation into the hillary clinton e-mail investigation handled by fbi director james comey. what is he basing that concern on? is it based on conversations that he's had with fbi personnel currently or in the past. >> the president would like to see this move faster. they've been obsessed with a number of issues in which they spent a great deal of time on. he would like to see that spread out. >> you think it's appropriate for the responsible general to
11:46 am
release his timeline? >> the president wants trans pair -- transparency and done quickly. >> i want to follow up on that question. the president, whether it's on his twitter account or otherwise, keeps saying things that are not borne out but the facts, whether it's about the national anthem or we got $6 billion for opioids and getting rid of the scourge taking over our country and the numbers are done, we have thousands of immigration judges. the president says things that are not true. this thing with the -- >> the question. if you could get there. >> why if things you keep saying from the podium turn out to not be true and things the president
11:47 am
keeps saying -- a number of venues say turn out to not be true, we should we be able to truth that the information we're getting from this administration is accurate and more importantly, why should americans be able to trust that what they hear from this white house is always the truth? >> oagain, i don't know how many times i have to address this. i work every day to give you accurate and up to date information. i'm going to continue to do that. frankly i think my credibility is probably higher than the media's. in large part, that's because you guys spend more of your time focused on attacking the president instead of reporting the news. if you spent more time reporting the news instead of trying to tear me down, you might actually see we're working hard trying to provide you good information and provide the same good information to the american people. john? sorry, andrew.
11:48 am
i gave you a lot of time. john? >> i want your reaction to the administration's reaction to a statement that was put out by a player on theeagles, malcolm jenkins. a strong safety on the philadelphia eagles. very well-respected on the team. he put out a statement in which he said the decision that was made by the president to cancel this event celebrating the super bowl victory by the eagles paints the pictures that these players are anti-america, anti-flag and anti-military. what is your response to what malcolm jenkins put out in a statement today? >> i addressed this a few times again. the eagles were the ones that committed to an event on friday. they submitted over 80 members 0 the eagles franchise for the event along with over 1,000 fans to participate. the eagles that tried to change their commitment at the 11th hour. if this once again wasn't a political stunt and they wouldn't have planned to attend the event and backed out.
11:49 am
if it was ant political stunt, they wouldn't have attempted to reschedule an event for when they knew that the president would be out of the country. they wouldn't have waited until the very lastake e changes if this wasn't about a political statement that they were trying to m towards is president. >> are you saying the president bears zero responsibility in this cancellation? this is a president that called nfl players sobs, who implied that some players that don't stand for the national anthem do not belong in this country. does he bear zero responsibility for players like the warriors and the cavs not keep and the eagles -- >> the president's position hasn't changed on this throughout the process. arly stated in a number was of forums and venues. the eagles made the commitment to come and be part of that event well after the president had established his feelings in
11:50 am
regards to the national anthem. once again, they made that change at the last minute. not the president. he's been completely consistent in his viewpoint when it comes to this. >> the president last year broke with recent tradition and did not host an iptar dinner. is he hosting a didn't they are selecteded? >> he is hosting the dinner tomorrow evening. there will be roughly 30 to 40 different attendees. i'll be a happy to provide you with more specifics. blake? >> let me ask you about two trade deals. one involving the chinese, $70 billion of buying american products. the united states would back off its threat of tariffs. is that something that president trump would support? we're in the negotiation
11:51 am
process. as the president stated many times before, our focus is on making sure we get good deals. he will continue to make sure that he gets the best deal for . >> larry kudlow said today, in reference to maybe the president wants to d with canada solely with mexico solely and the idea of negotiating nafta might be gone at this point. is there a possibility of getting a nafta deal done? >> it's not done. but the president is open to having individual deals. but he's looking at the best way to make sure he gets the best deal possible for american workers and whether or not that's through nafta or other means. those options are on the john? >> thank you, sarah. back to the issue of presidential pardons. there's been considerable furor
11:52 am
in illinois, particularly supporters of the president and allies in congress that even suggesting commuting sentence of former governor rod blagojevich. several party activists and colleagues of the congressman are becoming ouken. is he going to go ahead with the communization or is he backing down and is he aware of the criticism from supporters of his? >> the president has not made a final decision on that. as you know, the president doesn't base his decisions off of the criticism of others but on what he thinks is the right decision to make. that's what he will base it on. dave? >> the president was also meeting with lawmakers here this afternoon. what is on the agenda? >> a number of items will be discussed at that event and we'll be sure to provide info afterwards.
11:53 am
hunter? >> thank you. does the president still think his response to the hurricane in puerto rico deserves a ten out of ten score now that estimates say almost 5,000 people died there? >> the federal response once again was at a historic proportion. we're continuing to work with the people of puerto rico and do the best we can to provide federal assistance, particularly working with the governor there in puerto rico and we'll continue to do so. peter? >> any concern about the massive volume of the death toll there? >> the administration came out in support of the baker's freedom expression in the supreme court case. why are athletes right t express themselves freely any different than the baker's? >> when it comes to the baker's, we're pleased with the supreme court's decision. the first amendment prohibits discrimination on religious belief. the supreme court concluded that the colorado civil rights commission failed to show tolerance in respect for his religious belief. in this case, and others, the department of justice will continue to vigorously defend
11:54 am
the free speech and religious freedom first amendment rights. >> my question is simple. so if the white house supports the baker's right of free speech, why doesn't the white house support the player's right to free speech? >> the president doesn't think at this is an issue of free speech. he thinks it's about respecting the men and women of our military, it's about respecting our national anthem and it's about standing out of pride for that. one last question. >> will the president -- if it's not about free speech and he support these ideas, will he commit to a roundtable on injustice? >> i'll ask him. >> is that something that he hasn't had any discussion given all the division in the country over social injustice? >> we look at ways every day to unify our country. the president has worked
11:55 am
actively and tirelessly to be then't of all americans. you can see that reflected in the policies that he's put forth. one of the biggest things that you've seen out of this administration frankly that is far and vastly different than previous administrations is providing economic opportunity for all americans. one of the greatest equalizers that we can have is providing a level playing field and the president has worked hard to make sure that that happens. kevin spoke about that and will continue to do that. one last question. >> is the president aware that -- >> sorry, stephen, go ahead. >> is the president aware -- >> stephen, if you can go ahead. >> is -- this is underlying issue that keeps going about disrespect of the flag and soldiers. there's black and brown soldiers that feel that taking a knee, bringing a tension to police-involved shooting is something that this white house should deal with. is the president aware that taking the knee is about police
11:56 am
involved shootings? >> the president has made his position crystal clear. that is about -- i let you rudely interrupt me and your colleagues. i'm going to ask that you a me to finish my answer. i would be happy to answer it if you stop talking long enough. the president has made his position crystal clear on this topic. he feels strongly that standing for our national anthem is something that we should do, something that matters to what makes our country special and unique and what sets us apart. he's not going to waver on that. he's notloogize for it. frankly, more than 70% of americans agree with him on that matter. inal intent was, this has been made a political argument of which the president is not going to back down from and he's been clear on it. stephen, last question. april, i've addressed your question and i'm not going to continue to engage with you. stephen. >> will the president -- >> i'm going to deal with the
11:57 am
issue of addressing your colleague's question. >> go ahead. >> always happy to yield to a colleague. let me ask y about scott pruitt. two republicans in iowa have had it. they say pruitt has betrayed the president. "the washington post" had more on it. how is it that president trump continues to have confidence in the epa administrator assuming that he still does? >> once again, i haven't had a chance to speak with the president directly about "the washington post"'s new report. we continue to have concerns and lock into them and will address them. thanks, guys. >> dana: that was sarah sanders in a white house briefing. let's bring back ari fleischer in the couple minutes we have left. he's been there before. i thought that was very tense. they started the briefing by having kevin hassett, the
11:58 am
economic adviser coming in to tell people there's a ton of good news on the economy. why don't you cover it? the rest of the briefing was tense. i want your thoughts about the eagle's event and the white house sayin thahe eagles are to blame because they were trying to pull a political stunt. you know politics, you know the white house. you know football. what do you think? >> tough day at the office. look, here's what happened with the eagles. 80 people said they were coming and in the end, ten came. in the end, it would have been a boycott. that's what the president lashed out. the president when he lashes out brings up issues that are not jermane, this is not a team that kneeleded or a single player to single out. it was the reaction of nfl players that don't like donald trump. so donald trump doesn't like them. welcome to a polarized america.
11:59 am
other people's going to alienate >> >> dana: for the second dare in questions about the president's involvement in the troupe tower meeting that she's talked about and i'm sure she was given that information. turns out to be different than what the president's lawyers said to her. she's saying she's not going to get in a back and forth because it has to do with special counsel. they do answer special counsel questions from the podium. she's stuck here a little bit trying to figure out a way to make sure the reporters ask the rudy guliani team about this. what do you make of it? i'll give you the last 30 seconds. >> yeah, i think in august she said that the president did not dictate the statement. they didn't have a speci counsel press operations set up with counsel ex-et cetera regarding sarah from saying statements like that. either sarah lied, which i don't think would have happened or two, she got mislead.
12:00 pm
that's why she's reluctant to say today who misled her, how she got mislead. she has to retreat on that statement. >> dana: thanks foticking with me. i'mana perino. up next, it's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. it's no football, to problem for the president after he cancelled the party for the super bowl champion phia eagles. president trump says a different show will go on. he's expected to speak at that event which is expected to start now. we'll take you there live. president trump with another hit on his attorney general. he said he known attorney general jeff sessions would have taken himself out of the game, he would have chosen somebody else and the russian investigation would be over. paul manafort accused of trying to get witnesses to change their story. witness tampering. now the special counsel wants manafort locked up while he awaits two trials. this


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