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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 5, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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that's why she's reluctant to say today who misled her, how she got mislead. she has to retreat on that statement. >> dana: thanks foticking with me. i'mana perino. up next, it's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. it's no football, to problem for the president after he cancelled the party for the super bowl champion phia eagles. president trump says a different show will go on. he's expected to speak at that event which is expected to start now. we'll take you there live. president trump with another hit on his attorney general. he said he known attorney general jeff sessions would have taken himself out of the game, he would have chosen somebody else and the russian investigation would be over. paul manafort accused of trying to get witnesses to change their story. witness tampering. now the special counsel wants manafort locked up while he awaits two trials. this afternoon, manafort's team
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responds. so let's get to it. from the fox news deck. a live look at the white house where the philadelphia eagles are not welcome today. president trump disinvited the super bowl champs last night. instead, hosting what he calls a celebration of america which has now begin. let's listen. >> thank you, everybody. appreciate it. i want to thank the united states marine band and the united states army chorus for that incredible performance. their voices -- i'd love to have a voice like that. what a voice. we love our country, we respect our flag and we always proudly stand for the national anthem. we always will stand for the
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national anthem. it is my great pleasure to welcome everyone to the white house for this patriotic celebration. a beautiful day and a beautiful celebration. i also want to thank our great vice president, mike pence. thank you, mike, for joining us. along with secretary steven mnuchin, secretary ryan zinke, representative lou barletta, who hopefully will be your senator for the next great state of pennsylvania. it's a great state. representative mike kelly. thank you, mike. great to see you. i want to take this opportunity to explain why young americans stand for our national anthem. maybe it's about time that we understood. we stand to honor our military and to honor our country and to remember the fallen heros that
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never made it back home. we stand to show our love for our fellow citizens and our magnificent constitution. we stand to pay tribute to the incredible americans that came before us and the heroic sacrifices that they made. america is a great nation a community, a family. and america is our home and we love our home. our country has never done better than it's doing right now, never. record numbers in every outpost. take a look what is going on. lowest unemployment numbers we've had. lowest african american unemployment in the history of our country. lowest hispanic numbers in the history of our country. lowest numbers for women in 21
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years. we've created $7 trillion in value in our country since the election. we're the largest economy in the world and want to get you larger and fast. happened very quickly. actually quicker than i even thought. we're doing great. all of those people that we honor. [applause] many of them are looking down right now. some of them are right here. many of them are looking down right now at our country and they are proud. they are very, very proud. so we stand together for freedom, we stand together for patriotism and we proudly stand for our glori under god. i want to thank you all for being here. this is a beautiful big celebration. actually, to be honest, it's bigger than we had anticipated.
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so i want to thank you very much and god bless america. thank you, everybody. thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please join us in honoring our country by singing "god bless america." ♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love ♪ stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above ♪ ♪ from the mountains to the prairies ♪ ♪ to the oceans white with foam ♪ ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home ♪ god bless america ♪ my home sweet home
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[applause] ♪ >> shepard: we stand to support, we stand to salute and we stand in the absence of the philadelphia eagles. the t is, the eagles stood
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as well. the eagles stood at every time. none knelt. a small number was showing today so he cancelled their event and said the philadelphia eagles disagree with him and standing for the national anthem. st for every game last e team season. after the president scrapped the event, torre smith tweeted as follows. so many lies, shake my head. one, not m people were going to go. two, no one refused to go simply because trump insists folks stand for the anthem. three, the president continues to spread the false narrative that players are anti-military. some athletes have knelt during the anthem to protest police brutality. president trump has criticized player who kneel calling them
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sobsnd urging nfl owners to fire them. john roberts is live now. john? >> shep, good afternoon to you. we didn't get to the south lawn because the briefing was so long. so that's why we're still in the briefing room. it's no dispute tha the president is at war with the nfl over the issue. tonight the white house slammin the philadelphia eagles and offering a rare glimpse into the negotiations that led up to today. the white house saying and sarah huckabee sanders repeating here from the podium that last thursday, the eaglesed the names of 81 players and staff that would come today. the secret service cleared them in. the eagles contacted the white house to say friday we couldn't get that many people to come. it'soinge a handful so we would like to look for a different day. what about the week after next, when the president is in singapore. the white house went become and forth with them over the ed to savetoday.
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it turned out that only two or three players, the owner, jeffery lurie and the mascot he president cancelled the whole thing. listen to sarah huckabee sanders as she took a flame thrower to the eagle as few minutes ago. >> if this wasn't a political stunt but the eagles franchise, then they wouldn't have planned to attend the event and backed if it was president a political stunt and they wouldn't have attempted to reschedule the visit when they knew the president was going to be overseas and if this wasn't a po ted, they wouldn't have waited until monday well after 1,000 of their fans had traveled and taken time out of their schedules to offer a tiny handful of representatives to attend the event. >> as you mentioned, shep, the president believes this was all about the fact that there were a lot of players that don't agree with him that players should stand for the national anthem. you heard a tweet from torri
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smith. he said if you're going to tweet, tweet facts. nobody took a knee last year. some players stood with their fists in the air in protest of plys violent. the nfl said they were disappointed in the cancellation saying this decision by the white house has led to the cancellation of several player-led community service events for young people in the washington d.c. area. not clear what was cancelled since two or three players were planning on being in attendance. no question that relations between the white house and at least the nfl franchise, the philadelphia eagles are at a oric low as of this moment. shep? >> shepard: thanks, john. back to you in a moment. first, for context and perspective. trace gallagher is live now. trace? >> a couple things that we should remember, shep, a couple players that raised their hands during the games. not a single player note down
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but a couple did raise hands as a protest for racial injustice. one of them is malcolm jenkins, a defensive back and a very strong safety all-pro. he's been very proactive in saying the president has made this all about the fact that he believes the players are disrespecting the military and america. he says the overall push here had nothing to do with that. this is all about rial injustice. malcolm jenkins has been a very strong force in philadelphia. he's raised tens of millions for inner city schools. we know his teammate chris long was strongly against going to the white house. when the patriots won the super bowl in president trump's first year in office, he did not go to the white house. hoongor us here at fox news, a great family. chris long lives in charlottesville, virginia. after the violence there and the
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president's reaction to that, chris long became a very strong advocate for making sure that everybody knew that the protests that began a couplears awitholi nothing to do with dissing the military or being anti-american. colin kaepernick himself at the time said that he would go from sitting on the bench during the national anthem to kneeling because he met with military members and they said, the optics looks bad, so he came out and said, i'm not trying to disrespect the military or america. we're talking simply racial injustice. the flip side of this, shep, is that it plays well for president and his base. you look at these polls from "the washington post" and cbs. 53 to 55% of americans say it is always inappropriate to kneel during the national anthem. the nfl owners appear to be listening ident. so there is a back and forth. the president thinks for him this is a winning issue and the
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clearly, shep.aying >> shepard: trace gallagher live. thank you. coming up, more on the white house briefing and a second day of dodging regarding statements which the lawyers the president say he dictated. statements which the white house spokesperson say, well, it's a controversy in day two and john roberts has thels next.stay wit. george woke up in pain. but he has plans today. hey dad. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. i'm your phone,istle text alert. stuck here between your seole, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer...
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my bad. >> shepard: continuing coverage now of news items at the white house briefing today. once more, sarah sanders refused to correct the record on her statement that contradicted the. her report that president trump did not dictate a statement on the trump tower meeting with a russian lawyer and others. the president's legal team revealed in a secret memo which fox news has confirmed that president trump did in fact dictate that statem that is the legal version. the legal version sent to the special counsel i russian meddling. the public version from the podium continues to be that the russians in trump tower was about adoptions, this is important because russians were meddling in the 2016 election. at this meeting were said to be
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ufr -- offering dirt on the president's opponent. back to john roberts at the white house. john? >> we have the contradiction in what was said on the way the president was back from the g-20, jay sekulow, the outside counsel said on july 12, the president had no hand in writing that, that was donald trump jr. sarah huckabee sanders said the president didn't dictate it, but he did weigh-in as any father would do when his son is involved. then we had the january 29th, 20-page letter that fox news obtained and said that the president dictated that. as written by jay sekulow. rudy guliani said he believes that sekulow had it wrong the first time out. so we've had a correction there. sarah huckabee sders continues to refuse to even engage or
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entertain questions about her statement and whether or not she believes that she was speaking the truth from the podium. listen to the bac and forth earlier. >> was it accurate or not? that's all we want -- >> i workday in and day out and majority of you here in the room. you know i'm an honest person that works extremely hard to provide you accurate information at all times. i'll continue to do that. i'm not going to engage on matters that deal with outside counsel. >> sarah sanders went so far to say that she believes her credibility is tighter than that of the media's and spanked everybody in the room for reporting on things that she wouldn't want them to not have reported on. no clarification from the white house on whether or not that statement as she read it b th accurate or what informed her statements. so i think we'll keep pushing on that front, shep. >> shepard: president trump, john is slamming his attorney general, jeff sessions again. >> and what is really curious about this, rudy guliani told me last week that he thinks that it's counter productive for the
12:19 pm
president to keep slamming jeff sessions because guliani thought he was m head in questioning the whole promise of the mueller investigation and the boundaries with which the mueller investigation has expanded over these las 12 to 13 months. the president tweeting this morning, the russian witch hunt hoax continues. it's all because jeffsions didn't tell me he was going to recuse someone else. i would have picked somebody else. so many lives ruined and sessions knew better than most that there was no collusion. so the president clearly ignoring rudy guliani's advice on that. so i put the question to sarah sanders earlier today. what is it that the president is really up to here? >> what is the president's goal here? to remind the attorneythslly ma he won't let himget it? is he trying to get him to quit? is he trying to emascul him? >> the president has made his position on this extremely
12:20 pm
clear. i don't have anything to add beyond that. >> you didn't get all of the context there. the reason why you heard some question, because i prefaced my question saying the president took a stick to his favorite piñata. >> thanks, john roberts. paul manafort, the president's campaign chair is out of jail on $10 million bail and house st while he waits for two trials to begin. now the special counsel in the russia investigation wants him locked up. his team is asking a judge to revoke his bail over accusations that he tried to tamper with witnesses. the details and the manafort response coming up. mitzi:soriatic arthritis tries to get in my way? watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ )
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>> shepard: 23 minutes past the hour now. paul manafort could be behind bars before he goes to trial. the special counsel, robert mueller's team, is accusing him of trying to tamper with witnesses in his own criminal case. one witness says he felt manafort was trying to get him to commit perjury. that's according to court documents. prosecutors write that paul manafort and one of his associates repeatedly contacted two witnesses, sometimes using encrypted messaging to try to influence their testimony. if true, that's a violation of his conditions for house arres and a crime in and of itself. so the feds are asking a judge to transfer manafort to jail. he's pleaded not guilty of conspiracy against the united states. he's not been charged with witness tampering. he's accused of funneling payments through foreign companies and bank accounts as part of political work for the pro russia president of ukraine.
12:25 pm
catherine herridge is live on capitol hill what is the latest from his defense, catherine? >> what we're hearing from the manafort team, they're going to mount a defense against these allegations. i want to get to some issues first. they have until june 8 now to file their response to the 18-page motion that was filed late last night in the district court here in washington by special counsel robert mueller's team and june 15 they will have a hearing on the matter. in the meantime, manafort's team has put out a statement that reads in part, "manafort is innocent and nothing about these allegations change our defense. we will do our talking in court." in other words, they're not going to engage with the media. they'll make their arguments before the judge. some senior senate democrats here on capitol hill see it differently. >> paul manafort ought to be
12:26 pm
jailed. most likely i think should face serious criminal penalties for witness tampering, potential perjury. while this trial is pending, he should be confined so that justice is fair for him and for others that may be indicted in the future. >> so a lot of lawmakers are coming back to capitol hill today. we have limited reaction and we haven't heard from others supporting manafort's position. >> shepard: he could face jail time, manafort. >> yeah. you been following this closely. there's this incredibly tense and sort of tumultuous back and forth between robert mueller's team and manafort's lawyers about the conditions of his bail and the terms of that bail,
12:27 pm
which right now is like a home detention, if you will. his team is making argument that this allegedpering with tnesses is a violation of those terms and that he should now be subject to detention. the reason that's a very big deal for themanafort's team,e have two cases in tandem. the one here in washington d.c. with the new allegations of witness tampering and then we have the second prosecution that is moving along an independent track in virginia. they have a bigring coming end of the month on the allegations that there were improper disclosures to the media from the lead prosecutors there and andrew wiseman. so having manafort in detention would have had the impact really of limiting his ability to mount his defense with his lawyers. that's one of his main arguments, shep. >> shepard: thanks, catherine. more on that as we getit. where are we, big picture?
12:28 pm
let's go to john bussey, associate editor for the "wall street journal," whom this network shares common ownership. there's a lot of lies. there's some that haveleaded guilty, to items regarding russians, others that are charged with items regarding ru and there's those that lied with items regarding russ and now all of these investigations and the push backs and the national anthem and the philadelphia eagles. this is not normal in america. what is this? >> it's an argumentative president that today got stood up on a date at the white house so he cancelled the dat so he did so in a way that diminished the eagles, essentially accused them of not being tick, suggested that they weren't standing for the anthem regardless of where you are on that issue.
12:29 pm
it's wrong. they did stand for the anthem in their game. but the way of twisting the truth and leaving behind ill feeling is the strategy of the president across the board here. we see him attacking sessions again. we see him obfuscating on this letter. sarah sanders said one thing and the lawyers said another thing. >> shepard: had the lawyers said something that wasn't true to the manafort investigation, that would be a crime, wouldn't it? >> yes. >> shepard: if the lawyers said instead, president trump dictated the letter which said the thing that wasn't true, which was the meeting was a russian adoptions when it was actually about with a russian interpreter in the room getting dirt on hillary clinton. >> right. he has to be truthful -- >> shepard: but not with the public. >> right. >> shepard: she said one thing. but the lawyers that speak legally to the court said another. >> it's an important
12:30 pm
distinction. the american public realizes that she works for us. so does the president. >> shepard: so does he. >> yes. we're paying their sally. so how does this shake out? why? pressure from the mue igation continues to mount. this is like a siege engine rolling up to the castle. you imagine him sort of attacking sessions because of that frustration. you imagine him speaking this way about the eagles to try to make this a patriotic issue when it's not. you can argue just as effectively that the eagles are being reportsful of the constitution, which the president suggested they weren'ts being, but speaking their mind and by engaging in issues that are difficult in the united states to talk about. racism, police brutality, you name it. that's what this is really about. it's not about not respecting the military and not respecting the flag. >> shepard: if this is an effect to get the people not to trust the institutions which are the
12:31 pm
foundation of the public, in other words, the justice system, the media, if the effort is to get the media to distrust them so once the investigation comes out they won't believe the investigators or the message deliverers, is that dangerous to our young republic? >> that's quite clearly the strategy. you denigrate the fbi, you denigrate the intelligence services. yes, it is dangerous for our republic. we'll see how well those institutions withstand the attack. presumably they will withstand the attack. a certain point you need a balance of powers in government and we're n seeing that balance right now. congress isn't stepping forward about calling the president to account. the judicial system might be. it might find him innocent of any collusion or wrong doing. we don't know the results. mueller has been secretive about this. in the interim, the president is reacting this way out of frustration and out of an efforts to delegitimize in case
12:32 pm
there is criticism of his -- shep, look, yes, he speaks to his base and riles up his base. there's a lot of voters in the united states. he has to be careful of antagonizing the voters. >> shepard: generally speaking, we say base but we're talking about 30, 35% of the population. are they being misled about what the justice department and what the media are doing? >> we've talked with the president about the president not always being on speaking terms with the truth. you decide whether or not that's being misled. he at least is putting a big, big spin on ball for them. the broader public has to evaluate that. the broader public may not be part of his base and he may be alienating them. the eagles are in philadelphia, pennsylvania he won but not by a
12:33 pm
lot. remember that. >> shepard: thanks, john. artificial intelligence not just for self-driving cars and computers. there's word the military may soon use to it protect america from nuclear attack. the details next.
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with only a kite, a house key and a wet hemp string, benjamin franklin captured lightening in a bottle. over 260 years later, with a little resourcefulness, ingenuity, and grit, we're not only capturing energy from the sun and wind, we're storing it. as the nation's leader in energyge
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we're ensuring americans have the energy they need, whenever they need it. this is our era. this is america's energy era. nextera energy. >> shepard: headlines the f fox news deck. the islamic stating credit for religious leaders that were attacked calling for peace talks. it happened in kabul yesterday. suicide bombing killed seven, injured 20. a sheriff's department hiring a cop georgia a couple days after another department fired that officer for hitting a suspect with a car. it happened in athens east of atlanta. the sheriff that hired the unemployment officer said he knew him for a while and has no reservations about giving him a
12:36 pm
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hepard: artificial intelligence could protect america from nuclear weapons by searching the planet for signed of a planned missile launch. artificial intelligence. that's according to u.s. officials that spoke with reuters. it's a brand new thing. they say computers runningartife monitor warning signs from all over the world processing far more information than humans ever could and searching for signs of potential attacks. fascinating things to learn about our national security con correspondent, jennifer griffin. i read this this morning. it was like this sounds new to
12:39 pm
me. i guess it's not. >> it's fascinating, shepard. the pentagon has ramped up it's investment in artificial intelligence. now we're learning about a secret program that could help the u.s. defend against mobile missile launchers and hidden launch sites like the ones in north korea. the pilot program focuses on north korea,o the reuter's report. in fact, using technology that can see through clouds and foliage. the intelligence would use computers to scour through data, geo spatial data. they would use diplomacy to stop the launch other than retaliatory launches, which is what the u.s. has reliedon. the pentagon would not comment about the program but issued the
12:40 pm
following statement. "as stated in the national defense strategy, the department will invest broadly in military application of autonomy, artificial intelligence and machine , including rapid application of commercial break throughs to gain competitive m advantages. the pentagon has tripled the funding involving missile programs in next year's defense program, shep. >> shepa wha do the critics say that could be the unintended consequences? >> the goal of finding missiles before they're in a position to launch is noble. some worry the program could escalate a nuclear crisis. there could be computer generated errors in china, russia and north korea that are sophisticated enough to trick the season. retired pentagon officials w a group ofoogle engineers
12:41 pm
threatened to quit after thousands of google employees petitioned the company to stop working with the pentagon on a separate a.i. contract known as project maven, which would develop artial intelligence that wou quickly sort through data and images sent back from drone in the hunt forterrorists. google pulled out of the contract succumbing to engineers that warned about using science to take ofhe kill chain. shep? >> shepard: thanks, jennifer. using science to take humans out of the kill change. artificial intelligence far from perfect. for example, in one case last year, students at mit said they tricked a computer to report that it spotted a rifle. it was actually a turtle. the venue is set for president trump's meeting with kim jong-un and here it is. >> the white house announced the two leaders will meet at this luxury hotel on a resort island off of singapore's southern
12:42 pm
coast. the scheduled summit is one week from now. the planning continuedy. our secretary of state mike pompeo at the white house. what are you hearing about a possible deal with north korea? >> shep, the teams are negotiating right now. the team trying to come up with more. we're hearing from a senior republican senator that he's gotten assurances from top officials that any deal they reach, congress would vote on before it went into effect. >> the president, the vice president and the secretary of state have all told me separately that their intent is to put together a treaty that will be submitted to the united states senate under the constitution for ratification. >> the secreta this afternoon with the singaporean for ring minister. we asked if the u.s. would only pursue a treaty with north korea. he refused to answer.
12:43 pm
>> shepard: rich edson, thank you. no summer vacation for the u.s. senate. the top republican sayst's pause of historic obstruction by democrats. democrats say he's up to something else entirely. we're live on capitol hill. that's next.
12:44 pm
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when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry be when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> shepard: the top republican in the united states senate is making sure his colleagues spend the dog days in summer in the last place any of them want to be at work in washgton.
12:47 pm
the majority leader mitch mcconnell said he's cancelling the august recess. he's blaming democrats accusing them of slow-walking the nominees and clogging up the to-do list. some democrats say it's aboute democratic senators up for re-election off the campaign trail. mike emanuel with the news. he's live on capitol hill. hi, mike. >> hi, shep. good afternoon to you. mitch mcconnell signals this was coming and plans to keep the senate in town in august. >> i think we have enough work to do for the american people that we should be here during these weeks. i hope we will get greater cooperation, but everybody should anticipate that we will be here as i announced today. >> the white house applauded the move to keep the senate in town. the democratic leader said president trump should stay in washington, too. >> we assume he will be here in washington working right
12:48 pm
alongside us, giving the urgency of these weeks, we presume he won't be jetting off to bedminster or mar-a-largo or spending countless hours on the golf course given the pain his policies have caused the middle class particularly on healthcare. >> there could be a new spirit of cooperation in the united states senate. a third of the senators will want to be on the campaign trail, shep. >> shepard: there's also an effort to take on the president over thinks tariffs which so many in the rest belt are complaining. >> that's right. his own party is concerned about the new tariffs. senator bob corker says the bill could be rolled out tomorrow. congress wants to sign off on tariffs and expect the bill to be released tomorrow. >> shepard: thanks, mike. dreaming about retirement? hope you've been saving. a new report that shows how
12:49 pm
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>> shepard: social security funds will run dry by the year 2034. medicare will be center if congress doesn't make policy changes. that report came from the social security medicare board of trustees. economists have been warning for years that both programs are headed towards a financial free fall as a pot of money to pull from shrinks and america's elderly population grows. the two programs already account
12:53 pm
for a huge chunk of federal spending and tens of millions o americans pay into them and rely on them. edward lawrence hasai live in d.c. edward? >> shep, here's a summary of the report. there should be some bad news inside. many folks rely on that. the combined social security funds in 2034 will be out of money. if you break those funds up and look at the insurance fund, that will be out of money in 2032. that is four years later than projected. senior administration officials says the outlook comes from people taking disability and the of money they're needing being less. the second fund there is the old age in survivor's insurance will be depleted by 2034. that's because in part the tax cuts that went into effect. shep, it's very interesting that they found in this board of trustees report that for the first time since 1982, the social security fund will be
12:54 pm
paying out money that its brought in starting this year going forward. shep? >> shepard: what does this mean for americans planning retirement? >> it's bad news. the new bankrate survey shows 61% of americans don't know how much they need to retire. 19 million americans say they never plan to retire in part because of the cost of living. in this report here, talks about medicare also. in fact, medicare, because of the tax cuts and removing the individual mandate, there's some issues with sort of the hospital insurance trust fund. that will run out of money in 2016 because of the individual mandates that been removed. more people run insured and more people will be going to the hospital needing the fund, so it will run out of money earlier than expected. >> shepard: 3 years than originally reported. thank you. kate spade has died. police say it appears she hanged herself in her apartment in new
12:55 pm
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>> shepard: there's breaking news now on fox news channel. it's late morning on hawaii and we have just gotten disturbing news from county officials there of major disption happening overnight from the kilauea volcano. we just got word in the last few minutes that hundreds of homes and structures were destroyed overnight by a flood of lava coming from fissure number 8. one of those openings in the ground that is sending lava as many as 250 feet in the sky, fleeting an area a half mile wide with burning lava before it flows into the ocean. local officials say there's lots of destruction quoting "it's like a flood, pouring out and covering everything in its path. it looks like there's no ping it." at this time yesterday many
1:00 pm
hundreds of people were evacuated. now a new report of hundreds more structures destroyed. updates throughout the afternoon where breaking news changes everything. "your world" with neil cavuto starts right now. >> neil: this is as big ago it gets. the race on in eight states holding crucial primaries. among them, california and new jersey, which could hold the key to whether democrats regain the house of representatives this november. in california, more than $108 million has been spent on a crowded congressional field of races to say nothing of the gubernatorial battle. the outcome could have a huge impact on everything from the economy, the trade to taxing and possibly slam the brakes on the president's agenda. talking about a lot at stake. i'm neil cavuto, this is "your world." we're all over it with deidra bolton on