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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 5, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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the drivers are the core of the business. they can't get around that. >> tucker: the beauty of cable news. you never know what you will hear. have a great night. see you tomorrow. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> sean: breaking right now the results of primaries in 8 states. california may play the key defining role deciding which party will control the u.s. congress. the single most important mid-term election in our lifetime. up-state as we get them. newt ggrich will weigh in as the results come in tonight. and just breaking, the fired deputy of the fbi andrew mccabe is asking the u.s. senate in exchange for testimony on comey's handling of the clinton probe, well he wants immunity.
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get ready for a firing squad. all of the details. we are awaiting the release of the inspector general's report detailing how the fbi mishandled itself criminal investigation into hillary clinton's private server. we have waited 18 long months. it's been completed for 2 weeks and held up at the desk o peop like rob rosenstein and jeff sessions and the department of justice which we know has been obstructing. now many including m are worried that the d is in the process of redacting and burying the release of this important report that you the american people have a right to see. some lawmakers are sounding the alarm. warning the inspector general is facing pressure to slow roll his findings. sarah cter has an exclusive report. a new poll showing that americans are disgusted with the
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news media in this country. shocking. in moments the latest example of how the mainstream destroy trump media is spreading fake news with attacks on the first lady of our country melania trump. and more news on the trump economy. are you tired of winning? . the obama economic nightmare is over. sit tight. it's breaking news opening monologue. michael horowitz completed his report detailing how james and other and top fbi officials harmed.the criminal case against 5 -- hillary clinton. 500 people on his team. they are being stalled in the
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department of justice. the same people obstructing con redacting and ignoring subpoenaed documents from members of congress who are trying to do their constitutional duty of oversight as required by the constitution. ever tonight need to beemanding this is released in full right now. don't bury is this thursday or friday leading into the trump summit. earlier the president tweeted this. what has taken so long with the inspector general's report on crooked hillary clinton: sarah carter is shining huge light on this report why the igrert is not released. and the ig is pressured to delie their findings and they want to release it on the weekend
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heading into the big summit with president trump and kim jong-un. she wrote that the department of justice and fbi are attempting to slow roll the inspector general's respect. some are concerned that the doj is planning to bury this report on friday leading into next week's summit. you the public have a right to see this information. this has ten 1 months! they can't bury this. they cannot alter this. they can't redact this. it seems to be slow walked. and trying everything they can do to take out the important findings here. our questions deser t b answered. where is the report on the clinton and loretta lynch? the report on james comey
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writing exxoneration on hillary clinton in may before he interviewed her and 17 other key witnesses? where is the report on why lked the other way as hillary clinton destroyed evident deleting 33,000 emails and acid washed her hard drive. we reached out to the doj. they declined to comment. the fix was in for hillary clinton and how hillary clinton committed felonies, we have new information surrounding former navy sailor christian. remember him? he was not given any special hillary clinton treatment. hillary clinton mishandled top secret information on her private ema and lie about it all. no charges against her. poor cis t pictures
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on a submarine he was proud to work on and never put them in the public. he was put in prison for a year. he is suing president obama and james comey saying he was subjected to unequal protection under the law. that sounds right sadly. the former d of the f drew mccabe wasir for lying. hasn't been charged with any crime. there is a criminal referral. mccabe is asking for immunity in exchange for his testimony in the clinton investigation. it's the year of the boomerang. this is a circlular firing squad. more in a moment. first we have some not so shocking news about so-called journalism in america. look at this new poll from the
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pugh research center. 70% of the american people have news fatigue. just maybe, the american people are tired of the a' sessiv compulsive hysteria surrounding their news coverage and false panic over north korea and nuclear war and collusion with no evidence and now false panic over a constitutional crisis. >> president trump declares he has the power to pardon elf. un new fears about his response to the russian investigation. >> we are heading into a constitutional crisis. >> we hear that phrase repeated over and ovega>> it'es presiden
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absolute power that raises the question of a crisis. >> this is the kind of constitutional crisis experts have been warning about. se doest cross ov. they don't do their work and they try to out-rage each other. people are tired of the anti-trump stance every day. like this one from april ryan. watch press secretary sarah sanders respond. take a look. >> is the president aware -- >> sorry, go ahead. >> is the president aware that taking the knee is about police involved shootings? >> the president made his position crystalclear.
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i let you rudely interrupt me and your colleagues. i ask that you allow me to finish your answer. i would answer it if you stop talking long enough to let me do that. the president made his position crystal clear on this topic. he feels strongly that standing for the national anthem is something we should do. the president won't back down from it. april, ire y quon i won't continue to engage with you. >> will the president deal with the issue of police involved shooting? >> i will deal with the issue of addressing your colleagues question. >> sean: maybe you the arican people are tired of the media nasty personal attacks including coverage of our first lady melania trump. following a medical procedure for a kidney condition. she was only seen once in the public spotlight. leaving some in the pressruning
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wild with insane speculation with some of the nastiest conspiracy theories. this writer tweeted that i wish i didn't sct it was about concealing abuse. i wish the president was not: at outrageous and disg 's not all. look at david, a never-trump tweeting: the president has article 2 authority over the secret service. is that obstruction? this continued each on television. this is how insane our media has become this is a mass psychosis that
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kicked in about 10 p.m. november 8t 2016, when the person they thought would never win won by a big margin. >> a lot of people are wondering where the first lady is these days. dropped out of sight several weeks ago. we have not seen her since the 10th. and everyone has their questions about where is she? >> the last time was on may 10th. 24 days. more than 3 weeks. a lot of que aut her surgery. her time at walter reed. how long does she have to be out of sight to make this a legitimate media story? >> first ladies get media coverage. when a first ladydisappears from the public scene 24 days after being in the hospital, of course reporters are raing questions.
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>> the first lady has been seen in public for 25 days. i am not surprised. it took that shaw shank guy years to tunnel out. >> sean: thiss desp 4 week saw melania trump and said nothing. i have sources confirming. she had an operation. maybe wishing her well is the appropriate response. the first lady responded on twitter, writing: would that shut them out? probably not. another anti-trump nonstory. about the philadelphia eagles being disinvited to the white house after the big super bowl victory.
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sarah sanders responded. >> 80 members of the eagles commited to attend this event as recently as friday as well as over 1,000 fans from the eagles organization. the eagles are thes that tried to change the commitment at the 11th hour. the president thinks the fans deserve better than that. this was not a political stunt by the eagles franchise. then they would have planed to attend and backed out at the last-minute and would not have attempted to re-schedule the visit when they knew the president was going to be overseas. monday after over 1,000 of their fans took time off of their schedule to attend the event. >> sean: the presint was right to cancel this event. by the way, look at the nfl today. look at the new rule requiring
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players to stand or go hide the locker ro the owner of the new york jet offered to pay the fines for any player that protests the anthem. i have had it. i am suppoto tune into a football game and watch people who make a lot of money mak statement. not the eagles in this case. but they made a political statement regarding the white house. the flag is honoring men and reach.who died for their count look what roger goodell and other nfl owners have done. i am done with the t. i am done with the nfl. i like college football. unless members of the national football league gain the respect for the flag and those who bled
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and died fighting under that flag, i am finished. today the president hosted a celebration featuring the marine band and americans have so much to celebrate inclung the booming economy. wow! so different than just 501 d ago. take a look. >> our c has nev done better than it's doing right now. never! record numbers in every outpost. you look at what is going on. lowest unemployment numbers we have had. lowest african-american unemployment in the history of our country. lowest hispanic numbers in the history of our country. lowest numbers for women in 21 years. we have created 7 trillion dollars of value in our country
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since the election. we are the largest ecomy in th world and getting a lot larger and fast. it's happened very quickly. actually, quicker than i even thought. >> sean: only first1 days. -- only 501 days. bad news for the corrupt media because they want the president to fail. they want to destroy trump at any cost. him beingceful is nd towards that goal. their little egos can remain intact and their friends in the democratic party are hoping to regain power. that's why this mid-term election is the most important in our lifetime. that won't stop the president's economic policies from vastly improving this country. remember the forgotten men and women. now the atlanta fed is predicting the economy will grow at 4.8%.
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compare this to t 8 years of obama. they told us 1% growth was the new norl for the united states and we should accept it. you might remember. 13 million more americans under orst recovery since the '40s. the lowest homeownership rate in 51 years and the doubling of our national debt that president obama said irresponsible. thank god the era of failure under obama is over and america's economy is after 501 days of trump booming. look at your screen: by the way, are you tired of winning tonight? joining us former congressman jason, author of a new book.
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and former white house press secretary sean spicer. back to the beginning of this monologue. congressman, 2 weeks this ig report has been in the hands of p like rob rosenstein and the doj. my point is, they have an opportunity to look through this. offer changes. put in their own comments. ask for redactions in the name of national security. the same people that obstructed congress and have not turned over subpoenaed documents since you wer in conike years. absolute. they are doing everything to slow this down. this report is hundred of pages. one of the largest the inspector general ever produced. they will argue page by page, you can't let this out because
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it's classified. i guarantee you that's what is going on right now. they are having the argument about what should be classified. >> sean: are they going to force the inspector general and 500 workers to pull back 18 months worth of work a redactions only to be proven long later. doing a friday dump heading into the summit weekend to bury the story for the deepstate? is michael horowit does that, that's a scandal! that needs to be investigated. >> well, look, i want the report out. i don't want it delay whatsoer whether there is another world event or not. i don't think you can bury something this big and dramatic.
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you --. >> sean: the friday dump. >> it would not be my first choice but i don't control. it i want it out. i want it to be complete truth. and h team.he inspector general >> irust and verify. i have no faith until i see it. sean spicer, you know about the friday dump. if michael horowitz tries to pull that heading into a summer friday weekend and the president's summit with kim jong-un, to that's ascandal. i agree. this report in november. horowitz told congress expect the report done in late winter or early spinning. -- spring. we are well past that deadline. we are past the point where redactions should have been done. horowitz had a solid reputation coming into this. people trusted him.
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i expect him t do this the right way. as it continues to be delayed a lot of questions are asked about what kind of ions are asked to be kept out or put under wraps. we have to demand this comes out. when it does, make sure that the attention it deserves is given to . >> sean: do you expect that they are trying to undo 18 months of the inspector general's work. do you agree if this comes out friday, this is a dump and an attempt to bury it? >> absolutely. look -- >> i understand it. >> there is no are going to allow all of this work to come back and talk about how they looked into hillary clinton's server. >> sean: why do you have faith in horowitz? >> fast and furious and others
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that worked with him for years. i believe in him. it's our bestshot. >> sean: oh, really? hillary committed f. >> i think there are o element within t doj and fbi trying to slow this down. horowitz may be trying to get it done but element are trying to slow this train down. >> sean: thank you both. we will see. horowitz we will learn a lot but in the coming week we were sposed to get this march. t dump the friday before kim jong-un and the president mead. sarah carter has a report on breaking ne. and nt gingrich all coming up tonight. we are watching and waiting for election results tonight. for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch to miralax. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate
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>> sean: we mentioned in tonight's opening monologue. sarah carter has a brand new report. lawmakers warn the inspector general is being pressured to clinton fbi report. the doj and the fbi seek redactions to weaken the report. sarah carter joining us now and also, see that book right there. get your copy. it's called the russian hoax, greg jaret is with us. sarah carter, here's your report. here's my fear. rob rosenstein and company they don't want this out. they want to pressure him to pull back on his conclusions. they want redactions and want to
6:28 pm
slow walk it. then to have the bury by releasing on on friday including into the north korea summit. >> you are not the only one concerned. a number of lawmakers have been working on these investigations. one of the big problems here. what the doj and the fbi say to the american public. there is classification concerns. there are national security concerns. threeant to protect sources and methods. that's it. they are not supposed to cover-up mal feasance or wrongdoing in the doj. if they are embarrassed about something in the report, it will eventually come out. >> sean: 30 fbi agency dying to be subpoena to corroborate the
6:29 pm
wrongdoing. the evidence in. hillary violated the espionage act and obstructed justice with the acid washing and breaking devices. they rigged the investigation into her. that's it. we know the answer. now it's a matter of whether or not the inspector general has the courage to tell the american people the truth or will it take congress following up on this? >> mccabe is in legal jeopardy. when the criminal referral was made against him, you said he will sing like a bird immunity. that's now under way. that puts james comey in the hot seat hear a variety of things. we know hesu power of the attorney general. congress believes on 4 occasions he gave them false and misleading statements. if he cleared hillary clinton
6:30 pm
for political reasons and ignored evidence that could be obstruction of justice. when he stole government documents and leaked them to the media, that's all a crime. >> sean: let me put up your book cover again. this book is coming out in july. here's the important part of this book, everything that you have researched,not tz gets it right. you have it right. i had the accomplish of watching you write it. you shared the book with me. portions of it. you have the documents and we have fbi agents that will be the heroes in this story by telling the truth about the leadership. this was never rank and file. this was always the upper tier. you ha theove. -- proof. >> i interviewed former top
6:31 pm
officials the fbi who condemned james comey for breaking the law and ruining the reputation of the fbi. federal prosecutors agree as well. >> sean: you did the job that the inspector general took 18 nths and 500 people to do. you have all of the documentation and interviews. horowitz b he in the book. hide. he can try a friday summer dump to bury this story but it won't work, is it? >> the deep concern and sarah carter pointed this out in her column today, there are people at the fbi and doj who can write a first review and may try to sanitize this. >> sean: this is why the inspector general should not be doing the fisa investigation. he doesn't have the ability to get a grand jury together. fisa in never would have hand use rob roshe guy
6:32 pm
to avoid the inspector general report coming out begged paul ryan don't release the nunes memo. >> exactly. this is why paul ryan and other republican leaders need to demand that the information is leaseed to the house intelligence committee and the senate judiciary committee. it's important forry to be o board with this. >> sean: when do you predict it comes out? tomorrow or bury it thursday or friday heading into thesu >> i think they are responding. they are responding to the claims. >> sean: when does horowitz say i standby my report. i am done listening to you trying to spinout of this? thi he absolutely will do that. i don't think he will cower. i think he will release his report like with mccabe. >> seahen do you suspect it comes out, after the summit? >> that's what i am hearing.
6:33 pm
it will come out after the summit. there is always a chance. we can't predict these things. >> sean: we were supposed to get it march, april, may and now it's june. now the day of the summit? >> probably. n: i think that's in the works. the fbi and the department of >> hotz the doj has power over him. >> sean: they can make him do this? >> they have been obstructing justice. >> sean: we are losing the country? >> yeah. >> sean: we bring you all of the happy news here. when we come back formerly speaker of the house newt gingrich will weigh in on the donald trump's success straight ahead. if you have a garden, you know... weeds are low-down drels. draw the line with roundup. you know... the sure shot wand extends with a protective shield and target weeds more precisely, right down to the root.
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health of melania trump. cnn is doing this. a lot of the drive-byes are. they announced she h kidney surgery, a benign mass was removed. they said all well. and melania trump was spotted in the white houseyesterday. the gold star family events and looked perfectly fine. walking in lookedly normal. the drive by speculated, wait a minute. what if tru beat her up on federal property. can he get away with beating up his own wife because he runs the executive branch? these guys are trying to have this intelligent argument whether or not trump can be subpoena or pardon himself or what have you. >> sean: that was rush limbaugh pointing out how corrupt the d
6:39 pm
media is. a brand new book just out today. i read it. it's amazing. "trump's america, the truth about our nation's great comeback." former speaker of the house new gingrich is live from a book store in gineer. -- new jersey. it's a run away best 501ays in. you go through what i americcomeback. the media never reports it. why? >> well, because as you pointed out earlier in the show, there is a psychosis of hostility coming from election night and getting worse. then trump intensif because he tweets every morning. they wake every morning and go oh my god, he is still president. you end up with the sickening
6:40 pm
stuff that was just cited. to understand how sick this is and the nasty things said about melania trump, put in the word michelle obama. imagine had anybody in the 8-year period said the vile things and made the suggestions that have made. it tells you the that weeping through the american news media and therican entertainment culture. melania trump deserves better than. >> sean: oh, yeah. these people are disgusting. they have lost their minds. you said it happened at 10 o'clock, a mass psychosis that continues. >> i listened earlier. i thought, i think that was my line originally. >> sean: i totally stole it but gave you credit so people know it's true. an important point. you go through chapter by chapter really how profound and historic this presidency and how
6:41 pm
much success we have had. then you have part 2 of your book. part 2 is the dangers that the president faces starting with the fake news media. give us a taste of that. >> well, look, the president faces -- first let me say, the success of the administration is so enormous. just one thing that came out today. they announced today there are more job openings in the united states thahere are people looking for work. w, that is such an enormous change from o years and from the bush years. 's alm revolutionary how much he accomplished in 500 days. that is an example of the achievements. the csre still there. i think it will be interesting to see if the president can focus in. the presidency is so big and so all consuming, you can lose your focus on occasion. he's done a great job with
6:42 pm
deregulation and conservative judges. the tax cuts are workings we thought they would in making america much more competitive. now he is confronting the deep state in a found way. the mueller investigation. >> sean: will wein? >> probably. because trump is a remarkable leader. we should understand under-estimate the bureaucracy and the interest groups that want to avoid the changes trump and pence want or the pentagon wants to spend money on the old things that make them happen or. the justice departmt is desperately trying to avoid the truth. we have to recognize the system is more dply cor than any of us could imagine. as it is coming out in the open,
6:43 pm
element of the justice department, and the fbi, were corrupted on a scale that is really a threat to the american system. >> sean: where are the media in the biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in our lifetime? we know what the conclusion is supposed to be in the inspector general's report. we were supposed to get it in march and april. are they going to bury? two weeks rob rosenstein and company had opportunities to try and get the inspector general to soften the blow and make changeses and claim they need redactions for national
6:44 pm
security. the whole system is corrupt. >> i don't exactly share your worry. this report will be so big and so devastating -- >> sean: why do you have faith in that we know hillary clinton obstructed justice and the investigation w we have known that for a while. >> right. the number 2 man in the fbi is now under criminal referral. the number 1 man will be under criminal referral. these things are gradually coming out. the american system is grinding away despite the fact we have an unbelievably weak attorney general and a deputy attorney general who is the deep state and i think is totally unreliable. you have a witch hunt led by robert mueller which brought in anti-trump lawyers some of whom
6:45 pm
have terrible records of abuse. all of those things are out there. maybe because i am a naive optimist, i believe the american system works over time. >> sean: i hope you are right. >> the level of corruption would be unbelievable. >> sean: not any middle ground in this. i want to say your book is the definitive book that explains the president's success in 500 days and real challenge the president faces from the deep state and the media. congrats on book. in book stores everywhere. you will love it. when we come back kellyanne conway will explain what happened between president trump, the eagles and we will talk about melania trump and the abuse she is taking from the straight ahead.
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>> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> sean: a lot of news today. counsel to the president kellyanne conway with us. i want to get to the eagles. the attacks on the first lady. you and ivanka have gone through it. where is all of this liberal respect for women? the first lady puts out statements i am recovering. i just had surgery and i was seen in public yesterday. >> we need to revisit the equal rights amendment and get that ratified from its failed attempts 40 years ago. just starting to respect each other regardless of politics and position. i want to say a couple of things and take it away from me and
6:51 pm
others and back to the first lady. i work closely with her and respect her enormously. this country is blessed because she is our first lady. i speak one language, about five less than she speaks. she accompanies her husband all over the nation. i would tell the critics to look at her platform for the this nation. she talks about kindness and respect and the social and emotional will being of children. she is trying to help children who feel they need assistance. that they feel like they are being bullied at school perhaps or addicted to drugs. i travel with the first lady and watched her hold those babies who were born addicted and struggling because they were 1 of 100 babies born every day. >> sean: the way they have
6:52 pm
treated her is so over the top awful. words can't even describe . >> i don't like dignifying it by discussing it. she is so much stronger than that. >> sean: she is. >> she is there with gold star families. >> sean: she is a great person. >> look at the company the first lady keeps. she is honoring gold star families and people are peddling conspiracy theories that should not be dig mified on the major platform. >> sean: in the nfl you can't taunt other players and do certain dances and gestures. they have restrictions on freedom of speech. yet, roger goodell in his infinite wisdom, allowed everything that happened last year. people who fought and died under that flag. i am not againstt
6:53 pm
the nfl does stifle freedom of speech in some ways. now they will let players hide in the locker room which is worse than before when our national anthem is play. tell us what happened with the eagles. >> well, there is a lot to unpack there. the president could not be more clear on his position on the national anthem. he made a simple request that people should stand for the flag. before people says everybody stood for the plag. this was a decision the president made on how that was not based on what happened last season it is the nfl, not the white house and not the president who came out with a brand new policy that governs what its players will do. that's between the nfl and its players. they came out with the policy last month that perhaps some of
6:54 pm
the players on different teams don't like. sean, i think the president was focussed on the right number. that was the 1,000 eagles fans that responded to the white house. many of whom were already in town expecting to come to the white house. he decided to respect their effort in coming and their excitement and still welcome them to the white house and convert it into a celebrate america event. it was a fabulous event today with the marine corp band and songs. there were a lot of eagles players who voted for donald trump and support many of his policies? >> they just don't come forward and say that. >> sean: we have to love. when we come back bill clinton trying to do damage control after an interview with nb stay tuned. with only a kite, a house key and a wet hemp string, benjamin franklin captured lightening in a bottle. over 260 years later, with a little resourcefulness, ingenuity, and grit, we're not only capturing energy
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>> sean: all right. and we have some -- of the timing was off, but great job. we saw them i can show you er president bill clinton's absolute meltdown on tv when he was asked abo apologizing to monica lewinsky. we talked about him being a grandfather of the quote me too" move. while they put out a promo clip addressing his awkward interview. take a look. >> when i saw the interview, i thought that because, they had to distill it, and it looked like it was saying i didn't apole and i had militant, contention too, and i was mad at me. >> sean: well you did say you apologized in the interview. >> yes i did. it was a very painful thing that happened 20 years ago. and i apologized to my family, to monica lewinsky and her family come to the american people. i meant it then and i meant it now, i've had to live of the
7:00 pm
consequences every day since. and i still believe this "we need to" movement is long overdue and should be supported. >> we are always fair and balanced, but let not your hea be, laura ingraham is next. >> laura: good evening from washington, this is "the ingraham angle." believe it or not, jennifer flowers joins us live for her first interview in years. she has a new bombshell allegation against bill clinton. you won't want to miss this. plus, president trump makes a statement by celebrating the nation instead of the national football league. but first, we have big breaking news from capitol hill. director andrew mccabe is offering