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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 6, 2018 1:00am-1:59am PDT

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the actual employees, drivers, they can't get around that. tucker: the auty of cable news, you never know what you are going to hear. great job, thank you for watching, have a great night. >> this is "fox and friends first". happening right now at 4:00 am on the east coast. >> it wasn't donald trump the pastanctuary state. it was gavin newsom and the democrats. >> is california ready for a republican governor is the candidate he endorsed makes it on the ballot but is there enough momentum to stop a democratic power grab? live with election results boring and overnight. flying in the face of controversy the eagles head coach set to break his silence afteam was sac by the
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white house. being logged on when you are in love. a surprising trend that has couples signing social media prenups. "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ why don't you meet me in the middle ♪ moving on just a little ♪ why don't you meet me in the middle ♪ in the middle ♪ >> we are talking about who came out on top. a big night of electionsthank you for joining us this wednesday morning. let's get to our top story. appreciate you joining us was results from eight states, all eyes on california with the
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gubernatorial seat up for grabs and both parties hoping to flip crucial house seats in november. griff jenkins live in washington dc to break it down, long night. >> they call it the jungle cae the top two primary candidates advance regardless of party and nowhere was it more fierce than california's gubernatorial race where the gop would not be denied, democrat lt. governor gavin newsom cruised to advance to the general election putting donald trump front and center. >> voters will have achoice betl stand up to donald trump and a good soldier in his war on california. mark my words, i never backed down from a fight. >> reporter: donald trump's support for john cox helped him keep the gop from being shut out. >> mr. newsom made it clear that
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he wanted to run against me instead of another democrat. be careful, mr. newsom, be careful what you wish for. let's send them the very first ssage and that is it wasn't donald trump who made california the highest taxed state in the country. it was gavin newsom and the democrats. >> reporter: a blue wave to regain the house majority, depending on the outcome of california as republican held seats where clinton won in 2016. democrats need to flip 23 seats in the houseo regain control, some of those races too close to call with possibility of democrats getting boxed, republicans winning the top two spots? california's 48, dana rohrbacher won 30% but the democrats being
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trounced by republican, in nce of each other. very important and there w some errors. in la county someone hundred 18,000 names left off the ballot due to a printing error, and we apologize the conce voters, not just california, 8 states cast ballots legislate including alabama,ew jersey, new mexico, south dakota, a notable outcome, bob mend and is held on despite his recent trial. these results come in, this morning this is about democrats hoping to retake the house and hinging upon california where the race is still in question. >> appreciate you running through this for us. democrats pulling out all the
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stops in last night's primary they seek to retake the house but fox news politics editor says they will need a lot of help to hold the lin midterms. >> reporter: so far democrats have a lot to be happy about in terms of the way things go in the east, republicans got what they needed. now the house contest could be quite close if the election were held today, the fall of the house would be narrowly decided, we are looking at one or 2 houses which could make the difference, democrats need help right now. it will be like the berlin airlift in orange county. they have to dump millions and millions of dollars to hold the line in those seats and get voters out. they will say don't let nancy pelosi be back in charge. >> democrats need to flip 23 seats to regain majority of the house. singapore's capello hotel set to
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make history. the luxury resort will play host to june 12th summit with north korean dictator kim jong un. trump is expected to stay at the hotel which sits on a secluded island that once served as a pirate hideout. the denuclearization talks will mark the first ever meeting between a us president and the leader of the road regime. chinese tech giants could be back in business, reuters reported a trump administration reached a pulmonary agreement with the company lifting its ban on buying american supplies. the tech giant left economically crippled after doing business with iran and north korea, violating sanctions. the company will reportedly pay $1 b in fines, china offered to b20 billion in american goods. the philadelphia eagles head coach doug henderson expected to address super bowl champs
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cancels white house visit today, the trump team calling the whole thing a political stunt from the eagles. ♪ >> reporter: 1000 philadelphia eagles fans came to the white house was the only thing missing was there team. he tweeted only a small number came to the event. for the playing of the national anthem, is disrespectful to our country as -- sorry. in a formal statement the white house and the invitations would remain open for t000 invited fans who, quote, deserve better. no members of the eagles team knelt through the national anthem but a few players did stand and raise their fists during the end them at times was the decision to withdraw the invitation left the pres. in a familiar crossfire. >> he won his battle with the nfl.
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they changed the rules on taking a knee during the games was he could have just declared victory and welcomed those who wanted to come. >> defeat for the players one more time, they just will not let this go away. >> reporter: the associated press reports the pres. has been leery of the visit all along noting jeffrey and louis was a trump critic, the white house blame the eagles franchise for what it calls a political stunt. >> they wouldn't have waited until monday, well after 1000 of their fans traveled and taken time out of their schedule to offer a tiny handful of representatives to attend the event. >> malcolm jenkins blamed the president, quote, the decision was made to lie and paint a picture they are anti-american and anti-military. we will continue to fight for impacted citizens and give a voice to those who never had one. >> the ousted deputy director of
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the fbi wants to trade his testimony for immunity. the attorney for andrew mccabe asking senate for protection against possible prosecution ahead of the congressional hearing on handling the clinton email investigation. mccabe was fired over allegations he linked to the media and lied about it a couple times and fbi agent peter stzrok played a larger role than originally thought. the fbi espionage chief detailing his work in a closed-door meeting on capitol hill, he was demoted, the anti-trump text was sent to a coworker and lover. thomas homan defending the 0-tolerance policy at our nation's borders. a parent of the me. entry, take but because it i mean we ignore the law. i lieve anybody would want to be part of the greatest country on earth, there's a right way and wrong way.
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heather: isis policy separating parents and childrenght illegally crossing the border, this comes as officials plan to towards we view military bases in texas to see if they are suitable to how the 11,000 unaccompanied migrant children currently in the us. donald trump praising mitch mcconnell for keeping the senate in washington this summer. commander in chief tweeting mitch mcconnell said he will cancel the office recess, maybe democrats will finally get something done other than acceptance of high crime and high taxes, we need border security. critics say the senate majority leaders trying to keep democrats off the campaign trail but he says there's too much work to be done. members appear ready for recess, kevin mccarthy calthis the most productive session in years. keep them there until the work gets done. today marks the 74th anniversary
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of d-day. americans want to thousands who fought and died in the battle at normandy, 3000 americans were killed storming the beach in 1944. it was one of the most pivotal moment in world war ii leading to the liberation of france and signaling the beginning to the end of the war in europe. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour. donald trump is set to sign a new va bill that will change the way our heroes get healthcare. our next guest is in a record veteran, how this bill will make all the difference. >> looked like i was saying i didn't apologize. i apologize to my family, to monica lewinsky and her family and the american people. >> bill clinton gets a me too do over but wait until you hear what one of his accusers has to say about him. ♪
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heather: donald trump will come on his promise to put america's heroes first by signing the va admission act into law. why this is ap into the the a, the concerned iraq war veteran dan caldwell, appreciate it. take a look at people at home, what the va admission act would do, and $5.2 billion to the va program, expand access to non-va providers, combined the community care programs and expands family caregiver program. what do you think is the most important element that will make a difference to veterans. >> this bill will give veterans more healthcare choice, the additional money is not going into the government run healthcare system. it is going into community care programs that will allow veterans to access care outside
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of the va when they needed and when the va can't provide the care they deserve. additionly creates private urgent care clinic so they can access walk in care without employment which will vastly increase choice and access for care for veterans. that is the biggest part of this and this is one of the pres.'s biggest promises and is keeping it by signing this bill. heather: what about the timeliness of appointments? this is a huge issue with anyone's healthcare specifically veterans. how will this work? >> one of the remaining issues is there is still not timely care for veterans. there is a recent choice program that was implanted on the obama administration is not providing timely care because of the
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bureaucracy and the rules in place by the obama administration and put in place to undermine the choice program because they were uncomfortable with it and they didn't want access to private care. this bill will streamline the programs and reduce the bureaucracy and set clear standards when a veteran can access care outside of the va and empower veterans, not bureaucrats. >> a lot are using the program, 30,000 appointments a day. this $5.2 billion will go viewing the choice program through 2019 and then what happens? >> once the program ends in 2019 there will be va community care, one program instead of 7 reducing duplication, which will allow veterans to get care quicker which is more convenient to them. >> you know the issues that have been in place with the va healthcare system.
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does this do enough? what needs to happen next? >> it is a big win for veterans and donald trump and doesn't fix every problem. we need to get to the point veterans have fooled choice, a veteran can choose to go to work va community provider or healthcare system at their choice, not determined by bureaucrats or standards. they need to have their choice, this bill gets us close to that it is a step forward but doesn't go all the way. >> we appreciate breaking it down for us and thank you for your service as well. >> thank you for covering it. heather: the time is 18 minutes after the top of the hour. a new twist, dennis rodman and kim jong un.
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will the former basketball star have a key role in the high-stakes singapore summit? carly shim is here with the rumors swirling online.
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patty: 1 week between donald trump and kim jong un, new reports say and old friend of the north korean dictatobe in s time. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 is here with reaction to dennis rodman's latest trip. >> reporter: basketball to diplomacy a new report says dennis rodman plans to travel to
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singapore, between donald trump and kim jong un. a source tells the new york post a lot ofesnd s that involve complex diplomacy, countries like to identify ambassadors of goodwill, whether you agree with it or not dennis rodman fits the bill. with you agree or not is the key phrase because social media reaction is pouring in on this one, goor hi it helps kim d new, i amor it. ambassador rodmas an interesting ring to it and tony says he needs to not be in this process, his presence is demeaning, stay home please. this would certainly be one. i had a feeling this may happen and i don't think it is a bad idea. whatever it takes. bring him hamburgers, dennis rodman. >> reporter: graduates getting an unusual gift, a terrifying reality, students at a middle
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school in pennsylvania were given ballistic shield inserts for their backpacks for eighth grade graduation. the pres. of unequal technologies gifted the one $50 plates to students at st. cornelius school. here is the school principal on a terrifying gift. >> anything we can do to protect our children and scts t try to do the best i can. >> comments flooding social media come how depressing. of this doesn't demonstrate something in our society needs to change, i am not sure what will. another twitter user says this is incredibly sad and come close to solving the problem. another tweet, if this is the future for our kids then we have failed them. if this make students and parents feel better it is working. heather: the next topic, social
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media prenup. what is this? >> social media has made relationships more complicated which is why more and more people are getting what is addressing everything from nup whether or not couples can post pictures of children in the event of a divorce or who would enjoy joint social media accounts. folks on social media, if you need a social media prenup, not convinced you should be in that relationship, somebody on facebook said whatever happened to simple respect? people come on, such an important message. madeleine says our society is getting crazy but i think prenups are the least romantic thing ever. >> social media changed the way we date and meet people and
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changing the way they have gotten married off of dating apps. it can make you. >> a lot of people as well. the time is 20 minutes after the top of the other, stolen tribute, a memorial honoring a marine killed in the line of duty ripped out of our front yard. the brother of the brave soldier joins us with a desperate ple to the heass thief. >>california delegates come up to me and say you are the best candidate but the name omar would not work in orange county. heather: a democrat sounding off about democrats, his own party told him he could never win. ♪
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>> fbi agent who sent anti-trump text messages had a larger role in the clinton and rus investigations than originally thought. the spy chief revealing the details about peter stzrok. >> the fbi espionage chief had direct knowledge of the cln investigations testified for the first time behind closed doors for house investigators. the number 2 fbi agents was essential player in the clinton email program later removed from the russia case, based on testimony and documents, one republican said jason chaffetz 3 appear to be running the emails produced to the judiciary committee is, and the priest up call was more peter
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zrok driven. >> reporter: the testimony was forward, direct, and the extramarital affair between stzrok and lisa page was known. >> he was a supervisor. of the relationship.ut the >> reporter: republicans want information about the confidential human source the contted trump campaign aides and traveled overseas, lawmakers press to monitor to london and whether it was connected to the russia probe launched 2 months later. and fbi director james comey and others are subject of the long-awaited inspector general's report in the handling of the email. and waiting for the report to drop any day, the pres. questions what is taking so long
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on crooked hillary and james comey, the report is being made weaker. >> catherine herridge, fox news. there has been a lot of speculation around the delay in the release of the inspector driscoll defend the delay as not out of the ordinary but the justice department doing due diligence to protect sensitive information. >> people over blowing the delay. when the report is that everybody represents someone who has been interviewed in the report, mentioning their clients, review it alone and not get with t week to get back with any comments whether to take them into account or not. it is to 2 weeks after it is done, about on time. i would be concerned it took another week or so but now is when it should be coming out. this is the circumstance,
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high-powered lawyers involved. >> michael horwitz is slated to testify before congress next week. taking down terror at a rampant pace. forces havlery strikes against isis by 300% since march. the surge carried out by operation roundup, obliterating 280 isis targets on the iraqi syria border. secret service agents busting a white house contractor wanted for attempted murder. edwards taken into custody a check point when heading to work. authorities in maryland saying henvolved in a shootin last month. the secret service doesn't know what edwards's role was at the white house but i'm sure they will find out. results starting to pour in from eight state primaries but all
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eyes on california. gavin newsom and donald trump's pick john cox advancing to the state's general election. >> voters will have achoice bets going to stand up to donald trump and a foot soldier in his war on california. mark my words, i have never backed down from a fight. >> be careful, mr. newsom. it wasn't donald trump who made california the highest taxed state in the country. it was gavin newsom and the democrats. >> bob mendez held on despite his recent trial and democrats need to flip 23 total seats in the house to regain control. the so-called party of inclusion ow being by one of its own. democratic congressional candidate for california's 48th district said he was told by his own party that he would never win.
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>> what happened was i had some california delegates come up to me and say your the candidate with the most experience, your lawyer, you have government experience, you worked with the fbi but the name omar will not work in orange county. you need to change your name. you can imagine that was unacceptable to me. i don't want to be judged on the color of my skin but the content of my character. the democratic party is supposed to be the party of the underrepresented and the marginalized. during the course of our campaign we knocked on thousands of doors and one recurring theme was the underrepresented communities were not getting any attention point blank. >> he was held by republican incumbent dana rohrbacher. a heartwarming or heartbreaking note left behind by kate spade found dead in her new york city apartment from an apparent suicide. the letter addressing the
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fashion icon's 13-year-old daughter saying in part i will always love you, this is not your fault. family members claim she struggled with depression for years. brother-in-law actor david spade paying tribute on integrating, quote, she was so sharp and t, she c make me laugh so hard, still can't leave it, it is a rough world out there, try to hang on, kate spade was 55 years old, a shock to so many people. on facebook, the company flagged as a national security threat. the social media giants confirming it has data partnerships with four chinese electronics firms to create facebook like features was one of them the third-largest smart phonemaker criticized by us intelligence, facebook saying they will end that agreement by the end of the week. donald trump said he would be a
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great jobs pres. and certainly delivering on that. there are more jobs in the us than workers to fill them. >> we are going to win so much you might get tired of winning and you will say please, please, too much winning. >> there were a record 6.7 million job openings in april, the highest number since the us started tracking at 18 years ago. only 6.4 million american workers needed jobs and we need to hear a lot more stories like that. what a great problem to have. hoping to claim a place in triple crown history, the 2-year-old called arriving in new york for saturday's belmont stakes justify already winning the kentucky derby and the preakness. and the kentucky derby, americans sarah became the first horse to win the triple crown in
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37 years. we will see if that happens. the time now is 20 minutes until the top of the hour and bill clinton is looking for a do over about that monica lewinsky and sir. >> i didn't apologize, i apologized to my family, monica lewinsky and her family and the american people. >> just as he tries to redeem himself a new bombshell allegation. sheriffs deputies stepping in to help the fallen hero, a picture that will make your morning. better plan accordingly, showering and doing laundry the same day, how dare you. the liberal governor behind that new bill. ♪
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so, what's new? we just switched to geico and got more. more? they've been saving folks money for over 75 years. a company you can trust. geico even helped us with homeowners insurance. more sounds great. gotta love more... right, honey? yeah! geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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uma: pres. bill clinton getting me too do over on late-night tv after disastrous interview about the monica lewinsky scandal where he says he did not owe her an apology. >> looked like i was saying i didn't apologize. i was mad at me. i apologize to my family and monica lewinsky and her family and the american people. i have had to live with the
1:43 am
consequences. heather: making it about me again. clinton accuses gennifer flowers, says he needs to face harsher consequences. >> i'm advocating bill be prosecuted for his sex crimes. why shouldn't he be prosecuted for rape and bill cosby has and harvey weinstein was just arrested. why don't they arrest hillary is a co-conspirator? she has been a person who has let him go and enable her. >> that me too movement should be supported. now to one of the most liberal lawmakers in congress who says he wants to be his state's next top lawyer, keith ellison officially announcing his run for minnesota atty. gen. the democrat tweeting you deserve an atty. gen. who will never stop fighting for you and your family. that is what i plan. ellison is expected to stay on his deputy director of the
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democratic national committee. netflix is taking requests. users can tell the streaming service what movies and shows they want to watch. the title request page lets you order 3 movies and tv series that aren't already on their service. netflix will notify you if and when your pics become available but the compy says there are limits to what they can license. interesting to see how that works out. hide from husband. and amazon delivery driver helps a woman kes away from her better half. the texas wife placing this hilarious sign at the doormat outside her home. the employees reaction to her doormat on her home security cameras, the worker takes one look at the doormat and goes around the corner the package. the woman posting shout out amazon for always being loyal and hiding my packages. hopefully her husband doesn't
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the the shout out on social media. taking a shower and doing laundry on the same day. imagine doing that, never. if you do in one in pon for the next route california is implementing new water restrictions, the goal is to limit each person to 55 gallons per day by 2022, and 50 gallons a day by 2030. and 8 minute shower uses about 17 gallons of water and a load of laundry could use 40 gallons. districts that do not comply face fines of $10,000 a day. we want to know what you think about california's new water law. le know. you can log on to our facebook page or twitter page and we have some of those responses, diane saying i would like to say i feel sorry for the people, then i remember they keep electing
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their own misery. maria says i am showering and washing my clothes. i will conserve in other ways if necessary. david says i'm glad i don't live in that state. kathy wants to know who does laundry every day? good question. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour, he sacrificed his life in the line of duty and now the memorial honoring that marine has been stolen from a gold star family's front yard. the brother of that brave soldier joins us live up next, don't want to miss it with his desperately for the heartless thief to return it. ♪
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the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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>> a memorial honoring a marine killed in the line of duty ripped out of the front yard. you can see it before it went missing, the gold star family desperate to get it back begging the heartless the to return it. is the brother of theride -- ave marine, samuel maguire joins me live now. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. can you tell us a little bit about your brother? >> being my older brother i see him differently than a lot of people do. obviously he is a hero and he was all hard his whole life. all about family, kids, helping
1:51 am
people. he was just pool of love and that is the best way to describe him. >> he was killed in a tour of duty in 20 and tal out a g faly you ar the youngest of 6 brothers so family definitely important, you will bond together for sure. >> yes. we are all very close even though there's a whole bunch of us. heather: you and your mom noticed the silhouette was missing. >> yes. we were pulling out oe driveway, like you said, on our way to church and looked over and noticed the silhouette wasn't there anymore. my mom me if she had been in the
1:52 am
car, she would've searched for it. i was there and told her my father, he will check it out and we are going to do our thing. this is what we need to do. my father checked it out and discovered it was no longer there. heather: has been up since memorial day so it hasn't even been up that long and your mom's response was something to share with people at home, she would pray for the person who took the monument. faith clearly important to your family and people can see a look at her facebook post. >> the maguire family isn't mad about this. the memorial was more for everyone.
1:53 am
it has special significance to a gold star family. the silhouette wasn't of my brother. it was to symbolize anyone who served and filled, upset that someone would do that, we don't believe it was malicious and we are praying and hoping people who did it would talk to us or bring it back, we are not angry. so how can people get in touch with you and your family? >> best way to do it is find one of our facebook posts. it has already gotten over 3000 shares which is kind of mind blowing because we were trying to get the word out to friends
1:54 am
and family and it became bigger than we thought. heather: that shows you how many people care about the military and your family as a result of that. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it and your brothers service. you can contact the springfield, massachusetts police department and let us know when you find that silhouette because we think you will find it. >> people involved will do the right thing. thank you for having me. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. up in flames, a ups truck packed with packages exploding feet fr home. at was inside that triggered bst? thisoo cool for school. everyone is rushing to snap a selfy with this.
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♪ >> a beautiful shot of new york city as the sun comes up over the east river. it is a good thing to wake up this early in the morning so you
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don't miss out on that. thank you for joining us on "fox and friends first". time for the good, the bad and the ugly. deputies making sure the daughter of a fallen brother doesn't walk alone. gloria gaza totally shot when her dad's unit escorted her to her high school graduation and even gave her a badge with his number to wear around her neck, gloria's dad was killed in the line of duty when she was just 3 years old. now the bad, better hope your package wasn't in there. this ups truck bursting into flames in the driveway of a home in pennsylvania. the driver stepped out to make a delivery, the flames ignited in the back where the packages are but not clear what triggered the explosion. the packages inside all destroyed but everyone else was okay. the ugly, sunglass going viral,
2:00 am
the fuzzy guy named cordon bleu, the academy of cool, posing with rs flocktois farm to snap a selfy with him, not bad g he doesn't rn around and spit at them. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first," thanks for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now, have a great day, goodbye. >> hello, california, are we ready for a republican governor? we putinessman in the white house, let's put a businessman in the governor's mansion. jillian: a trump pump in california given the republican at have to become a governor, election results pouring in overnight. do if cessy to be here in august, o


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