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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  June 6, 2018 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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brown. >> finally. >> amazing. >> thank you, janice. >> and if you have to run from the television, run to the radio. amongst our guest, newt gingrich. >> bill: a businessman is hunting for november and shutting down the possibility in november it will be john cox a republican up against the democrat gavin newson. good morning, it's wednesday, live inside of america's newsroom. >> sandra: i feel energy from you on this wednesday, hemmer. what a night last night was. i'm sandra smith. and cox looks to win the election and the president has endorsed cox.
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>> voters will have a real choice for this november between a governor who will stand up to donald trump and a foot soldier on his war in california. mark my words, i've never backed down from a fight. >> be careful, mr. newsome. it wasn't donald trump who made california the highest taxed state in the country. it was gavin newsome and the democrats. >> bill: and senator diane feinstein sending off two dozen challengers. and peter doocy watching it all live in california. any surprises thus far? good morning. >> reporter: democrats managed to claw their way onto the ballot in house directs they want to flip so they can win back the house potentially in november after fearing, in some places, democrat candidates would finish too low to make it
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all the way to november. and several gop held districts in orange county, for example, with open seats the republican hopefuls did come in first place but they'll have democratic challengers and then in the competitive race to challenge the incumbent was replaced by a mile and after last night vulnerable republicans found out they'll have an extra incentive to turn out and vote in november because there's a republican choice for governor, john cox who would boost enthusiasm. it doesn't appear, though, there will be a republican option on the other side where dianne feinstein collected 40% of the votes four months after failing to earn the state party's endorsement as the leaders were looking for someone more progressive. second place is kevin deleon.
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>> bill: what do we know at this early hour about widespread problems at the polls yesterday? >> >> reporter: there was a printing problem that left voters unnamed off the ballots and one of the democratic gubernatorial candidates, antonio villragosa thought it was so bad they should leave the polling places open until friday and he got over it as he realized he'd finish so far outside the top two so he conceded and has already endorsed gavin newsome. >> bill: lots of fallout. more coming up next hour. here, we'll talk with john cox live, candidate for california governor. can he be the first rebound to
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win in a statewide race there in years. >> sandra: and fired deputy director mccain -- mccain looking for immunity and could plead the fifth. kevin cork is on the north long. what's the request for immunity tellsbout mccabe's legal predicament. >> reporter: the former deputy director is asking for immunity ahead of the senate hearing because he wants to make sure he doesn't add to his already significant legal jeopardy. this is in exchange for his testimony about the bureau's handling of the investigation into hillary clinton's use of a private server or official business. here's his attorney. he says, mr. mccabe is willing to testify but because of the criminal referral he must be afforded suitable legal protection.
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we hereby request a grant of immunity. here's what chuck grassley had to say in response, the committee would need to know a lot more about the anticipated scope, nature and extent of your testimony. he adds this, the committee could then consult with the department to solicit its views before deciding to proceed formally. interesting request to say the least. here's judge andrew napolitano. >> it's very unusual for the second person in the fbi saying you want me to testify, give me immunity ti and this is not how you do it by writing a public letter. you go and negotiate quietly. >> reporter: a.g., jeff sessions, who fired mccabe is reportedly weighing criminal charges after receiving a report from the office of inspector
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general that perhaps he was less than forthcoming with investigators within the fbi. now, all this, of course, is happening while there's concerns the doj and fbi are slow walking the release of the report but the president has the authority to review the i.g. report without redactions if he choose to do so. >> sandra: and more personnel changes. what's the white house saying about the departure of an aide who made headlines for comments about senator mccain's illness. >> reporter: she made comments about senator john mccain's illness. a difficult circumstance for her and the white house because she was valued in some corners but also someone who had her share of detractors. let me share what some have said. she's no longer employed within the executive office of the
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department. and that's the principle deputy secretary press secretary. sadler said the of the ailing senator that well, he's dying anyway trying to infer his vote didn't matter. unseemly to say the least and kellyanne kon -- conway saying she could end up in a different position. >> bill: back to the former fbi director mccabe. jonathan swan, national political reporter for axios. how are you? >> i'm good. >> bill: the request for immunity. what would that suggest with mccabe. >> there's look no chance they can see he will get immunity. it would require a huge leap and you saw that in the drafted letter to give immunity who may have things to share that could
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be criminally relevant. so i don't think there's much of a chance of that happening. it seems to be a higher chance of him not testifying at all but the really important question is what's in the i.g. report that's coming out. i just spoke to somebody familiar with the report and they said it won't come out this week, perhaps next week. if it comes out next week it will probably be later in the week but it should come out soon and deliver on people's expectations it will be critical of the leadership of the fbi. >> bill: this is interesting. we were told it would be out in two weeks. is there a reason nor delay? >> i don't know. >> bill: do you believe this could be a game changer in this story? >> it's hard for me to know without knowing the facts but i'm told by someone familiar with the report it will be critical of the leadership of
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the fbi and to that extent it's politically useful to the president of the united states because it will be about this group of people he is arguing were biassed and politically vote -- motivated. >> bill: end of next week is what you're saying possibly? >> that would be the soonest i'm told it comes out. >> bill: and by law they cannot interview former employees so the i.g., the inspector general, would not have interviewed james comey, is that correct? >> i'm not sure of that element of law. >> bill: it could be an important point. meanwhile, brad prasqual was on with martha talking about collusion. here's what he said. >> he knows as much as i do there was no collusion. he was there and around. he wasn't in there making large decisions but he was watching and so it's a disappointment.
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i 100% think president trump was going to recuse himself he would have chosen someone else who could have made sure we can move on from this. >> bill: i don't see much daylight in the white house officials on the topic of collusion. have you found ann on your day to -- any on your day to day report >> and brad parscale was managing the digital and ad buying side so a lot of scrutiny is the relationship with facebook and whether they were working with russians, etcetera. brad does speak with authority from a campaign perspective and look, i covered the campaign. i spoke to a lot of people who worked on the campaign. i'm yet to hear anyone privately sayhey saw anything that we haven't seen in the public domain. that's not to say something didn't happen we're not wear of but i'm yet to find it from talking to anyone in the
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campaign. >> bill: thank you, jonathan swan. thank you for your time in washington, d.c. the i.g. report significant and all the stories over and over, now, this the inspector general going inside the department of justice trying to determine what was going on and when and the piece from the wall street journal and we still don't have answers. >> sandra: a lot changes and president trump reigniting his feud with the nfl. >> the eagles relate ones who changed their commitment. the president felt it was appropriate to be change the event to be a ceremony to celebrate our country. >> sandra: the president disinviting the philadelphia eagles and the team expect to speak out since it was canceled. >> bill: and stung revelation that facebook shared data way chinese firm deemed to be a national security threat. >> sandra: and mitch mcconnell
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>> i've canceled the august recess. we have a lot of important work to do as a result of unprecedented obstruction. i hope we'll get greater coordination but everybody should anticipate we'll be as i announce today. >> bill: senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell keeping the senate working longer blaming democrats. there's a lot of work left to be done. i spoke with california congressman kevin mccarthy about all of this. good morning and welcome back to "america's newsroom." >> thank you. >> bill: what does congress get done in august? >> notice mitch mcconnel has bills and one reason they have
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so many bills sitting there is the democrats are delaying anything. if you look at the cloture votes and the total number were 24, they had 100. they have delayed everything and he said if democrats want to stop everything we'll stay in august. >> bill: he fires the first shot and people like bill nelson on the democratic side say have you the majority and control. how do we understand that, sir? >> we had passed 12 appropriation bills to fund the government and the democrats vote to block, not against the bill but for them to even to come up to be debate. it was the democrat schumer who
6:18 am
shut the government down. this has been a challenge because the minority uses the rules to stop everything as they've done with the nominees for the president. the last six presidents combined only one-fourth with this democratic minority in the senate. mcconnell is right to push schumer and he's upset because it will be humid and they haven't done their work and have 105 house bills to take up. >> bill: he sweeted -- tweeted maybe they'll get something done other than acceptness of high crime and taxes. speaking of border security, how are we to decipher the results from california last night? a lot of is still outstanding including southern california but how do you see it in your home state? >> i see a big race for republicans in california last night. california has what is called the top two and open primary so anybody can vote for anybody.
6:19 am
a republican just got through for the governor's race and a lot story no one's talking about now, a state senator democrat just got recalled. a senate seat in california is bigger than a congressional seat it's over 1 million people and california has the highest gasoline price in the nation. we just recalled that state senator and elected chang and the same ballot initiative will be on in november where the democrats will have to defend raising your gasoline taxes while the republicans say they'll repeal that. >> bill: it's an interesting byline there. so what you're arguing is that issue alone could help drive republican turnout in november and that would effect down ballots even if john cox is not able to beat gavin newsome you're arguing you can push more republicans to vote in november.
6:20 am
>> if john cox just ran on the gasoline tax i want to see how the democrats defend that as they got recalled over it. the congressional seat and there was only one republican and one democrat running and david valadello was there and the registration for republican 28 -- >> bill: why is that? >> because republicans are getting the job done. we have the lowest unemployment for the last 50 years. only seven months in the last 50 years has unemployment been under 4%. we just did that the last two months. look at starting a new business, it's at the highest level of people thinking the opportunity is now. this is some of the best economy we have seen in our life time. look at what we've done with the
6:21 am
v.a. >> bill: it will be the message come november. i'd like to talk about the v.a. and so many things but we're out of time. thank you for your time. california represents so many stories that are all across the country right now and there'll be a keen focus on the golden state. sir, thank you, come on back. kevin mccarthy. thank you for your time. >> sandra: breaking news on yet another major concession to iran by the obama administration and we're learning tehran got the green light to access our u.s. banking system. that report straight ahead. plus, benjamin netanyahu trying to convince the vest of the european leaders to walk away from a deal. plus, a military vehicle stolen as the driver leads dozens of police officers on a two-hour chase.
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>> bill: 25 past the hour. finance -- fox news alert, people mission after the second eruption of the volcano in guatemala sending ash and smoke more than 16,000 feet in the sky. so far at least 75 people are dead and more than 40 injured and several of those still being treated and some are being treated in the state of texas. it's the largest eruption of this volcano of fire, as it is called, going back to 1917. >> sandra: new fallout for facebook. the social media giant admitting it had data sharing agreements with four chinese manufacturers
6:26 am
and one labelled as a national security threat by the u.s. government. and one saying the agreements were controlled from the get go and facebook approved everything built given the interest from congress we wanted to make clear all the information from these integrations were stored on the device not on huawwei servers. let's bring in our fox news contributor. we were shocked to learn of another data breach. >> and this one with the national security angle really begs the question of what they are doing and not paying attention to at facebook. this is now twice in a week we have had these data breaches or not necessarily data breach but data sharing agreements made public by facebook and it's again cause for concern and have to sit down again and ask questions. i get the wild west mentality of
6:27 am
the technology industry. i get you're doing something new and none of this has been done before and there's no rules in place but at what point do you stop and say, okay, we should maybe look into these companies that we're dealing with. we smud -- should maybe have a liaison with a company but maybe don't do it with this one company. we have concerns for national security interests with this one particular company. >> sandra: we're talking about them and to be clear this is the third largest smartphone maker behind only samsung and apple. i mean, huge corporation, huge company and there's outrage and the new york post headline grabbed me, facebook is friends with the enemy. marco rubbio saying they might
6:28 am
as well have given information directly to the government of china. >> they're saying no, it was all kept locally on people's devices. we explained why they're doing this. this is before the app stores for google play and itunes app store. this is when they wanted to integrate facebook into their phones. thank you thai reasons make sense sept for why did you go to a company -- >> bil >> sandra: now they'll have to answer more questions and we know what happened wen mark zuckerberg sat down, hours of testimony and has anything changed? and they're demanding facebook provide congress with details about the data partnership and facebook's learning hard lessons and you wonder, what happened? >> what happens next? they talked a little bit about legislation. i think we as consumers need to
6:29 am
be savvy with the data we're sharing and need to be better informed on why our data's going and who has access. facebook is pushing the government. the government will have to come back and say enough, guys. tell us everything and come clean because anything we find out later will be a bigger problem. >> sandra: mark warner weighed in saying facebook's a great company but we're seeing this pattern repeat. they have some folks that know politics and should realize -- transparency's going to be needed and this company is one built on trust. people put their most dear -- >> everything possibly known about you can be figured out from facebook. >> sandra: we didn't see the behaviors change of people after all this. >> that's what's mind-boggling, no one says that's the line in the sand. i'm deleting my facebook
6:30 am
account. we should press our lawmakers to step in and clear this up. >> sandra: we will see. lots of information. lots of things we don't know. bret larsson, thank you. >> bill: i'm logging on. critical moments after the outcomes from last night's state primary the republicans look to fight the blue wave and david bossie on what this may mean for the mid terms. >> sandra: and one of the largest immigration stings ice agent at a workplace. >> bill: and reaction continue to pours in after the fashion world's biggest trend setters today. legs and bottom with up to twelve hours of protection for all the freedom to move their way
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ice agent arresting more than 100 suspected illegals. the operation targeted two different locations part of the trump team's crackdown on
6:34 am
employers accused of hiring illegal immigrants and they're facing tax evasion from the state of ohio. >> i don't say that and people articles are written and it's just not true. we run the largest data operations work survey in the country and we see personal economies are getting better and the things are happening and they're starting to see accomplishments as much as the media doesn't want outside of a couple station and people how much they don't want to talk about the accomplishments they're getting through. >> sandra: trump's 2020 campaign manager telling martha the data has never looked better for trump as we get deep in the primary season and trump endorsed candidates doing well and david, used looked at the data for some time. has it never looked better? do you agree with that? >> the bigger issue is the
6:35 am
accomplishments and is the promises made, promises kept from 2016 that this president is fulfilling is what is driving those numbers. his accomplishments. the economic record. look, bill clinton famously said it's the economy stupid and that's what the answer is again this election cycle so you look at the jobs. you look at the unemployment numbers and consumer confidence and look at economic indicators after economic indicator and the american people, the pocket book issues, the kitchen table issues that the american people focus on when going to the ballot box are heangn th right direction and having enormous impact on our economy tod and by november those will only be better. juxtapose that with the democrats' message of increasing taxes of sanctuary cities and not securing our southern
6:36 am
border, of not having peace through strength abroad. it's going to be a clear picture for our candidates this november. >> sandra: and speaking of john cox the republican now on the governor's ballot in the state of california. trump-backed john cox. is this all on the endorsement of the president? >> california had several things happen yesterday, late last night as a matter of fact. it's providing republicans and independents sewing we need to go -- showing we need to go in a different direction and if you look at congressional races there's ones democrats wanted to win where republicans got 52%,
6:37 am
53% of the vote combined and that's good for us this november and importantly the democrats lost the super majority in the state senate in california and they lost it by one vote. there was a recall of a state senator which didn't allow them unfettered ability to increase taxes across the state. that was another jolt to the democratic party which hasn't been focussed on this morning. >> sandra: the president's been tweet inning reaction to that. great night to republicans. congratulation to john cox on a big number in california. he can win. even fake news cnn said the trump impact was bigger than they thought possible. so much for the big blue wave. it may be a big red wave working heart. john cox will be coming up on the program in a bit. >> i think the president's right. we have the montana primary and
6:38 am
we have challenger after challenger and the president will be helping the democratic controlled states. >> sandra: and with martha there was talk about the claims about the russian medaling influence the election going back to the fact he is donald trump's 2020 campaign manager. here's what he had to say on the claims. >> what they did wiz -- was a rain drops on a water fall of paid campaigns. i see this as a political witch hunt. the president is 100% right on that and regardless of what some people did 10 years ago, it doesn't matter. the campaign was run every day as a legitimate campaign. >> sandra: echoing the president's claims. yesterday president tweeting the greatest witch hunt in political history. >> we talked about this many times. there's been no collusion or
6:39 am
evidence of collusion. this investigation which has cost $25 million between the house senate and the mueller probe over the course of two years has just cost the american taxpayer a l of money that could be spent on a lot of things including the wall and nothing has been proven from this. look, 10-year-old allegations against paul manafort, yep, looks like they got him. that's okay. it has nothing to do with our president or the campaign. what's important in this new piece of evidence coming forward today is mccabe may be trying to offer evidence on comey and others in return for immunity. those are important facts which the american people need to learn a lot of about because and then maybe a proffer from mccabe and comey because he won't sit idle while mccabe tries to get
6:40 am
immunity on evidence related to him. this will now change the dynamic of the case and i think breaks it wide open. >> sandra: you're referencing back to the former deputy fbi investigator asking for immunity. david bossie covering it for us. >> bill: and benjamin netanyahu is in london meeting with theresa may trying so hard to talk about the trip after learning the iran leader is calling for the enrichment of uranium. >> reporter: before prime minister netanyahu joked he had two topics, iran and iran. netanyahu wants europe to pull out of the iran nuclear
6:41 am
agreement and following america's lead but getting stiff pushback. first, angela merkel and the french president macron said they plan to stay in the iran nuclear agreement and this is also something we expect to hear from other leaders and they're angry netanyahu and trump has said they have to get out but there's a game of chicken. the u.s. said the next round of sanctions on iran will go into place in august and european leaders said they intend to honor the iran nuclear agreement meaning european count countries could be sanctioned if they continue to do business with iran and that's the issue. will they do business with iran and be sanctioned and cut off from the u.s. market. that's the game of chicken we'll
6:42 am
be waiting to see in august. >> bill: thank you, sir, very much. >> sandra: the guest list for the north korean summit reportedly includes former nba star dennis rodman and he role he is said to be playing. >> bill: and the philadelphia eagles getting their visit canceled from the president and the former marine is live on the issue next. >> stand together for freedom. we stand together for patriotism and we proudly stand for our glorious nation under god.
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we respect our flag and we always proudly stand for the nationali nationalian -- anthem. we always will stand for the national anthem. >> bill: president trump holding that patriotic moment at a time that was supposed to be an event that honored the super bowl champions philadelphia eagles. they're expect to address the controversy in about 45 minutes. but before we get there, remember congress mike gallagher. good morning. do you think the white house handled it the right way? >> it's a mixed issue why not go directly to the president and use it to have that respectful civil conversation and for the white house to think -- well, i think it's a side show distract from real issues, why not be the bigger person and invite the players who want to come and
6:47 am
honor the tradition. i worry about the erosion of the tradition over time. >> bill: it's an interesting comment. but we don't know how many guys would have shown up and if you listen to the white house they said they were trying to change the date the night before. it appears they tried to work with the team over 48 hours and there was no resolution. i guess you could have canceled it outright and moved on. >> and i don't know what happened behind the scenes. i would say at a time with an upcoming meeting with north korea and have a broken process and med compare is -- medicare is going bankrupt and i'm not sure the empty culture wore gets us anywhere. >> bill: maybe the team was trying to get a way out of it. lindsey graham offered this. >> i don't give a damn if the philadelphia eagles go to the
6:48 am
white house or not and i'm glad he disinvited them. it's ridiculous. the world's at a tenuous point and we're talking about millionaire athletes who want to make a statement and trump made a statement to them, don't come. >> bill: and on north korea come monday night. what's your expectation so far? >> i've been skeptical from the beginning the north koreans are serious about dismantling their program but i do think this say great opportunity for us to determine whether or not they are serious but it's important to remember we have to be prepared to walk away if indeed they're not. we have options in our arsenal and we can simply increase pressure as part of the maximum pressure campaign going forward. i'm confident the president and his team, particularly mike pompeo and john bolton get it and we went wrong with the iran deal because we were unwilling to walk away tand -- from it and
6:49 am
we'll see if they're serious. >> bill: and with regard to tuesday or monday night, tuesday morning or tuesday morning, monday night, depending on where you are in the world with the summit, do you think they come out with a handshake dealer do you believe that's too much to ask right now, sir? >> i highly doubt it just because if you look at what we're demanding complete verifiable dismantlealing of the program would be huge for kim jong-un and what makes me skeptical is the secret meeting between the chinese and while there's no love lost between them their goal is to overturn u.s. dominance in the endo-pacific region and i remain skeptical but i hope they prove
6:50 am
me wrong and i give the administration enormous credit for opening up this opportunity. >> bill: i've said repeatedly it seems like chairman kim wants to modernize his country and lord knows they need it. mike gallagher, thank you for coming back here. >> sandra: friends gathering at national arlington cemetery marking 50 years since the assassination of robert f. kennedy and we'll take you there once it gets underway. and the unexpected death of a beloved fashion designer sending shock waves across the country. >> it's sad. it's the same thing as when robin williams died people making a career of make people smile -- it's sad.
6:51 am
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6:54 am
>> sandra: fans mourning the loss of an iconic designer, kate spade, found dead due to suicide. what do we know? >> reporter: the 55-year-old fashion designer was found by her house keeper after 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning. the nypd investigating the death of a suicide and her husband, andrew, was also inside the apartment at the time. there are also reports she hung herself by a red scarf and left a suicide note addressed to her 13-year-old daughter saying this has nothing to do with you, ask your dad. there were reports they were having marital problems.
6:55 am
they launch the iconic company and they sold a large portion in 1999. after take break she created francis valentine named in part after her daughter. >> i had just had my daughter and at that point thought i just really want to spend time with my family. then i thought, okay, i really want to create again and that was our big thing is i do enjoy the process of creating and designing. >> reporter: that interview given to fox magazine. the spade family has issued a statement asking for privacy during this difficult time. >> sandra: there's been an outpouring of reaction on her death. >> reporter: reaction was swift on all social media platforms express sadness and first daughter ivanka trump said her passing is a painful reminder we truly never know another's pain.
6:56 am
if you are struggling with depression and contemplating suicide, please, please, seek help. if you find yourself struggling remember life line is here for you. now, according to the c.d.c., suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the united states. nearly 45,000 americans die each year by suicide and we put the stu -- suicide prevention number back on the screen. >> sandra: our thoughts with her family and her 13-year-old daughter this morning. thank you. >> bill: a shocking new claim the obama administration violating the iran nuclear deal by secretly helping tehran get around financial sanctions. we're getting reaction from the state department on that. and republican john cox get spot on the california ballot and we'll talk to him about his campaign as we march towards the november midterms.
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>> sandra: members of the kennedy family, friends and lawmakers holding a memorial service to mark the death of robert f. kennedy. he is laid to rest in arlington cr cemetery killed by an assassin's bullet. former president bill clinton will be speak later this hour but first this. a big event this hour in philadelphia. eagles head coach doug peterson about to hold a news conference after president trump disinvite the super bowl champs from the big celebration at the white hoe. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning to you and you at home. the white house putting blame on this to the eagles saying it was a political stunt saying they were trying to move the schedule amid a continuing dispute over the national anthem.
7:01 am
president trump explaining why he believes it's important to show that level of respect. >> we stand to honor our military and to honor our count country and to remember the fallen heroes who never made it back home. we stand to show our love for our fellow citizens and our magnificent constitution. we stand to pay contribute to the incredible americans who came before us and the heroic sacrifices they made. >> sandra: brian is live in philadelphia for us. what can we expect today? >> reporter: in a little less than half an hour the philadelphia eagles head coach, doug peterson will hold a press conference at the practice facility. they will practicing today this press conference by the coach is routine. we expect and know he'll talk about football.
7:02 am
we do not know if the coach will address the elephant in the room, whether or not he will field and answers questions he inevitably will get about the president disinviting the philadelphia eagles to the white house to honor their super bowl victory. so as coaches will do, pederson will respond to the latest accusations hurled by the white house yesterday. we expect many questions today like what is the philadelphia eagles version of how all of this went down and was the coach planning on going to the ceremony as some have reported. yesterday, press secretary sarah sanders accused them of abandoning their fans and acting at bad faith saying they tried to reschedule at the last moment saying it was a political stunt intend to embarrass the president. >> sandra: bryan, what are we
7:03 am
expect from the players? >> we expect them to be forthcoming about this topic. in fact, players have said over the course of the last few days that this is n about the national anthem. they've said that all along under scoring no philadelphia eagles player kneeled during the course of last season or during the playoffs in protest. now team leader safety, malcolm jenkins who protested putting his fist in the air released this saying the decision was made to lie and paint the picture these players are anti-america, anti-flag and anti-military. well continue to fight for impacted citizens and give a voice to those who never had one. for jenkins and for many of these players these national anthem protests have always been about racial inequality and police brutality. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: three minutes past the
7:04 am
hour. another major concession by the obama administration, a report saying a report shows a violation of u.s. sanctions. we're at the state department for more. iran had a big problem after it signed the nuclear deal. let's start there. what can you tell us about it? >> reporter: iran had a $6 billion problem. the iran nuclear agreement gave it access to bank accounts around the world. one account was worth about $5.76 billion in an account in oman. the problem for iran in order to use it was in local occurrence. it's not the most marketable currency and need to convert it to dollars or euros. according to the investigation the obama administration granted a license for iran to essentially temporarily convert it to dollars and euros to
7:05 am
access this money. according to the chairman the obama administration in doing so misled the public. >> i think they did so because they were desperate to get a deal so on the one hand they were saying the iranians were not going get access to the american financial system. on the other hand, they actually granted iran a specific license to allow them to take some of the funds. >> reporter: now, iran never actually took advantage of the license according to the report because no u.s. bank would execute the transaction because they didn't like the optics of dealing with iran. >> bill: what are former obama administration officials saying about the claim? >> reporter: no one would speak on the record but we were told it was a one-time deal to give access to the funds in the agreement and the license cannot be described as granting access to the u.s. financial system. it did not authorize the
7:06 am
transaction in u.s. dollars or all allow correspondent accounts and senator portman said he believes it's the only instance this type of temporary license was granted. >> bill: thank you. more to come on this perhaps. sandra. >> sandra: andmue -- andrew mccabe seeking immunity for testimony and we love when steve hayes is here. he's asking for immunity. what does it tell us? >> it tells us their nervous and there's been a referral and has not been honest or straightforward and it puts him in jeopardy and his attorney
7:07 am
wants to make sure if he testifies it's not used against him later. >> sandra: and the attorney representing mccabe send this let tore chuck grassley and said no testimony provided by mr. mccabe can be used against him in any criminal case. if the committee is unwilling to obtain such an order mcmccabe will have to plead the fifth. >> if you're michael bromwich you're more concerned about the vulnerability of your client to criminal prosecution than a bad p.r. day by taking the fifth. >> sandra: interesting stuff. i have to move on to the iran story. it seems to be gaining steam in this idea we've learned the obama administration green lighted iranian access to the u.s. financial system. >> it's an extraordinary story. it's another one of these stories not entirely surprising
7:08 am
because we've seen the pattern of behavior from the obama administration but the obama administration had testified both before and after this granting of temporary access to the iranians to the u.s. financial system that they wouldn't do this. this was a problem republicans raised again and again saying give us assurances you won't do this and one obama administration after another testified and gave answers in interviews, what have you, saying we won't do this and then did it. what they did is clear. they lied. they said things that were not true -- they knew they washingtweren't true. going from reals to dollars to euros which is what they did what they were allowed to do -- >> sandra: we're talking billions. >> right. it made it more efficient. it didn't happen because the two
7:09 am
u.s. institutions were so concern about blow back they decided not to be involved and you just have to take a step back. if you believe, as i do, the iran deal was conceived between arrogance and naivety what does it say when they boost the world's leading state sponsor of terror? this say -- is a scandal. president obama said we did not have scandals but this is a scandal. this say -- is a lie from the obama administration. >> sandra: bottom line a large concession previously not known
7:10 am
and important point, this is coming at a time the treasury department is warning allies and financial institution to guard themselves against iran's nef a -- nefarious acts. >> it's a pretty incredible detailed report. we have a story about it at the weekly standard about getting into the details and walking people through the sometimes jargoning language in a way people can understand. >> sandra: we knew you were tweeting about this and you phrased it this way, the obama administration stood in stark contrast from the state department denying they were allowing iran access to the u.s. financial system. we'll see where this all goes because it's developing. >> bill: it's clear they wanted a deal. the obama team wanted a deal
7:11 am
>> no matter what s. >> bill: a fight for the california's governor's office. >> mr. newsome made it clear he wanted to run against me instead of another democrat. be careful, mr. newsome what you wish for. >> bill: we'll be joined live about what this means so far. >> sandra: and preparations are in full swing for next week's north korean summit. congress adam kinzinger will joining us. >> bill: and atrium -- a triumphant return for steve scalise one year after being shot on a baseball field.
7:12 am
7:13 am
7:14 am
7:15 am
♪ that's confident. but it's not kayak confident. kayak searches hundreds of travel and airline sites to find the best flight for me. so i'm more than confident. how's your family? kayak. search one and done. >> bill: nice moment in washington steve scalise back on the field a year after being shot and the caption saying quote, this did my heart good. he had a ton of surgeries. the congressman tweeted it's great to be back with the team. back on the field. amazing stuff. >> sandra: a great sight to see him back in the uniform. >> bill: the game in about a week's time in washington, d.c.
7:16 am
>> sandra: happy to see him back on the field. >> north korea looks like it's moving along very well. a lot of relationship being built and negotiation going on even before the trip but we'll see what happens but very important. it will be a very important couple of days. >> sandra: hard to believe just days away president trump talking about preparations for next week's summit meeting with north korean leader, kim jong-un as they met in singapore. let's bring in adam kinzinger on the house foreign affairs committee. what will your expectations? >> don't want to build my expectations too high. this is obviously very historic. the war has been ongoing since the beginning. we're just in a truce phase. the ia if somebody tries to
7:17 am
put out there by june 12 we'll have everything solved and north korea will be denuclearized is unrealistic but i don't want to say it's trust building but the process to get to an end to the korean war, i think people need to keep their expectations at a moderate level but keep in mind this is the moment. you won't get higher than this in diplomacy. if this fails, and this is a message to kim jong-un, the only other option america has is to allow north korea to allow nuclear weapons which they won't so we pray this works. >> sandra: for president trump's part he sounds rather optimistic he said north korea looks like it's moving along very well talking about the relationship building taking place right now. the president he's been going
7:18 am
into this like this is going to be a success. you have to, right? you have to go into this believing the outcome will be good. >> reporter: do you have to. you have to have that state of mind otherwise there's no reason to engage in diplomacy because you don't know what you're negotiating for and he has an end state in mind. we're not interested in invading north korea just to invade north korea so there'll be security guarantees likely and economic guarantees as secretary pompeo has said but those don't come free. the cost is you will never have a nuclear agreement because you made your intentions clear you want to hit our allies and guam and we have to take those words seriously. the trust but verify >> shannon: don't -- i don't know if this would work out for the regime, though i hate the regime you, but would
7:19 am
work out for the u.s. and its allies. >> sandra: and the timetable and the means of denuclearizing north korea. what do you expect is happening in the days leading up to this taking place? >> the old adage of is it going to be a square table or round table. that's a way to talk about all the little things that need to be negotiate. i assume there's talks on what we want to see leading up to the culmination of kim jong-un and president trump meeting. i think it's going to be a long process but something that we need to engage in because if the united states military, god forbid, is never called upon to do the denuclearizing of north korea, we have to know we exhausted every option. this cannot look like the iran deal when it's all said and done. this has to be verifiable and
7:20 am
for in tin -- infinity. >> sandra: we'll see what happens in the president's words. thank you. >> bill: and moments from now we'll get a hearing from the philadelphia eagles, head coach doug pederson will speak in moments since the president disinviting his team to the white house. we're watching live. >> sandra: and a military vehicle stolen from a national guard base. how far the suspect got before police were able to arrest him. >> bill: and the result in from some of california's primary and john cox is live in a moment to tell us what's happening in his home state and how he plans to win come november. that's next. most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills don't. most pills only block one. flonase.
7:21 am
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>> bill: quickly, paul rand
7:24 am
talking about devin nunes and others. >> i think we're far in the deadline but i don't to speak on behalf of the i.t.c. i think we're down the road unless the i.t.c. said they don't need as much time. that's what it would take to do that. >> is there anything covering on the president's tariffs -- >> you'd have to pass a law he'd sign into law and you can do the math on that. >> tomorrow is a compromised immigration bill. are you optimistic that's something that can get the votes? >> i feel good about the conversations we're having and our members are earnest and sincere on our views and i believe there's a sweet spot. i think the president was
7:25 am
extremely productive when he put out his four pillars and attempt to fix the solution. remember, when we fix daca we want to fix it permanently not have to fix it down the road. we plan on having a conference wide conversation for two or three hours and that's what we should do is talk it out among ourselves. you'll see. [question off mic] >> the answer is he shouldn't and no one is above the law. >> bill: paul ryan taking questions there and we're wait ong the i.g. report. will it be today, tomorrow, next week? we don't know. it should tell us the next wrinkle in the story. this from last night. roll it out, check it out.
7:26 am
>> it wasn't president trump that gave us one of the most expensive and failing school systems in the country. it wasn't donald trump who piled on the fees, the taxes, the regulations, the delay that has made our house the most expensive in the country and it wasn't donald trump that passed the sanctuary state -- gavin, you did that. >> bill: that's john cox last night wasting no time the republican securing a spot in the general election in november and facing gavin newsome. sir, congratulations to you. second place finish. some people thought you could and some thought you could not. tell us what you think it means. tell us how much you think it means, if at all, right now. >> means californians struggling under he highest taxes in the
7:27 am
country and we're going cut the waste and corruption in government. this is a gorgeous state. it's got wonderful natural beauty. it's got lousy political management and gavin newsome is doubling down. he has made no mistake what he wants to do, double the state income tax and property taxes and defend this ridiculous gas tax and they spend four times what cal trans in texas does to build a road. this debate will sent a clear choice between valenzuela which is what gavin newsome wants california to look like and the california dream restored. this state is wonderful and we have to change the regime in sacramento. get the special interests out of power and return this state to the great golden state it is. >> bill: there's your platform. here's gavin newsome from late
7:28 am
last night. we heard you from and here's the democrat now. >> voters will have a real choice between a governor that will stand up to donald trump and a foot soldier in his war on california. mark my words, i've never backed down from a fight. >> bill: so here we have a state where you have all these stories the country's paying attention to but it's a blue state and you'll recognize that and from your own gut, how uphill is this climb for to you win in november. >> there's a lot of pundits who called it wrong and said there will be two democrats. they got it wrong. will be me in the top two win gavin newsome and he's right, this say clear choice. he's -- is aclear choice and he's doing what politicians do, try to misdirect. donald trump didn't make our
7:29 am
schools 45th in the nation. donald trump doesn't destroy the california water project by tearing down reservoirs. donald trump didn't make us the poverty capital and homeless capital of the country and the laughing sto of the country with businesses and people waing to move out. gavin newsome wan to blame donald trump. he ought to look in the mirror. maryland has a republican registration lower than california and they have a good republican governor who focuses, like me, on the quality of life and getting government to work for the people not for the special interests. that's what i'm going do. >> bill: i want to share this tweet from the west wing, great night for republicans congratulations john cox on a big win in california and so
7:30 am
much for the big blue wave. it may be a big red wave working hard. your reaction to that, sir? you have a big five months ahead of you. if you pull it off it really would be a stunner so go ahead and characterize that. >> around the world people are rising up against corruption in government. the corruption of the moneyed interest. the president is going to try to to drain the swamp in washington. it's been an uphill thing for him. i'm going clean it up in sacramento. i'm with him in terms of going after the career politicians and special interests literally destroying the opportunity of people here in california. >> bill: john cox. thank you for your time. we have breaking news all over the place right now but we will speak again, sir. thank you for your time. >> thank you, bill. >> sandra: head coach pederson of the philadelphia eagles is speaking now from the team's
7:31 am
practice facility. >> we're focussed on a great practice today, tomorrow and three days next week and our goal is 2018. that's motivation enough. [question off mic] >> no. nobody was talking. it's over. it's behind us. we're moving on. [question off mic] >> the way i cut it out is focus on today and saying we have a great practice coming up and we'll get better adds a football team today and for me that eliminates any distraction. >> question: will have you
7:32 am
practice. >> we were able to get all 10 of our o.t.a.s in. >> question: the news came in monday night. have you considered doing something else? >> like paint ball or bowl ing? no. >> sandra: you've been hearing the eagles head coach there on what is normally just a news conference but this of course is after the cancellation of the super bowl champions' visit to the white house he said he wasn't going weigh in on it. didn't hear a whole lot there but interesting to listen in. >> bill: quick break. back in a moment after this. your heart doesn't only belong to you.
7:33 am
so if you have heart failure, ask your doctor about entresto. it helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren,
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or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. entresto, for heart failure. anif you've got a lifee. you gotta swiffer
7:35 am
>> started with an assertion that basically i had never apologized as if i'd never tried to come to grips with it and
7:36 am
there'd never been an attempt to hold me accountable. a, i realized lots of people don't have memory of that and all they saw was me mad and i seemed to be tone deaf to put it mildly. >> bill: that was from last night, bill clinton on stephen colbert where he was pressed on the monica lewinsky matter some 20 years later and we have brad blakeman a former assistant to george w. bush. marie, did you get a sense of that from the series of appearances he's done? >> i think president clinton is being tone deaf and i don't know what he expected when he wrote a novel and went on a book tour. this is a me too era.
7:37 am
i feel bad for his novelist sitting there like we have to talk about this. what's upsetting is i'm someone who support the president and he's under cutting the work he's done to rebuild his reputation as someone who's focussed on eradicating poverty, combatting global health crises. this is hurting what i think has been a post-presidency legacy that has been a pretty strong one. >> bill: brad, i know you're not much of a fan. >> no. >> bill: and we look at the issue in a different way than we did in 1995 or even 1998 at the national prayer breakfast. on the interview in nbc he said that's when a poll -- apologized to everybody, my family, my staff, the lewinskys. does he get past this? >> i don't think he ever does.
7:38 am
20 years later he is playing the victim not the predator. this was the intern's first job. he did these acts in the federal office building of the president. it didn't happen in the residence. it couldn't have because hilary was there. it's all about him. woe is me, i lost my law license, i was impeached. haven't i been through enough. he never apologized personally to ms. lewinsky and after all the years that have gone by there's no contrition even to today. i don't think he'll ever get over it. >> bill: there was a clean-up effort in harlem. this is how it came out, marie. i'll get to you react next. >> i got hot under the collar because of the way the questions were asked and i think what was lost are the two points that i made that are important to me.
7:39 am
i meant it then, i meant it now. i apologized to my family and monica lewinsky and her family and the american people. the second is that i support the me too movement and think it's long overdue. >> bill: enough? >> i don't think it's enough. and i can't judge what hillary clinton or monica lewinsky are thinking about those public apologies. as a democrat who supported the bill clinton presidency, the oxygen he and hilary continue to take up is not helping. i want to focus on the future of the democratic party. i want everybody to talk about candidates and not about something a democratic president did 20 years ago and i think the clintons need to be careful and think long and hard what they'll do publicly leading up to the midterm in november.
7:40 am
>> bill: marie makes an interesting point. the response on the nbc interview that started all this is he said they came out of the white house $16 million in debt and you look at the clinton foundation and the hundreds of millions of dollars around the world. >> he wants people to feel sorry for him he has nothing to feel sorry for he brought this on himself and if anything he's the poster boy for the me too movement and the reason the movement exists. it's a shame but he will never come to grips with it. i think he's incapable of doing it. >> bill: we'll see him in a live event honoring the death of robert kennedy. thanks, marie. thanks, brad. >> sandra: new reaction from president trump after senate majority leader mitch mcconnell canceled the august receive after he cites historic obstruction from democrats and president trump tweeting they
7:41 am
will cancel the august recess. great, maybe the democrats will finally get something done other than their acceptance of high crime and mike is live. >> reporter: the house can move faster in terms of procedure and doesn't have to confirm presidential nominees. mitch mcconnell those they must do that and pass funding builds. >> if you look at the amount of work we have to do it's inconceivable to me we can't use these weeks even with coordination. we have a lot of appropriation bills to pass. >> reporter: president trump and a lot of mcconnels newer senators have been pushing to
7:42 am
stay in session longer. >> we have more to do. and people from louisiana understand good things come to those who work their [bleep] off. i'm ready to work nights, weekends, all of august, christmas, whatever it takes. >> reporter: mcconnel blames democrats for historic obstruction and now can keep a lot of democrats off the campaign trail in august. >> sandra: how many democrats reacted to this power play by mcconnel. >> reporter: they're saying fine then let's make august all about health care. >> it's a wonderful great opportunity leader mcconnel has given us to go after the high costs and help average american folks and we are going to make sure all the time, every day, every week we're here we'll be focussing on health care. >> reporter: some senators likely to face tough re-election in november are not amoved. -- amused.
7:43 am
>> it's a calculation of raw politics on the part of mitch memb member. >> he think it will make a difference on elections whether democratic incumbents but at the end of the day he's mistaken. >> reporter: no surprise the two parties will have different visions on how to use that time in august. >> shannon: mike emmanuel, thank you. >> bill: nothing focuses the find like losing a vacation. >> sandra: changes things. >> bill: there's more destruction from hawai'i. there's boiling lava spilling over and what can be expected coming up.
7:44 am
♪ ♪ build your next big thing to run in more places, without recoding. the ibm cloud. the cloud for smarter business.
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the ibm cloud. i'm your phone,istle text alert. stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer... warmer... ah boiling. jackpot. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands? >> we did something very special last season in philadelphia and
7:47 am
i was looking forward to going down and being recognized. what you seen and heard is enough. i'm not going stand here and discuss it because we have two o.t. practice and a mandatory camp next week and focussed on that. >> sandra: and has work to do. philadelphia eagles head coach, doug pederson, that was him speaking na speaking in an expected news conference. he basically stepped up to the podium, jared and said i'm not discussing it. >> and in the style of bill belichick or like a lawyer would say, the less you say the better. we're all going through this for the first time. i think doug pederson, the coach of the eagles, echoes the
7:48 am
sentiment we've seen from nfl owners which is i know about football. i'm not an expert on race relations. i'm not an expert on sociology. this is what i do. stop dragging me into it. let me do what do i best. >> sandra: we'll see if it happens. he said's over to. it's behind us. we're moving on. while he and the players may want no move on he did answer a couple questions about yesterday and said he was looking forward to going down and asked how many players would be going and said he wouldn't answer it. >> reporter: reporters won't back down. they'll try to continue to try to get answers and because doug pederson didn't speak there's likely a player on the roster who won't be as tight-lipped. he said they're trying to keep the team community vibe and acted as one and maybe he felt
7:49 am
it's more important and we're here to do a job and need to keep unity with the group. >> sandra: like other company ceos if you can compare it to that, they have a youth job -- huge job and the president's been tweeting a lot on this. is this over? >> reporter: it's far from over. i wish we start seeing this for what it is and the more time goes on. what i see and i mentioned this earlier today, i think when players are kneeling, by and large, while there are issues behind it the reason so-called for it, a lot of times i see the kneeling is really just putting up a middle finger because it's an opportunity to do that. to say, oh, yeah, well i'm putting my middle finger up because that's what the kneeling is about. i want to hear every day what's being done to work on the issues
7:50 am
that began with colin kaepernick wearing pig socks against police brutality. >> sandra: if you heard coach pederson they're gearing up for a whole new season. >> bill: lots of stories for that when the new season begins. it's not over. rememberi remembering d-day and the invasion of normandie and we'll take you to a ceremony marking this historic day. >> one by one the rangers pulled themselves over the top and in seizing the firm land of the top of the cliffs they began to seize back the continent of europe. away on happening now, mccabe
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
wants immunity before testifying. how would that effect what he tells them about the e-mail probe? and senators on both side of the aisle wondering if we're going too soft on north korea. and eight new primaries in the books including california. what are the chances of the deep blue state turning redder in november. "happening now" top of the hour. >> bill: people from hawai'i reeling as lava wipes out hundreds of homes yesterday. jeff paul is back live today. jeff, what's happening? >> reporter: bill, authorities told us they knew lava would destroy more homes but i don't think anybody was ready for so many homes in such a short period of people. the lava flows moving at 600
7:55 am
yards per hour in some spots and it's physically changing the look of hawai'i's big island and the coastline. looking at the images, the first from sunday. you can see the smoke from the lava as it approach the ocean and two days later, lava has filled the bay extending nearly a mile from the sore line. recently, we spoke with one man who evacuated and he doesn't know if his house is still standing. >> it's spectacular, number one and the other thing is going through my mind is why here but i guess it's just what it's doing. i can't do anything about it. >> reporter: air quality also remains a concern especially near lava fountains where the hawaiian national guard took us as close as we could get and we saw up close what's falling from the sky. >> these black clumps come from the nearby fissure and when you walk out to what looks like a
7:56 am
dirt road, buried beneath it is pavement. incredibly, only one person"ed and no reported deaths. >> bill: sandra. >> sandra: former fbi director, andrew mccabe seeking immunity as prosecutors examine whether he should be charged for lying to federal agents. a live update ahead from the white house.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
>> sandra: it's been 74 years since allied forces landed on the beaches of normandy, forcing the nazi army back and out of france, turning the tide in world war ii and leading to victory. we are moments away now from a ceremony in washington. a wreath will be laid at the world war ii memorial out on the national mall. >> bill: what a moment. >> sandra: that is all happening now in washington. live look there. >> bill: some folks write in saying how much they listen to ronald reagan a moment ago. the famous speech he made on
8:00 am
behalf. thank you. thank you. thank you. on this day. >> sandra: that is it for us from america's newsroom. i do believe. >> bill: more to come soon. >> sandra: we'll see you back tomorrow morning. thank you for joining us. "happening now" starts right now. >> jon: and we begin with the fallout from critical primaries across america which set the stage for the november midterms. you are excited about that, aren't you? >> melissa: always. who isn't? >> jon: a lot at stake. good morning. i'm jon scott. >> melissa: i'm melissa francis. california jungle primary yielding surprising results in the governor's race. democratic lieutenant governor gavin newsom won by republican john cox finished a strong second. cox seeming to benefit from president trump's endorsement. >> this debate is going to set up a clear choice between venezuela which is what gavin newsom wants california to look like and the


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