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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 6, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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here and senator corey gardner. we appreciate you joining us today. lots of news still to come. i'm dana perino. next is shep smith. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in washington where the president has been pushing and unsubstantiated claim that the fbi put a spy in his campaign. today the house speaker, paul ryan joined the chorus of no, they didn't. mr. speaker, can the president pardon himself? >> i don't know the technical answer, but i think obviously the answer is he shouldn't and nobody is above the law. >> after the president floated the idea of giving our blago a break of prison and official forgiveness for martha stewart, we're hearing those are a couple of the names on a long list of potential pardons. looks like kim kardshian's oval
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office visit paid off and in a big way. let's get to it. wednesday already. president trump is not above the law. he should not pardon himself and there's no evidence at all that the fbi put a spy in the trump campaign. that comes not from critics, but from the top republican and the u.s. house of representatives, the speaker paul ryan. speaker ryan pushing back against president trump's unfounded claim that the feds put a spy inside his campaign. the speaker siding with the republican chairman, trey gowdy, who undercuff the so-called spygate noncontroversy theory last week. >> i'm even more convinced that the fbi did exactly what my fellow citizens would want them to do when they got the information they got. i think when the president finds out what happened, he's going to be not just fine, he's going to be glad that we have an fbi that
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took seriously what they heard. he was never the target. russia is the target. >> shepard: congressman gowdy spoke after receiving a report on the use of an informant to find out more about contact between the russians and the trump campaign officials. our chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel is live on capitol hill and he has the news there. hello, mike. >> shep, good afternoon. after one of the top leaders, paul ryan, was a part of the classified briefing on the use of a confidential source. this is all classified information so he chose his words carefully. speaker ryan says he agrees with the chairman of the house oversight committee. >> chairman gowdy's assessment is accurate. but we have some more digging to do. we're waiting for more documents request. we have more documents to review. i've seen no evidence to the contrary on the initial assessment that chairman gowdy has made. i want to make sure that we run
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every lead down and get the final answers. >> so ryan is still sticking up for his house committee chairman that are pushing for me cooperation fhe drom tartment of justice and the fbi. >> shepard: speaker ryan another in the line to say that the president is not above the law. >> you're right. the president said that he has the power to pardon himself. it's been a debate here in washington about whether the president has the power to pardon himself. when you're speaker of the house, you get the questions, too. >> i don't know the technical answer, but i think oiously the answer is he shouldn't and nobody is above the law. i'll leave it at that. >> sarah sanders was asked similar questions by reporters and she too said that nobody is above the law, shep. >> shepard: mike, another republican lawmaker going against the president now. >> that's ght. that's on the issue of trade. the tariffs are very unpopular with a lot of republicans and
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now there's a bipartisan push trying to make the white house come to congress when they're using national security reasons for imposing new tariffs. the chairman of the foreign relations committee talked about why he believes it's necessary. >> because they're utilizing it in this unprecedented way, what we've asked is you can continue to do all the things you're doing and negotiate but once you complete the work you have to submit it to us for approval. tariffs and revenues are the responsibility of congress, not the executive branch. >> many folks here on capitol hill believe the legislative branch has given up too much power over the years to the executive branch. there's a bipartisan push to take some of it back as it relates to tariffs. >> shepard: mike emanuel at the hill. thank you. say what you will about reality stars, but kim kardshian just changed a woman's life. she visited the oval office las week t ask for a presidential pardon for a nonviolent drug
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offender names alice johnson. today president trump commuted the woman's sentence. she's 63 years old. a grandmother who was serving life with no chance for parole. she would have died in that prison for nonviolent drug charges involving a cocaine ring. she had been behind bars already for more than 20 years. kim k. visited and tweeted, best news ever after word got out, the news comes as a source confirms to fox news that president trump is considering -- this wasn't a pardon. a commutation. she's not forgiven but she gets out of prison but he's considering making more pardons including this guy. he's thinking about shortening the sentence of rod blagojevich. our blago tried to sell former
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president obama's senate seat saying it was bleeping golden. and the president praised martha stewart who died time for obstruction of justi and lying to investigators in an insider trading case. it's just the beginning. john roberts is live on the lawn. whose name? do we know or a concept or what? >> there's a few names. clearly any administration gets hundreds of petitions every year for pardons or come mutations. but the number that the president is considering can far less than what has been asked for. you mention alice johnson. not a pardon, not an exoneration but you get out of jail. that was done today. sarah huckabee sanders said "mrs. johnson has accepted responsibility for her past behavior and has been a model
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prisoner. alice worked hard to rehabilitate herself in prison and was a fellow mentor." just got a statement from brittany barnett a member of her legal team, that said "justice has been served today and long overdue. alice paid her debt to society of serving 21 years. life in prison without the possibility of parole screams that a person is beyondhope, beyond redemption." you heard from sarah sanders, she did rehabilitate herself in prison. now for who else the president might b considering immediately, you mentioned blago, martha stewart and matthew charles. i don't think the petition has been delivered yet but should come in the next couple days. he was sentenced in 1996 for 35 years for drug offenses. he sold crack cocaine to an undercover police officer in 2016 under new guidelines, he
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received a sentence reduction and was let out of prison. in 2017, a federal court ruled the sentence reduction was an error that charles was not eligible for the new guidelines. may 14 of this year, he went back in prison. shep, there's been bipartisan support whether it be conservatives or liberals to let charles out. that's something that the president will likely be considering. >> shepard: we heard from the president himself in the last hour. >> we did. he was at fema head quarters with a number of his cabinet for his yearly briefing on hurricane preparedness. after what happened last year, fema needs to be prepare add again this ar. melania trump was at his side. the first time she's been seen in public since i believe may 14 or prior to that when she went in to the walter reed national military medical center for a kidney procedure. she had an emboliization
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procedure. she's been doing some meetings. the first time that she was in public. the president taking on the news media who has been speculating rampantly the last 2 1/2 weeks as to her whereabouts. the president said the fake news media has been so unfair to my wife during her recovery from surgery, they repted everything from near death to facelift and leaving me to allegations of abuse. all fake. she's doing well. the president also at fema today praising his embattled epa administrator scott pruitt who has been dogged byegations of abuse of office and embarrassing things as well including dispatching an aide to try to buy a used mattress from the trump hotel and about a chick-fil-a franchise for his wife. the president likes the fact that the epa is getting things
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done. here's what he had to say aut scott pruitt today. >> administrator scott pruitt, thanks very much. the epa is doing really well. somebody has to say that about you. you know that, scott. you have done -- the epa is doing so well, so many approvals and disapprovals. >> scott pruitt has survived where my other people would be long gone. there's one reason for that. he's faithfully implementing the president's agenda along with everything else. >> shepard: seeking benefit through your government job like this chick-fil-a in or whatever, that is not allowed, is it? >> well, it's not supposed to be allowed. but -- we'll have to see where that one goes, shep. is that forgivable or unforgiveable? i don't think we know the final answer yet. >> shepard: eat mo chicken.
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good to see you. more coverage with the republicans and the president and the u.s. military has all sorts of high tech drones from reapers to ravens and global hawks. the chinese are showing off a drone of their own and if the hype is right, this drone could be a complete game-changer. details on the dark sword. the dark sword. that's coming up from the fox news deck on hump day. glad to have you in. george woke up in pain. but he has plans today. hey dad. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. aleve. all day strong. and with twice the detail of other tests... can show dad where he's from
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>> shepard: let's dig into the developments of the day in d.c. you heard how paul ryan is now backing fellow republicans trey gowdy who said the fbi was not spying on the trump campaign. there's no evidence of any spying, nothing like that. there's only the president's claims. nothing else. the house speaker also saying that president trump should obviously not pardon himself because no one is above the law. the president has said that he has the absolute right to pardon himself but why would he do that because he hasn't done anything wrong. let's bring in jill colvin. these break-aways are people that have said they're going away. >> they are indeed. paul ryan is on the cusp of
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retirement. he's always been someone more willing than others to criticize the president or draw a line in the sand when it comes to things the president has said. but you can see this is somebody that is very interested in making sure that republicans maintain their majority coming this november. that's really seems to be his top priority here, making sure the president doesn't do something when it comes to talking more about pardoning himself or continuing to discredit the special counsel investigation. things that could be damaging going into the fall elections. >> shepard: are there other republicans sticking around that have indicated that they may stand up to the president on some of the more radical ideas he's put forward like self-pardoning and the rest? >> you know, there haven't been that many. you have people like jeff flake. >> shepard: he's out. >> you have lindsey graham that comes to mind. something that has gone back and forth. sometimes he's critical of the president.
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sometimes he's comes to his defense. very much likes to portray himself as an independent that will decide on issues as he sees them. but folks that feel like they don't want to sti around any longer are the most critical. >> shepard: has there been an explanation who talk about pardoning so what is the point? >> this is something where the president appears to be flexible his powers just making clear to the special counsel that if they do try to, for instance try to indict him, try to subpoena him, to speak in front of investigators, in front of a grand jury, they'll be facing a rabid fight. >> shepard: this idea of a subpoena in court, it has now been made to seem like something that would just be a crazy idea. this is the way the system works. if the court does sides it needs
12:17 pm
to talk to someone, it issued a subpoena and that someone comes in could be a banker, could be a candle maker or the president. the law is for everyone. they seem to be trying to plant in our heads this idea that subpoenaing the president, which is something you cannot do. you can 100% do this. >> this is a strategy rudy guliani, the leading proponent of it. we saw it in the lawyer's letter from january. this is a strategy they've pursued several times now, trying to make the case that the someone is in some way as bu the law, the argument that they're making. this would be unprecedented legal terrory. it is the way that prosecutors work, but to be fair, no president has actually had to be compelled to speak in front of a grand jury. we saw it in the clinton administration. he wound up speaking to prosecutors outside of the grand
12:18 pm
jury. he spoke under his terms. so it would be unprecedented if the president had to speak in front of a grand jury. >> shepard: were you surprised by paul ryan or something that the insiders expected? >> i wasn't surprised by paul ryan today. maybe folks that cover the hill and follow his back and forth more closely may have had more nuanced reaction to it. but there's certain moments when many republicans feels the president has crossed the line and it seems to be in cases like that, the president's most inflammatory statements, the tweets that the pertain thinks are unproductive. it seems that ryan has had a pattern of speaking out. >> shepard: jill colvin, associated press. have a great day. >> thank you. >> shepard: the former direct or the fbi said he welcomed and independent look into his own conduct. he might be wanting to
12:19 pm
reconsider that after a report about what the inspector general has found. the details ahead. first, on a day when we remember the sacrifice of troops on the beaches of normandy, president trump signs a bill aimed at helping getting veterans the care they deserve. but there's a bit of fight over paying for it. stay with us. insurance that won't replace the full value of your new car? you're better off throwing your money right into the harbor. i'm gonna regret that. with new car replacement, if your brand new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> shepard: 74 years ago today, tens of thousands of u.s. and allied troops stormed the beaches of normandy on a mission to free western europe from nazi, germany. d-day. one of the largest sea landing military invasions in history.
12:23 pm
it marked the beginning of the end of the war in world war ii. less than a year later, president trump praised the d-day fighters and signed a bill aimed at giving veterans more access to private healthcare. >> it's my great honor to sign the v.a. mission act or as we know it, the choice act and to make veterans choice the permanent law of our great country and nobody deserves it more than our veterans. >> shepard: the bill approves new healthcare programs for the vets, but does not actually pay for the benefits. the trump administration, which signed the bill, is now fighting a bipartisan plan to pay for it. the white house is calling on congress to cut spending in other places. one of the payment plans creators, richard shelby, says there could be some real trouble
12:24 pm
with other veteran affairs funding if congress doesn't approve this proposal. insubordinate. that's how the justice department's watch dog described james comey in a report due out any day now. the inspector general defied authority in how he handled the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. catherine herridge with the details from washington. catherine? >> the report puts comey's leadership style under the microscope. the inspector general talked about him recommending against criminal charges, a responsibility that falls to his boss at the time, attorney general loretta lynch. comey has ex-complained that the tarmac meeting with bill clinton days before the fbi interview from his handling of classified information was a game changer in addition to other
12:25 pm
intelligence that implied that loretta lynch would not let the e-mail case go too far. the intelligence is not public and reliability is unclear. after he was fired by president trump, comey testified to congress that he welcomed the inspector general's scrutiny. >> the inspector general is inspecting me and looking at my conduct in the course of the e-mail investigation, which this sounds like a crazy thing to say, i encourage and i want that inspection. i want my story told because some of it is classified. if i did something wrong, i want to hear that. i don't think i did. yeah, i've been interviewed and i'm sure i'll be interviewed again. >> the report had bipartisan support when the investigation opened in january 2017. at that time republicans thought clinton should have been prosecuted and democrats blamed comey for reopening the investigation ten days before the election contributing to her loss. the key thing here in the upcoming hearing is that it's called events leading up to the 2016 election so it could be broader than the clinton e-mail,
12:26 pm
shep. >> shepard: the former fbi deputy director is asking for immunity in exchange for his testimony regarding that case. >> that's right. these congressional leaders show that former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe that worked for james comey wants special status if he testifies on capitol hill publicly. the testimony cannot be used against him in a criminal prosecution. the inspector general found that mccabe lied under oath and made referrals in washington d.c. for potential violations of 18 usc 1001. this is a crime to lie to federal investigators, this morning a senior senate republican on the judiciary committee recommended against the deal to security mccabe's testimony. >> we really need to get to the bottom of what happened at the fbi during the comey years where apparently there was misconduct
12:27 pm
going on, which impugned the reputation of the finest law enforcement agency in the world. we need to clear the air. so i think giving mr. mccabe cover through immunity would be a mistake. >> mccabe's lawyer said that mccabe is willing to testify but he has to have suitable legal protection. if he can't get a deal, mccabe will have to invoke his fifth amendment privilege. there's a date on the calendar for testimony this coming monday before the senate judiciary committee, which is the lead committee on this report. we're told based on the latest information, it's likely to slide again, shep. >> shepard: thanks, catherine herridge. no short, no problem says vladimir putin. he defended the kremlin for releasing pictures of him without a shirt. he says he feels no need to behind behind the bushes. he says he's half naked and not
12:28 pm
totally naked. put tin was responding to a austrian reporter that asked acted the photos. putin makes headlines for more serious topics like claims that he murders journalists and political opponents. if biggest round of primaries yet ahead of the med terms has just happened. it was the super tuesday of mid-terms, if you will. and the results are coming in. not every result but the big picture here could tell us a whole lot about what to expect in the battle of control of congress. and a very significant of one state's so-called jungle primary. but first, a high speed police chase after this military vehicle who took to tank. the video is next. my day starts well before i'm even in the kitchen. i need my blood sugar to stay in control.
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>> i'm lea gabrielle with a fox report. now on today's headlines. drone video shows villages buried in volcanic ash in guatemala. sunday's eruption killed more than 70 people and left 200 missing. meantime investigators in virginia say is a soldier was on drugs when he stole an armored vehicle and led plus on a wild chase for 60 miles. state police say the national guard soldier drove the personnel carrier off of a military base and sped through the streets of richmond before he surrendered. the national guard indicates the vehicle did not have weapons. if you're having car trouble, don't do this. the ohio department of transportation releasing video of a driver reversing up a highway ramp and driving backwards down a busy street before pulling into a parking lot. the s.u.v. may have had transmission problems but the driver should have just pulled over. the news continues with shep after this.
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>> shepard: so how did it go in
12:34 pm
california? it was a super tuesday for democrats there. the party spent millions of dollars that paid off. in the stayed's so-called jungle primaries. they call them that because the top two vote getters advance to the general election. doesn't matter if you're republican, democrat, green party or no matter what, the top two votes get to go. that was fraught with peril. there was concern from competing democrats that they would splinter the vote. democrats did get on the ballot in key contests like these three republican seats in districts that hillary clinton won in 2016. again, they're republican districts that hillary clinton within and they flipped a few seats that hope democrats will take back the house of representatives. republicans won an important victory as well and president trump is predicting a big red wave. let's turn to caitlin owens, the reporter from axios that is
12:35 pm
covering the mid-terms. how are you? >> good. how are you? >> shepard: this is -- i heard the blue wave idea was becoming more like a ripple. this is the first i heard of a red wave. is it real or something that just thought about? >> you know, i don't think any serious republicans are thinking that. the house republicans are going to gain a bunch of seats. what they're looking at for optimism is the economy. the economy is doing well. that tends to help the party in power. a red wave? probably not. >> shepard: dianne feinstein has been there since the 90s. there was not even a republican running. what is that? >> california, when you look at the party registration, we saw a couple weeks ago, independents outnumber republicans. so for the party to spend money
12:36 pm
and resources doesn't make sense. >> so she goes in unchallenged. there was a big republican victory out of this. in fact, a number of them. but a couple that the president has touted as well. >> right. you mentioned the jungle primary. that's how it goes for all of the races, including governor's race. a republican candidate will be on the ballot running for governor against a democrat. that is a victory for republicans. it shows that there are still the votes out there for the party to succeed at least in the primaries. >> dana rohrbacher is making it. he's a controversial character. >> he is. he popped up over the years. again, that was one of those races where democrats were locked out. they see him as vulnerable. you know, it's key to winning
12:37 pm
the house. dana rohrabacher will be a key race. >> shepard: he's been called a putin guy. you remember when the russians took over crimea. it was he who gave a qualified defense of that. when when the russians were fighting the georgians, he was on the russian side. he's always with the russians. >> dana: it's funny. the republican party was anti-russia. they were afraid of russia. and i think dana rohrbacher was supportive of trump. he wanted to view him as an ally. it is weird. that is one place where trump and rohrbacher see eye to eye. >> shepard: he was rolling with russia when it wasn't cool. >> it's funny. trump has come in where he's totally defieded conservative
12:38 pm
orthodoxsy. it's not as wide spread anymore. it's put the party in a bind. >> shepard: certainly something to look at down the road. katelyn, nice to see you. caitlin owens from axios. thanks. >> thanks for having me. >> shepard: four isis terrorists are dead after an air strike in libya. we have the head from the head of the u.s. troops in africa. this happened around 100 miles south of tripoli. portions of isis and others have fled to libya. so rather than just dying off in iraq, they ran to libya and there's problems there. china is warning the united states now not to stir up trouble after two american bombers flew past some idea -- islands in the south china sea. they say they will take all steps to defend their
12:39 pm
sovereigy. last week, jim mattis called the region priority theater for the military suggesting that he could see more action there. all of this happening mid reports that the chinese are developing a new supersonic stealth drone. jennifer griffin is live with more. what is happening in the south china sea now? >> that's right. tensions have been rising in resent weeks. here's what we've seen in terms of escalation around these disputed and in some cases manmade islands that the pentagon accuses china of militarizing. china's foreign ministry spokeswoman warned the u.s. not to stir up trouble after the u.s. sent a pair of b-52 bombers near the scarborough shoal, which china took from the philippines in 2012. the b-52s no longer are
12:40 pm
configured to carry nuclear bombs but can carry up to 70,000 pounds of weaponry and can fly 9,000 miles without refuelling. the pentagon's decision to conduct the fly by came after the chinese landed nuclear capable bombers on another nearby disputed island and placed surface to air missiles on another one. defense secretary mattis warned china to halt its intimidation and coercion in the south china sea. mattis is slated to visit china soon. that visit is still on as far as we know. >> what about this new drone that china is develop something. >> china is claimed to have developed a supersonic stealth armed drone, which they're calling dark sword. this photo of an early model was first published in 2008 at a chinese air show. more recently, another photo emerged suggesting it may be ready for flight. experts say it looks a lot like the u.s. manufactured f-22 and
12:41 pm
f-35 fighter jets with their radar evading technology. this has gotten the attention of the pentagon on the eve of the release of the china military threat assessment. the pentagon has long accused china of stealing u.s. technology and intellectual property. this is not if first time china has paraded advanced weaponry that looks like u.s. fighter jets. it did so in 2011 surprising the pentagon at the time with the introduction of the j-20, a manned jet with silvery radar absorbing coating, which until then was the hallmark of u.s. engineering. it's not clear when the photo of this alleged state of the art drone was taken or whether this is a mockup or the real thing. the pentagon is not sure. so it's difficult to say how far along the chinese are or how close dark sword is to being air worthy. but if past is pro log, dark sword will likely be a part of
12:42 pm
their arsenal very son. >> shepard: all right, jen. very good to see you. facebook admits it shared user's personal information with several chinese tech companies. including one that u.s. officials have called a national security threat. that company, huawa, i believe they call it, denies that it ever collected or stored facebook user data. there's that. this comes just two months after the facebook disclosed as many as 87 million users information may have been improperly shared with a data firm tied to the trump campaign. the fox business network's christina is here. >> another week goes by, right? >> shepard: yeah, sharing, sharers. >> and nobody is deleting facebook. we hear about another issue of facebook sharing our data. i haven't deleted my count. >> i don't. tim guy. i said i'm supposed to give them my stuff -- >> so you care. >> shepard: i never gave them a damn thing. >> there's a lot of people,
12:43 pm
billions that are spending hours and hours at a time still using it. maybe and older demographic. here's another situation, another story coming out that yes, facebook has shared information with four big chinese companies, huawa being one of them. they're the third largest smart phone maker in the world. they have said don't worry, your or my user information is only on the phone or stored on a huawa phone. it wouldn't be put on the server. facebook says that they're going to be ending their partnership by the end of the week. >> shepard: okay. so we shouldn't worry about this. >> no. investors are not worrying. look at the stock price. it's climbing, almost hitting an all-time high. $190. ever so slightly down. investors think this is a long-term buying opportunity. they're connecting everything like google is doing. they're going to be hear for the long haul, this is another example that you have ad revenue that is doing well. sales up 49%.
12:44 pm
of course, just artificial intelligence. facebook is not going in i where. >> shepard: sorry, not on the train. >> no. >> shepard: thanks, christina. >> thank you. >> shepard: one note here about a brand new partnership between the facebook and us here at the fox news channel. we'll be producing original content and coverage of the afternoon's breaking news for facebook watch. have you heard about that? facebook watch, fox news update coming soon to the facebook near you. so we'll be sharing as well. the judge who gave a controversial sentence to a convicted rapist now paying a heavy price. how he wound up losing his own job next. and later, a huge milestone for a lawmaker who was shot and nearly killed on a baseball field. today steve scalise gets back in the game.
12:45 pm
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12:48 pm
in jail for trying to rape an unconscious woman. folks in california voted that judge has to go. they recalled judge aaron perskie. this is the first time that has happened in that state in more than 80 years. critics say he just went too easy on a guy named brock turner who faced up to 14 years in prison. the judge said he decided to spare turner a long prison term because he was a teenager at the time and had no criminal record, plus both he and the victim were drunk. the judge also said the recall vote would lead to more judges following the rule of public opinion instead of the rule of law. something to think about. trace gallagher in our west coast news hub. trace? >> shep, critics says the recall sets a bad precedent. no matter what you think about the sentence, judge persky followed the letter of the law. the california commission issued a 12-page written decision said
12:49 pm
judge persky's written decision were within the parameters set by law without bias. now the legislature has changed the law so a judge could not impose a similar sentence, but the change has no bearing on judge persky and recalling him is dangerous to our democratic system. >> it saddens me. his job was taken away by people that feel that there's no need to have an independent judiciary. >> persky supporters say it's scary when judges have to be careful not to inflame the wrath of those that know how to deploy the internet to go after judges whose ruling they don't like. those that fought for the recall say this is a victory. persky could not see past his own bias when he sentenced brock turner who was an elite swimmer. you'll recall the victim's statement captured the national spotlight and the judge used part of the statement when he
12:50 pm
sentenced turner. critics say that was not meant to mitigate the crime. here's the woman who spear-headed the recall. watch. >> victory is not just for emily, but it's a victory for girls and women everywhere. to girls everywhere, we're with you. on nights when you feel alone, we're with you. when people doubt you or dismiss you, we're with you. >> judge persky served 15 years on the bench. shep? >> shepard: up next we go to hawaii where emergency workers are still trying to count up all the homes that are gone now after lava spewed from a volcano and torched everything in its path. this thing has spread and become much worse. stay with us.
12:51 pm
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>> shepard: the relentless flow of lava from the kilauea volcano has turned a scenic bay to a field of molten rock. you can see the smoke rising off the bay here. this is the same area where officials say lava destroyed hundreds of homes. a spokesman for hawaii county says they don't know the exact number of buildings destroyed. jeff ball is live with more. jeff? >> jeff, it's concerning a lot of people. this volcano is showing no signs of slowing down and nobody knows what's going to happen next. take a look behind me. you can see a wall of lava. look close enough. that is a river of lava. that river of lava right now is heading towards the coast.
12:55 pm
that is the same flow that is responsible for covering vacationland. take a look at these pictures. shows how fast lava is moving. the first is from sunday. two days later, just yesterday, lava has totally covered the bay, changing the shape of the coastline. at one point, 117 homes were destroyed. in a day's team, that anybody has tripled to hundreds more. >> the roaring and how hot it is and it just -- it's not going to stop. that's what's weird. it's not stopping. >> now, the lava has covered about 7.7 square miles out here on the big island. what is incredible is that there's only been one reported serious injury. no deaths. shep? >> shepard: jeff paul live on the big island. the news continues. top of the hour headlines
12:56 pm
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>> here's something political parties can celebrate. the house majority whip steve scalise back on the baseball field almost a year after a shooting left him as doctors put it at eminent risk of death. the arizona senator jeff flake tweeting this photo today writing "this does my heart good." congressman scalise commented feels good to be back with the team. the republican team was practicing for the annual charity baseball game when a gunman opened a fire at a field in alexandria virginia. he wounded five before cops shot him dead. three months later after many surgeries, congressman scalise returned to capitol hill. the louisiana republican got a standing ovation from both sides of the political isle. this year's congressional
1:00 pm
baseball game set for next week at national's park in washington, a year to the day after that shooting. i'm shepard smith in new york. should news break out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. this is fox news channel. >> neil: man, it's the summit self talking about, everyone, right? it's not talking about that one with our former enemy. i'm talking about the one coming up in canada with our friends. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. fox on top of what could be a g-7 meeting for the history books. a lot of people are angry at us among our colleagues there. they want to know why it is we're targeting them and treating them more roughly than we are china. well, at least suffice it to say, this is already prompted a nasty phone call between our president and the leader of canada and