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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 6, 2018 1:00pm-1:58pm PDT

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washington, a year to the day after that shooting. i'm shepard smith in new york. should news break out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything. this is fox news channel. >> neil: man, it's the summit self talking about, everyone, right? it's not talking about that one with our former enemy. i'm talking about the one cominr welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. fox on top of what could be a g-7 meeting for the history books. a lot of people are angry at us among our colleagues there. they want to know why it is we're targeting them and treating them more roughly than we are china. well, at least suffice it to say, this is already prompted a nasty phone call between our president and the leader of canada and now there's talks about him wanting to have
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bilateral negotiations with canada and france. this is before the big summit with the north koreans. let's say a doue pow-wow. this is going to be an more. interesting opening act, my friend. >> the g-7 getting more interested by the day. who would have thunk it? president trump set to go to ater this week the g-7 meetings. trade will loom large. now we know of two different bilateral meetings set to take place. president trump will m emmanuel macron and also with justin trudeau. i'm told a phone call between the president and the french leader could be described as tough and there's a separate report out this morning descris the latest phone call between trudeau and the president as testy. briefing reporters, the economic adviser larry kudlow
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tried to down play these trade tensions. the meeting of the finance ministers got contentious enough as the g-6 plus one as in the u.s. being the outlier. kudlow, likened the current environment that one big family that having a moment. >> we're talrything through. may be disagreents, i regard this as much like a family quarrel. i'm always the optimist. i believe it can be worked out. but you know, i'm always hopeful on that point. >> market as peer to have liked. kudlow talked about what is happening with china saying that ri there is not a deal in place on zte that both sides agree on. he says currently at this moment, neil, there's not a specific trade deal in place with the chinese. neil? >> all right. thank you very much. here's w we stand on this
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back and forth over trade, this is courtesy of our friends, the mexicans say they will have tariffs on pork, cheese bourbon and produce. the canadians getting ready with tariffs that are inevitable because the administrat be flexible. the europeans saying they're looking a slate of tariffs on goods that will cover up to three dozen different items. billions of dollars worth of u.s. goods. if this was supposed to dissuade traders, i want you to take a peek at this. does ts look like a market that is worried? 25,146 on a dow. most of them thinking this too will pass. will it? mark penn is here and fbns charlie gasparino. so what is going on here is calm
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down, everyone, this too shall pass. >> it will. larry kudlow should change his last night to larry kudlow down te hear him, hedown plays the it's interesting the conversation with the canadians is something that has upset the europeans as well. the justification for this fight-back from the united states based on national security issues. what is interesting is when you look back at that issue, peter navarro said let's put it this another economic adviser to the president. he said there's not one single company in the united states that can produce flat panel displays that are made for fighters and displays. so an item like that has to be produced elsewhere. that's an imbalance. as for the canadians and the
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mexicans, this will get passed.. eventually we'll have a common ground. it's a very interesting process of how we get there from here. it's more headlines, more rhetoric for sure. >> neil: charles payne, my apologies for misfying you. gasparino always does that. let me get your sense of what's going on here. mar were worried or his would happen, they would be selling off. they're not. this is much the case with th tit for tat with so i i sense no blows will come to pass here and that the president will get concessions? he got the first hint of that from the chinese yesterday offering to buy 70 or so billion of -- i think largely agricultural items. your thoughts. >> yeah, the market said that president trump will get something huge here. the status quo is what we've lived with forever. those are your options. the status quo, we get ripped
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off or we get a deal that opens markets around the world and treats american businesses fairly. i have to say, the big problem here, the media and the financial media. the talk of fear, fear me give . the busin roundtable comes out with their second quarter numbers. a couple of headlines stood out. trump's trade policy, a fly in the ointment that could end the ecrevery. this is what happens. employment, hiring plans, it's up 116%. capital expenditures up 56%. even the elitist of the world are enjoying the economy and plan on investing and plan on hiring. so i'd love to separate the headlines from reality. we're in a hot economy and now the market is reflecting that. >> neil: i'm wondering if that's wh going on here, the undercurrents are sound and that's what's doing it.
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it carried bill clinton through a lot of difficult days in the end, a strong economy and t market and many think it will repeat itself here. do you buy that? >> 68% of americans in the last harvard harris poll says the economy is strong. when we asked them 61% said they support using tariffs as negotiatingactic to get better trade deals. 60% were worried whether or not we would have a trade war. so the public says we understand now what president trump does, whether he's successful or causes a trade me we'll judge that on what the outcome is. remember, democrats need to win back the working class voters. these terraces go to the sweet spot of indiana through pennsylv s import democrats try to win those voters back and not let the president get the edge by appearing to do
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something for them that others were not willing to do. >> neil: again, all bets are off if those tariffs do go into effect and the same voters are paying more for goods or getting a lot less for their goods. >> the tax reforms and the more money in your pocket goes out the window because consumers pay more because of the extra tariffs. i don't think it will happen. the market doesn't think it will happen. we, the united states, have always had the world's largest trade deficit. nothing has ever been done about it. fina back in a trade war that has gone on for decades. china joined the wto in 2001. the first thing they said is we're going to up our markets to the united states and the world. guess what? still waiting. >> this g-7 conference, charles payne, is the one to watch ahead of the one that everyonelse is preferring i think.
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>> you might be right there. here's the interesting thing. the stock market peaked. when was that? when president trump was in davos. the g-7 ob the same way. bombastic, you know, trump will go in there like a superstar with swagger and we might get some deals done. finally instead of agreeing to meet again, which they normally do. >> neil: guys, thanks very much. those are the g-7 tendees. they're all our friends. . you'd think we need them while we prepare for thatng with the north koreans. why james mattis is playing that line carefully. the read from the u.s. o nato after this. i'm still giving it my best even though i live with a higher risk of stroke due to afib not caused by a heart valve problem. so if there's a better treatment than warfarin, i'm up for that. eliquis. eliquis is proven to reduce stroke risk better than warfarin. plus has significantly less major bleeding than warfarin.
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over 260 years later as the nation's leader in energy storage 're ensuringhave thergy they er they need it nextera energy. >> will the trade war have an impact effect on the security relationship? right now i don't see that. we're looking rec
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trade. along the path going there, certainly it e rocky a little bumpy at times. but so far i don'tnticipat effe that'srom the defense secretary. that's something that kay bailey hutchison agrees. hanks for s o us, trade our sense too thi tensions betwe all hurting our security relations? >> you know, neil, in a group of disagreements on a bilaterals. ther disagreements within nato on how we do things. there's no disagreement on our goal, our common goal of a security umbrella for all 29 of us. hink the professional diplomats here are very good.
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they do not bring up bilateral disputes or disagreements that they may have. we have good relationships with all the ambassadors that we're able to talk through things. i feel very good about nato staying very united and together. unity is the most important thing that we have. and we do have it. >> neil: so there's no concerns, ever footing the bill or putting the 2% or nato and defenses, that were in doubt a littleore than 1 1/2 years ago? >> i think that what president trump has done is really made big point and it publicly. countries are coming through. every nato ally really in 2016 didspending, but ng their own defense to ally is
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spendi in 2018 when the numbers are finished, we'll have the largest increase in defense spending by our nato countries the united states since the so that we are going in the right direction. everyone is trying hard. there's differences. look at italy. they've had trouble forming a government. germany took several months to form a government after elections. we have delays and then youdon'. so i think going in the right direction. we do. we want the to represent not just a number out there, but the amout nee to hav a signif deterrence against reenemy. that is what it came up in the wales summit, the number was 2%.
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2% is not too much to pay for the security and freedom of you. what nato believes and that's what we're going to achieve. we're going to do it in good order. >> neil: i'm back to this trade tiff. americans don't see anything yesterday or nor do farmers. if it does, the president has about our national security efforts as they are desires. that they intertwine. do you believe that? >> i do think that the tariffs are certainly an issue. i'm not going to say it's notso concerned about. what we want is to solve the problem. we want fair and level playing fields're talking now aut e.u.
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formin.tion. we want to make sure that there's access to outside e.u. countries to be able to bid on defense projects and nato just like we allow from the united states. let me just tell you that last year the department of defense ent over a billion dollars with foreign allies buying their products for our defense so want tha level playing field wh t countries when they're going out for a procurement. we want to do things together. we can we also want the best products for our overall security. that is what we're trying to get. >> neil: are you concerned, ambassad iw you have to play this diplomatically as the liaison with nato, but this is coming at a time in this dust-up
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with some of our allies and our friends when we have to deal with the chinese, have to deal with theorth koreans and that we could alienating them at a time when we need them. do you worry about th >> you know, i think every relationship has so many facets and the are things that we have. for instance, we talked about germany not meeting the 2%. but we have 300,000 troops in may no 300,000. ink i i misspoke. it's 35,000. but it's -- somethithat is very bilateral relationship. we wantmany to do more, b we respect that they're doing a lot in afghanistan. they're one of the frame work nations in afghanistan. so weant them to meet the 2%, but there's other factors. all of these relationships are
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intertwined. so yes, there is certainly some disagreement about the tariffs. there's no question aboutthat. but what i think is the purpose here is to try to get a more even trade relationship a hava does have some of our allies that haven't put up as much as they could while they are giving in other areas to be helpful. so we have to balance all of this. we cannot step back on t 2%. that is what we need for the overall big picture security. but we know that many allies are so putting troops on the ground,n afghanistan. we're working with the iraqis as well for advising them on how to get isis out of theirntry and stabilize their country.
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so we're doing many things in different areas and we have to factor all of that in. >> neil: indeed. ambassador, thanks very much for taking the time. i appreciate it. >> thank you, neil. >> neil: all t. this intersection between our national security and economic security is also being talked about in the united states te by republicans. many of whom said, you know what? before you do any of this, mr. president, you might want to check with us. one better, you might want to wait for us to approve or disapprove after this. prepare for your demise, mr. billingsley! do your worst, doctor. i will. but first, a little presentation. hijacking earth's geothermal energy supply. phase 1. choosing the right drill bit. as long as evil villains reveal their plans, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more
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>> we have gotten the best financial numbers, the best economic numbers, the best numbers on unemployment and employment that we've ever had
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as a country. strongest economy we've ever had. >> neil: all right. the president will never pass up an opportunity to tout the economy and the performance of the mathis was at event that we going to sign the v.a. choice act to give veterans a better shot at getting the care they need. that does seem to be the wind at the back for a lot of republicans, hope election year. that could be turning around a blue we to not as much o a blue wave. deidra bolton with more. >> yeah, we talked about a red wave. california wins for both parties. senator sanders, our revolution movement losing steam and anti-president trump republicans suffering. in california, a democrat may be on the ballot in each of
1:25 pm
california's 53 houses. that could be a win. but also, the republicans h a top victory. john cox running for governor against gavin newsome. so were the way california organizes they're primarieprims there could have been two democrats on the ticket for the governor. so a win for the gop. so dana rohrbacher defended off a slew of challengers. president trump tweeting congratulations to him this morning. that was in support of dana. other ys, senator sanders popular but not a king . he was behind but he finished third. gubernatorial candidate in idea, kathy glassen, she lost to a
1:26 pm
moderate democratic candidate. and in alabama, republican representative martha roby, she's going to have a run-off julyr campaignoing publicly against then presidential candidate trump in the wake of the president's in a hollywood remarks. she's made amends with the white house but has notte with republicans in her district. the gop has a clear lesson fe p loyalty to the president is key. back to you. >> neil: and it paid off. thanks very much. so what does that mean right now and what does it portend about how aggressively republicans, republican candidates use the commander-in-chief, the president? karl rove with thoughts on that. think,karl >> look, california is good news for republicans. theemocrats targeted seven republican dists that were won by hillary clinton and were
1:27 pm
occupied by republican. a couple of those retirements. in six of the seven, the combined republican vote was bigger than the democratic vote by margins of four points to 22 points. because of the jungle primary draws more of what looks like a general electorate out, everybody runs in a big mess and the two top vote getters go into a the turnout is higher 21% in california versus11% in new jersey turnout. the same night. this is good news for the republicans. they have looked like they got in these districts that the democrats h to win. there's not a blue is sinking them. republican enthusiasm is as good or higher than the democrats in seven of seven districts. >> neil: what is interesting, we've gone the double digit differential between voters and what should control congress in favor of democrats to now whin the margin of error a few
1:28 pm
points. does that mean to you -- and i know things can change in the months ahe -- that ie democrats are to gain seats in the house it will not be nearly enough t tip the balance of power? >> well, if the election were today, the dynamic is that i think that that might be the case. they would take it narrowly by o lose it. think about it. think about it, december 21, the gap was 13 poin now it's 3. the president's job approval in december was in the -- was 37, 38, today it's 43, 44. not great but better than it was before. what you're talking about earlier, the underlying view of . the president exaggerates it's the best economy we've ever had. people are feeling good about the economy and their own personal circumstances. so all three of those things plus foreign policy. people have looked in the last couple months and realized can .
1:29 pm
they look at syria, the tough acthere,ting out of the iran nuclear deal, the north korea so far, it's been ragged progress. like he's makin now, you'r five monthsen now the election is like an eternity in politics. but going in the right direction. prestaging that this is not likely to be a year with a big blue wave. it's like to be the anniversary -- this looks like trench warfare.race by district district. how good is your candidate and can they withstand the democrats. it will be hand to hand combat through november. >> neil: karl rove, thanks very much. >> thank you, sir. >> neil: we have rand paul coming up. he's concerned about getting beyond our authority whe it comes to war and than maybe in issues like trade. we'll talk to him like that and
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>> neil: rand paul comments on weighty matters, but it's his tweet about bill clinton and monica lewinsky a has taken the nation by storm and gotten viral. he's here in 60 seconds. is as easy as dates, deals, done! simply enter your detes... and see all the hotels for your stay!
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1:34 pm
and that the talk that they're promising could yield sort of a duration of the likes of ronald reagan and mikael gorbachev. that was then, what will happen now? the read from kentucky senator rand paul. what he makes of this. what do you make prospect, senator, that this could be something that could stretch out a little bit? >> you know, i'm still very hopeful. i'm back -- glad we're back on again with the korean summit. i don't think there's an easy solution but the fact that we're having a discussion and beginnings of diplomacy a good thing. >> neil: so it's trade back and forth with the chinese and now with the allies, the canadians are upset, french, germans. everybody seems unset. do you think this is the time to be ruffling their feathers while we're dealing with something far
1:35 pm
bigger for the time being? >> no. i think it's a mistake to use national security waivers to invoke on our friends. one of the things that people misinterpret, they talk about the trade deficit as money that we've lost. everybody has a deficit with people that they buy stuff from. i have a deficit with my grocery store. texas may have a deficit with oklahoma. but it's an artificial measurement. doesn't measure prosperity. you want to know if you're country has more trade or less and if your economy is growing and in more people have jobs. >> neil: so your colleague, senator corker is among those and others, maybe you are, too, that thinks that this should get a senate yea or nay when we're looking at what the president is
1:36 pm
doing. >> i'm always a believer in congress recouping its power, taking its power back. we have abdicated so much power and given it up to the presidency, whether it's war-making or healthcare economy, regulations in any industry. we have given up too much power to the president. i'm always in favor of trying to get that power back. >> neil: do you think the president is starting a bad precedent here? he has brought som people iranian access tension that the chinese and many friends have rigged the system to their benefit? is this the proper respon is he going too far? >> you look at the old trade deals from decades ago and they have a national security waiver in them. they were intended to be okay. tomorrow we declared 1941 with japan. should we now reassess our trade agreement with japan? that's what it's about. it wasn' using it as an excuse to put tariffs on anybody. it was talking about the threat of war or the actual activities
1:37 pm
of war, to not trade with an enemy. so it's apropriation amisuse of time ago and i don't think it's helpful. i have farmers in my state. every farmer is against a trade war. i have automobile industry. 20,000 people work for toyota. we export bourbon in our -- in kentucky as well. against a trade war. so kentucky benefits from trade. we don't want to see less trade. we want more trade. >> neil: ahead of the north korean meeting, senator, there' or offer to the north koreans to get them to denuclearize. one of the ideas, in addressing the number of troops of 50,000 in korea. you've been an outspoken opponent of our commitment
1:38 pm
around the world. how would you feel about at? >> about four months ago, there was an op-ed that i wrote that perhaps the forces of the dmz could become more international and china could be part of that. there's a distrust on north part after libya, the iran agreement a lot of distrust. if you can get an international force there in exchange for them giving up their nuclear weapons program, it would be worth while. i wouldn't just give it away. we would be willing to withdraw troops if there's a denuclearization and an enter national force that would replace our forces. >> neil: what did you mean of use of force without approval of congress or ongoing military actions without any checking? >> you're talking acted our heartoday? eil: yes. >> we had a hearing today because we've been at war with afghanistan. while i was in favor of the
1:39 pm
original use of force, i'm not in favor of an unlimited three situation to be at war forever. we're at war of eight different group and 20 s. we h soldiers die in mali the other day. many people can't find mali on the map and have no idea why we're there. we should be debating. it's congress's role. it'scongress' role of debating that. >> neil: so what does that mean? if something were to act up, the syrians use chemical weapons, what would be senator rand paul's position would be? >> the war power's act and people over time have come to believe and i do believe that the president can repel imminent invasion. if we believe someone is in the process of launches a weapon can act imminently.e president when we werettackeon pearl harbor, it took 24 hours and
1:40 pm
congress acted unanimously. if you're going to blow up chemical munitions, you have to ask for congress. you'll find a debate about it and we may or may not have decided that that was the best appropriate action. >> neil: as weighty as important those remarks are and that line of thinking is, i'm sure you're aware it was your tweet on bill clinton and comments about monica lewin got more play. that's the way. he epitomizes the aggressor, not the victim. you can't have an appr or consensual relationship with an intern. expect it would get as much buzz and ? >> i think the problem is that i don't think he's truly contrite. i think he's still playing the victim. he doesn't understand how anybody would have the audacity, bill clinn, to ask him about this. two decades the main street
1:41 pm
media covered up for him. he said it was consensual affair between adults. talk to people about this. from the me too movement says a 20-year-old is not really capable of giving consent in the workplace to have sex under the desk. if he doesn't get that, that wouldn't have been acceptable in 1998 if you were the ceo of any major company. nobody would thought that was acceptable behavior and he still doesn't get it. he says oh, i was -- i was in debt and -- before i made my next $100 million, i was in a few months in debt. so you know - >> neil: i was curious because president clinton also talked about this notion whether a president can par himself. he said no. do you think that president, talking about that very subject, can? he thinks he can. >> the constitution seems to put no limits on the president. there's some principles of law where people would say that it defies sort of the ideas of justice for someone to be able to parn themselves.
1:42 pm
but tstitution isn't explicit in prohibiting this. so yes, he can probably do it. ou notice the president said this, he says he's guilty of nothing and he's no at. i think that -- >> neil: why mention it, senator? >> i think because what has happened is this whole investigation into russia has come so poliou wonder. so they have informants in president trump's campaign. did they put informant in president clinton's campaign. she was trying to dig up stuff on president trump. so sounds like, you know, do why want the fbi and the cia, do we want them involved in presidenti? should st of a hands off on this? i think it's unseemly that the fbi was putting informants in there, trying to extract and entrap members of the trump campaign. it's incredibly inappropriate.
1:43 pm
>> neil: the president called it spygate. >> he worked for the fbi for several decades. he's paying people money to get them to london. there's some that say there's a whole running into the australian ambassador or deputy ambassr drink of t trump officials was not sort of a random event, that maybe that had been planned. so yes, that's entrapment and it's something that we're not supposed to be involved with. there's still evidence and judge andrew napolitano talked about this that the british were giving information directly to john brn. i asked gina haspel about this. she says that she categorically denies that she knows anything about the british giving information to john brennan. so the next should be to john brennan. are you giving information to them? that's illegal. now he's this big talking head spewing hatred for president trump. sounds like he's o the
1:44 pm
a partisan. maybe he needs to be ask under oath, did you receive rmation, secret information, illegal gotten by the british government, did you receive this information on president trump or his aign? ask brennant under oath and see what he says. >> neil: back to bill clinton. he sai if this were democrats, the impeachments would be starting. >>e go too both of that? sides. i'm a big believer that the special prosecutors have too much power. can you imagine the entire force of a team 20 or 30 lawyers that can investigate your entire life for the last 20 or 30 years bring you in to ask you questions and if they can get you to make a misstatement on something that you don't remember correctly that you can go to jail for that? it's a crazy situation. we should never have these special. we have to lethe voters
1:45 pm
decide. >> neil: senator rand paul. we covered a lot there. more after this. l: all right.
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1:48 pm
the president says build the wall, build the wall. this is a rendering of one that might work. you can't climb it. it's done in such a way that is impossible to mount. anyway, the read from the u.s. customs and border patrol. commissioner, thanks for taking the time. >> thanks for having me on. >> neil: what is the difference ructure, just to be clear? >> i believe what you're showing there is in new mexico. >> right, right. >> neil: that's the state of the art. the best stuff in the tool box. those are what we call volley wall. it's steal tube filled with te and has the panel on top that prevents people from sitting on it or standing on it
1:49 pm
and reaching over to climb down. that's the best stuff in the inventory right now. previously this year, last year, we completed a prototype project in san diego and learned a number of things from that process that will go int the futureestments that we want to make in wall to eventually deliver on the president's progress of control of the border. >> neil: the latest news, commissioner, the president was allocated $1.6 billion to get cracking on some aspects of the wall. is this what they're talking about or is that the shore up elements of the existing wall in some locals? >> what w ng, the construction projects on the way in colexico and santa fe, they were started on may 31 in san diego. that was funding that the president arranged for in fy-17. so we're going to use the
1:50 pm
information to inform future it's not just these structures. we're trying to hire border patrol agents, air and marine officers and protection officers and putting technology on the wall at the border to make us more efficient in what we do. >> neil: i heard the biggest obstacle in what you do, improving the u.s. economy. the better we do and we're doin what is happening south of the border, the more people want to be here. ah.that's cr a good comply drives more migration into the united states for that opportunity. it's a magnet. we need to have these infrastructures, we need to have the technology and more personnel. we also need the loop holes closed. we need to stop people coming into theh chi or as a member of the family. the law doesn't allow us to remove them quickly when they're not being trafficked or qualifying for asylum. we need a combination of those
1:51 pm
things to improve conditions at the border. >> neil: commissioner, thank you. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> neil: meantime, have you seen the latest video we're getting out of hawaii and the volcano? now it's spread to the ocean and now a lot of people are saying, this is more than a big island event. after this. it's just a burst pipe, i could fix it. (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it.
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neil: you know, th is amazing. when we sent jeff paul, go to hawaii and check out this volcano. he's not returned. it's ongoing and unending. he joins us in hawaii with the very latest. how does it look today? we, neil, we're learning there's more injuries here on the big island. it's risen from one injury to now seven, either lava or
1:55 pm
respiratory related. i'll show you what authorities are concerned about. behind that black wall of lava, there's a river of lava from the most active fissure here on the big island. it's completely destroyed a subdivision called vacationland. now if you take a look at the pictures here, gives you a good idea of what has changed. the first is from sunday. you can see the lava approaching the ball. the next is from yesterday. it's now covering the bay changing the coastline. the amount of homes destroyed also going up from 117 to now tr that to hundreds more. >> this is like a flood, pouring out, covering everything in its path. it's incr. looks like there's no stopping it. >> three people were rescued by the fire department's chopper
1:56 pm
out here. po.ce then, no othercu to mention there's no reported deaths either. neil? >> neil: all right, jeff. amazing. thanks very much. we'll keep you posted on that as will jeff. meantime, a quick peek at the corner of wall and broad. ohese worries, all of these anxieties. stocks still up 346ois on th belief thatrade tiff back and forth, most are optimistic. it won't get there. most are optimistics that the talks in north korea will go well. we should let you know on fox business network, we're all over those talks. we'll be going around the clock 24 hours, ifou think about it. it begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern time and throughout the evening. the business ramifications of that, the life and death ramifications, it's important to you, important to us and we'll monitor around the clock from there, from every major capitol on the planet, the implications for the talks that go way beyond
1:57 pm
trade, way beyond money to something that is a tad more important. your life, your kids' lives and their future. that will do it for now. "the fivne ancestrydna is only $69 for father's day.
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♪ >> greg: i am greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters, dana perino. "the five" ." recently, cnn asked, with all the good news, why aren't people smiling? it is like the local skunk wondering why everything around him stinks. clueless results from the complete denial of how donald trump works, fueled by confirmation bias that seeks only to prove their negative point. take korea. months ago, it was a nuclear war. >>


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