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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 6, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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kilmeade. >> kimberly: you are getting so mean. >> greg: get ready for your news canon. her name is shannon. shannon bream. >> your distaste for cute, fluffy things is disturbing. greg, thank you. president trump keeps up with at least one of the kardashians. former fbi deputy director wants immunity and just how far did the obama administration go to get the iran nuclear deal done? this is "special report" ." good evening and welcome to washington. i am shannon bream in for bret baier. first lady melania trump was with her husband the president this afternoon for a briefing about the hurricane season. earlier in the day the president unleashed a rhetorical hurricane, ripping into the media for its coverage of his wife. this afternoon, the president
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was in a forgiving mood. chief white house correspondent john roberts has that tonight. good evening. >> good evening too. white house official tells fox news that the recent spate of presidential pardons and commutations is just the beginning. the president trump is actively considering another half-dozen with dozens more being reviewed by white house staff. >> we had a season last year like no other in terms of the power, the level, the hurricanes, the fires along the west coast. >> president trump at fema headquarters today for his annual review on the upcoming hurricane season, but it was his powers of presidential pardon that took center stage today. the white house announcing president trump's commuting the sentence of alice marie johnson. last week, kim kardashian called on the president to ask him to pardon johnson, a great-grandmother who has been jailed since 1996 on a nonviolent drug charge. it fell short of a full pardon
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but the white house praised johnson rehabilitation, saying "ms. johnson has accepted responsibility for past behavior and has been a model prisoner over the past two decades." >> i would like to start off. maybe say and pay some respect to some of the people here today. i have a list. we have to start with our great first lady, melania. thank you, melania. >> at the president's side during the briefing, first lady melania trump, the first time she has been seen on camera since a medical procedure may 14. >> a little rough patch but she is doing great and we are very proud of her. she has done a fantastic job as first lady. the people of our country love you. so thank you, honey. >> the first lady was out of public view for 22 days, prompting speculation that something was amiss. ahead of today's appearance, president trump hammering the speculation, tweeting: "the fake news media has been so unfair, and vicious, to my wife and our great first lady, melania.
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during her recovery from surgery they reported everything from near death, to facelift, to left the w.h. and me for n.y. or virginia, to abuse. all fake, she is doing really well!" >> secretary nielsen, what do i say about you? you are doing great. >> president trump also spreading a little love for cabinet members on the front lines of disaster response and throwing a big bone to his embattled epa administrator scott pruitt. >> administrator scott pruitt, thank you. epa is doing really, really wel well. somebody has to say that about you a little bit. you know that. >> pruitt come along under screening for lavish spending and security demands, was most recently under fire for asking an aid to contact chick-fil-a about a possible franchise for his wife and for asking an aid to look into whether he could buy a used mattress from the trump international hotel. >> people are really impressed
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with your job being done at the epa. thank you, scott. >> two top aides to pruitt announced they were resigning. the aid that pruitt asked to try to procure the used mattress from the trump hotel announced she's going to be leaving friday. according to published reports, she got tired of pruitt throwing her under the bus and seeing her name in print. the other official to be leaving is reportedly sarah greenwald, top attorney there. one of pruitt's closest advisor advisors. both greenwald and huff were in the center of a controversy over pay increases at the epa. >> shannon: john roberts at the white house. thank you. normally it's the fbi on the side of prosecutors offering deals to potential criminal witnesses. tonight, the former number two man at the fbi is seeking immunity for himself. andrew mccabe wants a protection in exchange for telling congress but he knows about hillary clinton's emails.
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also, a new report taking issue with the former head man at the bureau and how he did his job. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has details on the development. >> these better generals report puts director comey's leadership style under the microscope with the inspector general exploring whether comey went beyond his authority's in july 2016 when he publicly discussed the clinton email investigation and recommended against criminal charges and responsibility that felt as cost the time, attorney general loretta lynch. comey explained that lynch's arizona tarmac meeting with the clinton days before heather clinton's fbi interview from mishandling classified information was a game-changer. in addition to other intelligence, and applied lynch would not let the email investigation go too far. that intelligence is not public and its liability and clear. on, former director chose his words carefully about lynch. >> i think we are both telling the truth. i never went to her and send loretta come i think you should recuse yourself. the problem was she already
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announced publicly that she wouldn't and then she would accept my recommendation. at that point, what do i do? i decided i have to step away. >> fox news confirms former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe who worked directly under comey wants a special status if he testifies on capitol hill. it's called use immunity and it means the case testimony cannot be used against him in a criminal prosecution. the inspector general found that mccabe lied under oath and made a criminal referral to the u.s. attorney here in d.c. for lying to federal investigators. senior senator republican on the judiciary committee recommended against a deal to secure mccabe's testimony. >> we need to get to the bottom of what happened at the fbi during the comey years where apparently there was misconduct going on which i think is really impugned the reputation of the finest law enforcement agency in the world. and we need to clear the air. i think giving mr. mccabe
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immunity would be a mistake. >> mccabe's lawyer said "mccabe is willing to testify but because of the criminal referral he must be afforded suitable legal protection, adding if you were unable to get such deal, mugabe could have no choice but to invoke his fifth amendment privilege against self-determination." testimony is scheduled for monday before the senate judiciary committee would that has the lead on the inspector general's report that that date could flip. >> shannon: will wait and see. thank you very much. rudy giuliani says the special prosecutor's team is trying to frame the president. giuliani made the comment about robert mueller during an interview in israel. >> a group of 13 highly partisan democrats that make up the mueller team, excluding him, are trying very, very hard to frame him. to get him in trouble when he hasn't done anything wrong. >> shannon: giuliani says the mueller team cannot come to grips with the fact that collusion did not happen.
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members of the u.s. house can go ahead with their summer vacation plans. the house majority leader says the august recess is still on. even as senators plan to work through most of it. exactly what those senators will be working on, that is still undecided. here is chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel. >> majority leader. >> mitch mcconnell may have bought himself more time to check some items off his list of priorities. >> we need to confirm more of the presidents team and judicial nominees. we need to take up regular appropriation bills. we need to tackle legislative priorities like the water and for structure bill, the farm bill, defense bill and many others. the senate will remain in session. >> one g.o.p. senator has a priority of his own. keeping president trump's trade policies in check. >> because they are utilizing it in this unprecedented way, we have asked, how can you continue the things. once you complete the work, you have to submit a test for
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approval because tariffs and revenues are the responsibilities of congress, not the executive branch. >> democratic leader tipped his hat on how he wants to spend august now that the senate is in session. >> why don't we get something done on the issue that numerous polls say is the number one priority of americans? health care. we democrats, our entire caucus, believes this previously on scheduled session time can be put to good use. >> president trump applauded mcconnell's call, saying "great. maybe the democrats will finally get something done other than their acceptance of high crime and high taxes." his praise may have fallen on deaf ears with kevin mccarthy who said he has no plans to keep the house open, telling reporters i understand why the senate needs to finish their work. we have been doing our work. the man whose job mccarthy is eyeing wants to thread the needle on the issue that threatens to derail the g.o.p. >> i feel good about the kind of
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conversations we are having. our members are earnest and sincere in trying to understand each other's perspectives. we have a big, big swap of views in the conference. i do believe there's a sweet spot. >> to be clear, mccarthy is not attacking mcconnell. he's noting that the house this past hundreds more bills, and he blames senate democrats for obstruction. with some items on the to-do list controversial, it might turn out to be a long hot summer in congress. shannon. >> shannon: mike emanuel on capitol hill. thank you. the interim head of the consumer financial protection bureau is disbanding three boards whose members include consumer advocacy groups. it's part of a broader overhaul of the agency by white house budget director mick mulvaney. he says the organization is too powerful and is overstepped its mandate to stamp out lending abuses. the dow surged 346 points. back above the 25,000 mark. s&p 500 up 24. nasdaq finished i had 51. president trump is touting his
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own influence in high republican turnout in primary elections held yesterday in eight states. much of the focus was on california where the state's unusual jungle format could have locked out one party completely out of the november races. course by the peter doocy has an update. >> california's gubernatorial primary didn't have a blue wave. instead, a republican riptide. >> make california the golden state once again. >> with that familiar sounding slogan after a strong finish to put them on the ballot, republican john cox is channeling president trump while democrat gavin newsom is tweeting to him, urging the commander-in-chief to go further than just congratulating the candidate he helped with an endorsement with this. "please come campaign for him as much as possible." >> voters will have a real choice this november between the government was going to stand up to donald trump and a foot soldier and his war on california.
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>> john cox is correcting newsom. >> it wasn't donald trump that passed the sanctuary state. gavin, you did that. >> california's airwaves have been blanketed with commercials. turnout was a soft 21.9%, 3% lower than the 2014 gubernatorial primary. some voters run into trouble because a printing problem in l.a. county left 118,000 residents off the roles and 1500 precincts. >> it was as many as a few hundred. >> wasn't just a long night for the l.a. registrar. it took hours to learn democratic senator dianne feinstein who failed to win the state parties endorsement would be challenged by the more progressive state senator kevin de leon. it also took a while until results in orange counties expensive primaries began to trickle in and when they did, democrats were relieved to have seen candidates claw their way onto ballots everywhere, including districts they risked coming in third place. too low for the november ballot.
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democratic committee says its investments in california will continue to pay devin's in november and beyond. talk like that doesn't impress one incumbent. republican congressman dana rohrabacher. >> how many times do we have to hear there's a blue wave? >> republicans are defending ten house seats here. found late last night the avenue the opportunity to vote for the first republican governor, to elect the first republican governor in the state since arnold schwarzenegger. >> shannon: everyone agrees he has an uphill battle but we've seen other things happen. peter doocy, thank you very much for your reporting out there and talk funny. nothing however the voters of a judge from office after he
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sentenced a former stanford university swimmer convicted of sexual assault to a short jail sentence instant up to prison. aaron persky is the first judge to be recalled since 1932. republicans in montana have selected a candidate to go up against one of the incumbent democrats considered most beatable. it's not going to be easy. corresponded dan springer reports from helena, montana, . >> this is going to be one of the most competitive races in the nation. jon tester is vulnerable and president trump has made winning montana a priority. >> right after his narrow victory in the republican primary, montana state auditor matt rosendale turned his attention to two-term incumbent senator jon tester. he is trying to keep his seat in a state that handed president trump a lopsided victory over hillary clinton two years ago. hoping to maintain its majority and eyeing montana as a possible pickup, the national republican
3:15 pm
senate committee issued a statement saying "rosendale will be montana's neck senator because voters deserve strong leaders who put montanans first every day instead of just paying lip service in election years." tester's camp was just as quick with its opening salvo, highlighting his deep family roots in big sky country, compared to rosendale's 16 year years. matt rosendale is an east coast developer who looks out for himself. matt uses montana to boost the outside interests finding his senate campaign." it is an attack line used by rosendale's opponents but it may not be his biggest weakness. montana has is reporting colorful personality over party. rosendale's low-key style showed at a victory speech with only a few dozen supporters. >> rosendale has find a way to connect with voters in montana. in the 2016 election when he ran statewide for state auditor, trump won the state by 20 points. rosendale won by 7. >> the great equalizer could be
3:16 pm
president trump. he has targeted tester in the election and would likely boost rosendale's chances with a campaign visit or two. without a single poll conducted, real clear politics has this race leaning democrat. there is a long five months to go. shannon. >> shannon: dan springer, thank you. next, to the obama administration purposely mislead congress and you to get the iran nuclear deal done? here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 35 in richmond. police arrest a soldier who they say stolen armored personnel carrier from a national guard base. chase for more than 60 miles by police. officers couldn't stop the vehicle. it drives on tracks like a tank. they ended up escorting it, sirens blazing ahead and behind before the suspect finally stopped near richmond city hall. fox 2 in san francisco. voters approved a van trickle ban on selling flavored tobacco products. they approved the band last year
3:17 pm
it was put on hold after a tobacco company r.j. reynolds collected enough signatures. on the ballot. live look at detroit from fox 2. the big story there tonight, michigan voters will decide whether to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. citizen initiated measure not approved by the republican-controlled legislature before the 40 day deadline passed yesterday, and that means the ballot initiative will get a public vote in november. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it. let's do an ad of a man eating free waffles at comfort inn. they taste like victory because he always gets the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed, when he books direct at or just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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♪ >> shannon: a republican congressional reports of the obama administration deliberately misled congress and the public in its efforts to funnel billions of dollars to iran as part of the nuclear
3:21 pm
deal. correspondent rich edson as the specifics from the state department. >> after citing the 2015 nuclear agreement, iran had a $6 billion problem. nuclear deal give iran access to its international bank accounts. one account in oman held about $6 billion in local currency. to use it, the iranians needed to convert that money first u.s. dollars, then two euros. the obama administration was ready to help. >> i think they did so because they were desperate to get a deal. on the one hand, they were saying that the iranians were not going to get access to the american financial system. on the other hand, they actually granted iran a specific license to allow them to take some of the funds that had been in escrow. >> a report from the republican majority of the senate permanent subcommittee on investigations as the obama administration bypass existing sanctions and cleared the way for iran to use the u.s. financial system. even as officials claimed that would never happen. the senate report cites pledges,
3:22 pm
then secretary and other top officials. >> iran will be denied access to the world's most important markets. >> the report says in january 2016 iran complained about its nearly $6 billion stuck in an oman bank. one month later, the obama treasury department issued a license, allowing a transaction that federal government would otherwise prohibit. officials tried to persuade two u.s. banks to executed. the report says "both u.s. banks eventually declined primarily due to the unwillingness to take on the legal and compliance risk but also reputational concerns in doing business with a conference heavily sanctioned country like iran." former administration official refused to go on record but tells fox news the license fulfilled u.s. commitments under the nuclear agreement to "give iran access to pools of its money held overseas. the specific license cannot be described as granting access to the u.s. financial system." as for what happened to the $6 billion in oman, the report
3:23 pm
says iran likely retrieved it gradually using european banks. shannon. >> shannon: rich edson at the state department. thank you. russian president vladimir putin's has the u.s. will have to offer north korea solid security guarantees if it wants to strike a deal. putin says he hopes next week's summit between president trump and kim jong un produces positive results. negotiations aimed at making that happen continue. here is senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot. >> as preparations bill for next week's summit in singapore, involving with green leader kim jong un and president trump, new signs the regime might be back down further. saying that satellite image. last month's claim description of a nuclear test site. >> kim jong un got back on his hands and knees and begged which
3:24 pm
is exactly the position you want to put him in. >> others warned caution. talks continue. still to be confirmed, how committed the regime is to do nuclear and how disarmament would be verified. >> it will require a level of access and intrusiveness of north korea that the north koreans have never allowed. >> also imply, the possibilities south korean president moon jae-in would join trump and kim to declare an end to the korean war. marking backcountry's memorial day, moon held out hope to find long-lost u.s. casualties. >> translator: i will prioritize the work of discovering three remains buried at the dmz, including american soldiers. >> is the site in singapore is readied, more folks are getting into the act. after a visit with secretary of state pompeo, singapore's foreign minister goes to pyongyang thursday. japanese prime minister abe also meets president trump at the white house tomorrow.
3:25 pm
even former basketball star dennis rodman says he is coming to singapore. no word on what if any role rodman might play. at least it seems, a lot of people want to elbow their way into president trump's one-on-one with a north korean leader. >> shannon: greg palkot, thank you. special report is headed to singapore. bret baier will anchor a live sunday edition of the show. he will also bring you the latest news from the north korea summit on monday and tuesday. tune in each night, 6:00 p.m. eastern. that's going to be 6:00 a.m. over there in the morning. up next, the anniversary of the turning point of world war ii. first beyond our borders. a trio of astronauts from russia, united states and the european space agency blasts off on a mission to the international space station. the ship successfully entered a designated orbit and is said to dock at the space outpost
3:26 pm
friday. an explosion at a grain silo in the eastern french city injures four people. three victims taken by helicopter to regional hospitals, one victim was treated in a nearby hospital. more than 100 firefighters and 60 emergency vehicles took part in the evacuation rescue efforts. evacuations continue near guatemala's volcano of fire with traffic jams forcing some people to simply walk, trying to escape flows of superheated debris. at least 75 people were killed in sunday's eruption, almost 200 people are still missing. some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back.
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new ensure max protein. booking a flight doesn't have to be expensive. just go to priceline. it's the best place to book a flight a few days before my trip and still save up to 40%. just tap and go... for the best savings on flights, go to priceline. ♪ >> shannon: de day, the sixth of june. today is the 74th anniversary of that day, considered the turning point in world war ii.
3:30 pm
national security correspondent jennifer griffin shows us how it's being remembered. >> your task will not be an easy one. your enemy is well-trained, well-equipped, and battle hardened. he will fight savagely. we will accept nothing less than full victory. >> with those words, general dwight d. eisenhower launch the d-day invasion sending more than 156,000 allied troops to france to free europe from nazi germany's grip. many died on the beaches of normandy. june 6, 1944. visitors mark the anniversary of the american military cemetery above the beaches. some who survived attended a ceremony wreath laying at the world war ii memorial in washington, d.c. >> storming utah beach at h hour on d-day. he fought in the battle of the bulge and helped liberate dachau. >> joined by a man drafted as he
3:31 pm
left high school. >> he landed at omaha beach on d-day plus one. >> hand-to-hand battle. >> lincoln was just over 19, manned the artillery and entered gold beach with british forces. >> it was important to get a foothold. from then on, it was a matter of where do we go next? >> at our rose garden ceremony, signing legislation to help all veterans, president trump remembered the greatest generation. >> more than 70,000 brave young americans charged out of landing craft, jumped out of airplanes, and stormed into hell. to speak on the beaches of normandy. saving western civilization exactly 74 years ago today. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin. fox news. >> shannon: president trump signed a bill giving veterans more freedom to see doctors outside the troubled veterans affairs system.
3:32 pm
it is aimed at reducing wait times and improving care by steering more patients to the private sector. the head coach of the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles has his team plans to move on following the controversy over the canceled white house appearance. doug pederson spoke today. >> i was looking forward to it. we did something last season that was very special, a milestone here in philadelphia. our organization and i was looking forward to going down to being recognized as world champions. >> shannon: president trump disinvited the eagles after the white house learned only a few players plan to attend. federal judge has ruled in favor of philadelphia in its lawsuit against the federal government. for withholding grant funds in response to its sanctuary city immigration policy. philadelphia will only turn over immigrants to the feds if they have a warrant signed by a judge. in april, a federal appeals court sided with chicago in a similar dispute. tonight a look at what developers hope will be america's first self sustaining
3:33 pm
city in florida. it's a dream starting to come true. correspondent phil keating takes us there. >> almost all the boxes are undone, figuring out we need furniture wise. >> the family as a couple days into their new home on a lake in a city of the future. near fort myers. developed from the start with a massive solar power firm generating nearly 100% of the electric needs. it's billed as the country's first solar city. very low carbon footprint, a soon to open school, electric shuttle buses, town square with shops, emphasis on the environment. >> being part of a community where everyone cares. not only themselves but for their children and grandchildren. >> eight developers are building homes and there are selling. eventually there will be 20,000
3:34 pm
houses, a unique creation of a 45,000 persons small city. >> when you see the natural areas. >> the developer, former nfl lineman from appliances 18,000-acre vision to one day be fully self-sustaining. >> most environmentally responsive, most sustainable new town that's ever been developed. it's the first solar powered town in america. we are very proud of it. >> urban planner john says all cities can get as green as babcock ranch eventually. the advantage here is the concept and vision came first. before the homes and people. >> if you look in the distant future, it's going to be a necessity. if we want to have a good life in the future, we have to think more sustainably. >> and since they live and work here, he has a pollution free commute. these solar charged shuttles will be fully autonomous. the ranch has a 150 homes under
3:35 pm
contract. >> because of the sun, the future is self sustainable. shannon. >> shannon: phil keating, thank you very much. former number two man at the fbi wants immunity in exchange for testimony about hillary clinton's emails. we will get reaction from the panel when we get back. he got a recommendation for our custom fit orthotic to relieve his foot, knee, or lower back pain, from being on his feet. dr. scholl's. born to move. ron! soh really? going on at schwab. thank you clients? well jd power did just rank them highest in investor satisfaction with full service brokerage firms...again.
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>> we really need to get to the bottom of what happened at the fbi during comey years. >> james comey said andrew mccabe stood tall, was a model leader, now he wants immunity because he knows he is in jeopardy with his conduct over this investigation. >> giving mr. mccabe cover three immunity would be a mistake. >> i would not give him immunity. if he's going to plead the fifth amendment, then he should plead the fifth. >> it's unheard of for the number two person in the fbi saying, you want me to testify? give me immunity. >> shannon: jonah goldberg, senior editor at national review. susan page, washington bureau chief at usa today "usa today." byron york, chief political correspondent of the "washington examiner." welcome to all of you. this discussion about mccabe and immunity. it comes ahead of the inspector general's reports. are they connected? >> i'm sure they are connected. how and in what way remains to be seen.
3:40 pm
i personally am very much in favor of getting all the information out here, whatever it is about comey, all of it. i am not sure it tracks to say we have to get to the bottom of this, as senator cornyn was saying no way should we give this guy immunity. if that's the way you get the information out of him, the argument they go the other way. it seems to me there is an interest in the optics which are very bad for mccabe, very bad for comey to have the number two guy at the fbi pleading the fifth. if we want to get the information, i am agnostic. if he deserves to go to jail, i want him to go to jail. if he doesn't deserve it, i don't but the american people need the information. >> shannon: u.s. attorney looking into what was found biased separate report, whether there will be criminal liability. senator chuck grassley said before even beginning to consider whether to initiate the process of immunity, the committee would need to know a lot more about the anticipated
3:41 pm
scope, nature and extent of your testimony. susan, sounds like they are leaving the door open. >> it's his constitutional right to take the fifth or demand immunity if they expect him to testify. but i agree that optics is the word of the day. the number two guy at the fbi, you don't expect to find him in that situation but he must be surprised to find himself in this situation after a career in the fbi. two days away from retiring and he gets caught into this continuing controversy over the clinton emails and over the allegations that he leaked information to "the wall street journal" and then misled investigators about it. it's got to be a shocking thing for him and his family. >> shannon: what the inspector general found in the report was there was something less than fully honest and a number of these. he and comey were at odds about who was right and what information they shared. comey praised him publicly but now should comey be worried about mccabe may say that
3:42 pm
could influence or hurt him? >> there is more that comey should be worried about. the connection between the immunity request in the ig report is because the senate judiciary committee has scheduled a hearing to discuss the ig report once it's made public. they had scheduled one for june 5. that didn't happen. they scheduled the next one for next monday, june 11. looks like that might not happen but it's going to happen fairly soon. they wanted mccabe to testify. now he is asked for immunity, and there's more than just the comey versus mccabe, i leaked but you told me i could. no, i didn't. there is more than that. there's talk about, information about when mccabe took a long time to recuse himself after his wife got a lot of political contributions kind of linked to the clintons. mccabe was involved in every other decision in this clinton thing. it's not just comey versus mccabe. >> shannon: another name in the mix is peter strzok. how much do you think he is wringing his hands and waiting
3:43 pm
for the report. >> he was an fbi agent working on this case and because of these very -- these texts he sent to his girlfriend denouncing president trump, he's seen as tainting the efforts he was doing when he was working for the fbi. that may or may not be fair but he's an inflammatory name when you see in things like the one controversy of the day, the fact that gsa turned over a lot of information from the transition team to mueller without a subpoena, without going back to the trump transition team to get permission. strzok was part of that. it's as though we are in such a world of investigation that there is no element that does not get caught up in this. >> shannon: also congress has been very busy with investigations but now they're going to be busy, at least the senate side, in august thanks to senate leader mitch mcconnell say they're going to be in session. here's the top republican and democrat of the senate talking
3:44 pm
about what they might be doing. >> why don't we get something done on the issue that numerous polls say is the number one priority of americans? health care. we democrats, our entire caucus, believes this previously on scheduled session time can be put to good use. >> we need to confirm more of the presidents team and judicial nominees. we need to take up a regular appropriation bills. we need to tackle legislative priorities like the water infrastructure bill, the farm bill, defense bill. many others. >> shannon: jonah, both sides have laid out a pretty ambitious schedule. does any of that get done? >> there are -- conspiracy theories is too strong a board but there are theories that what mcconnell is trying to do is pull back democrats from the campaign trail make them be stuck here. there are other people who say no, this is really about putting a gun to the democrats' heads so he can cram more judges through.
3:45 pm
i don't see why we have to fit one of those. but i don't think there's going to be -- this is not going to be like the first 100 days of the new deal coming out in d.c. in august. >> shannon: we saw the first lady today. the president tweeted this: "the fake news media has been so unfair, and vicious, to my wife and our great first lady, melania. during her recovery from surgery they reported everything from near death, to facelift, to left the white house. and me for new york or virginia, to abuse. all fake, she is doing really well!" susan, there's been a ton of speculation. today we saw her and she did look well. >> a word of my husband is watching, if you are going to deny something, do not deny i had a face-lift. not the approach i would like to see. i am sort of in the leave melania trump alone camp. she didn't run for office. she's not weighing in on policy. i think if she -- this got started because she was kind of out of sight for three weeks but if she wants to stay out of tight for three weeks, that's
3:46 pm
her business and we should leave her alone. >> shannon: she is back and she looks healthy and we are happy about that. next up, getting ready for the singapore summit and how far the obama administration may have gone to get a deal with iran. (gasping) starkist jalapeo tuna in a pouch! loaded with bold flavor. just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go bold! try all of my bold creations pouches! but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. find thenah.ote yet? honey look, your old portable cd player. my high school rethainer. oh don't... it's early 90s sitcom star dave coulier...!
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♪ >> with very limited exceptions, iran will continue. denied access to the world's largest markets we won't maintain powerful sanctions. >> iran will be denied access to the world's most important markets and unable to deal in them world's most important currency. >> the obama administration during the negotiation of the iran deal misled the american people. i think they did so because they were desperate to get a deal. >> shannon: let's talk about this with the panel. what you were hearing there was
3:50 pm
back in 2015, treasury officials during the obama administration and as they were negotiating the deal, saying that iran was not going to get access to key financial markets. now, rob portman, senator has come up with this report, says essential of the obama administration granted alliance that allowed iran to access nearly $6 billion. a lot of folks say it's not illegal but they didn't tell us the truth. >> i guess the statements are no longer operative. this shows that the obama administration flat out lied about this. the idea was that the administration seemed desperate to get a deal for iran. we know that they give them all sorts of sanctions relief and billions and billions of dollars. and then this, they give them essentially this window in which they have the opportunity to use u.s. financial institutions, basically to turn other currencies into dollars or euro euros. this is completely against what they were saying, and by the way, if donald trump ever needs to say again this was a bad
3:51 pm
deal, he has one more data point to say so. >> shannon: apparently, susan, members of the obama administration want to send u.s. banks to try to get them to go along with his plan that they had. we are told in this report that two banks said no thank you. these u.s. banks did not want to get involved with a new sanctions were in place and they were afraid of the optics of it as well. >> that's right. i think the iran deal i've been reached at this point but iran was completing that they couldn't get the benefits they've been promised because this money was parked in a foreign bank and they needed to convert it. the problem isn't lithium administration did, it's what they misrepresented or were not transparent. >> i agree that their deception was bad but the policy was bad too. in a lot of ways, this reminds me of the alec guinness character in "bridge over river quiet" where they become convinced that we are going to show everybody doing this great
3:52 pm
thing. the obama administration came with this theory that they could transform the middle east by bringing iran into the community of nations and they pursue this policy and the the -- they bene truth and vent policy. it was a disastrous policy from beginning of the reason, one of the reasons we can tell it's disastrous as they had to lie it into a creation to passed and they could even bring it before the senate to be an actual trade even though the treaty, from soup to nuts, it was a disaster. >> shannon: a former obama administration official saying "the specific license was if a phoned of jcpoa commitments to give iran access to pools of money held overseas. it was aimed solely to allow the movement of iran's own funds stranded at an omani bank.
3:53 pm
"byron, they did get european banks to agree to this. >> it is the deception of it as well. once they got to it. here this was not something, as jonah said, they could've gone through the u.s. senate. no way that they could do that. it's not a surprise at all that the next president could completely undo something like this. again, have the ability to say they didn't tell you the truth about this deal. it's a bad deal. they lied to you about it. now we are finding out what they agreed to. >> shannon: let's talk about the other big foreign policy issue. they are prepping for that singapore sung summit. >> our goal in the summit must be the complete and verifiable irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. we hope it results in peace on the peninsula. the singapore summit, all eyes in the world are on it. >> my principal concern is this. that kim has the kim family
3:54 pm
playbook, which has been used for decades to avoid actual compliance with agreements which have been reached with the united states and the world community. >> shannon: saying that north korea has made deals in fact out of deals before. what cory gardner said, has to be a complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. i don't know where convinced north korea thinks this is what this is going to be. >> i can't imagine that on june 12 they are going to reach a verifiable complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. that's not realistic. what could happen is the beginning of a process that is helpful rather than harmful in terms of trying to diffuse the most dangerous situation in the world. the nuclear program in north korea. >> shannon: secretary pompeo and the president managing expectations, saying these things could take weeks, months, years, multiple meetings.
3:55 pm
don't expect the entire world to reach a deal with north korea on june 12. >> i thought the nobel prize chance at all that, making the fact that barack obama didn't deserve his nobel, making that the new standard for getting one, i thought it was a mistake and i think president trump and others were right for ratcheting down expectations. i think the best you can get out of this is just determine whether or not the north koreans are serious at all, and that would be a success. the idea, i agree, the idea we're going to get the north koreans to agree to anything substantial in this meeting is ridiculous. >> shannon: will be watching. bret has coverage on sunday from singapore. when we come back, seeing double on picture day. george woke up in pain.
3:56 pm
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hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. >> finally tonight, having a twin always offers an opportunity to play tricks on people. and one set of twins will have a prank to remember for years to come. when marcus williams was sick for a school picture day his twin brother malcolm stepped up and took pictures for both of them. marcus tweeted the memory recently and it has gone viral. more than 200,000 likes. marcus told us the school picture actually happened in 2016, their senior year. both young men now attend the
4:00 pm
south carolina state university and are pursuing education degrees. and what i also love as he made two different expressions so he is two different people. i will be back at 11:00 p.m. for fox news at night. at the story, with guest host sandra smith starts out of new york right now. >> sandra: breaking tonight, it looks like the tables have finally turned on james comey, the former fbi director who spent weeks lecturing millions of americans, including the president on what a good leader should look like. he's about to get blasted in a brand-new report by the inspector general. and today, word got out that the pending ig report will not hail calmly for his leadership skills. in fact, calling him insubordinate, specifically when it came to investigating several abuses in the lead up to the 2015 election. good evening, i am sandra smith in for