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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 6, 2018 4:00pm-4:58pm PDT

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and are pursuing education degrees. love as he made two different expressions so he is two different peo il bac1:00 p.m. for fox news at night. at the story, with guest host sandra smiths o ne now. ooks like the tables haveht, er fbi director w james comey, ricans, including thelions president on wha a good leader should look like. he's about to get blasted in a w report by the inspector general. an tord got out that the pending ig report will not hail calmly for hrship skills. insubordinate, specifically when it came to investigating several abusesn the lead up to the 2015 election. good evening, i am sandra smith in for mar
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tonight. his defiance apparently stems from his decision to reopen the clinton email investigation just g to heeddgs that he was notn, following protocol. this all paints a verycture fro. in an interview, he was asked it been order to sentwould have se? comey respo n way.elieve in thef command. but the ig report is expected to say in this case he did not.he t during his is a exoneration of e not coordated ts statement or reviewed it in any way with the department of justice or any other part of stomach of the government. they do not know what i'm about to say. a: and it is apparently not the only official that the ig is calling
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out. katherine'shington with who else should be prepared. puts the leadership style under a microscope. he pub the clinton email investigation and recommended aga fell to his boss at the time, attorney general loretta lynch. just days before hillary clinton's fbi interview for mishandling classified information was a game changer. in addition to other intelligence that implied that lynch would not let theiligatiof the intelligence is not public and the reliability unclear. in the draft, the inspector general rebuked lynch as well for her hing of the federal criminal probe. him tol the criminaynch advis investigation a matter.
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on fox, the former director seem to choose his words carefully about lynch. >> i think we are bh telling the truth. my problem was, she had already announced it publicly that she wouldn't and tha would my recommendation. sot point, what do ian d that pi had to step away. >> the inspector general had bipartisan support when it was open because republicans thought clinton shoulde been prosecuted and democrats blame to call me dumb a comey for reopening the investigation. ten days before the electioeears leading up to the electnnd that may be broader than just the clinton emails. sandra? >> sandra: thank you for your reporting on that. here is lindsey graham, a m seni committee which has often been enter of getting to the truth of all of this. thank yoour time tonight. they are clearly new questions, i suppose it's fair to say, over
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james com o events surrounding the 2016 election. >> i think -- we will see what the report says but i thought director comey was sort of will hope that the report wille look at the fisa warrant abuse. i hope they will tell us being wound up being used to get a warrantn an american citizen, in this dossier still unverified to this day. speak and >> sandra: we have hed so much from james comey, as you just reference. he was on his book tour and it was hard to and miss him. we haven't seen much of him and now to learn that he is the focus of this ig investigation, what should that tell us? >> while i think the ig has looked at his leadership model
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and found it lacking. we believe there was some intelligence compromising the attorney general loretta lynch. all i can say is that the two fbi -- peter stroke and page pace, they were in charge of the clinton email investigation. if you trust these two, you are crazy. look at the email chain between them. juste was in the tank for clinton. the fbi did not do a very good job of looking at the clinton email investigation. it was a sham e russia investigation, the department of justice was using material provided to them by a foreign agent, a former britishe democratic party. so there is a lot to look at here. >> there was a republican memo, and the anticipation is building by the day to finally see this inspector general report.
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we have seen, and in this case, perhaps it is very critical of james comey. perhaps democrats don't like it. they could discount it, we have what is different about this inspector general report as the american people are told that it is so highly anticipated by members of congress and beyond? >> number one, it's not a republican report or a democrat report. he is highly respected and is viewed as a straight shooter. and to call out abuses for the fbi, i think it will have credibility because of who he is and the person he is. the fbi agent in charge of the clinton email investigation acted out-of-bounds. there is a breach of the law when it came to mr. steele and
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how he was used as a confidential informant. mr. orr, the number four inchart of bad situations here and i would like to see a special counsel look at this not just from an internal point of view about whether or not crimes were committed. >> s have bec of robert rosenstein, overseeing the special counsel investigation. you have said he is conflicted and, those are your words. he wrote a letter saying he needs to recuse himself. he received a letter back and you are going to share with us what you heard back tonight. >> one, it didn't come from him, it came from the legislative section of the department of justice, not from mr. rosenstein. he is a fine man, it's not that i doubt his character or qualifications. the problem i have is, i believe he will be a witnessn any obstruction of justice
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investigation conducted by mr. mr. moeller. he's the one that wrotehe memo to president trump suggesting why mr. comey should be fired. he's also in the fisa warrant that was issued based on a dossier coming from a foreign agent who went to russia, paid for by t party. i don't know how you could look at that aspect of this case. to me, he seems to be conflicted. i didn't get a very good answer as to why. >> what was it? >> it was gobbledygook. i just don't know how mr. mullen rosenstein is not part of the witness change. chain. maybe i'm wrong, but the letter did not answer my question. i'm not going to give up on this, i try to make sure that he can do his job without interference but it really does
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bother me that mr. rosenstein has not appointed a special counsel look at the doj and fbi abuses. and can he oversee the mueller investigation given the role he played? >> are you going to continue with that? ely. >> sandra: meanwhile, the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani companies trying to go further saying they are trying to bring the president. he said this. listen. >> a group of 13 highly partisan mueller, excluding him -- mueller team, excluding him, trying to get h in trouble when he hasn't done anything wrong. >> sandra: what do you think of that, senator? a that haveost senator. that happens sometimes with live tv, we will try to get him back
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if we can. okay, senator, can you hear me? all right, the beauty and joy of live televisions. >> it was the russians, they are trying to knock me off the air. rudy, all i can say is he's pitching for the president and he is good lawyer. let's see what he finds is his job to push back against the legislation. time will tell and we will see what kind of report they have. i see no evidence that the prt was i with the russians. >> is interesting to hear, the attorney trying to frame the president. and i know you are at the white house today. you met with the president, and talked about trade. while that was happening, i have to tell you that there are new reports of american diplomats. while you were in that meeting, these reports coming out.
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new diplomats falling ill in china after hearing odd noises, they are reporting. then evacuated, state apart make out them out of there. but we sawilar event in florida. let's get you response tonigho s happening around the world but somebody is trying to hurt our people. in cuba, i don't believe it happened without thecretary pomy concerned about this and so am i. i'm very concerned and i'm in charge of the oversight of our state department, and they serve our country and very dangerous places like the military. this meeting with the president, here's my take away. president has a plan to g us better trade deals throughout the world including our . he has a plan to get a better deal witi'm not going to do anyo undercut the president's ability to negotiate a better trade
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deal. so i don't think now is the time to do that. the president is pushing against china, somebody should have done it a long time ago. there was a plan in place that impressed me. >> sandra: is sounds like you continue to feel that way after meeting today. senator lindsey graham, thank you. so i to come up martha sits down with two heroes from world war ii who share vivid memories on the battlefield. that was 74 years after the d-day invasion. plus president trump taking action after kim kardashian's white house wheat commuting the life sentence of nonviolent drug offender alex johnson. governor huckabee has long advocated changing criminal justice is and has watch this case closely. he joins us with his take, next. >> countep up with the card's, but i'm glad thatian sing her celebrity is for
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the is hard to even hope that or deal might be ending soon, but we know that president trump is a kind man and his compassionate, and, he knows how important it is that my husband gets home to be a father to our
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daughters, that we can't help to be hopeful. >> sandra: that was petty had ae going to pitch patty, and the president has been asked to commute rob blagojevich's sentence. that's on top of the five pardons and two commutations he has already handed out. thdes alice marie johnson, just one week after kim kardashian west met with the president at the white house and advocated for her release. the 63-year-old, who has served more than 21 years in prison so far for a first-time nonviolent drug offense has had h sentence commuted by president trump. trace gallagher has the back story from our west coast newsroom on this. >> alice marie johnson who is now a great grandmother was convicted in 1996 of drug conspiracy and money laundering for her involvement in a
4:18 pm
tennessee-based cocaine trafficking operation. the 63-year-old johnson still she didn't sell d make deals but she has acknowledged wrongdoing. he or she is talking to -- here she is talking to the new site. >> struggled financially, i made one of the worst decisions of my life to make quick money. i became involved in a drug conspiracy. bing appellate judges in the supreme court have objected horrific repeals and no to her request for clemency. but her supporters including reality star kim kardashian west continued pushing for her release. kardashian west met with the president and here she is right after the oval office meeting. >> it was really special. ieel like, you know, i went
4:19 pm
in, me and shawna come to really talk to the president about alice johnson, and really explained to him why she would e such a good person to grant clemency to. >> but win or lose, alice marie johnson said she was grateful for the help, even writing her a thank you note saying quote i was drowning and you have thrown me a life jacket and give me hope that this life jacket i'm serving me one day be taken off. kardashian tweeted again, so grateful for donald trump, jared kushner and everyone who shown compassion and contributed countless hours to this important moment. her commutation is inspirational and gives hopes to so many others who are also deserving of a second chance. the white house also released a statement today that reads in part quote while this administration walways be very tough on crime, it believes
4:20 pm
that those who have paid their debt work hard tbetter thems inn deserve a second chance. alice marie johnson's attorney spoke out to say he hopes the president continues to use his clemency psave lives. >> sandra: here now, mike huckabee, former governor of the state of arkansas, fox news contributor and host of "huckabee" on saturday and sunday nights on tbn. i know this i an issue and now a story that is very near and dear to your heart. did you agree with this move by the president? >> i really did, sandra. and i appreciate kim kardashian west for using her celebrity for something that does good. i understand a lot of people want to lock folks up and keep them there forever, b 22 years for a first time, nonviolent offender? there are a lot of people across america that have murdered
4:21 pm
people that will never serve even a third of that amount of time. my present director in arkansas, rry noris, used to say, we lock a lot of people up that we are mad at, rather than the ones we are afraid of. the fact is, ove per year per inmate, average, which could be a sometimes as much as 75 or 80,000 per year is not working. it's not helping us resolve the crime problem. the truth is, sandra, we don't have a crime problem so much as a drug and alcohol problem. a lot of the people we incarcerate need to b in eatment centers. i applaud the president because it took a lot of guts for him to do this. there is never, ever as a political upside to granting any pe of clemency viet commutation were a part in. >> sandra: it's fascinating and capturing the attention of the nation. it looks like the president looks like he's going on this high profile clemency spree.
4:22 pm
he's talking about more pardons and commuting alice johnson. what do you think the goal is of the president? what is he looking to achieve as the big picture? >> mike: i think two things, one, he's looking at each case individually which is exactly with the executive bncd do they should never s blank it. i'm issuing a commutations. you have to look at every case individually. but he's also pointing out some of the total failures in our criminal justice system and sentencing guidelines. it was very popular a few years ago, if you said that at a rotary meeting, you got a lot of apse. but it was one of the dumbest moves we've ever made and it sts not only an enormous amount of money but it ruined of
4:23 pm
the lives of people who had no business being in prison for life, for let's say t or $400 thefts. it's disproportionate to the crime committed. >> sandra: i want to get this in here, as we continue to learn up more about who alice marie johnson is. 53 years old and we are being told that she offic has been released from the federal ison. she w serving le sentence. it's a remarkable story. without possibility of parole, at a correctional institution in the state of alabama. mother of five, great grandmother of six great-great-grandmr of one and she has now walked out of that federal prison. >> mike: and i'm glad she has. think about this, life without parole. that is the kind of sentence you give to people who have committed mass murder. that's a kind of sentence you give to people who have created a savage cop killing. but for a nonviolent, first-time
4:24 pm
drug trafficking charge? i'm not saying it's not serious to traffic drugs but i am saying that the best way to deal wit a drug problem is not just to lock people up and throw away the key come and spend the taxpayers money. it might be to put those people in treatment programs and then cognize that there is no long-term advantage to just locking people up and making sure they are caged for the rest of theires. t the same time, this is an administration, to be clear, that has shown to be very tough on crime. and i say that, as we now know that jared kushner, the president's son-in-law, met several times with miss kardashian leading up to this, in the months to leading up to her release from prison. >> mike: there are some things for which people should be locked up for life, there are
4:25 pm
some crimes that that heinous. i ha it out as governor. i didn't enjoy it, but there are some crimes for which that is an ou can't just go around and put everyone in a lock up. so what you do, you have to realize that when people come out as a felon come up they can't even get a job emptying a bedpan in a nursing home because we have created background checks that say, if you have a conviction, most jobs he will never be able to do. how does that help us in the long term? th truth is, it doesn't. >> sandra: fascinating stuff, and i'm sure we will learn more about these women. those will live on forever. we will keep following this, governor. than for being here tonight. >> mike: always a pleasure. >> sandra: first lady melania trump making her first public
4:26 pm
appearance in weeks. so where was she? greg gutfeld has a theory that you definitely won't hear anywhere else. and, did last night's california primary proved democrats big blue wave it was a bust? newt gingrich sees sometng in the results that the left certainly won't like. he is next. >> if it looks like voters will have a real choice this november, between a governor who is going to stand up to donald trump, and a foot soldier and his war on california. melatonin is the body's own sleep ingredient.
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for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch to miralax. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your dy. unblocking your system naturally. ow available in convenient >> sandra: did last night's california primary proved the democrats big blue wave was a bust tonight? both sides tried to call the
4:31 pm
race a referendum on president trump. the cdidate for governor, john cox? he thinks his endorsement helped him win. gavin newsom, the candidate for governor thinks more trump leads to more winning for his party. please come campaign for him as much as possible, he says, earlier today. i sat down with newt gingrich, and talked about his book, "trump america, the truth about the nations come back." what impact is trump having on the republican party? >> he's moving to a much more pro-jobs, pro-growth, recommitting almost like a reagan like commitment. he's been bringing on more conservative judges. but he is very aggressive, he's a genuine populist in the sense
4:32 pm
that, i think he focuses on the hardworking, blue-collar workers who historically made america such a remarkable country, and he wants to make sure that they get a good deal. that has not always been a >> sandra: i know in your book you list the accompaniments of this presidency so far. it comei like we saw last night, and john cox, are you getting the sense that the american people are feeling the benefits of this president's policies? before i think there are two different things going on. among repot done like republicans, he's probably the most popular president at this stage of any republican. it's remarkablehe numbers. even more substantially popular than reagan was. i think that the independence and those democrats who haven't drunk the kool-aid, when you he lowest black
4:33 pm
unemployment in history, when you literally have it yesterday an announcement that there are more jobs than there are people g for work, whene the federalerve saying that this quarter might be a 4.8% growth for the economy, which would be a ronald ragan level number. two years ago, people were telling us, you will never get above 2%. this is the new normal. well, we blew up the new normal. and donald trump, i think he gets up every day, and about half of his focus is jobs. >> sandra: speaker with all this talk of the blue wave, do you agree with the president, is it a red wave? >> there are going to gain between two and six seats in the senate we will probably gain seats in governorships. the only place thatou can
4:34 pm
argues the house, and frankly, cox being on the ballot in california is an enormous asset for us keeping the seeds in california. if we keep all of our seats in californ, can't possibly get to a majority. >> sandra: it remarkably. i want to get your thoughts on special counsel robert mueller reportedly asking witnesses for their personal cell phones in order to get information off of some d ap that comes two days after quocul manafortried to tamper with witnesses and tried to hide it by using these encrypted apps on his phone. apparently forgetting that robert mueller had a warrant to monir hiicloud account. oops, he forgot about that. ter than that.was the fact is if you are in this kind of investigation, the government has the power to get to the information. if you try to hide it, they have
4:35 pm
the power to make you turn it over unless you plead the fifth amendment and you end up in a situation you refus testify. this is a situation where, can't say to people, i want all ur information except the ones you want >> got hearing coming up june 15th, we will see what happens with that. "transamerica," i s is a book that lots of people have wanted to get their hands on. you know very well.s a man that >> newt: he's a remarkable human being. >> sandra: melania trump is back into the spotlight today after a media meltdown about her whereabouts. so, where has she been? greg gutfeld has a theory, and that is next. >> as of the time we are taping the show right now, the public for 25 days. i'm not surprised, that
4:36 pm
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>> sandra: melania trump making her first public appearance today since kidney surgery nearly a month ago, proving to critics that she is in good health despite the medias hysteria. president trumghing in on that today, tweeting in part, "for reporter spotted melania trumn the white house walking merrily along to a meeting. they never reported the sighting because it would hurt the sick narrative that she was living in a different part of the world, she was reallyll, or w fake news is really bad." so what does mr. greg gutfeld think about this? he joins us now, it's good to see you. >> it feels good when you say that because whe i'm missing, no one cares. it's not a story when i go missing for a month, they just assume it's me on a bender. this is the great thing about the no mhow t
4:41 pm
story pans out, you can spin it anyway you want. now's in blic view and you can say, it may beody double, a hologram, and impersonator. i have it on good authority that brian stelter been held by s alienspaceship that looks like a chick-fil-a. he's doing an all-star panel on sunday called who is hiding the melania. i think it's on sunday at 5:00 and it features an all-star panel, birthday clown, three like a dog in a jar of mayonnaise. have you been wondering where jeff is? uld he be writing blog posts for joey read? >> sandra: how about howard schultz, where is he and what are and his intentions, is he running for president? >> greg: i hope so because what else do they have? >> sandra: he's the ceo of
4:42 pm
starbucks. before i'm aware of that. their bathrooms, that have locks onm, unlike some of these fox bathrooms. they got a hold of john kerry and biden, front runners with a combined age of 289, held together by brylcreem medical bond. it's not good for them. they have the charisma of driftwood. they nee s young. to his credit though -- what's this guy's name? >> sandra: democrats don't even like him, the headline is democrats must reject robert schultz, he is the quintessential corporate democrat. they don't like him because he is a business guy. >> greg: at the democrats idea of work is painting a protest sign that says, don't work. their idea of affordable housing is an overpass. you seem california. he is a breath of fresh air but i don't know if he's got the persuasive document that trump does, because that'sornt
4:43 pm
>> this next story, have c see lot. tch is with us. >> he's deaf. >> i'm not deaf, i just can't stand listening to her. >> sandra: it's true. animals are having conversations all around us and some of them probably think -- >> greg: some right wing humor for but it can be interesting what they are talking about. they mentioned in the article that naked mole's speak. what are they saying? who cares what a naked mole is in same? they say t interrupt, they take turns. which means they could never be on cable tv. >> sandra: do you have pets? >> greg: i used to, but they
4:44 pm
were involved in an unfortunate a broiler. did you see that article that said frogs wrap? i came up with some frog wrap names. snoop frog, ice toad, tad core. >> sandra: oh, my gosh. >> greg: hey, you invited me on. aughter] ou regre this? you can be honest with m >> sandra: no, not at all, this is very important stuff. i'm glad that melania has been seen again. 74 years have passed since the day and tonight you will from two of the brave men who took on nazi germany and one. and they have remarkable stories, as told tomartha macca.
4:45 pm
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>> sandra: today marks 74 years since allied forces stormed the beaches of normandy in daringsion mately led to theotal defeat of nazi germany. the things they witnessed were unspeakable. today, and a moving ceremony in washington, some of the men who took part in operation overlord laid a wreath. but ahead of that event, the good folks of the national world war ii memorial introduced uso two of those remarkable men. martha traveled to washington yesterday to hear their stories. >> my full name is harlan lincoln horner. i was 18 when i went into service in april of 1943. i was 19 when i went overseas. >> i was 18. my full name is mcdonald h beach. >> you were sent over on a ship for a long time? >> nine days on the old france.
4:50 pm
i was seasick nine stys,evereach th the ship.s a relief to get off anders telling you about the mission? about the invasion, about d-day? >> across t english channel, the greatest force ever hurled against a hostile shore. >> i don't think they knew too much what was going to happen. we were supposed to arrive between 10:00 a.m. and noon, and we didn't get there until 7:00 in evening and because of the the heavy seas. so we stayed on the beach all nigh firing of the british battleships and all the other ships firing onto the german fortifications on shore. >> martha: what stands out to you when you think back to being there? >> seeing the wounded and some of the debt on the beach as well as a tough situation. >> martha: tell me about your arrival in france after d-day.
4:51 pm
>> we had to walk. i kept thinking that duffel bag was so heavy. i kept thinking, i can't do this. but iht, if all these other guys can do it, i can do it. i stopped and a piece of shrapnel went across. it was nothing but a flesh wound, but i was l in the fields overnight and i got pneumoni>> martha: you are lefte >> a whole bunch of us were. >> there were interesting and funny times and really horrendous times. we were a child, that was the scariest part. >> one omost poignant things to me was, in london, before we went across to
4:52 pm
normandy. such a nice girl that i dance with. and she said, my name is dorothy. come any time, i'm most nights.t that dance bar completely wiped out. >> martha: did you lose lost our batterye lost a gunney sergeant, and our first sergeant. and my very close friend, who was a radio operator with me. bob bowden from new mexico was captured, and he was injured and in a german hospital for a while. and then when they left the town, they released him and let him go. he came back without his helmet, i was glad to see him. >> martha: do you remember that moment when he showed up? when he walked into the battery area, i ran over to greet him,
4:53 pm
it was great. >> martha: and you were in pretty much every major operation all the way from normandy to v-e d. >> all five campaigns. normandy, france, battle of the bulge, rhineland and in central europe. >> martha: tell me about when you got word the war was over. >> this is a solemn but glorious hour. i wish that franklin d. roosevelt lived to see this day. >> we heard it on the tinkers radio, and it was a wild celebration. we couldn't find any pills or beer wheat said it, where's the beer? well someone had found a warehouse of wonderful german brandy. they felt of a two and a half ton truck with it and our battery commander said, that's est of battalion.e to share with
4:54 pm
>> martha: what about you, don, what are your memories of that? >> i remember that day. there was a little boy who was always under foot, running here and if they there. he came racing in and spoke in german. and my lieutenant said it, don't tell anybody, but i've got something up and saving. and he got out a bottle of champagne that was room temperature. and we all drink it. >> martha: there is a prayer, i don't know if you are familiar with it. but fdr read up on the radio. have you ever heard of that? >> no. >> martha: it was a beautiful prayer, a radio address to all the people of america on june 6, and it psays, they
4:55 pm
will need their blessings. the road will be long and hard. for the enemy is strong. they will be sore trying come by night and by day, without rest, until the victory is won. the darkness will be rent by noise and flame. men's souls will be shaken with the violences of war. >> you know, all of us that were going to be in on d-day, eisenhower wrote a letter. and part is inscribed right here on the wall.>> martht says? >> we are about to embark on a greats crusade and, lord helping, we will be successful and we shall not surrender. for total victory. >> sandra: remarkable men.
4:56 pm
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general george patton who said, warsay be fought with weapons but they are won by men. see you on americans newsroom tomorrow morning bright and early, 9:00 a.m. here's tucker. >> good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. if you've been paying attention to the news lately, you'll are probably confused about a bunch of things. but you know one fact fore, comp than you are. he is a virtuous man, honest, decent, chivalrous. integrity might be his middle name although he never admit it because he's also incredibly humble. he doesn't make the grubby moral compromises for your sad mediocre life. his ideals are high and he lives them. has said that repeate


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