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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 7, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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to preserve >> the 74th anniversary of d-day. years fdr's prayer, our son's pride in our nation this day have set upon a mighty endeavor, struggle to preserve our republic, our religion, our civilization and set free a suffering humanity believed them straight and true, give strength to their arms, status of their hearts, steadfastness in their faith. we remember the brave heroes today and every day. time for shannon bream and the fantastic fox news at night team. shannon: great remembrance, we begin with a fox news alert, a justice department inspector general's report on his probe into the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton email case is expected anytime now. catherine herridge has new information on that front and the president hosts is end of the muslim holy month of ramadan. what is behind the white house
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decision. and the obama administration intentionally misled the american people and congress by trying to give iran access to our financial system, by publicly saying it wouldn't happen. that sen. is here today. fox news at night, i am shannon bream in washington. and mccabe is seeking immunity for himself in exchange for telling congress what he knows about hillary clinton's email. former head of the bureau james comey will be under fire for how he did his job. catherine herridge has more on these developments. >> reporter: the report puts director comey's leadership style under the microscope with the inspector general exploring other he went beyond his authority in july 2016, and criminal charges. the responsibility, atty. gen.
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loretta lynch. comey complained the tarmac meeting with bill clinton days before hillary clinton's fbi interview and mishandling classified information was a game changer. in addition to other intelligence, would not let the email case goes too far. it is not public and the liability is unclear. the former director chose his words carefully about lynch. >> i never went to her and said you should recuse your self. my problem was she had announced publicly that she wouldn't and would accept my recommendation. at that point what do i do? i got to step away from her. >> reporter: fox news conference former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe worked under comey, if he testifies on capitol hill, called use immunity and the case testimony cannot be used against him in criminal prosecution.
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the inspector general found mccabe lied under oath, made a criminal referral to us attorneys in washington dc for lying to federal investigators. a senate republican on the judiciary committee recommended against the deal to secure his testimony. >> we need to get to the bottom of what happened at the fbi during the comey years where apparently there was misconduct going on which i think impugned the reputation of law enforcement agency and we need to clear the air. giving him cover through immunity would be a mistake. >> reporter:'s lawyer says he's willing to testify but because of the criminal referral he must pursue legal protection adding if he were unable to get such a deal he will have no choice but to invoke fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination. testimony scheduled for monday before the senate judiciary committee, that date could slide yet again. >> reporter: still, we wait for the justice department inspector general report on his probe into the fbi handling of the hillary
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clinton email investigation. the pres. on twitter slamming numerous delays, lawmakers questioning whether or not the report is being watered down. >> i share the pres.'s concern the substance of the report has been written for some time. now you may have people trying to stand off the rough edges and make it look like the conduct was more acceptable than it should have been. he expressed that concerning his tweet yesterday. based on my own sources i share that concern. shannon: tom dupree is here with analysis. what do you make of this. if they could be standing off the edges, we know enough people -- what happens in the process? >> great question. i am a little worried and it has taken a long time. the department of justice inspector general's report is not something the american
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public is hungering for. this captivated the nation's interest, people want to know what the inspector general found, the fact that has been a suspiciously long delay making you wonder what is going on. typically when bureaucrats are editing and reviewing, it is not transparent, it has the reverse effect. i hope they get this out within a week. and let the bait begin. >> what we are hearing is director comey, they could be in for serious criticism, wait and see what they are looking at. >> this inspector general when we first began this endeavor, who is the inspector general? is he independent? he is not pulling punches, he gets to the facts and tells it like it is. everyone is looking forward to what is found, all sorts of
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rumors, maybe there is. we will pay attention to what he finds in his report would be thorough and exhausting. shannon: he was asked about whether he was inspection. >> the inspector general is inspecting me. it sounds like a crazy thing to say, i want that inspection, and i want the story told, some is classified. if i did something wrong i want to hear that. i am sure i will be interviewed again. shannon: will he hear that? are they looking forward to the results? >> i can't imagine any of them are anxiously looking forward with optimism and hope to what the inspector general -- through leaks and the resources to know
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those people have jeopardy. mccabe has shown he has jeopardy. >> he is facing whether or not to pursue criminal charges against him but he has asked for immunity because they want him to testify. he says i will but i will need some protection because potential from these charges. is what judge andrew mcdonald the -- judge acted upon -- >> you want me to testify, give me immunity. this is not how you get immunity by writing a public letter. >> how would immunity work? >> it is unusual for a high level official to see community or plead the fifth. i think from mccabe's perspective, the subject of criminal referral to the inspector general, we know he is under criminal investigation, he interviewed james comey, unusual and never want to see high-level
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government officials seeking immunity, if i were his lawyers, state is the craziest decision. he has serious potential exposure, create evidence that can be used evidence by prosecution. >> don't do anything you don't have to do. you mentioned comey mccabe. they have praise for each other, privately they disagreed. in the earlier report they didn't agree on who was telling the truth about leaks to the media. do they turn on each other behind closed doors? >> it is a possibility. what is striking is even though comey and mccabe were number one and 2, they were already across purposes. we heard from comey, very disappointed in what mccabe did, there is no love between mccabe and comey. we are going to see greater ruptures between the two as
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those two allies do this. >> not like we also around with popcorn waiting for the inspector general report normally but we will have you back, you know we are getting into it so thank you very much, the historic summit with north korean leader kim jong un and donald trump just days away. fox news it might will have extended coverage monday night so we will be here extra hours for you but as the us prepares to take the lead and diplomacy towards denuclearize in the korean peninsula, some otherworldliness maybe trying to influence the results of the summit kristin fisher is tracking that, and new developments in iran raising alarm at the state department. >> iran is threatening to do exactly what many people feared it would do in the aftermath of the us pulling out of the year and deal, restarting uranium enrichment and ignoring un nuclear inspectors. first the supreme leader said the country would start producing centrifugees use for
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uranium enrichment and then today iran informed the iaea the nuclear watchdog it would not cooperate with investigators until the state says the deal is resolved. the secretary of state was following the stability on twitter by saying iran plans to increase enrichment capacity, won't allow iran to develop a nuclear weapon. iran is aware of our results. another example of the rent foolishly squandering its resources as the us is out of the deal but remember france, britain and germany are all still in and this week officials from those countries asked the us for an exemption from sanctions on iran, billions of dollars in eu investments are at stake but so far the trump administration hasn't budged. >> back to the singapore summit, who are these potential summit crashers? it is pretty wild. everyone from south korea's pres. to dennis rodman, shaping
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up to be several many summits before and after the big singapore summit, the latest development is bashar assad is going to pyongyang at the same time, vladimir putin sent his top envoy to meet with kim jong un in person and invite him to russia and japan's prime minister, shinzo abe, racing halfway around the world to come to the white house and give donald trump his advice and finally basketball player dennis rodman, an old friend of kim jong un. he has visited north korea five times but was also a contestant on celebrity apprentice so he has the unique distinction of being one of the very few people on the planet who knows with kim jong un and donald trump. now he wants to be in singapore for the summit. is a gentle washington post he wants to be there for, quote,
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moral support. you can't make this stuff up. >> different worlds colliding. couldn't have scripted it. kristin fisher, thank you very much. a report released by senate republicans today's is the obama administration deliberately misled the public and congress by granting a license which would have allowed iran to access the financial system right here in the us by sidestepping sanctions. former obama officials say it was part of the spirit of the iran nuclear deal, one of the benefits they promised to iran. the permanent subcommittee on investigations joins us to discuss this report that caught a lot of people by surprise. what exactly was going on here. what did you uncover? >> we spent two years looking at this because of rumors there was a sanctions violation by the administration, that they allowed iran to have access to
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our financial system. we did a lot of interviews and talked to a lot of people and looked at emails others have not received that it became very clear that what happened is the administration shows to mislead the american people by saying they are not getting access to us banks in us dollars and us financial system when in fact they granted them a specific license to do so. >> we want to play what secretary-treasurer jack lew had to say publicly about this? >> with very limited exceptions iran will continue access to the largest market in the world and we will maintain powerful sanctions targeting iran support for terrorist groups. >> iran will be denied access to the world's most important market and unable to deal in the nation's most important currency. >> those shortly after the dealer but managed together but you later found in the spring of 2016 this administration, the previous administration granted a license which would have allowed them to do what they needed to do which is get currency translated into something they can spend and they were angry with the
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administration, frustrated that they were getting what they agreed to in the deal. >> $5.8 billion, they wanted to convert that into euros ultimately. it was better -- they asked the treasury department if they had the ability to do that and the treasury department granted them a license to do it. what is interesting is they went to big us banks to do this. both banks said we want nothing to do with this was the reputational and legal risks was too high so ultimately the dollars were not provided to complete that currency and over time they converted to euros in small amounts but the point is during that time the administration was saying we are not allowing the financial system to be used, we are keeping sanctions in place. but allowing the access when in
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fact it is wrong and it is important to flesh that out because now with regard to the next iran agreement or the agreement with north korea and others we will require more transparency i hope and that is part of the recommendation. shannon: ned price said they continue to malign the deal in an effort to justify donald trump's unjustifiable decision. referring to the fact that he has withdrawn from the deal. this is about besmirching the deal and nothing more. >> the investigation is two years old, it began before donald trump would be president. or pull out of the iran agreement. it was done and totally straight up, we found this had occurred and it is important the american people know about it and for the future we have better transparency. anytime we know about it, the american people ought to know.
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it was kept from us because as you said earlier they were frustrated and angry, the documents, public and private, to make sure iran stayed with the agreement and willing to do something counter not just what they said they would do but counter, us sanctions would stay in place. >> what does it say more broadly about the previous administration's desire to get at lock-in and keep the deal in place? >> it says they were willing to do they shouldn't do in order to get uranian's to the table and keep them at the table and there was a vote in the united states senate, a majority republican and democrat vote against the iran agreement. it wasn't the necessary two thirds but it was a vote against it. normally if you have a treaty you have to have a 2 thirds vote to approve it. they couldn't get that so they do not seek a treaty but when there was a vote on this issue
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in congress the majority of congress and this is not a great good agreement and that is one reason the president chose because he was able to without it being a treaty to pull back and say let's put together something that makes more sense. >> it has been a long process that flew under our radar, democrats worked with you, they chose not to sign the final product but they were part of the investigation. thank you. the pres. hosting his first dinner commemorating the close of ramadan but while the white house -- could dinner be a message for our allies abroad? ♪
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>> an extraordinary scene at the white house a short while ago, a first trump presidency, the pres. hosting his first ishtar dinner in honor of the islamic holy month of ramadan, critics say it is all for show but what exactly is the pres.'s strategy. garrett tenney is here to explain what this outreach to islam is about as we remind folks the first trip abroad was
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to saudi arabia. >> on that trip to the heart of the muslim world he said he chose to meet with 50 muslim majority countries to deliver a message of friendship and hope. a few weeks later the white house announced for the first time in 20 years it would not be hosting and if dinner during ramadan, the president released a ramadan message the talked about rejecting violence inciting terrorism. that offended a lot of folks in the muslim community still outraged over the pres.'s muslim travel ban and the rhetoric that he used to defend it. >> i think islam hates us. there is something there that is a tremendous hatred, tremendous hatred. we have to get to the bottom of it. donald j trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our countries representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. when it comes to radical islamic
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terrorism ignorance is not bliss. it is deadly. totally deadly. >> reporter: this year the ramadan message had a much different tone noting the richness muslims add to the religious tapestry of american life. that was not enough for many muslim organizations that ball to the pres.'s plan to host a dinner for robert on saying they would not attend even if they were inflated. groups even organized a protest across the street from 1600 pennsylvania ave. saying in the event description donald trump is attacked muslims since the beginning of his campaign and codified his islam a phobia with the muslim band, now he wants to make nice after skipping the tradition last year. one of the nation's oldest little organizations disagrees with that strategy. a spokesman tells fox news muslim americans should rise above bitterness against trump
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and exercise this opportunity to communicate what our vision is for a better america and a better world. that is what ramadan is all about. the ambassadors from more than a dozen muslim nations, donald trump thanked them for their friendship and cooperation. >> gathering together this evening we honor a sacred tradition of one of the world's great religions. this marks the coming together of families and friends to celebrate a timeless message of peace, clarity and love. there is great love. >> the white house is not that why it decided to host the dinner this year or a list of who is attending tonight but the fact that no major muscle groups were invited and it was mostly ambassadors is why some analysts suggest this is not about
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reaching out to american muslims as it is about strengthening our relationships with allies in the middle east. shannon: the left is the writing the pres.'s dinner as a false charade. let's talk to lieut. gen. jerry boykin, deputy under secretary of defense for intelligence and vice president of family research council, great to have you with us. let's talk about the pres. actually noted during his remarks that first foreign trip and we wanted to build bonds with important countries, talked about it again tonight and said over the last year those bonds have strengthened, those friendships have grown and he's glad to see the progress. >> keep in mind he also stood before muslim leaders and said drive them out, talking about the radical islamic terrorists residing in their countries, training and operating in their countries, drive them out. most people don't realize that is a koranic term that was used when they conquered the southern littles of europe and africa, they were supposed to drive them
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out so he went there with a very deliberate message, drive them out. but he didn't do anything to indicate to them he did not want to have a relationship with our allies in the middle east and we do have allies. i think this dinner is the right thing because we all believe in religious liberty and muslims should be able to worship so long as that religion with the practice of their faith doesn't infringe on our constitution or the rights of others. i think he has a very well. >> at times you saw the clips from the campaign trail, people have been very offended by the way he talked about his concerns and was my very articulate with that. when activist tweeted he is hosting this is a defense so when we call him out he can quit back with i love the muslims, i had them over for dinner. is pundits will echo that defense asserting that because he engaged with us once that is prove he is and then
12:27 am
islamohphobia. >> donald trump is speaking differently than candidate trump. reality has set in, he sees things from a different perspective now, he has modified his tone. he has come to grips with reality. the largest muslim populations are in indonesia, pakistan and india. none of them are on this travel ban as it is frequently called so if he was really discriminating against muslims as he is accused of, he would have put those countries on their. in fact north korea and venezuela are on their but they are not muslim countries so he is getting a bad rap on a lot of this but he has modified his tone. >> we are waiting for the supreme court decision on travel ban 3.0 and a lot of the conversation was whether the justices should consider things he said on the campaign trail
12:28 am
adjust the text of the travel ban which is different than people would characterize it as. meantime he has gotten heat for controversial things from groups that are considered anti-muslim overseas but it sounds like much of what he was doing tonight was a message to folks overseas more groups that held the protest outside the white house tonight saying something they were not invited and even if we where we want nothing to do with this, and do you think it is a mission accomplished for him what he was trying to do to speak to the international community with this dinner? >> i do. and again realizes the importance of us having relationships with allies in the middle east and in the muslim world. it is really, you didn't say who the protesters were but it was led by care. the leading organization in america supposedly represents muslims. i don't think they represent a small percentage of muslims in this country because the majority of muslims in this country want nothing to do with
12:29 am
violent jihad or the muslim brotherhood and as we saw in the holy land foundation trial in dallas in 2008, care was an unindicted co-conspirator in a trial that convicted 5 defendants on 108 counts of raising money in america to support terrorism. care was an unindicted co-conspirator. the doj would not prosecute but that means they are a friend established in federal court, for muslim brotherhood. it is good they were not invited but more importantly laughable that they are protesting because they have the freedom to continue operating in this country. >> this is a country that recognizes freedom of religion for all or freedom from religion of people don't want to practice anything, one of the most sacred freedoms we have. a lot happening inside and outside the white house, thanks for being with us.
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and you can borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. take cash out to get the money you need for your family. call for your free 60-second rate quote to see how much a va home loan from j.g. wentworth can save you. >> shannon: president trump has commuted the sentence of alice marie shannon: donald trump commuted the sentence of alice marie johnson, on the pres.'s radar by kim kardashian. trace gallagher joins us to tell us more about johnson in her prime. >> reporter: after serving 22 years alice marie johnson who is now a great grandmother walked out of the pickens county alabama prison today, greeted by her family and supporters and says she feels she was resurrected from the dead and has her life back.
12:35 am
listen. >> i'm feeling no handcuffs, nothing on me. i'm free to my family. i'm free to live life, free to start over. i cannot -- the greatest day of my life. >> johnson was convicted in 1996 of drug conspiracy and money laundering for her involvement in a cocaine trafficking operation, she claims she didn't sell drugs or make deals but she has acknowledged wrongdoing. appellate judges in the supreme court rejected her appeals and former pres. obama said no to her request for clemency but her supporters including kim kardashian west continued pushing for her release and last week kardashian west met with donald trump at the white house asking him to grant clemency. here's kardashian right after the oval office meeting. >> she has done her time, almost
12:36 am
22 years. everyone makes mistakes and she deserves a second chance. >> reporter: kim kardashian west thanked the president for the commune analysis and kardashian and the pres. the white house released a statement that reads in part quoting his administration will always be very tough on crime, it believes those who have paid their debt to society and worked hard to better themselves in prison deserve a second chance. alice johnson is the seventh pardon or commutation granted by donald trump so far in his 16 months including a posthumous pardon of the first black heavyweight boxing champion jack johnson, conservative commentator dennis desousa who pleaded guilty to campaign-finance violations and for the bush administration official scooter libby convicted in the 2003 leaked that reveal the identity of cia operative bowery plane.
12:37 am
donald trump is also considering pardoning martha stewart and former illinois governor rod blagojevich who is not eligible for parole until 2024 and expert say we can expect and uptick of celebrities and others pushing the pres. to free their favorite felons. >> stay out of trouble. thank you. media frenzy over milania trump, some report said she was missing in action, the president of the coverage unfair and vicious. media buzz host separate fact from fiction. >> she went through a rough patch but is doing great and we are proud of her, she has done a fantastic job. people love you, the country loves you so thank you. >> she appeared at a female hurricane briefing with her husband which would have been unremarkable except much of the media ted her absence from the
12:38 am
public stage into a melodrama. was the first lady began staying away from cameras after her kidney surgery 3 weeks ago the media drumbeat kept growing louder. political ran a story title white house silence stokes conspiracy theories such as she is secretly cooperating with robert mueller. nbc had a piece on why her vanishing act matters was one reason the significance of the first lady to the pres.'s state of mind and there was this from buffington post. milania mistry continues, she won't company the pres. to g7 or singapore. >> a long absence has everyone wondering what is really going on. on social media jokesters put her image on milk cartons. >> i don't think it is just the press, democrats, republicans, lots of people wondering where is the first lady? >> that coverage from to the pres. to unload on twitter today, the fake news media has been so unfair and vicious to my wife and our great first lady. during her recovery from
12:39 am
surgery, everything from near-death to facelift to left the white house and new york or virginia, or faith, she is doing really well, the president added more reporters part of the first lady walking to a meeting but never reported the sighting because it would hurt the narrative that she was living in a different part of the world or whatever. the first lady wasn't literally missing, she was attending meetings. she tweet the media working overtime where i am and what i'm doing. journalists were not vicious as the president claims but were obsessed with her staying behind-the-scenes. knowing full well this is the first lady who doesn't relish the spotlight but spreading unsubstantiated conspiracy theories has no place in the news business. >> thank you. a group of republican lawmakers outraged claiming a prominent us environmental group is colluding with china and trying to disrupt
12:40 am
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shannon: house republicans making claims about the natural resources defense council, one of the biggest green organizations in the country,
12:44 am
the lawmakers claim they enjoy a relationship with beijing's communist governments, turns a blind eye to chinese environmental threats including overfishing and ecological devastation of china's military buildup in the south china sea and the nrdc attempts to curb us naval exercises in the pacific through lawsuits, saying they, quote, appear to practice self-censorship, issue selection bias and generally refrain from criticizing chinese officials when dealing with environmental issues. of the group takes an adversarial approach not to china but to the us. tomorrow 200 democrat lawmakers get their first chance in a federal court to argue that donald trump is violating the constitution by accepting foreign state favors and not seeking congressional approval first. the case alleges donald trump is
12:45 am
violating the emoluments clause. richard blumenthal is the lead plaintiff and he listed trademarks with china as a recent concern. sen. bob corker standing his ground after a heated call with the president where they discussed his bill to rein in the chief executive authority on trade and tariffs. sen. lindsey graham issuing a statement in support of the president was majority leader mitch mcconnell is coming down on the side of the white house. >> i don't think we need to be trying to rein in the president through legislation. it is an exercise of futility because he wouldn't sign it. >> democrats are looking at the foreign policy wing as well. joining us, leslie marshall and radio host in washington larry o'connor. thank you for joining us. let me play what sen. corker had to say. do you go after the president and his move on trade legislation or have private meetings which is what sen. produce is trying to do?
12:46 am
>> what is happening is unfair to our country. because they are utilizing it in this unprecedented way, what we ask is you can do what you are doing and negotiate but once you do that you have to submit it to us for approval because tariffs and revenues are responsibilities of congress, not the executive branch. >> the pres. has been making bold moves with these tariffs on a number of fronts the last few months. >> i don't have a problem with congress wanting to have their eyes on and approval thumbs up or down with what happens, but corker's legislation in the timing of this is a big problem for me even as a democrat. i support having tariffs. we have had an unprecedented trade deficit for over a decade. he talks up on china and one reason -- the timing is bad
12:47 am
because undermining the pres.'s ability of the leverage he has going into the g7 summit and even the summit with the north korean leader kim jong un and frankly it also lets russia and china, the big thieves in trade, off the hook and a lot of united steelworkers back to the unemployment line. we need to back the president on this. >> there is question whether there are those who will join corker and some are publicly doing that. will be a tough thing to get this through the senate and the pres. is not going to sign it but in the washington post, it is unclear what lawmakers are willing to do besides bark. challenging trump comes with risks from alienating his supporters to taking voters attention off a healthy economy before the midterm election which will determine control of the house and senate. sen. corker is not running again. >> is not and i wish he had been
12:48 am
this forthright and aggressive dealing with pres. obama on the iran nuclear deal. imagine if he had been this focal and defined against that abomination. and city rolled over for it. i appreciate leslie and her words. i'm not a huge fan of tariffs, i don't want tariffs but i also recognize it is a negotiating weapon the president can use entering into the g7. let's see what he can accomplish by hanging a terror threat over their heads. to suggest he needs congress to approve these tariffs come in 1971 pres. nixon imposed a terror of across-the-board and cited the korean war as justification. it'd been over for 20 years. he had some broad powers here and he will be able to do a tariff but corker should sit down and let these things come into play. >> i want to touch on the north korea summit because democrats
12:49 am
and republicans are saying we hope the president will walk away from things he doesn't think are a good deal. democrats have outlined a letter, 5 different goals and they say we believe congress must act as a check on any agreement that does not live up to these principles by imposing tougher sanctions and oversight democrats will look to standards outlined in this letter as we examine whether military will be granted sanctions relief. the rent deal never went to a vote before the senate. they didn't treat it like a treaty and that is why it is easily undone. should any north korea deal be treated like a treaty and go to a senate vote? >> absolutely. the reason is because this is not and should not be a political matter. this is a country where our branches are set up the way they are with the executive and judicial and legislative branch to have those checks and balances so it is necessary. >> depends on what it end as up being but if it is as broad and
12:50 am
sweeping as they are saying, it would be the best thing. >> an agreement between leslie and larry. market on the calendar, thank you both. >> twice in one night. >> happening in cuba and china american diplomats hearing strange sounds and developing mysterious ailments, we will get to the bottom of it next.
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shannon: rudy giuliani spotted at an open-air market place in jerusalem dancing to the major laser song watch out for this with a napkin over his head after he mentioned reporters he thinks special counsel robert mueller epstein is trying to frame the president. he stopped by for a dance party anytime at fox news at night. time for where in the world, to do more americans evacuated from the us consulate as mystery builds over american workers developing ailments after hearing strange sounds in at least two apartment complexes. state differences workers developed symptoms consistent with american personnel in cuba have experienced. in a statement, heather howard said this was as a result of the screening process the department has sent a number of individuals
12:55 am
for further evaluation and encumbrance of assessment of their symptoms in the us. protests continue for a seventh straight day in jordan is workers from several of the country's trade unions took part in a strike to protest a plant tax increase. they have seen many protest with thousands calling the government to strap a tax plan, restore subsidies for bread, lower fuel prices and combat corruption. queen elizabeth joined the top honors on campanile, a former sex worker in new england for her advocacy on behalf of prostitutes. ely was intimately new zealand to adopt most liberal policies toward sex work, she's now a damon the queen's on her list. midnight heroes our next, we will be right back. the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen.
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>> tucker: >> shannon: and >> and idaho football team celebrated for winning a championship and for saving a couple in a car wreck. the boise black knights won the championship on their way home from the game. this on overturned car the road. they pulled a man out from the car but a woman was stuck.
1:00 am
the team worked together to lift the car off the ground. they freed her. the coach says these are amazing young men, we agree, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i'm shannon breen. good morning to you, thursday, june 7th and this is "fox and friends first". happening at 4:00 am making america safe again. the house giving the green light to a $50 million bill to combat the vicious devastating gang. the immigration crisis is about to be front and center on the hill today. >> i will think president donald john trump.


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