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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 7, 2018 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> my god! >> 40-year-old driver hit another car before ramming into an suv repeatedly in sacramento, california, climbed on top of the empty car, stomping on it. police think he was on drugs. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. >> some proposal the pres. actually was okay with that said he was willing to sign. short answer not on the agenda. rob: the house taking steps to crack down on the vicious ms 13 gaining. the bill just passed as an immigration showdown on capitol hill today, live in washington. jillian: james coley under scrutiny, did he defy authority during the clinton probe? the new leadership questions that are now being raised. rob: girls and girl scouts. the head of the organization sticking to decision saying leaders were blindsided by the move made by their counterparts.
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"fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ ♪ jump jump jump jump jump jump ♪ ♪ get up packet in ♪ jillian: some house of pain to get your thursday going. rob: thursday is a great day, one of my favorite of the week. jillian: the skyline of manhattan. rob: still cloudy. we will take it. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday. rob: we will start jumping around in a second. a live look at capitol hill
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where the fight over immigration takes center stage today. jillian: house republicans looking for an agreement hours after congress set aside $50 million to combat gangs like ms 13. >> what will take to strike a daca deal. >> reporter: tough question to answer because immigration has divided the gop. all we know is there is no clear deal or house leaders would not be taking things behind closed doors, negotiations between conservatives and moderates fell apart, citizenship for daca recipient as the sticking point. the chairman of the freedom caucus had this to say. >> good discussions on the population and make sure they don't have to face deportation. how do they get a bridge into
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illegal immigration system. >> model reporters working with democrats closer to reaching 218 needed on so-called discharge petition which would go around house leadership on four separate bills but paul ryan appears optimistic. >> i feel good about the conversations we are having, our members are earnest and sincere in understanding perspectives, we have a lot of views on this issue and i believe there is a sweet spot. rob: lawmakers make progress elsewhere on border related issues authorizing $50 million in grants to fight ms 13 gangs, 13 house members voted against it. the crackdown continues, latest numbers show 52,000 arrests for may bringing the total number 2215,000. in the senate leader mcconnell was asked about bringing up immigration again this year. he says he doesn't see it happening.
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rob: we will see how today turns out. jillian: congress is at an impasse on immigration since donald trump took office. majority leader mitch mcconnell telling martha maccallum it is not on the senate's agenda this summer. rob: former ice agent david ward says that is not surprising since congress can't finish any job little on one as important as securing the border. >> every time congress comes up with something, they are giving not putting up the security we wanted. we went through the secure fence act of 2006. that was never funded properly. then last year a bill introduced in congress, finish the fence act, 2017. any time congress gets involved and do not complete the job it is mind-boggling. your viewers don't know 750 miles of border exist, 350 miles of pedestrian border is up. that is the problem, the pres.
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has an easier time negotiating with the north koreans under nuclear disarmament then negotiating with congress to secure the border. rob: doing a decent job this year anyway. both sides of the aisle demanding answers from the fbi about an informant planted in the trump campaign. the senate judiciary committee requesting a full and redacted copy of the fbi's policy. the letter signed by republican chuck grassley and democrat dianne feinstein in the house oversight committee chairman trey gowdy said they did everything right, using an informant in the campaign. jillian: quote, insubordinate
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and divine authority, and reports let me james comey's leadership at the fbi, drafted the looming inspector general's email report claims comey went behind the doj's back when reopening the investigation in 2016 and calling out obama era atty. gen. retta lynch's handling of the probe. the highly anticipated inspector general's report will be released next week. judicial watch pres. tom fenton says it will shed light on the type of corruption inherited by donald trump. >> donald trump inherited a corrupt leadership at the fbi, cleaned house by firing comey. the ig report confirms he did the right thing. ironically mr. rosenstein came to the same conclusion in excoriating mr. comey's handling of the clinton email investigation. not so much the investigation itself but it was a sham investigation confronted directly to he attacked hillary clinton to distract from the fact he was protecting her. what a despicable act by him at the ig. jillian: for more than a year horowitz has been reviewing how the fbi and doj handled the
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investigation into hillary clinton's private email server. rob: countdown to the singapore showdown is on, world leaders prepping for the north korea summit which is 6 days away. japan's prime minister shinzo abe will meet with donald trump at the white house expected to discuss security concerns and the fate of 12 japanese citizens objected by north korea in the 1970s and 1980s. americans suspected of fighting for isis will walk free. the unidentified man was turned over to us troops in iran after being captured in syria, the white house wanted to move them to saudi arabia but was rejected by federal court. the pentagon wants to release them in syria because not enough evidence to charge him but he refuses to go to syria and the aclu wants to block the release calling a death warrant. jillian: donald trump posting his first white house dinner celebrating the holy month of ramadan, offering a message of unity, diplomats from is an
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countries breaking the daylong fast. >> the loudest night. >> a standout moment, the most awarded artist. and after winning female video of the year for the champion featuring ludicrous. chris stapleton, kelly clarkson performing. plus host little big town introducing a tune for the season summer fever. the group kicking things off with an opening spoof of the royal wedding. the video of the year voted on throughout the show given the blake shelton for i will name the dog and also taking male
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video honors. napping the duo trophy for tequila. carly pierce taking breakthrough video for every little thing and giving a great acceptance speech shot out. >> the guy that broke my heart, thank you. >> reporter: backstreet is back and making quite a showing in country music getting the crowd dancing and winning best performance for a rendition of everybody with florida georgia line. >> kicking off the summer season, in nashville, fox news. jillian: a recap of the awards last night. rob: the video was the next story. jillian: excited to see them the week after next. terrorists taking to the skies more than ever before. the new warning sent to congress. rob: desperate for a deal the obama administration accused of giving a known terror sponsor access to the us financial system or attempting to.
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congressman barry loudermilk says he has been against the iran deal from the start. jillian: a liberal they are so happy to remain a sanctuary for illegals he did a little dance. it is hitting a sour note with some of his voters. rob: here is sam hunt singing downtown dead on last night's awards. ♪ ♪ the people that i know ♪ control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i need to shave my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® works like my body's insulin.
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change the obama administration during negotiation of the iran deal misled the american people. on the one hand they were saying the uranian's were not going to
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get access to the american financial system. on the other hand they granted iran a specific license to allow them to take some of the funds. they did so because they were desperate to get a deal. rob: new development on iran. gop lawmakers accusing the obama administration deliberately misleading the american public by giving iran or attempting to give iran access to the us financial system in its desperation to get the iran nuclear deal done. >> berry about her milk serves as an intel specialist in the air force. he joins us to react. on the one hand the former state department court made a for the iran deal saying this is widely overblown. on the other hand you heard the same thing we heard a minute ago in an interview. what is your take on this? >> ironic you had the previous administration in 2007 criticize the federal government by saying too many deals were done behind
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closed doors done by the stroke of the pres.'s plan without engaging the american people are going behind the halls of congress but that was done he repeatedly. the administration reported to congress they would have no access to american financial system but behind closed doors with the stroke of a pen they are giving license away. it is unbelievable the level of non-transparency we are seeing now that was happening in the previous administration. rob: this actually didn't get done. the administration told a couple banks do this. the pres. and the white house saying do this, these banks were smart enough to know this should be done. even with the white house giving them the approval. >> and of patriotism in this country with our banks, our financial system. they know the difference between right and wrong, they understand
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pres. ronnie --rouhani they hate israel, they hit the united states, refer to us as the great satan. i serve a special task force tracking terrorist travel on homeland security committee and we uncovered so much of what iran is doing supporting hamas and hezbollah, bringing terrorists into the middle east in the united states and yet this money that supposedly sanction the previous president was helping get into the hands of uranian's which is in the hands of terrorists. >> you want to ask why this is still so controversial years later but on the other hand we get more information and learn more you get your answer to that. how would you like to see this handled all along? >> this entire deal should have
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done congress. the reason the president didn't do that is he knows congress would not approve a deal like this that empowers the greatest enemies, the enemy that threatened to destroy the united states, and the deal was so lopsided in their favor. people went as far as secretly providing $1.7 billion in american cash. this money went straight into increasing military and supporting terrorists. this should have gone through a treaty that never happened. and that is not why the president went the route. >> democrats say this is their way of preventing iran from getting a nuclear weapon. they don't understand what conservatives didn't like about this deal. was dumped into the country, and
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more irans in the world, talk about a bad decision for the future, maybe in the short-term, created a mess. >> the sanctions we agreed to. the money they received, antiaircraft missiles, strengthening the military, a rogue regime hates the united states, hate everything we stand for and they will violate sanctions and continue to develop weapons and as part of the agreement they banned us access to their military installations, to develop nuclear weapon moving to
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military installations, and the philosophy of leading from behind the previous administration which was behind the back of the american people and congress. >> 19 after the hour, police came to help. why is chelsea manning outraged that officers did a welfare check. >> i think president donald j trump. jillian: that is freedom thanks to donald trump. why is this happy moment triggering democrats, jackie ibanez reading your comments next. ine. the lexus es. with standard technology like lexus safety system plus.
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>> alex marie johnson, donald trump commuter drug sentence after kim kardashian for release. >> reunion with family and friends facing opposition from democrats. jackie ibanez joining us with the latest. >> reporter: the moment alice marie johnson will cherish forever, the great-grandmother running into the arms of family and friends after donald trump granted her clemency. >> i think president donald john trump. thank you, thank you, thank you. for giving me another chance, restoring me to my family. >> reporter: chansons of 21 years in alabama prison for
2:24 am
taking part in a drug ring was the white house issuing a statement saying, quote, miss johnson accepted response ability for her past behavior and been a model prisoner over the past two decades. despite receiving a life sentence hours worked hard to rehabilitate herself in prison and act as a mentor to her fellow inmates. kim kardashian meant with donald trump to lobby for release and expressed her gratitude on twitter saying the phone call i just had with alice will be one of my best memories telling her for the first time and hearing her scream while crying together is a moment i will never forget. instead of the leading democrats are accusing donald trump of favoring famous people. >> it should be done on the basis of fairness of all people, everyone should have an equal chance, not someone kim kardashian was risen his ear about. >> reporter: donald trump is in the early stages of pardoning 30 people including former illinois
2:25 am
governor rod blagojevich and martha stewart. jillian: a lot of people may their opinions known on social media. what are people saying? >> why did democrats oppose donald trump around every corner and ron says democrats oppose everything donald trump tried to accomplish, that is the only thing they know how to do. julie says happy for this poor woman, god bless her and put her on a path that shows gratitude for the second chance the pres. has given her. i share the joy of her family. donald trump is a good man, all you need is for someone to believe in you. another on twitter says things will never be good enough, trump contains world peace and the dems will say as americans this is not who we are. alice marie johnson will be on the story tonight for her first cable interview at 7:00 :00 pm.
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>> the aclu joining the fight against one nationwide question. are you a us citizen. the union filing a federal lawsuit against the u.s. census edition calling a discriminatory saying, quote, citizenship question is specifically designed to harm immigrants and instill fear among their members, the trump administration says this helps enforce the voting rights act. rob: the aclu joining the fight for love and justice. the union is teaming up with okcupid to connect like-minded singles who support the nonprofit. it is rolling out and aclu profile badge that lets members match with people with similar political views. for every badge issued cupid will donate one dollar to the aclu. there has been an unprecedented spike using politics to find their match because half the
2:27 am
country hates the other half right now. jillian: i believe it. dating apps for everything. criminal illegals pouring over our borders but dhs plans to stop that. facial recognition. some say it is an invasion of privacy, president of the national border patrol says it is a privilege, not a right to come inside our wall. brendan jed is next. rob: all smiles for kim jong un and sergei lavrov but there's something up with this photo. jillian: don't go breaking my heart, and last night's music awards. ♪ ♪ i'm not that kind of person ♪ you never know what the day's going to bring when you're running a small business,
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>> we have a fox news alert, plotting attacks on the us using drones and we might not be prepared, issuing an urgent warning, setting a major increase in drone activities from eight incidents, to 1000752 in 2016 proposing new protections, concerts sent home days. seneca tax under formats in cuba. americans report the strange noises showing symptoms similar to concussions or brain
2:32 am
injuries. we will keep you posted. government secret leaguer chelsea manning complained about armed police officers doing their job. police performing a wellness check on manning after she posted what appears to be suicidal tweets telling news sites the intercept, this is what a police state looks like, guns drawn during a wellness check, there to save her life. manning wasn't home at the time but if she was, she wouldn't be alive. the officers say they were protecting themselves. jillian: time for one state to fix a paper jam. a printing error is to blame after 120,000 people were left off the voter rolls in tuesday's primary, affecting 400 voting locations in los angeles county. eligible primary voters can still past a provisional ballot. rob: time running out in a
2:33 am
desperate search for survivors after the guatemala volcano eruption, rain hardening the ashes making it tougher rescuers to dig through the rubble. 100 people are confirmed dead. enormous ash cloud surrounding a golf course after the biggest eruption of that volcano in four decades. look at all the ash. >> baseball sized hail shattering in does and smashing roofs causing $120 million in damages. >> everybody's cars, the window right there. >> baseball sized hail, incredible video out of wyoming, this twister touching down, nobody hurt there. >> janice dean is tracking the intense weather. >> we have a thread again today and the hail incredible, damaging wind, a threat with severe storms and that is what
2:34 am
we saw out of wyoming and dozens of reports of hail and damaging winds, the same threat exists across the northern plains and high plains with a threat for parts of montana and wyoming throughout the afternoon and evening in the daytime heating. the threat exists across the plains where we have very warm temperatures, summertime in houston and kansas city and atlanta, stuck in this trough, 70 °, partly cloudy skies, this is the pacific season, hurricane season, forecast to become a hurricane moving away from land. belmont is happening this weekend. i will be there for triple crown. my prediction is this course is the one to beat. rob: another triple crown. >> first time in 37 years but
2:35 am
justify is going to do it. a few thunderstorms in the forecast but it will remain south of us. this could go with anything, rain, sleet, tornadoes. >> we don't need another one. belmont with janice dean. >> border security and the 21st century. agents will begin testing facial recognition as part of the trump administration's mission to keep criminals out of the country. >> how does this work and how to change the job for agents on the frontline. border patrol council president brendan jed joins us to explain. thanks for coming on. tell us how this is going to work, paint a picture for us? >> it will be game changer because it will allow us to identify people constantly breaking our laws with facial recognition, able to monitor
2:36 am
whether people are coming into the country on a regular basis to smuggle drugs, smuggle illegal immigrants, whether or not they are exiting the country at a certain time so this will be a game changer as far as border security. >> what do you say to those who argue for the right to privacy? >> the only reason they are arguing that is it wasn't their idea. they are going to fight back on the trump administration every step of the way. the same group that is advocating for body cameras for border patrol agents which again, how does that not violate privacy. this group doesn't like anything the trump administration does, it will improve border security. rob: the crossing in recent months, over 100,000 border apprehensions of illegal immigrants in the last 2 months. yesterday neil cavuto made the point when you have a strong
2:37 am
healthy economy and low unemployment everybody wants to come in because there's a lot of work to be had. is this going to help you do your job? >> it is. it will help us secure the border but you have to look at illegal immigration, illegal immigration always follows the united states economy. when the economy is in a great situation people come to the country illegally. when the economy drops people stop coming to the country so we can expect as the trump administration turns the economy around 4 people to cross the border because jobs are plentiful. >> what will this do for the daily workflow for border patrol agents? will the focus elsewhere and whether things they are supposed to be doing? >> that is what we call a force multiplier. you are showing the fence right now. what it does is allows us to
2:38 am
identify the areas where technology succeeds. when you have facial recognition programs, you don't have as many people at a certain location, we can deploy them to locations that allow us to secure the border more effectively. >> is there any information what percentage of illegal immigrants are coming in through ports of entry versus tunneling and over the fence? >> tunnels are difficult because they are hard to find but as we find more we get a specific intel that allows us to find the additional tunnels. the facial recognition at ports of entry forces the criminal element to move outside ports of entry and cross the border illegally at locations other than specific crossing which has been silent in some cases with drugs they shoot them over with
2:39 am
cannons. we face a lot of challenges on the border. jillian: appreciate it. 38 minutes after the hour. that was then this is now. jo manchin regret saying this in 2016. >> you want to know why i am supporting and so many of your supporting, because she cares, she cares. jillian: how does this have to do with his upcoming election? rob: girl scout leaders blindsided by the move made by their counterparts in the boy scouts, your comments pouring in on this story as they try to stick to tradition. jillian: knocked out cold, the gator who just wasn't ready to be captured yet. got to stick around for this one. ♪ ♪ you got to fight ♪ for your right
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♪ to party ♪ number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh - your nightly sleep companion. available in the natural sleep section at walmart. bp is taking safety to new heights. using drones and robots offshore so engineers can stop potential problems before they start. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better.
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rob: ice may have a secret weapon to nab illegal border crossers and that might be food. and illegal immigrant from brooklyn arrested during the delivery has before failed an army base come agents covering had an active ice warned from 2010 and learning undercover agents offered donuts before arresting 114 immigrants at an ohio lunch center, one of the largest workplace raids in a decade. a liberal mayor busts out in song and dance after a court victory over the trump administration. ♪ a sanctuary city ♪ rob: mayor james kenny celebrity after a court ruled in favor of century city status slamming the
2:44 am
president this week after the president canceled philadelphia eagles visit to the white house. jillian: too far left, howard shultz slamming democrats over their expensive political agenda. >> it concerns me that so many voices in the democratic party are going so far to the left. i ask myself how are we going to pay for all those things like single-payer or people is browsing that the government is going to give everyone a job. i don't think that is realistic. jillian: the executive is retiring on june 26th amid rumors he may run for president in 2020. samantha b apologizes on tv for the first time since taking vulgar comments about ivanka trump. >> i hate that this distracted from more important issues. i hate that i did something to contribute to the nightmare of 24 hour news cycles that are
2:45 am
white not going through. jillian: she apologized a day after her rent on immigration policy. according to the hollywood reporter, tbs will increase oversight on her show going forward. rob: the head of the girl scouts keeping the girl scouts, sylvia telling the ap the girl will stay in girl scouting, what we do really well. >> boy scouts drop the word boy from their name, they will be known as scouts bsa next year when the first girl join the ranks. your comments pouring in, ron says boys and girls, male and female, the word has gone bizarre to think the world has gone bizarre, to basic nature. >> the gender-neutral narrative needs to go away. jillian: john, if you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. rob: the days of discrimination
2:46 am
are over thanks to mod's, a google designer tweeting this update from the android removing the egg on the salad emoji. the change makes it more inclusive vegan salad. jillian: that is not the only change. it will be a little less angry. the turtle gets a hug and the uneven face get some anti-anxiety medicine. i looking for a plain pizza and white wine emoji. >> this is not a laughing matter. they are irritated about the mod. royal wedding fever hit nashville. >> look who has appeared in the procession.
2:47 am
is that the queen? heather: stars aligning in nashville is country music singers take a page out of the crowd. the opening -- the opening of the music awards that you have to see. ♪
2:48 am
2:49 am
2:50 am
2:51 am
>> carrie underwood making history, the brightest stars aligned for the music awards. >> >> the biggest mountain last night's show. >> the cmts is the most lighthearted songs with over-the-top performances. little big town kicks things off with this royal wedding themed spoof. >> look who appears in the procession. is that the queen? >> the undercover queen. >> is that the royal carriage? >> cheerio. >> i like it. >> it was carrie underwood who solidified her title as the queen of country music scoring her 18th when making her the
2:52 am
most decorated artist in cmt history. good lord, carrie underwood is just killing it. carrie underwood just swayed us, we are dead. she did a good job as she always does. >> a red straight democrat. >> jo manchin regret supporting hillary clinton during the presidential election and hinted at supporting donald trump in 2020 saying i'm open to supporting the person i think is best for my country, i will be right there. keep in mind the president won west virginia by 40 points and facing a tough reelection campaign. and the train may have left the
2:53 am
station but nancy says it wouldn't have anything to do with seats for reelection in november. i think you are right. jillian: photoshop action going on here. >> kim jong un met with russian minister sergei lavrov and the russian tv station photoshop the smile on to kim jong un's face. he became the first top ranking russian to meet with kim jong un so this was a big enough moment on it done. no need to photoshop but they did. peter says more fake news from the kremlin. what a surprise, truth wins all. looks like totally different pictures for veal. and looks like a terminator attempted to smile. it is a pretty good photo
2:54 am
shopping job. if i saw them side-by-side he smiled for the picture. i should have known. >> 53 after the hour. a bundle of pepperoni and mozzarella for your special day. a new must-have wedding accessory this season, how to get your hands on one of these. >> not an average stopped by a police officer, special union years -- years in the making. >> millionaire at cmt. ♪ [ ding ] -oh, i have progressive, so i just bundled everything with my home insurance. saved me a ton of money. -love you, gary! -you don't have to buzz in. it's not a question, gary.
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on march 1, 1810 -- [ ding ] -frédéric chopin. -collapsing in 226 -- [ ding ] . . -not today, ron.
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♪ ♪ ♪ rob: lots country music this morning after the cmts last night. jillian: where it's at by dustin lynch. rob: where it's at is at the white house. a lot happening these days. first the good. a state trooper pulls over the retired cop who actually delivered him at birth when
2:59 am
his mom suddenly went into labor shopping mall. two men got to talking. matthew patterson stopped michael bailey. he thanked him for the help for the delivery all these years ago. he took him home to meet his mom for a second time. amazing. jillian: something borrowed, something to chew? the ville lthe ville la kitchen. that would get all over your dress though, i'm just saying. rob: finally the ugly, feisty alligator. look at this, nails a trapper in the head with his tail while he is trying to rangle it. [screams. [snsm. >> smack, the officer knocked to the ground this
3:00 am
happening in florida the the gator trying to break free as they tried to load it onto the truck. can't blame the gator for that but i bet it hurt. >> don't mess with the gators. >> thanks for watching. later. inspector general's clinton email report claims comey went behind the doj's back when reopening the investigation in 2016. >> while you were sleeping the house giving the green light to 50-million-dollar bill to take on the vicious ms-13 gang. >> no one who defends our country in uniform should have to fight for their lives when they come back. so we're allowing our veterans to get access to the best medical care available. >> after serving 22 years alice marie johnson who is now a great grandmother walked out of a pickens county alabama prison. >> i want to thank president donald john trump. [cheers]


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