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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  June 7, 2018 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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mercy me is back to perform for us live. if you are here come to 46th avenue for a free show. >> brian: and ribs. an ribs and mercy me. >> bill: good morning, everybody. trump administration determination to crack down on illegal immigration. the numbers on securing the border are now in. we are learning that arrests are more than tripled since about a year ago. how about that? good morning, everybody. i'm bill hemmer live inside of "america's newsroom." housekeeping. >> sandra: my newspapers were spread all over the desk. even though i'm trying to tidy up here as we are starting the show. good morning, bill. good morning, everybody. i'm sandra smith. according to the homeland security department the president has made it clear that he wants to secure our borders. border agents have ardmore than 50,000 people in the month of may. it's the third straight month that that has happened. >> bill: as for apprehensions up more than 300 percent from the same time a year ago.
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william la jeunesse watching all of that dozens of trips to the border. back in l.a. william, so explain why the increase based on context and the numbers that you are looking at. good morning. >> well, let's -- hey, good morning. bill. let's isolate the families and children. that's where we are seeing big increases, 400 percent among families 300 percent among unaccompanied minors. most are from central america. seeing more families on mexico. on the push side you have more violence in mexico with the cartels in the south. have you that in central america and, that of course plus a flat economy. jobs in america. central americans women and children will be released to live with family members in the u.s. even if they are here illegally. the u.s. calls that a loophole. close that by increasing shelter space and separating women and children as a deterrent. the border patrol says they are seeing appear apprehensions spread out across the border. rio grande valley. now only 40% there. apprehensions seeing increases in tucson, san diego, and huma. >> my men and women in the
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border patrol have been making the apprehensions. it's the loopholes in the system that need to be fixed because those are the pull factors. that only lasts for so long and people start coming back if they know they have the possibility of being released into the country. >> and, of course, bill. you are going to see this being used politically, probably on the hill. demands from the president for the wall and probably more money. >> bill: every month we see these numbers. what do you make of them after seeing them so often. >> the high water mark was in 2,000. 1.6 million apprehensions. you analyze these 500 to 600,000, that's way down. on the other hand, when president trump took office, with his tough rhetoric that was a deterrent, apprehensions were down to 15,000 a month. that was unheard of because smuggling organizations believe now, of course, that he couldn't make his promises stick. so now you are seeing these huge increases in numbers and families and unaccompanied minors.
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i think we have a graphic there. you know, from mexico, again, you saw increase now 13,000 there with families, unaccompanied children. so what is the commissioner saying of customs and border protection? number one a double standard on kids. if you are from a contiguous country like mexico we can return the kids immediately. that's not so in central america. because of that flores decision in the court you have to release people within 21 days that is women, children and mostly minors. number three, asylum. only 80% of these families are meeting the credible fear standard on the front end. only 20% can prove it to a judge. by then they are living in the u.s. it's impossible to find them and deport them. officials are trying to reverse that by holding and prosecuting everyone. >> we have doubled our prosecutions in the first three weeks of this initiative. that means that many more people crossing our border illegally are facing criminal consequences in addition to hopefully immigration removal. >> that's, of course, is he talking about that zero
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tolerance program push by attorney general sessions. bill, right now, it doesn't seem to be having that big of effect. you don't turn around things overnight. back to you. >> bill: interesting stuff. william la jeunesse thank you with the numbers there out of l.a. today. >> sandra: meanwhile, another big story we are watching today ahead of next week's singapore summit. rudy giuliani saying that kim jong un begged for the sit down with the president on his, quote, hands and knees. this as president trump welcomes japan's prime minister shinzo abe today at the white house ahead of that north korea summit next week in singapore. chief national correspondent john roberts is on the north lawn. this is strong language coming from trump's team. >> it is and stands in sharp con t.s.a. to the language that president trump has been using recently. the president has been very careful to use very diplomatic language toward north korea while at the same time remaining tough on north korea with sanctions and a recent reminder to kim jong un that things will not go well for him if he either
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bails on the summit or decides he is going to confront the united states with nuclear weapons. yesterday, in israel though, rudy giuliani diverted from the official line suggesting that kim came crawling back to the united states after the president sent him that letter canceling the summit. listen here. they also said they were going to go to nuclear war against us. they were going to defeat us in nuclear war. can't have a summit under these circumstances. kim jong un got back on his hands and knees and begged for it. exactly the position you want to put him in. >> so far no reaction to that characterization from north korean officials. don't forget, rudy giuliani is an outside attorney for the president. not a white house official. had that statement come from somebody like john bolton, i'm sure the reaction from north korea probably would have been pretty swift. the president has been employing the principle that you get more bees with honey than do you with vinegar. last friday 1 hour and 15
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minutes long meeting with kim young chol how see at the left side of your screen there the posture very warm and respectful as kim was leaving. the president standing there with mike pompeo and waving goodbye as kim young chol drove off. north korea knows full well, sandra, they are dealing with the president on this they are not dealing with rudy giuliani. >> sandra: fair point. and dealing with today's schedule, john, the president's meeting with japan prime minister shinzo abe what ground are they expected to cover in that meeting. >> they're is the second time that they met in two months. they were together in april down in mar-a-lago. abe coming back for final strategy session before the president heads off to singapore for that meeting with kim jong un. abe wants to make sure that japan's interests are represented at that summit. japan very worried about intermediate ballistic missiles that north korea has. they also want some resolution of the japanese
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citizens who were kidnapped by north korea. the president promised at the meeting in mar-a-lago they would address those two things. they have a 2:00 press conference as well we will be able to hear from both of them. both abe and the president headed for g-7 summit quebec tomorrow. north korea obviously will be on the agenda. the major issues will be uncomfortable discussions on trade. the chief economic advisor larry kudlow saying that the g-7 is not going to be a distraction for the president ahead of the north korean summit. listen here. >> we're in the process of briefings and discussions here. as i said at the top the outline here is easy. trade, important bilateral talks. >> the president this morning though complaining about what he sees as a distraction, the continuing russia investigation. tweeting this morning isn't it ironic getting ready to go to the g-7 in canada to fight for our country on trade. we have the worst trade deals ever made and then off to singapore to meet with north korea and the nuclear program. back home we still have the
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13 angry democrats pushing for the witch-hunt. isn't it ironic? like rain on your wedding day. >> bill: oh my. >> sandra: i think we have all got that in our head this morning after that tweet from the white house. john roberts, thank you. >> bill: west virginia democrat senator joe manchin now saying he regrets backing hillary clinton's election 2016. he is even hinting that he could back president trump's bid for re-election. manchin telling politico endorsing her was a mistake. it was a mistake politically. chris stirewalt here to analyze. how are you, sir? >> well, brother bill. >> bill: nothing focuses the mind quite like the possibility of defeat. what's going on with the windshield here with senator manchin? >> look, i think manchin and you know it's west virginia politics when manchin basically said, look, she bribed me. she offered to build a dam in southern west virginia. she offered these projects, work on these projects and it was exchange. i didn't want to back her because of what she said,
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believed about the coal industry. did i it because she bribed me and then she didn't win so in the end it was a mistake. i love being in west virginia, i love west virginia politics. that's the robert c. byrd all the way. she promised a pork barrel and all i got was this lousy maga hat. [laughter] >> bill: #. he also said this. washington democrats are making it more difficult for me to be a west virginia democrat. that's an allusion, i would believe, to the progressive nature of some of the democratic politics in washington. >> how are you going to be pro-life? how are you going to be pro-gun? how are you going to be pro-coal and be a democrat? look, his party gives him pretty broad latitude to say and do what he needs to do to get elected as they do with heidi heitkamp in north dakota and joe donnelly in louisiana. however, at a certain point, the brand becomes too odious and hard for virginians to vote democrat. though, i think, there are plenty who will be willing to do it. joe manchin is going to have to prove his trump bona
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fides, his trump sucking up has got to get even more intense. >> bill: that's going to be a pretty good race. we will see how that goes. >> yeah. >> bill: reflection of what we saw on tuesday. ronna mcdaniel head of the rnc said this about the results from tuesday night. watch. >> that blue wave yesterday became a ripple and i will tell you why. because the trump agenda is working across this country on employment at record low. people are feeling better. wages are up. and they want to see this come back continue and they are not going to hand this nation over to obstruct and resist democrat party of no. >> bill: okay. now, she obviously is pitching. >> right. >> bill: her angle inside of what she saw on tuesday night. you concluded that democrats did what we needed to do on tuesday night. i would conclude democrat or republican, can you find good news in those results on tuesday. go. >> i think for the republicans, the good news on tuesday is that democratic turnout in california was not huge. right? even with competitive races,
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democratic turnout was only slightly higher than it was four years ago. and that doesn't point to the kind of intensity that they want to see to have a big smashing victory. that having been said, the republicans didn't have a great night in the sense that democrats pick the nominees that they needed. remember, all the talk they are going to get locked out of these races. republicans were so excited. none of that happened. the democrats in new jersey, democrats and not just there but in iowa, new mexico and california pick nominees who were moderate, matched their districts, qualified and moderate. the concern that democrats have had throughout this process would their base take them captive and not let them nominate the kind of candidates that can win this swing districts that's not what happened. they got who they needed and they are plowing ahead. >> bill: thank you, sir. as will we. chris stirewalt in washington, d.c. one more point on this whole manchin things. if his policies are best i will be right there. that's joe manchin's message to people you have west virginia regarding president trump in the election. >> sandra: fascinating
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stuff. meanwhile, we are awaiting the release of that big report that is expected to level some major criticism at former fbi director james comey. reportedly abused his power during his tenure. california congressman darrell issa is here to react to that. plus this: >> i'm really sorry that i said that word. but you know what? civility is just nice words. maybe we should all worry a little bit more about the niceness of our actions. >> bill: there is the apology. snan thasamantha bee is back on the air but should she still have a job? we will talk about that. then there is this today. watch. [crying] >> sandra: an emotional woman for a woman and her family after president trump commutes her life sentence. what prompted the president to take action. >> i'm feeling no handcuffs. nothing on me. i'm free to hug my family.
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mother...nature! sure smells amazing... even in accounts receivable. gain botanicals laundry detergent. bring the smell of nature wherever you are. >> th the ig leadership model
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is lacking. the reason he jumped in in the middle of the 2016 election was because he believed there was intelligence compromising attorney general loretta lynch. i think the department of justice was in the tank for clinton. the fbi did not do a very good job of looking at the clinton email investigation. it was a sham investigation. >> bill: there is senator lindsey graham last night with sandra, working for martha. he calls it a sham. inspector general's draft report finds that james comey defied authorities head of the fbi. darrell issa serves on the house judiciary committee. sir, how are you and welcome back to america's newsroom. >> good morning. >> bill: let's frame what we know based on the leak. james comey and loretta lynch behave. what do you make of the report have you read right now. >> what we make of it is that there was insubordination or belligerent arrogant attitude by the fbi director and that pattern continued.
6:18 am
it was do what i want to do the way i want to do. for example, he suspected loretta lynch of misconduct and, yet, he never kept memos of their meeting but he kept a memo from day one with president trump. another example that's not in the report but it bears listening and watch something when he claimed he had to literally force apple to hack their own phone, if you will because it couldn't be done any other way. then of course it turned out the opposite was true. he came before congress and said it as an absolute when in fact it wasn't true at all. these kinds of actions in addition to breaking protocol both starting and stopping and announcing the hillary clinton activity all of those show arrogance by definition is not befitting the director of the fbi. >> bill: word in the leaked report was insubordinate.
6:19 am
was any of it illegal? >> not about illegal. no one is accusing him of saying illegal activity. what we do realize is that he serves at the pleasure of the president and if in fact is he arrogant and insubordinate. if, in fact, he has a double standard for hillary and against trump, all of those things are reasons to terminate him. and a lot of what this ig report is going to show is that he was properly terminated as somebody who shouldn't be on the job. that's the most important thing that's going to come out of it. this is a draft report. one of the things i know over the years from draft ig report they are as strong as they are going to be when you first see them. and then after the people involved get to water them down with explanations tend to have softer edges. but the reality is, this is a indictment of the behavior of comey more than sufficient to show he should
6:20 am
have been term united states nateed. >> bill: that's going to justify on behalf of president trump is what you are saying? >> i think we have already seen the president's decision to terminate him was a good one i wanted him terminated after he lied to us in the apple case. and mueller, for that matter, when he couldn't name who was heading up the investigation on hillary's emails, we have had a pattern at the fbi that they think they are above the law and, particularly when it comes to looking over the shoulder of the department of justice and their misconduct. and that's a lot of what this report is dealing with is the department of justice has problems. the fbi, in fact, is simply a part of that problem. >> bill: one last word on this and we don't know what they are going to say about loretta lynch but it may not be favorable or may not be flattering. the president is suggesting there has been a delay with the ig report going public. do you see it that way or is there cause to go ahead and eliminate some of the more confidential material?
6:21 am
>> i share the president's, if you will, frustration. this is typical of ig reports. they do take a long time in this final phase. and i think that should be changed. it should be shortened. it's no not atypical. this is a problem we faced on the oversight committee. we would know a report was ready to go and might wait up to 8 weeks to actually get it. >> bill: sounds like washington. >> sounds like washington. >> bill: sounds like the swamp. thank you for your time today and i hope you come back. >> thanks, bill. will do. >> sandra: president trump says it's time to defend america from unfair trade policies that have been plaguing our nation for years. charles payne is on deck on that. plus, mounting fears of sonic attacks after more u.s. diplomats are mysteriously falling ill again. where this has now happened. and a cameraman narrowly escapes a propane tank explosion. more on this incredible
6:22 am
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>> bill: massive fire. california now under control this morning as fire broke out yesterday after, look at this, an explosion at industrial park ignited 1,000-gallon propane tank. look at that stuff fly. man. that will kill you. that blast forced an evacuation order since been lifted. no injuries reported. everybody is okay. that's quite the barbecue 1,000-pound propane tank going up there. so california the fire is out today. >> sandra: thank you very much. and this. >> don't blame trump. blame the nations that have broken away. trump is trying to fix this broken system. it was a good system. i agree with you. and it lasted for a bunch of
6:26 am
decades. but that system has been broken in the last 20 years-plus. i think free world trade is a very good thing indeed but it is broken. and president trump is trying to fix it. >> sandra: president trump's top economic advisor praising the policy. comes after the president imposes steep steel tariffs on g-7 countries heading into all of this. let's bring in charles payne host of making money with charles payne on the fox business network. i'm trying to picture the mood of this g-7 after all this drama. you just heard larry kudlow, he is sticking to the president. the world trade system is a mess. this is an effort to fix it and fix it now rather than wait until later. >> absolutely. the mechanisms are not in place to fix itself. it's interesting, to your point. the setting is like one of those old clinton eastwood westerns. ominous and a world against president trump. and somehow these two guys
6:27 am
think they are going to shame president trump or beat him into submission. he went to davos. even bigger con fab of the establishment and through it on the gauntlet then and there. here is the irony of canada and trudeau taking the lead in trying to put trump in his place. talk about some of the tariffs they have against us or against the word. on dairy, 270%. sausage 70%. barley seeds 57%. wheat 49%. bovine slash meat 56%. even table linens 18%. here is what is despicable. unfiltered milk used to make yogurt. american farmers were shipping this up to canada in the boat loads in 2015 made $133 million on this. canadian dairy farmers said hey, why aren't we protecting that? so they did. so they did. so this idea that somehow they are our friends and they have been playing fairly, that's just not true. it's just not honest.
6:28 am
let's fix it and put everything on the table and fix it. >> sandra: the president obviously knows that heading into all of this. the white house has now confirmed that the president is going to have meetings with both macron from france, his buddy and friend, of course, and canada's trudeau. you just wonder what's going to happen at this g-7 summit with these world leaders? >> i think something good could come out of it what's not been talked about this morning is in china this morning, their finance minister made some pretty impressive overtures saying they really want to avoid a war. they really want to avoid and escalate a trade war making accommodations. we know about 70 billion which would be 58% increase in what we sold to them last year. they already extended the olive branch and now they are verbalizing. they are not throwing down the gauntlet or rattling sabers anymore. they are saying they want to cut a deal. >> seems like the market is interpreting it at that yesterday we saw the dow close at its highest level in three months. i see that it's up again,
6:29 am
pointing to a higher open in a couple minutes. >> the market looks fantastic. and defined by the way it's going to other areas. material stocks have led the market this week. in the last three months it's been things like brick and mortar retail we wrote off. some of those names are up 100 percent from recent lows. our economy is firing on all cylinders. if president trump is going to throw down the gauntlet and fight back against this. why not fight back now while our economy is doing great. by the way all those folks in the g 7 or g-6 plus one know the real deal. >> sandra: he will be there. there is speculation he wasn't going to show. >> i think is i going to show. >> sandra: make waves? >> super star in davos and i'm hoping we get something done. >> sandra: charles payne, thank you. >> bill: charles payne gives us perspective we do not get. >> sandra: absolutely. >> bill: new and growing threat now from isis how the terror group is working. used a new weapon to carry out attacks and why homeland security says we are not
6:30 am
equipped to fight back. update on what's happening on that next. >> sandra: rudy giuliani calling out robert mueller and his team. why he says they are trying to, quote, frame the president. former arkansas governor mike huckabee is here. he joins us next. >> president trump did not talk to meet with or have anything to do with russians at any time during the 2016 election. stopped the investigation. put out your report and let the chips fall where they may.
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6:33 am
>> they are a group of 13 highly partisan democrats that make up the mueller team, excluding him, are trying very, very hard to frame him. to get him in trouble when he hasn't done anything wrong. >> sandra: rudy giuliani continuing to sound off now saying the special counsel, mueller and his team are trying to frame the president for collusion with
6:34 am
russia they know never happened. we're joined now by former arkansas governor mike huckabee host of huckabee during weekends over on tbn. he joins us now. governor, good morning to you. what do you make of that giuliani. he shares with us from tel aviv. is he over there for a conference. he said mueller's team is trying to frame the president. >> well, giuliani has sort of been the point man going out with the most inflammatory rhetoric of anybody on the legal team. i don't know if this is planned. i don't know if he has gone rogue. i simply don't know. what he said essentially is correct or seems to be an effort on the part of the special prosecutor do keep looking. they spent $17 million. haven't presented anything that ties to the president whatsoever. they have made it clear he is not even a target of the investigation. but it makes it difficult for him to do his job because of the distractions. and they need to bring this thing to a conclusion either wrap -- you know rope this calf and bring it in or let
6:35 am
the rope go and call the rodeo over. but it's gone on too long. >> sandra: the president talked about that. being a distraction in this tweet this morning saying, quote: isn't it ironic getting ready to go to the g-7 in canada to fight for our country on trade. we have the worst trade deals ever made. then off to singapore to meet with north korea and the nuclear problem. but lack home, we still have these 13 angry democrats pushing the witch hunt. governor. >> well, i think he is exactly right. and that's why it needs to be over, you know, one of the things i admire most about president trump is his ability to ignore all of the noise around him and just focus on what he wants to do. he will tweet about it. he will react. he will make a comment about it. but, as you can tell, it doesn't really keep him from focusing on whether it's the trade imbalance that we have with many countries who are whining like kids who didn't get invited to the birthday
6:36 am
party over it or whether it's north korea, which he has them closer to a denuclearization we have seen in 70 years. i think all of those things kind of point to the fact of why donald trump is being an effective president but also, sandra, why he is just so annoying to people on the other side of the aisle as well as to the media, but then i repeat myself, because he just doesn't seem to slow down on focus on getting the american economy back and making america strong and feared. >> sandra: meanwhile. i have got to ask but this report that came out yesterday. senate republicans releasing this report on the obama administration granting iran this secret access to the u.s. financial and banking system? i didn't get your reaction to that yet. >> well, it's, first of all, illegal. there are some people who need to be fitted for orange jump suits if they can find out exactly who it was that
6:37 am
allowed the united states and iran to enter into these these arrangements which violated both the law and then who lied to congress about it. who went to congress and said nope, everything is fine. we're doing this legally. well, they weren't. it is an incredibly serious thing. if robert mueller wants to investigate something, there is something right there, i think, 13 happy warriors ought to turn their attention to. there is something of substance. >> sandra: big questions there over whether officials mislead congress over getting that deal done. meanwhile mike pompeo tweeted this out. we're watching reports that iran plans to increase its enrichment capacity. we won't allow iran to develop a nuclear weapon. iran is aware of our resolve. it's another example of iran foolishly squandering resource us. it should surprise no one if protests in iran continue. what are your expectations, governor? >> if iran continues to push this, i think they need to
6:38 am
realize that donald trump, jim mattis, mike pompeo, john bolton and the entire national security team are not the amateurs and neither are they the wimps and wussies that they have been dealing with before. we know that iran is sponsoring terrorism through hezbollah and hamas. they are the largest state sponsor of terrorism in the world. they kill and kip americans. and -- kip -- kip americans. you want a nuclear power. you are not going to get it and we are simply going to do whatever it takes, including military action to make sure that those capacities are destroyed. >> sandra: i want you to go rest that voice. everybody wants to hear from you. you have been talking to us last night, this morning. always good to have you. governor huckabee, thank you. >> thank you, sandra. >> bill: a little frog in the throat. frog in the throat for cleveland. game three nba finals lebron trying to spark some life
6:39 am
for the cavs playing at home. check it out early. watch this here. >> james up and under throws it off the back board. >> bill: replay is even better. lebron throws it to himself show stopper. sadly, sandra not enough to hold back the warriors the script flipped to the kevin durant show. 33 points, 13 rebounds. 110-102 which makes our wager a little lopsided. >> sandra: this is getting embarrassing. there isn't a wager i haven't won. >> bill: this was a layup for you. you got to pick golden state. >> sandra: at least it was a close game. >> bill: reasonably close. you stole game one from me. j.r. smith should have made the layup. >> sandra: winning. >> bill: we would be talking about a whole new series here. >> sandra: cry me a river. >> bill: got to win one more. >> sandra: samantha bee
6:40 am
going back on the air for the first time since her vulgar remarks on the president's daughter ivanka trump. it ignited a firestorm. >> i want this show to be challenging and i want it to be honest. but i never intended it to hurt anyone except ted cruz. [laughter] >> sandra: comedian also apologizing to ivanka. but should she still have a job, samantha bee that is. >> bill: we will debate that melania trump making her first public appearance in about a month. how is she doing today. that's coming up next. together in so many new ways. there's new cedar plank seafood bake. tender maine lobster and shrimp, cedar roasted to perfection. or new caribbean lobster and shrimp. sweet pineapple salsa on grilled rock lobster, paired with jumbo coconut shrimp. and wait. there's lobster & shrimp overboard! it's a seafood party on a plate. so hurry in.
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'cause lobster & shrimp summerfest won't last.
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>> sandra: first lady melania trump in first public appearance in 26 days appearing alongside president trump at fema briefing on the 2018 hurricane season. the president taking a moment to acknowledge his wife's recovery from a kidney procedure. >> she went through a little rough patch but she is doing great. we are proud of her. she is doing a fantastic job. people love you. the people of our country
6:44 am
love you. san isn't a first lady did not address reporters. the slammed the media for spreading rumors about his wife's absence from the limelight: anyone had surgery it can take time. >> bill: our best to her. 16 minutes before the top of the hour. check it out. >> a lot of people were offended and angry that i used an epitaph to describe the president's daughter and advisor last week. it is a word i have used on the show many times hoping to reclaim it. this time i used it as an insult. i crossed the line. i regret it. and i do apologize for that. >> bill: samantha bee back on the air last night. the comedian saying she regrets the controversy distracted from the immigration issue. she was trying to put a focus on. adrienne elrod former director of strategic communications for hillary clinton and co-host of the benson fox radio show. guy, your resume gets longer
6:45 am
and longer. so slow down, my man. >> that's a mouthful. >> bill: guys, this is what i want to know. the standards are different in 2018. we can agree on that. the line of offense is lower than it used to be. roseanne lost a show because she insulted african-americans. and you can argue that she rightfully lost that show or make the case this was her first amendment right. samantha bee insulted women all over the world and she still has her program. adrienne, should she? >> i think she should. what's been lost in the whole debate is why she made those comments in the first place. first of all i want to make it clear there is no appropriate place to use the word that she used about the daughter of donald trump. she is very concerned about what is happening on the border. she said ivanka trump posting a child of her photo when thousands of children are being ripped away from their parents.
6:46 am
>> bill: did not need to use the word. >> did not need to use the word. big difference between roseanne making racist comments about valerie jarrett vs. what samantha bee was doing here? >> bill: what's the difference? there is a new standard in america today. >> there is a new standard. first of all, let's be clear that president trump has been using derogatory language during the campaign and still president of the united states a lot of those come from the top. >> bill: i want to get guy in here. voters can make that decision to fire him if they so choose when it's the at the appropriate time. my only conclusion to both of you what she said was okay with the bosses who employ her. guy, go. >> yeah, so, with roseanne she compared a woman of color to an april, which is short of the "n" word, maybe the worst thing you can say. >> bill: it's awful. >> contemporary american life. i understand why she was fired. it could have been her first amendment right to say whatever she wants. and it is. there are also consequences. i don't like people losing their jobs over objectionable speech
6:47 am
generally i think overt racism is a pretty bright line. when i look at the situation involving samantha bee i was not advocate of her getting fired, maybe getting suspended something more than a slap on the wrist. pbs applauded her for apologizing and put her back on the air apology deflecting and smug and sneering default setting where she said oh, i didn't want to hurt anyone except for dead cruz, by the way my apology does not apply men. i don't care what they think. this is all a distraction and the real thing that should have been the issue and that's the media's fault. it didn't feel very contrite to me. >> bill: how about that, adrienne do her bosses not necessarily agree with her comments. >> i do agree with guy here that perhaps a suspension was more appropriate. again, samantha bee was not, you know, huge difference bottom line between making very racist comments which
6:48 am
by the way roseanne has done for years. this is not an isolated incident. sam b. using horrific term to describe a woman. the underlying message she was trying to portray is the insensitivity of ivanka trump posting a photo of her child. >> bill: there is nothing insensitive about that. >> so many horrific things happening at the border. >> bill: what she said any less offensive to women? >> samantha bee using the c word. >> bill: last word you use. >> extremely offer. i agree with guy here you can't get more offensive than making racist comments and comparing valerie jarrett to an ape. >> bill: guy, is what she said any less offensive to women. >> i'm not a woman. i know those type of words land on different people's ears differently. the justification that she was all upset about the immigration issue and illegal immigrant children being separated from their
6:49 am
families as any kind of excuse for dropping the c-bomb on ivanka trump i think is a very weak excuse. and, to be honest, she was triggered by this photo of ivanka with her own child like people want ivanka not to post a photo of her hugging her own kid that's little bit silly. when you go back and look at the original harang from samantha b. she was trafficking in quasihalf-truths blaming those looking at photographs that turned out to be from 2014. she said 1500 kids lost or missing. that isn't really accurate. so, i know that she is upset that she distracted from quote, unquote, the real issue. but, guess what, if you have a real issue and then you tack onto the end by the way the president's daughter is the c-word yeah, that's going to be a distraction. >> bill: different standards for different people. adrienne, guy, thank you. >> thanks, bill. >> thank you. >> i appreciate the discussion. >> sandra: president trump granting clemens t clemency to n
6:50 am
serving a sentence for drug crimes after a strong push from kim kardashian west. alice marie johnson reunited with her family. what she is saying about her release from federal prison and the reality show star who helped make it all possible. >> i would tell president trump thank you so much that i am going to be that one that is going to make you so proud and i hope that my life will encourage him to do this for others, too.
6:51 am
mom? dad? hi! i had a very minor fender bender tonight in an unreasonably narrow fast food drive thru lane. but what a powerful life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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6:53 am
>> sandra: an emotional reunion for a woman and her family after president trump commuted her life sentence. alice maria johnson serving 21 years for drug offenses before being freed from federal prison last night.
6:54 am
>> it was the most incredible day of my life. amazing, overwhelming day, moment of my life when kim told me i could go home i started screaming and jumping up. i know people looking in the window probably thought i was having some kind of fit. >> sandra: carley shimkus joins me now. very emotional reunion with her family. made the rounds this morning. we have heard from her. it's amazing to see how this has all transpired and that photo of kim kardashian stand not guilty oval office where she presented alice's story to president trump. >> her story is really compelling. what happened to her was she lost her job. she says that she made a big mistake. she became involved with cocaine dealers. her job was to pass mess sages along for the drug dealers. she then got a life sentence for, you know, as we now know a first-time nonviolent drug offense. she served 21 years kim
6:55 am
kardashian picked up the story. she was hoping president obama would commute her sentence. that didn't happen. took star power with kim kardashian to get the president's attention now she is spending time with her family. >> sandra: she a grandmother. mother of many. kim kardashian tweeted out in response to the president's move here she said so grateful to real donald trump, jared kushner and to everyone who has shown compassion and contributed countless hours for this important moment for miss alice maria johnson. her commutation is inspirational and gives hope to so many others who so deserving of a second chance. >> i was watching your interview with mike huckabee yesterday which did you a good job. he made a good point he said there are people who murder other people who serve a third of the time in prison than what johnson was facing. so her sentence just didn't make sense. it received bipartisan
6:56 am
support. say the president shouldn't have done. this she became ordained minister in prison. she is going to make the president proud. >> sandra: president tweeting today good luck to alice johnson have a wonderful life. he has pardoned five people so far and considering dozens more clemency cases. we will see what he does next. >> rob blagojevich; martha stewart. >> bill: can you get into prison reform thunder president, too. this was talked a lot under 8 years under president obama did not get quite the traction. >> aclu says there are 3,000 nonviolent first time offenders in prison right now. i'm going to go out on a limb here. this is something that the anthem kneelers are always, you know, preaching about. maybe there is some common ground here. i know people don't want to hear it but there might be. >> sandra: interesting stuff. >> bill: draft report from the department of justice will apparently come down hard on the former fbi director james comey does not spare loretta lynch either.
6:57 am
what's in that report? plus, sounding the alarm about a new method terrorists could use to attack our troops overseas. we will tell you what we know about that this morning coming up. top of the hour. hi i'm joan lunden.
6:58 am
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not cool! at&t provides edge to edge intelligence. it can do so much for your business, the list goes on and on. that's the power of &. & this shipment will be delivered... >> sandra: new reaction pouring in to a highly anticipated report as the justice department's watchdog apparently comes down hard on fired fbi director james comey taking him to task for his handling of the hillary clinton email investigation. welcome to a brand new hour of america's newsroom, i'm sandra smith. >> bill: nice to see you, sandra, how are you doing? >> good morning to you. everything is good. >> bill: potential slamming former attorney general loretta lynch for the way she conducted the probe as well. congressman darrell issa telling us last hour that comey deserved to be shown the door. >> it's not about illegal and i think no one is accusing him per se of illegal activity, what we do realize is that he serves at the pleasure of president.
7:01 am
if, in fact, he is arrogant. if, in fact, is he insubordinate and if, in fact, he has a double standard for hillary and against trump, all of those things are reasons to terminate him. a lot of what this ig report is going to show is that he was properly terminated as somebody who really shouldn't be on the job. >> bill: that from this hour catherine herridge this hour. live from d.c. catherine, good morning to you. what's next? >> thank you, bill. and good morning. we understand the report puts director comey's leadership style under the microscope with the inspector general exploring whether comey went beyond his authorities in july 2016 when he publicly discussed the clinton email investigation and recommended against criminal charges, a responsibility that fell to his boss at the time. attorney general loretta lynch. comey has since explained that lynch's arizona tarmac meeting with bill clinton, just days before hillary clinton's fbi interview from his handling classified information was a game changer in addition to other intelligence that implied lynch whatnot let the email case go too far.
7:02 am
that intelligence is not public and its reliability unclear. when fox news caught up with lynch on capitol hill recently. she refused to answer questions about the comey allegations. in the draft report, the inspector general reportedly rebukes lynch as well for her handling of the federal criminal probe. comey testified to congress that lynch advised him to call the criminal investigation a matter. comey said the language concerned him because it closely tracked with the language used by the clinton campaign. on fox recently, the former director seemed to choose his words carefully about lynch. >> i think we're both telling the truth. i never went to her and said, loretta, i think you should recuse yourself. my problem was she had already announced it publicly that she wouldn't and that she would accept my recommendation so at that point what do i do? i decided at that point i have got to step away from her. >> reports may come down to the review process because they said cooperate likely have an opportunity to respond to the inspector general's findings, bill.
7:03 am
>> bill: also new this morning about the justice department. fbi records about an alleged confidential source. what does that deal with, catherine? >> that's right, bill. this is a highly fluid situation this morning. and late last night a senior justice department official told reporters that they would offer congressional leadership another briefing and access to those records. the time line is now monday or tuesday next week. these records, as you recall, are about alleged confidential human source and contact from campaign aides and they were requested by chairman nunes and chairman gowdy. >> told last night by congressional sources that the records had been promised for this morning after the issue came to a head with speaker ryan and trarm gowdy's public comments that they believe the fbi acted properly based on what they knew so far. it's important to note justice department official acknowledges now that the records that were, quote, inspected were not inspected, pardon me, at those earlier meeting. nobody read them but the records were in the room. >> bill: are we fair to say
7:04 am
that the report when it comes out with deal with comey and loretta lynch and will not deal with the fisa order? that may come at another time? >> based on our reporting, we believe that may come at another time. it's important to note the title of the briefing -- the testimony that's on the books with the senate judiciary committee. and it's called events leading up to the 2016 election. so that may be larger basket, if you will, than just the emails bill. we will know that when it happens. >> bill: seems like we have a ways to go then. catherine herridge, thank you in washington. thanks. >> sandra: more on this charlie hurt opinion editor for the "new york times" and fox news contributor. tough to manage expectations with the ig report. we don't know when it's coming out. we really don't know as bill and catherine were discussing the scope of it are your expectations? >> well, i have to say that somebody is doing a pretty good job of managing expectations with it because, of course, we are
7:05 am
getting all of these leaks. and when you stop and sort of, you know, process of elimination, try to figure out who it is that is leaking this stuff, i don't think it's michael horowitz. i don't even think it's anybody in congress. i don't think that they have seen it the people that are leaking this information are people inside the fbi who are desperate to kind of soften the blow for when this comes out. and i would argue that that in and of itself is a pretty good indication of the problem all along so many people from the top to the bottom in the fbi. whether it's loretta lynch meeting with bill clinton on the tarmac or jim comey with superman complex or all of the hard-working fbi agents whose hard, decent good pro-mizeed by all of this stuff the problem here the fbi is not focused on justice. it was focused on at least jim comey and loretta lynch more focused on politics and
7:06 am
protecting themselves. >> here is lindsey graham saying this whole thing was a sham when it comes to the investigation. listen. >> i think the department of justice was in the tank for clinton. the fbi did not do a very good job of looking at the clinton email investigation. it was a sham investigation. >> sandra: charlie? >> you know, one of the funniest things, sandra, as you know, when you talk to former clinton campaign people, they are so mad at jim comey about -- him raising the -- you know the specter of reladies and gentlemenninladies and -- relaus before the election. of course they conveniently ignore that extraordinary press conference back in july before the -- election where jim comey laid out a perfectly good case for prosecuting hillary clinton and then concludes by but we're not going to prosecute
7:07 am
her. the fbi, jim comey, loretta lynch they have done a very good job of compromising themselves and their department and i think that, you know, that at least they deserve all the criticism they are getting from people like lindsey graham. >> sandra: interesting we haven't seen or heard much from jason comey in recent days and weeks. we saw so much of him for a while, charlie. >> he was on -- >> sandra: yeah. focus of this ig report. >> yeah. he was on a real tour there for a while. but i think -- and i have to say, yeah, exactly. when i look back at it now. the title of this book is higher loyalty. my gosh, you know now that you have this report coming out accusing him of defying authority of insubordination. it starts -- it makes you wonder what was that higher loyalty? is his higher loyalty to some sort of institutional thing? well, i'm sorry, the fbi is here not to protect the institution of the fbi. the fbi is here to ensure
7:08 am
justice is served. and i don't think that anybody would argue that that happened in this case. >> sandra: well, we learned a lot about james comey through these recent leaks but also, michael horowitz also rebuked former attorney general loretta lynch for her handling of the investigation into hillary clinton's email server. so, you know. as the president said, what's taking so long for this inspector general report? >> the anticipation is building by the day. we will see. charlie, thank you. >> can't wait to see it. >> bill: going to make headlines when it does come out. we were expecting this two weeks ago. >> sandra: any day now. >> bill: got a fox news alert for you. dangerous drones, a growing national threat. homeland security yesterday warning congress, america is not ready to stop a drone attack on u.s. soil. griff jenkins has this story live back there in d.c. griff, how serious is the threat here? >> short answer, bill, imcomments and dynamic. their words, not mine. the testimony was sobering
7:09 am
before the senate homeland security committee dhs officials warning that tears arterroristsare not only plannio carry out drone attacks both overseas and here at home but also we might not be prepared under secretary foreign intelligence says this threat is real and we are witnessing a rapid revolution in the danger it poses. >> we know isis fighters in iraq and sierra i can't have used unmanned aircraft to deliver explosives and plot unmanned aircraft use elsewhere. this is a significant threat to the homeland. >> glawe also noted you the growing risk to law enforcement officers including protecting open screen yous like concerts and sporting events. officials cited a major increase in suspicious drone activities, bill, which went from 8 incidents in 2013 to 1700 and 52 in 2016.
7:10 am
>> bill: what do we think we need to do to address the threat. >> any commercially available drone can be used pretty much anywhere by terrorists or criminals whether it be on the battlefield in iraq or afghanistan or outside of the stanley cup finals game tonight in las vegas. they are seeking greater authority to take counter measures whenever they encounter any suspicious drone along with other measures to address the vulnerabilities they noted. chairman of the committee ron johnson says the take away should be to give them just that and they hope to make that a part of the national defensive authority act which will be debated and hopefully voted on in the coming weeks. >> bill: more to come. griff jenkins in washington. >> sandra: police releasing the 911 audio from the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. >> my friend has been shot. we need an ambulance. we have three gunshot wounds. >> you need an ambulance? [screaming] >> yes. >> sandra: beyond the panic and horror we will tell you what we are now learning about that tragic night.
7:11 am
plus there is this. >> to repeat a tornado is on the ground. take cover now. >> bill: daylight, tornado, a powerful one ripping through the heartland path of destruction left behind. details on where this is happening straight ahead here. >> sandra: president trump slamming the media for criticizing his wife melania as the two make their first public appearance together in weeks. l life lesson. and don't worry i have everything handled. i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. ( ♪ )
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>> bill: justice department saying the duel u.s.-saudi citizen combatant since september. the prisoner not agreeing with that release saying is he not an isis fighter. the aclu saying this is a, quote, disgraceful way to treat an american citizen end quote. >> went through a little rough pamp but she is doing great. very proud of her. she has done a great job as first lady. people love you. people of our country love you. >> sandra: president trump defending melania yesterday during first public appearance since the first lady underwent minor surgery. kayleigh mcenany is a spokeswoman for the republican national committee jehmu green is a former candidate for the chair of the democratic national committee and fox news contributor. i think i can speak for all of us and say thank goodness she is back. she is doing fine after this surgery but day lee, the
7:16 am
headlines that have been out there since her disappearance as so many put it why you don't have to look farad the melania trump vanishing act. they gave her a really tough time. >> a really tough time you look at the mainstream media. let's not even call them mainstream i don't think they are particularly mainstream. i like to call them the conspiracy ridden media. making up stories this could be plastic surgery or abuse or a new move to new york city out of white house it is ridiculous. the lies that have been told about our esteemed first lady, but you know what in the good news is, the silver lining of all of this is, melania trump has the trust and the love of the american people. she has a 57% approval rating. meanwhile the media has the lowest approval rating in gallup recorded history. the american people recognize injustice. >> sandra: jehmu the president took to twitter on
7:17 am
this entire story. he said the fake news media has been so unfair and vicious to to my wife. they reported everything from near death to face lift to left the white house and me for new york or virginia to abuse. all fake. she is doing really well. why did he even have to do that? why did it get to that point? >> well, i really wish it hadn't gotten to that point. i do agree with kayleigh, melania does have the love and trust of the american people. i do think that one, there was genuine concern about her whereabouts. for example, my mom who had that same kidney surgery, outpatient surgery, was very concerned with why she wasn't in the hospital for so long. now, the speculation that has run wild has been outrageous. it's been disgusting. but i do think it is important to point to the
7:18 am
president has a role to play in setting the tone when it comes to conspiracy theories and the role that he has played is to basically say it's okay to do this type of speculation. it's okay to talk about a woman possibly having a face lift like he did with mika brzezinski from morning joe. these are the things that the president and melania should reckon with in her be best campaign how this changed the tone from conspiracy theories to real conversation to move us forward. >> sandra: i want to get kayleigh to respond to that while we were all you are saying, jehmu you were concerned as well as your mother. you didn't see so much of that and the president went as far as to say four reporters saw her walking after the surgery outside the white house and never even reported it. he said. this four reporters spotted melania in the white house last week walking merely along to a meeting. they never reported the citing it would hurt the
7:19 am
sick narrative she was living in a different part of the world, was really ill or whatever. fake news is really bad. kayleigh, let me challenge the white house on this point. perhaps was their messaging not all together on this? could they have groton together on this and prepared people for why she might be out of the public eye for a while. >> look, i don't think they need to explain. she had a surgery. she was in the hospital for five days. that's a pretty big surgery. a long time to be in the hospital she can take a few weeks off. it should be naturally assumed someone is going to take some time away from the limelight after surgery. jehmu, i believe you were genuinely concerned and your mother and i'm sure many others on the left were. the mainstrea mainstream media. i don't believe this was genuine concern for melania. where are the feminists also on that i want to ask. with the elizabeth warrens, the hillary clintons, the nancy pelosi, the so-called people who defend women defending melania trump i haven't seen one tweet from elected official or from women on the left defending melania, standing up for her
7:20 am
and saying this is inexcusable. we need to stand together as women on this. >> sandra: jehmu, last word. >> as a feminist, i think the speculation was absolutely inexcusable. first lady being out of the public eye for 30 days is a valid news story. it just needed to be covered in a way that was respectful and perhaps we can get there if the president himself shifts the conversation away from conspiracy theories to the facts. >> sandra: we're glad she is backed in the public eye and feeling better. thanks to both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you, sandra. >> bill: new fears surrounding sonic attacks. hit yet another american consulate overseas falling seriously ill. what the state department is doing and saying about that at this time. >> sandra: different health concern affecting u.s. veterans who served in iraq and afghanistan. the major health problems some of them are now facing. >> when you stuart examining what's in the burn pits and what they are doing and where is the smoke is going,
7:21 am
this is what happens in war. i said it shouldn't.
7:22 am
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7:24 am
>> sandra: crazy weather across the heartland. look at this massive tornado in wyoming. you can see the photographer getting close to the twister in the southern part of the state. this happened last night in a field. thankfully, nothing, hard to believe, looking at these images, nothing was damaged. that wasn't the case in texas. look at this hail. >> oh, watch out, guys. all right, guys. this is the hail we are getting right now. bill. >> sandra: that is no joke. i say that as somebody in the midwest. a whole lot of hail. that was baseball sized hail slamming into cars and homes in the dallas-fort worth area. the insurance council of texas predicting the storm caused more than
7:25 am
$400 million in damage. >> bill: baseball, right? >> sandra: sizeable. >> bill: tornado in wyoming during daylight. it's rare when you see something of that size, you know, with the sunlight hitting it. >> sandra: gorgeous. check that thing out. evacuationing americans from a u.s. consulate in china this happening after employees sonic related sickness similar to the ones the americans at cuban embassy experienced two years ago. u.s. medical professionals will continue to conduct full evaluations to determine the cause of the reported symptoms and whether the findings are consistent with those noted in previously infected government personnel or possibly could be completely unrelated. garretgarrett tenney is in liven washington. that's a mouthful.
7:26 am
how widespread are these symptoms? >> good morning, bill. the state department hasn't given a solid figure. the number of americans experiencing the symptoms does appear to be growing. one diplomat from the u.s. was sent back home last month and at least several more came back this week. secretary of state mike pompeo has said the symptoms are very similar to those experienced last year by u.s. personnel at our cuban embassy. that was following what's believed to be the result of sonic attacks which caused nausea, headaches, hearing loss and other cognitive issues. after months of investigating though, officials still aren't certain what or who was behind those health scares. today, china's foreign ministry says if the investigation into these latest incidents turned up empty as well. >> what i can tell you is china has investigated the suspected sonic attack against the u.s. embassy and consulate staff in china in quite a responsible manner. we have not found any organization or individual who conducted such an
7:27 am
attack. in other words, we have not found any cause or clue that led to the situation mentioned by the u.s. we have informed the u.s. of this conclusion. >> the timing of these latest incidents china is interesting as well, the first american started experiencing symptoms in late fall of last year. which puts it right around the same time that these believed health attacks as the state department calls them were occurring in cuba. bill? >> bill: what about the cuba deal? was there any long-term brain damage from those who complained about that? >> certainly possible. the state department has described the symptoms that folks experienced there as similar to what you would experience if you had concussion or a minor traumatic brain injury. in october, at least 24 americans at the u.s. embassy in cuba complained about those illnesses. and while not all of them were found to be affected by those health attacks, we do know the state department has a number of medical teams that are still treating those individuals and trying to see exactly what caused it and what the long-term impacts will be. >> bill: thank you, garrett.
7:28 am
garrett tenney on that from washington. >> sandra: meanwhile another health concern affecting u.s. service members in iraq and afghanistan. during the wars there, the military used burn pits to incinerate numerous types of waste. but thousands of veterans have developed serious illnesses. including cancer. which may have been caused by toxic fumes from those pits. retired army lieutenant colonel dan brewer went to iraq to investigate and wrote an exhaustive report. in an exclusive interview with fox news he says the findings were mostly ignore ignored. >> when we presented and requested to meet with general petraeus and we met there, general petraeus was, you know, he was for it. but, now the problem is in enforcing it. and most people regulation didn't care. they just had it. >> sandra: more than 64,000 active service members amend retirees have put their names on a burn pit registry created by the veterans
7:29 am
administration. another health concern. >> bill: need the help. can you imagine over the years how much waste there was during this war, too. good reporting. lea gabrielle. thanks for that president trump putting his negotiating skills on the line come monday. historic summit with kim jong un. will they pull off the ultimate deal? we'll take it up with a former member of his national security team who joins us live. plus there is this. >> i am in las vegas and i ran from the mass shooting at the concert and now i'm hiding. >> where are you hiding at? >> we ran and someone got into an airplane hanger. and inside the airplane hanger there is like a garage where people park their cars. we're hiding in the garage in the dark inside a car. >> sandra: the chilling 911 calls from the las vegas massacre just released. capturing the sure chaos and panic from those moments. more on what police are learning from that night.
7:30 am
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
>> sandra: we have seen the terrifying video of the las vegas massacre. police are releasing the deadlthedead the calls from the deadly attack. jonathan is live from our west coast newsroom. this is a real glimpse into the terror people felt that night. >> yeah, sandra. in this new court-ordered release we actually get video and audio that captures the panic, fear, and desperation of the concert goers who found themselves under fire on that horrific night in las vegas. this video, for instance, from a security camera on the roof of the mandalay bay gives a disturbing sense of what the shooter would himself have been seeing as he rained high caliber bullets down on the crowd from 32nd floor room. and the 911 calls demonstrate the terror felt by his victims. >> my friend just got shot.
7:34 am
we need an ambulance. >> we have three gunshot wounds. i don't have any idea where we are. >> do you need an ambulance. >> yes. >> fire department. >> we have to get her somewhere. [crying] [screaming] >> hello? hello? >> and as we look at more of the video from those security cameras that have no audio, it shows people running for cover. stopping to help those who might be injured or in some cases even dead. a night, sandra, that no one who was there will obviously ever forget. sandra? >> sandra: jonathan, what is the status of the investigation. >> this is the fifth batch of records released by the sheriff joe lombardo. to the frustration of many he has done so without commenting and giving significant updates on the investigation. the fbi has also declined to comments. and it seems the bottom line is we might never know what drove the shooter to do what he did.
7:35 am
no links to terrorist groups, domestic or international have ever been discovered. and wh we know little other than the shooter was a wealthy gambler who had stockpiled an array of guns and ammunition and spent several days as these security cameras show coming and going from the manned da lay bay secretly bringing in his deadly arsenal. the sheriff, by the way, is running for re-election this year. he says he will deliver a final report in august. it's obviously a very open question whether that will provide the kind of answers so many people like in this horrific case, sandra. >> sandra: really difficult to watch and hear. i can't imagine the wh horror those people went through that night. jonathan hunt, thank you. >> g-7. there is no plan at all to pull out. but the president has been meeting with his national security advisors and his team about north korea. he is well-prepared for that. he is the best negotiator in the world. we're honored to have him at
7:36 am
the table because we have got to have a denuclearized north korea. >> bill: that from the white house earlier today. president trump gearing up for a big week. first, trade at the g-7 summit in canada. then all eyes go on singapore. those in the know are warning everyone to keep your expectations modest. michael an juan former spokesman for president trump's and research fellow at hillsdale college. how are you doing, michael. >> thanks. >> police in politico trump and bolton. trump himself has driven the preparation on little with national security team outside of secretary of state mike pompeo. i don't whether that's true or not but have you got a big problem with that, why? >> i don't have a big problem with that i think the process always has to match the president and match the president's style of preparation and so on. he clearly trusts mike pompeo a lot. even before secretary pompeo became secretary of state. the president encristed him with getting the ball rolling towards talks on
7:37 am
north korea. there is no secret why the president is relying on mike pompeo. and i don't think there is any reason why anybody should be alarmed about that. >> bill: okay. then, what's the game plan for monday? >> i think the game plan is, first and foremost, is to just sit down and see if they can find common ground. i think the north koreans will probably try to play the same tricks that they have played on prior administrations which is to say offer vegas concessions that they won't follow up on until they get concrete things from the united states. the united states has got to be prepared as i assume we are, to realize that that's the north korean game plan and make clear that we're willing to make concessions only in response to their concessions. that when we see concrete actions we can verify. we will start to give them some of the things that they want. >> bill: do you think there is a prearranged guarantee for both sides? usually that's how a big-time summit happens. do you think that's the case here? >> well, look. i can point you back to secretary pompeo's own words including comments he made on "fox news sunday" several
7:38 am
weeks ago. he said the united states is willing to consider formally ending the korean war. there is no treaty ending the korean war. he said the united states would be willing to give security guarantees to kim jong un and to the north korean regime and even to support economic development and private sector investment that could boost the north korean economy. so, these are all things that are on the table if the north koreans do what the united states wants and expects, which is generally denuclearize and allow inspectors in to verify that they have done it. >> bill: i think about the obama administration, how long they tried to congeal the iranians just to talk. >> that's a great point. >> bill: this thing came together quickly it apartments. >> it took the basically four years to get the iranians to the table and then the united states failed at the table and got this disastrous deal. it took the trump administration slightly over one year to get the north koreans to the table. a much more difficult regime to work with by the way and now the negotiations haven't started so we don't know what will happen at the table but we do know this is
7:39 am
an administration that is well aware of past mistakes that the united states made in dealing with the north koreans and determined not to make them again. so i think we should all be optimistic as i am. >> bill: wow. i hope you are right about all of that. what did you think about rudy giuliani's comment from his reel saying that kim jong un came back and pleaded once the threat of a cancellation was made public? >> well, look it, it was probably not a comment well received in pyongyang. yet again, the summit is still on. everything is still going forward. i think we all ought to just be looking forward to next week and all ought to be hopeful that the united states, you know, we are not going to accomplish all our goals that the one summit. if we can open the door towards accomplishing those goals, the summit will have been a success. >> bill: i said monday. it's monday night our time or tuesday morning singapore time. they are 12 hours ahead. when we first talked about this several months ago, michael. you gave our viewers that warning. you said don't expect everything to happen in one sit-down. this will be a process that
7:40 am
takes months if not years to resolve. have you changed your mind on that? >> well, look, i would say the process can be as fast as the north koreans want it to be. if they decide they want to move ahead towards the kinds of benefits that secretary pompeo has held out for them, they can get this done very quickly. all they have to do is dismantle missiles, open up sites. let inspectors in. that can be a matter of months if they want it to be. if they want it to go slower, the timing is much more in their court than it is our court. the question is how much do they want those benefits? how much do they want the sanctions to come off? how much do they want oil to flow in at a higher rate? how much do they want to boost hard currency reserves? we know they want all those things. the question is how quickly do they want them? they can get them more quickly by denuclearizing more quickly. >> bill: you are a great guest. michael, thank you. >> sandra: lawmakers wrestling over immigration reform. some republicans are hopeful that a deal is near.
7:41 am
>> i think everybody wants to deal with both border security and daca. and so when we look at dealing with both of those things, i don't see that you will get one without the other. i think most people realize that. >> sandra: and while g.o.p. leaders are touting process in reaching a compromise, a bill is reportedly far from finalized. senator john thune here to weigh in on the ongoing negotiations. >> bill: also, sandra, a woman stunned by a bear. apparently the bear was waiting for dinner. here i am sitting at the picnic table. >> sandra: somebody is standing there taking this video. run. >> bill: ready to be served. the rest of this story coming up. ♪ >> our audience has an element of trust and that's why they watch. >> sandra: it is a big part of our job to provide a calm. >> bill: pressure comes up here we need to stay down here. >> starting monday don't miss three hours of america's newsroom.
7:42 am
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this is from alaska now, recorded a video of the bear sitting at the picnic table in backyard hanging out waiting for a barbecue. tell me when it's ready, medium rare, please. a little mayo. >> sandra: you know me well enough to know i don't like bears. >> bill: i'm aware of that. >> sandra: tells me they are not going to come after me. quiet and go on my way. that's not going to happen. if i see you. >> bill: you are out of there. >> sandra: i'm out of there. >> bill: that bear hung out for 20 minutes. we don't know if it was served or not. very well behaved black bear. >> sandra: interesting photo. >> bill: very courteous. there you go. >> sandra: straighten up that posture, right? house republicans facing an immigration showdown as apprehensions skyrocket along the border. families caught trying to cross the border shooting up 435% last month. the number of unaccompanied
7:46 am
children stopped at the border 239% over the same 23329e time period. it's not on the radar in the senate. >> i don't know about in the house. in the senate it's not on our agenda. i went to immigration early this year. wide open for amendments. the senate did not want to pass any particular version of it. honestly, laura, i can't see us going back to immigration this year unless there was some proposal that the president was actually okay with and said he was willing to sign. i don't think he is okay with anything that i have seen coming our way. so short answer, not on the agenda in the senate. >> sandra: senator john thune is senate of the republican conference he joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning, sandra. >> sandra: sounds from here like mitch mcconnell all but ruled out the senate attempting another immigration reform legislation. >> i think the leader described it pretty accurately. we had a debate on
7:47 am
immigration. we spent a week on the floor. everybody got their proposal out there. none of them received the necessary votes to pass. and so be absent some change get us 60 votes on the senate for some proposal and bill we could put on the president's desk that he would be willing to sign, i don't expect that we are going to see that issue litigated again on the floor of the senate. we will see what happens in the house and if they produce something and obviously, we want a solution to this problem. i have got a very simple solution. legal, permanent legal status for daca recipients in exchange for funding for the border wall. it you want to deal with just the basics. that, i think is, a solution that ought to have bipartisan support. >> sandra: senator, why not have it on the agenda? >> well, i think that we have got a lot on the agenda. believe me. and if there was, like i said, an agreement that would allow us to get a bill to the president that he is willing to sign and that could get 60 votes in the senate, then i think the leader would be more than willing to bring it up. at this point i don't know what that bill is i haven't seen anything that's being debated or discussed in the
7:48 am
house that would be able to get the 60 votes that are necessary to pass an immigration bill in the senate. we did spend a week on it. it's not like we haven't been talking about it, that we haven't been debating it or actually voting on it. we have had those votes earlier this year. so it's going to take a change in some fashion that would enable us to find the necessary votes to get to 60 in the senate if we are going to bring it up again. >> sandra: sounds like house republicans are making some progress. here is mark meadows, chairman of the house freedom caucus. >> we had good discussions on how you take a daca population and make sure that they don't have to face deportation. ultimately, how do they get a bridge into a legal immigration system. >> sandra: have you got to wonder where this showdown goes next. senator, something stood out to us. when we dug up these numbers in our brain room, as far as congress right now and the number of bills that have
7:49 am
passed the house, 625 is the number. the number that have passed in both chambers and come out? 123. so, we hear about mitch mcconnell canceling most of august recess because of democrat obstruction. you just wonder what's going on with obstruction in the senate. >> okay. well, and remember, sandra, i was a member of the house of representatives. so i know full well how the house works. they don't have the same procedures or rules that we have in the senate. they have a rules committee which governs what comes to the floor. how many amendments are made in order. the time allotted for debate on each amendment. it's a very structured process. they can pass a lot of legislation. when it comes over here, we have an entirely different process. if you look at what we have been able to accomplish, it's a pretty significant record. in the time that i have been here, i don't think we have ever seen as many accomplish. s on the center right agenda that republicans want to get through the congress than we have seen this year. just last week, i think as you know we sent three bills to the president that were
7:50 am
consequential bills dealing with access to veterans healthcare at more places around this country, dealing with the terminally ill patient's right to try new therapies that might save their lives and also legislation that reforms bank untiing in a way that allos community banks to prosper and make more credit available across the country. things are getting done. sometimes that doesn't get reported. >> sandra: senator, i only have a few numbers left. family crossings up 435%. illegal immigrant children up 329%. last word to you, senator. >> well, look, i think, again, this is a problem that's crying out for a solution. we have dealt with it once this year in the senate. if there is something that the house can produce that will get 60 votes in the senate and a presidential signature we are ready to go to work. at a minimum, daca recipients permanent legal status in exchange for a border wall is something we all ought to be able to agree on and something i have been advocating for for a long time. >> sandra: great to have you on the program this morning.
7:51 am
hope you come back. >> thanks, sandra. >> bill: president trump is gearing up for the g-7 summit and protesters are as well. take you there live next take you there live next coming up. 6,000 feet above sea level. but how do you really know that the beans journeyed to the port of mombasa and across the pacific? that you can trust they're 100% authentic? ibm blockchain. a smart way to track every step, ensuring this coffee did indeed come from 6,000 feet above sea level. and not a foot lower. ♪ ♪ give you the protein you need with less of the sugar you don't. i'll take that. [cheers] 30 grams of protein and 1 gram of sugar. new ensure max protein. in two great flavors.
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>> jon: six minutes away on happening now the doj watchdog putting together a scathing new report on james comey says the fired fbi director defied authority. also, startling comments from one democratic senator why he says he could support president trump in 2020. and samantha bee says she is sorry for what she said on tv about ivanka trump. but is it really an apology? happening now top of the hour. >> bill: john, thanks. see you then. g-7 summit happening in canada. quebec city preparing for the big event and getting ready for big protests. rick leventhal is already there on the ground. rick, good morning to you.
7:55 am
what's happening? >> >> bill, first rally actually planned for 6:00 tonight. a mile and a half rally organized by the anti-g-7 resistance network. there will be even more fireworks probably tomorrow. it's being called a day of disruption to key inside with the launch of the g-7 summit. as you can see here in the old city, some store owners not taking chances. they have boarded up and in some cases put anti-shatter film on their windows in case the more radical elements in the group start trying to break stuff and get in violent clashes with riot police. why saw that happen here during the summit of the americans in 2001 when 30 to 50,000 protesters descended on this normally quiet capital city. organizers of this year's demonstrations say they are rallying against capitalist exploitation, colonialism and racist and sexist politics. canadian authorities formed unit with multiple agencies planning more than a year
7:56 am
for this event. >> we are going to apply some techniques like i say to make sure that it doesn't escalate we have thousands of police officers that are going to be present during the event and are ready to take action. >> the g-7 summit is actually in a town about 88 miles northeast of quebec city chosen because its remote, hard to get, to only one road in and out. that's where most of the security fencing has been installed. hundreds of millions of dollars, bill, being spent on security for this two-day summit but the worst of it could be right here a couple of hours to the south of where it's actually going down. >> bill: keep an eye on that. thanks in quebec. >> sandra: we are waiting for president trump to welcome japanese prime minister shinzo abe at the white house. we will bring that to you live when it happens.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
8:00 am
>> have you heard? starting monday, hemmer was going to sneak up. we go to three hours on monday, folks. a great program lined up and a big week of news starting with singapore. >> thanks for joining us. "happening now" starts now. >> jon: and we start with new action on immigration reform. good morning to you on a thursday. i'm jon scott. >> and i'm julie banderas. right now, house republicans are wrapping up a closed-door conference meeting. it's part of a last ditched effort to gain consensus on immigration and a fear of a civil war in the party and what an internal struggle could cost them. the main sticking point on immigration seems to center on the dreamers. >> we'll see what happens in the house, if they produce something. obviously we want a solution to this problem. i have a


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