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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 7, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> jon: historic day for "happening now" tomorrow. you'll be here? >> julie: i'll be here. >> jon: hope you are, too. thanks for joining us. "outnumbered" is now. >> fox news alert for you. japanese prime minister shinzo abe is set to meet at the white house any minute now to meet with president trump days before the summit with kim jong-un in singapore. this is "outnumbered." we have dagen mcdowell here, katie pavlich, lisa booth and joining us for the first time on the couch today, democratic strategist and former hillary clinton adviser, richard goodstein. he's wildly outnumbered today.
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>> you know the phrase what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. if i walk off the set at 1:00, i'm good. >> it's still an hour left. >> come on now. we won't kill you but we'll cut you. >> speak for yourself. >> i have band-aids. >> president trump is gearing up to meet shinzo abe at the white house any minute now. that's what you're looking at in your screen there. a beautiful day in washington. the two men will have a joint news conference later this afternoon. japan has been adamant about their desire for the us to stick to a hard line approach in dealing with north korea. it fears the president will make a deal with pyongyang regarding their nuclear program that fails to account for short range missiles that could hit japan. today's meeting will come a week before president trump is set to meet with the north korean dictator for negotiates.
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hogan gidley talking about how the president is preparing for that. >> the president is meeting with his national security adviserad. we have to have a denuclearization deal. that's what the president wants and that's what he's pushing for. he plans to do g-7 and then head over to singapore. >> question remains over whether the summit will actually take place. president trump's lawyer, rudy guliani, raising some eyebrows when he said this just yesterday. >> north korea, after he cancelled the summit because they insulted the vice president, they insulted his national security adviser and said they were go to go to nuclear war against us. they were going to defeat us in a nuclear war. he said we're not going to have a summit under though circumstances.
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kim jong-un got back on his hands and knees and begged for it, which is the position you want to put him? >> katie? that was not good. >> she's like here we are again. >> thedgf diplomacy. we've had a break through. the president had that meeting last week with kim young chul. people that i talked to this morning the state department and the national security council are on track for the summit. secretary of state mike pompeo and ambassador john bolton who is relatively new at the nsc, they have prepared the president with everything he needs for the summit to be successful. they're planning on doing it. i don't find rudy guliani's comment, someone working on the russia investigation as a separate issue, why is he commenting on this? he's not helpful. >> we need to close his mic. take his microphone off.
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>> the president is listening. >> katie is right. he shouldn't be weighing in on foreign policy. if you're the japanese prime minister right now, you're highly concerned about this upcoming meeting. north korea has lobbed missiles over japan. they're afraid of what -- the stakes with this upcoming summit and what could come out of it. the japanese prime minister says this is the biggest threat since world war ii. this is real for them. no wonder he wants to talk to the president. they is the 30th meeting that they've had face-to-face as well as phone calls. this is a high concern for japan. >> to her point, shinzo abe was the first world leader to meet with the president after the election. he went to trump tower for a meeting. their relationship is very close. >> besties. >> they are. i want to add one thing. japan is extremely concerned
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about what we will agree to in terms of the definition of denuclearization. japan warned us in a matter of days ago in late may that north korea is skirting current sanctions with ship transfers over a wider area. transfers of much needed oil, for example. japan said one of their military aircraft spotted a cargo ship that appeared to be getting supplies in the east china sea and appeared to take on cargo in the sea of japan, which is a broader area. so this is clearly something they'll talk about. >> a point to dagen and lisa's point. on dagen, donald trump sort of was putting himself on the back for creating these relationship with world leaders. he had a testy conversation with trudeau, macron about trade. >> a separate issue. >> on trade. it appears that japan is in the
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bulls eye on trade. china is the bad guy on aluminum and steel but they're applying sanctions about japan. they're questioning how much these relationships are a value to him. and japan being a regard to north korea, mike pompeo said the principle concern for the u.s. was whether or not the u.s. was in dangered by what north korea has. he's a not how alliances work. we're not just -- >> not just but -- >> and the backers of the gulf war were joining us. >> president trump has said he's going to address the concerns with the japanese prime minister. >> great. he should. >> the hostages that north korea has as well. >> that's great. >> the issues will likely come up in this summit. if there's a threat to japan, there's a threat to the united states. that's the reason of the summit, to address the issues, the hostility from north korea, which is also why president
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trump implemented the maximum pressure campaign, which has worked because kim jong-un wants to come to the negotiating table. >> i want to interject. when you see shinzo abe coming up, you'll see he will be wearing a blue ribbon which is to call a tension to the plight of the japanese prisoners that were abducted in the 70s and 80s. there's 17 of them. that's one of the things that they're focused on. >> about if they're interested in the end game, which is not determined in this summit, this is a discussion in a long list of things that we're going to go through if the north korean summit is successful. the prime minister is arriving now. now back to melissa and make my point later. >> we can see here. look at the color here ahead of time. the president is going to come out, standing at the door, getting ready to meet shinzo
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abe. there's a lunch that we won't be privy to. we expect to hear the camera spray where the leaders sit together. there they are greeting each other. very friendly. they have a long history. a nice wave. a little photo op. >> a nice day. >> beautiful day in the neighborhood. >> exactly. then they'll come out later at 2:00 and have a joint event. a few more seconds on camera and on they go. >> what i was going to say, when it comes to the conditions of a deal or treaty as the president said he wants, involving congress, it's going to be a whole of how much bad behavior are we willing to put up with north korea. they were willing to ignore bad behavior with iran and funding terrorism, other a bad influence in the region and meddling and
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trying to destabilize the middle east. when it comes to north korea, are they allowed to keep their short range missiles. the issue is, the north korean regime keeps their nuclear weapons because they believe that is the only way to preserve them. it's going to be hard to get them to give up their short range missiles. that's why the administration says they will protect kim jong-un even if we come to an agreement about the disarming. how far they go with that, we talked about denuclearization. but there's other weapons capabilities on the table as well. >> that is a very valid question. i don't know that any of the questions. their concern is regime preservation. >> in terms of nuclear weapons -- >> nuclear is exisstential. they got the chinese and the
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russians to agree to clamp down on the iranians. but nonnuclear is not a stroking matter to the japanese. >> absolutely. >> but with nuclear, i'll point out and this leads to our next topic with the iran deal, all we did is allow iran to kick the can down the road and restart their nuclear program. restarts part of it in 2025 and handing them $100 bill in sanctions relief and cash. i want to raise the issue about the tariffs. because again, what president is doing on trade is in part what he did to get north korea and kim jong-un to the table. that is sanctions. it's getting tough and putting economic pressure on a nation. that's what he's doing with the steel and aluminum tariffs. and auto tariffs. how do you bring our allies to the table to negotiate a bigger, better trade deal. >> but the bad guy is china.
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>> i agree. >> bringing you the comments from the white house and where that meeting is going on as soon as we have them. meantime, a shocking new report from a great of senate republicans finding the obama administration secretly granted a license giving iran access to the u.s. financial system to side step sanctions kept in place after the nuclear deal. and misled congress and the american people about it. gop senator rob portman that chairs the investigation subcommittee that published the report weighing in last night. >> the iranians badly wanted access to the u.s. financial system and i think they were making that a condition for the agreement, for the final agreement. although they were saying to the congress, the officials at the treasury department, that there was no access, in fact, they granted a specific license to have access to the system.
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>> the report goes on to say that obama officials tried to pressure two u.s. banks to converting $5.7 worth of iranian assets. the effort was unsuccessful because both banks not wanting to violate the sanctions said no. richard, what do you i think? >> the obama administration said they weren't interviewed. this was a republican report. >> so you think they didn't do this? >> this is what i think. i think the money was frozen at the time of the iranian hostage crisis back in 1979. that was iranian money. that is unfrozen. it wasn't a handing over of -- >> it was money going -- it wasn't this particular regime's money. it was a different government. but still -- >> this is actually a solution. the obama people say no, you got it wrong. rob portman, a smart guy, says this is what we found. there's a solution. have a public hearing, brick in jack lu --
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>> the associated press said this went above and beyond the terms of the iran deal. an objective source there, to your point. it's interesting to hear about this in the backdrop of the conversations over north korea, right? president trump pulled out of the deal because it was weak. you look at its failure to address ballistic missile, the sunset provision, the inspections. proponents of the deal said it was bad. you look at this in the backdrop and report remember going into the summit, we need a strong deal. we don't want to be weak like the obama administration was or like the very bad negotiator john kerry. >> seems like another lie that we heard about this deal. we heard about any time anywhere inspections. that was a lie. there was no access to the financial system of the u.s. that was a lie. >> and after the deal was done after this rolled on, you had secretary of state john kerry and other administration officials in europe telling
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european banks, please -- i'm paraphrasing -- please do business with iran because they were trying to get the iranian economy started when -- in this case, u.s. financial institutions were not doing and could not do business with iran. it's important to point out, as you said, two u.s. banks said no and refused to do this transaction. this is why pulling out of the i ran deal, american businesses largely expected this. it was not a treaty. it was not ratified that way. you had boeing that cut a deal with iran. it's europe and the businesses there quaking in their boots because they rushed in. the americans refused to step up and it's worth pointing that out, this is the guts and gumption of american business. >> let's see who the europeans have jumped into bed with. the iranian regime is just not another country. the iranians are the largest
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state sponsored supporter of terrorism in the world. before 911, they were responsible for more deaths of americans than the taliban and the obama administration was willing to lie to the american people and congress and keep congress out of the treaty and they did the shady deals that we continually find out about. this is a terrorist regime that is willing to destabilize the middle east, which is why you've seen allies -- >> wait -- >> let me finish. come to the defense of the united states and moving forward the europeans have to make a choice about whether they're with a terrorist regime and the iranians on the americans to protect the world against them -- >> he's been so patient here. >> the iranians are nasty. they had a bomb threat against a saudi ambassador in a restaurant in washington. >> two days ago threatened to annihilate israel -- >> and weeks away from breaking out before this deal. they're not now.
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would you rather have two nu nuclear threats -- >> we do. >> and we gave them $100 billion in sanctions relief and $1.7 billion -- >> everything is to fund rrorism. >> everybody has behaved so well, let's take a commercial break. the president is meeting with shinzo abe ahead of the north korean summit next week. we'll bring you the president's comments from the oval office as soon as we get them. the justice department is acknowledging that rod rosenstein will not recuse himself from the mueller probe despite the firing of james comey, this as the president's legal team stepping up attacks on the probe. and democratic senator joe manchin a midst a tough re-election fight says he regrets supporting hillary clinton in 2016 and could back president up from in 2020. is he just pandering to voters?
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>> breaking news now. you're looking live at the white house where president trump is in the oval office meeting with japanese prime minister shinzo abe ahead of their 2:00 p.m.
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news conference, which we will carry live here. they will address issues like north korea, trade and north korea's missile program, which the japanese have expressed concern over. this again in front of president trump's big meeting in singapore next week with north korean dictator kim jong-un. we saw the north korean delegation in the same place last week on friday in the oval office. so we'll see and get that tape from the meeting with shinzo abe, the japanese prime minister as it comes to us so we know what is going on ahead of the singapore summit. >> and a fox news alert. a growing show down over rod rosenstein who will not recuse himself unless it deems it necessary. all of this amid if rosenstein should be a witness. the doj responding the deputy
9:22 am
attorney general will recuse all or part of any matter if recuse sal were deemed appropriate by department officials. otherwise, he has a responsibility to fulfill his oath. here's senator graham responding to a question today on whether he is satisfied with the justice department's response. >> no. you talk about accountser intelligence investigation. i get that. the question is, is he obstructing justice. is there a serious look at whether or not the president obstructed justice by firing comey. i don't know how you can have that discussion. >> meantime, president trump's lawyer, rudy guliani, echoing the president's claim that the investigation is politically motivated. >> there's a group of 13 highly partisan democrats that make up the mueller team, excluding how many, trying very, very hard to frame him. to get him in trouble when he hasn't done anything wrong.
9:23 am
they may not realize they're doing it. but they can't emotionally come to terms with the fact that this whole thing of russian collusion didn't ha,hat they're trying to invent theories of obstruction of justice. >> as you can imagine, claire mccaskill slamming guliani's claims. watch. >> what rudy guliani is doing is he is trying to use a megaphone to damage the rule of law in our country. it's particularly disappointing with rudy guliani's background. he knows the fbi is not a criminally corrupt organization and he knows that robert mueller is trying to get to the facts. >> and the president tweeting this morning, when and where all the conflicts of interests listed by the 13 angry democrats
9:24 am
while working on the witch hunt hoax this all a democratic excuse for losing the election. where is the server? i imagine you agree with senator mccaskill. >> is there an over under how many rudy guliani will be a spokesperson -- >> he just got there. >> okay. between beg on their knees and this comment about framing. mueller, who he has the highest respect for -- it's a low question. as to the 13 angry democrats, if you looked at the political contributions of all 13, these are the people, very esteem people working for mueller. they don't come close to what donald trump contributed to the democrats over the years. there's one issue here, the intelligence community agrees that the russians meddled to help donald trump. the republican-led senate intelligence committee agreed to that. this is not partisan.
9:25 am
so the only question for rosenstein is, what was his little role on a memo that had nothing to do with the underlying facts. >> no, no. >> this issue is whether rosenstein should recuse -- >> let's get back to that issue, whether he should recuse himself. does he have a point at the hillary clinton victory on election night? >> yes. that's what i want to go back to. the fact that senator lindsey graham is laying out the case that the guy, rosenstein that lied out the case for firing james comey, with not oversee him, cannot be in charge of him and can't be a witness or should be a witness in this investigation either. it's a very fair point. keep in mind about senator lindsey graham, this is the guy that said that firing mueller would lead to the end of the trump administration. this is the guy that joined a bipartisan group of senators to try to limit the president's ability to fire mueller. so this is a guy that is coming
9:26 am
from a very objective stance in all of this who is simply raising i think a very sincere and concerning point. >> i want to ask a question of the whole couch though. so if this i.g. reports comes out as being leaked, that it shows that james comey was insubordina insubordinate, doesn't that nullify the obstruction question? the whole point was supposed to be president trump fired comey because they're hot on his heels in the russian investigation. if he was fired justly and the i.g. report shows that, isn't object struck gone? >> comey broke the rules. i was on this couch the day after he sent that letter saying i thought he discredited the fbi. >> totally. >> that doesn't go to whether or not anything he did as regards to the russia investigation was or was not clean. >> we're talking about obstruction. >> and there were other witnesses. the president called the director of the national security and the fbi to say cool it a little bit on this or at
9:27 am
least announce that i'm not under investigation. he had no business -- >> president obama said hillary clinton didn't do anything at wrong. so what do you say there? >> i'll say the reason that -- even though rudy guliani is stumbling over himself, commenting about north korea, the reason the president has been so active about this on twitter and even people who are his allies, you have a left-wing liberal media that decided this was an obstruction of justice case the moment that james comey got fired even before that. so it's not about investigating collusion. it's about nailing the president for something and cooking up evidence. he has a right to defend himself and toush back on that narrative apfcrs theedia landscape. >> whatever the i.g. record says -- we don't know what it says. >> i hope they do to move on. >> we have to go. we have to move on.
9:28 am
>> senator chuck schumer sounds optimistic about retaking the senate. is he realistic? we'll debate.
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9:33 am
denuclearize. when we have the footage, we'll bring it to you. >> and chuck schumer sounding bullish in 2018. he said it's not out of the question that his party could retake the senate this fall despite the fact that they have way more seats to defend than the republicans. says schumer "i think that the conventional wisdom that it's next to impossible or a steep climb is wrong when you look at race by race as trump is going up, our senators are going up in the polling." schumer says that his crop of incumbents in states that trump won are identifying with the needs in their own states rather than washington and the national party. john cornyn, the number 2 republican, a skeptic. he said senator schumer is a
9:34 am
master politics and spinmeister. he said that former president obama is open to helping senate democrats in the fall. so perhaps that explains his optimism. didn't help hillary clinton in 2016. i'll point that out. there are ten democrats up in states that president trump won in 2016, lisa. so what is chuck schumer eating or drinking? >> i don't know. i'd like to know. might be interesting. senate schumer said it would be a democratic nation in the making. maybe he should stick to his day job and stop obstructing and lay off the political prognosticating. he's not very good at it. dagen, to your point, it's just math. democrats are facing -- they have more democrats up for re-election cycle than republicans do. not to mention the ten states that president trump won, five by double digits.
9:35 am
a lot of vulnerable democrats. a poll showed that at least five of the democrats, more than half of voters in those states said they don't deserve re-election. so democrats are looking a tough math and we might see chuck schumer crying on election night in november. >> so it's now 51-49. republicans control the senate. 26 democrats are on the ballot because of retirements and people dropping out. nine republicans. it's a steep hill to climb but democrats have very good chances in nevada, arizona to the open seat and in tennessee, the seat vacated by bob corker, where phil bredesen is popular. and yes, there's vulnerable republicans, no question about it. >> you mean vulnerable democrats. >> the vulnerable democrats. >> let's go through the list.
9:36 am
>> nbc walked through a poll today that on the generic had it back to 10 points, 50 to 40, who you want to control congress. >> here's some of the vulnerable senators. tammy baldwin from wisconsin, john tester in montana, sherrod brown in ohio. joe manchin in kentucky and more. >> we're going to have to go back and listen. so the president inside the oval office talking to japanese prime minister shinzo abe. a lot on the table as these two meet with the north korean summit coming up. listen to the tone, listen to the tenor of what the president has to say and you judge for
9:37 am
yourself. >> i'm very well-prepared. it's about attitude, it's about willingness to get things done. i think i have been prepared for this summit for a long time and has the other side. i think they've been prepare ago long time also. so this isn't a question of preparation. it's a question of whether or not people want to happen. we'll know that quickly. >> [question inaudible] >> well, it's going to be much more their photo op. it's not a one-meeting deal. it would be wonderful if it were. they've been doing this a long time. a lot of enemies out there, a lot of dislike, a lot of hatred between countries. this will not be just a photo op. this will be at a minimum we'll start with perhaps a good relationship and that's something that is very important towards the ultimate making of the deal. i'd love to say it could happen in one deal. they have to denuke.
9:38 am
if they don't denuclearize, it will not be acceptable. we cannot take sanctions off. the sanctions are extraordinarily powerful. i can add more. but i have chosen not to do that at this time. but that may happen. by the way, with iran, we're adding tremendously powerful sanctions. they understand that very well. i think iran is not the same country if you look. i don't think they're looking to the mediterranean like they were two months ago. it's a big difference. number 1 nuclear but also you get the side benefit that iran is a different place and we'll see what happens. maybe ultimately something will happen with iran. for our meeting next week, i think it's going to be a very fruitful meeting. it's going to be an exciting meeting. i think we're going to get to know a lot of people that our country never got to know. this is something that should have been handled many years ago
9:39 am
by other presidents. shouldn't be handled now. should have been handled years ago. but it's being handled now and i'll take care of it. thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you. >> that's my favorite part where they scream at the reporters to get out of the room and they don't move. to be fair, you never know when the president will answer one more question. you have to be the last dog out of the room. what you heard there, the president ending with a very strong note saying this is a situation that should have been handled years ago. i will take care of it now. talking about the meeting with
9:40 am
north korea saying he would love to say it's going to happen in one meeting but he doesn't expect that. he talked about compare and contrast what's going on with north korea and iran. talking about the new strict sanctions that have been put back on iran and the pressure being applied there versus what's going on in north korea. he's still leaving the sanctions on but looking forward to get to know people. katie? >> he also said he can add more sanctions. there's talk about whether we should put more sanctions on north korea before the summit. he said he's not going to do it but could do it in the future. he talked about iran's changing behavior in the mediterranean and not harassing our ships in the persian gulf anymore since we decided to put more pressure on them, which is a signal. he said i'll take care of it. he's taking responsibility for what's going on in the future. he said this is a process, not the end goal, this is a meeting they're having and he believes
9:41 am
he can get to an end game. >> he's smart to lower expectations. first, i'm going to meet. getting rid of the nuclear weapons -- >> he never said -- >> that's not the case anymore. what is the alternative? we have a meeting and not have the resolution the president wants. what are our options? >> richard, based on every one that i've talked to, nobody is reading to what president said even befe thi comment he was going to say erythg was going to get done in one meeting. literally scholars are saying that you will -- they're going to the meeting to sit down and figure out if north korea is serious. >> and hats off to the president for doing this. no question. full credit. >> he said plenty of time there will be a deal, maybe not. i disagree -- >> and in terms of iran, european firms are already pulling back from doing business in iran. we're putting pressure on the current exchange in iran and
9:42 am
going after money being funneled into that nation. so we're getting tough. we're not in the deal anymore. plenty of at-risk senators in the mid-terms like joe manchin for one. he now says that he regrets backing hillary clinton in 2016 and would be open to backing the president in 2020. some republicans not having it saying he's pandering to save his seat. whether he's playing politics or standing on principle, we debate. so if you have heart failure, ask your doctor about entresto. it helped keep people alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. entresto, for heart failure.
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when you said youe, sir. were at the doctor, but your shirt says you were at a steakhouse... that's when you know it's half-washed. add downy odor protect with 24-hour odor protection. downy and it's done. >> former president bill clinton is now getting pushback after he criticized craig melvin. melvin asked if bill clinton
9:47 am
apologized. watch. >> i think the tape speaks for itself. you never asserted you ever apologized. you asked if he apologized. >> the interview started with a question. >> so richard, president clinton getting push back from the mainstream media. >> he deserved it. he said it wasn't his best moment. his conduct -- >> which one the affair or -- >> what he said in response to craig melvin interview and what happened in the oval office is unacceptable. why he was sputtering is for everybody to get on their high horse that supports donald trump that forget apologize, called liars, everybody that has accused him -- >> it's not sputtering. >> he's sputtering because he doesn't think he did anything wrong. that's what he really doesn't think he did anything wrong. very much feels like it's consensual. he doesn't understand that it cannot be consensual given the
9:48 am
power dynamic. maybe there's people that agree with him. that's what is chapping his hide. >> the arrogance, big old bubba believes that he was going to get a free pass from the friendlies in the news media. he really thought deep down -- it's clear from the interviews that he's done that he was going to sit next to james patterson and talk about his new venture writing a book. that is the depth of -- >> it's true. >> can we talk about why? he's washed up and politically unusable. the clintons are unusable. democrats know they reached the end of the road with the clinton dynasty and the importance and helpfulness they they served for democrats. now they're throwing them under the bus. if he was useful, this wouldn't be happening. that's why kirsten gillibrand was happy to stand side by side
9:49 am
with bill clinton and she threw him away once -- >> and people feel sorry for hillary clinton. they really don't like bubba at this point. two words from my father. get gone! >> all right. with that, more "outnumbered" in just a moment. high protein
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>> welcome back. meantime, west virginia's joe manchin appears to be getting on the trump bandwagon. the democratic senator telling politco that backing hillary clinton in 2016 was a political mistake and he could be opening to backing the president in 2020. manchin saying i'm open to supporting the person that i think is best for my country and my state. if his policies are best, i'll be there. i'm with the president more than other republican senators are with him. a lot of the policies he has tone have been good for the state. so richard, even though he says that, he has opposed president trump's signature accomplishment, the tax reform law, opposed obamacare repeal and aform. how will that fly in a state that he won by 42 points? >> we'll see. the last polls had him up by double digits. >> they're democratic polls. >> this spokes to the fact that manchin was governor --
9:54 am
governors get close to their constituents. he's now in the senate. he's held -- trump tried to get him to switch parties, remember? the fact that he's saying this is smart politics, we'll see if he believes it after he gets re-elected. i agree with you. the fact that he can vote against him and be viable, it's formidable. >> doesn't that show the trouble that he's in? joe manchin embraced hillary clinton and now throwing her under the bus. he's in trouble. >> he's in trouble and republicans know that they can't take any seats for granted. you take a look at the democratic makeup, it's difficult to convince blue dog democrats to vote on a republican because they are republican in the same party as the president. so convincing them to make that swing for someone like joe manchin will be more difficult. i don't understand why he doesn't just switch his party ideas. >> he said hillary clinton say
9:55 am
that she would help me on broad band -- >> didn't she get booed in west virginia? >> let me repeat what the woman said in west virginia. she said "i'm going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business" and wanted to come and campaign in the state to explain her comments. she literally said that. there is no -- one of the biggest days for trump is a coal county in western virginia. this is why joe manchin voted for gina haspel. >> and if joe manchin wins, speaks to the fact that even in west virginia, whether it's the me too movement or the people that win the generics, there's plenty of them to basically say,
9:56 am
you know what? i voted for trump, i kind of want a little check on him. >> this goes to the fact that he was governor and he knows the state really well. >> he voted against the tax cuts, voted against the trump economy. >> we have to roll. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. stay tuned. man: i got scar tissue there.
9:57 am
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>> melissa: well, that was fun. thanks to richard. are you coming back? >> i'm alive at the end of the hour so i've succeeded. >> and you didn't do the bill
10:00 am
clinton finger wag with any of us. >> that would expect down with dagen. >> you need a shirt saying, "i survived the center seat." back at 12:00 noon tomorrow. but in the meantime, here's harris. >> harris: we'll start with this breaking news. japan's prime minister is inside the white house right now ahead of the president's planned summit with kim jong un of north korea. t-minus five days and counting. let's go "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. president trump with the japan prime minister in a working lunch. this is ahead of the g7 summit tomorrow and ahead of the sit-down with north korean dictator. the visit comes amid reports that japan is increasingly concerned that the united states will overlook their interests when making a deal with north korea. and including allowing the


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