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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  June 7, 2018 12:00pm-12:58pm PDT

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glad we're having to meeting and hopeful. >>ana: thanks, senator. thanks for joining us. busy day. i'm dana perino. up next, shep smith. >> shepard: all new and fresh this hour, coming to erica. it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in washington where president trump a ws c trade an north korea and saying the next week's summit goes well, the north korean dictator could score a white house invite. mike pompeoet t brief thepo summit. l have it live. and plus, the president accuses the fbi of inserting a spy in his campaign. of course, there's novidence that anything like that happened and now some top republicans are finally pushing back. the justice department now looking to put all of the rumors to rest. let's get to it.
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a live look at the white house where the secretary of state mike pompeo is about toeet with president trump and the japanese prime minister at the oval office. secretary pompeo willt about the historic s north korea. we'll bring it live. president presiays he hopes the upcoming meeting with north korea hopefully represents a bright new future for the world. >> denuclearization of the north n eraf osperi, peaceher in y for all americans, north and south koreans and people everywhere. >> shepard: the president said he would walk away if the negotiations don't go well. no specifics. if they do go well, no specifics, north korean dictator kim jong-un may get an
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invitation to the white e. meanti, as the presint gets ready to travel to singapor he's facing issues at home hwn party on h ack from members unfounded claims that the fbi planted a spy in his presidential campaign. we have the latest headlines on the russian investigation. prime minister abe issuing a last-mute remr at the white house, don't forget about japan ahead of the sidot ith the north korean deck dater kim jong-un. prime minister abe says he wants to keep in mind the security concerns and the japanese hostages that have been there nearly five decas. if the summit happens, president trump would be the first sittin. ays h doesn't need much preparation. he said it's more about attitude. just last summer president trump was calling kim jong-un lite
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rocket man and threatening fire and fury like the world had ver en. that was then, this is now. different attitude. kim was throwing about his own threats and insults. john roberts is live on the north la jo stilnhegarden. me wasshort. we didn't get out there. didn't want to get stuck halfway. it would be something, shep, if months down the road we would be here and the two players that came up on thisdias behinds we and kim jong-un. that is probably a long way down the road. the president is lowering his expectations monday night here in the united states. he said he has a red line on this idea of denuclearization. he's not going to let north korea go back to doing what they di before. trading, tradingater cooling
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tower and exchange for perks from the united states. he wants a clear plan to denuclearize and he wants action down that road. the president did say as you pointed out, a bright future stands ahead for north korea should kim jong-un decide to play walh kim jong-un. i asked the president if he saw normal relations between the united states and what about the peace deal that the president said they might sign insingapor? ld you be say that you could normalize relations with north korea and what about the idea of signing an agreement on the 12th to end awa wode a first step.greement it's what happened after agreement is the big point. we're looking at it and talking about it with them and with a lot of other people. that could happen.
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that's the beginning. sounds strange,ut that is the easy part. e after th >> the presint downng expectations for what is possible in singapore. epeatey it's like the first of many meetings. he said two or three but might be with two three with the leaders but if it's successful, set in motion a lot of meetings between the united states and north korea. shep, the president gave us insight as to what was in the letter that kim young chul delivered to him here friday in the oval office. the letter from kim jong-un. i asked the president what was in it. he wouldn't go into a lot of detail but said it was a warm letter, really a high how are you, good to get to know you, looking forward t our meeting next week type of thing. shep? >> shepard: john, president trump and thee prime minister talked about trade. >> ty did.
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the united states imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum includi including japan, the e.u. nobody i happy about it. in the talks here in the oval office focused on the abduction issue and the ballistic missile issue. the president said they will try to take steps t ler playing field. but i have to be honest, the trade talks are not going well and american allies are banding together to put pressure on the united states to rescind the tariffs. during the bush administration, they tried to do something similar. eventually they signed so many waivers that the tariffs were like swiss cheese and they backed up a. i don't know what the future of the tariffs is, but the trade
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negotiations are fairly heated, we heard about the pal he prime mter of a ours are not prepared to give in on this. we'll see where this goes, shep. >> shepard: john roberts at the white house. thank you. you. >> axios reporter, alaina treen. has there been a time that we've been so isolated? we're all alone now essentially. in axios today, he said that e this is probably going to be one of the worst g-7 summits for the u.s. that we've seen since 1975. because really all of the u.s.' closest allies are angry with the t negotiations and the way they're going. as john roberts said, they're uniting together in their opposition against the tariffs
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and different trade deals. we'll see thateo head. >> shepard: i'm trying to understand and i'm sure a lot of people are trying to understand what is going on with our allies and enemies. we'rerguing with most of our allies traditional allies in europe, our allies to the north in canada. cana goingat's a quote from oner leaders it's topsy-turvy land. >> a lot of people are pointing this and don't understand the president's strategy. another example is what happened with the deal that wilbur rossed about zte, the chinese telecom giant that has been identified as a national security threat. reat b putting tariffs onre
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lies what is t end game? what we see with the administration, things happen quickly and trump thinks on his feet. but the long game isn't always in play. he and the -- a lot of our in w allies are upset with this. they don't know how to act. they're acting with retaliatory. the president has said he hopes to do bilateral agreements instead. they're banding together and they're against what this administration is doing on the trade perspective. >> the chinese don't allow their people to do anything. the chinese government that doesn't say it's okay. the chinese are not our friends. yet we're making deals the chinese company that our own militaryse becse of national security concerns. at the sameti, telcanada they'r security threat for reasons that are just absurd. is there anyone doing any explaining behind the scene at the white house?
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anyone saying here's why these just unprocessable things are happening. >> there's a huge divide in the trump administration when it comes to trade. we'veen this play out. less so now that people like gary cohn are out of the white people like pet navarro, wilbur ross. they understand the trump perspective. trader.e mnuchin is more after we're seeing it play out. on certain issues like is zte deal and it's very perplexing to a lot of people. >> shepard: for clarity, kim jong-un murdered his brother. that's just the beginning. kim jong-u has had generations of families locked up for things granddad did.
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in a perfect world upon conviction, if it were in the in many states, he could be put to death. instead today we're talking a visit to the white house. it is hard to wrap your head around. you want to make things better on the korean peninsula? of course. but i don't want to know if we need to be friends with a murderer. i'm not sure if it's in the cards. >> a great question. administration -- whatanh the th coming out of this meeting. i think what we're seeing right now, trump is trying to come off that he's being very strong and he's looking to make deals. internally sources have told me that he's very skeptical. we've seen this shift now where before they were saying maximum pressure and now they're backing off. they're recognizing that north korean s,he they you
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can't tthem. i think trump aides are putting that into his mind. he recognizes that going into the summit. >> shepard: all right. alyana treene, thank you. thankyou. >> shepard:nd zte is getting back into business. they broke sanctions rules. we're giving them a pass, this is a bigstesn trade. what this move signals. a closer look at the price the coany is paying and why republicans and democrats are saying we can't trust this company. wore afraid this company's product may bepying on our people. that's coming up from the fox news deck on this thursday george woke up in pain. but he has plans today. hey dad.
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>> shepard: i repor at the top of the news hour that the trump administration has reached a deal with the chinese telecom giant zte. a few months ago, the commerce department banned american companies from selling parts to zte after the phone state run phone coany, got north doing business with iran you can't do that. ere were sa remember? that was a violation of u.s.
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penalties. a few weeks ago, president trump promised to save jobs china and at that company. now here we trace g with the ne. trace, what is this deal? >> shep, experts say the deal brings zte back from the dead because it can now resume guying components from qualcomm based in san diego and the primary distributor for chips that make zte smart phones. not being able to buy those chips is why shu down for the past couple months. tuzte a billion dollar fine and put an tional $4 in esow in case they violate the deal. here's the big surprise. next n years, u.s. agents will work inside of zte to monitor the company's behavior. here's the commerce secretary. >> it imposes the most strict
12:17 pm
compliance that we've ever had foreign. we're literally people in the company going forward. >> it remains unclear in the deal will put a hold on the u.s. implementing on tariffs. >> shepard: a lot of head tching lawmakers dead set against the deal. >> yeah. a month ago the president said that he thinks zte should stay in business a group of bipartisan lawmakers began pushing back saying they oppose anyl th china and zte. one of the bigs, when one of the american companies do business in china, there's pressure to share trade secrets. lawmakers like marco rubio says it's a threat to national
12:18 pm
security. rubio tweeting this deal with zte may keep them from selling to iran and north korea. that's good but it will do nothing to keep us safe from corporate and national security spying that is dangerous. congress will need to keep america safe from china. spying, using our phones to spy. chuck schumer tweeted donald trump should be aiming his trade fire at china. instead, he ames it at allies like mico and europe wh it comes china, this deal withzte proves the president just shoots blanks. it's important to know that zte among buying all of our chips is the fourth largest seller of smart phones right here in the united states. that's key. shep? >> shepard: trace gallagher, thank you. the fbiid place a spy in the trump campaign. that's according to several republican lawmakers and the evidence seen by fox news.
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>> shepard: several top gop lawmakers are saying what we've been reporting. there's no evidence that the feds put a spy in the trump campaign. house republicans are still pushing for proof. the departmen of justice is offering another classified briefing for lawmakers that need some explaining on the fbi's use of an informant. paul ryan says there's still some unanswered questions even though he was one of the republicans that reviewed classified information
12:23 pm
agreed they didn't do anything wrong. adam schiff is accusing gop lawmakers of seeking classified materials to help president trump's defense team in the russia investigatio that's what they say this is about. that nobody really thinks there's a spy. they just want a bunch of classified information so team s coming. see? president trump accused the fbi of planting a spy in his campaign after word the feds used a confidential informant to talk out more informatio catherine herridge is in d.c. with more. >> this morning the house speaker paul ryan responded to questions from news about the latest justice department author which will not make the records avail t lawmakers until early next week. >>ved two weeks ago, but what we're asking for and what we require and what we expects is the
12:24 pm
corroborating documents that back up a briefing. >> last night after midnight, a justice department official told reporters about the latest offer to and confirm that the previous session, the records we in the room but not read by lawmakers. the department and fbi are prepared to brief members on certain questions raised by the speaker and other members but not eected by additional material this morning. the house speaker said the justice department can really end this back and forth by making the records available, shep. >> shepard: what more are we hearing from democrats about the classified briefings? >> the house intelligence committee said the records that are part of an investigation is
12:25 pm
a mistake that both party will later regret. after the speaker concede yesterday that t president's claims of spies were false, the exainable.rial is they wave to live with this now whether the congress is in democratic hands of providing materials to the legislative branch upon request, shep. >> shepard: thank you, therine. >> you're welcome. >> shepard: robert mueller is a republican, so is his boss, the deputy attorney general, rod rosenste, republican. president insists that mueller's team is political biased. today he tweeted, when and where will all of the many conflicts of interest be listed be i the 13ry democrats and plus working on the witch hundred hoax? there's never been a group of people on a case so biased or so conflicted. that'sla untrue.
12:26 pm
it's all a democratic excuse for losing the election. where is the server? bob is here, former prosecutor and current defense attorney. this is par of an open and transparent campaign by the to discredit the institutions of the nation, to make people disbelieve the media and distrust the law enforcement officers and officers of the court that are investigating him in an attempt to makehe people at least some of them not believe the institutions of our nation when later they find out whatever they find out. it's open, transparent. explain to us by none other than the president's attorney, continues to this day and it involved in it is this particular issue. there were no ses in trump's campaign of this fox news can confirm, we have no evidence of any spies. it's talk. >> right. >> shepard: that's all it is.
12:27 pm
>> to me, as a leader of a prosecutorial agency, i was thinking what would it be like if the legisture in my state came to me and said, bob, we p corruption casyour files on handlingive the data, compromise the invest but believe that rod rosenstein says let's do it. >> calm the perception. what theasng for,t would be nic they asked for that for their constituents, shep. they never made a request like this before, this is where they're a. the meet i can't and the public opinion is against them. i agreed with congressman schiff, a demarcation point in the interference with investigations that are supposed to be black boxed and not politicized. >> the media are not against them. e trying for facts. the media has to say what you just said isn't true.
12:28 pm
here's what is true. they had reason to believe tha been colluding with the russians. why do they believe that? trumowhere they did where theyai what they were doing. so they put an informant in there. there was not spy on anybody. set.ou know i never bringaper i had to bring a paper and you could see the bullet points of australia, a foreign intelligence agency telling you there's this guy papadopoulos running around, carter paige populating on the campaign that is under investigation by the fbi since 2013, paul manafort, a change in the ukraine when the pro russian position and on the trump tower meeting as you indicate, the comments on nato, the pro putin comments. as a law enforcement officer, you'd have to be ridiculous to
12:29 pm
saying there something going on here. what do you do? you get data. it may not implicate the president. maybe the president didn't know. but -- >> shepard: who knows. wel see what happens. >> would be malfeasance if it 's a debate n. because of misrepresentations of truth. we follow the truth and stand up for the institutions of our state. 'll be better off. it's what the founders say we must , guard against a day when a group comes along to tear down the institutions -- we're a nation of laws. no one is above that law. these are tried and true american things. they're not political in any way. these are about fact-seeking,
12:30 pm
order, honor and law. >> you know why you know that, shep? this is confusing to me. comey made a mistake and was ild toe rendition that he did about hillary clinton and calling her reckless. while that's going on and the trump iestigation is heating up and a lot of hot data points and they're looking into it, they kept it with five people at the doj so it wouldn't leak out. that was appropriate to do. that investigation was not complete. if there was bias, they would have released that da that. it benefitted president trump but not having to data released. they didn't release it so they did with hillary. i didn't get where the bias is coming from. >> shepard: i hope peoe follow the facts. we're at an important part in american history to be blinded by your politically rose-colored glasses would be an error. good to see you. >> huge. >> shepard: we're waiting for
12:31 pm
mike pompeo to speak to reporters about president trump's upcoming meeting with the north korean dictator kim jong-un or the plans for that meeting. the meet and greet days away. first, the president has another major meeting to get to where he's set to face off with some of our closest allies. face off with our closest e ones that he just slapped with new tariffs. why are we facing off with our allies? that question we have no answer, not yet.
12:32 pm
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>> officials in haw warning ash could fall on towns. lava is destroying hundreds of
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homes. a toy grenade causing a obama care at hobby airport. cops say the boy scout had the fake explosive in his carry-on bag. folks had to evacuate after it was discovered. the teen could face a federal fine. and two run-away bul going head-to-head in the middle of a neighborhood in san francisco. a police spokesman said the fighting bull knocked into cars and kicked over fences. investigators say they escaped from a nearby ranch. shep will be right back. let's go to sumatra. where's sumatra? good question. this is win. and that's win's goat, adi. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. making the coffee erupt with flavor. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. that erupts with even more flavor. which helps provide for win's family. abecause ds e aot. fa too. all, f smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. packed with goodness.
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12:37 pm
moments as the president deals with some of the countries that he just hit with new import taxes last week. the new tariffs causing a lot of tension and more. this will be the first t s chance t confront president trump face to face. one analyst says it will be the most dysfunctional g-7 meeting since the tks began 40 years ago. on said the president is stucking to his guns on trade. several g said ty're frustrated with the president's earlier decisiohdw from thearis cliteand iran nucl. josh lederman is here. see you. >> hi, shep. >> shepard: the canadians, you don't see theet their dander very often but they have. >> tre that t d
12:38 pm
has broke for president trump. the first 1, 1 1ars, countries were walking on eggshells. they were frustrated by his policies, it was a r move to upset him, get on his wrong side. he'so predictable, nobody knew how heould respond. so you had leaders like macron in france a merkel and trudeau trying to stay on his good side. heree a 1 1/2nd t all lost. the paris climate agreement. the iran deal like-wise. now with the new tariffs, there doesn't seem to be any use for them tryin paper over things anymore. now you'll see president trump heading to quebec fac outspoken frustration that was behi closedors. shepard sense
12:39 pm
wh t could do in retaliation? certainly they can do taliator wife s lot of countries either threaten to do that or take the first step toward doing that. otn caneally just not be cooperative to the u.s. as it tries to psuets own agenda on the international stage. so w toes around the worldaying we want othercountriy for mutual defense and nato, we want them to pitch in more for the u.n. and other group obligations, they may say if u're not going t s my back, we're not going to scratch yours. there's no point in them tinto . >> shepard: on the matter of thing, they have changed the wording a lot in the building behind you. now they're sing it's a meet grthey're notmuch. the president says if things go well, the dictator-murderer will
12:40 pm
come to theteuse. it doesn't fit together well.>> happen in singapore, it's going to be a photo op, a meet and grt,andsha and smil or a substantive discussi about the iror wha u.s. is demanding. ould go either way. there's a struggle playing out between the president and who is hungry for a win and many of his advisers that are concerned that that impulse could lead him to be more conciliatory to a longstanding enemy. >> shepard: thanks, josh. >> thanks. >> shepard: remember, denuclearization, the united states means north korea all your nukes have to go. of your opportunities for nukes, everything about nuke has to go. to north korea it means that the takes its nukes
12:41 pm
off of the koreanpeninsula. denuclearizes., everybody that's what the north koreans mean. we haven't come to an agreement on that term. only three more lawmakers need to sign a petition to force house votes on immigration. they started working on immigration. speaker ryan trying to avoid that. he held an all-hands closed door meeting this morning to make his case. d optimistic it happened. that republicans can work something out before anybody else signs that petition. >> a discharge petition will result in no law. this effort to get our members to come to a common ground is the best chance at law and our members are notus to pass the time. they're here to make law, to fix problems. that's why this has more promise. >> shepard: so what are the major issues dividing republicans in their own caucus? whether young immigrants that
12:42 pm
came without documents should get legal status and whether that creates special pathway to citizenship? moderate republicans say yes, they came here as kids, participating in society. they don't have criminal background or anything like that. an immigration deal must include that. that's what the everyday republicans have to say. the hard liners like members of what we used to call the fom caucus they call it now have said they don't want special privileges for dreamers and they're pushing for stronger border security. so how get passed the divide? mike emanuel is on it on capitol hill. hi, mike. >> i'm told any talk of possible deal is premature. islands an concepts have been trading back and forth but nothing is inritingyet. people want to see actual language to see whether they're in favor or whether they're action. the house homeland security chairman sounds hopeful. >> i have a sense of optimism. we're finally going to get this
12:43 pm
to the floor. for me, from a bder security standpoint, i've been trying to get this done in seven terms of congress. it's a national security issue. >> some of the lawmakers that considered joining with the democrats on the so-called discharge petition say they can give leaders until tuesday to get a deal. >> shepard: are you hearing from the two sides within the republican party? >> the moderates say they're confident that leadership understands what they're talking about. they say it's going to require compromise. >> hopefully there's enough people that are willing to go for the win on the issue on the policy as opposed to just trying to prevent republicans from having a win. if you're in the minority party or if you're a republican, preventing getting a resolution because it's not perfect. >> conservative voices say they don't like what they've heard so
12:44 pm
far. >> every bill has amnesty in it. i said give me a bill that doesn't have amnesty, i'll support it. there's people in there that i'm a fans of but no bill that i'm a fan of. >> talks continue after gop a leaders appear to have bought more time for now. shep? >> shepard: thanks, mike. head we'll go live to the white house where the secretary of state is set to brief reporters and your guys. we're going to show it live with the president's trip to singapore. first a great grandmother that walked out of prison after decades is now talking about her first full day of freedom and she has a message for kim kardshian west for helping to security her release. that's coming up. george woke u. but he has plans today. hey dad. so he took aleve. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill.
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12:48 pm
her name is alice johnson. she reunited with her friends and family after she spent 20 years in prison. she faced life in prison, no chance for parole for her role in a cocaine ring. it was a nonviolent crime, her first offense. the reality star, kim kardshian had pushed for her release. she met with the president about it last week. today johnson thanked kim k. for her help. >> it was a miracle. only god touched kim's heart like that. she said she felt something when she saw and heard my story. i'm just so thankful for it. i can't explain it. it's a miracle. >> shepard: johnson says she plans to help people in similar situations. she want to work towards prison reform and sentencing reform and she's very articulate about it.
12:49 pm
jonathan serrie is live with more. >> hi, shep. johnson describes her involvement in this cocaine conspiracy as a mule. someone that was passing along messaging between sellers and distributors. she said she was desperate to feed her family after losing her job as a manager at fed ex. listen. >> i struggled financially. i faced one of the worse situations of my life. i became involved in a drug conspiracy. >> the judge at her trial described johnson differently. describing her as a drug entrepreneur that directed thousands of pounds of cocaine from columbian suppliers while directing millions through distribution channels in memphis, shep. >> shepard: jonathan -- i want to hear more about this story. there's more online for viewers interested. sarah sanders to introduce mike pompeo, the secretary of state.
12:50 pm
let's listen. >> we have secretary pompeo here who will make brief opening remarks and take questions. the president has done a press conference today. we'll keep questioned limited to that and be around the rest of the day. with that, mr. secretary. >> yes, i'll take a couple questions. good afternoon. it's great to be joining you here today. early in this presidency, president trump made a commitment to address north korea, which has been a threat to our nation for far too long. president trump has continues to be committed to rid the us of threat posed by north korea's weapons of massive destruction and ballistic missile programs. the programs threaten our homeland, allies and partners and the broader nonproliferation regime. north korea's past activities
12:51 pm
make clear that it's proliferation to other actors that create a risk in addition to the primary risks. it has supporting infrastructure that is also of concern. in early 2017, the trump administration decided on a policy that we referred to as the maximum pressure campaign. the campaign enacted the strongest economic and diplomatic sanctions against north korea in history. the goal was to set the conditions for the dprk to make a decision to denuclearization. american leadership rallied the international community to send a strong message to chairman kim jong-un and the world that we would not stand for the dprk's illegal weapons programs. the president's bold decision to meet with chairman kim jong-un grew from this incredibly strong an targeted campaign. the president's policy directly led to the historic summit that
12:52 pm
will take place in singapore. kim jong-un expressed his desire to meet with kim jong-un as soon a pong. then i meet with kim jong-un and explained america's expectation for denuclearization. we secured the release of three americans at the same time. we viewed this as a sign of goodwill from chairman kim jong-un. the us and north korea have been holding direct talks in preparation for a summit and north korea has confirmed their willingness to denuclearization. an effort is underway. white house and state department-led advance teams are finalizing with preparations and will remain in place in singapore until the summit begins. the president continues to follow every development closely and getting daily briefings from
12:53 pm
his national security team. the fact that our two leaders are coming to the table shows that the two sides are very serious. the diplomatic effort is different from past efforts. our effort gives us hope that we can find real success where past efforts have fallen short. president trump is hopeful. alsos will going in the summit with his eyes wide open. we've seen how many agreements have been struck in the past. you can be sure that president trump will is not stand for the bad deal. the united states haas been clear time and time again that the complete verifiable denuclearization of the north korean peninsula is the only out come that we will find acceptable. the president looks forward to the day that the sanctions can be removed but that can't happen until the dprk eliminates's
12:54 pm
weapons of mass destruction programs. president trump and chairman kim will discuss security assurances for the dprk. until we reach our goals, the sanctions will remain in place. throughout the entire process, the united states has been unified with japan and and south korea in response to the threats from north korea. i will be traveling to met with my japanese and south korean counterpart after the summit to continue to coordinate with them. i will also stop in beijing to provide them with an update and underscore the importance of fully implements the sanctions.
12:55 pm
the president recognizes north korea's security and is prepared to assure a dprk without weapons of mass destruction is a security north korea. president trump made it a point that there's a brighter path for north korea and its people. we envision a strong, connected and prosperous north korea that is integrated into the community of nations. we think the people of the united states and north korea can create a future defined by friendship and collaboration and not by mistrust and fear. we belief that kim jong-un shares this vision for the future and we're committed to find a path forward and we assume and hope that that belief is sincere. we're looking forward to being in singapore in a few days. >> we'll talk a few questions. >> what progress have you made in narrowing the gap and your
12:56 pm
understanding of denuclearization and north korea's understanding of denuclearization? is there a closer understand something. >> yes. >> can you describe that a little bit? >> no. >> that was quick. >> thank you, sarah. thank you, secretary pompeo. north korea in the past has reneged on deals with the u.s. government. two questions for you. the first question has to do with your experience meeting with kim jong-un, do you trust him and my second question has to do with the negotiations that are upcoming with north korea. who in your opinion has the upper hand in the negotiations and why? >> with respect to your first question, i had a chance to meet with kim jong-un twice now. i can tell you he is very capable of articulating the things that he is prepared to do, presents clearly the
12:57 pm
challenges that we all have to overcome. that's why the two leaders are meeting with the opportunity to lay those out clearly between the two leaders so we can see if we can find a path forward together that achieves the outcomes that both countries want. the second question? >> who has the upper hand? >> we don't think about it in terms of who has the upper hand, this has been a long challenge and gone on for decades. the president has said that the administrations weren't prepared to do what we've done already. it's not about the upper hand. it's about trying to find a way where the two sides come together and get concrete steps, not just words that resolve this challenge. >> the president said that he doesn't need to prepare very much ahead of the summit. you think that is a prudent approach? i want to get your reaction to rudy guliani's comments that kim
12:58 pm
jong-un got back on his hands and needs and begged for the summit to go on. whether you think he should be weighing in on the affairs and whether you agree with the a susment. >> with respect to your second questions. i took him being in a small room and not serious about the comments. it was a bit in gest. we're moving forward and focusing on the important things. i know rudy. rudy doesn't speak for the administration when it comes to the negotiations and this set of issu issues. we're making progress. this is different. the approach the president is taking is difference. there's been months and months of detail negotiations that got nowhere. this has driven us to a place we have not been before. >> thank you, mr. secretary.
12:59 pm
>> if this goes well, the president would like to bridge kim jong-un to washington. has kim jong-un invited the president to come to north korea? >> i don't want to talk to you about conversations that have been had between the north korean side and the united states. i'll leave that for the president to talk to you. this comes back to the other question that you asked about the president's preparation. so in my previous role and i've said this before, look it up there were a few days that i left the oval office having briefed the president that we didn't talk about north korea. over months and months, days and days, president trump has been receiving briefings about the military aspects, the commercial and military aspects, the history of the relationship and the past few months there's near daily briefings including today where we have been providing the president all the information that he needs. i'm very confident the will be
1:00 pm
fully prepared that he will be prepared. >> having met the man now, what opinions have you formed of kim jong-un as a important? >> yeah. i haven't spent that much time with him. what i have said publicly is he has indicated to me personally that he's prepared to denuclearize. that he understands the current model doesn't work, that he's prepared to denuclearize and he understands that we can't do it the way we've done it before. it has to be big and bold and we have to make major changes. we need to acknowledge it will take some amount of time if it doesn't happen instantaneously and the model for succeeding, security assurance and political