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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 7, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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of attention for that. through her life. more recently. >> kimberly: the warren family was vacationing and they set it up. >> dana: set your dvrs. never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" is up next. shannon, i don't have a rhyme. at >> shannon: thank you. we begin with a fox news alert. i'm shannon bream in for bret baier. we know when the justice department inspector general intends release his report. on the hillary clinton email investigation. that date is june 14. more on that in in the minified first tonight, president trump said he's ready to walk away from the kim jong un summit but he says he believes the north korean leader wants to do something big. the president made the comments following a meeting with japan's prime minister. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off tonight. good evening. >> good evening. president trump is downplaying expectations for next week, saying one meeting likely want to end decades of amnesty.
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even hatred between the two countries. he's bullish about the prospects of making progress. the rose garden with japan's prime minister today, president trump was optimistic but realistic about the chances of success at next week's summit with kim jong un. >> we have the potential to do something incredible for the world. i am totally prepared to walk. it could happen. maybe it won't be necessary. i hope it will be necessary to walk. >> president trump revealed that if the summit goes well, kim could be headed to washington. >> i think it would be well received. i think he would look at it favorably. i think i could happen. >> would be here at the white house or here at mar-a-lago? >> maybe we will start with the white house. what do you think? >> president trump said next week's meeting is just beginning, that may take two or three meetings. the president insisted the only deal he will agree to is for kim to give up his weapons program.
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>> they have to denuke. if they don't denuclearize, it will not be acceptable. >> in the briefing room, secretary of state mike pompeo said kim personally assured him into meetings that he's prepared to denuclearize. but that the old rules can't apply. >> he understands we can't do it the way we've done it before. this has to be big and bold and we have to agree to making major changes. >> president trump added if kim does it, the rewards will be bountiful. >> are you ready to move towards normalizing relations with north korea? >> normalizing relations is something i would hope to do. we would certainly help to do that. >> as momentum is building towards next tuesday's meeting, of potential pickup on it shipped to israel, the president's outside counsel rudy giuliani let loose on kim jong un, sing up the president sent that letter canceling the meeting, kim came crawling back.
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>> kim jong un got back on his hands and knees and begged for it, the position we want to put him in. >> white house officials watched for a negative reaction out of north korea. secretary of state pompeo play down comments and their significance. >> i took him as not being serious about the comments. i think it was a bit in jest. >> in the rose garden, president trump also said he and kim they sign an agreement of finally end the korean war, though he indicated a peace deal likely won't be ready in time for next week's meeting. he went some distance to revealing the content of the letter kim jong un had delivered to him last friday. >> it was a warm letter, very nice letter. i appreciated it very much. nothing other than we look forward to seeing you. and we look forward to the summit, and hopefully some
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wonderful things will work out. >> the prospect of kim jong un being seen here at the white house or the united states and north korea normalizing relations is really something that nobody could have even predicted a year ago. president trump said a normalization of relations won't come until after north korea has dismantled its nuclear program in a way that's complete, irreversible, and verifiable. shannon. >> shannon: we won't expect that white house visit anytime too soon. john roberts at the white house. thank you very much. this is another fox news alert. we expect we will find out one week from today with the justice department inspector general has determined about the fbi investigation into hillary clinton's email scandal. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge with us. she has breaking details. >> this is the firmest date from inspector general michael e. horowitz with his report examining the fbi and justice department actions leading up to the 2016 election. the original mandate focused on
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the clinton email case with the title of a congressional hearing suggests that scope may be broader. this comes as the push and pull over another set of secret government records intensifies. after midnight, senior justice department official told reporters that doj would offer congressional leadership known as the gang of eight, another briefing and access to fbi confidential source records. monday or tuesday next week. requested by house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes working alongside oversight committee chairman trey gowdy, the records are not subject to a congressional subpoena. they are expected to shed more light on allegations and fbi confidential source contacted trump campaign needs in the early stages of the russia case. multiple congressional sources told fox the documents were promised for this morning but the justice department backed out. house speaker paul ryan. >> what we are asking for and what we require and we expect is that corroborating documents to back up the oral briefing.
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last night, they could have brought it to us today and they chose to do it next week. that doesn't help. >> justice workman official also knowledge of the records were not available to lawmakers at the last session two weeks ago. adding "the department and fbi are prepared to brief members on certain questions specifically raised by the speaker and other members. the department will also provide the documents that were available for review but not inspected by the members along with some additional material." at the weekly news conference, speaker said he supports the congressional investigators and expressed frustration. >> it didn't take a speaker of the house to get involved. to get the department of justice or any department in the executive branch to comply with congressional oversight request. spigot democrats dismissed the spy allegations and defended robert mueller. >> there is no evidence of a spy. conclusion? let's wait to find out what mueller finds out. everyone should leave him alone, let him get to the bottom. >> house intelligence committee ranking democrats had the justice department offer was
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fraught with risk, citing the ongoing russia case. "the further disclosure of investigative materials is explicable. the doj is not reinforcing a president it will have to live with whether the congress is in the republican or democratic hands." former justice from an official said the trouble comes out a powerful competing interests, robust correctional oversight versus the departments needs to protect ongoing investigations. >> shannon: catherine herridge, thank you very much. stocks were mixed today. dow gained 95. as five. s&p 500 was off 2. nasdaq lost 54. analysis of a new government plan to raise rents in public housing would mean increases of roughly 20% in the nation's largest cities. that's according to the associated press. the department of housing and urban development announced the plan in april. supporters say the increases will motivate renters to get more and better jobs. critics say it will be a huge blow to millions of low income families. the white house is launching its first public service campaign
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with a series of new advertisements aimed at warning them people about the dangers of opioids. the ads are part of an effort to put turn the tide against the deadly epidemic. campaign consists of true stories of young people who have battled addiction. the ads will air on television and across digital and social media platforms. republicans struggling to find consensus on immigration form huddled today in the capital basement. when they got out, the republican near civil war over the issue seemed to be simmering down. at least for now. chief congressional correspondent maca manual -- mike emanuel tells us why. >> paul ryan seems to have bottoms up more time on immigration with moderates and democrats close to having enough support to go around. >> a discharge petition will make -- not make love. our members realize it's better to have a process of going into law. >> i believe that was pretty loud and clear it will not go forward.
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>> ryan tried to get his colleagues to rally around president trump's ideas. >> the conversation this morning about the vertical pillars which has a daca solution is the most optimistic, plausible chance of getting into law. >> florida republican has local concerns and says he's tired of promises. >> i'm holding out on signing a discharge petition until i can get some public guarantee that we are going to take the guest worker program that helps not only our agriculture, construction, service communities. >> addressing young people brought to the country illegally by their parents, there is talk of a special visa allowing them to stay in the u.s. >> i feel more confident leaving this meeting then i was going income of that there was actually going to be an immigration bill drafted that can come to the floor and potentially get two to 18. >> the latest fox poll reveals 71% favor illegals brought to the u.s. as children to stay legally with 23% now opposed. >> while moderates think public
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opinion is with them, some conservative say not so fast. >> ultimately what it comes down to is the citizenship question and how you deal with it. that's been the thorniest issue from the start, it remains the most difficult issue. >> everyone of those bills that might come forward has amnesty. i say give me a bill that doesn't have amnesty. >> house democratic leader took us white. >> the lukens are meeting on immigration. -- the republicans are meeting on immigration. >> house republicans say they are giving it more time but if you say they want a concrete plan by tuesday, which means it could be a very busy weekend of negotiation. >> shannon: mike emanuel live on capitol hill. thank you. apprehensions of people trying to enter the country illegally were way up last month. that includes more than 400% increase in families over the same time last year.
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from los angeles, national correspondent william la jeunesse looks at the numbers tonight and what they mean. >> how long has he been on the road? >> 22 days from honduras. >> a spike in illegal immigration, with new numbers from the department of homeland security showing border arrests almost triple a year ago. >> men and women and border control have been making apprehensions. the loopholes need to be fixed because those other factors. >> >> illegal immigration is a mix of push and pull with poverty and violence in central america, increasing bloodshed in mexico, driving the numbers. >> out the drugs coming across, it's the transnational chemical criminal organizations. stick of the trump administration also blames factors like rulings requiring releasing children after three weeks in custody. the so-called asylum will poll which allows 80% of central american families to live in the u.s., the most claims are ultimately rejected. unlike unaccompanied minors from
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mexico, the u.s. can't immediately deport central american children. >> we are trying to inform congress and the public about how the loopholes affect our ability to secure the border. >> claiming that they were dropped off and crossed on their own. >> apprehensions among mexican and central american families up 435% from a year ago, unaccompanied minors up 329%. may arrests are up 5% over apri april. similar to trends in 2013 and up '16. the difference: i pretensions early last year fell to near all-time lows in the wake of president trump's election. >> officials say it's too early to judge the presidents anti-immigration policies by these numbers. many immigrants were already on their way before his pledge to prosecute all adults and separate parents from children detained along the border. shannon. >> shannon: william, thank you very much. the u.s. and china have reached
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a deal allowing the chinese telecommunication giant cte to stay in business. in exchange for paying an additional billion dollars in fines and agreed to let u.s. regulators monitor its operations. the fine comes on top of a roughly $1 billion penalty zte has already paid for having sold equipment to north korea and iran in violation of u.s. sanctions. in april, the congress delta company a death sentence over the violations while president trump intervened, seeking a deal that would save it zte and the jobs it provides. china promising to help give to the bottom of another round of illnesses affecting american diplomats. it's a case with similar days to one affecting americans in cuba. correspondent garrett tenney takes a look. >> i don't think it's going to be isolated to just a couple people. there may be a link. >> there a mysterious illness e
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again striking u.s. diplomats, this time in china. state department says it's evacuated a number of americans from the u.s. consulate after they experienced unexplained health issues. the diplomats reported subtle and unusual sensations of sound and pressure which cause symptoms similar to those of a traumatic brain injury. nausea, headaches, hearing loss and other cognitive issues. state department spokeswoman heather nauert says those vigils returned to the u.s. for further evaluation and a comprehensive assessment of theirs symptoms. they are the latest of a mess to have these kind of express. last month, when the first medical incident in china was reported, secretary of state mike pompeo said it was very similar to the recent health attacks on u.s. personnel in cuba. >> we are working to figure out what to place both in havana and now in china as well. >> those answers have been hard to come by, at least 24 diplomats suffered traumatic brain damage from the attacks in havana. ap reports several of the americans confirmed they often hurt high-frequency sounds such
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as this one. more than a year after the fbi opened an investigation, u.s. officials still aren't sure what caused the injuries or who was responsible. today china's foreign minister said its own investigation did the suspected sonic attacks turned up empty. >> we have not found any organization or individual who conducted such an attack. in other words, we have not found any costs or clue that led to the situation mentioned by the u.s. >> this week, the state department announced the creation of a new task force to respond to the health incidents that have affected diplomats and their families overseas. the unit combines representatives from the pentagon, justice department, and health and human services among others with the hope of treating and investigating those incidents. >> shannon: garrett tenney, thank you very much. up next, the horror of the las vegas massacre. we will see and hear what happened. first, here's what some of our
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fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 2 in st. louis. 250,000 union workers that united parcel service prepared to go on strike if contract negotiations fall through. more than 90% of the workers approved the right to strike in a vote tuesday. the current deal expires at the end of july. fox 5 in new york. the new jersey assembly unanimously approved the bill that would legalize sports betting. the bill goes to the state senate and then to the desk of democratic governor phil murphy. it's unclear whether he will sign it. this is a live look and live look at honolulu from fox 2. the big story there tonight, a magnitude 5.6 earthquake has struck the summit of the kilauea volcano. it sent a plume of ash and rock about 10,000 feet into the sky. the quake came hours after a u.s. geological survey scientists said another eruption was imminent. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from
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♪ >> shannon: another defection from the epa. chief scott pruitt has announced the resignation of the senior legal counsel. comes following yesterday's resignation of a scheduler. those follow several others out the door since april amid barrages of ethics complaints and federal inquiries. we are seeing and hearing more terrifying images and sounds from the worst mass shooting in modern american history. she correspondent jonathan hunt tonight with new recordings from last fall's massacre in las vegas. >> the newly released video and audio capture the panic, fear and desperation of the concertgoers who found
3:21 pm
themselves under fire on that horrific night in las vegas. this video from a security camera on the roof of the mandalay bay hotel gives a disturbing sense of what the shooter himself would have been seeing as he reigned high caliber bullets down on the crowd from his 32nd floor room. the 911 calls demonstrate the terror felt by his victims. >> we have three gunshot wounds. >> i'm going to get you to medical. do not hang up. do not hang up. >> the rooftop security camera videos also give a sense of the heroism of those who, with little apparent regard to their own safety, stop to help others who might be injured or even dead. this is the fifth batch of records released by clark county sheriff joe lombardo to the frustration of many, he's done so without commenting, without giving any significant updates on the investigation. the fbi has also declined to comment. it seems the bottom line is we
3:22 pm
might never know what drove the shooter to do what he did. investigators have discovered no links to terrorist groups, domestic or international. and we know little other than the shooter stephen paddock was a wealthy gambler who had stockpiled an array of weapons and ammunition. and spent several days as the security camera videos show, coming and going from the mandalay bay, secretly bringing in his deadly arsenal. >> the sheriff running for reelection says he plans to deliver a final report on the massacre in august. shannon. >> shannon: jonathan, thank you very much. some of your private facebook postings may not have been so private last month. facebook says about 14 million users had messages intended only for designated groups or individuals available to almost anyone because of a software bug. the company says it's fixed the posts and is notifying users involved. up next, cease fire in afghanistan with only one side
3:23 pm
participating. first, beyond our borders tonight. prosecutors in guatemala ordering an investigation into whether disaster protocols were followed concerning the deadly eruption of the volcano of fire. at least 99 people were killed. at least 197 people listed as missing. the national disaster agencies suspended search efforts, saying climatic conditions and still hot volcanic material make it dangerous for the rescuers. russian president vladimir putin said he has no plans to pull his military out of syria but he says he's not building permanent facilities there. putin says the troops will stay in syria as long as it's to russia's advantage. a man who drove a stolen truck into a crowd in stockholm is convicted of terror related murder and given a life sentence. the driver said he wanted to punish sweden for joining a coalition against the islamic state group. some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight.
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♪ >> shannon: the pentagon says american forces will honor a cease-fire with the taliban imposed by the afghanistan government. whether the taliban will take part, well, that's still a mystery. here is correspondent benjamin hall. >> for now, it's a one-sided cease-fire announced by the afghan president but without a response from the taliban. afghan president, seen here meeting president trump last year, said the weeklong cease-fire will go into effect next week and last through the eid holiday. but neither the islamic state or al qaeda are included. >> it comes at a time when the u.s. has increased its troop presence and general mickelson, commander of u.s. and nato forces have said the u.s. troops
3:28 pm
would honor the afghan president's call. secretary pompeo issued a statement saying that this cease-fire did not prohibit operations to defend coalition forces from attack. adding that the united states look to the telegram to honor the cease-fire. but there's been no response yet from the terror group who now threatens 70% of the country. the cease-fire was called after religious clerics met in the grand tent of tribal leaders to denounce terrorism. they demanded that the taliban restore peace to allow foreign troops to leave the country, and they issued a fat wall, a religious edict against suicide bombings. highlighting the difficulties ahead, suicide bomber for the islamic state targeted the meeting, killing 14. >> there was a huge blast that rocked the area. i lay on the ground and then i went to the side of the blast and saw many dead bodies. >> this cease-fire is unexpected. seemed like -- seen by some as a strategic move to get the tell about to the negotiating table
3:29 pm
and seen by others is a mistake which would allow the taliban to regroup and rearm. shannon. >> shannon: benjamin hall, thank you very much. the israeli military says it dropped leaflets across the gaza strip today warning residents to stay far from the israeli border during a mass protest. military officials are expecting a large turnout on fridays demonstration. raising the likelihood of violence and bloodshed. more than 115 palestinians have been killed by israeli fire during these near weekly protests. tonight we continue our ongoing series about the dangers of the u.s. waste disposal at american military bases in the middle east. correspondent lea gabrielle talks with one of the men assigned the task of trying to clean things up. >> in 2005, army lieutenant colonel dan brewer was tasked with assessing the disposal of waste in burn pits at military
3:30 pm
bases in iraq. >> medical waste, syringes, ammunition, weapons, hazardous waste. in one burn pits, they were burning asbestos. >> in 2006 and 2007, brewer presented his findings to the top officials that the department of defense. they were so shocked by what they saw, they sent him further up the chain of command all the way to general petraeus. brewer came up with a solution. incinerators. while not as cost-effective as burn pits, they would mean a far less toxic environment. >> general petraeus was for it. now the problem is -- >> fox news confirmed with general petraeus that confirmed the installation of incinerators. he added that it was one of many issues they were dealing with while trying to turn the tide of the war in iraq. he emphasized the need to protect troops in combat was
3:31 pm
paramount. brewer says the response was slow right up until he left his post as an inspector in 2012. the problem continue? >> yes. >> officials tell fox news that incinerators are currently in place on more developed military bases but burn pits still exist on remote bases. >> our veterans need our help now. >> today congressional hearings were held on burn pits. both veterans and their families attended. they want the va to provide assistance and not deny medical coverage. department of defense officials were scheduled to attend but those officials hold a no-show. >> a vfw member exposed to burn pits called me and told me how her children were born with birth defects, including seizures. they were born with high levels of heavy metals in their blood and she had to get a hysterectomy in her late 20s. >> colonel brewer's fears his
3:32 pm
concerns have come true and thousands of veterans need help. >> there are people in their 30s who were there in their 20s, they have major pulmonary issues. because they served in combat in iraq or afghanistan. >> i'm not only... we owe it to them. >> the va has a burn print registry in over 140,000 veterans of signed up. the va encourages those on the registry to take advantage of free health exams available to them. some veterans advocacy groups say this is not enough and veterans are being ignored. general petraeus says now is the time to help those who signed up to serve in a time of war. shannon. >> shannon: lea gabrielle, thank you very much. new suggestions tonight about the possibility of life on mars either now or in the past. nasa scientists say they their
3:33 pm
curiosity rover has found potential building blocks of life in an ancient martian like bed. it's confirmed sharp seasonal increases of methane in the atmosphere. scientists say they cannot rule out a logical source. president trump gives his predictions on the north korean summit. we will get reaction from the panel when we come back.
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ito take care of anyct messy situations.. and put irritation in its place. and if i can get comfortable keeping this tookus safe and protected... you can get comfortable doing the same with yours. preparation h. get comfortable with it. ♪ >> the cement is all ready to go
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subject always to change. you never know in this world. i think i very well prepared. i don't like i have to prepare very much. it's about attitude. it's about willingness to get things done. this will be at a minimum, we will start with perhaps a good relationship and that's something that's very important for the ultimate making of the deal. >> the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome that we will find acceptable. north korea has confirmed to us its willingness to denuclearize. >> shannon: pretty much everyone agrees that's not going to happen on june 12. let's bring the panel. stephen hayes, david catanese, matt schlapp, welcome to all of you. steve, the president's statement, i don't think i have to prepare very much. people are jumping on it but he's always talked about the relational aspect of the negotiations. he's not traditional about the ways handled it but it seems
3:38 pm
like he's move the ball further than just about any other u.s. president. >> depends on how you look at it. the bush administration went out of its way to not have not have face-to-face bilateral meetings with north korea. the time it did it, christopher hill, the envoy, did it without telling condoleezza rice at first because it was thought to be such a concession to the north koreans. he has given a lot because he's having the meetings. i think the kind of comments the presidents making have not been helpful. he deserves credit for changing the failed policy of the previous three administrations, no doubt about it. different conversation. we are not outsourcing to china. that's helpful. the things he's saying now, that he does need to prepare, the chinese committed -- north korea is committed to denuclearization and that it's been an open and honorable process, i think those things are not helpful. we should be clear with the north koreans that they will denuclearize, we will verify it, it will be irreversible, and that's it. this is their only opportunity or we are walking away. >> shannon: that's what he
3:39 pm
continued to say today. i will walk out at any point if we don't think were getting get to that goal. >> lester he was calling him little rocket man and threatening their annihilation then today he said yeah, we'll have him over to the white hous white house. a week could go by. he could have the summit and decide he's never been to deal with him again frankly. i think the one interesting aspect that i'm focused on more is that we are not hearing as much about what north korea gets out of this. what do they want out of it? i think that's going to be a standard by which to measure this. we know what we want: denuclearization. pompeo said it today clearly. what do they want? the air using trump as a prop to stand next to? how do we know what they want? >> shannon: the president talked about the economic benefit that he's hoping to get them with china and south korea and others. sounds like that's the part of the equation they want and they desperately need to.
3:40 pm
>> president trump deserves a lot of credit for this ultimate pressure campaign. the idea that china believed that the president of the united states was serious. the second issue is that by a lot a people's accounts, the kim's are out of money. they are running out of money. they are in a different situation than they were in before. they need to have this go better because they have to have the resources from china. i'm hopeful and i'm hopeful that the president will walk away if it's a bad deal. he doesn't have to do this immediately. if they need america's help and they need america to take the pressure of china, then he's got to get to a deal. they've got to get to a deal. i'm happy we have a president who likes this kind of process. i think it placed his strength, and i'm not that worried that he will walk away from a bad deal. ava walks away from singapore, the negotiations come i'm going to be good with it. >> shannon: let's see what the folks think. brand-new polling. president trump and kim jong un,
3:41 pm
who would get the better deal? 40% say donald trump. 30% say kim jong un. 17% say neither or the same. 12% sandra. steve, at least the folks who answered this poll, the plurality think that if these two sit down, they have more confidence in our president. >> i hope they are right. every time we have sat down with them, they have been broke. they've been on the verge of going broke. one of the thing that's given them lifelines is u.s. concessions, preemptive u.s. concessions. we have offered them. they haven't denuclearize. we wouldn't be having these conversations. i don't think china has been a good partner in this. i think china has been an uneven partner. they have put pressure on. they have also restarted fights or announce their going to restart flights between beijing
3:42 pm
and pyongyang. we have this syrian question which is significant. north korean state tv announces bashar al-assad, a history of proliferation between north korea and syria, wants a meeting of will potentially be getting a meeting with kim jong un. that's an obvious provocative step here. if north korea were truly committed to uttering relations with the united states and the civilized world, they wouldn't be doing things like that. >> i'm going to save the people i talked to, my former bush administration colleagues, they do believe they are in a financial situation like they've never been in before. the situation with china is different. trump deserves some of that credit for the change in the dynamics but he gets some of the benefits. i think it's a unique moment in history. >> hard to believe denuclearization is what they are going to agree to. i think the comments from the president -- how do we know?
3:43 pm
are there steps in place? he is saying i don't need to prepare. it's all attitude. what are the deliverables out of the meeting that you are going to get, not just their word but are you going to be able to find their nuclear weapons? are you come to an agreement on monitors? is he just going to trust that kim jong un's word and what happens after that? >> shannon: i can't imagine they get to that level of detail. maybe it is about the relational aspect. >> remember what joel john bolton did at the state department, arms control. i guarantee he's going to be in the presidents ear every moment. on the preparation question, it's important for a world leader, the leader of the world superpower, to go into a meeting knowing the history of these negotiations, knowing the history of the relationship so that when he hears something that's been said time and again, he's not hearing it for the
3:44 pm
first time and it's not tended to believe something that has been the basis of lies for three decades. that's a concern. >> shannon: doesn't reassure you or worry you that ambassador bolton is part of the team prepping him and getting them ready? >> i have said before and i will say again i am happy john bolton is happy on one side of donald trump and that mike pompeo is on the other side. >> shannon: the president tweeting up a storm today. "isn't it ironic? getting ready to go to the g-7 in canada to fight for our country on trade. we have the worst trade deals ever made. then off to singapore to meet with north korea and the nuclear problem. but back home we still have the 13 angry democrats pushing the witch hunt!" i think he's going to have to trademark that. angry democrats. we are going to talk about that. "special report" is headed to singapore. bret baier is going to anchor a live sunday edition of "special report" this weekend. he's also going to bring you the latest north korea summit news monday and tuesday night. join us each night 6:00 p.m. eastern. starting on sunday. that's going to be 6:00 in the
3:45 pm
morning there. next up, the latest on the collusion investigation.
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♪ >> we received an oral briefing two weeks ago but what we are asking for and what we require and we expect is the corroborating documents the back of oral briefing. and last night, they could have brought it to us today, they chose to do it next week. that doesn't help. frankly, the sooner the department of justice complies with all of our document requests which are legitimate document requests, the better this is going to be for everybody. >> shannon: back with the panel. it's going to be a very busy week on capitol hill next week. house members are going to get
3:49 pm
briefed on what they've been trying to get to the bottom of your june 14, we get the inspector general's report on the hillary clinton email investigation. >> the hillary clinton email investigation that won't go awa away. june of 2018. that's going to be one part of it. i think on the broader point, trump has had some success, and modeling them mueller investigation with the spygate issue. basically blaming the last administration for spying on his campaign. you had paul ryan and other top republicans say that that's not true. and that they agree the fbi has done everything that they should have done in that instance in dealing with the trump campaign. trump is a meddler. i think that some of the reason his approval ratings are up. he's sort of model of this. his numbers are coming up. imagine what his numbers would be if this wasn't all hanging over him, the cloud of investigation. >> shannon: they are ready to
3:50 pm
get it wrapped up. the inspector general investigation is going to address names like mccabe and comey and lynch. how read do you think those folks are. comey testified, if i have done something wrong, i want to know what the inspector general has to say. >> and mccabe is asking for immunity. it's not an ig investigation on hillary clinton's emails. it's really an ig investigation on the steps taken around the investigation. we have never seen this kind of tumult at the fbi for a generation. these are very serious questions. i would say to mr. mccabe, i understand that he's under threat of criminal prosecution. i would say when you have been the number two at the fbi, you've got to be held to a very high standard. these are people that went out into the american population and they went after criminals, but they also went after people aggressively who movie weren't criminals. i am okay with the idea that
3:51 pm
they are going to have to go through this process as well. if jim comey has good answers, then he ought to be fine. our system should be able to work if people didn't do anything wrong, even if it's tricky. and i think mr. mccabe she would answer congresses questions. they are a coequal branch of government. totally legitimate questions. he should be able to answer them. if you can't, he should take the fifth, and that tells us a lot. >> shannon: steve, some say they are open to the idea of talking with him and his attorneys of the issue of immunity. where do you think we go with the conversation and then getting answers from them. >> his attorney is far more concerned about potential criminal liabilities and he is about a bad p.r. day if mccabe takes the fifth. i would expect that would be the direction he would lean in if his attorney thinks he's in legal jeopardy. on the question of why we are
3:52 pm
still talking about the hillary clinton investigation, i would argue it's because there's still a lot of serious questions we don't have answers to. a lot of them have to do with potential buyers in the way they approach the investigation. i would still like to learn more about james comey, even after he did a week's worth of interviews about why he use the language he did and his conversations with loretta lynch. these are things michael horowitz is going to have answers to in the way that i think no one's gotten answers yet. it would be important to have those answers so we can -- i agree with david on the deliberate conflation of the hillary clinton investigation and the mueller investigation. i think what the president is trying to do is say james comey bad. all these people bad. the way they did this was irregular. therefore bab mueller and everyone else is bad and you can't trust law enforcement. that's unfortunate. i think bob mueller is a man of integrity. he may have made mistakes but will find out when he's done and i thinking it's a shame that the president has been attacking him. >> shannon: asking do you
3:53 pm
think the trump campaign coordinated with russia? 44% say yes. 45% say no. the spread was a lot further last year. it was a 12-point spread. the next poll, should the president be impeached? 39% say yes. 51% say no. david, we have seen a lot of polls that say people are tiring of the mueller investigation and say that it's more political than factual. >> that's part of president trump's agenda, to make it a wash. i think the poll reflects that. he's also driving. a lot of the news and the media is obsessed with the mueller investigation. a lot of cable networks, newspapers putting on the front pages every day. doesn't surprise me that basically half the public thinks there is some "there" there. president trump going on these tweet storms and it recharges the news coverage. we have this endless circle.
3:54 pm
most other presidents would sit back and say i'm going to let this flutter outs. but he's not that type of person. he fights every charge every tweet, every cable anchor that goes at him, every op-ed person. i think that's an in-service to him. 42% now. 45% approval. imagine what he would be be ath 3.9% unemployment rate and a potential historic summit. he would be a 54% if it wasn't for this. >> shannon: i think we all know he likes to have an adversary. he likes to have somebody to fight and punch back. he tweeted earlier today: when will people start saying, "thank you, mr. president, for firing james comey?" matt schlapp, you said thank you, mr. president, for firing james comey. >> the president waited a few too many days and months to fire james comey. my wife works over there for the president coming full disclosure. i think you are somewhat right
3:55 pm
and somewhat wrong. bill clinton went after ken starr and his special counsel which was a little different with a hammer. they did everything to destroy the credibility of that man and they were pretty successful at doing it. presidents tend to do this. the difference of bill clinton, he did it with a little bit more sleight-of-hand in a more deceitful way which he was very good at by having other people do it. donald trump, if he's going to go after someone, you know it's because it's on twitter. he leads the charge. i agree with you. very unusual in american politics to do that and i think his numbers are better today because this investigation looks political because it's been political. >> he has made it political. bill clinton did not use the same rhetoric as donald trump. >> shannon: we have to leave it there. when we come back, a little help from strangers. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim.
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4:00 pm
>> i was thankful he was willing to go down and do it, it wasn't an emergency, it wasn't life or death. >> shannon: that ring was his grandfather's. that's it for "special report," now time for "the story with martha maccallum." >> martha: live from new york, here is the story that you have not heard. >> i'm free to hug my family, i'm free to live life, i'm free to start over. this is the greatest day of my life. >> martha: since president trump took office he is received 2800 petitions from clemency for people who feel their punishment exceeded their crime. how did alice johnson become the lucky one who actually gets her life back? she is here exclusively