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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 7, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> i was thankful he was willing to go down and do it, it wasn't an emergency, it wasn't life or death. >> shannon: that ring was his grandfather's. that's it for "special report," now time for "the story with martha maccallum." >> martha: live from new york, here is the story that you have not heard. >> i'm free to hug my family, i'm free to live life, i'm free to start over. this is the greatest day of my life. >> martha: since president trump took office he is received 2800 petitions from clemency for people who feel their punishment exceeded their crime. how did alice johnson become the lucky one who actually gets her life back? she is here exclusively, her
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real story of the unbelievable 24 hours since he walked out of those prison doors. if she spent 22 years behind bars for charges related to drug possession and money laundering after she fell on some hard times and faced financial desperation. eight months ago she happened to catch the eye on twitter of a reality star kim kardashian who took up her case, and she pleaded it with jared kushner and president trump. just one week later, she is a free woman. she walked out of that jail cell this morning where she was supposed to spend the rest of her life and into the arms of her weeping and grateful family, can you imagine how all of these people feel having their mom and their grandmother back? she is going to join us in just a moment but we begin tonight with breaking news. it's been very interesting to watch this, this has become a priority for the trump
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administration to grant clemency, grant pardons -- what do you make of this part of the president's goals? >> it will go into the books for a lot of people as another example of him ignoring the norms of presidential behavior. there is a process i which pardons are supposed to be gathered and processed and examined and recommendations made to the president. the president has to be sure sweeping authority to grant pardons. the purpose of all of those processes is to make it easy for him and to protect him from making a mistake, from pardoning somebody who doesn't deserve it who will then turn to crime again or whatever it is. the president to take some risks here but this is is one of his powers and he doesn't much care about norms. the last thing he was elected to do was observe all of the norms in washington which he considers
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the swamp so here we are. >> martha: it's fascinating to watch, as we know about this president when someone has a compelling argument puts in front of him, he likes to act on it. that's what he did in the case of this woman. the other case is rod blagojevich, martha stewart they fall into a different category, he's also tried to make a political statement with the potential for pardoning those folks because of all of the people who are under scrutiny in his own world who he thinks may face a similar fate. >> that requires a little bit of mind reading which is beyond my ken. it's not at all clear to me that his potential commutation of the sentence or the pardoning of rod blagojevich is a attempt to say to paul manafort don't flip on me. it's possible i suppose.
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>> martha: when you look at those cases, many of them were adjudicated by fitzgerald, by comey, by mueller, the same team he feels unjustified by in rod blagojevich's case he had the same rate that paul manafort had at his house. it's not that he's trying to send a signal to people who may talk or may not talk he may be sending a signal about justice and how he feels about what is right and what is wrong. >> he may be thumbing his nose at the prosecutors a little bit but i wouldn't say that about the scooter libby pardon, a lot of people had been encouraging that for years. i wouldn't encourage it about the jack johnson pardon. it's kind of a mixed bag here of different people it's a diverse group. >> martha: were going to speak with miss johnson right after the break, this one should president trump and we are moving on to the investigation here -- should he agree to be
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interviewed by special counsel mueller, 60% say yes, 32% say no. let's move onto the next one, did president trump's campaign coordinate with russia? back in june it was 40%, then in june it was at 42, now it's at 44%. the president has been pushing back so hard about the witch hunt on twitter. >> i think the alarming number is the increase in the number of people who think he may have been involved in some kind of collusion. people have been hearing about this for so long in the struggle has been going on for so long, you would expect people to become suspicious.
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let me turn to a question of whether he should be interviewe interviewed. that number doesn't surprise me and i don't think his lawyers are resisting this because they think he is guilty. i think they're resisting this because they think this guy is such a loose cannon and a lot of the times he's so inarticulate -- they will never say this -- he's so inarticulate that he might fumble his way into saying something that isn't true and he might get in trouble that way. even straightforward questions. >> martha: they are concerned because he's donald trump and they've seen the way he's answering questions and he speaks in hyperbole. i would imagine they are very concerned. >> if you are representing him would you recommend -- that explains it in our view and the viewpoint of a lot of public, if he's got nothing to hide, why not answer questions? you look a little deeper and you think maybe not.
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>> martha: you have to consider the client in all cases. good to see you tonight. coming up next as promised, alice johnson and her attorney, talking about her newfound freedom. she became an ordained minister when she was in prison, she is a fascinating story to tell. also tonight a former u.s. navy sailor who was also parted by president trump and is now threatening to sue the obama administration saying hillary clinton committed a bigger crime and got no time. their stories line up in a very close way. the new ig report will be out june 19th, . for the power of 335 turbo-charged horses. the lincoln mkx, more horsepower than the lexus rx350.
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>> martha: update on our guest tonight alice johnson and her attorney aren't getting set up they will join us in just a moment. in the meantime also breaking tonight did you hear about this? june 14th a week from today we will finally get a look at the highly anticipated inspector general's report on the fbi and the doj handling of the whole clinton email investigation which reportedly will say that james comey defied authority. it's a 400 pages long and it's about to be released, those
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findings are very important to a lot of people and they are important to this former navy sailor who was recently pardoned by president trump. he says he was sent to jail for a very similar issue that hillary clinton was looked at four. he took pictures on his submarine but he said that hillary clinton did much worse with no consequences and now he's threatening to sue the obama administration saying that president obama and james comey need to answer for their actions. he's here exclusively with us, first trace gallagher with the back story on this one. >> the lawsuit alleges he was subject under equal reduction of the law. he took photos of the submarine's propulsion systems which he knew was classified. he took them to show his family and to deny sharing them with any unauthorized source. he later destroyed his laptop, camera, and the memory card that stored the photos. his lawyer points out that his
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client took six pictures of areas that were confidential or restricted. hillary clinton's private email account contained 110 emails and 52 email chains considered classified that were top-secret end of 36 that were classified as secret. hillary clinton maintains she didn't know the information was classified though james comey says she clearly should have known. the treatment given to kristian saucier versus hillary clinton also became a major theme during the trump campaign, watch. >> about the young men who took pictures of his submarine, he wanted to have some pictures. it's not like it's a brand-new submarine it's many years old. they put him in jail for a year and that she does all of these different things. >> it wasn't just the clinton comparison driving the narrativ
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narrative. one was given a reduction in rank, the other was docked $560 in pay. saucier's lawyer says these types of cases are almost always handed within the military, instead kristian saucier was discharged from the navy, and was a convicted felon until president trump pardoned him last month. here he is right after the president cleared his criminal record, watch. >> i still have faith in the system and that's exactly the reason why a maintained -- i served my time i didn't cause any issues in prison i did my time the right way. i took my punishment like a man and i got out and i did my best to be a contributing member of society. >> he is very grateful the president took action, he knows it's not a magic wand but he is staying positive and looking forward. >> martha: joined at me now for an exclusive interview,
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former navy seal kristian saucier. thank you so much. you had this strange parallel experience of watching with hillary clinton was going through and what they were finding day after day, week after week and classified information that was on her server that she tried to destro destroy. then you hear this from james comey when he came out on july 5th 2016. >> all the cases prosecuted to involve some combination of clearly intentional and willful mishandling of classified information or vast quantities of information, exposed in such a way as to be an inference of misconduct or indications of disloyalty to the united states or efforts to obstruct justice. we do not see those things here. >> martha: what was going through your mind when you listen to all of that, the same fbi that was investigating you? >> thanks for having me on. the funny part is, right after
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that he said if anybody else does this they will be in prison. it's okay if hillary clinton does it but anybody else you can't. that's the major point of my case. i'm fighting for equal justice for everybody, i've already served my year in prison, president trump has given my life back. this is me fighting for the average american citizen, you shouldn't be subjected to a separate set of laws to hillary clinton or james comey who admitted to leaking classified information to the press to benefit himself or same thing with andrew mccabe. these people aren't above the law but apparently they are. i'm going to fight back as long as there is a breath in may. i will drop the lawsuit tomorrow if they restore my faith in the american people but i don't think that's going to happen. >> martha: you expect that, if you break the law which you fessed up to and you destroyed the evidence i would imagine probably because you got scared, right? you through the laptop away, you
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went through that process. everyone expects the same rules apply for everybody. now we're going to get this ig report on june 14th, what is the potential for using what you see in their to help you with your case? what does your lawyer say about that? >> i think it's going to be a bombshell. it's going to show how james comey decided who broke the law and who didn't. he interpreted the law in a completely different way for hillary clinton than he did me. american people should wake up every morning with faith the justice system is going to protect them, that's what it's there for. the true enemy of the state isn't the servicemen taking pictures of something he's proud of, it's the people changing the laws to benefit their cronies. that is what is breaking down, i hope that's what the lawsuit will do. i'm going to fight for this as long as i have a breath in me.
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when i was in the military i thought enemies foreign and now i fight enemies domestic. that's what i believe comey is, he's a domestic enemy. >> martha: i know you say you're grateful for the pardon and you're starting to get your life back, were happy for you if that's what happening in your own life, keep us posted with this lawsuit it's going to be interesting to watch, thank you so much. now to our other top story, alice johnson a free woman tonight after a grant of clemency from president trump after 22 years she spent in federal prison for charges related to drug possession and money laundering. alice johnson and her attorney are here, how is it feeling 24 hours in? how did it feel when you woke up in your house this morning? >> i felt wonderful, no more bunk beds over head. >> martha: it's a remarkable story. is it thinking and for you
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because it happened very fast. >> it happened so fast, it is really now just starting to sink in, today has been a wonderful day for me, i'm so happy, nothing bothers me. >> martha: you expected to spend the rest of your life in prison, i can't imagine -- how did you get through 22 years? how did you get through all that time? >> the only way i was able to make it through and this is the truth is my faith in god. i knew one day he was going to bring me out and i live my life with an eye toward one day walking out of those doors a free woman. the day i got the news that president trump had granted my clemency and given me a second chance it was the best day of my life.
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>> martha: you say you want to bring those still left behind, i want to go back to the bad moment just for a minute if i could. you were in desperation, you lost your job at fedex and you turned to crime. you were an intermediary for them, what would you say to someone who finds themselves faced with that same kind of moment in their lives. >> i would say don't make a permanent decision that can change your life based on a temporary situation. just because you go into panic, take your breath and wait it out. it's not worth it. that one mistake cost me not to be able to be there for my grandchildren, it changed the course of my entire life, don't do it that's what i say.
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don't do anything illegal for some temporary gain because i'm telling you it is a trip. >> martha: how are you going to help others who you feel -- it really is all about the punishment fitting the crime. it's something a lot of people are waking up to in this country. what is your message and how are you going to try to help other people to become free who may have served enough of their tim time. >> my messages i'm really wanting to fight hard in this whole prison reform effort. that is what is important. i tell anyone who is fighting for their lives, do not give up. you also get to be prepared in case something does happen, in case the miracle does come. you want to make sure you're ready to reenter society and i thank god that is what i was able to do to reenter society as a free woman. >> martha: it's something that
4:22 pm
jared kushner special advisor to the president and kim kardashian who came on board for you in such a big way and the president want to make it happen for people. what your message for them tonight? >> my message for president trump is thank you so much for taking the time to look at my case and look at me. i promise you president trump i will make you proud that you gave me this second chance. i tell kim, keep your passion. i believe what she sees happen for me has stirred something more up for her and she said one person at a time. >> martha: you said one of the things that shock to the most when you got out is how much people were looking at their phone. it's been a big change since you were away. good thing kim kardashian was
4:23 pm
looking at her phone, that's how she found you. >> that was exactly how she found me. >> martha: we really wish you all the best, thank you so much for bringing alice to us today good to see you both tonight. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you for having us on. >> martha: coming up next unusual thing happened at the white house today as japanese prime minister shinzo abe rushed to washington with a message to the president before he goes to singapore. what was so urgent? and a double standard for democrats, the new list of demands that they have for any potential north korea deal. where were those concerns when they signed off on the iran deal? corey lewandowski with his take after this
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>> martha: brand-new fox polls show that more americans believe it will be president trump who comes out on top and the nuclear summit with north korea, 40% say trump is more likely to walk away with a better deal compared to 30% for north korea. perhaps that's one reason japanese prime minister shinzo abe flew around the world for a meeting with the president
4:28 pm
putting some pressure on him to consider the interest of our allies like japan despite his promise to put america first. here now jack keane, chairman of the institute for the study of war. this meeting was unexpected what was on his mind? why did he need to speak to the president before he went to singapore? >> president trump has a closer relationship with him than any other foreign leader. what he's really concerned about he know president trump gets that. what he's concerned about is he doesn't want the ballistic missiles that can reach japan being decoupled from the nuclear's asian issue or being traded away as a negotiating ploy to not take all the missiles out. that's his message for president trump. i know that because i was in
4:29 pm
japan a few weeks ago with his foreign ministry and that was their top issue and they said we are working it out. that's really why he rushed in their prior to the singapore summit. >> martha: the top priority is nuclear weapons that can reach america but our allies are going to be very concerned about north korea's defensive mechanism. this is mike pompeo on him and what he expects. >> what i have said publicly is he is prepared to denuclearize. he understands the current model doesn't work, he understands he can't do it the way we've done it before. >> we speculated on your show
4:30 pm
the reason why president trump's whole attitude turned positive about the upcoming summit many weeks ago -- the second thing he said today which i thought was also news they're going to come up with a security document and ratify that as a treaty and a security document. that's news breaking as far as i'm concerned. he wants to use them to get north korea denuclearize. the number one issue is the future security of his machine, he's a young man that he's got 40 plus years in front of him. >> martha: he was talking with the russians the other day how does that play into all of this? >> the russians are trying to slow this process down. they are always interested in rubbing the united states knows in something, they don't want a
4:31 pm
big w here. >> martha: just ahead of next week's singapore summit, senate democrats have a list of demands for president trump as he heads into negotiations but are these same demands that they ceded to a ron years ago? obviously the president has always been very much against the iran deal, he was critical of it it didn't have anywhere any time inspections, it wasn't verifiable. now they are claiming they want no deal that doesn't have exactly those things. >> the democrats are posturing because they know this president is on the precipice of doing something that barack obama couldn't do which is denuclearizing the north korean peninsula and finally for the first time in the history of our country, putting the two principles together to try to
4:32 pm
work to the benefit of the world. when you look back on how terrible the iran deal was, we see in the last 48 hours the media is reporting that the iran deal gave them access to the u.s. banking system, they did of the behind the scenes. congress was kept in the dark when members of the obama administration went overseas to try to negotiate this deal. it was a terrible deal from day one and that's why the president said we couldn't have it anymore. >> martha: take a look at this tweet from the president on tariffs. this is another hot issue as he heads into the g7. please tell them they are charging the u.s. massive tariffs and great nonmonetary tariffs. the io trade surplus with the united states is 151 billion and canada keeps our farmers and others out. look forward to seeing them tomorrow. >> i love the president because
4:33 pm
you know exactly where he's coming from and this is what the american people love him. he's going to go to the g7, see great britain, c japan, see germany and he is going to say guess what fellas? you have to be fair with us. free trade is not a free when it costs the united states hundreds of billions of dollars and is coming in with the agenda which he talked about on the campaign and least talked about as the president which is putting america first and having a massive trade deficit with our allies is not helpful to the united states. he's going to go and renegotiate, that's what we elected him to do. >> martha: you know the president so well, what do you think it's going to be like when he walks into the room and he and kim jong un shake hands and meet each other? what do you think is going to say to him? >> first and foremost he's going to make him feel very welcome and put him at ease and try and have an immediate friendship like he has done with so many world leaders. he can have the advantage of having that friendship while
4:34 pm
negotiating. you look at what he's done with abe or macron. >> this isn't abe or macron, he had a relative killed in an airport. >> he's going to establish a report that's never been done before, the united states holds all the cards in this negotiation. he's negotiating from a position of strength. this president said they will not come off unless they denuclearize. he's been very clear about that. we are going in a position of strength and if kim jong un wants to have some of those sanctions relieved, he has to agree to denuclearization. >> martha: good to see you tonight. still to come, remember this from the other night? >> i had some california delegates come up to me and say by far you're the best candidate but you know what? that name will not work in
4:35 pm
orange county. >> martha: candace owens is here on the california congressional candidate who was told he was to brown to win. one of our next guest's calls it one of the big scandals anyone can remember, now there's news there could be a plea deal in the case involving a longtime democratic staffer and the former head of the dnc debbie wasserman schultz. byron york and mark penn with their thoughts on this intriguing story next. [ drum roll ] ...emily lapier from ames, iowa. this is emily's third nomination and first win.,! um, first of all, to my fellow nominees, it is an honor sharing the road with you. and of course, to the progressive snapshot app for giving good drivers the discounts -- no, i have to say it -- for giving good drivers the discounts they deserve. safe driving!
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>> martha: this story back in the news tonight the bizarre case of a former i.t. aid to leading democrat debbie wasserman schultz has taken another odd turn. reports suggest that they may be
4:40 pm
ready to make a plea deal. now president trump is starting to weigh in he tweeted this this morning. our justice department must not let them off the hook. the democrat i.t. scandal is a key too much of the corruption we see today. they want to make a plea deal to hide what this on their server, where is the server? really bad. chief national correspondent live in washington, what do we know about this? >> a very explosive case for her, she was ousted as the dnc chair in the middle of the 2016 presidential campaign. now she has this former staffer who was indicted while he was still on her payroll, you mentioned her former i.t. aid. he is insistent through his attorney that he was innocent and he was targeted because he was muslim. his wife had already fled with several thousand dollars worth of cash, she had already wired
4:41 pm
$300,000 home to pakistan. they had collected at least $4 million since 2009 working for various house democrats, most of them fired in 2017. questions of double billing and equipment theft, the whole family was barred from using the house network. here it gets interesting, for some reason debbie wasserman schultz did not fire him until months later. when he got arrested, insisting he provide other services that did not involve the house network and she got quite agitated when the capitol police did not return her tech equipment. republicans who have been probing this manner are also puzzled by the fact that family members have gotten paid to six-figure salaries by taxpayers and were possibly not showing up for some of that work. one family member drawing another salary for mcdonald's while other family members were running what was called a fake car rental outfit, listen. >> were there some under lying
4:42 pm
reason they were given free reign to run a scheme inside congress, getting paid for no-show jobs in unadulterated access to these members servers. >> under my understanding the capital police is not able to contact when the member is not under investigation. >> that is the case, they will return the equipment. >> i think you're violating the rules when you conduct your business that way and should expect there will be consequences. >> she make it more agitated at now there are reports there may be a plea deal with the justice department, the bottom line is that debbie wasserman schultz has said this whole story is being pushed by republicans to divert attention away from russian meddling in the 2016 campaign.
4:43 pm
>> martha: joining me now byron york chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner" and a fox news contributor and mark penn the managing president of the stack wall group. what debbie wasserman schultz just said, several hard-line conservatives and right-wing bloggers have seized on the conspiracy theories related to the investigation claiming that he had access to the emails when she was chairman and that he not russia was behind the leak of thousands of emails, what do you think of that theory. >> as ed was talking about her saying this wasn't being used to divert attention from the russian matter, i think the russian matter has diverted attention from this. the whole pakistan angle the fact that wiring some money to
4:44 pm
pakistan and being caught at the airport, the ferocious loyalty that debbie wasserman schultz to her staffer even after a number of other democrats have backed away big time and have been accused of crimes -- a lot of this stuff doesn't seem to add up. >> martha: when you go back and you look at it, her emails start trickling out. now she's protecting him, accusing other people of having some sort of bias against him because he's from pakistan, what goes through your mind when you watch all of these things? what are your questions? >> we can't rush to judgment in the absence of having an understanding of the facts. the truth of the matter is we don't know whether or not this couple has access to a lot of
4:45 pm
email -- what we need to know is in a plea deal will include a full disclosure of all of these facts and give some credence to some of these theories or refute them definitively. that's what we are entitled to and that's what we don't have now. >> martha: we don't know what they're going to do in this plea deal or why they are taking a plea deal but that's somewhat surprising. >> here again they were capturing this whole bank fraud angle here and the political aspect of it. president trump saying this is a key to also some other things, not sure how we can say that exactly works. this is something that affected a lot of democrats in the senate -- excuse me, in the house. a group of people around awan were paid a lot of money, high end of salaries for doing very little, it's a really mysterious case. >> martha: she continues to
4:46 pm
keep them on the payroll, they continue to be paid by the taxpayer, here's something from that piece, capitol police said they tossed awan off the network after he provided them with fraudulent data after he invited them with a copy off the server, he was accessing against house rules as he moved against many democrats in the house for reasons we don't know. you look at this, you go back -- it's very curious. >> there are clearly a lot of questions about why they were on the payroll of the funding that finance is here that are really bizarre. all of this is bizarre. i don't want to get over my skis and create a whole conspiracy theory, we shouldn't do that. but we should demand these facts
4:47 pm
because there are a lot of questions here about the kind of access they had and what they could have done that could be a real key to this whole puzzle. >> martha: hopefully we will learn a lot as this process plays out because as you point out, it's weird. there are a lot of questions. thank you very much, always a pleasure. samantha be returned to television after she made those vile comments about ivanka trump but not everybody is buying the apology including candace l1 who is here to explain why coming up next. hey! we didn't have a homeowners claim last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch to miralax. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body. unblocking your system naturally.
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>> martha: update in the story we just did come up president trump and tweeting moments ago about something we talked about with cory lewandowski, prime minister justin trudeau is being so indignant bringing up the relationship between united states and canada, but he doesn't bring up the fact that they charge us up to 300% on dairy hurting our farmers, killing our agriculture. it will be interesting to see where that goes. samantha samantha bee was back t night after that really awful joke which was not a joke at all about ivanka trump calling her a feckless word that we won't say, listen now and tell us what you say about the apology.
4:52 pm
>> a lot of people were offended and angry that i used an epithet to describe the president's daughter and advisor last week. it is a word i have used on the show many times hoping to reclaim it, this time i'm using it as an insult i crossed the line i regret it and i apologize for that. i want this show to be challenging and i wanted to be honest but i never intended to hurt anyone except ted cruz. many men were also offended by the use of the word -- i do not care about that. >> martha: here is candace oh, what did you think? >> i thought she didn't mean her apology whatsoever and she used it in a strange way she always is trying to make it seem like she used it as an act of feminism which is incredibly bizarre. i'm not surprised whatsoever to see that the show goes on because she is a liberal.
4:53 pm
if she was a conservative her show would've been canceled immediately and she would've been excommunicated from america. she has the great fortune of being a liberal thinker. >> martha: we see it happen all the time, there was a rally of protectionism around her, i believe people can be forgiven for all sorts of things. i don't really watch the show but it doesn't seem like it's that funny but maybe i haven't seen it enough. she gets to stick around. another interesting topic, i spoke with omar siddiqui last night who is running for congress and the 48th district of california. he had been told by members of the democratic party in california that he was to brown to win in his district. here's what he said about that. >> i had some california delegates come up to me and say by far you're the best candidate but you know what? the name omar siddiqui will not
4:54 pm
work in orange county, you need to change your name. you can imagine that was unacceptable to me. i don't want to be judged and the color of my skin but rather than the content of my characte character. >> martha: he's worked for the fbi and the cia doing counterterrorism work for them, dana rohrabacher and hans care n the district. >> i'm not surprised whatsoever. i speak about this all the time especially as a black conservative, the most racist things that have ever been said to me had been by democrats and liberals and it's always been swept under the rug. can you imagine that that was said to him by republicans? it would be a top story we would never be able to live down, but because it was said by democrats it's going to be swept under the rug and they're going to keep moving. this is what the left does, they are hypocritical, they prefer brown people voting for them, not working for them. >> martha: where does that go from here?
4:55 pm
this is part of what you do, do you think it begins to resonate with people, isn't something that particularly practiced on all fronts? >> i'm honored to be at the forefront of it along with so many other people. on the way over to the studio i was watching a video of a young mexican girl tired of the racism that is happening on the left doesn't get talked about. people are starting to wake up there started to understand the left is hypocritical, they just uses for votes every few years. >> martha: it's always good to talk to you, thanks for coming out tonight will see you soon. >> thank you for having me. >> martha: quick break and will be rightth back with new car replacement, if your brand new car gets totaled, liberty mutual will pay the entire value plus depreciation.
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this one's below market price and has bluetooth. same here, but this one has leather seats! use the app to compare price, features and value. >> martha: that is the story for this thursday but as always we will be here to tell it tomorrow night, thank everybody.
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>> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," president trump ran fr office promising to restore the country's borders he won on that, it happened in recent memory, most of us remember it, new polls show why it happened. it turns out that americans of all backgrounds and all ethnicities are deeply skeptical of immigration and wanted reduced. republicans can win elections by listening to them but they're not. congressional republicans are on the brink of giving amnesty to a huge number of the illegal aliens just in time for the fall election. some of these republicans are plotting with democrats to give amnesty to every illegal who originally entered t


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