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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 7, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," president trump ran fr office promising to restore the country's borders he won on that, it happened in recent memory, most of us remember it, new polls show why it happened. it turns out that americans of all backgrounds and all ethnicities are deeply skeptical of immigration and wanted reduced. republicans can win elections by listening to them but they're not. congressional republicans are on the brink of giving amnesty to a huge number of the illegal aliens just in time for the fall election. some of these republicans are plotting with democrats to give amnesty to every illegal who originally entered this country as a minor, potentially that is
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millions and millions of people. in return for that, voters would get nothing. no border wall, no reduction in overall immigration rates, no abolition of chain migration. wages will stay low because it turns out supply and demand is real, given an overabundance of something including labor its value falls. politically more states will go the way of california. what is the point of this? republican congressman keith king is here to explain, thanks a lot for coming on. >> thanks for having me on. >> tucker: i understand a small number of affluent republican donors are pushing hard for this and at least one has promised to withhold future donations if he doesn't get what he wants. aside from that, what is the upside to this plan? >> i don't see a lot of upside and i don't see it because in every single plan or plans and there are four bills out there
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now, there is a significant aspect of amnesty and every one of them and i believe every one of them is greater then the amnesty that barack obama unconstitutionally provided with daca, that's the downside. the upside is there is enforcement, and has two components of amnesty but it does give us border security and we're looking to get funding -- i'm not supporting this bill -- they are looking to get $25 million for our wall. my argument is you start this path now and you give amnesty to two or 3 million or more, who is going to be the next and most sympathetic group of illegal aliens in america who will be deified and traded for another measure of security? at some point everybody who's here it's amnesty and what's border security for in the first place? we need to be willing to send people back or they will keep
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coming, that's the simple equation of history and humanit humanity. >> tucker: you would think the congress of the united states would put the interest of american citizens first and of course border security, once we've done that you can talk about the borders, but that's not the priority of paul ryan, why? >> he believes in this. well before he became the speaker of the house, he and i had a good number of debates on immigration and he long argued that our birth rate is down in america, we need to bring people into fill the gap because the birth rate is down. never mind addressing getting the birth rate back up again. anytime we bring in immigrants of any kind they increase our gdp, i would argue if any one individual no matter how much they become if they earned $1 they contribute to the gdp or if they consume on a contribute to the gdp. but it doesn't hold up. we need to increase the per capita gdp of our people, we need to store the respect for
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the rule of law. the center of this has always been restore the respect for the rule of law. >> tucker: i wish the leadership of your party would agree with that, they clearly don't. thank you for your voice and the this. there's new figures on the number of illegal immigrants behind bars, we want to get to that number but we can't know -- were getting closer. acting deputy manager of u.s. customs and border protection, thanks for coming on. what do we now know about the number of foreign citizens here illegally behind bars in the united states? >> it's a big number, the department of justice and the secretary of homeland security publish this report based on an initiative out of the white house, an executive order that talked about immigration enforcement improvement. it gets us to documents like this one that fully informs the justice system and the people
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that are incarcerated, i believe 93% of those that are in custody from another country are also in the country illegally. it underscores the need for border security, technology, infrastructure, more agents, the action plan for the president. this is an example of why that's important, we wouldn't have a problem as big as the one that's going to be delivered in this report. >> tucker: also suggests that people who become here illegally are more likely to commit crime crimes. >> it's a big problem, i don't have the numbers in front of me but we saw over a 110 increase versus the previous year. those numbers continue to go up, i was in the jfk facility with customs and border protection officers a couple of weeks ago, they have to screen 800,000 packages that are coming in
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through -- that's u.s. mail. that doesn't account for things that we get off express consignment, there's a lot of illicit commerce coming to the united states but it requires us to screen this stuff. and keep fentanyl off the streets of the united states. >> tucker: we appreciate it. recently you've seen an obsession in the press with the notion that it is particularly evil to separate illegal immigrant parents from their children, here's part of the outcry. >> taking children from their parents come up from their families come up from their stop and it is not negotiable. >> where we don't tear them from the loving arms of their mothers and their fathers. >> at the fact that the families are being separated at the border, they are being torn out of the arms of their mothers is
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on donald trump's head. >> tucker: there are a lot of sad stories out there but let's put this in perspective. parents are separated from their children every day in this country, american citizens separated from their children. it happens when they are arrested, theft, drug dealing, tax evasion, whatever and nobody cares. to the left, illegal immigrants are special and they have more rights than you do, david, i think it's crushing when parents are separated from their kids but i wonder why this is only suddenly news. how many american children are living without apparent who was behind bars, do you have any idea? >> i don't have the exact number in front of me, we know it's quite sizable and they are there for all sorts of -- >> tucker: 2.4 million. so the majority of american
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prisoners have american children from whom they are separated and that's a sad thing. i haven't heard anybody on the left to mention that because they're not illegal aliens. i wonder why the focus on the pathos of these stories while the suffering of american citizens of the exact same kind is being completely ignored by you and your federal liberals? >> i'm not ignoring it, i'm here talking about it with you. i think it is important because research shows us that parents that -- when parents and children are separated it incurs a tremendous trauma on children. we have a system in this country to deal with that. i think the reality is for people being separated at the border a lot of these people are coming from traumatic situations but i agree that there should be a broader -- >> tucker: you think most american prison inmates grew up in greenwich? they grew up in poverty and in
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circumstances that rivaled those, let's be real here. if we really cared about american citizens. >> we absolutely should have a better system. >> tucker: we don't have a system. >> we have the foster care system if you want to talk about the crisis and the children in this country, the foster care system is riddled with corruption, it's crying out for reform. it's one of the many things we could come together on on a bipartisan basis but people are too interested in stoking fear around immigration and issues like this. >> tucker: i see it a little differently. here i am reminding you that the crime that you're so upset about is taking place and hurting americans. you have 60,000 americans die last year of drug o.d. >> that is a devastating fact. >> tucker: we don't care about fentanyl coming over the border.
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what if illegal aliens were dying of fentanyl and not just dealing it -- do you think we would sit back and say we can't do anything about it that was a demand problem? >> absolutely not. the reality is there are democrats out there who are responding to what they see and they don't like the fact that children are separated from their parents. i don't think it's a good thing in this country any day when a child and a parent or separated no matter what country they come from, no matter how they got here, that shouldn't happen. we should try and do our best to have a system to allow that. whether it's illegal immigrants, accused of shoplifting camo accused of tax evasion, i think the effort by you and others on the right to try engine of this energy is exactly the kind of force that makes this such a divisive issue. the reality that immigration -- >> tucker: that is hilarious.
5:11 pm
>> i don't find anything about the situation funny. >> tucker: it's hilarious because you and elizabeth warren jumping up and down he's got blood on his hands every day and you guys don't care because it's happening at america. >> i've been telling you this whole segment. >> tucker: i don't think you been raising much of a human cry about this one tax evaders go to jail and leave their small kids at home, that's fine. that's the price you pay when you commit a crime. what is the answer come out when you have a small child at home and you commit a crime we don't incarcerate you? is there a simple solution that i'm missing because i'm ginning up fear or evil? >> there's absolutely not a simple solution. >> tucker: why you're pretending there is? >> i never said there's a simple solution to this problem. this is certainly not a cut and dry problem. what we could do is have a different system for how we look at criminal justice and the president who has been eager to
5:12 pm
pardon people that kim kardashian put in front of them could look at some nonviolent drug offenders who are in jail who chewed up their sentences -- >> tucker: let me ask you quickly, since your question. if someone has a small child at home, should we punish them differently for the crime? >> maybe we should. maybe we should look at the differently, i don't know. >> tucker: that's a fruitful conversation. >> this would be a cub conversation to have because it needs to apply to everybody we have in this country. >> tucker: thank you, appreciate it. even some republicans are telling you the fbi did nothing wrong by spying on the trump campaign. there was no spine they say? why the effort to lie in the most obvious possible way, we're going to get to the bottom of this story next but does psoriasis ever get in the way?
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>> tucker: there's not much question that the obama administration's buy them a donald trump for president campaign. a government informant on the government payroll approached at least three members of the trump campaign, secretly gathered information from them and it secretly passed it back to government handlers in the obama administration. you can claim all of that was justified, you can't claim it was inspiring because it was inspiring. democrats are continuing to insult your intelligence that it wasn't somehow. here is congressman on this program just last night. tell me why spying on the trump
5:17 pm
campaign was just spying, speak slowly so i can understand. >> they were conducting a criminal investigation. >> tucker: it's not just democrats who were lying about this, obedient servants from the national security state from both parties are participating in this cover-up, the media mindless and lemminglike as always is dutifully backing them up, here's a preselection. >> i'm more convinced the fbi did exactly what my fellow citizens wanted them to do when they got the information they got it and it had nothing to do with donald trump. >> there's no evidence there was a spy in the trump campaign. >> all the other people are saying there's just no there there, i'm wondering what it would take for you to say they are full of it. >> tucker: let's try this again, richard painters a professor of the university of minnesota, he is now seeking the democratic nomination for senate
5:18 pm
in the state of minnesota, thanks a lot for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: we know an fbi and cia informant on the government payroll made contact with at least three members of the trump campaign during the campaign, gathered information from them surreptitiously and passed it back to the obama administration. you can argue that's justified and i'm open minded. that's fine, tell me why it's not spying. >> the speaker of the house of representatives is already talked about this, richard burr in the united states intelligence committee. they have seen the relevant information including a lot of them have seen the classified information which i have not seen and neither has fox news the classified information and i don't know if this is a news channel or a fiction channel, we need to focus on the factor.
5:19 pm
>> tucker: slow down. if you would, please stop with the invective and explained to me, begin slowly why given the fact set that i just presented to you and i think we can agree that's true that's spying. under what circumstances that not spying? >> the speaker of the red states of representatives look at that -- include in the classified information which i have not seen. >> tucker: you've already said that. i understand, you just confirmed that whatever republican leaders say you believe. it's odd your running as a democrat. suggest to me, speculate go crazy as a former law professor, the facts that i just laid out that are not contested do not amount to spying -- not whether
5:20 pm
there justified, but whether it's smiling. >> any republican who saw a shred of evidence that the obama administration wasn't spying on the trump campaign would clearly have said it was spying. >> tucker: that's your explanation? i'm asking you as someone running for office, tell me why given what i just said i'm going to ask you for the third time it's really simple. i'm not asking whether it was justified or not, it may have been. why is that not spying? secretly gathering information on somebody and passing it back to your handlers in the administration is expiring but you won't concede it is because trey gowdy says it's not? i'm confused by this conversation. >> it doesn't matter whether a democrat or republican -- the fbi has a job to do, if the russians are trying to
5:21 pm
destabilize our country as they've been trying to dedestabilize western democracies for a hundred years our fbi has an obligation to find out who was interfacing with the russians and they got the fisa warrants from the judge and follow them faithfully. >> tucker: was there if i warrant in this specific case? the first contact between the fbi and cia informant because the first contact took place in july of 2016, that was three weeks before the counterintelligence investigation started, was there a want for that? >> there was no evidence, the fbi acted inappropriately. they've concluded the fbi -- you can continue to make up stories -- >> tucker: slow down. stop with the insults. i'm not making up stories, i'm
5:22 pm
stating known facts which you are not contradicting, nobody is contradicting we know this to be true unless we are wrong in which case tell me how i'm wrong but you haven't and i'm asking you given that happened why are we sure that was justified if it took place before the counterintelligence investigation opened? you suggested it was a fisa warrant that made that legal, do you have knowledge of that or you making that up? >> i am saying members of the house and senate to have looked at the classified information which i have not seen, democrats and republicans have concluded that the fbi acted appropriately encountering a foreign foreign intelligence operation inside the united states and it destabilizing our country. >> tucker: i would like to know more and you're attacking me for want to know more. would you like to know who authorized this? on what legal basis did this take place? are these interesting question to you or do you think it's
5:23 pm
unpatriotic to ask them? >> i want to know why the fbi didn't uncover what the trump campaign was doing in 2016 including the trump tower meeting and blow the cover on that, so we would have known about that before the election. we should have known about that and the fbi didn't disclose what they knew about the russians and the trump campaign colluding. we should have been told and that's wrong. >> tucker: i don't understand what you're saying. unfortunately were out of time. good luck with your senate race i hope voters understand what you're saying because i can't. andrew mccarthy is a former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york and he joins us tonight. the semantic smoke screen, i think it is a semantic smoke screen if you disagree tell me. the deeper question is is there
5:24 pm
a prize a warrant for this? >> there is a semantic difference, even chairman trey gowdy who objected to the word spy insisted it was an informant. on one side of this you have people who were engaged in hyperbole, they were engaged in euphemism but you're talking about the same thing. you're talking about a covert operative who was sent gain information. you don't have to have a fisa surveillance warrant to use on informant, in fact it's a pretty low standard. we know there was some fisa surveillance that may have been more than we know about but that began in october and it went for basically most of the next year well into the trump campaign. they were using on informant or a spy -- at least one, at least beginning in july and i think the issue here is why they were
5:25 pm
doing it, not what you call it. the most objectionable thing i heard from your last guest was he kept saying the people who looked at the classified information -- in point of fact, they haven't seen the classified information. a big part of what this whole debate has been about has been the fact that they have been asking for months and months from the justice department and the fbi to see the classified information and they have been stonewalled. >> tucker: that conversation was demented i'm still confused by it. the core questions remain tell me if i've got the time i'm wrong, apparently the conversations between miss informant in the trump campaign began before the counterintelligence investigation into campaign ties to russia began. >> the investigation is formally opened we think around july
5:26 pm
july 31st. we are allowed to do preliminary steps before they open a full throttle investigation and presumably they used that authorization or that authority that they have to use informant informants. we are speculating but we shouldn't be speculating at this point, we should know the answers. we should be now at this point able to say exactly when this investigation opened not on paper but when it really opened. when they started to do stuff. >> tucker: we are out of time but fact-check it for me. you need a high bar to do this. >> you sure she would. >> tucker: andrew mccarthy thank you. the creepy porn lawyer is at the can. does mark steyn still recognize it? will ask him next.
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5:31 pm
woman or a woman of substance. >> tucker: that was rudy giuliani who's been saying what's been obvious for every living person for a couple thousand years, someone is more deserving of respect if they don't have sex with strangers on camera for money. but they version in which pornography isn't degrading, it's dignifying and empowering women, like haiti is a beautiful country with burgeoning sanitation and ms-13 has great people. >> you heard rudy giuliani's reaction which in essence is porn stars aren't people too. >> a lot of them have put their kids to college. >> she is one of the most successful porn stars in recent history. you can question her career choices but i think she's made a
5:32 pm
successful career for herself. >> she's a mother and she's a woman with a voice. she's going to use it. >> tucker: these people are beyond parody. i'm not mad at stormy daniels or anything but i notice i can't help but notice the impulse on the left is to elevate and celebrate anything that is repulsive, degrading, bad for you, anything that is low and ugly, they dfi, what is that about? >> i think there's an element, i thought it was confusion. i think it was intentional because on the one hand you have miss america saying we're not going to have a swimsuit round anymore because that's the meaning of women, you can't have a swimsuit round but if you take off your swimsuit and you have
5:33 pm
sex with 37 different guys on screen in one motion picture, then people will hail you come i want to make sure i get the correct quote here, one of the most successful porn stars ever. that's a really great thing to be. porn is rubbish, the plot is rubbish, the dialogue is rubbish. >> tucker: in the interest of journalism i'm sorry, we checked some of her films on imdb, here's some of them. you may be unfamiliar, sex bots program for pleasure. trailer trash nurses, are you speaking before you have really looked into what she has done? >> my obamacare plan only covers me for trailer trash nurses. i went to the doctor at the other day and i had to have a trailer trash nurse practitioner that didn't really work out for me. what was the other one?
5:34 pm
sex bots programmed for pleasure. i do believe robert mueller has indicted 13 russian sex bots, it will be interesting to see if they turn up in court. there is a confusion here, i think it goes back to what you said in the introduction, a lady in a swimsuit parading around as miss new hampshire or miss idaho, that's a fairly harmless pleasure, we have to get rid of it. on the other hand if you have something that is utterly degrading and is actually objectively worthless, it's an art form whose only value is what it stimulates in the viewer. it has no intrinsic value in itself and suddenly that's something to celebrate.
5:35 pm
last night i was about to turn into bed and i had shannon brea shannon bream -- i nearly fell off my chair. she said down in new zealand the queen had just given a dame hood to a former and i was so shocked i looked it up before i went to bed, she had been named a dame commander of her majesty's order of merit for services on the rights of sex workers. were taking the most low and degrading kind of work a woman can do and somehow pretending that its empowering of women. whether that's stormy daniels or this new dame down in new zealand, that is not the case. it is an industry that exploits and degrades women and in that sense you should be able to say what rudy said because it's self-evident. >> tucker: you shouldn't be forced to lie, it's a way of
5:36 pm
establishing dominance over you. i'm going to make you lie. thank you as always. penn stations bathrooms are a sign of america's physical decline but amtrak says they have them all cleaned up now. if we sent a reporter to find out if that's true, we will show you the results next. yeah, it's fine. you okay? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more.
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5:41 pm
your giving speeches, trump is bad and ignore the guy living under the atm machine or relieving himself -- have you been in the men's room at penn station? to our surprise and happiness, amtrak called us and said they had revamped the place and cleaned up its men's rooms. we wanted to see if that was true so we sent the intrepid brett marson to investigate, here's what he found. >> it's not every day you get an invite for an exclusive one-on-one tour of the men's bathrooms in new york's nestorius penn station, so eager to show us their newly renovated bathrooms, they threw up the police barricades and cleared out the customers. and had us meet them at 3:00 a.m. how could we pass that up in the middle of the night we got a very close up and personal demo of the new all in one sinks.
5:42 pm
>> you can select the water. technology is fun. >> penn station is notorious for its problem with homelessness, the down and out drug abusers come here each night, the place literally becomes a homeless encampment in the winter. guess where they go to bait each night, that's when we noticed the new sink designs. >> these aren't very deep, i'm guessing you're not going to splash water, you probably going to splash water in your face. >> no chance of getting an arm or leg under that thing. amtrak was easier to tell us how they evolved, how penn station is becoming more of a destination transit hub and less of a third world islam. >> you don't want people to feel that way or have that opinion, you want to invoke a great experience that you're not only coming from the train but you're getting off the train as well.
5:43 pm
the journey doesn't end off the train. >> exit the fancy new restrooms. and at the same intimidating penn station. exit on seventh avenue, there's people sleeping on the floor. opposite madison square garden, thousands of homeless people camping out for the night others seemingly up to no good at all. not everyone dislikes penn station. >> it's a nice station, good for departures, good for destinations. >> we had one last question for the amtrak guy. >> is that part of the nostalgia was make it always smells like when you're walking around. >> were looking at everything to make a better customer experience. >> a better customer experience, that's what you're going to get in that restroom as well as the women's restroom newly renovated at penn station.
5:44 pm
as for the rest of penn station, that transit hub in the middle of manhattan one of the most expensive cities in the country, one of the most expensive cities in the world, it is still the same old dump as we saw at 3:00 in the morning. it doesn't matter if it's three in the morning or three in the afternoon or rush hour, or a weekend day, penn station is always disgusting and it's embarrassing. when you take amtrak from d.c. you get on that beautiful union station which is this gorgeous train station that's been restored, grand central station if you go in the main hall, you get up at penn station it feels like you have arrived at some terrible hell scape and maybe the monkeys did win, the apes from "planet of the apes," you're walking out like what is this? >> tucker: we should have more self-respect than that. >> it's embarrassing, totally
5:45 pm
embarrassing. congrats to amtrak for new bathrooms but there's a lot more to penn station then restrooms. >> tucker: you're a brave man, thanks for doing this. time for the final exam up next. white house press secretary sean spicer competing tonight, will you beat him at remembering what happened this week congesti, which most pills don't. congesti, flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. paywell, esurance makes itnce you dsimple and affordable. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412.
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>> tucker: time for final exam we bring two people who marinate in the news for a living to face off against one another to see who is really paying attention. are you ready? >> i've been reading a book all
5:50 pm
week spay week. >> hands on buzzers, i asked the question the first one to buzz and gets to answer the question you have to wait until i finish asking in order to buzz. each correct answer is worth one point if you get a question wrong we detract a point, the best-of-five wins. are you ready? were about to find out. north korean dictator kim jong un had a letter hand-delivered to the president of the united states. there was something unusual about the appearance of this letter what was it? was that sean spicer? it's katie! >> it was very large in appearance. >> tucker: i don't know the answer, i'm playing along. to the tape we go.
5:51 pm
>> this plus sized letter. >> the president accepting that oversized message from north korean leader kim jong un. >> the president holding the oversized envelope. >> president trump: i haven't opened it. >> did the secret service open it, is what i want to know. >> tucker: i didn't know, impressive. liberals have discovered a new enemy, this week one u.s. senator slammed that company for corporate greed and underpaying themepark employees, was that politician at bernie sanders elizabeth warren, or cory booke cory booker. playmate disney for corporate greed. >> elizabeth warren.
5:52 pm
>> tucker: was elizabeth warren? >> you talk about being a family oriented company, we've got families right here. >> tucker: in your defense they are kind of interchangeabl interchangeable, but not correct. if it's 0-0 moving into the third question, here it is. an fbi agent found himself in hot water after he accidentally fired a gun into a crowd of bar patrons and shot someone. what was he doing when his gun went off? >> we have to go to the judges. >> tucker: you have to wait till we finish answering the qut the judges are saying that's okay, with the answer? >> he was dancing. >> tucker: he was dancing with a gun i don't believe you. >> an off-duty agent dancing the
5:53 pm
night away until his gun and gets away, watch as the agent goes for a backflip and his handgun slip sloughs, falls to the floor and fires. >> tucker: it was the end of the question anyway you got it. very good. this is a tough one i didn't know the answer to this. ihop international house of pancakes is changing its name people are upset about it, what is i have changing name to? pancakes own, breakfast palace, ihob. >> ihob. >> the international house of pancakes flipping its b4p, i
5:54 pm
refused to call it ihob you can't make me. >> tucker: for the record i think that name change will make all the difference. going into the final question, it is a sudden-death 1-1 how does it always wind up here? it's the drama inherent in this game. one more multiple-choice question. there is an american state trying to grow its population by literally paying people to move there. $10,000 per person as an incentive, here are the choices. is it montana, vermont, alaska. >> i'm going to go with alaska. >> tucker: alaska says sean spicer. is it alaska? >> vermont will pay $10,000 to move there. they will pay you $10,000 to live in vermont and work from
5:55 pm
home, is that it? >> tucker: it's a remote frozen state for the timber buts the wrong remote frozen state. >> it's a tie! >> tucker: is it? everyone loses to katie she's an unstoppable force. do you katie goes the memorial mug, that's how we felt about that. >> we never forget this moment. >> tucker: it was a national holiday on this show. thank you for stopping by. you are crushed by katie, there's no shame in that. if that's it for this week's final exam. following the news this week, see if you can meet our news
5:56 pm
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>> tucker: amazing how fast that went. a metaphor for life. that's it, tune in every day to the show that is the sworn enemy of lying pomposity, smugness and groupthink. sean hannity next from new york city. >> sean: all right, breaking right now, a date has been set for the release of the inspector general's report that in fact will examine the 2016 clinton server investigation. big news tonight, a huge fight breaking out earlier today between the doj and rob rosenstein after documents were promised a congress that were supposed to be delivered this morning, and they were not handed over. just as we predicted, i believe and i'm suspicious that they are bearing the report of the ig in the wake of the president's historic summit in singapore. two days later, i'm suspicious. so what are


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