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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 8, 2018 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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miles from washington dc but that is the street three or four blocks from where we are. they are anticipating their look wins out, i don't want to jinx it. shannon bream is here and getting through that traffic. >> it is tricky getting home. before you are here to celebrate, thank you so much. fox news alert, major breaking news tonight. the man tasked with overseeing security and classified information to the senate intelligence committee has been indicted and arrested amid allegations of multiple reporters including one from the new york times when the committee was investigating russian interference in the presidential election. plus reaction from paul ryan's comments on this bygate controversy. and henry digging into the pres.'s unconventional to somatic -- diplomatic style
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earning brand-new praise. and ice radon ohio business sparking outrage and political fallout. here to talk to a florida gubernatorial candidate for amnesty backing illegals what he says in response to those charges. tonight we are learning more about donald trump's expectations for the singapore senate and how he plans to negotiate with kim jong un. we have team coverage for you tonight. catherine herridge has new developments from the doj and fbi investigation beginning with ed henry in north korea. >> reporter: donald trump taking the peace process further than any of his processors, republican or democrat and yet still taking heat, critics pouncing on comments in the oval office, he said he was prepared for the summit in singapore so he doesn't have to prepare anymore because he thinks it is
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about attitude and willingness to get things done. chuck schumer tweeting this attack with icbms, and nuclear warheads in the head of north korea the situation is too dangerous for seat-of-the-pants negotiating. schumer backed the obama administration approaching north korea which handed off the problem to the trump administration with until officials saying kim jong un was able to miniaturize nuclear weapons in missiles that could reach the united states. in contrast the pres. got high praise from japanese prime minister shinzo abe who was encouraged by his fresh approach to the process including his sensitivity to the japanese government's desire for a resolution to the stocks, japanese citizens abducted by north korea decades ago. the media is giving the pres. little credit for moving the ball forward, it is hard to get north korea to denuclearize, which is why the pres. tried to
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lower expectations reminding the mediaone meeting will not end years of tension. his lead attorney rudy giuliani gave a speech in which he said after the president wrote a letter canceling the summit kim jong un got back on his hands and knees and begged for the meeting. top official stress giuliani was not speaking for the administration and foreign policy. the pres. tried to be diplomatic in the rose garden as he declared he had high hopes of kim visiting the white house, may be even more a law go and he will walk away if kim does not denuclearize. >> we have the potential to do something incredible for the world. i'm totally prepared to walk. it could happen. maybe it won't be necessary. i hope it won't be necessary to walk. >> reporter: they may sign an agreement to end the korean war decades later and would like to see normalized relations between the us and north korea. boris johnson, the foreign secretary in the uk is saying there was a leaked audiotape of
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remarks he made, quote, increasingly admiring of donald trump that he believes there is now a method to his madness, approaches to these negotiations around the world. interesting comments from the uk. >> the pres.'s fresh approach, and unconventional style will backfire. retired 4-star general and senior strategic it was gen. jack keane, always good to see you. what do you make of this. he said it is about a willingness to get something done and not worried about the preparation aspect. we know he has an unconventional way of getting things done. >> i know he has been well briefed over and over again by his advisers. they were supposed to go to david this weekend and he said we don't need to do it. you have got it. what the secretary is saying is we don't want to over prepare
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you or keep giving you briefings to make us look good. they have a totally different approach. the secretary explained some of that. not only as a diplomat diplomat build up to a major buildup, that is not what we have done. what we are expecting, going in with our leader, making bold, decisive decisions based on the information, it is truly a summit in every sense of the word without a lot of staff preparation. the opportunity is significant. secretary pompeo said two of the things he hadn't said before. that kim jong un told him he wanted to denuclearize. when you go back a number of weeks, what elevated donald
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trump's optimism this could be something special. the second thing he said, bringing a security package, to ratify it. in perpetuity for future presidents to uphold. >> so much criticism from both parties during the iran deal because democrats and republicans thought it was something that could amount to a treaty and they wanted a chance to vote on it. it never happened and it is more easily undone. a treaty is different. lawmakers from both sides saying they want a chance to act on it once the president puts something together. interesting fox news polling numbers on north korea. will north korea give up their nukes? 28% say yes, 60% say no. also in our falling donald trump and kim jong un who gets the better deal if they have a meeting? the pres. came out on top. people think the president is capable of crafting a good deal,
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they don't believe north korea will give up their nukes. >> the conventional wisdom is they would not but the opportunity is there. kim jong un is a very young person, 40 plus years in front of him. it is coming to the forefront that he is interested very much in his future and the future of his family and those elites around him. the status quo, staying where we are right now with one crisis after another, is not what he wants. we will see. i think there is a realistic opportunity here and he will come in facing donald trump physically, intimidating person, absolutely a full character and personality, probably feel a little insecure. i would not be surprised if he doesn't ask for a 1-on-1 meeting to break the ice a little bit and the meetings won't have a lot of people. if you look at the meetings he
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had with pompeo and moon he has one guy with him and that is what he will ask donald trump to do. >> next week we will be watching closely. we will have extended coverage and hopefully you will join us for that. fox news alert, the fbi made an arrest in a long-running week investigation. the atty. gen. and the president. the former director of security for the senate intelligence committee wants to handle classified information, james wolf wasn't cited and arrested accused of making false statements to the fbi when investigating leaks of classified information. some of those allegedly occurred as the intel committee was investigating russian interference in the presidential election. wolf is charged with lying to three reporters including use of encrypted messaging acts. the city chair and vice chair are cooperating with investigators.
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the new york times reporting that the doj seized email and phone records from allie watkins, the information seized predated the work when she was at buzz feed and fbi agents were seeking information about a previous 3-year romantic relationship with james wolf, the senate intelligence committee's former director of security saying they were investigating unauthorized leaks. we will follow it. the long-awaited inspector general report on fbi handling of the hillary clinton investigation. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge following new developments overnight. >> this letter to the senate judiciary committee anticipates the release on the 14th with the public hearing four days later. the original mandate focused on the clinton email case and the
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scope may be broader and another set of secret government records intensifies. just after midnight a senior justice department official told reporters doj was offered congressional leadership, access to fbi confidential records monday or tuesday next week. requested by house intelligence committee chairman devon nunez working alongside trey gouty subject to a congressional subpoena. they expect to shed more light on allegations and fbi confidential source contacted a trump campaign aide. multiple congressional sources the documents were promised this morning, the justice department backed out to house speaker paul ryan. >> what we are asking for and require and expect is the corroborating documents that back that up and last night they could have brought it to wasn't chose to do it next week. >> the official acknowledged the records were not available to
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lawmakers at the last session two weeks ago adding, quote, the department and fbi are prepared to brief members on certain questions raised by the speaker and other members. the deposit will provide documents that were available for review but not inspected by members along with additional material. the speaker said he supports congressional investigators and expressed frustration. >> they shouldn't take a speaker of the house to get involved every time to get the department of justice and the executive branch to comply with congressional oversight requests. >> reporter: democrats dismiss this by allegations and defendant robert mueller. >> there is no evidence of spy collusion. let's wait to find out what mueller finds out. leave it alone, let him get to the bottom and hear what he has to say. >> reporter: the ranking democrat said the justice department offer was fraught with risks, the further disclosure to investigate materials is inextricable.
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the doj competing interests, congressional oversight to protect ongoing investigations. >> paul ryan's comments that they acted appropriately in regard to surveillance and russian interference in the presidential election by getting mixed reaction. minnesota candidate richard paynter tonight. >> tell me why it is not spying. >> already talked about this. in the united states senate intelligence committee. republicans and democrats have seen the information, classified information which i have not
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seen. shannon: chuck grassley is seeking more information on how it uses informants. let's talk with bob goodlatte. i saw the announcement that you set a date on the hearing in the inspector general's report that we got next week on the investigation into hillary clinton's email. there's a lot of investigating going on. what are you learning from the inspector general's report? >> we have waiting for a long time. we are hopeful we will see it because it will answer a lot of questions about how the federal bureau of investigation and the department of justice handled the investigation into matters related to former presidential candidate hillary clinton and contrast that, continuing to
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conduct the investigation into the trump russia collusion alleging collusion between the trump campaign and russia. it is important to see this because what we have seen from the stzrok page texts is incredible bias in how they handle these matters. we can't go into another presidential election and have the world's premier law enforcement organization, reforms are underway, changes underway, got to get to the bottom and the inspector general will do that. >> it is publicly said that the inspector general's report has been delayed, number of stakeholders get to see it and the inspector general could modify the report. are you worried about that? >> that is why we will hold the hearing, we will see the reported have the opportunity to interview the inspector general, judiciary committee and
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oversight government reform committee, a joint hearing and in a classified setting and portions that are unclassified in a public setting and also ask about the process and any questions about who saw this. >> that is what he is investigating, james comey, who changed it and what was changed, those things will be spelled out, you have a chance to ask those questions. >> i want to ask about the gop on the outside talking about immigration, it got to attendance level, the competing interests about forcing something to the floor about daca. what happened this morning, what
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can you tell us? >> something long overdue. we have been asking for a meeting on the conference and came to a head because of the discharge because of pressure from caucus members and that is a good thing that it is coming to a head and not if we go into a discharge because we could get an unbalanced bill, and enforcement of immigration laws and doing something for daca. the bill i have introduced with the chairs of the homeland security immigration subcommittee, that was the focus of the discussion of the entire conference, many members speak up and it was a productive meeting and leading towards a consensus but not there yet. >> congressman steve things that
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every one of the bills has amnesty in it. he wants to see a bill that doesn't have amnesty. >> most people including the president doing something appropriate for the daca recipients but that is one pillar of donald trump's four pillars, the others have to be met, securing the border, closing loopholes on amnesty and other aspects, interior enforcement, and a merit-based immigration system by ending extended invitation in the visa lottery. those are all things we are working on and how you do that for daca recipients is key and if you don't have a special pathway to citizenship only they can have where they are eligible but anyone who followed the law, that is a much more acceptable course of action for the majority of the conference and
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the american people. >> we will see what you can do to get to the senate and the pres. so we will watch. thank you for joining us. before singapore, the pres. planning on sticking to a hard line with the manual macron. alive report from québec and breaking tonight, brand-new fox news paul, stemming approval rating and surprise move in the generic midterm ballot. this is the scene from downtown dc where fans of the hockey team celebrating their first stanley cup victory, it is not going to be easy to get home tonight. sleep disturbances keep one in three adults up at night.
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shannon: battered by trump, trump attacks, those are the headlines is the pres. prepares to meet with allies in canada. before heading to the singapore summit the g7 meeting is cast as a showdown between friends set up with a belligerent president set on violating the rules of free-trade. what will happen? live tonight, how are you?
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>> always good to be with you. the gloves are off, that is the best way to describe the mood just hours ahead of the official beginning of the summit which is 90 minutes from where we are in québec city. tonight the pres. is responding to charges he is being unfair to long-term allies by looking for more tariffs in an effort to rebalance us trade with global trading partners. he is not mincing words. the pres. saying the following. prime minister trudeau is being so indignant bringing up the relationship with the us and canada over the many years and all sorts of other things but he doesn't bring up the fact that they charge us 300% on dairy, hurting our farmers, killing our agriculture. he added this, please tell prime minister trudeau and pres. macron they are charging massive
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tariffs to create nonmonetary barriers, trade surplus with the us, $151 billion and canada keeps farmers and others outcome look forward to seeing them tomorrow. you will find this instructive. there are some massive tariffs on american goods, and there goes tariffs the president is mentioning, 270%, almost 70%. all kinds of things you use to create other foods. and the biggest critic is justin trudeau who promised to hit the us with $15 billion in tariffs, the us is imposing fees on steel and aluminum. national economic council director larry kudlow, will dissipate.
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>> the pres. talks to prime minister trudeau and continues to do so. the bilateral meeting tween the two is a really good thing. i have no doubt the united states and canada will remain firm friends and allies whatever short-term disagreements may occur. >> reporter: the pres. will meet with the manual macron after the official opening and will leave the summit. shannon: thank you, sir. breaking tonight brand-new poll numbers from fox news showing momentum for democrats ahead of the midterm elections. at assigned time voters warming to donald trump from his handling of the economy to his negotiations with north korea. the job performance rating picking up 45%. it was 44 in april.
12:26 am
trump's approval rating matches those former presidents, barack obama and ronald reagan in june 2010 and 1982 respectively. let's break it down with editor of the halftime report. so many things to talk about. the generic midterm. who will you vote for your district? democratic or republican candidate? now it says 48% will go with democrats, 49% would go with republicans if it was held today. >> the generic ballot numbers, 8 or 9 points, and a poll that has ten. bounced around in a space between four or five or eight or
12:27 am
ten at the top end, we had an average 6 point advantage for democrats, enough to take the house back. it could come down to proceed here and see their that if the democrats blow it they don't take the house back but the climate has been consistent. republicans do their voters a disservice when they hyped up phony baloney polls, find some online poll or non-methodologically sound paul. and shout to the heavens look, it is closer than we thought and then it isn't. the truth for republicans and republican voters they have got to accept that much like it was in ronald reagan in 1982 these are tough cycles, tough times, they always are. except for george w. bush, this is the norm. it is going to be tough, americans love divided government. everyone says they want things to get done but they really like checks and balances. >> the polls are not always
12:28 am
right. the left seemed worried by recent primaries. david ferris running an opinion piece, analysts think democrat chances of retaking the house i know better than a coin flip. the systemic, democrats should clean up in the midterms. instead they are barely muddling through. he is democrats, you have this. if you blow it with the inability to sustain a brawl for more than 6 months, rest assured you will be replaced with other lawmakers who can. them on the left are worried, not feeling good. >> i don't know this guy but goodness gracious, should be replaced if you can't brawl. look what democrats did on tuesday. they picked centrist moderate candidates who can win in moderate districts, in new jersey, in iowa, new mexico and california, doing things that they need to do. what the liberal base of the democratic party once is
12:29 am
brawling. they want screaming and howling at all those things but that is not how you win a midterm election. the way you win a midterm election is by finding issues on which you can go against the administration of the party in power and say we will be a check on obamacare, democrats need to figure out -- >> people happy about the was economy, 59% say they are optimistic 35% pessimistic. on election day, 29. they feel good about this with the president and that is your bright spot if you are a republican and you like the president. >> those numbers are taking down. republicans have to keep selling this economy and talking about it and focus on tax cuts. >> when it comes to the economy people trust republicans over democrats at least an hour poll. see you again soon. more than 100 illegal immigrants arrested in ice conducted raids on ohio business.
12:30 am
jeff sessions says he is not shedding any tears. adam putnam is running for the republican nomination for governor of florida and after coming under accusations for his support of amnesty for illegals he has a new plan, we will ask him and allow him to answer those charges next. to jar, to t. and serve with confidence that it's safe. this is a diamond you can follow from mine to finger, and trust it never fell into the wrong hands. ♪ ♪ this is a shipment transferred two hundred times, transparently tracked from port to port. this is the ibm blockchain, built for smarter business. built to run on the ibm cloud.
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this is the ibm blockchain, built for smarter business. i've got to tell you something it's not going to be easy. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. actually, that's super easy. my bad. >> shannon: there is a battle brewing tonight in northern ohio as shannon: a battle brewing in northern ohio. activist community leaders mobilized to provide legal aid to 1400 and document it immigrants during a nice rate on a garden center earlier this week. the sting operation refocused on the trumpet ministration's allow to crackdown on illegal immigration. >> reporter: a massive ice operation in sandusky, ohio, on the shores of lake erie. 14 illegal immigrants taken into
12:35 am
custody worked in two locations of the same flower garden company. it began with an inspection of the company's employee records where immigration and customs enforcement agents found well over 100 of the documents were suspicious and many of the illegal immigrants taken into custody could face charges of identity theft and tax evasion. feds say the workers are tied to the same criminal networks applying cheap labor to various businesses in ohio. the arrested immigrants are in ice detention facilities in ohio and michigan, to have their cases processed. local activists said the raids resulted in children being stranded at daycare centers and babysitters, many of the family members of those taken away are working with local advocates to get information and legal representation. atty. gen. jeff sessions made it clear he has a hard time feeling sorry for those who break the law. >> you don't gain competitive advantage in this country having large numbers of illegal workers
12:36 am
working for you. i'm not shedding tears about that. you don't get the benefit from being in this country and look around the world to find the cheapest worker you can find. >> the operation can two month after federal agents arrested 97 illegal immigrants at a meat processing plant in tennessee. civil rights groups, the workplace rate in decades and the ohio operation is bigger. donovan dr. thomas homan said workplace inspections are meant to send a message to businesses across the country that the administration is going to protect jobs for american workers. it should be noted the number of unaccompanied minors crossing the southern border has skyrocketed. there were 2100 more minors crossing illegally in may than april. and the number of unaccompanied minors caught coming into the us
12:37 am
this may was 329% higher than it was last may. the trump administration has implanted policies to separate kids from their parents when they are caught crossing the border illegally. shannon: thank you very much. our next guest is familiar with how tough it is to get something done on immigration on capitol hill, conservative critics say during the time he supported veterans day related to amnesty. florida's agriculture commissioner adam putnam is running to be governor of the great state of florida, great to have you with us. >> greetings from your stomping grounds in tampa bay. shannon: seventh generation floridian interested in what is going on down there and it says what is going on in the broader sense of debates about immigration and other things and you come from in a cultural area in central florida, one of the toughest things for a lot of people making sure there are workers for those businesses but also making sure they are here legally. from your former colleagues,
12:38 am
congressman dennis ross, republican from florida as well. >> i have been told that is something we will do in the future. i have been there long enough to know the future sometimes never comes. i'm holding out on signing a discharge until i get a public guarantee of the guestworker program that helps construction communities and service communities. we need that labor. >> how do you balance those interests? >> congressman ross is right to make sure there's a total solution. donald trump has led the way with his bill's plan, secure our borders, reform the chain migration particularly on extended family in the visa lottery program and bring a permanent solution to daca. you know the guest worker program is a legal mechanism to meet the needs of the tourism
12:39 am
industry, agriculture industry, people are tired of waiting on washington. washington fails to deliver a solution to our broken immigration system. i was thrilled to be joined by law enforcement and sheriffs as i rolled out my secure florida plan which includes the safety and security of florida, reestablishing secure communities program that donald trump reinstated. the state of florida should have a relationship with ice because florida taxpayers are sick of paying tens of millions of dollars a year to feed and house in our prison system criminal illegal aliens who ought to be in the custody of the feds and are to be deported. shannon: your critics have said and we checked the things you voted for or supported with comments, some legal path to
12:40 am
either citizenship or residency, green cards, those kinds of things for people who are here illegally. they call it amnesty. that is not amnesty by your definition? >> i never supported amnesty. i have supported fixing the problem and securing our borders and i hope washington, what now that we have a republican house, sen. the pres. who is willing to do something about this, bring a fix to this problem that has been plaguing our country for a long time. in the meantime i am not going to wait on washington as candidate for governor of florida. we put out a specific plan, secure florida first. that is why i have been endorsed by sheriffs and law enforcement, because law enforcement in florida recognizes my plan and my record is one that will keep floridians safe and avoid the type of sanctuary city and
12:41 am
sanctuary state that has the mayor of philadelphia doing a dance and what california is doing and unfortunately it is what some candidates for governor in florida would like to see. that won't happen on my watch as governor of florida. shannon: florida is a diverse state with different interests and obligations and different populations was a lot of folks to appeal to during the primary season. we will be down there in florida to cover these races. >> look forward to having you back home. shannon: as the immigration debate heats up a staggering report from the doj says 20% of federal prisoners are immigrants and most are known or suspected to be in the us illegally. our panel debate to explain next. se? a little. thought i could de-stress with some zen gardening. at least we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. just call geico. geico helps with homeowners insurance?
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>> jeff sessions said there should not be any illegal immigrants in prison, the government says it has 50,000, 57,000 immigrants in its prison as of december 31st, most of them are here illegally. forward solution strategy, senior columnist, i am afraid of putting it together on this topic but here we go.
12:46 am
this is what the atty. gen. says. every crime committed by an illegal alien is by definition a crime that should have been prevented. outrageous the tens of thousands of americans are dying every year because of drugs and violence brought over the border illegally and taxpayers pay millions of dollars to incarcerate tens of thousands of illegal aliens. >> the logical point and one is a more -- the numbers sessions, trying to use them. we know for a fact that only 10% of the incarcerated population are in federal custody. the other 90% are state and local and he is talking federal prisons, 30% of federal prisons, 4% of state and local prisons which is 90% of the population. overall we are talking documented and undocumented together, immigrants make up 7% overall of the press rated population. statistically what that means, whether you are in federal prison or non-federal prison
12:47 am
statistically you are less likely to commit a crime in this country if you are an immigrant. maybe we should take some of the immigrant population and put them in charge in washington and figure out how to fight the crime epidemic. heather: as we give them a chance to react, go ahead. what do we know from statistics, half of these people in federal prison they suspect are here illegally are here on drug charges, smuggling, drugs, dealing in drugs. >> i thought they were all aspiring valedictorians. >> migrants and immigrants can be valedictorians. >> we have got to import a bunch of immigrants to do the time american convicts won't do. i am tired of this whole thing being treated as something position by american citizens when they demand to choose and pick who comes into their
12:48 am
country. this is a democracy. this country belongs to us. these people disrespect us by coming here illegally, by disrespecting our laws, by breaking them, by coming here and committing crimes. i'm not anti-immigrant, my beautiful immigrant wife is in the next room over, came here legally with her family, build a wonderful life. immigrants are an important part of american culture but the big lie we keep being fed is every immigrant is wonderful. they are not all wonderful. there are crimes being committed and people pay the price are american citizens. >> they are more likely to be law abiding citizens. you can't argue with that. >> let's assume you are correct. shannon: time out, let isaac -- >> it is statistics. the point there were two aspects
12:49 am
to this. one is the logical aspect, the second is the moral aspect and this is the part where believers in this country, people of faith, specifically christians, have to struggle with their conscience. if they want to stick with donald trump, paul ryan and mitch mcconnell and against the lessons of the bible and jesus. >> jesus winning immigration? >> genesis chapter 12 when abram and sarah fled into egypt illegally, the baby jesus, mary and joseph in chapter 2 of matthew. they were in document it immigrants themselves. and we should be ashamed. >> coming here to pick oranges and cut rates in florida is not something jesus opined on. hold on a second. shannon: we got to leave it there. >> about immigration.
12:50 am
shannon: i love you but we have to stop talking. smoking out, edibles in, colorado progressive government in the way. we have them back again. the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen.
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but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight.
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♪ >> shannon: time not for the real news roundup. congressman adam schiff facing
12:54 am
online backlash after the >> congressman adam schiff, the california democrat tweeted criticism of the most recent pardons. serving a long sentence, now you too can get a pardon. he was referring to alice johnson, 21 years for a first-time drug offense. the progressive marijuana laws, the state's democratic governor is saying no to licensed tasting rooms for so-called edibles, vetoing a measure that would have allowed adults to consume small amounts of marijuana through edibles at those establishments. in interview to promote the brave one jodie foster weighing in on the gun control debate telling them they are not comfortable with emotional beings having an instrument of death. she would be more comfortable with robots brandishing weapons because they lack feelings. a study from dartmouth college's student newspaper, a divide
12:55 am
between interacting people with opposing viewpoints, the study found 82% of democrats on campus are most likely to date a republican to 42% of republicans who said they probably wouldn't date a democrat. tonight's midnight hero is a remarkable young lady. kaylee harriet just 3 years old when she was playing outside her boston area home, hit by a stray bullet and paralyzed. at 5 years old she testified against the shooter and said she gave the gunmen for the injury that left her in a wheelchair. this week she graduated high school and a surprise guest, the officer who treated her when she was shot met her for the first time since the shooting. in washington tonight, they are celebrating. the cast finally brought it home, the streets filled with a lot of folks are excited that they have won over a new
12:56 am
franchise, the golden knights. if you are in dc good luck getting home. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington, congratulations, party downtown tonight. it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet?
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heather: is june 8, 2018, and this is "fox and friends first". having at 4:00 on the east coast. >> i have this warning for would be leakers, don't do it. >> plugging the leaks. high-profile indictment in the leaks probe just handed down to one of the senate's most trusted secret keepers, live in washington with breaking developments. >> it is about attitude, willingness to get things done. >> a


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