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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOXNEWSW  June 8, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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knee in the swarm of reptiles, they want to incorporate alligators into the wedding and their honeymoon as well. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first". "fox and friends first" continues right now. by. >> i'm very well prepared. i don't have to prepare. it is about attitude, willingness to get things done. >> it is all about attitude. donald trump ready for the singapore summit. the final touches for the historic sit down as he heads to the g-7 summit. rob: the high-profile indictment in the leaks probe just handed to one of the most trusted
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secret keepers. >> this is great. saving the day, the dedicated dad stepped in and her ballerina performance, the story that will make your friday morning. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ >> every friday. >> you are watching "fox and friends first". >> thank you for waking up and starting the day with us. final preparations now underway for the historic summit between
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donald trump and milania. >> the pres. is headed to the g-7 summit where tensions are at an all-time high with world leaders. all the details on that. >> four days remain until the face-to-face meeting with donald trump and kim jong un, the commander-in-chief brushing off criticism saying he is prepared ahead of historic talks meeting with the prime minister of japan. >> i'm very well prepared. i don't have to prepare very much. it is about attitude, willingness to get things done. >> the latest fox poll showing 66% of americans think donald trump should meet with rogue regime's leader, 24% say he should not. if all goes well he is open to hosting him on us soil. >> if it goes well, it will be well received. he would look at it very
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favorably. i think that could happen. >> the leader is coming to terms on denuclearization. >> has there been progress? >> yes. >> before meeting with kim the pres. heads to the g-7 summit in canada where tensions are expected to be high, the first face-to-face with world leaders after hitting the eu, canada and mexico with massive steel and aluminum tariffs. donald trump will 5 to g-7, he was expected to leave early and will depart for singapore tomorrow morning. >> a couple days ahead. >> the trump administration in nonstop preparation mode ahead of the singapore summit. >> contributor to the hill crediting donald trump's to stands around negotiations for what he believes will be a successful summit.
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>> donald trump deserves credit for the ultimate pressure campaign. the idea that china believed the president was serious by a lot of people's accounts, the kims are out of many, they are in a different situation than before. they need to have this go better because they need the resources to get turned on again. i'm hopeful. i am hopeful that the president will walk away from this bad deal. if they need america's help to take the pressure off china he has got to get to a deal. they have to get to a deal. we have a president who like this process, placed his strengths. i'm not worried he will walk away from a bad deal, he walked away from singapore negotiations i will be good with it because we will go to step 2. rob: we will see if step 2 is necessary is the summit
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approaches. jillian: at least 35 killed and dozens injured after reported airstrike in syria. at least three members of the syrian civil defense were killed. the area has been part of the de-escalation zone agreed on by russia, turkey and iran. a fox news alert, embassy in china sending out a second alert in two days about a mysterious issue affecting americans. the state department evacuating more diplomats suffering dizziness, visual problems and hearing loss. china vowing to get to the bottom. 24 us to limit in cuba following sonic attacks. and symptoms consistent with brain injuries. >> the former director of security for the senate until committee, and the department of
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justice's massive crackdown over leaks. griff jenkins live with more on the alleged leaker's possible links to a new york times reporter. >> the fbi arrested and indicted james wolf, former staffer for the senate intelligence committee whose job it was for 21 years to see to the security of classified information accused of making false statements last december during the leak investigation when they were investigating russian interference, charged with lying about repeated contacts with with reporters including his use of encrypted messaging apps, us attorney jesse lou calling it betrayal of public trust placed in him. the until committee chairman and vice chair issued this statement saying we are troubled to hear the charges filed against a former member of committee staff. the charges do not appear to include anything related to classified information but the
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committee takes this matter seriously, cooperating with the feds. the new york times reporting the doj seized phone records from allie watkins. and the previous 3 romantic relationship with as they were investigating. the times says the information was released at both feed predating her work at the paper but this comes a year after the atty. gen. issued this morning. >> criminals who would illegally use access to our most sensitive information to endanger national security are in fact being investigated and prosecuted. >> lawmakers on the hill are reacting. >> there have been a cascade of leaks, i need more information about what is happening here,
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there is a former staffer on the senate intelligence committee. >> wolf will make his first court appearance, we will hear more about the new york times saying this is the first known instance, records under donald trump. >> the inspector general's report into the hillary clinton report gets a release date, the senate judiciary committee will be out june 14th, which happens to be the pres.'s birthday. the doj and fbi handled the investigation. horwitz agreed to testify on june 18th. >> donald trump demanding a next democratic aide accused of bankruptcy not get a plea deal, the justice department must not
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let debbie wasserman schultz off the hook, it is the key to much of the corruption we see today. where is there? really bad. accused of double billing for it services, and kept on debbie wasserman schultz as payroll. >> immigration debate stalling on capitol hill, house republicans spending hours trying to work out their differences protecting illegal immigrants brought to the us as children. paul ryan says no deal was reached, lawmakers have come to consensus on daca. jillian: the opioid epidemic, the trump administration releasing and detailing the dangers of prescription drugs. >> i thought i had it under
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control. i didn't know. >> the ad is one of four released on tv and social media telling true stories of young people harming themselves to get drugs. >> washington dc becoming the district of champions. wasting the stanley cup for the first time in team history after an epic come back. >> score! >> the go-ahead goal taking them to a 4-3 victory over the golden light. one player says he won't be celebrating at the white house. telling canada's national post before the stanley cup win that he wouldn't attend because he doesn't agree with the pres.'s
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rhetoric. rob: a big win for washington. jillian: big party probably still going on. 10 minutes after the hour. you are driving down the road and you see a plane coming in hot. the emergency landing caught on camera on a highway packed with speeding cars. >> the release of the long-awaited clinton probe review set for a noteworthy date. our next guest says james comey was more concerned with the reputation of the fbi than the integrity of the investigation. >> i don't think the family of the victims in philadelphia who were victims of illegal immigrants are dancing. >> the liberal mayor dancing in celebration over a court win against donald trump. how the white house is responding this morning. "fox and friends first" continues. ♪
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jillian: the long-awaited inspector general report on the handling of hillary clinton's email server investigation set to be released next thursday. >> that from the inspector general every leak shows the report taking aim at james comey and how he did his job as head of the fbi. army special forces veteran jim hansen, thanks for coming on this morning. the draft report allegedly is going to say james comey was insubordinate. what does that allege? >> if he was insubordinate he wasn't doing what somebody told him so who was telling him to do something he shouldn't be doing? sounds like it was the atty.
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gen.'s office, loretta lynch or sally yates. loretta lynch at one point told him not to call the clinton investigation an investigation but call it a matter. and comey's book he says there's classified information that has not been released that would show it was possible for the weather lynch to be impossible -- impartial. there is dirt that may come out in this. >> he is allegedly called this. we haven't seen it yet. it comes out this week. what is your opinion on what this means going forward? is this still a james comey problem, as far as trust goes, the general public. >> a massive problem for trust in the federal government and politicization of the process. right now if the fbi and doj
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were conspiring or colluding to help the clinton campaign by making it look like there was less dirt than there was you have a problem and fire deputy director of the fbi mccabe who was in trouble for stopping the investigation into the clinton foundation at the urging of someone who worked for sally you 8. and to obstruct the investigation, into hillary clinton's emails to affect the campaign. that is wrong in so many ways the public deserves to find out. rob: we asked judge andrew number college auto if this would happen, we could see him rollover on loretta lynch in order to stay out of trouble. do you see something like that?
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>> and mccabe asking for immunity before testifying to congress. and the call, to stop investigating in the clinton foundation. he obviously knows all the things going on regarding the email investigation and how that was rigged and whitewashed so hillary would not get more trouble. there's a chance if anybody turns out to be the singer it might be mr. mccabe and that is bad for loretta lynch, sally yates and the rest. >> hilarious that that is the pres.'s birthday. the best day of her life, alice johnson speaking out to fox news thanking god and the pres. for
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her newfound freedom. >> credit by clemency and given a second chance in life, the best day of my life. >> carly shimkus live with reaction pouring in online. jillian: as you know, he couldn't get a job, now he is blaming donald trump, colin kaepernick's newest plans to take the commander-in-chief to court. ♪ gary: i've been making blades here at gillette for 20 years. i bet i'm the first blade maker you've ever met. there's a lot of innovation that goes into making our thinnest longest lasting blades on the market. precision machinery and high quality materials from around the world. nobody else even comes close. it's about delivering a more comfortable shave, every time. invented in boston. made and sold around the world. order now at gillette, the best a man can get.
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the digital divide is splitting this country. we have parents who are trying to get their kids off of too much social media and computers, and then we have parents who would only hope their children have access. middle school is a really key transition point, right. the stakes start changing. students begin to really start thinking about their futures. what i like about verizon's approach is that
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it's not limited to just giving kids new tools, it's really about empowering educators to teach in different ways, and exposing kids to more active forms of learning. giving technology is not a total solution. teaching technology, now that is.
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>> alice johnson expressing gratitude to donald trump for granting clemency in the big promise for the future. >> carly shimkus with serious xm
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115. >> she also said the only thing that got her through her time in prison was her faith in god. and worked on johnson's behalf, then interview on cnn said she was pleasantly surprised by the pres.'s response. trump is the last person i thought would have done this but he did and pulled through. he was compassionate and sympathetic to her. he knew this was the right thing. so many on social media are talking about this. these tweets are important. i bet the pres. never doubted he would make us proud referring to johnson. she has been a good role model in prison, turned herself around, god bless her. on twitter, you are an inspiration for so many, enjoy every moment of the days to come. jen directed this tweet, it is
2:24 am
great she's using her platform for substantive and positive change. at 7:00, i promise i will make donald trump proud, she is sincere when she said that. >> not taking it for granted. and it is a special sentiment. >> a father's love knows no bounds. a dad in bermuda named mark daniels became the star of the show during his daughter's ballet recital when she started to have a meltdown. he did not want her to go at it alone so joined her on stage.
2:25 am
♪ >> i love that he is holding his other child while dancing. real father's day real things to make fears go away, not all heroes where capes, some of them where ballet slippers. and this gives me hope for our future, so great. a little love from your father. saved the day. appreciate it. >> a massive data breach exposing the personal dna information of nearly 100 million people. kurt the fiber guy next with how to keep your information fit. >> we are going to load it up with some bad dudes. >> donald trump promised to keep gitmo open, step the military
2:26 am
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prostate, bladder, or urinary problems. these may worsen with anoro. call your doctor if you have worsened breathing, chest pain, mouth or tongue swelling, problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain while taking anoro. ask your doctor about anoro. ♪ go your own way get your first prescription free at >> donald trump heading to the g-7 summit where tensions are pretty high. canada and mexico with massive steel and aluminum tariffs as final preparations are underway for the singapore summit with kim jong un. donald trump says he is ready. >> i'm very well prepared. i don't think i have to prepare very much. it is about attitude, willingness to get things done.
2:30 am
rob: he is expected to leave the g-7 early in canada and depart for singapore tomorrow morning. secretary of state mike pompeo firing back at the media saying there is no bad blood between him and john bolton regarding foreign policy. >> those articles are unfounded. i disagree with great consistency over time, two individual to present our views. i'm confident that will happen on issues. rob: pompeo demanding advisers given filtered opinions even if they clash. there has been some of that. atf agent in critical condition shot multiple times after a deadly ambush during an undercover operation. one suspect that is another in custody. the chaotic scene unfolding in gary, indiana outside chicago. the agent was part of the effort help local police crackdown on
2:31 am
violence in the area. he is expected to survive. look at this. a small plane makes an emergency landing on the florida highway like something out of an action movie, the her craft experience engine problems forcing the pilot split-second decision, the plane had been on a training flight and there it goes. nobody was hurt, no cars were hit. the faa investigating. jillian: that is my nightmare on the turnpike. nearly 100 million my heritage users are learning their private information was exposed in a massive breach. hackers had months to get their hands on it. wanting to have your credit card number stolen but what can criminals learn from your dna. thank you for joining us, let's be clear off the top. as far as we know nobody's dna. >> no dna was stolen this time but what they did get with your email address and part of your password for 92 million people and they could get access your account pretty easily and this
2:32 am
is a wake-up call. what if my dna got stolen. a ton of us have done these dna kits. you want to know your health risks. guess what happens if it gets into the wrong hands? they have hackers doing all kinds of things with it one including taking your dna, putting it on the public market. what would happen? once your dna is out you can't and do that. you can't get a new dna. what they might be able to do down the road people have concerns about, it might suggest that i have a greater propensity for a particular disease, say alzheimer's, and you don't but they could release that. what are my chances of gaining good employment are getting a loan. what are my chances should laws change and insurance companies use that against your get it
2:33 am
secretly and put it in the mix how risky we are to ensure. worse would be a hacker gets a hold of it, manipulates it. and a politician, someone gets a hold of dna, in data. put it back in the file, then expose it saying you have -- you are unhealthy, have strong likelihood of getting alzheimer's. will it happen? >> people are scared watching this. >> a big wake-up call. go number one, it is helpful information. compare privacy policy. look at what is going to happen, how much control do i have over
2:34 am
it. you deal with the security policies of that to date. and they are pretty forthright about it, always choose, and you share it with the world and those are in default and make sure you know how you are sharing data. >> we should be doing that anyway. >> it is not always set, we have to take the step of saying, and they are not always doing that. but i gave you the answers. thank you. >> taxes cut, regulations
2:35 am
slashed, brand-new fox news paul showing record approval for donald trump, what is it going to take to get them on board? the debate coming your way next. >> i don't think the family of the victims in philadelphia were victims of illegal immigrants. i don't think they are dancing. >> a liberal mayor dancing in celebration over court win against donald trump. how the white house is saying enough is enough. he won the kentucky derby, then the preakness. can justify cool off a triple crown? in belmar park, the big race i know you are excited. >> i am so excited. will we have a triple crown? will justify do it saturday, the
2:36 am
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to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet? >> sanctuary city satisfactory court win over the trump administration. >> the sanctuary city. shannon: breaking out in song and dance after the court ruled federal funding could not because for being a sanctuary city. pennsylvania congressman calling the video sad to watch. >> the victims in philadelphia, victims of illegal immigrants were not dancing. when you thumb your nose at the federal government and put your
2:40 am
people at risk, dancing would not be the first thing i would think of doing. >> the video is called disgusting by the white house. rob: colin kaepernick could go after donald trump. the legal team is trying to subpoena the president and vice president in collusion against the nfl. he claims nfl owners are working to get him out of the league. several say donald trump factored into the decision how to handle the national anthem protest. >> can he keep his momentum going and take-home the covenant triple crown? >> the 150belmont stakes in long island, janice dean saw my hat, good morning. >> fascinate her friday at belmont, we will see a lot of
2:41 am
that. the big race happens tomorrow, 150 years it is happening. david glenn, vp of the racing surfaces, what does that mean? >> all the racing surfaces at belmont. >> reporter: what is the difference between the derby and preakness? >> it is a little bit looser footing and a bigger track. >> what about the triple crown? >> it is a challenge and a 5 week. go? >> have you seen this horse from the track it? >> i saw him go out yesterday. >> reporter: i heard it is like him floating on air with this track. >> it is a great day yesterday. >> reporter: how do you keep
2:42 am
this beautiful? >> it takes care of everything, a lot of preparation goes into it. whether the belmont stakes are sources out there, and -- i have been here prior to this maryland jockey club. horse racing is what we have done. >> reporter: you were here when american farrow won -- does this horse compares? >> a great day tomorrow. >> reporter: what is the preparation tomorrow? >> everything as far as the stand is set, the weather dictates everything we do. tomorrow looks like a good day. >> reporter: we thought there would be a front on top of long island, and running in the rain, the good news is tomorrow's
2:43 am
forecasts doesn't look much better. it is mostly sunny skies. >> that is what we are shooting for. >> reporter: no one has seen this course run in sunny skies with non-wet track. >> triple crown wise yes. >> it is a fantastic day over here. >> you get the bet? >> not at all. it just to be part of this is fantastic. >> when we were here 3 years ago, if you spit blood when you brush or floss
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>> hope you're having a good friday morning, teaming up with mexico to catch the 10 most wanted smugglers on the southern border. border patrol and mexican government launching a joint campaign in southern texas and mexico as ice and 1600 illegals to federal prison. the trump administration and 0-tolerance policy preventing a massive increase in the number of immigrants being detained forcing ice to seek out additional bed space. the military working to make sure guantánamo bay can stay open for decades. >> we are going to load it up with some bad dudes, we are going to load it up. >> reporter: officials ready to roll out new facilities to help
2:50 am
dangerous terrorists for the rest of their lives, the repairs and construction come after donald trump order to keep the jail opening january. former pres. obama vowed to close the site. rob: donald trump's approval rating at 45% according to a brand-new fox news paul, finding voters feeling a surge of economic optimism, 60% approving of the direction of the economy. do these numbers signify a growing support of the pres.'s policies. are in c spokesperson kaylee mcinerney, thanks for coming on. i will start with you. a lot of people think the united states is a big business and best place for president to be is in a strong economy. what do you think? >> no doubt about that. wall street firms estimating we might hit 4% gdp.
2:51 am
wages going up, unemployment at historic lows, a win for the president being reflected in the polls which is approval numbers climbing despite an onslaught of media attacks and attacks from the left. the economy is everything. rob: we have 3.8 unemployment manale economic numbers, and -- this paul winstone beneath the top line approval disapproval numbers, the pres. is less popular than the obamacare law than bernie sanders or joe biden in this paul which is favorable to him. is less trusted on foreign policy, international trade, and this was a surge, it is not. it is 7 points down from the right track wrong track number. i don't think this is as good as
2:52 am
you want to trump it. >> the rasmussen poll has it at 49%. there is a hidden trump voter not reflecting his approval rating, anywhere from 4% to 8% and michigan and pennsylvania and wisconsin, they don't talk to pollsters. the approval rating is much higher, and despite was attacking him constantly, he is writing and if he gets the deal with north korea it is huge. and it will be home -- historic and reflected in the polls. >> the pres. meet with kim jong un? the number sitting at 66%. does this have confidence to take the meeting and a fruitful meeting?
2:53 am
>> talking about the magic voter that exists out there and pretty interesting. might need to read up on that. people who don't want to identify themselves as trump supporters i wonder why. wonder why i wouldn't want to be associated with what he is doing. >> when the polls come out about the presidential election a lot of numbers nobody saw. trying to speak to that. >> if we were sitting here in september 2016 donald trump will never win, look at his approval numbers, his support in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. the hidden trump voter existed. >> on the democratic side, people despise this president. i'm wondering if it comes from a place of personal issues with his personality versus what he has accomplished and doing in the white house you
2:54 am
>> despise no, offended by yes. if you are certain member of the 1% you are happy with this president but if your middle-class person, if you are a woman, african-american, someone who originated from another country, somebody who is not wealthy this president is not value your contribution to society. he has proven through his talking points. >> of course he values their contribution to society, for the first time african-american unemployment at a historic low. we should apply the fact we have the narrowest gap between black and white and employment in the history of this country, leveling the playing field for all races, and undeniable fact of the trump presidency. >> thanks, obama. rob: you both have strong opinions. how is this for road rage. two boules locking horns on a busy california street, the cattle battle you like to see.
2:55 am
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jillian: good morning to you. welcome back. outside on the plaza. mercy me is going to be taking to that stage throughout the morning. if you are in new york city swing by it's going to be a great friday morning. gootime for the good, the bad and the ugly. yes way frose. very frose strawberry slushy combined with frose cost between 5 and 8 bucks. rob: and give you an instant hangover. two bulls fighting in the street after escaping from a california ranch. he did get his cattle back. jillian: finally the ugly, escaped monkey attacked a home depot worker. flipping out with the worker tried returning to order. >> the sliding glass door
3:00 am
opened, freaked her out. she had my hair like this and he hunged of lunged off my . >> scratching her face. rob: barbecue and music here on the plaza. jillian: join us. have a great day. >> president trump two major upcoming summits, not only the meeting can kim jong un but g 7 summit in canada. >> about attitude and willingness to get things done. i think i have been preparing for this summit for a long time. >> former director of security for the senate intel committee charged with lying to the feds and the doj's massive crackdown over leaks. >> there has been a cascade of leaks and nobody has been held accountable. >> going to increase the frustration of america's families they will be saying hip hip hooray unemployment is down. what does that mean to me? >> alice johnson a free woman after granted clemency from president trump after 22 years been


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