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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 8, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> the sliding glass door opened, freaked her out. she had my hair like this and he hunged of lunged off my . >> scratching her face. rob: barbecue and music here on the plaza. jillian: join us. have a great day. >> president trump two major upcoming summits, not only the meeting can kim jong un but g 7 summit in canada. >> about attitude and willingness to get things done. i think i have been preparing for this summit for a long time. >> former director of security for the senate intel committee charged with lying to the feds and the doj's massive crackdown over leaks. >> there has been a cascade of leaks and nobody has been held accountable. >> going to increase the frustration of america's families they will be saying hip hip hooray unemployment is down. what does that mean to me? >> alice johnson a free woman after granted clemency from president trump after 22 years been in a federal
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prison. >> i promise you president trump, i will make you crowd that you gave me a second chance. >> one we are in right now was the first plane, the second wave at normandy is blowing my mind ♪ kind to shake, shake, shake ♪ brand new look looked good on you ♪ changed, changed, changed brian: are we doing that? abby: are we performing today? steve: i think that's mercy me trade show. brian: they'd incredible. so cool. steve: it is the summer annual concert series brought to your friends at keurig. entertainer is mercy me. stop by and have some breakfast. abby: mercy me, if you don't know that band, amazing story. one point in the career they thought it was going to be
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big break. they gave performance to record label. after the performance they were told you are just not good enough for this. you can't go on. brian: listen, i'm good at telling who is going to make it and you are not going to make it. not only am i turning you down i'm trying to destroy your dream. i think everybody out there has met somebody like that who has tried to do that to them and relate to it so you know, their story became a hit movie. abby: that was true. we will have them all throughout the show today. they are a great band. steve: we are starting with a fox news alert. this is something you need to know about, you are going to be talking about. in less than two hours president trump will leave the washington, d.c. area. he is flying north to canada for the g 7 summit. >> the meeting there is expected to be tense as the president finds himself in a feud with the french president and canadian prime minister. brian: that's an interesting dynamic. mike tobin is live in quebec where he is among friends, some french speaking, some english speaking.
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>> good morning, gang, when the president gets here he will find plenty of adversity in captiond. the subject is tariffs imposed on the eu, mexico and canada. calling the g 6 plus trump or g 6 plus one. tariffs prompted unpleasant phone exchange with canadian prime minister justin trudeau and press conference with justin trudeau and emmanuel macron. prime minister trudeau being so indignant bringing up the relationship u.s. and canada have had over the years and all sorts of other things. but he doesn't bring up the fact that they charge us up to 300 percent on dairy, hurting our farmers and killing our agriculture. neither do we mind signing a 6 sun tri agreement if need be. these countries represent an economic market which has a weight of the history behind it which is now a true international force. agreement produced at the end of the summit
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establishing unity and direction. the white house saying the president is going to leave the summit early saturday morning to get ready for north korea. guys, back to you in new york. brian: they would have a g 7 summit, six will sign off on it if you notice even the president's tweet. the president is saying it is not personal. it's business. i'm saying you are killing us with dairy. you are killing us with steel. i want you to adjust your trading practice. steve: you are speaking as the president. i are tellinyou are telling the president what to say. >say. brian: no the president has said this over the past months. hurting trade imbalance. hurting our feelings. i'm sure have you complaints about america. let us know what they are. we would like to get something done. they come back with wow, we are supposed to be friends. steve: you look at mike tobin's report from quebec, it's going to be a tense summit. the reason is he leaving half a day early is not to get ready for north korea. is he leaving, maybe that's the cover story. he is leaving so he won't be
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there for the climate and environmental stuff. he is going to leave a white house staff in his place. nonetheless, the irony is, he has two summits in the next couple of days. the summit with the north korean dictator could actually be less tense than the summit later today in quebec. abby: other big news this morning. crackdown on the leakers. you will remember it's a couple months ago that president trump put the pressure on attorney general jeff sessions to figure out what on earth is going on here? where are these leaks coming from? breaking overnight james a. wolf a former senate intel panel security director has had that job for 29 years. you can see him there. he has been indicted for allegedly lying to the fbi three different times that we know about. you look at someone like that who has been in that job for as i said 29 years. that's why it's so hard to figure out where these leaks are coming for. steve: exactly. how many times over the last year and a half or so have we been talkingen on this
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couch who in the deep state is leaking these things that are damaging to the president and his administration? and apparently now the department of justice, they were looking into it because the president made it very clear, find out who these people are, and in fact, he referred to them as traitors and cowards and we will get them. as it turns out, they have also, in figuring out who this leaker was, they have seized the phone records and other data of a "new york times" reporter. abby: tens of thousands of exchanges. steve: her name is alli watkins. currently she is with the "new york times." she was before that, with politic do. and before that with buzzfeed. we don't know how many times this guy has leaked to her. we don't know who he has leaked to. buff we know that the department of justice said this guy is a leaker and he is in big trouble. brian: directly he lied to the fbi about the relationship with her. now, they say the implication is that he leaked intelligence to her. one thing would lead to another. one of the people, get
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ready, hold on to something. one of the people involved in the middle of this carter page. a conversation, he is known as male number one in this story she is reporter number two. carter page evidently was found to have gone to russian in 2013. that story ends up in buzzfeed. by the way, ali watkins was alerted in february they were looking through her stuff. she was in buzzfeed at the time. now she is with the "new york times." this is just beginning. stuff had access to over 29 years. steve: he was on the senate permanent intel committee. you know, is he part of the permanent government until he suddenly left at the end of last year, about the time the president said we are going to find these traitors and cowards. and they are related? don't know. abby: he lied to the fbi about the relationship. ended up showing a photo of the two of them together. at that point he had to admit there was a relationship. he also lied about passing on any information to her to leak. so, what this means for andy mccabe as well.
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i think this is the beginning of what we are going to see, because there are so many leaks out there. this is just one of the early ones. brian: nobody really believes that the press has been necessarily in the president's corner, let's say conservatively. i have never seen any person, let alone president attack regularly and so wholeheartedly as this president. it has not stopped his numbers from rises. according to a fox news poll. his approval rating has ticked up 4 points. at a time in which traditionally after a year or so, the afor i can' euphorias off. this president's started down and gradually gone up. rasmussen 49%. steve: shortly after inaugurated 48%. and all over the place. brian: he was in his 30's. abby: look at the handling of the economy 52% there. i do wonder where the 41%, what their arguments are
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when you are at 3.8 unemployment. steve: one of the other things that goes into his approval ration. according to this fox news poll that's been released. apparently more people are optimistic about a range of things. including the fact that we may not have a war with north korea and people are excited about that possibility. and then you look at the tax cut, a lot of people like that. you look at low unemployment. that's really good for the country, right? well, not if you are nancy pelosi. unemployment is at 50-year low. that's a good thing, right? abby: she is still saying this is all a bunch of crumbs. listen to what she has to say. >> unless we have an increase, very significant increase in wages and bigger paychecks, we are going continue to crease the frustration of america's families because they will be saying hip hip hooray, unemployment is down. what does that mean to me and my life? this isn't just about the unemployment rate. it's about wages rising in our country. so that consumer confidence
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is restored because our economy will never be fully reach possibilities unless we increase the consumer confidence. brian: one thing is clear. wages are slower to go up than many would expect. but a lot of experts say that's the last thing to go up. look for it to begin to rise. because the labor market decreases, logic would tell you i have to pay more for him or her to stay. abby: talks about consumer confidence. brian: one thing i find stunning. no one says nancy pelosi is a bad politician. but she has picked the wrong argument. steve: exactly, brian. you heard her say twice consumer confidence has got to go up. it's low. here is a news flash to the former speaker, the consumer confidence in the united states of america right now is at 128. that is near an 18-year high. so the two things that she was talking about, unemployment and consumer confidence, she is wrong. unemployment 50 year low.
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consumer confidence 18 year high. abby: pick your battle. steve: this is what i would call her view of economics. crumcrumb-onomics. brian: american people like the president has put muscle back in our foreign policy and ourself esteem. we are no longer apologizing for things. we are taking action. iran deal bad. paris, we're out. going to china. dealing with all this stuff head on. north korea is a perpetual problem for 70 years. steve: perfect example. is he going to walk out on the leaders because he said you know what? i have got to go fix something in north korea. brian: i don't think the american people like that. i think they like it. abby: over 60% approve working with kim jong un. let's get to our headlines this morning. jillian: good morning to you. let's get you caught up started with this. atf ambush attack during undercover operation. chaotic scene unfolding in
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gary, indiana about an hour outside of chicago. one suspect was killed in a shootout. another is now in custody. the agent was shot several times but in stable condition. he was part of the chicago field decision, sent to help local police crack down on violence in the area the trump administration will not defend obamacare in a lawsuit brought by 20 republican led states. the suit filed in february argues because the newly passed tax law eliminates penalties for going uninsured. the individual mandate is no longer constitutional. in a letter to paul ryan, attorney general jeff sessions notes the doj rarely fights existing law in court. washington, d.c. becoming the district of champions. the washington capitals hoisting the stanley cup first time in history. beating the golden nights 4-3 to take the series in five games. their win especially emotional for winner t.j. whose dad is suffering from alzheimer's. >> my dad -- oh, boy.
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-- he doesn't remember a lot of stuff, but i will tell you what, he is here tonight. this win will stick with him forever. jillian: true proud dad moment as he and his dad hold the stanley cup together. i feel like i'm going to cry after that. steve: right from the heart. brian: did you see the streets of washington last night? jillian: big party. abby: thank you, jillian. steve: kim kardashian opening up about her meeting where they helped alice johnson become a free woman. >> trump is the last person i would have thought would have done this but he did. he knew it was the right thing to do. steve: we're going to get reaction from diamond and silk. they join us on this friday morning. brian: plus, we have heard all about maternity leave. one company is giving it to workers pawternity leave.
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♪ >> solved by many others. i'm not just saying president obama. i'm saying other presidents. long time ago this could have been solved in a lot easier manner. and a lot less dangerous
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manner. but it wasn't, so i will solve it. brian: there was a sense that things were getting close in the past but 70 years later we still don't have a deal. will we get a deal now. as president trump gets ready for the summit with king next week it appears other global players are trying to get in the action. look at this roster here. here to break it down senior fellow for the defense of democracy. anthony spent years working on nonproliferation at the state department not easy. let's make sense of it. anthony, thanks so much. here are the players. let's get started. first guy we want to take a look at. leaderred of south korea. what's significant about him? >> i think president moon wants the talks to continue with kim. he has already met kim twice. there is rumors that moon may join the summit on the second day if there is anything on the peace treaty. brian: are our objectives the same? >> for the most part. although moon wants the interkorean summit in the worst way. he may force trump to try to
3:19 am
get a bad deal. brian: this is the whole deal he had. he is considered more liberal. replaced a conservative. japan shinzo abe, what does he want? >> two things he wants is a missile deal and on abductees. >> to remove all? >> to have the abductees come back. i think he is worried that the united states will get a long range missile deal and not focus on the missiles that are targeted at japan. brian: does he want our troops to stay. >> yes, definitely. brian: 38,000? >> in south korea and troops in japan as well including aircraft carrier. brian: china, what do they want? this is their ally they want to keep it communist. >> overall the chinese want the u.s. out of east asia but reduce trump's leverage in the talks. brian: how does trump's leverage get reduced in the talks? >> they are allowing the sanctions against north korea to be loosened by china. brian: over the last couple of months? >> over the last couple of
3:20 am
months. brian: we have sanctions ready to go. now, out of nowhere, lavrov goes to visit. vladimir putin promises a summit. what does he want? >> yeah, i mean the russians have been the biggest sanction busters in the era of maximum pressure. they want to play a spoiler role. they also want the united states out of east asia. brian: i just would say this. i think in one way they and china enjoyed being the only allies in the area. they just don't like the american military buildup to answer north korea. right? >> exactly. brian: anthony, thanks so much. appreciate it you now have the foundation. we will get the details starting really today. come up, mitt romney making a bold prediction about president trump in 2020. you are not going to believe it and, kim kardashian. opening up about her meeting with the president that yielded great results. alice marie johnson is now a free woman thanks to her and the president. diamond and silk together
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abby: happy friday morning. back with quick headlines for you. the feds putting the violent ms-13 gang on notice. agents indicted some two dozen members on racketeering charges. all connected to a series of murders and other violent crimes on long island, new york. hot bed for that gang. 15 vicious murders there over the last two years. ice sending 1600 illegal immigrants to federal prisons to await deportation hearings. the trump administration zero tolerance policy resulting in a mask increase in thin --massive increase in te number of immigrant detained. seeking out the additional bed space. steve?
3:25 am
steve: meanwhile, kim kardashian opening up about her meeting with president trump and his decision to commute the life sentence of alice maria johnson. >> trump is the last person i thought that would have been done this. but he did. and he pulled through. when i to the the meeting, i knew there was going to be tons of backlash. he was compassionate. he was sympathetic to her. after he had heard her whole story and situation and he knew it was the right thing to do. brian: she went on to say i was warned by my friends not to legitimize him. he's president. here to react, social media stars and trump supporters diamond and silk. so, a lot has happened since you were here cooking. diamond, let's start with you. are you surprised that the president acted so swiftly? >> listen, i know this is what we voted for. this is who we voted for. i am so happy that he commuted the sentence of alice and i'm happy that it's shining a light on the over criminalization of americans in this country.
3:26 am
and this is what we should be looking at when it pertains to the justice system. so i'm so happy. and i'm happy that kim kardashian went to the table. >> that's right. >> have a seat. talked to our president and our president took swift action. >> that's right. >> i'm very happy. i'm happy that alice is getting a second chance. >> and then also look at the fact that kim kardashian, she put aside her personal differences and went to the table. you know, imagine just for one moment, imagine if lebron james would stop shooting off at his mouth and did the same thing. just simply imagine if the nfl players would stop kneeling at the flag and do the same thing. lebron james and a lot of these others are teaching men, especially our young black men is how to be cowards. >> big day for alice johnson called her in person to give her the news. very tear-filled call. you guys make a great point about coming to the table and having a conversation. brian made that point earlier this week with the philadelphia eagles. you don't want to go to the
3:27 am
white house, at least just show up and talk to the president about the issues you care about and make some change. how do we get to a place where we are not just attacking each other and actually start to have conversation. what needs to be done to change that. >> first of all, we need to put aside our differences. >> that's right. >> look at this president and the amazing job he is doing. we had an african-american president that did not really tackle the justice system. justice w reform. here a lot of people on the left african-american people saying we need to change the justice system. well, now we have a president. >> yes. >> along with the ivanka trump and jared kushner. >> yes. >> they're hoping to change the justice system. this is the time we need to hear your voices. put aside your differences come to the table and let's solve this problem. >> stop being a coward. steve: ladies, what do you make of the fact so in about 90 minutes the president of the united states is going to be blasting off from joint base andrews. go up to quebec have that g
3:28 am
7 summit. sounds like is he going to walk out half a day early. times are tense there right now between him and the leaders of canada and france. they don't like the tariff talk. they don't like the trade talk. how do you like how the president is dealing with world leaders? >> you know what? i love the way he is dealing with these leaders. >> that's right. >> he's not going to waiver. he's not going to back down. we don't want to be in a trade war. we want fair trade. and when he's done, this is going to be fair and equal across the board. >> that's right. >> and, if they don't like it, they can go somewhere and do something else. >> yes. >> this is how it's going to be up under this president. >> that's right. >> he's not going to waiver on it. and i'm happy about that. >> one more amazing thing, is he doing this for the sake of the american people. >> that's right. >> that's what we love about it. brian: all right. diamond and silk, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you for having us. brian: just do a deal. stop complaining and saying your feelings are hurt. go reconfigure this trade apparatus. steve: get a better deal for america, ultimately.
3:29 am
brian: yes, which would be us, americans. mark your calendars. the ig report about the fbi and james comey handling of the hillary clinton investigation is about to come out. exclamation point. one pardoned navy sailor has made up his mind. >> when i was in the military i fought enemies foreign and now i fight enemies domestic. that's really what i believe comey is. he is a domestic enemy. brian: wow. more from that fiery interview with the great martha maccallum. steve: could it be history in the making? race for the triple crown. janice dean is live in belmont park with an interesting hat. abby: awesome hat. brian: i don't have one like that. janice: it's fast sin nature friday at belmont. thanks to a milliner who fashioned this hat for me. we will be talking about belmont 150. will justify win the triple crown? it could happen. a beautiful day here in new
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meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. ♪ it's a the final countdown ♪ steve: how ominous is that? the final countdown is on. donald trump is going to wind up for for his birthday next thursday in the inspector general at the department of justice is going to come out with his long awaited report on what the fbi and the department of justice did behind the scenes. that's an interesting shot. what they did behind the scenes regarding the hillary rodham clinton email scandal. it sounds like mr. comey is going to get into big trouble as will andrew mccabe who already got fired. and also the attorney general formerly of the united states loretta lynch. abby: pretty amazing we have
3:34 am
the date of this release next thursday. of all days it happens to be donald trump's birthday. steve: happy birthday. abby: we will get a lot of information out of this report. the handling of the hillary clinton email. as it relates to james comey and christian saucier he had a conversation last night with martha maccallum. at one point he calls him a domestic enemy. listen to this. >> this is me fighting for the average american citizen. we shouldn't be subjected to a separate set of laws than hillary clinton or james comey who admitted to leaking classified information to the press to try to benefit himself or the same thing with andrew mccabe. you know, these people aren't above the law. but apparently they are. when i was in the miller, i fought enemies foreign and now i fight enemies domestic. that's really what i believe, you know, comey is. he is a domestic enemy. brian: and the last thing i want to go through is this whole private server, the july press conference.
3:35 am
we have been through it back and forth. the person that put everybody in the most impossible situation is hillary clinton's decision private server and john bow desthat's vulnerable email. if they both had acted responsible we wouldn't have had to have these crazy actions. the other thing we are going to see is the reported expanded role of peter strzok in both things. we're going to possibly see more text messages that will show other people that didn't vote for donald trump the bias that was built into the system and there was really one -- there is only one person that would have beat the drum this hard for this long to force the truth out. and it's the president. he has been relentless in his pursuit to find out what's going on. abby: going to be a great birthday. steve: the reason mr. saucier is such a great person radarring the legal double standard is because he got in trouble, remember a couple of cell phone pictures were taken when he was 22 years old on board a sub.
3:36 am
he was prosecuted, served time in jail and he says there is a legal double standard and that is why he is personally suing the federal government and, in particular, he wants to put barack obama in the witness chair along with hillary clinton and james comey and say how come they can break the law and they don't get prosecuted and i took a cell phone picture and i go to jail. abby: what do you think about james comey those comments about him being a domestic enemy. the ig report, what are we going to find in that report? a lot going on this morning. let's go over to jillian for some headlines. jillian: that is right it is friday. good morning to you. get you caught up on some of the other headlines we are following. off duty nurse and deputy being hailed as heroes jumping into action to save a man suffering from a heart attack. >> is there a pulse? >> no. there is no pulse. he is not breathing. jillian: the two rushing to give him cpr after stumbling across the scene in ocala, florida. >> little girl was there. that stuck in my head.
3:37 am
i have two little girls at home. i just knew i had to do everything possible to save this man so he could go home to his family. >> and thanks to their quick instincts he was revived and taken to a hospital to recover. the white house launching a new attack on the opioid epidemic. the trump administration releasing new ads detailing the dangers of prescription drugs. >> i tried oxy at a couple of parties. i thought i had it under control. i didn't know it would be this addictive. >> the ad is one of four released on tv and social media detailing true stories of young people harming themselves to get drugs. mitt romney making a bold prediction about president trump and 2020. the 2012 presidential nominee says our commander-in-chief will easily win the g.o.p. nomination and win a second term. the utah senate candidate telling political leaders at a retreat in the state, quote: i think our democrat friends are likely to nominate someone who is really out of the mainstream
3:38 am
of america thought and will make it easier for a president who is presiding over a growing economy. we have all heard of fraternity and maternity leave what about pawternity leave. a company giving employees three day parental paid leave when they adopt a new furry friend. ceo of the group says the new policy is improving morale by helping employees balance their work home life. we want to know what you think about this. email us at it will be interesting to get some of those responses. abby: dogs are a lot of work. puppies are a lot of work. brian: i would have turned that down had it been offered to me? jillian: why. brian: whether you have a puppy. it's so much work. abby: that's not fair for whoever you leave home to do it. brian: that's true. and hopefully she is not watching now. steve: hard to get off for actual humans who are born but to have a new pet and get three paid days off. what do you think? email us, tweet us, or
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facebook us. abby: what if you have a pet horse. brian: or a pig or gerbil. steve: i raised them when i was president of the future farmers of america of kansas. i was able to go to school because they are fenced in. you feed them in the morning. you come back and they are still fenced in. and you feed them at night. abby: no potty training for pigs. steve: not really. abby: speaking of horses, justify won the race for the roses and took home first place at the preakness. brian: that's the still shot to prove it can he keep his momentum going and take home the triple crown? it all takes place tomorrow at the 150th belmont stakes on long island, new york. which i hear is a nice place. > steve: janice dean has something personal invested in this. she was at churchill downs when justify won the kentucky derby. she wants to see him three-peat tomorrow. janice: yes. and we interviewed the jockey. remember mike smith, of
3:40 am
course at the kentucky derby that was, i think good luck. we interviewed soh part owner of justify will be here tomorrow. in the 7:30 break in our report we will have bob baffort the trainer with his son who is a fantastic meteorologist. he will give us the forecast for tomorrow's big race. the bell montgomery 150. this is the one to beat. justify. apparently people are talking yesterday. he tried out the track yesterday. by the way this is the longest track of all of them the preakness, the derby. 1.5 miles. trickiest. so hard to get a triple crown. last time we had a triple counsel was three years ago with pharaoh. bob was the trainer. good luck with that four years before we had a triple crown. will justify do it? it is the horse to beat. the horse that everyone is talking about. of course, with the derby and preakness, it was a mudder both times. rained for hours this time
3:41 am
we are expecting partly sunny skies and dry track. this horse will run this like nobody's business. belmont stakes, belmont park 150. taste of the champion, available only tomorrow from oyster bay brewing company. brian: oyster bay in the area. i'm getting reports, janice that you have gutted your 401(k) and your children's 529 and put all your money on justify. you will be ruined if justify doesn't win. is this correct? true or false, young lady? >> i cannot tell a lie. it might be true. brian: oh my goodness. >> sean: sorry, sean. abby: you may need a few more of those beers, janice. steve: on sunday morning. janice: cheers. brian: if justify loses the dean family suffers. steve: she is kidding. you always put your money on the long shot. that's how you make big money. abby: that's much more fun. the underdog. brian: a lot of people say the long shot doesn't win.
3:42 am
abby: usually how it goes. brian knows that well. steve: have you seen seabisquit. brian: i never seen the movie. abby: made a movie rare thing. brian: there it is. the state department sending a new warning overnight about the medical mystery overseas. u.s. diplomats getting sick at the consulate now in china by these sonic attacks. dr. marc siegel on the case. steve: plus, todd piro takes to the skies in a plane that flew on d-day. he is there on the ground at a special air show this weekend. he joins us now. todd, good morning. todd: good morning. air shows are more than just fun and games. they are really important to our military. plus, i will explain the significance of this plane behind me. you don't want to miss it when "fox & friends" returns. her salon was booked for weeks,
3:43 am
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3:46 am
steve: serious illness making american diplomats in china very, very sick. the state department now evacuating a number of workers to undergo testing for what officials are calling a medical incident. very similar to those suffered by u.s. di diplomats in cuba. we took our diplomats out of cuba because they had vertigo, dizzy, nauseous. very similar what's going on in china right now, right? >> heather nauert said that. she said there is a concern this may be the exact thing that happened in cuba. i have inside source here who is one of the top inner ear experts in the country. most likely insider information here a sonic device. it's a sonic weapon most likely. not a virus. not a solve vent. not a poison.
3:47 am
those don't work this fast, steve. these people are sitting there. they are fine. they are feeling well. the next thing you know they are going into the bathroom. they are dizzy. they are vomiting. vertigo. balance is off. hearing is off. memory is off. can't think clearly. steve: i have seen these sonic weapons that the military and shippers use to scare off pilots. kind of like a bazooka, great big. you think you would see somebody outside the u.s. consulate in china aiming at the building. >> that's called long range acoustic device and makes a very loud song. the fbi wased" by ap as saying it's not those things. steve: okay. all right. >> some of the people affected say they heard something. i think it's something that emits a sonic sound that's both hearable and below the range of what can you hear. low frequency what's called infrasonic. there is knowledge that that effects the part of the inner ear, steve, closest to the brain, the balance center. the equilibrium center. causes brain damage.
3:48 am
fixable. can you have rehabilitation for this. can you get some of your hearing back. it's a miracle what some of the feampses can do in a situation like this. it's treatable. i wouldn't say there isn't irreversible components here. the real tragedy is it effects not just the ear and balance but also the brain. also, politically, why is this happening now? steve: yeah, and who is doing it? >> well, if it's happening in china with the north korean summit come up, have you got to wonder about that don't you. steve: it started in coulibaly and now it's in china. what's the connection there. >> well, there was some question about whether the chinese could have been involved in cuba. i want to say something else really clearly here for our viewers. not a virus. this is not a naturally occurring thing. this looks to be a message. somebody is trying to send a message here and do it by hurting our people. that's my view. i don't have facts on it yet. you will hear more and more. a sonic weapon that is hard to detect that could be targeted. why only americans, steve?
3:49 am
steve: great point. >> it could be in somebody's pocket. steve: that small. all right. well, somebody is trying to send a message. let's get to the bottom of it dr. siegel, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve. steve: philadelphia's mayor sparked outrage for dancing in celebration over a win regarding sanctuary city status. that's the mayor right there. but one lawmaker in his own state says it's not a real victory. she will explain live with us. plus, history takes flight. todd piro goes for a flight in a plane that flew on d-day 74 years ago. he joins us live from niagara falls coming up. ♪ even as you build your own plas for retirement. see how lincoln can help.
3:50 am
do not mistake serenity for weakness. do not misjudge quiet tranquility for the power of 335 turbo-charged horses. the lincoln mkx, more horsepower than the lexus rx350. and a quiet interior from which to admire them. for a limited time, get 0% apr on the lincoln mkx plus get $1,000 bonus cash.
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3:52 am
steve: well, you got weekend plans the international air
3:53 am
show is roaring in to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the u.s. air force reserve. brian: that's amazing. our own todd piro is on the ground and maybe the skies, too. am i right, todd? todd: that's right. what an amazing day we had yesterday. when you think air shows, you think power. you think patriotism. but the there really is a message and a mission as we found out, like you said, when we hit the skies. check it out. ♪ ♪ >> what's it like to be part of an air show like this? >> it's awesome. it's a dream come true. i love every second of ited ited to in the sound track of your life as did you go about your day, do you have highway of the danger playing 24/7 ♪ highway to the danger zone. >> this is a chance for us to be up close, right next to the crowd. right next to the public and display the capability. todd: first and foremost, you are a soldier in the u.s. military. >> right. thunder bird u.s. aviator. do this special four for two
3:54 am
years and right back to the front line. todd: why are these shows special to you. >> they are special to me when i went to a air show as a kid and told me i could grow up as a thunder bird if i wanted to. >> we are here to special capabilities of the u.s. army special command. todd: doesn't jump out of. >> pack for troops without a single flaw. todd: colonel guy we do these shows. >> the reason we do these shows is so we can give back to some small measure. the reason we do these according to the military is recruiting, retention and show taxpayers what they are paying for. todd: some of the most famous technology on display. the latest, the greatest. also a salute to history that cannot be denied. what else the history of this one behind us? >> this was the navy's work horse from the korea war on and the pilot that owns it is an amazing man. todd: what's it like for you to fly your plane at the air show. >> a lot of rich combat
3:55 am
history. i think of all of those prior pilots with their feet on the same peddles flying aircraft. humbling experience. todd: plane i'm going to be, in what's it like flying that thing. >> it's mind-blowing every time. very sentimental. we are flying airplane a lead airplane second wave on d-day. >> rocket barges, paratroopers riding into the defenses. todd: how excited should i be about what we're going to do. >> this is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. every plane you will ever fly on has a design component that came out of the douglas c-3 era. todd: this actual plane, the one we are in right now, was the first plane in the second wave at normandy, it's blowing my mind right now. you is can see this i original fuselage of the plane. the navigator is using an ipad. obviously they didn't have ipad in the 40s.
3:56 am
the rest of these controls and the rest of the general cockpit. the air force' job is to make sure we are prepared to fight in the skies. but every now and again like today, you get to take a c-47 over niagara falls. check this out. todd: that was amazing. todd: here she is, whiskey 7. it's a c-47 plane. and, like i said in the piece it flew on d-day. a day that changed the course of world war ii and quite frankly did change the course of modern history. it was unreal experience. i will never forget it back to you guys. steve: fantastic. todd piro live in niagara falls, new york. and across the falls is canada. brian: yes. what a perfect transition if i'm smart enough to pick it up i will start reading now and turns out of i am. president trump about to leave for the g-7 summit in
3:57 am
canada. we will carry it live next hour. abby: mercy me getting warmed up performing out on our plaza all morning long. they are awesome. ♪ ♪ how to cover almost anything. even a "cactus calamity". (man 1) i read that the saguaro can live to be two hundred years old. (woman) how old do you think that one is? (man 1) my guess would be, about... (man 2) i'd say about two hundred. (man 1) yeah... (burke) gives houseplant a whole new meaning. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ a trip back to the dthe doctor's office, mean just for a shot. but why go back there, when you can stay home, with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection, which could lead to hospitalizations. in a key study, neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1%, a 94% decrease.
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steve: president trump will leave the washington, d.c. area. is he flying knot to canada for the g-7 summit. abby: meetings are expected to be tense. brian: president trump gets ready for the summit with kim jong un next week. >> it's about altitude. it's about willingness to get things done. but i think i have been preparing for this summit for a long time. abby: crackdown on the leaker. james a. wolf former senate intel member has been indicted for allegedly lying to the fbi. >> there has been a cascade of leaks and nobody has been held accountable. >> going to increase the frustration of americans families because he will be
4:01 am
saying hip hip hooray unemployment is down. what does that mean to us? >> alice johnson a free woman after granted clemency from president trump after 22 years been a n. a federal prison. >> i promise, president trump, i will make you proud that you gave me this second chance. ♪ i can only imagine ♪ when that day will come ♪ and i find myself ♪ standing in the sun ♪ i can only imagine ♪ when all i can do. abby: one of their greatest songs. brian: i think it is. one of the songs they will be playing for the rest of their careers. it really defines them and was mercy me. mercy me obviously was depicted in that hit movie. steve: oh mercy me, look at those ribs. famous dave is with us today. all-americaall-american summer t series. get ready for the big plaza show starts exactly 59
4:02 am
minutes from right now right here on the channel you trust for your morning barbecue. brian: i like to add this with the barbecue with the ribs if they really want them to be a big hit with the ribs should come floss. because you can't eat ribs and then go about your day, right? because you are going to have a lot of meat in your teeth. abby: you can't floss in front of mee people. brian: maybe there should be mini walls and floss. steve: have you given people good reason not to eat ribs. the guy at famous dave's is talking about what's he talking about? ribs are delicious. abby: all accept you are going to have stuff in your teeth. embrace it. brian: hey, honey, look at him. he had ribs today. do you want that? abby: type of food you can't get stuck in your feed. sushi is a good one. steve: mercy me to mercy beau coup guess where we are going?
4:03 am
brian: less than one hour president trump will leave for the g 7 summit. steve: the president sent out a couple of tweets. canada charges the u.s. 270% tariff on dairy products. he has been talking about this. they didn't tell that you, did they? not fair to our farmers. and then he tweeted looking forward to straightening out unfair trade deals with the g7 countries. if it doesn't happen we will come out even better. the gauntlet has been tossed out. abby: mike tobin, i don't think anyone knows exactly what to expect. >> no, abby. president trump never said he was taking this job to make friends. when he gets here to canada he will find he is not terribly popular among some of the other g-7 leaders. the friction is over tariffs imposed on the eu, mexico, and canada. there reportedly was an unpleasant phone exchange between president trump and canadian prime minister justin trudeau followed by emmanuel macron and then a
4:04 am
round of tweets. president trump writing please tell prime minister trudeau and president macron they are charging the u.s. massive tariffs and create nonmonetary barriers. the eu trade surplus with the u.s. is $151 billion and canada keeps our farmers and others out. look forward to seeing them tomorrow, meaning today. the french president sent his own tweet saying the american president may not mind being isolated but neither do we mind signing a six-country agreement if need be. because these six countries represent values, they represent an economic market which has the weight of the history behind it and which is now a true international force. some of your chattering class is speculating there might not be an agreement at the end of this summit. the white house also announced that the president is going to leave the summit early saturday morning to get ready for north korea. guys, back to you in new york. steve: mike tobin, thank you very much. really important what mike just said. he said there may not be a commune kay at the end of the summit. usually the countries get together and say what do we
4:05 am
agree on? clearly with donald trump going into this summit up in quebec throwing down the gauntlet against france and all the other countries as well. is he making it very clear, business as usual no longer usual at the white house. abby: brian, this is what the president does though, he sets the message very clear before going into negotiations, similar tactic what is we are seeing with north korea. how are the other leaders going to respond? are they going to use this as an opportunity to come to that table? maybe there is something we can get in return. steve: they like their deals they get from us. brian: i would say a couple of things. they have to understand they can sit there and act tough and their feelings could be hurt and they could take the strolls together and arm and arm. in the end they need america for defense. they need access to our economy. they need our economic support. they need our military support. so, if you want to say oh my feelings are hurt because you are being so tough with allies. maybe you should realize it's not personal. the president of the united states is not doing this enrich himself.
4:06 am
he looked at the trade imbalance. he wants to rebalance it. so come back out and say what's your proposal? if the farming community is getting slammed here in america, maybe you are upset about something that we are doing to you so go and negotiate and stop getting your nose bent out of shape. steve: he ran for and won the presidency of the united states not of the european union. abby: what was the slogan? steve: he is out to make america great again. america first. this weekend he is starting in quebec and flying out to singapore where is he going to sit down, sounds like a two-day kee deal can kim jong un. what does the president hope to accomplish? here he is yesterday. watch this. >> i hope the upcoming meeting in singapore represents the beginning of a bright new future for north korea and, indeed, a bright new future for the world. the denuclearization of the korean peninsula would usher in a new era of prosperity,
4:07 am
security and peace for all koreans north and south. and for people everywhere: he booked absolutely sign an agreement. we are looking at it we are talking about it with them. we are talking about it with a lookout of other people. but, that could happen. but that's really the beginning. >> if the summit does go well, will you be inviting north korean leader kim jong un to the united states? >> well, the answer is yes to the second part of your question. but, certainly if it goes well. and i think it would be well received. i think he would look at it very favorably. so i think that could happen. all i can say is i am totally prepared to walk away. dii did it once before. you have to be able to walk away. >> i really believe we have the potential to do something incredible for the world. brian: yeah. we will know right away if they are serious. because we have been down the very similar path before. never leader to leader but negotiations, the six-party
4:08 am
talks. but i just think that if they come out and say here are five facilities, we're going-to-a prove these companies to do what they did in libya, ukraine and south africa to pull out these rockets, these missiles, these installations, third party. then i will say we are in a place we have never been before. steve: mike pompeo made it very clear this is different because he has had one-on-one talks with kim jong un and mike pompeo said yesterday, kim jong un said directly, he understands this particular way they do it with the denuclearization of the peninsula, have you got to pull the public on it, and apparently kim jong un says okay we're going to pull the plug on it. abby: this could be the biggest foreign policy break through if this goes well that we have seen in decades. you want the president speaking there at the white house yesterday, how transparent he is with the media and the american people. i find that refreshing because he is giving them everything that they have been -- not every single thing but for the most part what north korea is telling him. what he is giving back to them.
4:09 am
you compare that, steve, to what we to the iran deal and how the obama administration was going behind the back of congress and the american people and trying to get money out for the iranians through u.s. banks. steve: if that's transparency translating with the american people. a brand new fox news poll shows this when asked should the president be meeting with the north korea leader? two thirds of the country say he should. only a quarter say he should not. also, his improved poll numbers indicate the people are now optimistic there is not going to be a war with north korea. brian: a couple of things. i thought it was so important that the president said at the end of his remarks i'm thinking about otto warmbier and his family. you know what he said i know what they are capable of. i know the time of regime i'm dealing with. it does me no good to continue to say that or talk maximum pressure because that's not the language that's going to lead to a deal. the other thing to keep in mind you brought up. north korea is using their technology and their advancement giving it to iran and syria. if they stop proliferating,
4:10 am
that will be a big, big win and they stop supplying. remember, they built that nuclear facility in syria that israel had to blow up, or else they would have nuclear weapons right now. abby: it was interesting listening to the president speak yesterday how he is thinking about going into negotiations. i'm not preparing thatch. it's all about my attitude when i go in there this gist you insight into his thinking. with diplomacy it is about that one-on-one that conversation the way you feel about each other in that moment. steve: apparently cnn did a story yesterday, how is president trump preparing for the north korea summit? he is not. abby: of course. he does say that he hopes that kim jong un ultimately can come to the white house here in the united states. who knows how long that will take. that's an interesting goal. brian: one thing if cnn was approaching it honestly. they would have taken mike pompeo when he said when i was cia director we led every single briefing with the latest on north korea. and he said since becoming secretary of state, he has spoken at least face to face or on the phone for 10 hours
4:11 am
with the president about north korea. abby: at that point we were going to war. positive news with north korea. cnn doesn't want to touch that. steve: in other words, the president has been preparing every day. all right, it's 7:11 in new york city. now it's time for news with jillian. jillian: that's right. we start with a fox news alert. has a leaker been found on capitol hill in the former director of security for the senate intel committee arrested as part of the doj's massive crackdown over leaks. james wolf charged with lying to the feds about his contact with three reporters last december. the "new york times" says the doj seized records from one of their own reporters alli watkins. the paper says the information received predates her work there. but the fbi approached her about a three-year romantic relationship with wolfe as they were investigating leaks. wolfe will make first court appearance this morning. the highly anticipated inspector general's report into the hillary clinton email probe finally gets a release date. michael horowitz telling the senate judiciary committee it will be out june 14th, which is also president
4:12 am
trump's birthday. the report expected to critique how the fbi and doj handled the investigation. the trump administration will not defend obamacare in a lawsuit brought by 20 republican-led states. the suit filed in february argues because the newly passed tax law eliminates penalties for going uninsured the individual mandate is no longer constitutional. in a letter to speaker paul ryan attorney general jeff sessions notes that the doj rarely fights an existing law in court. and did you see this? washington, d.c. becoming the district of champions. the capitals hoisting the stanley cup for the first time in team history beating the las vegas golden knights in game five, in five games. either way. say it both ways. their win especially emotional for tj whose dad is suffering from alzheimer's. >> my dad -- oh, boy. he doesn't remember a lot of stuff. but i will tell you what.
4:13 am
he is here tonight. this one will stick with him forever. jillian: wow. one player, by the way, already says he won't be celebrating at the white house. so, that conversation continues. steve: yep, sure does. abby: seems like a popular thing for these players. brian: i know tom brady didn't go to the white house two years ago there are some players that don't go. i get that. jillian: the conversation ♪ ending. abby: thanks, jillian. steve: why, exactly i'm sure we are going to hear from him shortly. 7:13. brian: the economy is booming under president trump. nancy pelosi is not nearly as excited as you would think. >> hip hip hooray, unemployment is down. what does that mean to me and my life? i need a bigger paycheck. abby: crumbs, brian. brian: brian hip hip hooray. grover norquist says the numbers don't lie. he is here to react. steve: that's not a runway. a plane makes a landing in the middle of a highway and all caught on dash cam ♪ you're going my way
4:14 am
♪ i want to drive it all night long ♪ what might seem like a small cough to you... can be a big bad problem that you could spread to family members, including your grandchildren babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. but you can help prevent this. talk to your doctor today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. because dangers don't just exist in fairytales.
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4:17 am
>> hip hip hooray, unemployment is down. what does that mean to me in my life? i need a bigger paycheck. and that's the apprehension
4:18 am
that the american families have had. the economy will never fully reach its possibilities unless we increase the consumer confidence. steve: nancy pelosi talking about consumer confidence and down playing the success of the economy under president trump. the numbers don't lie. the new fox news poll showing 52% approve of donald trump's economy. grover norquist is the president of americans for tax reform. he joins us right now. grover, i don't know, apparently she is not an economist because, currently, unemployment is near a 50 year low and she said we really need better consumer confidence. this is at an 18-year high. right now it's at 128 they tell us. >> she is running outs of excuses. remember americans for tax reform listed all of the bonuses and pay increases and benefit increases that many companies were rolling out in december-january. these called these crumbs, thousand dollar bonuses.
4:19 am
walmart gave $500 adoption cost benefit packages. people got 401(k), more ira pension money put up. she poo pooed that. now she is belittling lower unemployment. historically low unemployment. increasing wages. steve: right. >> she wants a wage increase. she wants to be speaker. the disappointment in her voice is she is never going to be speaker now because the economy is growing as strong as it is. steve: yeah. don't the democrats just look tone-deaf when they talk like that? >> well, it's never a good idea to bad mouth the american people or to poo poo their successes. steve: hip hip hooray. >> americans are creating these jobs on their own by the way. they don't fall out of trees. they are going out and going to work and creating jobs and opportunities. new businesses, small businesses starting up. this is extremely helpful. it's part d recollection tax cut. steve: speaking of the tax cuts. you have been on this program for over a year talking about them. now there is a hidden bonus.
4:20 am
that is 101 utilities. electric utilities have cut their rate because they are paying lower taxes. that's going to impact everybody who gets their juice from those companies. >> absolutely. we have got the list of those on our website. it's 100 million american households and small businesses. 100 million americans households and small business also have lower utility rates. why? because utilities pay taxes just like any other business when we cut the tax rate on businesses it's about $3 billion that flows straight to all your listens, everybody who has water, utility, electricity. the democrats have announced if they get power, they will raise the business taxes again and increase your monthly utility bill every year. steve: i have a feel the republicans will remind that before folks go to vote in november. grover norquist, always a pleasure. have a great weekend, sir. >> steve, good to see you. steve: straight ahead,
4:21 am
philadelphia's mayor sparking outrage for dancing over a sanctuary city win. that's him just dancing over that one lawmaker in his state says it's not a real victory. she will explain next. i become a model? yes. no. start the challenge today. and try new tropical citrus flavor with collagen. nature's bounty. for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch to miralax. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body. unblocking your system naturally. miralax. now available in convenient single-serve mix-in pax. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels.
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4:24 am
♪ ♪ abby: good friday morning. we are back with quick headlines for you. vladimir putin arriving in beijing for a state visit with pink. he will be -- third trip in just over a year as beijing and moscow look to promote their special relationship. putin told the chinese broadcaster earlier this week only world leaders he wants invited to zat his birthday. the top american commander there says an upcoming
4:25 am
cease-fire between the afghan government and the taliban will be help force focus on the islamic state. brian, take it away. brian: all right. a victory dance by philadelphia's mayor over a judge ruling that they will allow the city to keep federal funds despite being a sanctuary city. listen. >> a sanctuary city, yeah. brian: but a republican lawmaker says this is no reason to celebrate. pennsylvania state representative martina white joins us right now. what was your thought about the high five and the dance? >> i thought it was a real shame, actually. the first thought in my mind was kate steinle's family sitting there watching the mayor dance around as though this is some sort of a special occasion and a validation of sanctuary cities across the nation. and that's just not the case. brian: s to he reflect the feelings of philadelphia? >> i don't believe so. back home in my district, i know that there are many families that are probably sitting at home watching your program right now
4:26 am
wondering about the safety of their own family, of their children and their spouse. and unfortunately, sanctuary cities do not keep their families safe. brian: i just think that we should be thinking about americans here illegally first. mayor kenny took on the president. blamed him for the tone. >> it is a ruling that prevents a white house run by a bully from bullying philadelphia into changing its policies. this country was not created to be divided. it was created to be united. and this president, for personal, political reasons, as we have seen yesterday with the eagles, once to divide. >> well, i mean you could -- the eagles is another situation. but, on this, couldn't the president be convicted that it should be american citizens that have priority and that you should come here legally and if you are a sanctuary city you become a magnet and send a message to other countries to send other people here? >> i think that is exactly what a sanctuary city does
4:27 am
is it helps to protect illegal immigrants who commit crimes in our city. and unfortunately, what the court -- well, fortunately for what the court has done and their decision that came down, it actually states that the state, the commonwealth of pennsylvania, each state across america has an opportunity to draft legislation to determine what the level of cooperation should be among law enforcement when it comes to illegal immigrants, that we should be communicating from the local level, the state level, and the federal level to make sure that we're keeping our community safe. brian: what do you say to people who say well, if you are a sanctuary city that allows people living illegally to feel comfortable going out and pointing out people who commit crimes around them also here illegally? it helps law enforcement because people feel they can now be sources and resources. what's your reaction to that? >> i think it's a completely flawed logic. i think that sadly, when we are telling the local municipalities that they have some sort of permission to be a sanctuary city, it's
4:28 am
inaccurate. and victims, they are the ones that are not benefiting from the sanctuary city policy. when they claim, when proponents of sanctuary cities claim that oh it's better for law enforcement, it's really not. when federal officials have to go deep into a community to try to find and reapprehend someone previously held in custody for committing a crime, that is where, you know, it actually endangers more citizens in the sanctuary city and it endangers law enforcement for having to actually go back out and try to reapprehend that individual. brian: especially when you don't cooperate with ice. it makes their job more dangerous. obviously harder. state representative martina white, thanks so much. >> absolutely, thank you. brian: two minutes before the both the hour. president trump about to leave for the g-7 summit. we are live there in a matter of minutes. i believe that's his plane. plus, mercy me is hanging out in the keurig corner before their performance live on the plaza. they are drinking coffee one cup at a time.
4:29 am
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steve: this is a fox news alert. and it is shocking. anthony bor bordain has died. abby: the chef and tv host found dead inside of a hotel room in france. he was in the country shooting his cnn series parts unknown. brian: cause of death believed to be suicide. anthony bourdain was 61 years old. cnn has released this statement. it says this: it is with extraordinary sadness that we can confirm the death of our friend and colleague anthony bowe bourdain love of adventure. made him a unique story teller. his talents never cease to amaze us. we will mills him very much. our thoughts and prayers are with his daughter and family
4:33 am
at this incredibly difficult time. steve: anthony was a cnn host since 2013 when cnn took a chance on him to host a show on the news channel. it was wildly successful. abby: before that you saw him all over the place. he had a show on abc. a cooking judge show. if you are watching now, you know anthony bourdain know him for his ability to be a great chef and now a great tv personality. steve: sure. abby: i always say this in the quiet heart is hidden sorrow that the eye can't always see. this comes days after kate spade committed suicide. it's shocking and so, so sad. i'm sure we will learn more in the days to come of how this came to be. steve: he was regarded as the he will vils of bad boy chef. the original rock star of culinary world. anthony bourdain is dead at the age of 61. brian: other news that jillian is going to share with us. and heading outside to the big stage. but first, here is jillian. jillian: definitely tough news on this friday morning. get you caught up on more
4:34 am
headlines we are following. take a look at this. small plane making an emergency landing on a florida highway. pretty much like something out of an action movie. the aircraft experiencing engine problems, forcing the pilot to make the split-second decision. the pilot had been on training flight. thankfully nobody was hurt and no cars were hit. the faa is now investigating. it's not all in the family for bernie sanders. the self-proclaimed socialist under fire for not endorse ago candidate in the new hampshire primaries. his son. vying for the democratic nomination for a congressional seat. the elder sanders telling the "boston globe" in part, quote: in our family, we do not believe in is he running his own company, his own campaign in his own way. do you know how many amendments are in the constitution. tom wolf making it mandatory for all students in 7 through 12th grade to take a civics exam it will be
4:35 am
similar to the u.s. naturalization test with questions like name your u.s. representative and how many u.s. senators are there? students will not have to pass the test in order to graduate. being front and center proves to be just a little too much for one little ballerina. some say the show must go on. pay attention to the left side of your screen to see what happens next. >> okay, so that's bella's dad mark, who tried to calm her down from the side of the stage during this performance in bermuda. when that failed he actually joined her and saved the day but take a look at that he has baby in hand. he has daughter in the other hand. showing off the dance moves. that is quite a dad. here is a look at your headlines. see if everyone made it outside. abby: mercy me, i can only imagine is one of the biggest songs ever recorded.
4:36 am
on top of inspiring millions across the globe also the inspiration behind the recent box office smash hit. steve: grammy nominated mercy live joins us with the greatest album, ladies and gentlemen, mercy me. look who is here. [cheers and applause] brian: so, bart, how much has the movie meant to your success? >> it's been surreal. pretty -- it's bigger than we ever thought possible. steve: explain the movie. the movie actually -- somebody was watching and heard one of your video songs on the television and they said, you know what? that's a good hook for a movie, right? >> yeah, about 8 years ago we were approached about it and we never believed it would happen. we were like good luck with that for five years they kept telling us they were going to do it. nothing ever happened. three years ago whenner win brothers got involved and script started taking shape oh no, this is really going to happen. steve: based on the song i can only imagine. >> which is about my
4:37 am
relationship with my abusive father whose life changed when he was diagnosed with cancer when i was in high school. i was a little nervous about it. you know, not only digging up something you buried your whole life and putting on the big screen but the response is overwhelming. we had no clue what we were in for. abby: what i love about your story as is with so many success stories at one point in your career you were told you are just not good enough to make it had you this big concert. big moment you thought it was going to be a big moment for the band and record label said sorry, you just don't cut it? >> yeah. they said pass. brian: in fact, here is how it played in the movie. and this is bart and the band getting rejected big time. mean we camaybe we can all relao this. >> i'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, kid. but you're just not good enough. >> this is about record sales. and i can't sell what you are doing up there. >> stop. do you guys not get it? okay. we have given everything for this moment. there is no plan b for us. we will do whatever it takes and work harder than everybody else. tell me what you need to do. >> cai work with a lot of bands
4:38 am
and i can recognize who is going to make it and who isn't. i have got to tell you the truth, bart. you won't. >> how dare you say that you don't even know me. >> go home. steve: whatever happened to that guy? >> i don't know. he does our emails now i think. [laughter] >> no. guys, we were living in nashville at the time. and for about a year we moved back to dallas, worked with a ministry about four years. somehow keep doing our own. that's the season we wrote. brian: what really turned you around is when this morning zoo program decided in truth or dare to play your song i could only imagine. and this thing went back and forth. describe the story, this odd series of events that you think is divine? >> well, imagine run its course in christian music. we had moved on to our next album. so imagine went platinum before that and then we were promoting our next album spoken for and we get a phone call top 40 station in
4:39 am
dallas like real shock jock kind of morning format was doing this truth or dare thing on the air that was supposed to be more perverted thing and somebody called in and called them to play imagine. they said we are not going to play that their own fans gave them a hard time until they played it. i got a call man turn on the station. all i heard them saying is stop calling, we will play it again. this was years ago back when the fans would get on website and vote what the top 10 was. it was number one in the club for like six months. brian: what did it do for sales? >> sold like 2 million records. brian: made them go what, steve? >> five platinum. steve: triple platinum. today is mike the guitarist's birthday. and mike, for your birthday, it just turns out your land mark album almost there has been riaa certified triple platinum. >> awesome.
4:40 am
brian: look at that. >> that means it's like 15 million. brian: now we know why our turf is jammed. abby: you said they always come first to you. you do what you love at the same time. how do you do it all? >> it's been ongoing challenge. but, about five or six years ago we we about called it quits and decided to cut our shows in half 60 or 70 a year be home and watch our kids grow up. we're in a really, really good season right now. steve: now you know a lot about the band. are you excited they are going to be performing live in 20 minutes. [cheers and applause] brian: by the way, when we are not covering you live, you will be streaming online. we are doing it nonstop. you have to find a place to keep the plaque. >> not going to fit in the overhead. brian: guys, thanks so much for being here. steve: mercy me. [cheers and applause] all right.
4:41 am
meanwhile, fox news alert. take a look. joints base andrews right there. president trump is moments away from leaving for the g-7 summit. we will take you there live. plus, ed henry has new details on how the president is getting ready for his meeting with kim jong un. ed's next. abby: plus, could it be history in the making? it is a race for the triple crown. janice dean is live at belmont park. we will check in with her and her -- coming up. ♪ beautiful ♪ ♪
4:42 am
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4:44 am
brian: going to see stairs and big plane there it is joint base andrews. that is where the president will be flying and spending a lot of time in that plane. he goes to quebec for the g-7 summit. used to be g-8 we kicked russia out they kept
4:45 am
invading and annexing countries. he will 21 hours, i guess, 19 knock a couple off for travel singapore where at:00 on the morning on the 12th he will be meeting kim jong un with kim jong un. the first time a u.s. president will be meeting with a north korean leader in the 70 years of its existence. abby: a long time to tweet. the president heading out saying i'm heading for canada g-7 for talks mostly center on long-time unfair trade practice against the united states. from there i go to singapore and talk with north korea on denuclearization. won't be talking about the russian witch-hunt hoax for a while. steve: good news is they do have wi-fi on af-1. i imagine we will see tweets as he is flying from canada to singapore. in the meantime we have other news as well. abby: let's bring in fox news news correspondent ed henry. you are going to singapore as well. before he gets there of course the g-7 summit. i hate to ask what we can
4:46 am
expect because with president trump you never know. ed: that's true, i will be flying to singapore in a couple hours. bottom line is at the g-7 we will expect a lot on trade and see the president get pushed a lot by the canadians and the french and others upset about these tariffs. it's very clear the president is relishing this fight. he promised, as a candidate, to do this. to negotiate fairer trade deals and stand up for america. so, frankly, justin trudy in tru in canada and others hosting plays into his hand in terms of trying to negotiate fairer trade deals. brian: the president is talking substance. he is saying exactly what bothers him about the imbalance not just numbers but products and goods. why isn't he get i getting it back? where is the give and take? all he gets is hurt feelings back. >> hurt feelings are not going to matter. this is the negotiation. the bottom line is we can apply it to north korea in a moment. all the nay sayers have said this guy, the president is in over his head.
4:47 am
he doesn't know how to negotiate. this meanwhile, kim jong un is the one who is backed into a corner right now. on the trade deal, when the president tweet add few days ago when you are down $800 billion in trade deals, you can't lose if there is a trade war. you can't lose if you make up any ground. and so i think he is pretty firmly dug in on this. steve: you know, ed, a lot of people, you know, the establishment in washington, their hair is on fire over there is going to be a trade war. you can't be negotiating. you can't be angry at our european allies. this is how he works. he realizes because he has been building building in new york city for years. he isn't going to get 100% of what he wants but more than we have got right now and that would be a win for him? >> yeah. think about where we were a year or so ago on north korea where he is about to deal with the summit. he talked about fire and fury. and, you know. steve: little rocket man. ed: all of that and what were the smart people, quote, unquote, who negotiated for bill clinton and george w. bush and
4:48 am
barack obama saying? this guy is unhinged. is he going to lead us into a nuclear war. and what happened instead? kim jong un wanted to come to the table. then, real quick, what happened maybe about two weeks ago when the president wrote that letter saying i'm done. we're not doing the summit. you're talking about nuclear war. i'm walking away. nancy pelosi said, it's on tape, folks. this is not fake news. she said that kim jong un was having a tickle fit. he is the happiest man in the world. oh, really? 24 hours later his people said we want to get back to the table because he is backed into coroner and running out of money. abby: setting expectations. not going to walk away from singapore solving every single one of our problems with north korea. is he doing that on purpose. so the media back here at home doesn't go crazy. ed: real quick, you know, yesterday, the president said i don't think i have to prepare very much more. i'm going to go with attitude. immediately chuck schumer said this is seat of the pants diplomacy and whatnot. did i a little more digging and talked to retired general jack keane, he says last weekend when the
4:49 am
president went to camp david with family members for some down time before all of these suments, he was supposed to get briefed by the secretary of state mike pompeo. in the end, general keene hears that pompeo said you know what? i'm going to pull back. i think he has been overbriefed, almost and is ready to go. we're not going to do too much. we will let trump be trump basically. because is he prepared. you have got people jumping on him saying this is seat of the pants diplomacy. folks, it's working so far. if this is seat of the pants -- brian: real quick on trade, i hear that steven mnuchin steps back, lighthizer and navarro are now in. it's more their philosophy and less mnuchin. ed: there is no doubt in the president's tweets in the last few days. in fact we will be in singapore talking trade and talking north korea. i will be hosting a special 11:00 p.m. eastern sunday night setting it all up. bret baier is doing a special report 6:00 p.m. sunday night. >> we will be ready to go. steve: ed henry. abby: it's a long flight. get a good play list going.
4:50 am
ed: i will be ready. steve: the numbers are staggering, more than 250,000 criminal aliens have been charged with hundreds of thousands of crimes. this teenager was killed by an illegal immigrant. his mother joins us live with a powerful message about the problems in this country. brian: plus we are live at belmont park in long island. janice dean has a special guest hoping to make history tomorrow. janice. >> it's bob and son body who is the weather forecaster. can you tease the forecast. >> coming up next i'm going to tell if you need to break out that poncho or not for belmont day. janice: oh my gosh. stay with us. the 150th belmont stakes coming up with bodi, he will tell you if you need the poncho. stay with us. ♪ ♪ in three adults up at night. only remfresh uses ion-powered melatonin to deliver up to seven hours of sleep support. number one sleep doctor recommended remfresh. your nightly sleep companion.
4:51 am
available in the natural sleep section at walmart.
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4:54 am
abby: welcome back, justify won the race for the preakness. steve: can he keep it going and win the triple crown all takes place tomorrow at the 150th running of the belmont stakes on long island. brian: only one woman who knows and with the woman who will tell him. janice dean, bob baffort, take it away and bodi. janice: and bode is here his son. is he an actual forecast. we will talk to him about the forecast. bob, thank you first of all thanks for coming. this is a big event. you are the trainer. american pharaoh three years ago. before that 37 years the last time we had a triple crown. how does it feel with this horse. >> it's just as exciting a little less pressure. we know it can be done after doing it in 15. you know, it's still going to be it's tough. he still has to get around. a mile and a half.
4:55 am
never gone that far. but, you know, i feel pretty good that he should run his race. janice: you are a legendary trainer. is there a secret that you have? is your dad a horse whisperer? >> i don't think is he a horse whisperer. but he does have the ability to kind of make contact with the horst horses. he hangs around them a lot. besides training them he hangs around them at the barn. janice: that's a pretty good answer. >> you have to live and love this sport. it's a lot of hours. but these horses, if you are kind to them, they understand and they will perform. janice: tell me the difference between american pharaoh and this horse. >> they are both in beast mode coming up to the belmont. they are superior horses. american pharaoh, he was a sweetheart, his personality. he loved human contact. justify he is a big, heavier horse. a big muscled up horse. and he is just -- you can love him for about four
4:56 am
seconds. that's it. he doesn't want anything to do with you after that. janice: is he a boss. bode, tell me the forecast for tomorrow. >> tomorrow is belmont day as a lot of you know. so tomorrow, at the time of the race itself, it's going to be about 72 degrees, partly cloudy with that chance of showers. so make sure like you bring a poncho but you don't chelsea need it. just in case because the system is going to push off to the south a little bit. but it should be fairly nice for belmont. janice: but this horse can do it, right, in the rain, sleet, snow, whatever? >> i really hope he can because he has proved that he can do it in the rain and he is just a great horse. janice: bode, bob baffort, thank you so much. >> thank you. janice: my bet is on justify. just saying. back to you guys. isn't he amazing? brian: that was great. i say that he is going to be running his own horses soon. dad is going to be talking to him about his training.
4:57 am
meanwhile we have a fox news alert. president trump about to leave for the g-7 summit. he will eventually walk up those stairs and go to canada. abby: plus, mercy me performs live for our al-american summer concert series next. bravo, tall meeting man. start winning today. book now at start winning today. why is dark magic so spell-bindingly good? it's a bold blend of coffee with rich flavors of uganda, sumatra, colombia and other parts of south america. like these mountains, each amazing on their own. but together? magical. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters. it's me. your sleep number 360 smart bed... checking in. last night i warmed your feet so you fell asleep faster. i sensed you roll over and automatically softened your side to melt away pressure points and keep you sleeping blissfully. at 2am, this happened. so, i took care of it.
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♪ steve: president trump will leave the washington, d.c., area. he is flying north to canada for the g7 summit. abby: the meetings there expected toing be tense as president finds himself with a feud between the french president and canadian prime minister. brian: president gets ready for the summit with kim jong-un next week. >> about altitude and willing to get things done. abby: crackdown on the leakers. james wolf, former senate security director has been indicted for allegedly lying to the fbi. >> frustrate straying with america's families, they say hip-hip-hooray. unemployment is down. >> bonuses, pay increases. call that crumbs.
5:01 am
she will never be speaker now because the economy is growing. >> alice johnson is free woman after granted clemency from president trump. >> now we have a president, along with the ivanka trump and jared kushner, they're helping to change the, stop politicizing differenceses, come to the table. ♪ ♪ i can only imagine ♪ i can only imagine ♪ when that day comes, and i find myself standing in the sun,
5:02 am
i can only imagine when our lives will be, live forever, forever worship you ♪ ♪ i can only imagine ♪ i can only imagine steve: this is a song that launched their careers into the stratosphere. it was also the premise for a hit movie. looking to mercyme. the third week of our all american summer concert series, brought to you from our friend at keurig. abby: has to be one of the biggest crowds. why not? they are incredible band. they are good guys. look at their story. how far they come and put their family and faith first. something they love to do. brian: like florida georgia line they were both good athletes. they realized they hit the wall
5:03 am
with athletics. bart was a real good football player. i was never that good. he hit the wall as athlete. hit it right in music. steve: indeed. if you want to watch the balance of them singing that song throughout the hour, go to you will able to do that. abby: big story this morning, crackdown on the leakers. remember couple months ago president trump put pressure on attorney general seven sessions. we have to find out where the leaks are coming from. james a. wolff, former security direct to, had the job 29 years. he is being indicted for allegedly lying to the fbi three times we're told. steve: he was the director of security at the senate intel committee staff level. so he knew all of the secrets. as it turns out, he had a three-year romantic relationship
5:04 am
with young woman, it started out, she was an intern at a news service. eventually she went to work for buzzfeed klatschchy, "politico," "new york times." they seized her phone records. put it all director. he was leaking to her. asked about it by the fbi, the fbi says he is lying. abby: tens of thousands of pages between the two. one name comes up in story she reported on? brian: carter page. why not. he is a part of everything. there he is. never accused doing anything wrong by the way. they decided to get a bunch of fisa warrants to follow him around. we found out about the story of him in 2013 going to russia. ali watkins got that. of the turns out wolfe told watkins about it when she was at buzzfeed. justice department took her
5:05 am
phone records through a grand jury subpoena and other legal process. many journalists this is a little bit scary you could be covering a story and subpoena go out to get your phone records. we need to find out how that happened. stemmed from a guy for 30 years while everyone was voted in and out of committees, he was there and knew everything. abby: that is why so hard, steve to figure out who the leakers are. why will you look at this guy, he has been there 30 years, he must be up to trouble. deep state often times is the problem. steve: permanent government. he has been there for 30 years, suddenly left at conclusion of last year. apparently according to documents we've seen he was also talking to one other reporter. we don't know the identity of the other reporter, but nonetheless, this is one of the people according to this indictment was leaking information, classified information to make the trump folks look bad. abby: this may be one of many that comes to the surface.
5:06 am
this is beginning what we're seeing from attorney general jeff sessions of the effort he is now taking to figure out where these leaks are coming from. who knows how many pour are out there. you mentioned carter page. that is one of so many leaks happened so far in this administration. brian: this is the beginning. more they haven't told us yet. right now he is in trouble, not necessarily leaking, alleged he leaked. he lied about the relationship. showed a picture of them together. that is me. i was in contact. now you do reverse forensics on these stories breaking in the buzzfeed, "new york times," "politico" stories, how do they get that, mr. wolfe? steve: keep in mind not against the law for the reporter to get the information. it is against the law to leak out classified information. one of the text messages that was released was from him to his former girlfriend said, you know i always tried to give you as much information as i could. i'm kind of paraphrasing here,
5:07 am
so you could get the scoop before everybody else. while they do cite the carter page story that was highlighted in buzz fed, you have to how many other stories could this guy, part of the deep state put out there to make other people look bad? just because he wanted to get the word out what was going on. abby: and how many other leakers are out there like this guy. brian: i would love a world and a show where i don't have to say papdopoulus and page. steve: nobody said papadopoulos until you did. largely some leaks are simply out there to make the president look good. you could see it about a year ago where he was tanking in the approval ratings but a brand new "fox news poll" shows the president has rebounded. in february of 2017, his approval rating was at 48%. now it is back up to 45%, which is, better than the underwater
5:08 am
level it was. a lot of people seem to be impressed to how he is doing his job and the possibility that he could actually do a deal with north korea in couple days. abby: this poll came out last night, our "fox news poll," one of the biggest numbers came out of the poll, as you mentioned, steve, the handling of for the cree. 66% of the american people according to fox news poll approve of him having conversations with kim jong-un. look at the economy, 52% approve of president trump's handling of the economy. most of the country, brian, 50% are feeling positive about the big stories of the day. brian: i have an overarching view. robert mueller and the mueller probe was beating down on the president's numbers. like, seems the pattern with president clinton, it is beginning to boomerang. the robert mueller probe dropped five points in popularity. the president seems to be powering through it with his new, with his new philosophy how to handle it led by rudy giuliani. i would say this, if you want democrats to drop it like they
5:09 am
dropped the word impeachment when it was so negative, you continue to see his poll numbers go up, they realize we have a problem. can't put down the economy. people are feeling it. numbers don't lie. it is not an opinion. whole mueller russia thing. people are fed up with it. steve: you know what? ultimately the democrats will not drop it until the mueller probe is over. they will ride this through november if the probe is not done. however a couple weeks ago we heard it could be done by labor day. is that a pipe-dream? don't know. there is nothing to suggest that they have found regarding russia collusion. where it all started. obstruction of justice thing has been poo pooed by many as well. mr. mueller what have you got? we're ready to see it. abby: i-f report, big news coming out next june 14th on the president's birthday. you mentioned democrats how they want to keep the mueller probe going. steve: all they got. abby: the media, many outlets they're trying to find the negative story. you look at poll numbers, how the american people are feeling,
5:10 am
compare to the coverage constantly getting on tv screens. brian: when you travel no one brings up russia. when you're in washington, los angeles and new york, they bring up russia. the last thing if robert mueller is watching. don't release it on labor day. i don't want to have to work. abby: i would have to work. brian: you would have to work. i would rather cover it, but not come in on monday. steve: all about you. brian playing the victim card. brought up papdopoulus and now playing victim card. 8:10 on very busy friday. she joins us with headlines. brian: doesn't you want a word without papadopoulos? jillian: yes. it is all about brian. steve: we started half an houring a with very sad news. jillian: we continue to following breaking news about an hour ago, just breaking. fox news alert. anthony bourdain has died of apparent suicide. cnn making announcement short
5:11 am
time ago. the chef and tv host was found dead this morn being by a friend inside his hotel room in france. he was in the country shooting his series, parts unknown. >> back in vietnam. the one of my favorite places on earth. all of the things i need for happiness. plastic tool, check. tiny little plastic table, check whoo. jillian: cnn releasing a statement saying quote, his love of great adventure, new friend, fine food and drink, and remarkable stories of the world made him a unique story-teller. his talents never cease to amaze us. we'll miss him very much. anthony bourdain was 61 years old. kim kardashian west opening up about her meeting with president trump and his decision to commute the sentence of alice marie johnson. >> trump is the last person i thought that would have done this but he did and i pulled through after he had heard her
5:12 am
whole story and situation, and he knew it was the right thing to do. kim jong-un last week the reality tv star to grant clemency for johnson, 63-year-old great-grandmother who was given a life sentence for first time drug offense. washington, d.c. becoming the district of champions. winning stanley cup first time in history. crowds going wild after the 4-3 victory over las vegas golden knights. president trump tweeting quote, congratulations to the washington capitals on their great play and winning the stanley cup championship. alex ovechkin is a team captain, was spectacular, a true superstar. d.c. is popping. one of them is already saying he won't celebrate at white house. wonder if the party is going own. brian: i wonder if shannon bream
5:13 am
ever got home. oh, my goodness. jillian: he is biggest celebrity in russia. steve: he is a russian. president mentioned him. robert mueller will investigate him. abby: thank you, jillian. steve: somebody is on ice. thank you, jill. numbers are staggering. more than a quarter of million of criminal aliens charged with hundreds of thousands of crimes. this teenager was killed by an illegal immigrant. his period of time will join us live with a powerful message behind the numbers coming up next. abby: that will be powerful, steve. judge janine will join us on the couch. you can bet she is fired up about all of this. ♪
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5:18 am
in 2010, 18-year-old josh wilkerson from pearland, texas, was beaten to death by a classmate who was in the country illegally. his mother is laura wilkinson. joins us from texas this morning. good morning, laura. >> good morning, thanks for having me. steve: i will put up on the screen some of the jaw-dropping numbers no one heard about until the federal government put them out yesterday. just in texas since june 1st, 2011. for instance, there have been, and these are acts of violence by criminal aliens, 151 homicides, 6,000 sex assaults, close to 10,000 weapons charges, close to 80,000 assaults as well. close to 20,000 burglaries and 80,000 drug charges. laura, when you see those numbers, you realize those were all committed by people who were not supposed to be in the country. why have we not heard of this
5:19 am
numbers before? >> i believe that they don't want you to know the numbers. they don't want you to know how many people are here at that are illegal and are criminals. you know this clogs up the court with everything from identity theft to fraud, to taxpayer-funded attorneys. then the ultimate loss of life like my son joshua's. steve: absolutely, for folks who have not heard the story, you've been on the program. tell us what happened. >> josh gave a kid a ride home from the school. who we found out should not have been in the country. he beat josh with a closet rod. strangled him over and over. kicked him so hard in the stomach, his spleen split in two. after death he tied him up, set him in a field and set his body on fire. steve: unbelievably. this is story of a person in the country here illegally. the president made it clear he wants to remove as many criminal
5:20 am
aliens as possible. when you look at these numbers, yeah, he is right. why do we have that many things going on that nobody's heard about? >> statistics should be zero. we shouldn't be here discussing this right now. this is just in texas alone. you can imagine if you add up everywhere. it needs to be stopped. there should be you know, taxpayers are paying for this. citizens are paying for it. american lives are being just ended for it. and it is absolutely absurd. it needs to end now. we need to figure out legislation that will keep americans safe. you know, i started out this, trying to say it can happen to your family. i can more likely say it will happen to somebody you know and love before too long. somebody that shouldn't be here will impact your family in, not a good way. steve: laura, thank you very much for telling us your story. ultimately comes down to congress. if congress wants to do something, they have got to do it. >> that is exactly right.
5:21 am
steve: thank you for joining us from houston. >> thank you very having me. steve: fox news alert. president trump says muhammad ali may be his next pardon. details coming up next. here is mercyme performing, quote greater". ♪ healing in the world ♪ bring your doubts and bring your fears ♪ ♪ there is no condemnation here ♪ you are holy, righteous and redeemed ♪ bring the smell of nature wherever you are. until her laptop her sacrashed this morning.eks, having it problems? ask a business advisor how to get
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brian: fox news alert. president trump saying moments ago, he may pardon the late
5:25 am
boxing legend muhammad ali, president telling this to reporters at white house before leaving for canada. it is not clear exactly what crimes ali would be pardoned for. he died of complications from parkinson's disease in 2016. we'll bring you more details. imagine with something not serving in vietnam. took his title away for 3 1/2 years because he couldn't fight. i'm not sure what he was charged with. steve: wasn't there a conscientious objector argument made at time? uncertain on that. we'll do some checking. abby: get tweets in response, so he can explain it. steve: meanwhile -- abby: thunder of niagra international airshow taking off to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the air force reserve. steve: our own todd piro in niagra falls with a very special guest. hey, todd. who is that? reporter: that is right i have the honor and privilege to introduce the nation to lieutenant colonel kevin walsh,
5:26 am
mr. walsh, sir, pilot, you are the leader of these guys, these guys being the thunderbirds. tell us about that. >> probably one of the best jobs you could have in the air force, military, anywhere. you take an amazing team on the road, inspire the youth of america. expose them to the military capabilities that exist out there. one of the best. >> my official question to you, my very journalistic question, how cool is this? >> it is pretty cool but a humbling mission. we're representing 660,000 total force airmen. 20,000 are deployed away from families. this is a serious mission we take a lot of pride in. >> speaking of being serious you have to be serious in the cob bit pit. what you're doing really complicated. how much training do you have? >> three months training. every year half of the demonstration pilots are new. 70 do 90 rides worth of training so get the demonstration as precise as it is. >> you are performers. above all else you're soldiers in our military. we all served in combat roles in
5:27 am
previous life. hoping to go back at some point. two or three-year assignment a break from normal air force career. >> there is element to besides being a performer, entertaining the nation. this is recruiting element. explain that. >> we're out there visiting high schools, hospitals, trying to connect with the community, inspiring the youth of america and just meet as many folks as we can. expose them to our mission. >> this year's shows are particularly special and touching, you lost a member about thunderbirds recently? >> we certainly did. we us with every sortie and every demonstration. we know he is judging. trying as hard as we can. the team is representative of air force. more so than core values, integrity first, service and excellence what we do. we represent the reserve, air force and military. we're happy to be on the road. >> lieutenant colonel walsh.
5:28 am
thank you for with you do and protecting nation and entertaining it. abby: seeing airshows in blue sky day, nothing like it. steve: we did a little checking. muhammad ali known as cassius clay in 167 was charged with. his draft board rejected objection of con conscientious status. the supreme court reversed the district upheld by the 1st circuit. the president is of the united states is talking about a pardon for muhammad ali. abby: the trump administration promising to crack down on leaks. a veteran senate staffer is about to be charged. judge jeanine is in the keurig corner. you don't want to miss her reaction. brian: judge, listen to this, how about mercyme performing,
5:29 am
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steve: we got a fox news alert. you can see marine one. on board the president of the united states approaching the maryland facility known as joint base andrews. it will be a very short trip off
5:33 am
the chopper, up the steps to air force one. then he will jet off to quebec. abby: for the g7 summit. let's bring in jeanine pirro. host of "justice with judge jeanine." author of liarses liberals, the case of the anti-trump conspiracy. perfect person to get reaction. ig report is coming out this week, next thursday. andy mccabe asking for immunity. president is going on, heading to the g7 summit, north korea. help analyze all of this for us. >> the good news the report coming out on president's birthday. it will be a birthday present. we foe what will be in the report, not that we've seen it, but the report is to investigate the actions of the doj and the fbi, on handling of the clinton email case. we already know from rod rosenstein himself, everything done by comey, by stepping out of his own lane, making like he is the attorney general, and
5:34 am
then basically saying, you know, she is this, she was reckless. she said things that should have never been said by anyone in any role as fbi or ag. now the significant thing right now is that mccabe in asking for immunity sends a huge signal, number one, he is asking for immunity because he is under criminal investigation right now. so he doesn't want to be appear -- brian: can i interrupt one second? >> yeah. brian: the senate will not jail you. what is he asking for immunity for? so he is going in front of this committee? >> steve: incriminate himself. brian: his problem is here. what does one committee testimony have to do with his criminal problems? >> everything. brian: how can a committee give you immunity? >> they give you use immunity, not transactional immunity. i don't want to get into the
5:35 am
weed. he has a very good lawyer. at this point -- abby: do you think they will give it to him? >> no. i doubt it. but here is the issue. if he wants immunity to protect himself in the criminal investigation. nothing i say here i want to be used against me. but the other issue is that he needs immunity from what? with will he testify to? steve: sure. >> he is deputy direct are to have the fbi. is he going after the head of the fbi or is he going to talk about obama? brian: wow. steve: you have a -- hold on. let's go to this. you have this book coming out about leakers. >> yeah. >> how about jaw-dropping news, essentially somebody from the deep state, a guy who has been director of security for the senate intel committee, he has been charged, his name is james walsh. been there for 29 years, with lying to the fbi leaking to reporters, damaging information about the trump administration? >> that is what we see across
5:36 am
the board. that is what we've seen across the board here. you know, i would have thought by this point, we hear from more people being prosecuted. by the way, what is everybody in washington doing? he has a girlfriend that he is leaking to. abby: welcome to d.c., judge. >> why don't they just do their job? we might not be at the bottom of a barrel if they did their job. brian: while they have relationships going, it is jeopardizing national security. now, you have a reporter, you have a guy who is worked 30 years, leaking to a buzzfeed reporter, "new york times" reporter. one theme is, it damages the president. >> that is the theme. that is the intent. you got the text messages from strzok and page. there was a deep state agenda to make sure that president trump was teed up for a collusion. steve: judge, stand by, before the president got on the chopper over at the white house, he made 20 minutes worth of comments. we'll dip in, listen to some of the pool feed.
5:37 am
this is the president, south lawn, from the white house. >> against our farmers. they don't pension the fact they're charging almost 300% tariffs. when it all straightens out we'll all be in love again. reporter: [inaudible] >> there will be more pardons. i thought alice yesterday was beautiful. i thought jack johnson, which was recommended by sylvester stallone and some great boxers, i thought jack johnson was a great one. i'm thinking about somebody that you all know very well, and he went through a lot. and he wasn't very lop lar then. reporter: is it oj? >> no, i'm not thinking about oj. but he is not, only you could say o.j. but he is he was, look, he was not very popular then. he certainly, his memory is very popular now. i'm thinking about muhammad ali. i'm thinking about that very
5:38 am
seriously. and some others. and some folks that have sentences that aren't fair. but i am thinking about muhammad ali. reporter: what will it take for you -- >> we're doing right now recommendations on, you know, frankly, we're doing recommendations on muhammad ali. say it, peter, what? [inaudible conversations]. >> no, no. i'm not above the law. i never want anybody to be above the law but the pardons are very positive thing for a president. i think you see the way i'm using them. and yes, i do have an absolute right to pardon myself but i will never have to do it because i didn't do anything wrong. and everybody knows it. there has been no collusion. there has been no obstruction. it is all a made-up fantasy. it is a witch-hunt. no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. now the democrats have had massive collusion, massive obstruction. they should be investigated. we'll see what is happening.
5:39 am
yeah. reporter: [inaudible]. >> i haven't even, i haven't even thought about it. i haven't even thought about it. i haven't tout about any of it. it certainly far too early to be thinking about that. [inaudible]. they haven't been convicted about anything. nothing to pardon. it is far too early, far too early to thinking about it. reporter: [inaudible] >> scott pruitt is doing a great job within the walls of epa. we're setting record, outside he is being attacked very viciously by the press, and i'm not saying that he is blameless but we'll see what happens. reporter: are you not tired of it? reporter: [inaudible] >> that is way want to do. we have three thousand names. we're looking at them. of the 3,000 names, many of those names really have been treated unfairly. you know this is a group of 3,000 we've assembled.
5:40 am
i would get more thrill out of pardoning people that nobody knows, like alice yesterday. i thought kim kardashian was great because she brought alice to my attention. alice was so great. and the way she left that jail and the tears and the love that she has with her had family, i mean to me, that was better than any celebrity that i can pardon. so we're looking at it. but we're looking at literally thousands of names of people that have come to our attention that have been treated unfairly. or where their sentence is far too long. [inaudible]. i didn't invite him. i didn't invite lebron james. and i didn't invite steph curry. we'll not invite either team. but we have other teams that are coming. if you look, we had alabama, national champion. we had clemson, national champion. we had the new england patriots.
5:41 am
we had the pittsburgh penguins last year. i think we'll have the caps. i mean we'll see. my attitude, if they want to be here, greatest place on earth. i'm here. if they don't want to be here, i don't want them them. [inaudible] >> if you look what paul ryan is saying. they have people in our campaign, people doing things never done in the history of this country. it is really a disgrace. frankly that stuff is just starting to come out. reporter: [inaudible] >> fire who? we'll see what happens. we'll see what happens. reporter: what do you think about mitt romney? >> mitt romney said what? reporter: mitt romney said you will find it easy to win again. >> we're doing well. mitt is a straight-shooter. whether people love him or don't
5:42 am
love him. the mitt romney is a straight-shooter. that is very nice thing to say. i appreciate that. [inaudible] >> i love canada, they treat us unfairly on trade, very unfairly. you see the numbers. 300% on dairy. they treat us unfairly. are you guys all going? you better get going, peter. we'll leave without you. [inaudible] i would only do a deal if i get it through congress. i wouldn't do like obama did. unfortunately he wasn't able to get it through. he tried to get it through, the iran deal. he tried to get it through congress, failed, so he just did it without, which is why i was able to break it up so easy. iran is now a different country. they're not looking to the mediterranean if i more. iran is now a much different country, since i did, since i --
5:43 am
out, iran is much different country. reporter: [inaudible] >> i really support senator gardner, i know what he is doing, we're looking at it, i will probably end up supporting that. first lady is great, right there. she has to, she wanted to go. can't fly for one month. the doctors say. she had a big operation. steve: we're looking for answers. she can't fly for a month. that is why she is not going for a summit. president in wide-ranging press availability before getting on marine one. we'll step aside for two minutes. talk to judge jeanine. brian: we'll keep listening to what the president is saying. >> that's terrible. any other questions? [. [inaudible] questions ♪
5:44 am
>> one of my lawyers. incredible to break into a lawyer's office. that is one thing i can say. i think that was unfortunate. that they broke into a lawyer's office. not a good practice. [shouting questions] >> well the democrats can end that very quickly. all they have to do is sit down with us and negotiate a real bill, that allows us to keep real criminals out of this country. it is very easy. schumer is the guy, he complains, but doesn't do anything. schumer is the guy who is on struck tore. he can't do anything. all he can do is obstruct. all they have to do is call us, draw a bill, that gives us great border safety and security and is fair because i don't like the children being separated from the parents. i don't like it. i hate it. but that is a democrat bill that we're enforcing. we can change it in one day, all they have to do is come and see us.
5:45 am
[shouting questions] i can't hear your question. too much competition. go ahead. you're not prepared. i can't believe, she is not prepared. she is, shocked, right? [shouts questions] we'll bring it up. we'll bring it up. i have work, i have about 15 boxes of work. i will be table to work without being bothered by phone calls where you people are writing fake stories about me and we have to respond. now, seriously i have a lot of work. it is on the plane. reporter: are you worried about things rudy is saying? does that give you a headache? >> rudy is great. rudy is rudy. rudy is doing a very good job actually. reporter: [inaudible] >> he said what? reporter:. >> i'm not going to disagree with him on that.
5:46 am
gnawed. >> i can't hear a word he is saying. reporter: was dennis rodman invited to north korea. >> no he is not. i like dennis. he wait a minute relatively speaking that tall. there is rebounding there. is genius for that. dennis are rodman was a great rebounder. one thing we're speaking about, speaking of sports stars. the power to pardon is a beautiful thing. you got to get it right. got to get the right people. i am looking at muhammad ali, but those are the famous people. it is easier, people find it fascinating. but i want to do people unfairly treated like analyst, like alice, something beautiful. a lot of people in the nfl in
5:47 am
particular, but in sports leaks. they're not proud enough to stand for our national anthem. i don't like that. what i'm going to do, i'm going to say to them, instead of talk, it is all talk, talk, talk, we have a great country. you should stand for our national anthem. you shipment go in a locker room when our national anthem is played. i am going to ask all of those people to recommend to me, because that is with they're protesting, people that they think were unfairly treated by the justice system. and i understand at that. and i'm going to ask them to recommend to me people that were unfairly treated, friends of theirs or people that they know about, and i'm going to take a look at those applications and if i find, and my committee finds that they're unfairly treated, then we will pardon them or at least let them out. reporter: white house -- >> i don't have to do that. i'm not looking to grand stand.
5:48 am
we enough grandstanders in this town. i'm saying for the leagues if they have people, if the players, if the athletes have friends of theirs or people that they know about, that have been unfairly treated by the system, let me know. reporter: what about athletes you're going to pardon? >> if you think about it, that really, that becomes celebrity advocates. but they know a lot of things that we're not going to know. they have seen a lot of abuse and they have seen a lot of unfairness. so if they have, how do you like that idea, david? [inaudible] reporter: why do you -- [inaudible] >> no, i have the absolute right. i don't have to do it. never did anything wrong. you know that better than anybody. reporter: are you concerned about reporters -- [inaudible]. >> i think you have a double edge. reporters can't leak. you can not leak classified information. at the same time we need freedom of the press but you can not
5:49 am
leak -- like hillary clinton did, like comey did, you can not leak classified information. if you look at the young sailors, saucier, he went to not classified, much lower level. very unfair that he goes to jail and that comey is allowed to do it all over. very unfair. thank you much. i will see you in canada. brian: president of the united states really on his game covered everything. abby: they say he is not transparent, right? steve: he wanted more questions. why he is 20 minutes late. by the way judge janine with husband. 15 second answer. there were stories yesterday you were being considered for attorney general of the united states. is that true? >> not that i'm aware of. steve: you saw the story, right? >> there are a few of them. i love it at fox. i love what i'm doing. my book is coming out. i'm cooking with gas.
5:50 am
>> you have are. show is doing great. the president loves to watch. abby: you have a lot to talk about, judge. brian: how great was that idea? for those taking a knee, going in the locker room, tell me who is treated unfairly by justice system. steve: mercyme is going to be performing next. feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin and relief from symptoms caused by over 200 allergens. like those from buddy. because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity. and live claritin clear.
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>> we have back with mercyme. even it. take it away. gentlemen. [cheers and applause] ♪
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>> thank you for being here. >> bill: good morning everybody. breaking news earlier today celebrity chef anthony bourdain was found dead in his hotel room in france by his friend. cnn confirming the death. we have a packed show but this news crossing two hours ago. welcome to a friday edition of "america's newsroom." sad news, sandra. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. network officials confirming bourdain committed suicide saying the famous chef and story teller hung himself. >> bill: they said we can confirm the death of our friend and colleague anthony


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