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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 8, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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those moments. >> dana: thank you for that beautiful statement, we are certainly praying for you. tune in for the water's world and for their greg gutfeld show. special report is up next and bret baier as they are. >> that was a great tribute and i'm sure charles is watching. president trump takes his america first agenda to the g7 summit. two celebrity suicides this week shined on new light on what experts say is a growing issue. that, plus breaking news from canada, this is special report. ♪ >> bret: a good evening, i'm bret baier coming to you live from the white house. president trump is about 800 miles north of here in quebec for a truncated appearance at the g7 economic summit. the president's confrontational trade policies are the headline, but he's also tossing in the highly controversial idea of
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resurrecting russia's membership in that elite club. a short time ago, the president trump talked about the tariffs with the canadian prime minister. >> president trump: we are actually working on cutting tariffs and making it all very fair for both countries, and we made a lot of progress today. we will see how it all works out. we have made a lot of progress. it could be that nafta will be a different form, it could be with canada, with mexico. one-on-one, and, a much simpler agreement. >> good evening. even before leaving the white house, the president raise a few eyebrows around the globe by suggesting russia should be here taking part in the talks. just the latest reminder of his unconventional style, and to some of his imprudent rate approach global politics. >> come i can speak to whether you like it or not, and whether
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or not it's politically correct, we have a world to run. and of the g7, which used to be g8, through rush out. they should let russia come back again because we should have russia at the negotiating table. >> it was quintessential trump. it reverberated across the globe and caromed across the partisan political divide here at home. >> president trump: why are we having a meeting without russia being in the meeting? i would recommend, and it's up to them, but russia should be in the meeting. >> reporter: russia was kicked out of the g8 because it invaded ukraine, and annexed crimea. the president sentiment let russia should be part of the gathering in quebec clearly at odds with many in his own party and key allies from around the world, including the u.k. which really don't like it weighed in with the statement that read, in part, the prime minister's has always said we should engage with russia but beware. we have seen the line from russia in a variety of ways.
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before any conversations could take place about russia rejoining, it needs to change its approach. once on the ground in quebec, the president stood with world leaders for the traditional family photo, though the smile seemed to belie the tension beneath the surface. just ahead of the cement, the president raged on twitter about unfair trade and come calling out america's air allies for their steep tariffs on american goods like canada's steep tariff on dairy. his counterparts fired back, threatening to go it alone if the u.s. land members with steep tariffs. >> translator: the united states are naturally a great economic power but if they continued towards a form of isolationism, distancing themselves from their own history, from their own values, from the role they play in international organizations, that will be bad for the united states of america. >> reporter: by going it alone might be difficult for the rest of the group, considering the u.s. gdp for 2018 is expected to
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top $20 trillion. that's more than the other members combined. white house officials come from the president is expected to leave the summit hours earlier than originally planned to make way for the north korean summit in singapore. a visit which has stoked concerns on capitol hill that the president might try to and run congress to forge a deal in the same manner that his predecessor did with the iran nuclear accord. >> president trump: i wouldn't do like obama did. you know, he tried to get it through, the iran deal. he tried to get it through congress but failed so he just did it without. >> reporter: earlier this evening, the president suggested that a joint statement with canada on terrace was still very likely at the conclusion of his visit here, bret, although full communiqué at the conclusion is still power less likely. >> bret: and kevin, thank you. we should hear from the president and the french president sometime soon. in the meantime, mitt romney
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said president trump will solidly win a second term from his republican candidate for u.s. senate in utah. he was of course the top of the g.o.p. presidential ticket in 2012. romney has been harshly critical of the president in the past and he once called candidate trump a con man and a fake. sox were up to date, the dow again 75, the nasdaq was up ten. for the week, the dow gained two and three quarters percentage points. the s&p 500 was up one and two-thirds and the nasdaq finished i had one at a fifth. special counsel robert mueller has brought additional charges against president trump's former campaign chairman. the new indictment charges, paul manafort and another man, with obstruction of justice and conspiracy over contacts they had with two witnesses earlier this year. a spokesman said his client and his attorneys are reviewing the new charges. men he has maintained his innoc.
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a long-time security director for his key senate committee is in serious legal trouble tonight. we have the amazing story of james wolf. >> the term security director may not new justice to james wolf's role at the senate committee for selected intelligence. any document sent to that committee was received by wolf and entirely maintained by wolf. he made his first court appearance today, charged with three counts of lying to investigators. he was released on personal recognizance and had to relinquish his passport. president trump is convinced his justice department has tracked down a majorly correct. >> president trump: it's a very important leaker. so it's very interesting. i'm getting information now, and it happened last night and it could be a terrific thing. >> the fbi does not accuse him of leaking classified info but instead making false statements to fbi agents about his relationships with four
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journalists. one of whom is ali watkin's, now with "the new york times," identified in the indictment as reporter number two. the indictment cites an article written by her previously at buzzfeed. and wolf denied knowing about the reporters sources for the article. fbi agents confronted wolf with pictures showing wolf together with reporter number two. after being confronted, wolf admitted to the fbi agents that he had lied to them, and he had engaged in a personal relationship with reporter number two since 2014, but maintained that he had never disclosed to reporter number two classified information. in a joint statement, the senate until committee chairman and ranking members said quote this news is disappointing as the former staffers and commissioners on the stomachs of more than three decades with distinction. wolf exchange tens of thousands of electronic communications with reporter number two on the
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encrypted applications signal and whatsapp. the fbi gained access to that data by seizing reporter watkins' email and phone records. >> president trump: i'm a big, big believer in freedom of the press but i'm also a believer in classified information. it has to remain classified. >> reporter: the case now puts two bedrock principles against each other, the governments need to preserve secrecy against a reporter's first amendment rights. bret? >> bret: thank you. let's get more on how the administration's actions could have a negative impact on journalists and their sources. here is fox news media analyst and the host of the media buzz, howard kurtz. >> reporter: the disclosure about "new york times" reporter ali watkin set off alarm bells in the news business as the justice department is willing to obtain a journalists phone and email records in pursuit of leaks. repress advocates are backing the paper saying the move will
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endanger reporter's ability to promise confidentiality to their sources and make it harder to shine a much needed light on government actions. but the case is complicated by watkins' three year romantic relationship with james wolf who was arrested yesterday. she was a reporter for buzzfeed when she broke the story last year on carter page, a former trump advisor met with a russian spy. watkins and wolf exchange 124 electronic messages that day, the indictment said. this book for 7 minutes after the story was posted and another 15 minutes after she appeared on msnbc. >> why did carter page confirm this to you, and what was his affects towards this information and being public? >> he was very forthcoming with it. i had been doing a lot of reporting on it so i knew that it was him in the document. >> wolf texted her months later that, i always try to give you the information you need it so you could get the scoop before anyone else. i felt like i was part of your
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excitement. she has denied receiving leaks from wolf. eric holder secretly obtained records from ap staffers and from former fox correspondent james rosen in the obama administration. attorney general jeff sessions says he's conducting three times as many investigations. >> i have this morning for would-be leakers, don't do it. for the past several months, we have already made changes and are seriously ramping up our efforts. >> be on the personal details for ali watkin's, for prosecutors to go after reporter's records and encrypted apps strike at the heart of journalism. the ability to provide sensitive sources protected identity. >> bret: house democrats are formally requesting the justice department to investigate environmental protection agency administrator scott pruitt for potential criminal conduct. lawmakers allege pruitt has repeatedly violated federal
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anticorruption laws by seeking to leverage his government position for personal gain. there has been no response from pruett's office. earlier today, president trump said that pruitt is doing a great job at the epa. the trump administration says it will no longer cover key parts of obamacare including the coverage mandate and pre-existing medical conditions denial. republican led states are suing to strike down the entire law. they say the recent move by congress to root appeal a decision to require them to pay a fine makes the entire act unconstitutional. the industry trade group says removing consumer protections for people with health problems in older adults will harm consumers. we have incredibly sad news to tell you about tonight concerning our friend and colleague charles krauthammer. news he delivered in his own way today.
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mike emanuel has details. >> reporter: charles krauthammer has been a legendary conservative voice for years. he's appeared on special report, providing his signature and analysis on all-star panel. >> i found him hinged. biko hinged. [laughter] >> you often don't hear hinged. but it was a performance unlike any other. >> the hope was that charles could return to the panel at fox news after treatment for cancer. today that hope was dashed after he announced the cancer had returned and that it was aggressive and spreading rapidly, adding, my doctors tell me their best estimate is that i have only a few weeks left to live. this is the final verdict, my fight is over. yet charles isn't feeling sorry for himself, noting he has lived life to the fullest. i leave this life with no regrets, it was a wonderful life, full and complete with the great gloves and great endeavors that make it worth living. i am sad to leave but i leave with the knowledge that i lived the life that i intended.
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fox news chairman rupert murdoch spoke for all of us same, trouts has been a profound source of personal and intellectual inspiration for all of us here at fox news. it always principled stand on important issues of our time has been a guiding star in an often turbulent world, a world that has too many superficial thinkers vulnerable to the ebb and flow of fashion and a world that unfortunately has only one charles krauthammer. his words, is dignity, and his integrity will resonate within our society and within me for many, many years to come. even those who disagree with charles respect his intellect. >> read charles krauthammer's column in the post, he's a brilliant man. >> when you get praise from president clinton and you are from my side of the aisle, that means that my career is done, i'm toast. >> more recently, charles had a little fun with this clashes with president trump. >> i thought i was going to be
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the surprise new national security advisor. so i was somewhat disappointed. i have to wait, because i will miss you, bret. it's >> reporter: so many of us are praying for charles and his family. he has made his mark on all of us, and we will miss him. >> bret: definitely, and i'm sure he's watching tonight. i'm charles, we love you. this is a fox news alert. you are looking there at canada, let's take a listen. president trump 80 with the french president emmanuel macro macron. >> president trump: the united states has had a good trade deficit for many years with the european union and we are working it out and emmanuel has been helpful in that regard. something will happen and i think it will be very positive. we had a very positive meeting a while ago on nafta, we had a very, very good meeting on nafta with justin and his representatives.
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i want to thank you, you are very helpful today. i'd also like to congratulate you because i'm reading what's going on in france. you have great courage, you are doing the right thing. nothing is easy but, what you're doing is the right thing. and it is a wonderful country. it's a special country. and you are a special president, that i can tell you, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> bret: president trump meeting with french president macron there, talking about trade. there's obviously a lot of differences between the two countries and how they are dealing with the tariff situation. they are in a meeting in the g7 summit in canada. up next, a second celebrity suicide in a week shines a light on a growing problem. we will have that story hear that sizzle? yeah.
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>> bret: celebrity chef anthony bourdain was found dead this morning in a hotel room in france. authorities say he took his own life. he becomes the second celebrity to apparently commit suicide this week. tonight, correspondent laura ingle says it brings in new attention to a problem that experts say is getting much worse. >> oh, yeah, look at that goodness. >> anthony bourdain, the larger-than-life celebrity chef with a bad boy persona traveled the world, telling stories through casual conversations over food and drinks for his emmy-winning show on cnn, parts unknown. he was found dead today at the age of 61 after hanging himself in his hotel room. he was filming in nearby strasburg, france, for its
3:20 pm
popular show. the news of his death shocked his family, calling his fans, who said he lived a life of travel, food and adventure. >> this is what you want. this is what you needed. this is the path to true happiness and wisdom. >> at the center for disease control reports suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in united states, and that rates in the united states are rising at an alarming rate. up nearly 30% between 1999 and 2016. the news of his suicide comes fresh on the heels of fashion designer kate spade's death this week. she hanged herself in an apparent suicide in new york city tuesday. while celebrity suicides catch our attention, when people who seemingly have it all take their own lives. nearly 123 people commit suicide in the u.s. every day. medical experts say that one thing doctors can do is ask their patients flat out if they are in trouble. >> are you thinking about suicide?
3:21 pm
we can't be afraid to ask people that. people think we can't ask but you are not going to give them the idea. if you ask them, they may tell you. speak out the cdc also reports that more than half the people who died by suicide had no known health problems adding that relationships, substance abuse, health and financial problems ae among other contributing circumstances. you can learn about warning signs of suicide and help those at risk by calling the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. bret? >> bret: we will post that on our website, also. two more workers from the u.s. embassy in cuba are being tested for possible brain injury amid concerns that may have been affected by a mysterious health incident. arming american diplomats in cuba and china. that comes as u.s. issues travel warnings to americans in china after unexplained health issues they are raised fears that problems detected in cuba in
3:22 pm
2016 have spread to. it is friday, and that means another smoke filled day at the israeli border with gaza. palestinians are again protesting the blockade along the boundary, and israelis are pushing back with deadly results. correspondent conor powell is on the border tonight. >> today's protests along the israeli security fence were smaller than previous weeks, the classes were as violent as ever. demanding an end to the israeli blockade around gaza, palestinians burned thousands of tires while others threw rocks and molotov cocktails. israeli troops defending the security fence responded as i have now for dozens of weeks with volleys of tear gas and of live ammunition. more than 500 were injured and many more are killed. since march 30th, some 120 palestinians including violent militants and unarmed medics have been killed. in recent days, militants have
3:23 pm
deployed a new tactic, kites. hundreds of incendiary kites have been lodged by hamas, setting fire to southern israel. this is one of the kites that was sent across the border, and as you can see, it's pretty simple. plastic with a few pieces avoid. but when it sent across and lit on fire with potential to do damage to fields like this, at the new dynamic in the conflict. militants say the flaming kites are meant to be a daily reminder to israelis that palestinians in gaza cannot be ignored. >> every day we will send a lot of kites and balloons. we will do things that the israelis never imagined. >> israeli soldiers have intercepted more than 500 burning kites in recent days and now are using small drones to knock them out of the sky. translator mack and vasquez we find the kites and balloons in time and succeed in offsetting them. the problem is we don't always catch or find them on time. >> reporter: on sunday,
3:24 pm
benjamin netanyahu said his government would withhold payment to the palestinian authority to cover any damage to israeli crops, but the p.a. doesn't control gaza, which has been ruled by hamas since 2007. for more than a decade, the international community has failed to solve the problem of gaza, but as tensions continue to escalate, doing nothing may no longer be an option. in gaza, conor powell, fox news. >> bret: senior pentagon officials they won u.s. special operations member was killed and four other service members in wounded and on the operation in somalia today. the americans along with partners from somalia and kenya came under fire, mortar and small arms fire. the troops are fighting al-shabaab terrorists in that country. when we come back, whatever happened to serious reforms of the national security agency? first, here's what some of our places around the country.
3:25 pm
they are trying to block public parts of what police call nicholas cruz's confession. that will cause trauma to an already beleaguered community. he's charged with 17 counts of first-degree murder for the february 14 shooting. the state pledges to give hawaii county $12 million to help responded to the kilauea volcano disaster. the county mayor says lava has destroyed more than 600 home since early last month. and if this is a live look at the u.s. capitol building in washington. yes, it's inside the beltway, but we thought we would break the mold for this story. a big story in d.c., the celebration for the washington capitals taking home their first ever nhl stanley cup after a game five win over the vegas golden knights in their inaugural season. thousands of fans took to the streets in d.c. and are expected to do so again for the the big victory parade scheduled for tuesday.
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that's two nights a live look outside and inside the beltway. from special report, we will be right back. l over doozeldorf, doozles are dozing.
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talk to your doctor today. see if lyrica can help. >> bret: and two nights "whatever happened to" segment, over surveillance on americans. the information has also had massive implications in europe. correspondent gillian turner has our story tonight from great britain. >> at one time and as a contractor and cia employee edward snowden is believed to be in hong kong tonight hiding out after leaking information. >> it shook the world during the summer of 2013 and ever since, the national security agency and congress have been embroiled in an epic battle of mass surveillance. he publicly confessed to stealing a trove of highly
3:30 pm
classified intelligence about u.s. surveillance programs. snowden handed that information over wholesale and in the process, revealed that the intel community was collecting information about americans suspected of having ties to terrorism. that prompted a national outcry. >> what snowden did more than anything else as he brought one word to the forefront, privacy. he burst people's bubbles. >> a lot has happened in the ensuing years since very public fallout. members of congress insist they abuse their oversight authority to tamp down on nsa operations. >> there have been a number of reforms, most of which i can't go into but we want to make sure that what happened with snowden doesn't happen again. >> i would follow the law, and i would insure if confirmed that the agency follows the law. >> congress and the defense department also established the u.s. cyber command to provide military support for u.s. networks and while intel experts
3:31 pm
widely view these steps as effective, they also acknowledge the nsa continues data collection of americans. about 530 million calls in just a few euros. >> the problem is we are collecting more and more but the real question is, how much of this are we really processing? how much can we make decisions on? >> european countries were also hit hard by the snowden revelation. britain's government in particular is still grappling to the state with major fallout as the u.s. government restricted access to america's data, britain's parliament went in the opposite direction. it passed legislation known as the snoopers charter in 2016 that requires internet service providers to keep browsing data for a year down like a year. it's been fought over in the high court virtually since the day had passed and just last month the court ruled it violates the british citizen's right to privacy. in order for the government to draft new legislation by november 1st. >> bret: up next,
3:32 pm
president trump talks to trade at the g7 summit. first, beyond our borders tonight, congo's health ministry is announcing another confirmed case of ebola as the pace of new cases has slowed. the ministry said there are now 38 confirmed cases of the virus including 13 deaths. the world health organization has vaccinated more than a thousand people, including health workers, in the past two weeks. senior officials say the u.s. will intensify combat against the islamic state affiliate in afghanistan during the kabul government's temporary halt to attacks on the television. the debt defense secretary said this could allow forces to shift the focus from caliban to isis and al qaeda. russian president vladimir putin says cooperation between his country and china are at an all-time high. the two countries are bowing to expand counterterrorism, military, and economic
3:33 pm
cooperation. they are also criticizing the u.s. for withdrawing from the iran nuclear deal. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back ith the water in your body. at the single-serve mix-in pax. white house mfort inn. they taste like victory because he always gets the lowest price on our rooms, guaranteed, when he books direct at or just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at find thenah.ote yet? honey look, your old portable cd player. my high school rethainer. oh don't... it's early 90s sitcom star dave coulier...! [laughing] what year is it?
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>> president trump: we have a massive trade deficit with almost every country. we will straighten that out.
3:37 pm
we are actually working on cutting tariffs, and we've made a lot of progress. it could be that nafta will be a different form, it will be with canada, with mexico, one on one much simpler agreement and much easier to do. >> bret: a trait is the big talk in the g7 summit in canada and they are meeting with canadian prime minister to. just a short time ago, the president met with french president macron who spoke about the tariffs that the u.s. is imposing specifically on steel and aluminum. translator mack the foundation which has been used to justify these measures in an attempt to present them according to commercial law was an argument of national security. nobody would think that the imports of steel and aluminum coming from canada or france or other european countries was of a threatening nature. >> bret: so where do we go from here on the g7, and what's coming out of it?
3:38 pm
let's bring in our panel. byron york, charles lena, and tom bevan, real clear politics cofounder and president. all right, there are obviously a number of leaders that have a problem with the tariff situation but they are talking it through, it seems. >> they are. i think the first thing to note about the summit is the president seems totally focused on north korea. this is not something that he seems totally focused on, but the bigger thing is, the president is simply incapable of engaging in the diplomatic niceties that you have to deal with, that you have to do at these meetings. they normally govern these meetings. he is the anti-diplomat. last year he was pushing on nato to contribute more to their defense, now he's pushing other countries on trade to get the united states a better deal. his theme is always, that other
3:39 pm
countries are taking advantage of the big, rich, united states. in the end, he will get a little bit of what he's asking for. >> bret: at the other thing is, he's stirring the pot before leaving for the summit. he said this about having russia back in. >> president trump: i have been russia's first worst nigh. that being said, why are we having a meeting without russia? whether you like it or not, and it may not be politically correct, but we have a world to run. we should have russia at the negotiating table. >> bret: chuck? >> there is so much to comment on in that one little statement. russia was cast out of what was then the g8 and punishment for an egregious violation of international law, that is the seizure of crimea in 2014. most recently, they violated international law again by attempting to assassinate to
3:40 pm
people within britain, and in the united states itself participated in collective retaliation sanctions based on that. so, for the president to sound this note of urgency, that we have to get russia back in the room so we can run the world together is just at odds with all of that recent history. and i'm sure it must have been very puzzling and dismaying to these traditional western allies who are trying to figure out what exactly it is that he is driving at. and in some cases that can be useful. the problem is, you have to have a bottom line at some point. i think what these other countries find it so baffling and ultimately frustrating is, is heading up a situation in which the only way they can give him what he wants at the end is to be humiliated by him. in other words, he's making these open-ended demands in such a tone that the only way to say
3:41 pm
yes is to accept your own humiliation, and i'm not sure that will lead anywhere. >> bret: tom? >> i think chuck and byron are both right. one thing people liked about trump is that he is a fighter, and believe it or not, there is widespread agreement on the fact that some of these trade deals are unfair to the united states. even business leaders will tell you that, and the need to be recalibrated and renegotiated. they also have an issue with the style in which trump is doing it, and some of the tactics that he's using. so that is part of the problem. he is certainly now in full honey badger mode and he's attacking everybody. we will see where that ends up bleeding. i think he will end up getting something, and be able to declare some sort of victory, but i think he has certainly put the rest of the world on notice that he's not messing around when it comes to renegotiating these trade deals. >> bret: i like that, full honey badger mode.
3:42 pm
he is the figure there as far as making headlines, but as you look at the gdp of these countries and compare them collectively, they don't add up to what the gdp of the united states is. so that tells you a little bit about how this is all going down, byron. >> it does, everything in the united states has a greater emphasis than anything else. so trump here again will come away with something. the talk he did today about renegotiating nafta so it would not be paying a north american agreement, it would be a one-on-one agreement between united states and canada were between the united states and mexico shows that he's actually thinking about fundamentally restructuring some of these agreements. and because of those gdp figures that you just showed a come of the other countries don't have any other choice but to negotiate with them. >> bret: as of this negotiation is ongoing, but he's getting ready for another one.
3:43 pm
we will talk about that in the friday lightning round, talk. but there are lots of big moments for this president at this time. >> chuck: yes, and just to come back to what byron said it, no other choice. in other words, yes the united states has tremendous leverage. we are the biggest economy by far end of the end of the day they had to deal with us. but what is so concerned about this and lots of different, that had not been the basis on which we have dealt with these particular countries over time. that, you have no choice. it's much more a question of mutual interest and mutual values, and this is really what i think they find so baffling and disturbing, it's a revolutionary change, it's not just tonal. it's unpredictable going forward. >> bret: up next, the friday lightning round. the arrest of the senate aide, plus winners and losers. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that.
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>> president trump: i always believe in preparation, but i've been preparing all my life. these one-week preparations, they don't work. just ask hilary what happened to her in the debate. so i have been preparing for this all my life. >> we have been providing the president all the information he needs and i am very confident the president will be fully prepared when he meets with his north korean counterpart. >> bret: lots of talk about preparation here at the white house ahead of heading over to singapore, and we are heading over to singapore as well. back with the panel and we will start there with the preview. tom, it seems like the president has some thoughts going in, just don't exactly know what the stipulations will be for the deal to take place. >> tom: we don't, and we don't know what he and kim jong un might be able to agree to,
3:48 pm
whether they will be able to agree to anything at all. but this will be a spectacle for sure. it will be like evel knievel jumping the grand canyon. he will either hit the landing will crash and burn. and so we will have to wait and see. regardless of what happens, trump will, i think, do what he normally does which has come out and say how great the meeting was, even if they are only able to agree to perhaps another meeting. we'll tweet how great it was and what a great deal it is and to try to sell this as the best things in soft sliced bread. >> bret: so here is congressman gallagher talking about the lead up to the summit. >> i think he does have to be prepared to deliver a simple, yet forceful method. which is to say that with kim jong un, you have two options. behind door number one lies more pain and suffering for you and your people and ultimately the collapse of your regime. behind door number two by his peace and prosperity if, in
3:49 pm
fact, you are willing to fully dismantle, complete irreversible dismantlement. >> bret: byron, can it be that simple, cut and dry? that's before we don't know if the sides of angry right now and want full denuclearization actually means. you asked tom, we don't quite know what the president's positions will be. i'm sure that's exactly what he said he wanted to be, he spent the last 24 hours of trying to butter up kim jong un, saying he genuinely wants an agreement and president trump is sure they will either come out with a success or modified success. so i think the president wants this uncertainty, because it adds to the entire spectacle. >> bret: quickly, i want to turn topics to this senate aide, james wolfe. what about this story, chuck, and what do we take from it? >> chuck: so many angles. first of all, it's obvious if barack obama was tough on
3:50 pm
leakers, trump wants to be tougher. they are going through metadata, apparently, of a former buzzfeed now "new york times" journalist to confirm that that person communicated with this senate aide who had a lot of this possibility ability over classified documents that went from the intelligence community through that senate community. i was struck by the muted response of the bipartisan leadership of that committee, ritual or to and mark warner. mark warner has been no shrinking violet about the abuses he receives in the trump administration, but he didn't seem to be expressing a lot of that. that tells me that maybe the fbi are onto something. but i think all of us in the media have our own questions to ask as to where this might lead in terms of what the fbi is prepared to do to go poking around in the reporters' business. you could ask jim rosen of
3:51 pm
"the new york times," and so on how that went. i think it's potentially a very big story. >> bret: tom? >> tom: the details are outrageous, like ripped from a house of cards episode. you had this guy who was charged with security from classified and sensitive information from the senate. he's been there for 30 years and he's probably been leaking with impunity for most of that time. he's having an affair with this reporter. it's mind-boggling. but to chuck's point, i think jeff sessions has been ramping up and they will make an example of this guy. i would suspect that many people around this town who have been leaking are probably going to keep a close eye on this and are probably not feeling too safe and secure. >> bret: all right, winners and losers. byron? >> byron: my winner is kim kardashian who has added activists to her resume, winning a party for alice marie johnson, who was sentenced to life in prison and who truth be told is
3:52 pm
a real winner in that affair. the loser would be the 25 members of the advisory board of the consumer protection board who were fired on masse by mick mulvaney for resisting the new direction of the board. mick mulvaney does not mess around. >> bret: okay chuck? >> chuck: my winner is jack phillips who wants a cake bakery in colorado. the supreme port by a vote of 7-2 this week said he did not have to bake a cake for a couple if it violated his religious beliefs. i think he is the winner in that case. the ruling, though, it doesn't seem like it will anticipate all the other permutations so that issue remains open. my loser has to be the western alliance. this has been a rough week for the unity of the g7 and the feuds that are going on openly
3:53 pm
between formerly very close countries like the united states and canada, are frankly, shocking, for those of us who have been following these meetings over the years. it's not like nothing i've seen before, not good news for the stability of that group. >> tom: the winner this week is the democrats. they avoided disaster on tuesday, they were in jeopardy of being shut out from all these house races and they manage to get a candidate and all those races so that keeps the hope alive for potential house take over in november loser is a bill clinton. disastrous interview this week with craig melvin. he tried to clean it up later in the week with stephen colbert and didn't do a very effective job. just sort of re-upping him in the public eye with monica lewinsky at all of his scandals, it was a very bad week for bill clinton. >> bret: all right panel, thank you very much. when we come back, "notable quotable's."
3:54 pm
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>> bret: it's friday. that means "notable quotables." >> the eyes of the world, the hopes of the world are on these talks. >> he's great on the court but i think the negotiations should best be left to those who are good at it. president trump is the best. >> i don't think i have to prepare very much. it's about attitude. >> i was noticing that not everybody is in the best mood.
3:58 pm
i told sarah what you need are charts. >> i regard this more of a family quarrel. a trade dispute if you will. >> maybe not surprised with the outcome but certainly disappointed. >> justice kennedy held tolerance is two-way street. >> i've canceled the august recess. >> calculation on raw politic on part of mitch mcconnell. >> republicans are meeting on immigration. lord knows what will come out with that. hopefully the lord knows. we have been praying very hard on it. >> there is a new way. >> this is turning into a blue trickle or a blue drought. >> it might be a blue dribble. >> i don't think it's an issue because people would be using the facts instead of imagined facts. >> giving mccabe cover through immunity would be a mistake. >> i'm a new york giants fan. life-long giants fan. if the eagles want to misbehave, i'm not that
3:59 pm
surprised. >> i think we'll have the caps. we'll see. my attitude if they want to be here, this is the greatest place on earth. >> score! 4-3, capitals! >> my dad doesn't remember a lot of stuff. this one will stick with him forever. >> bret: just an amazing, amazing week. i was out at that game. quite something. great season by the las vegas golden knights. but the cup is here in d.c. a lot of people are happy caps fans here. next week start early with sunday edition of "special report live from singapore" heading over there starting tomorrow. the show will also be there on monday and tuesday as well. we will cover the summit. we'll have all angles covered. we'll bring you live coverage plus special guests on sunday, monday and tuesday. "fox"special report." that's it for this "special
4:00 pm
report." fair, balanced unafraid from the white house. "the story with martha" starts now. >> martha: so happy for you. the seconds counted down. you are rocking the red blazer. i might add. quite something. i'm happy for you and for your caps. well done. >> bret: thank you. >> martha: you bet. all right, everybody. breaking tonight. president trump faces the music as our allies bluster at the notion that maybe our trade deals could use a little bit of work. the president says it may be time to bring russia back into the family of the g8, he says. those are bull in china shop ideas at the g7 summit in canada. something may get broken, folks. or maybe not. after slamming trudeau and macron as unfair and indignant, now they're altogether at the table. as larry kudlow says. this is a family fight after all. but this feud over tariffs escalated when the president said this on his way to the plane today. >> president trump: weather you like it or