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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 9, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of "hannity." trump versus the deep state. tonight for the full hour we'll highlight the president's efforts to dismantle the tangled elitest web of high-ranging government bureaucrats who are hell-bent to destroy his administration and many cheers for failure. first, we have breaking news. this show we will be hitting the road next week. we're traveling to singapore for the president's historic summit with little rocket man. that is right. north korean dictator kim jong un. and in moments we will preview the president's upcoming push for peace. imagine that. in the korean peninsula. denuclearization would be amazing. plus we are going to show you
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how did we get to this point despite democrats, mainstream media doubting and doubting. sadly, even say trump is going to cause a nuclear war. against the president every step of the way. predictably. hours ago, ahead of the historic meetings in singapore, the president landed in quebec for the annual g7 summit. we bring you the latest from canada and highlight new outrageous example from the main stream media trump derangement syndrome and more revelation surrounding the media's attacks against yours truly, they are so dumb. we have an important story surrounding freedom of the press. it's time for tonight's breaking news opening monologue. we are excited. it is official. we are hitting the road. next week we will be on the ground in singapore. of course to cover the latest from president trump's historic and consequential talks with the dictator kim jong un. tonight we are days away from
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the direct talks between the united states of america and north korea. something many thought was impossible. something obama, clinton and kerry and others and the friends on the left could only dream of. this could be one of the significant summits of modern history. >> president trump: i have been preparing all my life. i believe in preparation. i have been preparing all my life. the one-week preparations don't work. just ask hillary what happened to her in the debate. i have been preparing all my life. >> sean: we reminded everybody remember the debates with hillary? and the secretary of state mike pompeo who has been working very hard on all of this. he weighed in. look at that. >> the fact that the two leaders are coming to the table shows that the two sides are serious. the diplomatic model used today is different from the past efforts. our efforts give us hope we
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can find real success for past efforts have fallen short. president trump is hopeful. he is also going in the summit with his eyes wide open. we have seen how many inadequate agreements have been struck in the past. you can be sure that president trump will not stand for a bad deal. >> sean: all right. how do we get to this point? history lesson. "hannity" history lesson. we start in the '90s. bill clinton. heb he met with kim jong un's father, kim jong il. he promised this was a good deal for the american people and he paid billions in energy subsidiaries and made concessions as if this would make for world peace. it didn't work out. you may remember this. >> this is a good deal for the united states. north korea will freeze and then dismantle the nuclear program. south korea and our other
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allies will be better protect ed. south korea with support from japan and other nations will bear most of the cost to provide korea with fuel to make up for the nuclear energy it is losing. they will pay for alternative system to allow them to produce electricity to make it harder to produce nuclear weapons. the united states and the international inspectors will carefully monitor north korea. to make sure it keeps its commitments. only as it does so will they fully join the community of nations. >> sean: bill clinton was dead wrong. north korea successfully developed a nuclear weapons program. under eight years of the former president obama, his weak and feckless leadership, while kim jong un's actions became more hostile. president obama left trump with unfettered international disaster after disaster.
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this is just one. when president trump took office in 2017, the situation in north korea was at a boiling point. remember, kim jong un shooting the long-range missiles over japan. threatening to blow up guam. after eight years of weak, pathetic spineless leadership under obama, things have changed. president trump responded. you may remember this. >> president trump: north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power. the likes any have ever seen before. people questioning was it too tough? maybe it wasn't tough enough. they have been doing this for the country for a long time. for many years. it's time that somebody stuck up for the people of this country and for the people of the other countries.
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it's a tragedy and it can't be allowed. if anything happens to guam, there will be big trouble in north korea. if he does anything with respect to guam or anyplace else that is an emergency territory or an american ally he will truly regret it. he will regret it fast. rocket man on a suicide mission for himself. and for regime. >> sean: of course the president then backed up his tough rhetoric with action. and he sent multiple carrier and strike groups to the region. he ramped up devastating sanctions against north korea. and, of course, put a lot of pressure on north korea's biggest ally, china. he forged a great relationship with the chinese president. what this is called, these words are peace through strength. by the way, it said your main stream corrupt destroy trump media to a hysterical fit.
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you can't make it up. take a look. >> the idea of a nuclear showdown with north korea keeps you at night? i would recommend deleting your twitter app. >> he's not being cavalier with a threat of nuclear war, it's cavalier in a way that makes him seendy meanted. >> this is from a person who is not well, from a leader not fit for office. >> president trump is gooding kim jong gooding -- goading kim jong un to test the nuclear facility and show him wrong. fundamentally it comes across as two kindergarteners jostling each other but they each have nuclear weapons. >> too late after 100 million americans die. >> that is where we are. this is not an exaggeration. >> trump's comment about the nuclear weapons have the experts worried he could literally inadvertently trigger a catastrophe. >> sean: we know for certain that the media is absolutely wrong. they were wrong. they are wrong.
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all icbm tests done. they return three american hostages. they agree to discuss the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula in exchange for no concessions. he crossed over the d.m.z. to the arms of the south korean president and dismantled one of the nuclear test sites. despite the diplomatic progress your media is hating and doubting and sadly many even actively rooting for failure. this would be great for the world. our kids, our grand kids. look at the nbc conspiracy host questioning trump's preparedness for the upcoming summit. watch this. >> we have to point out, the president was critical when we played that clip of him talking of being prepared for the north korea summit we didn't add what he said at the end. he was critical. he said, "i've been preparing all my life." i'd love to know when was that?
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when you appeared in a playboy soft corn murph vie or body slammed vince mcmahon or when you were leaking information when you disguised yourself azure own p.r. guy talking to tabloids about what a great lover you were. >> sean: take a look at the cover from "the economist" showing president in place of miley cyrus, the wrecking ball that was infamous. saying even if he strikes a deal with north korea the foreign policy will harm the world. that is rooting for failure. the media tries to bash the president at every turn they can't help themselves. he has a lot of really important diplomacy to tackle. we'll have more on the upcoming talks on singapore throughout the show. we'll broadcast there next week. first today, president trump landed in quebec in canada to meet world leaders at the annual g7 summit. tensions were running high ahead of the meeting after president trump announced plans to tackle some of the unfair trading international
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practices with retaliatory tariffs. he wants free and fair trade. he wrote prime minister trudeau is being indignant bringing up the relationship that the u.s. and canada had over the many years and other things. he doesn't bring up the fact they charge up to 300% on dairy. hurting our farmers, killing our agriculture. he called it'slated and this is what trump said about what could be a tense and the interesting g7 trump summit. take a look. >> president trump: if we are unable to make a deal, we will terminate nafta and have a better deal. if we are unable to make a deal, we will be better off. the e.u. treats us unfairly.
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canada, unfairly, mexico, unfairly. with that said i think we will probably easily make a deal. >> sean: while the president is busy doing what he does best, that is negotiating, i know if i ask him to come on the show, i'll give you five. 15. how about six? give you 14. that is what president trump does. the media has been being doing what they do best. spreading anti-trump it have have -- vitriol. especially at nbc news. look at how disgusting the clip is nbc hosts are trashing the women in the president's life. this is so deranged and off the rails. you can't make it up. >> you know more about the trump women, the trump family than anyone. what do they do on a day like today? are they the most stoic human beings? are they numb, dead inside, paid off? what is the deal? >> yes, yes, and yes. i think they do not see
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president trump the way that all of us see president trump. they have a distorted image of who he is. they don't have the reaction we do. >> their mothers know. they seem to be raising nice kids. how do they wall it off? >> dead inside? are you proud of this? this is your network. is that news to you? what about the clip by the way from your morning anchor? liberal joe. and andy look, are you really proud of this bizarre conspiracy that she is now, well, pawning off as news on your so-called news network? here you go. i hope you love it. >> the hypocrisy is astounding because i know someone who spoke to donald trump recently about life in the white house. and donald trump's biggest complaint is he is not allowed to watch porn in the white house. so there you go. there is a little bit of news
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for you. he is upset he can't watch porn in the white house. >> i bet they have those one-900-numbers blocked, too, which must be a disappointment. >> i'm not sure but it flies in face of all of this. >> sean: of course, nbc news is far from being the only news outlet with the extreme bias against the president. many in the media, well, they have been going after yours truly all week because of a monologue i did earlier in the week. all i did was highlight a sad example of what is a two-tiered justice system in this country. we don't have equal justice under the law. we have a system of justice for the clintons and one for the rest of us. i was obviously being sarcastic and making a comparison. i said what if i said that those that robert mueller requested the phones from, what if -- i said it's a bad idea. kidding. i said all sort of caveats. what if they follow hillary clinton's lead? what if in fact they decided to delete the e-mails, wipe
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away all evidence, acid wash and bleach the hard drives on the phones and smash them up to itsy bitsy pieces with hammers. they were more mad of the me than they were at hillary for actually doing these things. this is a taste of how they distorted these comments. >> sean hannity is now literally telling potential witnesses and subjects in the mueller probe to destroy the evidence. and hammer the phones to pieces. >> hannity defenders may call that sarcasm and poetic license but words are words. sean hannity lives off his words and we know they have a huge impact. if anyone does what he says there, they would be committing a crime. >> what sean hannity admitted to and was enticing people to do and asking them to do is destroy evidence, which is a violation of the witness tampering statute.
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>> no responsibility person on television, no responsible so-called journalist should be advocating for people to destroy evidence in a serious federal investigation. >> i don't think we will see him prosecuted. federal prosecutors give people a wide berth on first-amendment related conduct so unless there is something more specific to link it up this is what we categorize as awful but lawful conduct. >> listen, if he is advocating for mueller's witnesses to obstruct justice maybe mueller should speak to him and ask where the idea has come from? did the president tell you to say this? >> knowing mueller he is not going to light that fire under someone who gets free air time every day. he can go to a judge and say cease and desist what you're
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doing on national television. and did trump get this idea from you? >> sean: cease and desist? the idea came from me. i can't believe how stupid some of you people are that supposedly work in the business. joining us now author of the new book "liars, leakers and liberals. the case against the anti-trump conspiracy." judge pirro in the house. also with us the number one host on the fox business network, good friend lou dobbs with us. okay. i sad bad idea, this won't work out well for you. they are more mad -- how did they not get it? >> they don't get it because they are so consumed with the trump arrangement syndrome it doesn't matter who does right or wrong. if you say anything they will hate you for it. whereas one said, i wrote it down, where did the idea come from?
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>> sean: from me. >> no. the idea came from hillary clinton. it was a joke on what hillary clinton did. c'mon! >> sean: she did these things. >> she got a warning -- look, you better -- >> sean: a warning? she broke the law. >> leak e-mail and destroy the evidence in case we come for you but we're not coming from you. >> for the folks to take you seriously suggests one thing -- >> sean: that sounds bad. that moment was sarcastic as hell. >> absolutely. as a matter of fact i heard you live. it was a funny bit. i was terrific. but for those folks to try to pretend in front of their audiences who come to them for a semblance on perspective on the world and take them seriously -- let me explains whammed here. i don't know a name of the single person you put in front of us in the audience. >> sean: i don't either. >> i'll bet that the msnbc audience doesn't know the name of those folks. the reason they are mentioned
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the name and any context at all they are trying to affix themselves to some part of the -- >> sean: wait. >> -- status. >> sean: how did i become click bait? how does that happen? >> the whole idea to say women who support trump are numb or dead inside. how dare you crash the women of this country as dead inside because we don't agree with you. >> sean: anybody watching knows that's false. you are very alive. what a historic week we are heading into. >> you bet. >> there is no risk to the president here. he managed the expectations. maybe it needs five meetings or maybe we end the korean war. >> the president has communicated this week in his body language and his words and his actions just how on taxpayer of his game he is. this is a president not only had the most historic list of
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achievements of any president since franklin roosevelt in a year and a half but he has grown immensely as a leader. this is a man who is a natural born leader. he has led business. he has led now the country. >> sean: i think he has figured it out. >> this man found his voice. he knows, he has known who he is throughout. and now he knows the job. that means if you are ryan, mcconnell, schumer, pelosi, run for cover because he is going to have his way. mark my words. >> sean: it's sad that the republicans. this is their best opportunity. all they have to say this is a great agenda. look at the economy and foreign policy. everything is getting better. they should be happy and want to be part of it. >> paul ryan can't stand the fact that he doesn't amount to shoe laces on the president's -- >> sean: you scared me there. shhh-shoe laces. >> i'm used to going other
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places. >> sean: i heard it, lou. let me ask you, not only the north korean summit. now we have an i.g. report. i have a problem with the timing of the release. 18 months and we are going to release it two days after the summit. the leaks i hear. insubordinate with james comey. are they going to tell us the truth? hillary broke the law. hillary committed felonies and obstructed justice. and comey and others put the fix in and wrote the exoneration months before they did the investigation. >> here is the truth. the inspector general has no power. it's almost as though you want to say thanks for the report. but where is the beef? he doesn't have the power to indict. should james comey be indicted? the question based on what i have heard is yes. >> sean: mccain got a criminal referral after the i.g. report. we'll do this with sarah and gregg next. >> comey, they have to. >> sean: i think comey, strozk, mccabe all in deep trouble. >> will they turn against
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someone higher? >> sean: they have. they are building a proffer with mccabe now. >> higher. >> sean: well, that was the latest strozk/page text said it's being directed by the white house. what did obama know and when did he know it? >> that's my point. if you want immunity, hit the -- >> sean: for someone who is dead inside, you are doing well. sorry. you know i'm kidding. lou, good to see you. when we come back on the special edition of "hannity," sarah carter and gregg jarrett will preview this from the legal and the investigative standpoint. you won't see these folks at the post office
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>> sean: all right. next week we will be able to see the long, long, long awaited d.o.j. inspector general report. on the handling of the clinton
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e-mail probe. according to abc news, the inspector general michael horowitz will criticize the former f.b.i. director james comey who he apparently is describing as insubordinate in the report. and horowitz will also criticize former attorney general loretta lynch and former deputy 501(c)(3) director andrew cabe -- former . director andrew mccabe. i'm sure whatever the findings are, the media will cover it up. why did they release it the same week of the summit? the headline yesterday cbs, nbc skipped news of the d.o.j. watchdog finding comey inunboard nant. in the rare praise of congress, house of representatives voted to audit the special counsel robert mueller's team to see how much of your taxpayers money is wasted to pursue this phony witch hunt. joining us with reaction, fox news contributor sara carter, investigative reporter and the awe for of -- see the book there? it's out now in a couple of weeks. this is going to be huge.
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"the russia hoax: the elicit scheme to clear hillary clinton and frame donald trump" which pretty much sums up the whole thing we have been breaking wide open on the show. thanks to the great work of both of our guests, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. what the leak said is not good enough to me. what it really should say is what the title of your book is. here is the problem. hillary clinton committed crimes. hillary committed felonies. you have identified a lot of them. and she mishandled, destroyed classified top secret information. had the secret hard drive and the mom and pop shop closet. then you don't get to delete subpoenaed e-mails and acid wash hard drives and break devices. that is obstruction. so if it says anything less than and the investigation fixed by strozk and comey before they did the investigation. if it says anything less than that, the facts will prove it's wrong. >> the inspector general will
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probably not say hillary clinton broke the law and committed crimes. he probably feels like that is beyond the scope. what he is looking at is whether people like comey, mccabe, strozk, lisa page were so pervasively and severely biased they ignored compelling evidence for personal and political reasons. and that could be obstruction of justice on their part. >> sean: right. >> that is one possibility. he is obviously also looking into other acts by comey and mccabe. >> sean: 18 months it will be hundreds of pages long and it will take a long time to get through it and digest it. >> sean: sara carter, we know the story is far worse than what they are selectively leaking at this point. that is a problem. >> absolutely! what we also know is it's over 400 pages. the i.g. report. so, sean, you know, there has only been little leaks here and there as to what the inspector general might be or
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might not be reporting on. i think gregg is right. they will be looking at possible obstruction. what i have been hearing is there will be a criminal referral from this report. so if he sticks with the scope and he looks at the scope of this, that is what he is going to -- >> sean: the criminal referral comes with or post report like in the case of andrew mccabe? >> i believe it will be announced post-report. remember, the inspector general finds a crime while he is investigating this, he has to immediately then refer that to the justice department. i believe that will happen post. he will announce that post. but he may have already made a referral during this investigation. >> sean: four days later he is going to go before senator grassley's committee. i am pretty certain that there will be people that understand what we do on this show about the crimes, the felonies hillary has committed about the obstruction that took place. also about rigging the entire
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investigation. so he is going to have to answer those questions. won't he? >> he will absolutely have to answer the questions. michael horowitz is not going to plead the give it here. he will be straightforward. he will talk about the investigation. the scope of the investigation, what they were looking at, what they were hampered from. i'm sure those questions will be asked. what he able to interview all the people he wanted to interview? who were the people he would have liked to have interviewed he didn't have an opportunity to interview? they understand the senate judiciary committee especially, the senate judiciary and the house intelligence committee that have both been on this case understand how egregious the violations have been in the f.b.i. and within the d.o.j. >> sean: will he appear before the house intel committee also? >> i would hope so. i would hope that the house intelligence committee would also call on him to talk to him. but you know the senate judiciary committee have authority over this. over the d.o.j. they might be the right committee to do this. i just hope that the house
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intelligence committee uses the subpoena power to talk to people. >> sean: one of the reasons we know everything is remember they started writing the exoneration of hillary. strozk of all people, and comey in may. >> right. >> sean: they interviewed hillary the 4th of july weekend. >> right. >> sean: july 5, they exonerated her. >> right. >> sean: after he spent the long -- comey gave us the truth of all the laws she broke. >> right. >> it appears to have been a sham investigation and charade with a predetermined, precon scened outcome. so you could expect grassley and other senators to question horowitz. and others later on about the exoneration statement. how could you write a statement of exoneration two months before you interviewed 17 key witnesses including the target hillary clinton? who changed the language from criminality originally to absolution? why was that decision --
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>> sean: take out that five or six foreign intelligence services that hacked into it. >> why were, you know, five people on hillary clinton's staff, aides, given immunity? why were two of them allowed to be there while she is being questioned and yet, they are witnesses. >> sean: never heard of a circumstance. >> all of this makes no sense. >> sean: it was taken out of the field office. >> right. >> sean: the top aide decided to take it amongst themselves. if you had to guess today and we will know by this time next week. criminal referrals who do you say? >> we know already mccabe is the subject. >> sean: one. comey? >> i think there is sufficient evidence for various criminal referrals. including what i regard as theft of government documents. the leaking to unauthorized -- >> sean: strozk and page? >> strozk and page. i see obstruction of justice. >> sean: loretta lynch? >> i'm not sure about her. >> sean: dubious. >> misconduct, but maybe not criminality. >> sean: who would expect a
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criminal referral sara, if you had to predict today? >> i would say comey and mccabe are at the top of my list. peter strozk number three. >> i'm with both of you. thank you both for being with us. busy news week. next week we are in singapore. when we come back the president broke so much news about the mueller witch hunt and other topics. that's straight ahead. preview of a huge week next week. "hannity."
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♪ >> sean: it appears that president trump is going to take a brief hiatus in his criticism of robert mueller's witch hunt. the president tweeted i'm heading to canada for g7 for talks that will mostly center on the long-time unfair trade practices against the united states. from there i go to singapore and talks with north korea. on the denuclearization. of course, of the korean peninsula. won't be talking about the russia witch hunt hoax for a
1:39 am
while. here with reaction to the upcoming i.g. report. and mueller's ongoing witch hunt, mark penn. attorney victoria tuensing. david limbaugh. all i have to say about david, victoria and everybody, i have the best lawyers in the world. they have done legal work for me. but if i don't say it every time the left wing media has what heart attack over nothing. good to see you all. david, i'll start with you. we know crimes are committed here. now the president is moving in to real opportunity to make some significant changes that will impact the entire world. our kids and grand kids. but the witch hunt continues. smart of him to let it go for a while? >> yeah, i think that the media will never let it go. trump can re-enter the fray any time he wants to. i think people have under estimated trump on foreign policy and treat him as a comic book player. i admit i'm surprised that he
1:40 am
is as good as he is. on foreign policy, i mean. when he made his comment about not preparing what he meant is he has negotiated all his life. he didn't pine he -- didn't mean he wouldn't bone up on south korea, north korea and u.s. history. >> sean: he said he has been preparing his whole life. >> look at the way he is a realist. he is willing to walk away. look how calm he is. he belittles rocket man when he knows to but otherwise he is serious and he enticed him. i think trump is seen as a capitalist. kim jong un is in worst shape than he has ever been in. he is enticed by the prospect of china and united states help him rebuild his dark country. >> sean: has he started to purge some of the old holdovers that, you know, would be so rigid against change? let me go to the i.g. report. another big story. you are a long-time clinton
1:41 am
pollster, mark. you have been there. you have been critical. david and victoria will tell you that hillary violated multiple laws. server, literally having top secret classified special access program information on an mishandled it, destroyed it, covered it up, obstructed after subpoena deletions and all of that. do you agree with that? we know the truth that is what the i.g. should say. how do you feel about it having worked for them so long? >> you know, first, let me say on the eve of the summits. i hope the president will have discipline with the twitter account and i hope giuliani has discipline and schumer and pelosi has discipline so we as a country speak with one voice against a dictator for something that can affect all of our children for a couple of days. i think it will require that kind of discipline. now when this report comes out a couple of days later, this
1:42 am
report is actually not going to be about the clintons. it's not about whether the clinton -- >> sean: partly it is. how was it handled or mishandled? >> yes but it's really about whether the f.b.i. did its job properly or improperly? that is what the report is about. that's what we have to take away from this because that will tell us if they didn't carry out that investigation fairly, what makes you think that they carried out the trump russia investigation fairly? >> sean: you have been outspoken and critical as a democrat. i have to give you credit. this is bad for the country. it can't stand. >> i think our constitution is being stepped on, sean. and we really have to be on guard here that presidents can do their job without the constant threat of an investigations for everybody in their administration, for everybody in a campaign that go on without end. i can tell you i've been there. i was with the president in 1998. it did not help the country we
1:43 am
wasted a year on that. it did not help the country we wasted a year on this. we shouldn't be wasting another year in the absence of really compelling evidence which we have not been in any respect seen. >> sean: let me go to you, victoria. i think the evidence is incontrovertible. but mark is right, it will deal mostly with the investigation. but there are underlying crimes. the facts are not in dispute. james comey laid them out two days after they exonerated hillary. how should this be handled if the crimes were committed an the investigation was rigged? >> i will tell you what i'm more concerned about. this trump collusion investigation. that is just a mockery. how the republicans are failing us. the republicans in congress are not doing their job. i have some very good sources. let me tell you that speaker ryan and trey gowdy decided it was not in the moderate, the republican moderates' interest for the fall election, it was
1:44 am
bad politics to be at odds with the justice department. and the democrats on the 2016 election. so they decided they were going to tamp it down. when trey gowdy came on fox and said well, when the f.b.i. heard what they heard, they did exactly what we all hoped they would do. no, he was tamping it down. and they were not doing what we hope they would do, because they did not follow protocol. they are supposed to go to the american and say do you know you are being targeted by the russians? not only that. trey gowdy said that with any other knowledge whatsoever. do you know why, sean? because they haven't gotten the documents. >> sean: yeah. >> and guess what happened? yesterday, they were supposed to be delivered, the documents by d.o.j. they got snookered because the d.o.j. backed off. they backed off. why did they do it? because they want to put them out next week when we have the noko -- >> sean: put it on tuesday.
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>> they want it buried with the i.g. report. the republicans got snookered being nice. just like you said. you can't suck up to your adversaries. >> sean: good to see you all. thank you. important information from all of you. when we come back, monica crowelly and daniel hoffman on the upcoming summit. we'll be singapore next week.
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>> sean: today the president responded at democrats' attempts to influence the north korean summit. tweeting obama, schumer, pelosi did nothing about north korea. and now weak on crime, high tax schumer is telling me what to do at the summit. that the dems could never set up themselves. schumer failed with north korea and iran. we don't really need his advice." here with reaction senior
1:50 am
fellow of london center for policy research monica crowley and the fox news contributor and retired c.i.a. intelligence officer who will be with us in singapore next week. daniel hoffman. good to see you both. it's actually true. the let's mentality seems to be i have to kiss the ring and bribe dictators. maybe they will like us better. that doesn't work, daniel. >> no. that would have been like the sunshine policy. which for north korea was more like moonshine. it took in $3 billion from south korea and $2 billion from china for a ten-year period while they built out the nuclear program and the icbm capability. that is multiple decades of failed policy the president is trying to correct. it's not easy to do. but i will tell you, the summit is making me nostalgic for the most days. we have the number one best subject matter expert on the korean peninsula andy kim who
1:51 am
runs the korea mission center at c.i.a. he has been attached to secretary pompeo for a couple of trips to north korea. and you know in spite of some of the criticism unfounded in my view in the press about the president's preparation or look thereof for the summit he is -- lack thereof for the summit he is getting up a the preparation he needs from the secretary of state and c.i.a. >> sean: the summits don't happen in a vacuum. i'm a big fan of mike pompeo. he is a brilliant man. we know if kim jong un tries to pull anything and is not there to talk about the long, permanent denuclearization of the korean peninsula and verifiable denuclearization, the president will walk out. it will be just like reagan and reikavic. it won't last long. >> the united states doesn't
1:52 am
just have leverage. the united states is the leverage. he is willing to act on that and he is willing to walk away if the united states does not get the total verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. he is willing to walk away. he is bringing carrots as well for the economic insensitives. so if they do the denuclearization the united states will permit the economic investment. not aid like obama gave to iranian regime but allow the economic investment to north korea. that is something that the country needs more than anything else. >> sean: verifiable and irreversible, daniel, seems to me to be a pretty simple task in this sense.
1:53 am
we have the best, the brightest, the smartest people as it relates to nuclear weapons so that means we put the people on the ground. we help, we assist and we actually do it for them. if they need it done. now they have an opportunity to feed their own people and focus on the economic growth and joining the world community. to me, it's a pretty good option for them. >> their economy is in freefall. the economic pressure on the country. that is helping bring them to the table. i will caution a little bit in that there are hundreds of sites and thousands of north koreans involved in their nuclear program. it would take quite a bit of time to get through all those sites to ensure that the north koreans are not -- >> sean: it won't happen overnight. it can't. >> but they can do some things that are verifiable to prove they are on the right path. that is absolutely important. yes. >> sean: monica, give you
1:54 am
the last word tonight. >> well, what we are going to see, sean, next week is five rounds of the initial conversations between the president and kim jong un. this is the beginning of a process. rome wasn't built in a day. but i think the fact that this president, the new sheriff in town was able to get to this point is an astonishing achievement and it has to do with the maximum pressure. not just on the north korean regime but also on the chinese regime as well. >> sean: that is a big untold part of the story here is relationship with chinese president. >> yes. using president trump's leverage. again the u.s. leverage on beijing in order to get them to lean on their ally north korea. >> sean: all right. good to see you both. and daniel, see you in singapore. we are in singapore all next week. the summit. i.g. report. it will be a slow news week. more "hannity" straight ahead.
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♪ [boos] before we go today. we learned some very sad news about a close friend of the show and this network. and a very, very well, it is a profile, charles called revealt he only has a few weeks left till live. i leave this life with no regrets, it was a wonderful life. with great endeavors that make it worth living, sad to leave, but i leave with the knowledge that i lived the life that i intended. he is going to be sorely missed. his whole life a profile of courage, and amazing, brilliant human being who contributed so much to the intellectual thought and debate in this country and made the world a better place. in the meantime, the thoughts and prayers with charles, thinking of you.
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all rights, as always, thank you for being with us prayed a reminder, monday, all week next week in singapore. we will have the ig report and the historic summit. with little rocket tucker. ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," you think house of cards is a tv show, sort of, also kind of real as it turns out. today the fbi brought charges against a former director of security for the senate intelligence committee, the man in question is called james wolf. if he was in charge of handling information as it passed from the executive branch to the congress. he had access to huge amounts of highly classified information including intelligent documents. a job like that requires unimpeachable integrity, he is accused of leaking classified


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