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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 9, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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all rights, as always, thank you for being with us prayed a reminder, monday, all week next week in singapore. we will have the ig report and the historic summit. with little rocket tucker. ♪ >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," you think house of cards is a tv show, sort of, also kind of real as it turns out. today the fbi brought charges against a former director of security for the senate intelligence committee, the man in question is called james wolf. if he was in charge of handling information as it passed from the executive branch to the congress. he had access to huge amounts of highly classified information including intelligent documents. a job like that requires unimpeachable integrity, he is accused of leaking classified material to several reporters
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and then lying about it to the fbi and gets weirder from there. allegedly he passed information to a college student called allie watkins, she went on to become a reporter in several media outlets including politico, buzzfeed, and "the new york times" ." he admitted having a relationship that went on for three years, watkins has denied that wolf will separate source for her stories but text messages strongly suggest otherwise. here's one. i always tried to give you as much information so you could get that scoop before anyone else. i felt like i was part of your excitement and was always very supportive of your career and the tenacity you exhibited to chase down a good story. it goes on like this. it's pretty sad and a little creepy, i felt like i was part of your excitement? you imagine these guys are sinister, turns out they're mostly just pathetic. there are too. if the russia hoax didn't exist,
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corrupt bureaucrats when to be misusing their power which they are. it's hard to feel too much sympathy for this guy. the feds are once again prosecuting somebody whose sole alleged crime is lying to the feds. it would be nice if our government went after people for real crimes, it might make you feel better about the system. the doj also seized phone and email records from a reporter about this case and broke into the encrypted text exchanges, i didn't know that was possible turns out it is. it looks a lot like what the obama people used to do. it was worrisome then and it's worrisome now, when the government spies on american citizens it is always a big deal whether those citizens are "new york times" reporters or trumped campaign staffers it doesn't matter. there had better be a very good reason for spying on americans. the media don't recognize this they only care if someone shares their politics.
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as far as they are concerned conservatives who are wiretapped because they are conservative. the press wouldn't know a principal if it got in the shower with them but the point remains. dan bongino joined us tonight, since i know you follow this story put this in context for us. how does this wolf character fit into the larger story? >> the name of carter page, he was relatively anonymous in this scheme. carter page had assisted the fbi in a prior case where they locked up a russian spy, the name was relatively unknown at that point. wolfe is the one who leaks the existence of the name to ali watkin's who then writes this story. this is where it gets ugly. this is why the press has zero credibility in this at all.
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that story by watkins is cited repeatedly to advance the media propaganda story that trump is cooperating with the russians because carter page now that they have the name was a trump foreign policy advisor. this was used over and over again. this is the circle of lies and deceit we see. i agree with you, your opening statement is spot on. i have a libertarian spine i don't care who was in office i am always concerned about the freedom of the press. period. if what i find hypocritical is the phonies complaining now about a government overreach while you bend dead silent on spying, on the prosecution of mike flynn, give me a break. you forfeited your voice to talk a long time ago. >> tucker: it wasn't spying, remember that when a paid government informant gathered information secretly on three separate trump campaign officials and send it back to the government, that was the fbi
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doing its duty. >> i watched your interview with eric swalwell the congressman from california when you mentioned a spying he said something that was true to you. he's not here to defend himself but he said we only spy on the bad guys, he was right! trump was the enemy, this is the new liberal police mind-set. trump is the enemy, not the chinese, not the russians the real enemy was donald trump. he was absolutely right, this is the new liberal mind-set, he is the bad guy. as long as you're spying on conservatives it's okay and we will play the euphemism. he was an informant, he was a spy and everybody knows that. >> tucker: we used to have trials that helped us understand who was the bad guy. people were accused of things but now the accusation is itself considered proof of guilt.
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when did that happen? >> i'm glad you brought this up, this is what frequently gets lost. carter page is the entry point for the signals intelligence spying operation, the interception of the emails into the trump team. nobody has provided a scintilla of evidence that there was probable cause of the two things they needed to spy on carter page. secondly in violation of u.s. law, nobody has shown that carter page is outdoing cable interviews probably tonight somewhere. this is nonsense. >> tucker: if carter page was guilty, why hasn't he been charged? his behavior was the pretext for this entire story, does it tell you something that he hasn't been credibly accused of a crim
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crime? >> the fbi and department of justice walked into a foreign intelligence surveillance court, used effectively the star chamber, used to prosecute the worst among us, the works of savages on the planet. they bring carter page in there to spy on him and you're right, he's out walking around right now. the fbi isn't interviewing him, i know of no controls on his behavior at all. the answer is because there probably is no indication of criminal behavior at all and they desperately want that angle of him to go away. >> tucker: once you talk to carter page you realize how sad this whole thing is. he was never a russian agent or an agent of anybody i'm not sure what he does for a living it's pathetic. it's great to see you. he joins us for the first time in washington, ask for coming i in. are you bothered by -- i'm bothered whenever americans are spied upon by their government.
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sometimes it has to be done but there ought to be a really good reason. why haven't they been saying that about spying on the members of the trump campaign? >> there was a suspicion in the first place that they were trying to infiltrate the trump campaign. i share that concern that you have, i worry when the government is intruding on our individual freedoms, the right to privacy is relatively new, 1967 is when the supreme court ruled on that. here we have the russians trying to interfere in our campaign. we have 20 people charged with crimes in the mueller investigation, carter page has it been charged yet but the investigation isn't over. >> tucker: this is not an opinion i think this is a fact from the information we have at hand that carter page was the first link in this long chain and the russia hoax. his collaboration with the
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vladimir putin government -- doesn't bother you he's still walking around? >> as we know from investigations, sometimes an investigation starts you are down one of thread threats come out of that. maybe the carter page thread went to a dead end. >> tucker: the carter page thread allowed at the spying by the obama administration on a rival political campaign. maybe there are cases where you have to do it but you never want to do it because it would shake americans faith in their government. his behavior was the pretext for that and he's still free. you've got to think maybe they made a really big mistake in facing the spying on carter pag page. >> and simultaneously we had the george papadopoulos situation. >> tucker: they haven't charged him either. they charged him for lying. >> that's the easy way out. >> tucker: i'm bothered by it.
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>> prosecutors take the easy way out it's easier to prove that. >> tucker: it would be very easy for me to say he should go to prison for lying and maybe he should do. but i'm bothered as an american by the fact that all of these people going back as i always say back to martha stewart are charged not with the crime that undergirded the investigation but on the basis of some conversation they had with federal agents. that's not fair play in the end. >> because the federal agents often of the answer. >> tucker: george papadopoulos has not been credibly accused of betraying this country. where is the crime, where's the real crime, that's a fair question. >> the crime here is we have russia attacking united states. >> tucker: that's not a crime the people who are spied upon committed. >> its potential. >> tucker: manifold has been charged yet either. >> he was using an encrypted messaging system to immediately try and get people to lie to the
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investigators. this is a big issue. >> tucker: i'm not defending obstruction of justice at all. that is a crime subsequent to the original charge. what you still lack in this whole thing and it should start to bother all of us on principle is any evidence that the underlying charge was true. nobody has been charged for collaborating with russia, all of that stuff turns out to be crap. >> there's a difference between provable in a court of law and suspicion. carter page was bragging about his participation in 2013, i think there's a lot there. >> tucker: this is not a cable news debate, this is a law enforcement investigation. the end results ought to be an indictment, if there was a crime and date someone for it.
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they haven't proved he committed a crime, the not even trying. how dare they do that to an american citizen, do you feel that way? >> we need to wait for the mueller investigation to conclude. fisa courts are relatively secret, we can have a civil libertarian debate over how secret should they be but we don't know exactly what happened because it's secret. >> tucker: do you think from what we know because it's been leaked, do you think he did anything that should land him in jail, that should destroy his life? this has destroyed his life. >> i think if anybody is doing something to undermine i united states election whether they succeeded on an absolutely should be -- >> tucker: i see it happen here in washington every day, i'm talking specifically about carter page. do you think he deserves to go through what he's going through now?
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>> if he was participating -- >> tucker: if he wasn't and they can't prove he was, do we owe him a big apology? maybe you and monica lewinsky could go out to dinner. >> if that is the case, we don't have enough -- >> tucker: i hope someone is honorable enough to apologize to the people who we've destroyed and then discarded. along with richard jewell and monica lewinsky and gary condit and a bunch of other people whose lives were destroyed by a reckless and stupid media establishment. >> i don't think this is entirely reckless. >> tucker: he better turn out to be vladimir putin's best friend or else i'm going to feel bad about this. the mayor of philadelphia danced for joy after a federal court said it was fine for him to ignore the nation's immigration laws that allows alien criminals who live in his city. they have solved all the other problems in philadelphia and to make it even better they're
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♪ >> tucker: federal courts set up roadblocks to come in since yesterday ruling that the administration could not cut off certain federal funds to the city of philadelphia in response to its sanctuary city policy, the ones that protect criminal aliens. in response to this news the mayor of philadelphia broke into a celebratory dance which we are going to torture you with right now, watch.
2:18 am
>> we are a sanctuary city! >> tucker: democrats dancing, at the idea of foreign citizens committing crimes in their city. mr. williams thanks for coming on. i don't know if you've been to philadelphia recently, i don't want to beat up on it but there's a lot good about it, there's a lot of problems. industry died, there's a lot of property in the city and here you have the mayor more excited not about fixing the schools are keeping his own citizens safe but allowing criminals from other countries to live in his city. it seems like a weird priority to make him a what you think? >> let's correct something. the presence of undocumented residents is not a criminal act it's a civil violation.
2:19 am
maybe he's excited they want to be spending resources. >> tucker: they are spending any resources on it -- i'm speaking specifically of the philadelphia policy which in effect protects criminal aliens, if they are here illegally. i mean people who commit felonies are being protected by the city of philadelphia. >> i know you call them aliens, but i like to humanize them. the question is why are we spending resources on one group of people and the reasons we are doing that is based primarily on fear and bigotry that's ginned up sometimes by folks like you. >> tucker: have you look at the polling among african-americans on illegal immigration, the people you say you represent, have you looked at the effect on their wages by
2:20 am
the presence of millions of 20000000 illegal aliens in this country? it pushes those wages down who are you representing? >> if you look at the data, sanctuary cities are safer than nonce actuary cities. >> tucker: that's just silly. >> they had better economics. >> tucker: that's totally false, i do this for a living i'm very familiar with the data and that's not true. let me ask you this question, at some point does it matter to a politician whose job it is his sworn duty to represent the citizens of his district or state whether or not someone is a citizen. these are foreign nationals, citizens of another country, does that matter? >> in new york city i have a lot of tourists, i believe my job is to represent all the people in my city and my state at any given time. i know you're a public safety person so my question is why would we not view this from a public safety point of view? >> tucker: sanctuary cities are not safer.
2:21 am
that's one of many statistics that are fake but the left throws around like a millions of people don't have government i.d., another lie from a made-up study. >> that's a great point, we should give them driver's licenses. >> tucker: you will make it much better. is there a difference between a u.s. citizen and a citizen of a foreign country. >> yes, you just said it but both of them are human beings. the question is if we took all the law enforcement and said we want you to focus on the streets that have turtle cars on them and have parked on, that the civil violation. why would we do that? there's no reason to do that, these are civil violations. the reason we focus on undocumented immigrants that are probably from s-hole countries and not norway is bigotry and fear. >> tucker: there's a few pull out that far more african-americans think
2:22 am
immigration has made their lives worse than lives better are they racist? >> the lieutenant governor of the state agrees more with you, he doesn't believe in giving his driver's license. >> tucker: i'm not asking, are those people racist? >> the current government doesn't do policy by polls, i do policy by what's right. >> tucker: what you were doing is what many on the left to do which go to motive. you are saying these concerns grow out of bigotry, you were impugning my motives. >> you shouldn't talk about motives when were talking about policy is that what you're saying? >> tucker: you're the one who brought it up. you said people support this because they are bigots. my question was a brand-new poll came out that showed far more african-americans of every ethnic group, i'm just picking one are against immigration then are for it. >> i don't think they're against immigration. >> tucker: is made their lives worse.
2:23 am
>> most atrocities in this world have been based on people who use some sort of law to separate people out and say that they are other and commit atrocities. >> tucker: you guys are so high on this ideology. >> when you call them animals, when you call them s-hole from countries, that's dehumanization. >> tucker: even to resurrect the arguments it's so dumb i can barely stand it. let me bring you into the present. this is the daily news cover, biggest tablet in new york. disgrace to our country it's a defense of a criminal alien -- i think it says how city and state can unite against ice. do you think it's the place of democrats to encourage open attacks on a federal law enforcement agency? >> some democrats have been part of the problem. the person i'm running against
2:24 am
agrees with you on some of these issues. democrats have been part of the problem and stoking some of the fear. what i'm saying to you is we have to view these people as human beings and figure out why we are so focused on this one group of people when there is no public safety benefit. >> tucker: there presence lowers wages from poor people, supply and demand is a real thing, this has been shown. again and again. >> pablo who was delivering a pizza and that article you were smoking outcome if he had a driver's license he would still be here. you had success in getting up fear. >> tucker: because were racist, you're too cowardly to say it up loud. >> i'm a son of immigrants as a matter of fact. >> tucker: money for lieutenant governor of new york, got help that state.
2:25 am
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and that 2% cash back adds up to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet? >> tucker: president trump making news ahead of saturday's g7 summit in france, he's battled with canada's justin
2:29 am
trudeau and the president of france emmanuel macron over trade restrictions, he's announced plans to leave the summit early, now the president says the g7 want to reinstate russia into the group after a four year hiatus arguing it is better to have them at the negotiating table. this sounds like something liberals used to say during the cold war, it's better to be at the table talking the not to become a why is that not true now? >> this is still true but this is a strange platform for him to make this comment as you noted, he's gotten into arguments and squabbles, and his one statement of support is for russia who was not there. also of interest he didn't say why he wants russia to be there. is there some trade to deal he wants to do? >> tucker: here's a guess we
2:30 am
are fighting a war with russia, we've killed hundreds of russians there. you could very easily serve the war breaking out there you can see it breaking out over ukrain, problems in georgia, we are as close to conflict with russia why wouldn't you want to diffuse at the little bit? is there an advantage to going war with russia? >> i'm glad you pointed that out. you have to remember why were they kicked out of the g8 in the first place? because they annexed crimea. it's continuing in that effort to support a blood he in eastern ukraine. that was a punishment to russia, what trump has suggested is taking away that punishment and he doesn't acknowledge, we were intending to discourage by kicking them out of the g8. >> tucker: if the point is to make a moral statement about help vladimir putin is bad, worse than stalin, liberals defended him for 40 years and
2:31 am
now vladimir putin is worse than him, we've made the statement. why wouldn't you want to do everything you could to diffuse armed conflict with a nuclear armed russia? liberals want conflict with russia, why? >> there has to be a carrot and stick approach. part of the stick approach was kicking them out of the g8. it's also putting sanctions -- he didn't want to do it republicans in congress want to do it, people in his administration -- -- >> tucker: i think it's idiotic. why is russia a greater or more imminent but to us? are they killing tens of thousands of americans with fentanyl. are they flood in the country illegal aliens? >> they are a bigger threat to us because they're trying to interfere for our democracy.
2:32 am
>> tucker: encouraging people to invade our country, a lot of them are trying to vote. now people are saying they should be naturalized. russia is still a bigger threat to mexico because why? >> different type of threats, people who come from mexico and some of the illegal immigration is a threat to the u.s. and the drug cartels are a threat. the mexican government is not a threat. the mexican government's policies are not a threat. whereas putin who is an authoritarian dictator who is doing everything he can to stop american influence around the world, to stop american support for democracies around the world and to eject our own democracy, he's a threat to all of those things which it used to be all americans agreed that was important. >> tucker: americans have lost faith in the idea that it's our job to spread democracy because
2:33 am
it resulted in the rise of isis, people are rethinking that. since russia is the most evil place ever and a putin is lord satan himself, what do you think of the fact that alex of veg can a hero in washington won the stanley cup is a friend of pruda promoter of food and, we put him in jail, he is friends with pruden, should we incarcerate him? >> i was lucky enough to be at the game, it was amazing. that's an incredibly tough place for an opponent to play in the las vegas stadium and the capitals did it. >> tucker: may be the russians hacked the game, occurred to yo you? >> ovechkin is a big part of it, he has a friendship with putin going back to ten years. >> tucker: does that mean he should be in jail? >> it doesn't mean he should be in jail he is not interfering in our elections. he is winning the stanley cup.
2:34 am
>> tucker: for the record, i could care less if he is friends with putin. >> it's okay for him to be friends with putin. we love him for his contributions to america, not for his support to putin. >> tucker: great to see you. the campaign against global warming seems to have gone bust it started as an effort to protect the environment it is not that anymore. detailing how the movement has been hijacked by obsessions with race and gender, worries about carbon and rising sea levels have turned into speeches about fighting misogyny and so-called climate justice whatever that is. steven hayward joins us to explain. thanks for coming on. >> thank you, isn't it amazing how everything seems to get reduced to race and justice these days? >> tucker: it's especially
2:35 am
amazing when topics that have no conceivable connection get pulled in, how did that happen? >> the point of the article is simple. most issues go through these long cycles lots of early interests, the press gets onto it, a flurry of political activity, policies are made, then we start having consideration trade-offs. if that's been going on with global warming for several year years. it's really expensive to do what a lot of the climatistas want us to do. we need to consider of gender and climate justice, that's jumping the shark. public opinion surveys showed declining public interest in the darn thing. >> tucker: it's a boutique issue for rich people but it's also confusing. even if you think that climate justice is real or if you can explain what it is i've never met anyone who can or you think gender equality is an important
2:36 am
part of this, what does that have to do with science? that's not science, is it? >> not at all. that's one of the things i said in the article. i'm not questioning any of the consensus about climate science i'm saying is a political policy matter, it's run its course. you should've seen my twitter feed a blowup. apparently it's not enough to call someone a climate denier at all, i'm getting called a white male supremacist which is a good sign that you've run out of arguments about the issue itself. >> tucker: doesn't approach being an argument, it's a primal scream. you were at a berkeley how are you allowed to say this at berkeley? and good for you for being ther there. >> i'm like that civil war era general who said i like to fight surrounded, i think that might've been general custer. two things that you and your audience should know and be encouraged by a little bit.
2:37 am
one is we ought to make a distinction between old-fashioned liberals who dominated universities for decades, that's not a news story increasingly the universities are being dominated by much more radical progressive left that as we know turn to violence to get their way. a lot of the old-fashioned liberals understand this is a crisis for the universities and a lot of them are starting to say, i think you want to give props to the administration and academics at berkeley who said we have a problem and we need to have some more conservative voices on our faculty and on our campus. he reached out to be a couple years ago and invited me to come and i'm glad to be there, i'm having a great time and i get along with most of the liberals on the campus just fine and the radicals want to gauge me at all. >> tucker: i think that's important to make the distinction, if liberalism is a concern for civil liberties, a belief in actual diversity that i'm a liberal and proud to be one. there aren't many left i'm glad you found some at berkeley that's heartening. thank you, it's a great piece.
2:38 am
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2:43 am
antidepressants are more widely prescribed than ever and they don't seem to be helping. the author of one of the most important books in recent memory it's called lost connections uncovering the real causes of depression, he is suffering from depression himself. thank you for coming on. >> it's good to be with you, albeit on a dark day. >> tucker: the point is what we are doing isn't working, the percentage of the population taking drugs meant to fight depression is rising and so was the suicide rate. isn't that proof enough that what we are doing isn't working? >> i wanted to understand that myself, i had periods of being acutely suicidal. i wanted to -- one of the reasons why this shocking news about the increase in suicide is
2:44 am
everyone watching your show knows they have natural physical needs. you need food, you need water, you need shelter, you need clean air, if you took those things away from you you would be in trouble fast. there's equally strong evidence that all human beings have natural psychological needs. you need to feel you belong, like your life has meaning and purpose. you need to know you have a future that makes sense. we've been getting less and less good at meeting these deep underlying psychological needs. if it's not the only thing that's going on but it's the reason why this crisis is growing. what we've got to do if we want to find our way out of this is understand the causes of depression and anxiety. and solve those problems, not just drug people of their drugs, that's not the solution. >> tucker: every case of
2:45 am
clinical depression is a problem of brain chemistry is stupid -- but that's what we're told. >> i don't think it's just stupid, it's misunderstanding the crisis. this depression, this anxiety, this addiction epidemic, these are signals. they are telling us something, it's not that every person is becoming suicidal, most people's lives or diminish some degree by these factors like acute loneliness, if you go to work tomorrow and you are controlled you have no choices over your work you're much more likely to become depressed. if you had a traumatic childhood and you'd not had a chance to release the shame, you are 3,000 100% more likely to attempt suicide. there are a whole range of causes that make sense. when we tell people it's just a problem in their brain, it's just a factor in the brain, what
2:46 am
we're saying is your pain doesn't mean anything it's like a glitch in a computer program. your pain makes sense, you're not crazy you're not a machine with broken parts. you're a human being with unmet needs. >> tucker: maybe society is crazy. >> there is no sign of good health to be well-adjusted to a six society. >> tucker: this is a brave counterintuitive book, thank you very much. >> the book is called lost connections. >> tucker: nasa has announced that one of its rovers has developed the building blocks of life on mars, but now more than ever it looks like something could be out there and there's more evidence on tape that indeed there is. the latest in a ufo news next
2:47 am
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>> tucker: nasa announced it has discovered organic material the building blocks of life all the way on mars but that's not the only fascinating space related news to come out recently. according to a newly leaked pentagon report, and 2004 a u.s. aircraft carrier was stocked for several days by a ufo by witnesses who said it resembled eight supersonic tic tac, it could make itself invisible. this shocked and confused navy pilots who monitored it. next, why would information on this -- why would we need to read about it because it was leaked? why one to the u.s. tell us
2:52 am
this, is there some reason? >> i think there's always embarrassment on anything in our airspace the performance factors six exceed in our inventory. if that was the conclusion in this pentagon document, this thing ran rings around our f-18 super hornets that tried to chase this thing, it was briefly tracked on radar but it seems to be able to -- again it's a phrase from the document it's almost like it cloaked itself and became invisible. you'd think this was a science fiction if you weren't reading it in pentagon documents and we know now that the government took this very seriously, these things are be seeing in our skies by pilots tracked on radar and it's a serious defense of national security issue here. >> tucker: we don't believe that any other country possesses the technology to create an aircraft like this.
2:53 am
>> absolutely correct. one of the things that went into this report was looking to see if this sort of thing was any thing in our own inventory and indeed anything that any other nation has. when i was investigating ufos for the british government, we knew that some of these things would turn out to be secret prototype aircraft drones and missiles. we always knew who has what so you can eliminate that. >> tucker: what you are really saying is the u.s. government and the british government has essentially concluded it's something not from this world that is been checked on radar and watched by people who watch aircraft for living -- this is real. >> it is real. the government doesn't go so far as to say these things are extraterrestrial but certainly when i was doing this for the ministry of defense our policy
2:54 am
statement said neither do we rule out that possibility. we kept an open mind on this. their speeds and maneuvers are in excess of anything that you've got, you are forced almost to think the unthinkable. part of the problem was that senior political figures and military chiefs often just said ufos and they rolled their eyes and it was the ridicule factor. >> tucker: we are out of time but it just seems like a story we should be covering much more than we do and i hope you'll come back, thank you. were going to close tonight to it was my very first car accident. i called usaa and the first thing they asked was 'are you ok?' they always thank you for your service, which is nice because as a spouse you serve too. we're the hayles
2:55 am
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>> tucker: by now you have heard the crushing news about our colleague and dear friend charles krauthammer. i have only a few weeks left to live, charles wrote in one of his final letters. this is the final verdict. my fight is over." over the coming days charles will be celebrate and ultimately eulogized by those who knew him. for generations he will continue to touch and guide those who didn't know him. his words clear and crisp and true will long outlive him. a lot will be said about charles krauthammer. i would like to add one thing. over the more than 20 years i knew him, charles thought about death every day. he told me that once. if that sounds more -- morose,
2:58 am
it's the opposite. he was one of the rare people with the courage to look reality squarely in the face. charles radiated a calm cheerfulness. he knew what was coming. he had been close to it before. he didn't want to leave, but it didn't scare him. charles krauthammer is a genuinely brave man. for that reason, he is a happy man. "i live the life that i intended," he wrote. "there is no higher achievement than that." good night. have a great weekend. [national anthem. an ♪ [national anthem
2:59 am
♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪ [national anthem] ♪
3:00 am
[national anthem] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> president trump takes his america first agenda to the g-7 summit. >> what it pleasure it is to welcome president trump to cheryl i have. >charlevoix. >> justin has agreed to cut all tariffs and trade barriers between canada and the united states. >> the president says it may be time to bring russia back into the family of the g-8. >> used to be the g-8 because russia was in it. and now russia's not in it. russia should be in the meeting. >> were you serious about [inaudible] >> >> no, i didn't say that i said i have been preparing all my life. i always believe in preparation.


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