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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  June 9, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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[national anthem] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> president trump takes his america first agenda to the g-7 summit. >> what it pleasure it is to welcome president trump to cheryl i have. >charlevoix. >> justin has agreed to cut all tariffs and trade barriers between canada and the united states. >> the president says it may be time to bring russia back into the family of the g-8. >> used to be the g-8 because russia was in it. and now russia's not in it. russia should be in the meeting. >> were you serious about [inaudible] >> >> no, i didn't say that i said i have been preparing all my life. i always believe in preparation. these one week preparations
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don't work. just ask hillary what happened to her in the debate. >> we're going to end the drug. >> the white house says there are 3,000 pardons under consideration. >> the power to pardon is a wonderful thing. you got to get it right. >> golden state champions once again ♪ small town ♪ throw down ♪ tailgate down ♪ bring that country up loud ♪ it's a small town throw down. pete: thank you daylight savings it's already light out. i hope will are actual fish in the pond. abby: big bass in that pool. i don't think they would survive in a swimming pool.
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floating in the top by the end of the show. griff: i have a confession to make i apologize to bass pro shops and every other fisherman in the world. last time i was on the show i was holding the fishing rod upside down. my nephew has corrected me and i will not make that today. abby: good to have you with us. pete: looking good. abby you were in at 8:00 last night. griff: you have been preparing all your life. abby: this week is going to be incredibly busy and important, too. obviously the g-7 going on in north korea. the g-17 where we start. pete: let's go to a fox news alert. president trump front and center at the world stage g-7 summit. griff: this has he prepares for one-on-one with kim jong un. abby: our own kevin corke is live in quebec city with all of the details u kevin, what can you tell us so far? >> good morning, guys.
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what a difference a few hours makes, right? the president comes here described by the "new york times" as a bit of a black sheep among the family members here at the g-7. well, the all smiles and even jokes yesterday as he had his first sitdown with canadian prime minister justin trudeau. >> justin has agreed to cut all tariffs and all trade barriers. [laughter] between canada and the united states. so i'm very happy. >> nafta is in good shape. >> we are actually working on it we are actually working on it our relationship is very good. we are actually working on cutting tariffs and making it all very fair for both countries. >> making it fair for both countries. that's been the argument. can we get reciprocity g-7 members. all smiles and hugs at the family photo yesterday. the president didn't just take part in the photo op.s he had working sessions to get involved with yesterday.
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important because the idea is the u.s. and i'm sure just like their global trading partners want to level the playing field just a bit to make sure that no one is being taken advantage of. very strong conversation later in the evening with his french counterpart emmanuel macron. you may remember the president has been in sort of a tit for at tha tit-for-tath mr. macron and mr. trudeau. we will tell you how the conversation went with mr. macron in the next hour there are more working sessions to tell you about here, guys. the president will be leaving earlier than anticipated making its way to song poor for the summit. he talked a bit about having russia we join the family of nations in the g-7 turning it back into the g-8. keep this in mind the russians were kicked out when they invaded ukraine and annexed crimea. it may be quite a while before they make their way back. in guys for now we'll see you in next hour. abby: happened four years
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ago. that was interesting back and forth. had you trudeau and macron saying fine if you don't want to be part of the g-7 if you are pushing back maybe we don't need the u.s. this was a tactic by the president to say maybe we need russia to become part of the g-8 again. pete: industrial and emerging market countries. why can't that dialogue include fair and free trade deals. it's like have you got a punch bowl i'm coming here to drop something in it whether you like it or not. he is leaving early by the way. is he going to skip the climate change talks. griff: peter navarro the trade advisor to the president look american complacency is done. american tariffs are the lowest in the planet. is he not going to continue to give this generosity around the world when he is trying to secure the world security namely heading off to north korea.
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abby: is he leaving early as you said because he has a couple things on his plate. >> half of the fox news channel has been moved to singapore because we will bring you the best coverage on television of this historic summit that's happening. so, he -- pit stop at g-7 to go to singapore to be part of these historic talks. talks a lot of people thought would never happen. here we are at the precipice of it. mike pompeo was out recently saying that north korea must agree to inspections any time, anywhere. we are setting perspectives there. donald trump as he was leaving the white house laid out how prepared he is. listen to his preparation only the way he can say it. >> i always believe in preparation. i have been preparing all my life. these one-week preparations, they don't work. just ask hillary what happened to her in the debate. so i have been preparing for this all my life. abby: only the way that president trump can explain
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that. it is interesting to get a sense of what is going through his mind and how he is thinking through preparing for this really important sitdown. i think this could be possibly the biggest foreign policy break since that we have seen since the cold war in decades. he is saying a lookout comes down to attitude. how you connect with that person one-on-one griff in that room as you talk about negotiations. griff: how you are perceived around the world whether it's the middle east or in asia a strong american leader throughout history has garnered respect. and that is what president trump talked about if we flashback to the way he talked tough against this regime. this is what got us here. take a listen. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states, they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. frankly, the people that were questioning that statement was it too tough?
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maybe it wasn't tough enough. they have been doing this to our country for a long time, for many years. it's about time that somebody stuck up for the people of this country. >> if he does anything with respect to guam or any place else that's an american territory or an american ally, he will truly regret it he will regret it fast. >> rocket man is in a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. the united states is ready, willing, and able. pete: take the president's comparison to hillary clinton. it's not just a shot. it's actually true. if you are not a negotiator and you have to train for a week to become a negotiator, you are probably not effective at that moment where you need attitude and fortitude. you show up, we didn't expect that, what do i do? where do i go? if you spent your whole life negotiating high stakes they will do affect you personally and now you are the president who is
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negotiating for his entire country, you are in a place where have you been prepared your entire life for this moment. give me the details. give me the information. but i'm going to stare down this 34-year-old dictator, north korea being, and say i have got double the life experience and i have done way more than you ever had. you inherited a hermit kingdom and kept it hermit. it actually is a very true statement. abby: boy how far we have come from the montage we just played. seemed like in that moment he knew what he was doing. sort of this classic art of the deal. you throw everything against the wall and home you can get to a place where there is real change. a little bit of what we are seeing with the g-7. you push them hard and hopefully you get to a better place in the end. we will see what happens in singapore. very good few days to come. people seem optimistic about it. griff: trying to just pose on the economy nobody other than the democrat voices in our own country, they weren't preparing their entire life for a guy like donald trump. and god forbid he should
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succeed it has driven some of our loudest liberal voices. i know your favorite, pete, bill maher. let me play this for you and see what you think. >> i feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point. i'm hoping for it one way to get rid of trump is a crashing economy. so, please, bring on the recession. sorry if that hurts people. either root for recession or lose your democracy. pete: one thing bill maher does well is to say what a lot of liberals are thinking but won't say because who wants to root for people losing their jobs and a bad economy. nobody does. how do we beat this guy in 2018, especially in 2020, the economy has got to tank. imagine how many forgotten people, normal people, flyover people would be affected by a bad economy? bill maher is like hey, we're kind of rooting for it. abby: you are saying he a little bit like trump. for democrats, willing to go places that the party won't
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go. griff: yeahgo.griff. pete: yeah, in some sense. griff: on the stage of north korea said it couldn't happen. going back to the campaign everybody said trump can't win. democrats bill maher saying this can't happen and it did. now talking about a economy where we may get 4% g.d.p. growth going into 2019. they are saying it can't happen. and they are rooting now for a recession. it's unbelievable. we are going to simply root against success of the american people for keeping donald trump. pete: can't run on your own idea. abby: some people hate donald trump that much. what do you think about what bill maher said? want to bring you other headlines. we do begin with a fox news alert. a u.s. soldier is dead and four others wounded after an enemy attack in somalia. al shabaab opening fire on the troops. the conditions of those wounded and their identities have not been released. president trump tweeting, this quote: my thoughts and prayers are with the families and servicemen who were killed and fellow
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servicemen who were wounded woud in somalia. they are truly all heroes. search for the body of a woman feared dead after an alligator attack. this after wildlife officials found an arm inside a 12-foot gator. police say the 47-year-old was walking her dog near a lake in davey when she disappeared. witnesses saw they saw beast drag her into the water. hauled it out of the leg before eventually killing it that is a horrible story. the u.s. is pulling more two more workers u.s. in cuba amid new health concerns. tested for possible brain injuries. there are fears they have been affected by those mysterious health attacks harming u.s. diplomats in cuba and now in china. sings 2016, 24 diplomats in havana have suffered symptoms related to a high pitch sound. frightening. new overnight certify steph cury
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and the warriors. president trump shut down a possible white house celebration. >> i didn't invite lebron james. and i didn't invite seth steph curry. we have other teams that are coming. abby: last year he withdrew answer invin investigation to the warriors after steph curry said he would rather not attend that ceremony. pete: i love nba basketball i have to set it all aside. abby: can't we compartmentize. pete: i don't care what steph curry's politics are. i want him to hit a three. great team unbelievable. president trump offering an olive branch to anthem-kneelers. >> have a lot of people in the nfl, they are not proud enough to stand for our national anthem. ask them to recommend to me
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people that were unfairly treated. pete: is that out answer to finding a common ground? we're going to debate it coming up next.
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>> the power of the pardon is a lovely thing. sports league not proud enough to stand for the national anthem. i don't like that. it's all talk, talk, talk. i'm going to ask them to recommend to me people unfairly treated. friends of theirs or people that they know about, i will take aa look at those applications. abby: interesting idea but could it work. chris and democratic strategist richard fowler, of course fox news contributor. good morning, gentlemen. thank you for being with us. >> good morning, abby. abby: interesting point, chris. i made the point this week when he disinvited the
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eagles players from coming only 2 said they were going to show up. if you don't want to come to the white house, at least just come and have a conversation with the president. there you heard it, he said those that want to kneel or sit in the locker room if you feel like someone has been treated unjustly come to me and have that conversation. do you think that would work? >> i certainly do believe it will work. look, the president is certainly leading a great example and is about solutions. if these nfl players and other athletes and celebrities want to be solution-oriented, this is a perfect way. what other golden mat is any other president given you have issues frustrated. to provide you a list of people u here is the great part i love about it he is saying, look, if we can't pardon them, we will at least let them out that shows so much empathy from the president. people complain about him not wanting to do things for the minority community members. in my eyes is he doing more for minority members of the community than any other president has. abby: richard, so kellyanne spoke about this and she
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said originally the players that really did care about changing policy they wanted to come and have that conversation. here is what she had onto say? >> when eagles first come requested policy time the president said okay, let's have policy time. the people hospitalled it most weren't coming to the white house. abby: whether they like it or not, president trump is in that white house for the foreseeable future the next couple years at least. if you want to make change, why not at least have those conversations? >> listen, i'm always about having the conversation and you know that abby. herein lies the problem. it goes farther than commutations. we to have a conversation about broken criminal justice system. this week a 10-year-old has hand cuffed in chicago, a black 10-year-old for no reason in particular because he matched the description of a suspect. he ended up, you know, sort of peeing on himself and crying. now his life is utterly and totally ruined because of a broken criminal justice system. it goes beyond. abby: does sound like the
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president care as lot about that. you heard him yesterday say this is something he is passionate about. both sides of the aisle can be in favor and push that forward as well. >> i agree. if he does, then let's have a conversation about the broken bail system in this country. have a conversation about the fact have you mandatory minimums. let's have a conversation about how we create opportunities in inner cities on top of pardoning people who have been wrongfully prosecuted. but we have got to do it all together. can't just be blanket pardons and i have done my job and move on because the system is more complex and more problematic than just saying let's sign some pardons and move on. because this is a very, very broken criminal justice system both democrats and republicans agree. abby: a lot of pardons can be symbolic and accepted a bigger message. alice johnson was part of it this week. sounds like that's what richard is talking about. >> you are exactly right. the conversation is so vast, so many things obviously wrong. this is a president, you said it right, it's symbolic. look, this is an important
3:20 am
issue. frankly, he doesn't have to discuss it there is many other things he can be discussing. is he setting the standard and saying this is an important issue. >> but, frankly, he does have to discuss it. >> and let's move forward. want to be solution-oriented that's how we get things done. >> listen, i get that. abby: quickly, richard. >> i get that first of all, there is 2,000 other people just like the young lady he pardoned this week. and he does have to discuss it because these individuals are americans and he represents them as well. we want to fix this country and make america great again, let's make our justifiable system great again u it needed to happen decades ago. more than just pardons and commutations. >> that's what he is doing right now. >> more than that though. let's get to work. abby: definitely an issue we can all be passionate about. sounds like we are moving in the right direction. good to see you. abby: tsa over fire of six-minute patdown of an elderly woman. details we will bring them
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♪ ♪ griff: welcome back. quick headlines. chinese government hackers steal sensitive data from u.s. navy contractor. under sea warfare plans including missile development project according to the "the washington post." the fbi and navy are investigating. the u.s. air force is ordering its entire b-1 bombing fleet to stand down over safety concerns. officials discovering a problem with ejection seats after a b-1 bomber made an emergency landing in texas last month. the jets will return to flight status once the issues are fixed. no word on how long that
3:25 am
will take. pete: thanks, griff. throughout his run to the white house, president trump had a very clear message. >> america first will be the major and overriding theme of my administration. >> the beauty of america first is that it brings us all together. >> americanism, not globalism, will be our creed creed. >> we will never ever sign bad trade deals. america first again. >> we need a system that serves our needs, not the needs of others u under a trump administration, it's called america first. abby: we heard it over and over again. why are global leaders surprised is he following through on that? here to react former secret service agent dan bongino. dan, always good to see you. >> good to see you, too. pete: good morning, dan. abby: you followed him a lot throughout the campaign trail. he talked about his hatred for nafta how we continue to get the short end of the
3:26 am
stick with these trade deals. no one should be surprised here. if anything, if he had gone into the meetings with the g-7 and not taken on the strong tone, he would have been criticized for flip flopping on this. >> i have an interesti thought on this because i ran in the same cycle that candidate trump did. i'm not a fan of tariffs at all. i would knock on a couple thousand doors in florida on my show the night before the election, i said to everybody, i go donald trump is going to win. is he going to win florida handily, and the reason i knew it because i would engage with people on tariffs. again, i was adversarial on it, and they were absolutely passionate about this issue they feel like america maybe getting the shaft for a long time. donald trump had a unique ability on immigration and terrify dealtariff deals to los. i'm on the other side of it but he saw something there.
3:27 am
griff: dan, everyone has talked about the playing field being leveled. that is the main message. but there is a second message. that is these tariffs on aluminum and steel or r. a national security issue. the president, the administration, peter navarro saying it's not aimed at one country. it's the entire security of the world in that the u.s. needs a balanced playing field when it comes to aluminum and steal because it's critical to our defense mechanism. is this not, as the president says a national security issue, these tariffs? >> well, the economics of it, griff, are hard to justify. think about it, right? if the chinese and other countries want to send to us and work basically at a premium, excuse me, at a discount and want to ship us steal and we want to stockpile it for military use, then, really, the chinese are building up our military. so the economic case really isn't great for that, but, let me say this, to president trump's credit, i'm not a fan of tariffs. tariffs are unacceptable for foreign countries as well. this is why he may be on to
3:28 am
something. if he is using this as a negotiating tactic as you said to level the playing field, you know what? then i agree it may not be a bad idea. what they are doing to us is definitely damaging our economy as well. pete: tariffs can be a threat toward fairer and freer trade that makes a dozen sense. dan, got to get your points on this. nancy pelosi, regardless of how far good things get, always has to be debby downer. listen. >> hip hip hooray, unemployment is down. what does that mean to me in my life? i need a bigger paycheck. and that's the apprehension the american families have had. the economy will never fully reach its possibilities unless we increase the consumer confidence. pete: hip hip hooray unemployment down. dan? >> you know, i think someone should start a national petition to start a republican victory fund for nancy pelosi. this woman is the gift that keeps on giving to republicans. you know, pete, hip hip
3:29 am
hooray? listen, how do you think that sounds to a father or a mother being sarcastic at times that hasn't had a job or under employed in a job they don't like for a long time and finally comes home to their kids for dinner night mommy and daddy got the job they want for the salary you need. a san francisco millionaire up there doing it they are in a dilemma. they can't talk up the economy because none of them voted for it and they can't talk down the economy because nobody wants to run on a negative message except if you are nancy pelosi. abby: a bit out of touch. you are exactly right. good to see you this morning. >> good to see you, too. abby: media's war on white house women intensifies. >> what do they do on a day like today? are they are the most stoic human beings are they paid off and dead. >> yes, yes and yes. >> rachel campos duffy here
3:30 am
to respond. you don't want to miss it? >> did president trump and kim jong un arrive early for their summit? and the perfect father's day gifts with bass pro shops and cabella's, the grill that will help you celebrate dad. an important guy. that's coming up next. abby: are there bass? pete: there is steak on the grill. griff: i'm not diving in. my mom's pain from
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♪ i feel like i found my way abby: i'm a little nervous about this. pete: this is a world exclusive. abby: big reveal this morning. i wrote a children's book. this is something near and dear to my heart. it's been a project for the last year. it's all about inspiring the next generation to do something good with their lives to help out their community, to do something of service. as you know, pete, i come from a family about service. brothers in the military. my dad has devoted his life to this country. my grandpas were in the military. when i got pregnant with isabel. i said to my husband how do we teach that to our daughter? how do we help her know the importance of service and community. i wrote this myself. if only isabel reads it it's great. i hope other parents can read it to their kids. pete: there is a bunch of garbage in children's book. i opened up random pages,
3:35 am
what about if i join the military or police force? you love the military, you love the police. lay it all out there. if you love your country and support everything about our community, there is a loft options out there. i love it. abby: a lot of different ways to help. griff: congratulations all of our viewers are thinking how do i get this book? abby: i hope. so it actually comes out september 11th, which is fitting that the day we learned just how wonderful the people are right here in new york city. comes out september 11th. the website is right there www.her per will i be? a books near and dear to my heart. i hope it inspires a whole new generation out there to do something with their life. pete: can i get a signed copy? abby: only for you, pete. griff: me too. abby: both of you. pete: a book talk about not only kids stuff but stuff that matters. abby: thank you so much. i'm so excited about. this we have a lot going on
3:36 am
this morning. i want to give you headlines coming into our newsroom. the tsa under fire for a six-minute patdown of a 6-year-old woman in a wheelchair. >> what do you think she is going to do? drop a shoe bomb? >> 96-year-old terrorist here. >> her daughter posting the now viral video calling the random search, quote, prolonged and repetitive. it all happened at dulles international airport in virginia. the tsa says the officer did what they're trains to do. sure hear more about that. a truck baring into a doughnut shop at full speed narrowly misses customers. and it is all caught on camera. can you see the white pickup truck flying around the corner before careening around the parking lot into the washington state shop. the concrete curve outside saving that customer's life as they dive out of the way. the driver was charged with a dui. no one luckily was hurt. church goers are fuming over a marilyn monroe statue
3:37 am
posted outside of their place of worship. the 26-foot statue causing controversy because its rear end is facing the entrance of the connecticut church. the figure is from the famous scene of the 1955 classic the seven year itch. monroe is holding down her dress as air blows up from a subway grate. put up as citywide art display for the summer. also this a teen who pleaded for a family to adopt him after spending life in foster care graduates high school in 2013. dash cam video i don't know 2013 davion -- begging for someone to take him. in adopted by a case worker five years later and he was graduating scholar. has a job and plans to join a culinary school of hopes of becoming a chef. what an incredible story. i love those. good for him. isn't that great? >> while you were doing the news. pete went outside. must be fishing. griff: pete, have you caught
3:38 am
a fish yet. >> yes, of course. that's why we are out here. bass pro shops and cabella's grills for the perfect father's day. we have bass pro shops and cabella's. >> good morning. pete: let's start with the gills. >> this weekend and next weekend so excited about gone fishing event. bass pro shops and cabella's across the country. next weekend is actually father's day. pete: will you see something like this maybe? >> oh, yeah, this kind of stuff is in all of our stores. great gift ideas for your father. pete: alexa, what have you got? what do i get my dad? >> well, can you get your dad anything from hunting gear, hiking, fishing, anything your dad would want is at bass pro. i have some ideas for my dad but i will keep those a secret in case he is watching. pete: fair enough. these grills might be support of it. >> yes, maybe. griff: mr. steak, i haven't
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heard plaintiff steak. tell me about it? >> exclusive to bass pro. patio version can you get 3, 4, or 5 burner option. these are portable. can you literally take them anywhere you want and enjoy your steak. pete: camping. >> put them on the back of the four wheeler, have your steak,. pete: you throw a propane tank on it and good to go. >> this runs off same propane tank. you can take it anywhere. throw it on the boat. have a shore lunch. cooked this morning. just got it done. think it will be the best steak. these portable versions infraredder i ceramic that hot 1,000 degrees that's how the steakhouses do it. pete: look at big grills which i do often. regular portion and infrared portion. that's the best way to do the steaks. >> uses blue flame on this side you are accuss tommed to using other side so hot sears in those stakes. it cooks it fast. that's part of the grilling
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tips. pete: i cooked three steaks last night but not like this. wow. mr. steak, he has his 10 commandments of grilling steaks. something you want to use. number one, is to pick out the right steak. you want something with a lot of marbling. it is fat and makes it tender. season it up. pete: season 100 percent. >> four different options of mr. steak. be liberal with it and use it exactly. pete: no too liberal. >> set to room temperature. pete: lay it out first, you are totally right. don't let anybody how to cook your steak. if you at this point in time well done have it well done. you want it rare, have it rare. to each their only. people poke it to see if it's done stake thermometer in there. get the juices out. use the touch method. the less firm it is the more rare it is. pete: those are good tips. we'll didn't get to all 8 but why will bring them to you later. go to bass and cabella' mr. steak. we will do fishing later on.
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>> yep, be doing some fishing. pete: back outside. that's for sure. just how is moving on to a different subject. just how special counsel robert mueller spending taxpayer money. the house wants to make sure we find out. we'll ask texas congressman louie gohmert who vote you had to make it happen next hour. plus, the media's war on the white house women, it i intensifies. >> what do they do on a day like today? are they are the most stoick human beings? are they numb, paid off inside what's their deal. >> yes, yes, and yes. pete: so good. very good. our own rachel campos duffy is coming up next. good to see you, rachel.
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♪ abby: we are back with quick headlines, take a look at this president trump and kim jong un impersonators arriving in singapore before the summit even fooling a number of people. >> donald trump and kim jong un, so shocking. >> the kim jong un look alike was detained and questioned for two hours when he arrived at the singapore airport. unbelievable. north korean dictators american buddy oh yes, dennis rodman. the former to the rest of the world i'm honored to call potus a friend. one. best negotiators of all time. i'm looking forward to his continued success at the singapore summit that will be interesting one. fly on the wall. pete: the mainstream media
3:46 am
obsessing, that's a good word for it, about the first lady's whereabouts and trashing the trump women. >> a lot of people are wondering where the first lady is. >> the last time we caught a glimpse of her was on may 10th, 24 days. >> i'm not surprised it took that shawshank guy years to tunnel out. >> the trump women are they just the most stoick human beings? are they numb and dead inside? griff: rachel campos-duffy is here to weigh in. good morning to you, rachel. >> good morning to you. abby: you are outspoken about president trump. you are the perfect person. >> i'm soulless and helpless and controlled by men. do you remember when hillary went, i think, to india and she said the reason why republican women voted for trump -- by the way a lot of democratic women did, too, is that they are controlled by their husbands. their sons and their bosses told them to vote for trump. this is the media and the
3:47 am
democrat, believe it or not, still trying to figure out how they lost that election. and it has to be that women are controlled by men that they are helpless. in the case of melania, that she is somehow a hostage in the white house. that's how they are explaining it and, by the way. that's why they are going to lose again in the mid terms. pete: rachel, in a fair world, melania trump would be splashed over every fashion magazine in america. instead, the one moment where she isn't in the public because of a surgery, which most of us would give drerches to, now they are obsessing over that coverage. what is it about that double standard? >> well, it is what it is. and republicans, especially republican women and republican or conservative minorities have always had to deal with this extreme double standard. it just is what it is. they were complicit. we betrayed our gender by not doing what they say that we should do, for thinking for ourselves. it's ironic because in the case of melania, it couldn't be more untrue.
3:48 am
from day one, this is a woman who has done it her way. remember all the pressure she had to move to the white house. immediately after the inauguration and she was like, you know, that doesn't work for me. i would like to stay here and be with my son until he, you know, finishes out the school year. and, again, with the surgery, you know, she had to know there was going to be a lot of speculation with her not being in the media, and she didn't care. she put her own health first, which she should as a woman and ignored all the naysayers and haters. griff: quick prediction, do you believe this will help first lady melania accomplish the goals? because they're rooting against her and everybody loves an underdog. >> absolutely. she is graceful. she is handling it beautifully. the way she handled it giuliani commenting on her marriage, she gave a very elegant, you know, statement saying i have never discussed anything with him. this is a woman who does it her way in a very elegant way that people actually are responding to.
3:49 am
they love her style. and i think she is quietly, despite all the nay sayers and winners winning over the hearts of americans. griff: well said. abby: rachel, your soul is not dead to us ever. >> thank you, good to see you. griff: all right, is the next terror attack going to be via drone in the u.s. is warning it could happen? how is u.s. fighting tech terror. abby: triple crown history could be made at the belmont stakes today. janice dean live at belmont park ahead of the running. >> you look beautiful. >> are we ready? are we set? it is the belmont 150th stakes. will justify win the triple crown? it is happening today. we are talking about it what are the odds? we will talk about betting. we will do some sipping of the official drink here at the belmont. you don't want to miss a minute of this hat. stay with us. ♪ rand new car. nobody's hurt,
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griff: welcome back. the eamericaing threat of drones taking stage on capitol hill where they deemed it significant. abby: they noted the number of drone incidents skyrocketed from 8 in 2018
3:54 am
t2013to 1700 in 2016. pete: i you would say that's significant. >> griff and i sat and talked yesterday. i have got to show you something. we were talking yesterday and scared the bejesus out of each other as we went over the genuine threats that are out there. i want to take you to this. because we have this huge threat and you wonder how do i stop the dangers of a drone going into, for example, a crowd of people at an auditorium or inside a stadium or perhaps getting near a border or doing something bad in the dangers of these drones are enormous as you can see from just the numbers. the hard kill and the soft kill is how can you take them out. hard kill would be a physical thing going after it. soft would be they have trained eagles to fly after drones, attack them and bring them down to the ground. it has been successful so far really actually worked quite well at training these eagles and then there is
3:55 am
also this other one this which is called open works. and they go after, simply by shooting a net up at the drone and then it deploys a parachute, brings it back to you so if, for example, you are in law enforcement you now have the evidence of what happened protected. and the other ones are about sky wall 300 which this will shoot that net out there and capture it and then have you these ideas of putting up virtual walls now that can disable a drone electronically. for example, imagine how much safer an airport would be when you have the ability to put up essentially a virtual wall that flies into it. it just takes it out. griff: possibly hack something something we have looked at overseas possibly here. although there are faa issues about that. >> you know, hacking into drones pretty substantial problem. and then now what we have, we used to have just one drone we would worry, about the consumer can get ahold of. what we have now also are swarms of drones that are out there that can end up
3:56 am
going into, say, at an airport into an engine of an aircraft and it would be like multiple bird strikes and you could disable a commercial airliner like that. pete: have you got hacking. have you got virtual walls and nets and literally eagles. abby: eagles, that's the best part of the whole thing. >> the story about is the office of homeland security is saying this isn't enough. we need greater control over. this and we need to do it right now. abby: yeah. good to see you this morning, kurt. now to a fox news alert. president trump wrapping the g-7 summit and heading to its historic summit with kim jong un. we are live next. siness. but as it grew bigger and bigger, it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. what's in your wallet?
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four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. >> president trump takes his america first agenda to the g-7 summit. >> what a pleasure it is to welcome president trump to charlevoix. >> obviously trade has been a topic of discussion. >> justic justin has agreed to t all tariffs and all trade barriers -- [laughter] >> between canada and the united states u. >> the president says it may be time to bring russia back into the family of the g-8. >> it used to be the g-8 because russia was in it. and now russia is not in it. russia should be in the meeting. >> were you serious about >> i didn't say that i said i have been preparing all my life. i always believe in preparations one week preparations they don't work. just ask hillary what happened to her in the
4:01 am
debate. >> we are going to end the drug crisis. we need to secure the border. build that wall. >> the white house says there are more than 3,000 pardons under consideration. >> power to pardon is a beautiful thing. got to get it right. >> the golden state warriors champions once again. ♪ pete: you know, it's offensive that you have t to -- new york city never stops. abby: we would know that because we drive to work at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. sometimes that's when it's at its lively ms. pete: lively. abby: griff is with us this morning. pete: great to have you here. new york city hair. pete: pete d.c. up here up here we give him the whole thing. i'm not a new york city guy. i'm sorry for that.
4:02 am
abby: people love that part but, pete. you are not a new york city guy. you don't claim to be. you don't try to be. pete: i like the great things about new york city great steak, great pizza. interesting things. u.n. otherwise it's all america, right? abby: it was pete's birthday this past week. pete: i'm old, i'm older. one more year surviving the terminal disease that is life. you know? but it's wonderful. life is great. abby: we're happy that you are still with us and have another amazing year of life again. i like coming to new york to bring the news coming out of d.c. there is a lot front and center the president's trip to north korea. snoit. abby: he is heading to singapore later today, the big summit is happening, of course, on tuesday president trump sitting down with kim jong un. this is something we have all been waiting for. of course right now he is still in canada for the g-7 meeting. is he going to leave that early as he says to prepare for this meeting. and this is something that has been in the works for
4:03 am
weeks and months. and he talk as elizabeth yesterday if you caught him on the south lawn of the white house only the way president trump can how he is preparing for the sit down and what he thinks he can accomplish. here is what he says. >> i always believe in preparation. but i have been preparing all my life. you know, these one week preparations, they don't work. just ask hillary what happened to her in the debate. so i have been preparing for this all my life. pete: the question was, is it really true, mr. president, that you are not preparing at all, that you are not -- abby: headlines. >> of course, the so-called mainstream media this bumbling guy is going to go in there and give away the farm. and hillary clinton compares perfect. if you vice president done something before, and then you -- you know, cram for the test for one week, you are not going to be good at it when the pressure cooker is right on you. is he saying i have been in the pressure cooker. right here in the aisle of manhattan for decades and decades. the toughest deals with the toughest negotiators and i
4:04 am
have made things happen. and then i won a presidential election. no one told me i could. don't tell me i'm not prepared. it's fortitude and attitude that matter. and then, yeah, get into the details. know what you want to get out of it but he is -- he has -- from bolton to mattis to pompeo. he has the right guys around him focused on getting the outcome they want. he is not going to go sideways. they have the toughest negotiator walk into that room. kim jong un how old is he? 34. i don't mean to commit ageism here. he will could get run over by a guy who has decades more experience than him. griff: i'm not sure my colleagues in the media believe that because the headlines which have been consistent since the beginning, is they never expected this to happen. you talk about historic meeting happening in two days that a war that's been going on for almost 70 years, the president is now going to bring even possibly that to a close let alone the threat of a nuclear -- look at some of these. abby: griff, you made a good point. before the summit happens they are expecting it to go down and expecting it to
4:05 am
fail. this from cnn the shea low optimism from trump's summit with north korea. app. many have their doubts about trump-kim summit. zero trust between u.s. and north korea ahead of historic summit. here is what happened what people get frustrated about. what happened to us win. you hope things go well in the summit. you want to hope we can come out of it and the world is a better more peaceful place. why can't we rally behind that and hope for the very best. that's not where we are. just a flashback to show you how far we have come in a short period of time. of how the media responded months ago when they thought we were going to have all-out war with north korea. you remember that. >> he is not merely being cavalier with a threat about nuclear war. is he being cavalier in a way that makes him seem deminted. >> these are messages from a person who is not well from a leader not fit for office. >> president trump is goading kim jong un to test
4:06 am
a nuclear missile again. to prove its reliability, to show him wrong. and fundamentally it comes across as two kindergartners who are joist ling each other except each has nuclear women's pete feet that's nikolas, hileman. >> who is the other guy? it's the intelligencey's it would never work. if obama couldn't do it. no nobody could do it. until atrump threw a wrench in the gears. griff: if he gets what they call deliverables in washington, whether it be denuclearization agreement or an actual formal signing between trump and u.n. about ending the korean war, if he gets something what then will the media say? will they give him credit for accomplishing something. pete: you told me griff, you are there. you see the press pool. honestly will they stand up and say this is historically significant?
4:07 am
abby: the president has already set certain expectations. he knows that's going to be the reaction. everyone is wanting us to fail. the media. this is going to tak time. we will not walk out of the meeting with the whole region being denuclearized. let's hope this is the first step to a much, much safer world. while this is going on you also have the g-7. that's where the president is. visiting the g-7, focusing on the economy and of course on trade u. griff: kevin corke is live in quebec city with the details. good morning, kevin. >> good morning, guys. day 2 of the summit here in quebec getting underway in a little bess under an hour. the president will be taking part in that yes yesterday, after a thorny back and forth on twitter the president sat down with french counterpart emmanuel macron. the two men talked about tariffs and trade. >> we have had really a very good relationship. very special. a lot of people wrote a couple of things that
4:08 am
weren't quite true. a little bit accurate, perhaps. they have a little test once in a while when it comes to trade the united states has had a very big trade deficit for many years with the european union. we are working it out and emanuel has been very helpful in that regard. >> meanwhile, a full day for the world leaders at the g-7 yesterday, including important working sessions. the importance obviously being global cooperation. earlier by the way ought that family photo, all smiles. i to show you that the president as you pointed out is prepared to level the economic playing field by targeting those unfair trading practices. by the way, the team i would say fairly surveil possibly canada. justin trudeau with 270% tariffs on u.s. dairy products. we will talk all about it throughout the day but for now back to you. abby: kevin, thank you so much. griff: not enough to be talking about north korea and not enough to be talking about the g-7.
4:09 am
let's keep talking about the nfl. i'm eager to see the season start. last year kneeling over the national anthem u the questions will continue. what will happen and what should happen with the kneeling players and nfl changing their policy. the president asked yesterday at the white house again about the nfl anthem protesters. this is what he says about their approach they should take. listen. >> the power to pardon is a beautiful thing. you have a lot of people in the nfl in particular but in sports leagues, they are not proud enough to stand for our national anthem. i don't like that. instead of talk, it's all talk, talk, talk. i'm going to ask them to recommend to me people that were unfairly treated. friends of theirs or people that they know about and i'm going to take a look at those applications. abby: this is such an interesting approach that he is taking. he said if you don't want to come to the white house, at least come and have this conversation. if there are people that you feel have been treated unfairly, don't kneel during
4:10 am
the national anthem. don't go in the locker room. let's have that conversation and see if i can help you out. you look just this past week with his pardons alice johnson oftentimes they are supposed to be symbolic and send a greater message the good we can do and don't need to put people behind bars for the rest of their life for the crime they committed. maybe the crime doesn't meet the punishment, right? that's exactly what he is trying to say here. instead of saying let's not come to the white house and sit in our corners. let's try to work together and make it better. griff: he is also in some ways calling collin kaepernick's bluff. he is speaking directly to guys like kaepernick saying okay, i will tell you what you tell me who has been wronged in history and put it on the table and let me give it some consideration i'm giving a lot of pardons right now. pete: let us know what you think tonight on watters world kellyanne conway comes on and talks about how the eagles who were supposed to come to the white house, they were given the
4:11 am
opportunity for policy time. so, you can have your ceremony. and then sit with the president and talk about they wanted to and then only two show up. if you want to have the conversation, then have it he is saying if you have got ideas, give it to me. conversation can actually happen. we shall see where it goes. abby: turning now to your headlines this morning. want to start with a fox news alert. a u.s. soldier is dead, four others are wounded after enemy attack in somalia. al shabaab opening fire on the troops. the conditions of those wounded and identities have not yet been released. president trump tweeting this my thoughts and prayers are with the families of the servicemen who were killed and fellow servicemen who were wounded in somalia. they are truly all heroes. and they are. and a truck plows into a starbucks patio taking an innocent life. the driver jumped the curb and smashed into a pillar striking three people. police believe medical inner
4:12 am
caused it and not intentional. two others in critical condition. two small kids in the truck also suffered minor injuries. police identifying the woman killed on the patio as 48-year-old i don' jocelyn. >> incredibly sad news we have to report our friend and beloved fox news colleague charles krauthammer revealing in heart-breaking letter he has just weeks to live. the legendary conservative voice has been missing from our channel for nearly a year as he battled complications from cancer surgery. we, of course, have been waiting his return. we learned yesterday that will not happen. in his own words, charles announcing his cancer is aggressively spreading, writing this: this is the final verdict. my fight is over. yet, the 68-year-old is not feeling sorry for himself at all. noting i leave this life with no regrets. it was a wonderful life full of complete and great love and great endeavors that make it worth living. i am sad to leave but you leave with the knowledge that i lived the life that i
4:13 am
intended of the charles graduated from harvard middle school back in 1975 despite a first year diving accident that ultimately left him a quadriplegic. charles being a pulitzer prize winning political analyst and taught all of us about the things that matter most. it was a heart-breaking day yesterday to get that news. he is an amazing man. and was able to talk about the issues in a way that no one else could. griff: he talked, about you know, the things that matter most and really the message of that book. if you haven't read it, i encourage every one of our viewers to go out and buy it. it was that every life has a moment in which you choose how you are going to handle some set back. in this case it was being paralyzed after just getting married and you know, his life not only in washington for how you should do it as a journalist but really whatever sets you back in life. is he really a tremendous inspiration. he will be deeply missed. pete: charles, we salute you. amazing man.
4:14 am
griff: house is robert mueller spending taxpayer money? want to make sure we find out. congressman louie government wants to make sure it happens. he joins us live next.
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
♪ ♪ griff: the special counsel so far has spent nearly $17 million, but what is robert mueller spending your tax money on? the house just passed a bill to audit the special counsel. congressman mark meadows who introduced the amendment tweeted friday that its pass something, quote, a big win for taxpayers, special counsels shouldn't be able to avoid accountability on where they spend americans' hard-earned money. here with more of the house judiciary committee texas congressman louie gohmert. congressman, thanks for
4:18 am
joining us on saturday. >> sure. great to be with you. thank you. griff: calling for a little bit of transparency, are you? >> it is what you just said a very little bit. it is at least something. but, robert mueller has done more damage during his 12-years as fbi director than any other -- probably all the directors put together. and then he comes in. he is the only special counsel we have ever had in history who absolutely did not care about not only the appearance of improprietor by his committee. he actively went out and sought people that hated the very person that they were going to be investigating. no other special counsel had been so blatant. that just shows the damaging aspect of justice of mueller himself. so, absolutely the least we can do is start looking at all the ways he is absolutely blown taxpayer dollars. griff: very quickly on this topic. because i have another one i want to get.
4:19 am
to say there is 17 million in roughly 10 months. what will your piece of legislation do that will give us a month-by month, a tracking opportunity to see where this money is going? >> well, it's just going through item by item what he has been spending money on he has wasted money right and left. amazingly. he has hired people likewise man that worked with him and rosenstein in investigating the russian illegal efforts to obtain our uranium which they quashed information in order to allow the sale to go through so that hillary could get the 145 million for her foundation so it is really outrageous. he is covering for himself at the same time is he trying to have a coup against the president. griff: we are running out of time there is a divawlts at al e wasserman schultz. >> enwithin a. making a false statement to
4:20 am
get a loan in essence. this guy had been working up here, 13, 14 years. he worked for over 40 democratic members of congress. he was operating their computers for three to nine months from pakistan of all places. and he kept putting people from his family on the payroll that didn't ever even showed up. never did anything. the guy he borrowed $100,000 from. guy with direct contacts with hezbollah that he worked with. he had all kinds of business relationships he never put on his financial disclosure, this guy needs to be investigated. we have got to do a better job and the fbi, it looks like they are investigating hillary clinton. we just see nothing, know nothing. really outrageous. griff: congressman, thank you very much. >> thank you so much, griff. thank you. griff: a fox news alert. president trump back on the world stage at the g-7 summit and set to depart for his high stakes summit with kim jong un this morning. so what does success look
4:21 am
like in his big negotiation? our foreign policy panel is here to weigh in. that's coming up next. get a cup of coffee. stay tuned. from which to admire them. for a limited time, get 0% apr on the lincoln mkx plus get $1,000 bonus cash.
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abby: good saturday morning. back with headlines. special counsel robert mueller filing new charges against paul manafort and long-time associate. mueller's team says they havevidence of witness tampering. collusion with the trump associates in 2014. manafort has pleaded not guilty. a special prosecutor will not bring charges against eric greitens. he was facing impeachment after invasion of privacy stemming from an affair. charges related to campaign finance violations were also
4:25 am
dropped in exchange for his resignation. let's go over to the staircase, pete? pete: abby, my first ever interview from the staircase. well, a fox news alert, president trump at the g-7 summit putting america first and promising to tackle trade. >> the united states has had a very big trade deficit for many years with the european union and we're working it out. pete: this as he is hours away from leaving for his historic summit with north korean dictator kim jong un. so, what should the world and america be looking for? here to weigh in is our panel of experts. michael malice, author of "dear reader, the unauthorized autobiography of kim jong il. ceo of green issue in media strategies and former communications director for the u.s. mission to the united nations. and ambassador samantha power and dr. rebecca grant national security and international relations
4:26 am
expert. thank you all for being here this morning. really appreciate it. hagar, let me start with you, as you look at the g-7, you know the president is going in with the perspective of putting america first getting better trade deals. what do you make of the reaction so far of the summit there. >> well, listen, if i were president trump's advisor, i would advise him to go in there with the goal of reinforcing our relationships with our allies, with making sure that they don't think that this is a trade war, that, rather, that president trump is protectionist, he is trying to protect american businesses. and he has to pursue those policies as such. things have been a bit awkward under standably for a few reasons on one part because the agenda focuses on international agreements, right, related to climate change and international peace and security. the allies there are understandably upset with the united states walking away from the paris climate deal and the iran agreement. pete: we knew that right? >> of course, president trump has to reinforce why he did that and what his goals are in those fields in
4:27 am
particular. and i think that's why he has to focus so much on reinforcing the relationship with the allies. because, especially in the runup going to the summit in singapore, i think he has to realize that one of the reenks our sanctions are effective, one of the reasons why we have the you were hand is because of the multi-lateral relationship we have. pete: that's true. also you add up all the other countries of the g-7 and they don't match the g.d.p. of america. we can throw our weight around. michael, so he is skipping the climate change talks at the g-7 to get to singapore early. what do you expect as we get a preview of what might happen in singapore. >> from what kim jong un has been saying publicly seems like everything is on the table including deniewction of the country. the thing i'm concerned about president trump has made a discuss north korean human rights state of the union refugee raising up his crutch to the cheers of the entire congress. at the same time, north korea vociferously denies
4:28 am
they have any human rights abuses they have concentration camps and villages overflowing with happiness when it's the most unhappy place on earth. see if it's discussed publicly or maybe it's discussed privately and north korea is allowed to save faces a they do the right thing. pete: rebecca, as we move into this summit, big take aways what's possible here. >> first of all, singapore is going to be summit number one. what i would like to see kim give some real sign that he is willing to talk denuclearization. that could include telling us more about what he has in his arsenal, where are the bombs? how many icbms. kim wants security guarantees, north korea still has a massive army. lots of artillery, stunning cyber weapons, and none of that is on the table in singapore. pete: interesting. let me go around the table here with all of you. we can talk about the principles but h hag g.p.s. ar, let me start with you. do you expect break through.
4:29 am
>> it's unprecedented to have two leaders meet where the negotiations have been short circuited on firsthand and on the second hanged u.s. and north korean leaders haven't meth since the 1960s. certainly a break through in that regard. i expect the president to try to walk away with a deal. especially one that's about america first i don't know how, of course, the japanese or south koreans are going to feel about that. probably not favorably. i'm not sure how well it will be enforced as previous deals haven't been. pete: michael, thoughts. >> i would bet things behind the scenes have been negotiated. maybe china as the middle man. think will all walk away with some kind of win so they can all hold their hands up high. pete: rebecca, does the korean war end in singapore. >> the korean war will end, absolutely. singapore will start that process. pete: interesting. michael, hagar, and rebecca, thank you for your time this morning. good stuff. we'll be watching.
4:30 am
this week former president bill clinton said he did the right thing in the monica lewenski scandal. now, you won't believe what he said about former senator -- my former senator from minnesota al franken. plus, dean cain is here. is he here in person? i hope. so he is live. he does -- i should just read the prompter. he joining us on the couch next hour. he will be here. and janice dean live from the belmont stakes with an official look at the official drink, janice. bring some to me. i know you can't but i would like it if you could. >> it's the belmont jewel, and i have got walter here that is going to show us how to make it we will talk about whether or not this is going to be a triple crown, it's the belmont 150th anniversary. we are going to be cheering to that. i just made up a new word. stay with us. we're next. ♪
4:31 am
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the kayak price forecast tool tells you whether to wait or book your flight now. so you can be confident you're getting the best price. giddyup! kayak. search one and done. ♪ ♪ i will love you once again. pete: this is new york city. but big things not happening here on the corner of 48th and sixth avenue. the top thoroughbreds are off to the races today for the 150th running of the belmont stakes where justify
4:35 am
might just become the 13th horse ever to win the triple crown. abby: this is a big deal. it's not just about the horse it's griff as we know. griff: here with a special taste of the belmont stakes is our own janice dean live at the tracks on long island with a special guest. hello, janice. >> hello. good morning. yes, we are at the belmont in elmont for the 150th belmont stakes. i just want to thank christine a amore who made this beautiful hat she is a milliner and my husband i have to say texted me and said best racing hat ever. thank you, christine. now, let's get down to business. very important. all of the races have their own signature drink and woodford reserve is the bourbon of choice for all of the races including the belmont. we're going to make a belmont jewel. this is walter. walter is with woodford reserve. how are you doing? >> how are you doing? janice: i'm good now. >> are you ready to drink some bourbon?
4:36 am
janice: oh my gosh. am i ready to watch horses and drink bourbon? tell me what's in this. >> belmont jewel two ounces of fresh lemon aid and one ounce of pro pomegranate. janice: by the way a couple days ago thinking we were going to have rain in the forecast. it's not happening. the front has moved south ward, it's going to be partly sunny skies. i want to talk about this horse, justify. could win the triple crown. the last time american pharaoh three years ago. this horse is from wood ford. >> woodford reserve county. justify woodford county. lime soda water that makes the horse straun and limestone water makes the woodford reserve strong. janice: if the horse wins are you going to put the horse on the bottle? >> think think we have to. janice: is the horse going to win today? >> i'm going with the triple crown. i think he is going to do
4:37 am
it. would theford through and through. janice: do the anchors in the studio have their belmont jewel? is that happening? pete: no. abby: what is going on here? pete: they didn't have one for us today's. janice: what happened? what did the producers do to you? pete: just mean you have to drink for all of us. janice: nicely done. would theford reserve will make sure, walter will make sure that all of you have your own woodford reserve in the next 24 hours. how is that? can you make that happen? all right, cheers, guys. abby: cheers, guys. going to be a great day ahead. abby: justify, the triple crown is a huge deal. it happened three years ago and before that it was like 30 years. it's not all the time that this takes place and justify has proven he can run in any weather. pete: without a doubt. abby: rain, mud. griff: preakness looked like a hurricane. while she was talking
4:38 am
secretariat won 45 years ago. always a great story. abby: so many other headlines i want to bring you this morning starting with this. bill clinton is under fire yet again. days after being criticized for his reaction to a question about monica lewenski. clinton now defending disgraced al franken. former president telling pbs that he isn't convinced all of franken's sexual harassment accusations are true. >> maybe i'm just an old fashioned person, but it seemed to me that there were 29 women on "saturday night live" that put out a statement for him first and most fantastic story was called, i believe into question. abby: franken was accuse you had of groping a los angeles news anchor in 2006. seven other women then came forward prompting franken's resignation. other, bill. only designated democrats can run for president as a
4:39 am
democrat that is a new dnc rule. and bartende bernie sanders supporters are not happy about this. non-democrats like the independent vermont senator from seeking the party's 2020 nomination. that is according to yahoo news. some sanders supporters out of spite after he gave hillary clinton run for money during the 2016 democratic primary. pete: try to rig it again. abby: federal regulations on marijuana could do go up in smoke soon. back a legalize pot without threats of federal prosecution. the bill receiving support from both parties including colorado republican senator cory gardner. >> i support senator gardner. i know exactly what he is doing. we are looking at it but i probably will end up supporting that, yes. >> the president's possible support conflicting though with attorney general jeff sessions who is cracking down on states where marijuana is legal. also, this vice president mike pence visits wounded warriors recovering at our
4:40 am
nation's medicine medical center. v.p. these photos always an honor to spend time with our heroes recovering the breed. thanks to the great medical team who gave america's best to america's best every day. pete: we forget there is some guys and gals still healing from what they give our country: remembering that and acknowledging it very cool. good on them. democrats in california, they got a new crazy idea, tax breaks for illegal immigrants. california republican -- republican running for governor in that state john cox here to react coming up next. griff: we're fishing on the plaza with bass pro and cabella's, everything you need to spend quality time with dad. pete: contest in the 9:00 hour i have heard. abby: griff can't jump in the pool. no more. griff: can i catc
4:41 am
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we have quick headlines for you, facebook's privacy scandal expanding. tech giant granting special access to user data after it said it would stop doing it in 2015. the "wall street journal" reporting that some companies received phone numbers and the degree of separation between people on the site while others were cut off all together. doesn't really sound fair to me. hackers steal data from u.s. navy contractor. the secret information contains under sea warfare plans including missile development projects accord ing to "the washington post. the fbi and the navy. they are investigating. abby, down to you.
4:45 am
pete that was quite a stair walk. well done. pete: thank you. abby: lawmakers in california want to give tax breaks to illegal immigrants. griff: move would cost taxpayers $70 million. john cox candidate for governor of california. he joins us now. he has president trump's endorsement. mr. cox, good morning. >> good morning, griff. good morning, abby. it's early out here. but i'm up at&t and a and at el. griff: because of sanctuary cities and heck for illegal immigrants the democrats in your state out there now want to give tax breaks to them what is going on. >> tax breaks is misnomer. refundable tax credit aka welfare payment, basically. this is a state that just enacted a gas tax that is driving the working people of this state into poverty i'm going to repeal that
4:46 am
this is just a government that is out of control and doesn't respond to the people. now, gavin newsom is the guy i'm running against. he wants to double the income tax on working californians. he wants to increase property taxes and he wants to keep this gas tax then they are proposing to give welfare payments to illegal aliens. i have got to tell you they are also talking about giving free medicaid to illegals. that didn't make it into this budget but rest assured, under gavin newsom that will be done people do not want that. they are sick of high tax california. i think they are going to make a change in november and they are going to elect me. abby: wow. so we reached out to governor brown his office about this statement for tax decrease for illegals. we have not yet heard back. we are waiting for their response. as griff mentioned, you have the endorsement from president trump. gavin newsom is running with. this he tweeted out to president trump saying please come out to the state of california. campaign for john cox as
4:47 am
much as you possibly can. he feels that's only going to help him. what's your response? >> you know, gavin newsom is exhibit a in craven politicians. and, of course, he wants this all to be about president trump as i pointed out many times, president trump didn't create roads that are some of the worst in the nation and more expensive than any other state. he didn't -- president trump didn't create a school system that ranks 45th in the nation? state doesn't have enough water because they have been tearing down reservoirs instead of building them. this state has the worst tax environment, the worst business climate. president trump had nothing to do with that. president trump didn't create the sanctuary state in this state. gavin newsom did that. abby: do you think it would help or hurt to you have the president on the ground there in california with you. >> i would love the president to be out here. because he is a businessman. i'm a businessman. i am sick and tired of the mismanagement of this state. and i'm going to take over
4:48 am
the management here, and we're going to have a livable state. a state that is not the laughing stock of the country but is actually the shining city on a hill that president reagan, who was the governor of california before that, he talked about that. griff: that's an interesting point, john. because president trump's ratings now are similar to what ronald reagan's was at his same time in his presidency. >> absolutely. griff: let me ask you this though, as goes california goes the rest of the country it seems for the democrats handbook on being the headquarters of the resistance. do you believe that why will see a november something happening that doesn't amount to that blue wave and that the rest of the country, democrats that is, will make that mistake. >> i'm going to nationalize this race. this state and this race here is going to be the resistance to the resistance. this is going to be about making the statement that we're sick of career politicians like gavin newsom. we're sick of the swamp. i'm going to clean out the barn in sacramento and we're
4:49 am
going to make a statement that we are going to get this state managed properly without the corruption of these special interest and these career politicians. i'm all for the president coming out here. abby: all right, john cox, running for governor of california. a race we will all be watching closely. it is early. thank you for waking up for us. griff: 5:00 a.m. thank you very much, john. have a great saturday. >> thank you, you too. griff: just days away from learning how the doj handled the investigation into hillary clinton. what will the inspector general's report reveal? we will ask alan dershowitz next hour. abby: we're fishing out on the plaza with bass pro and cabella's. everything you need to spend quality time with dad this father's day. you don't want to miss that. that's just ahead ♪ don't rock the boat, baby ♪ rock the boat ♪ don't tip the boat over ♪ rock the boat ♪ it took guts to start my business. but as it grew bigger and bigger, it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card
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griff: this father's day put down your phone and fish with dad. pete: bass pro shops and cabella's has everything you need. griff: good to see you. abby: a new dad. >> i am a new dad a 3-month-old at home. abby: boy or girl. >> a little girl. pete: father's day means more to you than ever. >> it does. pete: tell us about the gun-fishing event. >> this weekend and next weekend. so cool. many great gifts at bass pro shops. some great things going on like the catch and release pond. take your young one to the store and catch their first fish and get a free photo with that fish.
4:54 am
seminars and crafts for the kids and it's all for free. abby: last year griff had the rod upside down. griff: very embarrassing. abby: improving every year. tell us about the rods. >> a lot of rods in the boat. johnny moore is the founder of bass pro shop and conservationist. very connected to connecting everybody with nature. the kickoff go outdoors event johnny is donating bass pro shops and cabella's 50,000 rods and reels not for profit rods and reels. pete: bring in your old rod and get a new one. >> we will give it to a kid and have fun. going fish something so important to johnny. one of the reasons why he traces his love for fishing back to when he was a kid and being on the water with his parents. i have never seen johnny smile any more than when is he on the water with his kids. john paul and regular again spends time fishing with them. that's why it's so important for him to take kids out and
4:55 am
introduce them to the outdoors. abby: such a bonding moment between parents and a child. how is the fish out there, pete? you haven't caught anything yet? pete: neither griff nor i have made it into a bucket yet. griff: getting close. pete: like johnny says take a kid fishing. if somebody had taken you fishing you would be a better caster. griff: my father used to take me out to a lake in arkansas and it was one of the best times ever. apparently i have lost my ability. it was big mouth bass we were fishing for. pete: i caught one right here. look at that rod. griff: whose is bigger, allen mine or pete's? abby: this is hilarious. thank you so much. for a great cause. pete: i wouldn't have an eye. let's be clear about that. abby: alan, thank you so much.
4:56 am
pete: we are going to move on to a fox news alert. we have a live look, i'm told. when we come back where president trump is getting ready for more talks at the g-7 summit. we will take you there live next hour. abby: all the more serious when you are holding a fishing rod, pete. pete: of course. abby: alan dershowitz, dean cain and neil cavuto. still two hours coming up on a "fox & friends" saturday. griff: and more fishing. ♪ friends we won't forget ♪ ♪ over... hey, want to try it? ok here you go... over... under... hey whoa, pop, pop... your shoe's untied. ♪ ensure he's well taken care of, even as you build your own plans for retirement.
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♪ rawwggwwrughh! well, i told you they wouldn't have it. rawwggwwrughh! it's ok, it's ok. we've got time. ♪ [impact collision] rawwggwwrughh! [impact collision] ...ughhhh! what!!! seeing your real-life millennium falcon get damaged is painful enough. filing your insurance claim shouldn't be. esurance makes it easy. so you can get on to your next adventure. oh, we gotta pick up my mom. ...ughhhh! ♪ esurance. see solo: a star wars story now playing. pete: president trump front and center at the world stage at the g-7 summit. >> the united states has had a very big trade deficit for years with the european union and we are working it out. >> making his way to singapore for the north korean summit.
5:00 am
>> i have been preparing for all my life. i always believe in preparations. pete: headlines consistent since the beginning is they never expected this to happen. >> ap, many have their doubts about trump-kim summit. cbs news zero trust between u.s. and north korea. pete: the media yub saying about the first lady's whereabouts and trashing the trump women. >> what do they do oa day like day they they stoic human beings are a they numb and dead inside? >> democrats still trying to figure out how they lost this election. that's why they are going to lose again in the mid terms. abby: back-to-back champs. warriors winning to sweep the cleveland cavaliers. ♪ all right, just dance ♪ it will be okay ♪ just dance ♪ just dance ♪ ♪ it will be okay. ♪ just dance ♪ i will tell you what the president thinks there is a lot to be dancing about this
5:01 am
morning. pete: did i stay up for the warriors cavs game. abby: it was worth it, right? pete: warriors a team of destiny. they are too good. lebron is one guy. you got to love lebron. he can't do it by himself. good news. griff: huge news. the president in canada and quebec. i believe we are efforting some live pictures. pete: what's efforting for the folks out there. griff: best crews in live. pete: we are trying to get video. we are efforting. abby: bring in shortly video and photos. because it has been -- you know, the president made it clear we saw him on the south lawn yesterday talking about, once again, america first. we are going to go into these meetings in the g-7, fighting for what is best for the united states. he has talked about doing a trade independently with mexico and with canada and with the eu. not everyone is happy about
5:02 am
that. here is what he has to say about it. >> justin has agreed to cut all tariffs and all trade barriers. [laughter] between canada and the united states. so, i'm very happy about that. >> i would say nafta is in good shape. >> we're all actually working on it we will see how it works out. we have made a lot of progress it could be that nafta will be a different form it could be with canada. with mexico. one-on-one. much simpler agreement. much easier to do. i think better for both countries. pete: the president yesterday with justin from canada. we don't have live feeds yet because the president is about to participate in a gender equality advisory council breakfast there when he does or when we have pictures we will bring them to you. you know, is he bringing his tough talk to what is usually a very collegial, cordle, very scripted predictable g-7. all the leaders talk about how they are going to rule the world. and he walks in and says no,
5:03 am
no, no. you have bad deals. maybe we can have better deals. it's not clear that justin trudeau knows how to handle it. he exposed some of these tariffs not helpful to american businesses he wants to go there and discuss the priorities of america. griff: not only that before he went on this trip, president trump, he tweeted calling trudeau indignant and pointed to the dairy tariff, 300 percent canada charges us to sell our dairy there when president trump is taking this tough stance, dairy farmers in wisconsin and in the midwest say thank you, mr. president. pete: who knew that. griff: that's what we wanted to do. the message coming from this administration. i talked about it earlier peter navarro, the trade by at the white house saying the ear wrath american complacency the generosity of these deals is over. america's tariffs worldwide are the lowest on the planet and so we're going to try and get a little fairness and reciprocity when it comes to these trade deals and as the president says possibly one-on-one or do a group deal. abby: no one should be surprised. this is something he
5:04 am
campaigned on from the very early days of running for president. as you said this is not normal protocol going into these meetings. in a way maybe this a good thing. pete: didn't vote for normal. abby: maybe we should have conversations in these meetings. shouldn't just be the way things have always been done. sometimes things need to change. want president said we are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to trade. dan bongino was on our show earlier. and he has not been a fan of putting tariffs on, but he says he is supportive of the president's efforts, if he uses them, as a bargaining tool. >> america has been getting the shaft for a long time. donald trump had a unique ability on immigration and these tariff deals to tap into something that a lot of republicans have thought, abby, was candidly a lost issue. i'm not fasten tariffs. tariffs are unacceptable for foreign countries as well. this is why he may be on to something. if he is using this as negotiating tactic to do what you said, level the playing field, then you know what? i agree with him. may not be a bad idea.
5:05 am
what they are doing to us is definitely damaging our economy as well. pete: the president has said that from the very beginning. is he a free trader but before that he is a fair trader. if whole slope been against the u.s. for years. let all the other people play by the riles. we will change those rules. that's the point. the point is not tariffs. the point is a level playing field. he says that at the g-7. abby: just to jump, in maybe that could be good for other leaders to talk about justin trudeau and the leader of france and others. maybe they could use it to help themselves. maybe there is something in these negotiations where they say you know what? yeah, you are fighting your country, there are things we want to fight for our country this is what it is all about. let's get to a place happier. griff: talks about tariffs on steele he says it's for national security issues. the president is about to leave that canadian summit to go to, perhaps the most historic summit between an american president and north korean dictator ever in history. pete: i think we have live pictures right now.
5:06 am
abby: efforting and now they come through, griff. pete: effort was worth it here they are. that is, of course, justin trudeau hot president has dubbed at times justin from canada. they are hosting this g-7 summit. and the talks continue. and today is a -- we're live at the gender equality advisory counsel breakfast which the president will be attending this morning. although he will be cutting his day short. is he not sticking around for climate change talks. instead, griff, as we were talking about before, he is heading to singapore for the north korean talks still here at the g-7. griff: you look at these pictures, actually and you wonder where justin trudeau there or some of the other world leaders who recognize the threat that kim jong un and north korea poses to the world, you wonder if there is, perhaps, just a smidgen of envy that president trump is the one that did it that president trump is the one that is leading not only the united states but really the world when it comes to security and certainly denuclearization in the north korean peninsula. abby: fighting so hard for his country. he set the stage at the white house yesterday on the
5:07 am
south lawn saying america first. we will go fight for america at this g-7. then he leaves this morning in a couple of hours. in the 10:00 a.m. hour. is he off to singapore for this much anticipated summit between president trump, kim jong un where that message, pete, is going to be translated to singapore where he says it's going to be about america first. if we don't get what we want out of this deal with north korea, he said he is still willing to walk away from that table. he says he hopes that doesn't happen, but they have got to get to a place where the president -- pete: read his book art of the deal no. deal so big that you are not willing to walk away from it otherwise you will get hemmed into a bad deal. we see photos of justin trudeau and angela merkel from germany the chancellor there elected to a fourth term. leader of the power house economy in the eu. president not just threatening tariffs against canada but also against the eu. a lot of push back and blow back from both again in each instance. he has used examples to lay out how they have got policy -- here we have emmanuel macron from france
5:08 am
as well. another eu member. another one who is frustrated with the potential threat of tariffs. president willing to stand up it seems to almost anyone on the world stage to say if america's interests are not being served then we are not going along with it? >> talk about what may come out of north korea, every one of these world leaders has skin in the game you see now, of course, russia which president trump obviously got a little bit of a headline when he said that he should be a part of the g-7 again, russia should have. very fascinating because russia wants a seat at the table. china wants a seat at the table and so do these world leaders. they are affected by what comes out of north korea whether they like it or not. so one wonders that aside from trade, if there are some side bar meetings as we say, perhaps, certainly in the case of emmanuel macron and angela merkel, very big players and we'll have to be ultimately a part of an agreement because it will take the world to enforce something unbelievably large
5:09 am
as denuclearization. abby: next question will be what will the headlines be out of this g-7 summit. going in the president had a lot of tough talk about what the president was going to talk with the leaders of the g-7. how he wants to trade up what the trade independently with mexico. do it independently with canada. do it independently with the eu. it seems like watching the footage as it's played out yesterday and today, things have been going well. who know what is was said behind those closed doors and what the remarks will be from leaders coming out. i'm sure they will all have a take. the media here at home will put their own spin on it as they often do. pete: as they always do. yeah. looking at live pictures again from the g-7. look at the history. usersed to be g-5. informal group and grown over time. become an institution with a regular time frame of when they meet. yet, institutions can become stale and stagnant and not as effective, maybe, as you want them to be. it's interesting. there is theresa may as well of great britain. >> they are sitting down for gender equality breakfast.
5:10 am
>> a conversation that is important not just the u.s. but around the world among all these leaders. as you said, talking about the creation of what was the g-5 and what then the g-8 and now it's back to the g-7. russia was in it at one point and after annexing and all that they have been pushed out. and the president made a point about bringing them back. in i think a tactic used against some of the critique against him from macron and justin trudeau. pete: playing by his own set of rules. hanging over this entire room is the president is leaving after this meeting to go to singapore to do what no u.s. president has been able to do before. what no other world leader has been able to do before, to do what the u.n. wasn't able to do. what the u.n. wasn't able to do. what only an american president armed with different set of tactics that the world bristles bristle. fire and fury, little rocket manual you shouldn't be saying that. turns out new take is what it took in order to get the north koreans to the table.
5:11 am
we'll see what happens once they get there north korea looms very large over this meeting. almost feels like this is the last gasp of this event before -- once the president of the united states leaves, and there is stale summit going on. it ain't really going on. because ultimately with our economy being double the size of all the other g-6 combined, without us, there is not much of a summit. abby: by the way, this is what the president if you read his book and if you just get a better sense of hot man is, this is what he lives for, griff. it is for these types of negotiations, pete, going in and doing things differently. of course there is shinzo abe of japan. he lives for these moments to come in there and change things up. doing them differently than they have always been done. and ultimately getting results at the end. so that's going on at the g-7. that's what he hopes to do with north korea on the campaign trail. i don't think when he talked about being the negotiator and chief. it would mean negotiating with north korea. but that is where we are. griff: call it the trump doctrine. whether it is trade deals and the economy or whether
5:12 am
it is world not just national security world security, it is his approach of talking tough. it is walking into a room, demanding respect, saying i'm going to set the rules. i'm going to tell you how it's going to be. now, you tell me whether you are willing to put on the table and it certainly worked. we saw just shinzo abe walking in moments ago. and you wonder, you know, what is he been having conversations. he was in washington, now he is seeing the president again, really the last time, perhaps they will see each other before the president gets on that plane in just a matter of hours for singapore. pete: talk about the rules. justin trudeau has kicked off the meeting. it's not clear yet that the american president, donald trump is yet in the room. maybe he will join later. maybe he is fashio fashion be ay late. the president of the united states was expected to be there not there yet. and justin has decided to kickoff. we will listen to a little bit. listen.
5:13 am
>> we recognize that gender equality is not a theme to be looked at on its own for an hour session. it's a theme that needs to cut through everything that the g-7 has done. i thank all the leaders for having been open and engaged as we move forward on this theme as we flect on how we can do better. the recommendations by this council are broad, far-reaching, ambitious and exciting. and i'm very much happy that this council has been as bold as it has in putting out a document that obviously has a significant impact in the conversations we are going to have around the world. i would like to now turn it over to isabel for a couple of words and then we'll chase the media out and get started on our conversation.
5:14 am
[than >> thank you very much, prime minister. you have before you the members of the committee, my colleagues, the prime minister of canada. abby: you are listening to a gender equality breakfast there at the g-7. we have shown you shin joe shino abe. macron. trump is planning to head off to north korea in a matter of hours here. we will keep a close eye on what is going on in canada and quebec at the g-7 summit and of course bring you the very latest. as we are talking about this, there is a lot on the president's mind at the moment. we don't know yet why he is not there. but, let's bring in alan dershowitz. i think he is with us. professor alan dershowitz who has been one of the greatest minds that we von the show talking about everything from foreign policy to the russia probe and everything else. professor, do we have you
5:15 am
with us? >> we do. yeah. and i think discussing gender equality at an economic meeting is a great idea because gender equality is good for the economy. i think when we do anything but equality in terms of gender, we hurt the economy. i'm thrilled we are introducing this concept into an economic summit. it's about time. and so, go for it. abby: what do you makes a the president as he entered this summit yesterday you heard him on the south lawn talking about how tough he hoped to be fighting for america and america's interests and changing things up on the world stage when it comes to trade? how do you think things have gone just from what you have seen so far in the coverage? do you think the president has been successful? >> well, you know, it's hard to argue the numbers. the economy is thriving in the united states. it's doing very well it seems to be also transferring to other countries, to canada, and to
5:16 am
the european economy. it's hard to quarrel with the numbers. he has his meeting with the north korean leader, so, again, hard to quarrel with that result. i think the president should be judged by his results. look, there are many people who are critical of his style and his method. but, when you have results of that kind, you have to at least give him an opportunity to prove that using that unconventional style can bring about the kind of results that are good for america. griff: professor, have you been surprised by the media, by liberal voices that have simply refused to accept that primp in his unorthodox style has been able to succeed in any respect? >> yeah. i think that doesn't serve the american public to have the media show such a bias, one striking example, when the president pardoned an african-american woman who has served an excessive
5:17 am
sentence for a relatively minor crime, you would think that every liberal in the country would applaud that result. it was such a just result and when she got out, she handled it with such dignity and so wonderfully and, yet, he was criticized because he listened to a reality star who urged him to give the pardon. it was the right pardon to give. i think we ought to be praising the president for pardoning people who have excessive sentences and hoping to do more of it over the years. i would like to see president trump become the pardoned president. a president who har pardons people based on issues of justice and issues that relate to how long a person got a sentence and excessive sentence based on the crime. i would like to see the white house set up an offers whereby people can write directly to the president and make their case for pardon and have the president be given recommendations bus he is a guy who acts based on his gut.
5:18 am
he is persuaded that there is a deserving person for a pardon, he will grant it and he ought to grant it and he ought to be praised for that and not condemned. pete: professor, as we talk to you, we are still watching live footage from the g-7 in canada. different world leaders speaking. we're not quite sure if president trump is there or not. he is not there yet. we will bring it to you if he does, indeed attend. we will get your thoughts on a number of topics. your expertise has been as all these things happen on the world stage g-7, north korea. of course what the president calls russia witch-hunt hoax is ongoing as well. part of that are all the investigations. have you talked about the ig report coming out of the justice department from michael horowitz. it's due to come out on the 14th of june on thursday of this week. abby: the president's birthday. pete: what do you expect. abby: we also are told the president i by the way. we are told he is in that breakfast. once we get a shot of him we will bring that to you. go ahead, professor. >> i think that the ig has
5:19 am
demonstrated that he can be extremely fair and if i were comey, i would be worried. i would be concerned. now the ig doesn't have the authority continue to diet. all he has is the authority to expose and recommend but i think we anticipate a very fair report, that's going to be tough on all sides. i think the fact that we're expecting a fair ig report shows me that we never should have had an independent council or special counsel. the justice department has the ability with the inspector general with career people, with people who have been in the justice department for years and years and years and nonpartisan way to have conducted all these investigations. i don't think you ever needed a special counsel. special counsel have these enormous budgets. they are told essentially that guilt on the part of some people. many of the crimes that they have now charged people with, including the most recent one against manafort are crimes that resulted
5:20 am
from the special counsel appointment. in other words, obstruction of justice, tampering with witnesses, crimes that didn't exist before the special counsel was appointed. and once you start investigating people as the cliche goes, it's always in the coverup. you will find certainly a handful of people who will be so frightened that they will do things they shouldn't do. obviously there is a presumption of innocence. that's a phenomenon that's important to note. abby: we have a live shot there of president trump, i believe. pete: just moments ago. abby: walking into this meeting g-7 summit for gender equality breakfast sitting down there with those leaders. we will keep a close eye on that. professor dershowitz, always good to have you on. your expertise is one of the very best. we always love having with you us. thank you so much. >> thank you, professor. pete: we have continuing coverage from the g-7 as well as singapore. up next, president trump now asking nfl anthem-kneelers to bring him the people they
5:21 am
want to be helped. will this help find common ground? plus superman dean cain he played football with the buffalo bills. is he here live to weigh in on that. abby: come on in. ♪ you make my dreams come i'm about to start the nature's bounty hair, skin and nails challenge. so my future self will thank me. thank you. i become a model? yes. no. start the challenge today. and try new tropical citrus flavor with collagen. nature's bounty.
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abby: we are back with a fox news alert. a u.s. soldier is dead. four others are wounded after an enemy attack in somalia. al shabaab opening fire on the troops. the condition of those wounded and identities have not yet been released. president trump tweeting this: my thoughts and prayers are with the families of our servicemen who were killed and fellow servicemen who were wounded in somalia. they are truly all heroes. and they are. also an urgent search underway for the body of a woman feared dead after a
5:25 am
terrifying alligator attack. this after florida wildlife officials found an arm inside of a 12-foot gator. police say the 47-year-old was walking her dog near a lake in davie when she disappeared. much witnesses with saying they saw the beast drag the woman into the water. hauled it out of the lake before killing it. pete: very sad. the president reaching out to nfl protesters asking them for ideas about possible partisan. listen. pardons -- pardons. >> it's all talk, talk, talk. i'm going to ask them to recommend to me people that were unfairly treated. friends of theirs or people that they know about. and i'm going to take a look at those applications. griff: interesting. could this idea work? we're asking actor dean cain he played football at
5:26 am
princeton university and free agent with the buffalo bills. dean joins us. abby: hey, dean. good to have you back. >> way better with you. griff: i'm happy to be here. thank you very much. president trump jump on helicopter and decides to make news in that five-minute span where he took all those questions. again, completely following his own rules. what he has done is offered olive branch to these people protesting. i played in the nfl for a little bit. for a little bit. [laughter] but i stand for the anthem. i would never neil for the kneee anthem. any a grievance i wanted to discuss i would find another way to do it. president trump has offered olive branch. you want to protest and talk about police brutality my door is open here you go. griff: is it olive branch or calling the bluff of guys like collin cancer neck and others to say okay, bring something to me. >> i think he really means it i think it's a real olive branch. we will find out if those guys are bluffing. i don't think they are.
5:27 am
i think they have something legitimate to talk about. is he willing to listen. he was willing to have kim kardashian come in and talk about that situation. is he willing to listen to anybody. certainly willing to listen to the players. what cracks me up people go wow, a reality star came in and spoke to a president. that's a citizen of the united states. as anybody else is. she is as qualified as anybody to discuss things as are these players. i think it's great he is opening his door and saying bring it. abby: ultimately making big change by releasing alice johnson last week. two things americans don't want politicizeside patriotism and sports. people just want to watch sports without it getting political. do you think this idea the president's idea of just come talk to me if you feel someone has been treated unjusted. come talk to me and we will see if we can change that do you think that will change this. >> professor dershowitz was on five minutes ago. i love listening to him. his suggestion that the president open an office to review everything and just bring everything, i think that's a great idea. perhaps the president will do that you know, that's an
5:28 am
open door, again. i think, yeah, it could work. , it could work. i think it's a great idea. pete: dean, everybody talks about the put what's he going to do? is he taking the right action or not? look at the philadelphia eagles. he had a chance to go. two of them said they would. kellyanne conway confirmed she will say tonight on "watters' world" there was policy time. they were willing to do the ceremony and sit in the obama office and talk about policy. it's a two-way street. if you don't show up, how screw a conversation. >> i think they should have come and spoke. and perhaps other players will learn from that lesson. the door is open. if you want a seat at the table, the door is open. come, in sit down, speak your peace. griff: last question the golden state warriors won the championship. does steph curry has an opportunity to reach out and say i will be the first one to take an opportunity go to the white house perhaps when the president gets back from singapore and lay out what he wants? >> i think that would be a great idea. i love steph curry as a player. i know his gm real well great guy bob meyers.
5:29 am
i hope they will come in and have this conversation. this man is willing to listen to you. you can protest all you want. if you can have the conversation, have the conversation. pete: you know the gm well. could you give me tickets. >> i might be able to work that out. is he a great guy. much taller than both of us. griff: dean contaidean cain, co. >> i will come back. you heard it on air. abby: i love it. pete: love to have you. griff: tsa under fire over 6-minute pat down of an elderly woman in a wheelchair. this is what they were trained to do. we'll explain. pete: so much to say about that. and the president's approval rating on the economy is soaring and it's all in the numbers. we'll break them down for you coming up. abby: first, triple crown history could be made at the belmont stakes today. our own janice dean is looking wonderful from belmont park. janice. janice: my buddy pete row it undough is here. we are going to talk about placing your bets at this
5:30 am
year's belmont stakes. 1:50. pete are we going to win some money. >> of course we are. we will hit the cold super fecta. you will want to stay tuned for that coming up on "fox & friends." don't go away! sfx: muffled whistle text alert. i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek. cold... warmer...
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pete: fox news exclusive the reveal of abby's new book. abby: official reveal. i'm nervous but excited. this is a project near and dear to my heart. i have worked on it this past year. a children's book titled "who will i be?" inspiring next generation to find something they want to do in their life that helps people, that helps their communities. i come from a family of service. my dad always said i don't care when you do with your life as long as it's benefiting the country and benefiting people around you. my mom would tuck us in and night and say what did you do today to make someone else's day a little bit better. that's what i have been raised with. when i got pregnant i said to my husband how did i instill that to n. my own daughter. write a story about a young girl who trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up. something i'm passionate about. something i hope can inspire the next generation to be better.
5:35 am
better.pete. griff: coming out in september. now, tell me, you know, abby, now that you have finished it and you look at your own child, people will buy this book, read it to their children. what do you want the take away to be? abby: i hope did you go out to buy it i want the take away to be an inspiration that parents can teach their kids about the important jobs in their community. jobs we often miss. whether it is the crossing guard. were it is the firefighter or the teacher or military or the reporter that's covering the story nearby. jobs that help all of us be better and inform us. i'm so excited about. this i hope you go out and buy it. it is out september 11th, which is fitting because that is a day, of course, we are reminded how amazing people are. pete: military officer. fireman, i see church steeple. who will i be by abby huntsman. abby: soaks sighted. i hope you go out and buy it
5:36 am
"who will i be j" thank you so much. the tsa is now under fire for a six-minute patdown of a 96-year-old woman in a wheelchair. watch this. >> what in the [bleep] do you think she is going to do? set off a shoe bomb. >> 96-year-old terrorist here. abby: her daughter posting the viral video calling the random search quote prolong and repetitive it all happened at dulles international airport in virginia. the tsa said the officers did what they are trained to do. send us your thoughts on that gun permits revoked from hundreds of people in the state of florida. the state failing to do background checks for more than a year, forcing them to take away gun licenses from 291 people. agriculture commissioner adam putnam blaming the mistake on employee who he calls negligent and deceitful. the worker says at the time she couldn't log into background check database.
5:37 am
listen to this. a dad taking out billboard to celebrate his vac victorian son's achievement. this after the north carolina high school banned the title all together in an effort to be more inclusive. congrats josh allmon you will always be our valedictorian. >> our son was not recognized at the may 1st board meeting. there were 25 other school victorians were. i feel like our own wake county school should every accept the policy or none accept the policy. abby: others in the area are expected to follow suit and end value dick torians as early as next year. a lot of mixed views on this one. pete: no mixed views here, nice job, gary. nice job. don't live in a world where if you succeed -- i have my own personal story about that. abby: you weren't valedictorian were you. pete: i actually was. that year turned into the
5:38 am
top 10. abby: now do away with it. pete: we will recognize 10 people equal not the vac victorian. all part of the erosion. griff: who should be if he was not adam. >> if they recognized the top 100 i might have groton something. i was trying to squeeze in there, guys. forecast wise, you know, gorgeous day out here. folks, are you happy with the weather? all right. i'm their valedictorian. beautiful in new york city. we are talking about warm air really piling up in portions of the country. there it is as you are looking at temperatures going to be running up into the 80's, the 90's in the middle of the country here later today. now we are really dry. staying really dry in the dessert southwest. those are fire warnings. dry air, windy conditions. fire could continue to be an issue for them. unfortunately, no rain on the way out west. some rain here in the east coast. that's something we are going to be watching a elizabeth later today. good news is for all of our vacationers out here no rain
5:39 am
in new york city today. top 100 guys, that's me. abby: i will take it thank you, adam. we are racing off to the 150th belmont stakes. griff: what are the odds that justify will take home the triple crown. pete: our own janice dean at the tracks with someone who knows a thing or two about betting. >> we are here with pete row it undegree. pete and i go way back. i have known you probably as long as my husband because we went to saratoga and pete showed us around. i love the horses. it's kind of where my husband and i fell in love. >> right. >> when you see me, that's what you think about, right? janice: i do think of that you are a big wig with the breeder's cup. when is it this year and when is it happening? >> november 2nd and 3rrd, louisville, kentucky churchill downs we are going back for the ninth time. janice: if this horse wins he will go for the breeder's cup. >> in training for the grand slam. only happened once ever american pharaoh in 2015.
5:40 am
we are rooting hard for justify today. >> big question is how do we make money? will we make money if we bet on this horse. >> you don't want to bet on him to win. something called the super fecta we have to run first, second, third and fourth. justify going to win. second hofburg the wise guy horse in the derby. now they like him again, 1, 4. long shot free drop billy. he will get third and then you want ten fold to run fourth. 1, 4, 2, 8 cold and you're super fecta. janice: which horse gave justify the run for his money in the preakness. >> bravozo he ran so hard i'm not sure can he come back and run fast. janice: tell us about this track. belmont, 1.5 miles, hardest track. >> mile and a half the longest ever going to run. this the stefs the champion. this is what they call it really is. janice: is he going to do it? >> oh, yes, he will do it.
5:41 am
>> hang out some money. sip of bourbon this morning. i hope so, right? >> having fun. horse races. pete: someone drinking it might be approval rating soaring all in the numbers. we'll break them down next. pete: there is a new app. on your phone that can help you save big at the grocery store. adam is putting it to the test in our own plaza supermarket sweep. having some beer and chips. abby: anything we can't do on the plaza? ♪ am has no added nitrates, nitrites or artificial preservatives. now deli fresh flavor is for everyone.
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griff: welcome back, quick headlines, more than 3,000 pounds of frozen chicken tenders tainted tyson foods issuing a major recall over fears that some bred products could be contaminated over pieces of plastic. tenders were only shipped to restaurants and not available in retail stores. kia recalling more than 500,000 vehicles over concerns that airbags may not work in a crash. the announcement covers 2010 through 2013. 2011 through 2013 optimas and 2011 and 2012 hybrid optimas in i sedona. the company does not yet have a fix but is working workig with its supplier on the issue. abby? abby: thank you, griff. president trump's approval rating on the economy is soaring a record 52% of voters now give him his most positive job rating yet. so, what is the reason behind the numbers and how has the economy grown in the last year? here to break it all down
5:46 am
fox business network. let's break down these numbers. >> no doubt the economy doing well heading into the summer. got to talk about the consumer confidence index has climbed higher to 128. index looks at the confidence of people of americans in the country, how they feel about the economy as well as their own personal finance. so we can see that that uptick is coming even though oil and gas prices have climbed a little bit higher. the tax cuts have benefited currently at this point in time. abby: biggest numbers i saw are jobs. 6.7. >> people can't complain, right? sitting on the couch can't find a job right now. >> certainly does. >> exaggeration at the moment. great news for the economy. only issue for companies now is finding those people. some companies actually have to get a little creative how they going to maintain u have you walmart, for example, said they are going to start paying for tuition or maybe they are testing out uniforms and whether they should be a little bit more relaxed with uniforms.
5:47 am
all in the hoping of retaining employees. mcdonald's has similar programs. starbucks has similar programs. >> why? because it's difficult right now to find the workers in america. abby: yeah. you think about what that means for the companies itself as you are talking about. even higher wages for some of their employees? >> that was a big concern over the past several months we are not seeing wage growth. that's upticking. it's still not where it should be. that is a concern. have you inflation that is just around the corner because the fed will increase interest rates. that means that loans, mortgages will be a little bit higher. wage growth isn't catching up. that's the concern. how are we going to be able to afford those more expensive items in the near future if our salaries aren't climbing up with the rate of inflation. abby: right. >> what we are seeing with a lot of the markets right now. it's been a great time to be an investor, especially if you are a big investment bank because you are benefiting from all the trade. you are seeing out of the s&p 500. 500 companies. first quarter earnings. all of them about almost 80% of the companies beat
5:48 am
analyst expectations. their earnings came in higher than expected. part of that does have to do with the corporate tax rate decreasing from 35% to 21%. so they're bringing the money from overseas. definitely stronger. and then have you got trade. abby: singapore summit a couple days away. >> on tuesday. overnight with the time difference. this is the area where there is some concern because if there is a potential trade war, that could really affect consumer prices. not necessarily the steel and aluminum tariffs but going forward if there is going to be a tit-for-tat trade war can canada, mexico, going after cheese, bourbon, pork, all of these items, that's going to make it more expensive for americans. and i have been asked this by viewers on twitter. what do we do? why can't we buy local? if you are buying local, the costs that go into those goods they have to come from somewhere. sometimes the united states doesn't have those products or have a supply deal with another country. price also go up and that could eventually possibly be passed on to consumers. we're going to start to see that soybeans, motorcycles,
5:49 am
all kinds of items. abby: we are at good spot right now. 3.8 unemployment. larry kudlow was talking about the trade talks. they said we will watch the numbers closely. obviously what's most important. christine, always good to have you on to break this down. good to have you on this morning. speaking of the economy. left wing comedian bill maher hoping for economic crash. listen to this. >> bring on the recession. sorry if that hurts people. but, it's either root for a recession or you lose your democracy. abby: seriously. we are going to break that down. new app. that can help you save big at the grocery store. we are putting it to the test in our own supermarket sweep on the plaza u because that's what we do here on "fox & friends." we have got all of that for you. that is up next ♪ it's magic ♪ you know ♪ never believe in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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pete: a new app. that can score you huge savings just by scanning your grocery store receipts. griff: here to explain how it works and put us to the test in our own shopping spree founder and ceo of the fetch rewards app. wes, how does this work? >> fetch rewards is a completely free mobile app. download the application, go grocery shopping anywhere across the u.s. take a picture of your receipt afterwards and you will get rewarded for thousands of products we represent across hundreds of brands. pete: you get the points after you buy what you want. >> after you buy what you want. the app. will list out all the brands you want. different challenges that will earn you even more points. griff: challenge. >> challenges. griff: we get to compete what do you have for us. >> a subset of the products behind us, a couple of the bransdz we work with that will all earn you money back if you buy them. you are each going to try to get 10 items in 30 seconds. griff: don't get hurt.
5:54 am
so these are my items right here? >> those are your items. pete: griff, those are yours right there. griff: get your cart, griff. pete: help me out, team. i got miller lite. ♪ ♪ pete: crystal lite. a-1. i see it's right here. ♪ griff: i broke one. another miller lite. pete: chunky. i need miller lite. i know i need miller lite. that's on my list. griff: 10 seconds? pete: i ney need the -- i'm going to put more beer in my cart just for good riddance. coor's is not on my chart but i got a lot of it what do we think? [applause]
5:55 am
why did we get coor's light when it wasn't on our list. we will reveal who won next hour. >> go with full. >> we will tally it up and let you know. pete: very cool. [cheers] pete: abby, up to you. abby: get to a fox news alert. president trump getting ready for more talks at the g-7 summit. we are going to bring that to you live right after this commercial break. you don't want to miss it. be right back. ..
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pwell, esurance makes finding thatthe right coverage easy. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call. >> donald trump front and center at the g-7 summit. >> the united states after many years with the european union. >> making his way to singapore. >> i always believe in preparation. >> the ig report coming out of the justice department from
5:59 am
michael horowitz is due to come out on 14 june. >> the fact we are expecting a fair ig report doesn't mean we never had a special counsel. if i were comey i would be worried. >> the mainstream media trashing the trump one. >> are they the most soulless human beings? are they did inside? the media and the democrats believe it or not still trying to figure out how they lost that election and that is how they are going to lose in the midterms. >> golden state winning four in the nba finals, 108-105 to sweep the cleveland cavaliers. ♪ pete is tired this morning, stayed up too late watching the game. >> they knew they would want it.
6:00 am
>> the soundtrack to a lot of people's lives. where are the blowfish? >> the hit album coming up. >> thank you for spending it with us. there is a lot to get to this morning. >> a lot of history being made, donald trump wrapping up talks at the g-7 summit, before taking off for singapore. >> the pres. participated in at breakfast discussing gender equality. >> live in québec city, kevin has the details. >> reporter: ever hit traffic or the news button too times and find yourself late for a
6:01 am
meeting? we know the president himself was tardy for the gender equality advisory council breakfast. he did eventually make it but a few minutes late as other leaders were in the room and already seated but once he made it over the pres. has expected took part in the day's first event. that is how you make a grand entrance i suppose. it was a considerably different feeling and the leaders of the world's largest economies with the notable exception of china took part in other working sessions. the same as always is the case economic insecurity collaboration and cooperation which as you can imagine is taking a hit amid the tariff ground between the us and global trading partners. talking about tariffs and trade. there were additional sections later this morning and we anticipate the strong possibility of the us and canada releasing a statement talking
6:02 am
about trade and cooperation, not going to weigh in on the possibility on the communiqué signed by the us and see how that pans out, the pres. leaving earlier than planned making his way to singapore. we have all the details but back to you. >> thank you, kevin. >> we did note at the beginning of that breakfast all the other world leaders came in, the meeting started, no donald trump, 5 or 10 minutes and he showed up, all cameras flipped as he walked into the breakfast. maybe we will get a note, maybe fashionably late. >> are preparing for the big summit. >> could be understated. world leaders came in, world history, not american history. we are on the cusp of watching history being made that will be watched around the world, the most significant meeting between
6:03 am
an american president and a north korean dictator, the most threatening existential threat to the rest of the planet and it is about to begin when he gets on the plane and takes off for singapore. we are watching world history play out this morning live as he is there with world leaders, talking tough on tariffs and north korea and that is what got us here and why we must remember how we got here and what the president did that brought us to this point. let's get this montage back to where it is. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. frankly, the people that were questioning that statement, maybe it wasn't tough enough. they have been doing this to our country for many years and it is
6:04 am
time somebody stuck up for the people of this country. if he does anything with respect to guam or anyplace else in american territory or an american ally he will truly regret it and he will regret it faster. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and his regime. the united states is ready, willing and able. >> no foreign policy expert then would have counseled necessarily a candidate for president to say the words the way he did, but those same experts got us on this trail to where we are. america elected and unconventional businessman who has done big deals before, understands tough talk. understand washington, it is a media policy politician feed loop. they love each other and reinforce each other and that is why it is no surprise while he was making those comments the
6:05 am
mainstream media to love them that much. >> the same protocol the way it has been done for years and years, he is changing the way we do things and those comments we show you was less then a year ago talking to kim jong un. this was the media's response to how that went down. >> is not really being cavalier with a thread about nuclear war. it makes him seem demented. >> these other messages from a person who is not well, a leader who is not fit for office. >> donald trump is goading kim jong un to test a nuclear missile, to prove its reliability, to show him wrong. fundamentally comes across as two kindergartners jostling each other except each has nuclear weapons. >> these two kindergartners are meeting face-to-face in singapore and it will potentially be the greatest foreign policy breakthrough we
6:06 am
have seen happen maybe since the cold war. call them what you want but as an american we should hope for the best, hope that something good comes out of this because it is not just good for america but for the world, the president is still willing to step away from the table if we don't get what we want but he is hopeful, he says i'm not setting expectations that everything will be solved. to have everything denuclearize to, that won't be the case but hopefully get there over time, the first of many meetings. >> when you do these big summits and cancel it and put it back on, others have been instrumental, we had meetings going on in singapore, you expect deliverables will come, or actual denuclearization, we
6:07 am
should expect something will come and how will the media react. >> these people, demented, not well, kindergartner, consider themselves journalists giving us unbiased news on the prospects for peace on the korean peninsula. he brushes that aside, don't care what you are saying, i will use the rhetoric kim jong un understand because i understand big deal, then he quit testing, pumps the table and here we are in singapore. will they eat crow? will they walk out saying he is not demented or kindergartner, he actually is a smart dude who won the presidency when we said he couldn't and is about to achieve peace no one else could. we missed the forest for the trees. i get this but it is amazing what he has been up against to achieve this moment when no one else said he could. >> all of us didn't know where it was going to end. >> to say demented, kindergartner is another thing. they are like no. >> we will see what their response is after the summit. you hope they want the best for the country.
6:08 am
>> not everybody does want the best for it. bill marr talking about watching hbo late last night. >> i plead guilty, got to find out, he is a little unpredictable. what he was saying about rooting for an economic collapse. >> i feel like the bottom has to fallout at some point and i am hoping for it because one way you get rid of trump is a crashing economy so bring on the recession. sorry if that hurts people but it is either root for a recession lose your democracy. >> he is unpredictable in what he says. often times he speaks from an uncomfortable perspective of one side or the other when no one else will say that you get this unfortunate reality for a lot of democrats, nancy pelosi at the podium, crumbs, what does it mean, almost rooting for any bad number they can because if it is
6:09 am
not bad it helps trump and get selected and the success of the american people see it as their own failure and their you see it. >> less wages, do worse, welcome to the elite. >> i don't know if you hear the background clapping but people applauded when he said he was rooting for a recession and that is symbolic of the fact there's a core in this country, that no matter what the president does in the face of record historic jobs numbers, unbelievable gdp growth, root against all of this. >> do they want to go back to 2008? that was a tough time for this country, the year i graduate college. 8, 19 an hour. and it was a sad time, a serious
6:10 am
conversation and we should be so hopeful where we are now. there is always room for improvement but to make jokes about that. >> west virginia, pennsylvania, ohio, rust belt middle american states, not crumbs and when america fails jobs go away, town go away, livelihoods go away, he doesn't show in california, kind of interesting, an interesting guy, fun show but those folks on the left coast and the right coast don't see the world the way a lot of you do in middle america. your comments have been flowing in. >> bill maher is showing the liberal streetside regardless how much they say are they are for the little person they are not interested in seeing them to better especially if it means they lose power. >> i could afford to be so glib about wishing for economic failure. i can't afford to be so glib. >> robert says i wonder how he
6:11 am
would feel if he was out of work and able to find the job. >> some americans have still not recovered a decade later from that recession. >> you check out the applause, what are they clapping for? >> automatic trump 8. >> i want to bring serious headlines starting with a fox news alert. a us soldier in debt, four others wounded after a attack in somalia. the conditions of the wounded it allies have not been released. my thoughts and prayers with the families of the service man who was killed and fellow serviceman who were wounded in somalia. they are truly all heroes. hillary clinton and the dnc in the center of another invalided scheme, the clinton campaign used state parties to skirt
6:12 am
contribution limits in 2016. pro trump political action committee accusing as many as 40 state parties of funneling $84 million to clinton's presidential campaign. the dnc calling the allegations bogus. stefan curry and the warriors back to back chaps. >> way outside, stefan curry from downtown. >> what a talent, golden state winning 108-85 to wrap up the sweep of the cleveland cavaliers and a third title in four years. he led with 37 points, kevin around was named final mvp for a second straight year, the first sweep in the nba finals since 2007. >> one of the best teams of all time. lebron unbelievable. >> whenever you watch them play. >> back to game one. it is different for the cavs.
6:13 am
and after that -- >> all right. former pres. bill clinton said he did the right thing in the monica lewinsky scandal. now he is descending sen. al franken. he will be heading to singapore for a high-stakes meeting with kim jong un. what would a successful summit look like? we will ask former navy seal in virginia congressman and all around great dude who will be here next. what might seem like a small cough to you... can be a big bad problem that you could spread to family members, including your grandchildren babies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. but you can help prevent this. talk to your doctor today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. because dangers don't just exist in fairytales.
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booking a flight doesn't have to be expensive. just go to priceline. it's the best place to book a flight a few days before my trip and still save up to 40%. just tap and go... for the best savings on flights, go to priceline. >> a fox news alert. in a couple hours donald trump will leave the g7 summit and head to singapore for historic meeting with north korean dictator kim jong un. >> what will a successful meeting between the two leaders look like and what will the us gain from all of it? >> former navy seal in virginia congressman scott taylor, thanks for being here, we appreciate
6:17 am
it, thanks for your service. when you look at what is about to happen, in singapore, what are you looking for as deliverable out of the meeting? >> you look at the context, a couple decades since we had an american president meet with the leader in north korea and diplomacy took 16 months to come up with a framework. we don't want to oversell here. as you know the pres. will get attacked by the liberal media either way. it will be fantastic if he goes from the summit in singapore with a framework that lower-level diplomacy can take place to make sure in the fundamental thing is to negate the threat to our homeland, the nuclear threat. he can come up with a framework out of that deal, a path towards denuclearization, that would be fantastic but we don't want to oversell it. a lot of painstaking diplomacy.
6:18 am
>> leaders meeting face-to-face behind closed doors, what do you make of the pres.'s preparation, it all comes down to attitude. >> government is a perfect example, to get something done through all the layers. the pres. of the charming individual, very successful, i certainly am cautiously optimistic what he comes out of the meeting with. you can get a lot of things done to go through these. >> it was never ratified by the senate. doing things differently than
6:19 am
obama did will take whatever deal he can get eventually. >> it is a good point, even president clinton, didn't have to go through the senate and obama did the same thing, that is a huge mistake, the other one can undo it. and putting it to the -- has pushed back rightfully so. i think he will once he comes up with a deal -- >> when you talk about the meeting with north korea are they optimistic about or positive? members of both sides of the aisle, what are they saying? >> a quality of desire to have a
6:20 am
good deal. it is high-stakes, extremely important, everyone what something good to come out of this, they don't agree with the president stylistically, they don't think he can deliver. even president clinton said things he hopes for successful singapore summit. any american should hope for a successful summit. >> president clinton said he wished he talked about denuclearization when he was president, a missed opportunity. >> thank you for your time and service. >> donald trump's approval numbers on par with pres.s reagan and obama at the same point in their presidency. will trump follow their path to reelection? we will debate next. ♪
6:21 am
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6:23 am
6:24 am
is welcome back, the u.s. air force, the entire b-1 bombing fleet to standout over safety concerns, the problem with rejection seat after a b-1 bomber made an emergency landing in texas last month. the jets return to flight status among some issues. the us pulling two workers from its embassy in cuba amid health concerns. government employees will be tested for possible brain injuries amid fears they have been affected by those mysterious health attacks harming us to planting cuba and china. wonder if they might be necessary us. >> donald trump's job rating holding steady.
6:25 am
a new fox news poll finds 45% of voters currently approve of the pres.'s performance, trump's numbers on par with pres.s obama and reagan at the same point in their presidency so will trump follow their path to reelection? joining us for a debate, the chairman of american conservative news and sam johnson cook's democratic strategist. thanks for joining us this morning. let me throw this to you. do you believe we are seeing his poll numbers the same as obama and reagan is significant? >> absolutely. his numbers have moved around this year but getting into this range of the mid-40s means a lot. look at historical commonality with the presidents you bring up and something unique about donald trump, a lot of people would not say they approve of everything donald trump does but they love the direction of his policies in the country.
6:26 am
the numbers are higher and are suppressed in most of these polls. >> let's talk about his handling of the economy. 52% approved. it is perhaps undeniable to anyone in the country the economy is doing well and is going to be a big part of the midterm election. voters, what do you say? >> it is going to be a big part of the election but let me go back to your first question, i don't think the presidencies can be compared. i was working for obama in the obama administration and no matter what the numbers at this time you have to look at the disapproval numbers and factor in the number of republicans that are leaving and exiting congress at this time and look at the climate of the nation. what polls cannot measure is how the nation is feeling and what the temperature is and right now the temperature even with the economy growing you are having
6:27 am
issues with immigration, families falling apart. >> is that a fair point to make? not comparable to pres. obama? >> complete the wrong. the poll does take into account the feelings of americans. a lot of republicans fled congress, many of them because their chairmanships were term limited. there are moderate republicans who feared there would be a negative shadow on the midterm elections and we are finding the opposite. here is the number one thing, the economy is stronger than it was at a comparable point with reagan and obama and how do we know that? the right track is almost 40%, two years ago under obama that] 25%, the american people were always unsettled with obama's radicalism. even though trump is controversial they are living his policies on the economy and
6:28 am
overseas. >> go ahead. >> when we say the american people, there are american people in the numbers that are not represented and many of the ones, polls indicate what they want and they said attract the audience they want to attract. i was a candidate, i am part of the american people and i can tell you there is a climate of violence and the climate of distrust. some policies work and a lot of policies are destroying families and destroying the middle class. >> are attributing the violence, the amount of riots we have seen, towards police, and true raise an issue about law enforcement, it is attributable to the president? >> i worked for law enforcement for 21 years, the violence in this country is attributed to
6:29 am
the leadership. leaders set the tone for divisiveness or unity and there's a lot of divisiveness. it is an offshoot of people feeling vacancy with a want to say, do what they want to do and we have a leader who said what he wanted to say, even if it hurt people's feelings. you can attribute that to the leadership. >> for eight years many of us, sat by and watched obama in many ways destroy foundational principles in this country and overturned by federal courts by more times than any modern president. he was our president and we knew there was a degree of respect. what is off the rails and violent is people who believe they can it will say donald trump is not my president, not fit for office, even journalists saying this. the american people look at the polls, the people you are talking about are
6:30 am
overrepresented in these polls because it will be a midterm election where fewer people will vote. 40% on the right track, the american people know what is happening. >> it will be some midterm. we are out of time. appreciate it. donald trump ramping up the g7 summit, more on that ahead. neil cavuto joins us live. is in history in the making? the race for the triple crown to justify, janice dean, that is coming up next. ♪ thank you. i become a model? yes. no. start the challenge today. and try new tropical citrus flavor with collagen. nature's bounty. it's just a burst pipe, i could fix (laugh) no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim.
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>> is going to try to get 10 items in 30 seconds. >> crystal light. i see it is right here. i broke one. i knew i need miller light. i am going to put more beer in my car. >> we are not sure. >> earlier on the show, pete and griff competed in a supermarket sweep and now we will reveal who the winner is. who it is, pete or griff? the winner is pete. it was food. >> how much beer can you put in your car? >> i love the apps but i was
6:35 am
overwhelmed. when i go to the supermarket, gravitate almost magnetically toward the deer aisle and if i'm out of time i grab so many different -- >> people bring notes, you carried your cardboard list with you, cartoon sized list. and also can't go quickly through the supermarket, look at everything. >> never go to the supermarket hungry. do you ever do that? >> when you go to the supermarket you realize it is simply day, little chips, little this, little that. >> not only did i lose to pete, i only got one item on my entire list. >> you did not get injured, no injuries. >> brian kill need, has pete hexes ever paid for the deal?
6:36 am
>> know. >> never never. bill clinton under fire yet again days after being criticized for his reaction to a question about monica lewinsky, clinton defending former sen. al franken telling pbs he is not convinced all of franken's sexual-harassment accusations are true. >> maybe i'm just an old-fashioned person but it seemed to me there were 29 women on saturday night live without a statement for him. the most fantastic story was i believe in the question. >> franken was accused of groping a los angeles radio news anchor in 2006, 7 other women that came forward prompting his
6:37 am
ultimate resignation. pope francis giving oil executives a talking to warning them climate change may destroy civilization, the pope making those comments during a conference at the vatican into the world must move toward clean energy and reduce the amount of fossil fuels. donald trump, kim jong un arriving in singapore ahead of the north korean summit. they fooled some people, they believed it was actually them. >> the idea. >> they had no security. the look-alike that he was detained and questioned when he arrived at the singapore airport. you would think there was something wrong if no one else was around. >> singapore security equivalent guys, all of a sudden the guy who looks like kim jong un walks off of an airplane. >> the umbrellas, is that a
6:38 am
thing? >> that is when you should have known. >> it is gorgeous and just a little while ago you were outside. i was digging through shopping carts, and i needed to bring in -- from birmingham, alabama, i need you to hold this. this is what i grab from your card. thank you, i love to go shopping. this is a button. that one right there. can we bring up the maps? temperatures running up in the 80s. there we are, fire weather in the southwest, high windss with low humidity. stretching across the region, hit the button again.
6:39 am
fire, rain, we will see showers in the eastern half of the country. the good news, no rain in new york. are you enjoying the vacation? you did a great job. want to say hi to everybody? throw it back to the studio. ready to go. >> meteorologist in training. justify the horse, won the race for the roses and took home first place but can he keep his momentum, can he take the triple crown home? janice dean is live from the 150 through belmont stakes as someone with a big interest in how justify does? >> good morning. the belmont 150 is here, part owner of the horse to be
6:40 am
justify. you were here with the kentucky derby and in the preakness, the horse went through the mud and won. it is a beautiful day at belmont. i have never seen the horse run under to. how is he going to do? >> he will do pretty well. i wouldn't trade places with anybody, it is a beautiful day, great shape, excited and nervous, and it is in a short time at a longer distance. he has a real chance. >> were you nervous? >> i more nervous about trying to organize everybody. family and kids crawling in my bed early this morning, more than getting everyone situated but not nervous for the race. we have done all our work but have to hope the horse takes care of business. >> i was talking to the trainer who trained american pharaoh who won the triple crown. he said when this horse walks in the other horses almost about to this horse. >> out on the track, looks like
6:41 am
a man among boys compared to other courses. he was the best horse of the race, how he handles the sixth race in 10 or 12 weeks, and we don't really know, it is a long race, coming and in great shape. hope we get lucky today. >> a pleasure meeting you, you are such a gentleman. everyone here has been amazing. i think the horse is going to win today. i'm wearing racing read and hoping for justify. thank you for being here, can't wait to meet your family. go justify! 150, it is happening, my favorite favorite thing to do for "fox and friends". wish them some beverages. >> hope he wins, janice put a lot of money on this horse.
6:42 am
>> fun to watch. the horse ran into a hurricane last time. >> stay tuned to watch janice. the pres. said on the campaign trail -- >> america first will be the major and overriding theme of my administration. america first. >> america first. >> why are global leaders shocked he is following through? neil cavuto is here to weigh in next. fishing on the plasma, they set up a special father's day race for me and pete to get my revenge. coming up. i promise to have and to hold
6:43 am
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>> the campaign message donald trump brought to the world stage. >> the beauty of america first is it brings us all together. americanism, not globalism, will be our credo. we will never ever sign bad trade deals. america first again. >> that was two years ago. why are world leaders surprised trump is following through on those promises? >> joining us now neil cavuto, host of cavuto live after this show. >> good morning. >> america first. what do you say? >> i was ready to talk about this america first thing, then i your segment in which abby was talking and i found you said you graduated from college in 2008? i have ties older than you.
6:47 am
i don't know what to think. whatever you kids are upset about -- in all seriousness, one of the things getting people's attention, none of this should be a fox news alert, not when you graduated from college but what is going on with the president's positions on trade. he said it does more harm than good. we should be on offense, not defense. what is surprising some of our friends is we are taking it out on them and not those who really abuse the privilege like the chinese and others, they feel that is not very fair or balanced. they want to see the pres. on this morning. not that they are shocked at these views the kind of stunned he is taking it out on them. >> old ties are the goodies. >> around serling connection.
6:48 am
>> in north korea in a couple hours, what do you think success looks like, when they shake hands, how will we be talking about this is a successful meeting? >> the fact they are having it is a success. >> the unusual event itself, the leader of the united states of america, not saying that is not the end all above all, but that is a served -- a historic development. the devil is in the details, in the next couple hours, what is done after a constructive summit.
6:49 am
north korean talks under bill clinton, bill clinton has been saying he has regrets he let some opportunities slip by including what could have been back then a meeting with the north koreans father, a leader of north korea at the time. we will get his read on a lesson bill richardson learned that might help donald trump today. the interior secretary ryan dinky who is my age and we can compare ties. >> that is something worth watching. 10 minutes from now, see you soon. coming up on the show we are fishing out in the plaza and they set out in several father's
6:50 am
day race. >> hopefully it does not involve the water. ♪ (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "cactus calamity". (man 1) i read that the saguaro can live to be two hundred years old. (woman) how old do you think that one is? (man 1) my guess would be, about... (man 2) i'd say about two hundred. (man 1) yeah... (burke) gives houseplant a whole new meaning. and we covered it. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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>> welcome back. in honor of our friends, here with their gone fishing event in a special race, alan -- brand-new parents of a 3-month back daughter, congratulations. let's get this competition going between pete and griff. >> they have a little bit of a
6:54 am
competition. they will make a cast, go around and make some burgers and the last one back in the easy chair wins. >> ready, set. >> griff got the early start. >> it is here. in that line. to enjoy. >> the perfect gift, a special something for him, you can always get a gift card sponsored by forbes. here we come. back to burgers right now. >> people have the advantage on serving burgers.
6:55 am
>> pretty close race. >> trying to say hi and get burgers served to them. >> another co-pay going on. and a gift card in your pocket. >> gave it to that young boy. >> going to come back. >> who is going to win? >> going to finish. going to give it to them. >> looks like he won. there we go. so close. first place metal. you know what this means. >> itty-bitty metal. back from a broken wing but i don't know about the apron. >> did you take a bite out of the burger?
6:56 am
poor thing. congratulations, well played. >> thank you. >> great to have you with us. we will be back right after this. don't go anywhere. i didn't know you put the apron on. ♪ i just want to change om geicoe saved an average of $412. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call. paying too much for insurance that isn't the right fit? well, esurance makes finding the right coverage easy. in fact, drivers who switched from geico to esurance saved an average of $412. that's auto and home insurance for the modern world. esurance, an allstate company. click or call.
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>> fox news alert, in the g-7 before he takes off for singapore, the historic summit with north korea, kim jong un will come to the podium as he loved to do, speak to the american people and speak to the media. >> will be live on the fox news channel from the g-7 to singapore. it could run the gamut of topics knowing donald trump.
7:00 am
you will want to see it live. you will hear it live today. >> the beginning of history, not just national history but world history. >> donald trump speaking at the top of the hour. have a great saturday, everybody. >> on to neil cavuto. >> we are waiting for the president from short and sweet to singapore and history. very soon we will have a bigger one. welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto when we are live where the president is expected to speak any moment before he takes off and then it will be i guess g-7-1. donald trump backing out early. they are not happy he is leaving but with his trade tariffs and tough talk and wanting to invite russia back in they haven't been thrilled since he arrived.


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