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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 9, 2018 2:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. >> a fox news alert. were less than 72 hours away from the history of us/north korea summit. president trump now in route to what he calls a one time shot for the north korean leader, kim jong-un to get right. and potentially eliminate the nuclear threat and dramatically change america's relations with the north korean regime.hello everyone welcome to a brand-new hour of "americas news headquarters". >> right now the president is traveling to singapore for the high-stakes sitdown with kim jong-un own after attending the g7 summit in canada.
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the president expressing high hopes for the talks. we are live in singapore with the latest. hi rich. >> good morning. resident trump says he is a confident in his gut going into the meeting tuesday with kim jong-un. he addressed reporters before leaving and now the president tweeted on his way to singapore. he says he is looking forward to meeting kim. thinking there's a chance to achieve a truly wonderful resume for north korea and the summit. he says he looks forward to having a good feeling this one-time opportunity will not be wasted. the president says even with uncertainty going into the meeting with kim jong-un he believes there could be a positive result. >> just my touch, my feel. that is what i do. how long will it take to figure out whether or not they are serious?i said maybe in the first minute. the way they say that you know if you're going to like somebody in the first five seconds, do you ever hear that?
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well, i think very quickly i will know whether or not something good is going to happen. >> the president says he and kim jong-un could begin a good dialogue, or he could just walk away. the president says he suspects there could be a spur of the moment to moment that could lead to a diplomatic breakthrough. we will have to see when he arrives. u.s. and north korean teams have been negotiating in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea on a potential agreement. there is a very long list of details to work will north korea surrender the nuclear program? listed missiles or chemical weapons? what access what inspectors have to the country? how and when will the u.s. ease sanctions and assure the kim regime security is a top priority? the president talked about the appalling human rights record
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in the gulag system for the present says he plans to raise every issue with kim. much of the choreography for the meeting, that is the planning going on here between north korea and the united states with negotiators on the ground working that out. there's very little known about the specifics on how this will all unfold on tuesday. we do know they will be meeting on a exclusive resort right off of the mainland. whether or not the meetings will be just this week the president has even acknowledged it could well be the beginning of a dialogue and there could be multiple meetings between him and kim jong-un. >> and we do not have much specifics on the meeting itself but what is it like there on the ground in singapore? what is the feeling in the air? >> there are lots of international reporters throughout the area. this is a focus on the main event happening here.
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the first ever meeting between the president of the united states and the leader of north korea. the highest level meeting to take place with the two countries. less than one year ago the two leaders were trading insults over twitter and a north korea on state media. an incredible event happening, it is the focus of this now. >> indeed, fastening. rich, thank you. eric? for more and this will bring in jim walsh, international security expert. in cambridge, the north koreans would say that the chief imperialist is on the way. that's what they have called him. >> absolutely. >> but the president has been lowering expectations. what do you think we can realistically expect to happen on tuesday? >> well, i would hope that we get some joint communication that announces general agreements or areas to work out. agreements on the peace treaty
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on denuclearization. but it might be pretty informal. let me back up. how many times have you and i talked about north korea over the years? dozens of times! we are days away from a summit by president trump and the chairman. all eyes will be in singapore. this is a huge. it will be must-see tv. and if the president comes out with something reasonably positive, i think it will be a big win. >> what will be the reasonably positive in your opinion? >> continuation of the moratorium on missile long-range missile testing and on nuclear testing. that would be great. i would expect it is already been some work done. as you well know we discussed this. the korean war never really ended. we had an armistice, no peace agreement. my guess is it will be something around that. >> we say something, could come out with a hands up, announcing
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the armistice is over and the war itself from 1953 >> the north koreans have wanted a peace treaty for a while. going back to the early years, when i met with kim -- who used to be head of the six party talks is now a foreign minister. when him and i sat across the desk from each other, talking about issues and nuclear weapons, he was talking about a peace treaty them. of course, everyone's definition of a peace treaty is different. but i think it will be something they would welcome. the main thing is starting a process is implementing a clampdown on the nuclear missile program and then slowly rolling it back as we take other steps that they want us to take. part of this is the relationship. this is one area where mr. trump and kim have been saying similar things. which is, if we get the relationship right, all things are possible. it is somewhat of a shift in
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the u.s.. >> the president says it bases their attitude, he can tell if he likes the guy in the first minute, before we go further, tell me about your experience and what the north koreans are really like when you sat across from them are present in the government of the united states. to them, and how it went. are they sincere, are they genuine? or just blowing smoke? >> first of all i want to be crystal clear. when i sat across from them i was a private citizen acting in the capacity of that citizen. if it is true -- the new when i got back to the yes i would report those things. that is when we had no diplomatic relations. they would often tell visitors things with expectations that they would pass them onto the government. and that is what i did. you would be surprised now, how cordial they can be. they are not dummies. they have had to deal with a
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very hostile environment for a long time. there are certain lines you cannot cross pretty cannot insult the chairman, not things like that. but they were pretty frank and prepared to talk about issues. at that point this was way back in 2005. they were willing to move. we will see if they're willing to move now. >> why would they be willing now, do you think? with the talks, 1994, the clinton embargo. all of the food that went over. they lied over that. >> that has been less than eight years. i would say a freeze for eight years personally. but you've asked me the hardest questions here. this is the hardest question. why are they doing that? i wish i had a good answer. one theory is there trying to play us, get an agreement and the sanctions regime starts to fall apart then they pull out. and they would have cashed in
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on, it takes us a while to rebuild sanctions. that's a possibility. maybe the young kim does seem in some ways different than his father and grandfather. maybe he has made some strategic choice about putting his country on a different track. you just don't know. but that's the great thing about diplomacy. one of the great things. we will put this to the test. we will sit down and will be able to see how they react to proposal. >> in the wall street journal today, let me read this about kim jong-un. he writes, he, meaning kim, wants to live to be 95. large and in charge. his big geopolitical concern is not and never has been the us. it is china. if china ever gets tired of the existence, the life got in pyongyang overnight. and they want the u.s. to become an undeclared investor and longevity of his regime for the reasons of geopolitical stability and to constrain beijing. do you see that? do you think he is a younger generation enlightened leader versus what we have seen before
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when he reportedly ordered assassinations of family members? >> you know, that is one possibility. that is the thing. we have a set of possibilities. we do not know which one is right. it has a logic to it. and i've heard north korean officials sort of float discussions that the notion citing that henry kissinger had floated the notion of, what if the u.s. and north korea were buddies? rather them north korea and china? i have heard them say that. is that what's really driving this at this point? i have no idea. but i agree with the fact that certainly, the starting place here is presumed autocrats want to hold power. i think that's where i'm starting from. and they will do what they can to hold onto power. >> finally quickly, let me bring up, otto warmbier.the
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young man basically brutally tortured and beaten to get by the north koreans. the president said he will bring her thing up. maybe he is on air force one watching right now. will he, should he, bring up the issue of otto warmbier? and for kim to prosecute those in his north korean government and prison system apparently killed otto warmbier? >> i think it's only appropriate for him to bring up the cases of all of these detainees. not just the one that died but those who spent years in prison. and that should be part of a broader conversation. but it, he will have to set priorities. i think it is definitely appropriate to bring up.he should bring it up. he also has an issue to deal with that is important too. i do not want to see another detainee and north korea. whether they are in prison or injured or they die. obviously, that is important. i must say, preventing a war is pretty darn important too. that's where my focus would be. >> a lot on the list.
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nuclear first of course number one. good to see you. as always, thank you. >> good to see you. >> the president is now in the air on air force one headed to singapore from the g-7 summit in canada. where he said the u.s. will no longer tolerate what the president calls, unfair trade deals with longtime allies. mr. trump blaming prior u.s. administrations for getting us into the deals. an assisting he gets along great with those allies. >> the relationship that i have had with the people, the leaders of these countries has been, i would really rate it on a scale of 0 to 10. i would rate it a 10. that does not mean i agree with what they are doing and they know very well that i don't. we are negotiating very hard. tariffs and barriers. >> the present certainly not sleeping on air force one.
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he is tweeting in fact about the summit. rick leventhal way for a second hip or the president saying the meetings were great and world leaders know where he is coming from. rick, you are live in qucbec city. in fact, where protesters vanished and have hit the streets. i do not see them in the shop but i'm sure they must be somewhere. >> one of the big story that has emerge from this year's g-7 is how well-prepared authorities were for potentially -- where outside where the march began earlier today. this is what is left of the folks that were here. several hundred took place in the anti-g-7 protest. including labor unions and many others. many holding signs and others hiding their faces. they took a walk to the old city which is beyond the wall there. for about one hour, chanting the hallway. there were hundreds of police officers lining the route on either side of the street. many of them in riot gear with
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helmets and shields and batons. there were a lot of storeowners and tourists who are standing by and watching as the parade of people went by. up the ont of their stores rded over the last couple of days in anticipation of possible trouble. fortunately, they do not appear to have been necessary. there are people here obviously but there's been no real issue today that we are aware of. on thursday there was a big protest march through the streets of qucbec city and there were some fires and flares set up at the end of that. a couple of arrests, we were told. friday morning a standoff with authorities and protesters at a highway that leaves where the summit took place. it's 88 miles from here. this separated the world leaders from protesters.they may have the size of the protest down. of course, this was done in large part because of what happened in qucbec city in
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2001. when they were 30 to 50,000 demonstrators a turnout for the summit of the americas. they did millions of dollars worth of property damage. there were hundreds and hundreds of arrests. authorities were concerned they might see a repeat this time around. again, things have been relatively calm in qucbec city. now that the summit is over authorities hope it stays that way. >> do we know their beef? what is the deal? >> one of the things they were chanting today is that people were thinking with money in their wells and not with what was in their hearts. they do not believe they were genuine and concerns were the climate and environment. they thought the world leaders are being disingenuous. they have a lot of issues that they feel need greater attention. there are trying to draw attention to the issues. based on the size of the crowd i'm not sure the message is getting through. >> good to see you, thank you. >> back in washington now with the justice department, they
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not they will no longer support in obamacare provision that protects consumers with pre-existing medical conditions. the doj sing as part of a larger plan with an individual employment mandate which lawmakers repeal. what does this mean? ellison barber is live with more. >> the ministration is citing at least in part with 20 republican led states are suing over the individual mandate. the state say obamacare as a whole is unconstitutional because of the new tax law got rid of the individual mandate penalty. the panel to the supreme court upheld in 2012 as appropriate use of congress is taxation powers. and the department of justice argues individual mandate is now unconstitutional as our provisions. the issue and the rating. the administration says because individual mandate penalty is now at zero dollars and in
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their view unconstitutional, the other two provisions have to go. the ministration says they cannot be separated from the individual mandate and if they stated could be used by individuals to wait until they are fit to purchase insurance. democrats on the other hand arguing and urging the administration to reverse course for senators. they sent a letter to the president said quote - it is time to stop the sabotage. we are a country of laws. the law must be respected, defended and enforced regardless of the person occupying the oval office paid the presence and he wants to repeal and replace obamacare but has repeatedly talked about how replacement needs to protect people with pre-existing conditions. democrats are very concerned about the impact this filing from the doj will have on people with pre-existing is the president speaking to congress in february of 2017. >> we should ensure that americans with pre-existing conditions have access to coverage and that we have a
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stable transition for americans currently enrolled in the healthcare exchange. >> the administrations decision not to defend an existing statute is rare but it has happened before. the obama administration did not defend this when it was in the supreme court. >> thank you. >> we have a fox news alert. an american soldier killed and four others wounded in somalia. happening yesterday, 200 miles southwest of the capital, mogadishu, special ops were fighting alongside somali troops against al-shabaab when they came under mortar and small arms fire. the soldier kill has not yet been identified. the present tweet overnight my thoughts and prayers are with the family of our servicemen who was killed and his fellow servicemen that were wounded in somalia. they are truly, heroes. >> that they are. new developments in the rush
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investigation. special counsel, robert mueller, paul manafort, and a longtime associate from the ukraine with obstruction charges. now the legal team is firing back. what they are saying, next. plus, just days away from the release of the huge anticipated justice department report on the hillary clinton email probe. that is amid growing speculation on what it could reveal about the department and the fbi actions during the presidential campaign paid what did they do? a former federal prosecutor will tell us next. i've got to tell you something important. it's not going to be easy. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere.
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if you have hep c, it can be cured. for us, it's time to get tested. it's the only way to know for sure. >> a fox news alert en paul
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manafort. his little team is now pushing back against robert mueller. after he hit him in the russian associate with obstruction charges yesterday and the rest investigation. garrett tenney live in washington with the latest and the response by paul manafort lawyers. >> was ready facing charges for crimes and on behalf of lobbying for foreign government. now he's facing charges of obstruction and tampering with witnesses. this week special counsel
2:24 pm
accused him of contacting two former business associate that he believes investigators would speak to about his lobbying working in ukraine. then we continue to persuade them and what they might tell investigators. the team followed the charges as part of their effort to have the judge revoked paul manafort bail and taken to custody while the case plays out. they attorneys to cite allegations calling the part of a sinister plot targeting his former business associates. saying in the court filing, the new charge of witness tampering may by special counsel should be seen for what it is. an attempt to redo rather modified conditions of release at the 11th hour. the latest charges like the others paul manafort is chasing for alleged crimes that took place before his work on the presence campaign. this what the president had to say about potentially pardoning paul manafort yesterday as he left the white house. >> they have not been convicted of anything. there is nothing two-part.
2:25 pm
it is far too early to be thinking about it. >> this afternoon when former doj officials suggested the new charges are likely meant to ramp up pressure on paul manafort. to get into corporate with special counsel rush investigation and send a message to any of his friends that might be thinking of helping him avoid prosecution. >> thank you so much. >> in another fox news alert now, growing questions on what could be revealed as we await next week's highly anticipated release of the justice department. the inspector general report on the hillary clinton email investigation during the 2016 campaign. let's bring in steven mulroy. former federal prosecutor and university professor. good to have you here. >> thank you very much, arthel. >> absolutely. what will lawmakers be looking for? what would the administer should be looking for? what will president trump personal lawyers be looking for? >> three very interesting
2:26 pm
questions. i would imagine that the administration and republicans would be looking for any sign that high ranking officials at the fbi or the doj showed any trace at all of what can be argued as being pro-clinton or anti-trump bias during the investigation of the clinton email situation during 2016. democrats will be looking for the converse of that. indications that for example, the fbi director james comey, would be in the judgment of the inspector general to have acted inappropriately when one week before the election, he disclosed publicly they were reopening the email investigation. in terms of president trump 's individual lawyers, i think it is very interesting question. i think it, they might be looking for anything which they can use to attack the ability of james comey. which might be a damning
2:27 pm
witness against the president and future proceedings. also challenge the credibility of rosenstein. >> the last part of your answer, could be the answer to my next question. but i will ask anyway. why is the release of this report important? hillary clinton lost the election. donald trump as president. >> right. it is an excellent point. there is a certain sense. certainly democrats are making the point and saying we are obsessing too much about going back over what happened with the clinton email investigation. she lost, donald trump as president. that's where the focus needs to be. i imagine that the administration has been pressing for this report because they think that it is in their tactical interest to get any kind of finding that would in any way allow them to undermine the credibility of
2:28 pm
top doj officials, fbi officials. particularly james comey, chief witness for the prosecution on the obstruction charge, if you will. and under my credibility even in legal proceedings or impeachment proceedings if they were to occur. also in public opinion. i think that's what really is motivating the administration. >> we well know former fbi deputy director, andrew mccabe is already in legal jeopardy because of the review. then there were anti-trump text messages revealed. is there further legal impact or ramifications behind the release of this report? >> with respect to those two topics, i think not.i mean i think we already know what we need to know about mccabe supposedly according to the inspector general, leaked information to the press and then when asked, was less than fully candid. to the federal investigators
2:29 pm
which was you know, a crime. it has been referred for criminal prosecution. i do not know how much more this next week's ig report will really shed light on that. with respect to the two fbi agents that exchanged texts, i think that there is probably not a lot there. i think there is no actual indication from what i am aware. maybe the ig report will have blockbuster information. but i doubt it. there's no information that they actually changed the way they were conducting the investigation in some way because of their opinions. as a matter fact, -- supposedly one that wanted to be more aggressive with the email situation. i do not know they will be alot. >> ic. in a letter to the senate judiciary committee, mr. hurwitz said he is anticipating -- mr. horowitz says he noted that it was the same as the presence birthday.
2:30 pm
is this a suggestion he will be pleased with findings or is it simply coincidental? >> you know, i noticed that. i thought it was sickly coincidental. the fact that he noted that, i don't know what, if anything it means. certainly an interesting way of looking at it. >> and he will testify before the senate judiciary committee, that is on june 18. in terms of the testimony, what is it the community want to learn from him and what is it he wants to be sure to tell the committee? >> well, also good questions. i think again, congressional democrats will try to get everything that they ken out of mr. horowitz. really there is no indication of pro-clinton, anti-trump bias. their belief is that there were parallel investigations going on during the time. one into the trump campaign ties into russia and also into
2:31 pm
hillary clinton email. they were very tightlipped about the trump investigation so they will probably try to develop that line of attack. and republicans i think will be doing the converse, obviously. trying to play up whatever there was at the ig says in his report. it shows that james comey, attorney general lynch, mr. mccabe and other high-ranking officials acted improperly in some way. they deviated from normal doj procedures, normal guidelines. that is how it's going to play out. >> professor, my take away is that politics will be abound. we will watch for what happens. thank you so much, good to see you. i want to let the viewers know that tomorrow on sunday morning bright futures, republican senator lindsey graham will join maria bartiromo. he by the way sits on the judiciary committee and will be one of the first lawmakers able to ask doj inspector general,
2:32 pm
michael horowitz about his highly anticipated report. >> what a week! that will likely be when it comes up. meanwhile house republicans suggesting a big divide about negotiations and the deadline is quickly approaching. coming up, we will take about issues they are struggling with as a go for a deadline coming up. no matter when you retire, your income doesn't have to. see how lincoln can help ensure you still have income every month of your retirement, guaranteed, at
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you could be picking up these charges yourself. so get allstate, where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands? >> new concerns this weekend on capitol republicans yesterday failed to reach a compromise on an immigration deal. moderates are a few signatures shy forcing a vote. on the discharge position but house speaker paul ryan says members need to focus on legislation that can do more than just win support of republicans by tuesday. >> i think members also realize a discharge petition will not make law. i think members realize it's better to have a process that has a chance of going into law than not. >> meanwhile on the senate side, mitch mcconnell, guess what? he is standing by his decision to cancel most of the chambers
2:37 pm
august recess. a national political reporter for the post does not appear before speech mcconnell, bring up the baseball bat. telling everyone to stay in washington august. let's talk about what they are considering in the house. basically, one is a merit-based system. what you think they can compromise on? >> is not clear at this point because the bigger picture here is that immigration has been one of the most divisive issues in the republican party over the last few years. we've seen time and again, republicans try to come up with an immigration framework. that combines border security with a change in immigration laws. a change in the way we deal with undocumented immigrants. reality is, time and again it has not worked.right now, house republicans are up against the deadline again. it is not clear they will be able to come up with a deal right now. there is a lot of different snags that can happen. questions about what the potential path to citizenship
2:38 pm
for young undocumented immigrants should look like. there are a lot of reasons to believe at this point they will not come up with some sort of deal in the coming days. >> tier 3 votes shy of what they needed.they got something on tuesday. then the final deadline, the house freedom caucus is really putting up a ruckus over this. do you think the divide can be reached? >> it will be hard. what you have on one side are a group of moderate republicans who look at the situation in midterm elections. they worry, if we do not do something on immigration, if we do not show the voters and constituents that we tried to do something to protect young, undocumented immigrants, we will pay a price at the polls this fall. on the other side you're right, you the freedom caucus, more conservative members that look at this and say, hold on a second, the president won the election. he ran on a strict immigration platform. we held all the cards here. we should be was taking a hard
2:39 pm
line on immigration. you see really stark divide between republicans in the house. that is what makes this so challenging. the politics of this in addition to the policy. >> even if they give something to dream as you still have the basic end of chain migration. as well as the diversity lottery. that would assume, would satisfy the house freedom caucus and those members. let me show you a fox news poll. it is kind of surprising. ask people about the presence handling of the immigration issue and your 43 percent approved, 52 percent disapprove. they're kind of going against the president on this. >> is interesting. not all the issues divisive of immigration but the way the president is handling it is also divisive. again, it goes back to midterm elections. you have a lot of swing districts and suburban areas across the country. where the president is not very popular. on the other hand you have a ton of republican districts in very conservative areas across the country where the president
2:40 pm
is immensely popular. you see a lot of republicans standing by him, defending him and urging him to take a hard stance on immigration. again, that is one of many challenging factors here. really, this is an issue that for years, republicans have tried to come up with big framework. they tried during the obama initiation and were not able to do it. they are trying now during the trump administration. it looks like a lot of the same challenges are popping up again. >> and what is mitch mcconnell doing? he's keeping the senate, they will have one week of recess. his is politically motivated to try and keep the democrats who are running, especially the 10 democrats in the state the president won. at work i mean being versus being on the campaign trail? >> we look at the senate map, there are a lot more democrats up for reelection then republicans. as you mentioned eric, 10 of them are in states that donald
2:41 pm
trump won. love democrats want to go home. they went to campaign and spend time on the trail.a lot of them are underdogs in their own state. now with mitch mcconnell, he says we will be here. in august he is accomplishing a couple of different things. he is keeping them in washington which means they are republican opponents that will basically have states to themselves when they are campaigning in august. but number two, i think mcconnell is trying to show those, republicans control the senate but we're getting stuff done. we are actually working, not just skipping town, not just taking it easy. i think a lot of voters have concerns. republicans and democrats that congress is not doing enough. i think he is trying to demonstrate that if they give us two more years, we will have the keys to the car, we will control things because we are getting stuff done. i will expect that he will try to focus on nominations. for the trump administration. he will to confirm judges. he will say we accomplished a
2:42 pm
lot, we help the president and that is why she give republicans two more years. again, with the keys to the car. >> john sullivan, thank you. a lot of folks are thinking no one gives us the month of august off.we are not french. taken a whole month off.we pay tax money, taxpayer monies pays for their salaries. get to work. thank you. >> thank you. >> you did not hear that we are taking the month of august off? [laughter] just kidding! now let's go to the track where we could see history made just about one hour from now when they will be off in the belmont stakes. justify, he already won the kentucky derby and is looking to become the 13th triple crown winner in racing history. bryan llenas a live outside the truck with more. >> a arthel! the triple crown is the most elusive of sports prizes. if justify war to win and just about an hour it will be one third horse to win the crown
2:43 pm
since 1978. look at this video. this is the trophy. the brand-new triple crown trophy the first time in history have redesigned it. it is not three feet tall. the tallest sports trophy there is. if justify war to win today it is all his. justify arrived in new york on wednesday. his trainer says he has been floating on this track. he is looking really good. take a listen to bob, he talked about how the training has gone. he trained american faro the last to win the triple crown in 2015. >> this is out of our control but i just could not be happier with him. he just, he looked no different than american faro did coming in here.we just have to wait and see how they, how everything goes. >> arthel, justify is a favorite to win today. this is the longest and most
2:44 pm
grueling of the threebig races. a mile and 1/2. we shall know if history is made at about 6:45 pm . >> i'm looking forward to that and i will be looking forward to you in a hat as requested by julie banderas! >> groundbreaking primary election next week. voters from who you like the best to who you like the least. how would you like to be that guy?
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>> voters in one state will not have to choose one candidate in each race when they vote next week. they will be able to rank them all from most to least favorite. the first primary election of its kind in our country ever. molly is in portland maine, to explain how it works. >> on tuesday, making history, becoming the first in the nation to use rate choice voting and a state permit for the system approved by voters via a ballot initiative 2016 will have republican and democratic primaries for governor. here's how it works. voters rank candidates in order of preference.
2:49 pm
if no candidate receives a majority, the candidate with the fewest first choice votes is eliminated. ballots for that candidate then go to the voters second choice. the process repeats until two candidates remain. the one with the majority will win. proponents argue system forces candidates to appeal to a broad spectrum of voters. >> candidates have to reach beyond their base those that don't agree with the issues! >> they say is unconstitutional and confusing. >> we believe one person, one vote. >> officials argue they should be able to select their nominated way they choose. a federal judge tossed the case but they vowed to fight on. >> a majority is in our eyes, 50 percent +1 of all ballots cast. choice voting throws a bunch of ballots out to get to the new majority. >> as this test is uncertain, proponents with super liberty backing from and actress,
2:50 pm
jennifer lawrence, they will push a referendum after they voted to repeal the choice voting process to. >> state lettuce which overturned appeared on june 12, vote yes on question one. >> this has been used at the local level right here in portland maine and other cities like cambridge massachusetts and most recently san francisco. the big question looking ahead to tuesday is how will it go at the state level? and will voters choose, yes, to choose this in the future also in november.>> thank you molly. we will see if they like it. >> video of officers roughing up a teenager goes public. now, a police department in arizona is under internal investigation for what happened during the arrest. we'll live with details coming up next. try new alka-seltzer pm gummies. the only fast, powerful heartburn relief plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly.
2:51 pm
♪ oh, what a relief it is! i'start at the new carfax.comar. show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new >> protests in arizona after
2:52 pm
2:53 pm
2:54 pm
the release of video showing police beating an unarmed man and roughing up a teenager during two separate arrests several days apart. in mesa, the police department is facing two internal investigations.jeff paul is live in the west coast newsroom with details. >> arthel, the police chief right now is so angry and
2:55 pm
disappointed by the video. he is bringing in a former county prosecutor from an entirely separate independent investigation. when he said he said the behavior was unacceptable. it needs to stop immediately. here is video from the first arrest on may 23. robert johnson, unarmed -- they say he refused to sit down and showed body language that he wanted to fight. they say there is no justification for the use of force. after reviewing, the police department placed five officers from thatincident only if and two more officers from an unrelated rest prior . they said they are also handing over the criminal probe to a neighboring police department hoping it will restore the community trust. >> simply put, the investigators will shine a glaring light on the areas where we have fallen short. and they will help us fix it.
2:56 pm
>> the second incident happened on may 17 and involved a 15-year-old boy that is ultimately charged with robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. they did not respond on this behavior but body camera footage shows the officers threatening and yelling at the suspect. [video] >> where is the gun? where is the gun? >> no gone. >> where is the gun? >> no gone! >> we saw you in the video with a gun.where is the gun? >> no gone. >> there bringing in a washington-based nonprofit police research organization to review every incident for the last three years. the police association that represents the cities officers say any video -- in two great flavors. introducing the world's first sthe new ego string trimmer.
2:57 pm
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3:00 pm
>> this is a fox news alert. the countdown is alert to the high-stakes summit between president trump and north korean leader, kim jong-un. the president is on air force one having left the g7 summit in canada earlier today. he's heading to singapore where the meeting will be held. it will be the first ever face to face between a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader. hello everyone, welcome to a brand-new hour inside "america's news hq". i am arthel neville. >> hello everyone. president trump is tweeting about the unprecedented event
3:01 pm
while he's in route to singapore point tweeting this, saying quote, i am on my way to singapore. we have a chance to achieve a truly wonderful result for north korea and the world. it will certainly be an exciting day and i know that kim jong-un will work very hard to do something that's been really done before. create peace and prosperity for his land.i look for to meeting him and i have a feeling this one-time opportunity will not be wasted. right now we are awaiting remarks from vice president mike pence in washington d.c.. he is set to speak moment from now at the summit - - about the summit. we will bring you those remarks when he steps up to that podium in washington. first, let's go all the way to singapore where ãis on the ground with more on what we can expect. >>reporter: hey eric and ourel,
3:02 pm
the president says within the first minute with meeting with kim jong-un, he says he knows if this meeting will be a success. >> it's a one time shot and i think it's going to work out very well. that's why i feel positive because it makes so much sense. >>reporter: there and north korean teams have been discussing summit logistics in the demilitarized zone. separate teams are negotiating a potential agreement between north korea and the u.s. the president says north korea is working well with the united states", so far, so good. the president also expects a spur of the moment development that could lead to a diplomatic breakthrough.there is a very long list of details to resolve between the united states and north korea. how north korea will dismantle its nuclear weapons program,
3:03 pm
whether it involves its ballistic missiles, chemical weapons and went north korea will receive in return as far as sanctions relief and when it would receive it. the basic framework the two countries have been discussing, and the hope is the president and kim jong-un can advance when they meet tuesday morning. >> possibly an announcement that the korean war could potentially ends. it ended in an armistice in 1953. technically, there were still hostilities. what can you tell us about that? >>reporter: that is something north korea has been pushing for four decades. as you mentioned, it's been in an armistice for 60+ years. there is that issue. there's also the issue of human rights. thepresident was asked earlier today whether he would bring up the call - - system in north korea. the president says he plans on raising every issue with a
3:04 pm
north korean dictator. that meeting will happen at 9:00 a.m. tuesday. both leaders are expected within the next 24 hours. the meeting would take place on an exclusive island just off the mainland portion of singapore. the president and the administration have acknowledged this may require more than one meeting between the president and kim jong-un as they try to reach some type of agreement between the u.s. and north korea. the highest level meeting between those two countries. >> that's just fascinating and historic and we will be covering it all. >>arthel: meanwhile, a new fox news poll show how voters ink the big summit will pan out. showing 40 percent of voters think president trump will get the better deal while 30 percent feel north korean leader kim kim will come out the winner. let's bring in - - a former cia analyst point happy to have you here. i want to start with the president's claim that he can
3:05 pm
suss out mr. kim within the first you find that claim outlandish or is there something to the president's initial impression of kim jong-un? >> of course there's something to be said for chemistry. that something you can prepare for or predict. it will be up to the two men once they're in the room to size each other up in a split second before they start speaking to each other. i think it's important to make sure you don't overestimate a personal rapport that may be established at the summit because at the end of the day, kim has national regime priorities he's trying to advance. and to rely too much on that personal chemistry i think would be a mistake. >>arthel: the president also says this is a one-shot deal for kim. what does that mean and how do you see it? >> the president has gone back and forth on this.
3:06 pm
probably to leave ambiguity and flexibility for diplomacy or military options or pressure. at the g7 summit, he said this was a one-shot deal but he left the door wide open for potential second or third meetings. there were reports perhaps he would invite kim jong-un to mirrormar-a-lago for another meeting. >>arthel: could this be a scraping off of the plaque that's been building on the relationship, it's already been done by south korean president moon jae-in. >> president moon has been out in front in terms of trying to improve inter-korean ties. that's what he wanted to do as soon as he came into office in may of last year. he's been trying to mediate the relationship between north korea and the united states.
3:07 pm
so he's been trying to make sure everything goes well. look at what happened after president trump canceled the summit with north korea with the may 24 letter to kim. president moon immediately met with kim jong-un. it was kim jong-un that wanted to meet first. but that second summit meeting with the intercarrier summit, it shows if the trump-kim meeting goes off the rails, that moon is likely to call a meeting with tim to make sure everything is back on track. >>arthel: meanwhile, many skeptics are concerned that president trump and thus the u.s. will get played by kim jong-un what's your take on that? >> this is where preparation matters. personal chemistry is important. but president trump says he doesn't need to prepare.i'm sure he is preparing. it's the same at governments
3:08 pm
jobs and the analysts to make sure our chief executive is prepared. it's important to note that kim and the north korean regime have been preparing for this moment for decades. kim jong-un, even by secretary pompeo's account is very articulate and well versed in all of the issues. the problem with being in this room with kim, he may be laying out traps for the president and it's important for president trump to know what to say but also what not to say. >>arthel: as this the ethical moment is the to play out on the world stage in three days, what is the role of china and russia in this? are they bit players or important supporting actors? >> i addressed china first. it's clear china wants to make sure it is a player and all of this. there are peace treaty
3:09 pm
negotiations. china also has to be involved because it was one of the original signatories. china wants to make sure there is no chaos or instability on the korean peninsula. so they want the summit to happen. and for things to be stable rather than the instability we experiencela fall with a so-called bloody no strike being on the table. china wants to make sure things go well but it also wants to make sure it's a critical player in this. and it seems as kim is interested in keeping china in the loop. russia plays a wildcard role as a disruptor. but for the most part, moscow generally follows china's lead on many issues relating to north korea. >>arthel: where does japan factor in? >> what's interesting about japan is that the prime minister has been a staunch supporter of maximum pressure ever since the beginning of last year. shinto abbe has stood shoulder
3:10 pm
to shoulder to make sure china and the international community are implement in sanctions in response to north korea's nuclear weapons program. but abe finds himself on the sidelines. of course he continues to maintain that we have to consider all aspects of the north korea threat. fiber, chemical, biological weapons. as well as the medium-range ballistic missiles which are a direct threat to japan. >>arthel: i want to play sound from president trump on his approach to the meeting with kim jong-un. let's listen. >> we are going in with a very positive attitude i think we will come out fine. i've said it many times, who knows? who knows? may not work out. it's a good chance it won't work out. this is probably a better chance it will take a period of time. it will be a process.
3:11 pm
>>arthel: what are you expecting this meeting to produce?>> i think both kim and trump want a good meeting. i think they really want to have the really good optics. the excellent photo opportunities. so that's a good sign. establishing rapport is a good thing in the promisee. but, at a minimum, i think the president has to get a statement or kim's acknowledgment that he is committed to giving up his nuclear weapons. and that he agrees to a timeline so that he is accountable for making sure he remains true to his word. but also that we remain true to ourselves and we check ourselves in terms of how far we are going in terms of reducing the north korean threat. >>arthel: then there's the trust and verify part of this.
3:12 pm
how murky is that or is that something that can be very much depended on? >> i think it's more trust and verify, verify and verify. north korea has a history of scuttling deals they've agreed is in - - kim has shown no signs that he wants to give up his nuclear weapons in total in theway the united states and international community want him to the nuclear eyes. the nuclear eyes to thedenuclearize . kim has taken personal ownership of the weapons program. you will remember back in january, he said the nuclear button is in his office so he owns the program.
3:13 pm
for him to give that up because he happens to have a good relationship with president trump, i think would be leading us toward the wrong path of how to approach north korea. >>arthel: so here's a question, how long might or could kim jong-un stretch this out in terms of, i'm going to appear to play nice and go along with what it is that president trump and our allies are requesting from him.that we will get to the road of thedenuclearize . can he play a cat and mouse game and back door and keep going with his two power plants and building his program while at the same time appearing to be going along with the program of the allies? >> right. i think there are many ways north korea can slow down time and maintain the initiative on events on the korean peninsula and internationally.
3:14 pm
for example, earlier in the segment, you mentioned the peace agreement or the peace treaty. north korea has typically and historically raise the issue of the peace treaty. north korea and south korea, we are technically still at war on the korean peninsula.but north korea has used the peace treaty as a way to demand things of the u.s., to justify why they are not making movement or advancement in denuclearize. denuclearize. and to b prolonged talk on nonnuclear issues. north korea has a history and for decades it has avoided conversations or frank conversations on giving up its nuclear weapons and has the benefit of ambiguity. we don't know how the weapons north korea has.>>arthel: right. we are waiting for vice president mike pence to deliver a keynote remarks at the faith
3:15 pm
and freedom coalition could he has taken the stage. i think right now he issaying hello. if i can wrap up with you , what can go wrong at this point as we are all optimistic this will go very right. what can go very wrong? >> what can go very wrong is is president trump inadvertently acknowledges kim jong-un as a nuclear weapons power. if the president says that, it will be very hard for whatever happens next with theworking level discussions to climb out of that hole . >>arthel: i appreciate your analysis and right now we will go to the 2018 faith and freedom coalition with vice president mike pence as the keynote speaker. >> would you all join me in just showing your appreciation for row three and his family and all he's done? for this cause, for this movement in this country.
3:16 pm
[applause] it is an honor to be back. to the faith and freedom coalition. last year i had the privilege to speak to this incredible group. i know you've had a great week. but i also know that last year we heard from a friend of mine. and when i spoke to him earlier today, he was on air force one and he wanted me to say hello. i want to begin tonight by bringing greetings from a leader who's been delivering everyday on his promise to protect faith and restore freedom all across america. the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [applause] >> as you are all aware, the
3:17 pm
president spent the last two days at the g7 summit in canada. putting america first. and now, the eyes of the world are on our president. as he travels to singapore for a historic summit between the united states and north korea. it's what the president calls, a mission of peace. after years of failed policies and broken promises, last year president trump ended the failed policy known as strategic patients and he took a strong stand. took a strong stand with our allies to bring unprecedented economic and diplomatic pressure on the regime in pyongyang. after months of steadfast american leadership, strong words and actions, things began to change. north korea participated in the olympics and held a groundbreaking summit with
3:18 pm
south korea. north korea suspended all nuclear and ballistic missile testing and with no concessions from the united states, north korea released three american hostages who arrived home just a few weeks ago. [applause] >> now comes the historic summit between the president of the united states and kim of north korea. the president approaches the summit with confidence. the truth is, he's been preparing for this his whole life. the president truly believes that kim jong-un in the president's words, wants to do something great for his people. as the president often says, we will see what happens. but rest assured, our president is going into the summit with his eyes wide open. and as he said, earlier today,
3:19 pm
he will know in the first minute if they are serious and if they are not. if they are not, we won't waste their time or ours. we will not repeat the mistakes of the past. [applause] >> as president trump and barks in this historic mission 40s, i can assure you he also goes with the family of - - on his heart. i talked to his dad on the phone earlier today. i told him how the president spoke of their son in the rose garden this week, describing him in his words as a brilliant and beautiful, terrific young man and so he was. and in the words of their faith tradition, may his memory be a blessing. today i assured his dad as the president said two days ago, their beloved son otto wambier
3:20 pm
will not have died in vain. [applause] as the president makes his way across the pacific, he goes with all of our hopes and all of our support. but i want to say to all of those gathered here, make sure he also goes with your prayers. when i told the president this morning that i know people across the country were praying for him. he responded quietly, to me saying, i know. i know. as the president and i both know, while strong american leadership has accomplished much. the effective and fervent
3:21 pm
prayers of the righteous people can avail us much more. [applause] newso america, let's pray for our president lets pay 40s. for the korean people in the world. [applause] >> it really is great to be back. great to be back at this ninth annual road to majority conference. the largest prophase, profamily, pro-freedom gathering in the united states of america. [applause] >>arthel: vice president mike pence giving the keynote remarks at the faith coalition there letting us know he did speak to the father of otto
3:22 pm
wambier today. in the words of his father, may his memory be a blessing. the young man who died as a result of being held captive in north korea. then the vice president reassuring the folks and our viewers as a result that president trump is promising that his life is not inventive that he did not lose his life in vain. there we have remarks from vice president mike pence in dc and we will continue to follow those. in the meantime, we will continue on. >> president trump left the g7 summit a tad early to make that trip he's now on going to singapore on air force one. the president insisted before he left on what he called, fair trade between the u.s. and our allies and said this from air force one. just let the g7 summit in
3:23 pm
canada. - - two usa trade. they fully understand what i am coming from. after many decades, fair and reciprocal trade will happen. meantime, hundreds of protesters hit the streets in qucbec city protesting that summit. calling on world leaders from equality to climate change. rick leventhal is among them attending some of the rallies that are winding down. it looks like you are almost alone in qucbec city this evening now that the president has left. >>reporter: verycalm scene . 70 percent of the g7 budget went toward security. that's up $400 million. a lot of it was spent to secure - - about 88 miles northeast of here.
3:24 pm
they put up fences, set up checkpoints. a lot of officers at their but a lot was spent in qucbec city which is the closest big city tolamont bay . a city still looking its ones from the ãthe summit of the americas was held here. there were massive violent protests. hundreds of people arrested and millions of dollars in property damage inflicted during that event. there was a lot of concern that might be repeated this time around. it did not happen. the turnout was dramatically smaller. today's big event drew a few hundred anti-g7 activists who marched from here to the national assembly for the old city. past the historic fairmont last chcteau hotel. some businesses were boarded up in anticipation of violence that never came. protesters think their message was in fact heard. >> it sent a message here that
3:25 pm
trump and the g7 is not welcome in canada or qucbec. i think it could have been a lot bigger. i think - - the labor unions didn't mobilize for this. didn't put their resources and mobilization powers behind this. >>reporter: the last of them we are aware of involving anti-g7 activists is a comedy show scheduled for 7:00 this evening. beyond that, no more protests planned that we know of. things seem pretty calm. but police remain on standby just in case. >> i guess a comedy show is a quiet way to end your protest. rick in qucbec city. the president demanded to call an end to what he calls unfair trade. he says deal take advantage of the american worker. hevowed to fulfill his campaign promise for as he puts it, putting america first work.
3:26 pm
>> it's got to change. it's going to change, 100 percent. terrorists will come way down because people cannot continue. we are like the piggy bank that everybody is robbing and that ends. >> - - at the heritage foundation joins us from washington. there was a - - from the french saying the president gave a long and frank rant. lots of americans say yeah, it's about time a president pushes back on his own fair trade practices. you think the europeans get it? >> firstly, i will have to say this was an extremely tense summit. probably the tenses we've seen in a very long time. a wide gulf of differences expressed between the different parts of the atlantic on this. without a doubt i think we are heading under the current trajectory toward a trade war
3:27 pm
with the implementation of u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum. the european union has responded with a whole array of tariffs. canada is like you to introduce tariffs in july. certainly the landscape right now is an extremely exclusive one with regard to international trade. >> you don't think there will be a compromise? >>reporter: it remains to be seen. i think you've got real - - from in particular, france and canada as well. and for emmanuel macron and justin trudeau, both leaders don't want to seem weak to their own domestic audiences so they are going on the offensive against the united states. within europe, i think you have an array of opinions. the british government has criticized the tariffs. they have also urged the european union not to engage in
3:28 pm
some kind of broader trade war against the united states. so there are differences of opinion here on various trade related matters. but without a doubt, i thought the most important statement by the president during the summit was his call for all of the g7 members to do away with tariffs altogether. that i think is the right approach here. >> you think that's where we are going? >> - - 277 percent tariff on dairy farmers. we are getting socked. they are taking our pockets. do you think that's where it's headed and this will be negotiating stances to do away with tariffs completely? >> i think the reality is that you have protectionist tariffs on both sides but also the european countries and canada. and i think the right way to move forward it's the lowering of these tariffs.
3:29 pm
that is the end goal for the trump administration here. i don't believe that raising u.s. tariffs is the best way to move forward because that will raise prices for u.s. consumers. it will destroy a lot of american jobs i have to say here. i think the mood right now in much of europe is a - - mood. you're going to see retaliation here and i think unfortunately, you will see job losses on both sides of the atlantic before both sides pulled back on this. without a doubt, i think you have all of the makings right now for a trade war. >> you were on last week. they were angry and mad over this issue talking about globalism. i spent the week in detroit on another story. you should see the empty factories. they are coming back but you
3:30 pm
should see the empty buildings. there's a corporate headquarters that's completely empty. the viewers wrote to me saying, wait a minute. this globalization and laughter, i'm out of work because it went to mexico or to europe or someplace else. let's stop us from being the suckers. >> free trade has been the engine of u.s. economic success and will continue to be so. raising protectionist barriers will kill american jobs. that's the reality here. as the president made clear earlier today, the best solution is for all members of the g7 to get rid of their tariff barriers altogether. economic freedom. free markets. they really do work and that is the answer in terms of creating jobs for americans and everyone
3:31 pm
in europe and canada as well. protectionism never works and it ends up unfortunately, always killing jobs. that's not the solution i thin . >> we are not there yet. certainly take a look at this photo. this is getting out there. the body language. when you look at the body language of angela merkel and the other european leaders. shinzo abe - - he's got his arms crossed. if that doesn't show a standoff between the two, i don't know what does. what is your comment on that photo when you see the faces on the body language of the world leaders? >> that's a powerful photo. without a doubt, this is a time of significant transatlantic tensions over many issues. i think there's also a lot of resentment from some european leaders over the u.s. withdrawing from the air ran nuclear deal with in my opinion was the right decision.
3:32 pm
you have to throw that into the mix. >> running out of towntime. >> there's a lot of hypocrisy in europe. let's see european leaders reducing their own trade tariffs. rs to you? you got a1c, heart, diet, and exercise. slide 'em up or slide 'em down. so let's see. for most of you, it's lower a1c. but only a few of you are thinking about your heart. fact is, even though it helps to manage a1c, type 2 diabetes still increases your risk of a fatal heart attack or stroke. jardiance is the only type 2 diabetes pill with a lifesaving cardiovascular benefit for adults who have type 2 diabetes and heart disease, significantly reducing the risk of dying from a cardiovascular event and lowering a1c, along with diet and exercise. this really changes things. jardiance can cause serious side effects
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which is so smart on your guy's part. like fact that they'll just... forgive you... four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it.
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but how do i know if i'm i'm getting a good deal? i tell truecar my zip and which car i want and truecar shows the range of prices people in my area actually paid for the same car so i know if i'm getting a great price. this is how car buying was always meant to be. this is truecar. >> fox news alert, a u.s.
3:36 pm
special operations officer killed and four others wounded in somalia. a group of u.s. troops with somalian and kenyan forces were attacked by militants. the radical islamic group - - claiming responsibility for the attack. >> the trump administration making a dramatic new push to rollback obamacare. the justice department think it will no longer defend significant parts of the affordable care act including the requirement that americans have health insurance and targets the provision for
3:37 pm
pre-existing conditions. ellison barber is live in the newsroom with details. the department of justice is agreeing with plaintiffs but not entirely agreeing. what is the doj arguing about this? >>reporter: they think because the new tax law gets rid of the mandate penalty starting in 2019 that the individual mandate is unconstitutional as our two provisions. provisions that are supposed to protect people with pre-existing conditions. the department of justice told the court that those provisions cannot be separated from the mandate. 20 states are arguing that all of obamacare needs to be struck down because the individual mandate is unconstitutional now that the penalty is gone. the department of justice is only making their argument about those two provisions. they say the other provisions can be separated from the individual mandate.
3:38 pm
democrats say this is sabotage and they are urging the administration to reverse course. - - writing quote, it is time to stop the sabotage. we are a country of laws and the laws must be respected, defended and enforced regardless of the person occupying the oval office. >>eric: what did the democrats say today? >>reporter: a number of democrats have released statements, almost immediately after this briefing was filed. criticizing it and criticizing the department of justice's actions. midterms are around the corner and some say this might be a gift to democrats running in november. in the most recent fox news poll they see obamacare favorably than those that don't. the difference was less than five percent. the part of obamacare that protects people with pre-existing conditions is actually a pretty popular provision and it has been for quite a while.
3:39 pm
representative barry conley told the doj that their legal argument is reckless and he said quote, it could be political malpractice because you handed us an issue we will ride into the sunset. this is something we will see at this rate, come up in the midterms and among those democrats running for reelection. >>eric: allison, thanks so much.>>arthel: attorneys perform it from campaign chairman, paul manafort, pushing back against new obstruction charges from special counsel robert mueller. the attorneys saying the allegations are based on flimsy evidence. >>reporter: paul manafort's attorneys call these allegations dubious and claim they are part of a sinister plot by the special counsel to target man affords previous business partners. prosecutors charge paul manafort with tampering with witnesses claiming earlier this year, he contacted two of his
3:40 pm
former business associates and attempted to influence what they would say to investigators. manna fort has been accused of lobbying politicians on behalf of a pro- - - in ukraine. he urged to of his partners to testify saying their work was strictly limited to europe. paul manafort's attorneys dismissed those allegations as part of a prosecutors attempts to have a judgerevoked their cl and take manafort into custody while his court plays case plays out. the ãsays it should be seen for what it is. an attempt to modify the conditions of release at the 11th hour. a doj official says he believes manafort lawyers will have a hard time keeping him out on bail. >> they are going to say he didn't tell anyone to live but what he was telling them was simply the truth. if the judge believes it, then mr. manafort has a decent
3:41 pm
chance of having to await trial in a federal jail instead of at his house.which is a much different situation and would increase pressure on him dramatically. >>reporter: the president's former campaign chairman is facing more than two dozen charges for financial crimes and his work lobbying on behalf of foreign governments. - - believes are the latest attempt to get paul manafort to flip and work with robert dollars russia investigation. >>arthel: thank you. >>eric: new fallout after disturbing video goes viral. body cam footage that apparently shows police officers beating an unarmed man. authorities are responding to this, straight ahead. a major push in securing the border. number showing a dramatic increase in the number of arrests. we will delve into what's causing that spike as fox news channel continues on this saturday evening. so he took ale.
3:42 pm
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3:46 pm
illegal ants being arrested. arresting just over 50,000 last month alone.the last thing the escalating enforcement by the trump administration. - - is in los angeles. >>reporter: how long has he been on the road?>> 22 days from honduras. >>reporter: a spike in illegal immigration with new numbers from the homeland department of security showing arrest triple almost a year ago. >> they have been making active engines. it's those little balls that need to be fixed because those are the pull factors. >>reporter: with poverty and violence in central america and
3:47 pm
increasing bloodshed helping drive the numbers. >> it's the drugs coming across. it's the transnational criminal organizations that are working in the area. >>reporter: but the trump administration blames factors like rulings having to release children after three weeks in custody. the so-called asylum loophole which allows 80 percent to live in a u.s. though most claims are ultimately rejected and unlike unaccompanied minors, the us can't immediately deport central american children. >> we are trying to inform congress about how the structural loopholes affect our ability to secure that border. >>reporter: while apprehensions of among mexican and central american films are up 35 percent and unaccompanied minors up 329 percent, may arrests are only up five percent over april. apprehensions last year fell to
3:48 pm
an all-time low. it is too early to judge the president anti-immigration policies by these numbers since many immigrants were already on their way before his pledge to prosecute all adults and separate parents from children detained along the border. in los angeles, - - fox news. >>arthel: pope francis holding a special meeting with leaders of some of the world are just oral and gas companies. what is the pope's powerful message to energy executives. plus, angry protests in arizona after video shows excessive use of police force. how the police chief is responding to the incident. >> the actions shown on that video, do not reflect the vast majority of the men and women of the mesa police department. yy standing here today ♪ ♪ i couldn't make you love me ♪ but i always dreamed about living in your radio ♪
3:49 pm
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purina pro plan. nutrition that performs. >> a police department in
3:51 pm
3:52 pm
arizona launching an investigation into the use of force in two separate arrests after shocking videos of the incidents were released. jeff paul is live in los angeles with the details. >>reporter: maces police chief says he's angry and he's going
3:53 pm
to video of the incidents, disturbing. he's pledging an independent investigation using outside agencies saying, he wants tores public's trust. this is the video from the first arrest that brought the situation to life. robert johnson was unarmed was punched over and over during a domestic disturbance to disturbance call. one of the officers said johnson refused to sit down and were showing body language like you wanted to fight. - - said the actions were unjustified. mesa pd has placed five officers on leave and two more officers from an unrelated arrest from the week before. >> let me be crystal clear. i am angry and i am deeply disappointed. but what i saw in those videos. it's unacceptable. and it needs to stop immediately.
3:54 pm
>>reporter: that second incident happened on may 17 and involved a 15-year-old boy who was ultimately charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. the chief didn't elaborate on this particular case but body cam footage appears to show the officers threatening and yelling at the suspect. >> where's the gun? >> know gone. no gun. >> where's the n? >> no gun. >> where's the gun, we saw you in the video with the gun. >> no gun. >>reporter: the mesa police association says any video of officers using force usually won't look good. >>arthel: thank you so much jeff. >>eric: the triple crown has gone to justified. justified just winning the belmont stakes becoming the 13th horse to win the triple crown.the first horse to win
3:55 pm
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3:59 pm
executives addressing climate change. he urged them to transition to clean energy. 50 executives in the room including the ceo of exxon mobil and the chief executive of bp, energy he said, must not destroy civilization. adding there is no time to lose. the pope worries climate change can increase global temperatures which can lead to higher levels of poverty among its other issues. >>arthel: graduating seniors at a texas high school will be remembered for a prank only because it never took off. the teens from colony high school ran away before they could throw toilet paper and eggs at their high school and they left behind the groceries. police posing for these pictures which theyposted on facebook saying they are sorry , they couldn't thank the kids in person. >>eric: did they do the toilet
4:00 pm
paper trick themselves? the one that is so old. i wouldn't even do that anymore. >>eric: you are thrilled. >>arthel: justify becomes the 13th horse toin the triple crown! yes. love it. >> all eyes on singapore and history in the making as president trump travels for a summit with kim jong-un. good evening to you and this is the "fox report". president trump and route to singapore right now where he is scheduled to hold talks on tuesday with kim jong-un. the unprecedented event will mark the first time a sitting u.s. president has ever met with anorth korean leader. the president discussing the opportunity before departing the summit in canada saying he'll know within the first minute if he and kim can work together to d2


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