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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  June 9, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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paper trick themselves? the one that is so old. i wouldn't even do that anymore. >>eric: you are thrilled. >>arthel: justify becomes the 13th horse toin the triple crown! yes. love it. >> all eyes on singapore and history in the making as president trump travels for a summit with kim jong-un. good evening to you and this is the "fox report". president trump and route to singapore right now where he is scheduled to hold talks on tuesday with kim jong-un. the unprecedented event will mark the first time a sitting u.s. president has ever met with anorth korean leader. the president discussing the opportunity before departing the summit in canada saying he'll know within the first minute if he and kim can work together to d2 denuke the
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peninsula. >> i really feel confident. i feel kim jong-un wants to do something great for his people. and he has that opportunity. and he won't have that opportunity again. >> the president did however express optimism saying, he's hoping at a minimum to start a dialogue with north korea. here at home lawmakers see the summit as a chance for progress. >> it's going to be a long process. i don't thinkwe should expect t denuclearization. if they stop nuclear testing and they say they're not going to have intercontinental ballistic missiles, that will be a step forward. >> mike, what else can you tell us? >>reporter: the president says he's confident going into this and he says he thinks kim
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jong-un will make a decision to transform his country's economy and perhaps agree to the beginning of a larger deal. the president left the g-7 in canada. took to the air to go to singapore. he will arrive by the end of today, it's already sunday morning here. the present tweeting, i am on my way to singapore where we have a chance to achieve truly wonderful results for north korea and the world. it will be an exciting day. i know kim jong-un will work very hard to do something that has really been done before. create peace and great prosperity for his land.i look forward to meeting him and have a feeling this one time opportunity will not be wasted. vice president mike pence says the president has been preparing this summit his entire life. >> our president is going into this summit with his eyes wide open. as he said earlier today, he will know in the first minute if they are serious and if they are not. and if they're not, we won't
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waste their time or ours. we will not repeat the mistakes of the past. >>reporter: the vice president also credited the trump administration for the dramatic change in north korea behavior with its sanction program. it says north korea reached out to the world because it completed its program and north korea decided to focus on building its economy. president trump says he and kim jong-un could begin a good dialogue and relationship tuesday. even reach a broader agreement or as he mentioned, he could just walk away. the administration acknowledges if the summit is a success, the president and kim jong-un will most likely require multiple meetings to achieve what the united states has outlined that is essentially that kim jong-un surrenders his nuclear weapons program and the united states eases sanctions and provides economic assistance. >> the question is how complex
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would be to the nuclearthe denu? >> there's the ballistic missile program, chemical and biological program for how inspectors would look for all of this. north korea has also complained of joint military exercises that the united states holds with south korea. secretary james mattis says the presence in south korea is not up for negotiation at this summit. north korea has pushed for an end to the korean war. something that has been in a state of armistice for 6+ decades. there are a number of issues that could be brought into this. it's unclear how much they will bring into the summit. all of it, pretty complex. >> thank you very much. for more on this we go to democratic congressman john garamendi of california.
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a member of the armed services committee. thank you for talking to us. >> good evening. >> president trump is calling this a one-shot deal. thank kim jong-un will not get a second chance. he says he will size up the korean dictator in the first minute. what do you think, is this history in the making or will it be an epic flop? >> let us all pray it will be history in the making. we hope that these negotiations move forward in a positive way. there is extraordinary risk. much of what your reporter talked about are the details beyond this one meeting. certainly it has the potential of being a very good photo opportunity. and hopefully that will set the stage for a path that would lead to further negotiations on all of those very complex issues. not the least of which is what is the role of south korea in all of this and japan and china and russia.
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this is not just about the united states and north korea. all of these countries have a critical role to play in going forward. i think the president has done one thing very well and that is he has significantly lowered the bar. and that's good. because i wouldn't expect to see denuclearization come out of this first discussion. >> yes, of course it will happen over time. the president needs to know the north koreans are serious. the first time they've ever sat down on such a topic and we need to know they are willing to be transparent. there are senate democrats taking a hard line of what it would take to pass a treaty with north korea.what are they saying? >> that it has to be at least as tough as the iran deal which the president did back out of. that is complete denuclearization. that is all of the elements
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that are necessary to build a nuclear bomb are not available. we will never be able to do away with the intellectual ability but all the physical. the one fellow that has been to all of the north korean or most of, if not all of the north korean nuclear operations as it will take a decade to completely the nuclear eyes. he did say however, something can be done immediately. for example, get rid of the moms and the physical material that would make additional bombs. certainly that would be a major step forward. i think we also need to understand there is still a war underway. there is an armistice or a cease-fire. south korea has asked for a peace treaty. that will have to be at least one of the first issues that come up in the second, third or fourth rounds of discussions which will not involve the two
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principles. my concern is we've had tough words back and forth between the two principles. will they be able to get past that? i hope so. don't underestimate kim jong-un. he is no fool. he is also a very vicious and dangerous person. >> let's not forget the atrocities to his own people. two auto otto wambier, all of those that have been captured and tortured. and the hydrogen bomb that he successfully tested in september. the whole point is history may not repeat itself. we know north korea ca trusted. going into this you keep both eyes wide open. listen to scott taylor that stresses the importance of - - in that history does not repeat itself. >> i think it's extremely important.
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even president clinton had his deal crafted in a way where he didn't have to go through the senate and all obama did the same thing with the iran deal. i think that's a huge mistake, because what what president does as a deal, the other one can undo it. the only way you have that lasting it's a do it as a treaty. >> what intrigues me is how these two nations reached this point when two months ago they were threatening each other with nuclear war. is kim serious and how will the president know if he's bluffing? >> he says he'll know in the first minute and i doubt that. i think kim jong-un will hold a lot of his cars very close. think he will smile and he wants a photo op. perhaps more than the president does. keep in mind that the three generations of the kim family have tried to have negotiations directly with the president of the united states. they have not succeeded until tomorrow's moment. this is a huge public relations issue back home in north korea. so kim jong-un is likely to be
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very cordial. i think we will get a lot of smiles. is he - - on the president, let's hope not. this will not be simple and i'm not sure a treaty will be sufficient. it is certainly a major and important step but do keep in mind, the united states has backed away from a treaty as has russia. that doesn't provide aguarantee . what does provide a guarantee is very intrusive observation of what's going on in north korea.>> congressman gary garamendi. thank you so much. i said get into talks and forget the photo op.that gets nothing done. thank you very much. great to see you. >> certainly, thank you. >> justin trudeau says all the country this weekend have come together to sign a statement despite tensions with the
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united states. - - >> i would say the level of relationship is a 10. we have a great relationship. angela merkel and emmanuel macron and justin. i would say the relationship is a 10. i don't blame them, i blame as i said, i've been our past leaders . >> rick leventhal has more from qucbec city tonight. >>reporter: the president's critics point to him arriving late and leaving early from the g7 thing he may not have this relationship with the world leaders as he says he did. but he had plenty of time for surprises during his 24 hours on the ground. among them, he proposed removing every stable tariff or trade barrier on american products and in return he would do the same on goods from the
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other g7 nations with that came with a threat. he said we are the piggy bank that everyone is robbing and that ends. canadian prime minister justin trudeau is already pushing back. he said canadians were polite and reasonable but we will not be pushed around after that, the president just tweeted from his jet, based on justin's false statements at his news conference and the fact that canada is charging massive tariffs to our farmers and companies, i have instructed our u.s. reps not to endorse the - - as we look at the terrace on automobiles flooding the u.s. market. we will win a war, a trade war with the other nations 1000 times out of 1000. the rhetoric is only heating u . >> there was a lot of concern about violent protests. turned out a bit differently. how did that turn out? >>reporter: the headline was, how well the authorities were prepared for the possibility of
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violent mass protests and how minimal the resistance turned out to be. they spent hundreds of millions on security and i guess it paid off because we saw that heavy security presence again today with hundreds of police officers in riot gearlining the streets of the old city as g7 anti-g7 activists protested. there were some arrests.we are told a total of 13. most for unlawful assembly during this whole event but this is a far cry from the mass violence and confrontations we saw back in april 2001 during the summit of the americas when there were 50,000 demonstrators who clashed with police officers. hundreds of people were arrested and millions of dollars in property damage inflicted. we asked protesters today about their message. >> we want to tell the government not to put money in things like the security and
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corporation but back to the people. >> we reject the g7 completely. we feel nothing will come for working-class people. >>reporter: the folks we spoke with say they hope the lack of violence this time around will give added credibility to their cause. >> rick leventhal in qucbec city tonight. the special counsel brings additional charges against paul manafort. >> the judge believes it's more likely than not that he made these calls to influence testimony. then mr. manafort has a decent chance of having to await trial in a federal jail instead of at his house.d.
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>> former trump campaign chairman paul manafort pushing
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back against new charges filed in the russia investigation. robert mueller hitting manafort and an associate with witness tampering. - - is live with more. >>reporter: the charges keep coming but paul manafort is still out on bail and prosecutors are hoping to change that with easily discharges and have requested a judge to revoke his bail and take him into custody while his case plays out. this week they added charges for obstruction of justice and accused manafort of contacting two former business associates in trying to persuade them and what they might tell investigators. the men worked with manafort doing lobbying back in 2013. manafort's attorneys deny the allegations and in filings said, from a scant record, the special counsel conjures a sinister plot to perjure themselves at the upcoming trial in september.
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paul manafort is facing more than two dozen charges for financial crimes. and for his work lobbying on behalf of foreign governments. earlier today, a former doj official says with these latest charges, manafort attorneys will have a hard time keeping him out on bail. >> their argument is pretty straightforward. you can't be obstructing to tell the truth. this is an effort by mueller to put more pressure on manafort to flip against trump. >>reporter: all of the charges he is facing are for alleged crimes that took place before the presidential campaign. it's for the judge to decide if he can remain out on bail and that will be decided on friday. >> to big announcements from the justice department. one taking aim at obamacare. the move could affect health care for millions of americans and how some lawmakers are responding. the justice department is
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on the schedule and norwegian cruise line. the miami-based line says it's pride of america ship will resume next week. it skipped the island for much of the past month because of eruptions from the kilauea volcano. tourism has dropped as a result. but the state congressman - -
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says people can relax wax the island where this active eruption is occurring is largely unaffected by the kilauea volcano. >> the area that's impacted is roughly 10 square miles in - - the island itself is over 4000 square miles. whether you're in hilo or kona or anywhere else on the island, it's safe for people to go and visit. >>julie: norwegian cruise lines says it will continue to monitor the volcano to ensure the safety of guests include. the justice department dealing a devastating blow to obamacare. saying it will no longer defend crucial provisions in the law. the justice department is now calling the obamacare provisions meant to protect people with pre-existing conditions, unconstitutional. ellison barber is in washington with more. >>reporter: the department of
4:25 pm
justice says they agree partly with the plaintiffs in this a rare move, will not defend an existing loan. democrats say it's sabotage an attack on people with pre-existing conditions and they are urging the administration to reverse course. for senator send a letter to president trump writing quote, we are a country of laws and the laws must be respected, defended and enforced regardless of the person occupying the oval office. 20 states are suing over the individual mandate arguing it's unconstitutional because the new tax law got rid of the individual mandate penalty. the penalty discipline court used to uphold the law in 2012. those states claimed if the individual mandate is unconstitutional, the entire law is. the department of justice agrees that it's now unconstitutional and they say
4:26 pm
to provisions that protect people with pre-existing conditions are invalid as well. the department of justice is only making their argument about those provisions. other provisions can be separated from the individual mandate. democrats say the doj is legally and morally wrong. some say they are making a political mistake as well because the part of obamacare that protect people with pre-existing conditions is pretty popular. - - told the "washington post", its political malpractice because you've handed us an issue we will ride into the sunset. president trump talked about the principles that should guide congress on health care in his view. this is what he said. >> we should ensure that americans with pre-existing conditions have access to coverage and that we have a stable transition for americans currently enrolled in the healthcare exchanges. >>reporter: jeff sessions said he had approval from the president when he made the decision not to defend this in court. >>julie: the justice department
4:27 pm
also weighing into the daca controversy. a challenging daca's constitutionality. the doj responding to the suit in a filing yesterday calling daca unlawful. and on circumvention of immigration laws. you may remember the federal court stepped in to block the law. special prosecutor declining to bring charges against former governor eric greitens over allegations of blackmail. we will tell you why. tensions running high at the g7 summit. whether the u.s. and its eyelashes are closer to finding common ground on tariffs. >> justin has agreed to cut all tariffs and all trade barriers between canada and the united states. we are very happy. we are actually working on it.
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4:32 pm
the president tweeting this, justin trudeau of canada acted so meek and mild during our g7 meeting only to give a news conference after i left saying the u.s. tariffs were kind of insulting and he will not be pushed around. very dishonest and weak. our tariffs are in response to his 270 percent on dairy. this after justin trudeau said this. >> i highlighted directly to the president that canadians did not take it is kind of insulting.and i highlighted that it was not helping in our renegotiation of nafta. >>julie: white house correspondent - - has more from qucbec. >>reporter: before heading off to his next summit, this time in singapore, president trump issued a stern warning to fellow g7 leaders not to retaliate against the u.s. for
4:33 pm
its decision to impose new tariffs on steel and aluminum. >> if they retaliate they are making a mistake because we are have a tremendous trade imbalance. they do so much more business with us than we do with them. that we can't lose. >>reporter: the president who began his day with a late arrival to the gender equality breakfast made those comments ahead of his departure to singapore. he also continued his sh for free and fair trade without barriers. >> i did. that's the way it should be. no tariffs, no barriers but it will change 100 percent. terrace will come way down the colors people cannot continue. we are like the piggy bank that everybody's robbing and that ends. >>reporter: the president spent a bit of time talking about nafta. he seemed to suggest while it could be fixed, it may behoove the u.s. and canada and mexico to engage in bilateral deals, separately from the group deal. he thinks that may be a better way to save money for all parties involved. >>julie: for more on this.
4:34 pm
let's bring in alan smith. a senior political reporter for business insider. talk to us about this. this was a very fascinating g7 for this back-and-forth between canada and the united states were you surprised to see the presidents tweets? >> it was a little surprising. this is definitely the strongest language he's used against the closest united states ally. prime minister justin trudeau has to play to a different base. he is playing to the canadian citizenship and he can't afford to look weak in such negotiations with the president. so, going after him like this is not going to make them more willing to come to the table. what president trump is targeting is that 2070 percent dairy tariff. canadians don't want justin trudeau to budge on that whatsoever. he has showed some willingness.
4:35 pm
the president going after him like this and making him look weak if he makes similar concessions, it's going to make them less likely to do so. >>julie: the president will not be viewed as weak on the global scale. if you question the president, you will not get cooperation from him. justin trudeau made a mistake there. >> certainly the president will hit back in any circumstance. there is just a difference in dealing with the formula as opposed to someone back home. you are competing with the same voters four. >>julie: this a new poll that suggests president trump is gaining approval on his handling of our economy and international trade. as far as his approval ratings, 52 percent on the economy. 41 percent disapproving. so we are seeing, as far as international trade, people are still, the majority disapprove
4:36 pm
of the way he's handling it. despite their disapproval, the way he's handling international trade, what is the main issue. the main sticking point that americans have? >> the economy really is going great right now. it's really the best thing president trump and the republicans have to campaign on. the problem is we haven't really seen the impacts from some of the tariffs that have been proposed and the retaliatory measures by countries like canada, mexico and the european union. once those start to kick in, you see those tariffs passed on to consumers in the form of a tax. goods are going to get more expensive that use products that these tariffs are being placed on. it's going to be a situation where american consumers are smart but they understand these tariffs will meet higher cost for them on things they purchase.
4:37 pm
whether they are expensive purchases that are one-time deals like a car or everyday expenses like in your typical retail store. >>julie: speaking of the g7 and trade, i want to put up a quote. - - says if the president is serious about leading the expansion of the g7 no tariff agreement, the path to know trade leads to less whining on the global stage. a simple fact overwhelmingly beneficial to american families. - - is pretending we are losers. is it true? if our gdp is bigger than all g7 economics combined, do they have to listen? >> to an extent. in the united states is the most important partner at the table so they want to do business with the united states. i know president trump and peter navarro really zeroed in on trade deficits. this one learns to look at all global trade through. having a trade deficit is not
4:38 pm
necessarily a bad thing. we are buying a lot of german cars. germany may not be buying from us but we are getting those products. it's a sign of having and advanced economy. find more from them than they are from you. that's the strength of the american market that every country wants to do business with us. >>julie: rate to have you in on a saturday. a former missouri governor eric greitens will not face charges for allegations of blackmail, sexual misconduct and invasion of privacy. a special prosecutor says she believes his actions may have been criminal but there was not enough evidence to take a case to trial. prosecutors dropped a computer tampering charge against him in exchange for him resigning from office. the deaths of kate spade and anthony bourdain spurring a
4:39 pm
nationwide conversation on suicide prevention, just as the cdc reports and alarming rise in americans taking their own lives. >>reporter: anthony bourdain, the larger-than-life celebrity chef traveled the world telling stories to casual conversations over food and drinks. for his emmy winning show on cnn, parts unknown. he was found dead at the age of 61 after hanging himself in his hotel room. he was filming in nearby - - for his popular show. the news of his death shocking his family, colleagues and fans saying a little like many and beat with travel, food and adventure. >> this is what you want. this is what you need. this is the path to true happiness and wisdom. >>reporter: the cdc reports suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the united states. and that rate in the u.s. are rising at an alarming rate. up nearly 30 percent between 1999 and 2016.
4:40 pm
the news of anthony bourdain's suicide comes fresh on the heels of kate spade's death. she hanged herself in an apparent suicide in new york city on tuesday. while celebrity suicides catch our attention with people who seemingly have it all take their own lives, 323 people commit suicide in the u.s. every day. experts say one thing doctors can do is ask their patients flat out, are you in trouble? >> we can't be afraid to ask people that. you are not going to give them the idea. if you ask them, they may tell you. >>reporter: the cdc's report also notes that - - had no known mental health problems.
4:41 pm
in a people magazine article published last month, anthony bourdain said he'd rather die in the saddle, then retire. anthony bourdain was 61. >>julie: the national suicide prevention lifeline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. the number is 1-800-273- talk. until... we lost it. today, we're renewing our commitment to you. fixing what went wrong. and ending product sales goals for branch bankers. so we can focus on your satisfaction. it's a new day at wells fargo. but it's a lot like our first day. wells fargo. established 1852. re-established 2018. (honking) when your craving strikes, you need your wing nut. ( ♪ ) no one can totally satisfy a craving, quite like your wing nut.
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so i'm not happyhanic in the corps, unless my hands are dirty. between running a business and four kids, we're busy. knowing that usaa will always have my back... that's just one less thing you have to worry about. we are the cochran family, and we'll be usaa members for life. >> several mesa area police officers now on administrative leave after shocking body cam video appears to show the cops beating an unarmed man and roughing up a teenager. the department is calling on a former prosecutor to investigate. jeff paul is live in los angeles with more. >>reporter: the police chief is so angry and disappointed by the videos, he's bringing in a
4:45 pm
former county prosecutor for an entirely separate and independent investigation. he says from what he saw, the behavior was unacceptable and needs to stop immediately. a 33-year-old robert johnson was unarmed and punched repeatedly during a domestic disturbance call. officers report he refused to sit down and was showing body language like you wanted to fight. his attorney says there is no justification for the use of force. mesa pd has placed five officers on these and two more officers from an unrelated arrest from the week prior. mesa's police chief says he's handing over the permanent probe to the neighboring scottsdale pd hoping to restore the public's trust. >> simply put, these investors will sign a glaring light on the areas where we have fallen short. and they will help us fix it. >>reporter: that second
4:46 pm
incident happened on may 17 and involved a 15-year-old boy that was ultimately charged with armed robbery and gravated assault with a deadly weapon. the chief didn't elaborate on the responding officers behavior in this particular case but body cam footage appears to show the officers threatening and yelling at the suspect. >> where's the gun? >> no gun. >> where's the gun? >> no gun! >> we saw you in the video with the gun, where is the guns? >> no gun. >>reporter: the mesa police association says any of the videos that show using force, never looks good.>>julie: a revolutionary military vehicle that can save lives is undergoing tests in the remote deserts of israel and it promises to transform flight. jonathan hunt gives us an exclusive look at the technology works it is real, it is flying.
4:47 pm
we are going to have in the united states in the next few years. >>reporter: this is it. the - - flying vehicle that not only save american lives on the battlefield but also on highways back home. >> the concept of the golden hour. in order to maximize survivability in an accident, you need to get to that victim and get that victim evacuated and to medical attention within an hour. >>reporter: the idea of a vehicle that can go where helicopters cannot was born after the war where it would take on average 5-6 hours to get victims medical attention. >>. [indiscernible] >>reporter: it is currently being designed and tested in israel with interest and
4:48 pm
support from the israeli military. the long-term plan is for production to move to the united states and for both pilotless and piloted models to be available. for military and civilian emergencies. >> - - a dirty bomb in the city. rescuing people. this aircraft can do all that because it doesn't have overhead rotors. >>julie: did he do it? did the front runner clench the third leg of the triple crown? a horse looking to race right into the history books. we will show you the big finish from today's belmont stakes. ♪ sometimes, bipolar i disorder can make you feel unstoppable. ♪ but mania, such as unusual changes in your mood, activity or energy levels, can leave you on shaky ground.
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royal treatment as she celebrated her official 92nd birthday. at the annual trooping the color military parade. her birthday was in april but the official celebration has been held in june for 250 years starting with king george the second, born in november. following the military parade, the queen andher family gathered for their annual photo on the buckingham palace balcony . history was made an hour ago at the belmont stakes. justify doing only what a dozen other horses have done before! completing horse racing's triple crown and doing it in convincing fashion. brian is there for all of the excitement. he reports from belmont park in elmont, new york. i won't ask you to put on a fluffy hat, don't worry. >>reporter: it was incredible
4:53 pm
from start to finish. justify led here at the belmont stakes. 150th running of the belmontsta. it endsfittingly with the triple crown. justify becomes the working force in 13th horse in history. here was the call. >> justify is still there. justify, he's just perfect. he is immortal! justify is the 13th! >>reporter: you cannot overstate the crowd. 90,000+ on their feet for history. justify beating gronkowski for just under two links. it was from start to finish, justify had it. mike smith, that is the jockey. a 52-year-old jockey is now the second most winningest american jockey there is. he saw him with that white carnation, throwing the flowers up in the air and winning the
4:54 pm
brand-new triple crown trophy. for bob baffert, the trainer for justify, he was the trainer for american barrow who won in 2015. he has now won the triple crown twice over with triple crown in four years for bob baffert. for justify, he has a chance to do something that only one horse has done before. that was american barrow. he cannot compete in the breeders' cup classic in november. if justify wins that, he will be the second horse to ever win the grand slam of horse racing. an exciting moment. the crowd went wild. history made. really justify remains undefeated. a perfect 6-0 in his career and what a moment it was here for history. i didn't doubt justify from the very beginning and many people did not either.
4:55 pm
also just how strong he was in the kentucky derby and preakness. what an amazing night it was here at belmont park. >>julie: what an amazing course. a three-year-old colt. i just enjoy watching him walk by gracefully and didn't have lots of experience before this. >>reporter: the fact that he started his career a few months ago is a rare thing. usually they get their start two years before. it's just incredible point history heretonight. i can't overstate how beautiful it was in a and how great it was to be here. >>julie: thank you so much. if you think people who don't drink are less likely to miss days of work, you are wrong. the surprising results of a new study and the reason i'm having a cocktail after the show.
4:56 pm
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be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. julie: i have loved hosting "the fox report." but after spending 18 years working weekend. that is my adorable mother and my family. you have probably noticed i have been taking a lot of saturdays off. i went to memorial day weekend, an annual tradition of mine. and these pictures were taken in pennsylvania. a fun trip with my sister and husband and family and mom. but three of my kids are obsessed with water parks and spending time with their moon.
5:00 pm
and i'm obsessed with them. i am glad to have spent all these years with paul of you. jon scott will be taking over. that's fox. reporter: this saturday. jesse: welcome to "watters world." the debate over kneeling at "the national anthem" at a fever pitch. many players on the philadelphia eagles planned to boycott. president trump: we love our country, we respect our flag, and we always stand for "the national anthem." we stand to honor our military and honor our country. and to remember the fallen heros who never made


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