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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  June 10, 2018 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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north korean leader kim jong-un has arrived in singapore ahead of president trump. >> i feel that kim jong-un wants to do something great for his people. he won't have that opportunity again. it's a one-time shot. >> when it comes to donald trump, there are many in the mainstream media cable news networks who have rooting for him to fail. >> north korea on the other hand understands if you want to manipulate donald trump, you drive donald trump smlg for his ego. >> it's his attitude, not so much preparation that matters. >> canadians did not take it lightly that the united states has moved forward with significant tariffs. we're polite and reasonable but we also will not be pushed
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around. >> tariffs are going to come way down because we people cannot continue to do that. we're like the piggy pink that everybody is robbing and that ends. 150th running of the ends wh the triple crown. >> he's immortal! justify is the first triple crown winner! good sunday morning. we begin with a fox news alert. world history in the making as we get closer to the historic one on one meeting with president trump and kim jong-un. >> that's right. the north korean leader arriving overnight and welcomed by singapore's foreign minister. kim jong-un is reportedly only left his country three times since taking power in 2011. >> in just a few hours president trump will land in singapore. no sitting president has ever met or spoken on the phone with a north korean leader. good morning. >> what a day the next three
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days will be. the president landing there in singapore in a matter of hours. as he said, he'll know within a minute what the intentions will are from the north korean dictator. >> you know what makes for good tv? unpredictability and consequence. things that matter. talk about june 12th. where will it go? we don't know. we'll bring it to you in big time. >> a big four hours to go this morning. >> as you wake up this morning, you're going to be treated to history. that's why we go straight to john roberts live in singare ahead of the president's arrival. john, good morning. >> griff, abby, pete, good morning to you. i don't know how it happened. but it's usually griff that is staying up all night to be with you. here we are in singapore where it's actually 6:00 in the evening. pruch is scheduled to arrive two hours and 35 minutes from now. history being made, kim jong-un arriving earlier this afternoon.
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it is the futtes furthest he's r traveled since taking power in north korea. we don't the he's been this far. a five and a half hour, six hour flight from north korea to get down here. president trump says he' looking forward to the meeting, a chance for the two to meet face to face. he said hopefully after their meeting he'll like each other as well and the president also saying he should know very quickly, within a minute whether or not this is going to work. listen here. >> how long will it take to figure out whether or not they're serious? i said maybe in the first minute. you know, the way they say that you know if you're going to like somebody in the first five seconds. well i think that very quickly i'll know whether or not something good is going to happen. reporter: president trump thinks that kim is going to do the right thing. the president calling this a
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one-time shot, that this opportunity won't come around again. because if these talks fail and north korea continues to pursue its nuclear weapons program, then katie bar the door. it's not going to work out well for kim. the president is keenly aware of all of the failures that successive administrations have had when it comes to negotiating the north korea. nobody has really negotiated to this degree with kim jong-un but they certainly have with his father and grandfather. but the president is still optimistic about the potential outcome here. listen to this. >> we're going in with a very positive attitude and i think we're going to come out fine. but i've said it many times, who knows. who knows. may not. may not work out. it's a good chance it won't work out. probably a better chance that it will take a period of time, it will be a process. >> now one of the most interesting aspects of this summit meeting, which will be healed, a one-on-hundred simply between the president and kim
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jong-un together with their interpreters. this first meeting 9:00 on tuesday morning comes after not just tough talk between the two nations but outright insults between the two leaders. they do seem to be in a mood to bury the hatchet but anything could happen between now and 9 a.m. tuesday sippin singapore t. >> well come to s john. what an experience you're going to have. good to see you. i've lived there before, it is one of the hottest places you can be. right next to the equator. it is hot all year round. but if there's every a place to find peace, it's going to be in a place like singapore. the economy is very strong. but it's a unique place that's trusted by all different places around the world, china, north korea, united states, taiwan, israel, the arab nations. in 2015 they hosted the leaders xi jinping and the president of taiwan. if there's ever a place that you
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can hope for success it would be a place like singapore. >> and kim jong-un taking a chance leaving his country. he knows going to singapore he won't face po protests because the first amendment is curtailed in singapore as well. they have a lot of rules and you don't have the first amendment like we do here in the united states. >> you can't even chew gum in singapore. >> he's not worried about protests. >> the resort where it's going to take place, in order to get there you have to go over a bridge, sort of like brooklyn from manhattan. i've taken the subway before. security is going to be tight. but that's where they chose the location to seclude it away from everything else. >> the optics are huge. but attend o at the end of the e president is the first u.s. president to talk to a north korean leader about ridding the world of nukes and he said
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you've got one shot. this is what the president said. >> unknown territory in the truest sense. but i really feel confident. i feel that kim jong-un wants to do something great for his people and he has that opportunity. and he won't have that opportunity again. it's never going to be there again. it's a one-time, a one-time shot. and i think it's going to work out very well. >> the president there calling it an opportunity for his people. you know, you have to look in just a very short period of time, this 34-year-old leader of north korea has gone from what was perceived to be a hermit, a tyrant to a now world stage leader and he likely wants to move to economic growth for his country because he's already got the news. >> we're hoping. >> that is the hope and that is what the president is saying. you've got a shot. take it. >> the president is doing two
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things here, it appears. one he's hedged his bets and set expectations. it may be one meeting, a series of meetings. we're not going to take the nu e nukes off of the table at the first meeting. but also a crucible, this is your time, this is the moment, this is the place. either you do it here or you don't do it later. these the one-time shot and you hope that -- h he said it's interesting, i'm going to know within a minute whether this guy is serious. to be in that room to hear that conversation as it kicks off. >> i think you can read someone opens intentions if you're good at reading people. the president feels he is. you can do that in a matter of a minute in walking in the room and getting a sense of where they're coming from. the big question is what will north korea want in return. but the president continues to say this is going to take some time. you remember when nixon was opening up with china they had their first meeting, i think it
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was 1971, they didn't ultimately get to a place of agreement where we had an envoy over there until 1979 it was a long period of time. it was progress all throughout the years. but patience is key here. but the meeting on tuesday, he will know within that minute if it's going to work or if it's not going to work. >> and to pete's point about to be in that conversation, there were discussions about whether trump and kim would meet, just to two of them to take away a little bit of the theatrics because of what you mentioned. president trump is looking for an immediate signal, an agreement to begin the framework, to begin the process where the goal is denuclearization. >> before he got on a plane, still on a plane, the president will be off the plane in about two hours, we'll bring it to you on this channel hen he lands in singapore. but before that he was flying from canada where he was meeting with the g-7. a lot of talks contentious about trade. there was an exchange between our president and the prime
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minister of canada, justin from canada, his name is justin trudeau over trade. president making a lot of threats or standing up saying we won't be taken advantage of. after the president left the g-7, the prime minister of canada had some words for the president. listen to what justin said. >> just kind of insulting. and i highlighted that it was not helping in our renegotiation of nafta. it would be with absolute certainty and firmness that we move forward with retaliatory measures on july 1st applying equivalent tariffs to the ones that the americans have unjustly applied to us. it is not something that we relish doing but it is something that we absolutely will do. because canadians are polite, we're reasonable but we also will not be pushed around. >> he was not happy with president trump's tough talk.
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this is what we were waiting for, the response that we were going to get at the end of the g g-7 meeting. the president is not happy. tweeting based on justin's false statements at his news conference and the fact that canada is charging massive tariff to our u.s. farmers, workers and companies i have instructed our u.s. reps not to endorse the communication as we look at the automobiles flooding the u.s. mark. >> i'm not sure what a communique is. i think it's a shared document that everyone agrees on. >> you and everyone else. >> absolutely. fancy meetings. a communique. we're not in for the generic language that comes out of these thing. it's probably been worked out in advance. there's a photo that came out of this meeting that's gotten a lot of attention, a viral photo. >> there always is. >> tweeted out about it as well. look at that photo. president trump is seated, ambassador bolton next to him,
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shinzo abe standing there, angle merkel, i think teresa may behind her, her hands firmly planted on a table staring at him. you almost have the visual of we won't be your piggy bank anymore, america first, whatever it is. what a powerful image of the confrontation. >> you can see john boll on the, head of the national security right behind president trump there and he's what he tweeted out. he said just another g-7 where other countries expect america will always be their bank. the president made it clear today, no more. >> i think the world wasn't prepared for the extent that this president would kig his heels in say i was elected on something, i want free trade deal but we're not going to be your resource forever. >> or once he was there with him he would back down or not be as tough. it's clear he was just as tough. >> it does look like angela
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merkel is taking the alpha male position staring down at a president sitting. >> i don't know. looking pretty. >> a lot of resolve there with the arms folded. >> this was described by the press as a dominating angela americmerkel staring down. >> tell me more. >> corey lewandowski, anthony scaramucci, sean spicer, great voices on all of the news this morning of the meeting on tuesday. bill mar rooting for a recession. >> please, bring on the recession. sore where sorry if that hurts . either root for a recession or lose your democracy. >> can the left admit that the anti-trump has gone too far. president trump confident he'll known within seconds of
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meeting kim jong-un whether he means business or not. our next guest takes us inside the negotiating room. stay tuned. whatu have there? p3 it's meat, cheese and nuts. i keep my protein interesting.
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. the way they say that you know if you're going to like mb in the first five seconds. you ever hear that one? well, i think very quickly i'll know whether or not something good is going to happen. >> well, ahead of the historic singapore summit with north korea, president trump says he'll know right away whether kim jong-un means business. >> our next guest wrote the book on president trump's negotiating skill. brad thomas, the author of "the trump factor." and joins us right now. you heard the president a couple of days ago on the south lawn on friday saying it's not about overpreparing for this. it comes down to attitude. how do you expect the president is going to go into this meeting? >> absolutely. and it's great to be back on the show here again today. look, president trump has a
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number of tools in the toolkit. you know, the deal maker in chief, i think one of his most strategic tools is his toughness. he's going to go into this summit as a very very tough, tough negotiator. he's a deal maker in chief and i fully expect him to go in with really, you know guns loaded and he's going to really charge like a rhino. he's going to take charge of the summit and i think that's going to be his number one tool that i think again, abby and pete, that he's got in his toolkit. >> as he goes in, for prep payings, does he have option one, option two, option three from a briefing book or is he really going to feel this out and from there decide what's next? >> you know, i think he knows what he's looking for. again his team is there in advance. and i think there's a lot of strategy that's going to be going into place here. but at the top. the leader, president trump, he's really going to focus on -- i think he's right. the first minutes will tell a lot. it really comes down to trust and building a trusting
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relationship with the parties involved. and i think president trump eyeball to eyeball, he's going to be able to look kim in the eye and really understand and develop -- because i think that's going to be the key word from the summit, building a relationship with trust and starting with the first meeting. >> we know these things are so dal kate and they take time, something as big as negotiating with north korea. what will be success in your opinion, leaving that summit on tuesday. how on all of us at home be talking about this as a successful meeting? what needs to be done? >> sure. well i think it will be successful. i have full confidence in the president. i think he's going to do a great job. he always is. we hired him as the deal make ner chief. maker in chief. my confidence is at an all-time high. trump tower wasn't built in a day, rome wasn't built in a day and the summit isn't going to be done in a day. i think this is the first brick in the foundation.
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i thin it's going to take a number of meetings and negotiations. but again it's going to start with laying the foundation, the framework built on trust and really starting to understand each other and flush out, you know, the details here. but again, i think the parties involved, it really comes down to that relationship. and again, i don't think we're going to expect a tremendous lot that first week. there's not going to be a market mover type of a week. but over time hopefully president trump will be able to negotiate this deal. again the foundation, the key word is trust. >> you say charge in like a rhino. it's a great visual. you've got kim jon kim jong-un,t know if he's 34, 35 or 36, president trump has been through the wringer here in the real estate world in negotiations and business. what has prepared him as he says. he doesn't need to overpair saying he's been prepared all his life. what prepared him the most? >> his experience.
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it really comes down to the lessons learned in life. and again, one reason i elected this -- i voted for this president, he was elected, of course, is his experience in the battlefield of business. and you know as trump said in "the art of the deal" it comes down to trust. he has a lot of balls in the air. that's really the key takeaway here. really, he runs this country like a business and that's really the key here. we have a businessman, you know, in the white house negotiating this deal. we haven't seen this ever really in the history of the united states. so again, my confidence is extremely high here going into this summit. >> all right. brad thomas, you've written a book about this, you know what you speak. great to have you on. >> thank you so much. thousands of journalists from across the world arriving in singapore along with kim jong-un and before president trump. we know a good journalist, ed henry. he's on the ground there too and he'll join us life. left wing median bill mar
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rooting for a recession. is this really what the democrats are wanting . >> please, bring on the recession. sorry if that hurts people but it's either root for a recession or your lose your democracy.
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. we are back with some quick headlines for you. we begin with a fox news alert. a man is dead after a helicopter goes down, the chopper crashing into power lines, abefore plunging into the river. the aircraft was lifted to the surface following a search and rescue effort. the victim is believed to be the pilot. president trump could soon be on his way to another summit. vladimir putin saying he's happy to meet with the commander in chief whenever washington is ready. president trump and putin apparently discussed a potential
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susummit many eye yen that. and justify races into the history books at the 150th running of the belmont stakes. >> he's just perfect and now he's just immortal! justify is the first triple crown winner! >> it was amazing, the undefeated three-year-old completing a sweep of the kentucky derby, the preakness and now belmont. the second horse to achieve that fete since 1978. and at 52 mike smith is the oldest jockey to ever win the triple crown. unbelievable. griff, take it away. hbo host bill mar facing backlash after saying he hopes the economy will crash in order to quote get rid of president trump. >> i feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point. by the i what, i'm hoping for it. one way you get rid of trump is a crashing economy. please bring on the recession.
3:26 am
sorry if that hurts people but it's either root for a recession or you lose your democracy. >> here to react, author, nancy collier. good morning. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> what is bill mar doing. he's literally hating president trump so much that he's rooting for another recession. >> i don't think he''s really rooting for another recession. i think what he's trying to point out is that our democracy is at stake right now. if there are no rules, then there's no system. and what we're seeing right now is that if somebody is above the law and people that commit crimes or do whatever they do are let off the hook, which is what's being suggested right now, then we have no system to protect us. i don't know if you really pushed bill martha he meant we should suffer more financially.
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actually the economy is doing quite well and that's one thing we're really excited about. i don't foe if he might have been being a bit sarcastic. but the rules are being taken away. democracy. >> hang on. it prejudges that the president has done anything illegal to begin with. the whole notion that the president is above the law and it's something that the democrats are attacking is just not accurate and it's not fair. we have a russia investigation out there. we will get some results. but it's early to be saying that and those that lost their businesses and their life savings in the dust bin of heartache in 2008, that is an outrageous comment, would you aeye in. >> we have to stop going back to 2008. we have a president who is unraveling a system. piece by piece. and as a psychonear miss, we have a raging narcissist in the office. and the classic symptoms of narcissim are a need to be
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special, a need to be. >> wait a minute. that's your opinion as a psychotherapist that he's a narcissist but he is the current president of the united states. should we not give him the benefit of the doubt and is the not perhaps bad on the psychotherapy of the country to suggest, bill mar suggesting that the president is this above the law guy? >> well the president is saying that he can pardon himself. so when you have somebody saying it doesn't matter -- first of all, i've done nothing wrong. but if i did it doesn't matter because i can pardon myself. you don't need to be a psychotherapist to say that suggests that i can do basically whatever i want, that i'm a king, right. we're moving in the direction of an authoritarian government and away from. >> that's just not true. he has done nothing to suggest that he undermines democracy in the steps he's taken. there was a legal discussion over whether or not he would have the option of pardon himself. but this whole -- you mentioned about the economy, we're
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celebrating the economy. look, at the end of the day, why won't democrats, why won't people like bill more give president trump a chance to deliver in the case of the economy, in the case of where he is now in north korea for the nation? >> well, i would ask a question back, right, that's what we do. why are the republicans turning away and turning away and turning away from some really bad behavior? look, ever -- let's take the me too movement just for a moment. every man that has been caught misbehaving has lost their personal life, has lost their work life. trump continues on. everything that's done. why don't the republicans stand up and say, hey, i want my party back as a republican. you know, there are plenty of conservatives. >> nancy, you're opening a big discussion there. and president bill clinton dealing with his own issues.
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thankee for cominthank you for y collier. all right. fox news alert. president trump getting ready to meet face to face with kim jong-un and it all started with this. >> as i said, they will be met with fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> we take a look back at what led to this high-stakes summit and we're live on the ground in singapore ahead of the meeting. ed henry, the one and only is there and he's next. there he is, right there. what's he got? here we go. get ready. ed man in sing singapore.
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. what did the papers cal onee other day saying will you speak to the leader of north korea. i say absolutely. why not? >> north korea launched its first ballistic missile since president trump took office. >> after 17 months, otto warm warmbier was just released. >> otto warmbier has just passed away. >> the patience with the north korean regime has failed. north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> north korea firing another missile over the country of
3:35 am
japan, proving guam is within striking distance. >> rocketman is on a suicide mission for hims. >> it makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal. today the united states is designating north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. >> yesterday north korea talked to south korea and said hey, you know what? we would like to talk to you about coming to the winter olympics. >> i just spoke to president moon, he's very thankful for what we've done. they're having talks. >> he's committed to denuclearization. >> secretary of state right now, mike pompeii owe pom pompeo is . >> june 12th are you going to be in singapore? >> we'll see what happens. >> yesterday the president calls kim's bluff. >> i've decided to terminate the
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planned summit. >> kim jong-un and south korea's president meeting overnight. >> in just a few minutes i'll be leaving for singapore. it's a great opportunity for peace. >> wow. >> that's the summary of how we got here. now we're looking at live pictures here in singapore, a lot of hands trying to block what we can see, but apparently of kim jong-un there in singapore. they're not used to cameras there in north korea. this of course the shutdown hermit kingdom. but in singapore they have cameras and press. >> just to point out, we've seen how kim jong-un, how when he met with moon ja moon jae-in on two occasions, this powerful -- and we're looking now, there is kim jong-un gb wetting a shot. this is significant. he had his motorcade and the guards were running along to meet with moon jae-in. and now we see obviously kim
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jong-un inches from a camera. this op optic is interesting. >> we don't ever get this shot of him. this is the third time he's left the hermit kingdom. there he is on the ground in singapore. also our own ed henry, a chief national correspondent is in singapore as well. reporter: good morning. >> this is significant. we're getting this live footage now, kim jong-un arriving on the ground there in singapore. the meeting takes place in a matter of hours, coming on tuesday. set the seen fo scene for us. what are we watching? reporter: yeah. i can tell you, there is a buzz in the air in this city, the entire nation, singapore, really excited about this. i've been walking the streets, went to a shopping mall here. some people saw my credentials with fox news on it, shop keepers asking question, do you think there's a real shot at peace. people are excited that they're
3:38 am
hosting history quite frankly. and you're right to point out it's so rare that we get this upclose pictures from independent media whereb media,e the office, but think about the possibility. we don't know this yet but the possibility of maybe even a joint news conference at some point. the first time any of us know that anyone in a free press asked a question of chairman kim. we're a long way from that actually happening. that would be fascinating. we're picking up reports on the ground that kim jong-un's sister may be traveling with him as well. remember, she was an important figure at those winter olympics as well in terms of opening channels of diplomacy. we could be on the verge of some very, very big events here. >> very much so. ed, so we see right now these live footage, shaky w, not on a stead by cam but you've got the
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prime minister of singapore meeting with kim jong-un, the president on his way arriving in a couple of hours. you mentioned the possibility of a joint press conference. is that something we're hearing about, speculation? do you know what we'll see on camera? reporter: there's a speculation here on the ground that if there's a peace deal signed you would expect that they would take some kind of questions from the international media. there's 3,000, 4,000 reporters here on the ground. but we're a long way obviously from a peace deal or from a news conference. because i think president trump has been careful inry cent days ain recent dayto tamp down expeg this is not the be all and end all. this is basically round one. and a few days ago the president said they could be hosting kim jong-un at the white house or mar-a-lago down in palm beach. what he's trying to do bsh you now have the mainstream media starting to say two things. one can the president get a peace deal in singapore, if he
3:40 am
doesn't maybe it's a failure and also saying how do you verify whatever kim jong-un says. those are valid questions but it's not rain on the ra paid pae before it happens. this president has brought us closer to peace than anyone in terms of dealing with north korea if mystery. >> you are over there in singapore. you know it's one of the cleanest places in the world. i hope you don't chew gum. you can be fired for that. it now has its third prime minister. the original prime minister really created singapore for what he kno we know it is today. the importance of where the meeting is taking place matters a lot. as you remember in 2015 it hosted xi jinping with the president of taiwan. a place that a number of nations around the world trust, they trust singapore. how important is it to have it there? reporter: it's a little windy. the headline here, trump on
3:41 am
mission of peace. that's the real news, what he said at the g -7. then they have some fun stuff in terms of kim jong-un and the president, fake photos of them checking out the sites in singapore. we'll see if they do some walking around together to your point, the final headline, we passed through, the fox team, seoul, on our way to singapore and you can see one of the korean papers that i picked up in the airport. there's a story at the bottom that basically says that there were some south korean broadcasting reporters who got into trouble for trespassing on the property of a north korean diplomat who lives here in singapore. well why is that important? very serious about security as you say. those two journalists got arrested. they take things seriously here in singapore. and number two, that's because north korea in terms of diplomacy, singapore is one of the few countrie countries thats diplomatic relations with north korea, has a diplomat on the
3:42 am
ground here in singapore. that was one reason why they chose sin singapore. but as you noted, the security is intense here. this is where you can host two world leaders of this magnitude d the international press and everyone else. >> early pete was talking about how amazing it must be to be in that meeting. what can you tell us -- i know there was some discussion that they would be allowed to meet just one on one initially and we wouldn't see like we just saw, with the president, a camera meeting with the prime minister of singapore. what can you tell us about the actual first five seconds and how that will go? >> they're still working out the details is the honest answer. but based on what president trump has been saying publicly, it's clear that he wants to take a measure of kim jong-un. remember, his cemetery of state, mike pompeo has met with kim at least twice. the president of the united states has never met with him. no president from the united states has, you know. and so what i suspect is it very
3:43 am
likely could be the two of them without tv cameras, without staff but obviously with an interpreter. to get a personal relationship. the president has been saying that, he said that in canada yesterday and got mocked by reporters around the world. he's back pedaling saying they want a relationship, they want a dialogue. knono. he's talking about round one. it just means that the president understands in terms of "the art of the deal," you have to build a rapport before you're going to get to denuclearization and that's the ultimate goal. >> these things take time. what an experience, history in the making. have a great time over there. >> look forward to seeing you. >> we've been showing you the photos coming in, kim jong-un arriving there on the ground in singapore just a couple of hours away from president trump. also landing there in singapore. it's all happening. we're bringing it all to you this morning. i don't want to leave. >> our live coverage continues
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just about an hour and a half away from the president's arrival there. we're reporting from the ground on this historic day. >> more to come after this.
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. welcome back. all eyes on president trump and kim jong-un ahead of the historic summit. new reports now saying that some of his attention could be sinister. authorities warning about a potential wave of chinese spies planted all over singapore. bugging hotel rooms, infiltrating summit staff. so what is the u.s. doing to stop them? here with intel senior fellow at the center for digital government morgan wright. good to have you with us. >> hi. >> this is a part of the story, maybe one of the most important pieces of it. because when it comes to spying, chai gnat might be the most sophisticated when it comes to this. what is the u.s. intel doing to combat this? is it possible? >> you take some basic counter measures. the chinese are going to try to
3:48 am
give out everything from room keys to phones. they just banned the zte phones on military bases. but it's the human compromise of this. they've been on the island for a long time but focused on it trying to compromise everybody from the wait staff to people working at the hotel, the airport. not only in singapore but in china and the united states. the opm breach from 2015, guess what, that's mayin paying big dividends for the chies knee. >> you have to go over a bridge or a subway to get there which is why they picked that location, they can close it off from everybody else. is there a place in the hotel that you know for sure will not be bugged, where they're meeting, you have no concerns about that? >> you never say never. that's one of the lessons you learned in the intelligence committee. but they'll have the best of the
3:49 am
best, they'll sweep that room, lock it down, protect it. anybody that's looking at classified material is going to be, you know, inside of tents, inside of places where you can't have cameras looking at it. the biggest thing that the chinese want is the information with we're using for the negotiations. chinese are learning to find out what our capabilities are as much oz what our negotiating position is. >> china is 90% of trade with north korea. they're basically the ones that keep north korea afloat. they care for man anybody about how this summit goes down. great to have your expertise this morning. coming up ahead of the singapore summit, what is the country like? i grew up there and i'll give you my own inside look. but kim jong-un making his first public appearance outside north korea. this happening moments ago. we're live on the ground with what goes into protecting the north korean dictator. that's up next.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
. this is a fox news alert. kim jong-un moments ago meeng with singapore's leader ahead of the historic summit with president trump. the world watching that country closely. look at these images. it's just amazing to see this whereby tha,that there is a camg
3:54 am
similar jong-un around as he meets singapore's leaders. this is access that we have not seen before and it must be perhaps for him also a bit alarming, if you will, to realize you're exposed now. the world is watching you and he cannot control the press. suddenly you're under a microscope. >> everyone is watching singapore. why was this the place that they decided to have the summit, the third time that kin kim jong-unt his country. i grew up in singapore. it's got an incredible story to tell. the cleanest place you'll ever go. got a lot of rules there. the u.s. embassy there in. always a huge bow in the hair, of course. you get fined for chewing gum. but their whole thing is about economics. they say if we can succeed economically we'll thrive. they're all about open markets. it's my favorite place because
3:55 am
everyone gets along. they want everyone to get along. their ole whining is we want to be trusted. they're the one place you can go where you've got north koreans, the chinese, the taiwanese, the israelis, arab nations, the united states all have a relationship with singapore. that's important. when you're trying to find a place to host a summit like this, there are very few options. >> why has singapore been able to develop their economy so successful in a neighborhood of folks that have not been so successful? >> that's a good question. it's the highest gdp per capita, five million people there. the u.s. is number 20. that tells you how successful they've been. but they treat themselves as a powerhouse and they know how important economics is. they're going to open up to the rest of the world. they look at economics before any politics. >> they're economically liberal opened up completely to trade. politically it's strained. liberties given when the government decides to give them to you.
3:56 am
one-party system more or less. there's some tings of authoritarianism there but they leverage the free market to build up this economy, which creates the moment where they want to be friends with everybody because they want to trade with everybody and the people there appreciate the economy that exists too. >> it's going t be perfection. logistics, the security. if you want to be a place where it's all handle perfectly, it's going to be singapore. >> we'll bring it to you. president trump expected to arrive in singapore in less than two hours for his historic summit with kim jong-un >> a jam packed lineup of guests, joe leiberman and sean spicer all here live. no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up
3:57 am
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4:00 am
♪ ♪ abby: world history in the making as we get closer to the historic one-on-one meeting with president trump and kim jong un. >> in just a few hours, president trump will land in singapore. >> i feel that kim jong un wants to do something great for his people. he won't have that opportunity again. it's a one-time shot. >> the left finally admit that the anti-trump hysteria has gone too far? >> north korea, on the other hand, understands you want to manipulate donald trump, you give donald trump something for his ego. >> some say it's attitude, not so much preparation that matters. >> canadians did not take it lightly that the united states has moved forward with significant tariffs. we're polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed
4:01 am
around. >> tariffs are going to come way down, because people cannot continue to do that. we're like the piggybank that everybody's robbing, and that ends. abby: justify races into the history books at the 150th running of the belmont stakes. >> he's just perfect and now he's just immortal! [cheers and applause] justify is the 13th triple crown winner! ♪ ♪ >> it's june 10th, and we begin with a fox news alert. all eyes are on sing is pore as we get -- singapore as we get closer to the highly anticipated meeting. the north korean leader arriving overnight and meeting with leaders. kim jong un has reportedly only left his country three times since taking power in 2011. abby: in less than two hours, president trump will land as well this in singapore. no sitting president has ever met, nor spoken on the phone with a north korean leader. that just gives you a sense of
4:02 am
how his houric this all -- historic this all is. where we are at this point, we have come such a long way. >> we have. and the pictures we've seen already this morning -- and we will continue to bring you, get a cup of coffee, and you're seeing history unfold in a very unlikely, but important place. pete: right now we're looking at kim jong un meeting with the prime minister of singapore. it looks like introducing part of his traveling element to the prime minister of singapore. all these -- president trump will also be meeting with the prime minister before he meets with kim jong un. events unfolding in realtime as we heard from ed henry. we don't know exactly what the itinerary will be, that's being held very closely. as soon as we know it, you're going to know it. abby: let's go live to john roberts who is in singapore. john, this is all happening. we just showed live footage of kim jong un on the ground. and in just a matter of hours, president trump will also be there. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, abby, pete and
4:03 am
gripf. as you know, abby, this is a big, big deal. kim jong un touching down a few hours ago, meeting with the prime minister. he a arrived aboard an air china flight, which is interesting, because we have heard that north korea doesn't have aircraft that could carry him this far. and while air china is the flag carrier of china, he was flying aboard an american-made 747. so an interesting combination of nationalities there. this is going to be the very first time, as you mentioned, that an american president has met with the leader of north korea. north korea wasn't created until after the korean war. the closest that an american president ever came was president clinton back this 2000. but at the last minute, he pulled back and sent madeleine albright, the secretary of state, instead. so when the two leaders sit down
4:04 am
tuesday morning, 9:00 singapore time, it truly will be a historic moment. president trump has said he likely will get a chance to suss out kim jong un in the first minute of their meeting. he says you know how it takes five seconds before you know whether you going to like a person or not? the president thinks he'll get an early read on him, ands pushing the idea that this is a one-time shot. this is an opportunity for kim jong un that will never come around again. here's the president from yesterday. >> he can take that nation with those great people and truly make it great. so it's a one-time, it's a one-time shot, and i think it's going to work out very well. that's why i feel positive, because it makes so much sense. >> reporter: president trump really believes that kim jong un wants to do the right thing. some u.s. diplomats who have negotiated with north korea in the past believe that kim jong un was actually -- even as he was building up his nuclear
4:05 am
arsenal -- looking for an offramp. you can see pictures of the st. regis hotel where kim jong un is staying. very, very heavy security there. president trump will be staying at another hotel. the two of them are going to be meeting at cappella resort which is on an island just off the shores of downtown singapore. it's connected by a causeway. there's one way in, one way out so it's the perfect place to hold a summit. the president believing that he could make progress here in the next 48 hours, but at the same time saying, you know, things may not work out. coming into this with a very realistic attitude. listen here. >> we're going in with a very positive attitude, and i think we're going to come out fine. but i've said it many times, who knows. who knows? may not. may not work out. there's a good chance it won't work out. there's probably an even better chance that it will take a period of time, it'll be a process.
4:06 am
>> reporter: the president thinking that this will be the first of a few meetings between the two leaders. of course, it would be the first of many meetings between u.s. and north korean officials. the president telling me in answer to a question i posed to him in a press conference on thursday in the rose garden that he would like to see the normalization of relations between the united states and north korea which, of course, would mean putting a u.s. embassy right in the heart of pyongyang. abby: great reporting on the ground in singapore. thank you, john. pete: yeah. it almost seems like endless possibilities. not endless, but you could start with -- abby: by the way, that is the prime minister's pal a lace there in -- palace there in singapore. that, i imagine, is kim jong un and his entourage leaving the palace. we don't, as we mentioned earlier, don't have the exact itinerary for this trip, but we will keep a close eye on that and bring you any footage as we get it. pete: singapore is perfectly 12 hours ahead of the united states. so when it's 7:00 here in the
4:07 am
morning, it's 7:00 p.m. there. their evening wrapping up as president trump's about to arrive in singapore. abby: let's bring in corey lewandowski, co-author of" let trump be trump" and a perfect person to get a perspective this morning. good morning, corey, good to have you on. >> good morning. happy sunday. ab so this is all happening, you are watching it unfold live here. give us a sense, you know the president better than all of us here. what is going through his mind as he is walking into this meeting on tuesday? he says, ultimately, it all comes down to attitude, i will know within a minute what his intentions are. >> well, you know, i've seen the president so many times in meetings whether it is with elected officials in the u.s., he's met for the first time with business leaders that he's trying to do a deal with, he understands a person's energy. he understands what it's like, and that first interaction with a person if it's going to be someone that he's going to be able to work with.
4:08 am
and the art of the negotiation that this president has perfected is making sure that both sides walk away feeling they got a good deal. but don't forget the united states holds all the chips right now. the maximum pressure campaign that we have put on north korea is what has forced kim jong un to come to the table to talk about denuclearization which would do the world a very good thing. so the president has all the cards in his hands right now, but we will know within the first two or three minutes of this meeting if kim jong un is really serious. griff: mike pompeo will be there, john bolton, his press secretary, chief of staff kelly will be there as well. will -- do you think there'll be a private moment before the cameras see it? i mean, as a negotiator as he tries to set the stage, how does he set the stage most advantageous to him? >> well, i think, you know, what we've seen already is that secretary pompeo has been over
4:09 am
there, he's had talks not only with kim jong un, but also where the with -- but also with the number two. i'm sure he and ambassador bolton have briefed the president and understand that we have a history between these two countries of them not being truthful with us, them taking our money and not denuclearizing. i think what you're going to find is i think the president's going to want to have a private interaction with kim jong un before all the cameras, and then you'll see a mad rush of cameras very similar to what we saw the first time president trump sat down with vladimir putin back about a year ago when they were overseas. they had a private meeting, the cameras came in, they shook hands, and then they had that long, detailed discussion between having a better relationship between russia and the united states. griff: corey, in your words, what does success at this summit look like? >> well, it's very clear, success is the denuclearization of the korean peninsula, it is
4:10 am
the stopping of north korea promulgating their nuclear weapons technology, it is making sure they are not launching any more test missiles. that is what success looks like not just for north korea and south korea and guam and all the area, but for the world community at large. but it will not be done at the cost of the united states, and what i mean by that is this is not a president who's going to make the same mistakes as previous administrations, giving countries billions of dollars to denuclearize and then they don't do it. so we have a maximum pressure campaign on north korea right now. those sanctions are hurting that country dramatically. they need to come to the table if they want to sustain. pete: corey, you just came from the president flying from the g7 to go to singapore. at a press conference he prominently said, hey, we don't want to be the world's piggybank anymore, pushing back against countries he feels we have unfair trade deals with. what do you make of the back and forth with not just china and
4:11 am
adversaries, but also with canada, with the e.u.? they don't want to take it lying down, but he's not backing down either. >> well, you know, it's amazing because the world leaders clearly did not listen to the campaign that donald trump ran in 2016 that said he wa going to put america first. and now he is putting in place those promises that he made. and when you look at canada, it's a 270% on our dairy products going into that country. that is not free trade. that is an advantage that canada has. if they want to allow our products into their country, then we will be reciprocal. and, look, it's a global economy, and we understand that. but for 30 years the united states has been taken advantage of, and that's why multilateral deals have not worked on behalf of the u.s., and this president wants to negotiate bilateral deals so we can have a better deal for the united states and our manufacturers and our workers here. that's what america first is all about. abby: yeah. and he's taking that america first message all the way over to singapore, landing in the just a matter of a couple hours
4:12 am
here, corey. you think about what he is wanting out of this, kim jong un, because it is a negotiation as you know. obviously, the president has said he'll walk away from the table if he doesn't get what he wants and what is best for america, but in return, what are we going to get from kim jong un? what are they going to ask for, do you think? >> i think what kim jong un and his people need is for the united states to potentially relieve some of the maximum pressure campaign that we have had on that country for a long time, the economic sanctions that we have had. you know, they need to have a strong relationship with other trading partners. and because of this president and the pressure that he's been able to put on through other countries on north korea, they are really feeling that economic harm. so what i think kim jong un is going to need to ask this president for is some relief for a period of time so he can have some economic stability back in his country, and the only way that that can happen is the promise to denuclearize. and not just the promise, but the actual action of doing that. pete: yeah.
4:13 am
griff: thanks, corey, thank you very much. one quick last one, and that is do you believe that the president will leave with some at least initial agreement for a framework towards that path of denuclearization? >> you know, i really hope so but, look, if it's a bad deal for the united states, i know this president is a great deal maker, he's going to walk away. it's up to him, and he'll be able to figure that out as soon as he gets in that room with kim jong un. abby: corey, good to have you on. griff: thanks, corey. pete: we continue to get live video from the streets of singapore, presumably could be kim jong un riding in that up-armored looks like bmw or mercedes. griff: that's right. president trump expected to arrive soon, we'll take a look back at what led to this high stakes summit next. pete: president trump also making waves at home by commuting alice marie johnson's live sentence. she joins us live with a message to the president and the country just ahead. >> i want to thank president donald j. trump. [cheers and applause]
4:14 am
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pete: welcome back. well, the countdown to the u.s./north korea summit is on. kim jong un arriving in singapore and meeting with the country's prime minister. but the road to the summit hasn't always been so smooth. how did we get here, and what were the key moments alonghe way especially in 2018? here to break it down, former intel officer and founder of editor-in-chief of ops lens, drew burke wis. thanks for being here. >> good to be here. pete: okay, so 2017, a lot of talk, fire and fury, big rhetoric, but ultimately this year leading up to this summit in june, big moments happen that
4:18 am
people might forget about. >> for sure. it all starts march 8, 2018, president trump says, hey, i'm ready to do this, i'll meet. and i think what the auspiceses for all of this and the key kind of linchpin in this whole process leading up to this week's summit is leadership. you know, we've had so many talk about, hey, we'd love to have this issue heard, we'd love to stop this, it's a worldwide concern for everyone, but no one's ever gone this far. and sitting down in person goes so much further -- pete: yeah. the willingness to meet, you've got to start with two parties if you're ready to talk. >> for sure. pete: up next, we didn't know this meeting was going to happen, and suddenly here it is. >> yeah. at the time director of the cia pompeo dose over, no one nose, which was very -- no one knows, which was very key. you're going to have all kinds of back and forth in the media, so he has a soft and hard approach. he understands the vulnerabilities of north korea and the position of strength that we have -- pete: yep. >> and says, look, we understand
4:19 am
that this is something that would be critical for you guys, for the economic prosperity. we're your only out. you're backed into a corner here, stop the crazy rhetoric, we can help you. if you don'toncede to this, it's going to be a bad day. pete: the meeting itself, unpredictable. >> exactly. pete: so then they voluntarily or at some level suspended their testing. >> they did. he did throw in a sinker there, i think -- zinger there, but suspends it, shows that things are going well, the process is working. but also throws out the zinger that i've already proven i have nuke weapons, i'm just not going to the test them anymore. pete: then the next big step is hostages come back, we don't give them anything in president. >> exactly. as it seems in the media, this is the next huge step. president trump goes back, sends dip promats over -- diplomats, sees this deal, and here come these three folks. pete: then there was a meeting
4:20 am
and then there wasn't. >> right. and i think this is, you know, kim jong un trying to, again, show his strength. he's on the world stage, let me prove that, hey, i'm going to work with you guys, i need this help or we're in big trouble, but i'm also going to call mike pence a political dummy, we're going to make threats, and president trump says, no, no, no. you might be denuclearizing, but we're moving on. so it's the brinksmanship on the international stage. we called their bluff -- pete: now here we are, june 12th, a lot that led up to it. we got that handshake. >> we did. we nailed that one. pete: i think their secondhand shake will be better than the first. fox news alert, continuing coverage of the summit in singapore. the president set to arrive in less than an hour. with his counterpart already there, we're back on the ground and bringing it to you. and the focus is overseas, but president trump is also making waves at home by commuting alice marie johnson's life sentence. she joins us live on this
4:21 am
program with a message to the president and the country coming up next. >> i wanto thank president donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] >> thank you,ing thank you. (director) cut! nice, candace, but this time bold. did someone say "bold?" (gasping) starkist jalapeo tuna in a pouch! loaded with bold flavor. just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go bold! try all of my bold creations pouches! (burke) so we know how to seen cover almost anything. even a "cactus calamity". (man 1) i read that the saguaro can live to be two hundred years old. (woman) how old do you think that one is? (man 1) my guess would be, about... (man 2) i'd say about two hundred. (man 1) yeah...
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pete: we're back with some quick headlines. a man is dead after a helicopter goes down, the chopper e or crashing into power lines along wisconsin's fox river before plummeting into the water. the mangled aircraft was lifted to the surface following a search and rescue effort. the victim, unfortunately, believed to be the pilot. and a manhunt is over for a suspect accused of ambushing an a, f agent. 25-year-old bernard graham surrendering to authorities. investigators say graham shot at federal agents thursday during
4:25 am
an undercover illegal gun exchange. the scene unfolding in gary, indiana, about an hour outside of chicago. thentt in the chest and arm. thankfully, expected to make a full recovery. we thank him for his service. and justify races into the history books in the 150th running of the belmont stakes. watch. >> he's just perfect and now he's just immortal! [cheers and applause] justify is the 13th triple crown winner! pete: the undefeated 3-year-old completing a sweep of the kentucky derby, preakness stakes and now belmont stakes. the favored chestnut colt became just the second horse to achieve the feat since 1978, and at 52, mike smith the oldest jockey ever to win the triple crown. very cool. abby, over to you. abby: love it. all right, happening right now, history in the making. president trump is on his way to singapore for a meeting with kim jong un. the north korean dictator
4:26 am
arriving there overnight and now meeting with singapore's leader. give give but take a look at this, another major move this week by president trump granting clemency to alice marie johnson, a grandmother who had spent over 20 years in prison for a nonbe violent -- nonviolent drug offense. >> i want to thank president donald j. president trump. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, thank you, thank you. abby: she calls this her second chance at life. alice marie johnson and her lawyer join us right now. good morning to both of you. thank you so much for being with us. >> good morning, abby. thank you for having us. >> good morning, abby. abby: alice, off the top, your reaction. you are now a freed woman. what is your message this morning to president trump? >> my message is, president trump, thank you so much for being a decisive president who looked at my case and was compelled to grant my clemency. i'm so thankful for this act of
4:27 am
mercy and this second chance that you've given me in life. thank you, thank you, president trump. griff: alice, what have you done in the last few days with your freedom, and is there a message also for the country about president trump? >> yes. i have rejoined my family. we have -- i've reconnected with family members that i'd never met, i mean, family members that were so small that i consider them almost having never met them because i would not have recognized them in public if i had just walked past them. but my message to the country is this: we must, as a nation, get behind families again, look at what has taken place in this country. this family is the core. my time away from my family, my family was not complete until i came home. and my message is that we have got to get back to just loving on each other and cherishing
4:28 am
moments with even other. abby: yeah. that is very well said. michael, what is the bigger message here? the president said the other day on the south lawn he said, if you feel like someone has been unjustly treated, let's have that conversation. what do you think that message and alice's story, what can that tell us as a country about maybe some bigger changes that need to be made? >> well, i think what this is telling the country about alice's story is that sentencing reform needs to occur. these mandatory minimums are destroying families. and what has happened here, i think president trump is sending the message that, hey, if congress is not going to look at these laws and change these laws to help people, then he's going to step in and do something about it. abby: yeah. >> i'm very thankful for the courage that president trump had in making decisions. griff: you know, a lis, i want to ask you -- alice, i want to ask you about president trump, because you've said you don't agree with everything, all the policies and politics of president trump, but do you feel
4:29 am
like folks that may not agree with president trump should take a second look at him now? >> absolutely. absolutely. sometimes we allow ourselves to get so caught up in looking at i'm going to say the politics, the politics of everything that is going on without looking at the man who he is. and president trump, i can tell you, he's a man that showed me mercy, and he's a man that sometimes we may even say things, and once we look at a situation we have that right to change our names about something. and the lord said that we must, we've got to -- and mercy triumphs over judgment. and that's that he has done. he has made a decision to show mercy. and i don't believe anyone looking at my case could say that president trump made a bad decision or that he made it for political reasons. i'm sitting here today because president trump had the courage
4:30 am
to go against some of his owned advisers and granted me clemency, and that's what we need in a president. a president who will look at a situation and make a decision that he believes is not only right for an individual, but right for this country. abby: alice, are you a changed woman? you've spent over 20 years in prison. talk to us about the woman that you were before all this happened and who you are now. >> the woman before, the woman who i was before, i look -- i allowed myself to get caught up and make decisions out of desperation without thinking, without looking at the consequences. now the woman who i am today, i looked at what i had done, i was not going to stay stuck in the thing that i had done. because i have confessed and i admit that i committed a crime. but also my life proves that you can change. i've taken so many not only rehabilitative classes to
4:31 am
prepare myself to come back to rejoin society as a free woman, but i've impacted the lives of so many other women in prison. and that, that, to me, is changing society. because when these women are released back into their community, they are ready to be productive citizens also. and is we just -- in this country we have got to stop looking at the letter of the law and look at the spirit of the law. i don't believe that it was ever meant to be like in this. abby: yeah. alice johnson, you got the rest of your life to live. really appreciate you being on, and michael. griff: thank you, guys. >> thank you for having us. and thank you again, president trump. abby: thank you both so much. all right, a lot coming up on this show. a fox news alert right now, president trump's arrival in singapore less than an hour ea what now. what will success look like for this historic summit? our foreign policy panel up next. griff: plus, kim jong un making his first public appearance
4:32 am
outside north korea. we're live on the ground with what goes into protecting the dictator. of that's coming up next. ♪ ♪
4:33 am
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griff: 7:35 in the morning if you're jt waking up, we're continuing our breaking coverage ahead of the meeting between president trump and kim jong un in singapore. security measures are at an all-time high, our commander in chief expected to touch down in singapore in about an hour.
4:36 am
abby: the rogue regime's leader seen just moments ago with diplomats after arriving to the st. regis hotel. rich edson joins us live on the ground in singapore. rich, it is all happening. >> reporter: it is all happening, abby and griff, and security is very tight here in singapore. security's tight no matter where or when the president of the united states travel, but then you put on the added layer of security required when the leader of north korea travels. kim jong un touched down here a short while ago. when he landed in singapore, it was the third country that kim has been to since assuming leadership of north korea in 2011. he has traveled twice to china and step over the demilitarized zone line into south korea to meet the south korean president, moon jae-in. so it is unusual for a north korean leader to be so far from home, and security is a particular concern for north korea. the united states and north korea chose singapore in part because it has hosted international summits before. they've got the security routine down. and to be honest, the routining
4:37 am
security here is already robust. the country has closed certain areas of the city, and there is tight security throughout much of it. police say they have already arrested south korean journalists claiming that those journalists were trespassing on the north korean ambassador's property. the president and kim jong un will meet on a secluded, exclusive resort here on an island just off the coast of mainland singapore. as for the expectations of this summit and what would qualify as a successful summit, well, the president says that it could be anywhere from just establishing a good rapport, a good relationship with kim jong un to something bigger than that. so the president has noted that if he feels this summit will not be a success, that he will not waste his time, nor kim jong un's. abby, back to you. griff: great job, rich. abby: all right, take it away. griff: well, here to react to the latest information we've got a great foreign policy panel. a former cia analyst who covered
4:38 am
korea, david worked in the state department under president obama, former reagan assistant undersecretary of defense michael pillsbury and security studies president jim hanson, led secret counterterrorism operations while serve anything the u.s. army's special forces. k you all for being here. dr. terry, you were at the cia, you covered the north korean portfolio. at this moment, what are both the u.s. and north korea trying to achieve here? >> well, the u.s., obviously, our goal is complete irreversible denuclearization, but if president trump could walk away from this meeting with a commitment from kim jong un to denuclearize and have a timeline achieved for implementation to begin because you have to remember, north koreans have had a lot of agreements in the past, but it always -- [inaudible] and, of course, for north korea there are a couple of things that they want. they want some sort of different security relationship with the united states, so they might ask for a peace treaty to formally end the korean war.
4:39 am
and if they can get some kind of economic investment deal or relief from sanctions -- pete: dr. pillsbury,ing of those options, what seems the most likely to come out of this? >> the soft options or what i would call the fluffy options where we give the illusion of peace and continue the next meeting in the white house or mar rah lag duo. the tough objection -- mar-a-lago. i think everybody knows the details of will chairman kim reveal how many nuclear weapons does he have, what kind are they, uranium or plutonium, and where are they located. and how can the process of dismantlement begin. this is the tough part where i suspect president trump is willing to walk out if he doesn't get some indication on these highly secret matters from chairman kim. pete: jim, we've got some intelligence on north korea, but they're famously insular. there's known knowns, there's known unknowns. how do we verify, let alone trust that any deal we strike will actually happen? >> that's why president trump walk in saying he wants to take
4:40 am
the measure of kim jong un. he's going to figure out if this is a guy he can even do a deal with before we dig into any of that. and i think in all of this there's a reason this summit is happening, and that's because president trump made a credible threat to turn the hermit kingdom into smoking rubble if they did not denuclearize. so they can come to the table, they can make a deal that's advantageous and they get some of those soft options and prizes, but they have to be willing to allow the verification. and i think it's important to remember the pressure's on them, not on us. pete: david, you worked under the obama administration as well. obviously, both administrations want a denuclearized north korea. the reality is the previous administration pursued strategic patience, this administration has said we're going for maximum pressure. is there an acknowledgment that maybe it took maximum pressure to make this happen? >> well, trump and secretary of state pompeo deserve a hot of credit for making -- a lot of credit for making this summit
4:41 am
happen, but the margin of error here is very small. that's because president trump has to find a way to offer just enough to kim jong un that he's willing to consider delahrizing, giving up his security blanket, but he can't give too much that he's going to further cement kim jong un as the world's most reclusive authoritarian dictator. and that's why this discussion and negotiation is so difficult. i'm optimistic that something good will come out of this, but we really don't know because of just how difficult the task is. so let's just hope that enough happens in terms of dialogue that there'll be another meeting and we can move forward on a potential real peace agreement. pete: dr. terry, you know, so much as president trump has said that first minute, those first few moments could dictate a lot. as somebody who's studied the kim jong un regime there, what kind of reaction will he likely have? is he going to be stoic? is he going to be, you know, someone who loved on dennis
4:42 am
rodman -- [laughter] will he be star struck? what do you see this those first moments? >> i actually think there's going to be a good chemistry between kim jong un and trump, president trump. if you've seen kim jong un's behavior when he met with the chinese president twice,e's very different from his father. he's not as introverted, he's more social, gregarious, touchy-feely, and i think the optics is going to look fine. pete: dr. pillsbury, you've got the optics, and then you got the tens of thousands of political prisoners and folks killed in order to maintain his regime. can he give up his nukes and stay in power? >> it's a huge risk for him. we know he kills people because they disagree with him. just to take you behind the scenes, pete, i think what both sides know in that closed room is the three models in the past of denuclearization. it's nothing to do with north korea. the three models are elsewhere; south africa, ukraine and libya.
4:43 am
both sides know and the trump team has been reaching out over the past few months to understand exactly what happened in all three cases. in the south africa case, they displantinged their -- dismantled their nuclear weapons, then brought the inspectors in three years later. the other two models are also complicated. this has got very little to do with north korea as such, it's got to do with the process of how you detect, identify, dismantle, in some cases resell or blend uranium. it's quite complicated. and this is what president trump will be looking for on that first day. pete: absolutely, sir. well, right now as we discuss this we're looking at live pictures from singapore. we're awaiting the president of the united states to arrive on air force one. when that happens, of course, we will bring it to you as it happens. jim, let me go to you as well. someone who's spent time in that region and understands the level of the threat there. how much influence do regional partners have on this meeting?
4:44 am
it's happening in singapore. china, obviously, close to this regime. is china invested? do they believe in a scenario where north korea gives up their nuclear weapons, or are they hoping to preserve a strategic deterrent in north korea? >> again, nothing's going to happen, pete, without china agreeing to it. so i think if they don't buy in, it won't happen. i think right now there's a situation where there's enough pressure internally in north korea that maybe it's just time to stop this major irritant that's been going on and this wildcard in the region. so i think the possibility exists. and i think everybody's aware that on that plane with donald trump is his new national securitied a visor, john bolton -- adviser, john bolton, who is not about to put up with a bunch of bologna, the idea that they're going to pull away the football from charlie brown ain't happening time. i think it's going to be a serious negotiation, and if they don't play straight, they can be assured that the united states
4:45 am
will not be trifled with. pete: interesting, the view a that we will follow through on our threats overhangs this entire discussion, for sure. david, let me go to you. as a former foreign policy adviser to barack obama, do you -- does the left generally, not to overcharacterrize, but do they have faith, do people who are not trump supporters have faith that inside that room he'll make the right calls that put america first, that will denuclearize that peninsula, or is there skepticism that he's winging it? >> well, i'm not going to speak on behalf of the left, but what i will say as someone who sometimes criticizes donald trump and his foreign policy, we're simply not sure. some of the things that donald trump has said don't give you confidence. he said he doesn't need to prepare for this which is a really strange thing to say. if you were going to get heart surgery, would you want to pick the doctor who said i don't think i need to prepare for this? i mean, lives are at stake just in this situation just as when you go into a surgery. as you mentioned, there are tens of thousands of people who died
4:46 am
in north korea, the people of north korea are starving. this is a vicious dictator, and we don't know much about him except we do know that he wants to stay in power. we also know that this is going to be a very difficult negotiation, so we need a president who is fully prepared for -- pete: maybe a negotiator? [laughter] >> and who doesn't overestimate what he's getting into. he's coming out of the g7 summit which did not go all that well. but i remain optimistic. pete: of course, it would depend on what you believe the outcome of a g7 should look like, and he'll have a different view than a globalist like barack obama would. dr. terry, the attitude portion, he said famously, i prepare differently. i've been preparing my entire life. you can have policy papers and positions, but if you fold in the room or you don't -- you're not the strong persona you need to be, then kim jong un and china, frankly, may not respect you as much as they should. how much will attitude and perception of who's in charge matter in this meeting? >> i think that does matter.
4:47 am
for example, when president trump did cancel that meeting, summit with kim jong un earlier, north koreans came back in eight hours with their own statement, sort of, you know, saying we need to get back to the meeting. and even praising president trump. so i do think it matters that president trump is playing this game too, that he can be as unpredictable as kim jong un. north koreans are used to getting away with everything because there's such a predictability coming out of washington, so i do think it matters. president -- pete: well, it allows bad actors to continue to exploit that situation. dr. pillsbury, briefly, is there a historical analogy to the situation we're in right now, a moment that looks like this moment? >> well, there was the moment when in ukraine they knew today had more than a hundred nuclear weapons on missiles, and they wanted to try to sell the nuclear material to the u.s. and get money to actually dismantle their program, send everything back to the soviet union at the
4:48 am
time. and secretary of state jim baker had to make a really tough decision whether to go for that kind of deal or not. he ultimately went for it, it was a success. all the nuclear missiles were withdrawn from ukraine. so this is one of the models, i think, that both the chinese and north koreans are thinking about. where will these weapons go? as you know, pete, at the moment of maximum danger is when chairman kim tells trump, okay, this is where my weapons are, here's how many. at that moment the u.s. military can strike those weapons and destroy them. pete: sure. >> so the paranoid view of the chinese and north koreans, that's the last thing they want to do. pete: yep. >> but from mr. trump's point of view, that's the first thing he needs to know. pete: and how to we verify it. what a great panel. perfect group of folks to talk to. thank you all for joining us. we'll continue to watch the news live. i'm sure we'll be talking to a few of you in the coming days. thank you for your time, appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: well, a fox news alert, continuing coverage of the
4:49 am
summit in singapore. president trump expected to land there within the hour. we're live on the ground with pictures in realtime. and the mainstream media, so-called, melting down over president trump's every move abroad. including this photo. it's a classic. we're going to break down that photo and what it means coming up next. ♪ ♪
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4:52 am
abby: welcome back. the president expected to touch down in singapore within the hour. and his weekend abroad appears to be sending the media into a bit of a meltdown. here to break it all down, district media group president and heritage foundation president beverly halburg. great to have you on with us. >> thank you. abby: all right, of course he had left the g7 summit before he lands there in singapore, want to get your thoughts on some
4:53 am
images that have gone viral. first, the image of trump and emmanuel macron in this handshake. there were a lot of thoughts about what was going on here, a firm grip. here's one tweet from the managing editor at politico's usa: macron owns trump with g7 death grip handshake. your response. >> well, let's not forget they have what many call a bromance when macron did come to the united states in april for the first state dinner under the president trump presidency. there was lots of handshakes and hugs. so i think this handshake photo is how the relationship's changed. one of the things i think president trump did want to accomplish in this meeting was come in, be strong, be very pro-america. i think a lot of conservatives disagree with him on tariffs, but i think he wanted to assert what he thinks the united states should be in when it comes to trade deals. and it's, you know, when you take a look at some of our allies, not all of them took
4:54 am
kindly to that. abby: yeah. we have a little bit too much fun on social media these days with these photos of these important meetings. here's another one, president trump with angela merkel. everyone has seen this picture by now, she's basically staring him down. who knows, beverly, what was actually going on in that moment. i would have loved to have been a fly on the wall and also know what shinzo abe was thinking. but here's a tweet: angela merkel's office has released this photo taken today at the g7 which tells you a lot about how things went. what do you think? >> a picture can speak a thousand words. i think it's a very powerful image, like you said. we don't know exactly what was happening, but the body language is fascinating. you have president trump with his arms folded, angela merkel kind of peering over him in a very ominous way. and i think this shows perfectly the tension that was at this meeting. i will say one of the most positive things that came out of it, something that i hope does happen is that the president did say that he wants to move
4:55 am
forward with trade agreements that are tariff-free and free trade. that is a good thing. abby: so he did q&a at the end, this might have been one of the most entertaining parts of the summit, and he calls out a reporter -- the president does -- and is asks them who are they reporting for. watch this. >> there was a sense that the american allies were frustrated and that you're leaving here to go meet for friendlier talks with kim jong un in singapore, and i'm wondering if you view it -- >> who are you with, out of curiosity? is. >> cnn. >> i figured. fake news cnn. the worst. [laughter] abby: beverly? >> well, the term fake news has played well for him. he's continuing with that. so i would just hope that as he moves to north korea though we can get off calling cnn fake news for now and get to some agreements, but it's always entertaining when he does it. abby: yeah, it is. an important couple days to go, i'm sure there'll be tons and tons of reaction to come. good to see you this morning. >> thank you. abby: all right, to a fox news
4:56 am
alert. live look in singapore where we are awaiting president trump's arrival. he's expected to land there within the hour. of course, we will be there, we will bring that to you live. and we have still got a jam-packed lineup of guests. nigel farage, anthony scaramucci, sean spicer and joe lieberman. you don't wasn't to mace -- you don't want to miss it, we are you all morning long. ♪ it took guts to start my business. but as it grew bigger and bigger, it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card
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5:00 am
>> on it warmbier has passed away. >> north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. >> northorea firing another missile over the country of japan, proving guam is within striking distance. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. >> makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal. >> today the united states is designating north korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. >> yesterday north korea talked to south koreas and said, you know what? we'd like to talk to you about coming to the winter olympics. >> i just spoke to president moon. he's very thankful for what weave done. they're having talks. >> kim jong-un, he's committed to denuclearization.
5:01 am
he's eager to meet president trump. >> secretary of mike pompeii owe is in north korea. >> three americans detained in north korea will be coming home. >> june 12th are you going to be in singapore? >> we'll see what happens. >> yesterday the president called kim's bluff. >> i have decided to terminate the planned summit. >> kim jong-un and south korea's president meeting overnight, president trump teases that his face-to-face meeting could still happen. >> in just a few minutes i'll be leaving for singapore. it's a great opportunity pour peace. -- for peace. abby: what a year it has been. good sunday morning to you. that was a look back at how we got here. awaiting a historic meeting between president trump and north korean dictator kim jong.un pete: now all eyes and video cameras are on singapore where we're just moments away from president trump's arrival there. no sitting president has ever met or spoken to the phone with a north korean leader. griff: and john roberts is on the ground awaiting the president right now. john, good morning again.
5:02 am
>> griff, abby, pete, good morning to you. we are at the air base. this is the singapore international airport built in 1954. now it's an air force base base for the singaporian air force. and i'm noticing that the motorcade habegun to stage just down at the other end of what used to be the terminal here which may be an indication that the president is arriving a little bit early. we're expecting him about 8:35, 8:40. he left concrete, which was his refueling stop a little bit letter -- crete, which is his stop. they could land early. usually the way this woks out with big international trips like this, they take with them the support plane, which looks exactly like the plane the president travels in, arrives first and then we have five or ten minutes before air force one arrives. kim jong-un got in here a little earlier today, one of the first things that he did was he directly went to meet with the singaporian prime minister lung. he will meet with president
5:03 am
trump tomorrow. kim jong-un is staying at the regis hotel here in singapore, and it's completely cordoned off ringed with security. a lot of journalists outside. we should point out that there are some 3,000 journalists who are here to cover this historic summit. and history making, it really could be, pete pointed out just a second ago that this is the first time that an american president has ever met with the leader of north korea. north korea didn't exist before 1948, so it would have been impossible prior to the war and nobody's met since the war. president clinton came close in the year 2000 after meeting with the number two to kim jong-il who's kim jong-un's father but decided that he would send madeleine albright to pyongyang instead and didn't really result in much. but the president is hoping that he can begin the process to de denuclearize north korea. and he said yesterday before he left the province of quebec in canada that he should know in a new york mint whether or not
5:04 am
this is going to work. listen here. >> he can take that nation with those great people and truly make it great. so it's a one-time -- it's a one one-time shot, and i think it's going to work out very well. that's why i feel positive, because it makes so much sense. >> the president saying there that this is the one opportunity that kim jong-un has to get this done, and that's because if these talks fall apart and kim jong-un goes back to pursuing his nuclear program, it is not going to work out well because president trump has been absolutely certain time and time again that kim jong-un, north korea will never be allowed to possess a nuclear weapon. the president did say that you know how when you meet a person within the first five seconds you know whether you're going to like them or not, the president buildings within the first minute he'll get a pretty good idea, pete, abby and griff, whether he is serious about this and whether the talks can bear
5:05 am
fruit. abby: thank you so much, john. pretty amazing when you see just two or three weeks ago this summit was canceled. the president sent a letter to kim jong-un saying this is not going on anymore. what a tumultuous year it has been, and here we are, you now have feet on the ground, kim jong-un in singapore, president trump is going to be landing in a matter of minutes. pretty incredible to think where we are here. griff: it's not just tumultuous. remember in the very beginning no one thought this was evening possible. everybody thought that president trump was off his rocker, if you will, that he was just going to go meet with kim jong-un. he talked in the campaign that he would be willing to sit down. he has a background, he says preparing his whole life, he has a background, he has been looking at this. president obama apparently met with president trump when he first took over and said this is an issue you've really got to put at the in front of your agenda. and here we are the president saying that he will know within just five seconds.
5:06 am
here's what the president said. >> how long do you think it will take you to figure out whether he's serious about giving up -- >> good question. how long will it take. i think within the first minute i'll know. just my touch, my feel. that's what i do. i think i'll know pretty quickly whether or not in my opinion something positive will happen. and if i think it won't happen, i'm not going to waste my time. i don't want to waste his time. pete: yeah, think about to your point, griff, how we got here: threats, tough talk, maximum pressure. it's the opposite of appeasement peace talk, and strategic patience, hoping that kim jong-un will somehow see the light and give up his nuclear ambitions. we know he has them. we know he needs them to protect his own security. that clear-eyed approach and then threatening and say "we will take them away from you" is how we got here. and, you know, the president took some criticism from critics saying sql, well, how can you say you're ready for this if you're not preparing? his perspective is of course
5:07 am
he's preparing. he's on the plane right now with mike pompeo, had john battalion, his chief of staff, john kelly. that team is swarming around the possibilities of this summit. but the reality isto go that meeting with the swagger to say i've been in negotiations, high stakes income taxes with tough adversaries, i've stared them down and i've won before. that means a lot, and kim jong-un that's got to be part of his calculus as well. this guy will do what he says. and that rattles around in the brain of anything in the middle of the in the middle of a negotiat.on abby: that 20 hour flight, one of the longest flights in the world rebuke leaving from canada to singapore, without the hope that there can be change here. that is what they're going in with. the president making clear ep step away from that table if we don't get what we want. kim jong-un is what are we going to get in return? tens of thousands of people who have been in prison, how many have been killed, starved in north korea. i mean, the hope on the ground there, if they're even able to see the coverage or even know what's going on, the hope that
5:08 am
they must be feeling right now, wanting real change, hoping that their lives might be better as a result of what happens at this summit in just two days. we need to make clear that these things take time. this is the first meeting, the big question is, will there be a second meeting? you compare this to what happened with our relationship with china back in the seventies under richard nixon. and they first started having those talks about opening up back in 1971. it wasn't 'til '79 that we really treated them as someone that we would be working with. griff: that's a great point, abby. the success of this summit will not be defined in five seconds or even one day. it is indeed a process. to pete's point about the president being criticized for his swagger going in and you're looking now at live pictures on the tarmac as the president's about to land, part of the reason why i think he believes, the president, that he's going to know very quickly, not only because of his experience in negotiations but because he's going to see a 34-year-old world leader that's been elevated already to the world stand that is one of the greatest if not the greatest risk to world
5:09 am
safety but he's going to know whether this is a guy that's just enjoying the lime lightly or is this a guy who is the most heavily sanctioned nation on the planet that's comiseeking relief and willing to negotiate. and that's what president trump trump's looking for, a willing partner. abby: so he just left the g7 where he had the same message of america first, and i think there were the leaders there that didn't think he would go in being as tough as some of his talk leading into it, and it's pretty clear that he was. it makes you think about where we are with north korea, that another other country in this world would be able to get to right here, would be able to lead on the world stage like this and sit down with the head of north korea. i can't think of the u.k. doing this, of germany doing this, anywhere else. just reminds you of the power that we still hold here in the united states and the role that we need to keep pete: abby, you took the words out of my mouth. that's exactly what i was going to say for about 45 seconds so we'll spare you those 45 seconds seconds. this is america first policy. they're saying north korea say direct threat to us. they have the icbms, they have
5:10 am
nuclear weapons, they're threatening us, they could use the electromagnetic pulse, a lot of things they could do to us if they wanted to if their backs against the wall, want to protect the homeland, r allies our interests, get right to the heart of it. that's what they're doing in singapore. griff: from the pictures it looks like there could be a singaporian delegation of some sort at the airport getting ready to meet the president. we've been told, i believe, abby that we're not going to have a big, formal prime minister of singapore showing out, not going to be a -- will be a big red carpet thing, the president wants to come in be quite a lot of activity, the president was expected to touch down at about 8:35 p.m. local time, 8:35 a.m. our time. they're exactly 12 hours ahead of us there. and here we just -- we can't tell you who these folks are, but clearly a expectation with the folks here on the ground. abby: you're right. not a formal greeting, more a protocol than anything else, and this is to be held in singapore,
5:11 am
one of the cleanest countries on earth but also all about perfection. you can believe when it comes to security, when it comes to logistics, everything is going to run smoothly because that is how they do things in singapore. i can't imagine the prime minister would be there because we were just showing moments ago a meeting with kim jong-un and the prime minister of singapore there at the palace in singapore singapore. so i'm not sure that he will be there to greet president trump at the tarmac, but we will be obviously watching this live and bringing it to you as the president walks off that plane and steps foot in singapore, the first time that president trump and kim jong-un are even in the same place. pete: i'm scanning those pictures, i'm looking for dennis rodman, not yet spattered on the tarmac. abby: when did he fly in? pete: i don't know. i've heard he's in and around the periphery of these talks. think back when he went to those basketball games and weird trips to north korea, this whole process has been halts and starts who've been forward, you move back.
5:12 am
i mean the gamut of possibilities from this summit when you really step back, you could get an end of the korean war and the possibility of a pathway to denuclearization it's verifiable, right? that would be a huge get, or you could also walk away as the president said he will do and say "nope. they wouldn't do it, they wouldn't tell us, they're not willing, they're not furious, back to fire and fury, back to bloody nose, back to the tough talks, back to taking their nukes away." that's how high stakes this is, that's why you want the best negotiator in the world, someone who could win a presidential election when no one said he could, that's who we have at the table. abby: he's going to know if kim jong-un's not sincere in that first meeting, that's going to be a quick meeting that he can walk away from. with diplomacy, growing up those years with my dad all those years, you start talking about the things that north korea wants for denuclearization and they've got to be on the same page for what it means to de denuclearize, point number one, but ultimately there is this hope that you could have some sort of presence on the ground there in north korea, maybe a
5:13 am
u.s. off.ce pete: you got to have. abby: with china he sent his envoy, george w. bush's post, he went from being head of the c.i.a. then over to china. that was a huge opening for our relationship with china and then maybulmately there's an article i was reading about this morning that the president hopes that one day, who knows how long that could be from now, an ambassador over in north korea. pete: could be a good posting for jon huntsman. just saying. griff: if you're just joining the pictures you're looking down there is on the tarmac in singapore. the president expected to arrive any moment on schedule. he was going to be there in about 18 minutes but we're told by john roberts may be a few minutes early. not a big, high protocol, but certainly a meeting because once the president steps down, it will be historic. it is interesting too to see what the press coverage will be of these initial moments. the headlines overnight as we came in to get ready were a bit interesting because, as i
5:14 am
pointed out in one of them, it was an a.p. wire saying the president was, in their phrase, "seat of the pants foreign policy" to singapore which is perhaps not a fair characterization. abby: that was from the a.p.? griff: -- that the president has created such a historic moment just to even meet the first time a u.s. president has met way north korean pete: griff, you pointed that out to me this morning when i first came in the newsroom. associated press supposed to be straight down the middle characterize this president as " "seat of the pants" which strikes me as a good deal of hyperbole and certainly an opinion when in reality not being predictable is -- he laid out the fact that "i won't lay forward my strategy. unlike barack obama, i'm a president who wants to keep people guessing. i want to be unpredictable." yet he's put around him a team that it's hard -- you may not agree with him but it's hard to say that mike pompeo, john bolton, john kelly, mad dog
5:15 am
mattis aren't the a-team of serious foreign policy and national security thinkers on the biggest problem that barack obama said that donald trump has inherited. he literally sat him down and said in the oval office, "this is your biggest thing." and you can see from this president, okay, the biggest deal, the biggest possible deal, that's the one deal i want to go after, and this is -- not the beginning of that process, but part of that process. abby: and you mentioned the a- a-team. much of them will be there with the president on the airplane right now. i think it's important to about mike pompeo as we are awaiting the president to touch down in singapore. he has a huge role in all of this. he was just sworn in as secretary of state just a few weeks ago. but you think about the trips he has taken even before he was sworn in. he's been over to the dmz, he's spent time talking to the president's leaders. he would be i imagine the president's right-hand man walking through, helping his handle these negotiations, grif. griff: you talk about who is with the president. we'll just rattle off the list for you. it is secretary of state mike pompeo, as you mentioned obviously chief of staff john kelly, joanne bolton, the
5:16 am
national security adviser but also the deputy chief of staff joe hagan as you're pointing out opposite hagan was on the dmz played a key, critical role on at was about to happen re, the deputy national security adviser mira ricardo as well as a few other folks in tow. so we are continuing, as you see here on the tarmac, and chris, tell us what we're witnessing. good morning. >> well, good evening here. it's getting up close to 8:30 in the evening here. we're 12 hours ahead of the east coast of the united states. and i got to say, would he have been here for a couple of days, it's a long trip, and you can real feel the drama and the excitement building, kim jong-un
5:17 am
arrived a few hours ago interestingly enough on a china airlines jet. he didn't have one in his own the country that could get him there on the 3,000 mile trip. president trump, as we can see, about to arrive on air force one this summit is really going to happen. and it is of enormous consequence. i don't think we're going to get an agreement on nuclear weapons or a walkout, but this could be the beginning of a long, gradual process that dramatically reduces the tensions in this part of the world and perhaps forms a new relationship between the u.s. and north korea after a half century of enmity. abby: yeah. and the approximate's made that clear, setting those expectations. this will hopefully be the first of what he says could be many, many meetings. i'm assuming the humidity is incredibly high there as well credit, right next to the quarter there in singapore wearing suits is not especially fun. i know that well. i do wonder from your perspective the role that journalists play covering this summit because we can expect the president will be at the meeting
5:18 am
out his perspective, letting the american people know how he thinks it went. but do you think there will be fair coverage? as you're there on the ground and there will be hundreds of journalists covering this, because that is such an important part of how the rest of the world gets a sense of how these meetings go. >> the only thing you said that was wrong there abby, was it's not hundreds of journalists. there are thousands of journalists, about 3500 journalists, and the vast majority of us will never see president trump and kim jong-un during their day or two here. they are both closeted in hotels in the center city, one in the shangrila, trump, kim jong-un at the st. regis under heavy security. they will go to santoza island, we went over there yesterday, but that's going to be impossible on tuesday. it's interesting, it's kind of a play island. they call it the state of fun. there's a big amusement park there, there are beaches, already the luxury hotels and
5:19 am
golf courses, but it is secure away from the center of the city so it's a place that they can lock down and that these two mean can meet for hours. it's interesting because when this started there was a lot of talk about a nobel peace prize, almost a giddy sense of the excitement of this, and in a funny way the fact that it hit a stumbling block and that they canceled the summit for a few days was useful because i think it made the u.s. -- we don't know what is going on in pyongyang, but i think it made the u.s. side realize this isn't going to happen all at once, they're not going to ask kim to give up his nukes and he turns them over the next week. this is the beginning of a process, and i think probably the lower expectations, the lower the ambitions for this meeting make it more likely that it will be a success. pete: chris, what are your sources telling you about how the protocol will actually go? are we looking at a private meeting between the two leaders, a series of private meetings, just one on one? will advisers be in the room?
5:20 am
what does president trump want, what does the kim camp one, how will that unfold? >> well, the interesting thing about this -- and i've covered a number of summits, reagan gorbachev back in the eighties, there would be pretty much a schedule of how it was going to go and occasionally the two leaders would break away and have some private time. but we had a real sense of how long the sessions were going to go and there'd be a morning ssion,an afternoon session, one would be private, one would be a big group. we have no sense at all how this is going to go. we are told they would both arrive separately at separate entrances of the capella hotel, and they will meet, they will walk together. i'm sure this will be a very dramatic shot at exactly nine a.m. on tuesday morning here, which will be nine p.m. on monday night back in new york, shake hands, and after that it's really free flowing. the original thought had been that the north korean delegation and the u.s. delegation would all sit together, but i heard
5:21 am
one report today -- and, frankly i don't know if it's true or not -- that president trump is going to try to bring kim aside for a one-on-one. i assume they'll have their translators there for a one-on-one right at the start before the delegations get together. honestly, we don't know. i mean, the thing that is most striking and most different about this summit is how little we have been told about how it's going to operate. abby: yeah. chris, just quickly, so we have sight right now of the plane. it looks like a support plane coming in, which means the president is likely just behind that, so we're just minutes away from landing there on the ground in singapore. you've been there, as you said, chris, a couple of days. is there a buzz on the ground in singapore about this meeting happening there? they've posted leaders in the past, the xi jinping and the president of taiwan which was a big one back in 2015, but this might be the biggest one yet. >> oh. there have been international meetings here in singapore for years, but nothing nothing like this.
5:22 am
and there is a genuine sense of excitement in singapore which incidentally it's a long way away, but it is a fantastic, modern, vibrant city. and there's a sense of pride here that the two leaders are holding this historic summit in their country. i should point out, i know people are going to watch your show, but at the top of the hour on the fox broadcast network we will be live here from singapore we'll talk to former negotiators we'll talk to a journalist in north korea, we'll have john roberts with the landing there of air force one and we'll see for the first time president trump in singapore. so we'll have full coverage on the fox broadcast network while you have full coverage on fox news channel. pete: double full coverage. chris wallace. thank you very much. we're going to bring in now john roberts. he's live on the tarmac. we're not sure if that's the support plane or the president's plane. john, if you can dial us in. what are we looking at now? >> well, the tail number on is
5:23 am
29000, there's two, 28000 and 29 29000. 29000 is the one the president has been losing most because it went through some refurbishment, and 29000 is the one that landed, so this could be air force one pulling in now. the motorcade is staged and ready to go. the dignitaries are getting set, and vivian balacirsten who is the greeter in singapore will be greeting him, she met kim jong-un earlier today before kim jong-un went to meet prime minister lung. the president will be meeting with prime minister lee tomorrow tomorrow. the day reserved for some diplomacy with singapore. you'll remember lee when he was at the white house last year invited the president to come to singapore for a visit. president's kind of killing two birds with one stone here so tomorrow he'll be meeting with singaporian officials then of course preparing for that all-
5:24 am
all-important summit with kim. it looks like this, unless it goes left, if it comes to the right, that means it's air force one, and it's coming to the right, so it does look like the president has now touched down in singapore. societies difficult to overstate the historic nature of this. no u.s. president has ever met with the leader of north korea. and president trump will be not just the first person to meet with a leader of north korea, but the first president to meet with a leader of north korea with the idea of a peace agreement in mind and this idea of denuclearization as well. as so many presidents before whether it be clinton, bush, or obama all tried but couldn't get north korea to give up its nuclear program. the best that they did was kind of forestall it for a little bit freeze in place, maybe knock down a cooling tower or two, kind of tie them up for a little while, but then north korea would just go ahead and cheat. if they were giving up their plutonium reactor, they were trying to enrich uranium at the
5:25 am
same time. so these talks are really just a start. the president has said he wants to see if he could develop a relationship with kim jong-un. he said before he left the summit in quebec there that he would know within a minute or so whether or not he thought that kim was serious and whether this was going to work. the president saying "you know, when you meet somebody in the first five seconds of meeting them you get a sense of whether or not you're going to like them them." he said this will be an opportunity for the two of them to meet each other, a chance for the two of them to see each other in person and hopefully the president said, abby, like each other as well, which could be the start of something big. abby: all right, john. you see it right there, the president of the united states has now landed on the ground in singapore. plan is stopped. we will await for him to walk down those stairs. john, we know with him is secretary of state mike pompeo, chief of staff john kelly. give us a sense of who will be coming off the plane with him and who will be by his side throughout these meetings.
5:26 am
>> well, you just mentioned a couple of them. mike pompeo, john bolton, the national security adviser, both of them will be in the expanded meeting, as we understand it. the president will have a one-onne meeting with kim. and the only other people that will be in the room, is our understanding, will be the translators. so that will give the two of them to really get a sense of each other. and president trump, when he meet with kim young cho last week who was the vice president of north korea it was supposed to be a quick drive-by and cho was going to drop off a letter from kim jong-un to president trump. well, kim yong cho stayed in the oval office for an hour and 15 minutes. i mean, they didn't even think that he was going to go into the oval office. but, you know, the president's got a way of developing personal relationships with people. and when inmate yong cho and the president came out, it was very courteous, it was almost warm. the president and the secretary of state stood there at the end of the sidewalk where it meets
5:27 am
the driveway and waved to him like you would wave to relatives who are going off after having the visit. so i think the president wants to see if he can develop a personal relationship with kim jong-un and get a sense of whether he is serious about de denuclearization or whether this just might be another attempt by another member of the kim family to play the united states for some economic benefit but not really do anything in terms of turning back their weapons program. and the president has said -- he's very clear about this -- that freezing in place is not an option. it has to be the complete, irreversible and verifiable dismantlement of north korea's nuclear pete: john roberts live on the ground there. john, if you will, stay with us. we're going to take a quick pause and we're going to continue to watch these images live. we're not pausing the broadcast. going to take a pause from you, come back to you briefly, john, as we watch the stairway move toward air force one. the republic of singapore air force which reminds me of the logistics of a movement like this, this being i believe the
5:28 am
car the president will travel in in the motorcade. abby: and if you're just tuning in, by the way, kim jong-un is already on the ground there in singapore, met just an hour or two ago with the prime minister of singapore. so once the president steps foot on ground there, both the leaders of united states and north korea will be in the same place, the first time this has ever happened. it is quite a story. griff: u.s. president has never met with a north korean dictator and a man that certainly knows this president, anthony scaramucci, former white house communications director joins us now on the catch as we continue to watch that door, because you're about to witness steps of history. anthony, give us some context for what we're about to see. >> well, let's give joe hagan a lot of props here, because of the logistics. the president's landing at 8:30, and so now what's happening now is he'll get some time to rest, shower up, and be ready for the meetings which are going to take place tonight our time, you know 6:30, seven o'clock the president will be out, ready, and briefed, and he'll start those meetings. and so this is perfect execution
5:29 am
by the white house staff. so you have to give them major props. griff: when you mentioned joe hagan just for our viewers, deputy chief of staff joe hagan having spent the last several weeks on the dmz trying to make this come to pass. >> yeah. and countless hours in singapore singapore. i mean, all of that stuff that you're seeing on the ground was orchestrated by him and his team team. so huge props. abby: give us a sense of what's going through the president's mind right now. he has of course left from the g g7 summit in canada, taking this 19-hour flight over to singapore a lot of time to think and he has said just a couple days ago. i don't want to go get lost in the attitude. i'll know in the first minute if it will be a good or bad meetin. >> it was out of it to get a debating prep session going opposite kellyanne conway used to joke let's have lunch with the president, sitting there with the president, doing debate prep? i don't want to do debate prep, i'm ready for the debate. but what's so interesting about the last 24 hours -- abby: there we have him, the
5:30 am
president of the united states, donald trump about to walk down those stairs, stepping foot in singapore as we await this historic summit with the north korean dictator kim jong-un. anthony, talk to us about this moment. this is history. we're we are living regardless of what happens in that meeting between the two dictators, what we are seeing right now, this is history. >> yeah, because he's a disruptive risk taker, he's willing to break what would be the usual bonds of not going to a meeting like this, because he knows that if he goes to a meeting like this he increases the chance of peace and global prosperity. and so you have to give him huge credit for being there. and here's the other thing about the president. if it doesn't work, he's an entrepreneur, and so he understands that when things do not work, you adapt yourself, you change yourself business model, you change your political decisions to make things work. griff: anthony, as we watch president trump meeting with the singaporian officials, the foreign minister as well, do you think there's a sense amongst
5:31 am
those officials over there that have seen american presidents come and go without any action whatsoever, do you think there is a sense of surprise, of bewilderment perhaps this president was the one that made it happen? >> so i would say for them no. but i think for the world, yes. i think that they are starting to figure out the president. he's been there for 16, 18 months. he said something very interesting at the press conference yesterday. they asked him about what his relationships were like. he said they're a ten out of ten meaning that what you're seeing in the press, and what you're seeing in the opposition forces against the president may not be actually what's going on on the ground, particularly with our g7 leadership. i think he's got very strong relationships with them, but he's just trying to reset the table for the american workers and making it fairer. see the difference? so i think these people here in singapore are very well aware of how astute he is, what his game plan is, his level of street smarts, and what he's trying to pull off on behalf of the world.
5:32 am
pete: do you think he feels like he's staring down whether it's justin trudeau, emanuel macron, or even kim jong-un, this guy a guy who as you said has been in new york city, real estate, street fighter, does he feel like he's got an inherent advantage walking into these rooms because he knows why his confidence in. >> i think he feels we have an inherent disadvantage. let me tell you why. for 75 years we unevened the trade playing field in order to help these people grow after the second world war. if you look at these tariffs, yesterday he's in canada in support of the american worker. you've got a 14 and a half percent tax going into the eu and we're only taxing two and a half percent, it distorts all americans goods and services. let me give you a quick example. a harley-davidson for $9,000 here is selling for $20,000 in germany, so it makes it very tough for our products to compete. i think what the president said yesterday was brilliant, let's move to a no-tariff zone. it reminded me of ronald reagan
5:33 am
when he gave the zero missile option for everybody in europe back in the early 19.0s abby: so there's the president there in the motorcade. this is all -- it's all happening live, by the way, landing just moments ago in singapore. i imagine they're heading over to sentosa which is the island where this meeting is going to happen. you said earlier he'll get rest tonight for this meeting. getting inside his head, anthony you know the president better than anybody here. he will still walk away from the table if we don't get what we want out of this deal. what situation would he walk away from? >> he said something to me 15 or 20 years ago that i always share with people. he said if you're not ready to walk from a negotiation, you're not ready to negotiate. because if you want that house super bad or you want that deal super bad, what will start to happen is you will slip and you will lose your principles in the
5:34 am
negotiation. so the first thing you have to do to convince people is, "hey, i don't need this deal as much as you do," okay? and that's a very big point in the art of the deal and that's been his very big point in his strategy his whole life. he'll walk if there's nothing there. griff: he's looking for a willing partner. >> just remember reykjavik in . ronald reagan walked. he had the chance to win the nobel peace prize, he had the chance to cut a deal with mikhail gorbachev, but he recognized that by giving up sdi which basically saved israel, ultimately bake the iron dome to block all those trajecteries that are going into israel, by walking, he tilted the game to the united states and ended up dematerializing the soviet union union. so the president has that level of principle and that level of character. but inside his mind right now, i think he's very, very optimistic optimistic. i think he's got a great relationship with secretary of state pompeo. i think they have a game plan in place where they want a deal to get done. remember what he wants for north
5:35 am
korea. he wants prosperity for north korea. this nation has been starving for 65 years. abby: let's bring in -- griff: go ahead, abby. abby: john roberts is on the ground there, and we're all wondering where the president -- where the motorcade is going. john, we all watched that live with you. give us a sense what happens next. >> what you just saw there, i mean, not to try to overstate it here, but what you saw there was a piece of history, an american president coming here to singapore to meet for the very first time with the leader of north korea. the president now is off to the shangrila hotel. if you remember juror singapore geography, abby, that's up near the botanic gardens. he will meet tomorrow with the singaporian dignitaries, particularly the prime minister, lee lung, then that all important meeting with kim jong-un scheduled for nine o'clock tuesday morning singapore time which would be nine o'clock at night in the united states. and the president making it clear as he was leaving quebec
5:36 am
that this is just the start of a process. he doesn't believe that they're going to get it all done in one meeting. it may take him two or three meetings with kim jong-un to get that process underway, and if they can come to an agreement -- and mike pompeo told us the other day at the white house that he has personal assurances from his two meetings with kim jong-un that he wants to do you nuclearize, that if the president can get an agreement with kim jong-un to begin that process, then that will put in place a flurry of meetings between u.s. and north korean officials. another very interesting thing that may happen tuesday morning, nine o'clock at night new york time, that would be 6:00 in the evening if you happen to live in california, the president said they may sign an agreement to end the war. this would not be a peace deal. it would be an agreement to end the war, which would then put in place the process to craft some sort of a peace agreement which would also have to be signed on by south korea and china. so it's the very earliest stages
5:37 am
here. don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves. the president has arrived, kim jong-un is here, the two of them will meet each other in a little more than 36 hours. so we'll see how that goes. stay tuned. pete: john roberts, live on the ground. stay with us. we'll come back to you. we'll deal in nigel farage, fox news contributor to give us an allied view, international view. nigel, how are developments like this playing over across the pond? >> people are bewildered because you know, the newspaper headlines this morning say, you know, trump walks away from g7, international disunity, what's the man doing? and, hey, here he is stepping onto the tarmac in singapore in what is the most important international meeting that's happened i think for decades. so i think to be honest with you european leaders and european media just a little bit confused right now. abby: yeah. nigel, what do you think success looks like? because we're all talking about what's going to happen in this meeting.
5:38 am
the president said he's willing to walk away within a minute. how are we going to be sitting here once the meeting is done and say, "wow. we are moving in the right direction. theral progress that was made on the ground in singapore singapore"? >> well, what trump has showed already with macron, for example from france is that he is able to get on with people who've got different points of view. and success, to me, is a meeting that ends with the two of them standing there saying, "you know we come from different backgrounds, different cultures, but we kind of got on as people people." that, to me, at this stage would be a success. to expect some dramatic breakthrough at a first meeting simply isn't realistic. pete: nigel, as someone who's been supportive of this president, critical of the globalist agenda, do you like the way he approached the g7 and the trade talks? >> look, the american people voted for a complete change of direction. they voted for a president who was not part of the global order whether it's on iran, whatever else it may be. and trump said, "look.
5:39 am
you know, there's a hypocrisy here. you put tariffs on our products, and that's fine, we put some tariffs on yours and i'm the villain. i won't be spoken to like this." i have to say many of us thought this was good. by the way, the other six were not as united as they pretend 'cause what was noticeable was the new italian premier will now get the red carpet rolled out in washington. so the old guard of merkel and c co. may be unhappy with trump but they are diminishing in number, and the world is changing. griff: nigel farage, thank you so much for joining us giving us a world perspective. i wanted to come back to, when you were talking to abby, anthony, you said the president president's looking for prosperity. i think that's a point that's lost in the story a bit as we watch things unfold there, history in the making. but north korea really can't be sanctioned anymore. it's the most heavily spanksed. they can't export anything. they can't receive oil.
5:40 am
and china has now finally been on board with these sanctions. so the time for kim jong-un to recognize that he has got to move, if you will, is it your sense that the president is capitalizing on that and he saw that before anybody else? >> yeah. it's a combination of things. there's a little bit of good fortune there where they blew up that nuclear testing facility, which is probably unworkable now in north korea. so it's a combination of different events remember, though, camry kim was educated in switzerland, he spend k through 12 at a swiss boarding school. he is not like his father or his grandfather. he is way more rational. if you read anything about him personality-wise, we sometimes characterize people like him in our media, and so he wants a deal to get cut. you know, and we laugh about dennis rodman, but dennis rodman came back from his experience and said, "hey, this guy's way more rational than people think. and maybe we can get a deal here here." i believe we can. i don't think that the president would be there if he didn't think we could get a teal. and this is a great day for the
5:41 am
singaporian people as wel because they're slowly becoming what switzerland once was after the second world war, a nation that wants to create peace and prosperity in the nation. think about how far singapore is from the united states, it's another six, seven hours down from tokyo to get to singapore, so they picked a great area, and they picked a great government to help facilitate the negotiations. abby: only the third time that kim jong-un has left north korea korea. so that is a big deal. >> which is a big deal, abby. that means he really wants to try to strike abby: i'm thinking as we're waking up and watching this all unfold and moments ago as you're seen on the screen president trump walking down the stairs ahead of the summit in singapore i don't care what political party you affiliate with or how you feel about the country at this very moment, this is a powerful time, this is a very powerful moment, reminds you of the strength that we have as the united states to lead on the world stage. only we would be able to
5:42 am
accomplish something like this. we don't know where it ends. we don't know what's going to happen ultimately in this one on one meeting, but just a reminder right now anthony of just how powerful this moment is right now. >> i think it's an excellent point, and i think it's also an excellent point related to other nations. if you just think about what he wants to do on trade and you think about what he wants to do for the american economy. and, remember, the american economy is still roughly a quarter of the global gdp, abby, and so the notion that america starts growing again with its full capability and skill set, the rest of the world will grow as well. and so this is where the president's coming from, this is why the regulatory policies, the tax policy are all integrating with the foreign policy. griff: i got to ask you, you mentioned dennis rodman. do you think he has played a part on this? on instagram today, dennis rodman posted a picture saying he's holding a book, a copy of trump's "art of the deal" to a north korean official saying a year ago on june 15th i gave this book, "art of the deal" to
5:43 am
my answer kim ill gook in pyongyang. do you think he's become a key player? >> i don't know how key he's been in the last six or 12 months, but i think it was instrumental and interesting that when we were characterize and two-dimensionalizing chairman kim, he was the lone american over there trying to add context and trying to add textures. listen. i'm not trying to overstate this this. we know that he's ruthless. we know that he's a murderer. we know that he's somebody that has lived in a dictatorship his entire life other than the time in switzerland. and so i'm not trying to over overstate this, but there is a deal there, if he wants his nation to finally enter the global family of nations that could lead to prosperity for his people. and so we'll know in the next 36 hours like the president said. pete: very good. anthony scaramucci gentleman great to be here. abby: good to have you on. >> a time for optimism. pete: it sure is. powerful time, as you said. president trump arriving in singapore for his meeting with kim jong-un. so what is he up against in this historic meeting with the
5:44 am
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enbrel. fda approved for over 18 years. abby: we are back with a fox news alert. president trump arriving in singapore just moments ago ahead jong-un.istoric summit with kim pete: the north korean dictator arrived overnight after his longest trip overseas. he was greeted by singapore's foreign affairs minister. but what do we really know about the dictator? and what is president trump up against? here with insight, policy analyst for the heritage foundation's asian studies center riley walters. good morning, riley. who is kim jong-un? >> well, kim jong-un is the third kim of the kim regime, replacing his father in 2011, kim jong-un has shown to be a pretty brutal dictator of sorts. he recently just in the past couple years assassinated his brother, and he's known to
5:48 am
remove high level assistants in a very nonsubtle way in order to establish his power, as you could say, in north korea. he's continued to take north korea down a path of belligerent goals, developing nuclear capabilities, and, you know, it's interesting to see now how things are developing, though. pete: riley, i'm going to attempt to ask a nuanced question here. i don't know if it will work or not. but is this a guy who relishes the ruthlessness, who wants to lock people up and kill them, or a guy who has inherited his throne and done what is necessary to keep his power but is looking for an off ramp? >> he might not be as ruthless as we think. it is a nuanced question so it requires a nuanced answer. he tests trump, they continue to test chemical and biological warfare weapons, but at the same time he might also be showing
5:49 am
brutal punishment of high level efficient in order to maintain his power, which, in a sense, if he can assert that he has control, he might be less ruthless in the .nd abby: why do you think he's willing to come to the negotiating table now? have things gotten so bad for north korea that he's feeling like at this point he just doesn't have a choice, they can't go on anymore? >> thanks to our maximum pressure i think, certainly. you know, the north korean economy is -- it's hurting right now. kim jong-un himself i think realizes this, and i think he thinks that it is potential that you know, he can make a deal with the americans. he has the nukes, so he has the leverage to makedeal. he might be willing to give those up but of course we should continue to apply this maximum pressure until we can actually verify that he is willing to commit this time. griff: riley, we just had anthony scaramucci on who said kim jong-un may be a much more rational person than people give credit. what do you think president trump will see in these first
5:50 am
moments when he meets kim jong-un? >> well, i think he'll see a dictator who has, you know, is often revered as a god within his own country, and a man who often people say -- no one actually ever says "no" to. so, you know, he's going to be coming against someone who in himself is very, in his mind, elevated. and so at first it could be very -- they could get together, you know, if dennis rodman is right and, you know, kim himself is a, you know, fairly nice guy, then they could get along. i think whether they get along or not really actually depends donald trump on this. and president trump, if he likes him, it will be good. if he doesn't, he'll walk away. pete: riley walters of the heritage foundation. thank you for your expertise this morning. we appreciate it. their propaganda can say that he hits holesles in ones every time he golfs, but he knows he doesn't. think about that. abby: coming up, will the media give president trump a fair shake regardless of what happens in north korea or are they rooting for failure? we'll discuss.
5:51 am
pete: still ahead, joe lieberman former senator and former white house press secretary sean spicer to break down current events for all of you. stay with us. (director) cut! nice, candace, but this time bold. did someone say "bold?" (gasping) starkist jalapeo tuna in a pouch! loaded with bold flavor. just tear, eat... mmmmm. and go bold! try all of my bold creations pouches! that's confident. but it's not kayak confident. kayak searches hundreds of travel and airline sites
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5:54 am
griff: we are back with a fox news letter. moments ago air force one touching down in singapore. president trump arriving ahead of his high stakes summit with dictator kim jong-un, but the historic moment still he's not spared from liberal media atta.ks abby: here to weigh in former undersecretary of defense mike pillsbury. michael, great to have you on with us. michael, can you hear us? i'm not sure -- you know, what, the beauty of live television. griff: michael's connection will we'll fix.
5:55 am
this all started this morning around three a.m. we're preparing for this historic day this moment. and one of the things, you know, you have some people like bill maher or perhaps others that, you know, are clearly never going to support the president. but there was an ap headline that led the top of the hour news that said "president trump takes his seat of the pants foreign policy to the summit expecting success," blah, blah, blah, blah, and it really is what i would call really benign bias, you know, very so was bias but clear bias nonetheless i think in terms of character, because, as we had anthony scaramucci talk about deputy chief of staff joe hagan and the work that has gone into the preparations both on the ground in singapore and on the .mz pete: you call it benign bias. i call it malign bias. it's an attempt to portray a president who doesn't know what he's doing is flying by the seat of his pants, entering into negotiation unprepared. it's a criticism before the outcome actually occurs.
5:56 am
and in this particular case, he has telegraphed, i want to be un unpredictable, i've prepared differently on the streets of this city as a real estate mogul and i know what my principles are, i knwhat the end state is, and we'll see where it goes. that's a different approach than approaches that haven't worked in the abby: i don't think the president has to say anything because in this situation actions speak a lot louder than any words he can. he uses his twitter of course the to his -- i don't agree with everything he tweets but he often communicates directly to the american people and he feels he has to do that because he's not always given a fair shake when it comes to the media reporting on this. what's going on right now, this is what matters. this is what the american people care about is putting action forward and making this world a better place. we hope -- pete: we should all be pulling for him at the end of the day. griff: fox news alert, both president trump and kim jong-un now officially in singapore. we're live on the ground as they prepare for their high stakes summit. pete: plus still ahead, former senator joe lieberman and white house press secretary sean spicer both with unique views,
5:57 am
former press secretary sean spicer coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
president trump arriving in singapore just moments ago. this is as we closer to the historic one or one meeting. the north korean leader arriving overnight. kim jong-un has only left his country three times. no sitting president has ever met or spoken on the phone with a north korean leader. making this moment a great event in history. we often get to sit on this couch and watch history unfold before your eyes. >> we are watching with all of you. watching the plane land in singapore. we are experiencing a peace of history. there it is, president trump
6:01 am
walking down the steps. kim jong-un is already in singapore. this is the first time the two leaders have spoken face-to-face. that will happen on tuesday. the president is headed to his hotel. the meeting will take place on an island. everything will be done perfect. it was a good location to chose. they have a good relationship, singapore does, have a great relationship with everyone around the nation. i want to point out, earlier, you don't always say things perfect. i called both president trump and kim jong-un a dictator. i didn't mean that.
6:02 am
i apologize for that. what your reaction? >> well, i've been on-air force one before with the president for various foreign trips. sometimes he will come back and talk to reporters or the secretary of state would. i remember traveling with president bush. in this case no one came to the back of the plane. maybe because they are doing preparations an don'tant to raise expectations. they are planning this as best they can. nothing happened on-air force one. what you didn't see is when the president came down the steps. a reporter asked him how you are feeling about the summit and he said pretty good before getting in the limo.
6:03 am
you remember a few days ago at what white house and the president said i don't need to prepare too much. i'll go with gut instincts. this is about attitude. a lot of people jumped on that and said he's not prepared. the line before that he said i think i'm very well prepared. he said i don't think i need to prepare more. a lot of people put that off and made it sound like he was blowing off information. when he went to camp david last weekend with his family it was to take a breathe and get family time. mike pompeo was going to come and brief him but he thought the president was ready to go last weekend. of course, they talked more on-air force one.
6:04 am
from what i'm getting from my sources mike pompeo thought they didn't need to over prepare. you prepare first, you look at the believing book, you do your work. donald trump is twice the age of kim jong-un. he's not very familiar with the world tour. >> you mentioned planning behind the scenes. do you know what that behind the scenes planning is looking like? >> one peace of information on the ground. we know kim jong-un is here but we are picking up he's scheduled to leave at 2:00 p.m. local time which is 12 hours ahead of you
6:05 am
on the east coast. they are meeting at 9:00 a.m. local time. he's scheduled to leave at 2:00 p.m. local time. that tells us on paper kim jong-un is not planning to be here for two days of meetings. he's planning to meet with president trump and head back quickly. all of that could change based on facts on the ground. make president trump says go back to hotel and meet on wednesday. when you asked about correspondography kim jong-un doesn't plan to be here long.
6:06 am
>> the president set his course and so did mike pompeo. nothing short of denuclearization will get the deal done. the question is how quickly do they denuclearize and how does the world verify they have done so? how do we know if ki kim jong-us not playing us. we know he released the hostages. he has taken positive steps to show he's ready to do a deal. the key is verification. what i heard from the president is president trump is saying by the way if he doesn't do a deal i can ramp up more u.s. sanctions. i don't want to do that now
6:07 am
because i want a deal. we are not taking the existing sanctions until we verify we will denuclearize. kim jong-un is running low on crash. there was questions about him paying his hotel bill at the st. the key is he's made promises to mike pompeo that he wants to denuck clerrize. to -- denuclearize. >> it's autoed good to have you. >> get some sleep. >> thank you, it's 12 hours later in singapore. >> i'll be back at 11:00 p.m. eastern tonight. >> okay, we will not miss it. thank you ed. >> i would like to bring in our
6:08 am
panel. a senior fellow at the hudson institution. and jim who lead secret services operations. i would like to bring you in. jim, i'll start with you. how did we get to this point. moments ago we saw the president landing in singapore. this is the first time this ever happened. this moment we just saw is history we have been talking about for years and years. >> president trump's resolute actions and rhetoric got us here. we have been talking about dealing with north korea for a long time. once kim jong-un was convinced he didn't have any options left he didn't come to the table. president trump has an actual strategy for dealing with people like this. he loves to be the disrupter and
6:09 am
put the person he's dealing with off balance. he kicks out of apple carts and knocks over apple bowls and creates an advantage. he did that and took away the entire summit and kim's people were asking for it. he has the ball and it's his summit. kim needs to come and prove he's coming in good faith. >> president obama in his last moments in office was insisting north korea is a serious problem. is it your understanding that they believe that something may actually come of the summit? >> well, president obama's advise was correct and north korea was a problem for the president. it's one of the agenda items for this president.
6:10 am
it's been a roller coaster year plus since president trump took over. when you look at his stat statef the union speech he spoke about north korea there have been some lows with the tweets from donald trump. he called him rocket man and said he would use fire and furry. fury. we are back to this climatic point. it's important for everyone on both sides of the aisle to support the summit. it's an important moment for the u.s. it's historic but the challenge is substantial. i try to be realistic in terms of what comes out of it. hopefully they start a dialog for future meetings.
6:11 am
>> we used the word historic. we have been watching what's unfolding in front of us. why are these talks in singapore 19 hours away significant for americans? >> this is a hostage situation. kim jong-un has a gun, it's a nuclear gun pointed to the head of our american cities. of our alleys and president trump will walk in the room and try to persuade kim not to put the gun down but take it apart and hand it over to president trump and so president can help him get his country back on economic footing and make a strategic footing to take the country down a different path. that's the place we find ourselves now. president trump said this is about attitude. president trump has been
6:12 am
incredibly well prepared. secretary pompeo said that. he has a huge knowledge based on this. president trump has the upper had. he has the backing of the military on his side. as long as president has that attitude he can get a good deal. if it won't be a good deal for the american people and our security president trump will walkout of that meeting. like you said before, he has 2300 sanctions ready to go. we have the storm cloud hanging over the summit. >> we appreciate your time this morning. thank you very much. all eyes on singapore as president trump and kim jong-un prepare to meet. what about our close alleys in
6:13 am
south korea. we are live in seoul with how people are reacting there. coming up we have sean spicer and joe lieberman coming up. he'm ...and strengthen the bonds you share. give dad ancestrydna for just $69- our lowest father's day price ever.
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6:16 am
but you can help prevent this. talk to your doctor today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. because dangers don't just exist in fairytales. all right, if you are just waking up with us we continue to cover breaking news ahead of the north korean summit. president trump and kim jong-un are both on the ground in singapore. >> our commander and chief arriving moments ago ahead of the g-7 summit. good morning or evening depending on where you are. >> good evening probably. no one watching the summit more than the folks on the peninsula. president trump is on the
6:17 am
ground. south koreans are hoping he can make some kind of a deal regarding the nukes of kim jong-un. the residence have been living in the shadow of the nukes and missiles from years. also listening to pretty bizarre rhetoric from president trump. it's not clear what kim jong-un wants. maybe some respect. this is what an analyst told us a while ago. >> having a high level meeting they can build a narrative around that and petary the president as an equal to the united states. >> what the folks are also looking forward to is movement towards the end of the korean war. it never ended but came to a
6:18 am
truce. south korea's president said he might be willing to do an after summit summit down in singapore. right now all eyes are on singapore. back to you. >> greg, thank you so much. >> appreciate it. to a fox news alert. president trump and kim jong-un are getting ready for their high stakes negotiations. what will it take to get north korea to denuclearize. senator lieberman will join us live next.
6:19 am
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6:22 am
hopefully this will bring peace to the korean peninsula. the rest is up to these two men. >> senator, you mentioned it may
6:23 am
be different. you have a lot of experience from the clinton administration. we are also at a point when north korea has 30 to 60 nukes. they are also looking for economic growth. do you believe there is a process in place that's about to begin that could lead to denuclearize everyone is talking about. >> it could lead to that. the clinton administration negotiationed an agreement with kim's father. we set up a big economic development program. the sunshin south south koreas . basically they took the money and walked away from the agreement. this may be different for a lot of reasons. this is a new generation. kim jong-un is in charge. he has rapidly developed their
6:24 am
nuclear programs. president trump is an unconventional american leader. he also set kim jong-un off a bit and made him wonder if a deal is possible. our demands, our president has been clear about this. permanent, irreversible. any time anywhere inspection program. that's asking a lot of a leader of a closed society. we have to be willing to give him a lot. >> senator, you have seen a lot of things, you played a huge role in the iran deal. if you were with the president standing outside the door with kim jong-un. what advise would you give him. what pitfalls would you say avoid?
6:25 am
>> right. ironically, going back to the nuclear agreement remember all of the criticisms you made of the iran nuclear agreement because they are relevant here. you don't want the agreement with north korea more than the north koreans did. it looked like the obama administration did. don't settle for a halfway measure, okay, we'll stop it but then ten years from now we'll start it again. don't compromise on an inspection like iran. also follow your instincts. this is big and important to that part of the world and to the united states. we think the north koreans can reach anywhere in the united states with one of their missiles. in the end, it comes down to the
6:26 am
relationship that these two men establish with one another. i don't expect a big break through today, but if they get some personal trust between them 6789 talk about the parameters of what's possible and kim tells president trump i'm open to the permanent denuclearize that may mean we might say we won't put nuclear weapons in south korea. that's a good way to go. >> we'll leave it there. we'll all watch it together unfold. >> i'll pray. a fox news alert. you heard how high the stakes are. what can we expect from president trump's deal making skills. former white house secretary sean spicer is here next. also james comby taking a shot
6:27 am
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6:30 am
we are back with a fox news alert. moments ago president trump landed in singapore ahead of the high stakes summit with kim jong-un. >> the president arrived overnight. this is his fourth trip outside the country since 2011. >> no sitting president has met or spoken on the phone with a
6:31 am
north korean leader. president trump is set to be the first one. as we get new information we'll bring it to you. we'll bring in sean spicer. thank you for being here with us this morning. this is a historic moment. you have been behind the scenes with the president in moments like this. take us behind the scenes? >> good morning and thank you for having me. this is where the president is at his best. he's shown he's willing to pull away from a deal and pullout of a meeting. that makes him unpredictable. we know he won't go down the path where we believes a good deal is at hand. what makes this interesting is that kim jong-un knows that he may very well get up and walkout
6:32 am
of the room. that puts emphasis on kim making sure he puts something on the table early in the process. >> he will want to know their intentions and it will come down to attitude. this is what the president said. >> the way they say you know you will like somebody within the first five seconds. i think very quickly i'll know whether or not something good is going to happen. >> that will go on and then how the media petaries how the media went down. sean you have worked with our against the media. how do you think they will petary. >> i don't think there is a bar high enough the president can
6:33 am
hit they will deem as a success. that's bn seen time and time again. there is something about the processor intrigue that didn't meet their standards. when it came to tax reform it happened too quick. if you ask any american or they are seeing more money on their paycheck, or getting hired because a company is on a hiring spree. because 18 secretaries drafted a memo. the american people are looking for results. if we denuclearize the peninsula and limit the threat i don't think the american people care what process was followed. the press will really focus on what steps was taken.
6:34 am
who was in the room, what the handshake looked like. the intrigue is more important. >> we saw that from the g-7 summit. >> have you seen it photo. you see the german chansler leaning over. they made a big fuss over this. saying it was showing president trump in a moment of weakness, what are your thoughts? >> let's just stop for a moment. this is where the results get lost. at the end of the day they talk about all of them agreeing to lower tariffs. the president got results for the american people and they are focused over what a picture looks like. think about it as an american worker. which are getting results to the american people because the
6:35 am
president is bringing a tough line and putting an end to the generations of if american people having high tariffs. what do you think this looks like. the to as you say is on the picture and what's in that. i'm looking at them come to the president. >> there is a lot of defiance. that was taken from canada. justin from canada has been very hard on this president. james comby tweeted this. our national security relationship is vital and saves american lives. it's bigger than any person. this too shall pass. he said we ruined our relationship with canada? >> it's half right, we do have a
6:36 am
strong and vibrant relationship with canada. that are a great partner, ally, and friend. you could be brothers, sister, father and son. you can love someone dearly and say in this aspect of our relationship we need to improve it. in many cases some of the economic aspects are not there. this president made it clear that talked about the fact. i think mr. comby is interrupting this very badly. he's taking the sides of the canadiens over the president. this is a good thing. in is what an american president should be fighting for. the american workers and companies. that doesn't undermined the
6:37 am
relationship we have whether it's canada or anywhere else around the world. >> all right, sean spicer. >> thank you, sean. lot of other headlines.e have a overnight we know the identity of the u.s. soldier killed by an attack in somalia. also, president could be on the way to another summit. russian president said he will meet with our commander and chief whenever the u.s. is ready. also a nationwide out break
6:38 am
is linked to pre-cut melon. it's sickened 60 people. they connected them to keto foods in indianapolis. they have been sent to several stores including costco and wal-mart. if this is in your fridge throw 900 awa900 a -- it away. also we'll look at justified at the belmont stakes. >> he's perfect and now immortal. he's the 13th triple crown winner. >> the undefeated 3-year-old completed a sweep of the three races. he's the second horse to achieve the seat since 1978. mike smith is the oldest jockey to win the triple crown. pretty amazing stuff. >> i love that. >> now he will retire.
6:39 am
>> it was three years since we had one then 30 years before that. >> a great race. i don't know what to say. president trump and kim jong-un are both preparing for their high stakes summit. our panel will be here to talk about it. >> the tariffs will come way down because we can't continue to do that. we are like the piggy bank that everyone is robbing. >> maria is here to reaction, she'sge coming up. it took a whole lot more. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. everything. what's in your wallet?
6:40 am
6:41 am
6:42 am
we are back with a fox news alert. all eyes are on singapore. president trump and kim jong-un are preparing for the high stakes summit. what impact will they have on the market. >> we are following the development every step of the way. maria, good morning.
6:43 am
>> what an exciting reaction. >> i've been watching your show all morning and watching the president step down. just the eectations going into this meeting have been incredible. it's important to notice the north korean economy has been hit hard. they spent all of their money on their nuclear defense system. they spent 30 to 50 percent on state funds on military. we are looking at an economy should they agree to what the president likes will change in a big way. not overnight but an incredible historic change. it's very exciting. >> are the markets expecting it? the markets are viewing this as a positive. this is on the list of if this goes well. we could see a huge rally next
6:44 am
week an beyond. there is a lot of momentum going into this. this is something unexpected. we didn't realize this would be on the president he says foreign policy agenda. by the way, you have a few other things next week. not to the extend of this. the federal reserve will have a meeting. we might see them raisintress r- raise interest rates. >> the president trump started at the g 7 summit in canada. there is one sound bite getting a lot of headlines. this is president trump on the world piggy bank. >> tariffs will come way down. we are like the piggy bank everyone continues robbing. >> what did you make of that there? >> i had a opportunity to speak
6:45 am
to the president before he left. he said to me, look, i watched your show today. i want to make sure you communicate to your guest an panel i' i'm negotiating. he's right. the bottom line is the u.s. is on the losing end of all of the deal. my thing with china and what's really important is the theft. the intellectual property theft. i don't care and the markets don't care if the chinese by more stuff. what they want to see is some movement to stop them from stealing our property. >> look at these estimatements we can show you on the screen.
6:46 am
u.s. totals, that gives you the sense. 24 trillion. >> we can't take the ball and go home. we are the game. >> they need us more than we need them. obviously you want to see free trade and relationships across the world. the american consumer is the power across the world. this trade conversation is healthy and good. i'll speak with the part-time minter this morning. he will talk to us about the importance of the relationship and find out his thoughts. as well as get his reaction to the president in singapore with the north korean leader. we'll also talk with lindsey graham and bob. both of those gentleman will have the first crack at michael when he covers the i.g. report
6:47 am
as well. >> we will see you in 13 minutes. >> thank you, guys. the stage is set and our foreign policy panel will be here to talk about what to expect from the summit. that's happening next. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. here's the story of green mountain coffee roasters sumatra reserve. let's go to sumatra. the coffee here is amazing. because the volcanic soil is amazing. so we give farmers like win more plants. to grow more delicious coffee. which helps provide for win's family. all, for a smoother tasting cup of coffee. green mountain coffee roasters.
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we are back as we cover all angles of the summit. we have a foreign policy to break it down. former reagan assistant under michael. i'll start, if i can with you david. david, we had joe lieberman on
6:51 am
the show earlier. i asked him what should the president do. do the opposite of what obama did on the iran deal. >> i agree with senator lieberman. this is a historic high stakes big casino opportunity. we have two volatile leaders in the same room. it's better than intervention. trump is good in the meetings. if we look at the 30 years of history it has to do with leadership. other than north korea is not sticking to their word. where he we may have gotten lucky. the president walking into the room has to have a patients. denuclearization has to be done slowly in an interim fashion. we'll have to look at the pace
6:52 am
of which this negotiation might play forward and look at the price that's paid. >> there are two people in the meeting. what does north korea want in exchange. here is what we want in exchange for that? >> as you know, the north koreans have promised to denuclearize in the past. what they want to try to do is the same thing. say nice words. they have two threats. the president calls one phrase two. you will go back to 300 additional sanctions. they can be much is tougher. president trump wrote 18 years ago that if he were
6:53 am
negotiationing with north korea and if they didn't have a progress he would walkout in talks and launch a single strike then go back to the talks. he spoke about outcomes we might see. the north koreans are afraid of the leverage the president has. >> let me ask you quickly. do you believe kim jong-un would like to make a deal. >> i'll speculate if i say anything definitive. i home kim understands this is the best shot he will have. this president is making sure we go through extremes. here is something else. the pressure campaign has really public relation a strain on the regime. they can absorb a lot of pain
6:54 am
because the people feel it first and the regime feels it last. so, what i want to see now, i'm happy to here it looks like john bollton will be in the meetings. having him in the meetings is like having an aircraft carrier in the center of the room. >> we'll all watch it together. thank you to our panel. have a good day. >> stick around, we have interesting stuff coming up. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
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from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase. history in the making. president trump arrived in singapore this morning for a historic summit. >> he arrived there overnight. >> the meeting is days away. how did we get to this point.
6:58 am
let's take a look back. >> one to the papers called and said would you speak to the leader of north korea. i said, absolutely, why not. >> what north korea -- your patients with the north korean regime has failed. north korea better not make anymore threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury. this week the world has never seen. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. it makes sense for the united
6:59 am
states to make a deal. >> they are designated north korea as a states process of korea. >> talk to north korea. >> i just spoke to president prt moon. he was thankful for what we have did you know. >> he's committed. secretary of state and the president are in north korea. >> june 12th will you be in bing pour. >> i decided to cancel the summit. >> they had a face-to-face minutes. >> in just a mu minutes i have a
7:00 am
great opportunity. >> so much unfolding. landfall out of our channel is in singapore. >> we will all watch you have aa great weekend. good sunday morning, thank you for joining us. the count-down is on for the historic summit. four days the watchdog will release a highly anticipating report of the hillary clinton e-mail probe. we have a message about fairness to one of us. president trump and kim jong-un are on the ground in sing pour. this is --


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