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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 10, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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let me know what you think @howardkurtz. we'll be back here asker week. 11:00 eastern. see you then. eric: the world watching and waiting as president trump gears up to meet face-to-face with north korean dictator kim jong-un. they arrived just this morning. welcome to america's new "ameris headquarters" on this sunday. i'm eric shawn. arthel: two days remaining until the highly anticipated summit between president trump and the north korean leader kim jong-un. the commander-in-chief maintaining a hard line approach ahead of the summit. here is lindsey graham earlier this morning. >> north korea is not going to
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change the way they do business unless they believe the hilt option is on the table. president trump if he has to will use mil force to end this threat to the american homeland. i want my democratic colleagues not just telling him what a good deal would look like. but having his back. arthel: we have fox team coverage. gregg fall co palkot has the la. reporter: the president said he's feeling good going into his meeting with kim jong-un. the president making the remarks as he got off the plane in singapore. he landed shortly after kim jong-un did here. this is only the third country kim has visited since assuming the leadership of north korea in
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2011. the president left the g-7 and the canadian prime minister''. larry kudlow said the president had top respond aggressively, especially going into this meeting with kim jong-un. >> potus is going to singapore to negotiate with the north koreans. this an historic event. good things, wonderful things could come out of it. >> we hope so, absolutely. >> potus is not going to let a canadian prime minister push him around. push him poe us around on the eve of this. he is not going to permit any show of weakness. reporter: the president defined success for this summit between establishing a good relationship to a significant agreement.
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he also:warns this is kim's one shot at a deal with the united states. and he says if he believes the summit will fall apart he'll not waste his or kim's time. it's technically monday morning. that means president kim jong-un meets tomorrow here in singapore. they are scheduled to gather for the first time in a private resort on an island off the coast of mainland singapore. eric: reaction is pouring in from around the globe as the world awaits the summit. the possibility of denuclearization of the korean peninsula. gregg palkot is live in seoul, south korea which is so deeply affected by the north korean threat. hi twahi, gregg.
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reporter: on both sides of the dmz they are watching. they are watching closely whether president trump who is on the ground in singapore can make some kind of a deal with kim jong-un regarding the nukes. the south core reyarns have been living in the shadow of those nukes for decades. as for north korean leader kim who is in singapore meeting with officials, it's not clear how much he'll give. but it's clear what he wants. certainly economic breaks for his impoverished country and security concerns and respect. >> having high-level meetings, they can build a narrative around that and portray the leader as an equal to the president of the united states.
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the south koreans are looking for -- including president moon who has been integral to the diplomacy and a move toward the end to the korean war. there are signs there could be some move toward that at this summit. probably also keeping a bit of an eye among their other duties during the day on the south korean country, 28,000 u.s. troops who have been under the gun for the past several months. they might want to know what their future has in store. eric: thanks so much. a lot of anticipation. arthel: joining me on all of his is john park. dr. park, good to have you here. i want to jump right in. what do you think is north korea's strategy. and is kim jong-un to be trusted that he'll operate in good
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faith? >> we are looking at the transportation of the totality of the north korean leadership re zwreem singapore. this isn't just purely for the optics aspect of it. this is a big part of the potential launch of a process that could lead to a lot of details that could lead to the end of a korean war. what would a denuclearization process look like. this is the beginning of this process. there is deep distrust on both sides. but these two leaders are clearly unconventional by the standard of their respective countries. so there is a streamlined approach for these two leaders to engage to launch this process going forward. arthel: president trump saying this is going to be more than a photo-op. what should president trump say to kim jong-un in this meeting.
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>> a lot of the things have already been said. we have seen a unique array of personnel. we are now potentially seeing the beginning of a rt process going forward. there will be a lot of ups and downs in that process. but as the under case of the ford movement. secretary of state pompeo is a critical player. we have had cunning *'s main advisor kim yong chol in the white house. arthel: there is a lot of ground work covered. should the u.s. stand steadfast, denuclearization or bust? >> there are so many different moving pieces. there is a component that in many respects the larger game plan is this idea how do we link the different mechanisms. the south koreans have had their big summit.
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they laid out a declaration. the big part about moving ford, developing an economy, the early listing will be done by south korea and china. but in order to get there, there has to be progress on the denuclearization piece. arthel: is that a yes. is it denuclearization or bust or not? >> it will be a key component. but the managing of the expectations is who does what when and how. it's the core element but it's how it's done that is the basis of how we see the forward movement. they will were president trump relying on his gut i d gut instincts.
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' he said he can read kim jong-un within a minute of meeting him. >> if you look at a lot of the footage. we have a tremendous amount in a relatively short period of time. before just a few months, he was an enigma. we had secretary of state pompeo meet with kim jong-un. previous american sit even who met with kim jong-un was dennis rodman. but he's very measures in his meetings. with the words and dialogue on the north korean side will be measured. on president trump's side the engage, can i make the deals goingoing forward. and it's no easy feat. it's this idea in starting this there will be a lot of contentious issues coming up along the way. arthel: how key are they?
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you have two larger than life players. you laid out the road leading up to this in terms of the ground work taking place. what about these two leaders themselves. does the buck stop with them? >> it looks like with the two structures we are seeing a streamlining of processes that makes it look like it's the case. it's unprecedented how we have sooner the top-down approach. the two leaders agreed top move forward and delegated key individuals to make that happen. middle level working groups, then you escalate higher up as you see more progress. they are you next sense this is have much about deal making. the idea of the traditional model in the way negotiations have common the past, they factor in. it's very specifically on these individuals and how they see the path ahead. arthel: let's talk about the
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roles played by different nations. i like to describe as president moon scraped off the plaque off the relationship between the two nations. >> if you recall the he vernlts just before the declaration, we saw diplomatic breakthroughs. the use of the winter olympics in south korea was the beginning of this process. but president moon on the south korean side took the early risk. if you look at the south korean role, they will seek to close gaps. when there was an early gap between president trump and chairman kim, president moon did a lot to try to close those gaps. and he has that unique role top play going forward. arthel: what about china and
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russia and japan. >> even some of the high-profile events we have seen have become background noise. kim jong-un has met with xi jinping twice now. it's remarkable the help they have been getting from the chinese side. kim jong-un arrived in singapore on a chinese aircraft. there is a lot to be said about the support coming from the chinese side. russia is still in the background. this ia of trying to establish a direct connection. chairman kim hasn't met with vladimir putin yet. prime minister abe is trying to get that kind of connection. if we see the broader movement in these mechanisms there could be a state. but getting the denuclearization process under way would create the space for other mechanisms under way.
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we are putting a lot of focus on this meeting in singapore. arthel: as represented in this photo posted by german chancellor angela merkel's camp. there was clearly somecontentio. now you have this twitter feud with canadian prime minister justin trudeau and president trump. does this affect leverage on the level going into the summit with kim jong-un? >> it's important for the u.s. team to make that differentiation. there is also some issues in between the bilateral rips between president trump and the respected european leaders. but this all new. in one sense the comparison is multi ladd lateral. and this idea he's in control. in that dynamic it's important
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to shift the focus and appreciate this is a different setting. they will there are everyone is hopeful for a positive outcome. where are the consequential pitfalls? >> in north korea's field, it's important to look at a number of countries doing different things. but in terms of what to look for. i think this idea of a joint statement of some kind where laying out the key goals of the respective countries here, the united states look at reducing this threat from the north koreans and moving ford with denuclearization. the potential elimination of a policy and security guarantee would lead to the basis of the official launch. these are the areas a lot of work has been done. rather than going to the table and negotiating from scratch,
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this idea of reviewing what has been peaf cheefd up until now and making this decision of the official launch of the denuclearization process. arthel: i want to ask you, what do you think would be considered real 60s expectations coming out of this meeting? >> we have seen the managing expectations. but the realistic steps ford, i can approach it from a slightly different angle. a lot has been done below the surface. we'll see more of it after the summit. but the fact it's been in the works for a while. that's a piece of it i think we are going to seat announcement of things that have been more or less agreed to. arthel: we are going to call this the submarine part. thank you very much for your perspective. eric: disputes over trade escalate between the u.s. and
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some of our closest allies after president trump withdrew his support from the final g-7' statement in canada. germany and france blasting that move saying it undermines trust. but white house trade advisor peter navarro pushing back ainst that criticism. he warns when it comes to trade and tariffs, it can no longer be business as usual. >> on the issue alone we have allies strategically. but when it comes to these trade disputes, the allies are robbing us blind. eric: the president says we are a piggy bank. >> the summit was supposed to ease some of the tensions over trade. instead it ended with the president of the united states attacking the prime minister of canada on twitter and president trump withdrawing his endorsement of the g-7 final statement. the administration is not backing down. two top aides are accusing prime
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minister justin trudeau as being a back stabber. >> there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that even ghaijts bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump and' tries to stab number the back on the way out the door. that's what bad faith justin trudeau did with that stunt press conference. >> he stabbed us in the back. he did a great disservice to the whole g-7. reporter: president trump accused the prime minister of making false statements in a news conference. he said he acted so meek and mild during our g-7 meetings only to give a news conference after i left saying thawvment s. tariffs were kind of insulting. our tariffs are in response to his of 270% on dairy. republican senator john mccain criticized the president's action. to our allies.
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the majority of americans remain pro free trade and supportive of alliances based on 70 years of shared values. nancy pelosi saying this quote, this week started with donald trump boosting a chinese company identified as a national security threat and it ended with him standing up for russia and tai -- and alienating our allies. after the tweet trudeau's office said the prime minister did not say anything he hasn't said to the president previously in public and in private conversations. arthel: there is more breaking news and it is sad. the pentagon identifying the u.s. special operations soldier who was killed in somalia. he is 26-year-old staff sergeant
9:19 am
alexander conrad. he served in afghanistan twice and received numerous award including the purple heart. u.s. africa command said 2000 fourther soldiers were also wound during the attack. eric: we are getting new reaction on capitol hill on the upcoming summit in singapore between president trump and kim jong-un. plus, the long awaited justice department watchdog report should be out this week from michael horowitz. way it's expected to say about the department and the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton email investigation. >> this is going to be a thorough report, it's been a long time in the making. the inspector general has examined thousands if not hundreds of thousands of documents to get to this point.
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eric: we are awaiting the release of the highly anticipated report from the justice department's inspector general. it will come on thursday.
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it's expected to find fault with officials at the justice department and the fbi over the way they handled the hillary clinton investigation during the 2016 campaign. michael horowitz will testify about this report the next after next and its revelations when he appears in front of the senate judiciary committee. >> do you believe the way the fbi handled the clinton email investigation was on the up and up? do you believe it was fair? do you believe they were in the tank for clinton and hated trump? was it a serious investigation or was it a politically compromised. eric: waits on the up and up and was it fair? -- was it on the up and up and was it fair? joining me the senior advisor for the senate foreign relations
9:25 am
committee. let me start with the fact that you were inside the department of justice at the top legal team. what do you think horowitz's report will expose this week? >> we are hearing it will be a 500-page report. it will be damning for the fbi and the justice department's oversight. the public announcements about the investigation. the decision not to prosecute announced by the fbi director, not the u.s. attorney's office. a very odd scenario. then the additional emails found on the other computer and the decision to announce that fact. so a very odd situation and a highly critical report is likely to come out of the i.g.'s office. eric: horowitz is known as a straight shooter. do you think he'll pull punches or get it out there?
9:26 am
>> there has been a lot of criticism of horowitz from the president and there have been a lot of criticisms of the justice department generally. it's hard to know how this will play out in the media. but i think he'll give as straightforward a report as he can. eric: what else do you think will come out of the leaks? will there be specifics on not just leaks, but the way they handled the clinton administration. their view of the server -- i said administration -- i meant the server -- the way they handled that. she wasn't put under oath. her people weren't put under oath. but the people in the trump investigation were put under oath. is that a different standard? >> i think where they will be critical are the public the statement made by the justice department. i think that's where the --
9:27 am
eric: now you are talking about comey. >> i think it i.g. report will be critical of jim comey's investigation. eric: do you think he violated procedure due process coming out with those statements before the campaigns. >> it's unusual and unprecedented for a fbi director come out and appear to make a decision about an ongoing investigation. just discussing it at all is unusual. but then to say no prosecutor would bring charges is seriously problematic. eric: basically he violated that unwritten 60-day rule about an investigation. does he have a duty to report to congress? >> we'll see how that plays out. that's congress's decision. but the idea that he'll talk about all these issues and may even remedies principle.
9:28 am
andrew mccabe lied to investigators with discussion about leaks to the media. >> when you say discipline. what does that mean? does that mean criminal referral of criminal charges against mccabe or others? >> what the justice department and the i.g. has done. it fall to the u.s. attorney's office to determine whether they are going to prosecute. there may be other folks involved where there may be criminal charges internal. after all still today peter strzok and lisa page remain on the justice department payroll. eric: what about strzok and lisa page's private emails, calling the president an idiot and saying they need an understand policy against him. >> those are problematic
9:29 am
statement. it seems almost amateurish and problematic from that front. the justice department took them off the investigation and moved them to other positions. they are investigating whether there is appropriate discipline to be brought against them. obviously there are a lot of concerns about what is going on at the justice department and the fbi. these texts make it hard to defend the bureau and the justice dplept these areas and that's problematic in and of itself. eric: the supporters say those are private thoughts, it doesn't affect public policy. >> they were involved in hotly contested investigations that were highly focused on by the justice department and the fbi. so we'll see if in fact their private discussions had any impact on their public behavior.
9:30 am
but if it did, that problematic for sure. eric: do you think there was wrongdoing? >> i think there were huge mistakes made. when you lie to fbi investigators, you can't do that. you shouldn't be talking about investigations publicly. whether there is criminal wrongdoing, a harder question. we'll have to see what the i.g. recommends. eric: the report coming out thursday. we'll see what's in it. arthel: reaction pouring in to that upcoming face-to-face meeting between president trump and kim jong-un as the two leaders arrive in singapore. plus can the president actually make diplomatic progress with the rogue regime on it nuclear and missile programs? or will the delegate negotiations fall flat? we'll debate it. and the first thing they asked
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arthel: fox news alert out of washington. ahead of the landmark meeting between president trump and kim jong un in singapore. here's the ranking democrat on the senate foreign relations committee expressing some reservations. >> our concern here, the president has gone into a high wire act without a safety net in the preparation for this type of summit while we applaud robust diplomacy, preparation for this type of summit to test the proposition of what kim jong un is willing to do has not taken . arthel: gary taney lab in washington with more. >> an extremely important part with north korea. out of the iran nuclear deal, that is why president trump is so easily able to drop out of it. this week he said he does not
9:36 am
want to see a repeat about with north korea and plans of congress ratified in a deal he makes it can jong un. ahead of the summit, and top democrats at a white house the letter and what they need to see to support a deal. senator dianne feinstein doesn't expect to see a full-blown deal after this summit, but she does expect north korea to understand we will not allow its nuclear program to continue. >> the minimum is an understanding that this is a real problem for us. we will not let that problems stand in the only alternative is to sit down and come up with anh that there is an incentive for north korea to do that. >> senator lindsey graham argued the only way north korea will be making deals that the u.s. is going to use military force and he is pushing his democratic colleagues to help send the message by saying openly, they
9:37 am
will support president trump doing that if diplomacy fails. >> there are three outcomes here. peace where we have a win-win solution. military force where we devastate the north korean regime and stop their programs by fours or like we've done in the past and donald trump is not going to picture late, so there's only two options. peace or war. >> senator graham met with president trump on friday before you left for the g-7 summit and said the president seemed very prepared and very ready for the meeting with kim jong un. >> aerated. thank you very much. great questions over
9:38 am
democracies, and welcome. first of all, the magic word of whether we can trust them or not is denuclearization, but not at all clear as the former prime minister just pointed out. they promised that before and they have lied repeatedly. >> that's right. north korea has a track record. we note that they use these negotiations to try to get more or to push themselves further along the nuclear process. that is why it's very important here for us to really just make
9:39 am
a decision shortly after the summit as to whether we will be moving toward or not, whether we determine the north korea is seriously about fully deep nuclear icing and making them put that down payment, not us. they have to take the first step or perhaps several steps. the real danger we have right now is getting ourselves caught up in a long and elaborate process. exactly what happened with the iran nuclear deal arrigo strung along and that's really the last thing we want to see with the north koreans. >> the administration went from complete demutualization leading up to the meeting to step-by-step, may be facing an exactly what you just pointed out. say today it remains unclear how much progress has been made between her and the gap between pyongyang which is a phased approach disarmament in exchange for concessions from the u.s. and others in washington and which ones a rapid surrender of north korea's nuclear capabilities.
9:40 am
at the summit doesn't produce a sweeping denuclearization deal for a more modest declaration of amity and goodwill, it will have raised the profile of mr. kim for years an international pariah. how do you envision the the step-by-step phase-in? what phase-in? would he freezes nuclear ballistic missile test? would there be some communiqué agreeing to that? do you see concrete progress coming for kim? >> the hope that this is not symbolic and we see something worth north koreans declared they will denuclearize and do it in front of the entire world and perhaps begin to take steps beyond destruction of one facility. they take several concrete steps before the united states provides them with anything. >> what steps would you suggest? >> allowing for the world to see exactly what they have. perhaps coming up with a list of
9:41 am
what they're going to destroy and ship out to other countries. there is a lot that can be done in the important thing here is for the united state do not provide anything in return. in other words, we continue to say this is great if you do the following things that we will begin to alleviate some of the pressure. the other important thing here is if we don't see progress right away, that we have the maximum pressure sanctions campaign the weaver dt got been put into action, but then we press pause. we will need to him because the pressure to make it clear to the north koreans but there's a lot of pain they will endure if they don't take some of the steps i've just described. >> the president did pause that by saying i missed out on the other day that he doesn't prefer to use that term. >> that is right. it is fine for now you want to try to keep kind of a positive atmosphere going into the
9:42 am
summit. i understand why you wouldn't want to increase pressure in the week leading up to we have actually provided some already. we pause the maximum pressure campaign. we've also stop some of the miry activities in the area surrounding north korea. these are the sorts of things that help them get to the table, but they are not permanent concessions made on the part of the united states. we make it very clear that these things are easily reimplemented and there would be a price to pay for korea does not play ball. again, and the most important thing is we don't get strung along in a long dragged out process, which has only benefited the north koreans in years past. trained to do expect a concrete announcement of some sort? >> that would be the hope that kim would say we have declared we are going to denuclearize hindu within the next few months and as a result they will keep pressing pause on some of the
9:43 am
pressure. ihink that is really the best possible outcome. we need to keep expect nations low as the president has said in many observers have said is not something we can next you to easily accomplish, especially given the track record of the north koreans and what we've seen in the past between our country and bears. it doesn't seem likely. we need to hold out hope that they should be what we aim for, but let's not expect things to get done very quickly. >> by still another ratio when a breakup in a moment. we are going to break for commercial. when they come back, special young man who we should never forget your that of course is auto warm. he obviously was tortured to death, murder at the hands of the north koreans, even calling for kim to prosecute his murderers. in a moment, we'll ask the foundation of the defense of democracies that the president should bring up the case of otto
9:44 am
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>> waterworld focuses on nuclear threat, justice lawyer under warm could come at the summit. university of virginia student was tortured and murdered one north korean custody. we've called for his killer to be prosecuted. vice president mike pence yesterday saying auto is on the president's mind. >> in the words of the warm states tradition, may his memory be a blessing. today assured his dad is the president said two days ago, their beloved son will not have died in vain. [applause] eric: and we're back with john chancellor at the foundation for democracy. what should he say?
9:49 am
>> absolutely. a couple things we need to note about this. number one, some reparations made by north korean commander should be done something specifically to compensate the family of otto warmbier are. we should see justice done. there is a broader thing to learn and that is if you look back at the iran nuclear deal that we debated so vigorously here in washington, part of the problem was we only look at the nuclear component. we didn't look at all the other malign the david and the part of the arabians which is what made it so controversial. the idea of having the north koreans denuclearized without addressing the fact they've engaged in so much other malign act to the day, whether it's the labor camps to maintain against their own people, wealthy westerners or others against their will, these are things we need to address where these make it very clear to us because we are going to allow for a certain
9:50 am
amount of normalization that we will not or to treat north korea as an equal among nations. that would he not a moral agreement, but one that would be expedient, which is along the lines of what we saw from the obama administration with iran in 2015. eric: jonathan, well said. arthel. arthel: no deal in sight for republicans on a sub 10. we will discuss. sfx: muffled whistle text alert.
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arthel: house republicans headed for showdown over immigration after they failed to reach a compromise last week on daca. republican moderate are not just a few signatures shy of worsening about on several legislative fixes to rate quote coming discharge. let's bring in david hawkins commit senior editor for roll call and we'll get to that petition later. going to start by reviewing key details under consideration. those that are not doctors and the ones that would likely receive majority support and legal status for dreamers and border security the only point of contention? >> hardly. that's obviously what the republican moderates and democrats are most keenly interested in getting some sort of normal life for these
9:55 am
dreamers for several hundred thousand people brought into the country as children by their parents. lots of details they are. do they get a path to citizenship? do they get a short piece on legal status. that's just one thing. plenty of other things many people say if we do an immigration debate, we should care that the thoughts of other things and even people in the business community. the president's border wall. other things include my beefed-up security besides the law, a crackdown on catch and release, which is arresting illegal immigrants and letting them go until their court date limits on what new arrivals in the country. with family members they can bring with them, changes in the asylum policies, new limits are new we've seen a farm worker visas. this is just a dreamer thing alone is a huge political thing but the other things get way more complicated if you make the
9:56 am
of sanctuary cities. back to the discharge petition. is assigned by the lawmakers needed to trigger bipartisan vote politically and which party might take a hit. >> the people who stand to benefit other one who are republican centrists. many from suburban district with lots of latino voters. many in deeper election trouble themselves. they want to get this problem off their back. they say it's time for the republican party to look like it will help latino voters. arthel: david, fox is cutting us off. we'll be back at 4:00 p.m. eastern. hope you can join us. (woman) so beautiful. (man) beautiful just like you. (woman) oh, why thank you.
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