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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 10, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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em may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. and i love building memories that can't be washed away. ask your doctor about lyrica. >> history in the making. president trump and kim jong un arriving in singapore for the worst ever talk between the two had to stay. we will go there live later. >> are followed in the g7 summit. president trump calling on the prime minister for what he calls a very dishonest and weak move. we'll tell you what it is. >> millions of americans go to the primary polls including south carolina. we'll be became with henry mcmaster asking republican voters to put him on november's ballot for another term.
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thanks so much for joining us. welcome to "america's news hq" from washington. i'm elizabeth grant. leland: busy sunday here. 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning in singapore. i am leland vittert. president trump arriving in singapore a couple hours ago to get ready for tuesday's historic meeting with north korean dictator kim jong un. in singapore for the past couple days joining us live. the early monday morning. hi, rich. >> it is. that means tomorrow this summit kicks off here in singapore and the president of the united states and the leader of north korea are in the same i.d. the leaders of these two countries have never before met. president trump arriving shortly after kim jong un did hear in singapore. the president leaving our first one in that he's feeling very good going into the summit.
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the president traveled to the singapore summit from the g7 summit in canada. after that, justin justin trudeau reiterated his promise to retaliate against u.s. terrorist. and the president refuse to join the other g-7 leaders in signing the ape man. the white house economic advisor larry kudlow said the president had to respond aggressively, especially going into the meeting with kim jong un. >> to negotiate with north koreans. this is an historic event. good things, wonderful things could come out. thank you. now potus is not going to let a canadian prime minister push him around on the eve of this. he is not going to permit any show of weakness. >> the president has expressed optimism going into the meeting.
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jim realizes it's his only chance to transfer north korea appeared the president has defined success for the summit is something between establishing a good relationship to a significant agreement though he says he won't waste his working time if he feels like this summit will be a failure. and he says he will know within the first minute of meeting kim jong un whether it someone he can do business with. it is tomorrow at least officially from here tomorrow tuesday when the president and kim jong un meet an exclusive resort just off the main land here in singapore. back to you. >> for viewers to do the math, that is 9:00 p.m. eastern on monday night here when the meeting starts. thank you so much. elizabeth: president trump left the g7 summit in good. some of the later told u.s. officials not to endorse the joint statement with other nations. ellison barber joins us live with the very latest.
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reporter: it's a change of tune and the administration though it till doubling down on that today. the president's second follow-up, not the initial agreement to sign it. members of congress say the president is alienating key allies. peter navarro had this to say on "fox news sunday." >> chris commander is a special place in for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald jay trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. that is what bad faith, justin trudeau did with that press conference. that was one of the worst political miscalculation in modern canadian history. >> trudeau said canada would move forward with talent tori mashers next month. >> the administration's choice to impose illegal and i'm except double tariffs, illegitimate and unacceptable tariffs to canadian steel workers and other workers
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must be met with an equivalent response. >> from accusing the prime minister of making false statement at the news conference come in one creepy call don't dishonest and weak. republican senator john mccain criticized the actions reading in part to our allies, americans stand with you, even if our president doesn't. >> this wasn't just with trudeau. this is with our best allies, seven best allies. it seems to me, not to sign a statement of solidarity, which stands for everything that we stand for is a big mistake. i understand the president was upset. the president. the president convinced the. but to walk away from our allies in this way i think is a mistake. >> after the president rate, the prime minister did not say anything he hasn't led to the president previously in public and private conversation.
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elizabeth: ellison barber with the very latest. thank you so much. leland: will bring in congressman rob wittman of the great commonwealth of virginia, correct? >> leland, yes. leland: some members of congress are having a tough time with the president and administration. it is tough to find a congressman supporting the president on the tariffs in taking on canada. >> i hear from firmer spirit is your friend all of them having concerns about terrorists specifically with canada. canada is one of our strongest allies. i believe there are other ways addressing some of the disparities and the president is correct with the issues. we had to have the positive engagement. leland: do feel the president is putting his personal relationship or animus for lack of relationship with the prime minister about national interest
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of farmers and machine manufacturers. >> windowless and saw that and the president should look at the far-reaching impact of how tariffs -- >> you really think the president is in looking at the far-reaching impact your >> i think he wants a better deal. he needs to be strong and getting a better deal. making sure that we don't get into a full-fledged trade were coming tariffs could leave if they are. i want to make sure were doing what's best. >> did you worry when you the president talking about false statements and members of his administration saying it comes straight from air force one that they're stabbing me in the back in a special place in? trade were start that way. >> they do. those crosswords are called to tone down the rhetoric. let's get into negotiating the details of the deal. we can have a bilateral deal with canada taking up the issues that absolutely need to be taken up. kind of cut up the rhetoric. i'm not in favor of the prime
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minister the prime minister point in his comments afterwards trying to take on the president. those are things that are often a phone call back and forth in a one-on-one discussion. remixer by something other than a phone call right now. on to where the president has sort of attempted at least to tone down expectations here somewhere between a good relationship with kim jong un all the way up to an agreement he'd be happy with any between those two riverbanks. a lot of talk about what can go right in singapore. what are your concerns about what can go wrong? >> the key going into this our expectations. the president doing the right thing as far as what can go wrong. maybe people coming out of the say in how is a failure. i don't think there's going to be a complete agreement coming out of this. but it is a good first step to have a face-to-face talk with kim jong un to kind of gauge where we are and what can be
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done. >> is there a risk in elevating kim jong un from dictator to nuclear power equal and worthy of the president of united baseline 10,000 miles? >> well, only if you don't come out forcefully that the president has done with complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization. that kind of puts kim jong un under pressure. he doesn't come out and do something with this to show that they're serious about the same shows who's trained to be manipulative. >> obvious in congress this 535 members in congress and about 900 opinions in congress about what the north korean agreement should look like, what president trump should or shouldn't do in his discussion. lindsey graham earlier today responding to one letter from democratic lawmakers. take a listen. >> you need to help the president where you can not undercut him. writing a letter telling him what a good deal should be as
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good oy if you're willing to back it up with the use of military force. leland: should we be willing to back it up with military force? >> yes, we can. we should make sure they understand military force is the option on the table and military force with our allies in the region. a big impact on north korea as far as been doing calculus about what to do and what they would be willing to do enrichment agreement. >> we know kim jong un watches what happens with china. what do you make of the fact that the president is out there saying it's a great relationship with xi jinping and he will continue to work with them, may insert adjective, but most have been negative about zte deal and then we know they have had in so the classified navy submarine warfare programs in the u.s. doesn't seem to respond.
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>> first of all, completely unacceptable that chinese acting this way after what is sensitive information and i think it does undercut. >> you heard his advisers out here talking about a stab in the back of the canadian prime minister over trade. the languages make use in the chinese actions. why not? >> there should be a strong message coming back. talking to folks in the pentagon, their effort is in direct communications to the chinese that this is done except the ball. needs to rise to the level of secretary of defense and the president needs to stand. leland: why is me doing that? he needs to go into the negotiations so it's probably a situation where he says they have this north korea summit to deal with and i want and make i do that and after that you'll find them speaking out against the chinese. leland: away for the maybe he's
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watching your advice right now. appreciate it. thank you, sir. later this hour, a closer look at the summit with a national security analyst. what they want to watch for tomorrow. refer to stick around after a show, "fox news sunday." chris wallace is in singapore and tonight fixed pm eastern brett air live from singapore for a special report breaking over there to cover it all. >> on the heels of a summit, chinese president xi jinping spoke up in defense of free trade. the chinese president xi: trade of policies selfish and shortsighted. during the organization meeting in china. president xi is joined by other world leaders such as russian president vladimir putin who president trump mention should be brought dark to the table at the g7 meeting. more on the fallout of the g7 summit, let's bring in financial analyst.
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thank you for joining us. appreciate her perspective on this. >> a bit of a nerve. i want to get your take on the narrative. we had initially heard they had guns really although there were some tense moments. the white house is saying look at the president was stab in the back what is your take on that. >> i agree president trump right now is very upset. the u.s. did agree to sit him down and have common interests with all the other countries in the deal, plus the u.s., but shortly after the president left, the president of canada, justin trudeau decided to have a press briefing and hit back hard with more retaliatory tariffs and punish the u.s., which is a very different chord or tone that was struck down at the
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meeting. >> that is why he's very upside to the two leaders are calling us backstabbin >> the president specifically talked about dealing aluminum than we've seen threats of retaliatory tariffs like you mentioned. what does the economic landscape looked especially globally after july 1st and as we get into august and september. it's going to spiral out of control. >> a trade war will cost the economy to go into recession. we don't want that to happen. every time we had trade talks coming out of the white house come in the stock market, for example has a tough time ago in now. the stock market is down to retire with tough trade rhetoric and industrials like boeing and caterpillar have large cap companies sending 30 of them in the dow jones in the sea. the most highly watched and to see that most americans track and follow. this is not a positive for our
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economy. but on the opposing and his president trump is trying to level the playing field. he wants their reciprocal trade and if people like canada and china and the e.u. in mexico lower their terrorist on the u.s., it would get out of tears in the end. >> you talk about their reciprocal trade. at the same, farmers in virginia are going to be feeling the pain on this one. what is necessary and what steps can be taken in a positive direction to ease the tension and not hurt people who essentially are the base of his supporters. >> or hear you. pro-business republicans and canada is imposing double or triple the cost than we do for a dairy farmers to get stuff over to canada. the european union, and e.u. imposes 10% tariff that we impose on the two by five
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honors. there are many unfair situations across the board, so the best way i think to resolve this is for every country, which tried at least six of us to get in a room together and agree to have more free and fair. >> and gathering the nuances, specific good but some are completely unfair. was that the opportunity? >> it was. but the u.s. agreeing to have some common interest of the g7 and resolve some of those inside book, were really disciplined and good will hit back hard and punish them. that is not right. you are saying something to the u.s. and president trump behind closed doors in a meeting and a few hours later after the president leaves, you're backtracking i'm not the mess i president trump is changed his
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mind. >> into the president is going to be aggressive. he's got high expectations and is not going to take any chances on looking weak, and that he did. thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> coming up, primaries on tuesday including south carolina. the governor there, henry mcmaster joins us for a new term and how his relationship with president trump plays with his supporters. plus, northern iowa dealing with major flooding after torrential rains. more from president trump's historic kim jong un in singapore and what it would mean for the history books. >> is not so much in the protocols you've seen. he's willing to pull away from the deal, pull out of the meeting minutes it makes them
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leland: video from northern iowa where there is more brain on the way. residents told the state indoors during its heavy flooding in mason city police asked people
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to stay home because they wanted to keep the flooded streets and other public spaces clear. rockford issued what they called and no inbound traffic advisory. stay away warning. forecasters say 80% chance of more rain tonight. just that they don't need. >> south carolinians head to the polls to face the tuesday primary. if they're paying attention, president trump is not shy about who he feels is best fit. henry mcmaster loves the people of south carolina and was with me from the very beginning. great for military and our veterans. he's doing a fantastic job as governor and has my full endorsement aired a special guy on tuesday. mcmaster joins us now live, sir. that is a nice endorsement i must say. and you are of if not the first
10:23 am
statewide elected officials to endorse the president in 2016. how confident are you going into the primaries on tuesday? >> we are very confident that i'm just thrilled to have the president endorsed them. of course he came down andad a big rally and fundraiser in a sober and now he's treated again. i've been to the white house a number of times. most recently when we sent the troops to the mexican border at his request. i think he's going to end up being one of the best presidents we've ever had. no doubt he's changing the world. the country is booming is so a south carolina and much of that is because of one man, donald trump. elizabeth: will be honest, looking at statewide polling and john warren is gaining the lead in his outsider speaking of the campaign message that works, the outsider, the businessman. >> yeah, it does.
10:24 am
i've been elected office for almost 12 years now. i've seen changes in south carolina and i've got legislation passed to change things and help anything safer. i do not candidate running on either party that has experience in montfort made. i worked in education as well. the way i see it as economic growth and prosperity, one for its been a good education are the same things the president is for. we want to put law enforcement officers in every school to keep the shooters out. he's in favor of that. we are doing things here. i'm doing the things he's doing there in south carolina. just in the time i've been in office, i do not explode in dollars in new investment and 20,000 new jobs. that's the best record we've ever had in south carolina and a part of that of course is due to president trump. elizabeth: that being said can
10:25 am
assert that one of the most conservative districts in the nation. what is separating you from the candidate? south curlin and care about immigration and want to talk tax reform that takes place in the building behind me. how are you separating yourself? >> i couldn't hear you. leland: how are you separating yourself from other candidates? >> i'm the one that has the record. ronald reagan's first united states attorney prosecuted aspects in voter fraud and also drug smugglers come to send to jail as attorney general. one after criminal domestic violence. just in the time that i've been governor, as i've said, we've worked hard with a new kind of prosperity joining the brainpower of research universities of their great technical college system with these fantastic companies coming here and we've announced as they say that 6 billion in investment and 20,000 new and we're
10:26 am
supercharging that right now. >> i want our viewers to get a taste of the campaign commercials we see down south and get your reaction. take a listen, sir. >> we are unafraid to take a stand on what is right. we love god and we love you. >> south carolina is the most conservative state in america. but our current politicians constantly increase spending and then cover their corrupt, you know why. >> it seems as if everyone is striving to be more conservative. i'm curious as to what it's going to come down to when voters head to the polls on tuesday and could this go to a runoff as it often does in south carolina it should. we will win the primary and if we don't win that, we will win the runoff and then win the general election. i think the voters in south carolina are conservative.
10:27 am
i have a conservative record. i've done these things and also done the kind of things resident trump is doing. he's the reason this country is flourishing and we want to keep we win here with 6 billion inike capital investment and 20,000 new jobs in a record. comment you don't hire the experience coach. you give back coach more years and that's what i'm asking people to do. >> a book on tuesday. keep you posted. thank you.e november. >> thank you very much. leland: you cannot justify to the short list of triple crown winners and brain dns bats. this magnificent run it almonte and what it means. world leaders at the g-7 summit. how comments made by the canadian prime minister and the president are playing not only
10:28 am
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10:33 am
of brotherly love, evidently he was able to find a suit jacket finally. on the dial here in washington. chris, we know the president's supporters love the tough talk. they love a president to stand fighting back either at home around the world stage, counterpunching the college. do they distinguish between punching allies and adversaries? >> it seems like all the right people if you're a trump supporter, all the right people are really ticked off this morning. i've got to tell you, when you see john mccain say most american voters are globalist and acl before and had estates screaming and yelling, i don't know, the worm has turned a bit and americans are waking to the fact that all the right people seem to be upset. so we don't know and nothing is in stone. i don't think us a lot of americans is they will spend a
10:34 am
lot of time considering what canada wants. leland: on that note, a lot of democrats who could add to the list of people who are upset this morning. dianne feinstein on the sunday shows lose their mind over how the president is creating the canadians. >> if we get away from whether or not, which party is going to benefit. trade to dare to dream. find the time in washington lately that's not all about which party will benefit from some in. >> i'm going to say this. one of the things the chief diplomat has to do is strike deals. the president gave his word he would do something. after he left, he became offended and went back on his word. he's going to singapore to strike a deal. one thing that inch under
10:35 am
national diplomacy requires the stability and people look at this newspaper strike a deal because that's there when he leaves, he might change his mind. i don't think it's in the best interest of the country as far as been able to make deals with allies or enemies in the future. >> we look at chris's response quickly. larry kudlow on cnn a little bit earlier said hitting back if you will and presenting the scientific canadian prime minister was all about the north korean deal. take a listen. >> i personally negotiated with prime minister trudeau, by the way basically likes working with, but you know, here's the thing. he really kind of stopped us in the back. the question for you. such tough language about the canadians. you see what the chinese are doing, whether attacking into our military warfare plan as they just did with the u.s.
10:36 am
navy, whether it be on cte and the things that company did or other mobile phone companies. we don't see the harsh rhetoric against the president of china. we see against canada. >> trumpets had a lot of harsh rhetoric. but with a dead to bring us to singapore. don't discount how much they had to do in this upcoming summit. they knew. >> at the u.s. didn't have the chinese to do that? >> i don't know that with given up anything yet. if it means we are sitting down to the table now with north korea and talking about a potential nuclear summit that could turn into a peace accord for the korean pennant, give-and-take. trump has consistently, much like a the masterfully when he's talked about the border situation. all he wants is a secure border
10:37 am
and he's willing to grant the daca folks, what the democrats want. similarly with canada and other nations. they won't take a note terrorist deal. why is that exactly? leland: garland, a last word. i think what we're looking at now is a lot of countries looking at them and they may be making a trade deal with them is more stable. i may not trust them on some things them on something but at least they keep their words on trade and awareness because we are in competition when it comes to the international trade. trade to the chinese expanding in africa and south america as well, especially near the panama canal. suit jacket or not come to see you soon. there you go. >> won the presidents upcoming summit with kim jong said kim jong said they do now that
10:38 am
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elizabeth: the much-anticipated summit between president trump and dictator kim jong un marks a major mild tone in the diplomacy on the korean peninsula. president trump were telling reporters friday that all issues on the table between the leaders scheduled for tuesday. joining us now to discuss the political implications of the june 12 summit. thank you for joining us. obviously it's here now, approaching quickly. i am curious as to just your
10:43 am
reaction as we head into the meetings on tuesday. your expectations familiar with the korean peninsula. the discussion that we've had in weeks past, certainly different now because there's a more pleasant tone heading into tuesday. what's your reaction? >> this is a good first step. i listen to the rhetoric that the president loses leverage a few shakes hand with kim jong un. i think the supreme leader will lose leverage by shaking hands of the american president threatening a military action if this falls apart, if this doesn't work. listening to lindsey graham's words on keeping the military option allies. that is fired power in order to make smart power work. that was conveyed to kim jong un by secretary pompeo in his visit by now but it looks like, what it would look like to kim jong un if we took the option. >> so often we've had experts on the show talk about what the
10:44 am
conversations should look like when they say they want complete denuclearization. do they want a media? do they want to be progressive and have u.s. forces out of the peninsula? if things don't go according to plan, what is the backup plan? >> maximum pressure. economic pressure with the military option on the table. north korea will only be as strong as china and russia allow it to be or back it up. taking a cue from the democrats, and they saw how we be every india was an iec democrat thing there should be a complete dismantling of the nuclear program and no incentives before they're taken by the supreme leader and no sunset clauses. you almost have a united front for the first-time mononuclear program. democrats and republicans want
10:45 am
to be tough here in north korea which gives the president leverage. >> where and how does china play in that? will we be hearing from them this week? >> you saw key meetings take place between kim jong ahead of the summit and that is to give some leverage in these meetings. if the president walks away, that is not a bad thing. you can't make these concessions. you can give them what they wanted. they wanted the every india. if we lost away from the iran deal come with a bus in leverage to north korea. leland: on the heels of the g-7 summit, confident, more confident, impactful at all? >> there's dealing with allies in the g-7. i don't understand without russia making concessions in the area, human rights issues in ukraine. but i am canada.
10:46 am
i understand burkle and dealing with european allies there. but i don't think that for us is the president get a win with north korea making concessions to have some deal to balance withhe criticism from the g-7 summit. >> from their life experiences, how surprised would you be if there is major progress that happened on tuesday? >> i think that there's not major progress, critics will say this is a failure. it's a good thing for the president to be there. the meeting is tuesday. there is breath happening tomorrow and the president will not have that handshake with kim jong un if it looks all for show and is not serious about this. i am cautiously optimistic, but what i will not do was support a bad nuclear deal with north korea just like iran. >> did i get your name right? took me a couple times. thank you so much. appreciate it.
10:47 am
>> the puerto rican day parade in new york city. a very special meaning in that community as we can still see hurricane maria. bryan llenas on the streets in new york. reporter: hi, leland vittert the 61st annual puerto rican day parade. but this year the significance is different. hurricane maria matters as well. we will have more after the
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izabeth: quick clarification. earlier in my interview i mentioned john warren was an elite and the rate while he is on the rolls, governor mcmaster still maintains a double-digit lead. leland: it happens every year, the tastier the parade in new york is especially meaningful after hurricane maria. nine months after the storm hit, and on the streets of new york city as the parade is underway. hi, brian. >> the puerto rican day parade is always about the culture of the puerto rican people. it's all about showing their resilient nine months after
10:52 am
paying tribute to those who died in honoring the first responders marching down fifth avenue. also, symbolism for you. we are in front of trump tower as this goes by. they are also reminding the government that there still needs work to be done after the hurricane hits. hurricane maria was a catastrophic storm. $90 billion in damage on record in the united states. also causing the largest blackout in the u.s. yet ever since then, the puerto rican government has been off but the numbers of people who have died. a study says that estimate should be closer to 5000. speaking of people who want to remind people hurricane maria matters. andrew cuomo spoke more about what needs to be done. >> we did more help, better health, faster help for other countries than we have done in
10:53 am
hurricane maria. the people of puerto rico are american citizens and there are no second-class american citizens. >> those being honored include jorge posada, legendary yankees catcher who's given over a billion dollars to helping hurricane maria. a cbs correspondent has been tirelessly working on the island to bring the story to the people. on top of all of that, google has set up a page. people can donate to help out the many small businesses out there. 90% of employees out there in puerto rico are trying to help get that up and running. google will match up to
10:54 am
$2 million. so again, helped donate money. again, the party very much continues here. it is about reminding the world -- ♪ [inaudible] hurricane maria matters. leland: bryan llenas on the street where it's a little loud. thank you. elizabeth: survivors of the shooting at the santa fe high school were honored this weekend. the event featured athletes attach printers and mark cuban, saying it was a chance to take their mind off of the events of may 18th. >> it was amazing. just i'm reaching out. taking their minds off what happened and honestly i totally
10:55 am
forgot about anything that happened today. >> the santa fe shooting was the 22nd fatal school shooting in 28 team. leland: it's how you what is up for justified after winning the triple crown and perhaps even a surprise contestant in a beard contest from around the world. the annual french championship of the beard. [inaudible conversations] can show dad where he's from ...and strengthen the bonds you share. give dad ancestrydna for just $69- our lowest father's day price ever. for just $69- we believe nutrition is full of possibilities to improve
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leland: justify the 13th triple-crown winner. completed a sweep to have kentucky derby, stakes and belmont. get this, justify was purchased for half a million dollars already earned 800,000 for belmont win, nearly $4 million in his career and it'll be worth a lot more over the coming years. yeah. liz: king of competition in france. more than 60 competitors took part in second championship of beards saturday. contest had categories for best longer than 7-inches, best mustache and free style. one judge says it's all about
11:00 am
creativity. leland: considering love of mustaches, you could have been a judge. on that note, chris wallace from singapore coming up. have a great week. we will see you next weekend. chris: i'm chris wallace, live in singapore where president trump has just arrived for his historic summit with north korea's kim jong un. >> it's a one-time shot and i think it's going to work out very well. chris: this hour we will preview high-risk, high-reward and discuss what's at stake at president trump presses kim to give up nuclear and long-range missiles that pose a growing threat to the u.s. asking veteran diplomats about the challenge of negotiating with the north koreans. then the president's other summit this week, confronting


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