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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  June 10, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, america. president trump and kim jong-un arrive here in singapore ahead of their historic summit. the trump administration accuses canada of stabbing the u.s. in the back. and an inside look at america's top diplomat, secretary of state mike pompeo. this is special report. good evening. good morning here in singapore. i'm bret baier. welcome to a special edition of special report. we are live from singapore where it is 6:00 a.m. monday morning. and where history will be made at the capella hotel in 27 hours when president trump meets north korean leader kim jong-un in a bid to get the world's most
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isolated nation to give up its nuclear weapons. and its nuclear weapons ambitions. for president trump, it's his biggt moment yet on the world stage. for kim jong-un, it is recognition that he and his country are major players on that global stage. we have an exciting hour of coverage ahead looking aho the summit on tuesday, also looking back at this weekend's g-7 meeting in canada that ended with a big bang. we begin right now with chief white house correspondent john roberts who has been traveling with the president. good morning, john. >> bret, good morning to you. what we're witnessing unfold here in singapore could be truly historic. what happens here over the next few days could begin the process to eliminate one of the gravest threats facing the world, or it could go nowhere. president trump touched down in singapore pronouncing that he is feeling good about the prospects of his meeting with kim jong-un, but as he departed the g-7
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summit in quebec, president trump acknowledged he was flying into the unknown. >> it's unknown territory in the truest sense. but i really feel confident. i feel that kim jong-un wants to do something great for his people, and he has that opportunity. and he won't have that opportunity again. it's never going to be there again. >> kim jong-un had arrived earlier in the day traveling farther than he ever has as north korea's leader courtesy of china's national airlines. kim later meeting with the summit host singapore's prime minister. president trump will meet with him today. the red line at tuesday's talks the complete verifiable dismantingling -- dismantling of north korea's nuclear program. >> how long will it take whether
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or not they are serious? i said maybe in the first minute. you know the way they say you know if you are going to like somebody in the first five seconds, you ever hear that one? well, i think that very quickly i will know whether or not something good is going to happen. >> back home, calls for the president to bring whatever deal he cuts with kim to congress. massachusetts senator ed markey who never asked president obama's iran deal to be ratified says congress should have its say. >> i think it would be wise for the president to come to congress to ensure that there is a ratification of any agreement which does take place between the north koreans and the united states. >> but president trump had already preempted markey saying on friday he would make any agreement with north korea a treaty, unlike the iran deal. >> i would only do a deal if i get it through congress. i wouldn't do like obama did. >> as he arrives in singapore for perhaps the most important meeting of his presidency,
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president trump leaves behind grumbling allies at the g-7, after president trump departed quebec, canada's prime minister ripped him up one side and down the other on trade. >> it is kind of insulting. and i highlighted that it was not helping in our renegotiation of nafta. >> that prompted retaliation from president trump who tweeted he has instructed our u.s. reps not to endorse the summit communique and criticized trudeau as dishonest and weak. chief economic advisor larry kudlow said trudeau stabbed the president in the back, double crossed him. >> trudeau decided to attack the president. that's the key point. and yes, you know, if you attack this president, he's going to fight back. >> kudlow added there is no room for a show of weakness before this important summit on tuesday. here's the way it will unfold, the president's first meeting will occur at 9:00 in the morning singapore time. it will be a one-on-one with kim
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jong-un, just the two leaders plus their interpreters. an expanded meeting will happen lat later. >> john roberts, thank you. what are your predictions on the summit? let me know on twitter or on facebook. meantime, while the summit is officially between the u.s. and north korea, that does not mean other major world powers are standing idly by. right now chief national correspondent ed henry shows us how some of the other players are playing all the angles. >> good to see you here, bret. it was only last summer in fact that russia and china thought they would be pulling the strings on a nuclear summit with north korea. they had proposed a double freeze where kim jong-un would freeze his nuclear and missile testing in exchange the u.s.
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would freeze joint military exercises with south korea. president trump rejected that clearly went his own way. since then, russia and china are trying tohese talks as much as they can from the outside. and so contrary to the narrative that's been out there so long that the president bends over backwards to accommodate putin. this is an example of putin anxiously trying to stay relevant, rushing his foreign minister lavrov to pyongyang to meet with kim about ten days ago and putin is not shrinking from asserting himself. he went to beijing friday to meet with the chinese president, hailing what they called a comprehensive strategic partnership including working together to try to save the iran nuclear deal against president trump's wishes. when president trump initially called this summit off, he griped that after meeting with xi, kim had gotten more belligerent with the nuclear --.
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but republican graham told fox he believes the president has turned out to be a good poker player himself particularly when you consider the president's meeting with xi at mar-a-lago last year in which the u.s. at that time was bombing syria and all this played out. watch. >> i think the president has convinced china that north korea is a liability not an asset. china likes it when north korea keeps us off balance and creates chaos in the world. but they would not like a war in china's backyard between the united states and north korea because we would win the war. north korea would lose. and it would be devastating for the region, the world, particularly china. >> we had the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you have ever seen. i said, mr. president, let me explain something to you. we've just fired 59 missiles, all of which hit by the way. he paused for ten seconds, and then he asked the interpreter to play say it again -- to please
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say it again. i didn't think that was a good sign. i think he understood the message and i understood what he was saying to me. >> at the time last year the press largely focused on that point about the chocolate cake, but maybe the point was made to xi that u.s. will back up its talk with military. president trump maybe wants to move quickly from here in singapore to a summit in perhaps the u.s. or somewhere else with putin. helping u.s. deal with iran and syria, but helps putin showing him wielding power on the world stage. the president said xi is a poker player. you have this trade war with the united states and china right now. xi knows full well that president trump does not want to come back from here empty handed so you have china pushing kim to not just give in on anything, to maybe drag this out a little bit so that china can try to get some concessions for the u.s. on trade. so it's multidimensional chess right now. >> he said/she said.
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>> you can say that. >> i had to do it. thanks. >> whatever happens at the summit here in singapore, it will have major ramifications for the rest of the world in general. for the asian-pacific region, in particular. with that story tonight, from seoul south korea, here's senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot. >> no one's looking closer at what's happening at the singapore trump kim summit than those on the korean peninsula and region. most directly affected by tensions that have set the area to the brink of nuc war. north koreans have been living -- south koreans have been living in the shadow of north korea's threat for years. the reason why south korean president moon jae in took the diplomatic lead with two summits with kim. the locals however have been through peace moves before. >> it's not a sense of
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delusional hope here but there's cautious optism that we are see -- optimism that we are seeing developments. >> also mentioned at last week's white house summit with president trump, japanese prime minister abe's concern about humanitarian issues especially japanese citizens who have been kidnapped by north korea. >> translator: i have explained the abduction issue again and conveyed to him the earnest wish of the families of the abductees. >> both countries interest will be taken into account in singapore according to secretary of state pompeo. >> there's no daylight between the south koreans, the japanese and the united states with respect to our approach. to how we resolve this issue with respect to north korea. >> as for north korean citizens, they reportedly don't even know when or where the summit is happening. just that their leader will be meeting with president trump. analysts say he cares less about them, more about getting
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respect. >> having high level me they can build a narrative around that and portray the leader as an equal to the president of the united states. >> all sides are looking also at whether there at least could be some movement at this meeting towards the declaring of an end to the korean war. that conflict was halted with a truce some 65 years ago. that indeed would be a peace dividend from the singapore summit. bret? >> greg palkot live in seoul. one hour later. thanks. let's talk more about the regional expectations for this summit. joining me here in singapore, seoul bureau chief for the "wall street journal" and white house correspondent for the daily mail. i want to talk first about what the expectations are when the definition both sides may look to for denuclearization. heading in, jonathan, what do you think? >> well, look, this has been the top topic for the past couple of
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months. what's striking here is that we still don't have a completely sort of one to one understanding of what exactly is meant by denuclzation. north korea talks about the complete denuclearization of the korean peninsula. donald trump has talked about and the u.s. position has been for complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization. we could talk about the various differences between the two of them. there are gaps still. it is unclear whether or not they have been bridged in the meantime because we have had a lot of shuttle di plo ma si take place -- diplomacy taking place the last couple of weeks. we just don't know and we may not know until tuesday. >> it's amazing, it is a direct result of the maximum pressure campaign. the only reason north korea is sitting down at the table with trump is that they believe for the first time that they've got somebody in the white house they don't know how to deal with, and trump's goal is to eliminate
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their nuclear missile program, not contain it, and i think he's got north korea and china's attention. >> certainly kim wants the photographs of him shaking hands with president trump because that's legitimate and even more important that means he solidifies his rule at home. we will see those pictures of trump and kim for decades in north korea. so you know, president trump gives up a lot of leverage as soon as he shakes hands with kim. >> to gordon's point there at the end, at the beginning of this summit, kim gets one of the big things he wants which is this picture >> right, speaking to what lindsay graham also said later on, it's peace or war. he thinks those are the two options potentially coming out of this, if president trump doesn't eventually get a deal with north korea to denuclearize. he said we could talk for days about the definition of that. that's what we hope to do to talk days for that. you had mike pompeo refusing to tell reporters at the white house last week how closer they
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had gotten on that. he said they had on the definition but we don't know how much closer. i have experts telling me that north korea doesn't just consider denuclearization of the peninsula, that they could expect that to extend to our military presence in guam. that's a question as to president trump and the u.s. is prepared to offer that. >> i want to read something from richard hoss after the g-7 back and forth and what ended up happening there. the unravelling of the g-7 summit works in north korea's favor, he writes, as president trump will not want to bust up two summits in a row, lest people conclude he is the problem. increases incentive for kim to up his asks and limit his compromises and for trump to do the opposite, hardly the ideal context. jonathan, couldn't somebody look at that and say couldn't it be the exact opposite, that he's willing to just get up from the table and say this isn't going to work and walk away? >> well, look, i think there's a case to be made that kim can win either way. i mean obviously he gets everything that he wants if he
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makes a big ask and gets it. that's obviously good for him. you are right. there is a possibility that even if things don't go well -- go well, he said look i acted in good faith i handed over the detainees, i blew up the site, i've been honest. >> you have to admit the hostages coming back, north korea at the table, the paradigm has shifted, something changed from all the six party talks efforts before to get to this point. residentmp says that would be him. it's because he's here now and the north koreans understand that he's not playing around. and it could go the opposite way. if he feels that they are not serious, he said, within the first minute of sitting down, he will get up and walk away. that's actually an opportunity potentially for the president to show his strength here and to show not just to kim jong-un but also justin trudeau the prime minister of canada that when the u.s. is pushed, that he will push back. and that's something we heard
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larry kudlow the economic advisor to the president say this morning too. that they feel that trudeau is trying to embarrass president trump on the eve of this historic summit. and that they are not going to let that happen. >> we just heard from greg palkot in seoul. obviously seoul is watching all this closely. at one point they wanted to be at the table. but that first meeting is just translators and the two leaders. what is seoul looking at? how concerned are they about what comes out of this? >> well, they are concerned but they are also very hopeful. keep in mind the president of south korea has invested a great ns whole process. he's been the one keeping things on track even though when it looked like things were going off the rails in one direction or the other. i think he understands inherently that donald trump, with kim jong-un, off volatile mix here. we don't know what's going to come out of tuesday. i think people in seoul are definitely crossing their fingers though. >> we appreciate the early morning. go have some breakfast. thank you for being here. up next, waiting for the inspector general's report on the hilary clinton e-mail
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investigation. we will have that. first here's what some of our fox affiliates around the u.s. are covering tonight. fox 31 in denver has a wildfire that's forced the evacuation of hundreds of homes. in southwestern colorado, doubles in size today during hot dry and windy weather there. the fire has burned 26 square miles as of now. residents of about 1300 homes have been ordered t evacuate. no homes have been lost fortunately yet. the cause of that fire is still not known. fox 6 in milwaukee, one man dies when a helicopter hits power lines and plunges into the fox river in eastern wisconsin. the county sheriff's office says the helicopter went down saturday in oshkosh after it hit those electrical wires. it took hours to recover the body because crews could not immediately get into the water about concerns about the live wires. and this is a live look from new york from our affiliate fox 5. one of the big stories there tonight, hundreds of thousands of people line the streets of manhattan for the annual puerto
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rico day parade. this year's celebration also a remembrance for those who lost their lives during hurricane maria. first responders were honored cluding a special team of new york police fire and other personnel who helped in hurricane maria's aftermath. that's the live look outside the beltway from special report. we are way outside the beltway. we will be right back to singapore after the break. there's a new place with daily laundry service. a place with a day spa. a place where seniors get the care they need in the comfort of home. home instead senior care.
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bret: welcome back to singapore, site of this week's summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong-un. while this historic meeting is certainly dominating news coverage here and back home, there are also some other big issues being talked about in
3:22 pm
washington. chief congressional correspondent mike emmanuel shows us what's going on. >> with department of justice inspector general horowitz expected to release his report this week, key lawmakers are anxious to learn his findings. >> hear him say one way or the other whether or not the clinton e-mail investigation was professionally done on the up and up and what he thinks about the fisa warrant. >> a senior house republican says he expects the ig report to be tough on former fbi director james comey. >> it's going to in my opinion justify and then some the firing of this person who made decisions that he could do what he wanted to do and not just in the case of the actions with this president, but even beforehand, time and time again, comey from day one assumed that he could do whatever he wanted. >> the house judiciary chairman says some of the ig's findings will likely reveal there was illegal activity. >> i do believe that there have been laws broken. i think that the matter with
3:23 pm
regard to andrew mccabe and leaks related to that reflect on that. >> there's also the broader issue of whether it's worth giving former fbi director andrew mccabe immunity to get him to talk. >> if he has something to really deliver, i certainly believe it should be considered. oddly enough, though, in order to give immunity, the senate has to go and give notice to the department of justice and tell them what it's about. so that may be a little bit more -- than you can think of. >> negotiations continue whether the president will sit down with special counsel mueller. some have suggested the risk could outweigh the reward for the president. a former independent counsel was asked if he sees similarities in his investigation in the clinton era with the mueller probe. >> there's no question. any time a president is under attack, the president or at least the president's supporters will likely go on the attack. hey, he's my guy and you are attacking my guy. >> it's an effective strategy. >> it can be. >> another hot topic this week
3:24 pm
is house republicans wrestling once again with immigration. a member close to the talks says if a deal isn't reached in the next 24 hours, you can expect that discharge petition to get to the 218 votes needed and set the house on a path to voting on a bunch of bills that will never become law. bret? bret: big story we're following, mike emmanuel up on the hill thanks. up next here from singapore, a big moment for secretary of state mike pompeo as well. we will take an inside look. first beyond our borders tonight, thousands of women turned british cities into rivers of green white and violet sunday to mark 100 years since the first women won the right to vote in the u.k. they marched through london and belfast wearing scarves and the colors of the movement that fought for the female vote. tens of thousands of people from spain's country joined hands to form a human chain running some 125 miles to call for the right to hold a regional
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independent vote there. the demonstration took place just over a month since vast militant group announced its dissolution. italy says the 3 week old italian government's position on the euro is clear and unanimous. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight as we mentioned we're beyond the borders too. back to singapore after this quick break. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. with proskin technology intimates overnight
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the summit of course president trump's moment to shine. but it is also casting a spot light on the man who is america's top diplomat. a look tonight at secretary of state mike pompeo, from correspondent rich edson also here in singapore. >> he's twice met the leader no sitting american president has. secretary of state mike pompeo has spent showers with north korean dictator kim jong-un. >> he has indicated to me personally that he is prepared to denuclearize. that he understands that the current model doesn't work. >> before the senate even confirmed him as secretary of state, mike pompeo led the trump administration's diplomacy towards north korea. secretly travelling to pyongyang easter weekend as cia director and again weeks after arriving at the state department. through those conversations he says he believed kim jong-un understands both countries have to take bold steps to achieve a historic outcome. president trump is surrounded by diverse opinions on north korea. national security advisor who in
3:30 pm
february wrote in the "wall street journal," quote, the legal case for striking north korea first. john bolton also argued north korea should disarm as libya did, surrender its nuclear program in its entirety up front. secretary pompeo has detailed a much more nuanced approach. when the president outside attorney described kim jong-un after the apparent cancellation of this summit. >> kim jong-un got back on his hands and knees and begged for it. >> secretary pompeo dismissed it. >> we are moving forward, focusing on the important things. i know rudy -- rudy doesn't speak for the administration when it comes to the negotiation and this set of issues. >> a senior state official says secretary pompeo speaks with the president about this sometimes several times a day and they have been working on this issue since the president took office. pompeo says kim is also prepared. >> he knows his brief. he knows what he is trying to achieve for the north korean people. he's able to deal with complexity when the conversation requires it.
3:31 pm
>> secretary pompeo arrived in singapore with president trump on board air force one. he leaves alone, traveling to seoul in beijing, to update regional allies and adversaries of whatever the president and kim accomplished here. bret? bret: rich edson, just around the block here in singapore, rich, thank you. syrian president says the west is fuelling the devastating war in his country with the aim of toppling him. assad tells an interviewer today western nations have lied about the chemical attacks in syria and backed terrorist groups there. he says russia has supported his government against what he calls the foreign invasion. the syrian civil war began in 2011 and has claimed nearly a half million lives. well, as john mentioned earlier in the show, president trump arrived here in singapore after leaving the g-7 economic summit in canada. and to say that he shook things up there would be well an understatement. not long after the president
3:32 pm
departed, his top trade advisor accused canada of stabbing the u.s. in the back. here's correspondent ellison barber. >> on july 1st, canada says it will impose roughly 12.8 billion dollars worth of retaliatory tariffs on the u.s., taxes on goods in two lists, variation of products made from steel, iron, aluminium, items many americans have at home, yogurt, chocolate, maple syrup, coffee, whiskeys, playing cards, toilet paper, ballpoint pens. >> i don't want to hurt american workers. they are our neighbors. they are our friends. my job is to stand up for canadian workers. >> the prime minister trudeau says he does not want to impose the tariffs but claims he has no choice. >> the administration's choice to impose illegal and unacceptable tariffs illegitimate and unacceptable tariffs to canadian steelworkers and autoworkers, must be met
3:33 pm
with an equivalent response. >> that news conference enraged the president and his administration. they say canada has wronged the u.s. on trade for years, that the u.s.'s steel and aluminium tariffs on canada, mexico and the european union are a national security necessity. president trump says the u.s. is now looking at adding more tariffs, this time on automobile imports. >> there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. i will tell you this, to my friends in canada, that was one of the worst political miscalculations of theian leader in modern canadian history. >> one republican congressman says the president isn't wrong when it comes to some of his complaints on trade, but he's concerned about a trade war. >> in my district i hear from farmers, i hear from heavy equipment manufacturers, all of them have concerns about tariffs
3:34 pm
specifically with canada. he needs to be strong in getting a better deal, but making sure too that we don't get into a full-fledged trade war. tariffs could possibly lead us there. >> there are also questions about what this could mean for talks. u.s. secretary of commerce previously said the talks were separate from tariffs. but on saturday canada's foreign minister said they work on negotiations under the quote threat of tariffs. bret? bret: thank you. we will talk with an all star panel in d.c., when we come back to singapore. ♪ how do you like me now ♪ now that i'm on my way ♪ do you still think i'm crazy standing here today ♪ ♪ i couldn't make you love me applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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certain medicines. tell your doctor about all planned medical or dental procedures. eliquis, the number one cardiologist-prescribed blood thinner. ask your doctor if eliquis is what's next for you. >> it's clear that the past set orts have not succeeded. i'm a believer in diplomacy. and i'm open to new methods of trying to accomplish the consistent objective that we have of full denuclearization. i think the question is are we walked in prepared? are we walking in with our allies behind us? are we in a position to understand that one meeting is not going to be one and done, this is the start of a serious negotiating process. bret: former national security advisor susan rice talking about this up coming summit between president trump and kim jong-un, both leaders traveling a long
3:39 pm
distance. obviously coming from canada, the g-7 summit, the president did, but washington, d.c. to singapore here and pyongyang. this is the farthest that kim jong-un has traveled since taking power in 2011. no sitting president has met with a leader as far as we know, a north korean leader or spoken to one on the phone as far as we know. what about the expectations here? what are the possibilities? let's bring in our panel from d.c. molly hemmingway, senior editor at the federalist, susan page, washington bureau chief at usa today. and tom rogan, commentary writer for the washington examiner. tom, i think there has been a setting of expectations, a little bit of saying this could be the first of several summits. what are you thoughts headi into tuesday? >> well, the first thing i think that is clear now that this progressive step process that the north koreans in particular wanted will be the case. but i think on the part of the trump administration, especially
3:40 pm
pushing this narrative by secretary of state pompeo both outside and besigned the scene -- behind the scenes, need to have some tangible product behind this summit. i think what will be some kind of limited inspection presence from the iaea in north korea following the summit. how intrusive is that? does it involve snap inspections? president trump will need a deliverable that he can say well, look, there's something tangible here which means this process must go on. bret: yeah. susan? >> you know, i think the issue is not only what the north koreans agree to do but what the u.s. gives up to achieve some kind of deliverable, something so president trump can say it is a success. we have already given up quite a bit. we have given this meeting which the north koreans wanted. we are going to have the picture which the north koreans have wanted of the two leaders shaking hands as equals.
3:41 pm
so i think one concern that some have is that the united states not give more ground on things without the north koreans taking tangible steps that actually lead to a reduction of the nuthreat. >> one thing, molly, that the president said on friday before leaving was that he really wants congress in this whole thing. take a listen. >> i would only do a deal if i get it through congress. i wouldn't do like obama did and he wasn't able to get it through. he tried to get it through, the iran deal, he tried to get it through congress, failed so he just did it without which is why i was able to break it up so easy. >> so i mean, adding to the challenges here, the challenge to get -- to get congress to get an actual treaty through. >> it is absolutely true that president obama's failure to seal his iran deal with congressional approval sealed
3:42 pm
the fate of that deal. it is very easy to change things if you don't have treatied ratified by the senate. -- treaties ratified by the senate. it is important that the senate be on board and that the american people be on board, understand fully what we are giving in exchange for denuclearization if that is what is on the table. it is absolutely important that we get some indication right away that north korea is serious. they have a long history of promising grandiose things and failing to -- failing to comply with what they have promised after they get the goods from other countries. i don't think the americans are interested in that kind of agreement this time around. >> you ask americans about it, and we took a poll, a fox news poll recently and you ask them about the possibilities, will north korea ever give up its nuclear weapons? 28% say now yes. 60% say no. and you can see kind of the change from march of 2018. the other question was, who would get the better deal?
3:43 pm
and most people now, 40% say donald trump would get the better deal, kim jong-un 30%. we don't know what we don't know about behind the scenes in these negotiations, tom, but the first meeting is going to be with twoeaders and just translators. nobody else. >> yes, exactly. and you know, apart from the tensions between the north korean and security service and the secret service, you know, i think the baseline here will be president trump testing kim jong-un as to what he can get out of it. and the critical factor as well is not just the summit and what follows it but how external actors react to it as well, specifically the chinese and the russians. we already see someone i have talked to who has been in north korea recently mentioned that the actual flow of goods across that border has significantly up ticked as the summit has progressed to its arrival, and so for president trump to retain that pressure alongside little concessions and little gains will be a difficult balancing act because of course if the chinese are able to double down
3:44 pm
their support for kim jong-un is incentive to just play this out and behind the scenes develop the war head vehicle -- there are a lot of moving parts here. mike pompeo as the lead cia director, he has the president's trust and also has an understanding of what is going on here. bret: susan, i have heard anecdotally that kim jong-un has expressed a need and a want for investment in this country, in north korea. and even hotels along the coastline and has kind of mused about that in meetings. the question is, is getting from one point to the next? >> yeah, having a mcdonald's in downtown pyongyang that would be something perhaps he would be interested in. well, i think we're counting on that. i think when you hear president trump talk about why north korea may be willing to give up its nukes and there's a lot of skepticism about that, it is because it could draw the kind of investment and development
3:45 pm
that would make things better for their people. molly made a good point which is that north korea has a history of not keeping with its deals. i will be curious to see if it raises any questions across the table, about whether they can count on the united states to live up to a deal that's reached. bret: as i mentioned with the previous group here in singapore, molly, it sends two signals, one, maybe he's not going to follow through on some ku communique, but two he would get up from the table if it's not the deal and listen to some leader say something he doesn't like. >> first off our constitution
3:46 pm
provides a means to other countries to feel confident on how we have come to a decision. that does involve ratification by the senate. that's a norm that should not have been breached by previous administrations and it is something that really works well and it is already in our system. it is also true that donald trump behaves in a very unprecedented manner. he does not seem to think that the global order as orchestrated by others for the past several decades is necessarily good. we see in north korea it has not worked out well for many decades. that crosses party lines and many administrations, so he is looking to do something different that's definitely not necessarily bad when it comes to denuclearization of the korean peninsula. bret: stand by panel if you will as the sun starts to rise here in singapore. the fallout from the g-7 and canada and what comes next on trade. keep it here. you wouldn't accept an incomplete job
3:47 pm
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3:50 pm
i told the president that we would be moving forward with retaliatory equivalent tariffs as of july 1st. canadians, we are polite and reasonable but won't be pushed around. >> we leave and trudeau pulls this political stunt for domestic consumption. he really kind of stabbed us in the back. >> there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald trump. that was one of the worst political miscalculations of the canadian leader in modern canadian history. bret: well, that was quite an ending to the g-7 in canada, as air force one was taking off, you heard the canadian prime minister hold a news conference,
3:51 pm
and that set off the president who tweeted out based on justin's false statements at his news conference and the fact that canada is charging tariffs to our u.s. farmers workers and companies i have instructed our u.s. reps not to endorse the communique as we look at tariffs on automobiles floating in the u.s. market. prime minister acted so meek and mild during our meetings only to give a news conference after i left saying the u.s. tariffs were kind of insulting and we won't be pushed around. very dishonest and weak. our tariffs are in response to the increase on dairy. the chairman merkel says the withdrawal from the communique via tweet is of course sobering and a bit depressing and this photo went viral that shows the leaders kind of confronting president trump and president trump standing his ground. that photo was also put out by john bolton who was saying it's about time an american president stood up. we're back with the panel. molly, your thoughts?
3:52 pm
>> i think you will see on both sides a level of aggression. some people choose to be more passive aggressive and some choose to be more directly aggressive. but this is an important issue of negotiating trade deals. a lot of people have thought that donald trump has a strong protectionist streak. i thought it was interesting yesterday when he said that he proposed to a group of countries that claim to support free trade no subsidies, no tariffs, like if they really want to have that, as long as it's equal across the board, he thought that would be a good proposal. i gather they didn't bite on that. so unless you think -- what i think he's trying to do is actually lower tariffs on american products, and this is a negotiating tactic. we will see whether these g-7 countries succeed or whether trump has the power of the american economy to see his way through to lower tariffs on american products. bret: susan, i guess it is jarring for people who have dealt with these meetings. i've gone to a lot of them. we have never even really paid that much attention to the communique, but, you know, this was a big deal.
3:53 pm
>> this is the language that president trump's spokes people, his officials used toward the canadian prime minister is a kind of language we used for saddam hussein. this is not in the vocabulary of the g-7 summits that we've seen in the past. and i understand that the president is unhappy with what prime minister trudeau said but this is totally consistent with what he said before the summit, what he says he said to the president face-to-face at the summit, and his tone, i mean, that's like canadian rage; right? it is pretty reserved. it seems to me this is going to have huge repercussions in terms of this global alliance that has helped keep our economic system, our global economic system together since these meetings started in 75. this is just something -- we should remember, this is something we have not seen before. the united states so isolated from five or six of the others in this group. bret: i mean, we have seen a lot
3:54 pm
of these moments that we haven't seen before with this president, who we haven't seen before in the way he deals with a number of things, kind of changes the paradigm. our friend larry sabato, tom, he tweeted out our relations with north korea now may be warmer than our relations with canada. hashtag bizarro world. is that true or do you think this is all negotiations as molly says? >> i think structurally the relationship with canada is strong as it is with most of those g-7 nations. i mean, we look at for example, the tensions with germany, with real failure to spend on defense, and actually president trump's rhetoric has moved the needle there on nato spending, made it more capable. just had a major exercise with special forces. so the structural elements of the western alliance, western order remain there. the difficulty i think, though, in terms of the tariff commentary from the president's team, is that if you are trying to get a deal, and you are trying to pressure the canadians, as the president says he is to reach a better deal with the united states, by using
3:55 pm
this kind of rhetoric, he pushes trudeau, who is a liberal politician to trudeau's base. so trump's base may love what he's saying, but trudeau's base certainly will love saying no brave canada is standing up against evil trump. it moves that baseline for negotiations further away. it is the art of the deal as i would see it. bret: yeah. we will see. we'll see where it goes. and obviously we'll see where the summit goes. panel, as always, thank you. especially on sunday. when we come back, by the way, it is monday here. it is quite a scene here in singapore ahead of the summit. one particularly interesting item, today when we come back. having moderate to severe plaque psoriasis is not always easy. it's a long-distance run and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for over ten years. it's the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists. more than 250,000 patients have chosen humira to fight their psoriasis.
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something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. bret: this early monday morning while president trump and kim jong-un have yet to meet in real life, the two impersonators are helping us get a visualization of what that might look like. these two posed for photos this weekend, while walking through a park, here in singapore. it is the second time these two particular impersonators have joined forces for the world to see. they also met up at the winter olympics in south korea and believe they are the reason for tuesday's summit. >> if it wasn't for us, making the appearance at olympics at the open ceremony, the two other guys that are also here would not be here. okay? [laughter] bret: we will have continuing coverage leading up to the summit then on the big day from
4:00 pm
here in singapore. we have special report live monday and tuesday 6:00 p.m. halfway around the world, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, fair, balanced and still unafraid. nt trump has just arrived for his historic summit with north korea's kim jong un. >> it's a one-time shot and i think it's going to work out very well. chris: this hour we will preview high-risk, high-reward and discuss what's at stake at president trump presses kim to give up nuclear and long-range missiles that pose a growing threat to the u.s. asking veteran diplomats about the challenge of negotiating with the north koreans. then the president's other summit this week, confronting


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