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tv   Legends Lies The Civil War  FOX News  June 10, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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reeith you. it's been a great pleasure having both of you. thank you for your service to your country before in congress and thank you for your service now. good luck on reelection and your race for governor. i will see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". good evening and welcome to a special edition of america's news headquarters i'm ed henry reporting live from singapore. the state cannot be higher and it was near months. trump was warned "fire and fury" as us intel officials warned us the north korea was working on a missile that fits inside small
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missiles. the president saying he's on a mission of and that jungle and has one shot to show he is serious about ridding the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons. >> this is probably fairly been done and its unknown territory in a true sense but i feel confident that i feel that kim jung-un wants to do something great for his people and he has that opportunity and he won't have that opportunity again. ed: he arrived here about four hours before the president and singapore's foreign minister greeting him among the tarmac. john roberts is up they live. good afternoon, john. what is the latest? reporter: ed, the news. i think it is still morning here in singapore in the hour time difference gets you confused. the president and he arrived here last night and before he
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him barked to come here to singapore downplaying expectations for what can happen in one meeting that can happen. at the same time he sent a strong message to kim jong-un that this is your one shot to get this done. this is your only opportunity an opportunity that will not come again. the unspoken message to kim jong-un and is if this thing falls apart and you go back to pursuing nuclear weapons it will not work out well for you. sixty minutes time from now when it is afternoon the president will meet with the summit host and he's the prime minister of singapore and after meeting there with kim jung-un yesterday you see them shaking hands playing down the possibility of an eye happen in the first meeting same as would be quote, a long process. the president says at a minimum he hopes to develop a relationship with kim jung-un and get the process started. listen here.
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>> as a deal person i've done well with deals. what you want to do is start that. i like to accomplish more than that. at a minimum i do believe that we will have met each other and seeing each other and hopefully he will have liked each other and start that process. reporter: the president has a couple of meetings with [inaudible] this afternoon and he has the bilateral meeting with him and expanded bilateral meeting and the president will go back to his hotel to meet with embassy staff in singapore and then he will have an extensive briefing with his north korean staff on the ground here in preparation for tomorrow's summit. afternoon for the president. ed: absolutely. john, in that soundbite he alerted to his background as a dealmaker and the fact that he wants to go with his gut here, not just the preparation with the staff. how these meetings play out in the format and how that we plan to the president instincts or
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not? reporter: as we understand and things could change between now and tomorrow morning for the first meeting and 9:00 o'clock which is on the island behind me will simply be between the president and kim jong-un. it will be a one on one and the only other people in the room will be the translators and after that they will have an expanded lateral meeting where chief of staff john kelly as well as pompeo and john bolton will be there. the president wants, at a minimum , too get face-to-face with kim to say look, this is what is possible. member back in november when he gave that speech before parliament in south korea in seoul and he held out an olive branch saying there's a bright future ahead of you if you choose a different path than the pursuit of nuclear weapons. something that is interesting to take note of is that they will be meeting at the resort is a fun island of singapore and that is where the universal studios
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the park is and there are three roller coasters over there. i'm thinking a photo op, what you think? [laughter] ed: that might not be the right image of a roller coaster ride but it's an interesting idea. john roberts covering the story for us morning, noon and night. we will get back to you as it develops. we will bring in jim walsh, mit security studies program and good to see you. it's evening for you and still morning here. >> it is weird to look in the camera and see daylight. ed: you are seeing into the future, jim. what i wonder is what you see in the future in terms of the trump and joan sitting down for the first time ever? >> i'm feeling optimistic about it. for this reason. it seems to be the north korea took a lot of steps to try to make this meeting go well. they released the detainees and they destroyed that tunnel that was part of their nuclear
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testing facility or grounds, i should say, they maintained the moratorium on nuclear and long-range missile test. i think they have done a bunch of stuff up front which tells me they want the meeting to go well. what will happen after the meeting, i am not sure. in addition, secretary pompeo's remarks and the president's remarks also seem to indicate the discussions have gone well so i am hopeful. ed: jim, you see the president in recent days even before he left washington appearing to try to manage expectations and say let's not get ahead of ourselves but we want to start a dialogue here and we will see where it goes. maybe the president doesn't believe he will get dean organization but isn't there a reality check and it was only last august that mom was on high alert and we have thousands of us military personnel and their families there.
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north korea warned that they had a medium and long-range missiles that they might aim not just at guam but at the continental us. a few months later were talking about the prospects for peace. >> that is way better and frankly denuclearization obviously is the core objective and as every expert i know this is a process that will take time and we will start with a free and try to implement it but that will take years not days and the thing is when we talk we are getting other advantages even in that discussion and first of all we have the detainees back. it's not gloss over that. secondly, i think the intelligent trophy we have collected we know more about kim jung-un and know more about the kim regime and what they want because we are talking than we ever have before in the history
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of north korea. i will also add that as long as we are talking the chances of accidental war, war by mistake or miscalculation, those are lowered, too. it's good to talk and hold your friends close and your enemies closer. ed: sure. jim, good to be optimistic but also good to be skeptical as journalists to make sure that this is going to pan out. we keep hearing the term, cb id which means complete verifiable irreversible dismantlement. how do we get to that point where we can trust kim jong-un and that he is going to denuclearize? >> well, first of all, congratulations on the vid that is a mouthful. try saying that for 20 years now. let me say a couple of things. some stuff will be easy to verify. when you conduct a nuclear test or whether your testing and icbm that's three board when it comes to verifying it but other parts will -- let's not kid ourselves. it will be difficult, far more
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difficult than the verification situation we faced in iran. i would also point out, ed, that concept goes back to the 1990s and things have changed. they had changed big time. it's an irreversibility and it seems to me that north korea is much more like south africa than is libya and it's made nuclear weapons and if they will determine to do it in the future i'm guessing they would be able to do it so we are past irreversibility but what were trying to do is come up with a path or relationship so they never go down that path again some of the things will be awfully difficult. ed: jim, last question. as we may see more photo ops and possibilities for peace, we still need the us does, experts say , too keep the kind of boot
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on the throat and not let up on us sanctions. isn't it us sanctions that have forced kim to the table? there are reports saying he is going broke and in a corner. is that what brought him to the table? do we need to keep those tough us actions in place? >> ed, this gets into the most were in question of what is their motivation and objective? i'd like to give you a crystal clear, or% certain answer and i can't give it to you. it could be sanctions but i've been in a study where we interviewed north korean defectors about sections and they told us how good they were at beating them. you know, maybe it's sanctions but we don't see evidence from that on the ground in north korea right now. i don't know what the motivation is. it could be they are trying to play us or made a strategic decision to go in a different direction. it could be x, y or z and that's why you have negotiations. you put it to the test about a proposal and see how they
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respond. ed: reason for hope tonight and reason for skepticism, as well. jim, thank you for your time. >> thank you, ed. ed: meanwhile, lawmakers on the sides of the aisle saying any potential deal between the us and north korea should first go before congress for approval. garrett has more from washington. reporter: congress will be an extremely important part of any deal with north korea and a lot of folks will remember how president obama left congress out of the iran nuclear deal which is why president, so easily able to drop it. this week he said he does not want to see a repeat of that with north korea and plan to have congress ratify any deal he made with kim jong-un. top democrats and the white house a letter laying out what they need to see in a deal in order to support it. today senator dianne feinstein said she does not expect to see a full-blown deal after the summit but she does expect north korea to understand we will not allow nuclear program to continue. >> the minimum is an understanding that this is a real problem for us and we will not let that problem stand. the only alternative is to sit down and come up with an
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agreement and also, make it such that there is an incentive for north korea to do that back senator lindsey graham argues the only way korea will be willing to make a deal is if they're willing to use military force without one. graham is urging his democratic colleagues to help the president negotiate from strength by saying they will support military action if diplomacy fails. >> there are three outcomes here peace where we have a win, win solution, military force where they devastate the north korean regime and stop their program by force or to capitulate like we've done in the past and donald trump is not going to capitulate so there is only two options. peace or war. reporter: ahead of the summit lawmakers have exposed concerned they feel president trump has not done enough to prepare for it. however, senator graham that with the president on friday said he is not worried about
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that and the president seems very ready to sit down with kim jong-un and. ed: thank you, garrett in washington. president trump set to meet with singapore's prime minister in the next hour. he will be leaving his hotel at shangri-la. we will go live as the president starts moving out of there and we will bring it to you and we will see what the president and kim jong-un have in common. what are the chances that this is the first of many meetings maybe even one in the white house down the road. coming up. sh we got money back n gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. i neverunderwear that's this, but actually pretty.leak always discreet boutique. hidden inside is a super absorbent core that quickly turns liquid to gel. so i feel protected... ...and pretty.
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ed: president trump in recent days has been lowering expectations for the summit with kim jung-un the same today, the objective was to begin a dialogue with an upgrade later. it has the hopes of laying the groundwork for denuclearization before leaving washington he said he believes attitude and whether there's a willingness to get something done is he wants to read early on it from his meeting with kim jung-un. mike allen of axial says unlike any other meetings with any other leader trump is negotiated with someone with similar
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personality quirks and impulses. he truly believes he will know almost instantly whether he can spin up the deal of the decade. twenty me is fox news contributor, pulitzer prize winning author and journalist in adjunct fellow at the manhattan policy research institute, i wonder what you think as you hear that about the idea that this president believes gut instinct is important and there are a lot of traditional diplomats who believe that that is the way to go and yet this president unlike any other republican president before is but the process a heck of a lot further than anyone else. >> precisely, admit the fact that donald trump is the farthest thing away from a traditional diplomat or traditional leader that i can imagine is a testament to why this may actually succeed. i know a lot of my colleagues are pessimistic and i am surely skeptical but on the other hand this has gone further than any other poor party, six party
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talks. every time we have seen a pattern with north korea. they make an agreement and they proceed to break it because what is going on with them is not a desire to be transformational, just the same preservation. donald trump will make an assessment about whether or not this young man, this 21st century young, brutal dictator is actually interested in being a transformational leader. if he thanks he is not donald trump will be perfectly capable of walking out of the room. ed: judith, i'm glad you mentioned his age because i've been fascinating with the idea that he is 34 years old by most accounts because we don't know a heck of a lot about him that we don't know what to believe or what not to believe but 34 years old and when you have a president who is turning 72 on thursday not that age is a big difference maker but these two men are generations apart and i wonder about that dynamic. >> that's why there's reason to
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believe that kim may understand that he can't go on doing business with his father and grandfather did that he may understand that he needs at long last, not to start his people, but to give them economic growth and he has said that is what he wants to deliver. now, i think we have to be skeptical given the fact that he killed his half-brother and kills his uncle and he's perfectly willing to keep that going on as long as possible. if he wants to be the historically for that donald trump wants to be there is reason to believe that it could come to some conceptual understanding. we don't know whether or not that is possible. i think we have to remain skeptical but not to try, what is the harm in trying at this point? kim gets the immediate upfront benefit pretty get the meeting he wants but we've gotten three detainees and a test site blown
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up and this may have been collapsing anyway. they made some gesture that let's test it and see what's going on here. ed: yet critic after critic is saying this president, you know that might happen years down the line and he's lowering expectations and he is talking about a dialogue now as if they are talking down the potential for success. i wonder when you talk about cvid which is complete and verifiable and that it is destructive the nuclear program that takes time but how do we know that kim jung-un will we know that he's not just playing us and bringing stringing us along. >> we won't know until he shows us what his offer. is he willing to let inspectors into his country? is he willing to do you guys and to do it the way most western countries and eastern countries now define it which is you have
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got to stop that only your nuclear program but you have to do something about those icbms which can reach the united states. this is a tall order. we don't know that kim jung-un is willing to trust the united states to guarantee country's future but what we do know is that he has got to do something different from what his father and grandfather did in order to survive. cvid -- it's a long process but it has to start somewhere. ed: we talked about the stakes for kim jung-un. last? what about the stakes for this president? his critics, some in his own party, but odyssey democrats for sure but some in his own party who think he is unstable, a diplomatic, at the top of this and that he is been talked about at the possible winter and i underline possible 100 times because of possible winner of the nobel peace prize. what would that do for his critics that this president of
8:23 pm
all presidents might increase to the world. >> it would give the democrats heartburn for sure but for americans and for those who don't want to seat military strikes in the korean peninsula where we have 28500 troops stationed and never mind the korean people themselves -- let's give this a chance. i don't see what the downside is. donald trump is unpredictable. he is atypical and maybe this works in his favor and maybe this time he has made a mess out of canada and out of that summit with our allies and he has alienated those that we most need a moment like this so there is very good reason to be skeptical that he can. but i'm not willing to say this point that he can't. ed: you have said many times before jaw, jaw is better than
8:24 pm
war war. >> i believe that absolutely. it could be a short meeting or the beginning of a process. by the way, that would be a very traditional outcome for a very untraditional leader. ed: well said, judith muller. the jawboning, as it were, begins at less than 22 hours from now. we will see where it goes. >> thank you, ed. ed: the president going in with a plan to get north korea to end its nuclear program. >> normalization of relationship coupled with strong inspections, unfettered access, full disclosure by the north korean timelines, i think that is what is needed. >> but what are the potential and means for the president that might not pop up kim jong-un? we are waiting his departure from the shangri-la hotel. he will meet with the thai minister of singapore. we will bring you the president live as soon as that happens,
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ed: president trump is here in singapore and so is fox news all over the store.
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a bilateral meeting with the country's prime minister within the hour with president trump this comes ahead of the historic summit that he will have with the north korean leader, kim jong-un. on the table shutting down critical program once and for all and an end to hostilities with its neighbor to the south. maybe even an official into the korean war. benjamin is here in singapore and what is the feeling on the island? what are you picking up as you had around here in singapore? reporter: ed, i'm sure you saw this as well but walking on the streets there's a sense of something historic will take place on tuesday and the people of singapore very proud it will be taking place here. this is the first meeting between us is a sitting us president and the north green later. kim arsenal as well as his ballistic missiles is a success but there's a long way to go in many people feel this is the first set in many subsequent steps. president trump touchdown in singapore yesterday saying he is
8:30 pm
feeling good about the prospects of his meeting with kim jong-un. the first meeting will be a one on one alone does the two of them except for the translators but he also acknowledges that he is heading into the unknown. >> it is unknown territory in a truer sense but i really feel confident and i feel that kim jung-un wants to do something great for his people and he has that opportunity and he won't have that opportunity again. it will never be there again. reporter: kim jong-un arrived earlier in the day aboard an air china plain courtesy of north korea's closest ally, china. he later met with the singaporean prime minister lee hsien loong whose country has picked up the $15 million tab for the cash-strapped nation and president trump will be meeting with him later today. as we have been saying at the aim of these talks is the denuclearization. verifiable, irreversible, complete denuclearization and president trump saying that if progress is not made on that front and others he is willing to walk away.
8:31 pm
ed. ed: benjamin, we've been talking all hour about skepticism and can this really happened and as you were talking there was video a moment ago of kim jung-un bulletproof mercedes-benz with the north korean secret service officials who basically were struggling to run around the vehicle because they're not used to this. he's never taken a foreign trip as long as we show this video again there is almost there jogging in place and is is how we do it much different than the us secret service with travels all around the world with the us president all of the time. can this really happen? can this deal come together? reporter: you know, as you say we were talking about this for a while. some people say that he is young and in his meta- 30s and he knows he is decades ahead of him
8:32 pm
if he wants to stay in power. it will be hard for him to stay on the same for decades and stay there for his regime to survive he needs to change and move forward. at the same time, china will never let that happen and they're not sure about this but again, remember, we heard secretary pompeo plan meetings that he'd met kim jong-un twice and he says that kim jung-un had given him personal suggestions, personal mentions that he may we willing to do new cries. pompeo says he wants to see me find in this meeting. we normally hear it might run into two or three more summits and it may be something larger. we will see president raining in expectations. initial outcomes are supposed to be more initial but perhaps the end to the korean war and north korea saying what it wants as a security guarantee perhaps involving the us altering military drills with south korea
8:33 pm
but very importantly, secretary mattis has made clear that us military personnel levels in south korea will not be part of these discussions. you can ignore the fact that president trump is what got him here and there has been successes for the president from the release of those three us hostages , too name one. from here on out it will be hard and president trump himself has said he expects that the summit to go off script at some point but also, you can forget the amazing transformation we seem to conduct himself. last year he was seen as a despot who murdered his uncle and brother and had gulags where there are public executions and he's become a world leader of the last few months. it's given him a lot will be interesting to see him and if he raises the issue if he sticks to the main goals, denuclearization or if he tries to talk about treating the regime in some ways as well. we'll find out about 24 hours from now. ed. ed: we certainly will. the most important rates you used there was off script.
8:34 pm
we seen that many times with this president and it may help him in these negotiations. benjamin, we thank you for your reporting that former us ambassador bill richardson offers this morning to president trump. >> you make deals with him on the side. i think that facility in singapore is good for that. you take him for a walk or over for a meal. i think the one-on-one is important. the only caution i would give the president is not to be photographed too much with a smiling kim jong-un and because they use that in north korea for dramatic tropicana purposes. ed: joining us live with the white house correspondent. good to see you, gabby. >> thank you for having me, ed. ed: you honestly have a delay so i'll try to speed up the question but bottom line is we hear bill richardson saying that but on the other hand have not we heard this many times before that all he wants is a propaganda victory and we need
8:35 pm
to be careful about taking photos and yet, that is advice we are hearing from clinton and bush in obama officials who do not get anywhere in this proce process. >> right. the president has certainly made it farther than all of his predecessors right now with this historic coming up tomorrow. i think there are a great deal of concerns because president trump has been known to flout tradition when it comes to the diplomatic opportunities and meetings with foreign leaders and this is certainly no exception to that. he does want to have a photo opportunity with the north korean leader and wants we were to meet one-on-one with kim jung-un before he brings in his top aides and other security advisors but at the same time he does not want to legitimize the authoritarian regime more than he absolutely has to.
8:36 pm
people have said there is already a concession to be made by the us coming to meet with kim jung-un so president trump of italy has a fine line to walk. he doesn't want to give material for the north korean to use as propaganda but at the same time there is some understanding among the administration and the president certainly that he does need to give a little to get a lot from this regime. ed: gabby , too your point, it was about a week or so ago when these events have been so fast-moving it's hard to keep track was that the president hosted a senior north korean official in the oval office and you remember he had that letter from kim jung-un that was blown up and it was a giant envelope and we have that picture and we heard the same criticism that this will be a propaganda victory for kim jung-un. you have a smiling president excepting this letter and meeting with the north korean officials and giving the north koreans this platform from the hermit kingdom and yet here we are in singapore, the two of us, covering the possibility of peace. haven't the critics been the famous all along and yet the president keeps putting the process for. >> no, absolutely.
8:37 pm
you are rht. were here and witnessing history in singapore. president trump has been prepared for this meeting and he is ready, as he said multiple times , too walk away if he does not think the north korean leader is sincere about his commitment to denuclearization. his top aide was a great example of the president exercising restraint. he did not read the letter aloud and he said he did not read it until he left the white house and so there was some display there that he is capable of restraining himself and that he will not walk into this meeting with kim jung-un tomorrow and be smiling and shaking hands and giving north koreans material they can disseminate brother country. i do think like i said earlier he needs to give a little in order to get some firm and tangible commitment from the regime out of this meeting tomorrow. ed: deal or no deal. it's a simple question as we
8:38 pm
wait as all this plays out. gabby, we appreciate your time today. >> thank you so much. ed: any minute now president trump will be leaving his hotel here in singapore for a meeting with this country's prime minister. we go there light as soon as that happens. you see that life picture outside the hotel. we will look at options for the president if things don't go well here. howou do we pick up the pieces d try to keep the process going. stick with us. roundup. trusted for over 40 years. your digestive system has billions of bacteria, but life can throw them off balance. try align, the #1 doctor recommended probiotic. with a unique strain that re-aligns your system. re-align yourself, with align. does it look like i'm done?yet?
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8:43 pm
>> the best way to get peace not war is to commence north korea that they will be in a war and they will lose it if they don't pursue peace. everything else before has failed. no one in north korea believes the past president would use military force and if they don't believe donald trump will use military force as a last resort the people in north korea are making a very big mistake because he will, if he has to. ed: joining of life in washington, retired army lieutenant. colonel, your thoughts on senator graham's comment? >> yeah, senator graham is great experience and is a good guy but i'm telling you he could not be more wrong on this. the using the military option in this thing going toward would be the absolute unequivocal worst outcome for the united states. here is why. we don't need to use the military force to keep our country safe. if we use that military force there is no telling how many people will die. our soldiers and civilians and allies and we still made not to acquire them in the end unless
8:44 pm
willing to go into a normandy invasion which would be way out of proportion to anything that might possibly be gained. instead, are powerful nuclear deterrence will keep america safe indefinitely no matter how these talks go. that is what the focus needs to be on because his primary objective is not cvid but to keep our country safe and prosperous. ed: well, lieutenant colonel, is that not what senator graham may be saying but it's having it out there as a sledgehammer and break the glass if you have t to -- is at the prospect, not just the sanctions, that are complete can jump in but the prospect for war has him in a corner and fearful that maybe donald trump will follow through on military action -- you don't have to use it but it's a. >> well, at least what has been reported today is that the
8:45 pm
senator is saying that if negotiations don't work, i.e. if we don't get cvid, then he wants to have a war. i think that is the worst possible outcome. we don't need to do that. cvid is what would be our preferred outcome but are required outcome is to prevent war and if we use that military card it will cause us far more damage than anything that we can have without that. ed: lieutenant colonel, pardon me but then what is the third option? you said senator graham laid out stark terms either there's a peace deal or likely war and you're saying that's not a good idea. what is the paragraph if there's not a peace deal? if it is just a photo op what is president trump do next? >> here's the situation but president trump remains in the absolute dominant negotiating position because, as he said many times, that's why he said i can walk if this does not work out well because he is right. we don't have to have a deal. kim jong-un does. all these sanctions are still in
8:46 pm
place . ed: pardon me, you can see the president of the united states has left the shangri-la hotel. we will go there life. he's about to meet with the prime minister of singapore and as soon as we get sound from that meeting we will of course bring it to you life. you see the president and this is his first official movement since he arrived here. he arrived on air force one yesterday and had a very brief comment saying he feels pretty good about the prospects for peace in terms of the summit but did not say anything else and got downtime in our own john roberts is reporting that he will also be spending time behind closed doors with secretary state, mike pompeo, national security adviser john bolton and other top officials to get a handle on some final preparations for the summit. as we look at these life pictures the president of the united states rolling through the states streets of singapore, complete your thought. what is that third option for president trump? you are saying he's in the dominant position so if kim jung-un does walk away we don't have to go through it with military action because you believe the president is in the
8:47 pm
dominant position here. >> yes, his objective is to keep our country safe and though a lot of people think that will use the military option to get things the way we want them it won't turn out that way. people who think that using the military option will keep a safe are badly mistaken and i can tell you for a fact from having served on the ground and having been in combat four times myself that using force -- this is not iraq, libya, syria, where they can't do anything back but they have power to do something back and it would not work out well for us but however, all we have to do is deter them. can be shown that he can be deterred because he wants to survive and wants to guide as a country. trump could use that to our advantage in negotiations. ed: okay. lieutenant colonel, we appreciate your analysis. it's a critical juncture in these negotiations with we will have a vaccine. >> thank you. ed: not all of the negotiations have been on the president and secretary state mike pompeo.
8:48 pm
we will also look at another member of the administration who is quietly behind the scenes playing a pivotal role. hi.
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ed: we are back and awaiting the president's arrival with the singapore's prime minister. you can see people lining the streets right before the main event with kim jung-un that will be coming your hours from now. mike pompeo, of course, has taken a leading role and has met face-to-face twice with kingdom and. there's another official by the scenes who is by his side and did leg work and is now working with the secretary of state as well. we want to talk about that with former cia official who are both fox news contractors. we appreciate you both been he here. >> thank you. ed: the end, or to start with you because you know kim well but he was someone who we have limited intelligence inside of korea and of kim jong-un but andrew kim was someone who was inside into kim jung-un and now you see the motorcade arriving in front of the prime ministers office a lot of fast-moving events here. he is helping mike pompeo unlock important information about what
8:53 pm
president trump needs to bring to the stocks. >> that is right. handy kim. [inaudible conversations] he helped secretary pompeo with both meanings in pyongyang and andrew has been a conciliar and he knows the korean consoler as well as anyone could in our government and speaks the language with native fluency. he's bearing the president with a leadership profile on kim jong-un and what makes them tick so the president can step out smartly and establish that relationship we need in order to succeed. ed: sarah i want to bring you in with good reporting and sharp analysis. you know as well as anyone that we don't have intel about kim jong-un and in so how important is it to have this information from andrew kim but also those face-to-face meetings that mike pompeo had with kim jung-un? >> it is vitally important, ed. for decades now it has been a
8:54 pm
link for most americans especially the us intelligence community we just don't know what is going on inside north korea. i know this because i talked to some of the biggest experts in the area and in in the region who say it is so difficult to most of our intel comes from south korea so andrew has playing a vital role in mike pompeo's meetings have played a vital role, as well, as building a picture for positron. he wants to go beyond just the negotiations and wants to know more about the personality and the person and wants to understand kim jung-un. he wants to take it one step further to build that relationship and has little time to do it. he knows the whole world, all eyes on him right now. ed: real quick and i'll get back
8:55 pm
to daniel. you know the president has talked about being a gut instinct player. how important is that? >> i think it is vitally important right now. we have seen what the president has been able to do over the past year and despite the naysayers he came out with his gut and felt this was the right time to reach out and he friend kim jong-un in february 2017 and try to show his force and testing missiles and we saw in november 2017 with the house and the k22 missile so right now the president took it one step further and said look, we will hold you accountable for everything and were willing to use military action by reaching out to you one more time and this is my got and want to work something out with you and let's get there together. ed: daniel, as a veteran of the cia how important is it when you got information with andrew kim and mike from pale in the gut instinct of the art of the deal from president trump, do you think i could send this needle customer. >> think it will depend on the way north kean leader response
8:56 pm
to the president. we don't hold all the cards but i think for cia professionals this is our moment of truth anyway. we delivered the intelligence to the president so he can make an effective assessment possible and have the best chance of success with what will be a challenging meeting. ed: daniel and sarah, they are here with sean hannity and gave us some time. will be here -- i'start at the new carfax.comar. show me minivans with no reported accidents. boom. love it. [struggles] show me the carfax. start your used car search at the all-new .. ♪ [impact collision] rawwggwwrughh! [impact collision] ...ughhhh! what!!! seeing your real-life millennium falcon get damaged
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