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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  June 10, 2018 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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e. i'm ready to get back our time together. introducing more sizes for better comfort. new depend fit-flex underwear is guaranteed to be your best fit. get a free sample at reporter: the eyes of the world focused here in singapore as president forges a new relationship with aned a verbary. we have live coverage of the summit between president trump and kim jong-un. it's noon here on the island. 9 hours to go before the highly anticipated sit-down with the north korean leader kim jong-un. some u.s. officials say the only
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thing for certain is unpredictability. it's a milestone event that has drawn some 3,000 journalts to singapore. tell us what we saw from the president. we saw him emerge from his hotel a couple minutes ago. reporter: good afternoon from high atop our perch here in singapore. those traveling with the president say he's in a great mood in singapore. the president taking to twitter saying it's great to be in singapore. excitement in the air. the president's motorcade going into the official residence of the president of singapore. he has a one-on-one meeting with
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lee hsien loong. we'll probably hear from the president as he's in singapore in anticipation of that summit tomorrow morning, 21 hours from now with kim jong-un. he says he feels very good about a summit. down playing how much they will accomplish in their first meing. the president saying it may take to or three meetings to get the ball rolling. the president says he expects to quickly get a read on kim and whether or not he is serious. he said he spent his entire life reading people. he says tomorrow's summit could yield surprises. president trump: this has not been done before at this level. this is a leader who is an unknown personality. people don't know much about him. i think that he's going to
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surprise on the up side. very much on the up side. we'll see. but never been done. never been tested. reporter: we don't know what the president meant by he may surprise on the up but what of the things he has talked about on a couple occasions thursday afternoon at the white house is whether they will sign a peace agreement or agreement to strike a peace deal at the summit. even if they do sign a peace of paper saying they intend to move ford, it wouldn't be a peace treaty. it would take months to negotiate. at the very most of it would be a letter of intent that they intend to move ahead to finally ending the korean war. ed: he was saying president xi of china is a tough poker player
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and a meeting between xi and kim might have turned up the rhetoric about the possibility of nuclear war. what's china thinking now? reporter: that was the meeting they had not far from pyongyang. but china, apparently is concerned about the overtures kim is making towards president trump. china has been kim and north korea's biggest patron. if kim were starting to move towards the united states, it could marginalize china. you see kim jong-un when he arrived on the tarmac. flew taken in air china plane. that's the flag carrier of the chinese government. china is saying he's our guy. the plane he flew in is a 747
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which is made in the united states. flying an american-made flag under a chinese flag. that might give you an indication where kim's mind is. ed: we'll be looking for all those clues. joining us to get insight on the stakes here. let's talk to walid phares. walid, you have been such a sharp analyst of all of these fast-moving events. and a lot of us have been trying over the last hour as we have been having these conversations. what is the motive of kim jong-un? why does he want to come to the table? you have some thoughts on that. >> this is the best question to begin with. what i call the genesis of why the dictator wanted to engage with the united states. i would go further and say why did he start his escalation. lobbing hose missiles close to
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the national territory. there is a development in north korea that is promptiis actions. he wants a guarantee that he'll come out as a winner. and probably the situation has to do with the economics of the country. it has also to do with the possibility for him to sustain the situation. i think it's very important for him as well and his regime. and the role of china is interesting thought it is in the background, i assume. ed: i want to alert our viewers on the left side of the screen, these are live pictures at the palace in singapore where prime minister lee will be receiving the president of the united states. you see official photograph i i photograph --ers and younger staffers.
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the pregame to this big summit. but in the meantime i don't want to interrupt your important analysis. are you saying we don't have a clear answer? are you discerning there is intelligence about possible coup attempts? or kim jong-un running out of cash? are you speculating something big has been happening inside the borders the past few years. >> it could be simply a collapse of civil society. that is something no dictator can confront. what he needs are important influx of economic aid for the regime to continue for the institutions to continue. those who can help them are not
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just the united states, but also south korea, china, japan. he is heading toward an agreement with the united states, negotiations. way heard from the president the past two hours, his realism we are going to expect is not an immediate overnight change. but a roadmap to that change. that's what i believe will be the aim of the negotiations in the two parties. ed: let's talk about that roadmap. you know better than anyone how you define denuclearization can be far different from the north korean side than the u.s. side. if you were advising this president what would you think he should be getting from these talks? is it worth the effort if kim jong-un says over five, six, seven years he'll denuclearize? >> i am not sure he'll put a
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time frame. if they come up with a principle of yes we agree on denuclearization and yes we agree on a peace deal, that's the most of important with south korea. we agree to have a non-belligerent treaty with the united states, that would be victory. what would they get in return tore that, they will get an economic plan. i don't want to call it a marshall plan. and china. ed: let's talk about singapore. many say singapore as a host can provide the proper security and they are the switzerland of asia. they don't pick side, and they have diplomatic relations with north korea. with kim jong-un taking his longest foreign trip as chairman, week see someone standing at attention as if the president may arrive, so we are
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keeping an eye on that. is there a sense kim jong-un being in a country like singapore, so rich in all the international commerce, is this given a look of what the future of north korea could be? >> that's another very good question. singapore is representative what would be an asian success economically. china and japan, deep inside kim is looking at those examples. he knows very well he would come from minus 50 to get to zero in his own country. but to get there he need to solve one important point, that his regime has guaranteed. anything short of that he's not going to go for. he won't go for reforms that will change the regime at this stage. that would be our guarantee to him and his guarantee to us
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would be the nukes. ed: what does your gut tell you about how this is going to play out the next day or two? >> i have a different view. i think most of of the negotiations issues were already reviewed by both sides. we are not going to singapore no not knowing what we are going to talk about. most of of it has been discussed and agreed upon in principle. the details will be talked about. ed: are you saying -- i lied when i said last question because we are expecting the president at any moment and we'll go to him live in a second. but the president has been careful in lowering expectations. this is round one, i want to start a dialogue. is that a public posture when as you suggested private? they have been working out the details more than they let on?
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>> the visits by mr. pompeo and other officials coming to the united states have reviewed most of of the issues in my view. i don't have exact details. but the president is right to be cautious because we don't know how it will be declared, but we know what the subjects are going to be. ed: walid phares joining nuts wee hours on the east -- joining us in the wee hours of the east coast. we appreciate your analysis as always. secretary of state mike pompeo is laying the ground work for this historic summit. r state department correspondent rich edson has more. reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo has spent hours with north korean dictator kim jong-un. >> he indicated to me personally
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he is prepared to denuclearize. he understands that the current model doesn't work. reporter: before the senate confirmed him as secretary of state, mike pompeo led the trump administration's diplomacy toward north korea. through those conversations he says he believes kim jong-un understands both countries have to take bold steps to achieve an historic outcome. president trump is surrounded by diverse opinions on north korea. a national security advisor who wrote in february in the "wall street journal" the case for striking north korea first. bolton also wrote north korea should disarm the way libya did. mike pompeo has a more nuanced approach.
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>> secretary pompeo dismissed giuliani's remark. >> i know rudy, he doesn't speak for the administration when it comes to his negotiations on this set of issues. >> reporter: * an administration issue says secretary pompeo speaks with the president about this several times a day. and he says kim is also prepared. >> he knows what he's want to achieve for the north korean people. reporter: secretary pompeo arrived with president trump. and he leaves alone going to seoul. ed: rich, we appreciate that report. another report suggested president trump will use his business savvy ding
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ed: we are live in singapore. we are told president trump's meeting with this country's prime minister is literally about to start in a few minutes. a new report reportedly shedding strategy to win over the north korean leader. part of trump's expected message is telling kim how much wealthier he and his people would be if. trump will insist it's just the start of a due nuclearization process. let's talk to susan cook. a former advisor to president obama. thanks for joining us tonight. what do you think about the
9:20 pm
economic angle here. we heard reports that kim jong-un is going broke. he's backed into a corner. the u.s. sanctions have been crippling for himself and his what about president trump trying to sell the north korean dictator on the idea that his only hope is to open up like china did. >> every diplomatic engagement is different. you develop relationships and try to find common ground. the dictator of north korea is not a dumb man. he's been to private schools in switzerland. he knows business well. he's going to show his strength and start there. and america is strong in business. i think that's a wonderful place to begin in terms of negotiations. ed: ambassador, you mentioned
9:21 pm
your own experience dealing with a lot of leaders and a lot of different countries. what about the idea that you have kim jong-un, 34 years old, president trump turning 72 this coming thursday. but there is a big divide between these two on paper. how do they bridge that gap? >> leadership has common ground no matter the age. the fact they are in an amusement park setting brings the joy out. but then they will go to business. president trump will be tough. schumer says when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. after they put all the niceties on the table, then it's about business and where we are going to go from here. i think they will bridge the gap because they understand economics, business and leadership. i think green has no age.
9:22 pm
the dollar spend all over the world. i think that will be a wonderful, wonderful beginning. i was in seoul, korea after president trump made his first trip there last fall. a federation of woman, the world federation of world peace women. it was faith leaders all over the world praying for this moment to happen. it's an answer to prayer. and i think everyone wants to be in the game. i think kim jong-un will be in the game and the * is definitely is in the game. every -- and president trump is definitely in the game. ed ed: i am cheered by what you are saying as an american in singapore. you served under president obama. i hear so many democrats like they are cheerleading against a victory here. nancy pelosi said kim jong-un is
9:23 pm
having a giggle fit. you may not want to be critical of you're own party. -- of your own party. but you have a different message. why aren't more people in america coming b this president saying this might be our best chance at peace. >> i think we need world peace, and who are can lead the way in that needs to lead the way. you remember the name anwar sadat. and president carter at chernobyl. and president obama ha had beend beehadbinladen.
9:24 pm
it's a lot at stake for america and for the world. and we have to denuke joshize. ed: ambassador suzan johnson cook. an optimistic message talking about the power of prayer and the power of faith in these negotiations. we appreciate your perspective. >> it's historic that i am up at this hour, so thank you. ed: the international attention is focused on singapore. some concerned over the g-7 in quebec this week. the president tweeting this about canada's prime minister. fair trade is now to be called full trade is if it not reciprocal. according to canada release, they make almost 100 billion
9:25 pm
dollars in trade with u.s. guess they were bragging and got caught. then justin acts hurt when called out. ellison barber has more on this back and forth. reporter: july 1 canada says it will impose $1.8 billion in retaliatory tariffs. joe yogurt, chocolate. coffee, whiskey, playing card, toilet paper, ballpoint opinions. >> i don't want to hurt american workers. they are our neighbors and friend. my job is to stand up for canadian workers. the administration's choice to impose illegal and unacceptable tariffs, illegitimate and unacceptable tariffs to canadian
9:26 pm
steel workers and auto workers must be met with an equivalent response. reporter: the news conference enraged the president and his administration. they said canada wronged the u.s. on trade for years. the u.s. steel and aluminum tariffs on canada, mexico and the european union are a national security necessity. they are look at tariffs on automobile imports. >> there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader who engages in bad faith diplomacy with donald j. trump then tries to stab him in the back on their way out the door. to my friends in canada, that was one of the worst miscalculations of a canadian leader in canadian history. >> when i hear from farmers and
9:27 pm
heavy equipment manufacturers, they have concerns about tariffs, specifically with cab today. he need to be strong in getti a better deal. but making sure we don't get into a full-fledged trade war. tariffs could lead us there. reporter: the u.s. secretary of commerce wilbur ross says the talks were separate from all of this. but the trade minister said they can't work on trade negotiations under the threat of tariffs. ed: the president attacking a long-time ally and its leader. he drew criticism from angela merkel. she says she found the tweet sobering and a little depressing and said the e.u. would act against u.s. trade measures. as we keep an eye outside the
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ed: welcome back. we are keeping a close eye on the room where you see a local reporter trying to get in on the action. the president behind closed doors with p of singapore. we are told they are greeting each other, they are talking, and they are heading to a working lunch where they may make some comments on the way into that lunch. larry kudlow, the director of the national economic council talked about the president's contentious exit from the g-7 that may have been by design. >> the president is going to negotiate with kim, in singapore. it's an historic negotiation, and there is no way this
9:33 pm
president is not going to stand strong. he won't allow people to take pot shots at him hours before that summit, and number two, trudeau should have known better. ed: joining us is the pulitzer prize winning author judith miller. you mentioned when we spoke earlier in this program that you thought it may have been a mistake for the president to be going after traditional allies, particularly from europe when he needs them on a whole range of issues. but you see larry kudlow from the white house saying he wanted to send a strong message. he's tired of being ripped off on trade. >> i don't think we are ripped off on trade. tariffs worldwide are at a decade low. it's 2.9%. it's true the europeans put a
9:34 pm
10% tariff on our cars, but the united states puts a 35% tariff on some of their tobacco products. ba what you needed to see is a strong united western front. to have justin trudeau and donald trump sniping at each other in tweets is not message you want. even more stunning is the president's suggestion we take the russians back into the g-7 so the g-7 can become the g-8 again. at the time dan coats was speaking about the russians perfidy. i don't think it sends the message larry kudlow thinks it
9:35 pm
sent. ed: the president is trying to get this russia investigation behind him. but on the eve of this summit with kim jong-un as you said, he wants to show a united front with our european allies who will help sell whatever deal will come out of this summit. what's behind bringing russia back into this. >> even the president's strongest fans, and i am not noted for being one of them, are mystified by this behavior. you heard jason chaffetz and a number of people saying i can't understand what was going on here. the russians have reacted terribly in the past five years. we not only have seen the invasion of ukraine, crimea, we have scene the poisoning in london, and a variety of efforts
9:36 pm
to interfere not only in the u.s. elections, but in european elections. this is the behavior that would lead the president to invade them back into the g-7 or g-8 and berate them for not doing so? i have to count myself among those who are mystified and very disappointed by the president's conduct just before a major summit. i wish i could say it's out of character. but i think it doesn't do what he hoped it would do which is make him look tough on trade. ed: where do you think human rights should play in these talks with kim jong-un. you are saying the president should be more forceful in speaking out against vladimir putin who has his own problems with the human rights record. and invading crimea and interfering in elections. what about kim jong-un?
9:37 pm
the president has spoken very positively about kim jong-un to get him to the table and move these conversations along. but once's sitting down with him as much as he wants a deal, let's not white wash the fact that this is a dictator in kim jong-un who has been brutal on his own people, he has been starving him. >> i don't think he should and i don't think he'll. i am sure the subject of human rights will come out. the issue is what priority should it have? is it more important than getting north korea to agree to denuclearize, to get rid of not only its nuclear weapons and the icbms that can deliver them to san francisco. what is more important? if the president wants to emphasize nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction in this initial gathering with kim jong-un, i don't think i would
9:38 pm
fault him for that. ed: if i interrupt you in a moment, you know we are friends. i'm not trying to be rude to you. we are seeing movement at the palace in singapore where we know the president has been behind closed doors with the prime minister. we are hoping they will make some comments so we can give our viewers an inside look at the president's frame of mind heading into these talks with kim jong-un. as we wait for the president to emerge from those doors, judith, we talked earlier and you said you were concerned that the president, why did he get more momentum out of the g-7 and have angela merge than emmanuel
9:39 pm
macron. when he has to sell them on a deal to denuclearize north korea. do you pick a fight with those you need on your side? >> that's the criticism i and others have done about what the president has done here. it's bead will dering and disappointing at a time wet alliance occupies this crucial role and donald trump should be able to turn to angela merkel and to justin trudeau and the leaders of the west and say this is what i'm going do, are you with me? he may not have the personal relationship with him to do so. i think you are shooting yourself in the foot. i think this is part of what infewer yates and bewilders people about the president, his unpredictability. one day he can be your best friend, the next day he's your enemy and the next day he's playing golf with you again.
9:40 pm
no one knows how to play the president. ed: isn't that unpredictability something that helped get kim jong-un to the table? the president talked about syria and he was going to act. and there were airstrikes. unlike president obama where he talked about a red line in syria and did not follow through. isn't that unpredictability the president's friend sometimes? >> it sometimes is. that's where we began in talking about the unpredictability that led kim jong-un top recalculate what the americans are likely to do or not likely to do about his unwillingness to disarm his nuclear weapons. it's that uncertainty that must be playing a role in kim jong-un's thinking in what to expect from americans with this summit fails. i think both men have an interest in portraying whatever comes out of this meeting as a
9:41 pm
success. they both need a success. especially president trump after this canada summit and kim jong-un if he wishes to go on leading his country. both of them need to turn the dialogue, turn the tables, do something unpredictable. i don't like to compare them because donald trump is not a brutal dictator. but he is sometimes his own worst enemy. ed: i mentioned should human rights be brought up. before we came on the air i got a note from the vfw sthaig have written a letter to the president hoping he'll bring up the mia issues. there are families waiting all these years later after the korean war want to go know what happened to their loved ones. >> 5,000 people.
9:42 pm
that's an extraordinarily important issue for the united states that must b must -- matht must be raised. ed: sometimes we get so wrapped up in the negotiations of the here and now. but it's breathtaking the idea as well, i read that 20% of the korean population was wiped out, killed in the korean war. here we are all these years later and the war technically is not over. it never ended. >> we are living in this in between world. we have 28,500 troops will to defend south korea. but i think if you look at the way the dynamics of this are playing out. this is a moment for an abrupt change if ever there is going to be one.
9:43 pm
if kim jong-un turns his back on this, i'm not sure he'll get another chance. ed: we saw some pictures and we'll go back to that. john kelly the white house chief of staff as did mike pompeo. john bolton, the nnal security advisor, former fox news contributor who recently joined the white house staff. this is just the beginning of what should be an intense day or two or longer frankly. and so we expect that they are coming out and then the president of the united states will be out in just a couple moments. we'll take a quick break. we'll thank judith miller and we'll be right back to hear from the president. mine's way better.
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ed: i'm ed henry in singapore. the president is right there. right on cue. we'll listen to see if he says anything. >> [inaudible]. ed: you can see the president
9:46 pm
with the prime minister of singapore. some of their staff trying to block them from racing into the room where there will be a working lunch. pushback as you can see. he could barely make out something about allies. the president did not engage. as we rerack that video and give you a look at he and the prime minister of singapore. the president choosing not to engage. not looking back in the rearview mirror at the g-7. now a live picture of him at the working lunch with john bolton and other officials. let's see if he says something. we are trying to make sure we can make out that audio.
9:47 pm
it's believed the prime minister of singapore is talking. the president with his chief of staff to the left. steven miller farther down the line. the secretary of state mike pompeo. >> [inaudible] ed: we can hear brief remarks from the president and his thank you to the prime minister. reporters are trying another crack. typically what happens in this situation. you saw the pool of u.s. reporters outside the working lunch trying to shout questions at the president inside the working lunch. that may have been host tv where the local country provides the
9:48 pm
video and audio because you could barely make out what the president and the. he were saying. what i made out was the president briefly thanking the prime minister. did not seem to say a whole lot about what was ahead. we have the countdown clock 20 hours from now with the president sitting down with kim jong-un which is the main event here. you can see that this is the handshake we saw a moment ago. we have been monitoring the president throughout the day. the president says his journey to singapore is a mission of peace. but is he willing to put his military prisons on the negotiating table? one military expert will weigh in on one bargaining chip that
9:49 pm
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ed: it's been one of the many sticking points with north
9:53 pm
and the united states and it almost derailed the summit before it got going. the u.s. engaged in war games south korea. president trump's defense secretary made it clear that that issue is not up for negotiation. given what we heard from the president, how do you see this issue being resolved? >> i think that's one of the many things the president could use if he thought it would be benefit to the united states. i have got to address one issue many people are almost afraid. if american troops leave anywhere, that a catastrophic thing would happen. there is only a single combat brigade there. there is not a lot of deterrent value on the ground. it's more symbolic. if the president got to the
9:54 pm
point where he would say we can give something of bigger significance, the denuclearization of north korea. the president need to do whatever it takes to keep america safe. if he reduces the threat of nuclear war, that's a major war. ed: i remember in an earlier stage in all of this, there were some leaks suggesting the president wanted to pull some or all of those troops from south korea and there were some quote experts saying that would be a big mistake. you seem to think the military presence there isn't that big of a deal. >> when you are talking about tactical capability it's very small. the south koreans have 650,000 well-trained, well equipped troops. there is no danger if you take
9:55 pm
out these small number of american troops that south korea would be vulnerable. even more so the united states gives up nothing strategically. we have troops on japan, we have in guam, the naval base. we have the 7th fleet. and those troops by themselves don't limit us at all. ed: retired lieutenant colonel davis we appreciate your insight. we'll be calling on you in the days ahead, i'm sure. lieutenant colonel we appreciate you being here. i will be back with more coverage tonight as news warrants. the president will be holding his first sit-down with kim jong-un 20 hours from now. fox news will be live all over this historic summit. in the meantime. when the president emerges from this lunch. if there is news to say, i will be back breaking live.
9:56 pm
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same here, but this one has leather seats! use the app to compare price, features and value. . mark: hello, america. i'm mark levin, this is "life, liberty & levin." we have two great guests. we have congressman ron desantis, how are you, sir? >> how are you? >> congressman lee zeldin, how are you? >> great. mark: you served on the house committee on foreign affairs and i wanted you here to discuss north korea and some of the other major events that are taking place in the world today but i want america to know about you. ron desantis running for governor in florida in the republican primary. you have been serving


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