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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 11, 2018 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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we have special report live monday and tuesday 6:00 p.m. halfway around the world, thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, fair, heather: good morning to you, from singapore back to new york city. monday june 11th, big day, this is "fox & friends first" happening right now 4:00 a.m. on the east coast. >> while you were sleeping all pieces falling into place. president trump sitting down with singapore officials ahead of highly-anticipated summit with kim jong un. [inaudible conversations] >> thank you very much. heather: the two leaders coming face face to face in just hours from now with the world watching, so what can we expect? live in singapore with everything you need to know as
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"fox & friends first" starts right now. and thank you very much for joining us on this monday morning, i'm heather childers. let's get to the stop story for you and fox news alert. we are now hours away as we said from high-stake summit between president trump and north korean dictator kim jong un. commander in chief meeting with top singapore officials overnight. rich edison live from singapore as final preparations get underway, good morning, rich. >> good morning, heather, meetings have started in singapore less than 24 hours away from the big one. so as the discussions continue, president trump says there is excitement in the air in singapore, that's ahead of meeting with kim. the president met earlier with singapore's prime minister and thanked host and said he was optimistic about tomorrow's meeting. >> it's unknown territory in a
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true sense, but i really feel confident and i feel that kim jong un wants to do something great for his people and he has that opportunity and he won't have that opportunity again. it's never going to be there again. >> state department officials say that u.s. and north korean negotiating teams continue discussions this morning. in a statement secretary state mike pompeo says the president is prepared and adds, quote, the president and entire u.s. team are looking forward to tomorrow's summit. we had substantive meetings to date including today with the north koreans, the u.s.' position remains clear and unchanged. that, of course, the complete verifiable denuclearization of north korea. as is customary, president and other senior officials meet with embassy staff in singapore instead of embassy visit, staff members met the president and
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secretary at nearby hotel. for weeks teams have been negotiating how north korea might dismantle nuclear program and when it would receive it, defining that and the specifics of that will be and have been very difficult to arrive at. the president says for this to be a successful summit. at the he's he wants to establish a good relationship with him, the president has acknowledged this may take two or three, possibly four discussions between him and leader of north korea. at maximum, he's hope to go reach something larger than that. the president says he will know within the first minute whether kim jong un is someone he can deal with. that moment less than 24 hours away, heather. heather: rich, i also understand, 5:00 p.m. there, 5:00 a.m. here. we expect mike pompeo to have a press briefing, what do we expect that he will say, do we know anything? >> well, mike pompeo is running lead on this entire issue
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because he has met kim jong un twice, the highest-ranking american to have done so in nearly 20 years. state department officials say the secretary and president have spoken many times several times a day to prepare for this meeting. he's the one who is running preps on this, foreign pollsy on north korea and so we expect to hopefully find out from the secretary of state a little bit more about preparation. of course, we have been asking him about that for weeks now, asking about two visits to north korea for weeks now. sometimes he doesn't get all specific, heather. heather: thank you so much. we will carry that live for everyone here. thank you so much, rich. singapore security on high alert ahead of high-stake summit. authorities taking no chances turning away people due to possible terror ties. thousands are near where they
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will meet. you can see running along motorcade. we first saw this odd security protocol when kim went to south korea and that was in april. president trump prepares to come face to face with kim jong un, he's ramping up war of words with g7 allies, the president taking aim at canadian prime minister justin trudeau as canada threatens to issue retaliatory tariffs. griff jenkins with more on the g7 fallout. good morning, griff. >> good morning, heather, the president unleashing tweets in the wake of g7 summit doubling down on his view as he sees unfair trade policies all of the allies but taking particularly harsh aim at canada's prime minister. according to release, they make almost $100 billion in trade with u.s., guess they were
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bragging and got caught, minimum is 17 billion, tax dairy at 270% and then justin acts hurt when called out. this all began when the president shook things up at economic summit but became furious when trudeau held conference and in the administration's words, stabbed the president in the back. >> canadians are polite, reasonable but we also will not be pushed around. >> trudeau following announcement of retaliatory tariffs starting july 1st, prompting the president to withdraw his agreement to the group's communique or statement on trade that they had reached with trump's top economic adviser larry kudlow who accompanied him in canada accusing the prime minister on trying to weaken the president's hand on eve of the north korean summit. >> how many times has president trump said if you hit me, i'm going to hit you back? trudeau made an error, he should take it back. he should pull back on his
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statements and wish president trump well in the korean negotiation. >> harshest worst came from peter navarro. >> there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad-faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. >> among them german chancellor angela merkel who called it depressing but it's fair to say that this is far from over. heather: will all right, griff jenkins. heated exchange is concerns with trade war with america's closest allies but mollie hemmingway says t negotiating on both sides. >> both sides of aggression.
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but this is an important issue of negotiating trade deals. a lot of people have thought that donald trump has a strong protectionist streak, i thought it was interesting when he said he propose today a group of countries that claim to support free trade, no subsidies, no tariffs like if they really want to have that, as long as it's equal across the board. thought it would be a great proposal. unless you think, what i think he's trying to do is lower tariffs on american products and this is negotiating tactic, we will see whether these g7 countries succeed or trump has the power of the american economy to see his way through to lower tariffs on american products. heather: canada isn't alone in retaliation against the u.s., german chancellor angela merkel announcing that eu will respond with steel and aluminum tariffs of their own. claim nothing foul after even more american diplomats get sick
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and the u.s. pulling two more workers in embassy after reporting concussion-like symptoms after hearing sounds, the case similar to employees in havana and china. cuba says it -- they found in evidence at least of what may have caused the symptoms, that's what they say. the u.s. expelled a dozen diplomats last year when the illnesses came to light. internet regulation in the united states is about to change. the obama-era net true tralty rules in today, they were put into place to stop service providers from slowing down or blocking sites giving everyone equal internet access. now repeal could mean that you might eventually end up paying for for faster internet or streaming services like hulu. and this is still happening, candidates in 25 states making final appeal to voters today ahead of primary day south carolina governor facing two
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challengers in gop gubernatorial primary. the republican incumbent is endorsed by president trump and tuesday will be may's first time using a rank-choice voting system. voters will organize candidates in order of preference instead of choosing one. it will take days to determine who wins. the event honors people who embodied the 16th presidency. it reminds us all about the power the artists have in cultivating the american voice. so nice to see her nice and about after recovering and triple crown, the triple crown winner justify is not done making history yet. >> he's perfect and now he's just immortal, 13th triple crown
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winner. heather: newest legend to race again this year. owners securing 75 million-dollar breeding right deal. countdown to sit-down, president trump coming face to face with kim jong un. who are the key players inside and outside the room, we will be breaking down up next. 5 years and $15 million later finally a place where everyone can heal. >> it's incredible 70-acre facility. we will get exclusive behind the scenes tour and you're also going to see me try and climb this. you don't want to miss it.
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heather: while you were sleeping president trump sitting down with top singapore o. in just hours he will come face to face with north korean dictator. as the meeting draws closer, who can we expect to play a key role both in and outside the room, north korean analyst and author of nuclear showdown, north korea takes over the world gordon chang, gordon, we always love it when you can talk about this because your level of expertise outpace -- yes, it goes above everybody, definitely above mine. let's talk about who is in the room first. >> we have secretary mike pompeo, national security advisehn bolton and ambassador to philippines who is also former ambassador to south korea and have been leading one of the teams talking to north
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koreans. they have not been able to bridge the gap on position, but son kim has been a key player there. heather: a lot of work ahead of the summit? >> we had teams in dmz i singapore and logistics and kim yong-chol and on june 1st, kim yong-chol m with president trump in oval office but obviously it's crucial. heather: obviously it didn't stop the summit from happening, we know that much. it's significant to point out who is not in the room. >> that's more important. chinese leader xi jinping and moon jae-in and our good ally shinzo abe, japanese prime minister who was in oval office on thursday but he's not going
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to be in singapore either. those three figures shape the way things will transpire going forward. heather: what do you think they're not the room and talk about tig -- significance and flying on china air. >> he's basically saying he's our guy. don't mess with him. that's a message to president trump. for us, xi jinping has been a malign influence. over last 3 months or so they have been busting sanctions on north korea and they've been doing it openly. that's really a warning to president trump. now, we can ignore that, heather, if things go well with north korea but if they don't it's because of china's influence. we have to impose cost on beijing for messing up the summit. heather: how do you think the summit is going to go? >> i hope we get a firm commitment from north koreans to
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dismantle nuclear weapon's program but certainly doesn't look like that way, president trump and secretary of state pompeo have been lowering expectations saying it's really a meet and greet, the first of the beginning of summits an long process. heather: we heard that president trump is going to invite kim jong un to mar-a-lago, we heard that kim jong un has personally invited president trump to come to pyongyang, so obviously they're anticipating this and moving forward? >> certainly. one thing that kim jong un wants legitimization. heather: i wanted to ask you that. >> they'll be showing those photographs as long as kim jong un is the ruler. that is an important thing. now we've given that up. we have to get something in return. question, are we going to get that now or are we going to get it later. if we get it later, the problem is that we've handed him a victory which means we now have less leverage because he wants less from us.
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for us, this is going to be a very tricky very intricate dance not only with north koreans but also with the chinese and to a certain extent moon jae-in because he's been supporting kim jong un. we have a lot of people on the other side and on our side of the fence we have the japanese prime minister. heather: yeah, all right. il see what happens for sure. we want to talk to you again afterwards to get your thoughts on it. thank you so much for joining us, appreciate it. >> thanks heather. heather: 19 minutes after the top of the hour and fighting doj obstruction, devin nunes giving justice department to give records for fbi informant. breaking developments overnight. countdown to sit-down, president trump hours from being face to face with kim jong un. live coverage with complete analysis continues coming up
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heather: welcome back, the justice department has until tomorrow to turn over documents related to russia probe. devin nunes demanding records claiming withholding them from congress is obstruction. todd pior live in studio with more on that and how a new ig report could expose unbelievable bias in fbi and doj, todd. >> another news story in packed week. in a letter to rod rosenstein, nunes says the records should be provide today all committee members adding that doj continues to delay production using array of tactics such as incorrectly categorizing
1:24 am
documents as gang of 8 material in order to limit access. nunes goes onto write, connu refusal toermit members of congress and designated staff to review documents is obstruction of a lawful congressional investigation. in the meantime from tuesday to thursday with all eyes awaiting the release of the inspector general report about the doj and fbi's handling of the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail server. house judiciary chair bob goodlatte expects it to be very thorough. >> i think it's going shed a lot of light on what the judiciary committee have been investigating for the past 8 months and that's unbelievable bias on the part of the nation's premier law enforcement in handling one investigation, hillary clinton's, compared to an investigation into the so-called trump-russia collusion. >> goodlatt believes laws were broken referencing former fbi
1:25 am
deputy director andrew mccabe and lack of candor under oath and giuliani chiming in that ig will confirm that former fbi director james comey acted improperly with regard to clinton investigation and that comey could be prosecuted. we were joking earlier that on any other week this would be the lead story but not this week. heather: some key points, it's not gang of 8 materials and they want all of the house intel committee members to have access to them. >> he wants it basically to be as public as it can be not just confined to those eight people. heather: thank you so much. fox news alert for you. all eyes on singapore. the president high-stake summit can north korean dictator just hours away as reaction pours from around the world and here at home. >> here is my challenge, to every democrat and republican, you need to help the president where you cannot undercut him. heather: so are democrats
1:26 am
standing in the way of diplomacy? we debate it when our live coverage continues from singapore up next.
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heather: back with fox news alert. president trump tweeting from singapore, thank you prime minister, president trump meeting with leader ahead of historic summit with kim jong un. back in washington, top republican senator has warning for rogue regime. military options are on the table. hi, lauren. >> hi, heather, hours remain until that meeting between president trump and kim jong un and u.s. teams here in singapore have had a very busy day. the u.s. ambassador to the philippines meeting with north korean delegation as president
1:30 am
trump and key members of his administration attended a working lunch with singapore prime minister. [inaudible] >> professionalism and friendship, thank you very much. >> but back at home lawmakers are closely watching what happens in singapore. senator lindsey graham says ultimately there are only two options when it comes to the outcome of the meeting, peace or war with north korea. he's urging democrats to sign onto an authorization to use military force if the talks between the president and kim jong un go south. >> the best way to get peace, not war, is to convince north korea that they'll be in a war and they will lose it if they don't pursue peace. everything else before failed, if they don't believe donald
1:31 am
trump will use military force, the people of north korea are making a very big mistake because he will if he has to, he doesn't want to. >> graham said he supports democrat who do not want to lift sanctions on north korea without dismantling nuclear program but many democrats do n agree with graham's proposal of war. give the president and peace a chance as many are unsure if the two leaders will reach a full agreement during the first meeting. >> i hope the president can succeed, we want him to succeed but i think success has to be defined not as a grand moment in which you say we have peace in our time when in we don't have the verifiable elements of a denuclearization, dismantling of nuclear program, ballistic missile program. >> after the lunch, secretary
1:32 am
pompeo tweeted, the president is prepared and looking forward the meeting tomorrow and added america's position remain clear and unchanged and we are learning secretary pompeo is planning to brief the press in just about 30 minutes from now so we will be sure, heather, to bring you latest from that as it happens. heather: yes, we plan to cover that live. lauren blanchald live from singapore, thank you so much. you heard some on the left who say they want the president to succeed in singapore but along the road seems like democrats have been more than skeptical -- more skeptical than supportive, so is the left rooting against president trump, joining me now to debate former deputy assistant secretary of state under obama joel ruben and democratic strategists chris, thank you both for joining us on this very important day, we proosht it. >> good morning. heather: >> good morning. heather: joel, i will start with you, peace or war, calling for the authorization of military
1:33 am
force. what are your thoughts on that. >> i don't know why senator graham is throwing such aggressive sphwoan the debate and really undermining president trump's ability to go to a meeting with a dlomatic wind at his back, so this really puts out there the specter of war right after we have seen president trump and kim essentially say that they want to talk. it's not necessary -- it's something that can be dealt with later if there's a need for it and certainly it makes it harder for president trump to have a successful negotiation. heather: senator graham says he thinks it'll come to a year to come to any agreement? >> i think joel is right. we are here because of the tone of president trump and because of the leadership and this is a really great chance for us to move forward and secure
1:34 am
something. the democrats have been more concerned the terminology that the president used but look you it's gotten us. unfortunately president obama and joel and the obama folks haven't be p been able to do, joel, this isn't exciting? heather: you have to admit it is and i find it amazing that democratic pundits refuse to acknowledge just getting here and to this point is historic and significant. >> well, it is exciting and i applaud president trump for following diplomatic lead in south korea and pushing for this. we have seen diplomacy for decades, madeline albright when to pyongyang nearly 18 years ago, this isn't the first time that the united states has engaged north korea. heather: first time that a sitting president has either spoken or met with a north korean leader. >> it is, we need to take advantage of this window but i do think that it's critical as
1:35 am
chris is pointing out that democrats are not seen as attempting to be spoilers in this. this is a national security priority. democrats have been calling for diplomacy for years, here is the window, we need to support president trump and to make sure he doesn't engage in the process and undermined here at home. heather: chris, a couple of things from joel said, first of all, joel, the first thing he did was reference to south korea, giving south korea and their move towards diplomacy credit for getting us this far, chris, what do you say about that and also democrats who are calling for this letter where they want to specify what is successful, what is deemed successful with the meeting? >> that's right. south korea has been great. i think there's a lot of potential here. democrats should try to figure someone who can run for president that's not going to lose next time, that's what they need to be focused on. the other thing who is going pay for nobel peace prize that obama got and democrats should be
1:36 am
really working like joel said to do something to make this a long-term goal. this is historic and partisan politics are boring compared to what we are saying now. heather: you too are definitely not boring, i loved the got you there, got you there. appreciate it. it really is all the way around an exciting day. >> good to be with you. heather: president trump getting ready to meet face to face with kim jong un and it all started with this. >> they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. heather: we take a look back at what led to the high-stakes summit and he was supposed to pick up the trash and not get behind the wheel trashed. the out of control dump truck driver who took out nearly a dozen cars.
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heather: welcome back president trump first floated the possibility of a meeting with north korean leader kim jong un when he was on the campaign trail and now that vision beming a reality. but what was the path that brought us to t historic summit? let's take a look back. >> one of the papers called the other day and said would you speak to the leader of north korean, i said, absolutely, w not. north korea launched first ballistic missile after president trump took office. >> otto warmbier was released. >> otto warmbier has just passed away. north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fuy like the world has never seen.
1:41 am
>> north korea firing another missile over the country of japan -- >> guam within striking mission. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. it makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal. today the united states is designating north korea as a state-sponsor of terrorists. >> yesterday, talked to north korea, hey, we would like to talk to you about coming to winter olympics. >> i jt spoke to president moon, he's very thankful for what we've done. they are having talks. >> kim jong un, he's commit today denuclearization. he expressed eagerness to meet president trump. >> secretary of state, mike pompeo in north korea, americans detained in north korea will be coming home. >> june 12th, you'll be in singapore? >> we will see what happens.
1:42 am
>> yesterday they called kim's bluff. >> i decide today terminate summit. >> president tru teases that his face to face meeting could still happen. >> in a few minutes i will be leave to go singapore, a great opportunity for peace. >> kim jong un got in here a little earlier today, one of the first things he did he directly went to singare prime minister. >> the president of the united states stepping foot in singapore as we await the historic summit. what we are seeing right now, this is history. >> remember at the very beginning no one thought that this was even possible. heather: and coming up in less than an hour, right there, live shot, secretary of state mike pompeo in singapore set for a live briefing and we will take you there live as soon as it begins, you will not miss a minute of it, so stay with u as we wait for that, another salmonella scare.
1:43 am
tracee carrasco from sister network fox business here with the major super markets pulling precut melon off the shelfs. >> you may have purchased story and that's because 60 people have been sick with salmonella. it was packaged byato foods, sold at cosco, jz, owens, sprouts, trader joeys, amazon, sold in georgia,. [inaudible] , kentucky, missouri, north carolina and ohio. if you have this, get rid of this. heather: a lot of places impacted too. over the weekend i went to see ocean's 8 with cheryl casone. i loved it. tracee: i want to see it, talk about girl power?
1:44 am
dominated the box office this weekend with $41.5 million, it's also the best opening for the ocean's franchise. typically we have seen george clooney, matt damon, this is the best that we've seen for the ocean's franchise and this movie, beat expectations, they were only expecting somewhere $35 million but you can see it did pretty well. heather: wow. the fashion in it was fantastic. but it's a movie that guys and girls would looking to see because it was great. well, the time now is about 15 minutes until the top of the hour and as president trump prepares to make history on the world stage, the left still refusing to accept it. >> for all i know the president tweeted us into a war can a country that doesn't exist. heather: graduation speech from hollywood actress and 5 years
1:45 am
and $15 million later veterans and gold-star families have a place where they can heal. carley shimkus was there for the opening of camp guam and she's here with exclusive look up next.
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1:48 am
heather: history is being made in singapore, the left is taking jabs at our president, actress and produce mindy taking a jab at commencement speech, listen. >> i will tell you my secret, the one thing that has kept me going through the years is my super power, delusion. this is something i may share with the president, the fact
1:49 am
that's both horrifying and interesting. for all i know the president just tweeted into us a -- into a war with wakanda. heather: she graduated from ivy league school in 2001. another celebrity stepping into the spotlight to slam the president after robert de niro cursing and watch the reaction of audience. [cheers and applause] heather: getti huge applause for his attack on the president but in more heart-warming moment survivors of the parkland massacre taking stage for emotional performance. ♪ ♪ heather: drama teacher who helped protect dozen of students in that shooting was honored
1:50 am
with a tony award. but then they had to ruin it with the other, i mean, we all need to support the president, support america right now with this summit going on in north korea. all right, so it took five years and $15 million but camp has opened, catered to wounded veterans andhildren with disabilities and carley shimkus got exclusive look at what it has to offer, good morning, carley. carley: good morning, very exciting. i feel lucky to have been able to do this. 70-acre facility possible of the virginia foundation, helps veterans and children living with disability and while it comes with bells and whistles, climbing tower, it's the spirit of people who built and trief and -- drive and determination of those who will use it that
1:51 am
will make it special. >> what they've created an individual that has suffered catastrophic losses and can come together and say, we are the same. carley: this camp is for veterans, gold star families and kids. how did you come up with that idea? >> we wanted to provide those families somewhere to go so a wounded veteran can go somewhere and interact with the family and not sit on sideline. carley: tell me about your son? >> he was one of the three that joined marine corps. he was a young special young man. i can recall the first time, act of duty family that just suffered traumatic loss of oldest son. i just remember how we are going to create a new normalcy for our family and we were like fish out
1:52 am
of water. no one else was like him and so this camp is going to be away for everyone to come together and know that they have the love and the support that they need to move forward. >> this is the first time that you're going to see your daughters able to play together in one facility. >> yes. >> how do you think that's going make you feel as a mom? >> makes me want to cry to think about it. they don't get to do a lot of things together. those types of things are amazing for parents with a special needs child, it's amazing. carley: what are you most excited about the camp? >> i'm excited -- [laughter] [inaudible] >> are you ready to do this? carley: i don't know how to answer that. [laughter] carley: this is harder than it looks.
1:53 am
>> there you go. carley: climb up was a little bit easier than the descent down, i don't know why but it was fun. what would you say to somebody who is going through their own personal struggle? >> you're not alone. i've had my dark times. i was hit 8 times between my body, armored and body and taken to the face, two rounds to the arm and that started a whole new journey. it's a natural tendency to isolate ourselves in the moment when we are struggling moment. you don't have to do it alone. even taking the first step to be and meet other people who also want to have fun and drive forward and overcome, that's all you need. >> we can forget about the pain and the loss for just a brief moment and know that this is all done in their honor. carley: now the camp celebrated its grand opening yesterday but the virginia gentlemen's foundation already has plans to expand. they are also hoping to help
1:54 am
raise money who people who can't afford to attend. if you would like to donate, you can go to or camp grom. heather: i like what you said, you can't do it alone. carley: there was so many impressive people who just want to help others so much and that's not something you see every day. heather: seems like a little thing maybe but it is a huge thing in someone's life. carley: brings a lot of people together who are facing some sort of adversity and, you know, sometimes all you need is another person that is facing a similar challenge to feel a little bit more normal. heather: give you support and appreciate it. time now is about 6 minutes until the top of the hour and while he was throwing strikes on the mound, burglars hit a home run in his hotel run. major league pitcher who is out more than six figures. the house on fire and his family
1:55 am
asleep, what hero pit bull did and make sure that everyone got out alive
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the first survivor of alzheimer's disease is out there.
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and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. visit to join the fight. heather: time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good, sasha the pit bull the hero after warning that their california home on fire. dog barking, running around the warn them about the flames.
1:59 am
sasha dragging the family baby out of bed by diaper to try and save her and she did, no one was injured. now the bad, probaseball hotel's room burglarize as he's on the pitcher's mound. according to tmz, more than took a hundred thousand dollars worth of jewelry. drunk driver slammed into a dozen cars, surveillance video showing truck plowing through streets, no one was injured either. stay with fox news all day long, complete coverage of singapore summit and we will have special editio of "fox & friends first" starting at 3:00 a.m. here on the east coast. get up an hour early and join us. "fox & friends first" continues right now. see you later.
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[inaudible] >> thank you very much. rob: monday june 11th, fox news alert. president trump meeting with officials in singapore just hours ahead of his historic sit-down with kim jong un. jillian: and the world waiting to witness history, first sitting president to negotiate with north korea's unpredictable dictator. rob: what can we expect, live in singapore with everything you need to know, "fox & friends first" continues right now. jillian: good morning to you, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this "fox & friends". i'm jillian mele. rob and i'm rob schmitt, waiting


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