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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 11, 2018 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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[inaudible] >> thank you very much. rob: monday june 11th, fox news alert. president trump meeting with officials in singapore just hours ahead of his historic sit-down with kim jong un. jillian: and the world waiting to witness history, first sitting president to negotiate with north korea's unpredictable dictator. rob: what can we expect, live in singapore with everything you need to know, "fox & friends first" continues right now. jillian: good morning to you, you're watching "fox & friends first" on this "fox & friends". i'm jillian mele. rob and i'm rob schmitt, waiting live from secretary possession of a weapon into.
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jillian: we are expecting him to speak at 5:30 a.m. local time, we will bring it to you live. certainly a lot going to be happen next 12 to 24 hours. rob: pompeo will be catching us on what has been happening. kim jong un has been there as well since before the president arrived. the president coming from g7, getting into spat with canadian prime minister justin trudeau but now onto bigger and important issues like trying to denuclearize north korea and there's the president from overnight. jillian: he is prepared to walk away if he realizes kim jong un is not there to denuclearize, that's one of the things, denuclearization or nothing basically. rob: yeah, and the president and mr. pompeo as well. secretary of state has indicated that kim jong un knows what the united states means by
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denuclearize and has shown a willingness to do that which is the first step of progress to make something like this happen, make a deal like this happen, a deal which has been speculated to be a failure from the get-go by a lot of the media and president's opponents saying there's no real shot of making anything happened. jillian: you mentioned the g7 coverage, you mentioned onto bigger and better things now and that's, of course, what we are waiting, over the weekend president trump did speak about the upcoming summit with north korean dictator kim jong un and he did say he's very optimistic about this meeting. rob: yeah, absolutely. in singapore just -- >> but i really feel confident. i feel that kim jong un wants to do something great for his people and he has that opportunity and he won't have that opportunity again. it's never going to be there again. >> so, we will, of course, keep
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you updated and look forward to 5:30. rob: we are dancing around here. we are waiting for rich edison. we will get to him as soon as we can. jillian: the president isroundia dozen key players for singapore showdown. among them secretary mike pompeo, chief of staff john kelly and national security adviser john bolton. north korea analyst gordon chang joined us earlier to tell us what they can expect. >> for us this is going to be a very tricky, very intricate dance not only with the north koreans but also with the chinese and to the certain extent moon jae-in south korean president because he's been supporting kim jong un. jillian: absent are xi jinping and japanese prime minister shinzo abe. rob: right now singapore security is on high alert ahead of high-stakes summit. authorities take nothing
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chances, turning away people due to possible ties to terror. security detail, thousand strong is stationed near where president trump will meet kim jong un in singapore. the north korean dictator is also being protected by this pack of security guards, the men in suits running right along side the motorcade, kind of fun to watch. we first saw this very odd security protocol when kim jong un went to south korea back in april. [laughter] jillian: strange to say. as president trump comes face to face with kim jong un, he's ramping up world of war with allies, rob: taking aim at trudeau as canada threatens with tariffs against the u.s. live in washington with more on how the g7 summit went and fallout from the comments, hey, griff. >> rob, jillian, good morning, didn't go particularly well and the president escalating possibility of a trade war with america's closest allies
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unleashing bar damage of tweeting in the wake of g7 meeting particularly directly at canada's prime minister, the president writing, fair trade is now called fool trade if it's not reciprocal according to canada release, they make almost $100 billion in trade with trust, i guess they were bragging and got caught, minimum is 17 billion, tax dairy from u.s. at 270% and then justin acts hurt when called out. this all began when the president shook things up at the economic summit upset about what he viewed as unfair trade policies, then became furious when trudeau held news conference at the president's departure and in the administration's words, stab him in the back. >> canadians were polite, we are reasonable but we also will not be pushed around. >> trudeau announced retaliatory tariffs to take effect on july 1st, canada day prompting the president to withdraw agreement to the group's communique as trump's top economic adviser larry kudlow accused the prime minister of
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trying to weaken the president's hand on the eve of the north korean summit. >> how many times has president trump said, if you hit me, i'm going to hit you back, trudeau made an error, he should take it back, he should pull back on his statements and wish president trump well in the korean negotiation. >> and even harsher words came from the president's trade policy adviser peter navarro. >> there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad-faith diplomacy with donald j. trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. >> now, guy the war of words drew criticism from other g7 leaders like angela merkel calling it depressing. one thing for sure, it's far from over. jillian: heated exchange with
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trade war with america's closest allies, the president is ruffling feathers to create leverage with canada and méxico. >> president trump does feel like he had a mandate. his direction was a direct response from what we saw with president obama, americans like we were weak on the world stage and they elected someone who had a position of strength who said that i'm going to go in, i'm going shake things up, i'm going the change sort of the global status quo that we have been seeing that americans were dissatisfied with. how else do you you extractions without utilizing leverage. that's where the aluminum and steel tariffs come into play. it's president trump trying to use that as leverage, you k against canada and méxico. jillian: president also says economic team is considered a renegotiating of nafta or the potential of two separate separate trade deals with canada
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and méxico. rob: all right, cuba claiming no foul even after more american omats have gotten sick. the u.s. pulling two more workers from embassy in cuba after reported to have concussion-like symptoms after hearing mysterious sounds. the case is similar to the health incidents suffered by other employees in havana and china. cuba said they found in evidence of what may have caused symptoms. the u.s. expelled more than a dozen cuban diplomats last year when the illnesses came to light. a weekend of bloodshed in chicago, four people killed, at least 17 others injured in cluster of shootings on sunday alone. police say three of those killings occurred in a three-hour span, at least one thousand 70 people have been shot in chicago in the first half of this year. jillian: after years of delays world trade center, third
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building, fifth largest building in new york city, construction was stalled for years due to problems between government agencies, the developer and 9/11 victim's families who wanted site preserved. the office building will site different companies. the first lady stepping into spotlight to pay tribute to rahamincoln. melania trump speaking at annual gala. the event honors people who embody the 16th president's legacy by awarding them with lincoln medal. in a statement, first lady says, reminds us what arts have incultivating the american voice. rob: fox news alert, president trump giving stark warning ahead of negotiations with north korea. >> it's a one-time shot and i think it's going to work out very well. that's why i feel positive because it makes so much sense. jillian: so what will it take to get a deal with notorious dictator like kim jong un, our next guest says the president is
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>> he can take that nation with those great people and truly make it great, so it's a one-time -- it's a one-time shok out very well. that's why i feel positive because it makes so much sense. rob: the president making it clear he's not playing games here, sending the warning to kim jong un ahead of this historic sit-down. jillian: is it possible for the president to negotiate with a notoriously unpredictable dictator? rob: their weigh in foreign policy analyst cairon skinner, how do you handle somebody like kim jong un, how should the president approach? >> he would take the measure of kim jong un right away, he'll know within minutes if the
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chemistry is right, if the north korean leader is prepared for serious talks and i think he will figure that out for himself. no one else in the room will be able to do that on the american side but president trump and the negotiations and discussions will move from there. i think the way this will play out is that the united states will remain firm as it did at g7 talks about what it wants. if you look at the communique for the g7 that president trump pulled out of, america's fingerprints were all over it. the current reciprocity, the discussion about our interest and i think that's what will happen in the north korea talks. the u.s. perspective of denuclearizing the north korean peninsula will be front and center even if that does not happen and we don't expect it will happen in those negotiations. jillian: denuclearization is
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ultimately what the u.s. wants in order to get what you want and negotiation you always have to give up something. kiaron, what should the u.s. be able to give up and what shouldn't we? >> to put it a little bit differently, the united states is prepare today provide some kind of economic relief and we've talked about foreign aid and i believe, you know, try to set a new kind of economic structure and north korea support north korean leader as he attempts to revise the economy and i think that -- dangling that in front of north korean leader would make a big difference. kim jong un is facing, you know, an economy and a country and people that cannot continue into the future living under the crushing sanctions and the isolation that president trump frankly has helped impose. rob: yeah, the sanctions have worked.
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that seems to be why he comes to the table. mike pompeo says that kim jong un understands what the united states wants here and that there isn't a lot of -- there isn't a lot of face between them on what denuclearization means and that maybe this maximum pressure campaign has worked. do you think it's possible that kim jong un after all of these years of these dynasty that he nows sees the light and wants to bring open market to his country and risk losing power in that manner, is that even possible? >> i don't think he wants to risk losing power and that's where the rub is because he's incredibly vulnerable given the nature of the regime, the reclusive nature of the whole country and i think what president trump has done and perhaps the kind way, pulled north korea into the wider world and once kim jong un has seen the wider world in the past six months he's met, you know, twice with the chinese leader, twice
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with mr. moon in south korea, and the foreign minister of russia has visited him. once he becomes part ofrn ational community, i don't think he wants to go back but at the same time he wants to hold onto power and i think signaling to him that the american desire is not to topple the regime. it's something that also will happen in the context of these discussions. i think the president has actually won the argument, so to speak, in terms of both g7 and the north korea summit in the sense that he's restructuring what it means to have a rules-based international system. he's saying both in the case of the tariffs that he's imposed on the european allies and now discussion that is have very ambition out discussion with north korea that the rules have change and have to mean something. jillian: i want to get your opinion on this, sorry to interrupt, we have 20 seconds to go, you mentioned china, i'm
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curious what you think of china's impact in north korea ? >> china is trying to play catch-up, the united states is really center stage in asia in terms of these negotiations because so many of the asian partners both allies and nearfre really concerned about how china, once north korea is off the table, china's rising power that's violating norms in south china sea where so many states claim to have, you know, sovereign rights there, i think they want to make sure that they're part of this discussion and they're watching the united states be the world leader that it actually is. rob: good stuff. kiron thank you so much for your analysis this morning, we do appreciate it. >> thank you. rob: 18 minutes after the hour, hoping for peace, the mainstream
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stream media already taking shots at the president before the summit begins. >> what a turn of enemies, picking fights with friends. >> the president set the bar lower to start. >> everybody's skepticism is warranted. rob: are there people that don't want the president to succeed in singapore? we debate that coming up. jillian: the last straw, how sea world is taking the plunge and going green when "fox & friends first" continues. how do you win at business? stay at laquinta. where we're changing with contemporary make-overs. then, use the ultimate power handshake, the upper hander with a double palm grab. who has the upper hand now? start winning today.
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jillian: good monday morning and welcome back, candidates in five states making appeal to voters ahead of primary day, south carolina governor henry mcmaster face two challengers in gop
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gubernatorial primary. republican incuivant is endorsed by president trump and tuesday will be maine's first time using rank-choice voting system. voters will organize the candidates in order of preference instead of choosing just one. it will take days to determine who wins. rob: her primary has come and gone, nancy pelosi's message to voters might be turning them off to the democratic party. >> in terms of the bonus that corporate america received versus the crumbs that they are giving to workers -- this is giving like doggy do. rob: according to america first action super pac, 45% of ohio voters say they prefer the president to nancy pelosi. those numbers given exclusively
2:24 am
to breitbart news ahead of public release. jillian: last straw, plastic straws, anyway. rob: tracee carrasco with how sea world is going green. >> all 12 parks across the country stopped using plastic straws and plastic bags, this is because they say they recognized the harmful effects of plastic pollution in the animals that they rescue and want to do their part to stop this. instead they will be using paper straws and paper bags, they are going to have the plastic reusable shopping bags for people to purchase if they want those. we just saw alaska airlines doing something similar, this might be a new trend that we will see more companies going green and getting rid of straws. jillian: interesting. if you like pickles the slushy is for you. tracee: yes, this is at sonic drive-in debuting a new pickled-juice slushy, there it is on your screen. bright green, people say it is
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sweet and tangy, in addition to this, they are also debuting three other summer time tropical flavors, tiger's blood, i had to google, watermelon, hint of coconut and these are available for the summer, limited time. there's no sonic drive-in manhattan, so we -- rob: i have never been to a sonic. tracee: i have. when i lived in nashville there was a sonic right across from news station. rob: tracee, thanks so much. fox news alert, we are awaiting a live briefing from singapore, it's going to be happening any minute from now with the secretary of state mike pompeo. jillian: he's expected to speak at 5:30 p.m. local time, 5:30 a.m. here and we will bring it to you as soon as it starts, stay right there, we are coming back.
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it's willingham, edge of the box, willingham shoots... goooooooaaaaaaaallllllll! that...was...magic. >> still a chance here. score. that was magic. winning and, put the championsp to bed. een minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. pressure, what pressure? the players on the... jillian: good morning, we have fox news alert. we are awaiting a live briefing
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from secretary of state mike pompeo, he's expected to detail president trump's schedule ahead of tomorrow's summit with kim jong un. rob: back in washington a top republican senator has warning for rogue regime that military options are still on the table. lauren blanchard more on that and what democrats have to say, hi, lauren. >> yeah, good morning, jillian, rob, just hours remain until the meeting between president trump and kim jong un and has been a very busy day for the u.s. team here in singapore. the ambassador, u.s. ambassador to the philippines meeting with north korean delegation while the president and key members of his administration had working lunch with the singaporean prime minister. [inaudible]
2:30 am
>> professionalism and friendship. thank you very much. >> back at home lawmakers are closely watching what happens in singapore. senator lindsey graham says ultimately there are only two options when it comes to the outcome of the meeting, peace or war with north korea. he's urging democrats to sign onto an authorization to use military force if the talks between the president and kim jong un go south. >> the best way to get peace not war is to convince north korea that they're going to be in a war and they will lose it if they don't pursue peace. everything else before has failed, if they don't believe donald trump will use military force as last resort, the people in north korea are making a very dig mistake because he will if he has to, he doesn't want to. >> graham also said he supports democrats who do not want the president to lift sanctions on north korea without verifiable dismantling of nuclear program but many democrats do not agree
2:31 am
with graham's proposal of military force. senator bob menendez says give the president and peace a chance as many are unsure if the two leaders will reach a full agreement during first visit. >> i hope the president can succeed, we want him to succeed, but i think success has to be defined not as a grand moment in which you say we have peace in our time when, in fact, we don't have the verifiable elements of a denuclearization, dismantling of nuclear program, it's ballistic missile program. >> and after the lunch secretary of state pompeo tweeted that the president is prepared and is looking forward to the meeting but added america's position remains clear and unchanged. jillian, rob. jillian: thank you, lauren, our unrich edison is inside the room where secretary of state mike pompeo is expected to speak any minute. she joins us live, rich. >> thanks, jillian and rob, it
2:32 am
makes sense the president of the united states speaking for him secretary mike pompeo heading to historic summit between president trump and kim jong un. second highest ranking official to have met the leader of north korean in almost 20 years. secretary of state has traveled twice, first cia director and that was on easter weekend and a few weeks after that after he was confirmed as secretary of state. he has been leading diplomacy and officials have been working through many of the issues that the united states and north korea are trying to come to agreement here, basically broad overview is that the united states wants north korea to surrender nuclear weapon's program and then the question of what north korea would receive in return and how in the sequencing would it receive that. state department officials have been telling us that the secretary have been briefing the president, sometimes having multiple several conversations every day with the president in
2:33 am
a day to try to get him ready for this meeting with kim jong un and remember, he's the man, the highest official who has met with kim jong un already. so he's got an awful lot to share with the president, spending several hours with the north korean dictator. as for the president, he says for this summit to be a success, sort of the baseline for him is the idea that he would get to know kim jong un, he would begin a relationship and then after that they could, perhaps, have a second or third dialogue if today or tomorrow were successful to the top end of th being that the president and kim jong un actually can knock on some of the more difficult issues, the u.s. and north korean officials have been able to work through. as many as these things go the times tend to slide a little bit and we will be waiting for him. jillian: and we will be waiting,
2:34 am
of course, we will bring it to you live as soon as it happens. for now hours away from historic summit between president trump and kim jong un. so how did we get to this point? let's rewind for a second, march eighth, the president trump declared he was ready to meet with rogue regime's leader, on april 18th, confirmed that secretary of state mike pompeo met with kim in north korea just two days later north korea announced it would dismantle all nuclear weapon test, on may ninth, three american hostages were brought home. from may 22nd to 25th, the summit seemed to be up in the air. president trump speculated intentions of north korea and briefly canceled the summit from may 27th to june 1st, preparations were back underway for historic talks of course leading up to this week where the much-anticipated summit will take place tomorrow. a lot to talk about. rob: certainly has, all right, jillian. president trump making history as the first sitting president to come face to face with north
2:35 am
korean dictator. some of the media along with democrats are highly critical of this meeting even before it gets underway. >> what a turn of events, seeking peace with enemies, picking fights with friends. >> the president set the bar lower to start. >> everybody's skepticism is warranted. >> this right now is a huge win for kim. pictures coming out of singapore will likely be the president smiling and shaking hands with this murderist thug. rob: all right, so does the left and some of the media want the president to succeed or not? do they? here to debate that is the executive director of america rising pack alexandria smith and former dnc press secretary josé arristamuno. josé, the president smiling with murderist dictator, when we had the iran deal coming to fruition, you had pictures of
2:36 am
john kerry with terrorist regime in iran, is that a fair criticism of the president going into this? >> look, i really don't care if -- if this is a really or a democratic issue, this is an american issue, this is a historic meeting, look, what i have to say this might take time. and i want to be that are watching, this is something that will take time. i'm cautiously optimistic that something positive can come out of this. i really hope that kim jong un really, really takes into place, into consideration denuclearizing but we have to be careful. and one last thing i will say is i hope the president leaves temperament and emotional sort of role-playing out of this meeting. this is serious stuff and i hope the diplomacy gets the best out of us in the meeting. rob: it is serious stuff and people impressed that it came to fruition after it canceled a couple of times. let's look at headlines
2:37 am
alexandria, new york times, headlines, escalating clash with canada, time isolated before north korean meeting. faces decades of north korean preparation and the new yorker feuding with allies, trump may need success in singapore more than kim. the president gives media a lot of amo, i think that's fair to say, do you think the headlines going into a meeting that has such potential are fair and would they look different if the president was a democrat? >> look, i think that they definitely have a negative hinge to them and i wish more democrats sounded like josé ahead of historic meeting because i think that in putting politics first some on the left are really undermining our national interest because it's within their interest, perceived interest that the president had failed. they are looking ahead to midterm elections and going against trump is the only thing they have to go on right now. but the poll numbers are really
2:38 am
bearing out the idea that just being antitrump isn't quite working for democrats in the week of rising economic numbers, good economic news, we are seeing that the democrats need something more and the better deal that they've proposed on the economic front just kind of isn't cutting it. rob: josé, so many complaints how the president has handled foreign policy from many in the media and many democrats as well, when you look at the situation with north korea and how they were basically sanctioned to the bargaining table as opposed to iran was handled by the last administration, paying them, trying to get them to cooperate, you have to, i think, democrats and the the media have to admit that there is something to this logic that the president has in dealing with the evils of the world? >> well, look, i'm not really sure that all of the credit goes to president trump rather than the state department and foreign policy professionals because we
2:39 am
have to remember maybe like nine or ten days ago the president canceled the summit. this back and forward via toward, we will cancel historic summit of this size it's not good for anybody, not good for allies an summit. it's actually going to happen tomorrow. time will tell what happens. i'm really hoping for best, because this is not a republican or democratic issue, it's american issue. rob: canceling via twitter and being somewhat, buggy eses, unpredictable in the weeks coming up to this wasn't a good thing for the president, i think some argue that that's what got them here and that's what maybe gives him leverage over kim jong un in a situation where i think a lot of people thought that north korean leader had the most to gain from this meeting. >> i mean, certainly, i think that kim jong un has a lot to gain from this meeting and north koreans are anxious to have the meeting, it's only to get some of the economic lifted and to bring their country into economic prosperity.
2:40 am
there's a lot that the american consumer and global consumers can offer and that's a huge bargaining chip coming into this. i think what the president is doing is he's outlined clear goals, there has to be denuclearization, there has to be irrevicable and he says without that, the sanctions aren't being lifted and so i think that those are pretty clear goals. i think he's shown that he is going to be tough, that's something that americans voted for in 2016 after feeling after president trump that we lost standing in the world and that we were weaker in the eyes of our friends and enemies and so i think that president trump is doing he's showing strength ahead of the meeting and i'm hoping for a successful outcome. rob: alexandria, josé, thank you for coming on this morning, appreciate both of your opinions. fox news alert, we are still awaiting briefing from secretary of state mike pompeo peeking through door there trying to see if we can see the secretary of state. we will bring it to you live when it happens. we will take a quick break. we will be back.
2:41 am
2:42 am
jillian: live look right now and listening in to sarah sanders in singapore.
2:43 am
>> we will keep this short. i would like to welcome the secretary of state mike pompeo who will answer questions specific to the summit thatil take place tomorrow and will be around to follow up with other questions beyond that, thanks so much, mr. secretary. >> good afternoon, i want to give an update in advance to president trump's summit with chairman kim jong un as the president said on saturday, this is truly a mission of peace. this afternoon the president called prime minister abe of japan and president moon of south korea. earlier today, our ambassador son-kim led delegation to meet -- excuse me, north korean delegation, the talks continue this afternoon even as we sit
2:44 am
here now. they're in fact, moving quite rapidly and we anticipate they will comeo logical conclusion even more quickly than we had anticipated. before discussing the summit i want to address report that new york times that u.s. team lacks expertise on dismantling north korean weapon's program as part of the talks, i want to address the report directly. over three months an interagency groups with over 100 experts have spent multiple times per week to address logistical, they include experts from the military, the department of energy including ph.d's and experts and officials from intelligence community covering north korea. the same experts also cover north korea nuclear chemical biological and missile programs. these experts include dozens of ph.d's who have expertise in
2:45 am
nuclear weapons, chemical and biological weapons, advanced degrees, nuclear engineering, physics, chemistry, aerospace, biology and other relevant fields. on the ground in singapore we have a team that includes the president's senior most expert and weapon's of mass destruction who can cover any tactual needs that the meetings may present. any suggestion that the united states lacks the technical expertise across government or lacks it on the ground here in singapore is mistaken. north korea has previously confirmed to us its willingness to denuclearize and we are eager to see if those words prove sink ' re, the fact that our two leaders are sitting down face to face is sign of enormous potential to accomplish something that will immensely benefit both of our peoples and the entire world. president trump believes that kim jong un has unprecedented opportunity to change the trajectory of our relationship and bring peace and prosperity
2:46 am
to his country. we are hopeful this summit will have set conditions for future productive talks. in light of flimsy agreements the united states has made in previous years, this president will ensure that no potential agreement will fail to adequately address the north korean threat. the ultimate objective we seek from diplomacy with north korea has not changed. a complete and verifiable and denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome that the united states will cept. sanctions will remain until north korea completely and verify eliminates weapons of mass destruction. we are hopeful that it will continue to do so, those measures will increase. president trump recognizes chairman kim's desire for security and is prepared to ensure that a north korean free of weapons of mass destruction is also a secure north korea.
2:47 am
the president has expressed opens to expanding access to foreign investment and other economic opportunities for north korea if they take the right steps. all the preparations with the summit have come together very nicely. the president met this afternoon with minister li of singapore and thank prime minister of singapore for partnership and make the summit a reality. singapore is home to over 4,000 american companies and has long-standing commercial partner and we thank them for their help in making this summit what it is. the president also had a chance to visit with embassy team and thanked them for tirelessly work for making summit a success. for example, at tomorrow's summit there will be some 5,000 members of the media from all over the world that will be covering this historic event. president trump is going to this meeting with confidence, positive attitude and eagerness
2:48 am
for real progress. he has made it clear that if kim jong un denuclearizes, there is a brighter future for north korea. tomorrow, we will get our clearest indication to date of whether chairman kim jong un truly shares this vision. i'm happy to take a couple of questions. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> denuclearizing the peninsula.
2:49 am
is that a shift in position? >> there's no shift in policy. it is a case that we are to make security assurances, we are prepared to take action that is will provide them sufficient certainty that they can be comfortable that denuclearization isn't something that ends badly for them and the opposite, leads to brighter and better few choor for -- future for the north korean people. >> under the umbrella of u.s. forces, is that something -- >> i'm not going to get into details of the discussions we had today. i can only say this, we are prepared to take what will be security assurances that are different, unique than have been provided, that america has been willing to provide previously. we think this is both necessary and appropriate.
2:50 am
>> would it be erroneous to assume that that's not on the table? >> you shouldn't assume that i don't give any -- you should just -- if you hyopothsize. there's a lot of work left to do. a lot of details that's got to be provided. we are not going to conduct negotiations in the open with the media. we will conduct them between two parties so we have an opportunity to have a real success here. [inaudible] >> wall street journal. >> mr. secretary, the u.s. -- [inaudible] >> suggestions --
2:51 am
[inaudible] >> is this something that the trump administration will be doing to discuss or something -- >> so i think the first part of your question is the same question that major garrett asked, substantive question about what one side or the other may be prepared to do and i'm simply not going speak to that. with respect to the second question, the context for these discussions is radically different than ever before. the backdrop against which these negotiations were taken, president trump has said in a way that's fundamentally different than before. the president has made very
2:52 am
clear. until such time as we get the outcome that we are demanding, economic relief is not going to be provided. that's different. there was always that americans would take foot off and allow economic opportunities for the north and thereby reduce capacity to actually achieve the deal. we are not going to do that. the discussion that is will take place between chairman kim and president trump willet the framework for the hard work that will follow, we will see how far we get but i'm very optimistic that we will have a successful outcome from tomorrow's meeting. in each of the two countries there are only two people that can make decisions of this magnitude and those two people will be sitting in a room tomorrow. >> secretary, the president says he will know within a minute whether kim is serious based on his feel.
2:53 am
these are obviously issues that have tens of millions of civilians in the cross hairs, is it wise for the president to be going on his gut a have you established any criteria for the condition that is lead him to walk out tomorrow? >> the president is prepared for the meeting tomorrow. i personally had the opportunity that he had a chance to hear lots of different voices, all of the opportunities and risks and that we have put the two leaders in the right place. as i said in answer to previous question, president trump has truly layed out a process here that is fundamentally different than the ones that we have gone through before and i expect that the process from tomorrow forward will also be fundamentally different with the resolved america working to try and provide an outcome that benefits both countries. that's different than what we've done before. [inaudible] >> preparation, sir? >> yes, sir.
2:54 am
>> thank you, secretary -- [inaudible] >> how can kim jong un -- [inaudible] >> thank you. >> i will take the second one first. the united states has been fooled before. there's no doubt about it. many presidents previously have signed off on pieces of paper
2:55 am
only to find that the north koreans either didn't promise what they thought they had or reneged on promises. the v matters. we are going to ensure that we set up a system sufficiently robust that we are able to verify the outcomes and it's only once the v happens that we will proceed to pace. that's what's been missed before. we can go back to reagan, trust but verify. at the end of the day, both countries will have to come to have sufficient trust in each other and to do the verification that each country needs that we've provided the things that are called for that we commit to in various document that is we sign both tomorrow if we sign a document and if we sign subsequent documents but we each have to ensure that we do the things, we take the actions necessary to follow through on the commitments and when we do, we will have a verified deal and if we can get that far, we would have had a historic change here
2:56 am
in southeast asia, north asia, and all around the world >> we will take one last question. washington post. >> mr. secretary, this morning president trump had harsh words to justin trudeau and what are you doing to repair relationship -- [inaudible] >> closest allies in europe and to agree with statements -- [inaudible] >> well, i came here today here in singapore to talk about north korea but i'm happy to talk about work with european partners as well. we wouldn't be in this place, we wouldn't have this historic opportunity without the diplomatic work that's been done by european partners along side of us. president trump has led enormous coalition including the very same european partners, g7
2:57 am
parters to which you refer to help us get to this point, i have expectation that they will continue to do that. there are always irritants in relationships, i'm confident that relationships between our countries, the united states and those g7 countries will continue to be a move forward on a strong basis. i'm unconcerned about our capacity to continue to do what we need to do to get the outcome we are looking for in north korea as a result of what you described having taking place in canada. [inaudible] >> thank you. jillian: you have been watching secretary of state mike pompeo live as he addressed the media in singapore. it is 5:57 p.m. local time in singapore, 5:57 a.m. in east coast and to recap a little bit, he reiterated the fact that the only acceptable outcome will be complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of north korea. we have been hearing that now for a number of weeks leading up to this.
2:58 am
he also said which i found interesting that the u.s. would be prepare today make security es that would be different and unique than the u.s. would have provided in the past. rob: right. it was a good press conference and this is all in anticipation of the big meeting happening tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. singapore time which will be 9:00 p.m. tonight here in the united states and the big thing he came out and said right off the bat that the negotiations were going better and moving faster than even they had anticipated. i think a lot of people thought that we were going to walk into a big meeting, all this anticipation of the summit and it was just going to fall flat and there was going to be so much space between the two that everybody would go home disappointed but it's certainly at this point doesn't seem like that is what is going to happen at least at this pointndt this time. of course, the president hasn't met with kim jong un and made critical point to talk about new york times article that he saw that basically criticized the administration's ability to handle technical aspects of denuclearizing north korea.
2:59 am
he did not like that article one bit and came out and said, you know what, i will contest this right off the bat. jill where i will the first thing that i want to say, i want to address this report in the new yorkimes as you mentioned the u.s. lacks technical and logistical expertise dismantle north koreament one of the things he mentioned off the top, this is a mission of peace and then in wrapping up he said, look, what happens in this meeting will set the framework for this relationship going forward. rob: that's right. the v, the verify, the biggest thing he said, we will not be duped again according to secretary of state mik pompeo. weave been duped before. given up the sanctions, dumped the money back into the country and they don't do anything. that will not happen again. the president and the administration, the secretary of state sticking to the guns that they have been talking about over the last weeks and months on how this is going to to go. they have not backed down on what they say is going to be complete and verifiable denuclearization of north korea and it has to happen or else nothing happens. jillian: he said they've heard
3:00 am
talks before. now they need to verify and make sure that this is going to happen. make sure you stay with fox news on air and online for everything you need to know about the singapore summit. rob: special edition of "fox & ♪ ♪ steve: this is a fox news alert. countdown to the historic north korea summit is on. brian: in case you are just watching it or waking up, secretary of state mike pompeo that was live. he has just wrapped up a briefing from singapore moments ago. ainsley: rich edson is live where secretary mike pompeo just spoke. what is the latest there, rich? >> well, the secretary of state updating us on exactly what the president and the secretary have been doing today. more conversations between american and north korean officials to try to work through some of these differences. the secretary of state says he expects tomorrow to really be a first step, that


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