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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  June 11, 2018 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> congratulations to my daughter's soccer team. they go ton colorado for the nationals. >> congratulations. [♪] >> bill: it is 9:00 in new york city. breaking news from our newly minted super modern studio this morning. there's history in the making halfway around the world and here in new york city it's a brand new day on "america's newsroom." good morning on this monday. i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: good morning, everybody. >> bill: you look great. >> sandra: i don't look too bad yourself. studio looks even better. welcome. thank you for joining us. i'm sandra smith. we're excited to be here in our newly renovated home of studio j-during the course of the show you'llee some things have changed while some things have stayed the same. the countdown is hours away as
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president trump gears up for the most important moment of his presidency thus far. exactly 12 hours from now he's expected to be the first sitting u.s. president to meet with the north korean leader. >> i think that very quickly i'll know whether or not something good is going to happen. i also think i'll know whether or not it will happen fast. >> i'm very optimistic we'll have a successful outcome from tomorrow's meeting between the two leaders. there are only two people that can make decisions of this magnitude and those two people will be sitting in the room gether tomorrow. >> bill: as the president gets ready for the historic sit-down, there's growing fallout way back in canada. team fox coverage chris wallace in singapore with analysis but we begin with the latest on the summit and kim jong-un will
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begin it with president trump with two translators in the room. let's start there. >> just the two, bill, and their translators and aording to the white house the two leaders will bring in their senior staffs for another round of discussion according to the white house it will include mike pompeo and john kelly and michael bolton and others including the press secretary sarah huckabee sanders and the president spoke with the president of south korea and the prime minister of japan and hopes tomorrow is the beginning of substantive conversations and teams met this morning and this afternoon and officials say it lasted a few hours and lasted a couple hours ago. less than 12 hours is when the main event starts on an exclusive resort off the coast of singapore. >> bill: i've been listening carefully to secretary pompeo
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and he said again the u.s. will offer security assurances to north korea. in what form do we believe that may come? >> he refused a number of times to specifically say what the u.s. would offer onharont whether it would be any type of alteration to the joint military exercise the united states holds with north korea that south korea objects to or something to do with the u.s. military presence. the u.s. defense secretary james mattis was in singapore last week. he said the troops levels in south korea are not on the table in these discussions. pompeo says he hopes tomorrow's summit will open the conversation between the two leaders. >> we are hopeful this summit will have set the conditions for future productive talks. in light of how many flimsy agreements the united states made in previous years this president will ensure no potential agreement will fail to adequately address the north
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korean threat. the ultimate objective we seek from diplomacy from north korea has not changed. the complete and verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome the united states will accept. >> pompeo said if diplomacy fails in this fashion the u.s. will increase pressure on north korea. the united states according to the president, is not adding -- sanctions just enforcing the ones in place. and after this the secretary of state travels to seoul, south korea and on to brief leaders. >> bill: welcome to you later. >> sandra: and fallout from the g7 summit as the president calls out canada and other key allies on trade. the president tweeting sorry, we cannot let our friends take advantage of us we must must put
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me american worker worse. >> it appears the president is escalating the start of a trade work with allies unleashing a barrage of tweets some aimed at canada's prime minister like this one, he says, fair trade is now to be called fool trade if it's not reciprocal. they make almost $100 billion in trade and they were bragging and got caught, minimum is $17 billion. and justin hurt when called out. he shook things up in québec and then became furious when trudeau held a news conference. >> it would be with absolute firmness that we move forward with retaliatory measures on july 1st applying equivalent
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tariffs to the ones the americans unjustly applied to us. canadians are polite and reasonable but also will not be pushed around. >> that causing the president to withdraw his agreement and harsh words coming from the president's trade policy adviser peter navarro. >> there's a special place in hell for any foreign lead act ins bad faith with president trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. >> and fallout continues with leaders like angela merkel and vowing tariff retaliation as well. and overnight trading was get bounce despite heightened worries over what would be an ensuing g trade war. >> sandra: we're watching all of it. thank you. >> wwant to bring in chris wallace anchor of "fox news
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sunday." terrific show yesterday. good evening to you. it's 9:00 where you are. what have you been picking up throughout the day today? >> well, i think the most interesting development was a statement from the white house spokesperson sara huckabee sanders laying out in much more detail what the schedule for the summit is, as you've pointed out, the president going to meet first one-on-one with kim jong-un with translators and there'll be a delegation meeting where the president and his top team will meet with chairman kim and his top team then a working lunch. the real interesting thing is the president will leave at 8:00 local time tomorrow night. so basically, 23 hours from now this is going to be a very brief summit. one day. you put that together with what you just heard from mike pompeo and the clip ran where he's very
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optimistic of a good outcome, i think this summit is basically baked in the cake. we know what we're going get out of this summit which is a declaration of success and a promise to continue to move on. there won't be a lot of specifics but in terms of principle they will agree with the basic idea of denuclearization in return for security guarantees. whether it comes to pass we won't know for years. >> bill: and mike pompeo was asked whether or not troops would be pulled from south korea and would not answer and said take nothing from my answer. why is it so significant he is talking that way before things even get underway? >> because mike pompeo's a smart man and may know more than anybody since he's met with kim twice and also met with the vice
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chairman in new york and has been leading a lot of the negotiations. he knows what the north koreans have agreed to. unless there is a betrayal of epic proportions, he in effect knows what they'll get out of the summit and for him to go on the record and say, as he did today, i'm very optimistic about a satisfactory outcome, means what he think he understands about the north koreans and i think it's unlikely they're lying to him, is they'll have enough to come out of this summit and declare the singapore summit a success. again, doesn't mean necessary they'll keep promises but enough to declare victory. >> bill: we heard a sound bite a moment ago and larry kudlow was on cnn with the similar strong voice directed at the canadian leadership but where do you
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think it's all going or all posturing, verbally? >> i think it's serious and i can tell you that the direction to really lay into justin trudeau came directly from the president on air force one while in the air going from canada here to singapore. it was very clear they'd been given marching orders by the boss. obviously he'd already seen it when he called trudeau weak and dishonest and was upset with what he said after he left the summit and signed the communique and wanted it amplified by tom -- top advisors on the sunday morning talk shows. >> bill: we'll see, a 23-hour summit. maybe. maybe they find reason to continue talk. chris wallace live in singapore. >> sandra: exclusive reaction to all these developments. a senior counselor to the
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president, kellyanne conway will join us live in the next hour. our headliner. and the newsroom a-team joins us and david bossie and michael waltz on deck. >> bill: and michael waltz has lots of feeling on this and studio j's our new home. >> sandra: how you feeling? >> bill: great. over the next three hours we'll see lots of new shots and production quality h but j stands for jazzee -- jazzy so we hope to live up to the reputation. 12 minutes past the hour. here we go, house intel committee chair devin nunes calling to turn over documents tomorrow surrounding the fbi informant. what does he know and want to
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know? >> sandra: and as we await the release of a doj watchdog report and prosecution mike mccaul is here and joins us next. >> this unbelievable bias on the part of our nation's premier law enforcement organizationnd several leaders at the to the organization in handling one investigation, hillary clinton's compared to an investigation into the so-called trump/russia collusion. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it.
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>> sandra: house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes saiding a deadline of tomorrow for documents o the alleged fbi
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informant looking into russian ties to the trump campaign in 2016. nunes warning in a letter to deputy attorney general rob rosensin,our continu profusal for requested documents is obstruction of a lawful congressional investigation. >> the first thing we'll get a report on comey's handling ability which i think will be very very good, it should be. comey has a chance of being prosecuted as a result but we'll see. >> bill: that's the president's lawyer rudy giuliani expecting to find fault with officials at the department of the fbi and hillary clinton e-mail investigatn and texas republican congressman michael
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mccaul. >> congratulations on the new format. >> bill: let us know in two hours and 50 minutes if you like it. we're only 16 minutes in. what giuliani is saying is that comey could be the one winding up facing prosecution. what do you think about that? >> i worked in the public integra integrate -- integrity section and i'm concerned politics may have been at play here. we won't know for sure until the report comes out but i was critical of hilary taking her devices overseas into countries that could download special access programs putting our national security at risk. and i think the fact that nothing was ever done, no charges came out of that was always suspect in my opinion. >> bill: you can rule that he was insubordinate to his own bosses prosecution is an
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entirely different matter suggesting he didomething illegal. did you believe that's the case? >> i'll defer to the report thursday. we'll take a look and see what that says. we dough -- do know there were high officials political in the process and that's a big -- that's not supposed to happen at doj. it didt happen when i was there and it's unfortunate it happened in this case. >> bill: yeah, i understand t report this week it only deals with the hillary clinton e-mail matter, right? that's loretta lynch and james comey. we don't get to the idea of the fisa or the fbi informant. >> this is all hilary's e-mails prior to the president taking office. >> bill: that's on thursday. here's lindsey graham on north korea. as we watch the summit come together there's a suggestion from secretary pompeo and others they won't do a deal like the
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iran deal and they'll come to congress for approval. graham said this. >> a bipartisan aumf would make thelet letter more credible and if diplomacy fails we need the military option on the table or we'll never get a good deal. >> bill: so mike pompeo said we want congress to approve it so the nt administration can't rip up the deal. very stark traft -- >> very stark contrast with obama and he was not willing to walk away from the table as this president is. obama wanted a deal, any deal as long as he got one and mike pompeo is putting this perfectly putting maximum pressure on the north korean to get a good deal and engaging congress. the american people want to have a voice in this and i think lindsey graham is absolutely right.
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we have to talk about north korea it's not going to fall under the aumf after 9/1 it's a different committee and something the foreign affairs committee should look at. >> bill: last question. what's your expectation for singapore? you heard chris wallace. the white house put out a statement that the chairman will leave after spending less than 24 hours together. >> i will say it's happening fast. i served with mike in congress and i like his optimism but i would urge caution as well. north korea has a track record of consistently getting concessions from the united states and pulling the rug out from underneath us. the biggest egregious example is when they got out of the
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non-proliferation treaty and stabbed us in the back. we're willing to walk away from the table. all the pieces are there to get a good deal. i'm very hopeful we could on the verge of a major diplomatic breakthrough. >> bill: let's hope your right. michael mccaul, thank you for your time. >> thanks, bill. >> bill: 21 past the hour. >> sandra: another u.s. air force fighter jet crashes overseas during a routine mission. what military officials are saying spark the crash. >> bill: also late last night, politics back on center stage. the tony awards in midtown manhattan, robert de niro got quite the reaction. what do you think of this -- next. >> it's no longer double with trump it's [bleep] trump.
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>> bill: a close call for the u.s. pilot after what was a routine training mission. pilot ejected in time was later rescued. no one elseas on the plane. 's the sixth non-combat crash nor air force this year. -- for the air force this year. >> sandra: turning to broad wwas biggest night and the stage turning political with award winners often using their on-stage time to address hot-button issues including robert de niro who went on a profanity-laced attack against the president. laura, what's the reaction? pause for a moment? that was the sound of applause and the look of the standing
6:26 am
ovation he got in response to this. >> that's right. you'll hear more in this report. many in the audience were on their feet applauding robert de niro when he ripped into t trump. he dropped two f-bombs wle introducing bruce springsteen saying i'll say one thing," it's f-trump" and this is what you heard at home. [applause] >> tv sensors had fast work to do silencing the profanity for the viewing audience. >> sandra: it was not the only politically charged portion of the night. >> reporter: last night was no different. andrew garfield who won best actor for angels in america took
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his moment to support the lgbtq community and received robust cheers when he made this declaration referring to the supreme court decision in favor of a colorado baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex couple. >> we're all sacred and all belong so let's just bake a cake for everyone who wants a cake to be baked. >> and one of the most moving moments is when a survivor of the parkland, florida shooting sang and the big winner was a musical about an egyptian band that gets stranded in a remote town. tolerance and inclusion widely celebrated throughout the night. it >> bill: it should come to no surprise robert de niro has been
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talking this way for some time. i expect the audience was bored. it was song, speech, eight-minute commercial. song, speech, eight-minute commercial and de niro comes out and forces his politics. preaching to the choir that night. and president trump comes face to face with kim jong-un in hours. one top republican lawmaker saying there's only two possible outcomes, war or peace. four-star general jack keane is live on that coming up. >> sandra: and south korea playing a major role in facilitating the summit. what is the reaction there with the meeting just hours away? we have a live report from seoul coming up. >> i really feelnt. i feel that kim jong-un wants to do something great for his people and he has that opportunity and he won't have that opportunity again.
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>> bill: it is 9:31 in new york and 9:31 in the evening in singapore as president trump has arrived. he'll start the process of trying to get north korea to give up their nukes and mike pompeo laying out the expectations from this epic meeting. >> the ultimate object we seek from diplomacy from north korea has not change the complete, irreversible denuclearization is >> bil jack keaneo talk ccept. about reaction from capitol hill and elsewhere live in paris, france and gregg palkot is in seoul, north korea. now, greg, hello. >> bill, there is hopeful but cautious watching of the dogs n
6:33 am
in -- doings the people are under the nuclear gun of north korea. understand presidentrump has spoke with the south korean president and his hopes and prayers for a successful summit has been driving diplomatic forces between the dealings with north korea. the latest we're get from secretary of state pompeo is new security guarantees may be offered to north korea in any summit negotiation. that could impact the status of a very important loop here in south korea, 28,500 u.s. troops. also to be possibly discussed in the negotiations a formal end to the korean war. that was halt with a truce from 65 years ago and the people i've been speaking to it could mean a
6:34 am
lot to stability in this area. by the way, another sign of change, north of the dmz here on the public in north korea actually know what is happening. state media splashing news of kim jong-un's arrival all over the propaganda newspaper. two pages, . and sometimes president trump is seen as unpredictable but from the government officials i have been speaking to and some in the public feel he has shaken up a diplomatic process that's been stuck in recent years. take a listen to what one analyst told me. >> we on the korean peninsula would be looking at it from the point of view of what's in it for us. from that perspective, this man say -- is a revolutionary in a
6:35 am
sense. he's done something nobody else has been willing to do. >> that is according to analysts, president trump is going to sit down with kim jong-un tuesday in singapore. we'll see what happens including the folks here in south korea. >> bill: thank you, greg palkot live in seoul, south korea. >> sandra: and the president is considering signing an agreement to end the korean war but it would have to be part of an overall denuclearization agreement with north korea giving up its weapons. we go to four-star retired army general jack keane from the institute of the study of war and fox news contributor strategic in the. fox news is learning possibly there be an agreement signed to the korean war but such a document would have to be part
6:36 am
of the overall denuclearization agreement. what do you think of that? >> first of all, listen, guys. congratulations to your new studio and format. glad to be part of it. >> sandra: thankou. >> first of all, i totally agree it's a good process to begin. it will take a while to get an actual peace treaty and that would certainly be ratified by the senate. i think there are two other things that are going happen here. one, we can begin the process of no normalizing relations and depending on simply this, they have to get verification and commitment from kim jong-un he is serious about complete and verifiable denuclearization in the form the united states is conditioning it. and if we don't get that, then nothing else is going to happen as a result of it. he has -- what an historic opportunity this is for kim
6:37 am
jong-un. he can move towards peace and prosperity for his country and also the guarantee, truly, the survivability of his regime, family and the elites around him. that's the opportunity he has around him. it will be fascinating to see if he reaches for it and if he goes back to the old game book of the past, then the altern tich is -- alternative is horrific. >> sandra: do you expect there'll be a deal, general? >> i have always felt this has been different because of this diplomatic blitz he's been on for months. kim jong-un really did reset the table here and there has to be a reason for this. it can't just be a photo op. it can't just be he's going to talk president trump into easing up on sanctions and give him nothing in return. if that's where we're heading, that's know interpretation the
6:38 am
central intelligence agency has of this leader. they believe he's a rational leader and does strategic thinking and i'm in support of analysis. they know more than i do. i'm expecting something to come out of it. >> sandra: you know, lindsey graham, leading republican senator, said there's only two options that will come out of this meeting. he said peace or war. he said a third option is to capitulate like we have done in the past and it's president trump will not do that. peace or war. are those the only two options here? >> well, no, i don't think quite that. i mean, certainly president trump is not going to capitulate but i do think if there is no deal here and certainly that is a real possibility, then i think what we would do, the president would go back to the sanctions he's old holding on his desk and
6:39 am
has a new set of sanctions and not publicly stated sanctions on china and we'd go after this. the state department wouldenfor can to really begin some economic major deterioration inside of kim jong-un's regime. i also think we would likely go and this could be covertly and classified, i think with offensive cyber operations against kim jong-un with within itself is an act of war but the north korean as used offensive cyber on american companies in the states but we'd go after what limited financial banking systems they have and energy sector and they have pipelines coming from china. make sure we shut all of that down. there are things we would do short of war but certainly the military option would be on the table if all else fails. >> sandra: general jack keane, great to have you on day one.
6:40 am
thank you, sir. we are eleven hours and change from the meeting. thank you. >> bill: a bit of a lighter moment before the big sit-down. singapore's prime minister presenting president trump with an early birthday cake during the luncheon. he turns 72 on thursday and believe he'll be back at the white house by then. i didn't see candles. >> sandra: i see beautiful flowers. >> bill: looks healthy too. we're not used to that. >> sandra: i hope mike pompeo and the president had a nice meal with a big day ahead. coming up, we'll introduce you to the "america's newsroom" a-team. david bossie, juan williams and michael waltz. >> bill: like the title. i like the set-up. all day this week you'll see three different people at different times rotate in and out. >> sandra: and in a different
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format. we'll move things around in this pretty new set. >> bill: we need mr. t. >> sandra: okay. >> bill: in a moment, we look days, months and years it took us to get to this historic moment in singapore. how did we go from fire and furry and little rocket man to potential peace talks? it's all about the art of the deal, as you're about to see. >> as i said, they will be met with fire, furry and frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before. problems before they start. because safety is never being satisfied and always working to be better.
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>> sandra: house majority steve scalise throwing his support behind marcia blackburn and supporting republicans candidates in that state as he continues to recover from serious injuries suffered from the shoot at the congressional baseball practice over one year ago.
6:45 am
>> the year of strategic patience with the north korean regime has failed and frankly that patience is over. north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. it makes sense for north korea to come to the table and to make a deal. things are moving along well it looks like the meeting is set. the summit is all ready to go and i hope it continues on this track. if it does, the world will be a very happy place. >> bill: from fire and fury and fears about a nuclear showdown, how did we get here today and what will the summit tell us about the strength of the trump doctrine. chris stirewalt has graced us
6:46 am
with his presence. >> congratulations. finally, you have a studio worthy. >> sandra: yeah. welcome back anytime. >> bill: you have my blessing. how did we get here? >> well, i mean, look -- north korea will do whatever china will allow north korea to do and when you plug them into the larger rubric it's about trade, it's about international security and about status, it's about the dragon versus the american eagle. it's all of that stuff. the fact that the chinese are allowing kim to go ahead with this and have this discussion and talk about denuclearization and the biggest button the korean peninsula. is emonormous on a historical scale we seldom see i think because trump has kept china off balance.
6:47 am
they don't know quite what to do with donald j. trump. >> bill: i recommend everybody check out the piece on the art of the foreign deal. i alone can fix it. remember when he said that, convention, cleveland, ohio. i alone can fix this. >> yeah, i don't know that one's going work out. the united states is exceptional and we have a specific role to play but the degree to which trump makes it about and his personality instead of the country i don't know whether or not that actually benefits these kinds of negotiation. >> bill: or soften up the opposition and keep them off balance. when i think of the dust-up on canada and getting on board air force one and sending out tweets is keeping folks off balance. >> but is it worth it? if north korea -- if he walks
6:48 am
away with a deal and our relationship with china has changed it's the end of a proxy war that started a long time ago. this say -- is a 60-year question, if that changes then everything haze been worth -- everything's been worth it. we'll see if all the aggravation is worth it with our nearest neighbor. we'll see. >> bill: trump tries to make it personal and we've seen that in many ways going after justin trudeau and seen it at mar-a-lago where president xi came in and they're down in florida and the president says to the president of china, got a minute? and off they walked which threw the minders from china way off and they grew very concerned but that's the personal touch that's necessary to build the bond of a personal human relationship. >> and if you look at how few
6:49 am
people will be in the room when he sits down with kim instead of having the legions of people at these tables across fro each other, he wants this to be very personal. he wants this to be leader to leader, man to man. that of course carries its risks but it does work in the sense that if kim feels he's connect to his person and can take trump at his word and they have this relationship and deal maybe it works because it comes down to kim's fear -- remember, with nuclear weapons there is no kim regime. this is the black mail they've used against the rest of the world and if he is going give that up, he needs to feel safe. >> bill: has a grandfather start the nuclear program. for him to give this up has to be substantial. he's modernizing his nation a little. two on the scale of 100. but his people are now in
6:50 am
pyongyang have greater expectations now of their own lifestyle than they ever had before and if he lose he'll face a lot of internal pressure. >> and could end up dead. whether or not this works out for president trump it could be a political hit at home. kim is playingife or death game. >> bill: see you, buddy. we have a big room to fill. come up. >> sandra: so what will this summit actually look like? will there be a photographed handshake between the two leaders? number ambassador richardson said the president should be leery of pictures and joins us to explain. >> bill: there's a wildfire growing quickly forcing hundreds to leave their home. we're live on the fire line on that coming up momentarily. >> those guys are work sog ha - working so hard, man, they're doing anything and everything they can to fight the fire.
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drunk picked up at a sobriety check point in california and him and his passenger were later released and were cited for delaying an investigation. >> sandra: thousands of people are forced out of their homes as a wildfire in colorado doubles in size. crews trying to contain the flames made hot, dry and windy conditions. we are live in denver with the latest there. >> reporter: yeah, firefighters say the whole issue can be summed up in two words, drought and wind and they'll be battling heat and winds for a couple days before there's a possibility of
6:55 am
rain. it's been called the 416 fire and doubled in size yesterday and overnight to 19,500 acres. more than 2200 people have been evacuated. so far no building have been lost and firefighters doing everything they can to protect them. >> the firefighters brought in a team of sprinklers and the went right to the fire line and protected his home and others in the area. >> reporter: colorado is not the only place dealing with these conditions. high temperatures and dry conditions are causing fires to spring up across the west. several fires are burning in california. the apple fire in tehema county burned five homes and three other structures. it's currently at 60% containment and in tully county, utah, there's been one evacuation but firefighters were able to get it under control. that fire remains under investigation. sandra, the big umbrella is dry
6:56 am
conditions in these places. >> sandra: alicia acuna, thank you. >> bill: we're live on a groundbreaking summit. president trump and north korean leader, kim jong-un. america's a-team takes that on in a moment and reaction from senior counselor kellyanne conway is live in a jam-packed hour. come on back top of the hour. people would stare. psoriasis does that. it was tough getting out there on stage. i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me. see if cosentyx could make a difference for you- cosentyx is proven to help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...find clear skin that can last.
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you're smart,eat you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. >> sandra: all eyes on singapore for the most anticipated sit-down in decade set to unfold hours from now but here in new york, we welcome you to a brand
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new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. hour two begins. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. >> sandra: the weekend was all right. nice weather part of it. >> bill: i was thinking about it wait until you see this picture. coming up this hour. we're digging deep in the most important stories facing the country the sup -- summit. the world is watching now. >> the countdown is on. >> president trump has just arrived for this historic summit. >> it's a one-time shot and i think it will work out very well. >> it's the only opportunity kim jong-un will try to get to try to turn the future of his nation because if these talks don't bear fruit and north korea go back to its nuclear program it won't work out well for kim. >> there's two options, peace or war. >> mike pompeo just wrapped a
7:01 am
briefing from singapore. >> the secretary is updating us on what the president and secretary have been doing today. more conversations between american and north korea official to try to work through some of these difference. >> i said it many times, who knows. who knows. it may not work out. >> there are only two people that can make decisions of this magnitude and they'll be in a room together tomorrow. >> sandra: there are so many moving parts to this story. let's bring in the "america's newsroom" a-team, david bossie, former trump campaignanager and fox news contributor, juan williams, fox ns political analyst and co-host of "the five" and michael waltz author of the book, "diplomat." >> bill: we send our apology to mr. t for the a-team. >> sandra: with a title like that, i'll start with you, colonel. >> thank you. >> sandra: what are your inspection -- expectation for
7:02 am
this meeting? >> the amazing thing president trump understands and always understood and president obama never understood is the credible threat of military force is what ma diplomacy work and i thinkwi. either we come to a deal and the president makes it deal, have you one shot, kim jong-un to come do a dealer the sanctions will stay on and maximum pressure on the chinese and north koreans in place. either we're going to resolve this peacefully or this president is going to take out the program and defend the american homeland, period. >> bill: let's get to you guys to weigh in as well and i have a specific for you, david. >> i think the maximum pressure campaign which is a turn about from the obama administration is what brought these two men to the table. that along with the military option president trump has and
7:03 am
always does is something that's going to get his full attention. the dictator of north korea doesn't want this to end badly. hopefully we get to a point where we have ongoing talks. it doesn't need to be a one and done situation. >> i think what you see here is the process beginning. i think if you focus on the idea, and i see this coming from the options of the military might, you have to consider the consequences, how many americans are stationed in south korea and alli allies. there's a lot of death involved it's not just fun -- punitive actions. the president think he'll see an agreement to the end of the korean war. that's a more reasonable goal as we sit here on this monday morning. >> bill: this is secretary pompeo and the preparation on
7:04 am
behalf of the president and then a specific question for you, david bossie. >> the president is fully prepared for the meeting tomorrow. he's heard lots of different voices and the intended opportunities and risksnd we have put these two leaders in the right place. >> bill: secretary pompeo's been very impressive in the process. every time he speaks, he speaks with meaning when the words caught out of his -- come out of his mouth about the president trump and kim jong-un go into a room with translators. what is trump like in an initial meeting like that, david? >> president trump is an incredibly gregarious outgoing individual. his personality is such that he's very engaging. he speaks to people on a personal level and i think he's going to use this opportunity to try and get to know what is inside of kim jong-un and get to
7:05 am
understand a little bit about where he's coming from more than just the briefings that he gets. i think that's going to be a big opportunity for this president to comey wit a understanding of who he is and what he's about and that's just very similar to reagan and gorbachev. they had a meeting where they just got to know each other. good things came from it. it took a little while . >> sandra: it's a great point and it's one thing in how he'll read kim jong-un and he said a lot of this will be about attitude and reading kim jong-un. >> and he said he'll be able to determine in the first few minutes and sense if kim jong-un is serious or if it's another play of his grandfather and father's playbook to stretch negotiations. remember, pompeo, also as head of ci a estimated one year, the
7:06 am
north koreans were a year from having an icbm and so time of the essence and it's important to decide whether kim jong-un is serious because the north korean capability will only increase. more mobile launchers, more missiles themselves, decoys, submarine launch capability. they'll only increase their capability over time and why john bolton, who we all know so well, is an advocate we either have to get to diplomacy quickly or take this program out. it's changing that calculus that kim jong-un needs to understand if he gets this program it will mean the his regime. that's important. >> bill: michael, you know this very well, the state of the condition of north korea today is very interesting. this guy's grand father started this nuclear program.
7:07 am
he'll give that up after 70 years? that's one thought. the other thought is he's raised, relatively speaking, the standard of living for millions of north koreans in pyongyang higher than before and now the trade sanctions come along and china goes with it and this country is fighting for oxygen, so to speak. he has tremendous risk unless he keeps his people happy. bear in mind, he's killed relatives before because he considered them a threat to his rule. >> but he also has to keep his military happy and the military around him and their entire being, so to speak, is built around this program. what i think only president trump can do is determine is this a strategic shift and kim jong-un wants to take north korea into the 21st century for a better life for his people or is this another play and he is
7:08 am
aceding to his military. >> sandra: senator lindsey graham said only two options that come out of this, peace or war but said he needs democrats to cong come along. >> the best way to get peace, not war is to convince north korea is they'll lose peace. nobody in north korea believed the past presidents will use military force if they don't believe president trump won't use military force the people of north korea are make very big mistake because he will if he has to. he doesn't want to. >> sandra: and that's the way this president has chosen to go into this. >> we've all seen the images. there's no electricity in north korea. the people who have defected are talking about being starved literally, worms in their stomachs. this country is in desperate shape and so that's one of the reasons he's at the table. what you were just talking about
7:09 am
the maximum pressure that's been brought to bear by the united states, allies and china has gotten to us where we are today. that's why i am hopeful that he is coming. that the dictator of north korea is coming to the table to say, it is a strategic shift. it is something that we are going to join the community of nations instead of being a rogue regime. >> i fear you guys are putting too much pressure on president trump. because i think in reality the sanctions have had some effect but remember, by going to this and agreeing to the summit, a number of our allies have pulled back. maximum pressure is not being exerted right now and the question is whether or not subsequent to the talks you can re-impose maximum pressure. highly unlikely. what you get is a situation where president trump needs to confront chairman kim and be
7:10 am
very clear about expectations. when it comes to the economic stuff you're really talking about moon jae in and all the talk wasn't getting us to this point it was the president of south korea inciting economic advantage with the united states. >> bill: what he has said is he believes chairman kim wants to bring his country into a more modern state. >> correct. and he has an example in south korea. >> >> they go to the olympics and see what's going on there. the people in power in north korea have access to the information. the other point to be made here is that it is 2018. you have a hermetic kingdom sealed entirely by one ruling family and has been that way for seven -- this is nuts. kids are in instagram. what do they have? the more you think about it,
7:11 am
when the soviet empire ruled the world, right, and everybody was behind the iron wall in east berlin and russia and the soviet satellites, that was something we came to understand as a natural state in the world and the wall came down and everything changed. now the one hold-out is this country and north korea. >> it depends on you view it. it may be their a subsidiary of china. i think china's the hidden hand in much of this and the question is whether they're serious about pressure. >> we've seen this years of the sunshine policy before. let's give them a little bit and get a little bit. president trump made the chinese believe north korea is more of a liability than the asset and the last thing the chinese want say war in their backyard and unified korean peninsula friendly to the west and refugee
7:12 am
problem. it's the chinese that have signalled it's okay to come to the table here and it's that relationship with xi and president trump establish from the get go. >> sandra: you go back to juan's point though, are perhaps expectations heading into the summit too high? when will you be able to look back and measure the success of the meet >> it's incredibly high when you have the two heads of state sitting at the table but i don't think it's too high. i was in the white house when we had the six-party talks in getting russia, china, south korea, japan, the united states and south korea to agree and move forward took way too long. that's why i brought up the time line. if we're only a year away from a full capability, i think president trump was right to accelerate it and put everything on the table. what i worry about is the north koreans trying to drag it out on the back end. >> i believe president trump's done a good job of managing expectations. he said if it is constructive,
7:13 am
we'll be moving forward, if it is not, i'll be walking away. he has said, this is on kim jong-un. i'm here to negotiate in good faith. let's see if he is. his level of expectations and what he has set for expectations is what we need. >> sandra: it's 10:13 p.m. in singapore right now. the president's made it clear he can have his breakfast and decide to take off. >> the world is watching and this is the first time the united states has agreed to meet with the leadership of north korea given their bad behavior the dictorial ways and torturous manner they treat their people. we made a statement by the simple fact of the meeting. the world then expects something. president trump can say in terms of negotiations, i'll walk away unless it's a good deal but the world expects something is going to happen. >> bill: the world was watching
7:14 am
the g-7 and the president makes decision and acts. the world knows that. they were watching reagan and gorbachev and reagan two hours into the meeting in the summit got up and walked out and the entire world said we walked away from our best chance for peace and reagan was an actor and called him a cowboy and sdi was a fiction and he knew what we know now is he knew what the soviets feared most. >> bill: everybody wants sdi. you guys are great. we'll put you in the refrigerator for a moment and bring you back out. stay hot. in a moment another big story, the trump team pulling no punches when it comes to escalating the g-7 feud in canada. >> we leave and trudeau pulls a political stump for domestic
7:15 am
consumption. it's a betrayal. >> bill: president trump doubling down on fair trade calling it fool-trade when america gets stuck with a losing deal and neil cavuto up next. >> sandra: and we have a big hour of us and kellyanne conway joining us live the white house. plus, form ambassador bill richardson to talk about his travels in north korea and his encounter with kim jong-un's father. leaving behind a sense of
7:16 am
7:17 am
7:18 am
7:19 am
resentment at the g-7 summit and by the way, these are live pictures now that we have kim jong-un is arriving his motorcade has just pulled out but it is a live picture of the man ahead of the highly-anticipated summit happening at 9:00 p.m., our time. 9:00 a.m., sing amore. it is 10:19 in singapore at this moment. >> bill: it's dark there. >> sandra: he's in the middle of your screen. >> bill: that's a rare picture because when he sd u we saw him with a wave outside the limousine he was using then we saw the body guards running alongside the car in the
7:20 am
singapore street. those were daylight hours and this is the first time we saw him move. >> sandra: he's leaving his hotel for a late-night city tour. it is indeed late night there. >> bill: well, i tell you, singapore invented the singapore sling and neil cavuto is live on set and you never leave. we're going to get you a cot for our new spacious studio. talking about canada and everything that happened aboard air force one and justin trudeau. >> the secret service is running along kim jong-un's car. it's amaze. i'm sure there's a lot of pomp with these things but it's historic. i know it gets to be an overworn and trite phrase but it's remarkable and it's exciting. >> bill: let's talk about
7:21 am
canada. i think everybody was a little surprised. there was a sense of tension, shall we say, and a lot of times these matter smoothed over by a simple conversation. germany, canada, the they come out and say hey, we're one yet again bot this time. >> i don't know what was the genesis of the president's reaction. he said, he was sort of blindsided by the remarks that justin trudeau made. i don't know why or how they could have been such a shock. he didn't say anything he said before that would response in kind to the american's tariff. maybe it's his tone but he went a apolexic and when steve navarro there's a special place in hell for a good friend, a canadian, i think it seemed overdone to me
7:22 am
but what do i know. >> sandra: i have to stop and appreciate this moment because as you mentioned, bill, what a rare moment this is to see the north korean dictator and these are live images on the ground in singapore. he has decide to take a night tour, we're told ahead of the summit a few hours from now. an interesting way to spend the evening. >> he doesn't get out much and it's a dark place. there's a lot going on. it's exciting for the 33-year-old, 34-year-old young man. >> bill: the light is camera his face a little bit here. i think of the moment he came strutting down the sidewalk crossing the dmz. he's young, he's full of enthusiasm, he's full of confidence and hello, world, here i come. >> you know, he has all to
7:23 am
gain -- not that the president of the united states doesn't already, he's a big figure by being president of the united states and this man was a dangerous rogue and a threat to the world and now being put up on a camp davidedestal. an iconic figure of peace and things can change and he can send a message to the world, i'm a catalyst to the ange. >> sandra: and we're looking at live pictures from singapore, i wonder if you can put into perspective what this means for the markets. wow, what a lot for our u.s. investments to in to see this potential summit happening hours from now. meanwhile, tensions rising amid the trade talks with canada. there's a lot of uncertainty building at this time. >> what's so weird about it, n sandra, the market non non --
7:24 am
nonplussed and the backdrop has propelled us to near records again. if they're worried about a trade war they're not worried about it materializing and as the growing rumors maybe what we get when the talks is cessation of hostilities. just the expectations that things won't get worse only better is good enough to help the markets which, of course, are looking at the backdrop of the u.s. economy. that's the position of strength this press has had in talking to our president and now the north koreans and it's a powerful backdrop for the president. >> bill: some are starting to theorizeha canada was a set-up for the north korean matter. with the president with his arms
7:25 am
crossed and ank -- angela merkel talking to him from across the table. what do you ascribe to those who believe this was laying the table before the north korean meeting takes place? i'm the boss? i'm in charge? if i don't like what i'm hearing you'll hear about it. >> i heard that argument. look how i treat my friends, imagine what i'll do to you. i guess there's some thought to that but i don't know, it may be too clever for words here. i think whatever set the president off on air force one, something legitimately did, maybe the tone of justin trudeau's remarks, he has to be feeling the pressure on the global stage whether you're president of the united states or not it's the most consequential moment of his presidency so there's that pressure.
7:26 am
as far as assigning a strategy to a later on have one of your aides saying there's a special place in hell for the leader in canada it not the way to advance the ball but here's a president with the leader of north korea and the leader of north korea and going on about town and having a great time. i imagine at this hour, by the way, most stores are closed. he says let's all leave and see what happens and they discover, well, nothing is open. it's just remarkable and something we've never seen. and there's been such a degree of disguise to the north korean kingdom and it's exciting to see these images because we never get the chance. >> sandra: it looks like the walk may be over. >> well, they found out the stores are closed. maybe there's an ihop or ihob
7:27 am
there and get a burger but whatever is going on they decided to break out of the hotel and nothing's open. >> sandra: what do you think is the moment we'll eventually see from the summit. what do you think the meeting will look like? >> i don'twe as assign somethin special. we remember it was a nervous first greeting when gorbachev and reagan got together as the reykajavik talks got on and reagan walked away and months later getting a deal. we remember how very antsy it was when there was the meeting with president jimmy carter at camp david and we had an historic peace agreement. they start off with chilly starts and he president said i
7:28 am
can assign someone in the first minute. maybe we'll get a sense but these guys are shrewdpolitician. i think they'll put on a good face. we'll see as the talks ensue as they come out their talks how they came down but images like this will last. >> bill: they will last forever and it's hard to predict also. i'll say about singapore, this is a modern marvel when you think of what it used to be in the 1960s and what its leader built it into and one of the most modern places in the world. >> and immaculate. >> bill: and did it in a part of the world and he transformed that. >> i think if president trump or kim jong-un dropped like a gum
7:29 am
wrapper they'd be arrested. it's an immaculate state. it's remarkable. >> sandra: it's always nice to have you >> thank you very much. the studio is beautiful. now i'm going back to my little hobble here. holy cow. >> sandra: you're the best. >> good luck. i want to see you at the end like jerry lewis at the end of the telethon. that's the moment i'm living for. >> sandra: coming up, we have our headliner, kellyanne conway joining us live in a few moments. >> bill: she's keeping the lights on at the white house because everybody's in singapore. that's next. at&t provides edge-to-edge intelligence, covering virtually every part of your retail business. so that if your customer needs shoes, & he's got wide feet.
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7:34 am
minutes ago chairman kim going out for a walk a nighttime cruise in his limousine and there's clearly many south -- north koreans around him and it makes sense the security is tight and not a lot of room for folks hanging out. nonetheless, this is an important image. this is an isolated leader who is showing he has a level of sophistication for cameras by going for the evening walk. >> sandra: a rare look at the north korean leader and going out for a walk. this is hours before the historic summit with u.s. president trump. >> bill: we have a new format if you noticed and stick around. and we have kellyanne conway
7:35 am
live from the west wing. how you doing, kellyanne. thank you for your time today. >> congratulations to you and your crew and team. >> bill: thank you very much. thanks for being our first headliner. >> love the red chairs. they're fancy. >> bill: you think you're the only one left at the white house given the fact everybody's in singapore. question for you, why would chairman kim give up his nuclear program? >> chairman kim must recognize a denuclearized north korean peninsula sin everybody's interest and the is a mission of peace and that impact the world and our allies at the g-7 and north korea and south korea and the united states and it's not just for those in range of the korean peninsula. this say worldwide issue and it takes president's leadership to succeed and as the been made
7:36 am
clear complete revie -- verifiable and irreversible due nuclearization is the goal. this is such a gigantic momentous step forward other administrations have not been able to administrate and they came to washington owing nobody anything except to look at how things have been done in the past domestically and internationally and do things a little bit different flip looks great on the ground meaning everybody's hopeful because it came together and both parties are there in singapore, progress is being made. also chairman kim must understand that as the president has said, great things can happen in his country. the economy could be more prosperous and the people could be more free. >> bill: it put him on the international stage. his grandfather started his
7:37 am
program 70 years ago. where is his incentive to surrender it? >> to what end? i didn't say he had an incentive to just ends it i imagine he has a bargaining chip to the table as well. we've seen the devastating stories and personal impact stories out of north korea. people suffering there under a number of deprivation and also in the case of the american who paid the ultimate price. the fact is chairman kim and his people have an incentive and you give up your nuclear program, perhaps you could be a more peaceful and more prosperous and not seen as a pariah around the world. we'll let these two leaders, mr. kim jong-un and president trump have the meeting together first. i think that's the key here. that's the way president trump has operated forever. >> sandra: there's so much
7:38 am
anticipation and buildup you see the countdown clock on our screen. we're hours away now. at first there was very little detail on the meeting itself and the logistics of it and we're starting to know more. you're holding down the fort at the white house. has anything changed in the last couple hours? >> it has not. and again, president trump made clear he would like to meet one-on-one with just the translators. we see another principle here and that's very much this president has been doing business successfully throughout his career. it may strike many peopl who have been involved in the past as an unusual request but remember, we're looking at an entirely different frame. those who are stuck in the international order this has never been done. this is not the way things have been done. the way things have been done have been chronically unsuccessful and the success president trump has brought to the domestic economy whether it's taxes or resolution or the
7:39 am
incredible economic and job growth numbers he's bringing to bear on the world stage as well and people aren't focussed on the consensus building measures at the g-7 and the fact president trump, who pre sides over the largest and fastest growing economy young the g-7 members, he left that meeting early to go and try to broker progress, if not peace, on behalf of the entire world. >> bill: listen, we all hope for a successful moment in singapore. we can all agree on that. >> it's a start. >> bill: what's left behind is the g-7. i don't know what happened aboard air force one but this is justin trudeau after the plane took off yesterday. listen here. >> i highlighted directly to the president that canadians did not take it lightly that the united states has moved forward with significant tariffs. it's kind of insulting and i
7:40 am
highlighted it was not helping in our renegotiation of nafta. we're polite and reason but als. >> bill: what are we to make of this, our neighbor it the north, canada, obviously things are swiped -- side ways. >> the sounds like president trump. the vanquished 17 other opponents and the queen bee herself, mainly running on issue like this where he has said, what we've been doing has been screwing the american worker and american interest in industry herself. there's a 245% tariff by canada on cheese after you express the quota. when you include goods and not just services the president said we have a deficit with canada hurting the american worker. >> bill: how far away are you from resolving this? is it days, weeks or months?
7:41 am
>> resolving the trade issues? >> bill: yes, before you can come to an agreement. >> tough to stay but this conversation has been going on since transition. mr. trudeau has been here many s. the president and he have met at other summits at other locations. obviously, mexico's involved with nafta. this president not tearing up trade agreements and walking away he's saying it has to be fair and reciprocal and the idea that the president is going to go to g-7 whenever it is, in this case canada, and do the talk of other typf perhaps leaders of the past or even other leaders in industry, it's just not donald trump. he's always going to put americans first and people continue to act shocked. listen, donald trump, took a tiny issue mired in single
7:42 am
digits and didn't register in the polls and he will vated -- elevated to an issue of fairness for farmers and workers. >> sandra: one last question, five seconds, is vladamir putin next? are you planning a summit? >> the president said he would sit down with him again. the meeting went long past what the media said it was supposed to and i don't know why they're setting expectations and he wants to deal with the world as it is not how people portend it to be and pushing back in russia in syria with sanctions on the expulsion of russians from the country. he's been tough but willing to work on big issues if that can happen. >> sandra: kellyanne, thank you for joining us. >> bill: is that a maybe or yes or no? >> that's a to be continued. see you next time. >> bill: thank you, kellyanne. >> sandra: thank you for the time. kellyanne kon -- kon -- conway and the long-awaited doj
7:43 am
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their first symptom is a stroke. so call today and start with a free health assessment to understand your best plan of action. didn't we do this earlier? life line screening. the power of preventvention. call now to learn more. >> bill: as promised the a-team has returned and back in studio. gentlemen, welcome back. colonel michael waltz and david bossie and juan williams. you're going to get an i.g. report that goes public. do we think fundamentally the finding in the i.g. report on loretta lynch and james comey and the department fundamentally changes how we look at the story? >> no. geend back -- and we go back to
7:48 am
leaks the story is the inspector general michael moreau said james comey overstepped the bounds of his responsibilities. i think it was june when he spoke about hillary clinton and not indicting her. that seems to be but that didn't change the fundamentals. >> bill: david, what about you? >> i think first of all, washington sees a lot of i.g. reports. i don't want to be disappointed. we need to see if they look at jame comey like the leak with mccabe and that will be a big question that comes out of this based on what has been rumored about and if james comey has criminal fault the united states attorney general in washington, d.c. will have work to do. >> sandra: the american people want accountability. >> there's accountability for our men and women in our
7:49 am
intelligence service and military to put their lives on their line to protect secret and hillary clinton got away with things that officers have been court-martiaver and people have been put to jail for and there's an element of accountability and justice there and also an element of moving forward. how do we restore the american people's trust in the leadership of the fbi. >> sandra: do you think this i.g. report goes in that direction? >> i certainly hope so and i will say the problem with i.g.s endustice at theoorway and i called to get into the hillary clinton e-mail scandal to make sure thatas done correctly and we also have major players in the fake corruption/collusion story that were at the state department, hillary clinton and james comey cronies. >> bill: thank you. i gave you a promotion today.
7:50 am
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7:54 am
>> bill: is that cool or creepy? it's happened only 13 times in history. we have a trie crown winner, justify. now there is controversy. a competing owner said justify was used by another horse to block the competition. did they stack the deck? >> sandra: isn't that the point? >> bill: introducing the 24-hour crew. justify this segment. >> i think the complaint is non-justified. i think it's sour grapes. the best horse one. justify went wire to wire and it's not illegal in horse racing. we see it in auto racing drivers
7:55 am
work together and what they did nothing is wrong with that. >> sandra: track and field. you should have seen me throwing elbows. >> oh, wow. it does feel like it should be illegal though. shouldn't the fastest horse win no matter what and maybe that didn't happen this time. i do think it's sour grapes. probably would have won if this happened or didn't. i was talking to janice dean at the race and she said that t horses kind of took a step back when justify entered the stables. i thought that was cool. >> maybe in the animal kingdom they knew he was the alpha and was going to go on to win this thing. >> sandra: everybody's going to remember where they were. >> bill: i know i will because i have something to share with you all -- best seat in the house? i don't know.
7:56 am
pretty good. put your hands down. listen, i have been to the belmont numerous times and the triple crown loser and now i've seen two the last four years. >> somebody texted me aft the race saying isn't this amaze weg -- amazing, we just had this. >> bill: i will bet $2 on justify to win. >> sandra: so you're buying lunch today. >> bill: thank you, guys. congratulations on your win. >> thank you. >> sandra: we'll be right back.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> at 11:00 a.m. here in new york city at 11:00 p.m. in singapore where just hours from now, it's a down between president trump and kim jong un will begin in the two leaders will kick it all off with a one-on-one meeting as fox news learns new details about what happens next. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's newsroom. i'm sandra smith. how are you doing? >> i'm bill hemmer. go morning. i did the medic breakthrough in what is arguably the most important summit of his presidency. clearly that's the case. with a white house saying the talks are moving more quickly than expected. >> chairman king of much
8:01 am
recognize that a denuclearize korean peninsula is in everyone's interest. they made very clear that this is an initiative of peace. this is no longer did you just for the united states or an issue just for those who are within a certain range of the korean peninsula. this is a worldwide issue and it takes president trump's leadership to succeed where others haven't. >> bill: we have fox news coverage is leading our analysis with bill richardson live here in studio, met with kim's father and travel to north korea several times. but we start with chief white house correspondent john roberts on the ground in singapore just past 11:00 in the evening. >> ten hours from now, that meeting takes place and the president and his team are playing down expectations for what might come out of that meeting for strategic reasons because i am told they may be expecting a surprise and you get a surprise, it seems bigger than it might actually if you had raised expectations.
8:02 am
here's the way things are going to go. 9:00 tomorrow morning again, ten hours from now here in singapore, 9:00 at night they were in new york, president trump will sit down one-on-one with kim jong un, just the two leaders and their interpreters for a get to know you kind of session. the president saying yesterday that he wants to have a chance to sit down face-to-faceith kim, want to be able to see each other. and the president saidly they will likeh other. and after that, there's going to be a luncheon and expanded bilateral meeting which will also be attended by mike pompeo, the secretary of state, chief of staff john kelly, john bolton was the national security advisor, his son who was the u.s. ambassador to the philippines who is leading the charge here in terms of talks with the north koreans, sarah huckabee sanders will be there as well as matt pottinger who is the head of east asia affairs of the national security council. and in the president will have the capella resort for the talks are taking press conference.
8:03 am
that will be 4:00 in the morning eastern time, 4:00 in the afternoon here. one of the things that we are likely to hear more about from the president, the security guarantees that he has prepared to give kim jong un should kim jong un decide that he is going to get rid of his nuclear program. secretary of state mike pompeo talked about that a little bit more in a press conference earlier today. listen here. >> it is the case that we are prepared to make secured assurance of necessary for the north koreans to engage in that denuclearization. we are prepared to take actions that will provide them sufficient certainty that they can be comfortable in that denuclearization isn't something that ends badly for them and indeed just the opposite. it leads to a brighter, better future for the north korean people. >> very specific language there about making sure they know that denuclearization won't end in a way that is bad for them. that really is a reference to the libya model, whether just the libya model and ambassador richardsons will be able to tell
8:04 am
you more about this, led to the downfall that came some eight years later when the united states decided that it wanted to see regime change their but mike pompeo the secretary of state and the president will be assuring him that they are not after regime change and they are prepared to give him guarantees, political economic, and security to make sure he stays in power. at the same time, the secretary of state making it clear yesterday that the sanctions will remain on during this entire process and that if things breakdown, the united states has another package of sanctions ready to go. >> bill: going back to 1953, there's an armistice but no official signing. what about the deal they may sign an agreement to end the war? is that still alive? >> is still very much alive in the president has talked about this a couple of times in the last couple of weeks. the first time after he met with him in a press conference last week in the rose garden with shinzo abe, there is the
8:05 am
potential for them to sign a deal to end the korean war. it would not be a peace treaty, i am also told that any agreement to end the korean war would not be a stand-alone type of thing. if we would be included in the overall umbrella of denuclearization. because there is no way i'm told the president will agree to an end to the korean war that leaves kim jong un with nuclear weapons. is all that has to be part and parcel of the bigger deal. >> bill: thank you john roberts live on the ground in singapore. >> sandra: from around all this, let's bring in bill richardson, former governor of new net mexico, glad to have your this morning. a big night happening. we are now -- morning there, but less than ten hours away from this historic summit. this is something that you probably thought about for so long. what are your thoughts heading into a? >> i'm getting some good vibrations. i think it's very important that the summit focus on the main issue of denuclearization.
8:06 am
there are also other important issues. one, normalization of relations with north korea. that helps south korea and japan, human rights issues. we've got 5,000 remains of our soldiers there. if they need to come back to their families, but i'm getting good vibrations what is typical of the north koreans, they want you to do something first. so i hope the president is cautious on this peace agreement. yes, what i would do and maybe the president is heading that way, is give them a security guarantee of the north koreans. like kim jong un, we are not going to try to knock you off, but you've got to give a bunch of things. you have to do inspections, you have to do with denuclearization, your missiles, your nuclear weapons. and kind of a step-by-step but with teeth. my worry is we do the peace treaty which the north koreans want because that means that they can push for us moving some
8:07 am
of those troops out of south korea, some of the military exercises, but it seems the vibrations i'm getting from the early news is pretty good. >> sandra: i want to show these pictures that were liv in theastour of kim jong un. he decided to leave his house h. he strolled down the streets of singapore, fairly dark but the tv cameras right there with him. he was surrounded by people. certainly an opportunity that he took to be photographed. interestingly enough heading into the summit, you have a warning for president trump, oid letting yourself be photographed too much. you don't think it's a good ide idea. >> two things. i think it's good that the president and kim jong un build some trust. i like the fact that they're going to meet together separately without advisors. sort of a get to know, let's trust each other. i worry about those photo ops where they're hugging because the north koreans use that for
8:08 am
their propaganda and what kim jong un has wanted to say is i'm on the same part with the president of the united states and that makes him a world player on the stage but also with his own people, not that he has to work in elections but it boosts him. i think the fact that he's walking on his own maybe as a sign that he's got some confidence that maybe things are turning out okay. also kind of a master at public relations. with releasing the three americans, blowing up that tunnel where the nuclear weapons were, making positive statement statements, going to the olympics, meeting with the south koreans. so he's got a plan. i think he is a rational actor and should not be underestimated. >> sandra: having met his father, he traveled to north korea eight times. this is a historic moment for this country. >> it is. i was a little distressed by
8:09 am
what happened in quebec. about the president had a little bit of a meltdown. but hopefully this is so much -- so important. the easing of tensions in korea. we've got 58,000 troops in japan andou. south korea has got 25 million people vulnerable to an attack from north korea. we've got america's mainland of missiles and north korea possibly being able to hit us. so a reduction of tension in the peninsula, denuclearization, i don't think they will fully denuclearize. we have to watch them, put a lot of inspectors, a lot of clear their inventory, where they have these weapons because they hide them, but i'm hopeful. i've been working this issue for a long time and this is the best i've ever seen. >> sandra: that sounds to me the headline out of this, that you are helpful heading into this. if you give a lot of history in that country. governor richardson, thank you for your time.
8:10 am
>> you guys are doing very well. they would like a new york city apartment. come on down. jim and devon nunez setting a deadline for the justice department to hand over documents working inside the p campaign in 2016. the chairman of the house and tell committee saying any delay is considered obstruction of congress. >> for years, many of us have been arguing that these committees needed to get into real oversight. they been viewed as paper tigers for decades. nunez is the first chairman who has been this aggressive and frankly for those of us who believe we need greater oversight, that's a good change. >> bill: chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge going to have a busy week. good morning to you in washington. where we now? >> good morning. in his letter to the deputy attorney general, the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee says the deadline for tomorrow to receive records about that alleged fbi confidential human source that was used in the early stages of
8:11 am
the russian investigation. these records were requested in april and now the subject of a:a congressional subpoena. so the record should be available to all members and staff for the house intelligence committee. and not limited to the congssional leaders known as the gang of eight. the letter reads in part, your continued refusal to permit members of congress and designated staff to review the requested documents is obstruction of a lawful congressional investigation. any response falling short of this request will be considered an effort to conceal material information from congress, a dangerous precedent that threatens the core of our democracy. in a news conference last week, the house speaker said the onus is on the justice department. >> it is our job to conduct oversight so that is why you have seen frustration. frustration by me, frustration by german nunez, frustration by a lot of members that the foot dragging by the department of justice should not be tolerated.
8:12 am
>> this morning, they said the deputy attorney general brad rosenstein, fbi director christopher wray, and the nation's intelligence chief the director of national intelligence look forward to briefing congressional leadership scheduled for this thursday which is two days after the congressional deadline. >> bill: thank you, we are leading in washington. >> sandra: former special counsel kenneth starr has got some advice for the president's attorneys. >> i think they'd better be cautious and i think they are cautious. first we have to remember this is the president of the united states and this has been authorized law enforcement investigation. so that makes a situation uniqu unique. they do next, judge andrew napolitano analyzes what can starr thinks about the president sitting down for an interview with robert mueller. >> bill: if you are online over the weekend, he probably saw this photo from the g7 meeting, it went viral quickly. how do you read the body language there?
8:13 am
karl rove with his take coming up shortly live. >> tha was one of the worst political miscalculations of the canadian leader in modern canadian history. all justin trudeau had to do was take the win. president trump did the courtesy to justin trudeau, to travel up to quebec for that summit.
8:14 am
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8:17 am
>> i think there may be a moral obligation frankly because he is the president of the united states and unless he takes very decisive action such as directing the firing of the special counsel. if >> sandra: former independent counsel kenneth starr ahead of the upcoming inspector general's report on the justice department handling of the clinton email investigation. he says trump's attorneys should proceed with caution before allowing him to sit down for any interview with robert mueller. here now, fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. >> iphone the side where the president should not sit down for this interview. a couple of one-liners that animate my thinking. what has come i don't talk to a guy that owns a grand jury. can get anything out of that grand jury he wants. then turn a white lie into an indictment. the second is, ronald reagan's famous phrase about the nine most dangerous words in the english language.
8:18 am
i'm from the government, i'm here to help you. when the government wants you to sit down and talk to them, is not to help ys to hel them. why would the president help bob miller investigate the presiden president? >> sandra: according to ken starr, he has a moral obligatio obligation. >> here is the basis of that and that's a political question. that's in respect to my 30-year friendship with him. the president has told the american people he wants to sit down and talk to bob mueller. he said that countless times, but the prudent legal advice would be don't go near it. the president doesn't use an economy of words, the president believes he knows more than the people questioning him, the president often talks off the top of his head without a level of discipline one would want when being interviewed by a government in an environment where as i said a few minutes ago, even white lie can turn into anndtment. i would tell and advise the president, i think rudy giuliani agrees with this, he should go anywhere near it.
8:19 am
he's going to have to answer politically for not doing that but he won't have to worry about the legal consequences. >> sandra: to be exact, here's what he has to say. >> the first and we are going to get is the report from spector general on his handling of hilary which is going to be very, very critical. and ithould be. he really has a chance of being prosecuted as a result. >> i really don't kw what he means that he has a chance of being prosecuted. if he is talking about giving two different versions of the same event under oath, yes, that could result in a prosecution but if he's talking about comey's judgment and the hillary clinton investigation, i have been comey's harshest critic but i don't believe that judgment rose to the level of criminality. he stated the wrong law, he gave the wrong reasons, he interviewed in the election, all those things were very bad for the department of justice and the fbi and for his personal legacy but none of them rose to the level of criminality.
8:20 am
if hillary is so guilty, why doesn't the jeff sessions department indict her? >> sandra: maybe that will happen. looking ahead toy, your expectations for this ig report? we waited on reports before. this one is highly anticipated. >> i have to speculate because i haven't seen it, i wish i had. i think it's going to be harshly critical of loretta lynch and jim comey. it's going to rip until the red a lynch for the meeting on the tarmac with bill clinton. it's going to rip into jim comey for making the announcement of exoneration the same time he said we are not going to charge her, for using the wrong legal standards saying we can't prove intent when the statute only requires that. for making that announcement about reopening the investigation ten days before the election and for dealing with andrew mccabe in an environment where mccabe was not being truthful. comey has to answer for all those things. >> sandra: thank you for joining us. >> congratulations to you and bill and in a new studio.
8:21 am
shepard smith is going to be jealous. we went out and tell him. >> sandra: he is right next door. judge andrew napolitano, thank you. >> bill: don't go far, fox news alert now, a report of a suicide bomber attack in a crowded billing killing more than a dozen. we know about that attack your learning this hour. crazy cats, not one to, twice in the same game. what a fan and did that's viral today. actually, it's bulkier. always discreet quickly turns liquid to gel, for drier protection that's a lot less bulky. always discreet.
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>> sandra: a man holding for children hostage after police say he shot an officer. it is happening near to universal studios orlando, florida. started a mound midnight with police trying to make an arrest after a domestic violence call. the suspects firing at officers. when officer was shot and seriously wounded, but he is expected to survive. the suspect barricading himself in an apartment with four children ages one through 12. police think they are his children and are actely trying to get them to safety. >> bill: another alert now, news of another deadly attack in the capital city of afghanistan. 13 are dead. a bomber blew himself up outside of a government building. that carnage coming only days before a holiday cease-fire is set to begin. conor powell has more for my middle east bureau on t. >> just a few days ago, the afghan president announced a cease-fire saying that all his qualities with the taliban would
8:26 am
stop for the next week or so. that is set to go into effect in a really historic agreement agreed to honor that cease-fire. but earlier today about 24 hours before that cease-fire could intot, we saw suicide bomb outside a government building, at least 13 people were killed, 30 or so were wounded. this happened as workers relieving the government buildings to mark ramadan. this is the end of ramadan in the next couple of days so this is a time a general celebration. isis is actually claiming responsibility, not the televangelist really goes to show that even more complex nature of afghanistan in recent months has isis has become a major player there. there were other attacks across the country that are associated with the taliban with this type of attack just before the cease-fire is about to go into effect shows that the real trouble that the u.s. and its allies in afghanistan are having to try to implement this new strategy is one thing to have
8:27 am
the taliban and talking to the afghan government which is seen as a real positive step to be talking about a cease-fire, there are reports that are negotiations about some longer term but as long as isis is active in afghanistan, it shows you there is a real challenge to try to end the violence there. >> bill: conor powell, thank you. >> sandra: they say a picture is worth 1,000 words. with this photo from the g-7 summit tells us about u.s. relations with our closest allies. karl rove isere. heill weigh in on that next. >> bill: looking forward to that. and the countdown has begun between the historic meeting between president trump and kim jong un. will the art of the deal work now on the world stage? we're live in seoul, south korea, with the latest action next. >> i would urge caution as well. north korea has a track record of consistently getting
8:28 am
concessions from the united states and then pulling the rug out from underneath us. the biggest egregious example is when they got out of the nonproliferation nuclear treaty and basically stabbed us in the back. 6,000 feet above sea level. but how do you really know that the beans journeyed to the port of mombasa and across the pacific? that you can trust they're 100% authentic? ibm blockchain. a smart way to track every step, ensuring this coffee did indeed come from 6,000 feet above sea level. and not a foot lower. ♪ ♪
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8:31 am
>> there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in diplomacy with donald j. trump i then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. and that is what bad faith test and trudeau did with that stunned press conference. >> bill: white house advisor with chris wallace on sunday. this after the canadian prime minister slam the president over the tariffs of the g7 meeting. the president firing back aboard air force one en route to singapore. a former white house jeopardy chief of staff karl rove live today in indianapolis. you're like a traveling political band, how are you and good morning to you.
8:32 am
let's show where viewers the picture first of all that went viral, angela merkel is on one side of the table, donald trump on the other, john bolton standing next to them, i don't know what the context of the question and answer was but john bolton sends this tweet. just another g7 or other countries expect america will always be there bank. the president made it clear today no more. generally speaking, when you make of it? >> i didn't make much of the picture because pictures do come out, but i do make something of the rising escalation here of words and sentiment and anger with each other. i think the demonstration would be better off having let this photograph speak for itself and not belittled it. he want to be bigger and the president of the united states is the biggest player i world. he doesn't -- he and his people don't need to punch and down. if angela merkel wants to put down a picture where he is
8:33 am
looking tough and strong. to let her. >> bill: we had kelly in conway last hour and we were asking her about justin trudeau's response with air force one was in the air. here's what she sai. >> mr. trudeau sounds a lot like president trump saying we won't be pushed around. what we have been doing has been the american interest industry in america herself, there is a 245% tariff by canada on cheese after you surpass a quota. when you include goods and not just services, the president says we have a deficit, but it's hurting the american workers. he will always put them first. >> bill: you have looked at this. you have crunch t numbers, have a traveling whiteboard. it was a poor man's traveling whiteboa. it tells us according to the office of the u.s. trade representative which is the white house appointed by the president of the united states, the most recent numbers are from
8:34 am
2016, u.s. exports to canada, goods and services were $320 billion. u.s. imports for canada were $307 billion so we have a trade surplus with canada of $12.5 billion. kelly and connolly is correct, we buy more goods from canada and they buy from us, but they buy more services from us and we buy from them. in a job working in an insurance company in columbus, ohio, or financial services company in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, just as good as any other kind of a job. so we have a surplus with canada. be clear about this. neither country's hands are clean. the canadians protect their dairy products. she's absolutely right. they have tariffs as high as 270. in one instance, 290% tariff on american dairy products going into canada. on the other hand, we protect our softwood lumber industry. we have very high tariffs on canadian softwood lumber that goes into building american homes and american buildings. so each country has got to work
8:35 am
these things out. i frankly think the president is on solid ground when he says we are a low tariff country with low obstacles to the importation of foreign goods and services, why don't you match us? we have a 2.5% tariff on foreign automobiles being imported into the united states but in europe, you have a 25% tariff on american products being imported into your country and ironicall ironically, we have a bmw plant in south carolina, 70% of their automobiles get exported to europe, most of them to germany. the american worker is so productive we can make german automobiles in the u.s., pay 25% tariff on them and still sell them profitably in germany. imagine what we could do if they are ours. >> bill: has a very interesting analysis, but i don't know how based on what you're saying there, how yoget to a deal. what form that deal looks like if you're trying to win or even -- are making the case that both sides are kind of winning on some things and losing on
8:36 am
others. i ask is it days or weeks or months of negotiations? she said to be continued. i don't know at what point just to do says we can do this here if you give us there, and then we will call it a day. how does this -- we've been watching the markets in there to yawning at this stuff. >> the administration has two different donald trump's when it comes to trade. we have the donald trump who was the free trader who says we want you to lower your tears to match ours. we want you to lower your obstacles to the importation of american goods to match the low obstacles that we provide to the importation of your goods and services and we have the mercantilist donald trump who is represent it by peter navarro who says the only trade deal is one in which you buy more from us then we buy you? think about all the countries in the world that by u.s. aircraft. is it a bad trade deal that boeing makes terrific aircraft
8:37 am
everybody in the world wants to buy? no, it's what adam smith in 1776 called the law of comparative advantage. there are some things that we are better at than the rest of the world and there are some things at the world is better at than we are. let's focus on strengthening those things that we do welcome american agriculture, american manufacturing, american tech and get other countries to lower their obstacles to the importation of american goods and services like we have already done for most of the world. but we've got to recognize them, softwood lumber, the cost of the american home would go down we had low tariffs on canadian softwood lumber but in order to protect the american lumber industry, we have high tariffs. our hands aren't always clean. >> bill: you give us an idea of how we get a resolution on this. >> could be a good deal. you lower yours, will lower hours in the canadians are also concerned about one other thing which is the administration, the mercantilist wing of the administration is saying let's say the trade deal, and a trade agreement with canada or mexico
8:38 am
or anybody else goes away in a five and as we renew it both sides consciously, that's really hard in international business. companies don't want to say we are willing to invest all of the supply chain with the idea that they might go away in five years. not a good thing. >> bill: thank you, interesting stuff there. who knew? he could work for fox business. thank you, we will see you in new york really soon. >> love to be there, congratulations. >> sandra: fox news alert on high hopes ahead of the trump-kim summit, just nine and a half hours before these two leaders sit down for the first ever one-on-oneeeting between an americanresident and a north korean dictator. and the president shared his thoughts about the talks during a phone call with his south korean counterpart. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot's live in seoul, south korea. how are the folks they're looking at the summit? speak a lot of hopeful but
8:39 am
cautious watching as of the doings in singapore from right here in south korea. the folks here in most under the nuclear gun of north korea. it w a phone call between president trump and south korea moon jae-in on monday. that lasted 40 minutes. he wished president trump his hopes for a successful summit but in a statement later warned that this would only be the start of a process which could take years. also got word from secretary of state pompeo that new security guarantees could be offered to north korea in any discussions in the summit. he refused to comment on whether that could impact one important people, 28,000 of hundred u.s. troops stationed here. possibly discussed at the summit on tuesday. the formal end to the korean war. remember that, only halted with a some 65 years ago. everybody we speak to say that that also is a complicated process and one more note from the korean peninsula.
8:40 am
north of the dmz. they're actually aware of what was happening here. propaganda newspaper was spread with information and color photographs of kim jong un in singapore, no word on whether his self be taking monday night we spread to the locals. as for president trump. like anyone, they were mixed feelings about the president. he has been as unpredictable as kim jong un in the whole proces process. a lot of people praise president him for breaking through what has been a diplomatic quagmire of actually going forward and doing something on this crucial issue. take a listen to what one analyst told us.
8:41 am
>> we are looking at what's in it for us. from that perspective, this man is a revolutionary in a sense. he's done something that nobody else has been willing to do. >> according to the analyst, the big thing president trump is doing is actually sitting down with kim jong un and now we know it's going to be two hours, one on one. back to you. >> sandra: greg palkot, thank you. >> bill: this fan you're about to meet has done it twice. yesterday's oakland as game, foul ball right side. got it. seconds later, hint at another fellow ball, to same guy. at the exact same part of the stadium. >> sandra: he's good at that. >> bill: the reaction right there. nicely done. >> sandra: have you ever caught a foul ball on a baseball
8:42 am
game? >> bill: in the air? no. >> sandra: did you see someone who caught it in her beer cup then proceeded to drink the beer with a ball on it. >> bill: would like to hang out with her. a fun fan. >> sandra: an air force officer with top-secret clearance disappeared more than three decades ago. and he was just found alive and well. so where was he all this time? >> bill: also more on the presidents meeting with kim jong un. we say tonight because it will be tonight our time singapore in the morning time. when he needs to accomplish in order to called us to success. the former white house chief of staff who is live with us in a moment here. come on back. speak of the talks continue this afternoon. even as we sit here now, they are moving quite rapidly, and we anticipate they will come to their logical conclusion even more quickly than we have anticipated.
8:43 am
8:44 am
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8:46 am
>> and getting some good vibrations. i think it's very important that theummit focus on the main issue of denuclearization. you have to do a bunch of things. you have to do inspections, you have to do denuclearization. your missiles, your nuclear weapons, and kind of a step-by-step but with teeth. >> sandra: rather optimistic governor there, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations bill richardson. he was saying he's hopeful about this trump kim summit as the white has just announced the president will leave singapore early because the negotiations have moved more quickly than expected. joining us now is governor, former white house chief of staff did president george w. bush, good morning to you, welcome. >> good morning, sandra. >> sandra: what did you think of what you heard the former governor say? he sounds pretty optimistic. a guy that met with his father, travel to north korea eight
8:47 am
times, and he sounds optimistic that this is going to result -- have good results. >> optimism is always good, but skepticism is also should be a part of it. i think the most interesting thing i've seen is his agenda that's been put together for the presidents starts off with a one-on-one meeting with kim jong un. the fact that there is nobody else going to be there i'm sure we all would like to be a fly on the wall to see what goes on in there, but it will probably set the stage, i think the president will use that to defy for kim what we need by denuclearization and people are asking why north korea should give up their nuclear weapons? and i've mentioned to others it is for the same reason that the soviet union decided to give up the occupation of eastern europe and move back and allow for the dissolution of the soviet union.
8:48 am
they want economic interaction with the west and that's an awfully big carrot. the question now is whether donald trump can use this first meeting to set the stage for something truly significant. >> sandra: you say this first meeting and that's interesting because you wonder what the timetable looks like. can victory be declared when the president comes home after a successful meeting? you have to ask that question because what is the time i look like to look out and determine whether or not this summit was an actual success? >> i think it's already a success because it's bringing the south koreans and the north koreans north koreans into active conversation and i think the more the north koreans see of the prosperity in south korea, the more they're going to want to share with that. so i think is the clip you played earlier, but the president has done is truly revolutionary. if they can start now to take
8:49 am
tangible steps on denuclearization, if it's no more than just getting inspectors and to do a full inventory of what north korea really hasn't and doesn't have, that will be a huge success. >> sandra: mike pompeo spoke earlier today and said all sanctions will stay in place until denuclearization happens. and if this meeting fails to move in the right direction, the united states is prepared with another round of sanctions. it's a big meeting, hours away. thank you. >> bill: good stuff there, coming up next, "outnumbered," the ladies only need one name, harrison kennedy. what's happening? >> there you go. we could see history being made. the president and north korea's dictator scheduled to meet hours from now, whether a real deal will come out of it and what the president can do to get kim jong un to dump his nuclear weapons. because of much to talk about. and the fallout after things got
8:50 am
seriously sassy over trade issues at the g7 summit. canadian prime minister singh his people won't be pushed around. and president trump calling to do a weekend dishonest. whether he is forming keeping his promise to keep america first. >> plus our hashtag one lucky guy center seat top numbered, top of the hour. congratulate new show. >> the three hour gorge. >> bill: you guys eat at ihop? >> i do for all things pancakes. >> bill: got some changes. gotta stay tuned. if you like pancakes, you're going to like this move? what is in a name? we will tell you when we continue next.
8:51 am
8:52 am
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8:54 am
>> bill: you may have heard ihop is changing its name. flipping it to a b. what is a stand for? in chicago to tell us. good morning. >> i don't know if they're going to like it or not, but like it orot, here it is. ihob, not ihop. they haven't changed the big sign. look at that one up there. i may tell you something about what the future holds. let's go inside here. things are hopping with his new menu. by the way, everywhere, they are advertising burgers. a lot of competition in the burger space these days. thinking that we shouldn't be getting awa from pancakes. they're still making pancakes back in there if you can see it, but the burgers, are you
8:55 am
changihe signs and everything? >> no. you're still going to be ihop and serve pancakes. this is just an offer. because tell me what these are. what is this one here? >> that is a classic steak burger. >> what about that when? >> that is our barbecue cowboy, and that is our brunch burger. >> why burgers? there so much competition. >> we wanted to offer to our lunch guests and our dinner guests further enhance her menu. and these are 100% choice black angus beef season to perfection, and for a limited time offer, you get all-you-can-eat french fries with them. >> all-you-can-eat fries for 699. you're still trim and fit. you come to ihop, that may not last. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: let me tell you why they're doing this.
8:56 am
half their customers -- i went and dug through their report from may, half their customers come in before noon breakfast. obviously, international house of pancakes. a quarter of them for lunch and 16% for dinner. they want to get more people in the door and not think is just a breakfast spot. we serve burgers! >> bill: come and get them. would you be your french fries with? >> a little bit of catch-up i guess. >> bill: i'm a big mayonnaise guy. french fries and mayonnaise. >> sandra: i'll let everybody tweet you about that. >> bill: take it away. >> sandra: singapore is a center of the world today, a few short hours from now, the first ever meeting between a sitting american president and a north korean dictator. more fox news live, coverage on "outnumbered" next. but what a powerful life lesson.
8:57 am
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papers. >> promise they won't give the garbage can in the studio. >> three hours, for a showdown. thanks for joining us. because you feel like you've been going 125 miles an hour? >> i do, good feeling though. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: a fox news alert, the countdown is on. president trump set to meet face-to-face with a north korean dictator kim jong un just hours from now. the two leaders arriving in singapore yesterday ahead of the historic event. this is "outnumbered." we are purged for it all. i'm harris faulkner. he today, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. also from fbn, host of after the bell, melissa francis. from a director of strategic communications for hillary clinton, adrian elrod. what will the democrats say now? and joining us on the the catcr the very first time, former deputy assistant secretary of the u.s. army and chairman of american defense international, band hip is "outnumbered." with that military experience, that's even true. >> van: i am "outnumbered" and i'll


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