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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 11, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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. >> promise they won't give the garbage can in the studio. >> three hours, for a showdown. thanks for joining us. because you feel like you've been going 125 miles an hour? >> i do, good feeling though. "outnumbered" starts now. >> harris: a fox news alert, the countdown is on. president trump set to meet face-to-face with a north korean dictator kim jong un just hours from now. the two leaders arriving in singapore yesterday ahead of the historic event. this is "outnumbered." we are purged for it all. i'm harris faulkner. he today, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. also from fbn, host of after the bell, melissa francis. from a director of strategic communications for hillary clinton, adrian elrod. what will the democrats say now? and joining us on the the catcr the very first time, former deputy assistant secretary of the u.s. army and chairman of american defense international, band hip is "outnumbered." with that military experience, that's even true. >> van: i am "outnumbered" and i'll tell you why. i'm particularly glad to find
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out that you all selected me and said of to be with you. he's in singapore. >> harris: talking about foreign policy. great to have you. i can't wait to get your perspective on all this happening. having led the army, have so much experience with the defense, this is diplomacy now. >> van: it is and is a very. i'm reminded of he said and the pope said, praying for success in asking for people to pray for success in singapore. and i'm one that believes that politics stops at the water's edge. i don't care if you're republican or democrat, liberal or conservative, if you care about the peace and safety and security of this country and our people, you want to see this president succeed and you want to at least see this summit conclude with this embarking on a real pathway to denuclearization. >> harris: a band hip speaking plainly. you even got adrienne all and d
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to nod. >> van: this is my new friend. only hours to go until the highly anticipated summit between president trump a north korean leader kim jong un. amid growing questions now over whether the president can actually make diplomatic progress with the rogue regime on ending its nuclear and missile programs. secretary of state mike pompeo said just this morning, the ultimate objective for these negotiations has not changed. because the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula is the only outcome the united states will accept. sanctions will remain until north korea completely and verifiably eliminates as weapons of mass destruction programs. if diplomacy does not move in the right direction and we are hopeful that what we continue to do so, those measures will increase. >> harris: meanwhile, president trump sounding optimistic ahead of the talks tweeted this earlier.
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"great to be in singapore, the excitement in the air but some are saying the president needs to be cautious. from the u.s. ambassador united nations bill richardson, no stranger to negotiating with north korea had a warning today. >> i like the fact that they're going to meet together or separately without. sort of a get to know, let's trust each other. i worry about those photo ops where they're hugging because the north koreans use that for their propaganda and what kim jong un has wanted to do is say i'm on the same part with the president of the united states and that makes them world pr on e stage. >> harris: chief white house correspondent john roberts with the news on the ground in singapore. >> had just turned midnight and good morning to you from singapore. president trump has been preparing extensively for this on this trip, had a big briefing yesterday with his north korea team and of course, the president has said that he has been preparing for a moment like
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this all of his life. he thinks he's got a pretty good read on kim jong un and certainly is very cautious about giving up anything to kim jong un without getting something in return. if there is the way things are going to work out tomorrow morning at 9:00 singapore time. 9:00 eastern time tonight. president trump is going to have a one-on-one meeting kim jong un, just the two of them and their interpreters. then they will be an expanded bilateral meeting that also includes mike pompeo, security of state, chi of staffohn kelly, national security advisor and they will be a working lunch after that at which they will be joined by son kim who was the u.s. ambassador to the philippines, the point person on these talks as well as sarah huckabee sanders and too bad we don't have picture of matt pottinger because he is a fine looking fellow and he is the head of the east asian affairs department at the national security council. the 1-1 is very unusual for a president to sit down with the leader of another country without there being some sort of background.
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if they do see the president with the prime minister of singapore from earlier today yesterday. the president saying he's looking forward to the summit, very excited as he pointed out at the top about the possibilities of what could happen but the president wants to use his one-on-one as an opportunity to sit down, so low with kim and take a measure of him, sit down face-to-face with the president and he hopes that the two like each other. while it may be very unusual for an american president to sit down with a leader like this one on one, kellyanne conway said this morning that's just how this president does things. listen here. >> president trump made very clear he would like to meet one-on-one with just as translators with the other principle here and it's very much the way this president has been doing business successfully throughout his career. and it is may strike many people who have been involved in the past as an unusual request, but remember, we are looking at entirely different framing.
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>> betwe the one-on-one meeting and that expanded bilateral meeting on the working lunch, the president will talk to kim jong un about a who package of items, security guarantees, potential into the korean war, and the possibility of normalization of relations with the united states, but that will only happen if kim agrees to denuclearize in a way that is complete, verifiable, and irreversible. if kim jong un by the way clearly likes to burn the midnight oil because earlier this evening, he was out and about in singapore, he took in what's called the gardens by the bay including these big electronic trees that call super tree garden and then from there, he went up to the now famous landmark here in singapore called the marina bay sands number three towers of hotel rooms and the thing that looks like a cargo ship on the top of it which includes a discotheque, also a bar up there as well as
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the swimming pool and an observation deck. we should point out that the marina bay sands is owned by sheldon eagleton who was a big backer of president trump so perhaps a glimpse there for kim jong un about what might be possible in his future should he decide to play ball with the president. >> harris: nightlife for kim jong un. whooping it up so to speak. what do you do before the summit? you go out. john roberts, thank you very much. great reporting from you, thank you. you set us up in such a strong way with what you are effective is on this. but when you hear about the social aspect of this, or be in some sort of a new zone down with this dictator? >> van: let me tell you, he's got some problems on the home front. i think a lot of what he's been doing lately is also playing to the home team. he actually had to hire ten ex-kgb agents last year to come to pyongyang and help train up
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bodyguards. we saw what happened just a few weeks ago, only found out last friday that he switched o his top three national security visors iluding h minister of defense and listen to this. the guy he picked, 38 years old, the guy was who he replaced a 68 years old, 30 years age difference, plus this guy is a member of baroque, very savvy politically so he's doing a lot of things on the homefront. i i really do think that he's had some problems on the home front that have been a lot of dissension there, the food issues have been worse, there were reports where they've been ordered by the officers to go steal food from the north korean farms. so he does worry about the security. >> harris: real quickly, you are new to the couch. i want to lean in just a little bit more. you mentioned the ex-kgb agents training kim jong un's people. how cozy is kim jong un with russia
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>> van: historically, let me tell you, i am concerned about this reactor. the big nuclear facility, that is where president bush tried to cut a deal and the north koreans got the better of us after we took them off this terrorism list. guess who in 1965 helped start the reactor? it was a soviets. he was soviet technicians who did it so there's a lot of history there and people also think about china being ordering north korea. we forget that russia actually shares a border. russia does share a border with north korea. >> harris: is interesting because we know they don't usually travel by air so when kim jong un recently met with the russians, there was talk or they just walk across that small border. there's something i want you to see. senator lindsey graham on this very topic. let's watch. speak of the best way to get pieces to convince them they're going to be in a war and they will lose it if they don't pursue peace. everything else before has
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failed. nobody in north korea believed that the past presidents would use military force. if they don't believe donald trump will use military force as a last resort, the pele of north korea are making ery big mistake because he will if he has to. he doesn't want to. >> harris: one last reaction from you before we move on. >> van: i agree. this president is holding the cards and he is pretty much telling kim jong un this is your one chance. one thing was very interesting, the beginning of the show, they were talking about kim jong un and president trump meeting one-on-one and that has been done before. that's right out of the ronald reagan playbook. the year before, he met with gorbachev in geneva. and the foreign policy elites were horrified. he wanted to meet one-on-one with gorbachev and just the interpreters. he established that relationship and he sized up gorbachev. president trump is one of the play right out of ronald reagan's playbook.
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>> melissa: general jack keane had a bit of a response to what lindsey graham said earlier today and he said that he knows for a fact that there is a new set of even tougher sanctions, came to north korea and china that are sitting on the desk of the president right now that can go into affect in any moment grade happening at the summit is and what he wants. maybe just a little bit further off. i would also say that general jack keane said that the diplomatic blitz that we have seen ahead of this is different. from what we seen fr north korea before. and if you're watching and you're comparing it to all of the time, there is something different going on from their side that makes you think there is a change of mind within this country that they need to come out and do something different and it could be real this time. >> van: newspapers today and pyongyang for the first time are pitting a hopeful picture of what could be a future working with the united states. i talked to governor david who has the united nations world food program, he went into north korea just a few weeks
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ago. i talked to him when he came out. he was stunned. he said he saw more transparency than he had ever seen before. they let him go into the countryside, they had people following him. >> harris: what you have to compare it to? i don't know how much i trust it. i want to know what democrats are saying right now because this could be very successful and what you do with that success? >> adrienne: you applaud it. if he is successful here, i agree with you completely. >> harris: are you going to call nancy pelosi and tell her to applaud it? i'm being real right now. >> adrienne: every single american should want this to succeed. i think we also have every reason, democrats and republicans, whomever to look at us with a little bit of trepidation given the fact that there has been a slightly rocky road getting here, kim jong un has never met with the united states president before. we have several unprecedented situations going into this but of course we want success. this is good for the united states. >> harris: do you think leadership will come out and call this what it is?
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>>driee: they shed. i think it's a success for all of us number one is denuclearizing. maybe not get it in the first sit down. but starting the process and having that dialogue is very important. frankly any democrat who is itical of that or is critical of such a certain levelfstandarg that because this is a process but again, we also have a lot of reason to view this with skepticism and was a little bit trepidation. because you talk about people being able to go to the countryside for the first time but they're not going into camps and we really don't have a full picture. kno that many members of the military are essentially starving and we have heard about people who have escaped from north korea, what they've had to do eating dirt and digging for roots and many of them dying in the process of trying to escape
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the country. and we always have to be mindful of them. he also pointed out rightly so, russia and china and how their relationships with north korea are really complicating the process of the united states to the president's credit is trying to make very straightforward. russia and china were also involved in vietnam. vietnam was essentially a proxy war in that respect. they were funding the vietnam war and we have to be mindful of not getting into something like that ever again. where it starts out with good intentions and then decades later, we are still feeling the repercussions. >> harris: i'm wondering just real quickly, do you think the advote for some of thoseon to people who were in prison camps? was of a japanese leader last week say can you help me out with the people who have been kidnapped to a japanese? they're looking to present a time to do what he did for those three americans. >> van: i think he can and i think what the president can do at the beginning is saying we want youo come to the civilized world an that means
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pees to the internet. that free flow of information. they don't have that right now. givehe ttree flowf information. >> kennedy: they don't know this summit is taking place. >> van: they will tell you they know their government has lied to them. but they'll tell you they don't understand the real discrepancy, how good it is on the outside. i think president trump what i would like to see, this is what entrepreneurial capitalism can do for country. look at singapore. >> harris: they are out right now and it's after midnight and reports from john roberts' they are seeing with the night life is. did you just bust a move? i think we are "outnumbered." that was great. growingpeculati now that former fbi director james comey could find himself in some hot water following the release of the doj and internal watchdog report on the bureau's handling of the hillary clinton email case. could be actually see charges in
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this? we will talk about it. and tensions remain high between the u.s. and our allies on trad trade. the white house slamming canadian prime minister jusn trudeau's comments on the issue after president trump left the annual g7 summit. the criticism warranted? it's a hot topic. you stay where you are. because there's a sla in hell for any foreign leader at engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump. th so. at least we don't have to worry about homeowners insurance. just call geico. geico helps with homeowners insurance? goodo . en doingt for years. that's really good to know. i should clean this up. i'll get the dustpan. behind the golf clubs. get to know geico. and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.
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>> melissa: tensions high following the annual g7 summit as president trump threatens to cut off all trade with our allies and refuses to endorse the communiqué with a group of world leaders. things got heated when canadian prime minister justin trudeau said this after president trump left the summit early. >> it would be with regret but it would be with absole certainty and firmness that we move forward with retaliatory measures on july 1st applying equivalent tariffs to the ones that the americans have unjustly apply to us. i have made it very clear to the president that it is not something we relish doing, but it is something that we
9:21 am
absolutely will do because canadians we are polite, we are reasonable but we also will not be pushed around. >> melissa: president trump tweeting from singapore "fair trade is now to be callecool trade if it is not reciprocal. according to have a candidate release, they make almost $100 billion in trade with u.s. guess they were bgginan got caught. minimum is 17 billion. tax dairy from us at 270%. then justin asked her when he called out!" i do enjoy that, that's my favorite thing to do. a top white house officials also slamming justin trudeau following his remarks. watch. because there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president president donald j. trump and then tries to stab them in the back on the way out the door. and that's what bad faith justin trudeau did with that stunned press conference.
9:22 am
>> here's the thing. he really kind of stabbed us in the back. potus has gone to korea, not singapore to negotiate with north koreans. this is a historic event. potus is not going to let a canadian prime minter pus him around, president trump. on the eve of this. he is not going to permit any show weakness. >> melissa: so take that. president of european counsel tweeting "there's a special place in heaven for justin trudeau. canada, thank you for the perfect organization of g7. and from a national security advisor under president obama susan rice had this to say. because the g7 partners are our closest allies in the world and for the president of the united states to walk into that session and to essentially blow it up and disrespect our allies is very worrisome and very destructive and it leaves the
9:23 am
united states isolated in the world and our allies wondering if they can count on us and we on them. >> melissa: 'se go back and fact-checkedome of these people throwing all these numbers out there and kellyanne conway was on earlier talking about the cheese in the dairy and all that type of stuff. that is true. under our current system, there is a quota and above that, canada doesn't impose a tariff of 225% on cheese, 298% on butter, i don't think those dairy farmers in vermont like that very much. and justin trudeau was talking about reciprocal. this is what he's doing to us right now as we speak. what you think >> knedy: i think all of this is a huge distraction. i think this is the problem when you talk about there is an obsession with trade deficits within his administration. >> melissa: this is a tariff. i agree with you on the deficit. >> kennedy: these tariffs are going to lead to a trade war and that's what it'soi to become
9:24 am
as tit-for-tat. there should be free-trade. that's fine if it's reciprocal. canada is the largest -- the biggest market is united states. we buy a lot of stuff. that's why there arerade deficits is because we can afford to buy a lot more stuff than other parts of the world. the president was going to go into the summit in one of two ways. he was either going to be a very heavy-handed and somewhat take that as impulsivity or he was going to be extraordinarily charming. i think this was may be a bad event for him to attend given what the stakes are today in singapore and i think he should have been focusing everything there and i think the g7 summit for him was abstraction. i don't think anyone' going to ngbout it tomorrow. >> melissa: i agr wh you, the trade deficit thing is nonsense because we get the benefit of that but the idea that they protect certain industries like crazy to the detriment of those industries here in the u.s., he is saying we are the best customer in the world. you should be treating our
9:25 am
sellers better if the end result is everybody's tariffs comes down and everybody makes money. it's the what does reciprocity look like? are you going to put it on them on some other good? that's your question. and i don't even think it has to be that much to hurt them. he doesn't even have to be reciprocal. we just have to do more than what we're doing it now and what the president is saying is why can't we come to the table and meet in the middle? i don't know. remember, some of these countries are also gripping with iran. the ready to continue to do business and i see you nodding so i'm going to yield my time because you are the one with the most experience on the couch with us. i read deep into your resume can be of a degree in everything including economics. >> van: i think at the president of, probably should've gone to the g7 summit because what we've got north korea, the only country in the world testing nuclear weapons this entire century. >> harris: would it have mattered if we didn't go? france was talking with staff, their french president said we
9:26 am
could be g6 if we wanted. >> van: summit it would've made something of it but this president, we agree to the communiqué. what set president trump office he agreed to theommuniqué. then justin trudeau pulls a stunt. if i'm in a firefight, i don't want justin trudeau. you n't count on that guy. >> kennedy: what you think about that? is not a very nice to go out and make a hostile statement after everybody has agreed to a communiqué. he put the president in a position where he is going up to this very tough negotiation. he does have to do would turn and burn or else he looks weak as he heads into this other event. >> adrienne: is not nice for the president to be disrespectful to our top allies in the world. >> melissa: after, he was resp. adrienne: he showed up late for the meeting, he has been at twitter were ever sense, embarras for us on the national stage. i do agree, a trade war, the bigger picture here, a trade war it is not help. >> harris: i heard you say
9:27 am
that, but i've also heard people say that it's not going to be a trade war. >> melissa: you look at the market today and see how common it is, you know it's not a trade war. the market is what tells the truth about every situation because that's people's money on the line and they're going to hrough it and see what's really there and the fact, you can speak to the scum of the fact that we haven't seen a response as a result of what happened at the g7 tells you that everybody knows this is bluster and the longer negotiation. >> kennedy: that the critical world here. the markets know that. they know that ultimately, there is so much on the table for canada that although we may feel good -- and this really is just a feel-good gesture, a political one, a domestic one. he wants to seem like mr. hanson tough steph who is standing up to the u.s. president but again in the end, it's a distraction. i need to get back to numbers andata economics and making money for everyone and stop with the cult of personality nonsens
9:28 am
nonsense. >> melissa: mr. hanson tough steph. >> harris: a very long hashtag hashtag. anyway, the countdown is on a for the release of the justice department internal watchdogs report on the fbi and the doj's handling of the hillary clinton email probe. now the president's lawyer says former fbi director james comey could be prosecuted once the report is out. so is comey really at risk and what would his procuti mean head of the midterm?
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so allstate is giving us money bacon our well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. >> kennedy: welcome back. we are awaiting the release of the highly anticipated report from the justice department internal watchdogs on the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton email probe, that report is set to come out thursday and just a few days later, the doj inspector general is expected to testify before senate panel
9:33 am
about the report. rudy giuliani saying former director james comey could be prosecuted for his handling of the clinton probe. here is rudy giuliani on a radio show yesterday. >> i don't think we're going to get it on comey's handling of hillary which is going to be very, very critical and it should be. comey really has a chance of being prosecuted as a result but we will see. >> kennedy: i go to you. do you think he could be prosecuted based on what we know from the release of this draft? for the first of all, i'm glad that he is focused on this instead of north korea. i think the will real fireworks, when this report comes out in a couple of days, i think the real fireworks that is going >> harris: he testifies to both the senate and the house judiciary committee. i can't wait to see senator lindsey graham asking questions particularly about the
9:34 am
text messages of the rogue fbi agents always wanting to talk about andy. it was andy? i want to see lindsey graham ask questions. i think that's when the real fireworks. we do it should be interesting because it is one of the few objective people we have seen throughout this entire process. james comey was essentially auditioning during his committee appearances. >> van: respected on both sides. i think this is a big deal. >> kennedy: and despised on both sides, james comey. someone who arguably tank your candidate when you're working for hillary clinton. the hope that he sees justice for the way he handled the investigation? >> adrienne: absolutely and i hope it discloses a lot of the behind the scenes machinations that transpired. there's a lot of things that go around. but when that a little but more anticipated than your average standard ig report. i think it's going to uncover a lot and it's hard to really
9:35 am
speculate without actually seeing it that we are going to learn a lot from this. >> harris: we do have to be careful about that because the only thing we really know is what is weak. and anybody who was leaking information generally has some sort of agenda behind it. so i can't wait to see the facts. my question for you is do you think we're going to see that most of nature in a hearing. usually they'll tell you the good stuff but only when the public is not watching. i'm talking to you. >> van: they will be some classified parts of this. but i think we're going to see some fireworks. i think they're going to focus, this is the final ig report. what did you put in here before that? >> kennedy: what does justice look like? what does accountability look like? we know a little bit more than we did last week. >> melissa: it would matter and what he is may be pointing at is will there be a criminal referral in the ig report as there was with andrew mccabe coming to the fbi? this is the doj, so i don't kno
9:36 am
know. how angry are they about three clinton's campaign being thwarted by comey? that might answer that question. i have a feeling there won't be a criminal referral just because of what you said about the leaks in the leaks are that he was insubordinate. the one which is also interesting. >> melissa: is not a criminal act. so i don't know. space is one of the things that i would personally like to see is some sort of repercussion for a lot of the opinions that james comey gave during the investigation. it will never forget that july press conference where he stood for 15 minutes and gave his own personal opinion time and time again and then said never mind, we are not going to file charges which we were relieved about but of course, the 15 minutes of opinions did not help anything. >> kennedy: so what's worse, andrew mccabe leaking and
9:37 am
lying about it to investigators or james comey going rogue and expressing his opinion? ie think they're both pretty bad and anytime you have an fbi director that goes and expresses his own opinions and deviating from the actual rule of law and expressing his or her own opinions as not good for justice or democracy. >> harris: i'm looking at my phone because somebody has arrived and we are going to be seeing. not in the studio. as dennis rodman. i was wondering whether this brand-new video with fox news up on the screen right now. so who all is going to singapor singapore? we know from an john roberts reporting that kim jong un and some of his delegation have been hitting the nightlife. 12 hours ahead of us right now and dennis rodman showing up in the middle of the night, does he show up? moments ago, dennis rodman.
9:38 am
so how does he fit into the picture in here at all outside of being a celebrity? he has a relationship with both of the leaders who are meeting at this all-important summit. we know that he has traveled to what they call the hermit kingdom and go bd this kind of secretive wall if you will hit north korea and hun out with kim jong un. we also know from the campaign there were pictures of him at trump tower. to this is a man who actually knows both the dictator and the president of the united states. on the eve of such an incredible moment in history, he is there just after 12:30 in the morning, 12 hours ahead of us east coast. who knows where he will be next? we are following the news as dennis rodman has arrived. he might see on the sidelines but i don't know. sometimes he's been led into a lot of places so we will watch for it. stay close, this is "outnumbered" ."
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>> melissa: 's of the dnc is moving ahead with the rule changed at some says to be aimed at keeping outsider candidates like bernie sanders i'm trying to clinch the democratic presidential nomination in 2020. the independent senator from vermont fought a tough primary race for the 2016 nomination against hillary clinton. some say it cost her votes in the general election. now this rule change which of the full dnc will vote on an august requires all democratic presidential candidates to be members of the democratic party. one of sanders 2016 campaign advisors tells yahoo! news "i don't have any worries that bernie sanders could meet the criteria, but it always puzzles me that there are some democrats who want to do this, to make the party more narrow, more exclusive, i'm just for don't see any motivation for this beyond personal spite. >> adrienne: in more than happy to start with this one.
9:44 am
first of all, couple of things here. this proposed rule does not expressly state that you have to be registered as a democrat because number one, there were a lot of states where you don't have to register for any party. to that essentially negate the rule. but secondly, i will say this. i do think if you are writing to seek the nomination to represent the democratic party in a presidential ticket, you should be a registered democrat. with his role says is if you become the nominee, you can essentially sign a form to sign a pledge that says i pledge to govern as a democrat. but i do believe that youave your writing to seek the democratic nomination for president of the united states, you should be a democrat. >> kennedy: and you should be prepared for younger voters to lead the party in droves because that's what they're going to do if they feel that bernie sanders once again is relegated to the sidelines because this is exactly the kind of nonsense that debbie wasserman schultz was doing. she denied it but she got caught doing it. the sanders campaign knew it the
9:45 am
entire time they were finally validated and that in there a lot of people who are independent voters who know they're not going to get any traction with evergreen party who want to vote for someone they believe in, someone who they think is an authentic person and not someone like hillary clinton that many of those people like it or not voted against. >> adrienne: if you guys are going to do this nonsense against people like bernie sanders and an interesting postmodern, post-from political world, you're going to have some unfortunate surprises. >> adrienne: i would argue this has nothing to do with retaliation against anybody like bernie sanders or anybody else was running for nonconventional outsider ticket. if you are running to represent that the democratic party, i do believe you should be a democrat, plain and simple. >> melissa: is in a more honest to say be a democrat or don't campaign over here? >> van: maybe they figured out
9:46 am
that winston churchill said the only two places where socialism would ever work and in hell where it's already in practice. that's what going on here. but look, i understand democrats and republicans want republicans running in republican primaries. they look at bernie sanders and he was in the house in the senate, he always aligned with democrats when it came to leadership votes. they want nothing to do with him in 2020. he was too successful against the establishment. to be give all my back to you because republicans must just be sitting back going great, do all the work. in terms of bifurcating your party. >> kennedy: it just goes to show and i would love to hear what you have to say about this, there is still very much a civil war within both parties. if you have a lot of anti-trump people in the vulcan party, and covenant people who are frustrated and democratic party although you try to force those loud independent voices to this outline, they're not going away.
9:47 am
if space is the democratic parties and added like never before in the resistance against president trump. >> melissa: hollywood's dislike for the president is nothing new. but would economic collapse get rid of him? of the remarks from bill marr that of outraged a lot of people and what it says about today's elite. we will debate coming up. >> if you like the bottom has a fallout at some point and by the way, i am hoping for it because i think one way you get rid of trump is a crashing economy. you're turning onto the street
9:48 am
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>> melissa: more "outnumbered" and just a moment let's see what harris has sizzling coming up. >> harris: have a lot of news coming together as we count down to president's historic sit down with korean dictator kim jong un. congressmen from both sides of the political aisle will join me, both of whom have been to the region recently. so what will mark success? how do we measure it? and will the summit legitimize him as critics are saying and is the best way to get peace to convince kim jong un he would lose the war? retired brigadier general joins me on the military option versus north korea. that and more atop the hour. see you then. >> melissa: we look forward to it. >> kennedy: we've got a gem for you now.
9:52 am
hbo's bill maher willing to go to any length to rid the u.s. of president trump including economic collapse. watch. >> if you like the bottom has to fallout. i think one way we rid of trump is a crashing economy. bring on the recession, serve that hurts people. >> kennedy: that's not true. the reaction is pretty serious. my family lost everything in the last recession, rooting for a collapse that would impact you and your rich friends isn't funny. and this from veteran political advisor cohost of showtimes of circus, here's your problem. robert de niro says sleep trump. he hopes for recession to get rid of trump, that's all you've got? you have any clue as to how this plays right into trump's playbook? keep it up and you'll help ensure four more years.
9:53 am
this is very interesting because what he's saying is only an economic collapse will get him out of office. it's the same way as saying economic success keeps him in the presidency. >> adrienne: we were just talking about this during the break. bill maher is trying to provoke. this is what he does. he is a clause in news guy. but i do agree completely with mark mckinnon's tweet that you just showed on screen which is this plays right into trump's hand. whenever hollywood celebrities say things that are this critical, it plays right into his playbook. is not helpful. of course nobody wants a recession and if you are a struggling family out there going through hard economic times and you see comments like this, it just turns you off. >> kennedy: melissa, people died during recessions. it's not funny at all. >> melissa: a recession doesn't hurt bill maher at all. his salary is locked in a contract with the show. people are viewing his show.
9:54 am
he has no impact on him so it shows how out of touch he is that it would serve his political good. i know some people are hurt in a recession or whatever, people are crushed. it shows how out of touch the hollywood liberal elite are very clearly. >> van: this kind of rhetoric pushes average hardworking american people to president trump. pulling for recession and saying that i'm sorry if someone is out of work, this is the kind of stuff that just pushes. >> melissa: the hypocrisy that you care about poor people and care about the downtrodden and you're on the left because you have compassion but the hypocrisy of that next to i'm hoping for recession which you don't realize but totally crush all the people that you say you are for. >> kennedy: you talk about democrats being were united in resistance but that's not enough. it has to be positive, it has to be helpful and there were a lot of people that listen to this
9:55 am
and say that's how rich liberals must feel. they must hate the president so much that they are hoping for my demise and they don't care what happens to me. you're talking about families that still haven't recovered ten years later. space is first of all, they do have an economic message and a strategy. it's hard to break through right now because we have no control of any chamber of congress. but again, this just pushes to your plan, he really said it distinctly. if you're age hardworking american out there trying to meet every single day and you hear somebody with a large ptform say on television i want to see a recession so we can get rid of the president, there's a lot of reasons why don't want president trump to be elected for a second term, that's no question, no secret there but i don't think this kind of rhetoric helps her cause at all. >> van: the majority want their president to succeed. i didn't vote f president obama did but i wanted him to succeed. when we killed usama bin laden, i was happy.
9:56 am
the american people want to see america win. >> kennedy: he avidly doesn't know any downtrodden people. we've got more "outnumbered" in just a moment, please stay right here. and when you replace one meal or snack a day with glucerna made with carbsteady to help mir spik you can really feel it. glucerna. everyday progress. . no. with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it. - [voiceover] this is an urgent message from the international fellowship of christians and jews. there is an emergency food crisis for elderly holocaust survivors in the former soviet union. - this is a fight against time. what we're dealing with is coming out,
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>> i want to thank -- you were fantastic my friend. will you come back? did you enjoy it. >> i loved it. it was a blast. >> did you feel outnumbered. >> i was outnumbered but in a good way. >> we certainly had a lot of fun. we enjoyed having you here.
10:00 am
adrienne as well. you have been a couple times now. we love it thank you so much. we are back here at noon eastern tomorrow for now. here's harris. >> harris: fox news alert now, countdown to the summit. we are hours away from witnessing history together let's i don't outnumbered overtime i'm harris faulkner. hours from now president trump will be the first president to meet with north korean leader. this is the some images of kim jong un making rounds in singapore. remember, they are 12 hours ahead of us east coast time so it's technically in the middle of the night there we understand they are out and about. entourage. sit down. warning, kim, he has one shot to dump his nukes, watch. >> he can take that nation with those great people and truly make it great, so it's a one-time, it's a


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