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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  June 11, 2018 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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fun. we enjoyed having you here. adrienne as well. you have been a couple times now. we love it thank you so much. we are back here at noon eastern tomorrow for now. here's harris. >> harris: fox news alert now, countdown to the summit. we are hours away from witnessing history together let's i don't outnumbered overtime i'm harris faulkner. hours from now president trump will be the first president to meet with north korean leader. this is the some images of kim jong un making rounds in singapore. remember, they are 12 hours ahead of us east coast time so it's technically in the middle of the night there we understand they are out and about. entourage. sit down. warning, kim, he has one shot to dump his nukes, watch. >> he can take that nation with those great people and truly make it great, so it's a one-time, it's a one-time
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shot and i think it's going to work out very well. how long will it take to figure out whether or not serious? i said maybe in the first minute. i think very quickly i will know whether or not something good is going to happen. >> harris: former u.n. ambassador bill richardson offers this caveat. i don't think they will full denuclearize. i know these guys. we have to watch them. we have to put a lot of inspectors. they have got to clear their inventory where they have these weapons. because they hide them but, you know, i am hopeful. i have been working this issue for a long time. this is the best i have ever seen. >> john roberts covering it all from singapore. i mentioned you are ask hours ahead of us in new york. already we have seen people arriving a short time ago. >> everybody wants to be part of the action. why not in when the president sits down with kim
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jong un a little less than 8 hours from now, harris, it will be history in the making. as you pointed out, no u.s. president has ever sat down with a leader of north korea. when you look at where they were just a number of months ago. compared to where they are now, things have been moving ahead literally at light speed. the president, when he sits down with kim jong un in that one-on-one meeting and expanded bi-lat 9:00 p.m. there in new york city, the president is prepared to offer him a lot. economic guarantees. you see the president there with the prime minister of singapore. the president was meeting with him earlier today. the president willing to give kim jong un economic guarantees. security guarantees. perhaps an end to the korean war and the potential for normalization of relations with the united states, which would also open up expansive trade with the united states. but the president and his team are going to make it clear. they have all that to offer, but it will only come if kim
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jong un gives his nuclear weapons program. secretary of state mike pompeo in a press briefing late yesterday made that perfectly clear. listen here. >> the ultimate objective, weeek from comploms with north korea has not changed. the complete and verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korea peninsula is the only outcome that the united states will accept. sanctions will remain until north korea completely and verifiablably eliminates weapons of mass destruction programs. if diplomacy does not move in the right direction and we are hopeful that it will continue to do so, those measures will increase. >> now, we see a lot of good cop-bad cop being played here, harris. and even the president with himself playing good cop and bad and the secretary of state as well. the president using very diplomatic language towards kim jong un at the same time saying this is a one-shot deal. this is his only opportunity, this which i an indication if things don't go well here and kim
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resumes his nuclear program in pursuit of intercontinental ballistic missiles tipped with nuclear warheads, things are not going to work out well for him. the president playing down expectations for what's possible. the reason is, is he hoping that there will be a surprise. let's show you some more of those pictures of kim jong un for perhaps in getting a little bit of a taste of what might lie ahead with security guarantees and economic guarantees from the united states. kim jong un was out and about in singapore tonight with the foreign minister of singapore. one of the places he went was to the top of the marina bay sands hotel. that's the foreign minister on the left there. it has an enormous ship-shaped pool, bar, observation deck at the top with breath-taking views of singapore. you can't see any of the views there. but, trust me. it's unbelievable. and kim may be getting a glimpse at the economic miracle of singapore and wondering could pyongyang, perhaps, get some of this? again, he has got to be willing to give up his
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nuclear weapons and there has been no indication thus far that any member of the kim family has been willing to do that. >> harris: we do know secretary of state mike pompeo said they were moving toward a nor defined agreement about what denuclearization would look like. that's kind of where you have to start. i caught the nuance too, john. >> yeah. he was very clear to say though, harris, that i is not going to describe what that is. >> harris: right. exactly. i caught the nuances in your that one-shot deal is a little different than the 300 additional sanctions that he is going to lay if this doesn't go well. so, it's interesting how the story is moving forward and how things are kind of getting layered in and now we are just a few hours away. john roberts, thank you have much, good to see you. >> thanks, harris. >> harris: all right. so it helps to talk with someone who has been to the region in the last few months and met with some of the key players involved in the talks. i want to bring in congressman tedio wh ted yoho sn the senate committee and chairs the committee of the
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asian and pacific. a florida republican we often go to on times like this. you and i have been talking regularly over the last few weeks. i want to bring you on, just to handicap, if you will, the next few hours what happens. we know the two leaders will meet two hours with an interpreter. that seems like a long time. >> it does, harris. it's like you started off this segment talking about the historic moment that we're entering in right now. i mean, i can't overemphasize how monumental this is president with a north korean leader to sit down to negotiate hope pray denuclearization and a peace treaty and peace on the korean peninsula. this is huge and if we can do this in the 21st century, we can figure out how to do other conflicts that may arise in the future, peacefully. and, this i can't tell you overemphasize how huge this is. >> harris: the rhetoric going in including some of the optics, congressman, of kim jong un hanging out at a nightclub in singapore, i'm guessing that doesn't often
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happen because it's making worldwide news. >> probably not. >> harris: the optics and the talks going in, what is significant? what are you watching for? what are you hearing? what is catching your attention? >> i think the the biggest thing just that it's happening. you look where we were a year ago and six months ago and then a couple weeks ago that it's happening. and it's an ice breaker. president trump, i think, is doing a great job the way he has negotiated this so far. a strong stance. is he negotiating from a stance of strength, not from one of weakness. not one of strategic patience and moving forward, be the talks about denuclearization and, of course, ultimately, you have got to find out what they want and what we're willing to give. and kim jong un has in his hands the change the course in north korea certainly for the better and for the korean peninsula and he could make historical move here that would be -- would last well beyon his years. it would be written about in the history books. i know he has got to be thinking about that i hope that guides his decision. >> harris: you know, last
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week i was just mentioning this to john roberts. the president said look, we can do a deal and both sides, south korea -- not sides but countries who sit next to each other obviously on that peninsula, south and north can have economic prosperity or we can go the other way and slap 300 more sanctions on them and then now in just a little while, this a one-shot deal. now, the president had said he would be will to kind of look down the road. that there might be more than one meeting. what does he mean, do you think, when he says one-shot deal? >> especially when somebody like president trump, when you are in negotiations, you have got to be willing to walk away. if you are not willing to walk abe, you wind up giving up too much. i admire him for that we have done real estate in the same way in our personal lives. you have got to be willing to walk away. if the other side knows that they pay attention strongerrer. >> harris: we know people who have overpaid for things they have negotiated like houses. senator markey says he wants congress to have a say in any agreement. let's watch that and then i
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want to get your response. >> sure. >> part of this negotiation will also be an ending of the korean war. which is something that goes all the way back to 1953. so i think it would be wise for the president to come to congress to ensure that there is a ratification of any agreement. >> harris:gressman, county politics on capitol hill be put aside to ratify an agreement? >> i absolutely think it can. you know. and it's like he brought up. you know, all we have an s. an armistice that was negotiated in 1953. so there is not a finality to it. and i think he is right. it needs to come through congress, under like the jppoa with iran. it was an agreement that never went through congress. the senate will be able to weigh in on it, being a treaty. the house can support it. but the senate will vote on it and this makes it longer lasting. and this will give more assurance to the kim regime that, you know, this is something that's not going to change when the next administration comes in.
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and if it's negotiated properly, it will be a win-win situation for kim jong un but for the united states also and the rest of the world. so this is historic. >> harris: before i let you go, real short answer. does this overlegitimizef you will kim jong un? because that's been some of the criticism. you're going to legitimize a guy who is a dictator. >> no, i don't think it does. i don't think it overlegitimi it. but it brings him into the forefront that we are see serious about this and look forward moving in a favorable direction. >> harris: congressman yoho from the great state of florida. we are poised to watch history now, aren't we? >> we sure are, thank you. >> harris: let's go to the other side of the aisle a member of the armed services committee and like congressman yoho was recently in the region in south korea in the past year. you and i, again, and i wanted to bring you both back, gentlemen, because we have gone and talked about maybe that juicy middle that we could get that you just
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heard congressman yoho saying if there is a need to ratify an agreement to end the korean war. not jt have a temporary peace, which has felt like long temporary but temporary nonetheless, that you think democrats would be on board. you and i have talked about how w could maybe see a bipartisan solution. talk with me more about that. >> i think it's absolutely possible. keep in mind, however, that this is very, very much about two korean countries. north korea and south korea. this entire opportunity for the current media in -- meeting in singapore really came about because the south korean president reached out at the same time that the american government was putting on very, very heavy sanctions. if the south koreans are on board together with the north koreans on a peace treaty, then the united states will be very, very much a part of that. and would it result in some sort of treaty possibly? i don't know that that would be required in the process.
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also, the united nations is actually the reason why the united states was there in the first place. and the united nations command continues on the korean peninsuland the united states leads that multinational command. so, it is complex, but it is a very real possibility going forward. would congress be on board? >> probably so. >> harris: all right. senator markey, we played just a few moments ago from your side of the aisle saying that it should go through congress if there's anything to ratify like a treaty. we will see what happens. >> sure. >> harris: from your political standpoint, and we have been waiting for something like this to happen through the 25 years of sanctions and diplomacy that really didn't work. as you look at this and we get ready to write new pages in history, just what is your point of view on all of this? what do you see? >> there is certainly a
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long, long history here. part of the history is on the north korean side where they have been trying over these many decades to secure their regime, to make certain that that regime could not bened either internally and that's why it is such a terrible place with all kinds of deaths and camps and the like, and also, to protect their regime from outside invasion, particularly south korea. and so the north koreans have built a very substantial conventional army. at the same time, they have pursued the nuclear bomb. in the 1990s, actually, jimmy carter, not then president, went to north korea and did negotiate a proposal that was agreed to by president clinton that would have terminated or stopped the north korean development of a nuclear
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weapon. >> harris: um-huh. >> in exchange for oil and two nuclear power plants. that didn't happen for reasons, actually, the united states government did not fund the program and at the same time, it's almost certain that north korea was not carrying out its side of the agreement and was continuing to develop a bomb. all of that tells us -- >> harris: do you feel like we get another bite at the apple? i'm hearing you say security. that's one of the things that president trump has promised kim jong un. i'm going to give you the last word. >> certainly it is the security that north korea is searching for. their bomb and their missiles give them the you were hand in the negotiations. and now they see that as their security blanket and, indeed, it is. so, will they give it up in exchange for, what? economic, the end of sanctions as well as some sort of. >> harris: and coming into the current century. >> to replace it. pardon? >> harris: coming into the
10:15 am
current century. that's also on the table as we see kim jong un hanging out and kind of soaking up the night life tonight, 12 hours us here in new york city in singapore. congressman garamendi from florida. i hear optimism. >> yes. >> harris: we will check back after the summit and see where we're. thank you for being on the program. >> i will be there. thank you. >> harris: senator lindsey graham has some advice for president trump ahead of tonight's summit. >> the best way to get peace not war is to convince north korea that they are going to be in a war and they will lose it if they don't pursue peace. >> harris: i will talk with a retired brigade general briga. is he bright that? >> james comey could face criminal charges for his handling of the hillary clinton email investigation once the doj inspector general's report is released. could that be the case? alan dershowitz is here to weigh in. don't you move. stay close.
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>> harris: fox news alert. the world will be watching to see if president trump can make a deal with north korea ahead of tonight's summit in singapore. lindsey graham says maximum pressure campaign got kim jong un to the table.
10:20 am
now he warns the military option must remain on the table for diplomatic negotiations to be successful. >> best way to get peace, not war is, to convince north korea that they are going to be in a war and they will lose it if they don't pursue peace. everything else before has failed. nobody in north korea believed that the past presidents would use military force. if they don't believe donald trump will use military force as a last resort, the people of north korea are l, if he has, big mistake to he doesn't want to. >> harris: there is now a retired u.s. army brigadier general thont at at a time tat. >> great to see you, harris. >> harris: the options are war or peace. those are the options anyway if we talk military, right in does north korea fear us? >> that's right. let's remember how we got here, harris. we have had about three different administrations trying to deal with the problem. they didn't know how to deal
10:21 am
with it and they didn't effectively deal with it what the trump administration has done is very effectively leverage and synchronize the elements of national power, diplomatic information, military and economic and what senator graham is talking about is that military element of national power, our mighty military, our brave men and women that go overseas and do our bidding for us. they are poised and ready to go. and over the last year, 18 months, we've beefed up our capability. we have had three carrier strike gros in the sea of japan. we put more aircraft on guam. so, kim jong un knows what's going on. and you the president say about a weak ago emphasize in his comment when he cancelled the summit and then it was back on, he talked about the 700 billion-dollar budget for this year, this coming year. you know, that's a huge astronomical number for any country but for north korea, it's just, you know, not
10:22 am
even fathomable for them. so the teeth to all of this diplomacy and economic sanctions and information warfare, the tweets back and rth, et cetera, is the military. and that's what senator graham is talking about. >> harris: do they fear us, north korea? >> no. you know what? i think everybody should be concerned about north korea's ability to strap a nuke on one of their intercontinental ballistic missiles. and so i think this meeting that is happening in singapore has ramifications for world peace, and it's a tremendous opportunity here and i don't agree with your previous guest that, you know, kim jong un has the you were hand. you know, president trump has the you were hand in these negotiations either kim jong un makes a deal or we go to war. as senator graham said because he -- president trump has been telephoning this for a year.
10:23 am
he talked about springtime of this year, a year ago that something needed to give. it is not a coincidence that we are in discussions right now. and think the great opportunity for kim jong un and north korea where he can -- it's the same people as the south koreas. i have been over there several times. and the families are divided, still, by this armistice. and so, we're talking reunification. we are talking a peace treaty that will help reuniorereunify this peninsula. talking about economic regrowth. >> harris: interesting to hear you talk about reunification, general tata. the president has said he wants to see north and south korea economically flourishing. whether they would get together in the short-term. that might happen long-term. his idea the way he has laid it out is if you make them both whole it's amazing what can happen from that before
10:24 am
i let you go you said you disagreed with my previous guest congressman garamendi a democrat from california who is making the notion that we can only hav it one way or the other. t i hear you saying war or peace. is there no room for those 300 sanctions that the president says he is going to roll in, too, if he walks away? i mean, it's going to get financially even more painful if he walks away from the table. last word. >> you know, harris. this is all about synchronizing the elements of power. at some time the military option needs to kick in if the others are ineffective. this is what the other administrations did not do. so sanctions can work to bring people to the negotiating table but, at the end of the day, we need to have a nonnuclear north korea and, you know, so, that is the goal here. and yo ultimately we want reunification and ultimately economic prosperous north korea that workers and doesn't imprison them and so
10:25 am
forth. that is all achievable. and particularly if you think, harris, about the kim jong un is rumored to have been schooled in the west. he is has been exposed to the west. so, perhaps, he is kind of crafty because he came in with two visions. one is to be a nuclear power. one is to be an economic power whereas his father and grandfather just came in with one vision. >> harris: that's interesting. >> and it's the tradition of the korean leader to have a vision. so the grandfather was to be a self-reliant nation. the father was, kim jong il was to have a powerful military. kim jong un had nuclear power, economic power a perhaps he is kind of cagey and going to trade one off for the other. >> harris: it's interesting, too. he has replaced three of his top people. they are younger, they are said to have his back a little bit more. they also have pbably that duality of mission that you are describing. general tata i wrote it down about synchronizing elements of power. >> diplomacy and then you have got that military option.
10:26 am
appreciate your perspective. thank you. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: will firing back after jason trud trudeau went after. just days before the sit down with the north korea leader. what is the impact of that? did justin truau betray the president at a critical time? because they had a communiquee walked it back. a former state department official to talk about it. stay close. >> we leave and trudeau pulls this stuff. more political stunt for domestic consumption. he really kind of stabbed us in the back.
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10:31 am
president's tariffs president tru said it's called to be fool trade if it is not reciprocal. according to canada they make $1 billion in trade with 17 billion. tax dare from from u.s. 270%. then justin acts hurt when called out. the president's advisors also went after the timing of justin trudeau's criticism. watch it. >> the president is going to negotiate with kim, north korea in singapore. it is historic negotiation. there is no way this president is not going to stand strong he's not going to allow other people suddenly take pot shots at him hours before that summit. >> harris: news being made. let's go to garrett tenney in washington. >> the white house was not happy with how the g-7 wrapped up. despite that strong rhetoric from the white house, our allies are not backing down in their criticism of
10:32 am
president trump's tariffs on steel and aluminum. today british prime minister theresa may toldarliament improving international trade cannot be done by taking action against analyzes the loss of trade through tariffs undermines competition, reduces productivity, removes the incentive to innovate and ultimately makes everyone poorer. in response the eu will impose counter measures but we need to avoid a continued tit-for-tat escalation. all seemed well at the g-7 summit when president trump departed on saturday, but those good feelings quickly evaporated following a news conference by canadian prime minister justin trudeau in which he announced plans for reciprocal tariffs for u.s. goods in response to those tariffs on aluminum and steel as well. >> i have made it very clear to the president that it is not something we relish doing but something that we obviously will do. because canadians we're
10:33 am
polite, rear reasonable but why absolutely will not be pushed around. >> that's nothing new that trudeau has not said before. but what the white house took exception with was the timing of the remarks which could potentially make the president look weak and estranged from allies as he heads into a sitdown with kim jong un. the president dispatched aides to the sunday shows to punch back and dismiss any notions of weakness. >> there is a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engage engages in bd faith diplomacy with president donald j. trump and tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. that's what bad faith justin trudeau did with that stunt press conference. >> those remarks thought sitting well with our european allies who have responded with united front. emmanuel macron says international cannot be dick tainted by fits of anger. angela merkel says trump's refusal to sign sobers and bit depressing.
10:34 am
democrats are piling on the president as well. >> this wasn't just with trudeau. this is with our best allies. seven best allies. and it seems to me not to sign a statement of solidarity, which stands for everything that we stand for is a big mistake. i understand the president was upset. the president could have said that, but to walk away from our allies in this way i think is a mistake. >> president trump is not one to back down, either. and this morning he made that clear in a string of tweeting bashing the tariffs of other countries and concluding with. this sorry, we cannot let our friends or enemies take advantage of us on trade any more. we must put the american worker first. so, harris, this rising trade war clearly not ramping you up down any time soon. >> harris: garrett, thank you very much. let's bring in kristin, a former state department
10:35 am
official under president bush. you are calling this one game-playing. why is canada's prime minister doing it this way? >> i think he wants to lead some international coalition of progressives basically join the resistance to trump. incidentally it's not quite as one sided as we have been led to believe. its solid a member of the g-7. the eye tall i can't believe prime minister new on the job actually sided with donald trump that russia should be back in, bringing it back to the g-8. prime minister abe, we do have some trade disagreements with japan, he didn't join this glee club of opposition to the united states. so, yes, all of europe, germany, france, they are not -- or they are upset that we are trying to equalize some of the unfair tariffs that they have groton away with on us. but, you know, we are getting there with a lot of countries, revising trade agreements. we already have the south korea free trade agreement revised to our advantage. a deal with australia. a deal with brazil. so, you know, i think it's progressive upset we are seeing. >> harris: i had to laugh.
10:36 am
i wrote it down. glee club of opposition, those people resisting the president. it's a bigger picture than what this president has put into play or this back and forth with trudeau and our president. because canada does not have the leverage in this. when you look at the numbers of 20% of g.d.p. they depend on us. this is not an even playing field for them or for us. talk to moo about who has the leverage. >> that's right. absolutely we do. we are not being unfair with it. we are not being broodish with it. just the numbers speak for themselves. we have $330 billion of trade going each way with canada. as you pointed out 20% of canada's g.d.p. only 1% of our g.d.p. so if there is a trade war and i don't really think there is going to be one it's one where we would cream our canadian friends. more importantly, the only thing that justin trudeau did, he sort of accomplished two things at the summit. he undermined the g-7 possibly permanently. he putka madian auto workers at serious risk because it looks like the
10:37 am
administration was sort of under section 232 the position that allows us to defend strategically. auto and auto parts that will be accelerate you had. canada exports about $64 billion worth to the united states. that's about 3% or 4% of their economy that they're putting at risk just so justin trudeau can be anti-trump. >> harris: flip side they are taxing our dairy up to 200% in tariffs. there is a reason for everybody to sit down but, as you called it a glee club of off session, we'll see if it happens. and then the big question of how this impacts of north korean negotiation. we'll have to see, because that's coming up in just a few hours. kristin whiten, thank you. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: growing speculation that former fbi director james comey could find himself in legal trouble following the release of that doj inspector general's report. on the handling of the
10:38 am
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♪ >> harris: there is growing speculation that former fbi director james comey could find himself in hot water legally following the release of doj inspector general michael horowitz' report on the fbi's handling of the hillary clinton email investigation. the document is set to be released on thursday of this week. reportedly uses the word "insubordinate" to describe james comey's behavior during his time at the fbi. here is president trump's attorney rudy giuliani just yesterday. >> first thing we are going to get is a report from inspector general's horowitz on comey's hand links of hillary which i think is going to be very, very critical as it should be. comey really, has a chance of being prosecuted as a result of it, but we'll see.
10:43 am
>> harris: comey has previously defended his hand links of the email probe by saying he made the best decisions possible given the situation. let's bring in alan dershowitz, harvard law professor emeritus and author of the book "the case against impeaching trump." always great to see you. so, talk to me about rebecca gomend james comey. igomez -- rudy giuliani and james comey? is he right he could find himself in legal trouble. >> rudy is a great friend of mine and a great lawyer i disagree with criminalize political differences in this context. i have been a long-time opponent of trying to criminalize political differences by donald trump and by people in the trump administration. and now that the shoe is on the oth foot, i take the same position. let's not turn disagreements into crimes. even if he acted insubordinately, that's not a crime. and we have to start disarming both sides and stop weaponizing the criminal justice system and using it against political oppones.
10:44 am
so, i hope that if is he criticized, that's fine. in the marketplace of ideas. but, let's not turn criticism into criminalization on either side. >> harris: all right. so that's rudy giuliani's take on it but, let's take a look and hear from bob goodlatte on the same topic because what he is saying is if it does progress to the point where comey or anybody else coming out of the inspector general's report needs further litigation or prosecution, this is what he sees. >> i think and many others in the congress continue to think that we need to have an independent special counsel separate and apart from the work that mr. mueller is doing. >> yeah. >> to handle these potential criminal referrals and to look into this matter for the possibility of finding further matters beyond what the inspector general does. >> harris: so, allen, what i hear congressman goodlatte saying there is let's have somebody take a look at this so can you see whether or not it's simply politics. >> well, that's what the
10:45 am
inspector general is doing. but, you know, i don't think two wrongs make a right. i think it was wrong to appoint a special counsel to investigate trump. i think it's equally wrong ppnt a special counsel to investigate comey. you know, everybody thinks that. >> harris: even though we know he has leaked information. we know some of the things that james comey has done. and by the way, politically, is he not making either side of the political aisle happy. >> there's no question about that. but, you don't turn political opposition into criminalization. leak something not a crime unless it's leaking of a grand jury material. let's understand that there are criminal statutes and they should be defined narrowly and we shouldn't be weaponizing the criminal justice system against either side. i was critical of president trump. >> harris: okay. >> when he called for locker up to hillary clinton or let's have a special counsel to hillary clinton. the president has said that he thinks special counsel are unconstitutional. i don't agree with that but, if he thinks they are unconstitutional as to him, they are surely
10:46 am
unconstitutional as well as to comey or as to anybody else we have to have neutral principles. the same principles. >> harris: all right. >> people confuse my advocacy. i'm not there as advocate for president trump. i'm an advocate to civil liberties. >> harris: allen, i'm going to lose you and i'm what we know to be true of eafltions of bias inside the fbi. we had text messages flowing between at least two employees that we know about who were having an affair. >> that's right. >> harris: who he would like to press against this president and was there bias inside the fbi? i mean, the inspector general is looking at a whole lot here. >> and he should be and those are appropriate functions to the inspector general. to me having an honest inspector general and we someone, off united states off d states the need f a special counsel. >> harris: we know that he can't prosecute, so if there are signs of bias --
10:47 am
>> -- he can't prosecute but he could recommend prosecution, but he has to show that there is an al actual crime committed and that crime would be prosecuted whether it was done by a democrat or republican or an independent. we have to have one standard of justice for all and we have to use thel law only as a last resort when there is clear evidence yard that an existing statutory crime has been committed. i don't think that standard has been met. hris: interesting. >> for anybody involved so far in this whole disaster 2000 16 election. >> harris: waiting for that ig report to come out to tell us exactly ahead of a senate hearing as well. so we're going to learn a whole lot later this week. alan dershowitz, thank you for being on the program. appreciate your time. >> thank you so much. >> harris: we are all just hours away from witnessing history together. president trump's sitdown with north korean dictator kim jong un. why the white house is sounding more optimistic and what a successful summit would mean for the president's legacy. the power panel next. ♪ ♪
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>> dana: hi, everyone, i'm dana perino and the singapore summit is about to happen. kickoff president trump's historic meeting with kim jong un. one of our guest says there are seven possible scenarios for the outcome of this summit and we will pick through those and mentor
10:52 am
monday we will ask chris stirewalt what we need to know ahead of new york city primaries. he is here on the daily briefing. >> harris: fox news alert. we are about seven hours from president trump's historic meeting with the north korean leader kim jong un. and while the president's team is sounding more optimistic by the hour. some are urges caution when it comes to the likely hooved the north dumping its nukes. the associated press' eric talnad only western reporter with the regular posting in north korea. >> i think if there is going to be denuclearization it's going to be a very long and difficult process. and we haven't really groton any indication from pyongyang that anything serious is going to happen along those lines in the immediate future. >> harris: counselor to the president kellyanne conway says she believes north korea could change its ways. >> chairman kim and his people have incentive. if you give up your more
10:53 am
peaceful, more prosperous and not be seen as a pariah around the world. >> harris: david tafuri served as advisor to the obama campaign rebecca heinrichs nationalurity and senior fellow at the hudson institute. rebecca, i will start with you, we are getting closer, the rhetoric has shifted a little bit. the president saying you have got one shot. >> yeah, you know. i think it's a mistake to speculate too much about what whink may or may not have happened. i have been speck, you know this. we talked about this so much. i have been skeptical of the north korean's see sirs to make the decision to get rid of nuclear weapons there are things that continue to pop up. one thing i have been watching for is a change in the tone in the north korean propropaganda and the tway talks about president trump in the u.s. there have been reports there has been safety. that's the kind of thing you want to see. president trump and everybody in his administration has not lowered the standard about what we want. complete, you know, complete
10:54 am
and verifiable dismantlement and irreversible dismantlement. because there hasn't a budge and north korea is willing to talk the ball is still in play. >> harris: that's interesting. how much leverage does the united states have with its military? david, i had general tata on earlier brigadier general with the army retired now, he said you know what? we have a lot. they nosy we will use it. but they have something, too. >> sure, we have a lot of leverage. we are the most powerful military in the world. and you know, for all the threats we get leader of north korea. is he nervous about what the u.s. might do with our military. but, of course, they have amassed huge amount of conventional weapon on the border with south korea. they have artillery pointed at south korea. so, exclusive of their nuclear weapons. they can also use conventional weapon to attack our ally north korea. that's why the stakes are so high for this summit. i agree with rebecca that it's unlikely that we're
10:55 am
going to get to a full deal. secretary of state pompeo says he will only accept full denuclearization. i don't think that's going to come out of this summit. i think it's important to be optimistic about this summit. the summit is the start of a dialogue. and what i think we can realistically hope for is some good talk, some parameters being set between president trump and leader of north korea, so that there can be future dialogue towards an actual peace agreement. but the peace agrment. >> harris: how interesting. >> denuclearization very complicated. >> harris: rebecca, i'm going to give you the last word. i am going to press in here. your talking about this, david, very different than last friday when we were peeking in to the white house when the north korean letter carrier was meeting with the president. i hear you much more optimistic and sometimes it's like an election, i suppose, things change when you get closer to the date. >> well, no. i was optimistic thing then. i said we shouldn't glorify the fact that someone who is the leader of north korea's intelligence agency was in
10:56 am
the oval office. this is a person who has committed crimes. >> harris: i got it we want to give re beck cat last word. go ahead. >> we have unconventional president who is very goal-oriented. is he going to be doing things that makes some of us uncomfortable. overtures he makes towards asong as president trump continues to say we have a threat of military force. we have 300 sanctions, on.ed up and ready to go if this doesn't go, you know, have you got some heat on kim, he's got to make a choice. so, i'm relatively optimistic. >> harris: got to run thank you both. we'll be right back. >> thank you.
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>> a busy news day. so glad you were with us on "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: a fox news alert. a live look at singapore where it's 2:00 a.m. hello. i'm dana perino, this is "the daily briefing". the two leaders he kick it off with a one-on-one meeting. at stake, dismantling the regime's nuclear arsenal and perhaps decades of hostility between the u.s. and north korea. here's mike pompeo, the secretary of state. >> the fact that our two leaders are sitting down face to face is the sign of an enormous potential of something that will
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