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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 11, 2018 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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destinations. it's the only living thing you can see from space. after an accidental discovery 248 years ago today. the news continues now. here's neil. >> neil: all right. only five hours from now, the president of the united states sits down with the north korean leader, kim jong-un and stakes couldn't be higher. i'm neil cavuto. leading up to those talks, kim jong-un out and about visiting a sands casino resort in singapore. the guy doesn't get out that much. he stopped to pose for a selfie. former basketball star, dennis rodman saying he wants to cheer on both sides. and stocks ended up on the upside today. what is remarkable through trade wars and alienating comments back and forth between ourselves and the canadians, they have
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been up and continue to go up. so what do they see that maybe woy's pundits do not? let's get more from john roberts and what happens next. hey, gen. >> neil, good morning to you from singapore. the latest that we're learning is that the presidentod his departure up is that kim jong-un's deligation is that he would be leaving this afternoon. the president reserved wednesday morning for talks if necessary. so he decided if kim is leaving, there's no reason for me to hang around. so he's going out at 7:00 p.m. after a 4:00 p.m. press conference. 12 hours from now new york sometime. so if you want to hear what the president has to say, set you alarm clocks. that's when the he will be speaking. the president with a lot to offer kim jong-un in their very first historic bilateral meeting
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between the president and a north korean leader. he has economic guarantees for kim on the table. he has security guarantees, potential end to the korean war after it's been under an armistic all of these decades and the potential for the normalization of relations between the united states and north korea. this is a big if, if north korea and kim jong-un are willing to give up their nuclear program. the president changing up the paradigm. it won't be incremental. the president wants irreversible and verifiable denuclearization of the korean peninsula. what is interesting, the first meeting will be between president trump and kim jong-un one-on-one with only their translators present, unlike this big meeting that you see here with singapore's prime minister.
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there's the president with prime minister lee. kellyanne conway says that's the way the president likes to do things, man on man. >> president trump is very clear that he would like to meet one-on-one with the other principal here. this is the way the president has done business successfully throughout his career. it may strike many people who have been involved in the past as an unusual request. but remb, we're looking at an entirely different framing. >> and kim jong-un taking in the sights of singapore last night. one of the places he visited is the marina bay sands hotel and casino. you can see kim walking around. this is the farthest that he's ever been outside of pyongyang as the leader of north korea. the marina based sands, the iconic structure now on the singapore skyline. there's three high rise towers and hotels and something spread
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across the top of it that looks like a cargo ship that landed up there. its owned by sheldon addleson, the las vegas casino magnet. so kim jong-un getting a look at what could be possible if he gets economic incentives for the united states. one thing i should say, while the president is set to go at 7:00, we're told the departure is fluid. probably no reason to delay it, but you never know. they're holding it open just in case. >> neil: thanks, john roberts. claudia ross has long warned don't get too excited here, now that she's trying to be a wet blanket. she knows the north korean leader well and his father and grandfather. so you say we should go into this with eyes wide open. what do you think? >> yeah. be weary.
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the fact that kim is strolling around singapore does not mean he's about to give up his nuclear program and does not the change the character of the most bloody-minded totalitarian state, which is what the he runs. >> neil: we don't pick and choose the leaders of other countries. if that was the case, fdr would have found an alternative to stalin. but he was the only guy we had representing the soviet union and this is the only guy representing north korea. what do you make of that? >> yeah. the problem with the analogy there, stalin was fighting the nazis. kim jong-un isn't fighting anybody. once stalin got done fighting the nazis, he installed kim jong-un's grandfather in north korea. out of that came the cold war and our current problem. so it's true. you don't oh -- you can't pick who you negotiate with our who you confront. but you can be keenly aware that everything points to.
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kim will want any benefits, but he will look for anyway he can find to not deliver this denuclearization, whatever that means. nuclear ogram.ot give up his remember, he also has biological, chemical weapons and convention weapon that has held seoul hostage since the war. >> neil: we must know the history on this, right? that other administrations also entering talks with the best of intentions and highest of hopes were hoodwinked. so this is different that the actual leaders are meeting. so that changes the complexion a bit. how do you avoid the north korean history of just lie something how do you verify what they are doing when in fact in some cases they can drag it out for years looking like they're following the agreement as they i'd in the clinton administration came and rim it up as soon as they go?
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>> we have to offer a credible threat. that's why i'm encouraged that president trump wants this one-on-one meeting. if i were north korea's translator, i would be worried i was killed on the way out of singapore. because these will be the witnesses. but that's a chance for president trump to say to kim jong-un, just in case kim jong-un has been misinformed by the lackeys and acolytes that surround him, about the military might capability and so on, look, we do have the ability to obliterate you and trump needs some credible way to really make that threat. i don't know if he will. but that's what might persuade to do somethg. the problem is what needs to happen for anything to be credible for any complete verifiable, irreversible in the day, is the end of that regime,
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a change in character so profound that it's effectively gone. kim presides as some head of a very different regime, which i think would bring his down fall or that we get rid of them. it's unfortunate, neil, that's-with all of my calculations end up. this regime has to go. when that happens, we can talk about decreasing the danger that is north korea. but as long as kim jong-un has this power that he inherited and amplified by assassinating his brother, the ex-brother with the nerve agent, executing his uncle, people that had ideas about liberalizing north korea he's had murdered. it's not really going to change. we're likely the see more tinsel and promises and kicking the can down the road that is the bottom line, neil. the regime one way or the other
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has to go. what i would -- in my dreams, president trump would say to kim in this private session, we're the one security guarantee we can offer you is the marcos residence on hawaii. i don't think while the regime is in place, we can pry away their nuclear program. in the end, the regime has to go first. then get rid of it. >> neil: don't hold your breath on that. thank you, claudia. >> you're welcome. >> neil: let's get more from james langford, a member of the intel committee and more. what do you think of that? in the end this comes down to recognizing we can't trust this guy and the people around him and ultimately the only way to assure cooperation down the road is he not be there. >> he has but the brutal dictator and the people around him have answered yes to every
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statement he's made. if they don't, he has them executed. he can't be afraid to take military leaders and kill them with an anti aircraft gun for public execution. so he's been a ruthless dictators despite the pictures of him smiling and walking through the streets. we should be aware of that. if he has any compassion for the people and the millions that live in squalor and poverty in north korea, he will set aside his nuclear weapons so they can have electricity and food and the opportunities that the rest hoff the world around them has. >> neil: do you think he cares though? >> we're about to find out. >> you're right. >> that's the big issue. if he says i'll set aside these nuclear weapons and united states can provide economic engagement, if they open up their economy, they can be as prosperous as south korea is. a great example of what
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communist and free markets look like when you look at north korea and south korea. very prosperous south korea and the north koreans are in squaller and pow -- poverty. >> neil: we're poking at our friends, like the canadians for valid reasons, they would argue otherwise and cozying up to this guy. >> i would hope the president is not cozying up to this guy. we have strong sanctions on them. we're watching out for illegal goods. we're working around the world to isolate north korea. sanctions are in place. wore applying pressure. but it's reasonable to say we're applying pressure so we never talk. we want to talk and get to an agreement. if you're going to apply strict sanctions, the reason is to get to the table. get to the table, get a
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resolution and come out with a first step. have no optimism that everything gets resolved today. i do have optimism that they can lay the ground work for the next meeting and that's when you get things resolved. >> neil: the fact is that they'repointing. we can't pick and choose the leaders of the country with whom we meet. the hope from this administration, talking to the other administration, north korea, is that they will change their ways. the history is that they lie and cheat and work around things and sometimes waiting years to not live up to those accords. you talk about the ronald reagan approach. trust by verify. even when we tried to verify, they changed the rules mid stream. how do we avoid that this go around? >> keep sanctions on do, what the trump administration is doing. keep the sanctions going, keep the pressure on. when things change with words,
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not behavior, we begin to back off and loosen up. >> in the past they did change with behavior. you can be hoodwinked to say yeah, they're doing what they said. >> the north koreans say we will test a nuclear missile and ballistic missile if they don't give us food or money. so they won't do it for five, six, seven years and we would go through cycle after cycle. if this is we're going to d dismantle your facilities, that is very different. >> neil: thanks, sir. >> you bet. good to see you. >> neil: this is a big deal here as you might imagine. one that the global markets are fixated on themselves. we'll have complete coverage of this all night long beginning at 7:00 p.m. with lou dobbs at 9:00 p.m. we will continue on fox business
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and we'll be on all night. because this matters. this is something the global markets will be watching closely. so we'll get the real-time read from them, particularly the asian markets as this is going on. and then later on, trading in futures. we'll get a view of the oil marks a vie of the people putting money on this, what they make of it. you can catch one or the other rarely in a format like this, can you catch them both. we'll provide you both on fox business and only fox business. more after this. age-related macular degeneration, amd, i wanted to fight back. my doctor and i came up with a plan. it includes preservision. only preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula recommended by the national eye institute to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd. that's why i fight. because it's my vision. preservision.
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>> neil: all right. what to make of the trade tip now that escalated with our friends, canada, because the markets are not worried. the fact that we're now at the lowest point we've ever been with those friends, including canada and the european union and the germans that are worried about the italians that are concerned.
1:18 pm
where is this going? gary, you would think looking at the markets, even with the nominal uptick today, they have appreciated through all of this angst hand wringing here. what do you think of it? >> i think we're in a war of words. that won't kill a market right now. the market has a lot going for it. we talked about it. earnings, a ton of buy-backs and we still have low interest rates. the best way to explain that, we're at 3% unemployment. the last time we were there, we had 6% of said funds rate. we're at 7%. the easy money helps the markets. the markses are good right now. we're ignoring all of this. >> neil: what i found researchable, when the president treats and they were going back and forth with the canadian prime minister, when peter navarro started talking and
1:19 pm
framed it in a totally different way. i want you to react to this. peter navarro talking more to the point about the leader of canada. >> there's a speci pla in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy for donald trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door. that's what bad fth jusin trudeau did with that press conference. >> neil: i'm not -- i don't know what it was that ticked the president off or what got peter navarro's attention here. but he's pretty much said that he was upset before the summit, after the summit. what's doing on here? >> i think he may have had some
1:20 pm
bad coffee. i'm a logical guy. i don't understand -- rhetoric like that is reserved for saddam hussein and al-quaida. i don't know why they would do that. if you're trying to move the needle in negotiations, that's the last thing i want to do. that is all that is being talked about right now. let's hope cooler heads prevail once north korea is done, we get back to the trade talk and get in a better place. canada, we have a trade surplus with themncluding services. so i don't know why they would attack canada. we have it much worse with other countries. i was in the car when i heard this. i couldn't believe my ears. >> neil: so it had to be for another reason. i'm giving the benefit of the doubt here. the president and the prime minister are not in the same parties or thought. but it's not as if any of this
1:21 pm
was new or the fox alert how annoyed the president was about the tariffs coming his way and the surplus that we enjoy with his country when it comes to goods and services. i'm missing somethini don't knor whether it sets the table to talk tough to the north koreans or the chinese and let them know that we can do this with our friends. >> i'm a big believer that most things are not said by accident. so i'm pretty sure they're tryi to sethe tle for you better listen to what we have to tell you, you've done this to us for use. we're the new kids in town and we're not going to be like the path. you either listen to us 0, trouble lies ahead. that's why i think this rhetoric comes from. if it was me, i put myself in the position, i'm not talking that way but we have a different type of administration right now and they're acting like the big
1:22 pm
dogs. >> neil: we'll see what happens. thanks, gary. this will be quick, we're told? a few hours and done. how does that stack up against other big historic summits? let's just say much, much shorter. last year so allstate is giving us money back on our bill. well, that seems fair. we didn't use it. wish we got money back on gym memberships. get money back hilarious. with claim-free rewards. switching to allstate is worth it. captured lightning in a bottle. over 260 years later as the nation's leader in energy storage we're ensuring americans have the energy they need, whenever they need it nextera energy.
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>> neil: i love having burt on. he can always put the rush in great perspective. thanks for the time. i was thinking of you when i learned about the nature of this meeting. that it will be hours long. i guess they can extend it. i don't know how it will go. hours ain't days, ain't camp david, a couple weeks. it's not like john f. kennedy
1:26 pm
and nikita khrushchev. >> yes. we have denuclearization goal orth korea wants to get trade re-established and the sanctions removed. so the goals are clear. sometimes summits have gone poorly even though they had more times because the goals with complicated and the countries were at odds with each other. >> neil: yeah, the camp david accords that james comey had with israel, they went on for two weeks. they were done clandestined there. we didn't know what was happening but that they were meeting. they got an accord going after two weeks. what do you make of that? i like how you framed it that sometimes the rush or the limited timetable might work to
1:27 pm
that advantage. explain. >> i think the comparison with trump's potential summit here with the carter camp david accords 40 years ago is a good comparison. the goals were narrow. egypt and israel, we want them to be at peace. you had sadat with carter and that was accomplished. a narrow goal. they had a couple weeks and they accomplished it. >> neil: what about the one with nixon, beijing. the great outreach there? that wasn't about signing some sort of an arms deals. it was a way to triangulate from richard nixon, the old soviet union and china. explain how that went. >> right. nixon wanted to establish an increased trade agenda.
1:28 pm
for nixon to reach out to china like that was to in a way embarrass theoviet unn and make them defensive. understand what reagan began negotiating with gorbachev, then the soviet union was put in a hole because regan pushed against that high soviet military budget. the soviets couldn't go on with their massive weapons program. >> neil: that was all going nicely until really near the final day where ronald reagan discovered that the russians had snuck in that line about the space initiative was near and dear to him and the u.s. would abandon it. that was like a line on a closing statement when you try to setting on housing purchasc g purchasing. he walk ad way from that.
1:29 pm
>> yeah. that was 1986. gorbachev wanted to undermine the sdi, the strategic defense initiative that reagan was proposin proposing. that would outmode his whole weapons arsenal. so the soviets were anxious to avoid that. gorbachev made that clear. reagan was trying to push human rights violations by the russians, to put gorbachev at east. reagan wasn't going to eliminate the sdi initiative and not go forward. but they did meet in washington. it was a postponement. they respected reagan. reagan was ae the be very successful. they did eliminate some weapons but ultimately bankrupted the soviet union.
1:30 pm
reagan was an ex-lentz -- excellent me gauchator. i can imagine reagan thinking that about gorbachev. he isolated gorbachev. i can imagine him thinking that but i can't imagine reagan saying that. trump may be right. it's odd he would say that. but in a way he's trying to project to kim that he's strong and that kim is not going to be able to get away with any maneuvers against donald trump. >> neil: yeah. keep them guessing as you say. >> exactly. >> neil: thanks, burt, for your perspective and that fine brain of yours. we step way back from this. what is the benefit of trying to
1:31 pm
make sure it's short and sweet? it would still be short but will the results still be sweet? the read from a guy that served our country not only on the battlefield but in the united states congress after this.
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1:34 pm
than you know? after this.
1:35 pm
>> neil: all right. what happensn they first sit down? donald trump made news when he said within the first minute or so, i have a pretty good idea how things can go. don't laugh about it. a lot of people say in business, general life, we can size up someone almost that quickly. lieutenant colonel alan west here. he served in korea. thanks for taking the time. >> my pleasure, neil. >> neil: what do you make of it? you think you can size people up that quickly? >> i can tell you when i was a commanding officer, most good commanders can size you up and make an assessments of who you are, your hair cut, your mouth. you can confirm or deny our initial assertions.
1:36 pm
it's very important that, you know, president trump does that. i think he maintains the high ground and maintains a position of dominance. i listened to your previous guest. it's important that we keep this meeting short. the longer it goes on, makes it seems like kim jong-un has a moral victory. we laid down the markers. this is what has to happen. we allow the respective staffs from north korea andhe uted es to continue on with this process. >> neil: you talk about a victory for the other side against the north korean leader here. but i understand like keep it to time, but a few hours is really tight, unless to your point, we chatted before about this, they e a lot of the leg work and the ground work for this in advance. >> well, if anyone thinks we're going to solve what has been going on since 1953 in this
1:37 pm
meeting in singapore, you're delusional. the most important thing is that president trump looks eyeball to eyeball with kim jong-un who is a person that is economically destitute in his country, quite isolated internationally and let him know you have a chance to bring a brighter future to the people of north korea or you will continue down this path and find yourself being a member of the kim family that saw your family's rule come to an end. >> neil: why do you think the north koreans are doing this? this leader is doing this now? >> it's very simple, neil. the game of international extortion has come to an end. when i was in korea in 1985, that w that was during the clinton administration. the aid has ended.
1:38 pm
you look at the sanctions. they're tough. we've had a naval blockade out there and intercepting ships coming and going from north korea. that's put a strangle hold on him. we're putting pressure on china as well. >> neil: when you were watching, people like you, monitoring the developments as they come in, because i'll be covering it live tonight on fox business, which if you don't get you should demand -- >> i do get it. >> neil: very good. do watch it. in all seriousness, help me do this. what are you going to be sort of waiting for, wanting to see? >> the main thing i want to know is whether this process continues on. where does it go from here. i did not expect this to be the great end-all meeting like your guest talked about. it's not going to be two weeks at camp david. who will be the initial markers
1:39 pm
laid down and where we continue on in this process. i'd like to see where mike pompeo says i'd like to see what the national security adviser john bolton says. i want to hear that the sanctions remain in place. i want to hear that we're giving them an opportunity over the next six months to a year to start the dismantling of their weapons. i want japan to hear that they will have their hostages released as well. >> neil: good seeing you. allen west,hanks for joining us and your service to this country. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: all right. we were up 5 3/4 points. the markets have been doing fine. the read on what is more of a worry and what is going on in singapore tonight or what just transpired in canada over the weekend after this.
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1:43 pm
susan lee and charlie gasparino. i'm so glad you guys joined me. i need to make sense of how the markets are handling this whole korea things. >> where did we end up today? >> up about 5 points. >> came off of session highs though. pushing closer to 2,800 for the s&p. that's the high. traders that i talked to say we could see a positive surprise. it's not just north korea and the summit. china is involved as well. we know kim jong-un flew to singapore on an air china jet. if it all goes well and there's a positive surprise, there could writ for the china and trade ret relationship as well. >> neil: the earnings have been great. the balance sheets are good. >> the economy is getting
1:44 pm
better. >> neil: and it's okay. >> yeah. everything is honky dorie in 2008, 2007. i remember when the switch went on and it wasn't. i'll say this. if donald trump gets peace in our time, the markets will go up. got you. if he doesn't do anything bad, markets he trade off. this trade stuff that he's doing, the role of the dice, the market -- right now can markets -- >> they don't think anything will happen. >> yeah. but there's big unexpected stuff that came in the past. you have tax cuts that will increase the size of the deficit, which means we'll get higher interest rates in i way because we have to sell more debt. if you have that -- >> neil: not in the growth goes -- >> not initially. if it doesn't pay for itself,
1:45 pm
you'll have a trade war -- >> neil: there's worries about that. you sat down with the canadian prime minister before everything hit the fan. there's a lot of ill will now. i'm wondering how that is reverberating. >> it's making justin trudeau look good in canada. >> nei: they' rallying around -- >> it's the big bad u.s. bully telling us what to do. justin trudeau is standing up to him. you know, he might not be a bad strong leader for canada in the next elections. he's behind the polls -- >> i found it infathomable able the comments made. you're going to rally around the leader. conservatives and liberals. >> that's what happened on both sides. so in some ways, i guess there's been a bipartisan effect in canada thanks to donald trump.
1:46 pm
>> neil: you think it was drama? >> yeah. for the korean thing. >> neil: in what way? >> we're not going to take anybody's garbage and fight you. that said, words do matter. if you spit in the eye of the g-7, which are nominally in name, looking to blunt the growth of china, that's a real problem. right now the markets aren't recognizing that trade is an issue. they have grown comfortable with trump. they like his fiscal policies. they like his deregulatory agenda. they don't think he will press the button on trade. but if he does press the button, if there's a trade war and china doesn't kick in as what they are supposed to and we have a trade problem when we have higher interest rates that could be -- >> and markets are usually
1:47 pm
wrong? >> often wrong. >> i'm looking at the 2000, the small caps. what does that say about political risk? it says that people are going to smaller companies, not larger ones that might be impacted by trade. >> and looking for yield and growth. >> and below 3% still on a week -- >> so far they're looking the other way. >> you increase your risk profiles before the markets usually blow up. that always happens. >> neil: that doesn't mean they will blow up. somebody is a debby downer here. we'll see what hans here. meantime, obviously the summit and that's getting a lot of attention here. the other issue has to be whether this has gotten ahead of itself and this is a correction and a pull back. i'm not talking about the markets. i'm talking about the expectations after this.
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>> the north koreans will use that picture of the spyhief smiling, you know, the nature of that meeting for their domestic political propaganda. the number one thing the north koreans wants, neil, is to show they're on the par, two leaders, their leader and the president of the united states are on the same par. >> neil: does that mean that no one can smile? i don't know. tara maller is here, counter terrorism project. what do you think? >> you have to be careful but at the end of the day, the north koreans will use it for propaganda no matter what happens. they'll use the photo ops. that's fine.
1:52 pm
i'm lesser concerned about that. the body long, the photo ops. what is really going to be important at the end of the day, are there zones of agreement tht trump and the north koreans can reach through these -- i think it's three meetings. it's a one-on-one with president trump and a more expanded bilateral with secretary pompeo and generalelly and a few others. there's perhaps a lunch following. so a few opportunities here. i don't think we want to set expectations too high. there needs to be a long road map. >> neil: and we discussed this before. the fact that they're meeting, this is un pprecedenunprecedent. if you're a trump lover or hater, calm down. it's historic. some are wondering given the president's and harsh response to g-7 leader and particularly the leader of canada, i'm
1:53 pm
wondering what that was about and what it might porte for this meeting? >> the remarks were coming out of the administration. that was the lead up to north korea to show that trump is strong and he's not going to back down what we need to see going into this meeting, a well-prepared, clearly articulated strategy. this is a historical summit. praise where praise is due for lining it up and getting it happen quickly. i'm concerned about the one-on-one where there's nobody else in the room but translators. i think that leaves open a lot of room for volatility. after that happens, you're just going to have both individuals declarations of what transpired. you could see disputes after the meeting and what was said. we've seen that before with the trump administration and not in a situation that is this high
1:54 pm
caliber. >> neil: but they'll have other meetings man on man with translators. it's not as if the whole thing is that way. >> agree. it's not as if the whole thing is that way but that's supposedirst meeting that will set the tone. we heard the president say if he doesn't think things are going well, he might not go forth with it. those are his words. not mine. it could go well and set a positive tone. so as the. likes to say, we'll see what happens. i think the one-on-one, i'm sort of surprised that secretary pompeo didn't push to have one other person to protect the president as well. the north koreans will say he said things that he didn't really say. >> neil: thanks, tara. there's a couple of things you'll want to watch. we can tell you that after this. liberty mutual accident forgiveness
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>> neil: closer and closer. i was away from the big sitdown. luke vargas with the latest from singapore. luke. >> thanks for having me. >> neil: what is that like there? how are things going? >> we are hours away. the city is trying to wake up to probably one the most historic days in diplomacy for city that has hosted a lot of big meetings in the past. i have to say myself and a lot of other journalists were in the press briefing yesterday with the secretary of state mike pompeo and i think we are starting to be pretty confident. mike pompeo is going to pick up the pieces, whatever comes out of the meeting today. he is a full-time secretary of state. everyone believes he speaks for trump command his schedule reflects the confidence that there's going to be at least some thread that's going to be
1:59 pm
found after today's meeting that the u.s. can take to our allies south korea and japan. pompeo is departing for seoul, south korea, tomorrow and he heads to beijing friday. th korea diplomacy isn'tat this operating in isolation. it's part of a bigger diplomatic process that involves our allies. again, unlike rex tillerson before him, i think everyone believes mike pompeo is willing to dedicate all of his energy to continuing whatever comes out of the singapore process. once again, you want to leave these talks and trusted hands. i think pompeo is giving up all the right signals. >> neil: luke vargas, thank you. luke is right. others are confirming they expect something to come of these talks, brief though they might be. we are going to be monitoring on fox business. 9:00 p.m. when the talks begin, we will begin and will be on throughout the night, as long as it takes to get you the latest
2:00 pm
with concurrent foreign market reaction, particularly chinese market reaction. all together to put this in perspective, people will be betting money. we will be on it throughout the night. ♪ >> dana: i'm dana perino with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, jesse watters, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in ncity, and it's 5:00 a.m. in ape. this is "the five" ." fox news alert. we are under four hours away from the historic summit in singapore between president trump and kim jong un. a lot is at stake, including nuclear disarmament and potentially normalize relations between the u.s. and north korea. ahead of the one-on-one meeting, secretary of state mike pompeo is outlining what the goals will be. >> this is truly a


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