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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  June 11, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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not. fascinating to watch this delegation as he gets in place. chris will be with you throughout the coverage. thank you so much. "the story" continues and it goes on with tucker carlson in d.c. ♪ >> tucker: this is a fox news alert. after months of negotiations insulting nicknames, aggressive tweets and a brief cancellation, the moment has finally come tonight, right now president trump is about to hold a summit in singapore with the north korean leader kim jong un. what can we expect to happen once that starts? fox chief news correspondent ed henry is in singapore right now covering. this he joins us tonight. hey, ed. >> tucker good to see you. there is movement we are seeing at the hotel across town from where i am in singapore at kim jong un's hotel. he is staying at the saint regis. there are some military folks who are starting to move as if they are getting his motorcade ready president trump's motorcade. not in formation just yet, but we are less than one hour away from these two
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leaders meeting. the stakes could not be higher. it was mere months ago that, in fact, president trump was warning of fire and fury, th mightsh to respond to the that u.s. intelligence officials had ascertained that north korea was closing in on miniaturizing nuclear warheads that could be attached to missiles that could reach the continental united states. nothing bigger than that. tonight thoug here in singapore, optimism in the air that a deal might be reached. the president saying is he on a mission of peace. a much different tone than i was talking months ago. the president a short time ago tweeted minutes between staff going well and quickly. in the end that doesn't matter. we will all know soon whether or not a real deal unlike those of the past can happen. that tweeted was aimed in part that back in the united states there has been a lot of heavy criticism of this president suggesting that maybe a deal is falling apart after kim jong un's aides pulled white house staff. dictator is planning to
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leave singapore just a few hours from now after the summit kicks off. while the president had left open the possibility of staying another day, having a second day to the summit, is he now reacted by saying he plans to head back to the u.s. rather quickly as well. just a few hours from now after the meeting has happened and the president has a news conference. it starts with a 45 minute one-on-one meeting between the president and chairman kim. just the two leaders. no staff at all. just interpreters so they can communicate. then 10:00 p.m. eastern time this meeting expands to include the secretary of state mike pompeo. remember, he has already met with kim jong un face to face twice before. john kelly the chief of staff the retired marine general and newscorrespondent an bolton. more white house staff join more diplomats join so that both sides can have a working lunch. kim seemed very loose in the hours leading up to this. kim jong un taking selfies, touring various tourism spots here in singapore, including a casino, perhaps
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maybe getting an idea of what loosening of economic sanctions could mean for his economy back in north korea. looking at the economy here in singapore. but mike pompeo, secretary of state insisted today that the u.s. is not going to loosen any sanctions until kim jong un at this table, less than an hour from now, starts to agree to denucleaze. for all the nay sayers that i mentioned back home. that the president this last couple hours tweeting about, think about how far we have come. it was just last august that guam was on a high state of alert. we have u.s. military personnel and their families there. north korean officiaere threateninhat they were going to send medium or long range missiles to attack guam and perhaps start a nuclear war. tonight, tucker, we are literally less than one hour away, at least the start of peace talks, tucker. >> tucker: ed henry live for us in singapore. thanks a lot, ed. well, the summit that starts
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in less than an hour does not mean that the crisis on the korean peninsula will be resolved immediately. both the u.s. and north korea have agendas. what are they exactly? george freidman is the founder and chairman of geopitical future. harry is director of direct studies center of national interests and they both join us tonight. so, in turn, george, first you, what must the u.s. get out of this? what is the goal of the administration going? >> well, the obvious goal is getting rid of the nuclear weapons and a very robust inspection regime where inspectors, american inspectors, i suspect, can go there and see for themselves what's going on. that's the bottom line. i don't think the united states can back off it. >> tucker: harry, that has got to be very different from what the north koreans expect to get out of this, i assume. >> yeah. tucker. i mean, there's no way that the north koreans are ever going to agree to what everybody is calling cvid. the complete verifiable
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irreversible diewx denuclearization is going to happen. history tell us that north korea and good news don't mix. the north koreans up to this point, they have made very vague aspirational pledges to get rid of their nuclear weapons. they have never been willing to put a date on it they have never been willing to say that international inspectors would go in. look, i think this is a hail mary on the part of the trump administration. i would do the same thing. what i think trump needs to do is take a firm line, tucker. i think he should go into the meeting and talk to kim jongn and have a little bit of chitchat. and say look, do you want to get rid of your nuclear weapons or not. put out a joint statement and stay here a little longer and work it out. if the answer is no, i think trump should leave. i don't think it doesn't mean they can't keep talking. we shouldn't give kim jong un a propaganda victory. >> tucker: george freidman, you are the north koreans, what is the point of this? he rarely leaves his country. they made a big effort. clearly they have a goal in mind. what do you think it is. >> i think the north koreans
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would give up their nuclear weapons. but the price would be staggering. they want u.s. forces out of south korea. that's what they mean when they say we should have a peace treaty. they say they want the u.s. to withdraw its nuclear umbrella over south korea and japan. i'm not sure whatt means, but, what they are really saying is he this want the united states to back off the northwest pacific. and that's something the united states can't give. partly because the japanese
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would go blahballistic not a joke and also south koreans. -- i don't think that they want to have a nuclear war, in any way, but they want to use this as a bargaining tool to reshape the strategic reality in the region and the u.s. just can't give that. >> so i just want to interrupt and say we have confirmed that the president is in the motorcade headed to the summit. he is tweeting apparently recentweet speaks to voting rights which he has lauded. what do you think the lightly outcome is. >> i think the likely outcome is both sides are going to keep talking. even if trump did walk out of the room? that doesn't mean mike pompeo still can't go back to pyongyang. doesn't mean of arties. they are not going to do that. but i think we nee really start thinking about
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tucker, is what does it look like the day after? because if the north koreans aren't going to give up their nuclear weapons we need to start thinking strategically what that means. that doesn't mean war ora jet stream change. i think we all know everybody rationally who has looked at that knows that's possible. what is maximum pressure 2.0 look like? how can we contain the north koreans? that's really what we need to start talking about if this does not work? >> >> tucker: i should know you said no one rational north korea lindsey graham maybe not surprisinglys pushing that tonight. george, what's the chinese role in this? presumably the north koreans wouldn't have this without perms of. agreement of the chinese government. the chinese have been using the north koreans for a very long time diplomatic race. whenever the u.s. has placed extensive pressure on trade issues or other issues and north koreans have done something unseemly to put it at least, the u.s. has reached out to china to do something about north korea. and that's how this crisis started. but, look, the chinese would love nothing better than to seat united states bogged
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down in some military action in the korean peninsula. or they would love the united states to capitulate and leave the north koreans be. at either case they could pointed out how weak the united states is or how brutal the united states is buy think one of the things we have learned in this is don't count on the chinese to be the ones to solve the problem. and i don't think it's because they lack influence in north korea. obviously they haven't. they don't want to use it they were quite happy to seat u.s. pan bogged down in. this if i were the chinese i would too. don't count on the chinese. they are not going to solve the problem. >> tucker: no. of course. does the rest of the world want korean reunification? >> i think that's an interesting question. i know the chinese don't want that because they don't want in 20 or 30 years a powerful tore rhea that has factories that could be fueled by cheap north korea plash measured with a south
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korea builds samsung galaxy phones that has technological prowess. i don't think a lot in east asia want that i think eventually that will happen. how it happens is one of the most interesting questions in foreign policy today. i mean, look, if north korea collapses, we're talking about a situation where, you know, we might have, tucker, 60 nuclear weapons that are loose. we can have 5,000 tons of he chemical weapons that we don't know where they are. you know, a stage sort of unification would be a great thing. even that would be incredibly challenging i read reports where it could cost as much a0 trillion-dollar to integrate south korea and north korea and take, you know, 20 or 30 years. i think it's possible but it makes this challenge look easy compared to, you know, reunification would just be very, very difficult. >> tucker: george freidman, should the united states want reunification? >> i don't think it benefits the united states our ally
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japan would be horrified. it seems north korea as potential adversary. occupied it before world war ii. they don't want it. the chinese may or may not want it to the extent they can control it and i agree that they are likely to oppose it but, look, this is a regime to survive when nobody thought it would. when the soviet union fell, followed by years of starvation, dysfunction, everybody was waiting for the north koreans to go down. they didn't. this is a robust regime, not a nice regime but robust regime in the sense it is well policed by the leadership and polices the country very well. and this regime, one of the most important things they want is to survive as a regime. one of the reasons, among several, they built their nuclear weapons is to guarantee that no outside force is going it come in and destabilize our undermine the regime. they haven't survived the
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past 20 years to be taken down. so, i think the real -- the real animosity toward a unification is actually north korea. south korea has said doesn't want to pay the bill for north korean unification. and north korea knows that if they unify the regime goes down. and these guys are very happy you with their lives running north korea. >> tucker: they have a strong self-preservation instinct. this is our president's motorcade, president trump is apparently early to the summit. kim has not left his hotel yet. gentlemen, if you will stick around throughout the evening, i appreciate it we're going to go down to mark steyn who has been watching this unfold. mark, are you there? >> yes, i am, tucker. >>ucker: what do you make of this? this is not -- if you had to make a list of predictions two years ago, this would not be on it, i assume. >> no.
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but president trump does things differently. this is an upside down summit in a way. it's going to start with him and kim just in the room together with no one but translator. that's really the opposite of the way almost any international gathering takes place. you know, the term sherpas, map out the summit going to be. when 88% has been set in stone, then the leaders come in and basically put their -- on this. this is completely the opposite. donald trump is going to walk into that room and he's going to make his own calculation as to whether kim jong un is there in good faith. and it's basically going to be the president who calls it and decides whether or not this process is sincere and it's for real. and that's very different from the way almost any
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other international summitry takes place in the modern world. >> what do you make -- by the way we are watching now the president's motorcade in singapore going to the summit site. what do you make of the way this come about? i don't think there was anyone who predicted this. and it came out of the president's kind of signature bellicosity which supposedly gets you nothing but in this case did get us something? >> yeah. and i think that's one of the most effective things. you know, the weakness the western world, generally, is that when we enter into talks or talks about talks, these third world dictators always understand that our priority is to be in a room, sitting down, talking, and getting an agreement. we will do almost anything to get into a room and start chitchatting and having tea and coffee and cookies with
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the third world's dictator. the iranians understood that, for example, in their negotiations for years with europe and then with the obama administration. this is the complete opposite. trump's signature style was basically to go me metaphor rickly nuclear on the regime. when it was clear he wasn't like obama and other western leaders to or th carrot of negotiation. just when kim was getting cockyd he decided to start trashing mike pence and john bolton and all the rest of it at that point trump yanked the rug out from underneath of them. this is a very different style. the house trained western leader is behaving as unpredictably as the third
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world basket case guy. that's a completely different style of negotiation. >> tucker: whose motorcade we are just watching pass by we saw it san script for peace. this is a man who doesn't leave his country very often. since returning diploma switzerland he has left only a couple times. once to china by armored train. kind of remarkable that he has left north korea to come to singapore for this. what do you suppose he hopes to get out of it? >> well, you know, i thought it was very interesting when he was touring that casino last night. he is actually getting a glimpse of what almost every -- i mean singapore is spectacularly successful. has one of the highest g.d.p. per capita in the world. if you are an old school imperialist like me, you think that's all down to raffles and if you are more recent vintage, you would think it was lee quanu.
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whoever you give credit to, singapore is a hugely successful society. and so when a dictator of a basket case of a country with barely detectable g.d.p. that makes nothing that anybody needs except cheap knock-off viagra which i hope performs rather better than their nuclear weapons do. but that guy is getting a glimpse of how modern societies work. and the invitation to him really is to say well, overlook the fact that you killed all these people, have you starved all these people and the carrot for you is that your society could be like every other society in that corner of the world it could be hugely successful and you would live better. even dictators live badfully
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dysfunctional societies. the electrical supply in the presidential palace in pyongyang isn't more reliable than the electrical supply anywhere else. >> tucker: what do you think he thinks when he lands in a chinese 747 singapore do you think it shakes his faith. >> this is the interesting question. i don't think this guy is a mad man and i don't think heher hereditary dick share theship survive over three generations without a sense of self-preservation. the self-preservation is more important than any ideological commitment. basically marxism as karl marx developed it in the 19th century was supposed to improve the lives of the prolpro-prola tear i can' f
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you have a frequent society in which people are allowed to live l fulfill their potential he is not a marxist in the sense of an economic 240eeconomic dictator. that's all it is. when he is looking at singapore, the question is whether he can make the leap of imagination. he doesn't have to look that far. he can look at south korea. but he is actually walking around in what a functioning society looks like. that's what he was doing last night. and that for him is a first. it's different from switzerland because it's closer to home and they did it in even less time. i think singapore has a lot to do with stanford raffles and all of that if you happen to think it's all to do with lee kwan lu. lee did that in less time. he has done it in what is it
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now 55 years. so he has actually built that society built modern singapore in less time than the kim has driven north korea. they have been running that it is, 10 years on they have actually driven that joint into the ground. this is what can you do if you are actually building a society. >> tucker: first thing lee kwan dlu was oea to eliminate corruption. which might be a stumbling block for the kim regime. mark, stay with us. we are going to be in rolling coverage for the next hour, if you would. we will go down to nigel farage who is standing by i think in london. nigel, are you there? >> yes, i am. >> tucker: what does the rest of the world make of this? this has never happened before. is doing it a lot of european leaders detest trump. how do they square that. >> they are confused. they are still talking about g-7, of course. they are all condemning trump for his behavior.
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although failings noticed that the italians, this new regime in rome got a bit closer to america over the weekend so, it's mostly criticism and the bbc this morning was running with a line that trump goes into this summit ill prepared almost met with incon juliet that the meeting between trump and kim will be -- you got media expecting this summit to run other global summits have done. trump does things differently. in fact, if it wasn't for the very basis that trump does everything in his own style in meeting wouldn't be happening and they don't understand it. >> tucker: that kind of is the point. it's not really possible for european leaders to say well, we have conducted our summits with the kim family more effectively because they haven't had any. >> no.
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>> tucker: do they pause and ask themselves how did trump pull this off and we couldn't? >> they just don't get trump, do they? what has happened all global leaders basically the same a desire to govern much of our lives at a high irlevel than the nation state. that's what they're all subscribe. to say they don't like trump. they don't comprehend trump. but, of course, nobody is wishing him ill noble today. not in europe. i have heard some in america say he is not fit and intelligent enough. surely everybody at this moment, everybody, regardless of their view of trump, should be wishing him and kim jong un the very best of luck. in the end of this, if this goes well, if trust is built. if there is a ar rapport of some kind. it's not whether trump wins or kim wins. it's about whether the world wins.
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>> tucker: i'm not reading european media every day you, of course, are marionating in it. in the coverage of the g-7 and, of course, the between president trump andngela merkel wildly covered. did anyone note that angela merkel destroyed europe and should be held accountable for that as well or was it all trump is terrible? >> no, it all trump is terrible. nobody dares criticize angela. but you may have noticed in the last 48 hours. the new italian government have turned back boats coming across from libya. people being trafficked. you know, across the mediterranean. it's been going on for years. thousands of people have drowned. places like italy are flooded with half a million illegal immigrants that are there you know, the days of merkel are numbered. that's what g-7 said to me. >> tucker: why, it's inresting you said nobody dares criticize merkel. it's hard to think of a more destructive leader in modern
5:24 pm
european history. why wouldple not feel they could criticize her? >> because the european project has been all about solidarity, which means we all agree on everything. we are all nice to each other. but i have to say am actually very grateful to angela merkel. i think her decision to open up the borders in the way that she did, without being able to security check a single person was a major contributing factor to brexit. i should be grateful to her for the rest of my life. [laughter] >> tucker: that's a good point. has anybody outside of the party you helped start or outside of great britain note that? hat sort of commonly understood? that she has unleashed forces that our grandchildren will be dealing with? >> very much. so victor alband who recently won the elections in hungary with a massive
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majority. victor says we will make our own decisions in hungary about who comes to live here. we will not pay the prize for mrs. merkel's mistakes and that was a major factor in hungary and if you listen to what the leader of the league in italy and they're the party very much in the ascendancy there at the moment, again he says we're not going to live in a europe where the germans make the big decisions that affect our lives. so, actually, you can see this show of solidarity with macron, with mrs. may, the increasingly weak british prime minister. you can see these big displays. but the reality is that politics in europe is changing and that mrs. merkel has done more to wake people up to risks of uncontrolled immigration than anybody in history. >> tucker: that's a very good point. we are at the end of something and at the beginning of something new. nigel farage thank you. great to see you as always. >> thank you. >> tucker: before traveling to singapore for the north korean summit the president made a stop in canada for a
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meeting at the g-7. while there he struck an add investor sacial position temperature on trade matters much to the annoyance of angela merkel and canadian prime minister trudeau. the press, of course, would never dare root for america or american in international dispute. of course not. so they quickly condemned the president's behavior. they warned he may have hurt the feelings of the other leaders who are apparently very fragile. watch. >> donald trump has insulted justin trudeau of canada called him weak. attacking our allies sort of ridiculing them. >> extraordinary photo and it doesn't make president trump look very good. that may be one reason why is he lashing out at gerny now. >> insulting germany and justin trudeau calling everybody by first names which is undiplomatic. >> i don't know if he is threatened by justin trudeau being younger. i have no idea. >> is it you? is it the fact that pretty good looking guy?
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>> tucker: richard good stein advised both bill and hillary clinton's presidential campaigns. richard, i should tell our viewers that the motorcade we just saw passing was that of kim jong un. there it is right there. so thanks a lot for coming on tonight. >> sure. >> tucker: so the president tweeted out that canada erects massive tariffs against american dairy, among other things, 270% on milk. turns out it's almost 300 percent on butter. that's true. so why would it be somehow wrong for an american president to stand up for an american industry in an international meeting? >> you know, i have been listening to your coverage all night, of course, you know, this all makes sense new believe that up is down and down is up. that no preparation for a meeting like this one is good and knowing what drives a leader or a country is somehow fool's errand a waste of time that lesser people do.
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look, it only makes sense, tucker, to criticize our allies and elevate dictators like putin or even now to call kim jong un an honorable man. i mean, this is crazy. right? and to walk away with two hours after he said i'm committed to something to say i don't want to do it. that's not how the united states can conduct ourselves and have anybody, friend or faux alike believe what we say. >> tucker: so here's what, look, here's what i think the president does understand and i agree with you, he is not a detail man. but he understands that leaders act in their own interests. they don't act out of hurt feelings they act out of what they think is good for them and the countries they lead. so if we can just go back very quickly to the g-7 and then do i want to address what you said about north korea. why did continue fewer united states american liberals when the president stood up for american
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interest? the answer is they don't like america but i want to hear your version of that answer. >> yes, of course, that's silly. >> tucker: it's not silly it's common strawble in everything they say. >> if you gave a truth serum to every republican in the senate and house, a huge percentage of them would say they are embarrassed to have a president of the united states call our allies. >> i'm sure they are, but that means nothing to me. because i don't care what politician thinks. i'm interested in the principle and that is why is it wrong every leader to stand up for america interest. there are despite nafta tariffs against certain. >> he should stand. up, you are being mean to justin trudeau. is he so hunky, stop that's
5:30 pm
all he said. so somehow that banel the thing that trump was going to walk away from the very deal he agreed to hours fore. again, if the united states president can't be trusted to stand by his word what then. >> tucker: hold on, slow down. we have had a succession of presidents for my entire lifetime. all of whom, almost all of whom are well respected and sort of chin tugger stuff they were great and thoughtful. they allowed this country to get shafted. they allowed china into the wto and lost millions of american jobs. millions. we have never recovered from that we have not recovered. yet, the people who did that, george w. bush and bill clinton aresidered heroes and states men i'm confused by the standards in which you are judging leaders. shouldn't we judge leaders by how they do their people? >> of course, look.
5:31 pm
most of the jobs we lost to automation. same reason we lost coal industry jobs. tuck particular that's not true. >> tucker: wto destroyed american manufacturing. >> i think china has not lived up to its commitment to the wto there will be no dispute for me or frankly most other people about. >> no one says anything about it or morning joe is totally cool with that as long as you threat happen. you are one of us. the second anybody says something about it you are totally irresponsible. why shouldn't the american leader stand up for america. really simple question. >> the problem is they should, but china is the problem as regards say aluminum and steel, not canada. that's the problem and not japan and not france. and yet the president seems perfectly hunky doory to look the other way when it comes to zte and chinese behemoth insinuating themselves into u.s. technology or somehow or another it's canada, canada that becomes the enemy as
5:32 pm
regards trade. >> tucker: i don't think canada is the enemy. different from ours we should push back. let me ask you though, of course the press being stupid reduces everything to the personal. this exact moment. the president of south africa open and avowt racist who has pledged to take people's land away based on skin color. i think you would agree that meets the definition of racism. talking with trudeau and issued long statement great he is fantastic. wonderful to have you here. do you find it a little striking that the president south africa is accorded more respect than our own ♪ just by trudeau but american liberals? do you think that's weird. >> that is weird. what's weirder is having a united states president stand up for russia after they invade crimia, after they engage in war crimes.
5:33 pm
after they mettle in the u.s. elections that they want to elevate russians as small as spain to the g-7 as was said in some of these tweets over the weekend. angela merkel looking at trump and seeming to say what does putin have on you? we can help you. just let us know. that's the only explanation. >> tucker: what do they have on you? -- why is russia, and this is a sincere question, at the center of the liberal mind? if you consider all the countries around the world that that are murdering minority groups in their borders, invading other countries, pose ago nuclear threat to our country. exporting terror. russia is not even close to the top of the list of threats to the united states. and, yet, in the view of liberals, it's all about russia. i mean, i honestly think it's a psychiatric disorder but maybe there is another explanation. unless can you include donald trump as the liberal mind, he is the one talking about bringing russia back into the g-7.
5:34 pm
but why wouldn't you? >> because russia violated human rights abroad? is that what you are saying? >> he is meeting with the president of north korea, spooking of human rights violations. you main gulags where hundreds of thousands of families languish and die. we are meeting with him anyway. why would you want to meet with your opponents? with your adversaries? always used to argue that bringing russia into the g-7 is like immoral for some reason? i'm totally confused. >> used to be the g-8 russia was in it? >> i'm aware until recently. >> until it basically took over territory of another country. again, i know you don't care about republican senator congress. >> tucker: happen every day. >> the fact is he would don't honor that we basically. >> >> tucker: really? because china invaded tibet. concentration camps allowed them to destroy our economy. half the population of washington, d.c. takes money
5:35 pm
from them. every think tank, every lobbying organization take money from the communist government of china is which sin sliding its neighbors. oppressing minorities and spying on us. why do you think that is? why doesn't anybody say anything? it's kind of weird, isn't it? >> i think china should be called out for every transgression it engages. >> in taking chinese money, should they be indicted? given what they're doing? >> you asked what was weird and what was in the liberal mind all i'm saying for donald trump to stand up time after time after time for russia seems bizarre unexplainable. >> tucker: who cares? honestly who cares? by the way you are single-handedly making me pro-russia. i was ambivalent on the subject. they must be pretty gameday grate in the left hates them this much. i try not to go down that path. >> tucker: it's a holdover low iq in d.c. i'm aware of that so disconnected from the reality of the modern world where russia, again is, not even in the top tier
5:36 pm
of threats to the united states. it's almost as if ls are intentionally moving attention away from the real threats to an irrelevant place like russia. >> here is the real threat. undermining the sanctity of our democracy is a very real threat. and the republican. >> tucker: special the russians mettled to help trump that is a blow to our democracy. >> do you think underpalestine legitimacy most politicians who have argued against voter i.d. laws. which make it impossibl to detect voter fraud, which is widespread. and they systematically abet voter fraud. do you think russia, vladimir putin, or the aclu has further. >> order between russia, comey, voter suppression. i think those things are pretty high on the list of what tilted the election in
5:37 pm
trump's way i since you are asking me. that's what i think happened. i think, actually, as i said to you before, there wouldn't be billions of dollars on ads on fox news if somebody out there didn't think that would influence people's opinionthat's exahat te russians did reaching through facebook 126 mull. only 135 -- >> tucker: i think you are on to something here. people never would have voted for trump unless vladimir putin told them to. i don't think it's complicated. >> tucker: we are going to take a quick break. looking at the ticker there about 23 minutes the summit is from now. be back in just a minute and take you all the way to historic meeting to president donald trump and kim jong un of north korea. never happened before. and we're going to cover it live for you on fox.
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>> tucker: welcome back. we have a fox news alert for you. the president has tweeted from singapore that larry kudlow, who is 70. director of the national economic council according to the president has had a heart attack and is walter reed medical center receiving treatment at this hour. that's all we know. when we find out more, of course, we will tell you right away. bret baier anchor of "special report" our friend on the scene live in singapore for us. hey, bret. what's going on there? >> >> that was a real surprise to have the president issue a tweet or send out a tweet with breaking news about larry kudlow and obviously our prayers are for him he is at walter reed we're told by the president don't have any more information. what's happening here is we are moments away from the greeting between president trump and kim jong un at this coppola resort on this island that's kind of separated from downtown
5:43 pm
singapore. both motor cadz have arrived and we are just waiting for any moment the host tv to put out this shot. and there you see it president trump, we're told, will come from the right side and kim jong un from the left. and there will be a handshake which will be probably the most photographed in the world as you are looking at a picture of larry kudlow still to get some information as we are trying to get information about his status. >> tucker: the fact that the president of the united states is meeting can kim jong un the hereditary dictator of north korea is really something that nobody would have predicted even three months ago. what are the trump people saying to you about this? are they shocked by it exsilexexsilver rated by it. >> they have expectations but not high expectations for this meeting. sounds more and more as days go on that there may be more meetings, judging by their early meeting with north
5:44 pm
koreans setting this up. i don't thinknybody inside or outside the kim jong un is suddenlyhat going to drop everything to t american investment inside north korea but it could begin a process where they have seen indications that he is willing to at least talk about it. he really wants the photograph, tucker. this is kim jong un, president trump wants concrete results and the question is whether giving the photograph is going to lead you to the results that you want? it is historic, no matter what happens. we are looking at -- i don't know if you can see them pictures apparently where the room going to take place dprk flag next to american flags i don't think something anyone has ever seen before. the president and kim are meeting alone apparently with translators. what happens then.
5:45 pm
separated from downtown singapore. very high security all around here. and the two leaders will come in. they will shake hands and then they will go into a room with just their translators. we are told that's going to last 45 minutes. but there is really no stop watch. they will talk until they finish talking and then be opened up to other people inside the room, inside the administration on the u.s. side and the north korean side. in that room will be secretary of state pompeing john bolton. few others. and then that will continue workunch later on joint press conference, we're told that the president is going to have a press conference or answer questions from the media. have statement at 4:00 p.m. this time, 4:00 a.m. u.s.
5:46 pm
east coast time. and then is expected to depart moving and we need to stay the whole departure is going to be changed. right now scheduled to talk to the pre talk to ashante. in an interview and then leave on r force one. >> quite a moment. we are watching history and you are there. congrats. bret baier, thank you. >> tha tucker. >> tucker: bring in dr. pills burry. expert on china. dr. pillsbury, thanks for coming on. what is china's role in bringing about this summit and why? >> well, china has played a role because of pressure from president trump. i think president trump started this whole operation very carefully scripted. maximum pressure through united nations he needed the chinese to approve those resolutions they did. the chinese really changed their approach.
5:47 pm
they used to be more passive about north korea or mildly embarrassed let'say. what's begun to happen more recently is to please trump because of his implied pressure on them in various ways. they then pressured according to trump's plan and his request. the chinese pressured north korea not just the sanctions but when president trump and his team began to talk about the use of force in very limited military strikes on the nuclear facilities and for the north of north korea. china did not really take a stand against that. they gave the impression to the north koreans north korea stand by and military strike be performed third thing the chinese have done to make this happen. obviously they provided the airplane. but they have been trying for more than a decade to soften up the hard lines, stalinist policies toward the economy, north korea. they have tried.
5:48 pm
communists this is how we china did. almost sur pausing america and economy. you could do you. chinese model in great detail and that's had an impact. one of the three factors all together. the maximum pressure sanctions. crippled the economy. threats of military jurors. chinese say look you could be rich like us. those three together have brought chairman to singapore owe him quite a bit. they could have done something very different and protected north korea and said don't talk to this man. may have been a real problem for us. they weren't. >> tucker: i can't get over the fact there is such a thing as a north korean economist. category like that. >> even stalin had economists. >> tucker: i know he did. a lot of them. so, china has, of course,
5:49 pm
liberalized its economy while retaining an authoritarian management style. >> >> absolutely. why wouldn't see that in model. >> that's what the chinese hope they will do. and that's frankly the reason this summit, i think is, such a dlif hanger around the world. is we haven't really heard from young chairman kim yet if he wants to accept what the deal that's been offered to him yet. secret channels, he wants to accept the offer. we will make you rich. we will really help investment trade and everything in north korea. we'll find out within a hours, i think, if he doesn't want to accept the offer, then he probably doesn't want doesn't want to give up nuclear weapons and looking at a polite walkout taking place in the next few hours. we don't really know for
5:50 pm
sure. what chairman kim was going to say. >> yeah, i mean, i think there is only country that's ever given up nuclear weapon, south africaca. hard to imagine any country ever doing that so short -- i mean, if the north koreans were to say no, we're not giving up our nuclear weapons is, there any willing room for a deal or is it just over? it's black and white? >> i think it's return to phase 2. maximum pressure. he talked about 300 types of sanctions and different products. has he also talked about returning to aggressive military exercises and possibility even of a military strike. i think you know and one of president trump's books 18 years ago uncandidly predicted if i were a president negotiating with north korea and they wouldn't agree, he says in this book in the year 2,000, he says i would walk out and then have a military strike on a single target and then resume the talks.
5:51 pm
so this notion of the use of threat of force or even the real use of force he has already previewed that in the past. some critics say is he a real estate guy from new york. what does he know about nuclear weapons. he actually wrote about this and more than one book. so i think his team has thought it through. south africa model we called it. they dismantled the nuclear weapons himself. they surprised the world by saying dismantled them already. we have taken highly enriched uranium and districted for reactors. now come and take a look. that's one model. chairman kim can think about. rather than have werners and americans 40 or 50 or 60 nuclear weapons and with an unfamiliar screwdriver if you will try to take them apart. on their own inspection
5:52 pm
later or with werners. dismantle this whole system. he has a lot of things. he has plutonium factories. has he underground which we don't know where they are. underground uranium enrichment facilities. it's a huge, huge program that nobody even knows the exact cost. may be a bill that the u.s. congress and u.n. will have to pay to assist this whole process. but you see how optimistic i am. i think the walkout is a possibility. hink more likely is a process will begin in which we will all learn morebout what happened in libya. 2002 when they cooperatively said okay, we have centrifuges, they are underground, can you put them in boxes and put them on ships and take them to oak ridge, tennessee. that happened. strategic missiles. more than 100 that the soviets had deployed in ukraine. ukraine says give them up.
5:53 pm
they tried to put a price on evan riched uranium. bargaining chip. ultimately it succeeded but that involved the secretary of state, father bush doing a lot of things. so these three models, i think president trump's team has studied. the south africa can model, the libyan model and more importantly. >> tucker: i want to stop you there. i'm sorry to interrupt. i just want to tell -- i don't know if you can see the screen. our audience is apparently looking at kim jong un exited the moto motorcade here. >> what's in that previous case. >> yes, he does. astop issue inning moment. no one would have expected this. hard to believe we are watch this, in fact.
5:54 pm
>> wow, that's amazing u michael pills burry. the chinese, of course, are the main pray ton i suppose would be the word of north korea. but to what extent are they choreographing this or sponsor. these talks? >> tucker, they have told me panic they have. they want the talks to succeed. they don't want north korea to joint american camp. they have a paranoid view. north korea to completely encircle them. shows you the paranoid thinking that china still has there is something to this. if north korea does become a partner of ours over the next few years it does provide us better access to a part of china we otherwise wouldn't know much about. >> tucker: that's right. i think recent history has shown you really can't be too paranoid.
5:55 pm
paranoid people are usually right it turns out. michael pills burry, thank you for your very smart analysis. appreciate it? >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: the summit we're watching unfold is about start in fewer than 10 minutes is really an astonishing development anyone who remembers the state of u.s.-north korea relations. in 2017 president trump spoke with north korea, it was typically to ridicule. total annihilation stepped out of bounds. watch this. >> they will be met with fire, fury, and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself. and for his regime. >> do not under estimate us. and do not try us. >> tucker: well, that was just a few months ago remarkably. how do we get from that to what we are watching right
5:56 pm
now on our screen. byron york has covered all of them. political correspondent at the washington examiner and he joins us tonight. byron, reverse engineering the long road from there to where we are right now. how much of this was intentional? how much of this unfolded as a plan or a strategy on the part of the administration? >> well, there was a strategy to do something new. i mean, this is so extraordinary because it is a president trying something new. donald trump is criticized for virtually everything he does. but he has been perhaps criticized a little less for this. because north korea is a problem that no president has been able to figure out ever before anyway. what was kind of striking. if you go back to the 2016 campaign for all the time that north korea north korea has taken in trump presidency it, wasn't really a huge thing in the campaign. wasn't a big thing in the g.o.p. primary debate nor in the general election debate. and i think that what trump
5:57 pm
is doing here is something so new because. he would criticize and pledge to do undo what a previousdent has done not engage. enforce that idea? why will find out. this is a president willing to do something different than his predecessors. >> very quickly, since you are part of the press but you also watch carefully. what do you think of the news coverage of this? >> well, i think that as i said before, i think it's been a little less negative than a lot of other trump things because there is a possibility this could work. and so while there is a lot of sort of a natural tendency to poo poo what trump does, this actually might work. i think a little bit of it has groton caught up in the coverage of the g-7 coverage
5:58 pm
and which he had a lot of his commentators suggesting that trump is trying to destroy the western alliance and then thus goes weakened in to singapore. but generally i think in the lead up to this, while there was a lot of criticism of. so things you just played donald trump saying this rocket man and the fire and fury stuff, a lot of criticism of what he did there. when this actually came to the idea of an actual summit. i think people are waiting to see what happens. >> tucker: it's impressive. byron york, thank you. great to see you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: ed henry in singapore and he joins us on the final preparations now just moments away, ed? ed: tucker, good to see you, in fact, both leaders have arrived at the coppola hotel sentosa island. sentosa means tranquility. thinking kim jong un and the kim jong un.
5:59 pm
going to this island of tranquility going to have the first between u.s. president and leader of north korea. played that sound little rocket man. seen pictures of donald trump officially arriving in that site. in just mere moments we believe we are going to see a hand shake between these two leaders in a courtyard there. this resort bills itself as the state of fun they have golf courses. they have got amusement park. family resort now conducting very serious business. see the president's motorcade there. see the american flag. the president of the united states about to get out. always noted a moment ago, kim jong un had arrived first. their hotel is just a short way from island resort. to think just two weeks ago, this was called off. >> tucker: there he is. >> the president writing that tough letter and there he is. and this is now on it is officially on. the president has arrived, tucker.
6:00 pm
>> that is unbelievable. ed henry, thank you. >> stunning. >> thanks for joining us tonight. we'll be back tomorrow. >> 9:00 p.m. in our nation's capital. 9:00 p.m. in new york city and 9:00 a.m. here in singapore where we are live and only as you can see on the screen moments away from president trump's historic one-on-one summit with the north korean dictator kim jong un. north korean dictator at the summit site here in singapore. this is an important moment in the united states. now after the summit by the way we will tell you all about the president's historic meeting. we will play you the full interview. we will be interviewing president trump on this program tomorrow night. we have our opening monologue in just a few minutes. from singapore telling us what to expect from this meeting. we have fox news chief white house correspondent our friend


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