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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  June 11, 2018 8:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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behind even when the president's wheels up coming back to the united states. no one else could have pulled this off. so far, cautiously so good. we pass the baton to shannon bream and the fantastic "fox news @ night" team for continuing coverage of the singapore summit. >> shannon: we're going to have some red bulls. we'll make it it two hours. thank you. fox news alert. historic summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong un is underway in singapore. the eyes of the world are watching, as we are awaiting a working lunch between the leaders and their teams. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. we've got special extended coverage for you of the first-ever historic summit between a u.s. president and a north korean leader. here's what's happened so far. president trump and kim jong un met a short while ago together alone with only their translators. shortly after, they were each joined by their closest advisors to continue the conversation.
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on the american side, secretary of state mike pompeo, chief of staff general john kelly, national security advisor john bolton. we are told they north korean leader will be joined by general kim yong chol. he recently visited the white house and brought the letter as a prelude to this moment. north korean foreign minister and former north korean foreign minister part of the delegation. the world leaders had this to say at the start of the expanded bilateral meeting. >> i know we will have success together. we will solve the problem and dilemma.
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>> shannon: they both talked about the challenges ahead but act as if they are willing to try to meet in the middle, at least have a conversation. that is historic.
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awaiting images and possibly comments aboutking lunch. multiple meetings, president trump will hold a press conference before flying back to washington. bret baier is on the scene. your impressions. >> shannon, it's historic definitely. these images are quite something. to give you perspective. 30,000 feet of let's say six months ago where the conventional wisdom was that the u.s. was headed toward war with north korea. now these images piped around the world with president trump and kim jong un shaking hands. smiling at each other, saying this is going to be a very good relationship, we should point out that it's not known that kim jong un has really given up anything in these talks as of yet. we don't have the specifics. we don't have the details. his translator, while they were walking through the colonnade,
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apparently said that many will look at this summit as if it were science-fiction. because on all sides, and a lot of people didn't think this was going to happen. what will be interesting, shannon, is the details. the devil is always in the details. denuclearization is going to be a lot to get across the finish line, and it may take many meanings. this being the first. will see. >> shannon: interesting because everybody is talking about the fact that, how do you define it? defining denuclearization, what it means on both sides, critical to having an enforceable, long-term agreement. that may be problematic in itself. >> that's right. that definition is key. it's always about what each side takes away from it. what it means to each side. for secretary pompeo, he he laid it out overnight saying president trump believes that
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completely giving up weapons, getting off the track and getting onto a track of economic prosperity with the help of the u.s. in a security agreement guarantee from the u.s. is what they are going for. but you need verification. he kept on saying it's the most important. we have heard that before. trust but verify. i think that's what you're going to hear from this president perhaps later on in the press conference. >> shannon: their meeting after their private time together. we know secretary pompeo will now leave from whatever concludes in singapore and will visit the other key players who are very much part of the conversation, south korea, japan and china. eventually it sounds like it will be a debrief about was and wasn't decided in singapore. but there is a lot to coordinate. this isn't just the u.s. d north korea. there folks in the region who it means a day-to-day difference in their lives based on what ultimately happens. >> sure. i mean, e.g. individual nation
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-- each individual nation has their own china obviously doesn't want to see north korea collapse and see refugees go across the border in any way, shape, or form. war in this region would likely mean that. ey also our neighbors. japan has issues with hostages and remains in north korea. they have obviously the nuclear threat they face. they have missiles go over there island of japan. south korea is dealing with the questions of whether to be reunified what that means, what it looks like. secretary pompeo was going to make the rounds in a shuttle diplomacy effort in the region to try to calm the nerves and perhaps set up other meetings that include multiple partners at the table. >> shannon: bret baier, we don't know when you are sleeping but thank you for staying up late. early there. see you for "special report."
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joining me now for more analysis, adam kinzinger from illinois sits on the house foreign affairs committee. great to have you with us. i want to play a ltle bit of something from harry about whether they are going to be willing to give up their nuclear program. >> nuclear weapons are essentially part of north korea's dna. asking them to get rid of their nuclear weapons is the equivalent of having to ask him cut off their arm. it's built into their constitution. >> shannon: it is their deterrent and protection for the regime. how convinced are you that they will be willing to talk about giving them up? >> i don't want to say i'm overly convinced. i think we have to be very sobe sober. this is absolutely historic and we've been talking six months ago, i never would've expected to see this. this is a very important moment
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and we have to remember how we got here. the president put on some pretty intense sanctions against north korea, isolating the regime, brought our allies and adversaries as part of it. showed a credible military option and was ready to use it to prevent a nuclear north korea. at that point, kim jong un was like no, i'm going to get nuclear weapons. it's part of our constitution and duty of self protection. but it's in that moment that he saw the pressure come in and a real military option and the president willing to use it that compelled them to the table. what is denuclearization when you look like? i have to tell you kim jong un knows that the president has put a redline down which basically says, and pompeo has, that says it needs to be in her credulity -- in perpetuity. >> shannon: critics saying
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that he's not working with allies and being too friendly and kind to someone like kim jong un. here's a statement, top democrats saying "we are deeply concerned by the administrations sidelining of diplomacy and -- the president alienated our closest friends at a time when the united states should be affirming the western alliances is a cornerstone of global security." what do you make about? >> i didn't like all of the tone of the g7. people who said something about so-and-so who is going to rot in hell or has a special place in hell, i don't like that tone. saying that you want a better deal for the american people. they are saying they would've done differently but i think this serious moment of saying this is what i'm coming in for and then going to singapore with
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that, you know kim jong un is watching and he was watching them and saying this is a president is not going to flex on what he wants. our alliance with canada and europe, that will last. it's lasted for hundreds of years and it will last hundreds more years. to be able to take that intense moment and say i am serious about what i'm doing to the summits. they can handshake and smile but of kim jong un thought he could say how about denuclearization in 20 years or how about an eight year deal like with iran, i think any notion he could do that is thrown out the window. >> shannon: the president has said he would walk away if it becamehe conrsat we will soon know what happened, at least the u.s. version. congressman, thank you. first meeting between president trump and north green leader kim jong un is underway. we are waiting a working lunch with the two leaders and their teams. in the meantime, kristin fisher joining us with a closer look at that 2 liters comments the
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cameras tonight. we have heard from them both. >> president trump has said he will know within minutes if he will be able to strike a deal with kim jong un. today within minutes of meeting him from the president trump seemed optimistic about the prospects. >> i feel really great. we are going to have a great, tremendous success. will be tremendously successful. it's my honor. we'll have a terrific relationship, i have no doubt. >> first time a sitting u.s. president has ever met a leader of north korea. kim jong un alluded to the decades of hostility between the two countries by saying through an interpreter it was not easy to g here >> old practices and prejudices an obstacles. >> immediately after the first
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photo opy met one-on-one. only other two people, the interpreters. that's unheard of. after 45 minutes, they brought in the rest of the team. secretary of state mike pompeo, chief of staff john kelly and national security advisor john bolton who is known for taking a particularly aggressive stance with north korea. but back to the one-on-one, soon as it was over, president trump said he had a very good meeting with kim jong un. >> we will solve it. we will be successful. it will be done. >> kind of hard to hear over the cameras but he said will be successful and i will look forward to working on it with you. it will be done. he didn't specify exactly what problem he was referring to. obviously one would assume he meant the problem of north korea's nuclear weapons. denuclearization has a course been a deal breaker in previous
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negotiations but at least this time kim jong un says he is watch this.listen. it is still so remarkable to hear kim jong un speak. a few weeks ago, most people have never even heard his voice. as for president trump, we can expect to hear from him again in a few hours when he holds a press conference at 4:00 a.m. eastern time, shannon. i know you are going to stay up for it. >> shannon: may be. this is history we are watching so probably. kristen, thank you very much. and you're wondering tonight if ending the korean war will be addressed. technically concluded with a truce and never replaced by a formal peace treaty. let's talk about that. retired four-star general
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jack keane. good to have you. >> good to see you. >> snnon: let's talk about what we've seen tonight. months ago, they were carrying out ballistic missile tests. nuclear tests. you've been one of the once, no matter how many times i asked, you thought this meeting would come to fruition. what do you make of what we have seen so far. >> i think we are getting off on the right foot. kim jong un requested the one-on-one meeting. interpreters only. i think he really wanted to get a feel for the president and get himself comfortable. saving face is a major issue. i don't think he wanted to show any discomfort in front of his own advisors and that's why he wanted the one-on-one meeting. not so much to accomplish major substantive issues but to get to know each other. what i think is happening here is kim jong un's advisors and
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kim jong un himself has already told secretary pompeo he is wanting to denuclearize. the proof of that and i think that's why president trump has shown some optimism about the summit that's underway. the real issue will be how do we tell if that's actually going to come to pass? here's how. we into a discussion. you have to identify and locate for us your nuclear arsenal. i mean they have ten to 20 weapons. we don't know where all of them are. they have to identify and locate where those were bizarre, where fuel sites are for the weapons, for the research sites are, the storage sites. they've got 70 to 80 ballistic missiles. we know where most of them are but not for all of them are. they have to identify and locate that through us. that's when you start to see the possibility that this will be successful if they are willing
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to come forward with that information which is after alltd information. >> shannon: what they feel guarantees the safety of their regime. you have to imagine it's going to be a good deal for them. i want to redo something from a columbia university law professor. in the "los angeles times" he says "if you sign a peace treaty without denuclearization, you were giving de facto recognition to north korea as a nuclear state. you are giving north korea exactly what it wants and perpetuating the problem." we have discussed, one of the main goals the conversation. >> no doubt about it. what could likely happen as a result of this summit is to begin the process that would lead to ending the korean war and the armistice which leads also to a peace treaty. in other words, we commit to the process. we don't commit to the end
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state. but absolutely the intermediate objective that has to be achieved before any peace treaty is brought for ratification is the denuclearization of north korea. that's an absolute imperative. the trump team is very cognizant of that fact. they will not trade away a peace treaty and ending the war prior to denuclearization. what they will do is commit to the process. the other thing they can commit to is a process of normalization with north korea. so we can exchange liaison officers et cetera. that's just a process. there is a lot of things that can be accomplished at the summit that puts in motion what is the ultimate objective for the united states which is denuclearization that's complete and also verifiable. if they start to commit for identification and location and then the next question i'm sure secretary pompeo put on the table is weed to verify it.
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we want u.s. inspectors involved. we're willing to have other independent inspectors. were not going to turn into the iaea as has been down in the past. they have made false claims. that's another issue that has to drop. >> shannon: we know they have had mr agreements over numerous administrations and they've ended with a missile test or somether north korea had agreed they weren't going to do. we know it's a detailed, tedious process. this administration and president trump probably wanting a more expedited timetable on the denuclearation that what kim jong un would agree to. we'll have to see how they hammer out the details. general keane, thank you. stay with us. coming up in a few minutes, we'll head back to singapore life and hear from president trump as he and
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>> shannon: with the historic summit underway, shock waves are reverberating throughout the west after president trump's defiant g-7 summit. john roberts joins us more. good evening or good morning, john. >> still morning i think, at least for another 40 minutes. interesting bit of color from the summit with president trump and kim jong un. as they were walking together, the capella resort, kim jong un's translator was overheard translating something kim had said to president trump. the translation came out "many people in the world will think of this as some sort of fantasy from a science-fiction movie." when you look at where we were a year ago and even a few months ago, it would take a leap of faith and could be a science fiction movie to think you want from where you were back when the president was calling him little rocket man and
8:24 pm
kim jong un was referring to the president as a dotard, it's a tremendous advancement. let's take a listen. they sat down together. listen. >> i feel we are going to have a great discussion and tremendous success. will be tremendously successful. it's my honor, and we will have a terrific relationship i have no doubt. >> [speaking korean] >> translator: the old prejudices and practices worked
8:25 pm
as obstacles but we overcame all of them and we are here today. >> indeed an awful lot of obstacles. kim jong un singh they have overcome them and there they are today shaking hands and seeming to be at least cordial if not outrightly friendly. i remember the president calling me last november saying they have the critics, saying he's trying to start a nuclear war with the tough talk and all the tough actions. he told me john, i'm not trying to start a nuclear war. i'm trying to prevent one. now they are taking a step further down the road. there are some things that are unclear such as what the definition of denuclearization is. mike pompeo, secretary of state said the u.s. and north korea are closer together in the definition of that, though he woul'tay with the definition is. i pompeo also saying yesterday things are being done differently in these negotiations that have been done before. in the past, the u.s. has pursued incrementalism.
8:26 pm
a freeze or rollback or slowing down the development of a nuclear weapon. mike pompeo saying we are throwing out that model. saying they will be pursuing unique security guarantees for kim. one of the things kim is really worried about is making sure that his regime is not overthrown in the wake of any kind of nuclear deal. now the esident comes here to the poor after rancor between the u.s. and its allies at the g-7 summit. the president signed the u.s. officials did not sign the communiqué after justin trudeau roundly criticized the president. i am told by administration sources that in the bilateral meeting, justin trudeau have been quite deferential to the president and then turned around and as the white house had, stabbed the president in the back. safe to say that while relations between the u.s. and north korea may be on the upswing, relations between the and canada are
8:27 pm
not particularly friendly. >> shannon: a little bit of a rough patch. john roberts live in singapore. thank you. some say president trump's criticism of the g-7 is unprecedented. my next gas says he's doing what his base elected him to do. steve, great to see you. you say it's no surprise. this is what he talked about on the campaign trail. >> not just the importance of delivering the promises he made politically. perhaps more important, this is the right thing to do in the interests of not just people in america but across the world. it's refreshing to see the president go into the summits. diplomats cook up the results months before the politicians show up for a photo opportunity. nothing really ever changes. the policies get rolled on year after year, decade after decade
8:28 pm
and the result of the policies has been huge benefits to the elites, the richest people in society, the people who run big businesses. working people, not just here in america but across europe and the western world have really lost out as incomes have gone down and jobs have gone away. that's been the result of the summits. it's refreshing and good news to see the president want to change it. >> shannon: there's been across the political let's start with jeffrey goldberg in the atlantic. "donald trump is pursuing policies that undermine the western alliance and power, russia, and china and demoralize freedom seeking people. the united states could be weaker by the invitation of the trump doctrine." >> it is so ridiculous. if that article, if people want to check it out, probably one of the most condescending and sneering beginnings to an article i've ever read basically
8:29 pm
saying that president trump is illiterate and doesn't have a thought in his head. so typical of the snooty elite who can't say anything good about what this president is doing because he is challenging their worldview. nothing wrong with that. that's what he was elected you and that's what needs to be done. these alliances are strong. these alliances are going to be there many, many years into the future. what he's trying to do is rebalathe relationship so it's not always america giving and everyone elseaking. trying to get on a more even playing field. it will get good results, i'm confident of that. >> shannon: do you think these critics, you talk about the condescending tone of the article, do you think they realize they're pushing the buttons of his suppoers and his base and moving him closer to a second term when they go after him like this. this language that he doesn't know what he's doing in his
8:30 pm
everything. >> that's right. the robert de niro remark. it is extraordinary to me that the people who make these kinds of criticisms haven't learned anything from the results of the 2016 election and what it reveals about how angry people are about how they have been let down by the elitist policies they believe in. they'vnough and they want a change and trump is deliverin delivering. those with the g-7 summit and with the kim summit but also in the economy were you see not just jobs on the rise but incomes going up for the first time in a long time. the real movie in the economy away from people just having part-time jobs which don't earn enough to live on two full-time jobs, really serious change going on in our economy. as a result of what these people sneeringly call the trump doctrine. it reveals that what they really
8:31 pm
care about is style, not substance. they are more concerned about diplom niceties in the real lives of working americans. >> shannon: the numbers do not lie. cold, hard facts and data. people want to disagree about who is responsible, they are happening on this president's watch. steven hilton, thank you so much. >> great to be with you. >> snnon: when we return, the working lunch between the leaders. they could appear at any time and speak. we are going to share the menu with you. i hope they are hungry. the hotel capella is going to serve up some delectable delights. chris wae and much ...emily lapier from ames, iowa. this is emily's third nomination and first win.,! um, first of all, to my fellow nominees, it is an honor sharing the road with you. and of course, to the progressive snapshot app
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- [narrator] check out our huge selection of custom t-shirts and more, for teams, businesses, and every occasion. you'll even get free shipping. get started today at >> shannon: talks are heading into a working lunch between president trump and kim jong un and their advisors. we hope to hear from the leaders shortly. white house is revealing the menu for the working lunch.
8:36 pm
starters, prawns, cocktails served with avocado salad. green mango caribou, not like the animal. fresh octopus. korean stuffed cucumber. beef short rib confit. there are desserts as well. joining us live from singapore, chris wallace. thanks for joining us. >> good to be with you. i hope they get a choice and they don't have to eat it all. if they do, there may be a health problem. >> shannon: or at least a nap. i want to talk about this. numerous administrations, different conversations and agreements.
8:37 pm
they've all been broken. what's your feeling or your sense? >> we don't know. it seems to me we are not going to get a major announcement out of this summit. that seems very unlikely. my guess is you will get a commitment for more meetings, perhaps more summits. the first reagan-gorbachev summit came there came an announcement they were going to meet in washington then there would be a reciprocal summit in moscow that was considered progress. progress is going to continue. i would think the most important thing to come out of the summit as confidence building. president trump comes away with a sense that kim jong un is really serious about denuclearization and conversely, that kim comes away with a sense and with confidence that president trump is really serious about his security guarantees to ensure that kim stays in power which is what he
8:38 pm
really cares about and also that he will loose in the economic screws and allow sanctions not right away. they are still going to have to work out the sequencing. denuclearization and lifting sanctions. but i would think if kim is going to want some assurance, a sense of confidence that's what the president has in mind. >> shannon: the president has talked about imaging expectations. this isn't going to get solved tonight. he has talked about how this may be that start of many other meetings. he's talked about this from a relational standpoint. building camaraderie, seeing how serious commands. seems it's about establishing the groundwork for something longer term from how they relate to each other. that's how he handles most of what's gone with foreign leaders. >> that's right. they said in the reagan-
8:39 pm
reagan-gorbachev summits, the devil is in the details. they can come away saying that i like that guy and we are not throwing verbal missiles at each other but in the end, the devil is in the details. i would think the u.s. is going to want to declaration from north korea, what's in your arsenal? how many bombs? where are they? how many long-range and medium-range missiles do you have? and then there's going to have to be some kind of a verification procedure. before you begin to remove them, you've got to know what is there. they are going to want a declaration and they're going to want to check the declaration and ensure because i'm sure we have some human intel on the ground, well, it's interesting. you said you have missiles here and you allow us to check it but can you let us check the other place? we never got anything close to that ie iran nuclear deal. we are going to need, i think president trump is that we are
8:40 pm
going to need that kind of declaration and verification procedure from north korea. then they're going to have to start getting rid of all of that period of >> shannon: we are repeatedly told for the intelligence community, north korea is the hardest product. you talk about human intelligence and they tell us it's difficult to know what's going on there militarily, the nuclear program and economically. we have estimates. treasury secretary steven mnuchin says he thinks the sanctions and what's gone on is what has gotten them to the table but it's tough to know how their currency is doing. it's a tough place to gher the intelligence we need. >> let's call the hermit kingdom for a reason which is that it's so isolated from the world and we apparently have had very limited access, obviously in terms of access to the top leadership, especially chairman kim and also to the real situation on the ground. we know that the country is a
8:41 pm
mess. we know the economy is in tatters. interestingly enough, there seems to be a sense. this isn't a democracy. it's not like kim is running for election but one of the reasons kim is here is because the president's maximum pressure campaign, tightening the screws, getting china to dial back in terms of trade with north korea, it was having an impact. being felt by the man on the street. as i say, even though it's not a democracy, kim may have felt some pressure that he had to improve the situation on the ground in north korea if he was going to survive. that, as i said, it's going to be confidence building both ways. on fox news sunday, i talked with former governor bill richardson who has been on eight diplomatic missions to north korea and he said talk about a mcdonald's on every corner. the north koreans may see that more as a threat that an offer because yes they definitely want
8:42 pm
sanctions lifted. they want to be able to do business with countries like south korea and china but the idea of a big westernization, the kim regime may see it as a threat because of the concern that you get a bunch of people who have crazy ideas about things like democracy and if they start talking to north koreans and putting them in their mind, it could be dangerous to the survival of the kim regime. let's remember it's the bottom line for kim. he wants to stay in power. >> shannon: he's a young man. 34, somewhere in that neighborhood. decades if he lasts in that position. chris wallace, live from singapore. thank you. >> you back to. >> shannon: pictures we've been showing you are of the first meeting ever 20 u.s. president and a leader of north korea. this is an historic moment. up next, brand-new pictures from singapore and waiting to hear from president trump. stick with us.
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8:47 pm
yesterday "to "trump must understand this. going into the singa summit, there are 28,000 u.s. soldiers on the dmz, turn 50,000 americans live within 10 miles and with our new conflict u.s. casualties would exceed those of the first korean war. there is no military solution. diplomacy works." >> what the senator doesn't recognize his peace through strength, the rond approach. yes, we have men and women who serve in this country that will give their life to the united states of america to protect the homeland. and when you have that sort of force, you are willing to actually use if need be was a very last resort, then you actually get results. that's why the democrats and sort of the jimmy carter approach as they took, they don't understand. that's why they are democrats. they don't believe in that. donald trump is used that in relationship also with the
8:48 pm
economicanctions and put the sqeze. that's why we are getting a different result. donald trump is producing results. the fact that they are shaking hands and talking. >> shannon: they have to believe the military option is still in the table. >> it is. i think donald trump understands peace through strength is very important. secretary pompeo understands that. he demonstrated that the united states has the military might to do what needs to be done. if there is some rogue north korean desire to go do something silly to the united states of america or our allies, south korea or japan. >> shannon: speaking of the allies, th g7. there's been a lot of consternation about the way the president talk to them. how it may impact our ability to put together a tough agreement with north korea and we don't have solid relationships with our allies, that they feel rattled if they are not on board.
8:49 pm
senator mccain tweeting "to our allies, bipartisan majorities remain pro-free-trade, pro globalization. america stands with you even if our president doesn't." someone from the president's own party. >> that's by senator mccain lost his presidential election. by the american people look to donald trump and said we can perpetuate the status quo. or we can have a disruptive president. 30 out of 50 states voted for donald trump and put him into a position not to perpetuate the status quo, to say america is first and in order to make america great again, we've got to make sure we have reciprocal, even, fair trade deals. i am proud of the president to actually go in there and not do the politically convenient thing that's been done for decades in washington and say it's going to be fair and equal or we are not going to do it. good for the president.
8:50 pm
>> shannon: that's what he promised during the campaign. the millions of people who voted for him voted for this. negotiating like a businessman, a tough negotiator. most of them are not surprised by the development. will you stick around and come back for an extended coverage. >> as long as there is pizza, i will do anything. >> shannon: pizza just for you. tell us what youant. thanks. stick around. more on the historic summit coming up. president's critics accusing him of going it alone and not having a strategy. but what is his strategy? is it working? we will debate next. g trimmer. the new ego string trimmer with powerload™ technology. feed the line. push the button.
8:51 pm
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8:54 pm
are you one of the haters and losers? >> part of the reason he is there, kim jong un, the sanctions have been crippling. the trump administration last year dialed up at the obama administration put on tough sanctions. it would be nice to say this is an american process. there's two parts, the
8:55 pm
pageantry, like everyone else, i'veeen riveted to. air force one, limousine,ak handshe, flags. the substance, like charlie says, they are switching to the substance at some point but the problem here is that the president generally is over interested in the pageantry. in this case, kim jong un might be also. if you have two people concerned with the pageantry, it's not clear what's going to come out of it. it's not clear that they care much what's going to come out of it. if they like the drama, they might want this to be a multi-act production. why call it a day? take it on the road. >> shannon: this is the further kim jong un has left from this country. we are about out of time. where do you think the next meeting happens? >> i would be surprised if it happened in a place like d.c. stay when they talk about the white house. there was also conversation
8:56 pm
about mar-a-lago. these guys are coming back. "fox news @ night" extended coverage of the historic singapore summit continues next. stay with us. it continues another hour and we await hearing from president trump himself. standby. on't go up just beacuase of a claim. i totally could've... (wife) nope! switching to allstate is worth it. directv now gives you more for your thing. get all the good stuff about tv without all the bad stuff. yes! you can still stream your favorite shows. yes! with no annual contract. wait, what? it's live tv. yes! with no satellites. what? and no bulky hardware. no bulky hardware! isn't that great news? yes! nooooo!
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9:00 pm
to thousands of dollars each year... so i can keep growing my business in big leaps! what's in your wallet? >> shannon: this is a fox news alert, special extended coverage of the historic summit between president trump and north korean ader kim jong un and singapore. the eyes of the world are watching tonight as the president is expected to hold a press conference in just a bit. hello and welcome, to fox news at night. i am shannon bream in washington. they have that historic firsthand sake and then president trump and kim jong un met together only with their translators. shortly after that they were joined by advisors on both sides were a working lunch. president trump was joined by mike pompeo who has been a key in bringing this together.
9:01 pm
chief of staff john kelly and john bolton,lso part of the team that briefs the president. press secretary sarah sanders, u.s. ambassador to the philippines and the deputy assistant to the president for foreign affairs, matthew pottinger. on the north korean side, vice chairman kim jong-chul and riso. and the vice minister of foreign affairs. also accompanied by two directors of the workers party of korea. now we are inching toward a press conference with president trump. after many meetings the president will hold the press conference and then fly back to washinon. joining us now is the chief executive officer of bp international advisory. first, let's check in with chris wallace, who has been there, very busy in singapore as we watch every twist and turn. now we'll wait to see what framework they have laid and what comes next. chris, what are you watching
9:02 pm
for? >> reporter: i will go back to the reagan gorbachev era of the 80s. it's easy to look back on that say don't like say, it's very easy. the fact was that reagan and gorbachev helped in the two summits and 85 and 86. at that point they had established a working relationship and have been having talks but there have been nothing concrete that had been accomplished. it took two full years until the 1987 summit for them to sign a major missile disarmament treaty, the imf treaty, and two years from the start of summits before there was a concrete result. i think one of the keys this week, or today, is going to be a definition of denuclearization. the u.s. has made it very clear that they think what is complete
9:03 pm
denuclearization of the north korean weapons program. while that's a nukes and its enrichment, and its missiles. now what does kim mean by that? is he going to insist that the u.s. remove its nuclear umbrella in east asia and stop sending planes and bombers with nuclear weapons, and, kim is talking about a phased synchronous process where they give something and they get something back from the u.s. in return. that's a big difference and my guess is that will be one of the key sticking points in working this out. >> shannon: folks are looking on the other side of the screen with a bit of the peak of the working lunch. they are gathering at a beautiful table was quite an
9:04 pm
extensive menu, and we will hammer that out before we hear from both sides. the president has talked to them about ensuring kim jong un's security and with the help of folks like south korea as well. onofhe previous deal that we had for north korea, they benefited to the tune of $400 million and help with energy costs and those kinds of things. that deal is one i believe that launched with a ballistic missile test that they agreed not to do. it's got to be, as you said, the sequencing is so meticulous, it has to be hammered out down to the details because they have benefited greatly in the past from these deals and then completely gone from the other direction. the president doesn't want to be played that way. >> that's exactly right, and i think they have learned lessons from the field nuclear deals of the past. two big differences going into this meeting today that
9:05 pm
president trump has set. he said he's not going to be phased which is a key difference between the two sides. he said they have to do the complete nuclear radiation before the u.s. releases and loosens the economic screws on north korea. in addition, he is not talking as they have in the past about handouts for the u.s. government, whether it was hundreds of millions of dollars in food aid or oil. he's talking about private investment, whether it's from the west or more likely from south korea and china. it's a relaxation of sanctions which is very different as well. that's one of the key issues, and i don't know that we will have a firm resolution of that. that's one of the things that i will be looking for in the trenton's conference, later this afternoon here and early tomorrow morning in the united states. did he make the point, and it did kim accept that he had to do
9:06 pm
complete denuclearization before he sees any benefits for that. >> as we discussed with general jack jack keane last h, it's impossible to know at this point how difficult it will be for these two sides to agree to any type of framework that will give the u.s. and anywhere else in the world an accurate read on these this >> hugely important, it's not difficult if kim agrees to it. but will he agree to it and if he agrees to it will he keep his word? given the fact that we don't have a lot of human intelligence on the ground, that's the first thing that i'm told that we are going to demand as a declaration. tell us what your whole program is, how many nuclear bombs you have and where are you down like a day. how many long-range and medium-range missiles do you have and where are they?
9:07 pm
then after they have declared that there has to be a verification process into the hermit kingdom to check and make sure that one, what they say they have is where they have it and a number they aren't hiding some other things. that would be a huge concession on parts of the north koreans. as i said to come up that's a very reclusive and very tightly controlled the government to let outsiders in to look at their crown jewels. those are the top weapons systems that can come and his father and grandfather spent decades developing. now to turn that over to the west or at least to let them see it, it will be tough. >> shannon: one year ago, most of us would not have thought that they would be happening. thank you so much. >> my pleasure and i agree with you. this is a moment in history and you have to be cautionary about it, put on the other hand it's an extraordinary step to see
9:08 pm
these two men standing together and talking with their teams. we can only hope that it pays off. >> shannon: chris, thank you. joining me now is the chief executive officer for a security. steve hat, great to have you with us. her initial reaction to what we are seeing tonight? >> and many others, cautiously optimistic. i am optimistic about the president having someone of his right hand someone like john bolton who is uniquely prepared for exactly what needs to follow this kind of meeting. he was under secretary of state for counter proliferation we are doing this in the bush white house to try to figure out if we can get to yes with north korea, what would verification look like. he has all of this in his head and ready and trying to draft a lot of the same processes. >> shannon: do you think that sanctions are what has brought
9:09 pm
us to whe we are today? because i think they have more sanctions than any other country in the world. even china and russia planning on some of those last votes. do you think it's really had the economic impact thatas forced this very young man come up very early into his leadership that will be there for decades, to realize he has to make a change now if the country will survive economically? that's very plausible but, it falls into the category of something that we don't need to know quite yet. things have changed and north korea in recent months an and, he feels confident in engaging in negotiations and hopefully getting us back to strategic patients. or more likely, the sanctions and other pressure was having an effect on this young man wants to live a long time and have a country that he has lead into some sense of modernity. we hope that's the direction it'soing but it's back to the
9:10 pm
old, saw, trust, but verify. >> shannon: we have the cabinet official assistant to the president, chris lu. he says,hatever happens with north korea, let's remember obama normalize relations with the longtime enemy, cuba, and limited with iran. it's always about his ego, not national security. what do you think? >> it sounds like psychological projection. i see president trump is basically taking the world as it has presented to him. there are problems in cuba, problems in iran, problems with complaints. so whether it is the previous president or this president, they put a agreement in place and there are violations, then the commander in chief has obligations to upset that process and get things right. president trump is at the beginning of exploring, do we have something like this to pursue with north korea. and it has to have on on ramps.
9:11 pm
they would be completely within their rights and responsible days to change course in question it. >> shannon: you've been part of the administration that tried very desperately to get something done on this front. why do you think it's different, or do you think it's different this time? >> we can't know the differences in the personality and dynamics within the country. early in his 10-year, kim jong un was more provocative and his than his father were grandfather. but they were clearly willing to take risks that the others were not. perhaps there has been some kind of pressure from china and others that have moved them to the point to consider at least a meeting. the meeting is historic, but is just the beginning. i think it's important that the president go and hear first-hand from the leader what exactly is on the table. >> folks would probably agree that both sides of this equation
9:12 pm
were risk takers then they were in the past. we will see if it works. stephen yates, thank you very much. kristin fisher joins us now with a closer look at the two leaders comments. >> president trump as you know that he will know within minutes if you will be able to strike a deal with greg kim jong un, and within minutes of meeting him he sounded optimistic about the prospect. >> president trump: we are going to have a great discussio discussion. it was tremendously successful. we will have a terrific relationship. >> shannon: president trump said it's an honor to meet kim jong un and that line is being met with criticism, folks saying it wasn't appropriate for president trump to speak about a dictator in that way. but as for kim jong un, he didn't really say all that much, but he did reference the decades
9:13 pm
of hostility between the two countries. >> there were obstacles in our way but we overcame all of them. >> immediately after the first photo op, the two met one-on-one, the only people in the room where the interpreters. that's unheard of for a meeting of this magnitude. then after 45 minutes i brought in the rest of their team. for president trump, that meant john pompeo, and bolton, who is known for having a particularly volatile relationship with the north koreans. president trump said he had a very good meeting.
9:14 pm
now he didn't specify exactly what probleme was referring to. obviously one with assume he meant the problem of north korea's nuclear weapons an has still been a deal breaker in previous negotiations. but at least this time, kim jong un sounded more conciliatory. >> that is kim jong un saying he is open and willing to listen. shannon, that in and of itself is a very remarkable statement. it's been a remarkable few hours. now in about four hours we will be hearing from president trump himself. as chris wallace said, i highly doubt we will get anything concrete to come out of this first meeting, but who knows. stranger things have happened. >> if they have. maybe we will find out the next meeting or the next
9:15 pm
conversation, and it will b here alive. >> in under four hours. >> shannon: let's find out what the rest of the world's having to say about the summit. greg palkot reports from about 3,000 miles north of singapore in seoul, south korea. >> the st in singapore getting the attention of the world. >> i believe the two leaders need to be credited for the courage with with which they decided to move forward with the cement. >> longtime north korean ally, china, which has a definite stake in the talks also weighing in. >> we hope it will push forward the process of denuclearization and settlement on the peninsula issue. as well as south korea. >> i both expect and hope that tomorrow summit will definitely be successful. >> feelings were echoed by moon and a 40 my phone conversation with president trump.
9:16 pm
he also warned that the summit could be just start of a diplomatic process that could take years. and if they are other summit eve worries for the peninsula. what if any reference could be made to the end of the korean war? halted decades ago was just a armistice. and how far is the north willing to go to get rid of the nuclear threat to the region, and what will be said about the horrendous human rights record of the pyongyang regime. >> i think it's very important to see that humanitarian and human rights issues need to be addressed at the summit. speak out there is no attention being given by korean state media to the summit activities of its leader across the border. they are helping to bring up about this one-on-one summit.
9:17 pm
>> from that perspective, this man is a revolutionary. i mean, he has done something that nobody else has been willing to do. >> south korean president moon also noted it's president trump's birthday on >> shannon: greg palkot thank you very much. the president was saying update. they got pictures of him, the president said, are you getting a nice photo so we look nice and handsome and beautiful and perfect? so he is maintaining his sense of humor as our coverage continues on this historic evening and into the morning as president trump and north korea meeting right now
9:18 pm
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9:21 pm
>> and checking back in, the latest from singapore, this is the freshest video we have, a very quick moment to the start of the working lunch. it you can see several of their closest advisors and as far as we know that lunch is still ongoing. it started just minutes ago and there is an extensive menu. i mean that literly and
9:22 pm
figuratively. so let's bring in the washington correspondence gavi floor and jet out to talk about it. gaby, welcome. tell us what the mood has been there as you are chasing this on thground. >> we are watching this interaction closely. every glimpse that we can. whenever we are watching president trump and it kim jong un interact, we are seeing pleasantries exchanged. he saw that handshake earlier today, there were a lot of body motions, movement and comfortable padding on the other shoulder. they talked at the very atop of their first bilateral spray about some sort of agreement. obviously we haven't seen the terms of agreement yet and we are not sure what's coming out of this meeting, whether it will be a joint statement orwill see the framework on a nuclear agreement or peace agreement shortly. they are meeting now to have a working lunch with their senior
9:23 pm
advisors. we can expect at the end of that to hear more details about what will come of this bileral summit today. >> shannon: one of the folks in that meeting as secretary of state mepe he spoke earlier today and we want to replay a little bit of what he had to say about where they go from here. >> in light of how many films he agreements the united states is made in previous years, this president will ensure that no potential agreement will fail to adequately address the north korean threat. >> shannon: we will bring in philippe reyes and charlie hurt. you heard with the secretary had to say, he said you know in the past this hasn't worked out and we are walking with their eyes wide open. so far things seem pretty chummy. >> they do seem pretty chummy. president trump is an incredibly charming guy.
9:24 pm
it is clear that kim jong un was enjoying that charm. but from the beginning, the present has made no qualms about it. he made it very clear that this is not an easy thing and that the whole thing might fail. he might walk away and this is going to be the one shot you have at doing this. he said that to kim jong un. i do think that there has b a healthy dose of realism at all levels of the administration from the very beginning. >> shannon: i want to bring gabby back in from singapore. we heard and saw a lot of reports of people following kim jong un. some of those videos appeared to show him enjoying a rock star welcome. can you tell us how either or both of these leaders are being received there in singapore? >> there is a lot that is being done to accommodate them security wise about last night
9:25 pm
kim jong un adventured out to marina rey. he went to the sanford resort, and he was there and he was a graded. it was an unusual moment to witness, but som people in the crowd were shouting at him, treating him like a rock star. it's important to remember that kim jong un has been someone who has been a ruthless dictator for several years and so to have such a warm welcome is rather unusual. this is again all needs of third trip he has made outside of pyongyang since he traveled to beijing twice. and if you welcoming for president trump on the other hand has also been very warm. lots of security in place to make sure he and kim jong un are in faith with their travel here.
9:26 pm
>> we are looking live at the place where we first saw these to meet. you walk across the portico and then shake hands before they went off to that historic first one-on-one meeting. we expect to see them again. gabb w just t this rock star welcome that kim jong un has gotten there from some people but as she reminded us, this is someone who reportedly ordered the killing of his uncle and that his half brothers. we know there are people with massive human rights abuse ere in north korea, and from people there, and it may come up in some point in the future but, it's like one step at a time. >> the other thing to remember is it's not just against north koreans, and he has done this to americans. just last year otto warmbier was
9:27 pm
returned basically near death. it's not uncommon for the administration to want to bifurcate human rights and a thorny topic. otherwis comes u with the chinese a lot. otherwise they say, see yeah. it's a hard line to walk. 's unclear that president trump is making much of an effort to walk that line, because while he doesn't have to sit there and say, okay, can come up before you start, i want to tell you that you are really mean to people. he also doesn't have to make comments about kim being a good person or trying hard. somehow you temper your thoughts. but the real problem is, it goes to a larger point. donald trump is a dealmaker but there is a common thread to his deals. he over pays. if you look at his biggest failures or successes, they
9:28 pm
always come back to him overpaying. there is a real problem here come up with how anxious he might be. >> but do you think -- it would stop the ballistic missile tests, he's gottenot of concessions already. >> and set aside the human rights aspect. on the nuclear front, it's not because he was bullied or pressured. his nuclear program has come along far enough that he feels that if it stopped right now, if it locked in right now, he would be content. he wants to stop developing expenses, and they don't have a lot of money. there is a reason that he is saying -- so the question then is, does donald trump let them ke what he has or is it full on denuclearization which is the real deal. i'm not making a judgment, because we don't know. >> shannon: how could we know?
9:29 pm
>> it is a very closed place. i do suspect that there is obviously some external or internal other forces that we are not aware of that are pressuring kim jong un to the table. but that doesn't negate the fact that we are at the table. we've had 20 years of strategic indifference in the area that has not worked. that has only worked to strengthen kim jong un's military and nuclear programs. so trying something new is probably not a bad idea. >> shannon: final thought as we wrap up your live report from singapore? >> i think it's important that this administration get security insurance -- not insurance but assurances from the north korean regime that they will have transparency with the process moving forward if, in fact, there is a new framework that
9:30 pm
emerges from these meetings. obviously, there are a lot of broken promises that came about from the summit. they said that there would be nuclear inspectors allowed him to seek the dismantling of one of their prominent nuclear test sites, that didn't happen. they obviously stood up the american delegation here in singapore weeks earlier before the summit. so there is a lot of things that happened taking place that fell through and that means a white house and donald trump will be looking for those added measures of security. >> shannon: thank you t all of you. when we return, reactions to kim jong un and president trump meeting face-to-face. stick around.
9:31 pm
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9:35 pm
>> shannon: we are taking a back live, you are looking at pictures from the capella hotel in singapore. the president and kim jong un meeting behind closed doors today. marked by walking photo ops by the president and then there is sit down. we expect we may getth glimpse of them shortly and we may hear from them as well. while we wait, let's bring back fox news contributor and former utah congressman jason chased them. >> we got you the pepperoni pizza? >> it was cold, but i'm here. >> shannon: in the meantime, i want to read you something. even those of us that had stomach wish president trump had never been elected president, we secretly wish him the best. we know that much more was writing on that then his
9:36 pm
reputation. so even begrudgingly they say they want to see him succeed. >> i guess you will never get everybody but i didn't like that barack obama was the president. when he was overseas representing the united states of america, dealing with our military, we wished only the best for the united states of america. we want the president to be successful and he has already taken it far further than we ever thought he would go. speak out some of the critics have been saying, and we are looking live now, we see them walking out from the working lunch they were having with the teams. secretary pompeo, and white house chief of staff general john kelly were all there on the white house site of this equation. the north koreans obviously had their team of advisors and generals along as well over that lunch.
9:37 pm
we are seeing them now break up, and this is the area where they are standing with the flags where they made history. we saw them walk up a couple of hours ago come approach each other and shake hands. the very first time a sitting u.s. president has met with the leader of north korea. the two of them now had their privat meeting, and they're working lunch, and now we see them as they are exiting this resort area. this is a small island off of singapore, singapore made up of multiple small islands. now they leave this area that we are told is a very tropical, humid environment. they are having a series of discussion, comments and bits of humor with the press. they have been smiling and talked extensively that they would work their way past challenges that they both admit are there. kim jong un is saying, it's not
9:38 pm
going to be easy but i value to you i will listen. he said that. president trump is talking about the fact that he would reach ross and try to bring this to some fruition. let's listen in to see if we can hear something. >> president trump: it's very positive, better than anyone could have expected. top-of-the-line, very good. >> what are you signing? >> we will announce that and a couple of minutes. >> shannon: often when you get the most information for meaningful things, as when the are walking away. he said somethgnteresting, we are going to sign something. the press was yelling, what are you signing? i'm not sure that something we expected but he said, i will tell you in a couple of minutes. what is going through your mind? >> i don't know.
9:39 pm
but if they seem happy and they are assigning something together, that was a pretty predictive lunch. i don't know what it is, we will find out in a few minutes, but its history in the making. >> shannon: maybe it was the stuff to cucumbers. that was a very fancy menu they had. we have no idea. there are so many things that they were going to talk about here from formerly ending the north korean war, that seems nearly impossible that they would have worked that out this quickly. they are moving towards finding out something come up with a 2 liters smiling, body language is good and they are comfortable with each other. president knows how to work and he knows how to t's things, that we have gotten the ultimate tease about these two going off to sign something. then we wait to see what it could possibly be. >> each of them brings in their
9:40 pm
own motorcade or their own food. each of it is highly scripted. but i don't -- what i think people appreciate about donald trump is the impromptu nature in which she handles things. whether he is making a comment or trying to adjust things but they seem to be getting along as opposed to having further conflict. so this is quite a moment. i wish we knew what they were saying right there. but the fact that they continue to spend more and more time together is how we see a positive. >> shannon: and you remember -- i believe he is there. he traveled first with secretary pompeo and then on to onto the white house. he was going to deliver that deal, and we thought that was sealing the deal. he was supposed to stay for 15 minutes and stayed for an hour and 15 minutes or closer to
9:41 pm
an hour and a half. we know this president will throw out all timelines and conventions if you think something is working in progress will be made, is not going to be on anyone else's timeline. that could be why he is expecting them. >> we have john bolton engaging in the discussion back to fourth. it looks like they are impromptu trying to decide how and what they are going to do. if you have john bolton, and the translator, so it obviously takes monger to translate this. but you have the two people in the room that actually makes the connection. i think they are trying to convince him, if i had to guess, what are you going to do next? >> it's interesting because we have heard so much criticism of the president on any number of fron, but we know the
9:42 pm
secretary of state mike pompeo made numerous chips with dumb academic trips. experienced diplomats and people have said, the president is not getting this right because he's not playing on that framework. he doesn't do anything in a conventional way. for whatever is happening here, it seems that the two have sent come to some kind of agreement, thumbs up and smiling at each other and nodding as they walk off separately. it looks like kim jong un would anticipate that, so now we wait for the tease of all teases, we are going to sign something, to see what these two have discussed. we know that kim jong un was educated in switzerland. we have heard he speaks english, and we know he does. you have to imagine when you are negotiating, you want to do that for those in the native tongue.
9:43 pm
but we know that these two have been able to, as we watch them publicly and privately, they have been able to discuss things. it seems as if they have established some sort of report after this very first, very historic meeting. >> i heads some time and he does seem to be a very poor a personable person. i don't think anyone ascends to the president of the united states without being an engaging personality and i think this is what president trump actually relishes. not only the relationship in the dialogue but also the negotiation and the predicates that are put in place. i think he thoroughly enjoys that and by all accounts, it looks, from the smiles on their face if nothing else, kim jong un has gotten to do that. >> as we continue to watch this play out live, there have been
9:44 pm
many twists and turns that weren't exactly scripted or on the schedule. and that's fine, we are trying to watch what these two sides are doing. david mcnamara writes this. there are several people on the white byline. like gaps remain about what verification means. pompeo told reporters that the administration is prepared to sit provide security a assurance is unle any that the previous administrations have offered. we talk about his estimated age, 34, he's very young in this process. he wants the security assurances that whatever he decides, his legacy and his regime will be protected. >> i don't think there's any doubt that donald trump told them like it is, which was as
9:45 pm
long as we are moving towards this trajectory towards peace, there will eventually bring prosperity. prosperity and then opening toat north korea without the assurances that you have. that's almost the most difficult part of the equation. we didn't give it in the wrong, we ended up giving them and did not get in those assurances. >> i want to bring in risk cling. bruce, as you watch this play out and now we get this comment, very opaque from the president about going off to sign something, what's going through your mind? >> well i want to see the communiqué, i want to see the details. but i'm hoping for is very detailed north korean movement towards embracing the u.n. required cd iv that north korea
9:46 pm
must do you not only for its nuclear weapons but it's biological and chemical warfare. i'm hoping north korea will embrace that. l of skeicism abt it and we also hope there could be some comments about north korea and their human rights but i think that's unlikely. we are hoping there is not a lot of movement on a peace treaty or peace declaration, since that could have an impact on u.s. forces in south korea. we want to see a dressing of the north korean conventional threat to the south before you move down very far on a peace declaration or a peace treaty. >> shannon: are you interested that's something of substance, or is it just that they had the most basic framework and this is kind of where they go from here? >> there should be a joint statement and that something usually that's worked out before the two leaders come into the country. a bottom up approach would have
9:47 pm
had an agreement as detailed as possible. by doing this top-down approach, it's much more unscripted, and much less predictable. we don't really know if it's a commemorative statement or a very detailed agreement t has been worked out ahead of time, not only by secretary of state pompeo but also the working leveficials that have been working. >> shannon: eli lake writes simple bloomberg. trump wants this man to give up any apocalyptic arsenal in exchange for normal relations with the great power. the tyrant's family has demonized for seven decades. given the regimes in history and its nature, it's more accurate to call this summitry what it is, and shakedown. your response? >> i think anyone who has been working north korea for any length of time is pretty cynical and skeptical. we had eight previous
9:48 pm
agreements, and we certainly hope this time is different. but the devil is in the details. one thing i have long advocated is that, with the previous agreements with north korea, they were very short and very vague. but we need to have a sort of the detailed contracts that we had, let's say with the soviet union, the arms controlled treaties. also we need very detailed agreements that clearly delineate everyone's requirements and we also need sufficient verification. >> shannon: all right, thank you for lending us your expertise tonight. great to have you with us. and jason, you as well. we are going to put that sound bite where the president just came out. he mentioned some kind of signing. we will be right i back. butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts.
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>> shannon: we are going right now for a signing. that's what the president said just minutes ago when he walked out, emerging from this working lunch. both of them were smiling and friendly, they spoke for a little bit and then parted ways. we are all waiting about what they are going to be signing. let's bring back hillary clinto
9:53 pm
hillary clinton sr. advisor. he's a very senior senior advisor. thank you both for sticking around. i want to read something that we have, this is a number of the top house democrats including nancy pelosi, choir and others, who have spoken out about what they expect. and, the congress insisted on robust monitoring under the jcpoa, and should demand nothing less with regard to north korea. they didn't get what the senate wanted which was a treaty devote on. they too can get that true deal. and they absolutely want that kind of input. >> it's not about the north koreans, -- it's about the north koreans, not about the president or the administration. there is ample reason to doubt what these guys say.
9:54 pm
a lot of it is good old-fashioned lost in translation stuff. it's incredibly difficult process and, back to ronald reagan, it was trust, but verify. without the robust methodology to have people there and looking to make sure, i understand why congress whether it's house republicans are house democrats, the entire bipartisan bodies, ar concerned about it. someone will have to hold their feet to the fire and there was concern that president trump may not do it for the sake of just having to deal. >> shannon: and we know in the past all of these deals have fallen apart at some point. so while congress waits to get a look at this, charlie, we talked about the fact that secretary pompeo is in all these discussions other than the one on one that they had. he's going to leave from here and visit a number of key players in the region, essentially i asked him to debrief them. we have heard that japan is
9:55 pm
worried about getting iced out, japan is very much in the range of these midrange ballistic missiles. if those aren't addressed, japan feels very much that they will still be vulnerable. >> that nobody has more at stake in all of this than japan because of exactly what you just said. going back to the earlier thing, i think that everybody should probably be on the same page and absolutely want some kind of a congressionally approved treaty out of all of this. if we saw nothing else, we saw it with the gpl with the iran deal. the subsequent president can just rip it up if he wants to. if that had been an actual treaty, you wouldn't see that. i would have liked to have seen that go through the treaty process and i certainly hope this goes through the treaty process, as well as real, genuine, hard-core verifying and
9:56 pm
inspections. >> shannon: all right gentlemen, thank you for your extended coverage with us tonight. >> thanks for the pizza, too. >> shannon: we are live throughout the night to bring you making details on the historic summit from singapore. that's it for us tonight, we'll see you tomorrow. home to the strongest runners in the universe. my dad's ancestors were african bantu. i bet they told the most amazing stories. with twice the detail of other tests... ...ancestrydna can show dad where he's from- and strengthen the bonds you share. it's only give it to dad for father's day. it's only ♪ now that i'm on my way ♪ do you still think i'm crazy standing here today ♪ ♪ i couldn't make you love me applebee's 2 for $20, now with steak. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. i thought i was managing my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis.
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